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Slave To My Perverted Aunts

Part 3

                                                                                                                       Slave To My Perverted Aunts-part 3

         This story is intended as sexual fetish entertainment for ADULTS ONLY

When I awoke the next morning the smell of mature wet quim filled the room.  Last night's experience with aunt Christina was beyond my wildest imagination, a wet dream come true, and my huge cock was bouncing as I headed for the shower.

After scrubbing myself I couldn't resist the urge to jack off for a few minutes, remembering the amazing fucking that my pretty aunt had forced on me. I chuckled at this thought as I flipped my long pecker and watched the precum begin to dribble onto the carpet.

I stroked myself just as aunt Sandra walked in, completely unannounced,  and she stood there glaring at me. She wore an extremely tight fitting gray business suit, and the perfection of her incredible ass made my cock nearly ejaculate.

I stood there awkwardly, holding the towel under my draining prick, and knew by the angry look on her face that I was in trouble. I'd forgotten that I was not to masturbate or ejaculate without their permission or instruction. My blood ran cold, and I began to shake as she came over and stood face to face with me.

I was so flustered that I could barely speak, and looked at her like a puppy as I fumbled for words.

"Aunt Sandra I, I know I wasn't....I'm sorry, I forgot myself.  I always jackoff in the morning and...."

She cut me off with a hard slap to my face that stunned me, and I could barely stand as she grabbed me by the balls and squeezed them painfully.  I was blubbering incoherently as she pulled me over to the bed and onto her lap.

My self esteem was completely destroyed as she clamped my erect penis tightly between her legs and began to slap my ass cheeks with amazing force.  She pounded me time after time as hard as she possibly could and I began to yell in pain and embarrassment as she continued my humiliating agony.

Soon aunt Samantha and aunt Christina came into the room and stood there grinning widely as aunt Sandra inflicted severe pain on my exposed buttocks. I was astounded that she could hit that hard with the palm of her hand and at her savagery and strength. It was obvious that she was quite experienced at this and was expert at causing pain and humiliation at the same time.

It really was excruciating by now and I looked up at my other two aunts in complete shock and shame as my eyes watered from the deep pain.

They obviously loved it and came over to watch as aunt Sandra finished me off with a few more sharp smacks to my blood red ass cheeks.

She shoved me off her and I fell to the floor and lay there shaking after the traumatic punishment. My pride was just as wounded as my poor butt, and the embarrassment I felt at that moment was like no other I had ever experienced.

Aunt Sandra glared down at me as the other women stood watching, and rubbed her hands together to regain circulation in them.

"You have not taken our rules seriously James, and I had no choice but to punish you.  You will obey each and every command that comes from our lips no matter what, and you must know that our rule about masturbation will bring swift and hard retribution."

"Your penis and balls belong to us Jim, and this is no joking matter. Do not test us!"

She attached a leash to my collar, and yanked hard on it, and I got to my knees and followed her. My other two aunts were not smiling now, and were taking aunt Sandra's words seriously as they walked along side me.

All I could do was shake all over and I kept repeating the words, "Yes mam, yes mam, yes mam" like a broken record.

Aunt Christina and aunt Samantha felt obliged to  chide me a few times, rubbing my sore ass as we moved into the front room.

Aunt Sandra stood fuming as they all looked down on me, and suddenly spoke to the other two,  "It's time for him to meet the boys", she said, as she turned on her heel and went out the back door.

Aunt Christina raised her eyes to the ceiling and aunt Samantha shook her head as I kneeled there in ignorance, having no idea what aunt Sandra was talking about.

"I'm so sorry, I just did it by habit, I'm so sorry!"

Christina put her head down to mine and spoke softly, "I'm afraid aunt Sandra has been under a lot of pressure lately James, you got on her wrong side this morning.  Just do as you're told and don't fight it and you'll be fine."

They went to a side room and brought back some kind of fixture and clamped it into the floor. Aunt Samantha pulled my head over it and strapped me in so that I was kneeling with my head, arms, and shoulders securely restrained. She forced a large 'O' ring spreader into my mouth and secured it so that my oral cavity was held wide open.

