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Sarah under Control

Part 18

                                                         Part 18

As Sarah hung there, suspended horizontally by her thighs and breasts, she focused on the sensation as her once magnificent breasts responded to the cellular relaxation effect that the drugs had caused, and her tit meat slowly but surely stretched under her weight, and they began their gradual but irresistible transformation into the gourds that she now knew belonged on the chest of an Africanized slut. Her slut-nips looked like they would burst, as the cinches trapped the blood underneath her aureaolae and pushed them forward obscenely. As she began to give herself up into her descent back into tit-world, Master Winstons voice said something about anal fisting, and she returned sharply to reality. Surely not- even her massively stretched and receptive anus could not accommodate that kind of intrusion, and she was in the process of telling herself that she had misheard when a familiar, huge shape appeared at the periphery of her vision. As he spoke, her conditioned mind responded to the voice she knew so well from her early training- Master Teddy had joined the party.

“ Good evening Sarah- nice to see your breasts responding to their new task so well” he boomed, as he stroked her cornrows lovingly. “The time has come to take the next step in your journey to full rehabilitation. You have impressed us with your dedication so far. I need you to consent to the next stage in order for it to be significant. I would like to permanently ruin your anus this evening Sarah. I plan to stretch it so radically that it will never ever close properly again. Do you agree to this, my slut?”  ,he soothingly enquired.

Sarah gasped at the enormity of the question, and all her instincts told her to stop this madness before it went any further, but the Complyormone coursed through her veins, and the huge suggestive power of Teddys voice was so deeply imbedded in her new sexuality, that she found herself nodding in compliance, as the throbbing in her chest seemed to pulse in agreement, as if it tit-world were trying to tell her that this was a good thing.

“I need you to ask me for the camera, slut” continued Teddy. “Ask me to break your anus forever with my fist, and the decision is irreversible”

Sweating with emotion, the suspended slut hesitated only briefly before gasping

“ Please open my slut asshole with your fist, Master”.

As the other brothers nodded in approval, Winston, who was watching her anus closely, was pleased to see the rose tattoo open involuntarily as she spoke, causing her tattooed sphincter to gape openly like a baby chick waiting to be fed.

Smiling, Teddy asked Ceebert to prepare her, and he wheeled a gurney to the stirrup end of the room. On the gurney lay four 200ml syringes, fitted with needles that ranged in length from a fairly innocuous 1 inch to a truly scary looking 6 inches.

As Ceebert slowly charged each syringe with the same cellular relaxant that now flowed through her breast meat, Teddy explained to the slut that they would give her rectum a little help in its transition into a fully-fledged tunnel.

As her wonderful anus pouted and winked at him, begging for input, Ceebert picked up the first, shortest syringe and slowly injected a little of the fluid at a time in a circle around the puckered line where tattoo stopped and sphincter began. Little by little, he infused her anal wall with the elixir, and, as it relaxed and opened a little more as the sluts conditioning converted the pricking sensation into pleasure  he moved the needle a little deeper into her bowel, and ,working in circles, slowly progressed into her rectum, injecting ring after ring of the magic fluid into her back passage. As the sluts gasps grew more enthusiastic, he reached the point where the shoulder of the syringe was as far into her anus as it would go, and withdrew the now empty one, and reached for the next, longer one.

Repeating the process, he slowly discharged the second 200ml into her anal wall, and Sarah felt a build up of pre-orgasmic spasming build in her abdomen, as her colon experienced and savoured this new, scratching, burning sensation that slowly invaded her.  As he withdrew the second empty syringe, Ceebert realised he was now close to the natural bend in her rectum, and decided on a speculum to assist in the last two treatments- after all, the final, 6 inch needle would mean that he was injecting the bowel wall almost a foot inside her.

Gently easing a shining steel speculum into the hungry orifice, he ratcheted it wide enough for the syringe body, enjoying the moan that accompanied it, and, savouring every push of the plunger, injected the rest of the first foot of her colon wall with the liquid that would bring about its ruination.

After 10 minutes, he was done, and he withdrew the speculum slowly. Sarah bit her lower lip as the flood of sensations gathered strength, and her bowel wall felt like it was on fire. The urgings of her stretching breasts coaxed the sexual part of the burning to the fore, and her conditioned mind collated all the sensations together. As she exploded in her first anal super-orgasm of the session, she heard “pleasure Sarah” boom in her ears ,even though she wore no headset, and her internet public were amazed to see the response needle in the corner of their screens shoot straight to maximum once again.

