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Sarah under Control

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Synopsis: Sarah is in her 40s,married, well presented, and fully aware that she is attractive. Whilst not especially sexual,she is a bit of an exhibitionist. One day,she flaunts her particularly excellent breasts at the wrong guy and pays the price big time!


Sarah walked to work that beautiful summer morning just as she did every morning. She walked with the sort of grace and confidence that could only come from knowing men enjoyed watching her. Even into her 40s, she still turned heads. When she had married Pete, some 20 years earlier, she had been a stunner, with breasts that stopped traffic, but now, all those years down the line, her regime of fitness, horse riding , healthy eating, and most importantly dressing the part, meant that she was still able to enjoy  many an admiring glance as she headed towards the insurance office where she worked.

Her breasts bounced ever so slightly under the satin camisole that she wore this morning. She always favoured camisoles over bras, which she felt compromised the natural curve of her best assets-indeed ,she only ever wore bras for riding and other sporty activities ,allowing her fabulous chest to be the shape nature intended the rest of the time. She wasnt an out and out exhibitionist, or at least that was what she told herself. She would never consider wearing anything see-through enough to show even a hint of nipple, but she did like dressing to please-it made her feel good.

Her long blonde hair bounced seductively in curls on her shoulders as she turned into Bond Street, smiling inwardly as two suited city guys visibly turned their heads to watch her as she glided past. She hoped they enjoyed the view of her rear as much, as she ever so slightly wiggled her pert ass under her silk summerweight dress, hoping she hadnt overdone it and seemed flirty. She loved the flimsiness of summer clothes, but not for the first time thought that her watchers would have enjoyed the view that much more in the winter, when she wore sheer stockings under her tight business suit, as she always did.

Sarah continued to reflect on the fact that she always dressed to please; both herself and her admirers; and yet her husband Pete constantly complained that she had a very low libido, and wished dearly that her sexuality would match her looks. She didnt set out to be that way, but it had always been the case. She loved being admired, looking good, being desired; but just wasnt especially sexual. Sure, she enjoyed the sex she allowed Pete a couple of times a week if he was lucky, but she could take it or leave it, and was at a loss to understand why he always wanted more from her. It had been quite a problem in the early years, but Pete had grown into acceptance now, contenting himself with the fact that he had a beautiful wife, who loved him very much.

She smiled again at the way her life had settled into the routine that she wanted   ( adoring husband with a good job who pandered to her every need) as she made the final turn into the street in which she worked, passing the busy street café where executives stoked up on designer coffees before facing the corporate day. She noticed the big black man with the shaved head watching her-at least she fancied he was watching her, but it was hard to tell behind those designer shades. He had been there a few mornings just recently, and always the shades made it impossible to be sure maybe she just hoped he was? that was silly; she wasnt attracted to black men.

Banishing such silly concepts from her mind, she turned into the foyer of her office and prepared to take the day on.

Winston watched Sarah very carefully as she undulated past. Her magnificent chest trembled ever so slightly under the silk that encased it as she walked. Her breasts defied gravity in a way they had no right to at her age. Yes, he knew her age. He knew her name. He even knew where she lived. Winston had made a point of finding out everything he could about Sarah since the first time she had flaunted that beautiful

chest at him so disrespectfully. Winston was used to having women treat him with the kind of utter respect and hunger that a sexual athlete such as he commanded. Women fell over themselves to catch his eye, and  queued up for his attention. He was unused to being teased by a woman who in his eye thought she was better than him. He had made his mind up the first time she had teased him with her pale skin and Caucasian breasts, he would teach her just how superior he was to her in every respect. Sarah was going to learn to worship black meat, not treat it with disdain.

He had one of the brothers follow her to work the second time he had noticed her. He was pleased to learn that the street café afforded an ideal surveillance position for him to occupy as he planned his operation. Leroy was a smart tail, and she never noticed him, not even when he followed her home to her smart 4 bed detached home in the suburbs in which she and Pete took so much pride. Nor did Pete notice him as he clocked his journey to work one morning, and more importantly back home that evening, where he stopped at the same bar every evening for an hours beer and chat before headed home for supper prepared so dutifully by the divine Sarah.

Winston was especially excited this morning though-he felt a knot of anticipation in his muscular stomach as he watched Sarah disappear into her insurance building. Leroy had called him on his cellphone earlier- Sarah had slipped up! As Leroy had followed her yesterday morning, she had fumbled in her purse , and had dropped something on the sidewalk. Leroy had grinned from ear to ear as he had picked it up and discovered it was her bank book. Not her checks, but the credit slips that were used to pay into their joint checking account. This was what they needed-Winston could now achieve the level of control he needed to subjugate her in the way she so blatantly needed.

Leroy sat next to Winston at the café and ordered a cappuccino as he presented his friend with the prize. Winstons face split from ear to ear in a grin that promised his ship had truly come in. he opened his case and pulled out a large wad of cash. His good friend Kenny had been busted by the narcotics squad and was headed for a spell in the pen. He was a drug dealer with whom Winston did business, and the cash was the proceeds of a deal they had closed shortly before the bust. Normally,Winston would  have sat on the cash until Kenny was out, but now he had a much better use for it. He filled in the credit slip to the value of $25,000, and carefully copied Sarahs signature from the delivery slip she had unwittingly signed for Leroy as he had delivered the stationery later yesterday morning. She had been a little confused when her boss had denied ordering any stationery, but had quickly dismissed the incident as trivial.

He told Leroy that, after his coffee, he was to go to Sarahs branch of the First National bank and make the deposit. With luck, the busy cashier would have no reason to notice that the signature was of one of their lady customers, not of the large rastsa who was presenting the payment, and the dirty money would be in Pete and Sarahs account. Winston sat back and admired the signature-it was a good match. In a short while, Leroy would do the deed, and Sarahs journey would have started.

Later that day, Winston walked into the bar that Pete used every evening on his way home from work. He was dressed to blend in, so was barely recognisable as the sharp suited cool brother from the street café who treated bling as if it was tastefully designed with him in mind . It was important that Pete assumed he was just another dude grabbing a beer on his way home from work when he engaged him in casual conversation.

Around 5.30PM, a white guy around 45 of average build and dressed in a manner that white guys were foolish enough to think was smart entered the bar, and Winston recognised him immediately from the picture Leroy had taken on his cellphone outside their home a couple of weeks ago. Pete ordered a beer, and greedily devoured half of it in one thirsty pull-clearly he had had a hard day. Winston picked up his strategically empty glass and approached the bar next to Petes stool for a refill.

“That looked like it hit the spot”, observed the ebony giant who had suddenly filled the next stool. His shoulders were so wide he had to sit at an angle to avoid crowding Petes space. Pete turned to face his new bar companion and, with a smile, downed the other half and said “Yeah, you could say that…glad today is over”

Winston paid the barkeep for his refill, and gestured to Pete to join him. The ice was broken ,and the two men began the time honoured process of beer bonding.

As Pete chatted to him, Winston kept wondering what a class act like Sarah saw in this ineffectual, but pleasant enough white pencil dick. He was a touch overweight, with a belly that reflected his love of early evening beer, and whilst he wasnt exactly small, he was a pale unathletic dwarf by the side of the black giant who slowly but subtly delved into his private life whilst plotting the absolute subjugation of his wife.

After a couple more beers, Winston felt Petes tongue was possibly loose enough to broach the subject of his marital status. Gambling on the fact that someone as average as Pete would be only to happy to boast about his lovely wife, Winston said, as casually as he could muster, “ so is the wife expecting you home for dinner?”

Pete became visibly animated, as he started gushing about what a wonderful cook Sarah was, and rather unconvincingly professed to having her “well trained” in that she allowed him pub time every night on his way home. Winston stifled a smile at the irony of those words. Pete opened his wallet, and offered a photo…a cute one of Sarah striking a coy pose.

“very nice piece of ass, if you dont mind me saying so”, ventured Winston, hoping he hadnt been overzealous with his choice of words. Pete looked momentarily shocked, and then smiled broadly as he replied  “ You think so?…yeah, she is gorgeous, but sadly its mostly ornamental”. Winston appeared to be surprised, and offered more beer, as he sought to dig deeper.

It transpired that many years of drinking too heavily had lowered Petes alcohol tolerance, and a couple of beers more had him talking intimately to Winston about Sarah as if he had known him for years. He explained that he had fallen for Sarah the first time he had seen her an 18 year old with boobs that seemed impossibly firm for their size, and an overall beauty that made everyone in the room want her. They had been together ever since, but her sexual appetite had fallen disappointingly short of his expectations. Sure, for the first few months he was able to fuck her whenever he wanted ,but despite her half hearted efforts at pretence, she didnt enjoy it and faked her orgasms. She also had never sucked cock , and only did so reluctantly, and any mention of anal sex was dismissed as “out of the question” Pete was initially concerned that he was doing something wrong, but they discussed it together, and Sarah admitted that she had always been that way, and quite simply thought that sex was overrated. For years, Pete persevered, trying aids, lingerie, all manner of foreplay, but eventually the truth was undeniable-Sarah enjoyed loving cuddly sex once a week (but never came), but would not be especially sad if she never had sex again. Fair play to her, she had taught herself to give head, and had become quite good at it ,but she was only doing it for him, and always spat rather that swallowed. Discussion about deep throat and anal sex continued to fall on deaf ears, and eventually Pete had learned to be grateful for what he had..a beautiful wife, who dressed sexily, sucked his cock occasionally rather well, and let him fuck her most weekends.

He mentioned that she enjoyed dressing to please, and that he felt she may be a mild exhibitionist, but then he mentioned the part that interested Winston more than he dared let on. He had often wondered why, despite Sarahs flimsy silk tops and no bra, he never caught any hint of nipple action-well, Pete was about to explain exactly why.

Apparently, the most startling part of her spectacular breasts was her nipples. He went on to describe how her aureolae were fully 3 inches across, but laid totally flat, with  just a hint of nipple unless cold, when the nipple became a little more pronounced and the aureolae  pimply. He said it was a source of constant frustration to him that her nipples were totally insensitive; indeed Sarah confessed that she had no particular sensations when he sucked them, which he used to do avidly in hope of a reponse, and his biggest wish was that she could  learn to enjoy nipple stimulation and that they should respond accordingly by becoming erect and aroused.

Winston was torn between fascination at how perfect his new blank canvas was turning out to be, and contempt for this man who would so happily discuss his wife so intimately with a stranger in return for a few beers; and at that moment and sympathy he had for the nightmare he was about to inflict on this white wimp vanished for ever.. The die had been cast…Sarahs life would change forever starting tomorrow morning. She had a long journey ahead, and Winston was looking forward to every minute!

Winston paid his check, and got up to leave. As he left, he patted Pete on the shoulder, saying “Nice to meet you buddy. Enjoy your meal, and give my love to Sarah”. He smiled as he left at just how prophetic those parting shots were to become.

The following morning, Sarah was strutting her stuff headed to work, when she sensed more than saw a largish man move silently up to her shoulder. “excuse me Miss, do you have a moment?” she heard, and turned to see this huge bald black man, dressed like something from the designer showrooms of Hollywood, looking down at her. Smiling her sweetest smile at this monster, who ought to intimidate her, but for some reason made her feel inquisitive, she asked him how she could help. Winston reached into the pocket of his immaculate suit and flashed her a tin shield. “Detective Winston Ellis, Maam..We need to talk”

Gambling successfully that she would be too shocked to ask to see the tin closely, he returned it to his pocket, and suggested that they should grab a coffee at the street café across the street, and discuss things. Feeling a little numb, not a little surprised that a detective could afford threads like that, and oddly compliant to this huge man, she meekly accompanied him to a vacant table ,and waited while he ordered for them, not even questioning when he ordered for her without checking.

When the waiter had left, Winston played his trump card.

“Have you read reports in the press recently of a drugs bust involving a local dealer called Kenny Lloyd, Maam?” Sarah nodded that she had, looking confused. “ Well, I am the investigating officer on that case Maam, and I have to tell you that we are at a loss to explain the lack of cash found at the site of the bust, given the size deals Kenny was prone to. We have offered a plea bargain to Kenny for a reduced sentence if he co-operates regarding the missing cash. He has agreed to co-operate, and has indicated that he bought a large quantity of cocaine from your husband recently-$25,000 dollars worth to be precise, which he paid for in cash . After further investigation, your bank inform us that a cash deposit of that same amount was made into your joint checking account yesterday, and the signature of the slip appears to be yours. Do you have anything to say?” He almost felt sorry for her as he watched her pretty face drain of what little color it had, and her jaw drop open. Almost, but given what the future held, not quite. As she spluttered and stammered her predictable denials to him, he held his hand up for silence, and was pleasantly surprised at the immediate response. He continued  “ naturally, I should arrest you at this point, and your husband, but I fail to see the point of sending you to the Pen when there are much better ways of teaching you a lesson. I am prepared to bury this, and explain Kennys missing cash away elsewhere, but in return, you must agree to submit to another form of entirely divorced from the police department. Some friends of mine are keen to try a different form of rehabilitation on a pretty white girl like you, and in return for your total co-operation, I can make this all go away. Anything other than your total compliance will result in the immediate arrest of your husband and yourself. Even if the charges dont stick, you will both lose your jobs, your credibility, and your social standing-do I make myself clear?”

Sarah gulped  and nodded, but insisted that she had not paid any money into her bank.

“ I suggest you finish your coffee, leave and check your bank balance at the ATM on your way to work, Sarah…you dont mind if I call you Sarah, do you? When you see that the deposit happened, you are to go to work, feign sickness ,and go to the doctors. You will say whatever is necessary to have him certificate 2 weeks sick leave for you..stress, whatever. You will then dress for work as normal tomorrow, and meet me here at 9 AM. You will say ”I am yours to rehabilitate, Sir”, and we will go to the place where your initial training will take place each day. We will make a decision on if 2 weeks is long enough as your training develops. You will return to your husband each evening as if you had been to work, and behave as if all is normal. You will tell him that you have to work for the next 2 weekends, although you will be home for the evenings. He will not be aware of any change in your lives at this point, although he will become involved eventually. You should be aware that this training will change your outlook on life irreversibly and radically, although if you respond as we hope you will, your normal life can continue to run in parallel with suitable care.

Do I make myself clear, Sarah?”

Sarah flushed and mumbled an unconvinced “yes”, and tried to finish her coffee in a dignified manner before rushing off presumably to the ATM to prove that she had not gone mad and this was all a joke.

Winston watched her hurry away, and licked his lips in anticipation of finally realising his long held ambition- to take a classy white beauty and turn her into an at first reluctant ,but eventually dedicated black cock slut.

Sarah sat in the doctors waiting room, reflecting on the events of the much had happened. She had nearly fainted when the ATM flashed up her balance….she knew she had not made the deposit, but when detective Ellis said her signature was on the slip, she had no reason to doubt him-it was easy enough to check. The inevitable explanation was that someone had framed her. It couldnt be Pete-he was devoted to her in his own hopeless way, so someone else was guilty. She therefore saw two alternatives-go along with Detective Elliss deal, and hope that the misunderstanding resolved itself and she could excuse herself from the arrangement, or risk her and Pete going to prison. She was not sure exactly what Elliss arrangement involved, but she had shivered as he outlined it to her in a way that implied they both knew it was sexual. She wasnt interested in sex, so maybe she could just close her mind to it and ignore it…after all, she had been doing something similar at home for 20 years…it had to be better than prison, and if she was a good girl it might not last long. The thought of sex with anyone other than Pete appalled her, but so did losing the quality of her life. All in all, she found there was only one decision, and thus she sat in the doctors waiting to give the acting performance of her life in convincing him she was too stressed to work.

She would be really nice to Pete this evening…maybe let him fuck her and respond a bit, or maybe even suck his cock..anything to assuage the guilt she would feel about her meeting tomorrow.

It was mixed feelings that Sarah prepared for work. She had offered herself to Pete wantonly, by her standards, the previous evening, mostly out of guilt!..but he had been to the pub again ,and was too drunk to respond-maybe she had never noticed before ,but it seemed to be a trend?

She pondered on what to wear, but eventually decided that controlling a situation was best achieved by feeling good, so she perfumed her perfect pale body and pulled on her best damson camisole and French panties..a present from Pete..the finest satin that showed her breasts off to perfection.

She slipped the tactile floral print silk dress over her body (it was summer after all) and resigned herself to the fact that she was going to sort this misunderstanding out. The gorgeous (did she say that) black detective couldnt hurt her too badly..he probably only wanted a blow job, and the rest of the scenario was just scare tactics. She kept telling herself as she postured her legendary chest and headed ,not to work, but to the café.

Winston had been busy. He knew his prey was hooked, and had been preparing for her attendance in the rooms above Ceeberts tattoo shop just off Bond street in which he was a principal investor.

The recently incarcerated Kenny was not just a drug dealer, but an amateur apothecary who thought he was the ultimate pharmacist. In the effects Winston had acquired since Kennys apprehension, there was not just coke, speed, etc, but some  radical new stuff which he had been experimenting with. As Winston laid out the chemicals that would become Sarahs life blood over the next two weeks, he pondered their viability. First and foremost was the psychedelic suggestion enhancer that Kenny had toured mushroom plantations  across the globe to perfect-still in the embryonic stage, but full of promise ,he had said. Also in there were vials of diazepam, for muscle relaxing and sedation, rohypnol for compliance, and a whole range of neurone stimulants all designed to over-sensitise the flesh. If Sarah thought her penance was to be simple, then later today she would realise the error of her ways. Syringes and sterile packed needles laid dormant in the surgical steel trays that she would soon be all too familiar with. One last look and he was happy that all was in place, and he checked his attire (super cool as usual) and headed for the café.

Sarah walked her usual route to work. Normally she was enjoying the male attention  she usually attracted, but this was different-she had a knot in her stomach that was probably (and ought to be) fear, but there was something else…she couldnt put her finger on it. As she neared the café, she saw Winston sat there, cool as you like, looking for all the world like coercing married white women was the most natural thing in the world. Not at all like a detective ,but she had seen the badge, so it must be OK. As she approached, she felt warm and glad that she had worn her best damson satin.. and then wondered why, and shelved the thought as inappropriate.

She sat down opposite the huge black man and said, as she had rehearsed, “ I am Yours to rehabiliate , Sir”. Despite her continued mental preparation for this moment, she flushed red as she said it-all her life men had fought for her attention, and this was alien and unwelcome-but still she flushed like a bride.

Winston smiled that smile that only power can bring , and  said “ I am pleased to see you. Sarah, and glad that you thought this through. Your journey starts here, and can be as easy or as difficult as you make it-now follow me, but two steps behind me where a white girl belongs”.

Confused, but mesmerised by the absolute certainty in his voice, she raised her silken clad ass from the chair and followed him to her destiny.

A few blocks later, they arrived at Ceeberts tattoo shop. Sarah was aware of its existence, but never expected to visit it. It looked kind of seedy, but modern at the same time. As they entered the shop, a bell tinkled, and two huge black men appeared to greet them. Winston smiled, and said “ Sarah; this is Leroy, who has been a larger part of you life so far than you can imagine, and the other rasta is Ceebert,who is joint owner of this shop with me, and whose influence on your life is about to begin. Their rasta dreadlocks merely reflect the fact that they have yet to appreciate the quality that baldness brings…something else you will learn about in time.

Sarah took in all that was said and visibly trembled. This was a mistake-a game that she no longer wished to play, and she went to run for the door in her panic. Huge black paws gripped her little white shoulders through the flimsy dress, as Winston said “ you have started the journey now. you no longer have the right of choice”

She was firmly but gently guided up the stairs. Her urge to panic rose-what the fuck had she let herself in for? Tattooists and rastas shaping her future? Suddenly the nice tingly feelings she had tried to deny about meeting Winston vanished in blind hysteria as she totally lost it and struggled to break free and escape this nightmare , but the black hands on her shoulders were as unyielding as steel. “ dont worry, Sarah, well give you something in a moment to help you through the early stages shortly” boomed Winston as they reached the first floor above Ceeberts tattoo, which was to become Sarahs training suite..

As she was led into the first room on the floor, Sarah felt a sense of capture. Nothing finite, apart from the big black men between her and the doorway, but there was a sense of finality about this place-her life was going to change here, and she knew it. Winston gestured to the other two to leave, and she was left alone with him in a tastefully decorated room, containing a steel table which seemed to contain a lot of superfluous medical paraphanalia, some exquisite Warhol prints, and a medieval looking upright stock arrangement with two large steel cups between the arm holes in place of the usual head hole. The contraption was also higher than regular stocks. She flinched as he approached her. She felt his power, as he whispered in her ear…

“Sarah, a lot of things are going to happen to you, both today and in the future. You life as you know it is over. I will explain all to you shortly, but it is lot to take in, so I have decided to give you some help? Our mutual friend Kenny left me some interesting potions, most of which I intend to familiarise you with. In the first instance, I intend to give you a drug that increases suggestibility. It was developed for the CIA for use in brainwashing and interrogation, Kenny jokingly calls it complyormone. It has a cumulative effect, but for the sake of expediency, I will give you a double does now, and then we will dose you daily to give the cumulative effect. Contrary to popular rumours, there is no such thing as a mind control drug..this one simply enhances your susceptibility to suggestion. We will be making a lot of suggestions to you over the next 2 weeks, all of which will come to pass whether you accept them or not. This is simply to make the passage easier. Eventually you will accept all of our methods naturally, indeed crave them, but for the moment, Kennys potion will make it easier for remove your clothes and prepare yourself”

Sarahs panic had now grown into full fledged dread..what was she doing here?..she had done nothing wrong, but was merely trying to protect her and Petes interests. This was more than that though..why did they want her to disrobe in a room full of drugs and hypodermic syringes?..why was that peculiar apparatus there?..She sobbed loudly in resignation,at which point Winston smacked her lovely face hard, twice..once in each direction.

“understand this, Sarah” he boomed “ this will happen with or without your consent. We will try and help your journey, if you comply. You have a massive journey ahead. Be a good girl, strip, and place your breasts on the steel cradle that you must have seen as you entered the room”.

The power in his voice was intoxicating- despite her fears, Sarah stripped, first  slipping the silk dress over her slender shoulders, revealing the damson satin lingerie beneath. Winston smiled at the wisdom of his his choice, as he reluctantly gestured for her to remove them.

She shimmered out of her silkies, and stood, as nature intended, in front of the ebony monster.. He had to stifle a gasp at quite how magnificent her lily-white skin was…if only she knew quite how literally she had bcome his blank canvas. He simply inclined his head towards the upright steel double cradle between the stocks, sensing that she would know what to do. With sob of resignation, Sarah approached the contraption.

Winston had been prepared to see spectacular breasts, but even he was gobsmacked. These were the breasts of a teenager on a 40 year old chest, but more significantly the nipples!..they were amazing! However much the wimp Pete had eulogized about them, they exceeded his expectations. They were truly 3 inches across, and the most wonderful shade of baby pink imaginable. It was unthinkable that these beauties were insensitive, and in the only addendum to his plan subsequent to his meeting with the hapless Pete, those pink lovelies had an agenda all of their own now.

Sarah sobbingly approached the stocks, pathetically hoping that some sympathy would end her nightmare. Winston took her pale slender arms firmly, and attached them to the loops at the end of the apparatus, strapping them in firmly. He then scooped her lovely breasts into the steel cups that lay between the arm restraints, so that her chest was presented to him in a way that she had no control over whatsoever. As a final restraint, he fastened a wide leather belt across her slender back that held her breasts firmly into the stocks  She wriggled and  convulsed beautifully in her bondage, but the breasts stayed put.

He stood back and surveyed her, then spoke with gravitas. “ Sarah, you may not realise it yet, but you are a black cock whore, and always have been. I have monitored the way you flaunt your pretty white body at me and others, and am convinced I am right. Your journey, which starts here, will convince you of this and more. You will be taken to the cleansing room, and then to the training room shortly; a routine that you will become familiar with- but on this, your first day, I will give you some help. Kenny left me some interesting stuff to play with, and we are going share to that experience”.

Winston walked over to the steel apparatus and slowly filled two large syringes. The needles he attached were not small. As he approached the trembling Sarah he said” this syringe contains the complyormone-it vastly enhances the subjects vulnerability to suggestion. As I have already explained, the effect is cumulative. The second syringe contains diazepam, which you may know as Valium?

It is a generic tranquilliser, which you may need, and muscle relaxant, which you will definitely need. These are just a few of the drugs we shall use in your training, as you will come to appreciate. You must be wondering exactly what your journey entails?..that will be fully explained to you during the course of todays instruction. But first the injections”

As Sarah steeled herself for the inevitable needles, she clenched her arm muscles in protest..but after Winston had prepared both syringes by evacuating any remaining air into atmosphere, he approached not her arm, but her breasts!

“Nooooo,she cried..not there,please,I beg you”..inject my arms. my arse, anywhere but there?

“Why not?,according to your wimp husband they are totally insensitive” replied Winston, as he greedily kneaded her tit flesh whilst offering the syringes menacingly.The mouth wateringly soft pale globes easily filled even his massive hands.

The penny dropped for Sarah…he had spoken with Pete..he knew her innermost secrets. She had been set up, and now there was no escape.

Winston smiled again, realising that a little switch had tripped in Sarahs awareness. He  loomed over her with the first, the alarmingly large psychedelic syringe and  masterfully and without ceremony inserted the long thick steel needle deep into the meat of her nipple. Sarah squirmed in what she anticipated as agony as the needle invaded her precious breast, but was surprised that the pain was minimal, and the sensation focussing..but she was not sure on what? The fact remained that 2 inches of alien steel was in her left breast, injected towards her sternum as if following her milk ducts. She watched Winstons eyes as he pressed the plunger…she felt a strange warmness spread from her breast to her soul as he pressed..not warm enough to assuage her terror, but it helped. The pinkness of her huge aueola was briefly compromised as a whiteness took over due to the fluid invasion ,but the beautiful rosiness soon returned as the passage of the fluid was overWhen the syringe was empty, he discarded it and reached for the other, diazepam filled one.As he grasped her right breast firmly, and inserted the needle deep into her tit meat, she  felt surprised at how much less unpleasant this one was compared to the first..she was confused, as the drugs did their work.

She heard Winston say in the distance, although in reality he was next to her “ Sarah, you must realize that your nipples will become a most important factor in your training, just how important will be revealed later on after cleansing..but you should know now that you will have many and varied injections over the coming two weeks, all of which will be administered in your nipples, they could be anywhere, but your continued denial of any sensation there requires me to educate you otherwise. Later in your training, you will be offered injections elsewhere, but it is my desire and belief that by then you will crave them in your nipples and nowhere else”.

As the diazepam warmed Sarahs terrified psyche, the import of Winstons words sunk in….this was real, and she was their toy.

She felt kind of detached from reality as Winston lead her to the cleansing room Her nipples throbbed, which was a first, as she had never previously experienced any sensation there, but despite her light headedness, her fear at what awaited her in the next room was very real. She hadnt been naked in front of anyone else since her wedding night, let alone had her prime assets forcibly injected whilst under restraint. This was a lot of punishment very soon and her fuddled brain was struggling to process it all. Winston had promised an explanation after “ cleansing”, so at least she would soon know more about her fate?

As Winston opened the door to the cleansing room, the first thing Sarah saw was Leeroy stood there, smiling, wearing what appeared to be a latex apron. As she looked around the warm and brightly lit room, she focussed on a steel table with a drain at one end, not dissimilar to those that you see in dog grooming parlours , but with the major difference that this one also contained steel stirrups , a headrest, and straps at various intervals along its length. There was also a set of headphones, some very funky looking colored lights that were at present out, and various trolleys containing a selection of instruments and bottles. She gulped at the steel table and the stirrups, and her inner instincts urged her to flee, but as her body went to respond, the drugs, which were by now coursing through her body, dulled the response into resigned apathy. Her belly tingled with trepidation (at least she assumed that was what it was), but she remained stood there, awaiting instruction like a lamb to the slaughter. Winston walked over to the first trolley, and picked up the headphones, which were cordless and lightweight. He returned to Sarah and put them on her head. They were light as a feather, and  it would be very easy to forget that she had them on. Then Winston spoke.

“Sarah, you should be able to hear me despite the headphones-they are designed with that in mind. You will by now be feeling the effects of the drugs that we have given you to help you on your journey. When the CIA developed Comlyormone, they found that its power to impart suggestion was greatly enhanced my a series of psychedelic noises and lights. As certain parts of your training happen, you will hear a series of suggestions in your headset, and the accompanying noise and light show may make you feel a little queasy initially, but do not fear, it will pass quickly. E shall fit a pulse monitor to your neck so that the effects can harmonise with your body rhythms Now climb up onto the table and Leroy will show you what to do. He may decide to restrain you during these early stages, but we hope and believe that this will not be required for long.”

Sarah climbed nervously onto the table, and Leroy indicated that she should at first crouch down on her knees, with her ass in the air, her breasts flat on the table and her head on the headrest. She shuffled into place, and as Leroy busied himself buckling straps behind her knees and around her wrists, Winston again spoke.

“I have spoken with your wimp about your inability to derive pleasure from pussy sex. You will learn quickly that this is because you were not designed to be a pussy girl, you have always been destined to be an ass girl” Sarah gasped, and started to protest but again the drugs subdued the response. Her eyes remained wide, as Leroy tightened buckles,and Winston continued “ It is no coincidence that black men only take white girls anally. Only this way can the slut fully appreciate the enormity and power of black cock. They say you never know how big a cock is until it has been in your ass, and you will soon understand that completely. The fact that you have always steadfastly refused to allow anyone to approach your anus is simply proof that you have up until now been in denial that you are a black cock slut in waiting. From this day  hence, you will only be penetrated  anally or orally. The only exception in the short term is that you will still be permitted pussy sex with your wimp husband. When the time comes that you understand your status as an anally exclusive slut, you will ask us to close your pussy for access altogether, and Ceebert will grant you your request. We will never ask you to make this step-you will ask us when you are ready..and you will ask us!”

Leroy tightened the last buckle, smacked her ass playfully, and let her become accustomed to the restraint as he fetched a floor mounted anglepoise inspection lamp, and a razor, towel and shaving foam. Winston continued “ Leroy is going to shave your anus now, Sarah. We do not permit any hair below the neck on our white sluts, and you will quickly adjust to this.” Sarah felt the heat on her ass as Leroy switched the lamp on, and winced as he parted her ass cheeks to reveal the sweetest little rosebud he had ever seen winking at him in shyness. He applied a liberal coating of shaving foam, and  very carefully shaved all around her pretty little anus, as Winston explained  “ in order for your ass to become our pussy, it needs to become spotlessly clean deep inside. You have yet to understand the depths to which you will be used in time, and you will need to become accustomed to the fact that your days of defecating in the traditional way are over. Leroy will administer a series of increasingly deep enemas in a moment, which will leave you spotlessly clean inside for a good 24 hours. Since you will undergo this process every morning for the next 2 weeks, the need to shit will not occur. As your training advances, you will learn to perform the process on yourself each morning, indeed you will come to love the process, considering it a way of showing your devotion, by preparing your ass-pussy so meticulously for us. When your two weeks initial training here is up, Ceebert will electrolyse you anal and pussy hairs so that no further shaving will be necessary, but for the moment the daily shaving ritual will develop intimacy between us.  Lets see how Leroy is doing…oh yes, hes finishing now. My, Sarah, what a divine anus you have…as sweet and baby pink as your lovely nipples, and oh so virginally tight. Ceebert will love decorating that in due course” Sarahs eyebrows raised at that comment- what did he mean?…and her little rosebud winked and puckered in a futile attempt at resistance.

Leroy patted her anus dry with the towel, and  sprayed a sweet smelling and wonderfully cool eau de toilette in her to complete the ceremony. He then packed his shaving gear away, and wheeled in a tall stand with a hook and what looked like a hot water bottle on it, and then busied himself with assembling what he needed.

“While Leroy gets ready for your first enema, Sarah, I will explain further. Have you noticed the ring I wear on my little finger on my left hand? Leroy wears one also, as does Ceebert, and a few other brothers that you will meet. This ring symbolises membership of the brotherhood you now serve. Anyone who sports this ring, you will address as Master, and will afford them total respect. You will obey their every command, whatever the circumstances. You will also present your breasts to them on the command Present breasts for injection, wherever you may be at the time. You may like to consider your wardrobe carefully to make this possible. Failure to comply with this, or any other order, will result in punishment, which will be demonstrated in due course. We have no wish to punish you, Sarah, and expect the need to be seldom. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand, but surely you dont expect….” She started, but was cut short as Winston bellowed “ Yes WHAT,slut?  Earning that first punishment really didnt take very long did it?”

“Sorry, yes MASTER”  she sobbed, as the reality of the level of submission required right from the outset struck her hard.

“ You will learn quickly Sarah ,believe me “smiled Winston.

“ Leroy is going to put a nozzle in your anus now, Sarah. You will feel a little distension as he pumps it up to keep it in place, and then you will feel a warmth as the fluid enters your colon. The liquid is warm water, with a mild soap for cleansing, and one or two more of Kennys potions just to help you focus. The first enema will be 1 litre. The second will be 2 litres. The third, and deepest, will be 3 litres. You may eventually be given 4 litres, but not yet; your colon needs to adjust.”

She felt a coldness on her puckering rosebud, as Leroy applied some KY, slipping his finger into her previously virgin anus and rubbing the lube into her inner membranes with obvious relish. She winced at the unpleasantness of the invasion, but was please to note that the pain she always thought would accompany ass games did not happen.

Leroy popped the nozzle into Sarahs ass, and gave the bulb a few squeezes to inflate it so it wouldnt be expelled. Sarah gasped as her sphincter stretched accordingly. It felt like she needed to shit- most uncomfortable and not at all pleasant, but still no pain. Leroy connected pipes, and the walked round to her head, peeled the back from an adhesive electrode with a short wireless arial dangling from it like a mouse tail, and pressed it onto her pretty neck just over the carotid artery. He then stood back, looked at Winston, and, seeing his nod, opened the valve . Sarah was unprepared for the explosion of sensations. As she felt the warm inrush of fluid , the multicoloured lightshow started, a series of swooshing sounds pulsated in the headphones, and quite the most soothing voice she had ever heard started talking to her.

“Pleasure, Sarah, pleasure. Feels the waves of pleasure wash over you as the sensations of your colon being distended grow. Your masters are cleansing your large intestine so that you may offer it as a temple to them. You want to give them your ass; in fact you need to. Your anus is your new sexual centre. Pleasure, Sarah, feel the pleasure as your colon expands for your masters. Your ass-pussy exists for their pleasure and their pleasure is your pleasure. You will take anything in your ass they wish-there is no limit to how wide it will expand in response to their needs. You want your ass-pussy to become so elastic that it swallows their mammoth cocks whole without a second thought. The orgasms you will enjoy will make you lose consciousness such will be their intensity. You will take anything in your ass they ask. The larger it is ,the greater your pleasure. Pleasure Sarah, feel the pleasure as you fill with fluid. Your ass will look like a train just came out of it after your masters have used you , and you will revel in that fact. Your ass-pussy is your new pleasure centre Sarah..focus on it” The soothing voice washed over her, as the swooshing noise and the light show danced in her head in perfect balance with her all became one giant throb, as she listened to the words in her head and began, remarkably, to relax. She felt the flow stop. The voice stopped, and the lights and noise stopped. She heard Winston tell Leroy to empty the first load straight away, as it would be unpleasant. The second and third could stay in a while as the voices spoke to her for longer.

Leroy grabbed a steel chute, and put it between Sarahs legs. He then released the pressure in the plug, and popped it free. There a loud gurgle and the foul, lumpy, offensive water gushed from her, down the chute towards the drain at the end. As the flow eased, Leroy chased the residue down the drain with a shower attachment that hung from the edge of the table, and cleanliness was restored.

Leroy popped the nozzle back in, reflated it with several firm pumps, and attached a second, larger bag. As he opened the valve. Orchestra of sensations overwhelmed Sarah again, and the voice comforted her.

“ Pleasure, Sarah, pleasure” it said, as the lights and swooshing sound transported her to a safe place where the complyormone dwelt, and she focussed on the tide filling her colon for a second time, as the voice continued. “feel the pleasure flood into you in waves Sarah. The receptors in your bowel are waking up as your colon comes of age. The greatest pleasure centre in your body is learning what pleasure means. Orgasms start, grow and  finish here Sarah- can you feel how that might be?  Did you also know that your mouth and throat were pleasure centres Sarah? Your masters will also use your mouth and throat for their pleasure ,and their pleasure will become yours. Can you feel the waves of pleasure as your ass- pussy fills? Soon you will learn that the same waves of pleasure can be earned by allowing your mouth and slut throat to open as wide as they require. Did you know that every bodily fluid that your masters produce will give you pleasure to swallow, Sarah? Concentrate on the waves of pleasure, and imagine being in a place where your ultimate pleasure is to receive gladly into your mouth, throat ,and stomach whatever your masters present you with. This will come to pass Sarah,if you focus on the sensations you are now feeling. You will take an obsessional pride in your oral skills. It will become a mission to find new ways to pleasure your Masters with your mouth and throat. You will treat each oral act of service as a work of art, ensuring that it is a s visually beautiful as it  is in sensation. Pleasure Sarah, their pleasure is your pleasure. You will learn to crave both. You will beg for it. You will demean yourself in any way in your quest for pleasure. Feel the waves of noise and colour as your hear my words”

Suddenly, there was silence, and Leroy began the emptying process over again. The water this time was nearly clear. Sarah wondered if it really had been left in longer this time. She had been in another place with the voices, and had lost track of time.

However, as reality returned, so did horror. Throat sex? Anal sex? She couldnt do such things…even on o normally endowed guy like Pete (or maybe she meant under-endowed) it was scary, but they were talking about things that she could never do even if she wanted. She started to protest, but remembered the threat of punishment, and the threat of Jail, and bit her lip. She heard Winston say “ the third enema will commence soon Sarah. You may have trouble accommodating one this large, so I shall massage your belly as the fluid enters you-however uncomfortable, you will take it all Sarah, so try and relax and it will be easier. Listen to the voices and relax-this is the last one for today.

As the noise and lights started again, the voice she was getting more used to than she would have liked cooed and purred about pleasure, ass, throat, mouth, pleasure ,never relenting ,but always soothing and reassuring, as she focussed as instructed on the sounds,the lights and the sensations of fullness in her colon. She felt Winstons giant hand massaging her pale white stomach almost lovingly, as the cramps of overfullness started to seize her. “pleasure, ass, pleasure, ass, mouth, throat, pleasure” insisted the voice, as she became more and more grateful for Winstons massage, as her colon threatened to distend her whole belly with its fullness. Then finally the influx stopped, the giant hand withdrew, and she was left alone with the voices and noise and lights as the fluid cleansed her bowel so deeply it was total. She remembered having to remind herself that this was wrong, and that she was not here by choice, when the noise and lights stopped, and Leroy released the third, giant enema in an explosion of crystal clear water that was a testimony to the inner cleanliness that was her colons new standard.

Winston stroked her hair, as he told her how proud he was of her performance, and Sarah surprised both of them with the ease with which she said “ thankyou Master” at his praise. She quickly told herself that it was fear of more punishment that had motivated her.

“One more procedure here, and we can unstrap you Sarah” he boomed, as Leroy, on cue, appeared with a black object like a large chess piece with a mouse tail similar  to the neck sensor hanging from the base. “Do you know what this is, Sarah?” he asked. “ “No Master”, she replied, mentally congratulating herself at remembering the correct address twice in a row.