Aunt Christina retrieved a hypodermic syringe from a large medicine cabinet in the wall and drew in liquid from a vial. She injected a small amount of the fluid into the air for testing and swabbed my arm with alcohol. She then expertly slid the needle in and emptied out the opaque fluid into my bloodstream.

She looked at me in sympathy as she tossed the empty syringe into a receptacle.

"I didn't think we would be doing this for awhile but it looks like aunt Sandy has other plans James. This injection will make you super horny for an hour so you won't much care what happens.  Believe me your visit with the boys will be much easier to stomach when you are under the influence."

She grinned sheepishly at aunt Samantha, "That's true isn't it Sammy?"

Aunt Samantha just shook her head and stared at the floor.

"Remember Jim, we will never give you anything poisonous or harmful. However, some things are naturally going to be strongly repugnant to you."

My stomach was doing flip flops in fear and anticipation as their puzzling words ran through my mind. I had an idea what might be coming but I was totally unprepared for what it actually was.

Then I heard the back door open and aunt Sandra approaching. I could hear what sounded like large paws clacking on the kitchen floor, and the sight that greeted me when she came into the living room made my eyes widen in horror.

She was leading three large Great Danes,  and their size was stunning to me. She secured two of them to the rear, and brought forth one of them.

"This is Samson James, he's quite magnificent isn't he?"

"And the other two dogs are named Rubin and Archibald. They are my babies, I raised them from puppies. I let them have fun with male slaves on occasion, but it's been quite some time I'm afraid."

"Since you belong to us now, you will be relieving them sometimes."

She rubbed Samson's head and spoke to him...

"Good boy Samson, good boy."

Samson barked loudly and the other two monsters barked in response.

"QUIET!", said aunt Sandra, and the dogs became silent and obedient at once.

I was squirming and pulling against the straps as I grunted, but I could make no intelligible sounds.

She brought up Samson and sat in a chair beside him so that she could reach his massive cock. She peeled back the large foreskin and began to stroke the dog, causing his huge dick to expand rapidly. His penis was soon fully deployed, and aunt Sandra stroked it and flipped it so that it stood out at a full nine inches.

Aunt Sandra stroked the large pecker and made it bounce to her touch. Precum was dripping from the large cock and the dog made soft whining sounds as she played with it.

I was beside myself now, in the throes of lust from the sex injection, and his horror of what was coming could not be described.

Aunt Sandra spoke to me quietly as she forced a soft rubber adapter into the 'O' ring holding my mouth open.

"This is an adapter James, so that Samson's prick don't pop into your throat. We're not ready for that are we?"

I was absolutely crushed at this turn of events, and was sobbing now, as much from aunt Sandra's treatment of me, as from the loathing of what she planned to do.

I had never experienced such a shock to my emotions, and I vowed to obey them explicitly from now on, even if I didn't like it. I would plan my escape somehow, and leave the tender care of my eccentric aunts. Aunt Sandra knew this, it was obvious, and smoothed my hair over, kissing me on the forehead.

"You must give the process time James, you must not loose your patience and reject us completely. That would break my heart."

Aunt Christina attached a tubular metal platform over my head, so that the dogs would have a place for their paws to rest as they did their lurid work.

Aunt Sandra pulled Samson forward and up onto the footing stage, so that his large red dick was standing out hard near the entrance of the rubber adaptor tube.  She applied a lubricant around the inside of the tube and brought Samson forward so that his huge cock began to slide into the adaptor.

It was obvious that the dog had done this many times, because of his familiarity with the process and it was also obvious that he loved it.

Aunt Sandra pushed him from behind as my other aunts pulled on his leash, and soon his draining cock was forced into my mouth to the back of my throat. I was grateful indeed that the rubber tube was in place since the knob on his huge dick could choke me easily if it penetrated my throat.

Samson needed no encouragement and began fucking the tube hard, his rank penis slurping in and out of my mouth which was filled to bursting. I pulled hard against the restraints as the nasty dong violated my oral cavity, and soon precum was flooding the back of my mouth.

Aunt Sandra quickly slapped my ass hard twice and the sharp sting made me settle down at once. Samson was beside himself with lust as he fucked my open gullet, and it wasn't long before he was ready to get his nuts off.