As they gave the relaxant time to work, Teddy slowly removed all the bling from his massive right hand. He rolled up his sleeve, and removed his gold Rolex. Turning to the door, he nodded to Winston, who opened it and beckoned Leroy to re-enter. As he came into view, it became apparent that he was holding a leash. Behind him padded an obedient Paula, who wore a black version of Sarahs mating collar around her neck, emblazoned with the word “SLUT” in studs. She wore a black latex catsuit, and had had her face heavily made up. She looked magnificent, and her eyes glowed with lust at her introduction to submission.

“Slut Paula has been invited to join us this evening, Sarah. She will assist me with your dilation, and if she pleases me, she may well be joining us on a regular basis.” explained Teddy.

Sarah gasped and blushed even more than the aftermath of her last orgasm had caused. Her friend from the office seeing her like this….how would she ever look her in the eye again?…and then the fact that her rehabilitation was necessary reminded her that if her Masters chose for Paula to be involved, then it must be with good reason.

Teddy held his right hand up in the air in the manner of a surgeon who has just scrubbed up. Paula obediently approached him, kneeled before him, and then obediently pulled a black latex disposable glove over his massive fingers, easing all the way on until the wrist band snapped tightly in place. Picking up a KY dispenser, she pumped three generous squirts into her little white hands, and then slowly, almost lovingly coated the glove with lube until it shone. Seeing Teddy nod in approval, she then, on Winstons instruction, took the dispenser over to the horizontal slut. Trembling with excitement, she aimed the nozzle into the gaping, tattooed hole that once was her rosebud, and pumped around half of the bottle into her anal canal. Following Winstons signals, she the anointed her own dainty white hand liberally with KY, and slowly eased it into the sluts hungry anus, gasping with pleasure at the velvety texture as the well stretched muscular ring easily gave way and embraced first her fingers, then as she pushed gently, her knuckles, and finally, with a plop, her tiny wrist. Sarah, already half way to orgasmic delirium, moaned out loud as her bowel muscles automatically gripped the slender intruder, and Paula squealed with pre orgasmic pleasure of her own as she felt her workmates colon grip her wrist urgently. Following Winstons guidance, she worked her hand in and out of the passageway, massaging the lube into the walls until the whole orifice was slippery, slack and ready. This done, she very reluctantly withdrew from Sarahs body, noting that the anus only half closed as her hand exited. Beside herself with erotic excitement, the trembling slut Paula withdrew out of view and settled in to watch the main event that was about to happen before her.

As the lighting was rearranged so that every part of the stretching process would be clearly visible on the web-cast, Teddy walked slowly up to the suspended slut, and, with a nod from Winston that told him everything looked good onscreen, he started his destruction of Sarahs back passage.

As he slipped the first of his fingers into the loose, slippery hole, Sarah immediately knew that this was different. Paulas whole hand had been smaller than some of the cocks that she now craved to have in her ass on a daily basis-indeed she took bigger than Paulas hand down her throat quite often…but just one of Teddys fingers was enough to signal the massive task ahead. She felt like a ritual sacrificial offering as the second huge black digit popped into her sphincter, and as they gently opened her in readiness for the third, she started to panic. Teddy noticed her anus clenching back at him in fear, and spoke soothingly to her, reminding her that this was her destiny-to be of true value and purpose, it was necessary for her to be modified as he saw fit. Only this way could she be truly rehabilitated as a black cock slut. His words had the desired effect, and the Complyormone surged through her psyche once again, as Teddy felt her asshole relax and he easily slipped the third finger in. The fourth went in less easily, and sweat broke out on Sarah brow as it finally plopped past the ring of muscle. Four of Teddys fingers were a massive intrusion- at least as big as anything her anus had accommodated to date, and her opening was probably stretched fully four inches wide already. She felt she had reached her elastic limit, and it was only Teddys constant soothing words that stopped her from panicking wildly at the prospect of the knuckles and thumb that must follow. Teddy sensed that she was struggling to keep a grip on it; also he realised that her sphincter had indeed reached its elastic limit. Even one of Sarahs enormous capacity for change had limits. It was time for the relaxant serum to do its thing. Not waiting any longer for Sarahs fears to grow, he tucked his thumb into the tortuously stretched sphincter muscle, and then gave a slow but mighty push. His hand belonged in her rectum, they both knew that…and as his massive knuckles finally ripped through the barrier, Sarah felt her anus tear and, tenderised by the serum, the fabric of her anal wall changed shape forever. Teddy quite literally ripped her a new asshole, and as his massive fist triumphantly entered her rectum, he felt her new sphincter close not all that tightly around his wrist, as the slut screamed loudly and passed out.