“it is a remote control vibrating butt plug designed to stretch you anal sphincter Sarah. You will be wearing it from now until you return tomorrow morning. Your slut anus needs some preliminary work before we can consider fucking you there”

Sarah gasped loudly, and then sobbed…Nooo,its too big- I cant I just cant It must be 2 inches wide at the flared part, and 4 inches long. Please Master, I cant”

Winston laughed “Sarah, this is the smallest one-you will wear three larger sizes before you are ready for black meat. It is 1 ¾ inches wide, and 5 inches long, and it is going in your ass now. The diazepam we gave you earlier will mean you can comfortably accommodate it as your first intruder.”

With that Leroy vanished behind her, and she felt the coldness of KY again being applied. Then something solid, a firm push, and the feeling of her anus being stretched wider than she ever imagined.. Just as it got scary, she must have reached the widest part, and it was almost as if her body claimed it as its own, as the sphincter sucked it in up to the flare. She was full! She thought she heard the soothing  words “ “Pleasure,Sarah”, as in went in, but there were no lights or swooshing noises, so maybe she imagined it? Being this full was uncomfortable, but again, no pain as such. Could she really wear this until tomorrow? Could she walk home, eat supper with Pete, and sleep next to him with this invader in her body and act normally? Wow, she never thought it would be like this.

Leroy unbuckled the straps, and Winston helped a weak Sarah sit up. It felt odd sitting with the plug in, but not doubt the diazepam made it so?

Winston rolled her over onto her back, and Leroy swung the stirrups into place. He lifted her legs, and strapped them into the stirrups, and then  swung them as wide apart as they would go. Sarah gasped, and lay her head back down on the headrest, as her pussy lay exposed wider than it had ever been before. Leroy retrieved the shaving kit, and  started soaping her mons and labia. As he shaved pulling each labia to full stretch to enable him to shave every fold perfectly, Winston said

“We have already discussed how your pussy has no further part to play in your sexual activities, apart from the wimp until you ask for it to be otherwise. However, it must remain perfectly shaved because we allow no hair below the neck, but also s it is to be your punishment site!” Sarah sobbed and asked “why”

“ because you have lived a lie all your life as a pussy slut, when you enjoyed no sensation there-what more appropriate site could there be? Every time you transgress, you will hold your labia apart for us to cane your pussy thoroughly. If you let go, we will hold them apart with clamps, and the punishment will be doubled. As the cane strokes strike, you will thank the caner for showing you that your ass is your new pussy, and for punishing the old, redundant one. Now for not addressing a master properly,10 strokes!”

Sarah was now crying floods, and sobbing heartily, but she was quickly learning that resistance was futile, and as Leroy finished her shave, and gently wiped her baby-smooth pussy dry, she reached down and pulled her labia apart as instructed.. Winston picked up a short cane. and made a swish with an air stroke, as he took up position.

Crack!’’one stroke landed soundly on her exposed and vulnerable pussy meat..she screamed, partly in pain, but partly in shock, as the vibrating plug in her ass burst into life. She again thought she heard the words “Pleasure Sarah”, as the vibrations tingled in her rectum, but she also heard herself say “ thank-you Master for punishing this redundant pussy, and showing me that my ass is my true sexual centre” The shock at hearing herself utter those words was such that she was unprepared for the second blow, and was so shocked that she nearly let go of her labia. She cried even louder, and repeated the mantra. By the seventh stroke, she was in full flood, but noticed through her haze of pain and embarrassment that she was becoming more aware of the buzzing in her ass, and less traumatized by the cane strokes. She also noticed that the noise the cane made on impact had changed. It wasnt until the tenth and final stroke,that she realised what had changed-the noise was changing because the impact site was wet!..she assumed she had been cut, but when she was unstrapped and released sobbing into the sitting position, she saw there was no blood-she was moist. How could this be? She never moistened through pussy stimulation, as Pete was fond of reminding her. It was then that the vibrating plug fell silent, and she felt a momentary sense of loss, and the words “Pleasure, Sarah, ass, throat, mouth, ass” again rang in her ears that she was struck with dread at the explanation at her moistness-and it was then that she realised the headphones had been removed!

“Aside from the punishment, this will be your routine upon arriving here each morning Sarah” said Winston We shall bring the breast stocks in here prior to your arrival, and you will present breasts for injection. Then you will be cleansed, replugged, for the next few days anyhow, and then you will be taken back to the training room, which is were you are going now-follow me” he offered his arm to steady her as she stepped down from the cleansing table, and she walked, well more waddled after him, as the intruder in her ass made her acutely aware of each step.

As they entered the treatment room, Winston guided her back to the breast stocks, and gestured her to step on for strapping in. as she stepped on, and he busied himself with the buckles, she asked “ Master, why the stocks again? I have had my injections for the day?” She had stopped sobbing by now, but still spoke with the small voice of a terrified child.

“A good question, Sarah” came the reply.” The breast stocks will be used from time to time to present you breasts for various treatments that form part of your transformation (she noted the use of that word for the first time, and shivered inwardly). However, the training routine I designed for you was completed before my evening with the wimp, during which I learned about your nipple problem. It was too late to redesign the programme-the headset voices had already been recorded, and I wanted to start on you without delay, so I decided to ignore the nipple enigma-that was until I saw them! Once I set eyes on them I knew I had to train them to be so sensitive that not only were you constantly aware of them, but so that the slightest touch on them will excite you so much, you will crave orgasm as a result…and you will be orgasming by then Sarah, trust me. You will be experiencing anal orgasms of such power by then you will go to any lengths, even beg, to achieve them”.

Had Sarah not been so cowed by now, she would have laughed out loud at that statement…anal orgasms?..what planet was he on?..but she just listened as he continued- “ as well as receiving your injections in your aureolae, you will for the next few weeks receive a series of small injections all around  the circumference of your aureolae, and behind and into the teat itself. To start with, it will consist of the same chemical that is contained in strong stinging nettles-you know, the ones that still throb the next day. Like the complyormone, the effect is cumulative, and we shall also be moving up to stronger stuff as your transformation progresses. From now on, there will never be a moment in your life when you are not aware of your nipples..the sensations will grow in intensity, and we will teach you to interpret the sensations as pleasure. The treatment will have the added benefit of making your nipples more prominent-indeed the aureolae will puff up like cookies with the fluid insertion ,and your teats will be constantly engorged through the stimulation- a state that will make Ceeberts tasks a little easier when he is set loose on you” another involuntary shudder shook Sarahs pretty body at those words.

Winston walked to the syringe trolley, and picked up a large bottle of clear liquid. He filled two huge syringes (100 ml each, she later learned) through mercifully tiny needles, and walked back to her  fabulous chest, presented to perfection by the stocks.

“One for each nipple” he beamed, and set one down on the table. Clasping the other one in his right hand, his massive  ebony left paw cradled her breathtakingly soft left breast, as he slowly, almost artistically injected a portion of the fluid an a series of barely discernable pricks at 12 sites around the circumference of the beautiful pink organ. She watched, mesmerised, as her aureola, which had always laid so flat and anonymous under her camisoles, slowly puffed up with fluid, until it stood out past her teat, giving the impression of an inverted nipple.

“ I think I did that the wrong way round” chuckled Winston, as he had to push the inflated aureola aside to get the needle into her teat, which rose majestically like a muffin in the oven as he injected the rest of the fluid into it. Sarah struggled to believe this was her nipple she was watching-they had always been enormous when naked, but now they were enormous in 3D! It looked like she had a freshly baked doughey cookie attached to her breast, and she was actually starting to appreciate the aesthetics, given her love of flaunting her chest, when the sting build up started. It was subtle at first, but gradually built up until her entire nipple was throbbing like a thumb does after you hit it with a hammer. It was impossible to ignore, and, as it stabilised at the bearable level, it was a throbbing that she felt unsure she could cope with long term.

“ What do you say, Sarah?” teased Winston.

“Thank you for injecting my left nipple Master”

“anything else?”

“please inject my right one so that it may enjoy the same sensations, Master” stammered Sarah, saying the first thing that came into her head that she thought would avoid punishment

“Very good, Sarah..but soon you will mean it when you say it, believe me” beamed Winston, as he granted her wish, and injected her other nipple as she had asked, but this time teat first.

As he released her from the breast stocks, she was led to a full-length wall mirror, and shown her new chest. She gasped aloud-they were the biggest nipples she had ever seen. Impossible to hide, and the build up of sting was impossible to ignore. As she posed, trying not to appear too admiring of her modified aureolae, the buttplug in her ass-pussy burst into life, and the surge of warmth she felt as the words “Pleasure, Sarah” pounded in her skull she quickly attributed to the nettle stings.

Winston gestured to Sarah to sit down on the long white leather couch that occupied one wall of the treatment room.

He sat next to her. “It is now late morning on your first day of transformation. I am pleased with your progress, although I hope that we wont be going down the punishment route too many more times?”  “ me too Master” nodded Sarah eagerly, in what to her was the first honest reply she had given so far this morning. Her survivor instinct had cut in. This was real, and had to be done. She needed to get through it, and would do what she had to to survive. She could feign enjoyment when required if she absolutely had to, and when would this throbbing in her new nipples subside and let her concentrate? Fuck, she was struggling not to become absorbed in the feedback that her previously dead breasts were giving her.

“As your ass-pussy is only in the early stages of dilation , Sarah, we are going to concentrate on your oral skills for the rest of today, but first there are some things you have to know.

Firstly, you should know that your tranfsormation will include quite extensive body modification, at least some of which will be permanent. I cannot of escaped your notice that your training suite is housed above a tattoo parlour-one I jointly own with Master Ceebert, who you will come to know very intimately. Suffice it to say that he is one of the most respected freehand tattoo artists in the world, with particular talent in the portrait area..he can tattoo like a good artist can paint. He is also a very radical body piercer, and is known for undertaking project too extreme for most. You will have no say in his modification of you, but for a while ,it will be restricted to that which will not interfere with your ability to return to work in 2 weeks, although we will review that on an ongoing basis. It is both his, and my hope and belief that you will come to enjoy his work, and will eventually ask for it rather than have it inflicted. The cumulative effects of the complyormone, and your newfound sexuality will make that happen.”

What newfound sexuality thought Sarah, as the thought of being “modified” by Ceebert gained in horror. She started to sob again, as Winston continued.

“There is one theme that will underlie the whole process of which you have total control. I feel that a fully trained, and absolutely compliant black cock slave slut has no need for hair anywhere, and it is my hope that one day you will glory in baldness; but I will not inflict this on you, nor will I, or any of the masters ever ask you for it, or even suggest it. I want you to know that, when you feel your training has reached a suitable stage, you can beg me for this honour, and if I feel your progress is suitable, I will grant you the honour of kneeling before me to be shaved bald. I will leave you with that thought, but will not mention it again.”

“ I understand, Master”, sobbed Sarah, still reeling at the thought of her lilywhite skin being inked by Ceebert, and not really paying any heed to an option over which she had full was simple, it wouldnt happen.

“Now, take ten minutes to reflect while we prepare for your first oral session. Master Leroy and I will be joined by Master Ceebert for this..its time you got acquainted. You will wear the headphones throughout the session, and the lights and background noise will also be present. But heres a little teaser for you, to see how much of your training you took in this morning. What would be a good way to make your first oral session a little bit more special? There will be no punishment for a wrong answer, but there may well be reward for a correct one.”

As he left the room , she shifted uncomfortably on her buttplug, and ran the question through her mind. She tried to recall what the comforting voice had said, but was just a dim memory in the background, and she couldnt concentrate on anything while her damned nipples throbbed like this…but they do look great though, she smiled briefly as she looked down at the puffy monsters on her heaving chest.

10 minutes later, in walked Winston, Leroy ,and Ceebert, all smiling like insurance salesmen on the prowl. Sarah had a job to meet Ceeberts eye…he now knew that she knew his role, and the fear he expected to see in here eyes given the power he would hold over her very appearance was impossible to disguise. All three black men were imposing figures, all huge and muscular, one with his shining dome head, and the other two with their dreadlocks bouncing down onto the shoulders of their designer suits. Winston said “ have you given my question some thought, Sarah?”

She said “yes Master, but please may I ask you for a drink first?..the drugs I have received today have made me very thirsty.”

“Of course Sarah, Leroy will get you some juice” Sarah winced at the the short time her stall had bought her as she fought for the answer to the conundrum. Leroy, however, was delighted, as her request had given them a perfect chance to add a new

chemical to the many already coursing through her bloodstream since this morning. This was Pethadene. Given as a pre med before operations, it causes a general all over relaxation of both muscles and demeanor prior to something that would otherwise be traumatic. They could have included it in her breast jabs, but it was better that she thought her relaxed approach to what was going to be a strenuous oral workout was a result of her naturally becoming what they knew she was. Leroy slipped a small dose into her juice, and returned to her with it.

Sarah took the juice with a curt “Thank you Master”, and gulped it down.

“Well,Sarah?..we are waiting for your answer. According to this mornings training, what should a good blow job be, as well as technically excellent?”

She had been racking her brains, trying unsuccessfully to recall the answer from the voices earlier, trying to focus over the all consuming sensations in her new nipples, but the moment Winston phrased it like that ,she immediately, and without explanation, replied  “It should be a work of art, Master”. Winston smiled, and said  “Good girl” as she wondered wherever that had come from..maybe there was some substance to these sublimal messages after all?

Winston brought a tray containing a variety of girlie stuff and said “ choose from this selection that which will make your imminent oral use a work of art, Sarah”

She frantically scanned the tray, but as the Pethadene started to work, she suddenly felt Ok about all this, and  relaxed into the role. After all, this was only head-she was good at head, Pete said so; and though she derived no actual pleasure from the act herself, the fact that she could exercise such control over a man with just her mouth and tongue gave her a feeling of power she really did enjoy. So long as they didnt expect them to swallow their muck, she would be fine. Why did a little voice in the background murmur quietly when she said that?..she would not need to swallow their muck,she would give such fine head they wouldnt care, and with the lightest heart she had had since the day began, she made her choices. Bright red lipstick, perfume, and crimson silk ribbons for her hair..that would do. As she made her choice, Winston smiled approval. “ you chose the crimson lipstick Sarah, well done. You will always wear that from now on when giving head..a good cocksucker should always wear it when worshiping black meat. You would have worn it anyhow, but so much better that the choice was yours. The ribbons in your hair and the scent are nice touches-go and apply them all now.”

As she walked over to the full length mirror to make herself pretty, she noticed that walking with the plug was becoming easier, and the insistent throbbing in her nipples no longer irritated her, but now drew her attention to the splendid globes that reflected back at her in the mirror-they were beautiful, and she liked that. She tied her pretty blond hair up unto a cute bunch with the ribbon, pausing to enjoy how good it looked, and blew a cloud of scent from the atomiser over her head and shoulders. Then, as she wound the lipstick out, she gasped-partly at how startlingly red it was..real Monroe-esque cocksucking red, but also at the fact that the plug in her ass magically started vibrating again. Something was wrong..the combination of  the sensations in her nipples and ass, along with the overpowering sexiness of preparing to suck 3 mens cocks, had flushed her cheeks and made her feel nice..she felt warm and wanton. What had happened?..this was all against her will, and until a few moments ago, she had been quite clear on that. She felt so good, she almost felt intoxicated..was her body betraying her for the first time in her life, or was this just confusion at so much input in one day?

She walked..well, more undulated really, back to the men, and they all purred noises of approval at her appearance, each one knowing that the Pethadene was more responsible for the change in Sarah, but each one enjoying the results nevertheless.

The buzzing in her ass and the throbbing in her new nipples continued to give unexpected comfort, as Leroy placed the headset on her head, and Winston placed a plastic drip shield like a very large version of a babys feed catcher around her neck. She vaguely wondered what it was for, but was lost for the moment in the good things she was feeling, as Winston spoke.

“Sarah, you will now orally worship Leroy, Ceebert, and myself in that order. The reason for that order will become apparent all too soon. You will use every method available to make each one of us come in your mouth. You will swallow our black seed, and thank us for it. You WILL swallow it one way or another, so why not try and do it naturally. The voices in your ears will explain as you go along the importance of pleasuring your masters this way, and the absolute necessity to swallow any bodily fluids, or indeed anything else that your masters offer you unquestioningly as if it was nectar. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master, came the instant reply, as she vaguely wondered why the swallow instructions hadnt made her cringe, like they would have done a few moments ago..maybe the voices would explain, and she lucked her beautifully crimson lips and turned to face Master Leroy.

She watched in what seemed like slow motion as Leroy dropped his designer pants, and then very slowly dropped his boxers. The weapon that lay beneath made her gasp out loud. It hung slack and uncircumsized over a pair of balls that looked like two overripe black plums. It was longer slack than any she had ever seen erect, and much much thicker. Sarah only had tiny hands, and she doubted that could get either testicle fully in one of her hands, and wondered if she could link her fingers around the head of that beast when it was flaccid. Gnarled veins stood out all down its fearsome length, and a kind of primeval fear washed over her as she realised that they were talking about violating her ass and throat with weaponry like this- she wasnt even sure if it would go in her mouth slack! This was ridiculous, and as the fear cleared her head, she was about to protest to that effect when the voices cut into the headset,and the lights and thumping background noise started.

“Pleasure Sarah, pleasure- focus on your ass-pussy, and the vibrations there. Focus on pleasing the Masters who are bringing you these sensations. Anus, mouth, throat; anus, mouth ,throat. Crave your masters fluids as nectar Sarah. Your mouth and throat are their thoroughfare to use as they see fit, and you are honoured to be permitted to worship their cocks in this way. Your eventual reward will be orgasms in your anus which will be so intense you will lose consciousness, Sarah, but you have to believe. Pleasure Sarah, pleasure. Anus, mouth throat…” and so the mantra went on, and then suddenly the vibrations in her anus increased in strength. Sarah wasnt sure if she imagined it, but she thought her nipples throbbed in response, and suddenly she became determined to take that monster in her mouth and draw the seed from it as instructed-she would do it beautifully, and make them proud of her-the voices would help. With that, she knelt, licked her crimson lips, and gently felt the weight of his bull-like ball bags with her tiny hands. She knew nothing of black balls,but she convinced herself that the great weight she felt as she lifted them in her hands indicated how full of sperm they were, and she found herself wondering if that was always the case. or if he had been saving up for her. Her nipples again throbbed, and she mentally admonished herself for such self indulgence. The moment was here, past the point of no return. She softly laid the palm of her right hand under the flange of his helmet, and lifted the huge black engine to her waiting mouth, She  teasingly ran her tongue over the taut skin stretched over the awesome head, and marvelled at its velvety feel..this was unlike any cock she had known before-it seemed alive with power, and full on menacing challenges. She circled the flange a few more times with her tongue, as she gently kneaded his ball bags with her other hand, and felt a glow of satisfaction as his member slowly but surely filled with lust and rose, first to half mast, and then, spectacularly, to   full erection as it grew, she felt her tiny hand being forced open by its increasing girth. She marvelled at its enormity, and suddenly the tension became too much-she had to have that incredible piece of meat in her mouth. She licked her beautiful scarlet lips one more time, and slowly dropped her ribboned head down. Opening her little mouth as far as she could as she descended. The velvety foreskin had rolled partly back as it became erect, and the first thing to greet her hungry mouth was the plum-like helmet. Her lips glided over the surface, as she softly moaned and continued her descent onto that mighty shaft, marvelling at the way her moth filled with warmth as she worshipped the weapon with her slut mouth. The voices continued their mantra of encouragement. as she suddenly went crazy on that black pole, using her tongue on the veined skin as she pumped her mouth up and down the shaft, wishing her mouth cavity was bigger so she could worship this cock as it deserved. Her pale hand milked his balls, and the combination of her other hand around the base his shaft, and her intensive tongue work on the head, and the frenzied motion of her lips up and down his mid shaft soon started to draw moans and groans of satisfaction from Leroy, bringing and inward smile to Sarah, who again felt her sting-engorged nipples throb in response, and that made the voices tell her to focus on eth buzzing in her ass, which she did gladly. As she kept up her multi pronged assault on Leroys cock nerve endings, he suddenly gave an animal like grunt, and his balls started pulsing in her hand. She felt his massive black hand press gently but firmly on the back of her head, and he slowly pushed her down on his cock as far as it would go, as he started breathing heavily. His huge tool struck the back of her throat, and Sarah returned to reality. What was she doing? She was sucking him like a sex crazed slut who needed his cum in her mouth, but now as the moment arrived, she remembered that she was terrified of anything touching her throat, and hated cum in her mouth for any longer than it took to spit it out. She had been seduced by the voices in her head, and the sensations in her ass and nipples, and most importantly by those damn drugs, and now she was going to pay the price. Leroy increased the pressure on her head, and forced his cock to the back of her throat, as the explosion began. He let out an animal wail, and the first jet of hot salty rasta-jizz drenched the back of her throat just as she began to gag at the invasion this deep. Her gagging massaged the end of his cock, and the second and third spurts were even stronger. Even if she had wanted to, she couldnt have swallowed such a huge delivery as fast as it arrived, and it duly oozed down the shaft of his cock, through the crimson lips, and dribbled into the plastic neck collector they had placed around her swan like neck earlier. even the calming voices insisting that this was pleasure, and  what she was destined to do, couldnt hide the revulsion at the massive discharge she had taken into the back of her mouth and been forced to spit back out. Gradually. Leroys spasms died down, and he withdrew the weapon from her slut mouth, pausing briefly to squeeze a few final drops of ejaculate on her tongue as he exited. He allowed the remainder of his load to dribble out of her mouth and down her chin into the catcher, and looked up at him pleadingly, hoping she had done enough before he came to please him. Leroy caught her glance and said “ A good effort for first time Sarah-very promising. Next time I wont come so quickly, so I can get me some more of that lip and tongue action” She relaxed again, and felt the glow return. She had blown his mind as well as his cock, without having to swallow his muck-she always knew she was a good cock-sucker.

The glow lasted a few moments, at which point Winston approached her, and looked down into the collector. Oh dear, Sarah Not swallowing a masters fluids is another punishment-and such a waste, as you will, as I told you, swallow it anyhow. He then produced a spoon from his pocket, and dipped it into the copious amount of sperm that lay in the collector. He offered the full spoon to her crimson lips, and said “This goes down one way or another Sarah..dont make it hard on yourself.” She sobbed, and took the spoon in her mouth, retching at the slimy texture, which was what she always had hated about it, and tried to swallow it, but her body just wouldnt obey, and back out it came. That was the longest shed ever held cum in her mouth and she realised that this was probably the first time she had ever actually tasted it. She had expected it to be foul, but in all honest it wasnt that a rich but plain, slightly salty sauce..but the texture revolted her.

Winston tried again with another spoonful, and this time she resolved to do better. She took the contents onto her tongue, and swallowed hard, as one does medicine. This time, it went down, resisted only by a mild gag, and that was when she heard the voices again. They had been there encouraging her for the last few minutes as she struggled with her revulsion, but only now, as she swallowed the first of  that copious load did she hear them clearly, telling her about pleasure, and nectar, and the fact that she was born to do this, and the good feelings returned, as her anal muscles gripped  the plug in acceptance, and the throbbing in her nipples for the first time felt like it belonged there. Winston smiled, and stroked her ribboned hair as he fed her spoonful after spoonful of the fluid, and she retched a little less each time until the load was gone, and all in her stomach, which as the voices reminded her , and her anal clenching confirmed, appeared to be where it belonged. “Thank-you Master Leroy for the gift of your cum” she heard herself say, with an ease that frightened her.

If she thought she had earned a rest, she was wrong. Master Ceebert walked up to the couch next, and dropped his boxers. Sarah could not believe her eyes, Ceeberts cock was the same thickness as Leroys ,but longer, circumcised, and sported a large gold ring that pierced his glans from the urethra to the flange. Her eyes travelled further down to his balls, which hung lower that Leroys, and sported half a dozen piercings through the scrotal sac, all in gold. Sarah gasped. She had never seen intimate body piercings before, and was taken aback at quite how beautiful they looked. She licked her lips in anticipation, as Ceebert spoke for the first time “ Do you like my Prince Albert Sarah?..and my sac barbells? I feel you should, as the more familiar you become with body jewellery, the easier it will be for you to appreciate the beauty of the gifts I am to give you over the coming weeks.” Sarah trembled, but her anus gripped the plug again as the voices urged her to suck cock like she was put on this earth for. They told her to take comfort from the seed already in her belly, which she still found an unpleasant concept, but the throbbing in her nipples appeared to differ.

She lowered her head to the level of Ceeberts sacs,and tentatively flicked her tongue across the wrinkly surface. She had never licked or sucked balls before, but somehow she was drawn to the shiny gold barbells. Her little licks became big ones, and then she found herself kneeling right between his legs, trying to get his balls in her mouth to suck. One at a time, she could take them in if she really stretched wide..she was sure her mouth didnt open that wide-maybe the diazepam was more effective that she thought? One ball at a time, she sucked and tongue bathed them, using her spit to smooth wrinkled in his crinkly skin out. She thrilled at the way the gold barbells clicked on her teeth, and not for the first time today had to remind herself that she didnt want to do this; it was just the effect of the drugs? She thought that she could feel the sperm bubbling inside them waiting for release into her heavily lipsticked mouth, and tried to concentrate on the actions, not the texture. She heard him grunt, and felt his big black hand grab her blond hair and remove her greedy mouth from its devouring of his balls, and raise it until it was face to face with his cock. Its length look her breath way would she get more than a third of those 12 inches in her mouth..and with a thickness roughly the same as Leroys she was going to struggle that far.

As she stared at the one eyed monster, fascinated by the thick gold ring than pierced its massive bulk, Ceebert offered her the red lipstick again, and without thinking, she automatically took it, wound it out, and applied a fresh , liberal coating to her cock-sucking lips. As she worked on the cupids bow, Ceebert said “ I want to be the one to pop your throat cherry, Sarah, and was hoping to do it today, but Winston wants to give you a day to acclimatise to your new life, so Ill just settle for one of those porn star blow jobs like you gave Leroy earlier. Dont forget to swallow like a good girl. You will always swallow anything we offer you eventually, so why not just make it easy on yourself?” Sarah tried to put the throat theme to the back of her mind- she knew it just wasnt possible-a mere flight of fantasy designed to make her more compliant- and as she finished applying the lipstick, she wondered if she looked as good as she would have liked to as she prepared to take on this second monster of the day. Ceebert gently pressed her adhesive neck sensor to make sure it was secure, and adjusted the lightweight phones on her pretty white head. The background noise started up, the light show started, and the plug in her ass-pussy throbbed into life once more, as the comforting voice started telling her what a pleasure sucking this cock was going to be, and how her role in life was to swallow anything these masters offered her wish the dignity befitting such an erotic gift. She focussed, as suggested, on the buzzing in her ass (Pleasure, Sarah), and moved her head towards the black pole that transfixed her eyes. As she approached it, her mouth opened as wide as it could almost automatically, and she recognised a distinct throb in her new nipples as it occurred to her that the reaction may have been involuntary. As her crimson lips slid over the shiny, almost polished velvety circumsized head, she thrilled as the gold ring clinked as it slid over her teeth. She ran her tongue around the flange of his glans, savouring the rich spicy taste that somehow reminded her  of guava fruit, and was suddenly struck by the thought that this was totally different to sucking Petes cock. It wasnt just the great weight and girth, but the tactile experience. The gnarled veins and the ebony skin played a symphony of tunes on her senses as her tongues exploration of her masters pole became more enthusiastic. As she ran it around the piercing under his urethral opening, a drop of precum oozed out onto her tongue. Her body told her to recoil, but the reassuring voice in her phones told her this was an honour, and an erotic experience, and she realised that the texture of precum was not as repellent to her as was sperm. She relaxed again, and used the underside of the cock to spread the precum around her tongue- guava fruit again, but much stronger-this was what she had been tasting before, and she surprised herself with the eagerness with which her tongue snaked back into the eye of his cock in search of more. Ceebert moaned in pleasure, which made Sarah proud, and she allowed herself the luxury of focussing on the buzz in her ass as a pleasure source, rather than just a background companion. Her nipples throbbed in acknowlegement. Carried away on the moment, and fuelled by the chemicals coursing through her body, she began the descent of her crimson mouth down the ebony shaft. Her lips stretched wider and wider, as were reaching the point where the corners of her mouth hurt when the massive beringed glans touched the back of her throat. She gagged briefly, and the moment was lost. Why couldnt  they be happy with her sucking their cocks? She was good at it, and felt they knew that. Why this obsession with throat and swallowing? The voices told her all about pleasure, and her plug hummed, and for the first time the dichotomy of the situation struck her. A small part of her was up for this, but a larger part was horrified at the extent she was destined to be transformed. Ceebert sensed that she was no longer in her comfort zone, and took over. He held the back of her head gently but firmly, and moved her head up and down his shaft, stopping each time he felt her start to gag. As his tempo increased, Sarah felt he was wanking himself off with her head, and prepared for the deluge that she knew must end up in her stomach one way or the other. Ceebert started breathing heavy, and then snorting , as he skull fucked her, and the last thing Sarah remembered thinking was that he was showing considerable restraint in not pounding the back of her throat hard when the explosion happened. The first spurt hosed into her just as he bottomed out, and the deluge passed the defences of her epiglottis, and  ran down her throat. She instinctively retched and gagged, which meant that the second spurt, which was delivered on the out stroke, was expelled down the sides of his shaft and down her chin into the catcher. Ceebert held her head still now, and hosed several more charges of cum onto her tongue, each one less copious that the last. Sarah felt the familiar texture fill her mouth, and simply couldnt stop her involuntary expulsion of the muck. It ran down her chin in torrents, as Ceeberts breathing returned to normal, and his cock started to deflate. He looked at the contents of the catcher in disgust, and wiped his cock in her hair as he tutted and reminded her that tomorrows punishment tally was up to 2.

As Ceebert withdrew, Sarah saw Winston approaching, spoon in hand, and was so busy steeling herself for her second spoonfeed of the day that she nearly forgot her manners. At the last minute, she remembered, and said, rather quietly “ thank-you master Ceebert for allowing me to suck your cock and to receive your seed in my mouth”. Ceebert smiled, and Winston cupped her sweet face in his hand as her fed her the contents of the bowl with the spoon in his other hand. Tears ran down her cheeks as she gulped down each spoonful, trying to avoid feeling it on her tongue, and trying to ignore the voices insistence that it was for her pleasure, and was a gift she was destined to receive. As Winston fed her the last spoonful, he stroked her hair. “Good girl”, he cooed as one does to a child who has swallowed its medicine “ we got there in the end, but tell me why you find this part so hard? “

“Its the texture Master it makes me gag I am sorry, I dont mean to be disrespectful”

“OK Sarah, well work on that. Just me to go and todays training is over..are you ready?”

Sarah gulped, and nodded, and watched like a mouse caught in a cats stare as he disrobed. He wore silk boxers. It seemed this man exuded class at every level. As he stepped out of them, Sarah froze. The cock that lay limply between his legs was quite simply the most enormous, scary, and magnificent thing she had ever seen. It was thicker than her wrist even slack, and must have hung fully 8 inches down over quite the most enormous pair of balls she had ever imagined. If size was relevant to cum production, and she wasnt yet sure that it did, then she was in for ..well, she stopped herself mentally using the word treat, and substituted ordeal. Despite its magnificence, the strongest emotion Sarah was fear, even stronger than the awe she was trying to suppress. Their plans included use of her ass-pussy, and worse still her throat. To even suggest accommodating this “trunk” in either was just fantasy- she would be injured trying. She sobbed again, and said “Master, please may I speak?”

“Yes Sarah, what is it?”

“I  am afraid Sir. Your repeated insistence that I will be used anally and orally by my Masters cocks has done little to convince me that it is possible, but I have respectfully remained focussed on the basis that you know best. But now that I see your cock, Master, I realise that I cannot ever give you what you require-it is simply too large. Please, Master, do not ask me to attempt to?”

She flushed red, and could not look him in the eye as she said it. Even though this was all against her will, she still felt an odd sense of disappointment that she had let him down.

Winston walked towards her, cock swinging slowly as he did, and cupped her face again in his hands as he said

“ Oh yes, Sarah, you will take my cock in your ass-pussy, and down your throat, just as you will take any object or substance that we present you with. You do not know it yet, but your ass-pussy can be trained to open to almost limitless stretch, and your throat will dilate much further than you imagine. It will take time, but eventually you will know that no task we present you with will be too much, and you will take pride and draw immense pleasure from the fact that both of your throroughfares are so totally open for us. The drugs and the suggestion therapy will help you through the early stages, but you must learn to trust us. We dont want to have to drug you, we want you to need this as you surely will, for it is your purpose in life. This is your first day of training, and you have done quite well. Take pleasure in that, and learn to trust your Masters, or the journey you face will be torturous. There is one alternative, of course. As we have not yet begun your actual modification, so to speak, you can still walk away from this, so long as you are prepared to explain to the authorities why Kennys 25k is in your joint account? The choice is yours. You have as long as it takes to reapply your lipstick to decide”

The stark reminder of why she was here hit hard, and she took the offered lipstick and applied the cupids bow artistically, resigned to the fact that she was going to have to give this her best shot, however improbable their outcome seemed. She stifled another sob, and steeled herself. As she knelt before Winston, he reached across to the trolly behind him and picked up another syringe, this one of medium size, and fitted with a very long, but thin needle.

“Im going to help you as this is your first day, and my cock is shall we say on the generous side. This is more Diazepam. When injected into your nipple flesh, it disperses throughout your body, causing general relaxation of the muscles and temperament-the dose you received this morning has been helping you all day. However, when injected topically straight into a muscle, it simply causes that muscle to relax so that the connective tissue will stretch a lot more readily. For this reason, it is used to treat back spasm, and when I inject it into your jaw muscles, it will allow you to open wider than you usually can. Open wide, Sarah”. Hypnotically obeying his will, she opened her crimson lips wide, and Winston carefully guided the needle to the stretched skin at the back of her mouth between her upper and lower teeth. He pushed into the first side, and depressed the plunger. She felt a tiny prick, and the a cold sensation. He repeated the treatment on the other side, and then withdrew the syringe from her mouth. The remainder of the clear liquid he injected through her cheeks just in front of her ears, directly into the jaw hinge muscles. He rubbed both sides gently after the application, adjusted her headphones so that they sad squarely on her head, did the same to the catcher around her neck, and gestured to his cock.

Sarah used both of her tiny hands to lift his balls..she marvelled at the weight of them, and the crinkly black skin that enclosed those mammoth nuts made her thing of a bull elephant. As she dropped her ribboned head to tongue them, the noise and lights started, the vibrations in her ass-pussy again became her companion, and the soothing voice told her how sucking black cock was pleasure, and what she both needed and desired, and how the contents of those giant bags belonged in her stomach, and her nipples throbbed as she tongue bathed the giant sacs with an enthusiasm that surprised all in the room. Winston enjoyed his tongue bath for fully 5 minutes, before , judging that the diazepam would by now have worked, he placed a thick black finger under her chin and gently urged her mouth up to cock level. His member was now erect, and Sarah felt dizzy with disbelief at its size when fully engorged. It was fully a foot long, and the purple head, which had now fully emerged from its black sheath, shone like a deep red apple, such was its size.. Winston said “ given your aversion to cum in your mouth, I will be merciful, and , if you suck my cock well, I will withdraw and come on my face, if you are prepared to beg me for that honour”

Sarah would do anything to avoid that texture in her mouth so she mentally adjusted to the new ending, and approached his throbbing head with what was alarmingly close to relish. As she opened her pretty crimson lips, she drew her mouth onto the trunk before her, and was amazed when, as she approached the widest part, when she expected her cheeks to tighten up, it just kept opening. The injections worked, and she felt exhilaration as her mouth opened to a wideness never before achieved, and the whole apple popped into her mouth. The voices soothed her still further, and the hum in her ass-pussy seemed to grow in intensity, as her sphincter squeezed back at the plug in gratitude for being there to encourage her. She ran her tongue around the apple hungrily, and  was rewarded with a drop of precum, which flooded her taste-buds with that flavour of guava fruit that she found surprisingly pleasant. She tried to continue her descent down the shaft, but the head very nearly filled her mouth. She though briefly that this was how a reticulated python must feel as it devoured its prey by dislocating its jaw as she managed another inch of this magnificent appendage before her throat became a barrier. Working with the room she had, she used every technique she had ever dreamed of or read about to please her Master enough that he would not ejaculate in her mouth, and as she slowly felt his breathing increase, she knew the moment of decision was imminent. Her nipples throbbed (was it in fear, or expectation) and Winston grunted loudly and pulled his monster from her hungry mouth with a plop and looked her in the eye, as he stood motionless.

“Please cum on my face, Master”, Sarah pleaded.

“You dont sound convinced, slut-try again and this time with feeling”

“Please Master, do the honour of bathing this sluts face with your wonderful cum”

Did she just say that, she thought, as he guided her hand to the flange of his cock and gestured for her to wank his trunk. Sarah almost sobbed with gratitude at this result, and almost lovingly stroked the monster, purring encouragement to him to hose her face with his precious seed, spurred on by the words of encouragement in her ears. Suddenly, her stroking, the noise in her ears, the voices, the lights, and the buzzing in her ass-pussy and the throbbing in her nipples all seemed to synchronize into one big pulse, and she was mesmerised by the power of the waves, as she drew his seed from his beautiful black cock, and jet after jet of cream hosed her lovely face. The supply seemed endless; she lost count after the tenth spurt, as Winston directed each one to a slightly different part of her face. When the tide had finally ended, the voices fell silent, the lights returned to normal, and the buzzing stopped, and Sarah gave a satisfied smile. Leroy approached the kneeling girl with a hand held mirror and hled it in front of her. The face that looked back at her was a stranger. Apart from the still crimson lips, her whole face was glazed white, like it had been iced . Huge ribbons of cum hung from her chin and ears, and yet the face smiled back at her. Who was this stranger?

Leroy produced a spoon, and started scooping the cum from her face into the collecting trough around her neck, and Sarah felt a massive sense of escape, as she looked into the collector and saw what must have been at least a yoghurt pot full of semen in the tray that was so nearly in her mouth.

Winston gestured her to stand, and then to sit in what resembled a dentists chair in the far corner of the treatment room. He stroked her hair as he congratulated her on pleasing him so well. “thank-you Master for cumming on my face”, she said rather demurely, pleased she had remembered again.

“Now we have a problem, Sarah” said Winston “ you will not accept the black seed that you so badly need into your slut mouth, and I am certainly not going to spoon feed you every time. As you must by now realise, our fluids will always end up in your belly somehow, as indeed will anything else we offer to you. I am going to put this little load (he gestured to the collector) directly into your belly, and while I do that, you need to reflect on whether you would prefer it this way, or you would rather swallow it from source. Of course, once you are throat trained, you will have the option of avoiding the taste that way, or, of course, you could just simply learn to like it? Think on that whilst we prepare you”, at which point he buckled the straps on the chair arms around her wrists, as she thought about struggling , but the  drugs prevented it. He felt betrayed; she had convinced himself he was being kind to her, where as he was actually carrying out another part of her training. The warm feeling she had been feeling rather guilty about enjoying a few moments earlier vanished, and terror replaced it, as Ceebert appeared with a long clear plastic tube about half an inch in diameter with a funnel attached to one end. Winston produced a Jeffries clamp from a draw under the dentists chair- this was a steel scissor like device that was designed for ratcheting the mouth wide open and holding it there for dental work. He popped it in her crimson mouth, and slowly wound her jaw open nearly as wide as it had been for his cock. He smiled, and pressed a pedal and the chair tipped back so that Sarahs head , and more importantly her mouth, were level with Ceeberts lap, as he sat on the stool at the head of the chair.