Aunt Sandra slapped my ass very hard again, making me scream in pain as the dog cock began to spit a bitter load of canine sperm in, filling my mouth, and yelled at me to swallow it all and quickly.  I was sobbing and loathing myself but I gulped down the disgusting slime and another two mouthfuls as the dog emptied out fully.

I ate every drop of the filthy swill and my stomach began to turn over in preparation for vomiting.

Aunt Sandra squatted down to my face with her remote control in hand, and curled her lip as she swore at me....

"James if you puke I will give you a nine shock, and you know what that means don't you?"

I nodded my head desperately, willing myself not to think about what had just been done to me.

"Is Samson's cum or dick poisonous James?", she asked, now much calmer than before.

I sobbed and nodded 'no', trying with a super human effort to put it out of my mind. I  finally succeeded, and a deep depression overtook me, blocking out what I had been before, and knowing that I was indeed something else now. She was right, though smelly, the dog's cock and semen were not poisonous. I would survive.

She soothed her cool hand over my forehead as she spoke to me....

"It's ok Jim, you must feel no guilt because it was us that made you do it. Now James, I want you to relieve Rubin and Archibald also, they must share your mouth equally."

She pulled back on Samson and his penis fell out of the tube splattering cum onto the towel below. She tied Samson in the rear and  brought up Rubin, a dog quite similar to Samson in size and color.

Rubin's cock was even larger than Samson's, and was already unsheathed and pointing downward in a full erection. As aunt Sandra pulled him up  my other aunt's helped position him so the his rock hard pecker was soon in my mouth and nearly opening the back of my throat.

Rubin went insane with lust, and began  pumping vigorously, as I lay there and concentrated on control. My eyes were closed and aunt Sandra pinched my balls between her fingers...

"Look at the cock James, keep your eyes open so that you can experience this fully."

I did so, and she sat on the chair and looked closely at me, staring into my eyes.

"I guess this makes you a filthy cocksucker doesn't it James, she smirked, with a filthy dog prick in your mouth."

Soon Rubin yelped in pleasure and a thick gusher of sperm cream splattered into my mouth, and I gulped it down obediently. Aunt Sandra was quite pleased, and smoothed my hair over as I swallowed every drop, and the gooey cream dribbled down my chin and dripped onto the towel.

The flavor was sickening and once again I fought off crushing nausea, knowing that I must not fail. I concentrated on the thing that they told me, dog cum and dog dick are not poisonous.

The taste in my mouth and the smell on my face was horrendous by now, and as they pulled Rubin off, I swallowed the residue and braced myself.  I was actually gaining some kind of control now storing my revulsion in some corner of my mind, and it was easier after Rubin's large and bitter spunk meal passed into my stomach. I belched as I began to digest the rancid dog cum, and the odor almost made me lose it again.

Finally they brought up Archibald and as the thick cock was shoved into my gullet  He went berserk, porking my open mouth with even greater lust that the other two dogs.

His load was enormous, filling my gullet to over flowing, and even as I gulped and gagged, much of the frothy scuz poured down my chin, and was lost.

Aunt Sandra pulled Archibald out sooner than the other dogs, and his cock was still spitting sperm cream. She directed it over my face and head and finally his penis was completely spent.

She looked right into my eyes and laughed, again giving my ego a crushing blow.

"You are a nasty, disgusting cocksucker James, shame on you."

"Do you have any idea what you just did?"

Her smile faded, and she seemed very sad for a moment.

"This is just part of your training Jim, there are some really hot and amazing things coming for you here as time goes by, you have no possible idea of the ecstasy  your complete submission to us will bring."

As aunt Samantha led the three satisfied animals back out to the large kennel, aunt Sandra released me from the restraints and pulled me back and out of the fixture. Dog cum slavered from my mouth as I licked my lips and ate it just to please my aunt.

She wiped my face clean with a towel, and led me over to the couch. I walked on my knees with my head lowered, and the disgusting shame that I felt could not be described. Aunt Sandra was quite tender now, and smoothed back my hair with her hand.

