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Getting To Know Step-Mother

Part 4

Getting to Know Stepmother Part 4

Chapter 1

It was November. Helen and Andy had continued Barbaras daily ration of two or three spankings a day, so her buttocks were constantly tinted somewhere between a deep red and crimson.  Reasons for spankings could be as meaningless as forgetting to say “good morning” or as serious as letting some of Andys sperm drip down the side of her mouth after a long session of deep-throating.  Andy had become very clever about pulling out of her mouth after the major portion had slid down her throat, but before the full stream had dissipated.

But, for the most part, these had been the only punishments Barb had received for over a week, except for an occasional hard slap on her face from Helen or the infrequent twisting of one of her puffy nipples by Andy.  When Sam was around he took great delight in applying his hand to her posterior, but that was generally only on weekends.

One Saturday morning, Helen unlocked Barbies bedroom door and told her to come into the living room.  Barbara hurried to comply and found Helen in the process of putting on her winter coat.

“Weve been invited to a weekend party, Barbara, so I want you out by the car immediately.”

“Cccould…I have a coat to wear.  Its awfully cold outside.”

“You wont need one.  Youll be traveling in the nice warm trunk, and we wont be going that far.  Now come over her and put your hands behind your back so I can tape them together…..Good…..Now, march!”

Helen escorted Barbara out to the car, unlocked the trunk, and ordered her to climb in.

“Ohhh, please, couldnt I sit in the car where itll be warm.”

The goose-bumps had already begun forming all over Barbaras body.  Her nipples, which usually were soft and flat, even began to form little protuberances.

“No!  Now you see why its not good to try to leave us.  We have to do this to make sure you dont get away. Now, get in there!”

Barbie had to stretch her leg up and over the area where the license plate was attached and found herself seated with one leg out of the car, one leg inside and her stretched vagina squarely on the cold lock mechanism.  She screeched a high C note, before she was finally able to slide herself painfully into the trunk proper.  Helen closed the lid of the trunk and started up the car.

Barb squeezed herself into a fetal position hoping it would possibly keep her a little warmer, but she hadnt been in the trunk thirty seconds before her teeth began to chatter and her toes began to feel numb.

At one point, Helen stopped the car, presumably at a light or stop sign, and Barbara yelled “Help” at the top of her lungs.  She suddenly heard the car door open and shut and saw the trunk lid being raised.  There stood Helen, who reached in and grabbing one of Barbies freezing tits, twisted it and then yanked on it forcefully.  Barbara screamed and writhed before Helen finally let go.

“Theres no one out here, you dumb Dora.  I stopped for a rabbit that ran across the road.  You try that one more time and Ill find the long way to where were going, so you can get fresh air for ten or fifteen minutes longer.  Is that what you want?”

At Barbies timid negative nod, Helen closed the trunk once more and got back in the car.  She drove for another five minutes before she stopped.  When she got around to popping the trunk lid, Barbara was in a state of trembling hysterics.  The fear of not knowing where they were going, the pain in her breast and the bitter cold had managed to unhinge her totally.

Helen helped her out of the trunk, making sure she had one more jolt of feeling the cold car frame rubbing across her hairless vulva in the process.  Helen had pulled over to the side of the road. The area was uninhabited except for a house about fifty yards back from the road.  There was a driveway leading to the house, but Helen had chosen not to use it.  This necessitated them walking over a large lawn of grass, or at least that is what Helen chose to walk over.  By the time they reached the front door, the cold damp grass had added to Barbaras chill and her body was shaking as if she had epilepsy.

Before Helen had a chance to ring the bell, the door swung open and there stood Jean Henderson, in slippers and a heavy fluffy robe.

“Come in, come in.  Well, Barbie, I see you havent changed your mode of dress one iota since I saw you last, but I do like your choice of attire, or lack of it.  Youre a bit early.  We still have two more guests to come.  And you didnt bring a robe, did you, Helen.  Well, thats all right.  I have four or five in my closet upstairs.  Why dont you go pick one out, and Ill get better acquainted with our guest of honor?”

