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Getting To Know Step-Mother

Part 5

Getting to Know Stepmother

Part 4

Chapter 1

Barbara lay coiled in the fetal position, finding this was the way to stay the warmest at night, when Helen turned the thermostat down to 68 at bedtime, allowing Barb only a sheet to cover her body.  Suddenly she was awakened by the overheat light being turned on and the voice of her dreaded step-mother oddly very sweetly informing her it was time to wake up.

“Happy Birthday, Barbie, you little bitch.  Time to get up!  Andy left for school an hour ago, but I let you sleep an hour longer in honor of your birthday.  But we have to get you ready for your party this afternoon, so you need to get hopping.”

Barb struggled to force herself to rise, knowing that what little protection her sheet gave her from the cool temperature the house was kept in, was about to disappear.  As she suspected, when she threw off her cover, the cool air immediately felt as though shed stepped into a freezer.  She looked down to see her arms and legs fill with goose-bumps and her breasts becoming tingly as the flesh turned pimply.  Her nipples became hard, and the very ends felt like they could poke holes in a piece of paper.

The teen raced to get to the warm bathroom, but Helen grabbed her arm, saying “Now dont dally, you little bitch.  Your oatmeal is waiting, and Andy left you a special birthday deposit of some of his jism mixed in with it, to let you know he was thinking of you on your special day.”

Barbie used the toilet and raced to brush her teeth, dreading the consequences if she took longer in the bathroom than Helen thought she should. She arrived in the kitchen moments later.  Helen had already placed a bowl of oatmeal at her place, and she could see occasional opalescent strings of sperm still resting on the surface of the bowl.  Barb sat down, feeling a shudder run through her body.  She wasnt sure if it was the cold seat of her chair suddenly touching her bare buttocks or the thought of eating Andys ejaculation mixed with her cereal. It was one thing to have it sliding down the back of your throat so that you barely tasted it and another to see it sitting there waiting for you to gobble it down.

Barb reached for the sugar, hoping that would make the disgusting meal before her more palatable.  Helen yanked the sugar bowl away from her, muttering ever so sweetly, “Oh you wont need that, honey, or the milk.  Andys sperm is so sweet, Im told, and so creamy, that you wont need to add a thing to your cereal.  Now, EAT!”

Barbie took a spoonful and slipped it in her mouth. It would have been difficult eating her oatmeal without milk or sugar, anyway, but the knowledge that Andy had added his “present” made her want to throw up.  As she swallowed the first spoonful, she began to retch, the same way she did when Andy forced his prong down her throat.  Instead she coughed a bit and swallowed.  Other than being dry as dust and lacking much taste, it really wasnt so bad.  She began to eat with more assurance, except for those times when she could actually see the slime mixed in with her cereal on the spoon, and then she went through the whole gagging, coughing swallowing routine again. She had finished over half of the bowl, when she looked up at her tormentor and said she thought she was full.

Helen looked at her with a big smile and hissed, “Oh, no, Sweetie, youve got to finish it.  A growing girl needs to eat a hearty breakfast, and thats just packed with protein!”

Barbie forced herself to continue eating until shed downed the entire bowl of oatmeal, and then pushed it away with a sigh. Helen was smirking like the Cheshire Cat, as she ordered Barbara into the living room.

When they were both in their usual places, Helen sitting in her easy chair and Barbie standing nude before her, Helen said, “Now, I know its your birthday, Honey-bunch, but that doesnt mean you get out of your daily exercises, does it? We have to keep you healthy and happy, dont we?”

Barb knew that an honest answer would get her a punishment of some kind, so she dutifully nodded her head and began with her push-ups, as she did every day. Then came the sit-ups, 25 in all, at which point she got to the two exercises she hated the most. The first was two minutes of running in place, but making sure her knees almost touched her chin.  This was always done facing her persecutor, and Helen just loved watching her labia rubbing together and splitting occasionally, revealing the pink inner lips of her vagina. This was exhausting, in and of itself, but then came the one she truly hated.

