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Slave To My Perverted Aunts

Part 4

  Slave To My Perverted Aunts-part 4

When I awoke after a deep sleep I found aunt Sandra carefully examining my balls. She knew of the trauma they had endured and was being very careful not to make it worse. I looked at her as she held my huge nuts in her hands and she stared back at me with sympathy. 

"I'm sorry you had to go through that James, I really am."

"We will be very careful in handling you until the swelling and pain go away."

She held my swollen nuts to her nose and smelled them lovingly...

"They said it was necessary my love", she half sobbed, as she kissed them ever so gently.

" Bastards!"

"You'll be fine soon baby, they gave me special meds to bring you back to normal quickly."

She gently lay my two massive orbs against me again and moved up to my face.

She smiled broadly and held me as she kissed me passionately, frenching her wonderful tongue deep into my mouth. I held her tightly as we kissed and then she lay beside me again.

"We must continue with your training baby", she whispered, "and we must discuss something important.  A new male here has several entry processes to go through until fully certified and commissioned."

"All males are put into a specific category of service here, and most of them are baby producers. But there are several other groups possible. Once a male has been officially documented and commissioned in one of them, there is no turning back. They must serve under this group protocol tag no matter how long they are here."

"For instance you mentioned that you like giving oral service to the female anus and rear, and all that is involved in that. That's fine if that is your true preference, but be careful before you choose. Once locked in, you will be you will be forced,  to give this service to any and all ladies here in the city who want it."

"Of course, fortunately for you in that event, every woman in Dommeville is attractive and well endowed. But to serve them at all times might be quite daunting for you. Every woman here who likes that particular form of sevice will be needing it constantly from you."

"It goes without saying , however, that your other primary duties always come first, and your specialty chores must be done by appointment. But you would be booked up into the next century, I assure you."

I grinned and she pinched my nose good naturedly...

"Don't take it lightly doofus", she chided, "you might become so addicted and that addiction fed so much that you could develop mental health problems."

She peered at me with her pretty face close to mine..."However I don't think that would be the case with you James."

She kissed my cheeks and put her finger inside her asscrack, and began to insert her finger slowly up her butt.

"When did you develop this funky need James, I can see that not having girlfriends or pussy could damage a young male but...maybe you smelled your own ass and that it my love?"

"And looking at pictures of ladies assholes over time...and jacking off to them, it gradually became a fetish...the only way you could have complete sexual gratification."

I was mortified at her insight and looked away, unable to face her next to me.

"No no my love, don't be ashamed, it's completely understandable and many people are in this category.  Finding healthy normal sexual release is not always easy.'

She had moved her finger around inside her rectum and shoved in as far as possible. She grinned slyly at me as she pulled her finger out and held it under my nose.

The smell was a pile driver of lust for me and I jerked in pleasure as she rubbed her brown coated finger around my nose and mouth.

She slid it in my mouth and I cleaned it off and swallowed the residue as she looked at me curiously...

"You're eating my shit James, the crap out of my ass and I can see that you adore it.  That is a special kind of acceptance for me James, and I thank you for it."

"Alright my brown nosed friend, I will nominate you for the anal service group but you must follow through for me. We've nick named this group 'Tail Gaters', and they are actually quite admired and needed by Dommeville,  but you will find yourself the 'butt' of many under the breath jokes as time goes by...most of them by Dommeville women."

"Maybe you have chosen the right group Jim, and in that case you will be most happy here."

"There are only about seven males in Dommeville who wear the annilingus tag, and they soon find that a raging need for this fragrant kind of duty is an 'asset', since it can quickly become burdensome for them."

"Some of the other service groups are cunnilingus, foot fetish, torture sub, masturbation performance, urine play, exteme humiliation toy, bodily secretion receptacle, femdom gangbang fuck toy and several others."

"You will have a special tattoo applied to your right earlobe indicating your group certification here, and it is easily identified by the population, but is actually very unobtrusive in overall appearance."

"Alright James, get up and try to walk, it's better to move around at once."

I looked at her in pain and slowly got up from the bed, carefully avoiding movement of my fiery balls. She helped me into the front room and I sat on the large couch. Aunt Christina and Samantha sat beside me and showered me with sympathy as they carefully examined my bruised nuts.

Aunt Christina was livid, "Oh you poor baby, the 'bastards'!"

Aunt Sandra went to the kitchen and looked back as she walked...

"That's what I said!"

Aunt Sandra brought me breakfast and I ate voraciously from the tray.

They sat watching me eat, smiling with understanding at their handsome, well endowed nephew.

"Girls Jim has decided he wants to be nominated for anal servitude and I respect his wishes. I've explained the matter to him and I think he understands all that is involved.

My other two aunts smiled and agreed that I should have the opportunity if I desired it.

Aunt Sandra sat beside me and fed me several kinds of medication, designed to heal my sore gonads quickly and to insure their continued growth and output. She gently rubbed my balls in her rough hands and kneaded them carefully as she looked at me. 

