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Slave To My Perverted Aunts

Part 2

    Slave To My Perverted Aunts-part 2

     This story is intended as sexual fetish entertainment for ADULTS ONLY 

Dommeville was established, as is,  on June 5, 1960, constructed under special zoning and legal specifications so that the enclosed community is separated from United States authority in the same way that foreign embassies are.

The land is a small parcel of Pennsylvania property granted to Jedediah Stone in 1820 by the United States government for special services rendered to the US during the War of 1812.

Because of Jedediah Stone's unique espionage involvement in the war,  victory was made possible. Details of his service were declared Top Secret at that time never to be revealed. The land has been granted the same rights as foreign soil ,  with strict legal constraints in place.

The land was passed down from generation to generation to Stone's direct descendant,  Amanda Stone, a wealthy land entrepreneur who established a unique sexually dominated society in 1960.

In this special female dominated city males are used for entertainment and procreation purposes, with, or without their consent. Legally this is a bonafide insulate territory whose strange practices are protected under US law.

The Dommeville city government has insured that 'signed' documents by the 'slaves'  and other legal proofs are kept  in case any questions arise in the event that a slave escapes and claims criminal abuse by the government of Dommeville.

The male slaves in Dommeville have never done so, presumably because of their overwhelming sexual gratification, and very large monetary rewards,  despite the constraints of various kinds of bondage.

The whole area is isolated and the outer perimeter of the city is enclosed by high concrete walls protected by razorwire and state of the art detection equipment, and anyone attempting to enter or leave unauthorized may be arrested by Dommeville's well trained female police force, and imprisoned there indefinitely.

Amanda Stone died at the age seventy five, and her daughter,  Rainy Stone,  is in full charge of the city now.  Everyone there answers to her. Rainy is quite beautiful, though in her early fifties,  and very well sexually endowed. She has been spoiled by years of intense sexual servicing of every kind by the male slaves there.

Rainy's daughter Alex is twenty five, and as smart and gorgeous as her mother. She is not married, and will never be, according to the family tradition, but will become pregnant at a time of her own choosing from a male slave here, and will raise her child here in Dommeville in the exclusive residence area occupied by her mother Rainy. Access to this special part of town is strictly forbidden to all but those approved by Rainy Stone.

When a male slave has served six months in Dommeville he is given his freedom, and a large separation payment in appreciation for his bonded usage. However, if his original sponsors desire him to be a permanent slave and resident there with them,   he may never leave without their permission.  Male slaves are limited to six month's service at Dommeville to insure that a constantly changing gene pool is being introduced into the system.

Most of the legal female residents who come to Dommeville are there to be impregnated so that they can  receive the very generous lifetime support that the city foundation offers in addition to the extraordinary and historic prestige enjoyed by former female residents of Dommeville and their offspring. Membership here is highly coveted and unique in american society.

Any of the legal female residents in Dommeville may choose to become pregnant by one of the male slaves, and then will leave the city to complete her pregnancy, and continue her life.  She will be given a very generous separation package by Dommeville as a legally chartered member. The perfect genetic makeup of any Dommeville slave makes him ideal for procreation.

A young male is only given final induction into the Dommeville slave pool after intensive physiological, psychological, and genetic testing.  A male slave must be no younger than eighteen years of age, nor older than twenty five when entering into service there.

The young slaves can be brought there by various means, usually under the guidance of a close female resident of Dommeville, but volunteer male slaves  can also be considered for service if they fit the very strict criteria and sign legally binding documents.

There are two thousand female residents in Dommeville, and only fifty well endowed and sexually prolific young males there to serve them. Naturally this keeps the male slave population quite busy, but one seldom hears a complaint from them because of the city's intelligent and state of the art handling of them with drugs, hypnosis, and many other forms of inducement and conditioning.

Rainy Stone is brilliant in her management of the city, and though she has virtually absolute power there,  she is well liked and obeyed by the residents as well as the slaves.