"This experience tells you that you are worth nothing without us James, it is your submission to us in all things that gives your life value. We must start from scratch with your emotional world and rebuild it so that you will be capable of performing and enjoying all the ecstasy that you will experience here."

"There is nothing that you will not do for us Jim, and you will experience and enjoy every kind of perversion possible here in Dommeville. You will be an obedient  cocksucker at our command, and you will impregnate beautiful women here as many times as we desire."

I kneeled before her shivering, and tried to speak but only gibberish came out.

She put her finger to my lips, "Shhhh, don't speak James, just listen."

"The hard spanking I gave you was more for theatrics than real anger Jim, you will learn to know me more as time goes by. But I hope your humiliation and pain were severe .  I will be giving you public spankings at times just to make you submissive and obedient to me. Eventually you will ejaculate when I spank you, and in public that will only deepen the wound that we must create in your mind so the we may heal it and complete your bondage to us."

"You will not be one of the primary reproduction slaves here, but will partake of all manner of sexual activity. You are under special protection by our leader, Rainy Stone, who is my devoted friend and lover. We enjoy a very special  rank and privilege here at Dommeville, and are on the board of directors and law committees."

"The breeder males must fuck up to ten times or more per day James in the reproductive buildings, but you will not be required to do that. You will be trained as our personal slave, and help us to perform many of our duties here."

"You will be among the elite here James once you have become ours fully. You  will be very very grateful for that. You will have the finest pussy in the world, and all you want, and countless other sexual pleasures that you cannot imagine."

She took my face in her hand and looked into my eyes, as she fondled my erect cock,  "I know you hate me now Jim, but I promise that will change. You will find that I love you more than anyone else on earth, and I mean that. When you ejaculate inside me when we fuck, you will feel my deep love for you."

"No one has a better ass than my ass James", she grinned wickedly, "I have the best tits and ass in the world and that is not a delusion of grandeur, it is simply true, the best pussy connoisseurs in the world have told me that."

"I've turned down many famous girlie magazines who wanted to do a spread on me."

"I've also got the tightest most wonderful asshole buried between my butt cheeks. I will let you enjoy it fully, believe me."

As I stared at her,  still shaking from my ordeal, she moved her face close to mine and kissed me fully on the lips, Frenching deep inside my mouth.

She pulled back and licked around my face. "Yes James, I've eaten gallons of doggie cum, and there's nothing I like more. Of course I love to suck horse cock too, and you will also enjoy that exotic pleasure. We have many stallions in our stables, and they are kept orally serviced by the male slave population in Dommeville.

After that I took a good shower and washed myself thoroughly,  and when I came out into the bedroom I heard voices in the front room.


Soon the door opened and aunt Sandra came for me.  She led me crawling into the living room and there was Rainy Stone.  Her gorgeous red hair and fabulous figure were quite stunning to me,   and she wore a gray business suit that was skin tight on her petite figure.

She was obviously someone of sophistication and schooling, and if her reputation held true from what I had heard so far, an extremely lusty woman with insatiable sexual needs. Her dark brown eyes were mesmerizing, and I was quite uncomfortable as she smiled salaciously  at me.

"My goodness Sandra, what an extraordinary new addition you have brought to Dommeville. Wow!, look at that enormous prick!"

She walked over and stood looking down at me, her eyes on fire with lechery. She ran her hand over my face and hair and her fingers into my mouth. I could smell pussy right away, indicating that she had been masturbating  herself very recently.

Aunt Sandra pulled gently on my leash and I looked up obediently at Madam Stone.

I was still in shock from my previous disgusting activities, and my eyes were slightly red from humiliation and crying. My huge penis stood out fully erect under me, and bounced each time I moved.

Rainy squatted down to me revealing that she wore no panties. Her pussy was a thick dark bush of matted hair, and I couldn't even imagine what the smell would be like if I were to perform oral sex on her.

"He seems a little stressed Sandra, have you been working him?"

Aunt Sandra smiled lightly as she held my leash in her hand.

"He has been introduced to the boys Rainy, I think it was a bit of a strain on him."

Rainy laughed and stood, still petting my head. "Oh my Sandra", she said,  as her mouth widened in understanding, "the poor boy has had quite a traumatic experience hasn't he", she chuckled as she looked down at me.