Jumping Jacks!  Helen had gotten her up to 75, so that, by the time she finished, she invariably sank to the floor dripping perspiration, even when the room was chilly, and gasping for breath.  Part of what made it such a chore was the way her breasts bounced up and down with every leap up.  If she didnt go high enough Helen wouldnt let that jump count, and she invariably ended up having to do ten or fifteen more than the original 75. Even though her breasts were not large, by the time the exercise was done, they ached something awful.

Then it was time for the daily bath, always with the water super hot and with Helen sitting on the toilet next to the tub, making sure that every inch of poor Barbies skin was soaped and rubbed vigorously.  If Helen didnt feel she had rubbed hard enough on any given area, she would take up the washcloth and repeat washing the same area with extra vigor, and her hapless victim would get a spanking afterward, a common occurrence.

When she had finished her bath, shampooed her hair and dried off, Helen combed out her hair and pulled it into a pair of pig-tails, a process that surprised Barb, because usually her hair was left in a stringy mess. When she looked in the mirror she thought she looked like a ten-year-old, apparently the effect Helen was seeking.  Looking down at her bare pussy, she realized that, too, made her look prepubescent.  The only thing that disproved that fact was the presence of two very prominent breasts with their puffy nipples.

At this point Helen usually set Barbara to working on some chore around the house, dusting, sweeping or cleaning windows.  Today, however, because it was her birthday, Helen had decided to give Barb, not one, but two, enemas, both with very hot soapy water and both with explicit instructions that the water was to stay inside her bowels for a total of ten minutes each.

To make the experience more painful and seem so much longer, Helen would rub her victims stomach roughly, commenting over and over about how much she looked like she was four or five months pregnant.  The pressure of Helens hands on her stomach made the pain inside her intestines excruciating and all she could do was weep copious tears and beg her step-mother to let her relieve herself, which, of course, Helen was not about to do.

Barbie could not understand why Helen was paying so much attention to cleaning her out, anyway.  Helen often gave her an enema, usually as an added punishment, but she couldnt remember ever getting two on the same day. Her persecutor gave her no explanation for the extra treatment, but it was obvious something was in the offing.

Next Helen decided it was time for them to make Barbs birthday cake.  She allowed Barbie to stir the batter and pour it into two cake pans before slipping them in the oven. Helen was being so pleasant that Barbie decided it was a good time to ask about the party that afternoon.  Helen explained that there were five boys from Andys class who would be coming. No girls? No, the boys werent that friendly with any of the girls at school, so it would just be the boys.

Barbie asked, if that was the case, could she please have a dress or some covering for her body.  Helen laughed.

“OH my, you stupid girl!  This is the one day you dont need clothes.  Youll be wearing your birthday suit! Ha, ha!”

Barb didnt think it was at all funny, but, of course, knew better than to carry it any further.  When the cake was ready Helen took the pans out of the oven and set them out to cool.

Next, Helen decided it was time to put up some decorations, and pulled out a large sheet of computer paper which was double the normal size and stuck it to the wall of the living room. When Barbie finally got a chance to see what it said, she was mortified. In large letters it said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DUMMY!”

Helen finally said that the cake should be ready, and they went into the kitchen.  She had Barbie mix up some scrumptious-looking chocolate icing and, for some reason, she said theyd put the frosting on later. Then, also mysteriously, Helen cut equally large sections of each layer of the cake as if they were slices of pie, and indicated they would be Barbies share.  They were certainly generous portions, but the teen couldnt figure out why her part was being separated from the rest of the cake.  She only knew that, as devious as her step-mother was, it didnt bode well for her.

Soon it was time for the school bus to arrive, and, from the living room window, she saw six boys alighting from the bus.  She recognized, besides Andy, Arty and Jack, whom shed met at the earlier party.  The other three boys were fairly good looking, and obviously about Andys age. When they entered, Andy led the way, and, after the boys had dumped their books by the front door, Andy made a point of introducing the new boys to his Mom.  The one who looked pretty good when he was getting off the bus, was, in fact, rather thin with a bad case of acne, and nick-named Potty, why Andy didnt explain.  One of the others was pretty swarthy and looked like he might be a football player. He was named Ted.  The third stranger had sandy blond hair and was named Hap.