Rainy is fifty two years old now, and has maintained her beauty and well formed body by hard work and exercise sculpting.  Her rear is perfectly formed due to  special butt workouts, and she takes pride in knowing that her perfect ass is  an awesome motivator for the horny male slaves. She is extremely addicted to almost every form of sexual pleasure, and sates her powerful desires daily.

The Town Square is the location for a large medical facility, containing every state of the art treatment method and equipment resource possible. A sick individual here in Dommeville is actually better off than at a major hospital, and the handling much more individual.

The Reproduction Center is located in the center area of the Town Square, and is composed of many luxurious rooms designed specifically for sexual insemination by the male slaves.  It is very well organized and well run and the utmost care is used in dealing with the male slaves in their constant fornication duties.

A special hospital and lab facility is located there, and the staff consists of uniquely trained doctors and nurses. A special female police unit oversees  hospital security, and are specially trained to be courteous and helpful to both the prospective mothers and male slaves.

A vast array of aphrodisiacs and sexual stimulants are available here, and every kind of pornograhic material imaginable. The male sex slaves are expected to perform ten fornication events per day, and in between, proper rest and refractory periods to insure sufficient semen potency. Unique food supplements are also used here along with sophisticated hormonal growth stimulants.

After a few months of the powerful aphrodisiacs and gonad building supplements ten coitus events per day is usually no problem. Some of the male slaves are more than willing to have sex fifteen times per day or more, and as long as their sperm count and quality remains viable, this is allowed or even encouraged.

If a male slave is ill he is naturally allowed healing and regeneration time but is required to resume his duties at the earliest moment. If he must be replaced there is a long list of applicants waiting, and more slaves come in to resume fornication duties. Male slaves receive the best medical care available, and are insured fully against any illness or injury.

Any male who falls behind in his quota obligation, however,  becomes open to punishment or psychiatric evaluation and treatment. The whole idea is to keep the slaves producing constantly, but in the most efficient and humane way possible.

There is a punishment lab in the south end of the square where incorrigible male slaves may tortured in non destructive ways by uniquely trained nurses.

Complete service to the female population is absolutely required at all times, and punishment is used only in extreme cases where the slave regularly refuses to perform his sexual duties.

This is rarely necessary, however, since a life of extreme pleasure each day usually needs no prompting. Unfortunately the punishment lab is needed on certain extraordinary occasions where the slave population in general must be reminded of their obligation of obedience, and there is no better way to do that than a few hours of intense pain to improve ones motivation.

Rainy deplores this kind of persuasion but makes sure that the slave's chastisement on this rare occasion  is done in such a way that will produce no physical damage.  The male slave is compelled to undergo psychiatric treatment for his mental trauma after a punishment torture session to avoid lasting psychological damage. An unresponsive slave has never been known to return to the punishment lab,  because the memory of their suffering is too unpleasant to allow future disobedience.

The male slaves here produce an astounding thousand healthy babies each year out of the general female population, and many of the women never marry after they leave Dommeville, but raise their children without the benefit of a husband.  Rainy believes that babies created the natural way are far superior to those produced by artificial insemination.

So there are thousands and thousands of children out there who were produced  here, and the males are kept up to date as to the number of babies they have fathered over time, whether they want to know that information or not. They are never given the identity of their offspring.

The amazing number of doctors, lawyers, scientists and successful politicians coming from the offspring produced at Dommeville is extraordinary, and so Dommeville contributes uniquely to the society of the US and to the world at large.

New female residents of Dommeville must be under the age of thirty, healthy and unmarried, with no children, and are invited here because of their power, beauty,  or wealth. Finding women to live here is never difficult. The truth is there is always a huge waiting list of prospective women waiting to come here, and as pregnant women leave the city, the new Dommeville candidates fill in the spaces very quickly.

There is a strict limit of two thousand female residents in Dommeville, for various reasons, and there is a constant flow in and out of the unique sexual paradise.