Helen took off her coat, put it in the hall closet, and went upstairs.

“You look so cold, Barbie.  Let me warm you up a little.” 

Jean proceeded to grab Barbaras breasts by the outside and squeeze them together, at the same time rubbing up and down, as one would with the neck of a bottle of champagne they were trying to cool in an ice bucket.  It did little to warm Barbaras breasts, but the abrasion from the rubbing was causing her skin to burn terribly, not to mention the pain being engendered by the squeezing.  She tried to back away, but found herself flat against a wall, with nowhere to flee.

Eventually, Jean stopped, but only long enough to lower one hand to Barbs pussy, which she grabbed in a vise-like grip and squeezed.  Barbaras response was a pitiful squeak and a little dance as she tried to escape the torment being applied to her tender vagina.

At that moment the doorbell rang, and Jean was forced to desist.  She went to the door and opened it to find two young women outside.  As they entered, Helen was descending the steps in a low-cut slinky silken robe and bare feet.

The two newcomers were very attractive.  A rather tall dirty-blonde woman about thirty years old, well-built and very fair-skinned, was accompanied by a red-headed girl, who looked to be in her early twenties, a face full of freckles, and only about five feet tall, but very svelte.

“Helen, Id like you to meet my good friend, Cynthia, and her sub, Wilhelmina, but we call her Willy.  Cynthia teaches at the same school with me and Willy keeps house for her.  Theyve been together for four or five years now, right, Cynthia?”

Willy chimed in with “Almost six, now!”

Cynthia gave Andy a look that would quiet a barking dog. “I dont believe she asked you, did she Willy?”

“No, miss.”  It was noticeable that Willys short five foot height became lessened by an inch or two, as she drew herself in.

Jean broke in with a suggestion that they both go up and change into robes while she set up four easy chairs around the fireplace, which was currently throwing welcome heat into the room.  When she and Helen had finished arranging the chairs they each took a seat and beckoned to Barbie to come over by the fire.  She knew better than to take a seat in one of the chairs, and decided to stand, hands still taped behind her, in front of their chairs.  Helen spoke with an edge in her voice.

“Now, Barbie Doll, I expect you to be on your best behavior this weekend.  You are to do whatever you are told without question or hesitation.  Any recalcitrance on your part will be dealt with severely.  Do I make myself clear?”

“Yyyess, Maam.  May I go over by the fire, maam?”

“I dont think that will be necessary.  Well find lots of ways to warm you up this weekend, youll see.”

Presently, Cynthia and Willy came downstairs and joined them in the vacant chairs.

“Cynthia, this is my step-daughter, Barbara.  She is ill-behaved and surly, which requires constant punishment on the part of my son and me.  So, if she fails to perform as you request, please tell me, and I will deal with her immediately.”

“Thank you for telling me.  Oh, my, I do like those puffy nipples of hers.  They look good enough to eat. The same goes for Willy, by the way.  I guess shell be somewhat of a recipient this weekend, but she still knows her place, dont you, Love?”

With this she reached over and squeezed one of Willys robe-covered tits.  Willy let out a squeak, which told the rest of them that it had not been a gentle squeeze.  Then Willy nodded, diffidently.

Cynthia suggested Willy remove her robe, and it was done with great haste.  Willys body was covered with freckles, too.  Her five foot height did nothing to lessen the beauty of her body.  Her breasts were small, but well formed and were tipped with bright pink nubbins that fully presented themselves to her audience.  Below she was totally shaven, but a clit ring was sticking out from between her otherwise closed slit.

It was becoming more and more obvious to Barbara what lay in store for her for the coming weekend and she was not pleased.  The episode at Helens house with Jean a few weeks earlier had been one of the most unpleasant things she had ever had to do.  She was not at all even bisexually oriented, and the thought of having to service four women over an extended period really made her sick.