“say Ahhh, Sarah” , mocked Winston, as Ceebert slowly, gently, but deliberately fed the clear tube down Sarahs throat. She gagged as it passed the epiglottis, but Ceebert was insistent, and soon the tube was in her stomach. Tears streamed down Sarahs face, partly from the intrusion in her throat, which was uncomfortable rather than painful, and partly from shame.. “this is the alternative to tasting our seed, Sarah”, threatened Winston “ The direct approach- think on, as you will have a choice to make tomorrow and every day hence”

Ceebert , who had unclipped the collector from her slender neck before reclining the chair, produced it, and very slowly poured its considerable contents into the funnel that led to the plastic tube. As he did so, the noise, voices, light and buzzing started again, and pulsed in time to the gurgling of the slime as it slipped into her stomach, and the reassuring voice told her that it belonged there, and was good, and would bring her pleasure by its ingestion. Despite her anger, fear, and disgust, Sarah felt a butterfly like sensation deep in her stomach, as her body reacted in a way that betrayed how she felt, and her slut anus gripped the buttplug with a new found eagerness., as she watched the funnel empty.

The noises subsided, the lights stopped, the vibrations stopped, and Sarah drifted back to reality as Ceebert gently withdrew the tube from her throat, released the Jeffries clamp , raised the chair back to the vertical, and unbuckled her wrists.

Winston, who had redressed, helped her out of the chair.

“Its after 4.30,Sarah. You should be leaving work in a bit. Your work here is done for the day. Why dont you get ready to go home?” Leroy appeared with her clothes, and Winston removed the headphones, and firmly pulled the adhesive electrode from her neck. He undid the scarlet ribbon, and her blonde hair tumbled back down around her fair shoulders. She took her clothes with a curt “Thank-you Master” and slipped into the beautiful damson satin lingerie. As she wriggled into her silk dress, she noticed, as did all 3 Masters, that her new nipples were hard to miss under the tactile covering . She also noticed, for the first time in her life ,that she was aware, through her nipples, of how  the silk and satin brushed against them-it was like they were alive for the first time ever, and she gave an involuntary wiggle of her chest to experience the feeling again.

As she stepped into her heels, she felt the buttplug restrict her movement, and adjusted her gait so that the discomfort went away.

Winston said “ You will leave here and walk home as usual, except for your plugged ass. You will arrive home as usual before the wimp, who will be in the pub. We do not want him to be aware that anything is different as yet, so you will have to change into something that is loose across your chest  so he wont notice your lovely new nipples, and when you go to bed you will have to wear something long enough to hide your plugged ass. In the unlikely event that he wants to fuck you, tell him you have your period, and offer to blow him instead, but dont forget the lipstick first, Hell like that. Aside from that, you will spend your evening as if nothing was different. You will tell him you will be late home from work tomorrow, as you are having your hair done. You will also remind him that you are required to work for the next 2 weekends. In the morning, when he has gone to work , you will dress as exquisitely as you did today, as the brothers hold great stock in beautiful lingerie and overall presentation, and you will report to the cleansing room at 9 AM sharp. I would advise you not to eat anything solid for breakfast, but the choice is yours. Oh, and one last thing, Sarah. You look good with my cum on your face. You will leave it there for the journey home, and may only wash it off in your own bathroom.  We have eyes everywhere, we will know if you disobey. You are dismissed”

As all 3 masters left the room, Sarah was amazed. They had used her and abused her all day, and then dismissed her as if she had just served tea. Unbelievable! She picked up her purse, paused briefly to scoop one of the red lipsticks into it, and headed for the stairs that would take her to the tattoo parlour, and then to the street to begin her plugged and sperm encrusted walk home.

Sarah had checked how she looked in one of the mirrors on the stairway, and fortunately they had scooped most of Winstons cum off her and into the collector, so the deposits that had been left to dry on her face were not that excessive, but close inspection would leave little doubt as to what it was. As she walked down past the café, and down Bond Street, she was very aware of her anal companion, but pleasantly surprised at the low level of discomfort. She told herself that it was her imagination when she thought she felt the cum of 3 men splosh about in her belly-it probably was, but her nipples throbbed at the thought. She was finding these sensations from her nipples hard to understand-this was a part of her body that had never spoken to her before, and now it seemed to be communicating with her ass-pussy, the only other part of her body to which that description applied..and why was she thinking of it has her ass-pussy? was her asshole, pure and simple. Only the drugs made her think otherwise, she told herself as her rising anger took all her attention, and she failed to notice a large black man walking the other way and bumped into him. She looked up, crossly, about to go on the defensive, when she saw the man was black. Purely on instinct, she said “sorry Sir” , and looked nervously at his left hand to see if he wore a ring on the little finger. He didnt, and he smiled as he said “no problem, lady”, and carried on up the street. Why had she called him Sir, and would she have called him Master if he had worn the ring?..No, of course not, that was silly. Why did he smile? Was he just being nice, or did he see the cum dried on her face? She sped up her pace , so she could be sooner rid of that dubious badge of todays achievements that she was forced to wear.

As she turned into her avenue, she felt a sense of relief. Home sweet home. She was safe there. Yet as she closed the door behind her, she again concentrated on the sensations in her ass-pussy and nipples, and realised that her masters were still with her in mind, if not in body.

She washed her face three times, as if  to cleanse as deeply as possible, and then went to he dressing room and stripped, put all of todays clothes in the laundry basket, as if washing them would erase the memory of what she had undergone , and slipped into a comfy track suit that would hide her new, and confusingly aware nipples from Pete when he returned. Relaxing, she went to the kitchen and prepared supper like she did every day of her life, and gradually lost herself in her daily routine, only remembering todays events she moved in a way that disturbed the plug, or when her nipples brushed against anything, which they did with unexpected frequency. Sarah reasoned that they have always done but only now did she notice it, and resolved to take greater care in what she brushed against.

Pete fell in the door about 7.30,full of beer, and kissed her cheek hello on her way to switch the TV on as he waited for her to serve dinner. Jeez, was this all she was worth after 20 years she though, as she served his meal, and then remembered how he kept her in a good lifestyle and loved her deeply in his own way, and immediately regretted the thought.

They made idle conversation as they ate, and she told him about her hair appointment after work tomorrow as instructed, which he said was not an issue as he wouldnt be home till around 10 anyway. She reminded him about the weekend, which also wasnt an issue, as he was golfing all weekend. Was it her imagination, or was she being treated with apathy here as she faced the greatest challenge of her life- but then she remembered that he didnt know anything of the situation, and was probably always tis apathetic, but she didnt usually notice. Again, she reflected on the total lack of excitement in her comfy married life, and again quickly felt guilt.

As they sat and watched TV she wondered if he still fancied her enough to want sex tonight, for which he would receive head or nothing, but he paid her no attention until he got up, and said he was off to bed. She said shed be up in a minute, but waited half an hour until she knew he was asleep, before creeping into her dressing room and slipping into a nightdress much longer than the ones she normally wore in the summer, so that if it rode up in the night, the plugs presence would not be revealed.

As she laid beside him in bed, she slipped into a sleep full of strange voices and sensations, and more than once woke up with a warm feeling in her loins.

The next morning, when she awoke, she felt a sense of cold reality. Pete was already up and dressed, and as she shuffled into her robe, she took stock of things. The Diazepam (and the Pethadene ,if she realised it), had completely worn off, and her body had grown accustomed to the level of the complyormone , which was precisely why it was a cumulative treatment. As a result, she felt differently about the plug in her ass. It didnt belong there, and she wanted it out, she hated it! The nettle sting chemical in her nipples had weakened in effect, and although there was still a mild throbbing, and sufficient swelling to make them prominent, those effects had also dwindled, and she began to wonder if she had imagined all those sensations yesterday.

She decided to wait until Pete had gone before she dressed, and went downstairs to breakfast. She went to pour herself Muesli, and then remembered Winstons warning. She was not sure why he advised her not to eat, but she was quickly learning not to take their words lightly, so she just had juice-she told Pete she felt queasy-must be her period approaching? (that should keep him at bay for a few days). E kissed the top of her head on the way out (sooo romantic), and she hurried upstairs to dress. She decided on a baby pink satin all in one cami-knicker under a Japanese style kimono dress in silk, and wondered when she chose scarlet shoes if it had anything to do with the colour of the lipstick in her purse? As she slipped into the cami-knicker, she felt her nipples appreciate the softness, and realised that she hadnt imagined it yesterday, it was just more pronounced.

As she finished dressing, she looked in the full length mirror; she looked hot! Why had she made herself look that hot?..there was no need to go that overboard, just smart would have done. She scolded herself, and cursed the infernal plug in her ass as she hurried out of the door.

She walked her usual route to work, feeling surprise at how alien the plug felt, compared to the journey home last night, when it had felt more like her companion.

As she saw the tattoo shop in the distance, she felt a flutter of anticipation in her tummy-definitely fear, she told herself, which was presumably why it became more intense as she walked through the door , and up the stairs to her training suite.

She walked through the door into the training suite. It was unlocked, so they were clearly expecting her. No-one to be seen, so she walked across to the door to the cleansing room and knocked softly, kind of half kidding herself that no reply would mean the nightmare was over.

“Come in, Sarah” boomed a familiar voice. She walked in, and saw Winston stood by the breast stocks and Leroy by the steel table. “Master Ceebert will join us later, when he has opened the tattoo shop for business for the day. You look lovely, Sarah, you clearly listened to our suggestions as you left yesterday. Time is of the essence, we have a lot to get through today. Please disrobe and present breasts”

For someone who was full of steely determination not to succumb quite so easily as yesterday, Sarah rather meekly slipped her dress off. Leroy whistled softly when he saw the baby pink outfit that lay underneath. “ I think shes trying to impress us, Winston” he chuckled. Sarah blushed a pink that matched her satin lingerie, and shimmied out of it. She was about to slip off her heels, when Winston told her to leave them on, smiling as he said they suited her. She stepped compliantly onto the footplate of the breast stocks, and Winston adjusted the cup height to compensate for the height of her heels, and then strapped her back to the upright. Her lovely breasts filled the cups perfectly, and offered them as if in sacrifice to the admiring Winston.

“How is the throbbing in your nipples Sarah? They still look quite inflamed.”

“It has subsided considerably during the night Master, but is still quite strong” she replied truthfully.

“Hmmm” mused Winston as he walked to the drugs trolley. “First the complyormone”, and he filled a large syringe , with a thick needle, with the suggestion enhancer. He walked back, held her soft left breast in his hand, and swiftly and firmly pushed the fat needle down through the meat of her nipple into the breast tissue behind. She yelped a little, and then moaned softly as he depressed the plunger. The process was a lot more uncomfortable than yesterday, which she assumed was a result of her increased nipple sensitivity. He took the empty syringe back to the trolley, and filled a similar sized one. “ This is your diazepam, and a little Pethadene to help you through the rigours of the day. Pethadene is a pre med sedative, which causes a feeling of well being and relaxation” As he walked back to the restrained Sarah, he grasped her other breast, and pushed the needle through the pinkness of her aureola deep into the breast below. Depressing the plunger, he smiled inwardly at the thought that this was not her first dose of Pethadene, although it was certainly her largest.

“While that takes effect, Sarah, we will inject you nipples with todays dose of stimulant. We dont want those lovelies ever losing their sensitivity again, now do we? I think well stick with the nettle venom today, but add a little formic acid..thats ant sting, you know? Will make the throbbing a little stronger. It seems Kenny had drugs for every occasion in his lab. We have wasp and hornet sting extract here as well ,but thats for another day” Sarah stifled a scream..she was terrified of wasps, and just trembled softly as Winston began the ritual of injecting first the teat, then all around the aureolae of each of her beautiful pink nipples, marvelling once again at the way they swelled like a cookie rising in the oven. Sarah gasped as the venom took hold- this was more invasive than yesterday; the throbbing seemed to go deeper into her breast, and her nipples felt they were trying to burst on her chest. She at first tried to resist the rising sensations, but then the other drugs washed over her, and she suddenly felt like it was probably meant to be that her nipples throbbed so, and felt warm at her acceptance of the fact. “thank-you Master, for injecting my nipples and breasts” she heard herself say.

Winston unbuckled the waist strap, and she stepped down from the breast stocks. Leroy called her over to the cleansing table, and asked her to hop up, which she did, kneeling without being told in the ass up position, with her powerfully throbbing breasts flat on the table, and her head on the headrest. As Leroy strapped her wrists and knees to the table, he asked her how she had enjoyed the butt plug the last 24 hours. She replied that it had not been as uncomfortable as she had expected, and she had got used to it. She did not add that she had got to welcome its presence on occasion, nor that she had hated it and wished it gone this morning. Leroy nodded approval at what he heard, and gently eased the plug out. Sarah felt her sphincter expand as he withdrew it. Her body fought to retain it until he reached the widest part, at which point it plopped out harmlessly. Sarah was surprised that the sphincter stretch that time caused her no discomfort at all, despite flaring to nearly 2 inches, but what absolutely amazed her was the fact that, now it was gone, she felt a sense of emptiness and loss. An anomaly brought on by the first flush of the drugs, she told herself. Winston appeared by her head, and applied todays adhesive electrode and placed the headset on her, as Leroy loaded the first enema bag onto the hook, and popped the inflatable plug in her ass-pussy. As he pumped it up, she felt a degree of comfort that the void was filled again, and as he connected the bag, and opened the valve, she felt an old friend had walked into the room as a familiar soothing voice said “Pleasure, Sarah, Pleasure”, and the lights and the swooshing noises started afresh. The first bag quickly filled her, and she thought casually that this was quite a pleasant way of staying inwardly clean-so much better than the toilet rituals that most were slaves to. As the first load was emptied and flushed away, she waited for the next, larger delivery, and wondered what the day held for her. She was most confused about the suggestion not to eat at breakfast, and as the voices urged her to take pleasure in her new role; ass, mouth, throat, ass; it insisted, she resolved to ask Winston to explain, as the voices were briefly silent as he prepared the third and largest enema.

Leroy emptied the second enema, noting how clear it ran, and as he hosed the waste away before connecting the third bag, he heard her say “ Master Winston, may I ask a question?”

“Yes Sarah, ask away” replied a surprised Winston.

“ Why did you suggest that I take only liquid for breakfast, Master. I did as suggested, incidentally”

“ Why because Master Ceebert is going to pop your throat cherry later this morning, Sarah, and we dont want you getting sick all over his cock”, he answered, grinning as he did so.

Sarah fought back the rising terror as the answer sunk in, but as the tap opened on the third bag, and 3 litres of warm fluid trickled into her colon, the voices and the lights and the noises throbbed in rhythm with her pulse, and as the voice continued to insist “mouth, throat, anus”, she was suddenly struck by the fact that maybe they knew best, and it was what she needed, and as Wintons giant hand on her belly massaged away the cramps that 3 litres of liquid bring to ones large intestine he suddenly realised that in a perverse way, he was actually being cared for. Finally, her colon was full ,and they left it to soak into her insides, doing its cleaning work. Master Winston stroked her hair and explained that Master Ceebert was having her much of the rest of the day, right up to her hair appointment, and she would do well to relax and let the drugs go with the flow, and she responded to his urges, and slipped into a warm, wonderful place as they finished cleaning her bowels for her.

Leroy released the final load, and hosed it away, and packed up his stuff. Then he returned with another black remote buttplug. He showed it to Sarah watching her eyes open wide as she saw that it was not one, but two sizes larger than the first.

“ we were very impressed with the way you coped with the first plug, Sarah, so we have decided to accelerate your anal education. We have skipped the number two size, and your companion for the next 24 hours will be the number 3.This one is 2 1/2 inches at the widest part, and 6 inches long. Since your rectum, and then your colon are not dead ends like your old pussy, the length is not an issue, although we will be testing your depth to extreme at a later date. The width is the vital statistic, and we are proud that you are making such progress so quickly. This plug also has a more powerful vibration, which you will no doubt notice in due course. Would you like me to insert it in your ass-pussy now, Sarah? The size scared her, so she was as shocked as they were when she heard her mouth utter the words “ yes please Master” without hesitation. She felt like a stranger had spoken those words, but  as Leroy gently slipped the newer, larger intruder into her anus, it was definitely her that moaned in satisfaction as the plug reached its widest part, and her ass-pussy claimed it as its own.

She was still moaning and purring as they unstrapped her, and had her sit up, and she offered no resistance, indeed was positively cooperative as they placed her legs in the stirrups, strapped her in and spread her open for the double punishment she had completely forgotten about, as the drugs converted the sensations in her ass-pussy and nipples as pure pleasure for the first time.

“ You broke the rules twice, yesterday Sarah-failed to swallow a Masters cum on both occasions-you know what that means dont you?” asked Winston.

“ 20 cane strokes Master” relied Sarah, subdued again as she remembered the debt.

“Strokes where, Sarah?”

“ On my pussy, Master” came the reply.

“ No Sarah, it used to be your pussy. Your slut anus is now your pussy. This is now called your cunt. Is that clear?”

“Yes Master” she replied reluctantly. She had always hated that word.

“So you know what to do, Sarah. Be a good girl and make it easy for yourself”

Sarah gulped, lowered her tiny fingers to the lips of her obscenely spread vagina, pulled them wide apart, and said “ please punish this sluts cunt with 20 cane strokes as punishment for not swallowing Masters cum yesterday Master”

“ Very good, Sarah. Well make a slut out of you yet” grinned Winston as he performed a couple of warm-up air strokes.

As the first stroke landed, Sarah yelped in pain, and the voices light and noise started, as did the vibration in her ass-pussy- a much deeper, more powerful vibration before.

As the strokes continued to land, she yelped , but as the stroke count mounted, and the voices urged her to focus on the pleasure that the intruder in her ass was bringing, and the noises pounded in harmony with her pulse, and her anal muscles gripped the plug tighter, and her nipples throbbed like they had a life of their own, the yelps became moany yelps, and then just moans, and by the time the 20th stroke landed, the moan was a primitive exclamation of pleasure, and the squelch as it landed betrayed the soaking state of her beaten cunt.

They left her alone until her breathing returned to normal. As the sensations subsided, and peace and quiet was restored, she concentrated on what just happened. She had experienced waves of pleasure as her cunt was punished, but the pleasure was not centred there, despite her embarrassing wetness. It was centred in her ass-pussy, as it clenched the plug so tightly its structure must have been tested, and in her previously inert nipples, which right now felt so sensitive that she was sure she could have detected a flys footfall on either of them.

The drugs were doing their job, she reasoned- it must be them as she could never respond like that to such unnatural stimulae.

They released her when she was calm. “Thank-you Master for my punishment” she said as she rose weakly to her feet, and wobbled on her red heels. And she meant it-at least briefly.

“Go through to the treatment room now Sarah, and wait for Master Ceebert. He will be with you shortly and will spend a few hours with you. We shall see you again this afternoon when Zachary arrives to do your hair. He wears our ring and you will refer to him in the appropriate manner. There is a pitcher of juice in there. Feel free to help yourself while you wait for Ceebert, but I would advise you to just sip from it. Goodbye until later, Sarah”

She tottered weekly on her red heels into the next room, still weak from the intensity of the last hours events. She felt the new, larger plug sat snugly in her ass-pussy, and was not dismayed that she was again to be plugged for 24 hours.

She poured herself a small juice, and sat on the couch, waiting for the man who was going to “pop her throat cherry”, and tried to get her head around the enormity of the task.

After a few minutes, Ceebert walked in. “Good morning Sarah. This is a very special day for me, and also for you. The brothers have told me how you have impressed them so much with you anal progress that they have brought your schedule forward. Well, I am about to do the same with your oral training. We did not anticipate your reluctance to take cum in your mouth, although you clearly will in time, so your throat needs opening immediately to enable you to take it straight into your stomach. It will be some time before you can take Master Winston that way, so you will still have a decision to make there, but if all goes well today, you will have an extra option available to you when you fellate me or Master Leroy. I need to prepare you a little first, as you will need some help here, so please hop into the dentists chair and I will strap you in”.

Terrified, but resigned to the inevitable, she meekly complied, pausing briefly to gasp at the sudden rush of sensations in her nipples as she brushed her chest ever so gently against the chair side as she climbed on.

Ceebert strapped her legs and arms, and then tipped the chair right back so she was nearly horizontal. He then dropped the actual headrest down so that her head tipped back relative to her spine, and then he fastened a strap around her forehead, taking care not to disturb the headset.

This done, he rummaged in the drugs trolley at the other side of the room, and then returned, placed four syringes on the shelf on the chair arm, then reached underneath the chair for a Jeffries clamp.

As he ratcheted her lovely mouth wide open, he started to explain“ You are already familiar with the technique Winston used yesterday to allow your jaw muscles to stretch. Two of these syringes contain diazepam for that same reason. The other two contain a mild desensitiser, which will reduce your tendency to gag, and will be injected into the soft palate around the back of your mouth and your epiglottis. Once you have taken a cock all the way down once, the second drug should not be necessary, as the gag reflex is largely psychological, and once you have done it once, you will know it is possible2

With that, he shone a strong light in her mouth and began a series of injections in the back of her mouth, her throat and her jaw hinges. As the first needle went in, the voices woke up, as did the lights, noise and vibration, and the familiar voice told her that injections could be erotic if they helped her serve her Masters. Pleasure Sarah, pleasure..throat ,ass, mouth throat, throat  throat went the mantra as the needles continued their journey around the back of her mouth. Finally he was done, and a strange sensation flowed through her lower head, as Ceebert released the shiny Jeffries clamp ,and emptied the last syringe into both sides of her flushed cheeks, just in front of her ears. The injections no longer worried her, in fact as the voices encouraged her, When the last few went in, she was sure that her ass-pussy and nipples clenched pleasurably as the plunger was depressed; but the fear of the impending assault remained, despite all the urgings and sensations which tried to distract her.

Ceebert returned the chair to upright, and undid all the straps. He told Sarah to go to the couch and make herself comfortable, and gave her a red lipstick. He busied himself undressing as she nervously sat on the couch, feeling the buttplug move inside her as she sat.

By the time Ceebert approached Sarah, she had applied the crimson lipstick beautifully, and her lovely mouth looked like an entrance to heaven. She looked down between Ceeberts legs and saw the gold of his piercings glinting in his magnificent weapon and balls and was suddenly overcome with emotion. She threw herself to her knees in front of him and begged . “ Please Master Ceebert, dont make me do this. I will suck your beautiful cock and worship your pierced balls and make you cum, and Ill even learn to accept you seed on my tongue, but please dont violate my throat. I really dont think I can do it”

Ceebert stroked her hair, and said  “ It seems you have made a decision Sarah. You have undertaken to learn to take out cum in your mouth and on your tongue. That is a good decision, and one that will bring you great pleasure in time. I am glad you arrived at it by yourself. The other Masters will be pleased. But you throat gets popped here this morning. It is your destiny”

With that, the voices, lights and noise started again, louder than usual, and the buttplug hummed harder than ever before. As the familiar voice urged her to accept that all forms of oral worship were sourced of great pleasure, and went into its mantra, the throb in her ass-pussy and nipples made her moan out loud with pleasure, and  as her face approached Ceeberts cock, her crimson lips opened automatically.

She greedily slipped the gold ring past her teeth as her lips stretch around d his cock head. She ran her tongue like a washcloth over his head, and relished the sensation as precum dribbled from his eye onto her waiting tongue. Savouring the taste of guava that she was rapidly starting to relish, she withdrew from his cock-head, and dropped her lovely mouth to his pierced balls.  Her newly relaxed jaw hinges made accommodating his wrinkly nuts in her mouth a lot easier, and she enthusiastically worshipped each bag in turn, paying especial attention to the gold barbells. Then she reluctantly left the wondrous objects and returned to his cock. As she began her descent onto his pole, she sensed that this was the moment. Her voices told her this was the moment. She felt Ceeberts hands gently urge her head towards his groin as if this was the moment. She put her fears behind her, as 2 days of repeated suggestion via the Complyormone that cock belonged in her throat finally flicked a little switch in her head, and she knew it was now inevitable. She continued her descent on his cock, and his helmet hit her throat. Yet again, the drugs did their job, and she did not gag. As the throbbing noise and lights and clenching around the humming companion in her ass-pussy suddenly synchronised with the pulsing in her invenomated nipples, she followed her voices guide and went for it. She pushed firmly against the giant intruder, and marvelled at the way the drugs allowed her to savour the sensations without gagging. She enjoyed the feeling of his velvet head against her epiglottis. She enjoyed the way she could feel that her diazepam injections had allowed her jaw to open so wide, and understood that her throat opening had been similarly treated, but however hard she pushed, her throat would not yield.  Ceebert slightly changed his angle of attack, and pushed again himself, and said “swallow as I push Sarah and it will happen” obediently, she swallowed as hard as she could, and with a plop, his massive cockhead slipped past her epiglottis, and slid effortlessly down her throat. Sensations overwhelmed her. Pride, excitement, the pulsing and throbbing in harmony that seemed to be reaching a crescendo, as she cupped his magnificent pierced balls and milked them as she masturbated his shaft with her throat, sliding all the way down until his pubes banged her face, and the back up until his precious cockhead was about to exit her throat, but she never let it leave. All 10 inches vanished repeatedly down her swanlike neck as she did a sword swallowing act on his shaft that was beautiful to watch. Totally contrary to her expectations, the sensation of stretching in her throat was pleasant, and she ran her tongue around the part of his shaft that wasnt in her throat, she started to feel some very strange sensations of her own The feeling in her ass-pussy was no longer dismissable as warmth. It was a spasming, urgent response that she guessed was the start of her learning to orgasm anally. Suddenly she needed that brutes cum in her throat and pumped and worked like a dervish, as her scarlet lips stretched obscenely round his massive trunk, and with an inevitability that excited her his sperm boiled and rose and hosed down her throat in torrents as Ceebert let out animal like wails, and the first blast of cum in her throat sent Sarah over the edge as the sensations in her ass-pussy and nipples made her moan and moan in abject ecstasy. In the most sexually complete moment of her life so far, she felt Ceeberts cock complete its ejaculation, felt his load dribble directly down into her tummy, felt his cock go slack in her mouth, and felt his wonderful balls stop spasming. She waited for her own tremors to subside, and then very reluctantly withdrew that magic sword from her slut throat. She licked the last few drops from the end of his helmet, and looked him in the eyes as she said “ thank-you Master Ceebert for taking my throat cherry”, and realised she meant every word. She hadnt just blown his cock, she had communicated with it. It remained to be seen if she could achieve the same result without the drugs and the encouragement from her comforting friend, but time would tell.

Sarah got up from her knees, and nearly collapsed. She didnt think she had experienced a full anal orgasm, as she felt there was so much more to come, but it had shown her beyond doubt that the voices were right, and it was indeed possible to come through anal stimulation given the right circumstances (and drugs) suddenly this was starting to seem like an adventure instead of an ordeal, but how would she feel when the drugs wore off? She needed, above all, to keep an open mind.

She eventually flopped onto the couch, and enjoyed the tranquillity now everything had ceased.

“Sarah, you are a natural” enthused Ceebert “ you will make the best black cock slut in history, and to make the journey irreversible, we are going to start your modification here this morning. It has always been our intention to depict your journey into submission on your perfect white skin via my needles and ink. You have crossed the first big bridge today, and I intend to bring it life in your skin. We are going to the next room now, where I have my tattoo equipment set up, and I am going to etch your great achievement today into you skin forever. I will start on your left shoulder blade, since we have to make your ink concealable for a few days at least. This will be the first of many drawing on your body as your journey progresses, and eventually you will be covered. I hop and believe you will come to love the process, but it will happen anyway. Some have described the process as painful, but the drugs you have inside you, and the headset will hopefully convince you that it is a pleasant experience. Are you ready to start your modification, Sarah?”

She did not wait for the enormity of the statement to sink in before she said “ Yes please Master”, such was her suggestibility at the moment, and she strode proudly, naked apart from her heels, and plugged, into the next room to be changed forever.

As she entered the modification room; the only room in the training suite she had yet to visit, she took in the various chairs that presumably could be used to present the subject in a range of different presentations for attention. There was another dentists chair, a bed with various articulations, and what looked like a suspension device with various hoops and straps for security it whatever plane the victim needed displaying. There was also a large steel table with some electronic devices, and a series of tattoo guns in sterile holsters, and banks of bottles of ink, sterile wipes, disposable gloves and the like.

Ceebert gestured to the articulated bed, and Sarah laid face down on it with her arms crossed above her squashed breasts, which throbbed loudly in protest.

As he went over to the table and busied himself with gloves, etc. he spoke

“Today, I am going to ink a design it your left shoulder that will depict your new role as an oral submissive. I am well known as a portrait tattooist, and you will be instantly recognisable as the subject. I will also add a legend to this, and each subsequent tattoo that describes your journey. The first few will be on your back. This has the added advantage of being easy to conceal from your husband and employers under summer clothes, and will also be exquisite in their tease value as you will not be able to see them, or read the legends. No-one here is going to tell you what they say, and I doubt you will be asking anyone else. As your back is filled, and your journey progresses, we will move on to your breasts, stomach, waist, thighs, and who knows where else.

As the concept of being a walking litany of black cock submission becomes acceptable to you, each addition will become a badge of honour for you ,and you will crave each one more than the last. Eventually, you will beg for them. Is everything clear Sarah?”

Her head still swam with the events of earlier, and it was with confusion and drug induced acquiescence that she nodded her agreement, not fully absorbing the immenseness of the commitment that she had just made.

Ceebert swabbed her left shoulder blade, and ran a disposable razor over her alabaster skin to remove any trace of hair. He then squared her headphones on her pretty head, picked up his black gun, and started the process of bringing her journey to life in her skin.

The voices and the rest all started up, but lower key than before, even the vibration. Her familiar friend started talking to her about the pleasure of body art and what an erotic odyssey submitting to it was, and she relaxed as Ceebert drew the first black lines of the design that would become a photo standard image of her stretching her scarlet lips around his pierced black cock.

The needle hurt her skin at first, but the buzzing soon blended in with the other background sensations, she relaxed and began to enjoy the sensation of her Master etching her destiny into her skin. Her ass-pussy gently clenched the plug, and her nipples throbbed resolutely as Ceebert wove his magic with the tattoo guns, and her body responded with good sensations as the voices in her head told her how this was part of an adventure that would lead her to orgasms untold. She noticed him change guns after about an hour, and guessed this meant that he was now applying color. She relaxed again, and enjoyed the stinging, buzzing sensation of the second gun that was already starting to harmonise with the other sensation pulsing in the background. Being inked felt good!

After probably the best part of three hours, the buzzing of the gun stopped, and at the same time, so did the background stuff. Sarah sighed with discontent as the comfort zone the buzzing and the vibrating and the throbbing had built around her was shattered. She had been at one with her modification, and was disappointed that reality threatened to remind her that all this was drug induced, and not really her doing.

Ceebert pressed a button on the intercom, and Winston and Leroy reappeared after a few minutes, and stood on either side of Sarahs shoulders as Ceebert proudly displayed her first tattoo. It was awesome. The fine lines of Ceeberts gun had drawn a perfect image of the divine Sarahs sweet face, lips heavily lipsticked in crimson stretched around the shaft of a heavily veined black cock that was obviously more in her throat than her mouth., Her windpipe bulged obscenely with the girth of the monster, and small droplets of fluid escaped either side of the shaft, as a slender hand cupped monstrous balls pierced many times with gold barbells, but the lasting image that both would keep with them  was of the look of ecstasy on the white girls face as she devoured the beast, and the stark legend underneath that read “oral slut for black cock-no job too big”

Winston and Leroy applauded, and Sarah asked why they were clapping. They simply replied that Ceebert had excelled himself, and left it at that.

Sarah said “thank-you Master for tattooing my slut body”, and again meant every word as she revelled in the fact that all 3 masters now found her more beautiful.

The spell was broken by a knock on the door, and Zacharys face smiled into the room. “anyone need a haircut”, he said sarcastically.

They led Sarah back through to the treatment room, and Zachary was moved by her beauty. He kept telling Winston that he hadnt fully explained how lovely she was. Sarahs shoulder was throbbing now, but she felt an  inner contentment.  She had conquered her demons and popped her throat cherry, had enjoyed the beginnings of her first real orgasm, and proudly wore her new ink. She was unsure how much of this would make sense in the morning as the drug haze lifted, but what difference could a haircut make to her day?

Holding that thought. She allowed herself to be guided into the dentists chair, and watched as Zachary attached a backwash tray to the headrest. It hurt her new ink to lie back in the dentists chair, but she did as she was bid, and as Zachary tilted the chair back and started gathering her lovely blond hair into the backwash tray, Winston again spoke.

“ Sarah, we have discussed hair once, and you know my feelings on the subject. That aside, as you now serve black, it is befitting that you honour us with a black hairstyle. You will have noticed that Leroy, Ceebert and Zach all sport the rasta dreadlocks. From now until you ask me to make it otherwise, so will you.

The first thing to do is to straighten those lovely blonde curls out. The traditional method is with ammonia. so we shall stick with that.  Sadly, we have to remove the headset for this process, so you will have to go with the flow, but the buttplug will still activate as needed.

As she took it all in, she thought how minor this all was compared to the things she had undergone in the last 36 hours-and then she felt the warm flow over her hair, and realised that all 4 Masters were pissing into the backwash basin at the top of the chair into which her hair cascaded. The smell of maleness and ammonia overpowered her as her scalp bathed in the warmth of this most intimate shampoo.. Master Zach donned disposable rubber gloves, and massaged the piss into her hair diligently for fully ten minutes, while the buttplug began a very low-key hum. When satisfied that the ammonia had done its job, he wrung her hair out with his hands, and remove the backwash basin and emptied it in the fixed sink across the room. He then clipped a steel table in place of the portable basin, and started combing. He explained “ Sarah, plaiting your hair into dreads takes a while. When, I have combed it into the straightness that the ammonia has allowed, I have to weave each dread intricately from scratch, whilst still wet. The ammonia then sets the dread in place, and the tip of each dread is sealed, traditionally with wax, but for you we have a nicer alternative. I will be an hour or two weaving your new locks, so lie back and enjoy. I think Master Ceebert may want to work on you some more, so at least you wont be bored?

As she laid back and let the rasta plait her wet hair, she reflected on her new situation. She was here against her will, and practically all of what they had done to her would have seemed repulsive 2 days ago. But they hadnt really hurt her, they hadnt really compromised her other life apart from making her feign sickness for the first time ever , and they had taught her things that she never thought it possible to enjoy. She still objected to the use of drugs, but she had to admit it had been in her interests that they did, and her new nipples were rapidly becoming a drug-induced gift she cherished. Fuck it, she thought. Lets see how I feel about all this tomorrow, and she laid back and enjoyed Zach weaving her piss drenched hair.

As he wove the first dreadlock, she was surprised by how hard he had to pull to make the plait tight, and he quite hurt her scalp. As he finished the first, he threaded a bright red bead over the end, and then crimped a small metal collar under the bead to hold it fast. Finally, he dipped the crimp in a cup of wax he had warning on his side table, and the dreadlock was done. Each one took about 5 minutes, and Zach told Sarah that he had around 40 to do, so she was going to be here some time. She decided to try and enjoy the rest, after all, what girl didnt enjoy going to the hairdressers? (Most didnt receive their shampoo in piss though) As she lay back and grew accustomed to Master Zachs tugging, she felt the buttplug murmur into life, on a very low setting, and she gave a gentle moan of relaxed contentment. After a while, she was brought back to her senses  by the arrival of Ceebert, with a steel kidney dish containing some sterile packs, and a vernier scale. He set the dish down, and, grabbing the scale, started measuring her nipples. He measured across each aureola, then the width of each teat, and finally he measured the depth of the teats as they rose above the aureolae and the depth of the aureolae above the breast meat. Even the gentle brush of the vernier, and the occasional touch of his fingers sent shockwaves through her super-sensitive nipples, shockwaves which she was starting to enjoy very much.

“Hmm,Sarah. I am pleased with this. The invenomation of your nipples has increased your teat length from very little to a good half inch in just two days. Also your aureolae have puffed up nicely, and stand 3/8 inc proud of your breast surface, where as before they were quite flush. The only disappointment is that the diameter of the aureolae has remained at three inches, which is already impressive, but shows no change. Also, the surface of your aureolae has not pimpled up as we hoped, so we will be changing the venom cocktail tomorrow to rectify this. I had intended to place initial piercings in  your aureolae and teats today, but I need to make some special barbells up for the aureolae to help them spread, so that will have to wait until tomorrow. For now, I am going to put the first, base level barbells in your teats. Second ones will follow higher up when your teats have grown sufficiently. Is that clear?”

“Yes Master” relied a stunned Sarah, who was struggling to accept that they wanted her nipples wider as well as more prominent- she had been teased at school about her wide nipples.” Discs” she was called by some of the crueller girls. She found the thought of them spreading further disconcerting. What troubled her more was the fact that they planned multiple piercings in each nipple. She had assumed that piercing meant one in each. So suggestible was she at the moment that she fully accepted that it must happen, but she needed the voices to tell her that it would bring pleasure, and they werent there!

Ceebert swabbed each teat with an alcohol pad. Then he placed a small mark with a black pen on either side of the very base of each teat. He then pulled the protective packaging off a very long needle, and removed the plastic protective cap. Sarah saw how wide it was, and her eyes opened wide and she winpered, causing Zach to stop plaiting for a moment. The needle was like a small drinking straw.

“12 gauge Sarah. 2.6mm across. It is necessary to have a wide barbell to stop it cutting the flesh if it is pulled on hard, as it most surely will be from time to time. Now relax while I do the piercings These are only ¾ inch long. Tomorrows will be much longer and the same gauge, so think of it as a learning curve. Here comes the first one” He pinched her nipple, causing the teat to stand proud, and confidently pushed the thick needle through, smiling as her skin stretched white over the tip as the needle emerged the other side. Sarah screamed, but as the needle bit, her buttplug went into overdrive just for a few seconds, the most powerful it had ever been, and the scream turned halfway into a moan.

He removed the needle, leaving the plastic cannular in place, and then unscrewed the ball from one end of a gold 12 gauge barbell. He inserted the threaded end into the cannular, and fed it through, then discarded the cannular. He applied a drop of thread locking compound to the exposed thread, and screwed the ball home fast. In a few minutes, the only way to remove this barbell would be to cut it off!

Sarah looked down at the lovely gold jewellery that adorned her teat, and swooned at how it looked. It was sensational, it just belonged there. How could anyone who loved their nipples not sport barbells like these? There was no blood, and the pain, though intense, was only for an instant, and now had ebbed to a throbbing that accompanied the venom induced beat she already felt.

As Ceebert opened a fresh needle for the other teat, and prepared her, he paused as he pinched her nipple taut and gently rested the needle tip on her tit meat. He looked her in the eye, noting how well the dreadlocks were coming, and how they suited her. She returned his stare, and as the vibrating plug exploded into life she murmured “please” so softly she wasnt sure he heard it, but the needle appeared out of the other side of her teat nonetheless. Ceebert affixed the other gold barbell, and Zach whistled.