Each year a few residents die, or are required to move to another location for one reason or another, and the process goes on year after year.


Jim awoke completely refreshed the next morning after his forceful milking by aunt Sandra, and he was sure that if she did that very much he would develop a blister on his cock.  Aunt Sandra was very serious, and very intense.

His balls were actually a bit sore from the unusual draining they had been subjected to yesterday, but his nuts were so large and his cock so thick that he was always ready to eject more sperm.

Aunt Sandra entered Jim's locked bedroom and greeted him with an affectionate hug and french kiss.   Jim was still in a state of sexual shock from the incredible situation here, and standing nude as aunt Sandra sucked on his tongue he quickly developed an enormous hardon, and his long thick pecker rubbed against the front of her tight skirt, leaving a wet spot.

She smiled a bit and attached a leash to his electronic collar. She led him naked into the living room and then to the kitchen where aunt Christina and aunt Samantha were sitting at a table eating breakfast.

They both hugged Jim and quickly ran their hands over his stiff penis and then sat and continued their breakfast meal. It was at that point that Jim noticed the  doggie bowls beside the table. There was one for food and one for water.

Aunt Samantha pulled his leash downward as she pointed to them, and Jim was confused as to exactly what she wanted at first.

"Get on your knees James," she said quietly.

Jim was perplexed but quickly remembered what had taken place yesterday with the shock device on his neck and made a slight frown as he quickly dropped down and kneeled over the bowls.

Aunt Sandra dropped the leash and went to the cabinet.  She pulled out a can of premium dog food and opened it with the automatic can opener, then she added a few drops of something from a small bottle. The smell of fresh horse meat drifted to him as she came over and shoved the can down and emptied it out with a plop into the large food bowl.

She looked down at him and waited, as he looked from her to the dog bowl and back again.

"I think you know what to do don't you Jim," she said calmly as he kneeled there shivering.

This was so bizarre that he could barely assimilate it but his terror of the neck device made him lower his head at once, even as he groaned silently. He was very hungry actually, and the dog food did look appetizing,  but to be reduced to this by his beloved aunts seemed unconscionable.

He opened his mouth and took a large bite as he looked at Sandra and chewed and swallowed it eagerly.  To tell the truth it really was very tasty, but just the idea of being treated like a dog was inherently repugnant for him, and as he scarfed down the rest of the fragrant meat his face became covered with a sticky residue.

He started to raise his head when he'd finished most of it but aunt Sandra quickly chided him, and slapped his bare ass sharply.

"No no",  she warned, "you must lick the bowl clean James, and make sure you clean it well!"

Jim felt embarrassed and angry over this but knew better than to oppose his aunt, and shoved his face back into the bowl, licking every bit of the inside surface. He was beginning to feel great regret that he had chosen to move in with his beautiful aunts but he could also sense that there was something very attractive and addictive here also in this strange situation.

He finished and raised his head, his face covered with dog food.

She pointed to the water bowl....

"Drink", she said as she stared down at him quietly.

Jim began to lap up the water like he had seen dogs do all his life and was amazed at how well it actually worked. One needed some practice, of course but his understanding of Fido's position in human society was profoundly more clear now.

Sandra smiled and petted Jim's head affectionately.

"Good boy, you're such an obedient lapdog aren't you?"

Aunt Samantha and Christina were chuckling silently as they took all this in but Jim sensed a loving humiliation here, and could not for the life of him figure out why he actually liked it so much. Aunt Sandra wiped his face off with a paper towel and reached down and massaged his huge swollen balls gently, letting each of his enormous oval nuts slide between her strong fingers.

"Hmmmm," she breathed heavily, "good, you're full of spunk for your medical tests today.   Do you feel like you have to shit?", she asked, matter-of-factly.

Jim did indeed begin to feel the pangs of nature in his lower bowel area, and knew he would have to evacuate very soon.  He looked up at Sandra and tried to look as submissive as possible.