"You will be back to normal soon James and will be expected to resume your submissive training schedule", she said almost whispering, "one of the things I will expect you to do is clean the front and back of our toilet seats with your tongue each day to remove any residue, and lick under the lid too."

She half smiled at me..."Of course you are compelled to do this for us and will be bound by the punishment mandate...ok?"

"You will also take these special medications and stomach coatings each day to insure your protection.  I don't have to tell you that in your new duties as an anal servant you will be ingesting unknown quantities of fecal matter from any number of sources. This may include...umm..."

She cleared her throat and looked seriously at me..."This may include taking bulk feces into your stomach."  She quickly clarified her remarks, so that there could be no misunderstanding..."This will be strictly controlled but....if you happen to service several ladies in one day...well, you will need the heavy extra protection."

"The women you service have complete dominion over you while in your duties, and you are bound to do whatever they say under threat of my punishment when you return home."

She glanced at me..."You've already experienced that haven't you Jim?" 

"But if you embarrass me by not doing your duties adequately, I will be forced to use much higher levels of you understand? This pain can be unbearable but of course it is instantaneous and does not harm your body.  Doesn't matter though does it Jim, that instant is all it takes to make you scream like a blubbering fool, praying you don't receive another jolt again."

I nodded quickly, terrified at the prospect of receiving even more intense pain from the dreaded collar.

"I don't think this will occur often dear,  and will be mostly cleaning smeared  residue or wiping clean with toilet paper. Most of the time you will lick and clean the ladies unwashed anal area if they are not in a bathroom, then finish with soft paper towels afterward, and remember, you must always worship the woman's ass after you finish, kissing her butt thoroughly, this is essential."

"You will often  be just a valet in one of the women's bathrooms, doing this service for whomever comes in."


Within moments there was a knock at the door and aunt Samantha got up to answer it. It was a representative from the Stone Foundation, and since this was highly unusual, they all stood and looked toward the door. An attractive woman in her fifties introduced herself as Monica Fines, and aunt Sandra quickly invited her in and proffered a comfortable seat to her.

Monica Fines was Rainy Stone's personal assistant, and was high up on the list of important names in Dommeville.

Monica smiled broadly and looked across at Jim, who was trying to act as he should in this situation.

"Your nephew exceeds all descriptions of him Sandra, he is quite young and handsome, and very impressive. She grinned in amusement...and my he is well endowed is he not Sandra, very very nice."

Not being used to this kind of adulation I felt as though they were talking about someone else and shifted uncomfortably, staring sweetly at Monica Fines. Monica had, incidentally, a marvelous ass and nice tits, a feature I could never overlook.

"That will make what I am about to tell you even more pleasing, I'm sure."

She took some papers out of her briefcase and lay them on top of it on her lap. She straightened her skirt and smiled once again to the group, who waited  breathlessly for her next comments.

"James has cleared all tests and has been confirmed and accepted as a male servant here in Dommeville.'

My aunts were smiling broadly, and aunt Sandra sat beside me and kissed me on my forehead. She looked at Monica with joy and hugged me tightly. I sat there like a bump on a log, not knowing quite what to do. So I just grinned and kept quiet.

Monica went on..."There is something more..."

She emphasized the word 'more' so that it carried with it a unique connotation.

"James has scored highest in the history of Dommeville in every possible trait and category, and is as close to perfection as we have ever seen here. Rainy was stunned by the results as we all were."

Monica looked at aunt Sandra and at Jim, and continued

"I can't begin to tell you the significance of this", she gushed, he represents an opportunity that may never come again for us, and Rainy has chosen Jim to be the father of her daughter Alex's child."

We all just sat there mouth open as she revealed this, and aunt Sandra, for once, was completely at a loss for words. She tried valiantly though....

"B...but....but what....what do you mean Monica?"

"You mean my James has been chosen to be the father of Rainy's grandchild?"

Monica sat there smiling weakly, and wiped her face with her handkerchief...

"Exactly Sandra."

Aunt Sandra hugged me even tighter and brushed against my sore balls accidently and I yelped in pain and looked at her from my scrunched up vantage point.

"Oh sorry darling", she said.

"Oh my God I just can't wrap my mind around this", aunt Sandra gushed..."

" what else did the tests say?", she quizzed anxiously.

"Well there is no end to it my dear, Jim's genetic makeup is perfect, absolutely perfect, and his biochemistry and physiological index off the charts. He is one of those very rare anomalies in nature, one in a millenia, so to speak."

Monica looked seriously at Sandra...

"He must sign all of these forms, right now, and must imbue the signatures with his DNA, in the form of his semen. Rainy said to do it now, and commanded you to obey her orders. She was required to be elsewhere and could not do this in person."

"Oh but Monica...Jim is still very very sore from his tests, and I'm not sure he will be physically able to comply."

Monica looked regretfully at Sandra and then down to her papers.