Taking advantage of her unconsciousness, Teddy continued his journey into her colon, pushing firmly enough for his giant ham to stretch her bowel wall into its new permanent girth, but not firmly enough to do any actual damage. It took him a little while to navigate around the rectal bend, but he managed it, and, just as her entered her colon proper, and half of his forearm was embedded in her new asshole, Sarah regained consciousness. Even whilst out of it, her drug assisted conditioning had been functioning at a sublimal level, and she awoke to the sensations of what seemed like a whale in her asshole and fire in her breasts, she realised that her transformation was actually nearing completion. Giving up entirely to the waves of what she now considered pleasure, Teddy felt her back passage massage his forearm urgently, and she wriggled enough to make her body pendulum in its suspension to increase the stretching of her tits. Spiralling rapidly into her second anal super-orgasm of the procedure, she screamed out to her Master, begging him to stretch her asshole more and more, until he was proud of the results. Teddy responded by pistoning his forearm in and out of her forever distended back passage, as she gave one last scream of ecstasy before lapsing into unconsciousness again, this time happy at her modifications.

By the time she came round, she had been released from suspension, and Teddy had replaced his bling and watch, and was immaculate once again. She had been placed gently in the dentists chair, and her legs placed in the stirrups. As she came too, she felt an unfamiliar glowing in her belly, and knew that she had pleased her Masters with her new asshole. The fire in her chest persisted, and, looking down, she saw that the cinches were still in place.

“ Ah-welcome back to reality slut” boomed Teddy. “ And congratulations on your new improved asshole. You have done well, and your reward is the rest of the week off work in order to adjust to your new body. I think youll be quite pleased with your new tits too, although they have a way to go yet” he enthused, as he undid the cinches and allowed the blood to flow back into the now scarlet gourds that had once been her pride and joy. Looking down, she saw that they no longer defied gravity, but sagged very slightly. Also the distance from her chest to the halo of her nipple was at least an inch greater than it used to be. She realised with shock that her breasts must have stretched a full inch this evening. The knowledge that this was a permanent change would have horrified her a couple of weeks ago, but she now glowed with pride at the fact that her rehabilitation was so radical. This was a short-lived pleasure, as she saw Teddy frowning.

“Hmmm…your breasts have not stretched as we had hoped, slut. They were obviously way too perfect to yield enough in one go. I suppose they were what made Winston notice you in the first place, so its no great surprise. Nevertheless, I think its a trip to the laundry for you tomorrow while the relaxant is still in your system” he explained.

Unable to hide her sadness, Sarah heard herself apologising profusely to her Masters for her breasts not yet being to their satisfaction….was she really saying these things??….and why the laundry?…surely she must have misheard.

As the feeling came back to her chest, a massive throbbing kept her mind occupied, until she noticed some business between her legs. Looking at the cameras, she saw with surprise that the broadcast was still live.

“Just a couple more things to attend to, slut” teased Winston, as he unhooked the key from around his neck, and gave it to Paula, who enthusiastically unlocked the padlock between Sarahs legs, and lifted the escutcheon plate back, exposing her laced labia. Ceebert appeared, and busied himself unlacing her. Sarah looked puzzled-her pussy had been closed since her “coming out” in front of Darcy, and she was now quite at ease with that-in fact, the idea of having it open again scared her- she was an anal girl now, the end!

Sensing her misgivings, Ceebert explained

“It is still vital that you please all black men with your anus and mouth, slut. Your wonderful new asshole means that there is no limit to what you can accommodate now-but some masters still like it tight, so we have decided to the sensations got by ass-fucking you variable. I am going to remove your old keeper now, and replace it with a new, inflatable one. For the rest of your life, you will have a bulb between your legs which inflates a bladder, filling your pussy to the desired degree-the more it is inflated, the more it pushes against your anus and gives the sensation of tightness. It will feel exactly the same as the old keeper when deflated, so you will hardly notice the difference”.

As Ceebert finished unlacing her labia, he gently withdrew the sleek steel curved keeper that had been her constant companion for weeks now. Hating the openness and accessibility of her pussy, it was with mixed feelings that she watched Paula hand Ceebert the new keeper, which had what looked like a football bladder stretched over the curved insert, and a black squeezy bulb that fitted through a similar escutcheon plate, but one that had been drilled to accommodate the air pipe. She felt gratitude that her pussy was being laced shut again as it should be; but she had the distinct impression that this latest modification made her little different to and inflatable doll that pervs bought from sex shops.

As Ceebert finished lacing the new keeper in, and closed and padlocked the modified escutcheon, he had Paula give the bulb a few test squeezes, and Sarah gasped, as for the first time in ages she felt vaginal sensations, the bulb inflating and pushing her anal wall. Satisfied, Ceebert deflated the bladder again and promised that her new custom extra would be taken for a test run real soon.

Finally, Winston handed him another key, and he had Paula release the two heavy padlocks that stretched her forward labia.

“They have stretched well, slut- they are comfortably at the three inches we sought….time for your reward.” He enthused, and from under the gurney he produced two heavy gold bells attached to 4mm stirrups.