"I have to use the bathroom mam", he said quietly, "I really have to go number two."

Aunt Sandra smiled down knowingly at him as she raised his leash. 

"Jim, you will not be using the bathroom for a few days and I will show you why."

She squatted down for a moment and petted his head a few times.  He could see her vagina as she did this and the wetness of it was highly erotic.

"This is part of your training Jim, something that you must go through to become completely submissive and obedient to us and to the residents of Dommeville."

She stood and pulled on the leash as she led him crawling out into the living room. Aunt Samantha and Cristina followed, and when he was in the middle of the room brought out protective pads and attached them securely to his knees.

They all grinned slyly as Sandra began to pull on his leash, leading him toward the door. He froze in amazement as she opened the door and began to lead him out onto the front walk.

"Oh, ah,  I,  oh no please aunt Sandra.  He paused and pulled against the leash just for a moment but that was all it took to bring the shock control to Sandra's hand."

He looked at her in terror and cried piteously as she began to push the button.

"Oh please, oh please, oh shit no aunt Sandra", he sobbed as the shock bit into his neck fiercely.

He screamed and jerked violently as a level eight electrical charge hit him. It was unbearable and he screamed several times in severe pain as he fell to the ground and the shock began to fade. He was nearly in tears and looked so pathetic down there at the feet of his aunts, and they all comforted him and kissed him, and petted his head to soothe the pain.   The hurting was gone, of course,  in an instant, but that instant might just as well have been an eternity for all the agony it produced.

Aunt Sandra was crying as she rubbed Jim's cheek and bent down and kissed him on the forehead.

"I'm so sorry Jim, but it is necessary. I know you don't see it now but you will later, I promise."

"Alright now baby, follow me and take your training like a man."

She again led him by the leash out into the yard near the road where traffic was passing by, and as the female neighbors gathered around to see the entertainment aunt Sandra stopped him.  She took a poop scoop from beside a tree in the front yard and looked firmly at Jim as he kneeled there in complete shock and shame.

She pulled a bit on his leash and he looked up at her....

"Take a shit right here, right now James, and I mean it!"

Jim was sobbing slightly now and this did nothing to lessen his overall mortification.  A group of attractive women were standing around them smiling and knowing what was going to happen. They had seen it before with other male slaves and it was always strangely exciting for them.

The dog food had contained a powerful laxative and Jim's bowels could not hold any longer.  He spread his legs and raised up a bit and farted several large chunks of crap onto the grass of the lawn.  As they hit the ground the women were clapping  and cheering, not from pure cruelty, but from the sheer entertainment of it.

Jim could not control his bowels at this point,  and as he looked up at aunt Sandra he continued to grunt and strain, and empty them out completely as they all watched.

To make matters worse aunt Sandra then took the poop scooper and swept his crap into it. She pulled off several pieces of toilet paper from a roll on the scooper and wiped his ass quickly, for a basic cleaning and then walked him back into the house. She placed the soiled poop scooper next to the front door.

His feces on this occasion would be given to the Medical Center for analysis and testing.

Once inside she had him stand and removed the leash.

"Alright James, take a good shower now and be sure to clean up inside your anus thoroughly.   You will be having a special physical today and we need you really clean. Understood?"

Jim was still in a depressed state of shock and obediently went to the shower and washed himself as directed. The special humiliation he had just been subjected to would remain with him always but he had a feeling that there would be much more of the same to come. His penis stood out hard and dripping as he showered, and though he craved release, he knew that he would be observed if he tried to masturbate himself.

He made sure that the inside of his anus was squeaky clean by using a special long brush and water nozzle hanging in the shower, sliding it up inside himself and washing and rinsing several times. He didn't want further humiliation at the medical center after this morning.