"Sandy you know how it works, you must obey and do it now, find a way."

"Oh my poor baby, aunt Sandra must do something she doesn't like, but that is necessary. Jim, we must make you ejaculate for us here and now to use your sperm as a permanent signature."

"I won't punish you this time if you are unable to obey me but I must find a way to make you cum." 

Monica brought the briefcase and papers over to me and sat down so that I could sign them,  and I put my signature on at least ten document copies as she pushed them before me, one by one.

My beautiful aunt Sandra slowly moved down so that her face was close to my penis, and she gently rubbed my enormous balls, and began to tenderly stroke my cock.  I sat there eyes wide open and looked down at her, and nodded my head to her in acceptance.

She put her mouth over my draining penis head and began to gently suck, and Monica looked closely at her and at my stiffening dick. I braced myself and clutched the couch as aunt Sandra began to expertly fellate me. Her warm mouth and tongue sending shivers of joy throughout my trembling body.

My balls started to ache a bit and I grunted and bared myself to her. She did not touch my very tender nuts but began sucking my now enlarged penis so that it soon filled her mouth and she actually had trouble fitting the head of it between her lips. She sucked harder and lapped me with her tongue and before long I started to squirm in pleasure and pain.

She gently stroked me with her hand and soon I was on the threshold of orgasm.  As I drew closer the pain became unbearable and aunt Sandra sucked harder, wanting to get it over with, knowing how it must hurt me if continued very long.

I screamed out loud and Monica and my other aunts jumped in shock as aunt Sandra looked up at me and forced a powerful orgasm from my injured balls.

I shrieked and yelled in agony as my sperm made it's way up my pisshole into aunt Sandra's mouth. I ejaculated and jerked upward, screaming at the top of my lungs as my thick load splattered out and filled her oral cavity. My cum splashed out from her lips and she gurgled and slurped as the large volume of semen continued to spit over her tongue.

She pulled off and my cock continued to gush thick seminal fluid, splattering it all over her face and hair. She held the thick reproductive scum in her mouth, and motioning desperately to Monica, indicated she wanted to spill it onto Jim's signatures.

Monica was highly flustered by now and put each precious copy before aunt Sandra's dripping lips. Aunt Sandra let just the right amount of semen dribble out onto each signature, soaking each one completely.

When she had done the last document Monica quickly pulled them away and put them into a sealed plastic cover,  and then into a compartment of her briefcase.

Aunt Sandra looked at Monica and at me and gulped down the thick mess, savoring the taste and consistency. She actually seemed a bit embarrassed at Monica witnessing this but Monica smiled reassuringly and stood.

"It's ok Sandy, it's ok, you're just so cool doing this."

Aunt Sandra cleared her throat and ate the sperm off her face with her fingers, then wiped off with a towel. Monica left shortly afterward, and my three beautiful aunts sat beside me, loving me with their hands and kisses. It made all the pain go away. Aunt Sandra looked me closely in the eyes, a gentle grin on her face..."Learn how to suck cock and eat your reward James, just like I did it."

I looked at her trying not to show my revulsion to her comment and she was way ahead of me..."Just do exactly as you are told James, and you will see the wisdom of our process in time."

"You do not know the significance of this Jim, you are a King here now, or Prince if you will, an extraordinary world of sexual gratification is opening to you, and the city will bow to you. Do you still want to wear an annilingus tag James?"

Her eyes penetrated mine and I spoke quietly..."Oh aunt Sandra, I love it so much, oh I can't help it, I want to cum just thinking about the smell of a woman's behind, and all these pretty women."

"Then you will have it in full measure my precocious nephew, and incidentally Rainy loves to fart, and more so into the faces of male servants. If she does so in this house you must rush to her butt and kiss and smell it at once, is that clear?"

I looked a bit dumbfounded and nodded yes. 

Aunt Samantha and Christina left for the city again, on a shopping excursion,  and aunt Sandra and I sat there hugging for awhile afterward.

"Oh yes James, something must be gang raped by all the women for whom you masturbated recently.  It's an initiation of the first order for a beginning male servant here."

I stared at her wide eyed and started to speak...she touched my lips to shush me.  "It will be done here in our other wing, a special room equipped for just this purpose. Now quiet and listen to me."

"Two weeks from now when you are healed completely, we will set up a community rape for you, and I think about fifty women who met you when you wanked for them not long ago. You will be given powerful sex drugs, and your ejaculatory mechanism blocked completely so that an orgasm will be impossible for you."

"The fucking bed is specifically designed to hold you completely immobile, and a cushion riser under your hips to make your penis push upward.  Aunt Christina, aunt Samantha, and myself will be there to oversee the process, and make sure you are painfully erect for several hours."

"The women are given powerful sex drugs also to make them insanely horny, and they may fuck you, feed you pussy, asshole, sixty nine you until they are satisfied. All of their pussy juice is collected in a flat collector around the base of you cock, and when all is finished you must drink it."