The boys must have been apprised of the fact that Barbie would be naked, because they didnt seem surprised, but they all kept staring at her with big smiles, as though she was Ronald McDonald about to feed them Big Macs. Even after she had been ordered to bring drinks for everyone, they all sat around chatting about this and that, but their eyes stayed glued to her tits. Interestingly enough there were just enough seats for Helen and the boys, so Barb was instructed to stand next to the sofa where Helen was seated.

Eventually Helen suggested they play Blind Mans Bluff, and, since it was Barbies birthday she should be the one who was blind-folded.  All the boys thought it would be great fun.  Barbie knew it wouldnt. Helen went and got a large handkerchief, which she attached tightly to Barbs head covering her eyes thoroughly, and tied a large knot in the back.

In the meantime all the boys had moved from their seats and were hidden behind pieces of furniture and in the hall leading to the kitchen. To make it more difficult for Barb, Helen spun her around five or six times so that she was partly dizzy, as well.  With arms extended she began moving hesitantly around the room. Suddenly she felt a poke in the ribs, hard enough to elicit a groan from Barbara, but, when she reached down, the perpetrator was gone.  Next, someone grabbed her from behind and, reaching around to her front, squeezed one of her tits tightly. By the time she reached down to grab his hand, he had released her, and she was grasping air.  Almost immediately afterward, someone poked a finger into the top of her naked slit.  There were numerous chuckles from the observers, but when she swept her hand in front of her there was no one there. The poker had cleverly slipped in on his knees, with the result that Barbs attempt to catch her attacker by extending her waving hand in front of her grasped nothing again but air.

Next someone delivered a hard smack to her right buttock.  All the boys were taking a lesson from the boy who had attacked her on his knees. Numerous spanks followed, with Barb gasping in frustration and pain as she tried to catch her tormentors.  One of the boys managed to grab one of her puffy nipples and twist it painfully before she could grab his hand.

By now she was twisting and turning crazily, stabbing her hands out ineffectually and beginning to cry and whine. Helen let the game go on for close to ten minutes, as Barbie came nowhere close to grabbing any of her persecutors.  Helen finally called a halt to the game, much to the chagrin of all the males. When she finally untied the knot at the back of Barbs head, tears were streaming down her victims face, and the handkerchief was damp with her earlier weeping.

Helen next lowered the leafs on both sides of the dining room table and ordered the still-weeping girl to lie on her stomach on the table, crosswise, so that her legs dangled over one side of the table and her head extended over the other.  The next thing the young girl knew, Helen was sticking a glob of petroleum jelly between the cheeks of her butt and poking her finger into the crinkled hole between them.

Barbie tried to turn her head to see what was taking place behind her back, when someone grabbed her chin and she felt a penis being forced between her lips. As the prick sunk deeper into her mouth and began to saw back and forth, delving deeper and deeper toward her throat, she suddenly felt the head of someones prong being forced between her butt-crack. Her instinct was to try to grab whoever had his penis in her mouth, but this was immediately frustrated by people grabbing her hands and pulling them to each end of the table.

Then her total attention was committed to the penis that was being riveted into her backside.  Even with the aid of the jelly, her back hole was not used to something of that size being forced into her bowels.  She began to cry out, but that only allowed the penis in her mouth to sink deeper past her uvula and into the start of her throat, producing muffled retching and gagging.

The prick being forced up her ass had inserted itself three or four inches into her fundament, and the pain was becoming sharp.  Soon, it, too, was sawing back and forth and eventually she felt the perpetrators stomach brush against the cheeks of her bottom.  As the pain in her behind continued unabated, she suddenly realized that the penis in her mouth was no longer moving in and out of her mouth, but had lodged itself at the top of her throat and the air was no longer passing down to her lungs.  She struggled to move her head back, but when it did, the penis went with it, keeping her access to air shut off. The only part of her body that was able to move now was her legs, which flopped around behind her uselessly.  Just when she thought she would faint from lack of air, the body in front of her moved back enough that she could gasp enough air into her lungs to keep from blacking out.