When he was clean and dried he applied antiperspirant and combed his short hair. He went back out into the living room and his aunts were sitting on the large couch talking.  They rose, and aunt Sandra attached his leash once again, gave him a pair of slippers, and led him out the front door naked. He was not sure he would ever get used to this but of course he would have to in time.

They went to the limosine and sat in the back seat where a 'doggie' seat cover  had been installed. They all got in and Jim sat in the middle of them all as the chauffeur drove them to the medical center in the town square.


The Huge Medical Center was at the North end of the Town Square, opposite the punishment theater. We got out of the car and walked into the reception area where many women were sitting, waiting for appointments, and they gawked at me as we went to the main desk.

There were sounds of approval and awe from the many women there, and my enormous penis,  standing out hard and dripping, was quite a show for them. After checking in and filling out basic paperwork I was immediately taken inside  by two gorgeous young nurses.

They and my aunts walked with me to the interior of the clinic and to the blood and DNA testing room. Several other nurses were there, all of them smiling broadly. The head nurse spoke to aunt Sandra as my leash was removed and I was placed in a restraint fixture standing and bent over comfortably.

My legs were spread widely and I was fully exposed for them. Three nurses sat beside me and began to extract samples of blood from various parts of my body, including my arms, legs and scrotum, and ankles. Why such a strange process was necessary was a mystery to me but I merely lay there quietly and endured the many needle sticks inflicted on me.

Then the head nurse sat behind me, and after lubricating my butthole slid a speculum inside me and began to spread my asshole. She did it slowly but it still hurt, and when I grunted and jerked from the pain the nurse slowed her movements and massaged my swollen balls to comfort me.

"There now Jim, that wasn't so bad was it?", she whispered as she peered inside me.  Ok now there will be a few more stings as I take blood samples from your prostate and inner rectal area but we must have a full battery of representative samples for out tests."

When she forced the extraction needle into my prostate I jerked and groaned loudly, and my loving aunts were there beside me soothing me with their hands. Aunt Sandra stood near my head and kissed me as she whispered in my ear.

"I know you can take all this discomfort like a man James, there is just no other way. When you are finished today I will suck your cock until your eyes pop out, ok?"

I looked sideways at her as the needles continued probing inside me, and grunted my approval.  The head nurse than retracted the speculum and gave her full attention to my hard throbbing penis.

My aunts were asked to wait in the reception area at this point until the rest of the tests were finished and they reluctantly agreed.

A feeling of sudden terror swept over me and I pulled hard on the thick restraint straps as the nurse grabbed my bouncing cock and held it firmly, swabbing deep inside me with an alcohol soaked Q-tip. She took a thin speculum instrument and after lubricating, slid it carefully down my urethra, opening it so that the inner tube of it was visible.

The sting was excruciating and as another nurse moved a long extraction needle down to my penis, I struggled hopelessly to free myself.  The head nurse squeezed my engorged testicles and pulled down on them tightly as she gripped my cockhead.

"This will go much easier Jim if you cooperate with us, you're just making it harder for us all. You're going to have to endure a few more tests I'm afraid."

She forced a bite protector into my mouth and the other nurse carefully began to slide the needle deep into my pisshole.  As she shoved it in further I screamed, and my muffled cries were ignored by the two nurses. I strained hard against the straps and sweat poured from my forehead as the needle went in further and reached it's extraction point and she began to draw blood into the syringe.

I was shaking and grunting as she completed her work and when she pulled the hypodermic out and swabbed the inside of my penis with a painkiller,  I slumped down and lay there trembling.

The sharp pain had been horrendous but now that it was over I began to relax a bit.

"There now James, that wasn't so bad was it", she said,  "Now we can go to the semen extraction lab. I think you might enjoy that a little more."

They released me and I stood and wobbled uncertainly as the nurses steadied me.  My aunts had been asked to wait in the reception area just before the penis extraction, and I was now in the hands of the attractive female nursing staff. I was treated like a king in one respect, but the testing was proving to be more painful for me than I had imagined.