She grinned slyly, "You may be drinking a glassful of cunt juice James, that's a lot!."

"You see the rape is symbolic of your servitude here, and Dommeville is steeped in symbolic rituals. They are going to fuck you half to death Jim, and you will indeed feel what it's like to be gang raped. You will not forget it. Also you must participate fully during the rape, giving every ounce of your motivation to it, or I will be forced to punish you severely."

I stared at her incredulously, the fear beginning to build in the part of my brain that worries. She slapped me lightly and grinned..."Don't worry about it, the sex drugs will give you plenty of motivation, trust me."

"And something else my wide eyed nephew, you must be present during a punishment torture session soon. They don't happen often but when they have one all of the available males must attend. The theory is that when you leave the torture theater area afterward, you will be so dammed scared you will never want to be the main attraction there."

"Can you imagine a male servant not wanting to do his sexual duty here? Well believe me it happens, maybe a male just locks his feet like a mule and will not do anymore, or for whatever strange reason, he must be punished, for the benefit of the other males. Once they go through the session with the torture nurse staff and the exotic devices they use to inflict excruciating pain, they are changed forever, and crawl back to their job like whipped puppies.  I've seen them afterward, like choir boys."

"Rainy doesn't like it but knows that it is necessary, she seldom attends punishment sessions."


Aunt Sandra drove me to the medical center each day for my sonic testicle treatment, and though painful at first speeded up the healing process dramatically. The high tech drugs did their work, and within a week I was virtually good as new.

My rape session was next, and I had mixed feelings about it, but certainly did not enbrace it like one perhaps should. I was not allowed to ejaculate for now, until after the gangbang. As the day approached I began to have a queasy feeling in my guts, a strange pleasure dread sensation.

The morning before the 'gangbang' my aunts took me to the rape room, and showed me the setup.  There was a comfortable bed in the center, a soft mattress but no blanket. There were padded restraint straps for my hands and feet and middle body area. A soft cushion lay in the center where my hips would be.

A small rolling cart was covered with hypodermic syringes, drugs, lotions and a jar containing several long penis sounds. Electronic devices with electrode leads were near the bed, and about every kind of sexual apparatus imaginable.

There were piles of towels on the counter next to the bed, and lubricants of every kind. I began to tremble a bit inside, though the thought of being fucked so many times was naturally appealing to me.

Rolls of soft paper towels were on the counter, and several foot activated trash and towel receptacles surrounded the firmly anchored bed.

"We have new male servants here often James, and a few hours of being gangbanged is amazingly educational for them. A super crash course in fucking and eating pussy and asshole. You should see what a mess they are afterward."

I looked at her and scrunched up my lips involuntarily, and she took my face in her strong hands and spoke quietly to me.

"This is no joke Jim, it is very serious and will launch your baby production activities here. You will be completely addicted to sex in a way you never have before, and will require constant relief each day afterward. These women are giving you love also, if you look, and love with sex in such large amounts is extremely addictive."

"However, since you are to be the father of Rainy's grand daughter, your activities will vary from the norm here."

Finally the day had arrived for my 'initiation' into Dommeville sex, and when I went to the kitchen where my aunts were,  I was so nervous I almost threw up. I was allowed to sit and eat normally now with them, and my crawling was limited to my oral cleanup bathroom duties.

I usually became so hard eating their bodily juices off the front and back area of the toilet lid that I had to stop several times to avoid ejaculation. The front had dried urine and vaginal juices, and the rear dried fecal matter. I cleaned the lid thoroughly each time and swallowed the residue.

My breath after each cleaning left something to be desired, and I always brushed my teeth afterward.

I had only a very light breakfast at the suggestion of aunt Sandra, and afterward they led me into the rape area for my appointment there in thirty minutes.

An audible murmur of chatter could be heard in the large adjoining waiting area where the women could undress and store their clothing in lockers. Then they waited in comfortable lounge chairs while nurses gave them injections of powerful sex drugs and gave them towels for drainage problems if requested.

They were encouraged, however, not to wipe and dry themselves before entering the rape room, so that their natural juices and odor would be strongest.

On this occasion there were sixty three women sequestered in the large room, and the white clothed nursing staff walked among them seeing to their needs. A large community bathroom off the main waiting room allowed the women to relieve themselves, and again they were requested not to wash themselves after using the toilets.

I was shaking like a leaf and aunt Sandra sat me down on the bed and looked directly into my eyes...

"James, stop it!, and I mean it. You're going to be given their greatest gift by a large group of ladies and you should be overjoyed.  Just relax and let it happen, enjoy the fucking and oral work. Once they begin you'll relax, I promise. You will never experience the beauty of a woman's body and spirit like this. It's a treasure. We'll be here to help and guide you."

Aunt Samantha sat on the bed beside me and kissed me on the lips, "Be thankful Jim that you get to go through this, most men will never have that opportunity."