“Well, shall we get the ball rolling.  Since Cynthia has brought Willy to help with the festivities, why dont we let her have first dibs.”

Cynthia was totally amenable, and immediately shucked off her robe.  Her large breasts had begun to sag a bit, but they were tipped with large pink nipples.  Below she had a mass of blondish hair covering her pussy, sufficiently that the line of her slit was totally hidden.  But, as she sat, she spread her legs wide and a slight tinge of pink showed through.

“Come to Mama, bitch!  Mamas got a nice warm fire going down here and I need you to put it out.”

Barbie knew better than to hesitate, so, with her hands tied behind her, she tried to lower herself to her knees without falling over, and, once there, crawled over to place herself between Cynthias outspread legs.  She began by licking up and down each inner thigh, attempting to delay the moment of truth as long as possible.  Cynthia didnt seem to mind at all, letting out a little sigh during the process.  Eventually, she could no longer delay the inevitable, and moved her tongue up to the mass of hair.  Worming it between the mat of hair, she finally found Cynthias slit and went to work licking up and down.  She was relieved that there was very little smell involved, and what smell there was, she recognized as the essence of a womans sexuality.

Cynthia suddenly pushed her body forward in her seat and urged Barbie to get her tongue further back.  This involved licking Cynthias crinkly rosebud, which Barbie found distasteful, even if there was no odor involved, but she spent a good half minute concentrating on that area before she slid her tongue to the front once again.  Now she concentrated on what she knew would bring Cynthia off.  The hood of her clitoris had already pulled away and the little pearly nub stood out boldly.  Barbie grabbed hold of it with her teeth, gently, and began to run her tongue back and forth over it.

Cynthia let out a satisfied growl, which told Barb that she was accomplishing her goal.  She occasionally varied her technique by running her tongue throughout the length of the slit, returning to her maneuver with Cynthias clit.  Within two or three minutes, Cynthia was moaning loudly, and finished with an earth-shaking “Oh, my God!!!”, as her body stretched itself to its fullest, and finally, sank back in exhaustion.

When Barbie pulled away, her face was covered with excretions resulting from Cynthias orgasm.  She had no time to recover, however, as Jean jumped up, removed her fluffy robe and announced it was her turn.  Barbie, unhappily but rapidly moved over to the far chair to service her former school-teacher.

“I want you to start on my boobs.  My nipples are so sensitive right now, I think I could cum with just that stimulation.  Latch on, baby.”

She sat and leaned forward so that Barbie could take one of her nipples into her mouth and begin sucking.  She swished her tongue rapidly back and forth over the hardening nipple.

“Oh yes!  Flick that tongue, sweetie! Ooooooo!….God, that feels so goooood!  A little more…OOOOUUU!  Now the other one!”

Barbie slipped the nubbin out of her mouth and reached for the other one, which was already hard as a rock.

“Ummmmmm!  Oh, suck that thing.  Come on harder!  Bite it a little!  Yeah!  OOOO!

God, dont ever stop!  UMMMooouuu!  Now my pussy, whore!”

Barbie once again let go and moved her head down a foot or so.  There was the valentine-shaped hair mass just above her pussy.  Moving down farther, she stuck her tongue out and began to delve into Jeans essence.  Up and down her tongue swooped as she tried to cover the spectrum, but Jean urged her to concentrate on her clit, which was fully in evidence.  Barb began to run her tongue over the nodule, and after only a few passes, she felt Jeans body stiffen and she began swearing at the top of her lungs.

“Oh, shit! Oh, FUUUUCK!  Oh, Christ, yesssss!”  A moment later she sank back exhausted.  Barbara pulled her head back and once again found her face was smeared with secretion.  Her nose was beginning to hurt a little, as well.