“man those look good on her chest dont they?”

Sarah looked down, and felt a rush of satisfaction as she realised how right he was, but at the same time a sense of loss as the vibration dies back down to virtually nothing.

“Thank-you Master Ceebert for adorning my teats so beautifully” she said, again meaning every word, and he smiled, and kissed them both tenderly before packing his gear away,

For the remainder of the hair session, she laid back and enjoyed the very faint hum of the vibrations in her ass-pussy (presumably minimum setting), and the double throbbing in her recently decorated nipples, and she felt better about life that she had since this all started. How would she feel in the morning when the drugs wore off, she  wondered?

Finally, Zach finished the last dreadlock, and bade her sit up to see the result. Forty dreadlocks looked back at her in the mirror, each one finished with a bright red bead the same colour as her lipstick. The gold barbells twinkled in the light at the bottom of the mirror as she barely recognised the face she saw. She looked sensational.

“Thank-you so much, Master Zach. It looks lovely” she enthused.

“Yes it does, Sarah, so why dont you thank me in the proper way? He replied, and quickly walked to the couch and removed his shirt and pants. Sarah padded over to join him, and quite willingly fell to her knees. As she slipped his boxers down, she felt him replace the headset over her new dreads, and she admired his cock. Not as big as the other three, but nearly as long as Leroys, and a little thinner. Circumcised, the shiny head hung down between some very meaty looking balls. (what was it about balls with her now?..she never even considered them sexual before) She licked her lips as she anticipated the task ahead, but Zach turned around and pulled the cheeks of his black ass apart, and bent forward offering her his anus.

She recoiled and the mood evaporated. What did he want?

“You have learnt the pleasure your slut anus can give Sarah- at least you have scratched the surface. Now its time to learn that Masters anus can also be enjoyable. You will thank me for your hairdo by licking my asshole”

She gulped- assholes were horrid, vile things-then she felt hers twitch around the plug, which hummed up a gear, and the headphones spoke to her as the lights and noise started.

“Pleasure, Sarah, pleasure. Just as your anus is your sexual centre, your ability to love your masters anus is an extension of that concept. Concentrate on your anal sensations Sarah and worship that asshole with all your skill” Such was her level of suggestibility now that, as the noises and lights beat, and the pleasure in her anus grew as she clenched the plug, she complied meekly, and moved her lovely mouth to his sphincter, feeling her dreadlock beads brush against his firm black buttocks. She flicked her tongue across the anal opening, and was surprised that, far from tasting unpleasant, the taste was earthy and homely, and not at all unpleasant, as she licked with increasing enthusiasm, she found herself probing inside the sphincter with her tongue, then kissing all around the opening, then probing deeper, until she found her tongue hurting underneath as she tried in vain to get in deeper still. Her licking became frenzied, as the headphones told her she was born to suck black ass, and the  throbbing in her nipples told her the headphones were right.

Zach grunted a loud moan of pleasure, and stood up and turned round to face the dreadlocked beauty who knelt before him, looking disappointed at being deprived of her brown Popsicle. He offered her the lipstick, and she smiled, applied it sexily, and lowered her scarlet lips to his groin. Balls first, she look each one in her mouth gently but hungrily, and rolled it around, enjoying the texture and taste, and chasing the tubing under each one with her tongue, marvelling at how wonderfully full each one felt. Then she withdrew, and began her descent on his cock, His purple helmet was already leaking precum as her lips parted automatically(again) as the passed over the eye. She brushed the drops away with her tongue and relished the guava taste as her lips passed his flange. She started giving him her best tongue bath as her mouth descended down his shaft, feeling and loving every vein as she enjoyed the descent, and the headphones told her she was born for this and the background pounded. As his cock touched the back of her throat, she gagged a little, and realised that the drug she was injected with earlier was partly worn off. But the gag was not a strong one, and she persevered, pressing his velvet head against her throat opening, but to no effect. She was getting frustrated, she wanted this pole in her throat-how else could she thank him properly- and then she remembered the swallow trick. Withdrawing slightly, she took a deep breath and swallowed and descended at the same time, and the black sabre was in her throat. Whimpering with delight, she started working her head up and down the shaft, as the helmet slid in deeper, until her lipsticked lips banged against his pubis . As the headphones repeatedly told her throat was best, she slipped her tongue out over her lower jaw and ran it lovingly across his balls, before  withdrawing, and starting the climb back up the ebony shaft. She squeezed his full balls gently, and felt them contract and heard his breathing increase. He was cumming, and as she prepared to receive his load gratefully directly into her stomach where it belonged, she was dismayed that he pulled out abruptly and started coming in her mouth. As the first shot his her tongue, she started to spit, but remembered the feeding tube, and conquered the urge. Instead, she swallowed it as fast as she could, in time to receive the second, equally copious delivery., which for some reason she paused to savour for a second, before swallowing that also. Her tastebuds did not register horrid slime this time, but more guava flavour, and she found herself looking forward to the next squirt, which she rolled around her tongue and was still savouring as the next arrived, As the deliveries dwindled to a dribble, she found herself with a fair mouthful of cum which she continued to pass around her mouth , enjoying the different textures and flavours, and as the headphones told her cum was nectar, she felt the buzzing in her anus and the throbbing in her nipples, and she slowly swallowed the load to the accompaniment of her second ever mini anal orgasm, as the clenching in her anus seemed to extend to her whole torso, and she quivered with pleasure as the cum arrived in her stomach..

As her world went silent, and the spasms abated, Sarah reflected that two of her biggest barriers had been broken today. Her throat cherry had been popped, and her aversion to cum had been conquered. They had also irreversibly modified most of her left shoulder, and her new nipples now carried gold jewellery as well as venom injections. All this had happened in two days. Surely she hadnt capitulated too quickly? It must be the drugs? Even the thought of losing her last major barrier didnt scare her so much now- she was halfway there already with the plug. The one thing left on the agenda as she understood it that truly terrified her was the thought of taking the mighty Winston inside her body.

She looked up at Master Zach affectionately and said “ thank-you Master Zach for allowing your beautiful cock in my throat, and for having the wisdom to cum in my slut mouth”. She meant every word she spoke, but why did she say all that? All that was needed was thank-you, and shed hate herself a little less in the morning?

Zach smiled back at her, and as she stood, Winston walked in with her clothes ,followed by Ceebert and Leroy.

“ My Sarah, dont you look fine with your proper rasta hair and your lovely gold bars. No more of that Shirley temple blonde locks shit for our black cock whore-now you look properly presented. Do a turn at lets see the ink?” murmurs all round of approval made Sarah glow with pride, as Winston handed her clothes to her. He removed the headset, and the neck sensor.

“its past 6 PM Sarah. Will the wimp be home before you?”

“No Master, hes working late and wont be home until 10” she replied, as she slithered into her baby pink cami, gasping at the satin brushed against her nipple piercings.

“Thats good Sarah-here are your instructions. You will leave here and make your way home, plugged like a good girl. When you get home, your hair should be dry, and the straightening process will be complete. You may shower and wash your new dreads. Wash them carefully and with pride. Apply a light soaping to the new tattoo; that will reduce scabbing. Wear something loose enough not to give away your latest modifications, and then behave normally. If the wimp wants sex, blow him. Remember the lipstick. Eat your supper carefully and chew well, as the gag reflex in your newly open throat may not have fully returned yet. In the morning, dress exquisitely, as you did today, and be here for cleansing and injecting at 9AM. Tomorrow is Friday, so we will discuss your weekend schedule then. I would recommend that you continue to take only liquids for breakfast. Your throat will be in daily use now, and you will be swallowing quite enough nourishment to keep you going until the evening. You have done well today Sarah. Dismissed”

she fastened the last button on her kimono dress, and headed for the door, glancing down and noticing that the bumps on her chest under the double layer of satin then silk were becoming a lot more noticeable.

“Goodnight Masters” she said, as she exited and descended the stairs. Looking in the mirror on the stairs, she drank in the way her dreads bounced around her shoulders as she walked. She looked hot!

As she exited via the tattoo parlour entrance, one of Master Ceeberts assistants, a white guy about 30 with ink all up his arms, was locking up. “Hair looks good Sarah, suits you-goodnight” he said as if they were old friends.

“Thanks mate, See ya” replied Sarah, and was struck by the thought that was the first time she had spoken all day without needing to be respectful. Was it because the lad was white, or because her day was over?

As she wrestled with that conundrum, and concentrated on walking without giving a hint that there was 2 ½ inches of black plastic in her ass-pussy, her question was answered, when a young black guy, barely out of his teens, volunteered “ nice dreads beotch” at her as she walked past, and she looked round, saw him, and said “ thank-you sir” before hurrying away to her home.

As she unlocked her front door and walked in, she picked the mail up from the mat, and there was a bank statement addressed to both of them. Fuck- she never thought of that. If Pete hadnt been working late, he would have opened it and seen the $25k.

She had to be more careful. She folded the statement into her purse, and decided to log on to her bank after her shower and transfer the $25k into a savings account only she knew about. Presumably Kenny would expect it back when he was released, and it would be safe in there until that time.

She stripped her dress shoes and lingerie off, and headed for the shower. Finding it hard to reconcile the fact that she had walked home with the piss of three black men she had known for two days (three in Winstons case) drying in her hair, she enjoyed the shower as she washed the day away. But the ink on her back, and the gold in her nipples didnt wash away, nor did the plug in her ass ,and she felt a tiny bit glad for each of those.

Slipping into her jogging suit, she switched the pc on, and as it booted up, she fished a small steak and some fries out of the freezer and set about supper.

She checked her mail and made the money transfer while the steaks fried.. She uncorked some red wine, and sat and ate from a tray on her own in front of the TV as she waited for Pete to return, only occasionally thinking of the plug in her ass and the throbbing at her chest.

Just after 10, in he walked. “Hi babe, did you eat or do you want something now?” she asked sweetly.

“Im good thanks, I grabbed something at the desk-worked right through...hey, what happened to your hair?.what a mess”

She felt a wave of anger as she said “everyone else likes it”, and then remembered that a couple of days ago she would have been horrified at the suggestion of dreads, and felt a wave of sympathy and understanding for him, and guilt at the harshness of her words.

“Sorry you dont like it babe. It cost a fortune, so Ill have to stick with it. Maybe it will grow on you? Glass of wine?”

“Love one thanks. Didnt even make the pub tonight, so Im gagging”

She took him over his glass, and settled down on the floor beside him. Poor sap, none of this was his fault, and he worked so hard for them both. She really should be nicer to him. As she stroked his leg and felt him relax, she rubbed his crotch and said  “Want me to blow you?”

“Hmmm, nice idea” came the reply, and she reached for her purse.

As she unwound the scarlet pencil, he asked her what she was doing.

“ you want my mouth to look good dont you?” she replied, as she drew the cupids bow on her top lip.

He laughed!

Fuckin cheek-he laughed.

Again she resolved to be nice to him, and unzipped him and scooped out his cock and balls, which started to grow in response. Where was the buzz of excitement. Why wasnt she licking her lips? At first she wondered if the lack of voices and buzzing was responsible, but then she realised that it was quite simply because this cock did not excite her. Small, thin and white, with little balls that held a few pitiful squirts, she took it in her mouth and was repelled at the texture, and the lack of taste. It tasted of nothing at all, and was smooth and textureless. It was like sucking a silkworm. She thought about trying his balls, but decided to get this over with as fast as she could. She used her tongue on the head and wanked the shaft furiously, and sure enough, he tensed, and about half a teaspoonful of muck arrived on her tongue. In reflex, she spat it out, then realised that was wrong, and looked up at him to apologise and realised that it was what he expected, and he wasnt even bothered any more.

He said “thanks babe, Im off to shower”, and downed his wine and went upstairs.

Sarah reflected on what had happened. She thought she had been taught to conquer her aversion to sperm this afternoon, but it just happened again- and then it dawned on her. It wasnt sperm she was adverse to, it was white mans sperm. She still hated that, as she had just shown, but when she thought back to the taste of Zachs load this afternoon her ass and nipples throbbed, and she was sure she could still feel it safely in her tummy where it belonged. The headphones had been right- she was destined to consume black sperm, it was what she was here for, and always had been-she just hadnt realised it.

She waited until he came down from his shower, and then excused herself, saying she had a long day tomorrow, and a long weekend (How prophetic would that turn out to be?) and needed some sleep. She slipped into her very unfeminine long nightdress and went to bed. As she drifted off to sleep, she stroked her new piercings through the fabric, marvelling at the sensations, and wished the vibrator in her ass-pussy would come on- but of course it didnt not here; only in her training suite, when one of her masters pressed the remote switch that each of them carried on a hidden fob.

Sarah didnt sleep that well, as she struggled to get comfortable. If she laid on her back, her new tattoo tried to stick to her nightshirt, and if she slept on her front, her new piercings pulled. Eventually she found a position on her side which was a compromise. Fortunately the long day had whacked Pete, and he slept through it all.

Again, she waited until he had gone down for breakfast before getting up and pulling on her robe. He again raised an eyebrow when she only took juice and coffee.

“Still feeling queasy? He asked.

“ No, but I need to lose a few pounds. Dont worry, Ill grab something during the day so my stomach isnt empty” she replied, and then almost gasped out loud as she realised what she had said.

As he kissed goodbye and left for work, she went up to her dressing room to decide what to wear. It dawned on her that she had a little more time this morning, as all she had to do with her hair was shake her head, and the lovely blond dreads cascaded back into place. Practical as well as sexy, she thought. Checking that it was a nice day, she decided.

Her tattoo was still a little tacky, so, checking it was a nice day, she chose a cream summer-weight dress with an embroidered back, which would let the tattoo breath, but only show the vaguest of outlines through the embroidery. People would see something was there, but could not make out any detail. For underneath, she chose a satin lilac camisole and pantie set, and slid into them, enjoying the sensations again as the cloth brushed her nipples. Donning the dress, she chose lilac heels and stepped into them. She sat down and fixed her face, noting that she applied her eye paint slightly more heavily than on the last two days- did this reflect a mood change? She reflected on her mood. She did not feel quite so sedated and suggestible as the previous evening, but she did feel good about herself unlike yesterday, and as she considered the prospect of day three of her transformation, she noted that she felt no shame about making the journey this morning. It had to be done-she realised that now- not just because of the $25k and the threats, but because she had been living a lie all these years, and she needed to find out quite to what extent. She wondered about lipstick, and decided that was not appropriate (she wasnt about to worship any black cock on the way to work?  Why did she say worship? She meant suck). One last check in the mirror, and a very classy, smart blonde woman looked back at her, the dreads looking slightly out of place, but sexy nonetheless, and the bumps from her barbells and puffed up “cookies” were there to see, but not too obvious. Her nipples throbbed at her as she saw them in the reflection, nestling under her couture, and she welcomed that, wondering how she had managed all these years not feeling anything down there.

Her walk to work was uneventful. She smiled inwardly as she caught a few admiring glances. Those she had always enjoyed, but never before with a plug in her ass, another mans modifications adorning her body. It kind of added to the thrill.

As she saw the tattoo shop, instead of the sense of dread and the urge to run she had felt on day one, and the unease on day two, she felt a little flutter of excitement in her tummy as she neared it today.

She ascended the stairs, and entered the treatment room, and walked through to the cleansing room.

“Good morning Black cock slut Sarah”, welcomed Winston.

“Good Morning Masters” she blushingly replied, feeling embarrassed at the undeniable accuracy of the description, as she saw all Leroy waiting for her as well.

“Our slut has excelled herself again Leroy-doesnt she look pretty with her dreads and her lovely dress and shoes- twirl for me Sarah-oh and look, you can see through the back of her dress a little-how daring” he teased.

“We have a busy day, Sarah. Undress and present breasts”, he suddenly became serious.

She shrugged off her dress, and again was pleased at the reaction her lingerie produced-they both clearly loved tactile and beautiful underwear, as did she. Today, what they loved seemed to matter, and she hadnt been injected yet-must be more in her body from yesterday than she thought?

She looked at her shoes, and again Winston indicated that she should wear them, and she stepped up onto the now reassuringly familiar breast stocks naked apart from her lilac pumps.

Winston checked out her piercings, and noted that they were healing nicely, but just to be sure, he cleaned behind the balls with a Q-tip and surgical spirit. Then he fastened the buckle on the waist strap, and prepared her injections. As he busied himself, he asked her how last night went, and she told him about Petes blow-job.

“Thats interesting Sarah- and why do you think you found his cum so repulsive and blew him so unenthusiastically when Ceebert and Zach couldnt praise you highly enough for your efforts yesterday?”

Sarah flushed as she decided how to answer. She decided on the truth. “ Because his cock is not black, Master, and my place is with black cock, not white. I realise that now”

Winston took in her words- this was going better than he had hoped- she had made the inevitable connection a week ahead of schedule. He emptied half of the syringe he had just filled with Pethadene back into the bottle (She was clearly quite relaxed already) and substituted liquid Viagra for the second half of the injection. He had not used it yet, as it was of no value when the subject wasnt aroused, but he had a sneaking feeling she would be getting aroused a lot today. The other syringe he filled with Complyormone as per usual. It was vital that she remained highly suggestible for the whole two weeks, as there was still much work to do. As for her nipple stimulants, he had noted Ceeberts opinion that her aureolae had not “pimpled up”, and so he prepared two syringes for her nipples, one of nettle/formic acid for her teats, as they were progressing well, and a second one of nettle/wasp sting for her aureolae .

She saw him approaching with four large syringes and her stomach fluttered, and her nipples throbbed in anticipation. Injection time was becoming most acceptable.

“ One for suggestion and one for relaxation as usual, Sarah” he lied, as he grasped her left breast in his huge hand and pushed the needle through her nipple deep into the tit meat below. She gasped, and then moaned as he pushed the plunger. That moan sounded like a pleasure moan, he thought- could she actually be starting to enjoy being injected? That would be an unexpected bonus. As he administered the other injection deep into the meat of her other breast, he watched more carefully, and both the gasp as the needle went in, and the moan as he depressed the plunger did indeed hint of pleasure as well as pain. He would have to test the theory tomorrow, but in excited him.

“Now to sensitise your nipples Sarah- I love this part. Today we are continuing with the nettle/ant sting mix for your teats, as Ceebert  is very pleased with their progress, but we are switching to nettle/wasp sting mix for your “cookies”, as we now call your swollen and engorged aureolae in the hope that they will pimple up- we dont want anyone to be in any doubt as to how wide they are when you come out in a couple of weeks, do we?”

“No Master”, she gulped, scared and excited at the same time at the reminder that her new status was to be displayed for all to see as soon as they deemed it was time.

He emptied the first syringe into both teats very slowly, watching her lip tremble as the fluid entered her body. He wasnt imagining it- she was responding to the injection process.

Then the” Cookie” mix- round each lovely swollen pink disc he went, and she gasped this time is discomfort as the wasp venom bit. By the time he had finished injecting the second one, the first had exploded in an array of pimples that made her cookie look like it had gone cold turkey.

“Master, it hurts” she said, trembling.

“But look at the results already Sarah. You want your nipples to look as good as possible for you Masters dont you? (she nodded) well be a good girl and cope with the pain. Your training will soon teach you to interpret it as pleasure”

She sobbed and nodded, and he stroked her dreads soothingly. His fingers brushed past her mouth, and as if by magic her mouth fluttered open, and then closed again as the fingers passed. Interesting, he thought, and to check he hadnt imagined it, he moved his two middle fingers slowly towards her mouth. Slowly, and without instruction it opened to receive his fingers, and closed warmly round them and suckled on them greedily. He withdrew them abruptly, and made no reference to it, as he unbuckled the waist strap and guided her to the cleansing table. Sarah found herself wondering how she had ended up sucking his fingers-she didnt recall putting them in her mouth.

Leroy urged her up onto the table and she dutifully assumed the kneeling, as in air position. As he strapped her down, he wondered if these were actually necessary any more?…she seemed quite at home. Winston applied her headset and neck sensor, and Leroy eased her number three training plug out of her lovely anus. Twice he had it nearly out, and her sphincter contracted and reclaimed it. As he successfully withdrew it on the third pull, he mused to himself that her body had not wanted to give it up.

“How did you cope with this yesterday Sarah?” he asked.

“Quite well Master. Its size took some getting used to, but by going home time I was able to walk in it quite easily”

“I think we will stick with this size overnight for a few days. We have much larger ones, but they are impractical for walking in, and your ass-pussy will stretched quite enough during the day as from today without the plug- so Ill have this one recharged and disinfected for return to your anus later” he rubbed his fingers across her anus, and noted that her hair was re-growing, and fetched a razor and foam and swiftly returned her anal skin to the baby soft hairlessness that was required. Then he popped the inflatable plug in, pumped it up, noting her moan of pleasure as he said. “ Because of your exemplary progress, we have decided to pop you ass cherry this morning, and I am going to do the deed. (she tensed and shivered) the plug is only just under an inch thinner than my cock, so you should stretch the extra no problem. I am much longer, but that shouldnt be an issue. You see, the anus is as well supplied with nerves as a clitoris or cock-head-that is why you are finding out that it is your sexual centre, but the rectum and colon are relatively insensitive, and only feel stretch and fullness, and temperature change, that is why size, both girth and length are important to the complete anal experience, as is the temperature sensitivity, which makes you able, unlike when you used to be fucked in the cunt, to feel every squirt of cum as it floods your insides. This morning, you lose your last barrier, black cock slut Sarah” As the last word was spoken, the headphones came to life, as did the noises and lights, and as her first enema commenced, she was told that the pain in her nipples  was actually pleasure, and she should enjoy it, and the fact that she was about to be ass-fucked for the first time was the final step required in order for her full training to begin and she would know an anal orgasm before the day was out, and then the mantras began. Such was her high suggestibility by now, as the Complyormone accumulation gathered, that she totally believed all that she was told, and the painful invenomation of her cookies magically changed into the most wonderful feeling her chest had yet known.

By the time Winston was rubbing her stomach to ward off the cramps of 3 litres of soapy water, she was in a wonderful place, totally comfortable with the feelings in her nipples, and looking forward almost breathlessly to her anal initiation.

As she was unbuckled from the kneeling position, and turned over into the stirrups for cunt shaving, she realised that this was the first time she had ever left the enema position without her anus plugged, and the void was horrible-she almost felt insecure.

As Leroy soaped her labia and mons and restored those areas to baby smoothness with the razor, Winston commented “no punishments today Sarah- mustve been a good girl yesterday” As she started to take pride in that praise, the headphones barked “Cunts are for punishing, asses are for pleasure, Sarah” and it dawned on her that t was appropriate that she be punished simply for having a cunt that was still technically available.

“Master, this slut still has a cunt available for use, and although it is with your consent that I would use it to please my Husband, I should be punished for it nevertheless?”

Even though Winston had pressed the fob to play the message in the headphones, the ease with which she had accepted the suggestion astonished him, and he smiled-good stuff that CIA juice.

“ You are right Sarah, thank-you for pointing it out-good girl! 20 strokes I think-you know what to do?”

She pulled her labia apart and said “ please punish this black cock slut for having a cunt available to tempt white cock with”, and Winston laid into her cunt meat with the cane harder than before, and Sarah screamed as she counted the strokes, and even without a plug in her ass, as the headphones told her the punishment was her way of honouring her Masters, she felt her ass-pussy spasm and her lips moisten anyway.

Winston had to wait a few minutes for Sarahs sobs to subside, after which he led her through to the treatment room and sat her in the dentists chair. “ Jaw muscle diazepam and throat sedative Sarah- I doubt that after one application you will be able to perform unaided. The effects last all day, so well do you now so you are ready as required. Do you need the Jeffries clamp today?”

She shook her head, and he said “good girl” again, as he filled two syringes, and injected the back of her throat and the hinge of her gums while she obediently held her mouth open. Her nostrils flared as he applied the jabs, and again he fancied it was partially in pleasure. He split one final syringe of diazepam between her jaw hinges in front of her ears, and set the chair back to upright.

Go and settle down on the couch, Sarah, Leroy will be with you shortly- get comfortable.

“Thank-you Master”, she whispered, and she reminded herself again of a sacrificial lamb as she went to face that which had been inevitable since she first walked into the treatment room three days ago, and the reality brought a twinge of fear that only mildly diluted her excited anticipation.

Leeroy walked in wearing a silk leopardskin print khaftan that only a huge black man could make carry off, and looked magnificent.

“How do you feel, Sarah?” he asked.

“ Nervous, Master” she simpered

“ How nervous?”

The headphones and background effects started up, and the anus/pleasure suggestion thumped in her head, and she wriggled her pretty little ass-pussy to the edge of the couch and very coyly said “ please take this sluts anal virginity, Master and spill you seed into its bowels”

Wow, thought Leroy. That suggestion juice is great stuff-she meant that, and he pulled a bottle of oil from his khaftan pocket, and put it in Sarahs little white hand. “Rub my cock with this first, it will stop you tearing”

She looked at him ingratitude, and as she unscrewed the top, he lifted his khaftan to reveal his prodigious weapon, already half erect.

Sarah knelt before him in immense gratitude, reaching for the table beside the couch found a lipstick, and quickly applied a thick cock-sucking layer of crimson to her mouth. She poured from the bottle and slowly massaged the oil into his shaft, which thickened satisfyingly in her hand, and as she greased his pole to make his assault on her virgin anus more easy, she rewarded his kindness at offering it by bowing her head and softly taking each of his elephant-like balls into her lipsticked  mouth in turn. His cock throbbed bigger than she remembered it as her mouth went to work. When his whole pole was glistening, she let him position her ass at the edge of the couch, chest down, throbbing nipples crushing the leather cushions, and she heard the headphones tell her how much she needed this. She hardly heard them though-she needed it anyway, and as Leroy offered his oily shiny apple sized purple helmet to the entrance to her anus, she screamed for him to fuck her, as he began his onslaught.

His cock-head slowly parted her sphincter like an eye opening. He was very steady, although firm-he clearly had no intention of hurting her if he could avoid it. He continued his progress and her sphincter reached the width that the number three plug had dilated her to, and still she urged him on. The cock-head was three quarters in now, and her sphincter was now in unknown territory, as it approached the three-inch stretch it needed for Leroy to gain entry. The pain started to build, but the headphones told her it was like her nipple pain, and she should interpret it as pleasure, and her nipples experienced a wave of pleasure, as her anus stretched the last few millimetres.

“Please Master, break me in “ she screamed, and he gave one last push and her sphincter muscle popped around the widest part of his cock, the flange, and gripped it lovingly and invited him in. The hard part was over, and Leroy pushed harder now, knowing he wouldnt hurt her any further, and inch after inch of his black trunk was devoured by her hungry rectum, until, about 6 inches in he reached the bend where her rectum became her colon and again encountered resistance. Sarah was going crazy on his cock, wriggling her ass to try and get more of him in, and imploring him to go deeper as waves of sensations the intensity of which she had never known before swept over her. She didnt even hear the voices or the noises, as swore to anything she could think of that she would do anything anyone ever asked of her if he could just bury those last few inches of shaft in her ass-pussy. Leroy responded to her urgings, and withdrew very slightly, then pushed much harder and redoubled his assault, as his black engine tore round the bend into her slut colon and filled her to the hilt.

“Oh my god yes fuck my ass-pussy master”, she screamed, and he did just that and reamed her asshole like he was plumbing a blocked drain, and her back passage opened wider and wider, and his task became easier and easier, and Sarah screamed louder and louder until finally he could hold back no longer, and he empties the first squirt of his scalding hot seed into her wanton bowels, and she felt the squirt, as they had promised she would. That was the last straw- a peristaltic spasm gripped her entire torso, and the power of the contractions made her lose control of her bladder, as she felt the rest of his seed enter her, and she matched the warmth she felt in her bowels with the warmth she gave his balls as she bathed them in her piss. The second spasm hit her just as hard, and her nipples felt like they were trying to jump from her chest, and she knew with absolute certainty that she was in the throes of a real anal orgasm, the intensity of which left her utterly spend as she lost consciousness as Leroy finished depositing his seed in her, and gradually went soft inside her back passage.

Winston, who had watched the whole thing, was very impressed. He had always known she would take Leroys cock first time; the girl had an asshole designed to swallow whatever it was presented with, and he knew she would enjoy the experience, as she had been mildly excited when he had administered a very injection of Viagra, so she was bound to become highly excited at the intrusion, but to lose control of her bladder and pass out?...the girl was a natural, and the future looked very rosy-he had chosen well. He thought about going and getting Ceebert and having him fuck that anus which was gaping in the air like it was desperate to be filled, but he wanted her to need the next one badly, so no more ass-cock for her today, unless she surprised him and begged for it.

Leroy was cleaning up the piss from the floor and his balls with a washcloth, as he said “ should I re-plug her now?”

“No, Leroy, I think well let Ceebert start the masterpiece he has planned in a minute, and hell need to get right to the edge of the sphincter for a while. Besides, I think shes quite dilated enough not to close up in the next few hours. dont you? I need  half an hour with her, then send Ceebert up .OK?”

“Right on” said Leroy and he left the room, leaving Winston to go and attend to the barely conscious Sarah.

He cradled her head in his giant hands, and stroked her brow.

“Master Winston?” she said. “Did I do well?”

“ Oh yes, Sarah, you did very well. You came so hard you passed out and pissed all over Leroy, but you took his cock right to the hilt and milked him dry- it was a very good first attempt”

“Mmm.I remember felt so wonderful. I never ever knew pleasure like that”

“ Thats just the start of it Sarah-that will feel like a little orgasm as your transformation gathers momentum. You did promise to do anything for anyone if Leroy gave you all of his cock-we may hold you to that one day?” and he smiled as she still trembled from her recent experience.

“Ceebert wants you for most of the rest of the day, but first, I have something for you” he said menacingly, as he dropped his pants and boxers to reveal the mighty appendage that she remembered from before.

She recoiled and whimpered. “ Dont worry, little slut. I dont expect you to take it in your ass or your throat yet-that is for later in your journey- but you will suck me to orgasm”, and he thrust the lipstick at her.

She visibly relaxed, and applied the lipstick eagerly and copiously as she relished the chance to suck his cock (well the helmet and balls anyhow) properly now that she was not in fear of the cum in her mouth ,and that her jaw hinges had been injected.

She knelt before him, and went to work enthusiastically on his colossal balls, barely managing to take one in her mouth despite the relaxed state of her hinges. She thought fleetingly to herself how wonderfully full they felt, and her tummy tingled again.

After spending a good while on his ball bags, she raised her head to the level of his one eyed black monster, and caught a drop of pre-cum on her tongue, rolling it around her mouth like honey, She opened her crimson mouth, and used the slope of his helmet to stretch her jaw open as she pushed forward, and it worked well, as she was rewarded by the satisfying feeling of her stretched lips contracting around the marginally narrower shaft of his cock, as the helmet alone very nearly filled her mouth. Instead of fear, this time she felt joy, and her ass-pussy spasmed in pleasure as she took the weapon in as far as she could before hitting her throat. There was no gag, thanks to the injections, but they both knew that further progress was not practical. However, being able to cradle that monster against her gullet without choking was a beautifully intimate feeling, and as she became lost in the moment, her ass-pussy and nipples contracted in ever stronger waves as she worked her tongue around every square millimetre of the delicious treat that filled her mouth so completely. Winstons breathing grew laboured, and as she cradled those hens egg sized balls in her delicate hands, she braced herself for the load as for the first time she truly wanted it. Nothing could have prepared her for what happened next. The power of the first spurt was such that the scalding sperm blasted down her gullet and up her sinuses at the same time, and as she gulped to swallow all of the precious gift, cum shot out of her nose. Crying out in frustration, she inhaled strongly and snorted most of the cum back down her sinus passages and as it slid back into her throat she groaned in ecstasy, and concentrated on the next few spurts, which were not quite so intense. As her throat flooded with sperm, she struggled to control the waves that overwhelmed her, and as she withdrew the cock-head from the back of her mouth in order to take the lesser spurts on her tongue and relish the exquisite taste and texture, she again went into involuntary orgasmic spasms in her ass-pussy and nipples as she fought to stay conscious. Rolling the sperm around in her mouth, the waves continued to flood over her, and as she finally and reluctantly swallowed the precious fluid into the place it belonged, she lost that struggle and again passed out with pleasure.

Winston very carefully withdrew from her mouth, and softly lowered her head to the couch, sperm still hanging in strings from her nostrils.

She came too again after a few moments, and smiled. “Did I get it all, Master?” she asked.

“Pretty much, Sarah” he replied, and laughed as she wiped at her nose and, noticing the strings hanging there, greedily sucked them into her crimson lips.

“ Oh Good, and thank-you Master for cumming in my slut mouth” she purred. As she reflected on the beauty of what had just happened, only then did she realise that all of it had happened with no noise in the headset, no lights, no background noise, and no butt-plug. It appeared she was evolving.

Winston helped her to her feet. You can go through to Leroys room now Sarah, and relax You will be lying on your front for a few hours, so take the opportunity to rest- I know this morning has taken it out of you.

“Thank-you Master, I shall” she replied, and as he led her to the articulated table, she lay on it as instructed.

Ceebert appeared a few minutes later, and was pleased to see his charge had already made herself comfortable.

“ Ah, Sarah- how has your morning been?” he asked knowingly.

“Beautifully exhausting, Master” , she smiled.

“ So I heard” he said.

“I am about to start on your largest tattoo. I have been planning it for months, waiting for the right slut. It will celebrate your anal coming of age. It will be a massive piece, and will take several sessions, with healing time in between. It will start around your anus, spread across your inner cheeks, and then outwards across your buttocks, and finally will curve from each buttock up to each of your kidneys, leaving an oval shaped frame for your final scheduled tattoo which will happen some time from now. You will not know what it depicts-why should you? is our choice, not yours. Looking at your back in a mirror is forbidden from now on, and no-one is likely to tell you what it depicts. I will tattoo the outline in black today, and we will start filling in the colour next week. From what I hear, you no longer need these?” and he removed her headset.

“It will be an honour to wear your ink Master” she cooed, now totally carried away on a tide of Viagra, Pethadene, hormones and suggestion. He wondered if she would feel that way in the morning when half of her back burned with his ink.

“I will have to draw the outline in ink first, Sarah, it is too large to tattoo freehand. Please pull your ass cheeks apart”

She did so obediently, and he started drawing.  He had wanted to pierce her anal sphincter, but, although the usual healing difficulties with anal piercing were negated by the fact that Sarah would now forever empty her bowels by enema, she was going to experience a prodigious amount of traffic through her anus in the coming weeks, more that she could ever imagine, so piercings would be highly likely to get torn, which made him reluctantly shelf the idea. Instead, he drew four ball closure rings around the circumference of her anus, which he would tattoo in gold. Then he drew a beautiful rose which centred around her anus, and spread out to half way across her buttocks, where the bloom ended, and from each side of the bloom, a massive black penis emerged, and curved across each buttock and ended by each kidney The cocks were studded with bumps, which she would come to appreciate later, and each sported a Prince Albert piercing in its massive circumcised head. A butterfly appeared between the two cock heads, and from the tips of the butterflys wings sprouted ribbon-like streamers which wrapped one and a half full turns around the flange of each cock without actually touching it, and completed the escutcheon that would eventually house her final scheduled tattoo.  Across the top of the bloom, just where the crack of her ass ended, he wrote the legend “For black use only-no insertion refused” He would colour the rose red, to match the colour he would eventually ink onto her lips to form permanent lipstick. The butterfly would be purple and yellow, because he thought that would suit her, and the cocks would be a study in black and crimson. As he put the pen down, he smiled-this would be a tattoo that the brothers would talk about for years.

Satisfied, he picked up his outline tattoo gun, dipped it in black ink, told Sarah to pull her cheeks apart again, and the gun buzzed as the three needles penetrated her pale skin 50 times a second and his work became part of her forever. She moaned in satisfaction as he worked around her anus, and as he inked the soft tissue where anus becomes buttock, she felt her nipples throb in appreciation of the pain that the power of suggestion converted into pleasure. As he moved outwards from her asshole, she realised something was missing, and she said “Master, may I speak?”

Ceebert stopped his tattooing, and asked what she wanted.

“ If you have finished working around my ass-pussy, may I be plugged please ? I hate feeling empty”

Ceebert smiled, and went to get Leroy, who reappeared with her number three plug fully charged. “ Wow Ceebert, that is some tattoo” he whistled. and plopped a smear of grease on her anus and softly pushed the plug into its welcoming home. Sarah positively purred with pleasure, and as she relaxed to await the completion of the outline of Ceeberts masterpiece, Leroy felt good about the obedient girl who was becoming their slave, and he switched the plug on minimum buzz. The next 2 hours passed peacefully for Sarah.

By the time Ceebert switched his tattoo gun off it was past 2 PM-the outline had taken over 2 hours, and his back ached, although not as much he suspected as Sarahs did. He sprayed cleansing soap on her back and wiped it clean. Outlines didnt scab or weep much so he just smeared Vaseline on it to protect it, and stood back and admired his work. He had one task left, and then he could collect his reward-he was going to throat-fuck her again, and he couldnt wait.

“ Are you OK Sarah?, that was a long session “ he asked.

“Yes Master, I feel great...thank-you so much for my tattoo” came the reply.

“Thats good, because now we come to the part of the day that you may struggle with. You have experienced much pleasure so far today, largely due to your obedience. You must understand that some of your modification is to be extreme, and will hurt no matter how much your sexuality evolves? I mentioned yesterday that we seek to increase the size of your “cookies”? Well, my intention is to pierce your wonderful aureolae vertically twice on each side- both a massive two and a half inches long and 12 gauge. The piercings will enable me, once they are healed, to attach some spring clips I have designed specially for the purpose, and their gentle pressure will gradually stretch your aureolae sideways. I it works, we will add  two horizontal equivalents to each nipple, and they will be stretched downwards as well. You should know that your Masters aim is to make as much of each breast as possible nipple, so that sensitivity can be maximised. Are you ready for this?”

As she remembered the width of the 12 gauge needles as they pierced her teats, and contemplated nearly three inches of penetration, fear rose in her. The question was academic, as the modification would happen anyhow, but she needed to get her head around it. “ So you and the other Masters feel that such major piercings would  increase the surface area of my nipples, and therefore  the sensitivity? If that is indeed the case, then this slut is so delighted with the new sensations her nipples are enjoying that she will endure any pain in the pursuit of progress Master.”

“Any pain , Sarah?” questioned Ceebert- “Choose your words carefully slut”

“Yes, any pain Master”, replied the Viagra fuelled Sarah, and then instantly wondered if those words would come back to haunt her.

“ You do realise that hiding your modifications is going to become harder and harder, starting today?”

“ Yes Master, that is part of the attraction” she replied, and then realised what she had said and felt nervous.

“ Very well, Sarah- we shall proceed...lie on your back”

She rolled over, and her splendid breasts lay presented on her chest in front of him. As he measured, marked, and swabbed her  “ cookies” ready for radical modification, she still marvelled at the enhanced feelings of pleasure her new nipples gave her, despite her fear.

He unwrapped a very long 12 gauge needle, and aligned it with the vertical marks he had made on her left breast. He lifted the meat by her teat bar, and thrust the long steel needle relentlessly through her meat. The butt-plug buzz rose to a crescendo but even that couldnt distract her from the searing pain that shot through her body as her nipple was skewered brutally in the quest for perfection. She screamed loudly, and then sobbed as he removed the needle, leaving the cannular, and then sobbed as he used it to feed a three inch gold barbell all the way down through the aureola that only two days ago had been a pink, flat, inert splodge.  Applying the threadlock, he screwed the ball onto the first piercing into place and it became part of her forever.  He waited for her to plead with him not to do the second one, and was amazed when, through the tears, she begged him for the second one, asking that he make her slut nipples more perfect.