Somewhere in the dark recesses of her mind she knew she heard Helen say “Now, when you boys are ready to orgasm, I want you to pull away from her and deposit your jism in this measuring cup. Okay?”  And only half a minute later the prick in her rear end pulled away, and the one in her mouth followed almost immediately.

Barbie sighed a deep sigh, which was cut off by the insertion of a new penis in her mouth, followed by another driving between her butt cheeks. Both were about the size of the previous intruders.  She tried to look up to see the face of whom she was currently sucking, but she was being frustrated by the depth the prick had sunk to.  Moments later she able to see that it was Arty, who was enjoying the fruits of her sucking.

That fact became incidental as she felt the pain returning to her rectum. As the penis in her bottom continued to sink deeper into her bowels, she began to cry out, but, because of the prick in her mouth, all anyone heard was an occasional gurgle or coo, followed by the expulsion of foam and dribbles of spit running down her chin to drip on the floor.

Eventually the guy behind her grabbed her hips and began painfully driving his prick deep into her bowels, yelling “Come on, Cunt, move your fuckin ass,” and she heard encouragement from one of her other tormentors saying, “You tell her, Potty!”  Then she knew where his nick-name had come from.  The name became incidental, however, as she felt the agony of his rectal probing increasing with the depth of his pumping dick.  When she didnt think she could stand any more pain, both of her punishers were pulling out and she heard the swish of liquid being spurted into a cup.

There were only moments of surcease for the suffering girl, as another couple of teens replaced the last pair. This time she noticed immediately that the prick in her mouth was shorter than either of her other mouth-dicks, and she looked up to see the face of a glowering Ted above her.  That fact, too, became of least importance when she felt the last dong being inserted in her backside. It was definitely larger than either of the preceding rear-enders and it was not going in easily.  Whoever was behind her was not interested in anything but getting his penis in as fast and as far as he could.  The process was not quick, however, because he had to push and push to get the major portion of his shaft into the depths.

The pain was so intense that tears were streaming down her cheeks in rivulets, and her gargled cries were being cut off by the penis that was violating her mouth. The intense soreness seemed to increase exponentially as her harrassers continued plowing into her twin holes. Eventually they both pulled out, and her head dropped down awkwardly to hang over the side of the table.

This respite didnt last more than a few seconds before Helen was urging her to follow her into the kitchen.  As she dragged herself off the table, she could see that Helen was holding a measuring cup that was half full of what was obviously the sexual spendings of all of the six boys. She dutifully followed Helen into the kitchen and watched as Helen moved to the cake sitting on the kitchen table.

She continued to watch as Helen began icing first the bottom, then the top layer of the larger part of the cake with chocolate icing before setting the one layer on top of the other. Then, with a withering smile at Barbie, she moved to the sections that constituted Barbs part and began to slather both layers with the sperm from the measuring cup.  Barbara thought she was going to be sick at her stomach just watching Helen in action.  When she had both layers covered with thick gobs of the spermy ooze, she called the boys into the kitchen and cut each of them a large slice of the chocolate-frosted cake, placing it on a plate before handing it out.  Eventually she got to Barbies large slice and, putting it on a plate handed the plate and a fork to Barb with instructions to finish every bite.

It was everything Barb could do just to look at it, much less take a bite, but one look at the malevolent stare of her step-mother said she had to try. Every eye was on her as she dug the fork into the gloppy mess and brought it to her mouth.  As the cake slipped into her mouth, she could feel the roiling of her stomach before she began to retch.  Had she not had the two enemas earlier she probably would have vomited whatever was there onto her plate, but all she could do was stand there and retch.

She tried to chew the vulgar mess, but finally decided to just swallow it.  It went down with much choking and gargling, and, after she had done the same with the second and third bites, it all came back up to be unceremoniously deposited back onto her plate.

“So youre saying you refuse to accept the wonderful birthday gift of every boy here.  Is that what youre saying, you ungrateful girl?  Well, you will be soundly whipped by me for your ingratitude, after you have received your birthday spankings from all these fine gentlemen. Now then, get yourself into the living room and place yourself over the table just as you were before.”