"He'll get used to it dear, just part of living in our strange and wonderful erotic city."

She commanded me to stand,  and I did so as she grinned wickedly at me.  She began a careful examination of my stiff pecker and swollen balls, peeling me back and flipping my cock to make it throb and bounce. At this point I was quite near ejaculation. She pinched the base of my cock making it even harder, and I nearly emptied my load in her hand.

Aunt Sandra stood proudly beside us, giving full reign to her adored lover and leader. Aunt Sandra was a high level member of the Dommeville upper crust, and she and Rainy had been lovers for years now.

"He needs relief Sandy, that's obvious. Has he done much fucking yet?"

Aunt Sandra ran her finger up the crack of my ass and rubbed my butthole gently.

"He's just a beginner my love, my wonderful nephew and our sex slave. I'm going to take him to the breeding rooms before long so that he can gain experience. His final sperm analysis is not complete but will be soon. His cock stays hard most of the time and you can see the size of his pecker!"

Rainy stood in front of aunt Sandra and drew her into a warm hug. They kissed passionately, probing each others mouths deeply with long,  practiced tongue work.

"I want him to fuck me right now baby, Rainy purred, I need him doggie style and I want to  be filled with the thick sperm of a young male."  Aunt Sandra kissed Rainy  and ordered me into the crawling position again.

In the meantime aunt Samantha and aunt Christina had left for the town square to do some shopping and I was alone with Rainy Stone and aunt Sandra.

Rainy pulled up her skirt and removed  her panties and hung them over my head and face. The pungent smell of  her fragrant juices and delicate perfume made my cock stretch to the limit,  and as she knelt with her upper body on the couch aunt Sandra gripped my balls and pushed me forward.

Rainy lay her head down on the cushion and reached back to spread her ass cheeks. The sight of her well formed anus made me even hornier than before and I put my nose next to he moist brown rear opening. Aunt Sandra slapped my ass gently, and pushed me forward.

Without hesitation I slid my tongue into Rainy's steaming farthole, and the smell and flavor were perfect,  an ass licker's dream. I rubbed my nose all over her slightly stained anus and licked it clean, and as she opened her asshole widely for me I shoved my long tongue deep inside her rear waste area.

She gasped in pleasure and shoved back against my face as I lapped into her obscene butt crack and fucked my tongue in and out rapidly. Soon I was sucking her bulbous anal opening and as it opened and closed licked out the vulgar brown residue.

It was driving me over the edge and somehow I felt that I was potentially locking myself into this kind of servitude to Rainy, as well as to many other women in Dommeville.

It was a swampy and funky addiction that I knew would endear me to many women here,  but would bind me into a unique kind of slavery from which it would be difficult to escape.

Rainy reached behind her and slapped my head lightly.

"Fuck me Jim, right now, and fill my cunthole with your sperm, ok baby?"

I immediately knelt behind her and gripped her perfect hips as I guided my enormous prick into her wet, hairy pussy hole. I shoved all the way in and groaned loudly as I began to force fuck her surprisingly tight vaginal opening, and my balls swung up and back, slapping her asscheeks at each movement.

It was no time at all before I screamed and squealed and ejected my gigantic load of seminal fluid into the suction of her constricted vaginal portal.  A gusher of thick bubbly semen poured from her hairy slit and down over my balls as I continued to pump more and more baby juice into her mature cunt.

She howled in ecstasy as I filled her to overflowing with my nut cream, and moved her hips in and out and side to side milking me completely dry. Finally I was too weak to control my muscles  and pulled out of her, flopping back on my haunches unable to remain in the kneeling position.

Aunt Sandra smacked my ass hard twice and pushed my head forward near the draining fuckhole.

"Eat it all out James, and do it now.  Do not embarrass me in this, just do as you are told."

She shoved my face into the frothy white mess that was Rainy's vaginal opening, and I immediately began to lap out the salty scuz and swallow it as it poured into my mouth. I knew that I had better do this one right, considering the importance of the situation.

I slurped out a mouthful of my own funky tasting semen, and gulped it down as I delved my tongue into the slippery cum fountain. Again and again I filled my mouth with salty sperm and ate it as Rainy pushed it out into my open oral cavity.

