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Getting To Know Step-Mother

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Synopsis: Barbara learns quickly that her step-mother and step-brother are cruel and devious. Things get even worse after her father dies. She soon realizes that she is doomed to a life of pain and suffering.

Getting to Know Step-Mother


Barbara had no idea how her life was to change as she entered, after being called into the living room by her father.  There sat a woman she had never seen before.  Her father introduced her as Helen, the woman he was about to marry the next day.

Barbara was astounded.  Her father and she had had a rather strained relationship ever since her mother had died of cancer two years before.  As a 16 year old, she had been pretty much left to herself by him, both before and after her Mom death . As he traveled often, she saw little of him except for weekends, and his aloofness had made it difficult for her to ever get close to him.  The result was a lot of free time for Barbara and not much guidance.  This was about to change.

“Your father tells me you were expelled from school recently, for smoking marijuana on school grounds.  Is that correct?”

Barbara lowered her eyes, and joined her hands behind her back.

“Yes Maam, but I never smoked it before.  A friend brought some to school and offered me a smoke.  We went behind the school and got caught almost immediately, so I….”

“Im not interested in your excuses, Barbara.  Obviously you need someone to get you back on track.  I hear your grades are poor, and your father says youve been disrespectful and difficult for some time.  That will change immediately.  Do you understand?”

Barbara looked over at her father for reassurance, but saw only a rather enigmatic smile on his face.  She looked back at Helen, a woman in her late 30s, attractive, though somewhat puritanical-looking, hair pulled back in a bun and little makeup.  Physically, she appeared to be well-built and svelte, though her attire, at the moment, did little to show her attributes.

“Yes Maam, but I…”

“No buts!  To start with, you will begin home-study next week.  I used to be a 10th grade teacher, so I will begin instructing you in all your studies, and you will start shaping up immediately.  As for your attitude adjustment, that will begin as soon as the wedding is over tomorrow.  Your father has an important sale he needs to see to in Seattle the day after tomorrow, so we wont be going on our honeymoon until next month.”

Barbara looked over at her father again.  “Daddy, I didnt even know you were dating.”

“Well, Dear, Helen and I have known each other since high school, and we recently ran into each other, and after two weeks of seeing each other, we realized that the attraction we had back then was still there.  Ive felt for a long time, since your mom died, in fact, that you needed more attention than Im able to give you, and Helen said shed be happy to take that on, as well.”

“Now, Barbara, suppose you go back to whatever you were doing, assuming it wasnt smoking Mary Jane or one of your other nasty habits, so your father and I can discuss the wedding plans.”

Chapter 1

At the wedding, Barbara met her step-brother, Andy, for the first time, a relative no one had gotten around to telling her about.  Andy was 14, a rather thin, acne-faced kid, who, when they were introduced immediately began leering at her, his eyes sweeping up and down her body like a cat-scan.  He obviously liked what he saw.

The wedding and reception were over quickly and the ride back to the house did little to reassure Barbara.  There was no small talk, and sitting beside Andy in the back seat, she could feel his inspection of her attributes continuing, making little pretense of his special interest in her breasts.

Once in the house, a meeting was called in the living room again.  When she arrived after Helen had called her in, she found everyone, including Andy, seated.  She started to sit, but was interrupted by Helen, who quickly let her know who was in charge.

“No need to sit, Barbara. I just wanted to let you know how things will be from here on.  Andys room will be the one next to yours, and youll have to share the bathroom down the hall.  Ill tell you right now, I am a stickler for things being done correctly.  I will not put up with any impudence, back-talk or attitude.  I know you have been getting away with murder in the past, but that will stop now.”

The first of many tears began to roll down Barbaras face.

“But I havent done anything…”

“Thats exactly what Im talking about.  You will not talk back to me, do you understand?  That sort of sass will cease, or youll find out what Im talking about.  Do you understand?”

Barbara looked over at her father, who once again said nothing, preferring to let Helen lay down the law. 

“Yes maam, but I dont know why….”

“Its not your job to ask why.  As a matter of fact, I will tell you right now that the words “why” and “no” are no longer in your vocabulary!  Any time I hear either word, henceforth, will result in a spanking, twenty strokes for either. Do I make myself clear?”

The tears really began streaming down Barbaras face, as she realized that no one was coming to her defense.  A look at Andy showed a huge smile of satisfaction.

“A spanking.  But Im too old to be spanked!  Ill try to…”

“See!  There you go again.  Back talk!  You just dont learn, do you?”

“No!  I wasnt trying to sass you.  I just wanted to say…”

“Theres that word, “no”.  I just told you what would happen and you persist.  Come over here, girl! Now!”

Barbara lowered her head again and stepped over to face Helen, who sat on the large sofa.

Before she knew what was happening, Helen had grabbed Barbaras arm, swinging her down over her lap, sweeping her skirt up above her waist and, as she gripped her waist with one arm, began tugging her panties down.

“No, no, please dont. Not my panties.  Please!  Ill be good.”

“Theres that word, twice more.  That puts the spanks up to 60.  Keep it up!”

Barbara made the attempt to pull herself off Helens lap but found her strength was no match for Helens.  Her round pink buttocks shown like a beacon, between the rucked-up skirt and the panties encircling her thighs.

The first sweep of Helens hand and the smack that followed surprised more than hurt Barbara, and she let out a startled “Oh!”  The next spank really hurt, though, and as the tears began pouring down her face, she began uttering pleas for forgiveness.


“Oh please dont.  Ill try to do whatever you want. Please let me go.”


“It hurts.  Please stop.  Oh, it hurts so much…”


The pink buttocks began turning a slightly pinker after the sixth swat.  Barbara continued to wriggle on Helens lap, with no success.  Had she been able to look over at her father and Andy, shed have seen two males sitting forward on their chairs, almost mesmerized by what was happening in front of them, but Barbaras eyes were so puffy and filled with tears that she saw nothing.  Soon she closed her eyes to the hurt that was being delivered to her poor rear end. There seemed to be no end.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

“Aoww!  Oh, God.  Please! Please!  Why are you doing this to me?  I…”

“Theres that other word. No “whys”, remember?  Youve just upped your total to 80 spanks.  You want to try for 100?” 

Smack!  Swat!  Splat!

“Oh, no!  Please!  I cant take any more.  Please!”

“And yet another 20.  You dont get it at all, do you, little girl?”

The placement of her panties right below her butt prevented either of the males from seeing any of her privates, but that did not prevent either one from starting a growing erection.

And still the spanks continued.  Barbaras nates were beginning to turn a deep red, by the time Helen had reached the 50th smack.  At his point, Barbara was only moaning in low tones, occasionally letting out a little squeak, when Helen applied her hand more vigorously.  Had she been able to look up at Helen, she would have seen a slight smile crossing her face.  She was in her element!

By the time she had administered the 80th spank, Helens hand was beginning to hurt, but the smile remained as she continued administering the painful spanking.  On the 100th smack she pushed Barbara off her lap, causing the girl to land on her almost blistered beet-red butt.

“Oof. Oh, my God.  Ohh, it hurts.  It hurts.”

As she struggled to rise, Barbara was completely uncaring that her lightly covered pussy was in full view.  The males were not.  They both watched with wide eyes as she rolled over onto her knees to relieve the pain on her bottom, then tried to stand up with her panties hindering her move.  She stumbled but finally stood on her two feet.  She began to pull her panties up, but was stopped by Helens stern command.

“No you dont Missy!  You let those panties drop to the floor.  Then tuck in your skirt to your belt and go over to the corner.  Tears still streaming, Barbara dropped her panties to the floor, tucked in her skirt, which now left her bare in front and back and stepped over to the corner, sniffling.  She began to face the corner, when Helen stopped her again.

“Whoa, young lady.  I want you facing out, so everyone can see your fakey tears.  Barbara, with a sigh, turned to face the three witnesses and placed her hands over her young pussy, sparsely enough covered that one could see the little slit down the middle.

“Damn it, take those hands away.  I wouldnt think youd want your father seeing you diddling yourself for everyone to see.”

“I wasnt trying to….”

“You havent learned yet, have you?  You just love to talk back, dont you?  Just for that, you can spread those legs and put your hands behind your head and stand there for a half hour.”

“Spread em more!  Further!”

At this point, Barbara had her feet spread about three feet apart, and the three watchers could see some evidence of her pink outer lips.  The males were delighted and turned fully in order to watch the bad girl standing so pitifully with her tear-streamed face and open-legged exhibit.

Helen started conversing about the wedding, and both males uttered an occasional agreement, but their eyes remained glued to the sobbing girls vagina.  It was the first one Andy had seen in his life and the first time her father had seen Barbaras bare pussy since she was very young.

When the half hour was up, Helen told Barbara the punishment was over, to go put on her nightgown, come back and say goodnight and go to bed.  It was still barely 7 oclock, but Barbara was not about to ask about dinner.

After changing into her nightgown, Barbara washed her face, smoothed a damp cool washcloth over her still vividly crimson backside and returned to the living room, where the others were chatting.  Conversation ceased as Helen spoke.

“Well, theres Miss Druggie!  All better now, Sweetie?”

“Yes, thank you.”

“Okay, then kiss the boys goodnight and off you go.”

“Andy, too?”

“Well, of course, Andy.  Hes your brother, now.”

Barbara went to her father first, gave him a slight peck and then moved over to Andy.  She leaned over to give him a peck as well, but he was having none of that, and grabbing her neck gave her a very unbrotherly kiss, which lasted eight to ten seconds.  Barbara finally was able to pull herself away.  As she stood there half blushing, but totally astonished at such a crude show, she heard Helen laugh behind her.  She turned to see a look of delight on Helens face.

“See.  Andy wants to show you there are no hard feelings.  I know he hopes this will be a good lesson for you, and that youll stop being such a bad little girl from now on, dont you, Honey?”

As Andy uttered in the affirmative, Barbara started to make her getaway and go to bed.

“Wait a minute, Sweetcheeks.  You havent thanked me for helping you get started on the right track.  Come over here.”  Barbara hesitated, loathing the idea of an apology.  “NOW!”

She slowly moved to her new step-mother, standing before her with her head lowered.

“Thank you,” she murmured in a barely audible voice. She began to turn to leave.

“For what, you ungrateful child?”

“For… helping me … learn to behave.”

“And what two words are you never to use?”

“Wwwhy … and nnno.”

“Right.  Now, get to bed!”

Barbara plodded off to bed, hungry but happy to get there.  She spent a good deal of time rubbing her sore buttocks and had a fairly sleepless night.


Chapter 2

The sun had not risen yet, when Barbara felt Helen poking her in the butt.

“Wake up, druggie!  Time to rise and shine.”

“What time is it?”  The lack of sleep had her still drowsy.  “Why do I need to get up now?”

“Your memory is for the birds, isnt it?  What were the two words you were not to say again?”

“Oh.  Wwwhy and nnno.”

“So youve started off the day with 20 spanks coming to you.  We dont have time to take care of them right now, because I have to get your father to the airport, but I have an idea those wont be your only demerits for the day at the rate you accumulate them.  Now get up and make some breakfast for the three of us.”

“But I dont know how to make breakfast.  I always get myself a Pop-Tart or cereal for myself.”

“Well, youd better learn fast cause if there arent eggs and bacon and toast on the table when were ready, your ass is grass. UP!”

Barbara began to cry as Helen left the room.  She pulled on a robe over her nightgown and set out to conquer the kitchen.  Unfortunately, the kitchen conquered her.  When Helen and her father got there to eat, they were greeted by singed toast, fried eggs that were overdone and burned bacon.  

“You really are a total loss arent you?” quipped Helen in her most sardonic tone. “Well have to grab some fast food on the way to the airport.  Youre in big trouble, Barbie doll.  Well talk about it when I get back.  In the meantime, this house is a mess.  I dont think you ever cleaned anything in it.  Thats gonna change, as of today.  By the time I get back, I want to see most of the windows in this house sparkling.”

Barbara kissed her father goodbye and, once theyd gone, sat at the table and wept.  After cleaning the dishes, she went to her bedroom and jumped into a pair of shorts, panties, her bra and a tee-shirt.  After searching the utility closet she found there was no window cleaning liquid anywhere.  Quickly she decided to use detergent, mixed it in water and set out to clean the windows.  It didnt take long to find that the detergent was leaving streaks when she tried to rub it off.  Since she had nothing else to use, she felt shed better just continue.  At least Helen would be able to see that shed tried.

She had gotten fifteen or twenty panes clean, when she heard a noise behind her.  Looking around, she saw that Andy had arisen, and was leaning in the doorway behind her in his underwear, scratching himself.

“Whatcha doin, Sis?”

“What does it look like, Twerp?  Duh!”

“Well, you dont have to be nasty about it, you know.”

“And why didnt you have to get up with the rest of us?”

“Sounds like I just heard a word thats verboten around here.  Moms gonna be upset when she hears that.”

Barbara jumped up with true fear in her eyes.  “I didnt know I couldnt say it to you.  I thought it was just her.  Oh, please dont tell her, Andy.”

“Well, I dont know.  Whats it worth to you?”

“Ill make your bed for a week, if you dont say anything.”

“Are you kidding?  Youre gonna be making my bed every day anyway, probably.  How about stripping off your clothes, so I can see what you got under there.”

“No way! Thats disgusting. Forget it.”

“Okay. No skin off my butt, but there will be off yours.”  He turned to move away.

“Wait!  How about just the top?  Youve already seen my bottom last night.”

“OK.  But its got to be the shirt and bra.”

“All right.  But thats all.”

Barbara quickly skinned out of her tee-shirt and a little more slowly undid her bra and let it slip down her arms.  Andy moved over within a foot of her and stared.  Her breasts were a nice size for a 16-year-old, perhaps even a little larger that most girls her age, but her nipples, her nipples were something else.  Puffies would be the best description.  They were like huge pink bee-stings on the end of her breasts, taking up perhaps 25% of the breast,  and those bee-stings had darker much smaller bee-stings in front of them.  Andys mouth began to water.  She waited a moment, and then started to pull the bra back up to hook it.

“Whoa, babe.  Those are the neatest nips Ive ever seen in all the magazines Ive ever looked at.  How about letting me suck on one of em for a minute?”

“Forget it, Buster.  We agreed Id show you and thats all.”  She finished putting her bra on and pulled her tee over her head.

“Be that way.  Well see what Mom has to say when she gets home.”

“Well, if you mention my using the word, Im going to tell her that you made me take off my shirt and bra.”

“Go ahead.  Bet you get the twenty, anyway.  See ya.”  With this he turned and went back into his room.

Barbara began to cry again, as she picked up the pail and started washing more windows.  She had washed most of the windows on one side of the house, when she heard the car drive up.  She sat back on her heels and sighed in relief that shed gotten so much done in Helens absence. 

Chapter 3

“What in Gods name have you done, girl!”

“Wha… I washed the windows like you told me.”

“Theyre all streaked!  Its worse than it was.”

“I couldnt find any window cleaner, so I used detergent.”

“You really are a Barbie doll, arent you?  Pretty and dumb.”

Once again, the tears began to flow down Barbaras face.  She lowered her head and turned away from Helen.

“All right.  We may as well use what youve got.  Get into the kitchen and start on the kitchen floor.  Its filthy.  Get a brush and start rubbing.”

As Barb scrubbed away on the floor, Helen sat at the kitchen table watching her closely.  Occasionally she would point out a place her step-daughter had missed.  Suddenly Andy appeared in the hall doorway.

“So you finally got her doing something useful.”  They both watched Barbara laboring away for a minute.

“Did she tell you she asked me WHY I didnt get up with you guys this morning, Mom.”

Helen jumped out of her chair and grabbed Barbara up by her long yellowish hair, yanking her up to face her.

“Who do you think you are to question what I decide, bitch?  Are you trying to tell me whats what?”

“Nnnn… I wasnt trying to do that.  I just asked a question.”  She writhed in pain as Helen continued holding a large clump of her hair, yanking up with each statement.

“But Andy said if I didnt take off my shirt and bra, hed tell you about my saying… that word.”

“Now youre trying to blame Andy for this.  From what Ive heard it was probably your idea to strip.  The perfect little exhibitionist, Im told by your father.”

“He couldnt have said that.  Ive always been a good girl.”

“So now youre calling me a liar, too, are you?  Nobody calls me a liar, especially a snot-nosed drug addict.  Thatll get you 30 more.  Is what she says true about the stripping, Andy?”

“No, Ma. I came in and she started coming on to me right away.  I guess I was looking at her boobs, and she said “Hey, want to see what Ive got up here?” and I said sure.”  

“Nnn… That wasnt it at all.  He made me.  And after I did take my bra off, he wanted to suck on my nipple, and he said if I didnt let him hed tell you.  I put my clothes back on, and now hes told you.”

The firm yank on Barbaras hair convinced her she was about to lose it all, and she cried out in pain.

Barbara tried to look over at Andy for help, but all she saw out of the corner of her eyes was the usual satisfied smirk on his face.

“So you lied to me, and youve used the words “no” and “why” four times already this morning.  For lying, thatll be 30 swats, and 80 for the two words.  Well, youre starting off with a bang today, arent you, Dopey? 110 and weve barely gotten started.  Both of you go in the living room now.  I want to change out of these clothes and get into something comfortable.”

Barbara, knowing what was in store, began sobbing as she and Andy moved into the living room.

They both seated themselves, Andy crossing his arms in satisfaction and Barbara continuing to cry, for what seemed forever to her.

Shortly Helen appeared, dressed in a pair of hip-huggers and a halter-top.  This was the first time Barbara had gotten a good look at Helens body.  She really was in great shape.  Her breasts were large, but not overly so, and her hips were well-rounded with long slim legs.  Obviously she had taken care of herself over the years.

“OK, strip, Gypsy!  Lets see what ya got.”

Cant I just take off my pants, please? ”

“You just gotta argue, dont you?  You have 30 seconds to get EVERYTHING off or well just add to the total.”

Barbara jumped up and hurriedly shed her four pieces of clothing and stood there waiting.  She started to cover herself, but realized it would only get her in more trouble.

Helen moved over to her and stared closely at her nipples.  “My God, Ive never seen nipples like that in all my days.”  She grabbed the end of one tit and began squeezing it.

“Oh, please.  That hurts. Ohhh.”

“Real sensitive, are they, baby.  Theyre hard when you squeeze em, but when I rub the outside, theyre real soft.  No wonder Andy wanted to suck on em.”

Andy, already knowing from having looked at nude pictures of girls in girlie magazines, asked innocently, “Arent all nipples like hers, Mom?”

“No, Honey.  Most of them are more like mine.  When women get past their teens their nipples turn brown and when they have babies they get long, so the baby can latch on. ”  Helen then moved over to where Andy was sitting and lifted her halter-top up to her shoulders and leaned in to give him a good look.

“Wow!  But your nipples are so long.  Is that the way most womens are?”

“Well, I have to admit your Grandpa helped there.  He decided he wanted my nipples to be longer, so when I was about Barbies age, he started wrapping my nipples with thread all the way from the base to the end of the nipple.  He kept that up for a couple of years, until they looked like they do now.  And that hurt, I can tell you.  But it was great when you came along, cause they were extra sensitive and extra long and youd latch on like there was no tomorrow, and wed both have a great old time.”

Andy put his hand out and gently squeezed the brown tip.  It was soft and rubbery, and he moved in closer to it.  Barbara was shocked to see this incestuous type exchange being performed right in front of her.

“Gee, can I suck on one of em now, Mom?”

“No, Honey, not right now.  Maybe later.   For old times sake.”

Turning back to Barbara, she sauntered over to her, saying, “Oh yeah, and while were on the subject, were throwing out all your bras.  Your tits are obviously firm enough, they dont need the support, so out they go.”

The tears started to flow again, as she pled, “But everyone will be able to see my nipples and my breasts are big enough that they shake without a bra.”

“I dont want to hear it, cry-baby.  My mother never let me have a bra the whole time I was growing up.  She didnt believe in bras.  Course her tits were so small, she didnt need one.

The first bra I ever had was after I married and was nursing Andy.  Now take these scissors and go outside and cut me four or five long stems off of that bush by the front door.”

“Without any clothes on?”

“Who the hells gonna see you.  This house is in the middle of nowhere with trees all around it.  Youd probably enjoy it if somebody saw you buck naked anyway.”

“But its cold outside.”

“Listen, my father used to punish me by sending me outside to stand naked in the cold during the winter, sometimes for half an hour or an hour at a time.  Ill tell you, by the time he let me in, my nips were so long you could have hung laundry on em!  I think he liked to see goose-bumps all over my boobs.  He finally cut that out after I came down with pneumonia.”

Barbara grabbed the scissors and ran out to cut five long branches off the bush, hurrying back and handing them to Helen, who took them and selected one.

“Shall I take the buds off them?,” asked Barbara.

“No, I think the buds will add to the effectiveness, so well leave them on.  Now, go over to the couch where Andys sitting and lean over to him, facing him.