Next they took me to the penis and testicle examination lab, and I was again restrained. This time I was strapped down on my back with my legs pulled back and apart so that my whole genital area was exposed. Two nurses sat beside me and one between my legs as they began their tests. This time they put a ball gag in my mouth, and I could not speak at all.

A pretty nurse in her thirties seemed in charge and she gripped my bulging nutsacks and pulled outward on them, stretching them uncomfortably. She had one of my huge balls in each hand and began to squeeze them, applying more and more pressure as she pulled.

I yelped under the gag and jerked hard, and she let up a bit, pinching my upper nuts between her fingers. It was becoming painful and I was shaking and sweating as she continued her examination.

She took my left nut and probed every inch of it with her fingers, applying hard pressure until I groaned loudly.

"Try to relax Jim, I must feel every fiber and nerve bundle in your upper scrotum to make sure they are well formed and viable."

Then she took my other ball and did the same, pinching so hard I screamed under my gag and pulled violently against the thick leather straps.

She released my balls and made some notes on a pad and then lubricated and slid her finger all the way up my asshole.  She forced it in so deeply I felt I might have a bowel movement but I was sure I was empty and that it was just a reaction to her strong probing.

She twirled her strong finger around and around feeling the entire inner surface of my rectum near my anal sphincter.  When she seemed satisfied she began to examine my sphincter muscle carefully, and slid a small speculum guage in and spread it until I jerked hard in pain. She observed the sphincter tension readings and wrote it down on her pad. She used a head mounted surgical  magnifying glass and examined all around the thick bulging ring of my asshole inside and out.

She forced the speculum guage in and out and a hump on the probe made my anus expand and contract each time she moved it.  When she finished with this she peeled my foreskin all the way back and carefully examined my cockhead, using an electric  probe to touch and massage the area under my large glans. I jumped hard from the electric current she administered, but it was not highly painful, however the sharp stinging was quite unpleasant.

I was about to ejaculate and she stopped suddenly and slapped my cock hard, making it bounce back and forth, flinging precum heavily.

"No you don't James!", she yelped, "Your nasty friend here wants to have some fun I see."

"Ok", she breathed, "he's about to pop, "lets get the urethral masturbator inside him and take his sample, and hurry it up, his nuts are ready to explode and he's going to give us a huge wad of  baby juice."

They gave her a wicked looking device with a long hollow metal probe and she tested it by pulling a trigger on the handle. The probe moved in and out and at the same time squirted a lubricant out it's tip.

The other nurses held my penis firmly in place as she moved the tip down to my cockhead. She pinched my pisshole and opened it as she began to slide the probe inside me. At the same time a lubricant squirted inside my urethra flooding it, and she pushed hard until it passed the sphincter just inside my cockhead. The she pulled the trigger and the nasty gadget began fucking the inside of my cock. The heavy sting produced when she inserted the metal probe  made me squirm hard against the restraints, but once the process started it felt amazingly good.

It slide in and out  rapidly as fluid was injected in, gushing out the sides of my cockhole. She turned the liquid off and began a suction inside my fully  erect dick as the probe continued to fuck inside.

I jerked very hard and my hips tried to shove outward as the first wave of the incredibly intense orgasm gripped me.  I groaned and whined piteously as my balls ejected a large gusher of cum up into the hollow probe, and I could see the large transparent  collection chamber begin to fill.

The relentless fucking of my inner penis made me scream in pleasure as more and more of my huge load of semen was sucked out of me.  I grunted and groaned and jerked continuously as my warm seed spit out into the collector.

She continued working my cock until I was a mass of quivering muscle, sweating a grunting like a pig as my sore balls tried to push out more sperm. I was empty and the dam probe just kept pumping me, making me whine like some kind of wounded animal.

Finally she disconnected the large collection chamber and poured a small amount of sperm fluid onto her hand, then she marked the container and put it  in the refrigerator.  She licked up the small thick pool of frothy cum and swallowed it, savoring it carefully.