They lay me down spread eagled on the bed and aunt Christina and aunt Samantha strapped my wrists and ankles down tightly. A flat leather strap was drawn across my hips and chest so that I was immobile.  Aunt Sandra strapped my head down so that I couldn't move it, and I was ready. I lay over the thick cushion in the center of the bed and my cock strained upward, fully and painfully erect by now.

Aunt Sandra fastened a cockring at the base of my penis and a special collection receptacle around it to collect liquids. Sandra flipped my super hard cock and it bounced and splashed precum across my stomach.

She grinned and kissed me passionately, "Don't let me down James, just fucking enjoy the ride, oh how you're gonna like it!"

Aunt Christina gave me an injection of clear liquid and within moments I was hit with an overwhelming sexual charge. My hips arched upward and precum dribbled out from my distended pisshole.

The door to the waiting room opened and two very attractive women came in and smiled broadly at me. One walked to one side of the bed and one to the other. They were completely nude and it was obvious that they had been draining some of their inner juices.

"Well hello handsome, one of them said,  what have we here?"

She gripped my massive penis and began stroking it up and down as the other fondled my balls.

"Oh I think he needs it bad, don't you?", she said to the other woman.

"Oh yes, he certainly does", said the other.

One of them mounted the bed and straddled my long thick cock and squatted down over it, and began to slide it into her wet vaginal opening. My cock slid in to the hilt as she pushed down and she began kissing my face and Frenching my mouth.

I gasped as she began fucking me very hard, and it was obvious she was extremely horny. As she pumped my penis in and out of her pussyhole she grunted and kissed my face all over as she fucked me. I groaned in pleasure and tried to ejaculate but could not. I was so hot I was panting and gasping and she began to screw me with an even greater vengeance.

Her perfect hips slammed up and down on me and a loud slurping sound could be heard from her sopping vagina. The smell became strong in the room and that made me even hotter. I jerked hard and yelled but could not spit out my load. I soon developed an major case of blueballs and as she continued to rape me it got even worse.

Finally she screamed and a gusher of her juice splashed out onto my balls and cock. She pumped a few more times until she was spent and pulled herself off of me. She stood and leaned down and kissed me and grinned in exhaustion...

"Mmmm baby you are a great fuck!"

She left and the other woman climbed onboard and lowered herself down on me.  She was gasping and panting as she fucked my brains out, kissing me all over my face and French tonguing me deeply. Her saliva pooled in my mouth as she vented her needs on me, and I couldn't help but swallow it as I groaned in ecstasy. I kissed her back and moaned in pleasure, involving myself completely in her physical needs.

Her orgasm drove me into the bed, and her gushing pussy wet me down thoroughly. I was grunting in pleasure as she used me, and as she held me firmly relieving herself, she groaned in my ear,   "oh my you are a nasty boy aren't you?" The smell was stronger now as she dismounted and squeezed my still hard cock.

"How's it feel to be used like a piece of meat?"

Next two more ladies came in and they looked completely desperate. I was gasping in pleasure barely able to breathe and the two quickly took turns fucking my long prick until it was raw and sore. As one of them screwed me mercilessly the other gripped my large balls in her hands and kneaded them between her fingers while reaching under me and sliding her finger all the way up my ass.

I was grateful that my nuts were healed for this, I could not have imagined doing this a few weeks ago.

She moved her finger around making room for another, then another, and soon was stretching my poor asshole beyond its limit. I yelped in pain and squirmed as she did me, and the woman fucking the shit out of me grunted and slobbered all over my face.

When she came she stuck her tongue down my throat and smothered my face with hers. I looked at aunt Sandra and sucked on her long oral appendage all the way down to it's base as she tickled my esophagus with it.

I jerked violently trying to expel my semen but it was not to be.

Aunt Sandra sat near my head with her face close to mine enjoying the nasty spectacle. She smoothed my hair down as I was being worked over, and rubbed my cheeks as each female orgasm splashed over me.

Then began a long line of pretty and horny ladies, using me for their own gratification, fucking my blood raw penis until it was nearly bleeding. My aunts were very careful to make sure that nothing like this happened, and applied a special toughener and lubricant to my pecker after each bout with two women.

Many of the women were loving but extremely demanding, their libido having been pushed almost beyond limits by the exotic sex drugs given them. When they each finished with me however, they were completely drained and satisfied.  All of their deepest feelings of lust and emotional need were vented on me, and they used me like a male whore in a brothel.

My aunts dried off my forehead and gave me liquid nutrition through a straw as the session progressed. The sweat poured from me as I took on round after round of hard sex usage. I became a bit incoherent at one point screaming from the huge pressure in my enormous balls, and my aunts stopped the action long enough to let the nurse take my vitals, and then the onslaught continued again.

The pretty nurses seemed sympathetic to my plight, but knew that all they could do was make me as comfortable as possible as I was raped hour after hour.