Barbara did so, her face just inches from Andys.  “Now, Andy I want you to grab hold of Barbies nipples and hold on to them while the whipping is going on. Itll keep her tied to one spot and give her something else to think about. Ill be real upset if you let go until were done.”

Savoring the moment, Andy grabbed both nipples forcefully and pulled down, so that her face was almost in his lap.

“Ugh, oh please … not so hard, Andy… Oh, God, youre hurting me.”

This main concern ceased being her major care, as soon as the first slash hit her legs.

Swish! Splat!  “Count them off, little girl, or they wont count.” 

The first one was a real surprise and hit her high on the thighs.


“Swish! Splat!  “OK, I didnt hear a number so we havent started yet”

“Oh, Oh, ONE!”

“Thats better.”  Swish! Splat!  “Ah, TWO, TWO!”  That one hit a little higher on her thighs.

By the tenth blow, Helen had brought the switch in to hit the seamed area between the thighs and buttocks, and, after three or four in that general area, Barb was actually dancing a jig in front of Andy, in spite of his tight grip on both her tender nipples, which were being cruelly twisted and pulled, much to Andys enjoyment.

The next thirty or so were completely zeroed in on her two pink globes, and, at their completion, she was screaming, and copious tears were dripping onto Andys pants.  At fifty, Helen picked up a new switch and began low on the thighs again, and what Barbara had thought couldnt get any sorer got much sorer.

Helen purposely suddenly hurried her hits to catch Barbara off guard every now and then.

Swish! Splat!  Swish Splat!  “Oops, I didnt hear a number then, so that one doesnt count.”

“SIXTY-SIX!, SIXTY-SIX!”  “Sorry, too late, you bad girl.  Just too bad for her own good, isnt she, Andy?” Swish! Splat!  “Oops, that switch is pretty well shattered.  Let me get another one.”

From the eightieth to the last blow, Barbara was almost whispering each number, she had screamed so much. Helen figured she had managed to get in a good five or six extra blows by speeding up the tempo occasionally.

Barb could feel the heat emanating from behind her.  Fortunately she was unable to see it yet.  Not only was the entire area a vivid red, but there were splotch marks all over, where the buds had marked her skin, and occasional raised raw-looking ridges, where Helen had paid special attention. 

“You can let go of her tits now, Andy.  You did a good job of holding onto her, though.  Im proud of you, Son.”  Andy beamed.

As he let go, and Barbara started to straighten up, Helen caught herself.

“Oh.  You said you wanted to suck on her nipples and she wouldnt let you earlier, right?  Ill bet shed be glad to let you suck on them now, wouldnt you Barbie sweetie?  Bend over so Andy can get one of those nice ripe puffies in his mouth.”

Barbara knew better than to argue or even plead.  She leaned back over as Andy opened his mouth wide to engulf all of one large nipple.  For the next two or three minutes he sucked with all his strength, occasionally chewing, instead.  Barbara was so tired and hurt in so many places, she didnt even react, until Andy bit hard enough to break the skin.

“AaaK!  Oh, please, it hurts already.  Please dont bite so hard, Andy,” she whispered.

“Why dont you move over to the other nipple, Dear?  We dont want to hurt poor Barbie so much that we cant play with her another time, do we?”

And, without a break, he immediately moved over to the right breast and sucked in Barbaras sore left nipple.  After another minute or two, Helen suggested he stop, because she had a few things to discuss with “Lady Barbie”.  With a “plop” he let go of the breast, and Barbara pulled up.

Completely beaten down and still weeping silently, she turned to Helen.

“Sit down, young lady.  I have a few questions, and I want the truth.  I can tell from looking at your eyes if youre being truthful, and if youre not, well just start the whipping all over again.  Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, Maam, but Id rather stand if its okay. Im pretty sore,” was the whispered answer.

“You just cant stop arguing with me, can you?  Your father was right.  Youre an impudent little twat.  Now sit down there before I give you another dose of the switch.  Ive still got one left, you know.  Sure beats the hell out of spanking you with my hand.  NOW SIT!”

Barbara went to the softest chair in the room and sat, but it didnt help.  The chair material was like sandpaper to her poor legs, and especially her super-sore butt.”

“Ooou, it hurts. Ooou.”    

“I want to know about your sexual experiences.  Are you a virgin, or have you let some boy stick it up that little vagina of yours?”

Again the whispered answer.  “Nnnn.. Im still a virgin, maam.”

“Well, that will be easy enough to check out later, whether youre lying or not.”

“Have you let the boys play with those gorgeous titties of yours?”

“A couple.”

“Did they remove your bra, or was it over your clothes?  I want the truth, now.  No lies, remember.  Did they suck on your nipples?”

“I let them take my bra off, and they sucked.”

“Did they play with your pussy?”

“I let one of them finger me.  He was much older than I was, and I thought I loved him.”

“And did you play with his penis, while he was playing with your pussy?”

“I was rubbing his penis, yes.”

“And I suppose you sucked these boys off.”

“Only the one I thought I loved, and I didnt want to do that.  He suddenly grabbed me by the neck and pulled me down to his lap.  I tried to resist, but he made me open my mouth and put it in.  He held my head down there, and I was choking and gagging, but he wouldnt let me up.  Finally he spurted in my mouth and made me swallow.  It was awful.”

“And that was the only time you gave anyone a blow-job?”

“Yes, maam.  He never called me after that.”

“Well, I know all about that part of it.  I had two older brothers, who began making me give them head when the parents werent around, starting when I was about ten.  I tried to tell my mother what they were doing to me, and she called me a liar, saying I was just looking for attention and gave me one of the worst beatings of my life.  From that point on my brothers took every opportunity to get me alone.  By the time I was thirteen they had me trained so well I could deep-throat both of them for most of the blow-job.  So dont feel like the Lone Ranger.  Now, lets get you in the bathtub.  Youre filthy dirty from scrubbing that floor and washing those windows.”

“Id really rather not take one right now, maam.  Im pretty sore right now.”

“I really dont care what you want, Dumbo.  You need a bath, itll help get  rid of some of that pain, and there are a few other things we need to attend to, regarding your personal hygiene.  Now get in that bathroom right this minute.  Andy, I might need your help.  Now, GIT, little cock-sucker!”

Chapter 4

The pretty nubile teen stood in the middle of the bathroom, as Helen turned on the hot water spigot, totally ignoring the cold water.  As the water rose, Barbara knew what Helens response would be, but had to ask anyway.

“Please, that water looks awfully hot. Could we add some cold water?”

“Nonsense, Barbie.  The hot water will be good for your backside and help it heal.  I know what Im talking about because my father used to make me take one like this, almost every time he beat me.  And he didnt use switches.  He used a wooden dowel about a half inch thick.  Sometimes it took a week before my butt was in any kind of shape for him to beat again.  So consider yourself lucky, Dolly.  Now get in there.”

Barbara tried to back away, but Helen grabbed her arm and swatted her behind.

“I guess Im gonna need your help, Andy.  Our little cock-sucker has decided to keep on being disobedient.  She doesnt seem to be able to figure out thats just gonna mean a lot more pain.”

Andy grabbed Barbaras other arm and between them they were able to pick her up and stand her in the tub.

“Oh, Goddd, nnnno!  I cant stand it.  Please let me out. Tooo hot!”

As they struggled to hold her in place, Helen looked at her son and said, ”You see. Shes gone and used that word again, just to try my patience. 20 more and counting.”  

With that, they were able to slide the thrashing victim down into the tub.  The scream came as soon as her battered legs and back touched the water.

“Aggggh! Oh noooo, please. Too hot!.  Pleeease.”

After a few moments, Barbaras squeals and weeping were the only sound in the room.  Soon Helen and Andy were able to take their hands away, and rise to watch Barbara suffering.  She didnt move from the spot they had left her in, and began to sob softly.

Helen grabbed a large glass from the sink, filled it with water from the bath and poured it over Barbaras head.

Another scream from the beleaguered teen filled the room.

“Got to get that hair washed too, so we can do some cutting.“  Helen poured some shampoo on top of Barbs head and began rubbing it in.  Once it was well lathered, she dipped the glass in the water and poured it over the young girls head.  A less powerful screech was the result.

“She doesnt seem to want to wash herself, Andy, so I guess youll have to do the honors.  Heres a washcloth.”

“Nnnn…. Ill do it.  Ill do it.”

“Better get to it then, little bitch.  Oh look, Andy, I wouldnt have believed it but those bee-sting nips actually have goose-bumps on them.  You be sure to wash them well, Barbie.  And between your legs, too, or Ill have Andy do it for you.”    

Moaning as she touched parts of herself with the hot washcloth she managed to get most of her body covered, if not scrubbed.  When she went to wash between her legs, she tried to raise herself slightly to get to her pussy.

“Oh no, that will never do, Barbie doll.  You cant really get that clean unless youre standing.  Now get up and show us how you clean that puss.”

Barbara struggled to rise and finally got to a standing position.  The tears were still streaming down her face as she began to pass the washcloth between her legs.

“Now you know you cant possibly reach it all, unless you spread those legs wide, you silly girl.  Get those legs spread.”

Barbara spread her legs as wide as she could, knowing and not even caring any more that she was exhibiting herself fully to her eager audience.  She proceeded to rub the cloth back and forth against her vagina, covering every inch of her slit several times, looking at Helen for some word that she had successfully completed her chore.

“Thats enough, nympho, we dont want you having an orgasm over this.  Now get out and Andy will dry you off.”

The defeated girl stepped out and Andy was there immediately with a large bath towel, and began rubbing her down from neck to toe.  Obviously he felt it necessary to rub her tits and between her legs with extra attention.  His attention to the back of her legs and her backside were equally vigorous, causing Barbara to cry out several times.

With Barbaras hair still sopping and stringy, Helen grabbed a pair of scissors and said, “Lets get this mop cut down to size now.  I hate long hair!”

Barbara was quick to interject, “Nnnn… Oh, please dont.  Ive never had it cut and Ill take care of it when its dry.”

“Hair down to your butt is very unattractive, Barbie.  Lets get it up here in a modified pageboy, shall we?”  With this she grabbed a hank of hair and began cutting.  When she had finished, Barbaras hair hung unevenly, barely below her ears.  She looked in the mirror and began weeping.

“I look like a boy,” she murmured sadly.

“Maybe above the neck, but below the neck youre all girl, baby,” muttered her step-mother, as she took one of her breasts in her hand and bobbled it.

“Now lets get to that other hair, little girl.  Theres not a lot there, anyway, but since you choose to act like a little spoiled child, I think you should look like one too, dont you?”

Barbara looked up at Helen in amazement, but could see by her determined look that there was no sense in pleading. 

“Now I want you to sit on that toilet seat, scootch forward, and be very still.  We wouldnt want to cut those nice fat lips on your pussy, would we?”

“I could do it, Mom.”

“No, Baby.  Let me do the cutting and then you can put the cream on to finish the job, Okay? Its a little delicate.  Ive been shaving mine, ever since your grandmother stopped doing it, just before I got married the first time.  And consider yourself lucky, Barbie Doll.  More than once she decided to pull the hair out with tweezers, and, believe me, that smarts.  My brothers used to love watching me get shaved.”

In a matter of two minutes she had cut off every hair covering Barbaras virgin slit.

“Now, Son, put those plastic gloves on and cover the whole area with this cream.  Be careful not to get any in between the outer lips though, OK?”

Andy got down on his knees in front of the toilet and just stared for the longest time.  Hed never seen one up this close, even in pictures, and he was fascinated.  His mother watched him with amusement, and did nothing to hurry him along. What he saw wasnt even particularly instructive, because Barbaras slit was just that, and he couldnt see any of the nice pink insides.

Barbaras face eventually turned slightly pink itself as his inspection went on and on.

Finally he dipped his finger in the jar and started dabbing the goo on what was left of the shorn hair.  At first it felt cool to Barbara, but then began getting warmer and warmer.  With a final dab Andy managed to rub a bit of it on Barbaras crinkled rectum, before he stopped.  Now the ointment was really beginning to heat up and Barbara was totally at a loss as to what to do.  She knew she couldnt wipe it off, and the heat was getting more and more intense.

“Oh, God, it hurts so much.  Please wipe it off.  Ill do anything.  Ohh, ohh, you put some on my back hole.  It burns, it burns.”

Andy remained planted between her legs, still staring with a wide dumb smile.

“In a couple of minutes, Barbie Doll.  It takes a little time to get to those roots.”

With that the phone rang and Helen went to answer it.  Barbara continued to moan and cry, to no avail until Helen came back into the bathroom several minutes later.

“Rub the cream off, Andy. After he gets you wiped off, go and get dressed, Barb.  That was the Seattle Police Department calling to say your father was hit by a car crossing the street and died on the way to the hospital.”


Chapter 5

The next few days were busy ones and, much to her relief, little was done to Barbara physically to make her life as miserable as it had been since her fathers marriage.  She was given numerous chores to do in getting the house clean, making meals, making beds ,etc., but she was generally left alone to silently mourn her fathers death.

They had returned from the cemetery, and the three of them were sitting in the living room quietly, when Helen announced, “OK.  Mourning periods over.  Barbie, get changed into your work clothes and get to work on scrubbing down those walls in Andys room.  Theyre a mess!”

Barbara looked at Helen as though she had just been slapped.

“I cant believe youd say that. My fathers dead and barely in the ground.  How can you be so cruel?”

“Well, I know you two werent that close.  I dont think he liked you very much, and I dont think you liked him much either.  So lets just get things rolling here.”

The tears started welling in Barbs eyes and she began to shake.

“I hate you, I hate you! Youre a bitch, and I hate you!”  With this she jumped up and ran crying into her room and flopped on the bed , burying her face in her pillow.

Helen waited a few minutes, as her rage built up and finally stormed into Barbaras room, sat on the bed, flipping Barbara over on her back and slapped her face as hard as she could.

The already weeping girl let out a shriek, and started balling her eyes out.

“Dont you ever speak to me like that again, you little bitch.  Nobody speaks to me like that, and especially an impertinent little hop-head.  Ive been good to you in the last few days, because I knew you were sad, but obviously you dont appreciate my efforts, so well go back to the way things were.  Forget Andys room for now.  I want you out in the living room stripped to the buff in two minutes.  You still have 40 strokes coming to you from the other day, and you just added another 50 for speaking to me the way you did.  Ill beat it out of you yet!”

Barbara did manage to make it out to the living room totally stripped, her bare slit reminding all three of them where theyd left off days before.

“I think that naked vagina looks great on you, Barbie dear, and from now on I want you to keep it shaved all the time.  I will check it out occasionally, and, if theres even the slightest feel of stubble, well get rid of it with the same treatment we used the other day, but well leave it on a lot longer.”

Barbara stood there awkwardly, with her hands folded behind her, waiting for someone to tell her what to do.  Her wait seemed like an eternity, as both Helen and Andy took in her delightful curves.  Finally Helen spoke.

“Ive noticed youve been putting on a little weight over the past week, little cocksucker.  So, before we have our little spanking session, Ive decided were going to have you do a bit of weight training and exercising.”

Barbara knew this was a lie. If anything she had lost weight, what with the work shed been doing around the house, and a number of meals shed missed by being sent to bed early without supper, as punishment for one thing or another.  She also knew she couldnt argue with her step-mother any more.

Helen had her start off with push-ups. Harmless, but tiring, after she had completed 50 of them.

Next, she had her bend over, touch her toes, and then return to a standing position.  Again, not bad but 50 of them was really getting to her.  Then came the one she was dreading, jumping jacks.  She knew this would show off every sexual feature she had.

One, two! One, two!  With each jump Barbaras breasts jerked up and down in a most exciting way, jiggling every which way, and her opening legs showed off the pinkness between her nether lips.  These she had to do 50 times, as well.  By this time she was totally exhausted, breathing heavily and gulping for air.

“Next, I think I want you to run in place for a while, and I want you to get those knees up to your chest.  Do you understand?”

“Yes maam, …but…could I…rest…for a…moment,…please?”, she gasped.

“No you may not.  This is a punishment session.  Some day youll learn not to speak to me the way you did.  Hopefully, this episode will help convince you.  Now run in place!”

So, gulping as much air as she could take in, Barabara began running in place.  This was not as embarrassing as the jumping jacks, but her breasts wobbled , juddered and swayed constantly, and both Helen and Andy laughed much of the time, commenting on her flopping boobs.  By the time she had run two minutes, she was so exhausted she sank to the floor, utterly worn out and panting laboriously.

“I guess weve about finished exercising for today, but dont think we wont have another one tomorrow, and Ill try to come up with some other fun ones to point out your best attributes.  Now, I have already been outside and saved you the trouble of having to find switches for your beating today.  I think I probably found some that are a little springier than the ones you got the other day. Oh, and by the way, were going to work on your front this time, jst to mix things up a little.”

It took a moment for Barbara to comprehend what Helen was saying, but when it finally sank in, a look of horror appeared, and she gasped out, “You wouldnt!”

“Oh, Im afraid so, Dearie.  Those big buds of yours are gonna feel a lot sorer when we finish up today.  And I think todays the day Andy wants to find out what it feel like to get a blow-job.  I understand youre an expert at the art of deep-throating.  Hmmm?”

The sobs came from deep in Barbaras gut, when she heard what she had begun to realize was going to be a living hell for her every day from now on, and tears once again started pouring down her cheeks.

“Stop with the goddam tears, bitch.  Youve got it easy.  When I was your age my father used to beat me with what he called a “groove strap”, whose sole purpose was to smack between the lips of my pussy, usually 20 or 30 times, and then hed turn me over and use it on my butt-hole.  Ill tell you it hurt to pee or crap for days after one of our sessions.  Course Im not averse to finding a nice thin leather belt, which ought to do the trick with you almost as well.”

With this she rose and grabbed Barbaras arm, yanking her up to her feet.

“Come here, Andy.  Im gonna need your help, Honey.”

Chapter 6


Andy jumped to help, as Helen got a strong hold on Barbaras arm.

“I think youll have to grab her arms from behind and hold on tight.  I dont think Miss Goody-Two-Shoes is gonna like this as much as we are.”

After Andy grabbed her from behind, Barbara started bucking and pulling, but with no success.

“Why are you doing this to me? I havent done anything”, she cried.

Helen got up close to Barbaras face and the fury and venom were evident in her piercing eyes.  “Theres that word again.  Thats 60 now plus the 50 for yelling at me and calling me a bitch.  Youre just a glutton for punishment, arent you?  Ill tell you why Im doing this.  Because youre a bad, bad girl and I will beat it out of you, eventually.”

With this, she took up the first switch, festooned with buds, and, with little aim, swung it against Barbs thigh, right above the knee.

Swish! Splat!  “Oh, God, please, please dont do this.  Ill try hard to be good.  I promise.”

“Too late, Sweetie.”  Swish! Splat!  Another sweep across her lower thigh and another cry from Barbara. 

The beating continued slowly up her legs, leaving ugly red splotches after each swat.  Helen was keeping close tabs on the number of hits she made, and had reached only fifteen, by the time she reached Barbs torso.

“This would be a good time to have the groove strap, but since we dont well just give your little bare pussy some extra swats to make up for it.”  So, for the next 25 switchings, she concentrated on her vaginal area.  Barbara was, at this point, trying to swing her hips sideways to avoid the biting whipping, but to no avail. Crying copiously, she even tried lifting her legs up, hoping to fall on the floor, but Andy had just enough strength to keep her upright.

“Oops!  Time to switch switches,” and Helen grabbed a fresh one from the table.  She spent ten of her quota, not that anybody else was counting, on Barbs stomach.  As she finished working high on Barbs abdomen, Helen said with a slight tremor in her voice, “60 to go, and theyre all saved for those cute bubbies of yours.  Hold real tight now, Andy.  I think were in for a bumpy ride.”

She swung the switch with full force and caught the lower part of Barbaras large nipple.

“Oh, my God, that hurts.  Please, please dont hit me there.  I cant stand it!”

“Youll just have to, sweetcakes.”  With this a hale of four more rapid swipes continued moving up and down her puffed areas.  Eventually Helen began smacking the upper slopes of Barbs breasts, as red mark after red mark started appearing where pink flesh had been.  Helen started down the breasts again, paying particular attention to the already darkening udder tips.  Barbara was, by now, almost hoarse, again, and her whimpers and pleas were being ignored as completely as her screams had been earlier. .

With 20 left to go, she stopped the switching and reached for some heavy string. 

“Theres one area we havent hit yet, and Ill bet Barbie Doll doesnt even know how sensitive it is.  You just thought those nips were tender, baby.  Just you wait!”

She began wrapping the string around the base of Barbs puffy left nipple.  A couple of wraps around and a tightening squeezed the skin below her nipple painfully into a deep indentation around the nipple edge.  Helen tied it off, swung the string around the back of Barbaras neck and over to the right breast.  A yank on the string suddenly pulled Barbs left teat up toward her face, so that it stood obscenely pointing toward the ceiling.  A similar tie around Barbaras right nipple had both nipples pointing awkwardly toward the ceiling, and the under parts of her breasts fully on view.