"Mmmmm, very good flavor!  You are such a big producer James, I don't think I've ever seen that much seminal fluid in one ejaculation.  I'll bet you recover very quickly too. Those balls are going to produce many babies my friend."

One of the other nurses sat beside me and began taking samples from my ears, nose, and saliva.

The pretty head nurse stroked my limp prick and fondled my massive balls, and grinned brightly at me.  "I think you and I are going to be great friends Jim, though I'm sure you don't like me much right now." They released me and took me back to the reception area.

My three lovely aunts were waiting impatiently and kissed me as we went back to the car.

"We have more visits to the medical center for testing before you are officially accepted here", said aunt Sandra, but believe me, that will be no problem. Rainy Stone and I are very good friends."

The female chauffeur put the limo in gear and drove quickly home. On the way back all three of my nasty aunts sucked my cock and licked my balls,  one after the other. It was a dreamy experience looking down into aunt Samantha's eyes as she slurped on my semi hard penis and licked it, and my precum had already begun to flow wetting down her face.


Once inside the house aunt Sandra attached my leash and knee pads once again, and had me kneel in front of the sofa.

"You did very well at the Medical Center Jim", she said, "I am very much pleased."

"Thank you aunt Sandra, it was pretty hard at times but I tried to do my best. I'm kind of sore though."

"You'll survive", she laughed.  "Now my handsome Jimmy pet, I have more chores for you to do, your submissive training must continue."

She grinned strangely and bent over to me, then she picked her nose carefully and removed a bit of dried snot with her finger and held it in front of my mouth.

"Do you think that my boogers are poisonous James?", she purred, greatly enjoying my distress.

"Well,  no aunt Sandra, I, ah,   don't think so."

I was near retching as she moved the disgusting piece of her nose drainage closer and touched my lips with it.  I scrunched up my face and almost vomited but held my ground, knowing the punishment for refusal.

"Oh gosh aunt Sandra, I think I might be, might be a little sick."

She held the remote control in her hand and gave me a wicked look....

She was absolutely gorgeous, but eating her snot was something else,  I was near gagging now.

"Eat it and swallow it right now Jim, it can't hurt you, it's just the idea of such a thing isn't it?"

"Oh I can't, I can't aunt Sandra, please don't make me!"

Aunt Jessica and aunt Samantha sat down beside Sandra on the sofa and stared at me, and my dilemma.  Samantha bent down and looked at me....

"You eat my shit and you can't eat a booger!  Now James you know we don't want you to scream again but you must obey us.  This is nothing James, don't be a fool."

I knew the reckoning was coming in seconds if I didn't comply and, holding back my gag reflex, I opened my mouth a bit and tasted it. It was salty, and I knew I had probably eaten my own as a child so I gave in and licked it off her finger and swallowed it. My face scrunched up into a knot, but,  supprisingly, I didn't feel nauseous. Like they said, it was nothing.

They were all very pleased and aunt Sandra picked her nose again and fed me a large wet sample of her congealed snot. I groaned and ate it, and the wetness of it was repulsive but I finally got it down.

"Good boy!", said aunt Christina as she probed into her own nose and picked out a large sample of her nasal leavings. She fed it to me as they all watched and I ate it down also, screwing up my face again in disgust.  Eating my beautiful aunts boogers was about the strangest and most gut wrenching thing I had done so far here, but once done it didn't bother me that much. I guess part of it was they were so fucking hot.

Aunt Samantha picked her nose and brought a dangling lump of nasal waste to me, and I looked at her, and almost urped, but finally sucked it right off her finger and gulped it down. It was becoming obvious that I would do anything they asked of me, with less and less conflict as time went by.

Thinking of what I had just eaten made me wonder just how far I would go to please them.

Aunt Sandra petted my head again and smiled good naturedly at me.....