My legs were barely able to support me now, and I finished my unspeakable meal just as they gave out again.


After Rainy left and I was in the bathroom again washing my face and mouth and aunt Sandra came in behind me and began to rub her soft hand over my cock and balls. I was still in my refractory period and another erection was not forthcoming yet but as she fingered and squeezed my drained orbs I felt just fantastic.

She was giving me her love and I became weak from the wonderful feeling despite my fear and anger toward her. She pulled me to face her and kissed me long and hard, rubbing herself against me, and moaning softly to me.

"Thank you aunt Sandra", was all that I could say as she poured her love into me, and she kissed my face all over as she pulled me into the bedroom. She took all of her clothes off revealing her magnificent body,  and we lay down on the bed together.

We covered ourselves and she clung to me, rubbing her sopping vaginal slit over my leg.  She held me and kissed me softly and whispered in my ear.

"Please don't hate me James, I've just done what is necessary and best for your future here at Dommeville. You will be a king here in time believe me, having anything you want, but it can only happen if you are the complete slave of your aunts."

I looked at her with mist in my eyes and nodded my head.  She was the most dominating force I had ever encountered in my life, and the sexual gratification she could make possible for me here was astonishing. I was right in the middle of the most intense sexual period of my life and my sexual equipment ruled me completely.

We looked at each other eye to eye as she kissed me, and we lay there for awhile, enjoying each other's bodies.  Her perfume was intoxicating, and every high school fantasy I had ever thought about was now mine. Most young males would never experience anything to compare.  I had masturbated many times dreaming of this, the ultimate experience all young men crave, and it was real.


I dozed off and when I awoke aunt Sandra was gone, and I came fully awake and got out of bed. I went to the bathroom, and then into the kitchen where my aunts were just finishing lunch. Aunt Sandra came up to me and kissed me tenderly, and my penis was rock hard again and the swelling in my nuts becoming painful once more.

"You need to eat baby", she smiled.  She attached my leash again and opened a can of dog food. She led me out of the kitchen into their large bathroom, and I stood there as she lifted the cover off the feminine napkin despenser beside the toilet.

She emptied the dispenser into a trash receptacle nearby, and had to shake the can a few times to release the sanitary napkins stuck to the bottom.  Then she plopped the dog food into the nasty container.

Then she forced me to my knees beside the stool. She grinned slyly as she pulled her skirt up and her panties down, and she flopped her wonderful ass down on the stool.

"Eat your meal James, and I want you to lick the container clean, ok?"

I looked blankly at her as I lowered my head down into the raunchy smelling receptacle,  and began to eat the moist dog food. At the same time she began her bowel movement, and her farts and the sound of her crap splattering into the toilet bowl did nothing for my appetite.

The smell was horrendous, and as I continued to chew and swallow the horse meat she emptied her bowels completely. She rubbed the back of my head as I ate my meal, and it was actually a strange kind of turn on.

"You are obedient Jim, and I am very impressed."

She pushed my head down as I began to lick the bottom of the container, and the unidentified residue I licked up was almost enough to cause nausea, but the truth was, I was becoming hardened to my treatment here. I cleaned it all off until the enamel surface was shiny, and she pulled my head up and looked at my face.

"Good boy!", she whispered,  "Remember that I love you Jim, in all things you do for me."

She stood and bent over slightly spreading her wonderful ass cheeks.

"Now wipe me James, and please do a thorough job of it."

I tore off a piece of toilet paper and wiped over the shit covering her asshole, and dropped a glob of it into the bowl. I continued to do this again and again as I slowly cleaned her perfect bunghole, pushing my finger into her asshole to get to the crap.

"My James", she laughed, "it is taking you an awful long time to wipe my ass, fortunately it goes much faster when I'm doing it. Now take the medicated wipe container and begin to clean me with the damp towels. Keep wiping and drying me until I'm clean. First clean me out inside my sphincter with your finger, and dry me there so I don't leave a shit stain in my panties."