Barbie pitifully placed her cake plate in the sink and, with tears pouring down her face, forced herself into the living room to drop her body over the table once again.  Helen had the boys sit on the dining room chairs in no particular order, just six chairs in a row and six boys sitting with six erections poking straight up at the ceiling.  Andy, being the host, had first dibs and pulled Barbie over his lap.  The tears were still dripping, but because her head was pointed toward the floor, essentially, they began dripping into her eyebrows.  Helen announced that each boy would get to spank Barbie 20 times anywhere they wanted, assuming that they would all take off on the teens butt. 

Thats exactly what Andy, Arty and Jack opted to do.  By the time they were done, Barbie was bawling like a three-year-old, and her uplifted buttocks looked like two stop-lights. Potty, on the other hand, became the first exception.

“Come on bitch, Lay that fuckin back on my knees.  Im goin for your tits!”

Barb looked dubious, but then glanced at Helen, who was smiling until she noticed her step-daughter hadnt moved and was waiting for her to refute Pottys order. Helen put on her best malicious glare at Barbie, enough to tell her she was about to get her knockers slapped around.

Now resigned, Barb leaned back over Potty, so that her lower back rested on his knees.  Potty suddenly grasped Barbs vulva and forcefully pulled her screaming until her upper back rested on his thighs.

“Cant smack your fuckin boobs if theyre on the ground, you shitty WHORE!”  It was becoming more and more obvious why he had been nick-named Potty.

He then began slapping each tit in turn through sixteen alternate smacks, each one a full swing with his arm extended as far as he could get it, and each one produced a howl from Barbies wide-open mouth. He then grabbed her right breast in his left hand, squeezing it tightly until her puffy nipple was the only thing extending from his fist and began swatting it with his other hand.  He didnt stop at four strikes with his open palm, though.  He had slapped it at least ten times as hard as he could, before Helens smiling interruption to let him know that perhaps it was somebody elses turn. Potty grudgingly let go of Barbies sore blood-drained breast and shoved her off his lap, so that her flaming buttocks hit the floor with a thud.

Pottys ingenuity now gave Ted novel ideas and he ordered the sobbing girl to lie on her back and spread her legs wide. Everyone knew what was coming, and, as Barbie began blubbering, the rest of the group sat with smug expressions on their faces. She leaned back over Teds thighs before spreading her legs slightly. A slap on her thigh and a sharp demand by Ted to spread them farther apart, produced the desired effect, an open vagina, puffy outer lips slightly spread to show just the hint of her inner lips.

Ted hauled off and let his hand smack against her waiting labia with a loud clapping sound, immediately followed by a lamenting bellow from the innocent pawn below him. Ted actually pushed her legs farther apart before continuing with his onslaught to her tender pussy. By the time he had delivered all 20 smacks to her vagina her puffy lips had swollen noticeably and had turned an ugly red. Barbie had begun to cry so hard that shed begun to hiccup.  Ted pushed her on her feet with a look of great satisfaction, as she stood above him, her face now a blotchy pink with tears rolling down her face.

It was now Haps turn, and whether he felt sorry for the girl standing and weeping before him, or he just really liked her butt, he decided to go with a regular spanking. After she had lain across his lap, he did take the opportunity to feel her jutting titties for a few moments and to run his fingers gently through the cleft between her legs before he set to applying the first of his spanks. Even this was far gentler than any of the other boys had given her, and, for the next few hits, his hand smacked her bottom far more gently than he could have.  The other boys noticed this slackness in his application and began razzing him about it.  Apparently embarrasses by the taunts, he finally began to spank her bottom with some gusto.

Barbie had been surprised by his gentleness and her tears were starting to slow down to a trickle as they rolled down her cheeks, but the new forcefulness Hap took on as he reached the eighth smack to her reddened butt cheeks produced a whole new flood of waterworks and wailing.  When he had finally applied the last of his 18 thwacks, she was back to blubbering and saliva was dripping copiously from her mouth.