Helen rose and announced it was her time now, as she removed her robe.  It was the first time she had seen Helen naked since the night she tried to escape and the alarm had gone off bringing Sam and Helen from the bedroom, both nude, and she really had other things to look at from that point on.  Helen was bosomy, without being dumpy, especially for her age. Her nipples were long and dark brown, looking very much like most mothers who have nursed their young.  She would have bet that Andy had nursed as long as he could, knowing his propensity for breasts.

As she stared at Helen, for the first time really, she wondered if maybe shed had a boob job.  She was just vain enough to have felt she needed enhancements to attract the men.

Looking at her vagina, she noticed Helen had trimmed her pussy with just a thin line of hair pointing down to the beginning of her slit.

“I want you lying on your back, little bitch.  Let me help you.”

With that, she grabbed Barbara by the shoulders, leaned her over so that just her feet were touching the floor and let go.  Barb fell on her back, but with the added impediment of having her arms tied behind her, they received the brunt of the fall.  Barbie cried out, but had no time to move, as Helen fell to her knees and spread them at the teens head so that her pussy was directly above Barbaras head.  She then modified her position enough so that her vagina mashed into Barbs head.  The teary girl was soon to find out that her nose and mouth were both entirely covered by Helens spread-out pussy and her air source was totally depleted.  She tried to move her head, but Helen had a death-grip on her, and the lack of oxygen was becoming a life or death problem.  She couldnt move her bound hands to try to fend her step-mother off, and flopping her legs accomplished nothing.

After nearly forty-five seconds without air, Barbie was becoming desperate, and without even thinking she finally let her teeth sink into Helens very tender flesh, not with a great deal of force, but enough to let her know she needed to move.  And move she did!  She jumped up immediately and grabbed her pussy lips trying to see if Barbara had brought blood.  Part of it was an act, but no one else knew it, and Helen was a fine actress.

“You little bitch!  You bit me!  You hateful girl!  Well, youve just done it!  Youre toast.”

As Barbara tried to explain, Helen was yelling so loud that no one could hear her.

“Jean, I need a metal hanger.  Get me a metal hanger.  If it was good enough for Joan Crawford, its good enough for me.”

Jean got a hanger and in moments, Helen had unwound the hook part and had a doubled over metal whip.  Helen fell to her knees and began smashing her whip over every available part of Barbs front from her breasts down to her knees. As the metal whip pulled away from Barbies body each time, in its place it left a double red line, and soon Barbaras body looked like she had candy stripes all over her front.  No one attempted to stop Helen, of course, so that it was her own tired arm which finally made her cease striking the poor girl.  Barbie was in hysterics, as she was forced to lie there with bound hands behind her and watch Helen savage her body.  When Helen finally rose, she looked down at her victim, and pointed at her.

“Were not finished with this, you know.  When my pussy feels a little better were going to try this again, and youd better not bite this time, Missy!”

She threw down the hanger and stalked from the room.  There were a few moments of awkward silence before Cynthia finally spoke.

“Hey, guys, Ive been working on fisting Willy.  Want to see how far weve gotten.”

“Oh, no, please, Mistress, dont do it tonight, please.  Im still sore from last nights try.”

“Well, were never going to get it all the way until we practice, Willy.  Now, stand up.  Jean, do you have some petroleum jelly or cooking oil we can use to get her lubed up?”

Jean left the room and returned with a jar of Vaseline, which she handed to Cynthia.  She took a large dollop and, ordering Willy to spread her legs wide, started pushing it forcefully up Willys vaginal hole.  Soon she was inserting one, then two, then three, and finally four fingers and pushing with all her might.  Willy began to cry and moan loudly, as the fingers disappeared further and further, and she began to rise on her tiptoes. When she could go up no further on her toes, she began pleading with Cynthia.

Pleeeease, Mistress!  No further.  Please!  It wont go any further!  Please!”

“But this is only as far as I got it last night, silly.  I need to get my thumb in there before weve made any progress.  Now, hold still.”

“YIIIIIII! ArrrGGGGHHH!  Cant. No more!  Please!”