Amazed, he continued, and twenty minutes later, Sarah wore four three inch barbells vertically, two astride each teat, and she tried to thank him, but her sobs of pain were so strong she couldnt speak. What Ceebert didnt realise was that it was the spasms of her third anal orgasm of the day, brought on by the contractions in her ass-pussy and nipples as the suggestion implanted in her brain that pain became pleasure gathered strength that had rendered so speechless. She didnt want him to know, because she was growing scared at the powerful effect that needles were starting to have on her.

As she regained her composure, Ceebert lovingly patted each nipple very tenderly and said “ Theyre becoming real nipples now, Sarah. They are starting to look something like the creations a true slut should wear on her chest. If we make them much more sensitive, theyll become self-aware”, and he winked at her warmly. Sarah flushed, and thanked her Master for his kind words. She was starting to feel pretty good about her new nipples as well; not that she could ignore the combined throbbing of the venom and her four lovely new barbells. Somehow she doubted that she would ever be able to, or want to ignore them again.

Ceebert sat her up, and said “ Ive put a lot of effort into your modifications this week Sarah- time to pay the piper. Im gonna skull-fuck you again, and youre getting my load straight down your pretty little neck-get ready while I strip”, and handed her a lipstick.

As she made her lips cock-sucker red for him, she felt the butterflies start again, and their intensity increased when he walked toward her with his pierced cock and balls swinging like a hypnotists watch before her eyes. He stopped by the articulated table, and she slipped to her knees with a satisfied moan and cupped his pierced ball bags in her slender hands, gently weighing them as if deciding which to suck first. As she bowed her dreadlocked head to receive the first, her tongue reached out and explored the barbells that pierced it before her crimson lips parted and devoured the whole plum-like testicle, cradling it softly in her mouth, being careful not to hurt him as her inquisitive tongue sought confirmation of the fullness of the pipework that lay beneath and contained her nectar. After a few minutes adoring his nut, she reluctantly released it with a plop, and offered its neighbour the same treatment. As she finished the second one, she started the ascent to his monster cock, and then stopped, and thoughtfully travelled back down past his balls and her hungry mouth sought refuge between the cheeks of his ass. Nibbling his perineum, she tried to reach between the cleft of his ass cheeks to the treat that lay between them, but couldnt reach her goal.

“Please, Master” she heard herself whimper. “What, Sarah?” he asked, annoyed that she had stopped weaving her magic with her tongue and mouth.

“Please let this slut lick your ass?”

Impressed, Ceebert was quick to oblige, and he leaned over the articulated table and spread his legs. Like a hunger victim being offered a peach, Sarah groaned in delight, and the butt-plug buzzed in her ass-pussy as her tongue flicked across his offered sphincter. Winston moaned in approval as her tongue explored deeper and deeper, and Sarah went crazy on his anus as she again hurt her tongue underneath as she tried to get in deeper to see if the earthy taste was even nicer deeper inside.

“Mmmm, thats good, slut. As soon as we can out you publicly, Im gonna put me some steel in that tongue that will make both of us enjoy this even more. I wish I could go as far as I wanted with your mouth and tongue mods, but it may make you talk funny, and that would give you problems at work when you return”

Sarah wondered what he meant, but was so rapt in her anal adoration that the question was lost in the waves of excitement that flooded over her.

“Enough, slut-throat time” said Ceebert reluctantly, as he got unsteadily to his feet (that girl has some tongue) and faced her  ,his cock rock hard from her oral work. She almost sobbed with gratitude as at last her crimson lips slipped up the shiny surface of his helmet, savouring the shape of his piercing au they passed over it. As her lips popped past the flange and gripped the top of his thickly veined shaft, she paused to tickle the exit point of his piercing , and then continued her descent. As his weapon touched her gullet, the drugs did their job and stopped the gag, and she swallowed as deeply as she could, and the monsters journey to her stomach was barely slowed at all as his helmet slipped effortlessly into her eager throat. The butt-plug buzzed more urgently, and she used her gullet muscles to milk his shaft as she pumped her pretty head up and down, each time stopping as her lips touched pubes. She milked his balls, trying to draw the magic fluid from within, and her excitement mounted, as her nipples seemed to throb at the same time as his balls gave a huge spasm, and his seed bust forth and drenched her throat with squirt after squirt of her reward, and Sarah saw starbursts of light before her eyes as that peristaltic wave travelled through her whole body times as the sexual core of her body that lay in her ass-pussy came yet again. Ceebert felt her throat contract around his cock as she came, and he stroked her swanlike neck gently, feeling the shape of his member through the thin membrane that separated his hand and cock.

Ceebert had to wait for his cock to subside, as Sarahs spasming through sought to hold him in there, and when he withdrew she gulped air down like a fish out of water, as the floods of pleasure inside her subsided, and relative normality returned. She instinctively stroked her nipples lovingly as she did a very good impression of the cat that had just had the cream, and she smiled with genuine affection at Ceebert.

“Thank-you Master for your precious cum in my stomach”, she cooed.

“Get used to it, slut- your consumption of it will increase a lot in the next week or so” he replied, and she licked her lips without meaning to.

Winston came in with her clothes. “Time to go back to hubby Sarah”, he teased, and she felt a sense of emptiness at the thought.

“Its Friday, Master- he will be in the pub until 8 I expect”

“Well relax   anyway Sarah- youve earned an easy evening. Youve worked very hard on your first week. What are the Wimps plans for the weekend?”

“ Hes playing golf both days Master, so will leave about 9 and around 4.We are going out to dinner at the golf club tomorrow evening- I hope thats OK”

“Yes Sarah, thats fine make sure you look lovely, without letting slip about your new nipples or tattoos. He will find out about them soon enough, such is the speed of your progress. Which golf club?”

She told him, and Ceebert wrote it down,

“Here are your instructions for tonight and tomorrow Sarah. Go home tonight and relax. Shower well to cleanse your new bodyart. I will disinfect your piercings tomorrow, so leave them alone.  Again, I advise that you chew your food carefully due to the deadened gag reflex. Wait until the wimp has gone before you dress in the morning. It is forecast to be a lovely day tomorrow, so we will display you a little. I know you love flaunting your chest-thats how I noticed you, remember? Well tomorrow, lets show your adoring public what real nipples look like. You will wear no camisole tomorrow. You will choose a tactile blouse, silk or satin would be ideal, that is thin and sheer enough to show the shape of your swollen pierced aureolae and teats, but is not quite see-through enough to make your tattoos out clearly- we cant have anyone seeing what they say just yet, now can we? You will then walk to work. Text “Slut” to this number as you leave, and we will switch your plug on remotely-you may enjoy the walk a little more. We will work you extensively tomorrow morning, and Ceebert needs you for a couple of hours after that. You should be home just before the wimp. Better hope so, as he wont miss the outline of what lies under your blouse. Dismissed”

“Yes Master, thank-you and goodnight Masters”, she replied and meekly left to rejoin the real world-or did she just leave the real world-it was becoming hard to tell as her life turned upside down and she absolutely loved it.

As she left, Winston picked up his cell and dialled, looking at the name of the golf club Ceebert had written down.

Sarah walked past the street Café, savouring the way her huge new barbells slipped across the lilac satin on her chest, and feeling almost safe in the comfort the black companion in her anus gave her, when a red BWM pulled up to the sidewalk, and a black man in a smart beige suit with his head shaved shiny bald like Winstons opened the door and called over the roof to her “Sarah, come here” So heightened was her suggestibility after 3 days of Compylormone  that she was in the process of obeying before she even saw the ring on the little finger of his left hand. He was a largish man- no giant like Winston, but impressive nonetheless, but what struck her was the aura of power that he exuded. He had a confidence that matched his good looks, and his smile as she slipped into the passenger seat was quite disarming.

“Good evening, Sarah. I am Louis” he explained

“Good evening Master,” she blushingly replied although it was becoming automatic to do so, the process of calling a black man she had never met Master simply because he wore a ring was going to take some getting used to. “How may this slut help you?” (did she just say that?)

“ I just wanted to give you a lift home. Is that OK?” as he pulled off the kern with confidence.

“As you wish. Master” she replied, trusting this stranger with ease. “Its about a mile..”

“I know where you live, Sarah”, he interrupted. “I know a lot about you. Winston is my cousin”

“Ah, I see” she replied.

As they approached a build-up of rush hour traffic, and the car stopped, he looked at her and said “Present Breasts”

“Here, Master?” she gasped, not thinking for a minute that the blackened windows would grant her more than a modicum of modesty-people could still see through them from close up.

“Yes, here-problem?”

“No Master” she gulped, and started to unbutton the front of her cream dress. As she reached the waist, she pulled it open, and then realised that she couldnt take her camisole off without removing the dress almost completely. As she fussed about trying to raise her camisole over her piercings, Louis said “Did Winston not specifically tell you to have your breasts available for immediate inspection at all times?” as she started to reply, he reached across and with his two mighty black hands he tore the flimsy camisole in half from the cleavage to the hem. She squealed as he said “ next time, if you wear lingerie, make sure it buttons up at the front” he grumbled.

“Yes Master, so sorry Master” she sobbed, genuinely upset that she had disappointed him.  She had several camisoles with front fastenings. She would not make the same mistake again. With the traffic still static, he cupped each of her breasts in his right hand, one and a time. As he did, he ran his huge thumb across the surface of her massively swollen and puffed up aureolae, murmuring approvingly at the very heavily pimpled surface, stopping at each teat to trace its tip.

“ Winston was right- great breasts and spectacular nipples, which seem to be responding excellently to treatment. He said you were a good girl- I trust the camisole was an isolated transgression? It will earn you 20 strokes in the cleansing room tomorrow anyhow” he said lightly, and Sarahs heart leapt. She assumed that it leapt because of his praise rather than the fact that she had just unwittingly earned a punishment, but was not entirely sure, as the Viagra continued its relentless work.

“Leave them exposed until we pull up at your house”.

She complied, trying to will the windows to darken still more.

He made light conversation as they made their way slowly through the traffic. Sarah thought to herself that walking would have been quicker, but a glance down at her torn and exposed chest told her this was meant to be. He talked about horses, saying he understood she liked to ride, and talked of all manner of things with the exception of her training. It would have been normal everyday stuff had her nipple jewellery not been sparkling for all to see behind the windshield. As he pulled up on her drive (please dont let the neighbours see), he shut down the engine. He leaned across towards her face, and for a moment she thought he was going to kiss her. He stopped when his face was inches from hers.

“ Open your mouth, tip back your head, and then slowly button up your dress. Do not close your mouth until I tell you”

She tipped her lovely head back, and her dreadlocks tumbled behind her back as she opened her lips, and started from the bottom, slowly doing up each button.

He spat directly into her mouth. A large gob of spittle splashed on her tongue. She sensed it tasted of his chewing gum, as he masticated and spat again and again, each time the chewing of the gum generating more saliva. By the time she was finished with the buttons her mouth was full.

“Now close your mouth, and walk to the front door. When you have opened it, swallow the gift I have given you, and open your mouth wide to show me you have swallowed it all- then enjoy your evening. I will see you soon, Sarah”

Staggered, she closed her mouth and got up to leave, not sure whether to be disgusted or upset. As she walked to the front door and put her key in the lock, she remembered the headset and Master Winston both telling her that she would learn to take whatever any black man offered to her mouth and swallow it with relish, and she remembered how that suggestion had enabled her to discover that she simply adored black cum. As the door swung open, her nipples throbbed under the torn satin, her anus clutched the black plug as if her life depended on it and as she swallowed the load greedily to join the cum in her tummy, then opened her mouth to show him, he drove off, and she decided that she was neither upset nor disgusted, but simply aroused, both at how readily she had capitulated to the implanted suggestion and at the scary prospect of the many and divers things she may have to swallow as her transformation proceeded.

She showered, dressed sloppily, and flopped in the recliner.  By the time Pete returned from the pub, he was drunk and she was sound asleep. He kissed her cheek, and shook her awake.

“Hi honey, whats for supper?” he slurred.

“Im going to do pasta and sauce. Ill toss a salad and do garlic bread, if you like? She added sleepily.

Sounds good. Any chance of another BJ first, he smirked.

She hated it when he was this drunk, but she still felt guilty about the way she was deceiving him, so she said “sure, get comfy and Ill be right back”

He was on the couch when she returned with her lipstick, which she sexily applied after she knelt by the couch. She got his cock out, and again was disgusted at its appearance. She took it in her mouth and sucked with as much enthusiasm as she could muster (which wasnt much). After five minutes, he hadnt even firmed up slightly. “This is stupid, Pete- it never works when youve had this much beer-forget it” she snapped, and got up.

“Oh yeah, always my fault. Nothing to do with you giving crap head I suppose? You dont even dress sexy any more-look at you….and what about those granny nightdresses youve suddenly started wearing. Face it Sarah, you just arent sexy any more. I hope your period is over soon, because I need a good old fashion shag” as soon as the words were out, he regretted them-he still found her hot as hell, but was at a loss to understand her recent dowdiness. Still, she would know it was the beer talking, and would be fine tomorrow.

As they ate in silence, he had no way of knowing that his outburst had just made her make a very big decision.

They slept in separate beds.

Sarah woke feeling refreshed on Saturday morning. She had slept on her side, so her new ink and piercings were rested. She had woken twice, and both times stroked her nipples lovingly. Marvelling at the new pimpliness of her increasingly swollen cookies and the way the 3inch gold bars so savagely impaled the width of her aureolae . As she stood in the bathroom, washing and waiting for Pete to go to golf, she felt tempted to use the full-length mirror and see what Ceebert had drawn in her shin, but she was forbidden, and was becoming more suggestible daily, so she never realistically considered it. She did run her hands over the parts of it she could reach, and was struck by the sheer size of it, and by how quickly the outline had healed. The lines were already dry and not sore to touch, where as the one on her left shoulder was still very sore. As she shook her dreads free, she again reflected on how much time they saved her each morning, as did only having to pee.

She heard Pete leave, and after making golf clubs in trunk noises, he drove off. She gratefully went naked to her dressing room and studied her large range of blouses. She chose a cream silk designer number that buttoned all the way to the neck and had full sleeves. It was so light and flimsy, that the whole curve of her breast, including the puffy pimply cookies that used to be her dead aureolae , and her heavy gauge gold jewellery  were unmissable unless you were blind, Her teats stood out like thimbles, pushing the silk far enough out from her breast that the barbells through the bass of the teat did not show in outline-but the gold glint could be seen in the right light. She couldnt see her tattoos, but she had laid the silk cloth over a magazine and hadnt been able to read it through the cloth, but not by much! She chose baby pink French panties (they seemed to like her in baby pink) with matching heels, and a pink pencil skirt that made her take short steps-perfect for savouring the vibrations she had been promised for her journey.

She took breakfast, noting how clear her head felt considering all the drugs she was on. She felt really good about herself, her transformation, and the decision she had made that she was to inform Winston of later this morning. Smiling, she picked up her purse, took out her cellphone, and typed SLUT into the SMS screen, keyed in the number she had been given, and almost moaned out loud as the SIM card that she didnt realise dwelt in the base of her black companion brought it to life.

As the summer morning sun beat down on her, Sarah felt the warmth on her silk blouse, and thanked providence that her breasts had stood the test of time, as her firm bosom swayed slightly under the fabric. Her nipples now truly did stop traffic. Drivers and pedestrians alike didnt even try to conceal their stares as they ogled the thimbles that were her teats, drooled at the pimpled swollen mounds that surrounded them and gasped at the gold that so obviously skewered them as it twinkled under the cloth, the sunlight just bright enough to make that happen. She had heard celebs with cute boobs like Jennifer Aniston be accused of blackberry smuggling by the paparazzi when they went braless and wowed the crowds. She could be accused this morning of smuggling mini pizzas with extra everything, and boy did she love it. She even started swaying her hips under the tight skirt, not just because she was a tease, but because it made the buzzing better. A few years ago she had wished she had gorgeous pert nipples like Aniston- now she did, and better….and more to come!

By the time she reached the tattoo shop, she was feeling positively horny, and no drugs yet. Perhaps they were right, she was a slut-right now, she rather hoped so.

Beaming at Ceeberts staff as she went past the shop and up the stairs, but frowning slightly as the buzzing stopped, she walked through to the cleansing room with news for Winston.

Four masters awaited her there, and from the looks on their faces, she had the distinct impression that she was at a bar-b-q and she was the meat.

“ Sarah, you look divine- how was your walk this morning?”

“Thank you Master. It was wonderful-everyone looked at me, and I loved it-was that wrong?”

“ No Sarah, anyone can look at our slut-we want them to. We encourage it. Anyone can look, but only your black Masters, or their agents, can touch. Thats the way it is now, and forever”.

“This slut is honoured, and thank-you Master”, she blushed.

“The only exception to that is the wimp, sadly-but he is your husband, and we want your other life to continue after a fashion-the contrast is good for you”.

“ I wanted to talk to you about that, Master, if I may” replied a suddenly timid Sarah.

“Sure-tell me about it while I inject you-undress and present breasts ”

She quickly disrobed.

Resting her globes in the cups, Winston buckled up the back strap, and asked her to talk away as he filled her syringes.

“Well- last night Pete tried to get me to blow him again, and he was drunk . it was horrible, and a waste of time. Then he said it was my fault, and told me he expected sex as soon as my period ends, and said I wasnt sexy any more. I still love him as my husband, and will stay with him as long as it works, but I really dont want to have any form of sex with him any more- he revolts me physically”

Winston paused and smiled- although he had predicted this after meeting the asshole, this was also ahead of schedule.

“What exactly are you saying Sarah…choose your words carefully?” he inquired

“ Please close my cunt to cock Master” she whispered.

“ Of course Sarah, a wise decision, as black men only use white ass, and  you have no need any more for white ones. We wont actually close you until we officially out you to the wimp-that is only a few days away now, such is your progress, but Ceebert can do most of the work in advance. He will be delighted!”

She felt a huge weight lift from her shoulders, and relaxed as she watched him fill her syringes. Her nipples throbbed like baby birds awaiting worms.

Winston filled the first syringe with Complyormone. This was indispensable-he was amazed at how effective it had been, and often wondered how quickly she would have capitulated without it. It was the others that needed thought. He decided to ease back on the Pethadene-she didnt really need any relaxation or feel-good help any more. He made up the defecit in the syringe with extra Viagra. She was so turned on by her new abilities he doubted she needed any at all, but they all had more fun when she was on a hair trigger all the time, so he indulged himself. He filled a third breast syringe with antibiotics, which he thought she should have for a week, as her piercings would go under stretch as soon as clean enough, and many more were planned-also her tattoos could get infected, so it made sense. Also in the third syringe, he added a standard hormone treatment that would stop her having periods- handy when your cunt was locked shut. For her two nipple syringes, he stuck with nettle/ant for teats and nettle/wasp for aureolae, as the pimpling effect was exceptional. He resisted the urge to go up to nettle/hornet. He would save the extra pain that would bring for when her nipple stretchers were on.

Placing the 5 syringes in a kidney dish, he approached the expectant Sarah, and decided to put his theory to the test.  He picked up the first one, and as he approached her nipple, he said “ Complyormone first”, and quickly pushed the needle through her pink cookie into the breastmeat behind, and depressed the plunger. He watched her eyes-they went dreamy-he knew it. He injected the Viagra and Pethadene into the other, announcing it as just Pethadene. Then he picked up the third, onto which he had placed a thicker than usual needle. He told her this one was a pre-emptive antibiotic, and then put the syringe down, saying “ on second thoughts, that doesnt need to act fast- well put that in some juice for you later”

The dreamy look in Sarahs eyes as she anticipated the jab cleared, and she said much too quickly “ Oh, no Master, best be sure and do it now?”

“ OK Sarah, if you insist- which breast would you like it in?”

Thinking quickly, she replied “ half in each may be wise, Master?”

Cunning little slut, he thought-she actually wants to draw it out.

“as you wish Sarah- but I will put the needle in, and you press the plunger”.

She looked shocked, but didnt argue, and he placed the extra fat needle right on the tip of her teat, and pushed it down through the super sensitive, thimble like nub, then through the cookie behind, taking care to avoid the barbell at the base, and then in the titmeat up to the hilt-fully 2 inches was in her. She screamed in shock, and the took two deep breaths and licked her lips, reached forward and pushed the plunger half way home with her slender fingers, moaning in pleasure as the liquid went in. he was right-she was a needleslut, and a big one at that. She produced a similar reaction to the second half in the other side. As he did her teats first and then her cookies with the venom, he said  “ needles excite you dont they, Sarah?”

She gulped and nodded vigorously as the wasp sting flooded her nipples with pain full throbbing that the implanted suggestions in her brain converted to pleasure, and she sobbed in a mini orgasm in her ass pussy as it clutched the plug.

Winston cleaned her piercings while she calmed down, deciding that the big barbells needed a little more time before being put under load-maybe Monday?

He unbuckled her, and sent her to Leroy for cleansing. Leroy didnt bother strapping her onto the table this time-there seemed little point. He popped her plug out, and put it aside for charging and cleaning, and then he started the first of the 3 enemas. Bizarrely, even without the headset and the rest, Sarah still found the same suggestions coursing through her brain as she was cleaned, and her ass-pussy and nipples, who had now decided again to enjoy the burning pain responded just as favourably. The power of drug-induced suggestion had surprised them all.

As the third enema was hooked up, Winston told her that they were going for the first time to do the full 4 litre douche-it would hurt, but he would thank her later this morning, he insisted.

He was right-the cramps as the final litre went in really were major, but Winstons massaging of her stomach helped, and she whimpered her way through the last litre gratefully.

Cleansed even deeper than ever, Winston gestured to the stirrups, and she remembered she was due punishment for her incorrect attire. As he strapped her in, with no butt-plug for comfort, Winston told Sarah he wanted to talk him through the 20 strokes, and as she pulled her labia apart and the first stroke landed really hard, she cried out in apology for her error, and as the strokes continued she apologise for being a slut and not realising it, and for having a cunt that was still technically available for cock, and as the twentieth stroke landed, she asked through her profound sobs for 10 more simply for having a cunt at all.

By the thirtieth stroke she was delirious, but her nipples danced on her chest, and her anus pouted and clutched, desperately seeking something to squeeze. It would not have to wait long.

They let her take five to compose herself, as Winston, Leroy, Ceebert and Zach all stripped off ready for the mornings main event.

Eventually Winston helped Sarah to her feet, and led her to the treatment room.

“Now the highlight of the day, my little dreadlocked slut. You will have wondered why all 4 of us are here?...well, its very simple….your ass and throat need gang-fucking to continue your progress. You still arent ready for my size, but the other 3 Masters have all enjoyed your charms in one way or another, so it should be fun. You will be spit-roasted for the next hour or so- each master will enjoy your throat and anus. Now you have a decision to make. Hop upon the dentists chair while I quickly inject your throat and jaw hinges (yes, her eyes glazed again when he said inject-he knew it). You must decide where to receive your Masters cum. You have been taught that it belongs in your stomach, but you have also been taught to achieve pleasure from the feeling of it splashing the walls of your divine colon. Each master will only cum once today-decide while I inject you Sarah”

Her head swirled as she ran the puzzle through her head, trying to concentrate despite the throbs of pleasure that the injection process were causing. As Winston returned the chair to upright, she had made her decision.

”Master, both my orifices are yours to command. Your divine cum belongs in both and a mere slut cannot make that decision, since she wants it in both, which cannot be.  This slut will gratefully accept your gifts in whatever hole you choose.”

Impressed, Winston said “ Honesty is sometimes a good thing Sarah- you will soon see why that was a wise answer.”

He scooped the compliant slut up in his arms, and carried her to the articulated table to be spit-roasted.

They knelt her down- sluts only ever take cock in their ass-pussy like a dog, never on their back, they explained- and Winston slipped two greasy fingers into her anus as he rubbed KY into her sphincter. Ceebert decided he wanted her ass first, which Sarah smiled at, as she had developed genuine affection for his pierced cock and balls. Zach was first at her mouth, as she hurriedly applied the lipstick in advance of the onslaught. She braced herself, and simultaneously the cock at her anus parted her sphincter, as the Prince Albert was greedily swallowed into her rectum, and the magnificent piece of meat at her head parted her ruby lips on its way to her gullet.

She tried to remember all her training, and tried to imagine what the headset would say to her. She remembered to swallow as the cock hit her gullet, and remembered to wriggle her tattooed ass as the pierced cock in her rectum requested urgent access to her colon. Before she knew it, Ceebert was up to his pubes in her lovely ass-pussy, running his hands over the healing outline of his masterpiece as he prepared to plunder her colon mercilessly, and Zach was so deep in her throat his pubic hair was up her nose. As the explanation of the term “Spit-roast” dawned on her, Sarah moved her sweet ass seductively to try and tell the cock she was grateful for it stretching her bowel open, and her tongue worked feverishly on the underside of the balls before it as she adjusted the attitude of her neck so she could take enough air in around her tongue to make taking the magnificent engine out of her throat in order to breathe less urgent. As the heat in her intestines built up, wave after wave of the strongest spasms she had experienced to date overcame her and bells and lights rang and flashed in her head as her orgasm built. Just as she thought her sensation capacity was maxed out, the sensory neurones in her clitoris started transmitting, taking her totally by surprise. After all those years of trying to come through cunt penetration and clumsy clitoral massage, she had long since decided there was something wrong with her clitoris, and that it was dead, like her nipples, but now as it raised its tiny head and spoke, she realised that there had never been anything wrong with it, but unlike other girls, the switch to her clit lay deep in her ass and nipples.. Her colon squeezed Ceeberts cockhead and milked it like a maid does a cows teat, whilst her throat performed the kind of contractions on Zachs shaft that made him dizzy, and for the first time ever during sex her cunt moistened at the instructions she was receiving from her clit. She was so grateful when Winston seized her teats and started massaging the sting into them that she opened her mouth still further to scream, causing Zachs cock to slip a tiny bit further into the tunnel that used to be her virgin throat. Unable to express herself in any other way, she flapped about like a fish as contractions she couldnt control washed through her tattooed body. All this was too much for Ceebert, who pumped his seed in a series of powerful squirts that coated her bowel wall. She felt every one, and went completely over the edge, pissing once again all over the orgasming Ceebert, and partially losing consciousness, which resulted in contractions in her throat that sent Zach so close to the edge that he had to withdraw, as his cum too was destined for her slut ass. He very reluctantly pulled out, to be eagerly replaced by an already erect Leroy, who popped his apple sized helmet into her lovely mouth. As Ceebert went slack, and pulled out of her anus, Zach replaced him and drove his cock straight into her asshole, taking only three strokes before his engine ploughed round the bend of her battered colon into her rectum. So excited was he that after a few dozen strokes, he too flooded her bowels with his scalding cum, causing more waves of pleasure for the semi conscious Sarah, who again felt every splash on the delicate membrane that lined her new love tunnel. So crazy was she going with the spasms that wracked her pale body that Leroy abandoned his enjoyment of her tongue around his helmet, and pushed down past her gullet into the heaven that was her throat, now so wantonly open that he barely noticed the transition from one to the other. Tears streamed down her face as her oesophagus was plundered by the panting Leroy, and her slut colon squeezed Zachs contracting cock with a “dont leave me” kind of urgency. Leroy felt his sperm begin to boil, and with a nod to the waiting Ceebert, he very reluctantly withdrew from her face, to a moan of loss from the spasming slut, and rushed to her tattooed ass, where he quickly replaced the flagging Zach, driving himself into her now wantonly slack colon in one push, causing a scream from Sarah, whos momentarily empty mouth was quickly filled with a rejuvenated Ceebert, whos pierced helmet she received with a grateful sob.

As Ceebert travelled deep into her stretched throat, Leroy grabbed both of her tattooed ass-cheeks and did a passable impression of a man trying to make his cock appear out of her mouth, as her drove as hard as he could into her willing body. Winston worked his magic on her super sensitive and engorged teats, as Sarah finally went over the edge. She banged her little fists on the table and tried to scream at the top of her voice, which gave Ceebert another delightful throat squeeze for his cock to enjoy. As Leroys seed hosed her insides, and Sarah felt it annoint her canal, she gave one almighty shudder and as Winston gave her teats a hard squeeze, she passed out completely. Leroy waited for his cock to go slack, and his cool, to return and then very carefully withdrew, and then picked a plug up from the table at the side and popped it into her gaping, battered asshole. This was not her training plug though, this was a simple plug with a hole in the middle with a valve on it, despite being two inches across, the plug popped in with no resistance whatsoever, in fact Leroy fancied it would have gone in sideways.

Ceebert pulled out of the still unconscious Sarahs throat, and almost lovingly stroked her swan-like neck in appreciation.

They all looked on in awe at the lifeless figure. She was awesome. What started off as a challenge to make her a black cock slut had now become a broader challenge, as they set out to find out how far they could make her plumb the depths of depravity and still enjoy it? The journey was younger than she yet knew.

As spluttered back to life, she kept mouthing thanks and endearment to her masters, who had shown her sensations she had never even dreamed of. “Thank-you for choosing my colon to deposit your collective seed” she said softly to Winston, smiling affectionately at him as she said it”.

“ We didnt, slut, we compromised” he replied, as you will see. “Are you strong enough to sit up yet?”

“Yes Master”, she simpered, and got to her feet.

“Thats very good Sarah-now can you kneel on the floor for me?”

She did, and Ceebert attached a plastic pipe to the plug in her ass, and offered the other end to her lips. They automatically opened, and he popped the pipe into her lovely mouth.

“ Do you love your Masters seed, slut?” he asked.

“ Oh my god yes!”, sobbed the intoxicated Sarah, and as Winston nodded to Leroy, who opened the valve on the plug.

“Then suck deeply and receive it for the second time, my black cock whore” he encouraged, and he massaged her fabulous nipples as the other two stroked her tattooed shoulder and back and her eyes rolled as she emptied her anus of close on half a pint of sperm through the straw as her eyes rolled and her spasms took her to another place as the juice trickled comfortingly down her throat to settle where it belonged.

Even when the loud gurgling noises told all in the room that she had drained her ass-pussy completely, Sarah continued sucking as hard as she could, convinced that if she persisted she would be rewarded with more nectar. Eventually, Winston gently took the pipe from her, soothingly telling her that she was empty and had done well.

As she returned slowly to reality, he said “ Cum belongs in your stomach Sarah, but it is vital that you feel it arrive in your ass-pussy. This way would appear to solve that problem, and I feel we need to ensure that a drain-plug and pipe are never far away? Ceebert is going to get ready to give you your next tattoo, and while he does, I need you in the cleansing room for a half hour or so- I have a present for you”

With that, Leroy popped the drain-plug from her anus, and eased the number 3 butt-plug back where it belonged, fully charged for the evening.

A still dazed Sarah allowed Winston to lead her like a sheep to the cleansing room, where he guided her to a steel floor tray in the corner, which she had assumed was a shower with no curtains- it had a hose mounted on the wall and a valve.

“Kneel on the tray facing me, Sarah” commanded Winston, and she obeyed instantly with a “yes Master”

Reaching into a box on the floor, he pulled out what appeared to be a steel wall-urinal, but with a neck sized hole in the splashback, which was more curved than on a regular urinal, and had straps around the hole. Holding it up to show her, she noticed that the bowl had a waste in the bottom, but with a valve on it, and engraved boldly around the steel rim that formed the lip of the bowl was the word “SARAH”

“See how we think of you, little slut”, he teased, and offered the hole in the bowl to her head, which see inclined respectfully to allow him to slip it round and buckle it firmly into place. He stepped back to admire the sight- a pretty, dreadlocked, white human urinal looked obediently back at him.

He explained  “ You already know you are expected to swallow anything that we present to you. This will be an important part of that directive, and you will wear this bowl frequently. As this is all very new to you, I will allow you today to come to terms with the task that awaits you. Normally, when strapped into the bowl you will be expected to open your mouth and not close it until you are released from it. You will receive all the piss that your Masters see fit to aim at you directly into your mouth, and any that you fail to swallow will collect in the bowl, be drained into a glass before you are released, and be drunk that way. However, today I want you to understand how a Master pisses- what it looks, feels and tastes like. Swallow as much as you are comfortable with- you will not be required to drink the rest. One other thing, Sarah- never, ever close your eyes when a master is urinating at your face - it is disrespectful. Do you understand?”

Even in her aroused and suggestive state, this was a lot to take in. The idea of piss was not even faintly erotic to her even now, but she new better than to argue, and with as much enthusiasm as she could muster, she said “Yes Master, I will do my best”

“I know you will, Sarah” he smiled. “Now hold my black cock as I start to piss- want you to feel the flow-aim it at the top of your head so that your hair is anointed”

She reached out and wrapped her slender fingers as far as they would go around his flaccid monster, and waited. She felt his muscles tense, and saw his cock-eye open, as a torrent of pale yellow fluid hit her forehead with a blast. She aimed it around her hair, and felt its warmth soak into her scalp. It was like the worlds most humiliating shampoo, as Winston took over the aiming, and carefully bathed her whole face, drawing his golden stream across her cheeks, ears, nose and chin, before guiding the still high powered hose into her obediently waiting mouth. Sarah , who had been taking her shower like a trooper until now, gagged as the first mouthful arrived, hating the acrid taste and smell ,and the speed at which in arrived, and releasing it into the bowl. She managed to swallow a little of the second mouthful, managing not to retch in back up, and as her mouth filled for the third time Winston stopped his flow. “Take your time with this one Sarah-try and swallow it all” She decided that a gulp was best-less taste that way, and went for the big swallow, but coughed halfway through, and fired most of it back down her chin into the bowl. She opened her slut mouth again, and Winston renewed the stream into it. Again he stopped, and urged her to try again.

This time she allowed a little into her throat at a time, and found she was able to drink the mouthful that way, but she had to concentrate to keep it down. He gave her another mouthful, this time with a greatly reduced stream, and again she got it all down, slightly easier this time as she became used to the taste. He dribbled a last mouthful into her as his bladder was finally exhausted, and she slowly swallowed it without too much effort, as she realised it wasnt exactly toxic, and it was from her Masters body, so it did belong there. As Winston fetched a jug, and opened the valve on the drain to empty the bowl, he said “ I think you got less than half, but I am still impressed. Well done Sarah- did you enjoy my piss?”

Thinking of ways to paraphrase No, she replied “ It will take some getting used to, Master, but thank-you for allowing me the gift of your piss anyhow, and thank-you also for my present” Winston seemed happy with that, and surprisingly her nipples and ass-pussy both gave a twitch as she realised that her submissiveness had excited her. She also wondered fleetingly if she managed not to vomit the first swallow back up because she didnt want to lose the precious cum in her tummy that she so treasured.

Winston unbuckled the urinal, and said to Sarah “ shower yourself, and wash your urinal at the same time. Then dry off and go to Ceeberts room for your tattoo. I will see you later. Oh-I nearly forgot. A friend of mine will be calling in sometime tomorrow morning with a present for you that I asked him to get. His name is Teddy, and he owns a farm on the south road out of town. He is an important man, and he wears the ring, so respect please. You also may find him surprisingly familiar?” He handed her a towel, and left her to shower.

She felt the warm water flow over her body and reflected on her day. She had been the centre of attention on her walk in, been injected a lot, had experienced orgasms like she never thought possible, been spit roasted, her Masters were pleased with her, and her tummy was full of the cum she already practically craved. So what if she had had to swallow some unpleasant urine- and really this shower felt exactly the same as the piss one she had received earlier, and she was enjoying it now…

After she had patted herself dry (recent tattoos and piercings meant a good rub down was impractical), she walked dreamily through to Ceeberts room, where he gestured to the articulated table. She laid down on her tummy, resting her breasts on the table carefully, and getting her dreadlocked head comfy on the headroll.

“Well, my pretty little slut” began Ceebert “ your back is already starting to come to life-the centrepiece is healing well, and will take some colour on Monday. The one on your left shoulder is also looking good, and should be fully healed in a week. Now to give your right shoulder one to match”.

She settled in and relaxed-she trusted Ceebert now, and as his outline gun bit into her pale shoulder, she smiled, both because the vibrations had started gently in the background, and because the tattoo gun turned her on.

Ceebert used his great portrait skill again over the next two hours to create another striking image of the slut that was so accurate it even captured her beauty. The portrait showed her lovely head thrown back in ecstasy, eyes closed with pleasure, as her magnificent chest, complete with six piercings, puffed up pimply cookies, and swollen teats were impaled four times by syringes, Two were being held by disembodied black hands, the other two were in Sarahs hands, and all four plungers were being pressed, as witnessed by the tension etched into the fingers that pressed on them. As on her left shoulder, the sluts lips, which were wide apart in what looked like an orgasmic moan, were beautifully crimson, but unlike its counterpart across her spine, the hair was not golden shoulder length curls, but beaded dreadlocks.

As the image was completed, Winston inked the bold legend “Needleslut” under the exquisite portrait.

The image was so good , he nursed a semi hard-on as he wiped it clean with antiseptic. He decided that, to protect her lovely silk blouse, he would put a very light dressing on it, which she could remove in the shower when she got home. As he applied it, Sarah said huskily “ Thank-you Master Ceebert for continuing to modify by slut body”, and Ceebert realised that the huskiness in her voice was excitement. The legend he had just inked on her back was startlingly accurate.

Winston came in with her clothes, and she dressed quickly. They both could hardly conceal their admiration at how good her nipples looked under the silk-she really was sensational.

“There are no instructions for tonight other than to enjoy yourself and remember all you have learned, Sarah. Have a good evening and enjoy your meal. Ceebert has a lot of work to do preparing your cunt for closure (she gasped at those words as anus, nipples and, amazingly, clit all spasmed) Leave for here as soon as the wimp goes. Wear a flimsy top again like today, and text the number when you leave. We should be finished with you mid-afternoon. You did well today. Dismissed”

Bidding her Masters goodbye, the tattooed beauty enjoyed her walk home, with plenty of attention for her silk covered cookies at every street. If she had eyes in her back she would have seen that was attracting just as much attention, as men strained their eyes to try and make out what the coloured shapes were on the lovely girls back.

Reaching her home, she was relieved to see that she was first, and she let herself in happily. As she slipped out of her clothes, she stepped in the shower and went about the process of soaking the dressing from her back. It came away easily, and after she had patted herself dry, she applied baby lotion to the sore new ink, as she idly wondered what to wear tonight. She wanted to look gorgeous , to reflect the way she felt, but she darent show her cookies in front of Pete and their friends, and a revealing back was out too. She decided on a pale green silk cheongsam that she had. The silk would feel great against her modifications, but was to thick to show much outline, especially if she word a camisole. She decided on the pink one that she had worn on day 1, as it buttoned up the front, and looked and felt great. Matching French panties and pale green heels, and she would knock them dead.

He slipped into her sloppy clothes and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon, occasionally stroking her barbells thoughtfully, and feeling her anus clench ever so slightly.

Pete came in, and barely spoke-he was still up tight after last nights row.

“Are we still out tonight with you in that mood?” she asked.

“Too late to cancel” came the terse reply, and the mood was set for the evening.