“Back to work, baby.”  She took up a new switch and began belaboring the newly exposed area, much to Barbaras total painful distaste.

“Aaarg!  Oh, its awful.  Please stop. Pleeease!”

But Helen continued switching the tender area until it was redder than any other area Helen had beaten.  She threw down the switch and moved over to peruse her work.  Barbaras front was covered form knees to shoulders with ugly splotches and a constant dark red hue over the full length of her front.  Helen commented on how attractive Barbaras tits were sticking up in the air that way, and how maybe they should contrive some kind of a bra that would emulate her current situation.

Much to Barbaras relief, Helen began untying the knots, in spite of the fact she was being as rough as she could in getting the knots out.  When she finished, Helen looked her victim in the eye and said viciously, “Now lets see how good you are at sucking cock, BITCH.  Andy, unzip and get your schlong out.  And you, cocksucker, get down on your knees.”

Chapter 7         

Andy let go of Barbara and began loosening his pants and pushing down on his underpants.  In a moment he was standing before his mother wearing nothing but his tee-shirt.

Barbara moved to Helen, grabbing her arms and begging, “Oh, please! Dont make me do this.  I dont like to do it, and its wrong.”

Helen slapped Barbara sharply against her right nipple, as she pulled away from her step-daughter. “Dont you ever grab me like that again, Dopey-girl.”

As Barbara reacted to the slap by backing away with a scream, Helen said, “I told you I was going to begin tutoring you.  Well, consider this your first lesson in sex education.  I know youve already had experience, but we learn by trying new shapes and sizes, dont we?”

Barbara backed away sobbing and looked at Andy, who was already in a state of semi-erection.

His penis was normal for a fourteen-year-old, around five inches long, perhaps a little thicker than average and circumcised.  He now took it in hand and began sliding it back and forth.

“Look good, Barbie?  Come to Papa.”

Barbara froze for a moment and then made a dash for the door, but Helen was ready for her.  She grabbed her arm and twisted it painfully behind her back, forcing Barb down to her knees.

Andy moved over to her quickly and pressed his now hardened penis against her mouth.  After a moment of resistance, Helens upward twist on her arm convinced her to open her mouth.

“Ill warn you this one time, bitch.  You bite my boy or even scrape your teeth against his nice prick and Ill break this arm. Got it?”  She twisted up a little more, when she received no answer.

“Essh…Ump,” was all Barbara could manage in response.  Andy began sawing his penis in and out of Barbs mouth, and, though it wasnt long enough to get down her throat, it still could reach the back of her mouth, causing her gag reflex to respond.

“Gaahk.  Slurp!  Gung!  Awkk! Ugggh.  Gawwk.”  These sounds continued to emanate from her mouth, and Andys ecstasy grew, as his slime-covered penis neared its explosion.  Not two minutes after Barbara had taken it in, it burst in full force, and though she swallowed a bit of it, most of it dripped slowly out of her lips and slid down her chin, plopping onto her breast.

“Andy, you didnt have much staying power, Honey.  Well have to try it again in a bit, so Barbie can see how it is to work on it for a while.  But the next time, Sweetie, and she twisted Barbs arm cruelly, I dont want to see a drop come out of your mouth.  Youve got to learn how to swallow it all, just the way I had to with my brothers.”

Andy, whose prick was rapidly losing its hardness, immediately pointed out that he was ready to go right now, if it was okay with Helen.  She nodded her head and pushed Barbaras up close to Andys semi-hardon.  Barbara resignedly opened her mouth, and blow-job # 2 began. 

This one was no easier for her than the first.  She could feel her step-brothers erection growing as she sucked, and shortly she was back to feeling it reach the back of her mouth again.

“Eckkh.  Slosh. Gawwp.  Goog.  Glurg.“  There was no letup, and the sucking went on, endlessly, she thought, as his penis savored the spit and coughed-up slime that came with her choking.

As his climax grew near, Andy grabbed her head between his two hands, and held it jammed up against his lips.  “Hawgg.  Gaock!  Uchheegch!”

Finally, the moment came, and a huge spurt of sour-tasting sperm came spewing into her mouth. As her mouth filled with the slimy substance, she knew she must do something, and opening her mouth wasnt one of her options, so she finally, at the very last moment, when her mouth could hold no more,  swallowed.  The urge to vomit hit her almost immediately, but she was able to force it back down her throat.

Andy held her head with a full mouth of penis until well after he completed his climax, savoring the feel of her mouth.  Finally he released her.  She pulled back coughing and sputtering.  Helen released her arm and moved over to the couch and sat.

“The second one was much better, little bird-brain, but I can see we need a lot more practice before we get this thing perfected.  Dont you agree, Andy, Honey?”

Andy moved to sit beside her, leaving Barbara coughing and moaning sadly on the floor.

“Uh, yeah, Mom.  I think so,” he said dumbly.

“OK, Barbie Doll.  Go wash your tit off, gargle with some mouthwash and come back here immediately.  Were not done yet.”

Barbara, weeping once again, pulled herself up and slunk into her bathroom.    

Chapter 8

When she returned to the living room, Barbara stood in all her naked nubile glory as she presented herself to her mistress and her son.  Her shoulders sagged, and she clasped her hands in front of her, not to hide anything, God knows, but because she was ill at ease.

“Stand at attention, bitch!  Didnt I tell you about covering that pussy of yours, after all the trouble we went to to make it look so cute.”

Barbara scurried to put herself at attention.

“Now, I am still very upset with you for yelling at me and calling me a bitch…”

“Im really sorry.  I shouldnt have and I apol…”

Dont you ever interrupt me, you bad girl.  You see, Andy, she hasnt improved a bit.  Well, were going to take care of that right now.  When was the last time you had an enema, Barbie?”

“Uh, Ive never had one, Maam.”

“Well, another new experience for you.  Arent we full of fun things to do?  Into the bathroom, now!  You probably want to watch this, too, Andy.  Barbies about to show you what shes going to look like when she gets pregnant.  I dont expect thatll be for some time, though, if we use proper precautions.”

Barbara and Andy were standing in the bathroom waiting, Barbara still stark naked, and Andy still unable to keep from staring, when Helen came in with a large enema bag.

She went to the sink and filled it with lots of soap and hot water, but, this time, she was kind enough to mix in some cold water with it.  Screwing on the top, she smiled and exclaimed, “There we go.  I think two quarts ought to be about right.  Bend over, Dumbo, and hold onto the sides with your hands.  Andy, do you want to do the honors?”

Andy acknowledged and sank to his knees with the nozzle.

“Spread those legs, you stupid girl, so Andy can see where to stick it.  Wider, for Gods sake!”

When Barbara had gotten her legs spread as far apart as she could, Andy smiled up at his mother and began moving the nozzle back and forth between Barbaras spread vaginal lips, back and forth, back and forth, as Barbara sighed in humiliation and gathering fear.

Finally Helen said with a smile, “No, Sweetie, youll need the back hole.  I guess you need an anatomy lesson, dont you.  Ill bet Barbie Doll would be happy to show you where and what everything is, after we finish this little punishment.  Now, because this is a punishment, I dont think we will lubricate the nozzle.  Lets let Barbie suffer a little for a change.”

Suddenly Andy found the crinkled hole and pressed forward with gusto.

“Oww, Ooo.  Not so hard, pleeease.”  But Andy continued pushing hard and finally her rectum gave and opened.  As the nozzle sank further and further into her bowels, Barbara began to weep, feeling the pressure of an external object sticking in her for the first time.

When the nozzle had sunk in to its end, Helen released the catch and the soapy water began to flow into her step-daughters bowels.  At first there was no vocal response from Barb, but, only a minute later, she began to feel the water filling her and the cramps began in earnest.

“Ohh, its burning me.  Please take it out.  Ohh, it hurts.  Oh, please, no more.”

But the enema continued, and Barbaras cramps became stronger and stronger.

“I have to go, I have to go.  Please, please, now, now, Owwoo, no, oh Im sorry, Im sorry.  I didnt mean to say that word, please.”

But you did say it, bad girl.  Well just have to start keeping a list.  But thats 20 to start off your next whipping.”

By the time the enema bag had emptied, Barbara was down on her knees, still hanging onto the side of the wash basin, and moaning and crying.  But that was just the first quart.  Helen refilled the bag and hung it back on a hook.  The clamp was loosened and soon Barbara was in agony, feeling the second bags contents force their way into her stomach.  Finally the second bag slurped to a finish.  

Please let me go to the bathroom, now, please!”

“No, no.  We have to wait ten minutes. Those are the rules.  I remember one time my mother made me wait twenty minutes.  I was all sweaty and weak by the time she finally let me sit down on the john.  Now, stand up, so we can see the new Barbie.”      

Barbara tried to straighten up and pull herself up on her two legs, but since no one was helping her, she had to inch her way up, every inch causing unbearable stomach pains.  Eventually she was able to stand, in a slightly hunched-over position. Her whole front ached, not only from the enema, but the thrashing she had gotten earlier.  Glancing in the mirror she could see that her front, especially her breasts, looked as though she had a very bad sunburn. She also noticed that her belly stuck out as if she were in her fourth or fifth month of pregnancy and glistened, the skin was so tight.

“See, Andy, her stomach looks like shes preggers.  Feel how full her stomach feels now.”

Andy couldnt wait to rub his hand roughly over Barbaras protrusion, adding to her discomfort.

Ten long minutes later Helen finally gave permission to remove the plug, and Andy did it as slowly as possible.  Barbara barely made it to the toilet before the flood began, and she sighed with relief as the liquid poured out. She, indeed, had begun sweating, in spite of her nakedness and was so totally wiped out by the experience, all she wanted to do was lie down and sleep.  Naturally Helen had other plans! 

“Come on, Dolly. Its time for some show and tell.  Poor Andy needs a lesson in female anatomy.”

Tired and beaten down, Barbara trudged into the living room, led by her two nemeses.  When they arrived, Helen told Barbara to sit in the big stuffed armchair, Andy to sit on the floor right next to Barbie and she would, as instructor, stand a few feet in front of the chair.  Barbara, whose front was still smarting from the whipping shed received, sat gingerly awaiting instructions.

“Now then, Miss Dope-fiend, were going to start at the top and work our way down your body, explaining to Andy what part each has in sexual participation, and showing him, as much as we can.  Sit up!  First, the mouth.  What do we use it for in sex?”

Barbara resignedly whispered, “What I did earlier.”

“God damn it, Barbie, do you want another whipping right now?”

“Nnn, I dont, Maam,” was Barbaras sullen whispered answer.

“Then you better straighten up, stop feeling sorry for yourself, answer my questions fully and with some energy.  Im right in the mood to give you another 50 on your front.”

Barbara reluctantly perked up.

“First of all, there are less sexual things you do with your mouth, arent there.”

“Well theres kissing.”

Exactly!  And what kinds?”

“On the lips and with… tongues.”  “Right! Now demonstrate both with Andy.”

As repugnant as the thought was, she leaned forward to kiss Andy, who grabbed her neck, pulled her forward, locked lips and stuck his tongue deep into her mouth. After rolling his tongue around her mouth for nearly thirty seconds, he pulled away and looked up at his mother.

“Shes not sticking her tongue in my mouth, Mom!” 


Andy locked on again and this time let Barbara do all the work.  He finally pulled back.

“I guess he doesnt need a demonstration of a regular kiss,” said his mother laughing. “And what was the other thing you were mentioning before, Barbie, and youd better be specific and use the right words.  Or else!”

“Sssucking …on a mans thing… his ppppenis.”

“And that can include licking and sucking his balls and his ass-hole, cant it?”

Barbara, who had never even thought of such a thing before answered quietly, “Yes Maam.”

“Lets move down to those yummy tits of yours, now.  What are they for?”

“To feed babies milk.” 

“That is not the sexual function of your boobs.  What is it, dummy?”

“For men to suck on, I guess.”  “You guess!  You know!  Shes forgotten, Andy. Show her.”

Andy jumped to his knees and grabbing one of her breasts, popped the nipple in his mouth.  Barbara was totally chagrinned and closed her eyes to shut the greedy sucker from her sight.

Soon, he had pulled in as much of her breast as he could get in his mouth, and was biting and sucking as hard as he could.  The pain on her reddened tit from her earlier whipping came back to haunt her.  Then while he had the one breast buried in his mouth, he grabbed the other in his hand and began squeezing it roughly.  Barbara let out a yell, and Andy pulled off.

“So, we know a tit can be a nice toy to play with and suck on, right?”

“Now, moving on down, Barbie, sweetie, I want you to prop each leg up on an arm of the chair and scootch forward until your butt is right on the edge of the chair front.  Thats it.”

Barbara was so embarrassed by this blatant exhibition that she moved her hand in front of her eyes to shut out the lewd ostentation.  Her vagina was completely open, to the point that one could see, not only the outer and inner lips, but the entrance to her cervix.

“Poor Barbies embarrassed, so Ill carry on from here.  See these fat lips out here,” said Helen leaning in to touch them. They protect these inner lips and the rest of the vagina, Andy.  Theyre very sensitive.  Go on and feel all of them.  Thats good.  Now this is the hole where a man sticks his penis.  As a matter of fact, while were here….”  With this she took her index finger and stuck it as far in the hole as she could.  Removing it, she said, “Well, she didnt lie about that, anyway.  She is definitely a virgin.  Stick your finger in until you hit the barrier. Thats her hymen.  There you go.  Not only do women like to be felt up on their pussy, and fuck men with it, but one of the greatest feelings in the world for a woman is to have her pussy licked .  See this hood up here?  If you flip that a little you see that little nubbin that shines like a pearl, thats her clitoris, or clit for short, and thats the most sensitive part in a womans body, usually.  Suck on that for a while and youll drive a girl crazy.  We dont want you doing it right now, cause were not looking for Barbie to enjoy herself too much today.”  Barbara was mortified by the time they had finished.

“Finally, you know all about the asshole, but did you know that not only can you give a girl an enema through it, but a man could stick his prick in it, just like  her vaginal hole.  Most girls dont like it at first, because the hole is so small a man usually has to force it in, but a woman eventually can get used to it.  If you want to, Ill let you try that tomorrow, but right now Im starved.  Lets go to the kitchen and get something.  Barbie Doll, Im disappointed in your demonstration abilities, and I think well just send you to bed without supper again.  Itll help take off some of that fat.  Goodnight!”

Helen and Andy left the room discussing what he had learned, though there really wasnt much of it that he didnt already know.  Barbara was so tired and depressed, she dragged her legs down from her lewd exposure, stood and ambled to her bed.  She didnt even bothering to put on her nightgown.  She pulled back the covers, crawled in and was sound asleep within a minute.

Chapter 9  


The doorbell rang, and Helen answered it to find the county Sheriff standing there, and, behind him, Barbara with a small suitcase in her hands.  She was dressed in a tee-shirt and short shorts.  It was obvious that she was without a bra, as her prominent nipples stuck out in all their glory like beacons.  The big difference in her appearance was a confident smile, a “gotcha” smile, which exuded the first self-assurance that Helen had seen in the little time theyd known each other.

“Hello, Ben.  Come on in.  I see you found our little truant.  Where was she?”

The three of them sat, before Ben answered.  “We found her thumbing a ride down on route 69, Helen.  I told her I was glad we got to her before some nasty guy picked her up and did God-awful things to her.”

“Oh, Im so glad you did, Ben.  Dressed the way she is, she was just inviting trouble.”

“Well, before I go any further, Helen, I have to tell you shes leveled some pretty serious charges against you.  I need to ask you a few questions.”

“Why, certainly, Ben.  What in the world is she saying?”

“First off, she says you beat her.  Did you?”

“Well I did spank her and whipped her with switches, Ben, but I believe both are legal to use with children in this county, arent they?  I tell you, Ben, she has been nothing but trouble for the last two weeks.  Now I know its been a trying time for her, and Ive tried hard to be a mother and companion to her, what with her fathers death and all, but its been hard for me, too.  Married just two days before hes gone.”  Helens eyes filled with tears.

“Its true.  Spanking and switches are legal here.  I thought you had actually beat her, the way she was talking.”

Barbara tried to interject, “But she switched ….”

“Did she tell you she was recently kicked out of high school for smoking marijuana on school grounds?”

“No she didnt.  Is that true, young lady?”

“Yes but I only…”

“Her father was just mortified, but I said I would home-school her until we could get things straightened out.”

“Thats real nice of you, Helen.  Now, there were a few other charges shes made. Fairly serious charges.  For instance, she claims you made her perform oral sodomy on your son.”

“Oh, Barbara, dear, how could you say such a thing?  Oh, Ben, she lies at the drop of a hat.  Youve known me how long, fifteen years?  Could you possibly believe I would ever do such a thing?  Oh, you are so hateful, Barbara. Im just so embarrassed.”

“I have to say, when I saw it was you living here, I began to have my doubts about her story.  Youre just not the type, Helen.”

At this point, the self-assuredness left Barbara, and she lowered her head and began to cry.

“She also said you gave her a couple of enemas.  Is that right?”

“Yes, I did.  I dont know whether it was the wedding and funeral so soon after, but she started having terrible trouble with regularity, and all I was trying to do was help her.  She just doesnt appreciate anything I do for her, Ben.  I tell you, Im about at my wits end.”

“And the last claim she made was that you gave her an enema yesterday and followed up by letting your son commit anal sodomy on her.  I dont suppose thats true either.”

“Oh, Barbara, sweetie, how can you lie like that?  What have I done to make you turn against me so?”

Helen leaned in to Ben and very confidentially said, ”I truly believe shes a little psychotic, Ben.  She comes up with these amazing stories all the time, but this is the first time shes tried to implicate me. Im also tempted to check out her IQ level. And Im not sure she hasnt gotten into some more serious drugs along the way.  Sometimes she just gets wacky.”

“Well, I hope you can straighten her out.  Shes a pretty girl.  But she sure needs counseling, and knowing you, I know youll find a way.  Sorry to bother you, Helen.”

“Thanks, Ben.  Oh, and I havent had a chance to congratulate you on your election to sheriff.”

“Thanks.  I have to tell you, your financial contributions and campaigning sure helped us a lot.”

Ben looked over at Barbara, who had almost curled into a fetal position.  “Now you better learn to behave, young lady.  Next time we catch you out on the road like that, Ill have to run you in for vagrancy, and you may just get sent to that girls reformatory over in Ashley.  You dont want to end up there.  I hear the attendants are real tough on those girls.  So you straighten up, you hear!”

And he was gone.  Helen turned to Barbara, who remained curled up, sobbing now, knowing her luck had run out.

“So, BITCH, you almost got away, didnt you?  Well, You wont have another chance, I can tell you that.  Get those clothes off now.”

Barbara hurried to comply, not wanting to incur her step-mothers wrath any more than she already had.  She jumped up and shucked out of her tee-shirt, the shorts and her panties.  Helen grabbed them up and held them in front of Barbaras face.

“Take a good look, sweetie, cause this is the last youre gonna see of em, or any of your other clothes.  Im putting every piece of clothing you own in a box and locking it in the attic. From now on youll be running around the house naked as a jay-bird 24 hours a day. Lets see you go outside without any clothes on, especially with fall right around the corner.”

“And a few things more.  You will get a beating at least once every day, just on principle, and I may even start using a paddle, who knows.  I will begin tutoring you tomorrow in all your courses, and youd better get decent grades.  Somehow I dont think you will, cause Im a pretty tough grader.  One more thing to punish you for, huh.  Oh, and we need to continue Poor Andys sex education.  Hes woefully ignorant of the most basic facts.”

Barbara just stood there with the tears streaming down her face, dripping onto her boobs, and she began to moan in a low wail.

“Now, lets get you into the bathroom.  ANDY, stop eating your sandwich, honey and come on in the bathroom. I need your help.  Barbaras back, and she needs another enema bad!   I think well try 2 ½ quarts this time.”





Getting To Know Step-Mother


Chapter 1

For the next few days, Barbs miserable life continued much as before, except now she was receiving her prescribed one spanking a day, with additional ones thrown in for any number of transgressions, most contrived by her step-mother, but many for made-up misdeeds conjured up by Andy.  The rule was that if Andy found the fault he got to give the spanking, so he looked for any opportunity to see a violation where there was none.  Barbs rear end was a constant shade of bright red, and, of course, always in view, since she was now expected to be naked at all times, and her face exhibited a steady stream of tears through much of the day.

“Oh, Barbie, I asked you nicely to get the spot out of my jeans over an hour ago, and its still there.  You dont seem to pay attention to anything I ask you to do.  Bad Barbie!”

“But sir, I was outside cutting the grass.  I couldnt hear you out there.”

“You just werent listening hard enough, Barbie.  Come over here and get your spanking.  NOW!”

