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Collected by unpack

F/m (7 stories listed)

MF/mf (4 stories listed)
Domination by couple

  • The Collectors Estate: by BDSM_Tourguide
    (Synopsis: A group of wealthy men and women from all over North American form a society whose purpose is to collect men and women to serve the society as slaves for the founders' amusement.)
  • After the Pestilence: by velvetglove
    (Synopsis: After the Pestilence)
  • The Crucifixion of Annia: by C. A. Smith
    (Synopsis: By Roman law, if any slave murders his owner, all his slaves must be crucified in a public display. Accordingly, the innocent and beautiful young slave Annia now faces execution by the most horrible means ever devised. This is a carefully researched story of what the crucifixion process was really like.)
  • Black Couple in Power: by Pallidan
    (Synopsis: A couple has to submit to a black boss and his wife after their illegal dealings are found out.)

MF/m (12 stories listed)
Male & Female Domination

M+/m (2 stories listed)
Male Domination

M/f (1 stories listed)
Male doms female


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