Finishing dressing to go out, she looked in the mirror-she looked hot. She had added two pendant gold earrings with pink stones to match her lingerie, and a delicate gold choker. As she did it up, she was very briefly reminded of Winston attaching something rather different around her neck a few hours earlier.

Pete looked longingly at her as she came downstairs, then remembered he was cross, and grumpily ushered her out to the car.

He drove in silence, until they turned in to the golf club, when he said “ lets try and be civil for the night, if only for our guests? You look lovely, by the way”

“ I agree, and thanks” she replied, feeling briefly guilty for the decision she had made last night, but as it was now irreversible, she dealt with it quickly.

They walked into the bar together to meet their friends, and small talk began. Sarah used to love small talk, but somehow chat about TV and shopping and gossip just washed over her as she tried not to wish she was elsewhere, like above a tattoo shop maybe? They all said they liked her dreads though, which was one in the eye for Pete.

A steward came to show them to their table after a while, and as they walked through, he told Pete, George and Dan that they had a new waiter tonight from an agency, as the regular one had rung in sick, but he seemed to know his stuff. No problem, they said.

As they sat down, a largish and very handsome black man in a waiters uniform appeared brandishing menus. His bald head shone in the lights, and Sarah nearly gasped aloud as she recognised Winstons cousin Louis, who saw her recognition, and place a tacit finger to his lips and winked.

As he passed the menus around, he asked what everyone would like to drink while they chose, and Sarah realised that she couldnt speak to him directly. She could hardly call him Master in front of everyone, but could not, and did not wish to address him in any other way. She would have to avoid speaking to him altogether.

As the girls ordered Gin and tonics, and the boys all had fresh beers, Louis looked at Sarah and said “and for the lovely lady?” Pete shuffled uncomfortably at the large man flirting with his wife, and Sarah said “ You choose, honey-I cant decide”

Before Pete could answer, Louis said “ how about a glass of white wine? -the chardonnay is good” She nodded in acquiescence, and flushed as he walked away.

“That was rude, Sarah” giggled Julie, Dans trophy airhead wife, who clearly thought she had blanked the waiter because he was black-if only she knew.

“ Sorry, I have a headache-please excuse me if Im quiet” replied Sarah, and tried to become invisible. Pete raised his eyebrows in ridicule at the table in general, and welcomed the arrival of the tray Louis carried bearing his beer.

As he set down Sarahs drink, he said “enjoy” and smirked. Now he had his beer, Pete didnt even notice.

Sarah picked up her wine glass, and thought it was warm for chardonnay, although it looked clear and the correct shade of yellow with a hint of green, As she raised it to her lips and sipped, she had to stifle a gasp as the plug in her anus buzzed ever so gently, and the chardonnay tasted very much like the powerful jet Winston had so expertly hosed into her obediently waiting mouth earlier that day. She was drinking his cousins piss at a table full of her friends.

She kept a straight face, and swallowed the sip with no reaction.

“Nice?” asked Debs, Georges slightly more natural partner.

“Mmmm, lovely” lied Sarah. She did not relish the idea of spending the evening drinking piss, and decided to make that one last, as a familiar voice in her head told her about fluids and honour, and the buzzing in her ass-pussy started talking to her nipples.

They ordered their meals with Sarah very pointedly telling Pete what she wanted, which made him puff his chest with pride, as he thought she was rebuking the waiters flirting. She chose and, by proxy, ordered a shrimp cocktail with fresh mayo, and a cheese soufflé. The waiter nodded his approval at the choice, and went to the kitchen.

As the small talk dragged on, Sarah found that she had been sipping the piss-chardonnay absent-mindedly as she daydreamed about her transformation, and was quite astonished to see that her glass was empty. As Louis returned to replenish the boys beers yet again he asked if she would like a refill. She was about to order something else that could not be other than what it was ordered as, and the suggestibility that coursed through her veins told her that she should have what the waiter wanted her to have, as he was a Master, and she inclined her head in what passed as a rude yes to the other guests at the table, but spoke of pure submission to Louis.

As she sipped her second glass of piss thoughtfully, she felt a sense of well being come over her. She had her humming companion for company, and the gentle throbbing in her anus and nipples had been joined by just a suggestion of pleasure from her clit. All were easily controllable, but the three combined to make her feel impervious to the world outside her little bubble, and she sipped the piss again and drew comfort from the fact that master Louis cared enough to feed her his urine. It suddenly became an honour to drink it, just as it had been her honour to swallow his spit yesterday.

Louis unscrewed a bottle of cum that had been in his pocket, and, checking no-one was looking, poured a generous dollop into the sauce boat containing Sarahs mayo, and mixed it in. The boys in the hood had been happy to supply a generous flask full when he had explained in partial detail what it was required for.

He served all six guests smoothly and professionally, noticing that the other five were being overly polite to him to compensate for Sarahs apparent rudeness. He smiled at that. He was actually very impressed that she chose to seem rude to her friends rather than do him the dishonour of not calling him Master. Winston had chosen well. She looked radiant sipping his piss obediently. In just a few days she would call him and the other ring wearers Master quite openly, and then these white pencil-dicked hypocrites would have something to talk about.

Sarah spooned the mayo onto her shrimps and started eating. The mayo was delicious. Something about it she couldnt put her finger on made her mouth water, and she ate the whole boat with enthusiasm, sipping the piss chardonnay as she ate.

As Louis cleared the first course away, he again collected her empty glass for refill, and the small talk resumed. A familiar noise from her purse brought her back from her erotic daydreams,- she had a text message on her cell-phone. Excusing herself, she pulled out her phone and retrieved the message. It said “hope you enjoyed the cum mayonnaise slut. be sure to ask for some with your soufflé”

Sarah flushed red, and familiar spasms gripped her back passage, as her arousal levels rose. She hoped her new nipples wouldnt show through her cheongsam as they threatened to explode.

As her third glass of piss-chardonnay arrived, she said to Pete “ that mayo was so nice, Id like another boat with my soufflé if thats OK”

“Sure honey”, he said, a bit confused at the odd choice, and asked the waiter to add it to the order, wondering why he found that funny.

As the main course arrived, Sarah could hardly contain her enjoyment as she rolled each sauce-covered mouthful across her palate, loving every flavour. “If its that good, can I try a taste” asked Julie, shattering Sarahs calm place where she was at one with herself.

She was about to fumble for an excuse, when she saw the funny side of it, and said “Sure, dig in” Julie reached across with a spoon and half filled it. As she tried it, she said “mm-interesting flavour-not my scene, but different” She wouldnt be quite so patronising if she knew that she had just swallowed her masters cum (at least she assumed it was his)

As they finished their main course, and sent for more refills, Sarah refused dessert, citing her diet, and excused herself to the ladies when their desserts arrived-after all she had just finished her fourth glass of wine? It brought a whole new meaning to the expression “needing a piss”

As she walked to the ladies, a black hand grabbed her shoulder and ushered her into the room next to it, which appeared to contain coats. As he closed the door to the dimly lit room, she gasped “Master”, and slipped to her knees. Without being told, she opened her mouth and awaited whatever he offered.

“Good girl”, he cooed, and two huge deliveries of spit landed on her tongue. As she obediently swallowed it down, he inserted two big black fingers into her re-opened mouth and .as her lips closed around them, sucking them like mini cocks, he pushed them to the back of her throat, and, marvelling at the way she didnt gag at all, he lovingly tickled the back of her gullet as she moaned in delight as her clit caught up with her nipples and anus, and all three sang together.

“Did you enjoy your mayo, slut?” he teased as he popped his fingers from her mouth.

“ Yes master, thank-you for your sperm Master” she gasped excitedly.

“Oh it wasnt mine, lil slut, some dudes from the hood had a whip-round. All you need know is that it came from black”

She looked up from her knees at the magnificent black man before her, and sobbed “please Master, I need to cum” smiling, he unzipped his fly and his semi-erect member fell out. It was enormous-as big as Ceeberts. She fumbled for her purse, and hurriedly applied the lipstick, and then with a sob, took the mighty organ in her crimson mouth and began to worship it. After exploring every millimetre of the giant helmet, she began her descent of the huge pole, and grunted with satisfaction as, on the third attempt, the great plum on the end invaded her throat and slid towards her stomach. She went into a feeding frenzy bobbing her head up and down so vigorously that her dreads beat against his thighs and as she felt his muscles tense, she gave in to the gut crunching contractions that convulsed her tattooed torso, thanked the lord for the pleasure her new nipples now gave her, and felt her clit scream pleasure at her as his cock hosed squirt after squirt of boiling sperm down into her eager stomach where it belonged She had to hold onto his legs to stop her from collapsing as she waited for the spasms to ease, and he stroked her dreadlocks in appreciation as he went limp They were both still savouring their post orgasmic euphoria, hers anal and his testicular, as the door opened and the Steward gasped as he saw Petes lovely wife on her knees with what looked like a black tree impaled in her obscenely lipsticked mouth. “What the fuck is all this?- you ill mannered nigger- thats a members wife Ill make sure you never work in this clu….” his words were cut off as Louis lifted him off the ground by his throat and growled “ You ever speak to me like that again and Ill kill you where you stand. The slut on her knees is there by choice. I am going to finish serving her party, and then leave. If you ever refer to this incident again, I will castrate you- I know where to find you. Stay out of my way for the rest of the evening, and be sure to be extra polite to the lovely Sarah until she leaves?”

He returned the now ashen Steward to his feet, and let go. The steward coughed a lot, nodded acceptance of his orders, and scuttled away.

Sarah said “Thank-you Master- for everything” and smiled sweetly at him.

“best get back to your table, slut-and tidy your lipstick first” he smiled. She did so, went and hurriedly peed, and then returned to her fellow diners, who had finished their desserts, and were looking at her inquisitively.

“Sorry guys, queue” she lied.

“Didnt know you were a lipstick girl Sarah” chimed Julie.

“Ive just got into it-do you like the colour?” she replied, as Pete blushed.

Louis returned, and took their final orders. When he did the coffees. He asked Sarah and she nodded. “You look like a latte lady-can I tempt you?” he asked. She nodded and blushed, knowing very well what that meant. He added her latte to the list of five espressos.

As she sipped her coffee, trying hard not to close her eyes and groan as she savoured the rich creamy texture and manly taste of the “black mans coffee” that she was getting very excited drinking, Louis reappeared with liqueurs that the other five had ordered. He served them and then set a tulip shaped glass full of creamy fluid in front of her. “Compliments of the house Maam- Irish cream”, and smiled that wicked smile.

As she sipped the  “liqueur”, and finished her coffee, she felt the butt-plug up tempo, and she had to concentrate really hard to control the spasms in her body-she didnt think her friends were quite ready to see her go into an anal orgasm just yet.

By the time the boys had paid the bill, and the Steward fussed totally unneccessarily over her as he opened the door for her, she thought one more stimulus, however slight would send her over the top and shed cum right there in the car park. Louis must have second guessed that, as the butt-plug fell silent as he sent the SIM card in its base his final text of the night.

Sarah drifted in and out of sleep as Pete drove her home. She had a tummy full of piss and cum, and she felt like a complete woman. Fuck it, she didnt want to wear an unglamorous nightdress tonight- she was sleeping on her own tonight, in a satin shortie.

As she snuggled up on her own in her favourite short white nightdress, made from the softest Japanese silk, her hand strayed down to her clit, and she gently stroked it with her fingers, expecting a response, given her highly aroused state all evening, and was a little disappointed to feel nothing. Frowning, she wondered why, and remembered her reasoning about her clit being fine, but having the triggers elsewhere. Concentrated, she squeezed her anal sphincter against the plug, and with her other hand lovingly caressed her spectacularly sensitive modified nipples, and suddenly her clit came to life in her hand. Savouring the warmth that flooded through her body, she fell into a deep, happy sleep.

Sarah slept so soundly that she was only awoken by Pete loading his golf clubs into the trunk. Had he not been throwing them around in the manner of someone pissed at having spent a second night sleeping alone, she would have overslept completely. Hurrying up, she shook her dreadlocks straight as she shimmied out of her nightdress, ran through the shower, and hastily applied her make-up, applying perfume that she thought suited her newfound sexuality. Choosing a yellow button-up satin blouse that should display her swollen assets to advantage, she fastened it over her naked chest, and then added purple French panties and a purple summer skirt with a teasing split at the front. Slipping on matching purple heels, she thought fleetingly that she was getting through the options in her summer wardrobe rather quickly, and should hit the stores to top up, especially on lingerie, which clearly her Masters had an eye for.

Grabbing juice and coffee, she scooped up her purse, and, extracting her cellphone, texted the magic number as she left the door, and the buzz reassured her that the day proper had begun.

Soaking up the admiring stares at her chest, she enjoyed every moment of her walk into town, the buzzing in her ass making each step a happy one, and as she passed the street café, she found herself moistening in anticipation of just seeing the tattoo parlour, as her clit, now getting used to receiving instructions from her recently discovered sexual centre, joined in the party.

Ascending the stairs, she went through to the cleansing room to find Winston, his cousin Louis, and Leroy waiting for her. Bowing her head as she said good morning to her Masters, Winston told how pleased he was with Louis report of last nights events as all of them admired her beauty this morning, and took special pleasure in how wonderful her new nipples looked under that blouse.

“You look, and smell divine, Sarah “ enthused Winston as he helped her out of her clothes. She flushed slightly, loving the feeling that although these men were her Masters and had total control over her, she could still turn their heads.

At the present breasts command, she mounted the stocks and Winston buckled her in. Neither of them were quite sure why he still applied the backstrap, as avoiding her precious injections was the furthest thing from her mind-maybe it was purely symbolic of their control over her? Winston stuck with the same mix of drugs as yesterday, as the results had been so spectacular. He doubted she needed the Complyormone any longer, and was sure she didnt need the Viagra or Pethadene, but they all combined to such effect in her lovely flesh that he wondered if hed ever take her off them.(Better ask one of Kennys boys for some more supplies?) Putting the 6 syringes in a dish (he had split the antibiotic/hormone suppressant dose into two syringes to balance things up) , he approached her, noting her eyes were already wide with lust. He picked up the Complyormone syringe, and the Viagra/Pethadene mix one, and told the slut that they were to try a slightly different method this morning. He cupped one milky soft breast in his hand, and pushed the fat needle straight down the eye of her teat and into the tit-meat behind it, enjoying the sensuality in her gasp on pain/pleasure. He then had her hold it steady, as he repeated the procedure on her other teat. He then guided her other hand to the second syringe, and told her to ready both thumbs on the plungers, but not to push yet. He then picked up the two split dose syringes and pushed one into each breast behind her nipples, Now push slowly and firmly Sarah, he urged, and her lovely eyes rolled back in rapture as he also pushed his pair, and four large injections simultaneously coursed into her eager breasts, perfectly recapturing the image now healing on her right shoulder blade, which was exactly his intention.

As he carefully administered her venom injections, watching her bite her lip as the sting flowed through her nipples, and feeling the spasms of her first mini-orgasm of the day ripple through her, he felt a sense of pride in the way their slut was developing.

Giving her a few moments to regain her composure, he quickly checked and cleaned her piercings, deciding that the monster barbells were healing well enough to start stretching tomorrow. She smiled as he told her, and then thanked him for her injections.

He unbuckled her, and without being told, she climbed onto the enema table, and offered her cute tattooed ass to the waiting Leroy, who popped her plug out and quickly ran the razor across her anal opening to keep it baby smooth, and then began her enemas.

Winston stood by her head and stroked her dreads, as he talked to her. He offered her two fingers, and her mouth opened automatically. She suckled his fingers, as he said

“Sarah, your progress continues to impress us. Your anus has opened more quickly than we ever dared hope, and I feel confident that you will accommodate my entire cock in your ass-pussy this coming week. Your throat is also responding well to our cocks, and Ceebert tells me you can swallow his entire pole without resistance already. However, throats do not stretch quite as readily as colons, so I expect it to be a while before you can accommodate mine. In the meantime, we shall continue to stretch your jaw with my cock-head. Eventually your jaw muscles will stretch permanently, and your gag reflex will naturally fade, so we wont need to inject your mouth any more (was that disappointment he saw?) Ceebert will start stretching your aureolae tomorrow, which will make concealing your development from the wimp increasingly difficult, so I am bringing forward the point at which your transformation is revealed to him. It will be one evening this week, at your home- we will come calling”. She sucked his fingers hard as she heard that news.

As Leroy changed bags, he continued “Taking my cock in your ass was placed in your mind as the ultimate challenge, the thing to aim for. Your ass has opened up so well, I feel we both know that you will now manage it quite well when it happens later this week, so I need to give you something new to aspire to. Master Teddy will be here shortly, and his cock is the next one you need to prepare yourself mentally for. Im sure he will be happy to show you the task in hand when he gets here. He is also, as I said, bringing you a present. When Leroy has given you the third bag, we are taking you through to Ceeberts room to prepare your cunt for closure. You will entertain the other masters with your mouth while he works. If youre a good girl, then maybe the boysll fuck your slut ass afterwards? As Leroy does your third bag- another 4 litre day, Im afraid, you can tell me if there is anything on you mind?”

Leroy opened the tap on the massive third enema, and Sarah told her Master of the developments in her clitoris, and why she thought they had occurred, which he concurred with. She then told him she was nervous about returning to work, as she felt it would be almost impossible to hide her modifications by then, not that she wanted to. She was also reluctant to stop spending her days at their disposal, but she needed the money, and couldnt give up work. Winston said he would give the matter some thought. As he massaged her belly as the last litre went in, he asked her if there was anything else, and when she said no, he was impressed that she appeared to have accepted that her husband was to know she was a black cock whore this week-she hadnt even asked him about it!

As Leroy packed away, Sarah automatically turned over for strapping into the stirrups, but Winston stopped her. “Not today slut- although you are due a punishment, you will be quite sore enough on the cunt after Ceebert has finished with you-and he will shave you there in his room. You can take your punishment elsewhere later”

“As you wish Master, but what is the punishment for?”

Louis appeared in her field of vision- “for giving away a spoonful of your cum-mayo last night to someone who did not deserve it, slut” he informed her.

She accepted it without question.

They led her to Ceeberts room where they found him laying out a variety of instruments. They sat her in the dentists chair, which had been equipped with stirrups. They strapped her legs and thighs quite firmly, and also her waist, which told Sarah that this was not, in their opinion, going to be a pleasant experience. Winston offered the slut a lipstick, and as she obediently applied it to her lips, she noticed with a shock that this lipstick was brown!- her mind raced, but she knew better than to question them. As Ceebert opened the stirrups to their widest stretch, and her cunt gaped obscenely, he reclined the chair so that her head was horizontal, and then tipped the headrest a little so that her head tipped back, offering her mouth temptingly.

Ceebert then explained the plan.

“You have asked us to close your cunt to cock Sarah, which is as it should be. This will be done one evening this week in your own bedroom. To make this a simple procedure on the night, I am going to make six piercings in each of your labia with a very fat needle, and then use a tapered insertion pin to install a gold grommet in each hole. Your cunt will look like a lace-up shoe. All that will need to be done in your bedroom is for the grommets to be laced up with a gold chain, and a small padlock attached to lock it all. Only Masters will have access to the key-you will not. We will catheterise you before closure, so that you can piss without it spraying everywhere- all you will need to do is open the valve. While I insert the grommets, you will lick each masters asshole to the best of your ability. You have to plug to focus your thoughts, so you will have to rely on your newfound natural sexuality to motivate you. I have tied you securely because this will hurt. Normally I would give local anaesthetic, but as you seem to be becoming a painslut, we wouldnt want to halt your fun. Enjoy”, and with that he pulled on a pair of disposable gloves.

Sarah felt Ceebert swap her labia with cold alcohol wipes. And then very carefully make six pen marks on each one, measuring the gaps for exactly equal spacing. She also saw around her offered head Winston, Louis and Leroy stripping their clothes off. She heard a sterile pack ripped open, and raised her head to look. Ceebert was pulling a large needle from its packet. As he pulled the plastic sheath from the sharp end, she let out a frightened little squeal as she saw the needle was a good quarter inch in diameter. It was a scary looking instrument, not at all like the ones she now welcomed in her nipples, and she started trembling as Louis backed up to her head pulling the cheeks of his muscular black ass apart. Sarah noticed his strong musk as she flicked her tongue out from her symbolically brown lips and sought out his anus, hoping that burying her tongue as deep in her Masters rectum would distract her from the mutilation that she had actually requested for her cunt. Reaching around his thighs with her little white hands, she pulled him down onto her mouth, as her lovely brown lips sucked his sphincter into her mouth, enabling her tongue to dart deeper into his body. She swooned as the flavours of his magnificent body overwhelmed her tongue, and Ceebert was fascinated to see her anus wink, and feel her labia moisten as the contractions started. Ceebert seized the opportunity to push the needle through the first marking, and Sarah screamed into Louis anus as the brief but acute pain added to the senses her brain was being flooded with. Ceebert quickly applied pressure with an absorbent pad to stem any bleeding. There was very little, and he reached for the tapered insertion pin, and used it to slip the perforated flesh over a shining gold quarter inch grommet, smiling as the meat slipped perfectly into the groove around the grommet, where it would heal into part of her labia forever. Sarahs tongue and mouth went crazy on her masters asshole, as she fought to focus on the erotic spasms that flowed through her and to ignore the pain, which was already fading into the background, and her nipples throbbed like a thunderclap and reminded her that pain was pleasure when her masters inflicted it, and she dug even deeper into his anus as she anticipated the next piercing with determination, wishing her tongue was longer, and trying to remember what Ceebert had said about that. The second hole was made and again she screamed into his ass, but this was a different scream, one of being unable to cope with all the sensations, as her slut anus winked wider at Ceebert, who liked his lips at the thought of driving his pierced cock in there later on. With every new grommet, Sarahs body dealt with it more as pleasure that pain, and as Louis very reluctantly pulled his ass off the sluts hungry tongue after the fourth grommet was installed, and was replaced by Leroy, she pulled his anus onto her mouth like a starving urchin and drove him wild with her frenzied tongue and mouth worship of his back passage. As the eighth grommet went in, and Leroy was replaced by Winston, Sarah was constantly moaning, sobbing and spasming totally out of control, and Winstons anus felt like an enraged limpet was sucking him as her tongue went so deep that most of it was inside his sphincter.

Ceebert passed the last grommet through the fold of labia that would now be its home, and leaned back to inspect his handiwork. Sarahs cunt looked like a pink slipper without its laces, as two rows of perfectly even gold eyelets twinkled at him. Sarahs anus twitched and winked and spasmed, making the black outline of a rose that surrounded the gateway to her sexuality open and close like it was coming in and out of bloom, as Sarah sobbed so deeply her whole body trembled, and her mouth gaped and pursed and her tongue waved in the air desperately seeking the warmth of another anus as Winston withdrew. Her once glossy brown lips were now totally clean.

Ceebert slowly cleaned her labia with antiseptic as the slut gasped for air as she sought control as the explosions inside her began to subside. The door opened, and in walked a giant of a man, bigger even than Winston. He wore a white cowboy hat, and the sharpest white suit money could buy. He raised his hat in greeting, showing a shiny bald head, and they exchanged greetings. “Yo, Teddy”, said Winston, as they high-fived.

“Yo, my Man...and this must be the slut?” he replied, pointing to the limp ragdoll in the dentists chair.

“Yep…well introduce you so Sarah in minute- did you get what I asked for?”

“Yep” he said, reaching outside the door and retrieving a two pint steel vacuum flask.

“ Do you think a quart of cum will keep her going for a bit? Most of the boys down at the farm contributed when I heard how well the slut was doing and asked them to”

“ He he-the way she laps it up probably not, but I assume more is available?” laughed Winston, and Sarah raised her head from the headrest of the dentists chair and looked meekly at her gift, her lips opening involuntarily at the sight of it.

Winston put the flask in the fridge, and then said “come and check her out”

Teddy walked up to the chair, and said “ Hello Sarah”, and stroked her sweaty brow.

“Hello Master”, she smiled. “Thank-you so much for my lovely gift” , meaning every word. She was the only one in the room unaware of the fact that Teddys farm was a racehorse stud farm!

Teddy lifted her dreads, nodding approvingly, and then ran his massive fingers over her nipple piercings, and then with surprising gentleness traced the contour of the painfully swollen aureolae as the venom inside them threatened to make them burst in his hand.

“These are coming along nicely”

“ Yep. Were going to start stretching them for width tomorrow, and Ceebert may well do a second teat piercing later in the week as well”

“Nice”, enthused Teddy.

Walking round to the stirrups, he took in the beautiful gold work in her lips, resisting the urge to touch them at this early stage. He whistled as he saw the rose around her anus, which had only just stopped winking. He said “ hows she loosening up?”

“ Really well” replied Winston “ she takes the other boys all the way in now with ease, and loves it so much she begs for more-shes definitely a natural. Im gonna take the plunge this week”

Teddy slipped a zuccini sized finger in her relaxed anus, and purred with approval. Slipping a second one in, he felt her greedy sphincter squeeze his fingers, inviting them to plunder her more deeply.

“ Nice ass- is she ready to go to webcam yet?”-Sarahs eyes opened wide at those words.

“Soon Teddy-were outing her this week-same evening we lace her cunt up and lock it. Should be OK after that-probably best to get the website up; its about time the slut started paying her way. I thought of a name for the site as well. How about “Deep inside Sarah”?”

“ Nice touch “, beamed Teddy. “Ill get the site up and order all the gear we need for filming.”

Sarah was just thinking that she felt like meat on a butchers slab, being pulled about and inspected while she was discussed as if she wasnt there, when Teddy approached her still tilted back head and said

“I understand Winston has told you that your long term goal is to take my entire cock in your slut ass? No-one has ever managed that task yet, but Winston assures me you will not disappoint. He says you have gone from ass-virgin to ass-slut for black cock in a few days, which proves you are a natural. We have invested a lot in your training so far, with planning, equipment, and Ceeberts piercing and tattooing-and the transformation has only just started. We intend to repay that investment by making it possible for brothers everywhere to follow your journey via webcam. And when you are eventually brought to my farm Sarah, not only will you take my black cock to the hilt, but you will beg me for the honour. Just to give you food for thought about the size of the task, I will give you a small demonstration. It may please you to know that I do not realistically expect you to ever take my cock in your throat, as I dont think it is physically possible- but this life is full of surprises”

With that, he unzipped his fly, stood at her reclined head, and scooped his cock and balls out. He rested his balls against the top of her head, and they felt like two oranges. Then he very confidently lay his flaccid member gradually across her pretty face- the weight of his member was as remarkable as its width...a huge plump black trunk uncoiled between her eyes, across her nose, her mouth which opened automatically, but it rolled out past her mouth, flopped heavily down her chin onto her chest, and then with a slap his baseball sized helmet came to rest just above the start of her breasts. Sarahs eyes nearly popped out of her head. It must have been 14 inches long, and so thick she knew it would take both of her hands to wrap around the mighty helmet. If he thought she could ever take this magnificent trunk in her ass-pussy, he was surely kidding-he would damage her insides permanently, and she started to sweat with fear at the thought. “Feel it, Sarah” he commanded, and she very meekly reached up onto her half covered face to feel it. She gasped out loud as she felt the surface. It was ribbed along most of its length with pairs of what felt like steel balls under his skin, and as she ran her little hands up and down the length of his shaft, as if playing a massive black clarinet, he said “sub-dermal implants Sarah- drives the sisters crazy when they take it in their pussies- most can only take the first six inches or so, but they go beserk on my implants nonetheless…and you, lucky girl are gonna take every inch in your slut ass. I want to hear you cry out every time a pair of implants pop past your tattooed sphincter, girl, until the whole fifteen inches are home. Dont worry, Sarah, it doesnt get much longer when I get had-just thicker- why dont you play with it a bit and see?”

Gulping, Sarah reached down with both hands to the helmet, and very slowly stroked  and wanked the flange with one hand, as he other went to the eye and traced the massive gold ball closure ring that ran from the eye to the flange-it must have been an inch and a half in diameter! As the vast engine responded to her caresses, she ran her tongue adoringly along the underside of his shaft, and it rose from her face into full rigidity, She ran both of her hands up and down his shaft with increasing enthusiasm, becoming excited at the magnificence of the member, despite the improbability of her ever taking it inside her body, and heard herself say “please Master”

“Please what slut?” he asked

“Please give me your cum” she said breathlessly as her ass, clit and nipples started to sing for her.

“Unstrap her and sit her up “ he barked urgently, and Ceebert hurriedly responded.

She sat up and saw him stood before her, with what looked like a black teenagers arm holding a ball sticking from his groin. She knelt before him with a sob, and took his balls in both of her hands and marvelled at their weight and obvious fullness, as her slutty mouth slowly opened automatically. His piercing touched her tongue, and her lips parted around the helmet, stretching obscenely as she tried to slide down the head and force her mouth wider. The utter futility of it all dawned on her- there was no way her mouth was ever going to open that wide, so she held the head in her mouth as far as it would go, and tongue bathed the eye and piercing for all she was worth, as her little hands danced around his balls. Teddy grasped his shaft in his mighty hand, and stroked his shaft with increasing urgency. His breathing increased in urgency, and with a roar is balls lurched in her hand and hose after hose of his pent up sperm rushed into her waiting mouth, and she tried to relax her throat so it would trickle down, suddenly remembering that her mouth hadnt been injected yet. To her credit, she didnt gag, be but the sheer force of the avalanche that arrived blew out of her nose, and the corners of her mouth as her slender neck tried hard to handle the flow to her stomach. She snorted, trying to inhale the cum back up her nose, and got some of it, and as the flow relented a little, her swallowing caught up, and the rest of his sperm cascaded into her stomach as it was destined to do, and Sarahs anal orgasm raced through her kneeling body like a tornado ripping up all in its wake as her nipples and clit again threatened to burst, and the scream that she let go reverberated down his cock like she really was playing the clarinet.

As the last of his seed dribbled onto her tongue, and she lovingly retrieved the licky bits from his eye, he gave a satisfied sight, and she, without being told, dropped her lovely head to the floor to retrieve the sperm that she had spilled from the tiled floor. Watching her greedily suck it up from the floor, he was warmed to see that a life-sized image of his erect organ already existed, at least in outline, in mirrors image on her creamy white back.

As Sarah finished cleaning the floor, she looked across to his feet, and quite out of the blue, kissed them lovingly, moaning “Thank-you Master” as she realised that although it was unlikely she would manage to take that whole beast in her ass, she would die trying!

Teddy dressed, and spent a few moments chatting with Winston.

“ That is one quick learner, Bro. I think shes a keeper. Love the tattoo work...are we going for full coverage? Will there be any problems getting her wimp onside?”

“ Pretty much full coverage, I reckon, in time. Maybe well ask for suggestions on the website when its up and running? No problems with pencil dick-I think well introduce ourselves Wednesday night”

“Sweet. Keep me informed. I cant wait to get her out to the farm-the webcam income from that should be huge” he grinned, and left laughing.

Sarah was composing herself as he returned- he saw the faraway look in her eye, and knew that she was hooked on the idea of Teddy.

“I dont know about you dudes, but I need to pop that sweet ass some time soon”, chimed in Louis.

As the other brothers voiced agreement, the four of them ushered her through to the treatment room, and into the dentists chair there for Winston to administer her jaw and throat jabs for which she opened her mouth like a baby bird hungry for food, and from there onto the couch-it was spit roast time for Leroy, Ceebert and Louis.

For the next hour, Sarahs throat and ass-pussy were never unoccupied, as the brothers worked a rota on her openings. She lost all track of time, and spent the entire episode racked with contractions and spasms that had her crying and moaning onto whichever cock was gagging her at the time. One by one, they emptied the contents of their huge black balls into her dilated and welcoming colon, and on each occasion she screamed onto her throat-pole as the magic feeling of her intestinal wall being anointed overwhelmed her. When the final cock in her ass had gone soft and reluctantly been withdrawn, Winston appeared with the drain-plug, and quickly popped it in to her still dilated anus. He guided the sobbing Sarah up to her knees, and gave her the tube that connected to the plug. Then he reminded her that she was still in punishment deficit.

“Did you think we had forgotten, little slut?” he teased. “Given the somewhat delicate state of your cunt following Ceeberts work this morning, your breasts will take the 20 strokes today. We shall avoid your nipples purely to protect the healing progress of your piercings. You will present breasts with your hands, and count the strokes. On the twentieth, the valve on the plug will be opened, and you can claim your reward.”

Still in a post orgasmic haze, and hungry for more sperm, she eagerly cupped her perfect breasts in her hands, and offered them to Winston, who administered the first stroke across the top of the left one with a firm, accurate stroke, leaving a red welt as evidence. “Arrrgh…One, thank-you Master “ gasped Sarah, as she steeled herself for the second one on her right. By the time she had screamed her thanks for the twentieth, her breast meat was criss-crossed with pink marks to the extent that it was hard to tell where her nipple ended and her tit began. As Louis opened the valve, her cheeks went hollow as she sucked the nectar from her anus into her wanton slut mouth, and as it trickled towards her stomach, the burning in her breasts made sense, and started to feel like pleasure.

Gesturing for her to get back on her knees on the coach, and offer her anus in the air, Winston went to withdraw the drainplug, but said as he did so “Sarah, we need to start teaching you muscle control. As I pull out the plug, I want you to concentrate on holding your sphincter open, and not letting it contract shut. This will be important later on when your webcam broadcasts go live. We are going to break for a coffee now, and you can join us. As an incentive, for every 5 seconds you hold your anus open after the plug has gone, you can have one spoon of Teddys flask of cream in your coffee, OK?”

As she nodded, and got into position, he popped the plug and she focussed on the task. It was really difficult to stop the eye closing, and it was halfway shut before she realized that she had to push as if she was taking a shit (that seemed like a lifetime ago she last did that), but when she finally got it, she managed to hold it partially open for 10 seconds, which seemed to please Winston.

They sat and talked for a while, taking a time out and sipping coffee, Sarahs with extra cream. Winston explained that Ceebert wanted to colour in the tattoo around her anus this afternoon so that it would look the part for when they called around one evening this week to introduce themselves. Once that was done, they had finished with her for the day. Sarah was struck by the irony of sat taking afternoon coffee with these men as if they were old friends, chatting in a relaxed way, as they discussed adding to the lewd ink that already adorned her previously flawless body, sipping sperm laced coffee, as her pierced and modified nipples throbbed nearly as hard as her recently flogged breasts. It would have been ludicrous, had it not been for the fact that it just felt so right!

Coffee over, Ceebert led her to his room, and set her face down on the table, which he articulated to rise under her hips, offering her ass to the air. Pulling his trolley with his tattoo guns and ink to his side, he sat on his work stool, and told her to pull the cheeks of her ass apart. Checking the outline was well healed enough, he dipped his colour gun into the yellow ink, and carefully filled in the Bar closure rings that appeared to pierce the rim of her sphincter so they looked like gold. That done he switched to a brilliant red that matched the lipstick she wore for cock-sucking, as slowly and carefully brought the lovely rose into full bloom. Sarah bit her lip as the needle bit into that most sensitive skin right at the edge of her anus, but quickly became used to it, and as he worked outwards to the tips of the rose, she became totally at home with the gun, positively enjoying the way its seven needles bit into her flesh, leaving its mark in her skin forever, moaning softly as she and the gun became as one, and the relaxation became very distinct pleasure.

Finally, Ceebert was done, and as he stepped back to admire his work, her anus spasmed and winked, making her virtual rings move deliciously, as the rose framed the sexual core of her body to perfection-it looked sensational!

Winston re-appeared, followed by Leroy and Louis. They toured her ass, pulling her cheeks wide to inspect the artwork, and all murmured approval at the sight that greeted them. Winston told her that her day here was done, and it was time for her plug for the evening, or her “keeper”, as he had now decided to call it. As he prepared to insert it, he explained that, as she was to take his massive engine in her anus this week, she needed background dilation to go up a notch, and with that in mind, he eased the number four butt-plug into her eager rectum, enjoying her moan of satisfaction as the three inch wide part popped past the muscle of her sphincter, and the full six inches of the plug were claimed by her greedy asshole.

As she stood, and prepared to dress, as her clothes were returned to her, she savoured the extra fullness in her ass-pussy, but as she took a couple of steps, she realised that the larger keeper, combined with the soreness of the fresh ink that adorned her ass-crack were going to make walking quite an uncomfortable process.

Winston told her to take a long bath when she got home to clean the tattooed area, and offered her a yoghurt pot sized container of the sperm from Teddys flask, telling her to consume it as she saw fit before she returned at 9AM tomorrow morning. Thanking him and the other Masters, she realised she was dismissed for the day, and left, trying not to waddle too badly as she descended the stairs to exit the building.

Walking home through the evening sun, Sarah enjoyed the admiring glances her modified nipples were receiving under the yellow silk, as her chest bobbed about slightly more than usual due to the way her ass was undulating, as the soreness of the fresh ink between her cheeks was at least offset by the extra sensations her wiggling was causing as the oversized keeper in her ass-pussy moved deliciously in her rectum. She wondered idly if the many breast admirers she encountered on the walk home would be shocked if they could see the can marks that striped the soft pale flesh above her cookies.

As she turned into her street, she was again relieved to see that Pete was still at the golf club, and felt a sense of relief that this part of her transformation would soon be over, and she could be overt about the modifications that she was alarmingly quickly becoming accustomed to.

Letting herself in, she went directly upstairs and ran a bath, adding perfumed salts, and poured herself a glass of wine, before stripping off her silks, and locking the door then slipping with a sigh into the warmth, enjoying the soothing effect on her tattooed anus. As she soaked, she sipped her wine, and as she reflected on the last time she had taken wine, her anus gave a huge clench to the new sized keeper that nestled there, causing her clit and nipples to respond. As her fingers reached for both, she looked down at the stripes on her chest, and dreamily remembered the honour of savouring her Masters piss.

After towelling herself down, Sarah slipped into a thick robe and went downstairs to the kitchen, refilling her wine glass, and thinking about supper. Then she remembered the pot in her handbag. She retrieved it, and wondered about when to consume it.  The feelings in her ass-pussy as she pondered the question made her want it now, but she already had a liberal dose in her stomach, and wanted that always to be the case now, so she resolved to have the majority of it as a yoghurt-like breakfast with her juice in the morning, so she put it at the back of the fridge- but not before she had poured a generous dollop in the coffee she had just made to go with her wine.

Pete returned about an hour later, while she was fussing with the meatloaf she had prepared. He kissed her cheek, and wrapped his arms round her affectionately. She felt guilty at pushing him away, but even the thickness of the robe couldnt be guaranteed to stop him feeling the change in her nipples if he had brushed against them. Only until Wednesday - courage, girl.

Feeling rejected, he only exchanged a few terse words over supper, and as he settled down in front of the TV for the night, she excused herself upstairs with her book. After an hours reading, she fell into a happy sleep, stroking her nipples and squeezing the keeper softly as she drifted off.

Sarah was becoming used to waking alone. Listening for telltale sounds as to whether Pete was up and dressed, she reached between her legs to touch her new ink, and was gratified to note that the area was now dry and not so tender to the touch. She smiled, as her fingers lovingly caressed the base of the giant keeper that was ever so gradually opening her relaxed state wider and wider, so that soon her greedy anus would be able to swallow Winstons incredible weapon whole. Hearing Pete downstairs, she slipped out of bed and stretched lazily in front of the mirror, loving the way her modified nipples looked under the satin of her favourite pink summer baby-doll. Knowing that her stretchers were being fitted today, she wondered quite what they would look like tomorrow morning.