By the end of the fourth hour I was shaking in lust and total exhaustion, my body a mass of vaginal cream and shit residue. Aunt Sandra comforted me constantly, making encouraging comments to give me strength. I looked at her blankly as my mind began to lose touch with reality, and a sharp affectionate slap from her hand brought me back to the shameful gang bang being administered to me.

The hampers were filled by now with used, wet, and even bloody towels, the blood coming from some of the ladies still in menstruation. I began to change as the insatiable women gave me their love as well as their most base sexual needs, and the kisses of passion and deep affection began to make me look at sex and love in a different way. I would never have expected that.

They were merely in the throes of very powerful sex stimulants, and their needs for affection were a part of it. Men have a different viewpoint of sex, love and marriage than women. Women have the most to lose when giving their most prized possession, their body, love,  and self esteem, and must birth and raise their babies. Men think primarily of sexual release in the most carnal way since their bodies are not compelled to be the vessel of reproduction for humanity.

The truth is women make us human, and give us our most precious gifts of love and compassion.

My penis and testicles were now just flaming sexual appendages, and the desperate women knew this but were incapable of stopping themselves from satisfying their impossible needs.

I began  to laugh incoherently with joy as the last few women used me, and I could never be the same after this. I now had a different understanding of sex, love, and why women are so special.

My aunts wiped me from head to toe and the hampers were stuffed with sopping towels, and the perfumed odor of sixty three beautiful women. Finally it was done, and I lay there crying to my aunts, partly from the sheer trauma done to me, but also because I saw how awesome and beautiful sexual intercourse really was.

My humility soared now, I was humbled beyond words, because I had been shown something deeply profound that most men would never experience. I now understood my aunt's comments before the raping, and now believed that obedience to aunt Sandra and my other two aunts would bring me indescribable sexual joy in the months to come.

My beautiful aunts released me now, undoing the bed straps and rubbing my body down with their hands to relieve the dangerous stress I had been subjected to. Aunt Sandra released the cockring and the drugs were quickly wearing off, she gathered the pussy juice from the cock tray surrounding my dick and poured it into a drinking glass, then she opened a space in the middle of the bed and had me lay with my penis sticking down into the hole.

She slid a funnel under me and began to slowly masturbate me as she gently fondled my hugely swollen nuts. Once again my balls were pushed beyond all limits, and now she knew she must relieve me very soon, or risk damage to my reproductive organs.

Aunt Samantha and Christina sat and held me down with their arms and bodies as aunt Sandra stroked me off,  cooing words of love to me as she increased her pace. She was so expert at this that I didn't even feel pain, but I soon felt a massive orgasm beginning to swamp my body and mind.

I screamed several times as I pumped downward, jerking violently into the funnel. My shrieks of joy shattered the room as thick gushers of warm semen hosed out of me and splattered the funnel, filling a glass container below.

Strange sounds of gurgling and piteous moans of ecstasy came from my parched throat as she milked out every drop of cream from my still erect penis. I lay there and began to shake and talk gibberish as aunt Sandra finished me off. She very carefully massaged my raw pink nuts and the had me turn over and lie on my back.

She took the expelled semen and poured it into a container and sealed it.  "This goes to Rainy Stone for personal consumption. It's her policy and tradition to drink the cum from a gang bang and I'm not sure why, I guess she likes cum that's been under pressure in a man's balls."

Then aunt Sandra had me sit up on the edge of the bed as she reached over and got the glass full of vaginal secretions. It was thick and milky and had a definite fishy smell to it.  She brought up her punishment remote and adjusted my neck collar as she stared at me. "If Rainy can drink a glass of cum you can drink this", she grinned.

"Now,  you must drink this down and not stop or vomit or I promise I will give you a number eight shock."

She was genuinely sorry but I knew she was serious. As my aunts steadied me I took the glass and smelled it briefly, almost losing it right there. I looked hard at my aunt Sandra, and then put it to my mouth,  and began gulping it down as quickly as possible. I started to urp and retch but was able to control myself as the odorous and slimy fuck cream flowed down into my stomach, with some of it running down my chin, but finally got it all down. The flavor was actually very erotic and somewhat tolerable, but the milky slippery consistency was difficult to endure.

Aunt Sandra smiled broadly and took the glass from me.  The taste in my mouth was really nasty and I swallowed a few more times to get it all down, and just to please her I licked my lips and got what was around my mouth.  She seemed well satisfied.

Within moments I belched and the acrid fumes of snatch cream came billowing out of my nose and mouth. I fought back nausea and finally was successful.

She wiped my mouth off and smoothed my hair over again.  That's a lot more than you get just eating pussy James, a lot more, with the possible exception of one of Rainy's orgasms which never seem to end.  She and my other two aunts laughed and ran their fingers over me to comfort me.

The nurse and my aunts then helped me into a wheel chair and I was carted back to my room to be under observation for a few days.