“Oh, all right, cry baby, but were going to keep doing it until I can get my hand up there eventually.”  Cynthia pulled her hand out and rising rubbed it into Willys hair until it was clear of all signs of the Vaseline.

Jean suggested they break for lunch.

Chapter 2

Lunch was served at a large dining room table, with everyone seated around it except Barbie.  She was under it, eating out the eaters.  Helen had decided she wasnt to have lunch, because she had behaved badly beforehand.  As a result, at one point or another, each of them would stop eating long enough to sigh, moan and groan with a beatific look on her face, before picking up her sandwich and continuing the conversation.  By the time lunch was finished each of the women had had at least two orgasms and Jean was in the midst of her third.

They had Barbara clear the table, and the red double lines up and down the front of her body were now vivid.  Helen had removed the tape from her arms, because she felt Barbie could probably be more intimate in her attentions if she could use her hands as well, and apparently she was right, as they all commented on how good a gamahucher she had turned into.

When she had finished clearing the table, she stood in the doorway to the kitchen, not sure what she was expected to do next.  Helen motioned her over to her chair.  When she arrived beside Helens chair, Helen reached up and grabbed one of her nipples, squeezing and twisting it violently.  Barbie, howling in pain, twisted back and forth to try to compensate for Helens motions, but the pain she was creating was so intense that she finally dropped to her knees even though that increased the pain.

“You did a lousy job servicing the group, bitch, so you can just keep on trying until you get it right.”

Barbie, whose face was totally smeared with female secretion, could only nod and look at Helen with tears in her eyes and a beseeching look.  Finally Helen let go of the reddened teat, and pushed Barbie away from her.  The group moved back into the living room to sit before the roaring fire.  As they sat, sated for the moment, Jean asked if anyone would like a dildo.  She explained she had half a dozen of different sizes and textures upstairs in her bureau, if anyone was interested.  As a matter of fact she even had a strap-on, if theyd like.

Helen perked up immediately, saying that though she was saving Barbies virginity for something special, she had a backdoor virginity that Helen was sure would be fun to watch being violated.  Barbara, who was standing next to the fireplace keeping warm, didnt quite understand what Helen was intimating, but knew it didnt bode well.  A look of terror passed across her face, as she began to realize finally what Helen was saying.

Jean left to retain the equipment, and Barbie hurried over to Helens chair, fell to her knees and begged her to reconsider, knowing full well that her chances were nil in getting Helen to change her mind.

When Jean returned with four or five dildoes and the strap-on, Barbies eyes almost popped out.  They all looked huge, but the erect plastic penis attached to the strap-on had to be at least nine inches long.  Jean handed the strap-on to Helen, naturally, and handed the jar of Vaseline to her. She left the room for a moment and, when she came back, she had a container of cayenne pepper in her hand, and she gave it to Helen, as well.

“Well, I wasnt going to use the jelly, but if were going to mix it with the cayenne, itll probably work better.”

Barbie watched in horror as Helen took a glob of the jelly and poured some of the pepper on it before mixing it in with her fingers.

Looking at Barbie, she mentioned to the others shed probably need some help holding her down.  Jean grabbed one of their victims arms and Cynthia grabbed the other and forced Barbie over to the coffee table, where they unceremoniously plopped her across it, so that her rear end was sticking over the end.  As Helen fitted the strap-on to her torso, and rubbed the awful mixture onto the end, Barb tried vainly to rise.


   Helen knelt behind her screaming quarry and taking a glob of the jelly, parted Barbies rear cheeks and jabbed her finger into her ass-hole.  In moments her finger had sunk to the second knuckle and Barbaras scream went up an octave.  She had not even felt the effect of the pepper yet, but the invasion of her rectum was something no one else had ever done to her and the surprise was startling.

In moments, the pepper began to take effect and Barbies plaints turned to begging.

“OOOhhh, nnnnooo, it hurts, please dont,  pleeease, Ill be good.  Im sssooo sorry I bbbit youuuu, ohhhh, it hurts,…pleeease….”