Barb hesitated a moment, then crossed to Andy as Helen moved into the living room to watch. Her tears began flowing before she placed herself over Andys lap.  Her bright red behind, which had just received its daily prescribed dose an hour earlier, looked as though it couldnt get any redder.  Andy was about to prove that thought wrong, but, before he began, he ordered her to spread her legs for him.  When she did, his hand dipped between her legs to pinch and pull on her protruding outer lips.  He received great pleasure in hearing Barbara moaning and pleading and hearing her sobs increase.  Soon he moved his hand forward to stimulate her clitoris, long enough for it to protrude from under the hood so that he could grab it between his thumb and index finger and twist.

Barbara screamed and rose up from Andys lap, but his grip on the nubbin was enough to hold her in place.  When he finally tired of tormenting his step-sister, he released her clit, bringing his hand up and smacking it down on Barbies sore buttock with all his might.  Barb swore out loud for the very first time.

“Oh, shit!  Oh, pleeeease dont spank me, Andy.  Im already so sore. Pleeease!”

“Its Master to you, Barbie-doll, and, because you said a bad word,  Im going to double the punishment.  40 spanks.  How about that?”

“Good for you, Andy.  Little girls who use bad words deserve extra punishment, and, when youre finished I think a little soap-in-the-mouth is call for.  Bad Barbie!”

And so the punishment went on and on, and Barbaras seat got darker and darker, as she began crying so hard she started hiccupping.  Her legs were flying about as though she was swimming the butterfly stroke, until, still hiccupping, and sobbing she collapsed on Andys lap.  Andy, who had reached the 40th blow to her buttocks, thought at first that she had fainted, but the fact that she was still moaning told him she was a step beyond pain.

He pushed her to a standing position and checked to see the damage.  The mere touch of one of her buttocks brought more tears and another shriek.  Helen grabbed her arm and pulled her into the bathroom.  Grabbing a bar of soap, she demanded that Barbara open wide.  When she finally did, Helen forced the bar deep into her mouth and ordered Barbara to bite down on it.  Barb did as ordered and was instructed to hold it there until Helen gave her the okay to release it.  It was almost a minute later, during which time Barbara had been forced to swallow a number of times, before Helen let her spit the soap out. 

“You are not to rinse your mouth out.  Do you understand?”

Barb grimaced and swallowed more of the soapy deposit in her mouth.

“Now, its time for todays lesson.  Lets start with math, shall we?  Oh, I almost forgot.  Andy has fixed up a nice chair for you to sit on, and I know how naked you feel without a bra, so I fixed one for you.  Here, put it on.”

Barbara looked at the bra, and she noticed immediately that it was a couple of sizes too small, but, besides that, Helen had sewn netting into both cups with about twenty thumb-tacks in each cup protruding inward.  Barbara started to shy from it, but Andy grabbed her arms from behind and Helen placed the bra over her breasts and hooked the back.  Barbara screamed at the pain being driven into her tender breasts, especially her puffy nipples.  The fact that the bra was too small meant that her breasts poked out well above the upper edges of the bra, making her look much bustier than normal, as well as making the pressure being caused by the tight fit giving her much more pain.  It felt as though she was being stung by a swarm of bees, over and over.  Helen checked the fit by pressing various spots on the bra, bringing wails from the beleaguered girl.

Then Helen showed her the chair Andy had fixed for her.  It was a regular wooden kitchen chair, but in the center of the seat, sticking up, was a wooden dowel, approximately 1 ½ inches in diameter and almost six inches long.  Barb tried to run away, but Andy and Helen each grabbed an arm, and as she screamed at the top of her lungs, they pushed her down to the dowels top.  Helen placed Barbaras little rosebud directly over the dowel and she and Andy pushed down very slowly until Barbara was firmly seated on the chair.

“Now, between the bra and the chair, I dont think Ill have to worry about your mind wandering, will I, Barbie-honey?  Now, lets turn your book to page 42.”

The chair and bra became a regular part of the curriculum, whenever Barbie had any of her schooling, except for the sex education classes.  When the bra was released after each study session, Barb could see that usually it had just left deep depressions all over her breasts, and especially her nipples.  Occasionally she could see where a tack or two had broken the skin and a few drops of blood had appeared.

About a week after she started being required to appear nude throughout the day, Helen told Barbara that she had a handyman coming to do some work on the house, and, so that his attention wouldnt be diverted to watching a naked girl running around the house, she was to go to her room.  After she had entered, Helen closed the door and slipped the bolt on the lock on the outside of the door.  Barb heard some hammering and such while the workman was there, but was glad to be out from under Helens constant sadistic supervision.  Several hours later she was allowed out of her room, and the cruelty returned, and she forgot the episode.

Chapter 2

A week or so later Helen called Barbie into the living room, where she found her two tormentors waiting.  She could tell by the sparkle in their eyes that whatever was about to happen was not going to be to her liking.  Barb stood before Helen with her hands clasped behind her back, as she had been recently instructed to stand before either of them whenever she was being addressed.  This, of course, left her breasts and her hairless pussy open for inspection or torment, much to her embarrassment.

“Barbie, honey, you are overdue for your next sex education lesson, which is especially important for teenage girls.  I hope you know by now that you must be very obedient and make no fuss about a little pain.  Sex education for girls is no fun.  It involves hard training.  The most important things for a young girl to remember are cleanliness, elegance, endurance and willpower.  Your primary concern, however, must be obedience.  Are you ready to begin the next step in your sexual education?”

Tears began to form in Barbs eyes, as she realized that whatever was about to happen was going to be very painful, but her answer would have to be the one she gave for everything nowadays.

“Yes, maam.”

“Then we start at the small ottoman over here.  Now, sit down on the edge…No, you stupid girl…sit on the short side…Now, lie on your back.”

Reluctantly Barbie did as she was instructed, placing her arms beside her on the ottoman.  She began to tremble slightly as she awaited the next order.

“Stretch your arms above your head, silly girl…yes…so you really show off those ugly tits of yours.  Thats a nice view, isnt it, Andy?”

“Yeah.  The tiny nipples at the end of her boobies are erect, too!”

“Thats because all teenage girls like to show them off.”

Barb was totally embarrassed and turned her head to the side to avoid having to look at the leers on their faces.  She pressed her legs together, afraid of what was to follow.

“Okay, dopey-girl, I want you to raise your legs up toward the ceiling…quickly, bitch…now spread them as far as you can…farther! far apart as you can get them…Oh, come on, you can do better than that.”

With that Helen crossed to the ottoman, grabbed Barbaras ankles and yanked them a few inches further apart, drawing a screech from her prone victim.

“Come on Barbie, you can do better than that.  Thats nothing, especially for a sixteen-year-old schoolgirl, who used to be a cheer-leader.  Spread em more!  Further!”

Barbara tried with all her strength to spread her legs further, but they were already aching.  She could feel her pussy lips spread slightly, and, the outer lips showing the slightest tinge of pink between them.  Her face showed several shades pinker than usual, as she realized how exposed she was.

“You can be quite sure I will not tolerate such a poor performance.  How can Andy learn how to handle girls, if he thinks they are as disobedient as you and have difficulty showing off their pussies?  You are really asking for it, girl!  Its time to say hello to the groove strap!”

“Im trying, maam.  Im doing my best.  I cant spread them any more. Please, maam.”

Her legs ached terribly now, and she tried to open her legs another half inch, without success.

“Ive really had enough of your sass, young lady.  Back talk during a sex education session while lying on your back will double your punishment.  I planned to give you 5 slaps between your legs…after a few test slaps…since its your first time, but now youve earned ten!”

“Oh, nnnn…Please, Im sorry, maam, really I am.”

“Its too late, girl…Now, be brave…We begin with the test strokes.  If you take them like a good girl, holding your position and make no unladylike noise, your training can start soon, and the “little helpers” can stay in the cupboard….You get one test stroke for each of your teenage years….Well start with you counting the smack to match each of your teenage years.  So well start with thirteen.  Understood, Barbie?”

The tears began to roll down the sides of her face as she acknowledged Helens orders.

“After you call out the number I want you to beg, Please make me learn how to spread my legs as I should in order to become an obedient girl.  And after each stroke I want you to strain to open your legs a bit more.”

Helen positioned herself in front of the demoralized young girl, who was so very aware that Andy had snuck up behind his mother and both were now peering down at her open pussy.  Helen grasped the groove strap, a thin rigid leather belt in her left hand.  She looked directly in her young charges eyes.

“Are you ready for your sexual training, girl?”

“Yes, maam.”

“Then start begging!”

With a satisfied smile on her face, Helen whipped the groove strap between Barbs open legs.


It was a light stroke, but the groove strap landed exactly where Helen aimed, between the open lips of the virgins slit.  After a split second of shock Barbara screamed out, “Oww, Ooo…Not so hard, please…Ohh…ooo, my pussy is burning…Oh, please…. THIRTEEN!...Please make me learn how to spread my legs so I may become an obedient girl! Oh, ooo..I cant stand it.”

Barbs long legs dropped down to the floor, and she pressed her legs together to hide her pussy.

“Dont press those legs together, you stupid girl.  Now, get them back up in the air and spread them wide, little bitch!  This was just a virgin-like light stroke, just to give you an idea and open up that pussy all the way for the real strokes.  Your pussy is still too close set.  I want to see everything before were finished.  Now, get those legs up in the air again, and spread them!”

The sobbing girl pointed her feet toward the ceiling again, but fearfully opened her legs only partway.  “Whats this lesson all about, young lady?”

Barbara whispered her answer.  “…about how a teenage girl should spread her legs obediently, Maam”…”


“Then DO SO, quickly, bitch!”  Her right hand came out to slap Barbs leg with a loud smack.

Barbara obeyed quickly, opening her legs to the limit.

“Andy, you can help our little bitch-in-training by standing over Barbie-dolls head, and maybe you could put something in her mouth to quiet her down.  I know shed appreciate having something else to concentrate on while were teaching her to spread her legs.  She has to stay on her back until told otherwise and to point her feet to the ceiling… and keep them spread!  Barbie, open your legs even a bit more.  When you feel the pain on your pussy, youll know its far enough.  DO YOU UNDERSTAND?”

In the meantime, Andy was unzipping his fly and removing his hard penis.

With tears streaming, Barbara muttered a “Yes, maam.”

“After Andy inserts and lets you suck on his nice big prong, there will be no teeth involved. If you bite him or rub your teeth against his penis, I swear your cunt will disappear after I finish with it.  UNDERSTOOD!

As Andy began dipping it between her lips, Barb shook her head violently to let Helen know she understood.

“Then lets continue begging for the test strokes!”

“Foueen…pease maake meee leawn hw t sled m les so I maaay com oedint girl.”


Again, the groove strap landed on Barbies virgin pussy.  This time it seemed as if the small end of the thin leather belt penetrated a little bit of her girlish slit.


Barb had no choice but to keep lying on her back, as Andy sawed his prick in and out of her mouth, but again she closed her thighs without permission, and her feet fell to the floor for the second time.

“Pease, can sand t, hussy hurs so uch….PEEASE!”

“But, as a young girl you must learn to bear such strokes.  Believe me, young lady, you are not the first girl to receive such strokes.  My father and mother used to use the strap on me regularly.”

“God, Mom, this is great!  My dick goes in further this way, and her mouth is so wet.  WOW!”

“Peease…peease don it e so har.  Gaaack.  Urk.”

“Stop arguing, Barbie!  That wasnt even a medium stroke, because Ive been taking into consideration that youre still a virgin, but you have to get used to a little pain between your legs…and as a girl gets older, her pain tolerance has to develop, until she is finally ready for sex.  So the strokes will get a little harder as we proceed…so dont waste my time, you little prick-tease, and get back in position.  Spread those legs, girly!”

Helen waited until the girl was back in the ordered position.  Her eyes were extremely frightened as she stared around Andys sawing penis into her step-mothers cold eyes.

“Now then, what can I do for you?”

“Fifeen…pease mae me ler ow t sred m les so ah mae com a beient gir.”


As the young girls pussy had swollen a bit from the previous strokes and because of her widely spread legs, her pussy had opened a little bit.  As a result, the groove strap was able to dip a little deeper, and, this time, it really penetrated Barbies pussy.


Despite the extreme pain Barb managed to keep her arms stretched behind her head and remained on her back with Andys help, but she again closed her legs, though she had the presence of mind to keep her legs extended in the air this time.  This time, however, she not only pressed her thighs together, but she crossed her legs, trying to hide her young pussy from her stepmother.

“Pease…pease…I behing yo.  Can sta any ore!”

“No Missy, we will continue with your sex training for disobedient young girls, thats for sure.  You little prick-teasers like to have your pussy fingered and your boobs sucked…being fucked is just the next step.  And Missy, I will decide if, when, and by whom you get deflowered!  You will have absolutely no say in the matter.  IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?”

A very quiet,“Es, ma.”  Barbara sobbed and continued crossing her legs to hide her virgin slit.  Andy decided her tits were just too luscious looking and took that moment to reach down and squeeze both of them.

“Aieeee.  Oooouuu.”

“Barbie, Im sure Andy would relish having a little doctor/patient play with his step-sister, but well save that for later…just open your legs WIDE and Ill have a little look at your pussy.”

The fear and despair in Barbies eyes was palpable.  Slowly she spread her legs wide until she felt her step-mothers hand on her aching pussy.  Again she crossed her legs, trapping Helens hand.

“Are you insane, you silly bitch?  How can I examine your slit, if you dont keep your legs spread?”

Barbie opened her legs to shoulder width, fighting her urge to pull them down.

“I suppose youve never had an OB-GYN exam, have you, young lady?”

Barbara shook her head no.

“Thats another argument for the need for sex education for teenage girls…Pain or the fear of pain doesnt allow a girl to hide her pussy.  Neither at the doctors or at home…So, whats wrong with your pussy, Missy!”

“Burs smuh, Can sand ih.”

Barbie began sobbing again, as Helen examined her pussy thoroughly, causing heavy tears from the sixteen-year-old.

“Your pussy is now nice and tender, just as a girls pussy should be!  It seems ready for the true sex education.  Its a little bit red in the middle of the slit and your nice plump outer lips are a pretty shade of crimson, and your pussys starting to heat up.  Nothing to worry about, Barbie.  It will be best if Andy and I keep an eye on the state of your pussy during your training.  Sadly I have to admit that your behavior during the first test strokes was very poor for a girl in her mid-teens.  Be brave and really strain to open your legs after the last test blow.  Convince me that youre old enough to submit to your sex education for teen girls of your own free will, and the “little helpers” can stay where they are. OK?”

“I ty ma …”

“Self-control and endurance are most important for any teenage girl, and you should be ashamed of making such a fuss about a few strokes, Missy…Not to worry, though, Im sure that by the time todays training is over you will be able to really spread your legs.  So, lets finish the test strokes, shall we?...Get into position, Barbie.  Thats it!”

Barb closed her eyes as the tears continued to flow, and spread her legs once again.  Andy was now rapidly sinking his prick into Barbs mouth, as it became obvious he was approaching an orgasm.  Helen was pleased to notice that her step-daughters red pussy lips had opened up a bit more, enough to force the groove strap deep into her pussy.

“And how old is our disobedient school-girl now?”

Barbara looked confused as she peered through her legs at her step-mother, who was readying the groove strap for the next blow.  She finally realized why she was being asked her age.

“Siseen…pease mae me len ow t sped m les, so ah mae ecom edien gir.  Ohhh…”


Helen had struck much harder this time and aimed a little bit higher to really drive the painful message home.  The groove strap showed its full potential to the young girl for the first time.  It dipped deep between the slit, and this time Barbies pussy was penetrated to the fullest.  This time the strap also opened the girls inner lips.  The end of the powerful strap licked hard against her clitoris.


Barb immediately howled, putting her right hand between her legs to comfort her pussy.  It was a most unladylike picture she was presenting, and Helen smiled.

At that moment Andy shot his load into Barbies mouth, and after a moment of quiet bliss, while she tried mightily to swallow everything, he pulled his penis out of her mouth with a huge sigh.

The teenager slowly spread her legs and clasping her pussy between both hands, rocked back and forth.

“Stop diddling yourself at once, girl.  Hands away from your pussy, you ungrateful little bitch!”

Not wishing to anger her step-mother any more, Barbara removed her hands from her pussy and placed them above her head.

“Thats not fair.  You hit my…my…”

“Andy, Barbie-doll is too stupid to name the most girlish part of her body.  Maybe you can help her out.” Helen laughed.

“Its her clit!  You hit her clit, Mom!,” Andy answered proudly as he pulled his pants back up.

“Was Andy right?  Did I finally open your pussy up to start your sex education, girly?”

“Yes, you hit my…clit.  That hurt worse than anything youve done before…”

“Good.  Now youre ready for your ongoing sex education for disobedient teen girls.”

“Oh, please, maam.  I cant take any more.  Pleeease, maam.”

“Well, you have to. And you should be thankful to Andy and me for all the work weve put in, just to teach you what every girl your age should know without making such a fuss about spreading your long legs and presenting your young pussy!”

“But I never thought that sex would mean so much pain.”

“Well, thats why you are overdue for sex education for girls.  This training is supposed to get you ready for what you will feel when you lie on your back, spread your legs and are penetrated by a large penis in your virgin pussy.  This training is all about keeping your slutty legs open when youre supposed to…and to ignore the pain for the pleasure of the man!  But the test strokes really proved that you arent strong enough to endure your sex training without some help.  So, please beg me to help you with the rest of your sex training. Missy.”

”Oh, nnnn…please…I cant…”

“Thats it, little bitch, now Im really angry….!”

“Im sorry, maam…I really am…sorry….Please help me to endure my sex education!”

“All right, while Im preparing the “little helpers,” I want you to go to the toilet, take a shower, fix your make-up, make yourself fresh, and put on what I laid out for you on your bed.”

Chapter 3

A half hour later Barbie appeared, looking like the worst kind of harlot.  Helen had provided her with a pair of black patent high heels, five inches high, silly school-girl knee-length stockings, a black shiny mini-skirt, which reached midway to her crotch, showing her entire blood-red outer pussy lips and a matching black vest, which didnt quite cover either of her nipples.  Barbie felt more naked than she had when she was entirely nude.  The heels were giving her real problems, as shed never worn anything higher than two inches.  Her embarrassment was obvious by the shade of pink her face had turned as she faced her tormentors.

“Well, look at our little runway model.  All dressed up and no place to go.  Turn around, sweetie, and show us how it looks in the back.”

With some difficulty Barbara managed to direct her heels on a 180 degree spin.  What they saw was that the mini-skirt did little to cover her plump red buttocks.

“Bend over, honey, and spread those cute cheeks of yours.”

Barb did as ordered, teetering a bit as she compensated for the height of the heels.  Then she tentatively reached back and grabbing each buttock in one of her hands, pulled them apart, showing her naked split peach and her little rose-petal.  She was ordered to stay in that position for over a minute, as Andy and Helen chuckled to each other.   


“All right, little show-off, stand up and turn around.  Come on over here to me.  I think you need some jewelry to go with your sexy outfit.  I have a little clip here, but I dont think it will fit on your whole puffy nipple, so I guess well just stick it on this perky little end of the nipple.  There!  Those claws ought to hold it on.”

“Ooouuu…It hurts…Oh, please…”

“Thats all right, honey, I have one to go on this other little nip, so it wont feel slighted.  There, doesnt that look nice?”

“Mom, can I put the weights on?”

“Oh, nnnn…please… thats enough…pinches…”

“There we go, sis.  One pound, now two.  Oh, that looks so neat.”

It was everything Barb could do to keep from reaching up to take the painful pincher off, but she knew the repercussions if she tried.  Then Andy attached one, then two of the pound weights to the clip on the other nipple.

Barbara drew in her breath as the pain took hold.

“Were not finished yet, Barbie, sweetie.  Spread those long legs of yours, you know, like we worked on with the groove strap.  Thats pretty good.  I guess you cant do much better with those heels on, can you?  Now let me get down here so I can see what Im doing.  Oh, your pussy lips are so red.  Now, hold still while I put this clip on your left labia.  There.  Now, well finish with one on the right lip.  Isnt that cute.  I guess it does smart a little, doesnt it?  I think itll hurt even more when Andy adds the weights.”

“Oh, please dont.  My pussy hurts so much already.”

“Thats the idea, Barbie.  You need to learn to live with pain.  We already discussed all this earlier.  Okay, Andy, get down here and finish her up.  Oh, that really pulls the lip down a lot, doesnt it?  Okay, lets even it up on the other lip.  Wonderful!”

“Now, whore, I want to see you walk around with all your new jewelry.  Thats it.”

Barbara struggled to keep her legs spread sufficiently to walk and keep the heels from sliding out from under her at the same time.  The walk was ludicrous, as the clips banged against one leg and then the other.  Not to mention the pain of the additional weight on her pussy lips.

“All right, stop, bitch.  Now I want to see you lean forward and swing those ta-tas back and forth.  Faster.  Faster, I said, bitch!  Unless you want me to come over there and yank on them a little.  Thats better.  Look at em swing, Andy!  I think she needs one more pound on each side, dont you?”

Andy raced over to do his mothers bidding and soon Barbara was swinging three pounds from each little nipple tip.