Shedding the pink satin and donning a robe, she padded softly to the bathroom and did her morning stuff. Choosing her outfit for the day, she decided on a lace-up at the front camisole again in pink, with matching French panties under a lightweight red coat dress, with red heels. Applying her make-up, she went a bit heavy around the eyes again, and applied perfume liberally. She couldnt help feeling more like someone preparing for a hot date than one being coerced- maybe she had moved on rather more than she thought?

As she went downstairs, Pete was just leaving, and grunted a sulky goodbye at her as he went. Sarah went to the fridge and poured her juice, and then reached to the back of the cabinet and retrieved her special pot. Presumably, the drugs in her system were at a low point right now, so she should feel daunted at the task of eating a yoghurt pot of cold sperm-indeed, no-one would ever know if she put it straight in the trash- yet she licked her lips at the thought of it, and the suggestion that had been implanted in her brain for those first few days that it was nectar flooded over her, and all her now interconnected special areas throbbed in unison, as she greedily spooned it into her pretty mouth. She thought idly that maybe she should have put pink lipstick on to eat it, as she noticed that this was thinner than the cum she had swallowed straight from her masters cocks, or had sucked from her slut ass afterwards- probably the effect of chilling?

Leaving home, she texted the magic number, and the giant keeper hummed softly into life.

Sarah was relieved that the soreness of last nights walk home was not repeated, and she was able to enjoy the sensations in her rectum and nipples, as she was ogled and admired throughout her journey, despite the 2 layers of fabric that separated her nipples from the gazes this morning.

Climbing the stairs above the tattoo shop, and walking through to the cleansing room, only Winston and Leroy were there smiling at her this morning.

“ Good morning Sarah. How was breakfast?” teased Winston.

“ Very enjoyable, thank-you Master” blushed Sarah, as she obediently shed her clothes and presented her breasts upon the stocks as if it was second nature. She was amazed to note that her cunt was moist, and all of her throbbed at the mere anticipation of her injections.

Winston ceremonially buckled her in, and went about the business of preparing her syringes, choosing 4 again for her breast injections, dividing the hormone/antibiotic cocktail again, so that the little slut could enjoy all four at once as before. He continued with the high Viagra dose, as she clearly responded wonderfully to it, even if its necessity was now in question.

“ would you like to push two yourself again Sarah?” he teased.

“Um-yes please Master”, blushed the slut, as he approached her with the dish. Grasping one breast, he cupped it and offered the fat needle to her teat, then stopped with the tip resting on her milk ducts. “Ask me” he boomed

Sarah blushed scarlet, and said “ Please inject my breast through my nipple master”

Winston very slowly and deliberately drove the needle fully home as the slut gasped in -well, just pleasure to be honest- and when it was home, he guided her little hand to it. Repeating the process with the other breast, he admired the sight of the slut holding two fully charged syringes that impaled her tit meat, glazed eyes anticipating the injection, and as he pushed both of his needles into her breasts, he gave the push command, and heard her animal-like moans as the butt-plug came to life, and about 200ml of drugs forced their way into her milky chest.

Sarahs eyes remained closed as he withdrew the 4 invaders- it seemed she was still convulsing from the sensations this was better than he could have ever dreamed-she was a true needle slut, and that made great webcam viewing.

Mixing up her nipple doses, he stuck with nettle/wasp, as the pimpling was very pronounced now, and made her spectacular nipples even more noticeable- but as the stretchers were going on this morning, he decided to give her nipples a maximum work-out sensation wise, and filled her teat syringe with nettle/hornet venom-the strongest mix they had.

Sarah licked her lips in expectation when Winston, as he always did, injected her teats first, and as she waited for the rush of pain in the engorged flesh as the venom took effect, she screamed in surprise as the pain was double that which she expected. It just kept building, and she whimpered with fear, as she thought it would never stop increasing. Finally it levelled somewhere just within the bounds of bearable, and as Winston surrounded her aureolae with little pricks as her spread the nettle/wasp mix throughout her puffy cookies, she was faced with the new experience of a level of pain that her body was unable to process completely into pleasure, and the humming in her ass-pussy seemed to increase in intensity, as if rising to the challenge.

As she was helped up onto the cleansing table, and the keeper eased out of her clutching sphincter, the pain in her teats seemed to rise a little, as her body lost some of its focus on interpreting the sensations as pleasure, but as Leroys liquids flooded into her bowels, and the Viagra started coursing through her, the levels quickly subsided, and by the time Winston was rubbing her stomach, as the last of the mighty 4 litre douche filled her to capacity, she was beginning to love the new levels of awareness that dominated her fabulous nipples, and her stomach teasingly rubbed back at Winstons hand the way a cat does to encourage further petting.

As Leroy finished her cleansing, Winston again commented on the fact that she was not due any punishment this morning.

Sarah felt a sudden sense of urgency that her cunt should be caned, and quickly reminded her Master that her cunt was still technically available to white cock.

“What are you saying, little slut?” he asked knowingly.

“Please punish this sluts cunt for being still available Master” pleaded Sarah.

“Its only available for a couple more days, but yes, you have a point slut” mused Winston- get into the stirrups and Ill strap you in- but I want your tongue in Leroys ass while I cane you everyone says youre getting rather good at rimming, so lets keep you in practice?”

“ Yes Master, and thank-you” sobbed the slut, embarrassed at the fact that she had begged to have her cunt caned, and was prepared to eat ass to get it.

As Winston strapped her legs to the stirrups, Leroy stripped off and knelt astride her head, offering her his sphincter to worship. As he lowered it, puckering, onto her face, she pulled the eyelets in her labia as wide apart as she could and the first, very hard stroke landed. Screaming into Leroys ass, she pushed her tongue in and, just for a moment wondered, partially with excitement, if she would ever be required to perform any other services at this kind of altar. As the cane strokes rained down, she kept her mouth so full of Leroys anus that all her moans and screams were lost in the depths of his rectum, as she remembered Ceebert suggesting tongue modifications that would make her better at this, and the spasms started, and her first anal orgasm of the day began to build, the sensations in her nipples now all pleasure, and mirrored by the ones in her pain-racked clit as the blows still landed. The peristaltic pulses that surged up and down her colon seemed be of a new intensity level, despite the absence of her keeper, and she wondered if she would ever stop evolving at these peoples hands as the full force of the anal cum made lights flash in her head.

When reality returned, Winston was unstrapping her from the stirrups, and Leroy was no longer astride her face, but the throbbing in her labia and teats reminded her this was real, and she realised that she had already passed out through orgasm once this morning, and it was probably not yet 10AM.

As they gave the ragdoll on the table a few moments to collect herself, Winston outlined her day. Ceebert was to have her next, to apply her stretchers, and give her another new tattoo marking her progress. Then the boys were going to spit-roast her a little, so she didnt lose any of her newfound capacity. Following that, she was to spend some time in the urinal hood, before returning to Ceebert to have more of his “masterpiece” on her back coloured in, whilst she blew Winston. Sarah thought dimly that the schedule that had just been outlined to her would have filled her with terror a few days ago, but now each item on the agenda caused her to flood with the warmth of anticipation.

Padding through to Ceeberts room, she was struck by how at home she felt in the place that was filled with the instruments of her modification. As she looked with affection at the tattoo guns holstered on the steel table, she realised that she was not only becoming at home with wearing Ceeberts ink, but was starting to feel protected by the fact that she wore his mark, and she found herself wishing there was a way she could suck his pierced cockhead into her throat while he tattooed her pale skin.

“ Good morning Master”, she said with genuine affection, as Ceebert beamed at the arrival of his formerly blank canvas.

“ Lie on your back, Sarah-I want to fit these nipple stretchers” he instructed.

Obediently, she lay on articulated table.  Wow-did Winston use the hornet venom today?” marvelled Ceebert “ I never saw these teats so rigid”

“ Yes Master- he did, and it hurt a lot-but it feels kinda good now” she replied, and he smiled his approval.

Reaching into a small box on the table beside the bed, Ceebert produced four delicate surgical steel rods, with a cup on either end , and a spring action that pushed the cups apart. Compressing the spring on one, he deftly slid the cups behind the upper balls on each of the vertical piercings of her left aureola,.. Releasing the tension, the device gently but firmly pushed the two balls apart, making the pimpled puffy aureola stretch pronouncedly at the top. Repeating the process with the lower balls, the left nipple was now a good inch wider than it was previously, and Sarah gasped at the stretching sensation, adding to the myriad of other sensations that went on in her chest these days. Ceebert explained “ Winston wants as much of your breasts as possible to be nipple- these will gently stretch the nipple meat so that it gradually grows across the breast, whose meat will contract to allow the breast to remain the same size, so the nipple will eventually quite literally grow. Winston wants you to have the widest, as well as the puffiest and most sticky-out nipples he has ever seen-you have quite a journey ahead of you in that respect”

Ceebert added the other pair of stretchers, and then both admired her new, wider nipples with enthusiasm.

“I think, given the effect the hornet venom has had on your teats, I will add a second piercing in each teat this morning too. We want to apply teat stretchers as well, which will involve the insertion of a small grommet in each one, near the tip. Once these have healed, we will be able to apply stretching to the grommets, forcing the teats to grow. We thought it would be a few weeks before the teats were big enough to take a second piercing, but the hornet venom seems to have brought that forward as well”

Sarah gasped- was there no end to their plans for her nipples?...they would soon look like feats of engineering rather than parts of her body, and why did that excite her so?

Ceebert swabbed her teats, which were so sensitive with the venom that she gasped at each touch. He made a small black pen mark on each side of each teat, and then produced an 8 gauge needle, fully 4mm across. He attached a pair of sponge forceps across her left teat to hold it firm, and then, with a good firm push, he drove the needle through the meat, removing a small cylinder of nipple, as her transformation took another small step. Sarah screamed briefly at the sharp pain, but she found herself watching in fascination as Ceebert removed the needle, and then used the cannular that remained to feed an insertion pin into the teat, and thence to slide the skewered flesh over a gold 4mm grommet, sighing in satisfaction as the nipple snapped snugly into the groove around the grommet where it would forever remain.

As he affectionately repeated the procedure with the other one, Sarah looked at her nipples, stretched obscenely wide by the springs between the long 12 gauge barbells, and double pierced at each teat to enable further stretching, and as the beautiful gold jewellery glinted back at her, she decided that for the first time in her life, her nipples were properly loved, and she welcomed every sensation she felt in them, craving ever more as her journey continued.

Winston carefully manouvered her onto her front for tattooing, and as her bruised and battered breasts came to rest on the table, she relaxed and enjoyed the sensation of being his canvas.

“Left buttock this time Sarah” he enthused, and fetched the steel table that carried his tattoo guns and ink. Swabbing her left cheek, he reached for the outline gun, and the buzzing started, as the now familiar warm sting of the ink being applied washed over her.

As Ceebert worked, Sarah asked him about the tongue modifications he had mentioned, and why he didnt advise them yet.

Ceebert explained that, whilst everyone knew sluts had a barbell placed in their tongue to aid fellatio, few realised that a series of rings or grommets down the outside of the tongue, as well as three barbells of increasing thickness down the centre meant that each part of the tongue could do a different job of bringing pleasure to a cockhead. He had also always wanted to try piercing the epiglottis at the back of the throat to give added sensation to a cock shaft as it rubbed on the throat opening, but this, to his knowledge, had never been done yet. In addition, it was possible to cut the gristle underneath the tongue at the back, known as the frenum, in order that the slut could extend her tongue out a lot further, making both head and rimming a whole lot more adventurous. The reason he advised against it was that it made talking normally difficult in the short term as well as to a lesser extent in the long term, and thus was not consistent with an office job such as hers. Sarah understood, but knew immediately Ceebert explained the procedures that she had to have them. Anything that made her able to give better head, and moreover to get her tongue deeper into her masters anus she was destined to have!

Ceebert smiled as she voiced those thoughts, as the image of the dreadlocked, lipsticked beauty with her tongue as far as possible into the anus that lay between the spread black buttocks before her took shape on her left ass cheek. The legend “I rim any black” had already been outlined below.

After another hour, Ceebert finally put down his guns, and as he sprayed antiseptic cleaner on her ass cheek, he couldnt help but admire his portrait skills, as the face worshipping anus on her buttock was every bit as beautiful as the person who wore it.

Thanking her Master for her new ink, Sarah went back through to the treatment room, to find that Louis had appeared. It seemed that her spit-roasting today was to involve Leroy, Ceebert and Louis (How she wished she was open enough to take Winston as well), and as she went to the dentists chair for her jaw-hinge and throat injections, she began to feel her arousal begin.

As she assumed her usual Doggy-style crouch to receive her Masters cocks in her throat and ass-pussy, she was struck for the first time at the absolute submissiveness of the position, and she realised with certainty that she would never receive a cock laid on her back ever again. Her Masters began their invasion of her wanton body, and as each one in turn occupied her colon or throat, the orgasmic waves began rolling over her, as she sought to get them in deeper at either end, and by the time each one had occupied both of her slut channels, and had deposited their sperm deep in her beautifully tattooed ass, the convulsions had become one long large orgasm which had wracked her colourful body for half an hour, and left her so weak from the muscular devastation that had torn through her body for that time, that it was only being impaled on her cock that kept her in the kneeling position. As the last two withdrew, she collapsed onto the table, barely conscious enough to notice the drainplug being pushed into her now cavernous anus.

As the drain tube from the plug was offered to her lips, they automatically parted to receive the intruder, despite her semi-conscious state. It seemed her body was developing a reflex action now in that it opened whenever anything was offered to it. She closed her mouth around the feeding tube, and sucked the precious fluids from deep within her body, enjoying the post orgasmic warm feeling that swept over her as she drank deeply of the seed.

They let her rest awhile, so that her latest tattoo could stop weeping, and then Winston appeared brandishing her piss hood. She couldnt help but feel a sense of pride as she saw that they had polished the nameplate so that the “Sarah” motif gleamed at her, and she knelt meekly for her master to buckle it around her neck and head, noting to her surprise that she felt no trepidation this time at the knowledge that her face and mouth were about to be a urinal for four black hoses- indeed her sexual centres betrayed her rapidly vanishing sense of decency by spasming in unison at the thought.

Winston led the hooded slut through to the wet room, followed by her other three Masters who had been drinking water to excess whilst the slut recovered her wits after her spit-roasting.

She knelt to face them, and as they all stripped their pants off, and stood around her, massive weapons all ready to anoint her, she opened her mouth wide, and looked each one in the eyes as instructed as one after the other they voided their bursting bladders into the wanton drain-hole that was her slut throat. This time, she was determined to honor them by swallowing as much as she could, and gulped furiously to try to cope with the torrents that cascaded into her pretty face. She swallowed like a trooper, and with each swallow the sensations in her anus and nipples built. Three times during the session she shuddered to an orgasm of such intensity that she was unable to swallow, but she kept her mouth open wide throughout, which made Winston smile inwardly at the ever increasing levels of devotion their slut was showing.

As the last Master emptied the remaining drops from his bladder into her greedy mouth, Winston examined the catch trough under the hood, and was impressed to see that she had swallowed more than he ever imagined possible. There was a quart or so of piss in the catcher, but he estimated that was less than half of what she must have swallowed…this girl, he thought proudly, is a natural.

So impressed with her was he that he actually asked her if she had room for any more rather than just making her drink the residue. As he opened the valve and drained the piss into a pitcher, she confessed that she did not feel able to drink much more, but was happy to try if it pleased them. Satisfied with the devotion this response took, Winston excused her the task, but assured her that, far from being wasted, the piss would be added to her first cleansing enema tomorrow. Sarah was astonished that, on hearing those words, her nipples throbbed so hard she moaned out loud.

Winston unbuckled the hood, and told her to go grab a shower, before reporting back to Ceebert for some more color on the centrepiece on her back, which was becoming ever more impressive.

As she showered, Winston told the boys that Teddy had arranged for the website to go live tomorrow, and Sarahs first task, after cleansing and injection, was to be probed by Teddys new fibreoptic dildo cameras as she was “introduced” to her online public.

Suitably cleaned and refreshed, Sarah reported to Ceebert, and laid face down on his couch to receive more color on the masterpiece. As promised, while he worked, and she let the pleasurable sensations wash over her as the needle bit into her pale skin, Winston stood at her head and offered her his ebony trunk to worship. Parting her recently re-lipsticked crimson lips theatrically to receive the weapon, she expertly teased the tip with her tongue, graduating quickly from little caresses to great hungry, slobbering licks before straining her injected jaw hinges as she began her descent down the pole that she adored above all else. As she worked her magic, Winston started to explain about the webcam show tomorrow, and as he reached the part where he told her not to eat breakfast as they would be filming the depths of her throat, right down into the stomach, she went crazy on his cock, and was rewarded with a torrent of seed at the back of her throat just as her anus and nipples exploded in an orgasmic starburst that made her spasm so violently that Ceebert had to stop inking until the waves subsided.

After an hour, Ceebert holstered his tattoo gun, and looked at the mirrors images of Teddys cock. The images were now so realistic one felt they could almost throb with a life of their own. This was turning out better than he had dared hope…and if all went smoothly with the husband on Wednesday, then he would be able to start on her front, her legs….he felt his cock throb at the thought.

As Ceebert cleaned and dressed her back, Winston explained that she was through for the day now. She was to have a double helping of cum this evening to make up for her fast tomorrow, and was to pay special attention to her appearance tomorrow, as first impressions were vital for her webcam public. She was to be allowed to wear a mask tomorrow, but if all went well on Wednesday, it would not be required for many sessions.

Leeroy gently but firmly pushed her evening companion, fully charged, into the cavern that had once been her virgin anus, and Winston bade her dress and dismissed her.

As she walked home, she marvelled at the newer, even more intense sensations she was experiencing in her now heavily modified cookies as they brushed against her silk lingerie, and wondered just how much crazier it could get when she was “outed” on Wednesday; and smiled when she realised she really didnt care.

Avoiding Pete wherever possible that evening, she slipped into bed that night and stroked her new nipples lovingly as she slipped into a well earned sleep

Sarah awoke on Tuesday after a restless nights sleep. She was not enjoying the tense atmosphere between her and Pete (they had barely spoken the previous evening), and with the “outing” of her predicament planned for tomorrow, things were hardly likely to improve in that respect. Also, she was a little uncomfortable about the launching of her web cam site today. OK, no one would recognise her with her mask, and no one at work had ever seen her in dreadlocks; but there was a world of difference between body modifications that she could conceal, and invasion of the inner core of her body by Teddys fibre optic dildo cams. She was not at all happy at the prospect, but the thing that troubled her most was the way she had orgasmed as Winston had described the intimacy of the intrusions yesterday. It must be the drugs in her system…that was it..She was so open to suggestion that anything would turn her on. The real Sarah would never endorse such behaviour, let alone become excited by it, would she?

Comforted by those thoughts, she waited for Pete to leave, busying herself with choosing her outfit for the day. She had ordered some new lingerie on Saturday, which had pleasingly been on the doorstep when she came home last night. She enjoyed the reaction her lovely lingerie drew from her Masters, and was keen to keep wowing them (that was the exhibitionist in her-she was OK with that). With that in mind, she had ordered a gorgeous silk lace at the front teddy in sage green, with matching garter belt and thigh-highs. She laid it out on the bed, enjoying the tactile delicacy of the silk, as she chose green 4 inch strappy sandals and a green and purple screen print silk dress to complete the ensemble. As her hands involuntarily strayed to her puffy, swollen cookies that now seemed more prickly than pimply, she was reminded of the grommets that now sat in her teats making them stick out like tiny pink digits as she winced at their soreness when she touched them. They would be impossible to hide under such a flimsy, almost diaphanous get-up, and she thought briefly about changing her choice, until the involuntary clenching around her companion, and the surge of throbbing in her nipples that the thought of being so blatantly on display caused drove such thoughts from her mind.

As she showered, Pete banged the door angrily on the way out, and she shook the moisture from her dreads and towelled herself dry before getting ready.

She went really to town on her make-up..eyes that Cleopatra would have approved of (well she was the greatest fellatrice ever wasnt she?), heavy blusher, and startling scarlet lip-gloss. As she pulled the sheer hose up her legs, she felt another wave of excitement rush over her, and regretted that she wasnt allowed her special cream for breakfast, and blushed with guilt as the reason why caused an aftershock of similar magnitude.

Checking herself in the mirror, she liked what she saw, and, closing the door behind her, she enjoyed the early morning sun on her silk clad body as she texted the number, and waited for her keeper to hum into life before striding out purposefully to the tattoo shop to meet her cyber-public for the first time.

Walking up the stairs to her training suite, she saw a large white wide brimmed hat on the hat rack, and realised that Master Teddy was already there. As she walked through into the cleansing room, she glanced sideways into the main suite, and saw Teddys huge bulk busying itself with a large array of lights, tripods, and other equipment. His bald pate glistened as he worked. She could not stifle a twinge of excitement as she realised she could almost taste the power he exuded. She continued into the cleansing room, and found Winston and the others there waiting for her. Their eyes never left her as she crossed the room. She clearly looked the part.

“Good morning, Black cock slut Sarah”  boomed Winston, his grin splitting his face. “Welcome to your first day of stardom” 

She paled as the enormity of that statement hit her, and stifled the urge to turn and run.

“Good morning Masters” she replied, focussing on the threat of courtrooms and drug money trials if she refused. She could do this.

“ You clearly took note of my request to dress the part, slut- you look hot” enthused the ebony giant, as Leroy and Ceebert murmured agreement in the background.

Sarah blushed a shade that matched her lipstick, and as Winston bade her undress and present breasts, she trembled at the realisation that she was already getting excited, and she wasnt even injected yet.

As she slipped out of the silk dress, there were whistles as they took in her lingerie.

“Wow, slut..The cyber worlds gonna love that” teased Winston. “Best keep it clean before the broadcast..Take it off and you can re-dress after your enemas”

She undressed completely, and climbed meekly up onto the stocks for Winston to buckle her in. As he inspected her teats with their new grommets, he was pleased to see that they were already settling down nicely.

“The grommets look great, Sarah. It will only be a few days before we can apply traction to them. You already know that I want to develop your aureolae sideways so that they eventually occupy the majority of your breasts- the spreaders already seem to be working quite well in that respect. You may like to know that I have now decided to develop the teats as radically as I can as well. If they stretch as well as I hope they will, we should in time be able to make them the size of small fingers. Kind of ironic isnt it that as your wimp husbands cock shrinks more and more through lack of use, the teats on your chest will soon be bigger than his pencil dick” the brothers laughed heartily at Winstons comparison, and Sarahs head span as she realised that he wasnt entirely joking.

“With that in mind, we will stick with hornet/nettle for the teats. I am very pleased with the extensive pimpling of your aureolae, and we will stay with the beesting/nettle mix there for the moment…. But first your breast injections, which I took the liberty of preparing earlier”.

He approached her with the four large syringes full of Complyormone, Viagra, hormones and antibiotics, and saw her lovely eyes light up despite herself as he held the glistening tips to the air and expelled the air.

“ I thought, as a treat, we may apply all four injections at once today Sarah- but only if you ask me nicely” he grinned.

She thought of the pain of 200ml being driven into her tits all at once, and despite herself she spasmed at the concept of four needles at once.

“Please allow me all four at once Master” she whispered, hanging her head in shame at how far she had descended in such a short time.

Smiling, Winston pushed the first of the fat needles deep into her tit meat through her pink cookies, and she supported the weight eagerly as he repeated the process on the other one. Holding the two loaded syringes, she waited for Winston to push the final two through the other side of each aureola, and then, on Winstons command, pushed firmly on both plungers in perfect synchronicity with her Master. Her eyes glazed over, and she moaned out load as all the delicious sensations flooded over her throughout the passage of the huge mother-load of drug cocktail flooded into her superb breasts.

Winston gave her time for the spasms and sobs to subside, and couldnt help wondering if she was actually sorry the process was over.

Ceebert moved forward and gently soothed the sluts brow as Winston began her cookie and teat injections, whispering encouragement in her ear as she whimpered in that state that hung on the border between pain and pleasure as the hornet venom bit deeply into the nerve endings in her heavily modified nipples. Sarahs reaction to these injections was become deeper each time, and was now almost ethereal, as the place she retreated too seemed to be even nearer to utopia that her anal orgasms took her. They really had started something here, and as Winston unbuckled her and led her to the cleansing table, she moved in a trance-like state that she was clearly very at home with.

She gradually came to her senses as they positioned her on the enema table, and was unable to stifle a moan of disappointment as her keeper was removed for cleansing and recharging.

Leroy popped the nozzle in for the first of the three enemas, and Sarah looked briefly puzzled as the first bag they attached seemed to contain a cloudy yellowish fluid rather than the usual clear-but she quickly remembered that this was the residue from her piss hood yesterday, and that it was purely down to her inability to consume the full might of her Masters bountiful fluids that this was happening. As Leroy opened the tap for the first time, she received the flow eagerly as if the penance atoned her failure, and Winston spoke

“This will be your deepest clean ever Sarah- we dont want your public to be put off by poor inner cleanliness, do we? After we have cleansed you fully, you will put your lingerie and hose back on and report to Master Teddy. He has been active in spreading the word around the net during the past week of a hot new site called “Deep inside Sarah” It is only open to black members. Todays broadcast, during which you will wear an eye mask, is free. It will not feature any sex, but the viewers will be given a very detailed tour of your body- first in your lingerie, then naked. Particular attention will be paid to your modifications. Then finally Teddy will use his fibre optic dildos to take our watching brothers on a tour of your insides. Obviously, black men are not interested in your pussy, which will be closed tomorrow in any case; but they will be taken fully two feet into your colon, and all the way down your throat into your stomach. As an encore, one more tour will be taken, which I will save as a surprise. Once the tour is over, the brothers will be given the chance to subscribe to the site for a year, the fees from this will help to pay for the considerable cost of your training and rehabilitation. Once paid up, they will have access to the two web cam broadcasts a week that you will be making, fully unmasked. The members will be invited to contribute to the contents of each show, choosing in advance the way you will be used. Teddy and I will decide which suggestion is the best each time, and make it happen. We will also be inviting suggestions as to your further tattooing once Ceeberts ideas are exhausted-again, best suggestion wins. Twice a week for a year..thats over a Hundred new tattoos Sarah!

You may be wondering why?- Its simple…

The old Sarah is a vain and superficial white woman, who dotes on herself.  She buys the finest lingerie and clothes.  She dresses to make men look at her - for her pleasure not theirs. Her existence until now has been pointless. This has now changed. Black cock slut Sarah is just an object for our pleasure. By being displayed and used exactly as we choose on the net for all black men to see, she has become irrelevant, as an individual-she exists for our pleasure now. Her rehabilitation from vain white valueless poseur to black mans plaything starts here. She can achieve rehabilitation   in a black dominated society where her vanity and highly modified physical attractions will be put to good and constant use, thus making her productive for the first time in her life”

Sarah could scarcely believe what she was hearing; she had never considered herself superficial and useless before, and as Winstons words hit home, tears started streaming down her cheeks as her inner self knew he spoke the truth. So rapt was she in his words that she didnt even notice the second enema come and go, but was jerked back to reality by heavy cramps in her stomach, which Winston and Leroy took turns to massage to help her along. Leroy had told her this was her deepest clean ever, and as he told Winston that the last half litre would be the hardest, as he had never administered 5 litres before, she grit her teeth and tried to be “productive” as she determined to take the last 500ml and make them proud of her.

When finally it was in, they let her retain it for fully five minutes, tears still cascading down her face, until she gave a loud gasp of relief as Leroy opened the valve and emptied her finally.

Praising her on her tenacity, Winston bade her to get into the stirrups for a shave (he must have her electrolysed soon), and an application of “Nair”, which hopefully would keep the depilation effective for a few weeks, as shaving her after closure tomorrow would not be quite so straightforward.

This done, Winston had her hang her head over the edge of the stirrup table, and produced the injections for her jaw and throat. Teddy was setting the dentists chair up for web cam transmission, so this would have to suffice. As she opened her mouth wide to receive the jabs in the soft tissue at the back of her throat, he noticed that her jaw already opened wider than it used to, even before he had applied the valium to her jaw hinges- clearly she was adapting. More significantly, he noticed that the look in her eyes as he pressed the plunger was somewhat more distant, as if she had retreated to a place only she knew about to reflect on her “need for rehabilitation”. He smiled at the realisation that his words had affected her so, and gently injected her jaw hinges.

“I think you are almost ready for your public, Black cock slut Sarah. Go and shower, then  re-dress exactly as you looked when you came in. Be careful not to damage that make-up when you shower. Then report to Master Teddy and well see you later. Good luck slut, and wow them for us-make us proud”

The last sentence brought Sarah back from that faraway place, and a steely determination to do this to the best of her ability, however wrong she found it coursed through her psyche.

As she walked into the main room, and felt the heat of the lights, she felt a fluttering in her stomach that told her life was about to change radically from this moment. Sure, her body mods and newfound need for black cock would always be with her now, but this was different. This was the first time she would be voluntarily acknowledging the fact that she was a meaningless white trophy who sought rehabilitation from her sins by offering herself like a piece of meat for ritual humiliation. She opened her mouth to sob, but the wave of  pre-orgasmic sensations that washed through her nipples clit and anus turned it into a moan of pleasure.

Teddy turned round and beamed at her. Again, she was shocked at the power this man exuded. Had she known that she already sported a half finished tribute to his unbelievable weapon in mirrors image on her lily-white back, then she would probably have come on the spot.

“Hey, slut Sarah- you look ravishing. I am just about ready to start the transmission. The word has been spread around Facebook and the like, so I anticipate a big audience”

That voice-the one she had been unable to escape from in her early training washed over her like the music of a fine bassoon. It was deeply implanted in her to obey this voice, and she found herself feeling warm and excited as he continued

“When I start the transmission, this light on top of the digicam will come on-that means we are live. I will then commence the voiceover, and you will respond to my leads. You will first strip to your lingerie as sexily as possible- we will take a very slow tour around your silk clad body, and then capture every detail as you slowly and erotically strip naked. I will then conduct a tour of your back, showing each tattoo in fine detail. As you do not know what these tattoos depict, I will not describe them, simply let the audience drink in their beauty. When I reach the base of your spine with the camera, you will, without being asked, bend forward and part the cheeks of your ass as wide as you can so that they can see the work around your slut anus.

We will then move on to your breasts, and I will explain in some detail the modifications that have taken place so far, and what we hope to achieve.

Once the audience is fully familiar with your body, you will settle into the dentists chair, and put your legs in the stirrups. I will then lower the chair to nearly horizontal and show your pussy grommets explaining that this is the one and only time they will ever see your pussy open.

Now we are at the point where we go “ deep inside Sarah””

He produced two long black bendy latex dildos- both well over two feet long. Both had cables running from one end to a light source box on the floor, and thence into the laptop on the side of the chair.

“This one is 1 ½ inches wide, Sarah- and is for your throat. The other is 2 inches, and is for your anus. You have accommodated much larger in both, so this should be easy for you, although the depth will be a new experience! I want you to be relaxed throughout this, so we have not set the bar too high size wise. The anal dildo also has pressure sensors down its length. The web cam viewers will have a readout of the pressure permanently displayed at the top of the screen throughout the examination. They will know, if the pressure starts spiking in rhythm, that you have come for their pleasure whilst being publicly examined. I personally have no doubt that this will happen. Once a lengthy examination of both of your slut thoroughfares has been completed, we have one more treat for you…we are going to film the inside of your urethra into your bladder using this apparatus” She gasped in shock as he showed her a bendy fibre optic wand about ½ inch wide.

“ When your pussy is closed tomorrow, you will need catheterising for obvious reasons, so you may as well get used to the feeling. Who knows we may enlarge your urethral opening as part of your modification programme-it has not been decided yet. Your humiliation can only be complete if every opening on your slut body is wide for perusal, so it is an important part of your rehabilitation that this happens. Once we have finished with bladdercam, the transmission will end, and we shall wait for the membership applications to roll in. You are now irreversibly our black cock slut Sarah, and your descent into full, productive sluttiness is now unavoidable, so I have every confidence that you will make us proud of you”

She felt her breast swell with pride, as the impact of that voice she could not disobey sunk in-she needed to start on the road to rehabilitation right now, and a fine performance for the camera was the best way to start.

As the background lights went out, and Teddy slipped a small green mask over her eyes, she saw Winston, Leroy and Ceebert at the back of the room to encourage her, and as the light winked on, and Teddys baritone voice launched smoothly into his introduction about a formerly useless white bauble who had seen the light and sought to do something useful with her sexuality from now on, she disrobed slowly and erotically, drinking in the warmth of the lights and moistening at the thought of all those black men growing wood at the sight of her lovely green lingerie.

As Teddy slipped smoothly through his commentary, she felt like he was describing goods for sale, chattels, meat..not a sentient woman ay all, and was surprised that she found comfort in that, and her nipples started spasming big time.

After some considerable time filming her in her underwear, Teddy started his introduction to her nakedness, and on that cue she slipped her silk stockings down her legs seductively, licking her highly glossed lips as she did so. Shimmying out of her teddy after teasingly untying the laces that held her splendid chest in place, she thrilled at the brief exposure her heavily modified nipples received before she turned round to have her ink closely scrutinised. As Teddys commentary ceased while her tattoos were filmed in close up detail, she thrilled at the thought that all those men who had fleetingly seen the metal in her nipples would be wondering if they imagined it, and lusting for a second look. Her first anal mini-orgasm rushed through her, as she fought against her knees buckling. The camera continued its very slow descent of her back, and when the time was right, she bent forward and parted her lovely buttocks so wide the skin stretched, and her divine anus, the gateway to her newfound sexuality puckered and winked at the light like a mole surfacing in the sunlight as her audience greedily drank in the magnificent rose and inked gold rings that framed her sphincter to perfection.

This done, she turned round, and presented her breasts for the camera, cupping them in her hands as Teddy explained each piercing, and how they hoped in time to make her breasts almost exclusively nipple. As he moved on to her teats, she jumped as he touched each one, the hornet venom making them almost unbearably sensitive. As Teddy explained that they where in the early stages of planning to turn her teats into mini white cocks on her chest, as a permanent reminder to her of their inferiority, and that she would never again need to experience one, she suddenly saw what sense it made, and hoped that Winston would deem the project possible and proceed with it.

Scrutiny over, she hopped willingly into the dentists chair, and placed her legs, still in the green heels, which she had replaced after removing her stockings. Winston and Leroy appeared from the shadows and buckled her legs in, and then reclined the chair to horizontal.

Winston picked up the 2 inch thick black snake, which had already been lightly lubricated, and offered it to her puckering, winking anus. As the light source warmed her sphincter skin, her audience gasped in cyber unison as her anus actually opened involuntarily in anticipation of the invader, as if to welcome it home, and Sarah started drawing big breaths as the voyage began-the journey to the center of her body..

Feeding the monster very slowly and gently through her anus into her rectum, Teddy gave a commentary as would a tour guide, as every twist and turn of her canal was illuminated and laid bare by the fibre optics. Rectum turned into colon, as Winston firmly but smoothly continued the navigation of her bowel, until the full two feet were inside her, and the flared base stopped the machine vanishing inside her completely.

As Leroy smoothed her brow and told her that it was fully home, her audience received irrefutable proof of her sluttiness as the pointers on their pressure readouts danced in a seismographic rhythm that betrayed the strength of the anal orgasm that ripped through her.

Leaving the monster secured in her ass, the camera panned up to her sweaty, face, her eyes glazed with pleasure as Winston fed a small, clear tube about the width of a pencil into her nostril, and told her to snort as he eased it down through her sinuses into her throat. As teddy explained that the tube was connected to an oxygen supply, as the throat dildo was going to be inside her for much longer than she could hold her breath, Leroy appeared with the 1 ½ inch snake, and lowered the head restraint until her throat was in a straight line with her stomach.

As Teddy again started his smooth deliver of the tour guide, the brothers smiled in unison as Sarahs mouth opened automatically to receive the black invader, her crimson lips stretching in obscene beauty around the shaft as throatcam began its voyage into her gullet, and thence on to the uncharted depths of her stomach. Taking great care to protect her sensitive throat membranes, Leroy slipped the beast past her throat as she swallowed obediently, and then ever so slowly, and with great tenderness, eased the length of the invader down her beautiful, pale neck. Sarah allowed the pleasure of having something black in her throat where it belonged to was over her, and the pressure meters on laptops and PCs around the world began their orgasmic dance. As the dildo thrust onward, Sarah became aware that she was now penetrated even deeper than her masters could go, and, although the sensations remained the same, she felt grateful for the oxygen supply, and found herself wishing that they would use it on her as the throated their monsters, so that she could keep them in and worship them at length rather than in breath sized strokes. As that though washed over her, and the pressure needles responded, Leroy suddenly felt resistance, and realised that, with 8 inches still to go, he had reached her esophageal sphincter. Knowing that her stomach was empty, he let the weapon rest on the barrier for a moment, as the slut grew accustomed to it, and as Teddys commentary reached a crescendo, he firmly pushed past that last gateway. As dildocam burst into her stomach, Sarah felt more invaded than at any stage in her life, and as the last 8 inches slid into her stomach, her audience were able to watch her colon wall contract like a python engulfing a boar, as the biggest orgasm she had ever imagined, let alone experienced ripped through her bowels in response to the knowledge that her violation was complete and total, and her bladder voided itself in agreement.

Letting the semi-conscious slut clam down for a while, Winston busied himself with urethracam , getting it ready as Teddy explained this final, extra violation to the audience, adding that it was her first time. Teddy panned back with the camera to remind the audience of the helpless vulnerability of the slut as she lay horizontal, both camera dildos in her to the hilt and still transmitting to split screen displays everywhere, and then zeroed in on her pussy, as Leroy threaded a fine gold chain through the grommets on each of her labia, and pulled them apart like a gutted fish to expose the tiny peehole within. Applying a blob of KY to the probe, Winston slowly eased it into the urethral opening, as Sarah jumped in response to this new, and not pleasant sensation. As Winston slowly pushed the probe in, and her virgin urethra opened reluctantly, Sarah found the sensation increasingly unpleasant, rather like having cystitis, and would have cried out in discomfort had her throat not been rammed full, but as Winston finally popped the tip of the probe past her pee sphincter and into her bladder, she heard teddy proudly exclaim to the audience that the third screen on their computers now displayed the insides of the hapless sluts bladder, the utter objectification that she had just undergone dawned on her, and despite herself, another orgasm washed through her body as she realised that rehabilitation was truly underway. The needle watchers shared her last orgasm enthusiastically.

As Teddy wrapped up the show, fully two hours had passed since Sarah entered the room for her first public ritual humiliation. He started packing the gear away, as Leroy and Winston tenderly eased the web cam dildos from the semi-conscious sluts body.

When she was as empty as nature intended once again, she started to come round, and asked for a drink- she had not had once since last night.

Leroy held a cup of water to her lips, and she sipped gratefully. They unbuckled her and raised the chair back to vertical, and unmasked her.

“You have done well, Black cock slut Sarah”, boomed Teddy- a truly wonderful performance, and a pleasing start to your very lengthy rehabilitation. If the audience responds as they should, then the income should fund the whole process”.

“Thank you Master”, she replied weakly, genuinely pleased that she had achieved her goal and for once in her life contributed something.

“We will take a break now, Sarah- you have earned it”, said Winston.