With a look of pure evil, which Barbie could not see, fortunately, Helen removed her finger, and placing the dildo at the center of Barbies little rose-bud, she began to push.  

If Barb had screamed before, the emanation from her mouth could only be described as a roaring bellow.  Slowly the head of the rubbery dildo sunk into her bowels, and Barbie began screaming a steady caterwaul, which did nothing to dampen Helens determination.  After pulling out a few inches she thrust forth again and managed to sink the erect plastic form in around the six-inch mark.  Try as she might Helen could get it no further, but the pain of the intrusion, mixed with the heat from the cayenne pepper was overpowering to Helens young sufferer.

She continued to push and pull out for over five minutes.  Barbie, completely exhausted at this point, had just fallen to the coffee table and was simply panting and groaning, her body limp, as Jean and Cynthia finally let go of her arms.  Helen slowly pulled the intruding projectile out of Barbies rectum, and went to wash the slime off of it.  Barbie made no attempt to rise.  When Helen returned she was as vicious as ever, lowering her face to Barbaras, long enough to hiss at her.

“If you ever bite me again, you wont live to see the next day, bitch.”

Chapter 3

For the rest of the afternoon, they retired to Jeans bedrooms for more fun and games.  Jeans bedroom had a double bed, and her guest bedroom had two twins.  It was determined that Jean would take Willy into the guest room, and Cynthia and Helen would “share” Barbie in the master.  Helen had Barbie lie on the bed on her back and Cynthia was soon planted above her with her crotch getting the benefit of yet another servicing by the teen.  Her attempt to “smother” Barbie was not as successful as Helens earlier episode, because the mattress was soft enough that Barb could turn her head sufficiently to grab some air occasionally.

While Barbie was attending to Cynthias lower regions, Helen began sucking on her large breasts.  Cynthias nipples were bright pink to start with but Helens suction caused the blood to rush to them and soon they were much redder.  Cynthia was enjoying the attention to both her sexual areas immensely.  Helens nipple-sucking was bringing her right to the edge and Barbaras tongue was finishing her off.  She had three orgasms before she and Helen switched places.  When Cynthia climbed off of the bed so Helen could take her place, Barbs face was a bright pink from her exertions and Cynthias excretions left a slimy covering from her chin to her forehead.

Barbie had just enough time to fill her lungs with air again, before Helens familiar twat was looking down at her.  Soon there was total darkness as Helen lowered her body over Barbies face.  Again, she was able to breathe spasmodically, as Helen pushed her body against Barbs face.  Cynthia took up Helens previous position and began treating Helens long brown nipples to a thorough tongue-lashing and constant sucking.  Helen was only able to cum twice during this episode, but they were deep and lasted longer than usual.  She finally lifted herself off of her poor step-daughter and sank down on the bed with a huge sigh.

Barbaras tongue, nose and face were beginning to feel raw from her treatment at Jeans.  Her face was still covered with a shiny secretion, which she began to feel was going to be a permanent fixture.  She was exhausted, cold and depressed.  What more could they do to her.  Especially, her step-mother nemesis!  Daddy, why did you have to die?

Over in the other bedroom, Jean had been putting Willy through her paces.  She had been treated to a dildo, covered with painful spikes, that was considerably larger than anything that had ever been shoved up her vagina before, while she did a thorough tongue job on Jeans pussy.  Jean also took advantage of her talented well-trained mouth to bring her to an orgasm while sucking on her sensitive nipples.  Jean was kind enough to administer to Willys needs once by sucking on her tender clitoris for several minutes.

When everyone, except Barbara, was totally sated, they all put on robes, except Barbie, and moved back down to the nice warm fire, that was still throwing off delightful heat. 

Barb was ordered to bring in Panini sandwiches that Jean had prepared earlier.  They all partook, and Helen even allowed Barbara to have one, though she chided her for another poor performance on the bed upstairs.