She was sucking in air between her teeth with each swing.  Eventually they tired of her swinging

her breasts, and wanted to watch her swing the weights between her legs, standing still, after Andy had added another pound to each of her pussy lips.  The pain was getting excruciating, and still they laughed and poked each other as she went through her gyrations.  Finally they let her stop, but ordered her to bring them Cokes from the refrigerator, and it was all she could do to hobble to the kitchen and back with two bottles in hand.

“Wouldnt you like to dance with her, Andy?  A nice slow close dance should be just the thing.”

Helen put a CD in the recorder and the strains of an old Sinatra song flowed out.  Andy grabbed Barbie tightly, and she moaned as she felt the pressure of his chest against hers.  Then his leg began extending between her legs, making sure to jiggle the hanging weights.  It was all Barbara could do to keep from screaming as Andy grasped her tighter and tighter and kept extending his leg much further than he normally would.  Eventually the song ended and Helen decided it was time for dinner.  Barbara was, of course, expected to help in the preparations, as well as setting the table.  When it came time to sit, Helen explained that Barbara was expected to stand throughout the meal. 

After she had finished putting the dishes in the dishwasher, Barbie was finally allowed to remove all of the clips.  Her nipples and labia were numb, but still painful, before the clips were removed.  When they were finally removed the indentations on both her nipples and labia were deep, waffled and viciously red.  As the blood rushed to the areas that had been restricted, all four areas immediately began to throb intensely.  She tried to ease the pain in her vaginal lips by massaging them, and was reprimanded once again by Helen for diddling herself and warned to desist.

She moved her hands to her throbbing nipples, but as soon as she started rubbing gingerly, Andy accused her of trying to excite herself, and she stopped, knowing she would be punished if she persisted.

Helen turned on television and, as she and Andy sat down beside each other on the couch, and sliding her dress up to her waist and her panties down to her feet,  she suggested that Barbie could do something useful with her time and that for some reason she felt very sexually agitated and needed some relief.  Andy, likewise, decided to remove his pants and shorts as he sat and suggested that when Barb was finished with his mom, she could work on him.  Then Helen had a brilliant thought.

“Why dont we let Barbie-doll work on both of us.  This program is an hour long, so I want you to work on me until I push you off, because Im almost there, and then work on Andy until he decides hes getting close.  You can alternate all hour long, but if either of us comes before the hour is up, boy, are you gonna get it!  Okay, start!”

And so Barbara spent most of the hour moving back and forth between her two pain-givers, bringing each to the brink of ecstacy, then being pushed over to their cohort.  This continued until a few minutes before the hour was up.  Barb was tiring fast, her mouth and tongue had actually swollen slightly from the constant sucking and licking, but she was aware that they had almost reached the end of her punishment period and she looked forward to the rest.

Unfortunately she felt Andy beginning to tighten up and moan more vocally and waited to be pushed off to Helen.  He had other plans, however, and he suddenly shot his hot load of sperm into her mouth.  In spite of the fact that he had come earlier, his discharge was copious and she felt some of his sperm seeping out of the side of her mouth, before she was finally able to swallow what remained in her mouth.

“Goddam you, slut, youre in for it now.  I told you to keep it going for an hour, and, as usual, you disobeyed.  Get yourself over here and finish me off.”

Barb hurried to right the wrong shed done by bringing Helen to a screaming climax almost immediately, but her talented tongue was not enough to assuage her mistress.

“You deliberately disobeyed me and now youve earned yourself another spanking, bitch!”

“But Andy didnt push me off…you said…”

“Never mind what I said!  Get over my lap this instant.”

So Barbie pulled herself up and with eyes full of tears, she hesitantly leaned over Helens lap.

“Spread your legs, girl.  I want to make sure you havent been enjoying yourself too much”

Helen reached between Barbies spread legs, rubbed her fingers through Barbies dry lips to her clit, massaged it a few moments until it began to flower, then grabbed it and twisted.  Barb screamed out and began to cry in earnest.

“Maybe next time youll do as youre told, you bad child.”

With this she began spanking Barbara for the fourth time that day, and the reddish hue of her nether cheeks began to turn crimson almost immediately.  By the time Helen had spanked her bottom over fifty times, Barbara was weeping and crying out piteously.  Her buttocks were almost violet in hue and, were it not for the fact that Helens hand was getting very sore, she probably would have received another fifty.  Helen pushed her off her lap and told her to wash her face and go to bed, which Barbara was most happy to do, though she was to have a long and sore few hours before she drifted off.

As she was hobbling to her bedroom, she was stopped by Helens last words.

“Oh, and by the way, Im having an old friend…uh, lover, to dinner tomorrow night and you will be serving it and furnishing the entertainment afterward.  Good night.”

Chapter 4

The next day was pretty much like most days for Barb.  By six oclock she had received two spankings, her routine fifty from Helen and one from Andy for “not voluntarily sucking deep enough,” which forced him to push her head down on his prick, making her gag constantly.  Her buttocks were so constantly sore that the mere touch would make her moan.  Her breasts were almost as bad, especially her nipples.  Andy doted on twisting, pulling, squeezing and biting them at every chance, it seemed, and Helen reinforced him by saying that was part of toughening her up.

Barb was instructed to stay in the kitchen until she was called to serve dinner, which suited her just fine.  Andy had gone back to his room, probably to read his porno magazines, and Helen waited in the living room.  At six on the dot, the doorbell rang and Helen answered it to greet Sam Harrington, her old lover. 

They had met at a party years before.  They hit it off at once, and by the end of the evening had ended up in the sack together.  They had lived together for three years until Helen met Andys father and fell head over heels for him.  After that Helen and Sam would run into each other once in a while, and it was obvious to both of them that the spark was still there, but nothing came of it until they happened to meet at the grocery store the previous week, and Helen had asked Sam to dinner.  During their time living together, the two had discussed all aspects of sex and Helen knew that there was at least a slight sadistic streak in Sam, which came out occasionally during their love-making.

The two hugged and kissed each other passionately, and Helen made no move to remove Sams hand, when it wandered down to grasp one of her buttocks.  They entered the living room and Helen asked if Sam would like a drink.  As they sat and chatted about old times they finished off two highballs each and were feeling no pain by the time seven oclock rolled around.

They moved into the dining room, where Helen called Andy to dinner, introduced him to Sam, and they sat down with Sam facing the kitchens swinging door.  Helen rang her little dinner bell and Barbara entered with a rack of lamb on a platter.  She was wearing her five inch heels, the white knee stockings and a little French apron.  The apron fitted over her head and extended down to her thighs, her pussy being barely covered by the frilly frou-frou around the edge of the entire apron.  The bodice of the apron, which tapered on both sides at her midriff, fit her breasts tightly, so that her puffy nipples were evident through the material.  Her breasts stuck out sluttishly on each side, and the apron was tight enough to produce an excess of décolletage.  Sam was surprised and delighted with Barbies get-up.

Barb slid the platter in front of Helen, as Helen matter-of-factly introduced her to Sam as her step-daughter.  She left and returned with a bowl of roasted potatoes which she placed next to Andy.  On her third trip from the kitchen she carried a pitcher of iced tea, and, after pouring Helens glass moved over to pour Sams.  Obviously Helen had told Sam about Barbaras situation, because as she poured tea into his glass, he suddenly forcefully jammed his hand up into her crotch, causing her to spill most of the pitcher directly onto Sams shirt and pants.

Helen jumped up, looking at Barbie with daggers, rushing over to grab her arm.

“You clumsy slut.  Now look what youve done.  Andy, go and get some towels to soak up the tea on the floor.”

“I…I..Im sorry maam…I didnt know…I mean…Im so sorry.”

“You will be when I finish with you.  First, Sam, take off those clothes and let me put them in the washing machine.  Are your pants washable?  Good.  Take everything off.  Well let Barbie-clutz give you a bath.  Thats the least she can do.”

“Mmmeee…but I…”

“Dont argue with me, you clod, get in my bathroom and draw a bath right now!”

Without a word, Barbara went into the bathroom, while Helen, after a wink at Sam, and a little manipulation of his semi-erect penis, took his clothes and placed them in the washing machine.  When she returned they strolled into Helens bathroom hand in hand, she, fully dressed, and he, stark naked.  The bath was ready and at Helens urging he stepped into the bath and sat.

“Now, bitch, I want you to wash Sam all over.  Get to it!”

Barbie soaped up a washcloth and began washing Sams back.  Eventually she had washed everything except his lower torso, which remained underwater.

“Sam, stand up so Barbie-blockhead can wash your middle.  I want you to pay particular attention to that part thats sticking out, dummy-girl.  I dont think soap will be enough.  Better use your mouth on it to make sure its thoroughly clean.  I have special plans for it later.”

And so, Sam stepped closer to the edge of the tub, and Barbara, totally humiliated and knowing she had no choice, moved up close to the tub and opening her mouth, slid Sams penis into her mouth.  Sam was rather large in that department, so it was all she could do to get half of it in her mouth.  No one seemed upset that she couldnt swallow the whole thing, so she sucked for about a minute before she received instructions from Helen.

“Thats enough.  We dont want to exhaust poor Sam, at least not right now.  Dry him off, and he can use my robe until his clothes are dry.  Lets go into the dining room, and, after you reheat everything, well eat, finally.”

They all retired to the dining room, and an hour later had had their fill, at which point they moved into the living room.  Andy decided to go back to his porno collection.  When Barb had cleared the table and put everything in the dishwasher, she appeared before Helen and Sam, as she had been ordered.  Sam looked somewhat ludicrous in Helens silk robe, but Helen ordered Barbara to sit on his lap and apologize for her stupidity.

As she struggled to come up with the words, Sam removed her apron and began playing with her breasts, finally dipping his mouth to catch one of her puffy nipples in it.  The feeling was most pleasant for Barb, who usually was being bitten, when Andy did the same thing.  She finally got the apology out and savored the gentle sucking by Sam.

Shortly he was delving his hand between her legs and she knew enough to spread them wide.  Sam began fingering her clitoris gently, and eventually she began to feel a climax coming on.  Just before she reached that point, Helen pointed out that it was time for Barbies punishment for her earlier stupidity.

Barbie reluctantly rose from Sams lap and the tears began to flow down her face, realizing how much this one was going to hurt.  Helen couldnt help but snicker as she looked over at Sam wrapped in her robe with a silken tent poking from his lap.  She allowed a scowl to replace her smile, however, as she awaited Barbies placement over her lap.

“Barbie, you just cant seem to stay out of trouble, can you?  We try so hard to help keep you on the straight and narrow, and you always find a way to mess up.  Youre just hopeless.  Get down here now, you bad girl, so we can  try once more to get you straightened out!”

This last recrimination was just too much for Barbara, and she burst into tears knowing full well the injustice that was being done to her, with no way to correct it.  Sobbing, she placed herself over Helens lap.  The first slap was preceded by a pinch of her very sore red buttock, which brought further tears and additional weeping.


Helen was not letting her off easy, as she threw herself into the game with hard strokes from the very first.


“Oh, please, maam, not so hard.  Im so sore back there.”


Once again Helen delivered the blow with all her strength.  She was obviously trying to impress Sam with her strength and forthrightness.  The spanking continued in the same manner throughout, and Barbara soon went into her hysterical mode, including the final phase of childish hiccups, as she tried to get her breath.  Helen finished off the spanking by pushing Barb to the floor with a look of disdain, followed by a huge smile over to Sam.  He was impressed and still excited, as evidenced by his huge hard-on, which was now in full evidence as it had slid out between the folds of the robe.

As Barbie lay on the floor crying her heart out, Helen rose and went to Sam, grabbing his ramrod.

“Looks to me like you could use a little relief, big boy.  Shall we wend our way into my boudoir?”

Sam jumped up and the two rapidly disappeared.  Barbara lay on the floor until her crying subsided.  She suddenly realized she was alone and there was nothing to prevent her from walking out the door to freedom.  She rose slowly and painfully, and, realizing it was cool outside went to the hall closet and found one of Helens long winter coats.  Wrapping herself in it she crept over to the front door, opened the lock, and turned the handle.  Suddenly an earth-shattering alarm went off and continued as she tried to open the door.  It finally opened, but the screen door was locked and she had to find the latch to open it.  The alarm continued to blast.

“Going somewhere, Sis?  I dont think so!”

Andy grabbed her arm, just as Helen and Sam, both totally naked, came running into the living room.

“Well, Im glad to see that alarm I had the workman install works. You have really done it now, you little slut. Not only were you trying to leave us, after all weve done for you, but you try to steal my good coat, as well.  GET IN HERE NOW, BITCH!!”   


Getting to Know Step-Mother   Part 3

Chapter 1

Helen grabbed Barb by the arm, pulled off her coat, and literally tossed Barb, trembling in fear, onto the couch.  She then strode over to the naked teen and getting her glowering face as close to Barb as she could and grabbing her right breast and squeezing it painfully, she spat out her words.

“You have really done it now, you little ungrateful bitch!  Not only did you interrupt a very nice sex session, you stole my coat and, worst of all, you tried for the third time to leave your loving family!  I dont know what itll take to convince you that youre here to stay, but Im sure gonna find out!  This time youre getting the cane eighty times, front and back, forty on each side!  Andy, bring me the cane from the closet.”

Andy fetched the cane as Helen pulled Barbara to the coffee table and pushed her, facc down, onto the table.  Barb was still trembling and haltingly pleaded with Helen for some mercy.

“Please, Maam, dont do this!  Please…please…Im so sore all over already.  I dont think I can take much more.”

“Well, were gonna find out, chickie.  Sam, grab her arms and pull them to the end of the table.  Andy, you grab her legs and hold them at this end.  Okay, ten on the upper back, ten on the lower back, ten on that tender ass of yours and ten on your thighs.”

Helen took a few practice swipes, the swishes making Barb tense each time she heard one. Finally the first one landed near her shoulder with every bit of force Helen could engender, and Barbara screamed at the top of her lungs.  There followed nineteen more forceful blows down her back, each one bringing a heartfelt screech from the wretched victim. When Helen started on Barbaras buttocks, her screams became even more pitiable, as her cheeks, already reddened by frequent spankings during the day, began to take on a bluish-white tint, as well as the reddish ridges that accompany most hard canings.  By the time Helen moved down to punish Barbs thighs, the beleaguered teen was only uttering little squeaks with each application.

“Okay lets turn her over, and Ill trade places with you, Andy.  My arm is about done for the night.  You do the first twenty, starting with her thighs, and Sam can take the last twenty.”

  Sam, of course, was still naked and the evidence of his excitement was in full evidence.  Although Andy was in pajamas, the tent at his midriff indicated he was no less excited, as he took the cane from his mother and they exchanged places.  Andy couldnt wait to apply the wicked cane to Barbaras thighs and his first strike was every bit as forceful as any his mother had given.

SPLAT!  “Oh, God, please stop…nnn more…”  SPLAT!  “Ohhheeee…it hurts so much…”  SPLAT!

On and on, Andy continued to plaster his step-sisters legs, each blow leaving a red stripe between two raised brownish lines.  Then he moved up to her vaginal area.  Although her legs were held tightly together at first, he still managed to redden the slitted area between them.  Then Helen managed to spread Barbaras legs by a couple of feet, and Andys cane found his target with more telling results.  Barbaras cries became much louder, and the tears flowed unabated down the sides of her face.  By the time Andy had finished, the lips of her vagina were not only bright red, but they appeared to be considerably more puffy than usual.

“Your turn, Sam.”

Sam exchanged places with Andy and took the cane from him.  His erection was, by now, in full force, and he smiled as he placed himself at Barbaras middle.  He, too, used every bit of force in his arm, as he applied the first of his twenty strikes to Barbaras stomach.  As she had been doing from the start, Barb tried to twist away from each blow, but the hands holding her arms and legs gave her almost no leeway.  Her stomach and lower rib area was soon covered with five bright red splotches.  Sam, instead of applying ten strokes to her lower area, decided to give Barbs tits a full fifteen.  He began with the undersides of her breasts, but her puffy nipples were so large that his third blow caught the lower portion of the brown protuberances.  Sam applied a full ten blows to the particularly sensitive buds, bringing shrill squeals from the suffering victim. 

The final three blows were saved for the upper portion of her breasts, and, by the time Sam had finished, his penis was exuding little drops of precum, and Barbara was moaning in plaintive little wails.  Sam helped Barbara off of the coffee table and assisted her to her bedroom.  Rather than applying any salve to her suffering captive, Helen again, smiled derisively down at Barbara and spoke with venom.

“Now, if you want to see what else I can do to that body of yours, you just try escaping one more time, dolly.  Get some sleep and well talk some more tomorrow morning.”

Helen turned, grabbing Sams hand and leading him back to her bedroom to complete their lovemaking, and Andy went to his room to look at his SM magazines, while he wanked away at his pecker.  Barbie lay in pain for hours before she fell into a fitful sleep, awakening with a start every time she moved even slightly.

Barbara was so wasted that Helen even let her remain in bed for two days, bringing her soup and crackers once a day.  After two days, Barbara was still in a good deal of pain all over, but Helen decided she had lazed enough, and there were chores to be done.

Chapter 2

About two weeks later, Barbara had recovered enough to do her daily chores, and the daily spankings, at least one, sometimes two, were back in force, as well as regular blow-jobs, which now included occasional rounds with Sam, when Helen was sated and Sam was still horny.  Barbs pain had diminished considerably, and the stripes and ridges all over her body had turned to yellow and dark blue marks.  After a phone conversation, Helen made a point of letting Barb know that she had contacted her last teacher, Ms. Henderson about obtaining the books she would need to continue her home-studies.  She mentioned that Ms. Henderson would be coming by the house in the evening to drop a couple off.

Barbie immediate thought was that if she had the opportunity, she could speak to Ms. Henderson about the terrible treatment she had been given and get her to go to the authorities, unless, as often happened, Helen locked her in her room when guests arrived.  At any rate, this would be a wonderful opportunity to break free at last.

That evening, Andy had gone out to the movies, and Barb was in her room when the doorbell sounded.

“Jean, how good to see you.  Its been ages.  Come on in and have a seat.  How about a glass of wine?”

“That would be great, Helen.”

“Let me run into the kitchen and pour us a couple of glasses.”

Barb heard Helen go into the kitchen and immediately ran out to the living room, in her usual state of nakedness.  As she reached the living room, her modesty took hold, and she placed one hand over her slit and the other arm across her breasts.

“Ms. Henderson, youve got to help me.  Im being held prosioner here and theyre doing terrible things to me.  Please help me.”

“My goodness, youre naked, Barbara.  Dont you think youd better go get some clothes on, dear.  You shouldnt be running around naked.”

“WE KEEP HER THAT WAY, dont we, Barbie-doll.  I dont believe I gave you permission to come in and speak to Ms. Henderson, did I?”

“Im trying to tell Ms. Henderson the terrible things youve been doing to me since Daddys death!  I want her to go to the authorities so I can leave this terrible place!”

“My gosh, Helen, shes got bruises all over her body.”

“Yes, that was from a couple of weeks ago when she tried to leave us, and was going to steal my good coat as she was leaving!  Shes tried to leave our loving home two or three times now, so I have no choice but to keep her naked all the time.  She brought it on herself.  Now, suppose you sit down over there, you little slut, while Jean and I talk about old times, and then well deal with your situation.  SIT!  NOW!”

Barbie hesitated a moment, but when it was obvious Ms. Henderson wasnt objecting she moved over to a chair and sat.

“I dont believe Ive seen you since graduation, Jeannie.  Tell me what youve been up to.”

Well, after graduation I traveled through Europe for a while.  I found a wonderful companion who was also bumming around the continent, and we hit it off immediately.  We fell madly in love, and when we got back to the States, she decided to move here from Detroit, she became my sub, and we were together for over ten years.  She was a wonderful lover and we would have stayed together forever, I think, but she contracted ovarian cancer and died two years ago.  Since then Ive been looking around, but havent found anybody to replace her.”

Barbie began to sense that all was not well in her quest for freedom.  She took a good look at her, and she hadnt changed since she was last in school.  This was a fairly homely housewifely looking woman, small-breasted, in a plain brown dress with lace around the collar, black hose and four inch black shoes.  Everyones spinster school teacher.

“What a shame you werent able to convince Dotty Gooding.  Just to give you a little background, Barbie, not that you deserve it, but Jean and I were sorority sisters and roommates together at Lambda Epsilon Zeta together.  In our senior year we rushed a freshman named Dotty, and Jean took an immediate liking to her and took her under her wing.  Dotty thought she was heterosexual, but Jeannie convinced her she wasnt, or at least tried to.  We had some interesting sessions in our room, and we often had to punish Dotty, because she was a bad girl, like you, or refused to do things she was told to.  I remember a couple of beatings she got that were almost as bad as the last one we gave you.  You remember, Jean?”

