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The Collectors Estate by BDSM_Tourguide
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14 votes! (8/10, 14 votes) (review it)

Story Codes: M/f F/f M/m F/m cbt enema incest interracial lactation modification Young pregnant scatology snuff spanking toys transvestite WaterSport BDSM chastity belt humiliation torture nc Extreme violent
Synopsis: A group of wealthy men and women from all over North American form a society whose purpose is to collect men and women to serve the society as slaves for the founders' amusement.
Size: 411 kb
Added on: Jan 11, 2005
Total 199701 readers
This month 81031 readers
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Prologue - (added on Jan 11, 2005)
Part 1 - The Convention (added on Feb 4, 2005)
Part 2 - The Yacht (added on Feb 28, 2005)
Part 3 - Group One Processing (added on Apr 1, 2005)
Part 4 - The next day (added on May 4, 2005)
Part 5 - College Girls (added on Jun 7, 2005)
Part 6 - The Pool (added on Jul 7, 2005)
Insert One - The Classification System of Slaves at the Estate (added on Aug 6, 2005)
Part 7 - Slavery Becomes the Routine (added on Sep 14, 2005)

This story is listed in:

by Calichepit

Peaked my interest
by Biglor

by crop

Khaki Schoolgirl Skirts Up/Panties Dn Paddled Red Btms
by CarolinaSpanker
Content w his reward & thoroughly satisfied from their uses of the two girls.Amber & Allison eventually fell into a fitful sleep interruptd by occasional cramps in their bowels or from the throbbing bloody red welts adorning their bottoms.

Haven't had time.......but looks promising
by solow

Teen Fem Dom Butt Watcher Spankd,he Farts Ass Fk
by CarolinaSpanker
Salem,NC taking them anally w her largest strap-on dildos.Her favorite use for young boys was to spank their asses to bloody blisters until they cried,then to have anal sex w them until they bled while jerkin their penise's w her hand until they cum

Torture, Humiliation, and Slavery
by Hashmir

wayward wife's punishment
by fcthepirate18

by rmnpcnm

by solow

Ariel/Sorority Girl's Humltn,Red/ Purple Ass Revenge
by redwrangler
Salem,NC taking them anally w her largest strap-on dildos.Her favorite use for yg boys was to spank their asses to bloody blisters until they cried,then to have anal sex w them until they bled while jerkin their penise's w her hand until they cum

by BruceCC
A little too brutal for my tastes, but there are a number of good scenes.

Real Spankings Girls/Sisters Swelling Welts Rose on Btms
by CarolinaSpanker
the man that had been wearing khaki pants the night before; the one that had taken such delight in raping the younger girls' ass and then making her sister lick the cum and blood out of her butt hole. The girls shrank away from him.

2nds - almost but quite, for one reason or another
by gateway691

by ferby

Camp Bus Btm Fires/Skirt Up Panties Dn Paddled Red Ass Farts
by redwrangler
She was forcd dn on his penis.He slid it up her ass.She screamed out & tried to get herself off the huge member invading her rectum,but she was held fast penis pulled out shitty & red making a farting sound,the girl was bleeding from her ass hole

School's In Session Amber,Wearing Panty Thong Reason For Sp
by redwrangler
Salem,NC Smiles_Strip_the girls pulld dn their bottoms.In just a moment,bikinis,swimsuits & shorts.A girl steppd fwd.She was short w long blonde hair,coltish legs,a narrow waist,hips that were just startin to show the curves of womanhood.Butts up agns

The Rider's Tales 2
by the_rider1971

by Kingofsting

by subglenn

by mirage

by Milo

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Hard Times Ahead
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by wincert

Charlotta/Ashley Spank Fart on Him/Tampon in A/h Vis Panty Line/
by CarolinaSpanker