“Rolled gold on the outside, but bell metal on the inside for an authentic ring, Sarah. Heavy too- 4 ounces each. Paid for by the subscriptions to your website. These will replace your padlocks. I will solder them in place, so they will be forever with you” he added, tinkling one and producing a surprisingly clear ring.

OMG-everyone will hear them, thought Sarah, but she dutifully thanked her Master as he fed them through her pussy meat and soldered them in place permanently.

With that, the web-cast ended, and the Masters busied themselves putting equipment away, as the slut sat there in the stirrups totally exposed to everyone, but ignored, her work being done for the night.

“Have you enjoyed your first glimpse into our world, slut Paula?”  Winston asked as they finished tidying away. “You were recommended by Sarah, who is our star pupil, so we expect great things from you”

“Oh yes, Master, it has been wonderful-thank you” said the slut, curtseying.

“Then perhaps you should show Master Ceebert how grateful you are?” teased Winston, as Ceebert dropped his pants and smiled at her.

Rushing to him and dropping immediately to her knees, slut-in-waiting Paula eagerly scooped his massive black trunk into her pretty little hand, and started enthusiastically worshipping the huge pierced head with her eager mouth. She had never encountered anything quite like Ceeberts cock before, but went about her task with enthusiasm, tickling his wrinkly balls with her other hand as the tried desperately to draw his cum from his shaft into her dainty little white slut mouth. Despite her inexpertise, and her not being able to get more than half of the head in her mouth, Sarah looked on with growing jealousy as the enthusiastic trainee tried ever harder to extract her cum..yes HER cum dammit, from HER Masters balls.

Ceebert started breathing heavily, and Sarah knew from experience that he was about to cum. Paula, however, had no such clue, and as the mother load burst forth into her eager mouth, her eyes nearly popped out of her head. She was a trooper though, and managed to hold most of the load in her mouth, although some of his seed did run out of the corners of her pretty little mouth. Seething with jealousy, Sarah could not understand why she made no attempt to swallow the precious fluid; but all quickly became clear when Winston said

“Now show slut Sarah how grateful you are for her recommendation, Paula”, and the trainee slut obediently trotted to the chair in which Sarah lay spread open, and offered her mouth to Sarahs. As their lips touched, Paula allowed her bounty to trickle into Sarahs hungry mouth, and as she greedily and gratefully devoured the precious seed, the kiss became a deliciously intimate exchange of affection between two sisters in servitude, albeit at vastly differing stages of development. Ceebert looked on and smiled inwardly- he knew his cum was now where it belonged.

“Such enthusiasm Paula- you may be a keeper- we shall have to see. If you keep up the good behaviour, we may all use you soon. You will need some training first, but I am sure you are up to it…in fact that will be a good name for you if you make the grade..”Used by all” You can wear a collar with that emblazoned on it!”

As Paula glowed with pride, Sarah dressed, and was shocked at how loud the bell tinkles were every time she moved. Best get used to it, they were there to stay!

As Sarah was ushered into the pimpmobile by Winston and Ceebert, she was surprised to see that Paula joined them; but after she so willingly gave her Ceeberts sperm, she no longer felt threatened. As the limo slipped through the streets on its way to her home, she struggled to stay awake, but did take in Winston enthusing to Ceebert about tonights record viewing figures, and just how rich the next wave of subscriptions would make them. Smiling that she continued to make black men happy, she dozed until the change in engine note told them that they had arrived.

As the four entered the house, Sarah tinkled as she walked. Entering the front room, Brutus looked sharply up at the ringing noise, and barked once enthusiastically. Darcy was sat in front of the TV, a vision in pink. Lipstick eyeshadow, ribbons, corset, panties and stockings all Barbie pink- even her fingers and toes matched the ensemble-Maisy had been busy!

“This is the sissy we told you about Paula- hes all yours- Maisy needs the night off” announced Winston, and Paulas demeanour changed instantly as she approached Darcy menacingly and started openly insulting her. Suddenly it came back to Sarah…Paula had hated her ex-husband because he was such a wimp-this was why they had allowed her in to the scene so willingly-to give Darcy a hard time. Smiling at the realisation, Sarahs eyes struggled to stay awake. Winston thought better of putting her in the mating collar tonight-her asshole needed to recover, and she was exhausted-besides, she had a busy day at the laundry tomorrow. Telling her he was proud of her today, he sent her off to bed for the night. As she went gratefully upstairs to sleep, the bells animated Brutus, and he padded silently behind her. Smiling at each other, Ceebert and Winston closed the door behind them as they exited, leaving darcy to Paula and Sarah to Brutus.

Review This Story || Author: The Doctor
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