“Oh, yeah.  The first one was after I caught the little sneak down at the soda shop with some boy, sipping a coke through straws from the same glass.  I peppered her ass with my belt over a hundred times as hard as I could hit her.  All the other girls in the sorority knew what was going on and looked the other way.  The second time was even worse.  She bit me hard on my pussy when I was trying to put her through a training session.  You were in the room at the time and I got you to hold her down, while I laid into every inch of her body, front and back.  She couldnt go to classes for a couple of days, but she shaped up after that.  She developed a very talented tongue over the rest of the year.  I really missed her, when she never came back after the third term.”

“Now then, Barbie-honey, what was it you were saying about Ms. Henderson helping you get out of here?  I think you owe her an apology for taking up her time with all that twaddle.  AND, you have a rather severe spanking coming, for, once again, trying to leave us. Ill bet Ms. Henderson would be happy to do the honors, wouldnt you, Jean?”

“Well, I dont know that I should.  Teacher/student relationships and all that.”

“But shes not your student any more, right?  And she really needs a good ass-pounding, dont you think?”

“Yeah, I guess so.  Shall I spank her or do you have something else you use?”

“As a matter of fact, I just bought a ping-pong paddle for that very purpose.  Ill get it while Barbie-doll gets over you lap.  NOW, BARBARA!”

Barb began crying immediately, as she rose and moved over to Jean, sitting on the couch.

“God, look at those nibbler nipples.  I have got to have some of that before I go.  Over you go, Honey.  Lets not make this any harder.”

With a moan, Barbara, resigned, slid over Jeans knees.  Jean made a point of making Barb spread her legs apart.  She looked down at the expanse of flesh being presented and began rubbing and patting it.

“Nice tush, honey, although I will say its a tad reddish and looks a bit swollen.”

Oh, please, Miss, I hurt there so much already.  Please dont spank too hard.”

“Well, well just have to see, wont we?”

At that moment, Helen arrived with the ping-pong paddle, handed it to Jean and sat down to watch the punishment ensue.  It was obvious that Jean had no intention of “pulling her punches”, as she raised the paddle well above her head in preparation for the first blow, and, when she brought it down, the splat it made on the helpless left cheek seemed to echo through the house.

Barbara screamed even louder than the sound of the blow, and so it continued, on and on, for seventy-five fearsome blows.  By the time Jean stopped, Barbies face was blotched with red spots, tears were streaming down her face, and she was hiccupping and gasping for breath.  Her buttocks were livid with occasional red dots of blood where the rubber spikes on the paddle had opened tiny holes in her skin.

On the other hand, Helen and Jean looked at each other and smiled.

“Okay, little girl.  Lets turn you over, so I can have a go at those luscious suckers of yours.”

Barbara struggled painfully to turn her body over to face her tormentor and lay in total submission across Jeans legs..  Jean immediately latched on to Barbaras large left puffy nipple and began kissing, sucking and biting on the proffered brown flesh. When the bites became the prominent part of Jeans ministrations, Barbara began to squeal and the tears started forming in her eyes again. At the same time Jeans hand stole down to the open gash between the teens legs.  Her attention to the now erect nipple continued unabated for several minutes, as she alternated from one to the other.  She finally raised her head in surprise.

“My God, shes still a virgin.”

“Yes, Ive been saving it for a special occasion, which, I believe wont be too much longer.  Now, if youd like, you could check out Barbie-dolls abilities in the tongue department.”

“Oh, definitely!  Its been weeks, and Mamas horny as hell.  Come on, little girl, down on your knees, while Jeannie get her panties pulled down.”

Barbie was able to catch herself before she was unceremoniously dumped on her butt.  With a sigh, still crying, she sank to her knees and watched Jean ceremoniously pulling her panties down and shucking them onto the coffee table.  She noticed that Jean wore a garter belt with suspenders under her panties, something she had never seen before, except in clothing catalogs. Then raising her skirt to her waist, she sat back down and presented the teen-ager with a well-trimmed bush shaped like a valentine, with the bottom just touching the very top of her vagina.  The rest of her slit was hairless.  Her excitement was immediately evident, as the hood of her clitoris was strongly evident, as moist drops of lubricant had already begun to appear below.

Jean drew Barbaras head to her vagina, and, realizing she had no other option but to cater to Jeans demands, began to run her tongue up and down Jeans slit. Holding her head tightly between her legs, Jean let her head fall back against the sofa and began sighing loudly.  As Barbs ministrations became more thorough, the sighs became pants.  Her tongue delved into Jeans fuck hole, and Jean began bucking her hips against Barbs head.  As the pressure on her head increased, the teens nose was enveloped by the outer lips of Jeans vagina, and she was beginning to have problems breathing.  Fortunately, it was about that time that Jean screamed “Oh, shit!” and began having an earth-shaking climax.

Barb had only a moment to take a deep breath before Jean yelled “Again!!” and pulled her head back for further attention.  By the time she had brought Jean to her second climax, Barbaras face was covered with a viscous slime.  Jean lay back for some time, recovering from her deep pleasure, before sitting up with a totally satisfied grin on her face.

“God, that was good, Helen.  Thanks so much.  Not quite as good as Dotty used to do, but Im sure, with practice, our little gash-licker will get better and better!”

“Well, well have to set another date for the two of you to have more fun real soon.”

Jean recovered her panties, stuffed them in her purse, and left.  Barb stayed kneeling even after Jean had left, wondering how life could get any worse for her.  The tears began to flow again, as Helen returned from bidding Jean farewell.

“Lose the tears, Dolly, or Ill give you something to cry about.  Now, go wash your slimy face and brush your teeth.  When youre finished Ill tuck you in and lock your bedroom door.  Youve been way too venturesome lately.”

Chapter 3

It was the day before Halloween, and Helen had gone into town to purchase “some costumes” for the party she was giving.  Andy was in the living room watching tv, and Barbara was in her room, when the front door bell opened.  Barb could hear the ensuing conversation, and she knew it didnt bode well for her.

“Hi, Andy!  You told us you had a package here you thought wed be interested in, so we came to find out what it is.”

“Hi, Art, come on in.  Hey, Sandy, Jack.  Enter!  Yeah, I think youll find this fun.  Barbie, get in here, now!”

Barb knew better than to go against Andys wishes, so she ran to get out to the living room, again trying to cover her nakedness with her hands.  Coming around the corner, she saw Andy and three newcomers, a very plain but overweight girl, and two guys Andys age. The new boys mouths fell open, when they glimpsed her nakedness, even though they were being deprived of seeing the parts they were really interested in.

“Hands at your sides, bad girl! What have I told you about trying to hide your treasures!  Thatll cost you 20 smacks right off the bat.”

When Barbara dropped her arms, the boys were even more awestruck, continuing to look with wonder in their eyes..

“Gaw, look at those knockers, and the nips at the end!”

“And what about that hairless cunt.  Geez!”

Sandy, though overweight, was flat as a pancake, had a face full of acne and had been taunted by many of her classmates for years, for being a bit of a geek.  She suddenly sensed an opportunity to show her superiority over someone who couldnt fight back.  She strode over to Barbie and hauled back and slapped her fiercely across the face.  Barbie was taken totally by surprise, gasped and retreated a step.  Grabbing this girl, who was probably two years older than she, by both nipples, Sandy brought her face close to Barbies and spoke in the most threatening voice she could summon up.

“Youre nothing but a little slut, running around naked.  You think you can get boys by showing off your tits and pussy, whore.”

Sandy squeezed the already painful nipples even harder, evoking a squeal from her subjugated victim.

“Nnnnoo, you dont understand.  Its not like…”

Without giving her subject any notice, Sandy pulled her right knee back and brought it full force against Barbies defenseless bare vagina.  Barb screamed and sank to her knees, moaning.  Sandy let go of the now reddened protuberances, looked down at her prey with disdain and backed up a few steps to watch Barbara as she rubbed her hands against her aching slit, trying to bring some kind of comfort to her pussy.

“Shame on you, Barbie-doll, trying to stimulate yourself in front of my friends like this.  Of course, youve just racked up another 20 smacks on your butt for using that “no” word.”

Sandy was suddenly fascinated by Andys threats of punishment.

“You mean you spank her, too, Andy?”

“Oh yeah, Mom and I have to spank her at least a couple of times a day.  Shes not allowed to say “why” or “no”.  If she does she gets twenty switches or spanks, whatever were using at the time.”

Sandy moved over to the kneeling girl once again, standing directly over her, as Barbara continued moving her hand over her sore cleft and crying softly.

“Well, Im getting the impression you like being spanked.  Is that it?  Do you enjoy having Andy pound your butt?  Well, dont just sit there like a dummy, answer me!”


“Dont give me that “Uhuh” stuff.  Answer me “yes” or “no!”

“I dont like it.”

Frustrated with Barbaras answer, Sandy hauled back her foot once more and let go with a kick to Barbs stomach, then backed up to watch the girl grab her midriff and fall onto the floor, writhing in pain.  Fresh tears streaked down Barbies face as she rocked back and forth, moaning.  When she had recovered sufficiently, Andy announced it was time for her punishment.  All three of his friends volunteered to assist, so he announced that each of the four of them would get to give her ten spanks.

Arty was the first to sit on the sofa, and thus to get a crack at Barbies backside. He motioned for her to get over his lap, which she did, hesitantly, and he immediately started in spanking her, though he was somewhat gentle with her.  Perhaps he noticed that her poor buttocks were already excessively red from being worked on by Andy and his mother earlier.  Barb had been crying from the stomach kick when she placed herself over his lap, so no one really knew he had not hit her as hard as he could have.  

“My turn,” shouted Sandy, and, as she sat, Barb moved off of Artys lap and began to move onto Sandys.

“Uhuh, I want your arms behind your back and you bending over in front of me.”

Barbie followed instructions and bent over so that her upper body was a couple of feet above Sandys legs.”

“Im telling you now, you keep your hands behind you.  You bring them up to protect yourself and your spanking starts all over again.”

Sandy then hauled off and slapped Barbs left tit as hard as she could.  The breast bobbed back and forth two or three times and immediately a large pink blotch appeared on the side. Sandys next blow was aimed at the right breast, and this time her hand caught the mass of her nipple, which caused Barbie to cry out, but she was able to keep her hands behind her.  Sandy alternated between breasts, but each blow was at full force.  On the sixth hit Barbs hands sprang out instinctively, but she was able to hold them at her sides before she actually protected herself, and she immediately swung them back behind her.  By the tenth hit, Barbie was crying out at each swing, and her poor boobs were turning a dark red hue.

Jack got her next and wailed into her butt with all the force he could engender.  Barb was in such pain that she began to put her hands on her cheeks to prevent Jack from doing further damage.  Andys solution was to have Sandy grab her arms and pull them straight ahead, and Arty grab her legs, which he managed to pull apart enough so that he had a perfect view of the area between them.  When Jack had reached the end of his ten spanks, Barb was again exuding mucous from her nose in great quantities, her tears were streaming and she was moaning unanswered pleas.

Finally it was Andys turn.  His mom had shown him her new ping-pong paddle, and he decided to try it out.  After his ten smacks were completed, Barb had reverted to the hiccups and gasping for breath that indicated she had reached the end of her endurance.  Her crimson buttocks shown up at him, and he began to massage her butt roughly.  In spite of that Barb was so wasted she remained lying on his lap.

“What else do you do with her, Andy?”  This question came from Jack, who had gotten an inkling from Andy at school that Barb was also being used as a sex slave.

“Well, shes learning to give blow-jobs, but shes not real great at it yet.  Want to see what she can do?”

Both boys had their trousers and shorts down at their feet and were seated next to each other on the couch before Andy had pushed Barbara up to take her place at their feet.  Knowing arbitration was out of the question,  she knelt before Arty and took his hardening prick in her mouth, not wasting any time on subtleties like licking or kissing the shaft beforehand.  She was hard at work trying to bring Arty off as fast as possible, when she felt her hair being painfully yanked up.  Jack had decided it was his turn.  He pushed her head down to his penis head with the admonition that shed better give him a grade-A blow-job.  She had just begun to take his already-erect penis into her mouth, when the front door flew open, and Helen walked in hauling a few packages and shopping bags. 

Both boys jumped and Barbs head came off Jacks prick to see what had happened.  All of the kids looked at Helen sheepishly.  She just smiled, put down the packages and stood looking at the scene before her.

“Dont stop on my account.  Hell, Ive seen a pricks before, so theres no reason to be embarrassed.  I see Barbie-dolls not satisfied with just one anymore.  Well, whatever turns her on!

Come on Barbie, show them what you can do.”

Barb returned to her task and even though it took her a little longer because of Helens presence, she was able to bring both boys to quick climaxes, managing to swallow the abundant deposits of both.  The moment was still dampened by Helens attendance, who asked if Sandy would like the same treatment.

“God, no, Im no dyke.  Id rather use my hand than have some gay girl eating me out.  Come on guys, lets split.”

So Andys two friends straightened their clothes and with Sandy in tow exited quickly.

Helen ordered Barb to her room, where she was more than happy to go, and then showed Andy his costume for Halloween night, before going to her bedroom to change clothes.                








Getting to Know Stepmother Part 4

Chapter 1

It was November. Helen and Andy had continued Barbaras daily ration of two or three spankings a day, so her buttocks were constantly tinted somewhere between a deep red and crimson.  Reasons for spankings could be as meaningless as forgetting to say “good morning” or as serious as letting some of Andys sperm drip down the side of her mouth after a long session of deep-throating.  Andy had become very clever about pulling out of her mouth after the major portion had slid down her throat, but before the full stream had dissipated.

But, for the most part, these had been the only punishments Barb had received for over a week, except for an occasional hard slap on her face from Helen or the infrequent twisting of one of her puffy nipples by Andy.  When Sam was around he took great delight in applying his hand to her posterior, but that was generally only on weekends.

One Saturday morning, Helen unlocked Barbies bedroom door and told her to come into the living room.  Barbara hurried to comply and found Helen in the process of putting on her winter coat.

“Weve been invited to a weekend party, Barbara, so I want you out by the car immediately.”

“Cccould…I have a coat to wear.  Its awfully cold outside.”

“You wont need one.  Youll be traveling in the nice warm trunk, and we wont be going that far.  Now come over her and put your hands behind your back so I can tape them together…..Good…..Now, march!”

Helen escorted Barbara out to the car, unlocked the trunk, and ordered her to climb in.

“Ohhh, please, couldnt I sit in the car where itll be warm.”

The goose-bumps had already begun forming all over Barbaras body.  Her nipples, which usually were soft and flat, even began to form little protuberances.

“No!  Now you see why its not good to try to leave us.  We have to do this to make sure you dont get away. Now, get in there!”

Barbie had to stretch her leg up and over the area where the license plate was attached and found herself seated with one leg out of the car, one leg inside and her stretched vagina squarely on the cold lock mechanism.  She screeched a high C note, before she was finally able to slide herself painfully into the trunk proper.  Helen closed the lid of the trunk and started up the car.

Barb squeezed herself into a fetal position hoping it would possibly keep her a little warmer, but she hadnt been in the trunk thirty seconds before her teeth began to chatter and her toes began to feel numb.

At one point, Helen stopped the car, presumably at a light or stop sign, and Barbara yelled “Help” at the top of her lungs.  She suddenly heard the car door open and shut and saw the trunk lid being raised.  There stood Helen, who reached in and grabbing one of Barbies freezing tits, twisted it and then yanked on it forcefully.  Barbara screamed and writhed before Helen finally let go.

“Theres no one out here, you dumb Dora.  I stopped for a rabbit that ran across the road.  You try that one more time and Ill find the long way to where were going, so you can get fresh air for ten or fifteen minutes longer.  Is that what you want?”

At Barbies timid negative nod, Helen closed the trunk once more and got back in the car.  She drove for another five minutes before she stopped.  When she got around to popping the trunk lid, Barbara was in a state of trembling hysterics.  The fear of not knowing where they were going, the pain in her breast and the bitter cold had managed to unhinge her totally.

Helen helped her out of the trunk, making sure she had one more jolt of feeling the cold car frame rubbing across her hairless vulva in the process.  Helen had pulled over to the side of the road. The area was uninhabited except for a house about fifty yards back from the road.  There was a driveway leading to the house, but Helen had chosen not to use it.  This necessitated them walking over a large lawn of grass, or at least that is what Helen chose to walk over.  By the time they reached the front door, the cold damp grass had added to Barbaras chill and her body was shaking as if she had epilepsy.

Before Helen had a chance to ring the bell, the door swung open and there stood Jean Henderson, in slippers and a heavy fluffy robe.

“Come in, come in.  Well, Barbie, I see you havent changed your mode of dress one iota since I saw you last, but I do like your choice of attire, or lack of it.  Youre a bit early.  We still have two more guests to come.  And you didnt bring a robe, did you, Helen.  Well, thats all right.  I have four or five in my closet upstairs.  Why dont you go pick one out, and Ill get better acquainted with our guest of honor?”

Helen took off her coat, put it in the hall closet, and went upstairs.

“You look so cold, Barbie.  Let me warm you up a little.” 

Jean proceeded to grab Barbaras breasts by the outside and squeeze them together, at the same time rubbing up and down, as one would with the neck of a bottle of champagne they were trying to cool in an ice bucket.  It did little to warm Barbaras breasts, but the abrasion from the rubbing was causing her skin to burn terribly, not to mention the pain being engendered by the squeezing.  She tried to back away, but found herself flat against a wall, with nowhere to flee.

Eventually, Jean stopped, but only long enough to lower one hand to Barbs pussy, which she grabbed in a vise-like grip and squeezed.  Barbaras response was a pitiful squeak and a little dance as she tried to escape the torment being applied to her tender vagina.

At that moment the doorbell rang, and Jean was forced to desist.  She went to the door and opened it to find two young women outside.  As they entered, Helen was descending the steps in a low-cut slinky silken robe and bare feet.

The two newcomers were very attractive.  A rather tall dirty-blonde woman about thirty years old, well-built and very fair-skinned, was accompanied by a red-headed girl, who looked to be in her early twenties, a face full of freckles, and only about five feet tall, but very svelte.

“Helen, Id like you to meet my good friend, Cynthia, and her sub, Wilhelmina, but we call her Willy.  Cynthia teaches at the same school with me and Willy keeps house for her.  Theyve been together for four or five years now, right, Cynthia?”

Willy chimed in with “Almost six, now!”

Cynthia gave Andy a look that would quiet a barking dog. “I dont believe she asked you, did she Willy?”

“No, miss.”  It was noticeable that Willys short five foot height became lessened by an inch or two, as she drew herself in.

Jean broke in with a suggestion that they both go up and change into robes while she set up four easy chairs around the fireplace, which was currently throwing welcome heat into the room.  When she and Helen had finished arranging the chairs they each took a seat and beckoned to Barbie to come over by the fire.  She knew better than to take a seat in one of the chairs, and decided to stand, hands still taped behind her, in front of their chairs.  Helen spoke with an edge in her voice.

“Now, Barbie Doll, I expect you to be on your best behavior this weekend.  You are to do whatever you are told without question or hesitation.  Any recalcitrance on your part will be dealt with severely.  Do I make myself clear?”

“Yyyess, Maam.  May I go over by the fire, maam?”

“I dont think that will be necessary.  Well find lots of ways to warm you up this weekend, youll see.”

Presently, Cynthia and Willy came downstairs and joined them in the vacant chairs.

“Cynthia, this is my step-daughter, Barbara.  She is ill-behaved and surly, which requires constant punishment on the part of my son and me.  So, if she fails to perform as you request, please tell me, and I will deal with her immediately.”

“Thank you for telling me.  Oh, my, I do like those puffy nipples of hers.  They look good enough to eat. The same goes for Willy, by the way.  I guess shell be somewhat of a recipient this weekend, but she still knows her place, dont you, Love?”

With this she reached over and squeezed one of Willys robe-covered tits.  Willy let out a squeak, which told the rest of them that it had not been a gentle squeeze.  Then Willy nodded, diffidently.

Cynthia suggested Willy remove her robe, and it was done with great haste.  Willys body was covered with freckles, too.  Her five foot height did nothing to lessen the beauty of her body.  Her breasts were small, but well formed and were tipped with bright pink nubbins that fully presented themselves to her audience.  Below she was totally shaven, but a clit ring was sticking out from between her otherwise closed slit.

It was becoming more and more obvious to Barbara what lay in store for her for the coming weekend and she was not pleased.  The episode at Helens house with Jean a few weeks earlier had been one of the most unpleasant things she had ever had to do.  She was not at all even bisexually oriented, and the thought of having to service four women over an extended period really made her sick.

“Well, shall we get the ball rolling.  Since Cynthia has brought Willy to help with the festivities, why dont we let her have first dibs.”

Cynthia was totally amenable, and immediately shucked off her robe.  Her large breasts had begun to sag a bit, but they were tipped with large pink nipples.  Below she had a mass of blondish hair covering her pussy, sufficiently that the line of her slit was totally hidden.  But, as she sat, she spread her legs wide and a slight tinge of pink showed through.

“Come to Mama, bitch!  Mamas got a nice warm fire going down here and I need you to put it out.”