I was a bit light headed as I cleaned her again, and my whole perception of her   changed.  She was a beautiful woman who had to shit just like any man, and I felt enormously closer to her when I had finished. She flushed the toilet and when the water filled the bowl again she pushed my head down into it.

"Take a good long drink from the toilet James", she commanded, "and think of your submissiveness to me, and to your other aunts."

"Lick up the water nearest the edge of the inner bowl so you can add a bit of flavor to it."

As I slaked my thirst from the squalid toilet water, she slapped my ass hard and pushed my face down into the toilet. She flushed at the same time and held me there as the water rushed all around my head. I fought to get a breath, and she pulled my head out of the bowl and looked into my face, grinning mischievously.

'You nasty boy! ", she teased. "I want you to feel humiliated doing this Jim, but I also want you to feel sexually aroused. Drinking from the toilet where your aunt just took a shit!"

"Ok James, go wash and brush your teeth thoroughly and then come to the front room, we have an appointment at the clinic.


On our journey to the Medical Clinic just aunt Sandra accompanied me, and of course her beautiful blond chauffeur Ingrid. I was traveling nude and on a leash, as usual, and the lucky women who happened to be in the clinic waiting room would receive entertainment at the expense of a community slave.

We left the car and aunt Sandra led me inside on my leash, and at this point my penis was so hard that it hurt  since aunt Sandra had stroked me while we drove. Ingrid smiled as she watched the show, her duties including the bonus of watching slaves being teased and humiliated.

I was dripping precum heavily as we walked into the reception area, and I had only a small towel to absorb leakage.   We stood near the main desk while aunt Sandra talked to the receptionist.

We had a late afternoon appointment but there was still plenty of time since the Medical Center didn't close until eight pm.

"You have your final testing in the sperm lab" , the pretty woman said, as she filled out a security card, I assume you know where that is?", she smiled, "it may be awhile since they are behind schedule today."  Aunt Sandra returned her smile and nodded in the affirmative.

We were compelled to wait in the reception area for awhile, and aunt Sandra found a suitable place to sit near the front desk. The vinyl covering on the seat was cold on my ass, and I shivered as we sat there.

We waited fifteen minutes, and that turned into a half hour, and after an hour I was becoming very restless. I began fidgeting, and I honestly could not help it. I was very uncomfortable and it was becoming unbearable. Aunt Sandra gave me an angry stare, and pulled down on my leash. We had not spoken since we arrived, and I thought it wise to keep it that way.

Soon I was squirming around on the seat, adjusting my large balls and penis, and trying to dry up my precum liquid with the small towel aunt Sandra had given me.

Aunt Sandra looked at me intensely and I was sure she was just as uncomfortable as I was. It reached a point where I had to stand up to get the pressure off my male parts, and aunt Sandra yanked the leash hard and pulled me back down.

"James I love you to the bottom of my soul but if you do not stop all that I will blister your ass right here, and I mean it!"

The shock of what she said hit me, and I calmed at once, trying desperately not to move. Within fifteen more minutes I was doing it again, and literally could not control myself.

Aunt Sandra finally lost her temper and pulled me bodily onto her lap. Once again she pinched my long pecker between her legs and as she held my neck firmly with the leash began to slap my bare ass viciously with her expert hand. I yelled because it really was quite painful, and she continued as a roomful of smiling women looked on.

It was beyond humiliating, far beyond, and her severe beating became so painful that I began to actually cry from the pain. Women nearby were grinning and enjoying the extreme flailing being given me, and aunt Sandra was making yelping noises as she blistered my ass.

All at the center knew and recognized that any disciplinary activity toward a slave was permissible, and even encouraged in public. Some considered that more of this kind of punishment should be administered on a regular basis and some advocated bull whipping as one type treatment for disobedient slaves.

Finally aunt Sandra stopped, and held my leash tightly. She was breathing heavily, and sweat poured from her face and dripped onto my back.

"Dam it James don't make me do this kind of thing again, is it so fucking hard just to sit still? Now look at the embarrassment you have caused both of us.  Get your ass up and keep still!"

I did so and fortunately within a few minutes our name was called.

We walked down several long hallways and finally took an elevator to the basement area. Aunt Sandra spoke to the receptionist there and we were allowed to go right in.