"You see Jim, you're learning complete obedience to your aunts, and to the other women of Dommeville, and we are very proud of you.  Now Jimmy, stand and let me see your wonderful cock."

I got to my feet and stood in front of them and my massive penis was fully erect again to my amazement.

"Your cock and balls are extraordinary James, you are already full of cum after only a short time."

Aunt Sandra pulled me to her and aunt Samantha and aunt Christina sat next to us. Sandra fondled my enormous balls and lifted them with her hands. My dripping pecker was fully erect already, and was nudging her face as she hefted my bloated testicles.

She gripped my balls and gasped in pleasure as she rubbed my draining dickhead all over her face. She moved forward and held my long red prick as she forced it into her wide open mouth . She began to suck it with a vengeance, slurping her tongue all around it as she moved her head in and out.  She deep throated me as she massaged my balls,  and forced my thick dong into her esophagus without gagging. She moved her head rapidly in and out, finally pulling off and looking up at me.

Saliva dribbled freely from her lips as she shoved my thick meat back in, and she looked up at me, her nose buried in my pubic hair, and my large pecker buried in her throat.  She pulled me out again and was gasping in lust.

"Come in my fucking mouth while you look down at me James, I want to see your eyes while you're feeding me your hot spunk."

She began to suck faster, expertly performing her own brand of fellatio and it was beyond description.  I looked down at her and my body started to shake  violently, and I jerked hard several times  as my cum began it's journey up my massive dick into aunt Sandra's mouth.

My eyes were wide as saucers as I stared down at her and ejaculated again and again directly down into her stomach.  My hot scum gushed out and filled her mouth,  and as a mass of it bubbled out from her glossy lips around my cock,  she gulped a mouthful down and held my balls to make sure I gave her the rest.

Aunt Sandra was the hottest, and prettiest woman I'd ever seen and when she gulped the third mouthful of my salty scum, I screamed out loud and began to shake all over, barely able to stand.  She held my hanging nuts firmly in her hand as she quaffed down two more mouthfuls of obscene nut paste, and I just could not believe the amount of my semen she had put in her stomach.

Finally the flow of disgusting dick slime began to subside from my large pisshole, and aunt Sandra was completely soaked, her face, hair, the front of her dress, and the carpet.  My spent pecker fell from her nasty lips and continued dribbling onto the carpet.

She grinned up at me and fell back onto the couch, exhausted from her efforts.

"Get your skinny ass down here and kiss me James, right now!", she yelled, wiping the oozing cum from her face.

I  was becoming like a robot to my aunts by this time, and I fell to my knees and planted my lips over hers, and she began frenching my mouth, half filling it with my own semen. I almost started to pull back but caught myself and kissed her back. She pulled away and grinned slyly at me.

"Swallow your cum Jim, every drop!", she said, as my own spunk dripped from my chin.

This time I reacted without thinking and screwed up my face as I gulped down my sperm,  and she seemed quite pleased by it.

"Good boy James, better get used to eating your own cum if you know what I mean!"


The day had been long and that night I fell asleep easily and was semi comatose, having an incredible wet dream when I came awake face to face with aunt Christina, who was riding me like a rodeo cowgirl. My big dick was buried to the hilt in her sopping pussyhole, and she fucked me hard, holding me down and hugging my neck.

"Oh shit, oh shit James!"

I yelled in ecstasy as she fucked the cum out of me, and my faithful balls once again emptied their thick sperm cream, and it spit deeply into her soggy vagina. The smell of pussy was overwhelming as she pumped out the last drops of my male ejaculate, and as she dismounted me a gusher of pussy mucus and cum poured from her wet cunt.

It was dark but I could recognize her face and voice, and as she wiped her dripping vagina out with a towel she whispered quietly at me before I could say a word.....

"You're welcome James", and then quickly left me laying there in a soaked bed.

Strangely, I didn't really mind. Go figure.

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