Barbie knew better than to hesitate, so, with her hands tied behind her, she tried to lower herself to her knees without falling over, and, once there, crawled over to place herself between Cynthias outspread legs.  She began by licking up and down each inner thigh, attempting to delay the moment of truth as long as possible.  Cynthia didnt seem to mind at all, letting out a little sigh during the process.  Eventually, she could no longer delay the inevitable, and moved her tongue up to the mass of hair.  Worming it between the mat of hair, she finally found Cynthias slit and went to work licking up and down.  She was relieved that there was very little smell involved, and what smell there was, she recognized as the essence of a womans sexuality.

Cynthia suddenly pushed her body forward in her seat and urged Barbie to get her tongue further back.  This involved licking Cynthias crinkly rosebud, which Barbie found distasteful, even if there was no odor involved, but she spent a good half minute concentrating on that area before she slid her tongue to the front once again.  Now she concentrated on what she knew would bring Cynthia off.  The hood of her clitoris had already pulled away and the little pearly nub stood out boldly.  Barbie grabbed hold of it with her teeth, gently, and began to run her tongue back and forth over it.

Cynthia let out a satisfied growl, which told Barb that she was accomplishing her goal.  She occasionally varied her technique by running her tongue throughout the length of the slit, returning to her maneuver with Cynthias clit.  Within two or three minutes, Cynthia was moaning loudly, and finished with an earth-shaking “Oh, my God!!!”, as her body stretched itself to its fullest, and finally, sank back in exhaustion.

When Barbie pulled away, her face was covered with excretions resulting from Cynthias orgasm.  She had no time to recover, however, as Jean jumped up, removed her fluffy robe and announced it was her turn.  Barbie, unhappily but rapidly moved over to the far chair to service her former school-teacher.

“I want you to start on my boobs.  My nipples are so sensitive right now, I think I could cum with just that stimulation.  Latch on, baby.”

She sat and leaned forward so that Barbie could take one of her nipples into her mouth and begin sucking.  She swished her tongue rapidly back and forth over the hardening nipple.

“Oh yes!  Flick that tongue, sweetie! Ooooooo!….God, that feels so goooood!  A little more…OOOOUUU!  Now the other one!”

Barbie slipped the nubbin out of her mouth and reached for the other one, which was already hard as a rock.

“Ummmmmm!  Oh, suck that thing.  Come on harder!  Bite it a little!  Yeah!  OOOO!

God, dont ever stop!  UMMMooouuu!  Now my pussy, whore!”

Barbie once again let go and moved her head down a foot or so.  There was the valentine-shaped hair mass just above her pussy.  Moving down farther, she stuck her tongue out and began to delve into Jeans essence.  Up and down her tongue swooped as she tried to cover the spectrum, but Jean urged her to concentrate on her clit, which was fully in evidence.  Barb began to run her tongue over the nodule, and after only a few passes, she felt Jeans body stiffen and she began swearing at the top of her lungs.

“Oh, shit! Oh, FUUUUCK!  Oh, Christ, yesssss!”  A moment later she sank back exhausted.  Barbara pulled her head back and once again found her face was smeared with secretion.  Her nose was beginning to hurt a little, as well.

Helen rose and announced it was her time now, as she removed her robe.  It was the first time she had seen Helen naked since the night she tried to escape and the alarm had gone off bringing Sam and Helen from the bedroom, both nude, and she really had other things to look at from that point on.  Helen was bosomy, without being dumpy, especially for her age. Her nipples were long and dark brown, looking very much like most mothers who have nursed their young.  She would have bet that Andy had nursed as long as he could, knowing his propensity for breasts.

As she stared at Helen, for the first time really, she wondered if maybe shed had a boob job.  She was just vain enough to have felt she needed enhancements to attract the men.

Looking at her vagina, she noticed Helen had trimmed her pussy with just a thin line of hair pointing down to the beginning of her slit.

“I want you lying on your back, little bitch.  Let me help you.”

With that, she grabbed Barbara by the shoulders, leaned her over so that just her feet were touching the floor and let go.  Barb fell on her back, but with the added impediment of having her arms tied behind her, they received the brunt of the fall.  Barbie cried out, but had no time to move, as Helen fell to her knees and spread them at the teens head so that her pussy was directly above Barbaras head.  She then modified her position enough so that her vagina mashed into Barbs head.  The teary girl was soon to find out that her nose and mouth were both entirely covered by Helens spread-out pussy and her air source was totally depleted.  She tried to move her head, but Helen had a death-grip on her, and the lack of oxygen was becoming a life or death problem.  She couldnt move her bound hands to try to fend her step-mother off, and flopping her legs accomplished nothing.

After nearly forty-five seconds without air, Barbie was becoming desperate, and without even thinking she finally let her teeth sink into Helens very tender flesh, not with a great deal of force, but enough to let her know she needed to move.  And move she did!  She jumped up immediately and grabbed her pussy lips trying to see if Barbara had brought blood.  Part of it was an act, but no one else knew it, and Helen was a fine actress.

“You little bitch!  You bit me!  You hateful girl!  Well, youve just done it!  Youre toast.”

As Barbara tried to explain, Helen was yelling so loud that no one could hear her.

“Jean, I need a metal hanger.  Get me a metal hanger.  If it was good enough for Joan Crawford, its good enough for me.”

Jean got a hanger and in moments, Helen had unwound the hook part and had a doubled over metal whip.  Helen fell to her knees and began smashing her whip over every available part of Barbs front from her breasts down to her knees. As the metal whip pulled away from Barbies body each time, in its place it left a double red line, and soon Barbaras body looked like she had candy stripes all over her front.  No one attempted to stop Helen, of course, so that it was her own tired arm which finally made her cease striking the poor girl.  Barbie was in hysterics, as she was forced to lie there with bound hands behind her and watch Helen savage her body.  When Helen finally rose, she looked down at her victim, and pointed at her.

“Were not finished with this, you know.  When my pussy feels a little better were going to try this again, and youd better not bite this time, Missy!”

She threw down the hanger and stalked from the room.  There were a few moments of awkward silence before Cynthia finally spoke.

“Hey, guys, Ive been working on fisting Willy.  Want to see how far weve gotten.”

“Oh, no, please, Mistress, dont do it tonight, please.  Im still sore from last nights try.”

“Well, were never going to get it all the way until we practice, Willy.  Now, stand up.  Jean, do you have some petroleum jelly or cooking oil we can use to get her lubed up?”

Jean left the room and returned with a jar of Vaseline, which she handed to Cynthia.  She took a large dollop and, ordering Willy to spread her legs wide, started pushing it forcefully up Willys vaginal hole.  Soon she was inserting one, then two, then three, and finally four fingers and pushing with all her might.  Willy began to cry and moan loudly, as the fingers disappeared further and further, and she began to rise on her tiptoes. When she could go up no further on her toes, she began pleading with Cynthia.

Pleeeease, Mistress!  No further.  Please!  It wont go any further!  Please!”

“But this is only as far as I got it last night, silly.  I need to get my thumb in there before weve made any progress.  Now, hold still.”

“YIIIIIII! ArrrGGGGHHH!  Cant. No more!  Please!”

“Oh, all right, cry baby, but were going to keep doing it until I can get my hand up there eventually.”  Cynthia pulled her hand out and rising rubbed it into Willys hair until it was clear of all signs of the Vaseline.

Jean suggested they break for lunch.

Chapter 2

Lunch was served at a large dining room table, with everyone seated around it except Barbie.  She was under it, eating out the eaters.  Helen had decided she wasnt to have lunch, because she had behaved badly beforehand.  As a result, at one point or another, each of them would stop eating long enough to sigh, moan and groan with a beatific look on her face, before picking up her sandwich and continuing the conversation.  By the time lunch was finished each of the women had had at least two orgasms and Jean was in the midst of her third.

They had Barbara clear the table, and the red double lines up and down the front of her body were now vivid.  Helen had removed the tape from her arms, because she felt Barbie could probably be more intimate in her attentions if she could use her hands as well, and apparently she was right, as they all commented on how good a gamahucher she had turned into.

When she had finished clearing the table, she stood in the doorway to the kitchen, not sure what she was expected to do next.  Helen motioned her over to her chair.  When she arrived beside Helens chair, Helen reached up and grabbed one of her nipples, squeezing and twisting it violently.  Barbie, howling in pain, twisted back and forth to try to compensate for Helens motions, but the pain she was creating was so intense that she finally dropped to her knees even though that increased the pain.

“You did a lousy job servicing the group, bitch, so you can just keep on trying until you get it right.”

Barbie, whose face was totally smeared with female secretion, could only nod and look at Helen with tears in her eyes and a beseeching look.  Finally Helen let go of the reddened teat, and pushed Barbie away from her.  The group moved back into the living room to sit before the roaring fire.  As they sat, sated for the moment, Jean asked if anyone would like a dildo.  She explained she had half a dozen of different sizes and textures upstairs in her bureau, if anyone was interested.  As a matter of fact she even had a strap-on, if theyd like.

Helen perked up immediately, saying that though she was saving Barbies virginity for something special, she had a backdoor virginity that Helen was sure would be fun to watch being violated.  Barbara, who was standing next to the fireplace keeping warm, didnt quite understand what Helen was intimating, but knew it didnt bode well.  A look of terror passed across her face, as she began to realize finally what Helen was saying.

Jean left to retain the equipment, and Barbie hurried over to Helens chair, fell to her knees and begged her to reconsider, knowing full well that her chances were nil in getting Helen to change her mind.

When Jean returned with four or five dildoes and the strap-on, Barbies eyes almost popped out.  They all looked huge, but the erect plastic penis attached to the strap-on had to be at least nine inches long.  Jean handed the strap-on to Helen, naturally, and handed the jar of Vaseline to her. She left the room for a moment and, when she came back, she had a container of cayenne pepper in her hand, and she gave it to Helen, as well.

“Well, I wasnt going to use the jelly, but if were going to mix it with the cayenne, itll probably work better.”

Barbie watched in horror as Helen took a glob of the jelly and poured some of the pepper on it before mixing it in with her fingers.

Looking at Barbie, she mentioned to the others shed probably need some help holding her down.  Jean grabbed one of their victims arms and Cynthia grabbed the other and forced Barbie over to the coffee table, where they unceremoniously plopped her across it, so that her rear end was sticking over the end.  As Helen fitted the strap-on to her torso, and rubbed the awful mixture onto the end, Barb tried vainly to rise.


   Helen knelt behind her screaming quarry and taking a glob of the jelly, parted Barbies rear cheeks and jabbed her finger into her ass-hole.  In moments her finger had sunk to the second knuckle and Barbaras scream went up an octave.  She had not even felt the effect of the pepper yet, but the invasion of her rectum was something no one else had ever done to her and the surprise was startling.

In moments, the pepper began to take effect and Barbies plaints turned to begging.

“OOOhhh, nnnnooo, it hurts, please dont,  pleeease, Ill be good.  Im sssooo sorry I bbbit youuuu, ohhhh, it hurts,…pleeease….”

With a look of pure evil, which Barbie could not see, fortunately, Helen removed her finger, and placing the dildo at the center of Barbies little rose-bud, she began to push.  

If Barb had screamed before, the emanation from her mouth could only be described as a roaring bellow.  Slowly the head of the rubbery dildo sunk into her bowels, and Barbie began screaming a steady caterwaul, which did nothing to dampen Helens determination.  After pulling out a few inches she thrust forth again and managed to sink the erect plastic form in around the six-inch mark.  Try as she might Helen could get it no further, but the pain of the intrusion, mixed with the heat from the cayenne pepper was overpowering to Helens young sufferer.

She continued to push and pull out for over five minutes.  Barbie, completely exhausted at this point, had just fallen to the coffee table and was simply panting and groaning, her body limp, as Jean and Cynthia finally let go of her arms.  Helen slowly pulled the intruding projectile out of Barbies rectum, and went to wash the slime off of it.  Barbie made no attempt to rise.  When Helen returned she was as vicious as ever, lowering her face to Barbaras, long enough to hiss at her.

“If you ever bite me again, you wont live to see the next day, bitch.”

Chapter 3

For the rest of the afternoon, they retired to Jeans bedrooms for more fun and games.  Jeans bedroom had a double bed, and her guest bedroom had two twins.  It was determined that Jean would take Willy into the guest room, and Cynthia and Helen would “share” Barbie in the master.  Helen had Barbie lie on the bed on her back and Cynthia was soon planted above her with her crotch getting the benefit of yet another servicing by the teen.  Her attempt to “smother” Barbie was not as successful as Helens earlier episode, because the mattress was soft enough that Barb could turn her head sufficiently to grab some air occasionally.

While Barbie was attending to Cynthias lower regions, Helen began sucking on her large breasts.  Cynthias nipples were bright pink to start with but Helens suction caused the blood to rush to them and soon they were much redder.  Cynthia was enjoying the attention to both her sexual areas immensely.  Helens nipple-sucking was bringing her right to the edge and Barbaras tongue was finishing her off.  She had three orgasms before she and Helen switched places.  When Cynthia climbed off of the bed so Helen could take her place, Barbs face was a bright pink from her exertions and Cynthias excretions left a slimy covering from her chin to her forehead.

Barbie had just enough time to fill her lungs with air again, before Helens familiar twat was looking down at her.  Soon there was total darkness as Helen lowered her body over Barbies face.  Again, she was able to breathe spasmodically, as Helen pushed her body against Barbs face.  Cynthia took up Helens previous position and began treating Helens long brown nipples to a thorough tongue-lashing and constant sucking.  Helen was only able to cum twice during this episode, but they were deep and lasted longer than usual.  She finally lifted herself off of her poor step-daughter and sank down on the bed with a huge sigh.

Barbaras tongue, nose and face were beginning to feel raw from her treatment at Jeans.  Her face was still covered with a shiny secretion, which she began to feel was going to be a permanent fixture.  She was exhausted, cold and depressed.  What more could they do to her.  Especially, her step-mother nemesis!  Daddy, why did you have to die?

Over in the other bedroom, Jean had been putting Willy through her paces.  She had been treated to a dildo, covered with painful spikes, that was considerably larger than anything that had ever been shoved up her vagina before, while she did a thorough tongue job on Jeans pussy.  Jean also took advantage of her talented well-trained mouth to bring her to an orgasm while sucking on her sensitive nipples.  Jean was kind enough to administer to Willys needs once by sucking on her tender clitoris for several minutes.

When everyone, except Barbara, was totally sated, they all put on robes, except Barbie, and moved back down to the nice warm fire, that was still throwing off delightful heat. 

Barb was ordered to bring in Panini sandwiches that Jean had prepared earlier.  They all partook, and Helen even allowed Barbara to have one, though she chided her for another poor performance on the bed upstairs.

The evenings entertainment consisted of two movies Jean had secured over the years.  One was a feature length poorly-acted piece called “Love Me, Love My Pussy”, which dealt with two lesbian spies for the FBI, who capture a Russian girl after much to-do and plan to introduce her to the female side of sex, when it turns out the Russian is really a tranny.  They all end up delightfully joined together in a ménage a trios, and the American spies decide they dont mind an occasional penis now and then.  The other movie was an older picture from the 70s, “Tongues AFlyin”, dealing with a lonely girl, who finds happiness, finally, with another girl, after trying midgets, men and even a dog.  Helen made Willy give her another vaginal orgasm during the second picture, but for the most part everyone seemed satisfied for the time being.  Barbie, left alone for a change, fell asleep on the floor in front of the fireplace.

The women all had toddies just before climbing the stairs to go to bed.  This time Jean and Cynthia paired off in her bedroom while Helen pulled Willy into one of the single beds for the night, leaving Barb the luxury of actually sleeping, in a bed all by herself.

This luxury only lasted until the sun began to rise, when Jean woke her and ordered her into her bedroom to slake the needs of Cynthia and her.

Chapter 4

Everyone slept late Sunday morning.  They were treated to fried eggs, muffins and bacon for breakfast.  Everyone, that is except Barbie.  Her stomach was rumbling from the minimal food shed had for the weekend.  Once again all the ladies had removed their robes at the table. After everyone was served, Helen took a piece of bacon and inserted it down the length of her slit and offered it to her step-daughter.

“Heres a beggin strip for you, little doggie.  Come get your beggin strip.”


Barbie crept under the table and gladly retrieved her only morsel of breakfast.  Of course, there was a penalty for the favor, which consisted of Helen grabbing Barbies head and thrusting it deep into her snatch.  She dutifully lapped away at the viscous slit, until Helen had exploded into a deep orgasm and released her head.  Jean was impressed.

She duplicated Helens offering, after sliding a piece of bacon between her vaginal lips.

“Come to Mama, Barbie honey.  Ive got some meat for you too.”

Barbara slid over to Jeans chair, and began the dual process.  At least she was getting some nourishment out of it.  Having satisfied Jean, she found everyone else at the table copying Helen and Jean.  She was getting a little tired of bacon, but she knew beggars cant be choosers.  Soon, she had satisfied everyone at the table.  This was her first “opportunity” to service Willys vagina, and, all she could think of while she was doing it was “God, that ring must have hurt when they were putting it in, even if she had something to deaden the pain.  Please, God, dont let Helen think that would be a super ornament for Barbie!”

With the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher, thanks to Barbara, the group began to get dressed, everyone, except Barb.  After many hugs and kisses, Cynthia and Willy took off and Jean and Helen said their goodbyes.  It was still bitter cold outside, but Helen pushed her naked step-daughter out the door and made her walk across the dewy grass all the way to the car.  Once again she opened the trunk and bade Barbara to climb in.  The trembling girl again had the difficulty of sliding into the trunk and felt the cold metal brush against her tender pussy as she was unceremoniously dumped in on the cold floor.  As she crawled into her fetal position for whatever warmth it might give her, her body began shaking with the cold.  Her entire body once again had goose-bumps from her head to her toes.  At least shed been able to wash the slimy secretions from her face before she left!  But her face felt as though shed been in a sandpaper rubbing contest and shed lost.  Her tongue was stiff from all the weekends action, and she was cold!   God, please hurry up and get home, Helen, before I turn into an icicle.

Helen was in no hurry, and just to prove a point, she stopped at the grocery store to buy some milk.  By the time she opened the trunk, Barbara had convinced herself she was going to die of frostbite.  She hurried to jump out of the trunk and make her way to the front door.  When they entered the living room, they found Andy lying on the couch in his pajamas watching television, with his penis sticking out from between the pajama bottom snaps.  He reached in to pull it all the way out.

“Its about time you got home, Barbie doll.  Ive got a job for you, baby!”   



Getting to Know Stepmother

Part 4

Chapter 1

Barbara lay coiled in the fetal position, finding this was the way to stay the warmest at night, when Helen turned the thermostat down to 68 at bedtime, allowing Barb only a sheet to cover her body.  Suddenly she was awakened by the overheat light being turned on and the voice of her dreaded step-mother oddly very sweetly informing her it was time to wake up.

“Happy Birthday, Barbie, you little bitch.  Time to get up!  Andy left for school an hour ago, but I let you sleep an hour longer in honor of your birthday.  But we have to get you ready for your party this afternoon, so you need to get hopping.”

Barb struggled to force herself to rise, knowing that what little protection her sheet gave her from the cool temperature the house was kept in, was about to disappear.  As she suspected, when she threw off her cover, the cool air immediately felt as though shed stepped into a freezer.  She looked down to see her arms and legs fill with goose-bumps and her breasts becoming tingly as the flesh turned pimply.  Her nipples became hard, and the very ends felt like they could poke holes in a piece of paper.

The teen raced to get to the warm bathroom, but Helen grabbed her arm, saying “Now dont dally, you little bitch.  Your oatmeal is waiting, and Andy left you a special birthday deposit of some of his jism mixed in with it, to let you know he was thinking of you on your special day.”

Barbie used the toilet and raced to brush her teeth, dreading the consequences if she took longer in the bathroom than Helen thought she should. She arrived in the kitchen moments later.  Helen had already placed a bowl of oatmeal at her place, and she could see occasional opalescent strings of sperm still resting on the surface of the bowl.  Barb sat down, feeling a shudder run through her body.  She wasnt sure if it was the cold seat of her chair suddenly touching her bare buttocks or the thought of eating Andys ejaculation mixed with her cereal. It was one thing to have it sliding down the back of your throat so that you barely tasted it and another to see it sitting there waiting for you to gobble it down.

Barb reached for the sugar, hoping that would make the disgusting meal before her more palatable.  Helen yanked the sugar bowl away from her, muttering ever so sweetly, “Oh you wont need that, honey, or the milk.  Andys sperm is so sweet, Im told, and so creamy, that you wont need to add a thing to your cereal.  Now, EAT!”

Barbie took a spoonful and slipped it in her mouth. It would have been difficult eating her oatmeal without milk or sugar, anyway, but the knowledge that Andy had added his “present” made her want to throw up.  As she swallowed the first spoonful, she began to retch, the same way she did when Andy forced his prong down her throat.  Instead she coughed a bit and swallowed.  Other than being dry as dust and lacking much taste, it really wasnt so bad.  She began to eat with more assurance, except for those times when she could actually see the slime mixed in with her cereal on the spoon, and then she went through the whole gagging, coughing swallowing routine again. She had finished over half of the bowl, when she looked up at her tormentor and said she thought she was full.