Hap stood her up off his lap gently, and she stood before him in all her nakedness with drool slipping down from her chin onto her breast below.  Her reddened eyes were awash with tears, and she was sniffing to keep the mucus from dripping from her nose.

“All right.  Good job, men!  Now its my turn!”  Helen pulled out a leather strap from behind her on the couch and stood menacingly before her trembling step-daughter. “I think youd best lie on your stomach across the table the way you were before, Barbie doll. It looks like your tush has taken plenty of punishment, so Im gonna be nice and concentrate on your back and thighs.”

Barb looked pleadingly at her inquisitor but saw no pity, only sadistic determination, so she dragged herself over to the table and, sighing and sniffling, she lowered herself onto the hard wooden table, which, because of the  earlier torment applied to her tits and pussy, now made the soreness in those areas even greater. She only had moments to feel sorry for those areas, however, because she suddenly heard a swish and felt the fiery splat of the fiendish belt on her back.

What followed were nine more scorching swats applied from the top of her back down to just above the beginning of her butt cheeks.  There was only a slight pause before Helen began applying the strap to the anguished girls thighs, beginning at the crease just below her buttocks and working her way down to the back of Barbies knees with ten wicked blows. When she had finished, both areas had developed red striations fairly equally running down from her shoulders to her knees with her fully red hand-punished ass in the center and a race between the drops of tears running down her cheeks and the snot coursing from her nose.

The sniveling girl was allowed to climb off of the table, but quickly told to lie lengthwise on it. She begged her menacing step-mother to let her off any further punishment and was told this wouldnt be punishment but a fun game for the boys.  When she had lain back with her head at one end of the table and her legs hanging over the other end, Helen began explaining the game.

She had three birthday candles apiece for each of the boys and they could light them and let the wax fall anywhere on Barbies body that they chose to let it drop.  Barb strugglerd to rise but, between them, the boys were able to hold her down flat.  Barbies begging became strident, but no one was in a mood to listen to her.

Helen ordered two of the boys to push the teens feet back to her shoulders, making sure they didnt obstruct access to her breasts.  Two other boys held her arms down beside her on the table.  Of course the placement of her feet meant the victims entire vaginal and rectal areas were fully opened up to view. Her legs were split wide enough that even her puffy red labia separated enough to reveal the pink inner lips.  Her gash was open all the way from the top down to her rosy little bum-hole.

Andy was, of course, once again, the first to have access to the weeping girl, and, lighting the first of his little candles, couldnt wait to hold it over the top of her slit, right where her hooded clit lay. The first drop of wax on her tender membranes brought forth a scream unlike any she had uttered all day, and her body writhed in a futile attempt to break free. The rest of the candles paraffin continued to bring squeaks and pitiful entreaties to stop, but, by the time Andy was done, the candle had burnt down to a nub and the upper portion of Barbs vulva was covered with the waxy substance. Arty and Hap chose to work on her breasts, paying particular attention to her extended nipples, until they, too, were completely ensconced by the candle residue. Potty, Jack and Ted decided to concentrate on portions of her vagina that hadnt been covered yet.  By the time they were finished Barbs entire slit was covered with a solid sheet of wax from one end to the other, and the hapless girl was only uttering little mewling sounds.

Helen had the honor of removing the wax from the three areas of concentration, using her fingernails to gouge into the tender flesh in order to break the shell of wax apart.  By the time she had finished, Barbie lay exhausted on the table, too weak to move. Helen ordered two of the boys to help Barbie off the table and up the stairs to her bed, where she sank, drained, onto her mattress.

After the boys had had soft drinks and reminisced about their wonderful day, they left for their homes, and Helen and Andy cleaned up the mess left behind.  Helen made the suggestion that Andy take some ointment up and apply it to Barbies most tender areas. He hastily departed with a tube of Unguentine and joyfully, but roughly, covered the affected areas on her back, before having her turn over and slathering the oily substance to her breasts and vaginal area.  It was still several hours before the suffering girl fell into a fitful sleep.                          







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