The basement facilities were antiseptic and cold, and we were met in the hallway by a pretty young nurse who took us to a surgery room. There were many people coming and going and female doctors were moving  from one room to the next.

The nurse had us sit down and took my information and a few other questions.

"Does this slave belong to you or someone else?", said the cute short haired brunette.

Aunt Sandra looked at me intently and brushed her hair back. "He belongs to me, and my two sisters, and is new to Dommeville."

"Do you want to stay with him during the procedure?", asked the nurse as she stood up.

"Yes, I want to see the whole thing. I know it is important and that this will be the final semen test before he is accepted as a full slave and given a reproduction certificate."

"Come with me please", said the nurse,  walking into an adjoining room.

There was an attractive female doctor there and another pretty nurse. The surgery table was equipped with restraints and a stainless steel instrument cart was  nearby.

In a few moments my naked body was lying strapped down, and my legs were drawn back and outward to open my lower area. My leash was still attached and aunt Sandra was allowed to sit at my head holding it.

"You may soothe him if you wish Sandra, and help to quiet him. I'm afraid he will become quite unmanageable once we begin. The results of this last semen test will be available to you in three days. If he passes, he will be given an Unconditional Reproduction Certificate, making him eligible for sex with any and all Dommeville residents, including mass reproduction duty at the Dommeville Reproduction Facility.

The large sex complex had been given the nickname the Baby Farm but most residents had shortened that to  'The Farm' and everyone knew exactly what it was.

Aunt Sandra ran her cool hand over my forehead and kissed me on the cheek as she spoke to me.

"Listen to me Jim, the sooner we get this over with the sooner you will be accepted here in Dommeville. They have to do this procedure so trust me and  feel my love for you.  You must endure for awhile longer and we will be done with it. They can't give you a painkiller because it will interfere with the extraction process."

The doctor forced a rubber bite denture into my mouth, then pulled my balls outward painfully and popped each of them into strange looking padded cups.  When they were firmly encased she began to turn a control dial causing them to be twisted  and pressured by the computer operated machine.

At first it didn't hurt but within a few minutes the manipulation became more forceful, and a dull pain set in, making me jerk and struggle against the straps.

Aunt Sandra put her head next to mine and whispered encouragement to me as the device expertly pressured and twisted my full nuts. As the speed increased I began to groan and yelp under my rubber mouth protector, and when it began to pull my balls away from my body and squeeze and thup them  I began to jerk and scream in agony. My nuts were on fire now and the dull ache had grown to a severe pain.

I gasped and screamed and shook my head back and forth as the strange treatment continued, and just as I was on the verge of passing out the machine stopped. My poor testicles were a mass of pain, and I lay there shaking as aunt Sandra kissed my lips and held my head in her strong hands. I was sweating profusely now, and when my testes were removed from the cruel  nut cups I let go and just lay there,  unable to move.

I was begging for a pain killer but the doctor was not finished yet, and drew out her row of instruments and cleaned my balls with alcohol. Then she separated each nut tightly with her fingers and exposed the epididymis bundle,  and slid a hypodermic syringe into the lower area of the tissue mass.

She drew out sperm directly from both of my nuts and injected it into a small vial. The needle was  quite painful and I jerked hard and groaned as aunt Sandra held her face tightly against mine.

Finally they were finished and the doctor gave me a hypo and the pain disappeared almost at once, and I drifted into a wonderful world of relaxation.

Aunt Sandra kissed my face all over and when I was released from the fixture helped me to sit, and then stand.  They put me in a wheelchair and she guided me out of the center and into the luxurious limousine.

Once we were home she took me to my room and locked my door so we would not be disturbed. She took her clothes off and removed my leash and helped me lay down on the soft, comfortable bed. We lay there covered by the thick comforter and she held my face and kissed me repeatedly, while she wet down my leg with her female juices.

I kissed her back, holding her tight to me, and we fell into a wonderful sleep in each other's arms.

As I drifted off to deep slumber I remember thinking that my beautiful aunt Sandra did actually love me and care for me. I didn't understand her, but I was sure that I was in love with her also, whatever might come.

All in all this new world was far more than I ever bargained for, in so many ways

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