Helen looked at her with a big smile and hissed, “Oh, no, Sweetie, youve got to finish it.  A growing girl needs to eat a hearty breakfast, and thats just packed with protein!”

Barbie forced herself to continue eating until shed downed the entire bowl of oatmeal, and then pushed it away with a sigh. Helen was smirking like the Cheshire Cat, as she ordered Barbara into the living room.

When they were both in their usual places, Helen sitting in her easy chair and Barbie standing nude before her, Helen said, “Now, I know its your birthday, Honey-bunch, but that doesnt mean you get out of your daily exercises, does it? We have to keep you healthy and happy, dont we?”

Barb knew that an honest answer would get her a punishment of some kind, so she dutifully nodded her head and began with her push-ups, as she did every day. Then came the sit-ups, 25 in all, at which point she got to the two exercises she hated the most. The first was two minutes of running in place, but making sure her knees almost touched her chin.  This was always done facing her persecutor, and Helen just loved watching her labia rubbing together and splitting occasionally, revealing the pink inner lips of her vagina. This was exhausting, in and of itself, but then came the one she truly hated.

Jumping Jacks!  Helen had gotten her up to 75, so that, by the time she finished, she invariably sank to the floor dripping perspiration, even when the room was chilly, and gasping for breath.  Part of what made it such a chore was the way her breasts bounced up and down with every leap up.  If she didnt go high enough Helen wouldnt let that jump count, and she invariably ended up having to do ten or fifteen more than the original 75. Even though her breasts were not large, by the time the exercise was done, they ached something awful.

Then it was time for the daily bath, always with the water super hot and with Helen sitting on the toilet next to the tub, making sure that every inch of poor Barbies skin was soaped and rubbed vigorously.  If Helen didnt feel she had rubbed hard enough on any given area, she would take up the washcloth and repeat washing the same area with extra vigor, and her hapless victim would get a spanking afterward, a common occurrence.

When she had finished her bath, shampooed her hair and dried off, Helen combed out her hair and pulled it into a pair of pig-tails, a process that surprised Barb, because usually her hair was left in a stringy mess. When she looked in the mirror she thought she looked like a ten-year-old, apparently the effect Helen was seeking.  Looking down at her bare pussy, she realized that, too, made her look prepubescent.  The only thing that disproved that fact was the presence of two very prominent breasts with their puffy nipples.

At this point Helen usually set Barbara to working on some chore around the house, dusting, sweeping or cleaning windows.  Today, however, because it was her birthday, Helen had decided to give Barb, not one, but two, enemas, both with very hot soapy water and both with explicit instructions that the water was to stay inside her bowels for a total of ten minutes each.

To make the experience more painful and seem so much longer, Helen would rub her victims stomach roughly, commenting over and over about how much she looked like she was four or five months pregnant.  The pressure of Helens hands on her stomach made the pain inside her intestines excruciating and all she could do was weep copious tears and beg her step-mother to let her relieve herself, which, of course, Helen was not about to do.

Barbie could not understand why Helen was paying so much attention to cleaning her out, anyway.  Helen often gave her an enema, usually as an added punishment, but she couldnt remember ever getting two on the same day. Her persecutor gave her no explanation for the extra treatment, but it was obvious something was in the offing.

Next Helen decided it was time for them to make Barbs birthday cake.  She allowed Barbie to stir the batter and pour it into two cake pans before slipping them in the oven. Helen was being so pleasant that Barbie decided it was a good time to ask about the party that afternoon.  Helen explained that there were five boys from Andys class who would be coming. No girls? No, the boys werent that friendly with any of the girls at school, so it would just be the boys.

Barbie asked, if that was the case, could she please have a dress or some covering for her body.  Helen laughed.

“OH my, you stupid girl!  This is the one day you dont need clothes.  Youll be wearing your birthday suit! Ha, ha!”

Barb didnt think it was at all funny, but, of course, knew better than to carry it any further.  When the cake was ready Helen took the pans out of the oven and set them out to cool.

Next, Helen decided it was time to put up some decorations, and pulled out a large sheet of computer paper which was double the normal size and stuck it to the wall of the living room. When Barbie finally got a chance to see what it said, she was mortified. In large letters it said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DUMMY!”

Helen finally said that the cake should be ready, and they went into the kitchen.  She had Barbie mix up some scrumptious-looking chocolate icing and, for some reason, she said theyd put the frosting on later. Then, also mysteriously, Helen cut equally large sections of each layer of the cake as if they were slices of pie, and indicated they would be Barbies share.  They were certainly generous portions, but the teen couldnt figure out why her part was being separated from the rest of the cake.  She only knew that, as devious as her step-mother was, it didnt bode well for her.

Soon it was time for the school bus to arrive, and, from the living room window, she saw six boys alighting from the bus.  She recognized, besides Andy, Arty and Jack, whom shed met at the earlier party.  The other three boys were fairly good looking, and obviously about Andys age. When they entered, Andy led the way, and, after the boys had dumped their books by the front door, Andy made a point of introducing the new boys to his Mom.  The one who looked pretty good when he was getting off the bus, was, in fact, rather thin with a bad case of acne, and nick-named Potty, why Andy didnt explain.  One of the others was pretty swarthy and looked like he might be a football player. He was named Ted.  The third stranger had sandy blond hair and was named Hap.

The boys must have been apprised of the fact that Barbie would be naked, because they didnt seem surprised, but they all kept staring at her with big smiles, as though she was Ronald McDonald about to feed them Big Macs. Even after she had been ordered to bring drinks for everyone, they all sat around chatting about this and that, but their eyes stayed glued to her tits. Interestingly enough there were just enough seats for Helen and the boys, so Barb was instructed to stand next to the sofa where Helen was seated.

Eventually Helen suggested they play Blind Mans Bluff, and, since it was Barbies birthday she should be the one who was blind-folded.  All the boys thought it would be great fun.  Barbie knew it wouldnt. Helen went and got a large handkerchief, which she attached tightly to Barbs head covering her eyes thoroughly, and tied a large knot in the back.

In the meantime all the boys had moved from their seats and were hidden behind pieces of furniture and in the hall leading to the kitchen. To make it more difficult for Barb, Helen spun her around five or six times so that she was partly dizzy, as well.  With arms extended she began moving hesitantly around the room. Suddenly she felt a poke in the ribs, hard enough to elicit a groan from Barbara, but, when she reached down, the perpetrator was gone.  Next, someone grabbed her from behind and, reaching around to her front, squeezed one of her tits tightly. By the time she reached down to grab his hand, he had released her, and she was grasping air.  Almost immediately afterward, someone poked a finger into the top of her naked slit.  There were numerous chuckles from the observers, but when she swept her hand in front of her there was no one there. The poker had cleverly slipped in on his knees, with the result that Barbs attempt to catch her attacker by extending her waving hand in front of her grasped nothing again but air.

Next someone delivered a hard smack to her right buttock.  All the boys were taking a lesson from the boy who had attacked her on his knees. Numerous spanks followed, with Barb gasping in frustration and pain as she tried to catch her tormentors.  One of the boys managed to grab one of her puffy nipples and twist it painfully before she could grab his hand.

By now she was twisting and turning crazily, stabbing her hands out ineffectually and beginning to cry and whine. Helen let the game go on for close to ten minutes, as Barbie came nowhere close to grabbing any of her persecutors.  Helen finally called a halt to the game, much to the chagrin of all the males. When she finally untied the knot at the back of Barbs head, tears were streaming down her victims face, and the handkerchief was damp with her earlier weeping.

Helen next lowered the leafs on both sides of the dining room table and ordered the still-weeping girl to lie on her stomach on the table, crosswise, so that her legs dangled over one side of the table and her head extended over the other.  The next thing the young girl knew, Helen was sticking a glob of petroleum jelly between the cheeks of her butt and poking her finger into the crinkled hole between them.

Barbie tried to turn her head to see what was taking place behind her back, when someone grabbed her chin and she felt a penis being forced between her lips. As the prick sunk deeper into her mouth and began to saw back and forth, delving deeper and deeper toward her throat, she suddenly felt the head of someones prong being forced between her butt-crack. Her instinct was to try to grab whoever had his penis in her mouth, but this was immediately frustrated by people grabbing her hands and pulling them to each end of the table.

Then her total attention was committed to the penis that was being riveted into her backside.  Even with the aid of the jelly, her back hole was not used to something of that size being forced into her bowels.  She began to cry out, but that only allowed the penis in her mouth to sink deeper past her uvula and into the start of her throat, producing muffled retching and gagging.

The prick being forced up her ass had inserted itself three or four inches into her fundament, and the pain was becoming sharp.  Soon, it, too, was sawing back and forth and eventually she felt the perpetrators stomach brush against the cheeks of her bottom.  As the pain in her behind continued unabated, she suddenly realized that the penis in her mouth was no longer moving in and out of her mouth, but had lodged itself at the top of her throat and the air was no longer passing down to her lungs.  She struggled to move her head back, but when it did, the penis went with it, keeping her access to air shut off. The only part of her body that was able to move now was her legs, which flopped around behind her uselessly.  Just when she thought she would faint from lack of air, the body in front of her moved back enough that she could gasp enough air into her lungs to keep from blacking out.

Somewhere in the dark recesses of her mind she knew she heard Helen say “Now, when you boys are ready to orgasm, I want you to pull away from her and deposit your jism in this measuring cup. Okay?”  And only half a minute later the prick in her rear end pulled away, and the one in her mouth followed almost immediately.

Barbie sighed a deep sigh, which was cut off by the insertion of a new penis in her mouth, followed by another driving between her butt cheeks. Both were about the size of the previous intruders.  She tried to look up to see the face of whom she was currently sucking, but she was being frustrated by the depth the prick had sunk to.  Moments later she able to see that it was Arty, who was enjoying the fruits of her sucking.

That fact became incidental as she felt the pain returning to her rectum. As the penis in her bottom continued to sink deeper into her bowels, she began to cry out, but, because of the prick in her mouth, all anyone heard was an occasional gurgle or coo, followed by the expulsion of foam and dribbles of spit running down her chin to drip on the floor.

Eventually the guy behind her grabbed her hips and began painfully driving his prick deep into her bowels, yelling “Come on, Cunt, move your fuckin ass,” and she heard encouragement from one of her other tormentors saying, “You tell her, Potty!”  Then she knew where his nick-name had come from.  The name became incidental, however, as she felt the agony of his rectal probing increasing with the depth of his pumping dick.  When she didnt think she could stand any more pain, both of her punishers were pulling out and she heard the swish of liquid being spurted into a cup.

There were only moments of surcease for the suffering girl, as another couple of teens replaced the last pair. This time she noticed immediately that the prick in her mouth was shorter than either of her other mouth-dicks, and she looked up to see the face of a glowering Ted above her.  That fact, too, became of least importance when she felt the last dong being inserted in her backside. It was definitely larger than either of the preceding rear-enders and it was not going in easily.  Whoever was behind her was not interested in anything but getting his penis in as fast and as far as he could.  The process was not quick, however, because he had to push and push to get the major portion of his shaft into the depths.

The pain was so intense that tears were streaming down her cheeks in rivulets, and her gargled cries were being cut off by the penis that was violating her mouth. The intense soreness seemed to increase exponentially as her harrassers continued plowing into her twin holes. Eventually they both pulled out, and her head dropped down awkwardly to hang over the side of the table.

This respite didnt last more than a few seconds before Helen was urging her to follow her into the kitchen.  As she dragged herself off the table, she could see that Helen was holding a measuring cup that was half full of what was obviously the sexual spendings of all of the six boys. She dutifully followed Helen into the kitchen and watched as Helen moved to the cake sitting on the kitchen table.

She continued to watch as Helen began icing first the bottom, then the top layer of the larger part of the cake with chocolate icing before setting the one layer on top of the other. Then, with a withering smile at Barbie, she moved to the sections that constituted Barbs part and began to slather both layers with the sperm from the measuring cup.  Barbara thought she was going to be sick at her stomach just watching Helen in action.  When she had both layers covered with thick gobs of the spermy ooze, she called the boys into the kitchen and cut each of them a large slice of the chocolate-frosted cake, placing it on a plate before handing it out.  Eventually she got to Barbies large slice and, putting it on a plate handed the plate and a fork to Barb with instructions to finish every bite.

It was everything Barb could do just to look at it, much less take a bite, but one look at the malevolent stare of her step-mother said she had to try. Every eye was on her as she dug the fork into the gloppy mess and brought it to her mouth.  As the cake slipped into her mouth, she could feel the roiling of her stomach before she began to retch.  Had she not had the two enemas earlier she probably would have vomited whatever was there onto her plate, but all she could do was stand there and retch.

She tried to chew the vulgar mess, but finally decided to just swallow it.  It went down with much choking and gargling, and, after she had done the same with the second and third bites, it all came back up to be unceremoniously deposited back onto her plate.

“So youre saying you refuse to accept the wonderful birthday gift of every boy here.  Is that what youre saying, you ungrateful girl?  Well, you will be soundly whipped by me for your ingratitude, after you have received your birthday spankings from all these fine gentlemen. Now then, get yourself into the living room and place yourself over the table just as you were before.”

Barbie pitifully placed her cake plate in the sink and, with tears pouring down her face, forced herself into the living room to drop her body over the table once again.  Helen had the boys sit on the dining room chairs in no particular order, just six chairs in a row and six boys sitting with six erections poking straight up at the ceiling.  Andy, being the host, had first dibs and pulled Barbie over his lap.  The tears were still dripping, but because her head was pointed toward the floor, essentially, they began dripping into her eyebrows.  Helen announced that each boy would get to spank Barbie 20 times anywhere they wanted, assuming that they would all take off on the teens butt. 

Thats exactly what Andy, Arty and Jack opted to do.  By the time they were done, Barbie was bawling like a three-year-old, and her uplifted buttocks looked like two stop-lights. Potty, on the other hand, became the first exception.

“Come on bitch, Lay that fuckin back on my knees.  Im goin for your tits!”

Barb looked dubious, but then glanced at Helen, who was smiling until she noticed her step-daughter hadnt moved and was waiting for her to refute Pottys order. Helen put on her best malicious glare at Barbie, enough to tell her she was about to get her knockers slapped around.

Now resigned, Barb leaned back over Potty, so that her lower back rested on his knees.  Potty suddenly grasped Barbs vulva and forcefully pulled her screaming until her upper back rested on his thighs.

“Cant smack your fuckin boobs if theyre on the ground, you shitty WHORE!”  It was becoming more and more obvious why he had been nick-named Potty.

He then began slapping each tit in turn through sixteen alternate smacks, each one a full swing with his arm extended as far as he could get it, and each one produced a howl from Barbies wide-open mouth. He then grabbed her right breast in his left hand, squeezing it tightly until her puffy nipple was the only thing extending from his fist and began swatting it with his other hand.  He didnt stop at four strikes with his open palm, though.  He had slapped it at least ten times as hard as he could, before Helens smiling interruption to let him know that perhaps it was somebody elses turn. Potty grudgingly let go of Barbies sore blood-drained breast and shoved her off his lap, so that her flaming buttocks hit the floor with a thud.

Pottys ingenuity now gave Ted novel ideas and he ordered the sobbing girl to lie on her back and spread her legs wide. Everyone knew what was coming, and, as Barbie began blubbering, the rest of the group sat with smug expressions on their faces. She leaned back over Teds thighs before spreading her legs slightly. A slap on her thigh and a sharp demand by Ted to spread them farther apart, produced the desired effect, an open vagina, puffy outer lips slightly spread to show just the hint of her inner lips.

Ted hauled off and let his hand smack against her waiting labia with a loud clapping sound, immediately followed by a lamenting bellow from the innocent pawn below him. Ted actually pushed her legs farther apart before continuing with his onslaught to her tender pussy. By the time he had delivered all 20 smacks to her vagina her puffy lips had swollen noticeably and had turned an ugly red. Barbie had begun to cry so hard that shed begun to hiccup.  Ted pushed her on her feet with a look of great satisfaction, as she stood above him, her face now a blotchy pink with tears rolling down her face.

It was now Haps turn, and whether he felt sorry for the girl standing and weeping before him, or he just really liked her butt, he decided to go with a regular spanking. After she had lain across his lap, he did take the opportunity to feel her jutting titties for a few moments and to run his fingers gently through the cleft between her legs before he set to applying the first of his spanks. Even this was far gentler than any of the other boys had given her, and, for the next few hits, his hand smacked her bottom far more gently than he could have.  The other boys noticed this slackness in his application and began razzing him about it.  Apparently embarrasses by the taunts, he finally began to spank her bottom with some gusto.

Barbie had been surprised by his gentleness and her tears were starting to slow down to a trickle as they rolled down her cheeks, but the new forcefulness Hap took on as he reached the eighth smack to her reddened butt cheeks produced a whole new flood of waterworks and wailing.  When he had finally applied the last of his 18 thwacks, she was back to blubbering and saliva was dripping copiously from her mouth.

Hap stood her up off his lap gently, and she stood before him in all her nakedness with drool slipping down from her chin onto her breast below.  Her reddened eyes were awash with tears, and she was sniffing to keep the mucus from dripping from her nose.

“All right.  Good job, men!  Now its my turn!”  Helen pulled out a leather strap from behind her on the couch and stood menacingly before her trembling step-daughter. “I think youd best lie on your stomach across the table the way you were before, Barbie doll. It looks like your tush has taken plenty of punishment, so Im gonna be nice and concentrate on your back and thighs.”

Barb looked pleadingly at her inquisitor but saw no pity, only sadistic determination, so she dragged herself over to the table and, sighing and sniffling, she lowered herself onto the hard wooden table, which, because of the  earlier torment applied to her tits and pussy, now made the soreness in those areas even greater. She only had moments to feel sorry for those areas, however, because she suddenly heard a swish and felt the fiery splat of the fiendish belt on her back.

What followed were nine more scorching swats applied from the top of her back down to just above the beginning of her butt cheeks.  There was only a slight pause before Helen began applying the strap to the anguished girls thighs, beginning at the crease just below her buttocks and working her way down to the back of Barbies knees with ten wicked blows. When she had finished, both areas had developed red striations fairly equally running down from her shoulders to her knees with her fully red hand-punished ass in the center and a race between the drops of tears running down her cheeks and the snot coursing from her nose.

The sniveling girl was allowed to climb off of the table, but quickly told to lie lengthwise on it. She begged her menacing step-mother to let her off any further punishment and was told this wouldnt be punishment but a fun game for the boys.  When she had lain back with her head at one end of the table and her legs hanging over the other end, Helen began explaining the game.

She had three birthday candles apiece for each of the boys and they could light them and let the wax fall anywhere on Barbies body that they chose to let it drop.  Barb strugglerd to rise but, between them, the boys were able to hold her down flat.  Barbies begging became strident, but no one was in a mood to listen to her.

Helen ordered two of the boys to push the teens feet back to her shoulders, making sure they didnt obstruct access to her breasts.  Two other boys held her arms down beside her on the table.  Of course the placement of her feet meant the victims entire vaginal and rectal areas were fully opened up to view. Her legs were split wide enough that even her puffy red labia separated enough to reveal the pink inner lips.  Her gash was open all the way from the top down to her rosy little bum-hole.

Andy was, of course, once again, the first to have access to the weeping girl, and, lighting the first of his little candles, couldnt wait to hold it over the top of her slit, right where her hooded clit lay. The first drop of wax on her tender membranes brought forth a scream unlike any she had uttered all day, and her body writhed in a futile attempt to break free. The rest of the candles paraffin continued to bring squeaks and pitiful entreaties to stop, but, by the time Andy was done, the candle had burnt down to a nub and the upper portion of Barbs vulva was covered with the waxy substance. Arty and Hap chose to work on her breasts, paying particular attention to her extended nipples, until they, too, were completely ensconced by the candle residue. Potty, Jack and Ted decided to concentrate on portions of her vagina that hadnt been covered yet.  By the time they were finished Barbs entire slit was covered with a solid sheet of wax from one end to the other, and the hapless girl was only uttering little mewling sounds.

Helen had the honor of removing the wax from the three areas of concentration, using her fingernails to gouge into the tender flesh in order to break the shell of wax apart.  By the time she had finished, Barbie lay exhausted on the table, too weak to move. Helen ordered two of the boys to help Barbie off the table and up the stairs to her bed, where she sank, drained, onto her mattress.

After the boys had had soft drinks and reminisced about their wonderful day, they left for their homes, and Helen and Andy cleaned up the mess left behind.  Helen made the suggestion that Andy take some ointment up and apply it to Barbies most tender areas. He hastily departed with a tube of Unguentine and joyfully, but roughly, covered the affected areas on her back, before having her turn over and slathering the oily substance to her breasts and vaginal area.  It was still several hours before the suffering girl fell into a fitful sleep.                          







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