The event was so shocking and awesome to me that I had difficulty speaking clearly when talking about my rape and gang bang experience.  I was compelled to attend therapy sessions with a pretty psychiatrist everyday for a week until given clearance for duty.


About a week later I was fully recovered from my incredible group rape, and I was a different person, to be sure. I actually had a much higher respect and admiration for women, particularly the ladies here in Dommeville.  As aunt Sandra had predicted, my sexual craving actually doubled, and I knew I would be dependent on my aunts and the many women in Dommeville to satisty it in the coming times.

After my toilet lid chore and a good breakfast aunt Sandra took me to the limo and we traveled downtown to the Primary Reproductive Center. It was a large complex capable of handling the huge number of impregnation appointments scheduled there each day.

We were led on a tour of the large facility by the director and it was soon obvious that the rooms there were extraordinarily well equipped. They were bright and comfortable, and though there were all the necessary accessories for the sexual needs and comfort of the prospective mothers and servant males also,  they were very non obtrusive.

The rooms could be changed in color and decor electronically to suit the women's tastes and allow them to be completely comfortable. The scientific lab in the building was state of the art and allowed complete analysis and testing of sperm and vaginal samples,  and the medical facilities in the center provided top pre and postnatal care to all the expectant mothers.

Every step was taken to insure that the women were viable and ready to conceive during their appointments at the center. Male reproductive servants were required to participate in ten love and ejaculation events each day, if possible, and sometimes more.

After a child was born a DNA match was completed to identify the father positively among contributing males. Each male servant might have sex with many different females in the course of his duties.

The women who come to Dommeville, for the most part are unmarried, but many are engaged to be married, and in actuality most all of them eventually do wed as time goes by. Marriage is actually encouraged and of course all of their living expenses are paid for a lifetime.

So in essence the historic reproductive process here in Domme City results in offspring who will be cared for and nurtured by loving parents.

Special drugs and supplements were given in quantity to each servant male daily to insure that their sperm production remained as viable and copious as possible during their activity there. 

Also each male servant was assigned a special room where small golden plaques representing his offspring are placed on the walls. Amazingly, the male servants who produce children in Dommeville are, by tradition,  required and privileged to give the baby's middle name,  but would never actually get to see the child.

Some of the male servants actually had hundreds of these beautiful memorials on their birth walls, and I was allowed to see a few of the rooms. The sight was amazing and very humbling.

Many of the children would become doctors, lawyers, judges, politicians, and other persons of note, and perhaps sometime down the road a president. It was very sobering and I merely stood there unable to speak. The responsibility was staggering.

Aunt Sandra was smiling strangely and I knew something was up...

We were joined by the director of the facility, a very attractive woman in her forties, and two of her nursing staff.

Aunt Sandra began walking down the hallway and motioned for me to follow. I did so without hesitation, and knew something was afoot from the smiles of the director and her nurses and their more than solicitous manner. We reached a room on the right and I followed my aunt in.

It was a reproduction suite room, and aunt Sandra stopped by the bed and gave me the come hither sign with her finger as she grinned at me.   She carefully smoothed down my hair as she spoke to me and kissed me in her most intimate way.

Jim, you are to begin your reproductive duties today, right now hon, and this is your room for that. She kissed me on the lips and fondled my cock gently. We want you to meet your first prospective mother, she is quite beautiful.

Before I could react the director nodded to a nurse who left and soon returned with the woman behind her.

Indeed the lady was magnificent, and she wore a flowered hospital gown, and was nude underneath.  She walked up to me and kissed me, and ran her hand up and down my fully erect penis. I was so hard my cock bounced to her touch, and was already dribbling precum to the floor.

She smiled and took off her gown and kissed me again.

"I've heard about you my handsome friend, and I am honored to be your first pregnancy. The doctors tell me there is a ninety nine percent chance that I will conceive after we have sex today. Isn't that exciting. She Frenched my mouth as she squeezed my balls and I was about to pop my load right there.

Aunt Sandra gave me a gentle push and smiled in her sexy way as the woman guided me to the bed.  The pretty female director and her nurses surrounded us, and the gorgeous lady kneeled on the bed for me doggie style, and bent forward exposing her hairy vaginal opening and deep asshole.

The director gave me a small white pill and told me to put it under my tongue.

"It's very fast acting", she grinned, a powerful aphrodisiac to make you feel very aroused.  Here open wide."

I did so and she shoved the tablet under my tongue and it dissolved almost instantly. The woman was obviously also under the influence of a powerful sex drug, and she began rubbing her wet vagina, soaking her hand with juice.

Sure enough, the drug in the pill hit me in seconds, and I jerked with animated lust as my cock began to bounce up and down uncontrollably.

About that time Rainy Stone and Monica Fines came in, along with several other counsel members and they all stood smiling at us.

"Well mr. James, looks like you begin right now, I would not have missed this for the world", said an excited Rainy.  "Mmmmm my horny young man, just look at that wet pussy! What are you waiting for you idiot.  Fuck her, fuck her right now!".