The evenings entertainment consisted of two movies Jean had secured over the years.  One was a feature length poorly-acted piece called “Love Me, Love My Pussy”, which dealt with two lesbian spies for the FBI, who capture a Russian girl after much to-do and plan to introduce her to the female side of sex, when it turns out the Russian is really a tranny.  They all end up delightfully joined together in a ménage a trios, and the American spies decide they dont mind an occasional penis now and then.  The other movie was an older picture from the 70s, “Tongues AFlyin”, dealing with a lonely girl, who finds happiness, finally, with another girl, after trying midgets, men and even a dog.  Helen made Willy give her another vaginal orgasm during the second picture, but for the most part everyone seemed satisfied for the time being.  Barbie, left alone for a change, fell asleep on the floor in front of the fireplace.

The women all had toddies just before climbing the stairs to go to bed.  This time Jean and Cynthia paired off in her bedroom while Helen pulled Willy into one of the single beds for the night, leaving Barb the luxury of actually sleeping, in a bed all by herself.

This luxury only lasted until the sun began to rise, when Jean woke her and ordered her into her bedroom to slake the needs of Cynthia and her.

Chapter 4

Everyone slept late Sunday morning.  They were treated to fried eggs, muffins and bacon for breakfast.  Everyone, that is except Barbie.  Her stomach was rumbling from the minimal food shed had for the weekend.  Once again all the ladies had removed their robes at the table. After everyone was served, Helen took a piece of bacon and inserted it down the length of her slit and offered it to her step-daughter.

“Heres a beggin strip for you, little doggie.  Come get your beggin strip.”


Barbie crept under the table and gladly retrieved her only morsel of breakfast.  Of course, there was a penalty for the favor, which consisted of Helen grabbing Barbies head and thrusting it deep into her snatch.  She dutifully lapped away at the viscous slit, until Helen had exploded into a deep orgasm and released her head.  Jean was impressed.

She duplicated Helens offering, after sliding a piece of bacon between her vaginal lips.

“Come to Mama, Barbie honey.  Ive got some meat for you too.”

Barbara slid over to Jeans chair, and began the dual process.  At least she was getting some nourishment out of it.  Having satisfied Jean, she found everyone else at the table copying Helen and Jean.  She was getting a little tired of bacon, but she knew beggars cant be choosers.  Soon, she had satisfied everyone at the table.  This was her first “opportunity” to service Willys vagina, and, all she could think of while she was doing it was “God, that ring must have hurt when they were putting it in, even if she had something to deaden the pain.  Please, God, dont let Helen think that would be a super ornament for Barbie!”

With the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher, thanks to Barbara, the group began to get dressed, everyone, except Barb.  After many hugs and kisses, Cynthia and Willy took off and Jean and Helen said their goodbyes.  It was still bitter cold outside, but Helen pushed her naked step-daughter out the door and made her walk across the dewy grass all the way to the car.  Once again she opened the trunk and bade Barbara to climb in.  The trembling girl again had the difficulty of sliding into the trunk and felt the cold metal brush against her tender pussy as she was unceremoniously dumped in on the cold floor.  As she crawled into her fetal position for whatever warmth it might give her, her body began shaking with the cold.  Her entire body once again had goose-bumps from her head to her toes.  At least shed been able to wash the slimy secretions from her face before she left!  But her face felt as though shed been in a sandpaper rubbing contest and shed lost.  Her tongue was stiff from all the weekends action, and she was cold!   God, please hurry up and get home, Helen, before I turn into an icicle.

Helen was in no hurry, and just to prove a point, she stopped at the grocery store to buy some milk.  By the time she opened the trunk, Barbara had convinced herself she was going to die of frostbite.  She hurried to jump out of the trunk and make her way to the front door.  When they entered the living room, they found Andy lying on the couch in his pajamas watching television, with his penis sticking out from between the pajama bottom snaps.  He reached in to pull it all the way out.

“Its about time you got home, Barbie doll.  Ive got a job for you, baby!”   



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