I looked stupidly at Rainy and her group but did not hesitate...I was just a little embarrassed and nervous with the large audience.  I moved over and held the woman's fine hips as I slowly forced my large meat deep into her tight vagina. My swollen balls hung loosely as I pushed inward and our pubic hair met.

The slurping sound that her sopping cunt made when I forced myself in was beyond erotic, it was mind blowing. Aunt Sandra was right behind me rubbing my ass and pushing me forward, and I gasped audibly and began to pump in and out of the wet hairy hole that had now pinched and captured my large stiff cock.

I couldn't  have pulled out of her if I'd wanted to since her tight vaginal opening had clamped up securely, gripping my hard penis with great pressure.

I went into overdrive as everyone laughed and I  started to fuck her very rapidly, and her tight brown butthole winked at me seductively.

"Ahhhhhhh mmmmmmmmm!", I grunted as I porked her very tight pussyhole.

Her cunt juice was running down her leg as I fucked her, and she was screeching in pleasure as my huge balls slapped her ass. I gripped her tightly as I increased my pace and it wasn't long before my whole nut load was hosing into her dripping vaginal opening.

I jerked and screamed and panted in lust as I spit a thick continuous streamer of hot semen into her sloppy fuckhole.  It just came out of me all at once and did not stop until there was a large puddle of cum below her well formed ass. I could not stop pumping, and spurts of hot cream continued to gush out at intervals, and ooze out of her nasty hole.

I was exhausted, and aunt Sandra helped steady me,  and hugged me joyfully.

The woman then assumed the missionary position with her legs widely back and her ankles were attached to straps from the ceiling by the two nurses. The director looked at me with a wink and spoke to me in a more than sexy tone. 

"This is to assure that your  heavy sperm load will run back into her inner area and saturate her uterine opening thoroughly.  In this case pregnancy is all but certain, but you must also deposit another quantity of sperm inside her while she is in this position, just to be sure."

Aunt Sandra slapped my ass and the whole crowd roared with laughter.

"Get your butt in there James, we haven't got all day!"

I did not know if I could put out another load like the last one but I reached down and stroked myself and moved between her legs. My cock was still semi hard and soon stood out fully erect again. The major sexual stimulants had to be responsible for it since I ordinarily did not recover this quickly, although it didn't usually take long.

I looked at the woman who was grinning widely, and at her open pussy hole, and slid my penis again into her, shoving all the way in until my cockhead touched the opening of her cervix. She gasped in pleasure as I entered her.

Rainy was right beside me and contributed her two cents of advice...

"Put your arms up around her legs and move in close Jim, it makes fucking easier and more fun."

I did so,  shaking with lust and embarrassment, and gripped some handholds there. I began to fuck her again, shoving in and out rapidly, and the cunt smell was overpowering.   This made me even hornier, and I began screwing her so fast her pussy made farting sounds.

I shoved in all the way and back out and increased my speed until I was panting out of breath. As Rainy slid her finger up my asshole and gripped my large balls in her hand, I jerked forward and yelled loudly, making a strange piteous sound, and came so hard I pushed the woman backward on the bed.

My penis hosed in another endless streamer of sperm milk, and I jerked uncontrollably as Rainy continued exploring my rectum with her finger. I just could not stop and after ten or twelve hard jerks every drop of my semen was pumped out of me.  I was sweating and gasping for air and I finally flopped out of her and stood there barely able to function.

Rainy laughed out loud and so did her faithful and gorgeous staff,  enjoying a patently embarrassing moment for me.

"Now James",  Rainy moaned, "get your ass down there and clean up her legs a bit, she has plenty of sperm milk in her vagina so don't clean that out please."

They laughed again,  as I slurped the woman's soaked asscheeks on my knees.

I swallowed the swampy cum and then slid my tongue deep up her asshole and sucked out more hot scum. I gulped the thick goo along with shit from her asshole, and soon had her cleaned thoroughly.

I stood and Rainy slapped my ass hard, and ruffled my hair like I were a child.

"Good boy James, good boy! You eat asshole like you were born for it and I hear you are going to receive the anal service tag soon.  You and I will have many interesting experiences Jim, I like the oral anal males best of all."

She and the other of her group left, and I stood and aunt Sandra turned me around and wiped my face off, obviously a bit irritated at Rainy's overly rude behavior toward me.

"She's like that sometimes Jim but pay no attention, she knows how important you are and I think that makes her a bit uncomfortable. She's a good person, you just have to get to know her. I promise you will become good friends with her before long."


On the ride home in the limousine the chauffeur looked back and smiled, feeling the exhilaration in aunt Sandra's manner.

"My Sandy, what has this boy been doing?", she asked good naturedly.

Aunt Sandra merely smiled and wiped my face again, smiling gently at me.

"James has made his first baby today, and we are all overjoyed!"

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