Ceebert has just finished for the morning in the tattoo parlor, and is making coffee. You must also be hungry, after your fast this morning? Master Teddy very kindly brought another flask from the farm this morning, so you can enjoy a double helping of your favourite cream on your cereal as well as in your coffee”

Sarah smiled- she was hungry, but more so was feeling empty without her daily intake of black mans ambrosia, and she looked forward to her late breakfast as her strength returned.

As Ceebert appeared with the coffee, Winston explained that, in advance of tomorrows “outing” he had a very important tattoo to add to her collection after lunch- and she would actually get to see this one! After that, they would spit roast her some, and she would blow Winston, then her day was done. Master Teddy sadly had to go back to the farm, so was not to share in their use of her any further today, but no worries, there would be many more times!

Eating her muesli with double cum enthusiastically, Sarah passed a pleasant half hour talking with her Masters. Whilst the were careful to always treat her as goods, a chattel, an object to be owned, she felt there was a level of affection and admiration in the conversation as they took coffee and relaxed.

As the afternoon schedule approached, Ceebert took a refreshed, and almost glowing Sarah through to his room for her next ink.

The still naked slut went to lie face down on the articulated table, and was surprised when Cebeert told her to lie on her back.

Obeying without question, she felt Ceebert swab her freshly shaved pubic area with an alcohol pad, and the site of her latest piece was revealed. As Ceebert started sketching in the outline with his pen, he explained that as everything changed permanently tomorrow, then that moment should be indelibly marked on her body in tribute.

As the black tattoo gun burst into life, and the outline of his latest masterpiece grew on her pubic mound, she enjoyed the bite of the needle, and lay back and let the pleasure wash over her as the color followed and the work of art slowly formed.

After about an hour and a half, he holstered his guns, swabbed her mons with antiseptic, and asked her to stand and admire the work that now forever adorned her pubic mound.

As she looked down, she saw a bright circle red, which on closer examination, was Ceeberts interpretation of a traffic sign. through the red circle was a diagonal line, which cut through the legend “NO ENTRY” Underneath, in ornate writing, and surrounded in intricate scrollwork was the message “NO ACCESS- PLEASE USE REAR ENTRANCE”

Sarah gasped at its boldness, but more at the finality of the statement it made…she was being closed tomorrow- her days of pussy access were over forever. If she had any misgivings, the orgasm that gripped her colon suggested otherwise.

She thanked Ceebert enthusiastically for decorating their property so beautifully, and spent the rest of the afternoon being spit roasted by Ceebert and Leroy, finishing off by giving Winston a blow job the enthusiasm of which quite shocked him, as she swallowed his bountiful load like a starving castaway would devour a peach, and his cum joined that which she had drained from Leroy and Ceebert both directly, and via the tube from her ass earlier.

Her tummy finally full of the nectar she craved, she gratefully received the fully charged keeper into her greedy anus. She slipped back into her silkies, and then dressed as Winston told her she was done for the day.

“Tomorrow is a big day Black cock slut Sarah” announced Winston. “ You will go home and try and make your peace with Pete, although he is on no account to touch you or see any of your modifications at this late stage. Just be nice to him- he will need to feel bridges have been built as we need you in his bed briefly tomorrow evening- we will explain fully when you are briefed in the morning. Cook him a nice meal, share a bottle of wine- its his last chance to enjoy the Sarah he thought he knew. Dont forget your special cream before bed and for breakfast, but apart from that, just do your own thing-we wont even activate your keeper at all.

One small task- you must bookmark the website on your browser- we want him to stumble across it sooner rather than later.

Tomorrow you will dress as you think appropriate, and report here for cleansing and injection- those will be your only duties here tomorrow. We will then brief you. You will then go into the city and perform certain tasks, not least having a duplicate front door key cut for us to use tomorrow night. You will be released early tomorrow, in order to go home and prepare yourself for the rest of your life- your full rehabilitation.

See you tomorrow Sarah”

As she descended the stairs and exited the tattoo parlor, she felt like a bug under a microscope. Every black man she saw appeared to be looking at her. Although logically it was likely to be because she looked so hot, she felt each time that the eyes upon her were wondering if she could be the lovely dreadlocked blonde who had so wantonly been violated on the Internet that morning. Several times on the walk home she had to resist the urge to run, and by the time she got home she was breathless….but with excitement. What a slut she was becoming, and how much further did she have to descend to achieve rehabilitation?

Sarah woke on Wednesday morning from a surprisingly deep sleep. Given the momentous events that were now approaching with an inevitability that ought to scare her, she had expected to sleep very little. The atmosphere the previous evening had been quite relaxed, as she had made a point of being as nice to Pete as was realistically possible. She had cooked him a sumptuous meal, they had split a wonderful bottle of Chardonnay, and had relaxed before bed. He had tried to get fresh with him as bedtime approached, but she had cunningly ducked the issue by promising to share his bed the following evening if he didnt go to the pub on the way home. He said that would be no problem, and she smiled inwardly in the knowledge that he would need a clear head to fully take in the bombshell that awaited him. She did allow a previously dormant wicked part of her to surface briefly, when, after having her bedtime cream, she kissed him deeply whilst the taste was still fresh in her mouth. She had also book-marked her site on explorer before she went up.

Laying out her attire for her last day of secrets, she chose a pretty pink camisole and panty set, white hold-ups and pink 4 inch sandals. Laying out a red and white wrap-around summer-weight silk dress, she showered and busied herself with her now regulation heavier make-up as Pete finished breakfast downstairs and exited, whistling happily at the anticipation of the evening entertainment.

Finishing her muesli and cream, she swallowed the last of her juice and coffee and texted the number that activated her companion and exited into the sunshine to walk to her destiny, smiling as the humming came quietly to life.

She was by now used to the tingle of excitement as she climbed the stairs above the tattoo parlor, but today it was different. She knew it was the real start of her full rehabilitation, and took a perverse comfort in the tremble of fear that gripped her. She found it almost incomprehensible that she was still due back at work in the office on Monday-that all seemed a lifetime ago.

Walking through into the cleansing room, she was flattered to see that Louis had joined Winston, Ceebert and Leroy to greet her, and flushed with pride as they all told her how lovely she looked.

As she presented her breasts or injection, and then climbed up for cleansing; the brothers all fussed over her, stroked her dreads and stomach with what was close to affection, and chatted to her more like a pet than a slave- yes, that was how it a pet that was pleasing her masters with her good behaviour!

When she was fully cleansed, and the effect of her injections was coursing through her veins, Leroy produced a new Remote controlled keeper…quite the biggest one yet. It must have been well over 3 inches at the flare...probably nearer 4...and was a good 2 inches deeper than her previous companions had ever been.

“ A special occasion deserves a special butt plug, slut” teased Winston, as Leroy eased it home, and Sarah grunted as her sphincter stretched to close to its limit before the widest part was reached and her rectum pulled it greedily inside her.

Standing and adjusting to a new level of fullness that a week ago would have been unthinkable, she waited for the spasming to settle down, and enjoyed the pulsing in her nipples that told her the plug was welcome. Winston told her to dress fully again, and then join them in the training room for coffee and instructions.

Sitting on the leather couch, sipping coffee laced liberally with Teddys wonderful cream, she felt completely at home as Winston spoke

“ The launch of “Deep inside Sarah” appears to have been a major success. Teddy tells me that the live broadcast had over 120,000 hits, and as of an hour ago we had nearly 700 annual subscriptions in at $50 a time. Thats serious business, and Teddy expects them to keep rolling in, especially if you perform like the good slut that we all know you are. We also asked for suggestions from subscribers- there have been many, most of which we will permit. The one suggestion that appears far more than any other is the idea of the best tattoo suggestion each session being made to happen for the next broadcast. That appears to have had a stupendous reaction, and I have a feeling that you are going to be a walking tapestry of filth by the time the site is a year old. I am unsure how you feel about being a public success, Sarah; but we are all very proud of you, and are very excited about the future.

Now for today- you will go for a walk around the town this morning Sarah. First of all you will find a bar two blocks away called the Soul Café. You will walk in and tell the barman that Winston sent you. You will obey any instructions they give you- do not be alarmed; they will not harm you- they are acting on my instructions. You will not be attending to any black cock during this visit. When they dismiss you, you will find a Locksmiths and have a copy of your front door key cut. You will also have a personalized key fob made with the word  “MASTER” emblazoned very prominently on it. Finally, you will go to a major store and but a sexy nightdress that covers all of your modifications, and is not see through enough to make them out. I would suggest that it needs to be embroidered around the bust so that your nipple furniture does not show through. Do not spend more than necessary- you will only wear it once. You will then drop the key into the tattoo parlor and walk home. Enjoy the rest of your afternoon, and set a romantic atmosphere when Pete returns. Tease him and get him excited, but delay going to bed until the last possible moment. When you finally go upstairs, text  “please rehabilitate this slut” to my cell phone, and change into your new nightdress. Settle down in bed with the wimp, and tease and torment him, but no more. Twenty minutes after we receive your text, we shall let ourselves in and quietly enter the bedroom. You will greet us in an appropriate manner. We will then explain everything to Pete as we close your slut pussy in front of him. The rest will happen naturally. Do you understand?”

“ Yes Master”, she almost whispered, as he wrote down his personal cell number for her.

Entering it into the memory under M, she swallowed hard, as Winston gestured to the door, and all the Masters murmured words of encouragement and” later”. She walked out, down the stairs, and into the sun, and her rehabilitation began in earnest.

She decided to ask the way to the Soul Café, and chose to ask a black man on the premise that he would be more likely to know than a white person. As a smartly dressed African gentleman walked by, she walked up to him and blushed, as the words “Excuse me Sir” slipped naturally from her scarlet lips.

“How can I help, lil lady?”, crooned the passer by, as his eyes hungrily drank in the curve of her breasts

As he explained how to get to the café, which was indeed just 2 blocks away, Sarah flushed still further as the guy made no attempt to disguise his lust, and she again wandered if maybe he was wondering if maybe hed seen that dreadlocked head somewhere on the Internet recently?

Thanking him, she walked slowly and thoughtfully towards the destination, only snapping out of her thoughts when her plug hummed into life, presumably signalling her arrival was imminent?

As she turned the corner and saw the sign that read “ Soul Café”, she was dismayed to see that it was a real dive- the sort of place that 2 weeks ago she would not have been seen dead in. Steeling herself, she walked in, trying to ignore the blatant lechery of the entirely black clientele as she approached the bartender.

“Excuse me Sir- Winston sent me,” she almost whispered, as heads turned to see who had addressed old Patrick as Sir.

“Run that by me again, lil lady, and this time so I can hear you”, scolded the distinguished but greying black man, and Sarah felt that he was trying to tell her that she was not behaving correctly.

Clearing her throat, she offered, more loudly “ excuse me Sir, but Master Winston sent me” Her guess was correct, as her this time correct use of protocol brought a huge grin from Patrick

”Thats better, lil lady- you must be slut Sarah” he said warmly, as the whole contents of the bar looked at her with undisguised lust, and she felt probably as vulnerable as she had ever felt in her life.

“Come this way, Sarah” he gestured to a corridor at the rear, as another black guy appeared to tend bar.

As he ushered her down the corridor, he said soothingly in her ear “ Dont worry when we go in the back room, lil lady. It is full of teenagers, but they all respect Winston and know what is and is not allowed. I will stay there to make sure order is maintained. The purpose of your visit to the back room is this- Winston tells me it is important that someones first glimpse of your slut body tonight has maximum shock value. I understand that your back is very colourful, but that your front could do with brightening up a bit. The boys will attend to that”

Sarah whimpered and stifled a tear, as fear rushed over her, but the plug seemed to know she needed help, and the buzzing stepped up a notch as they entered a smoky room full of black guys in their gangsta rap attire shooting pool. As the total objectification of her current situation struck her, the plug guided her to a pre orgasmic spasm as her nipples throbbed like a thumb struck by a hammer.

The conversation stopped, and the youngsters...mostly around 17, but one or two slightly older, gathered round the trembling white beauty and she smelled their excitement.

“This is Sarah- she is Winstons property- you know what is required. You can have a few minutes to check out the goods, and then you can all mark her twice” Sarah counted at least 15 lads, so whatever the “marks” were; she was about to receive 30 of them.

Patrick stood behind her and whispered in her ear “Unbutton the dress, lil lady”

Sarah gulped, and fought the urge to refuse. The utter inevitability of it seized her, and she slowly unbuttoned her wrap-around silk dress, and Patrick reached round, and slowly opened it wide, showing the room the loveliness of her white hose and pink lingerie.

“Ok dudes- check it out, but dont damage the goods- just the packaging”

Four of them eagerly walked forward. and reaching out with surprisingly large and powerful hands for their age, grasped  the flimsy silk and effortlessly tore it from her pale body. In an instant, the fabric was rent asunder, and her magnificent breasts spilled into the smoky atmosphere. She heard whistles and comments like “hey man-check out that metal in her titties” and “ get a load of those nipples man-Ive eaten smaller pizzas than those”

Struggling with the dichotomy of utter humiliation and abject excitement at having had such an effect on 15 kids, Sarah allowed the sensations to flow over her as her breasts abdomen, legs, and labia were swamped by a sea of black hands all “checking out the goods”, pulling her labia apart like Kermit the frogs mouth as they marvelled at her grommets. She winced a bit as their rough hands traced the outline of the not yet one day old “no entry” sign on her mons, but felt familiar clenching around the plug as she heard them read it out aloud and giggle at her total subjugation. They were surprisingly gentle as they pawed her cookie furniture- it was almost with reverence that they examined them, as Patrick held her firmly from behind, and the last scraps of her once pristine lingerie fluttered silently to the floor.

After a few minutes, Patrick told them viewing time was over, and they quickly formed two queues, one to either side of her.

“OK boys- two at a time, two each. Lets not damage the goods, and lets be artistic about it” encouraged Patrick

Totally confused, Sarah felt paralysed as the first two approached her lovely body, and both knelt before it. As a pair, they pushed their mouths to each side of her stomach, and she felt a warm pleasant sucking and nibbling on both sides of her abdomen. As the unexpectedly sexy sensations washed over her, it dawned on her…Hickeys! These boys whose mothers were probably younger than her were going to cover the front of her body with hickeys, and Pete was going to see them later! Rather than panic, Sarah actually relaxed as the realisation that she was in no danger sunk in, and as lad after lad marked her body twice with the bright crimson hickeys that their powerful suction created, she started to get excited. As the mouths travelled across her stomach, up to her breasts, the waves of pleasure started in earnest, and she thought briefly that this was probably what falling into a tub of leeches, or being raped by a gang of limpets and barnacles felt like, and an anal orgasm of wicked intensity ripped through her. By the time the hungry black mouths had marked her chest, slender shoulders, and tops of her arms, she was cumming constantly, and as the last few added their handiwork to the tops of her thighs, giving her hickey garters just above the tops of her white hold-ups, she was crying out to all that was holy not to stop, beseeching the hungry mouths to cover her entire body, to turn her into one large black slut hicky. As the lads looked questioningly at Patrick, he gave a barely discernable negative nod- they had their instructions, and despite the sluts pleadings, this was as far as it went.

As they all retreated, they watched as the orgasmic waves gradually subsided, and eventually Patrick felt she was able to support her own weight again, he released her, and she sobbed softly as she looked down at her body- she looked like she had been caught in a hail of rubber bullets. Bright scarlet bruises covered her from just below her neckline to her stocking tops- only her pubis and her nipples had escaped the assault, and she had loved every minute of it!

Patrick told her to button up her dress. As she did, two things dawned on her. Firstly, the dress didnt entirely cover the hickeys- several were viewable on her chest and up to her neckline; even on the tops of her arms. Secondly, and perhaps more alarmingly, she had no underwear- her cookie modifications showed clearly through the silk, her teat grommets were unmissable, and the slightly see-through dress would most probably show the outlines of her ink. When she went shopping, she would be the only person in town that didnt know what adorned her back. As it happened, the dress was only ever so slightly transparent, so only the vaguest hint could be seen- but she didnt know that, so her humiliation was real.

Patrick told her to thank her young artists, and as she bowed her head very slightly and said “thank-you for adorning me, Sirs” there was a loud murmur of approval.

As Patrick led her back into the crowded bar, the sunlight hit her dress, and she sensed a buzz in the room, as the outline of her body modifications was apparent to all. Patrick said “ Perhaps youd like to share a drink with us Sarah before you leave? Its high time you learned that black company is good for you”

Sarah, who had been dreading going out in the street looking like this, only hesitated for a second before saying “ that would be an honor, Sir”

As she took a seat at the bar and Patrick poured her a beer, she very quickly relaxed, and started to enjoy the attention she was receiving from everyone in the bar, as the word spread that this white beauty was on the road to rehabilitation to black cock slut. She was amazed at how quickly she relaxed with these men- who were indirectly involved in her blackmail, subjugation and modification. She realised that she didnt feel ornamental in their company- she felt useful. She warmed at the fact that her company brought them pleasure, and the thought that they may all be watching a digital view of her insides and actively participating in her continuing modification and corruption online by next week sent another orgasmic tremble through her that nearly made her spill her beer.

As the time came to leave, she felt reluctant to go, but she had tasks to complete, and as she bade farewell to Patrick and his friends, she thrust her chest out proudly, not caring that her nipple modifications were very obvious, and that her neck sported monster hickeys. As she walked towards the locksmiths, she started noticing something that shocked her. All the disparaging looks she was getting came from white folk, especially the women. The black people she passed just smiled at her warmly, as if in acceptance, whereas her white peers appeared judgemental at best. Winstons words came back to her, and she began to realise how right he was.

As she walked into the locksmiths, she pulled her key from her purse, and offered it to the blousy woman behind the counter, asking politely for a copy to be made while she waited. The woman grunted at her, and openly scowled at the marks on her arms and neck as she fussed with her purse. Sarah flushed red with embarrassment, as the woman busied herself key cutting. Returning with the copy, Sarah reached out to take the keys back, and help a gasp from the woman, as the act of reaching forward pulled the flimsy fabric of her dress taut across her chest, and a lithograph style rubbing of all the jewellery in her right nipple caught her attention. Sarah smiled through her embarrassment as the shopkeeper colored an even brighter red than herself. Sensing the balance of power move, she decided to have some fun with this stupid, judgemental woman. “Do you have key fobs which you can engrave or similar?” she asked coyly.

“Yes, we do”, whispered the uncomfortable assistant- “We can personalize any of those there”, gesturing to a rack of tags and the like.

Sarah chose a large, very unsubtle one, and handed it over. “Please mark it MASTER, and capitalize it” she asked proudly, and was rewarded with another flush of biblical proportions as the foul woman hurried off to engrave it, anxious to get this slut out of her store.

As she paid for her goods and left, she smiled and cheerily said “ see you again soon” teasingly in the way out, and made a mental note to tell her masters how this woman had disrespected her.

Now relaxed and at home with the attention her slut appearance drew, she cruised the malls until she found what she needed. She bought a beautiful peach satin nightdress with a high neckline and a heavily embroidered bust line that would keep her “engineering” concealed, and which finished seductively short, but long enough to cover her hickey garters.

Feeling very sexy, she paid the young girl on the checkout, noticing in the mirror people craning their necks to check out her chest without being caught.

Tasks done, she made her way back through the sunshine to the tattoo parlor, and left the key and fob with Ceeberts assistant.

Walking home, she realised it was only early afternoon, and decided to have some relaxation time before Pete came home, and the big event started. She felt fabulous looking slutty- all covered in hickeys and in a virtually transparent dress that left nothing to the imagination. She felt a more complete woman looking like this than she ever had in all her finery as a white mans ornament.

Letting herself in, she looked around at the place that was her home. This was their sanctuary- the place they could both retreat from the madness of the outside world. She had made it nice over the years and had always felt safe here. It was an odd feeling knowing that she had willingly given a set of keys to their home to a man she had not met two weeks ago, in the certain knowledge that he and his colleagues would use that key to let themselves in and irreversibly change her life forever in a few hours time, and it alarmed her a little that she felt a warm surge of contractions at the thought.

She decided to make the most of the rest of the afternoon, and drew herself a hot bath and luxuriated in it, gazing in admiration at the fresh marks on her body, and casually fiddling with the multiple piercings that adorned her chest as she took in the bright colors of her “No Entry” sign.

After a long soak, she hopped out, and patted herself dry, pulling on a fluffy terry robe. As she sat at her dresser, and did the make-up that would greet her Masters later, she again applied a heavier, more sexual ensemble than usual, and used a squirt or two more than was decent of her favourite scent.

Deciding that she needed to dress down until the time she sent the text, she slipped into a comfortable and decidedly unglamorous jump suit, and busied herself in the kitchen, trying to make the evening as pleasant as she could with a nice meal and a good wine.

After some relaxed preparation, she settled down with a book, sitting carefully as the massive plug in her ass-pussy was still uncomfortable in that position, although she had already grown used to it whilst walking. The time slipped by quickly until she heard Petes car pull up, and he walked in whistling. Her stomach turned somersaults as she realised the cruelty of what she was about to do.

He kissed her enthusiastically, and she noted that for the first time in ages, there was no smell of alcohol on his breath-talk about too little too late! She subtly ducked and avoided his clumsy gropes, assuring him that his time would come later, and that they should enjoy a relaxing evening first. He seemed to buy that, and as they settled in for the evening, they shared an intimate supper over conversation so mundane and ordinary that she almost forgot what was imminent. Each time the presence of the plug in her ass jerked her back to reality, she felt a surge of guilt, and hoped that the moment would arrive before she lost her resolve.

As settled down in front of the TV, and the conversation lapsed, her mind started to wander to the task ahead, and she became increasingly restless. When she could finally bear it no longer, she stood up, walked to Pete and kissed him on the cheek, whispering softly that if he went up to the master bedroom, she would slip into something sexy, and join him in a few minutes. Grinning broadly, he killed the TV and hurried up the stairs like a kid on his first date.

Gulping deeply, she pulled her cell from her purse and slowly typed, “please rehabilitate this slut”, and, scrolling down to Winstons number, only hesitated briefly before hitting the send button and starting the rest of her life.

She trod softly up the stairs, and into the guest room, which had been hers for the past week, where the lovely peach nightdress lay on the bed waiting for her. Checking her wristwatch, she reckoned on 15 minutes to go, and took her time slipping into the satin sheath, needlessly applying more scent to kill time.

When 5 minutes remained to their arrival, she steeled herself and crossed to the master bedroom, where Pete lay naked under the covers. She slid in next to him, feeling more guilt as he told her how lovely she looked, and asked if she had bought the new nightdress for him. Telling him to calm down and relax in order to stop his hands feeling her cookies, she kissed and nibbled his chest, and teased his nipples with her fingers, as she strove to keep him at bay until they arrived. She had worked her way down to his pubic area, and was facing the prospect of having to suck his little white cock to keep him under control when she felt him go rigid, and sit up.

“Did you hear something?” he whispered.

“No, its your imagination”, she replied, and did the only thing she cold think of to distract him- she took the head of his cock in her lipsticked mouth, and heard him groan as she fought the revulsion that having something so unpleasant in her mouth caused.

Just as she started working on his nasty glans, the door opened, and Pete leapt out of bed. ”Who the fuck are you?” he shouted, feeling somewhat ridiculous sporting a huge erection and nothing else; and then withered somewhat as he saw the massive bald black man in the immaculate suit that filled the doorway.

“Hello Sarah”, said Winstons baritone voice smoothly, and Petes mouth opened and closed wordlessly as she realised his wife knew this giant (he felt he knew him too from somewhere, but he couldnt place it)- but his speechlessness changed to utter confusion as two more large, dreadlocked black men followed the giant into the room. As he looked on helplessly, his wife got up from the bed, threw herself to her knees before the trio, and shakily said “ Welcome, Masters”

As the black dudes grinned at his plight, rage surfaced over fear, and Pete started shouting at the men, moving towards them as menacingly as he could muster.

Laughing, the dreadlocked pair effortlessly subdued him, and forced him into the chair in the corner. Leroy produced gaffer tape, and secured his arms and legs firmly to the chair. Growing tired of his protests, Winston added,  “you have a simple choice-shut the fuck up and listen or we tape your mouth closed-understood?”

The subdued husband nodded meekly, and looked in bewilderment as he started to explain

“ I am Winston. These are Leroy and Ceebert. We are…. acquaintances…. of the lovely Sarah. It has come to our notice that a great injustice has been going on in your lives, and we have already started working with Sarah to correct that. We intend to carry this process through to its natural conclusion, and you need to know that this is now inevitable. Allow me to show you what I mean”

Gesturing to Sarah to stand, he had her turn to face her restrained husband, and, as she looked him in the eye, Ceebert and Leroy, who stood either side of her, effortlessly tore the satin sheath from her body in one powerful stroke. As her modified breasts spilled forward, and his eyes took in the mass of hickeys, he started stuttering and stammering; and as her read the legend so beautifully tattooed on her pubis, he managed to gasp “Why?”

“You may tell him Sarah”, encouraged Winston and he waited with interest to hear her version of how Kennys money ended up in their account.

She opened her lips to speak, though for a moment, and then simply stated

“Because I am a black cock slut. I always have been, but didnt realise it until Master Winston showed me the light. It is what I am”

Winston hid his amazement, and the pride he felt at hearing that statement. She could, and was expected to have blamed it all on the blackmail scam, but she had chosen not to. Now she was truly theirs. He would use the scam to keep the wimp in line though!

Tears rolled down Petes cheeks as the dreadlocked pair guided Sarah slowly round in a circle and his incredulous eyes took in the litany of filth that adorned his wifes back. He saw the lovely blond hair that he remembered falling free across her shoulder tied up in pretty ribbons as she sucked black cock. He saw his now dreadlocked spouse injecting her own breasts with who knows what. He saw her licking ass- she never did anything anal for or with him-it was always a no go area- and finally he saw that prodigious, scary magnificent studded weapon in mirrors image on her lovely back.

Shaking his head in disbelief, he listened as Winston continued

“You will have noticed from the very clear message on her pussy that she is now an ass girl. Black men only use white girls in the ass and throat, and Sarah has been responding very well to her training in this respect”

Without being told, they bent Sarah over and parted her sweet cheeks, and he gasped at not only the large black plug that nestled in that part of her that he had never been near, but also at the beauty of the red rose that adorned her now cavernous opening.

As she straightened up, and turned to face him, Winston continued

“You will also note that we are modifying her breasts. Here will be many modifications in the coming months until she is the perfect black companion. I suggest you learn to deal with it. Your sexual involvement with Sarah is at an end. You may witness our time with her this evening, but henceforth you will be confined to the spare room during our visits, which will be unannounced, and when sleeping. You will not share her bed again. He other aspects of your married life are unaffected- you are at liberty to continue to cohabit as husband and wife should it suit you both. I would suggest that if you can deal with her continuing rehabilitation, and a platonic relationship, then you might be wise to stay”

As he spoke, Pete looked his lovely wife in the eyes, hoping to see regret. Instead, he saw steely resolve, and something else...he may be wrong, but he could swear it was excitement.

“Before you get any ideas about going to the police, there are things you should know. We will fill you in later, but first we have business here” threatened Winston.

“ In order to formally terminate Sarahs days of pussy sex, we have pierced her labia with grommets in advance of tonight. Ceebert is now going to close it permanently, and you are going to witness your wifes infibulation”

Gesturing for her to lie on the bed, Leroy held her legs high and wide, making her pierced labia gape obscenely at Pete.

“ Because she will be closed permanently, she needs to be able to piss” explained Winston, as Ceebert opened a sealed pack that contained a catheter about 3/8 inch in diameter. Squeezing a blob of KY from a tube, he lubed up the length of the tube, and, carefully squeezing either side of her clit to open her urethra, he expertly fed the tube slowly into its new home in her bladder. Sarah gasped uncomfortably as the intruder slid home- she still had not learned to appreciate the sublime pleasures of urethral penetration. Winston noted this, and added it to his “to do” list.

Ceebert then produced a sleekly curved steel insert, about four inches long and a good inch in width at one end, but much narrower at the other. The wide end flared out into a plate that roughly followed the contours of her pussy lips, and was drilled with holes spaced roughly in line with her labia grommets, Finally, a gold hinged cover lay open, but would clearly cover the apparatus when closed. At the non-hinged end of the cover was a hole. and a slot. On one end of the flared part was a tiny eyelet around the same size as the slot.

As Leroy held her legs firmly, Ceebert eased the steel chastity device into Sarahs redundant pussy. She noticed that, in these days when everything seemed to arouse her, the insertion of an object not dissimilar in girth to her husbands cock into her cunt did not even cause a ripple- maybe her body was learning faster than she knew?

As the cold steel slipped in, Ceebert fed the catheter through the hole, and the flange slipped up to rest snugly against her labia. Producing a fine gold chain, Ceebert laced it through the grommets on her pussy lips taking in one of the holes in the flange with each grommet. He left the front two grommets vacant, and then pulled the chain tight.

Just as happens with a shoe, her pussy lips closed tightly on the flange plate of the chastity device, and her cunt lay tightly closed against the plate, which her pussy meat held firmly in place. Ceebert produced a tiny gold clasp, and secured two links either side of the chain firmly, as would a knot Her Cunt was now laced shut, and her chastity device was locked inside her. Finally, he carefully closed the gold-hinged cover over the entire assembly, feeding the catheter through the hole. The ornate gold escutcheon covered not only her laced labia, but her clitoris as well. As he fed the flat tab through the slot, and locked it into place with a tiny but precision made gold padlock, all that could be seen of her pussy meat was one grommeted part of each pussy lip at the front either side of her catheter. Otherwise, it was as if her cunt had vanished, as the smooth gold shield hid any evidence of what lay beneath. Ceebert fitted a tap to the catheter after cutting the tube to length, and snapped the tap into place on the shield, securing the catheter fast..

“ So now it is done Sarah- you cunt is sealed for use unless I decide to unlock it,” boomed Winston, as he threaded the tiny key onto the chain around his neck.

“ We have very thoughtfully covered your clit as well- you shouldnt need it anyhow now that you are an anal girl, but at least it removes temptation. You will piss by manually opening the tap we have installed-that is your only means of bladder control, and there will be times when we will control your use of the tap. We will teach you how to perform your anal cleansing yourself- Louis will call around tomorrow to install the equipment you need in your bathroom, so you will never ever take a shit as nature intended again-probably just as well as your anus will shortly be beyond repair! I think that covers all of your body functions Sarah...what does it feel like to be a complete woman at last?”

Pete could scarcely believe what he was hearing as Leroy released her legs, and she sat up, looked adoringly into his eyes, and said “Thank-you so much for agreeing to rehabilitate this slut”

Petes despair was complete when he noticed he was sporting a major erection as he watched his wifes total subjugation.

“ Now Sarah, it is time for your reward for all your hard work over the last 10 days”, continued Winston. (10 that all the time it took to change her totally thought an increasingly numb Pete)

“ It is time that you took your Masters black cock in your slut asshole”

  Sarah gasped, trembled in fear, and finally dissolved into tears of joy as she realised that she was at last going to be given the honor of taking Winstons prodigious engine all the way into her slut bowels. The thought of it scared the hell out of her, but she knew with absolute certainty that this was the time, and it had to happen, even if it ruined her anus forever.

Having her kneel o the bed, ass facing the cuckolded Pete, Leroy gently eased the large butt plug out of her now cavernous anus. Pete looked with incredulity as the forbidden orifice that his wife had always denied him now gaped at him like a train just came through…the plug was fucking enormous!

Ceebert appeared with a large syringe, and filled it from a bottle of Valium. Sarah gave an audible sob of excitement as she saw the syringe.

“ You are valuable property Sarah- we will give you a little help in your task” soothed Ceebert, and he proceeded to inject the entire contents of the syringe at regular intervals around her anal sphincter. He then applied a liberal squeeze of KY to her still gaping anus, and the brothers all stripped off as the muscle relaxant prepared her back passage to take on Moby Dick

Ceebert and Leroy stood by her lovely dreadlocked head, and took it in turns to stroke her as she licked and nibbled first one then the other, washing their balls with her eager tongue, trying to concentrate on giving them oral worship like a good black cock slut should, when her whole psyche was focussed on bracing herself for the incredible assault her colon was about to undergo. She felt the bed sag as Winstons weight depressed the springs, and as she felt the head of his mighty black trunk softly probe her puckering, Valium assisted anus, she greedily took Ceeberts pierced cockhead into her hungry mouth as Winston slowly, but relentlessly began his advance.  As the flange spread her sphincter wider and wider, she wanted to ask him to stop to give her time to adjust, but the cock in her mouth stopped her, and she knew he would not stop the inevitable anyhow, and as the pain in her rectum told her she was wider than she had ever been, she heard Teddys voice in her ears “ Pleasure Sarah, pleasure” at which point  her self control flipped, and she wanted that incredible piece of meat all the way into her colon more than she had ever wanted anything in her life. She wiggled her slut ass and thrust back at Winston, opening herself ever wider as she tried to bury his cock deeper and deeper. Her nipples turned into chest clits as waves of orgasmic pleasure ripped through them and she swung her Hickey covered breasts from side to side in excitement. Her ass-pussy crossed a threshold she did not know existed, as a wave of anal orgasmic pleasure threatened to make her black out. Winstons cock slipped the last few inches into her wanton colon, as she opened her mouth to scream to all that was holy that he never stop plundering her asshole with his black monster, and was unable to make a sound, as she vaguely realised that Ceeberts cock had slipped into her throat, and she felt his balls spasm against her chin, signalling the arrival of a torrent of cum into her greedy stomach.

Going crazy she sucked at his shaft like a vacuum, and swung her throbbing, hickey encrusted tits like a dog with a rag doll as she pushed her booty hard against Winstons thighs. Trying desperately to get more of him inside her unaware that he was in balls deep and that the incredible power of her spasming colon was about to bring him the biggest cum of his life, and for the first time in his life, his splendid cock discharged its bountiful contents deep into a white womans back passage. No one had ever had the devotion to take that leap of faith with him before. As Winston finished spewing his sperm into her ass, and Ceebert emptied the last of his juice into her stomach, they withdrew and saw that their slut had crossed into a place no white woman had ever been before, as she gazed trance-like into space, not knowing where she was, but her mouth gaping and pursing around an invisible cock as it refused to accept emptiness. Taking the hint, Leroy stepped up to the plate, and fed his ebony weapon into the hungry sluts mouth. As she adored his manhood with her tongue, mouth, and then throat, reality returned, and as Leroy orgasmed into her greedy gullet, she felt, another, more manageable cum course through her tattooed slut body. As Leroy withdrew, she mumbled profound thanks to her masters and lost consciousness as pleasure overload finally claimed her.

Pete, who had watched every part in awe, burst into tears as they saw he had spontaneously orgasmed at the display.

The brothers decided to give their charge a while to regain her composure, and as Ceebert and Winston went downstairs to fix a drink, Winston unstuck Pete from the chair, and told him to gather his things from the master bedroom, which henceforth he would not enter without permission, as was the case with the master bathroom. When he had carried all his chattels through to the spare room, Winston told the hapless cuckold all about the blackmail, and how his cooperation was as inevitable as Sarahs rehabilitation.

He sobbed and sobbed, and as Winston finished, Pete heard a complete stranger use his voice to beg Winston to continue to let him watch them educate his bride.

As the night wore on, an unrestrained Pete sat obediently in the chair masturbating as he watched the three black Masters spit roast his lovely wife until the sun came up.

The brothers left early the next morning, leaving Sarah to sleep off the exertions of the night before. Winston told her she was not required at the Tattoo parlor until the afternoon, and that she should sleep in a while, but warned her to be available when Louis called in later that morning to install her enema equipment, and instruct her on self-cleansing. He would also attend to her injections for the day.

Before they left, Winston took the hapless Pete, who had already decided he was too exhausted both mentally and physically to go in to work today, into the kitchen and explained a few more rules to him.

“Watching us use Sarah last night was a one off- it will not be permitted again” he threatened, smiling inwardly as the wimp failed to disguise his disappointment.

“When one or more of her masters visit, you will retire to your new bedroom whilst she entertains them. You will no doubt be able to hear what is going on, as she is becoming quite vocal, but that will be the limit of your involvement. There is only one exception to this rule. Sarah has a wide range of lovely lingerie, which she enjoys wearing for her masters pleasure. Doubtless she also has a diverse selection of equally exciting nightwear. As of this moment, when she is home, she will only wear lingerie and hose, or in the evening, sexy nightwear. She will only wear clothes when she prepares to go out. If, when her masters arrive to use her, you are wearing exactly matching lingerie in your own size, then you will be permitted to watch. As you will never know when visitors are due, this will mean you spending all your time at home dressed as Sarah is. Given the range of silkies she has, you will also have quite a lot of shopping to do. You will have to ask her nicely where she bought it all. There will be no exceptions to this rule, and the choice is yours” Pete flushed redder and redder as Winston explained, and tried to summon the courage to tell him where he could shove his terms, but somehow the words wouldnt form.

Grinning broadly, Winston joined the others in the white pimpmobile that had been very obviously parked outside all night, and enjoyed the furtive glances of the neighbours through the drapes as the brothers powered away. Pete wondered helplessly round the house trying to get his head around the events of the previous evening as his black cock slut bride slept peacefully. He found himself wondering if her anus had closed yet, as last time he had seen it, the resemblance to a tunnel was undeniable.

Turning over slowly, Sarah groaned in pleasure as she woke to the sunlight through the drapes and the sound of birdcall. Her anus throbbed wonderfully, and she noticed that the brothers had left her unplugged for the first time since her rehabilitation started. The had removed the feeding plug after she had drunk the contents her colon had amassed during the nights onslaught, and told her that she was to be used sufficiently regularly from now on that her evening keeper was no longer necessary.

Sighing at the unfamiliar empty feeling, she carefully touched her slut anus, and gasped as she realised that it was still gaping from Winstons invasion, despite having had several hours to recover. She felt a small surge of panic, which made her grateful that Louis was coming with her enema equipment shortly- there was no way she could maintain proper control of her functions with her sphincter like this. Realising Louis could be here any moment, she slipped into a baby-doll pink nightie, remembering her new instructions for attire when home, and went into the kitchen to make coffee, ignoring her spineless husband who was watching her from his bedroom door as she passed. She wasnt sure quite what to say to him, but the ease with which he had capitulated had shocked her, and although her rehabilitation was now unstoppable, she would have been a lot more sympathetic had he not spent all night wanking as he watched her descent.

Pete saw his lovely wife looking magnificent in a froth of short, flimsy pink, and was again embarrassed as his dick stiffened at the sight of her tattoos and piercings, unmissable under the diaphanous garment. He was about to try and engage her in conversation when the doorbell rang, and without thinking, he answered it. On seeing the huge black man that filled the doorway, the reality of last night returned with a bang, as Louis thrust him aside effortlessly, and strode into the house, where the scantily clad Sarah gave an enthusiastic “Good morning Master”, as she curtsied before him.

“Good morning lil slut”, enthused Louis. “Winston tells me you were a star last night? - Good girl”, he continued, as he stroked the blushing sluts dreadlocked head.

Accepting her offer of coffee, he instructed the amazed Pete to fetch the gear from the trunk of his car, and was only mildly surprised as the recently cuckolded husband meekly complied.

Enjoying the irony of watching a defeated man carry from the BMW the equipment necessary to cleanse his wifes colon through to her bathroom whilst her black master took coffee with her, Louis enjoyed her attention as he gave her the days instructions.

Louis would carry out her cleansing today after setting the equipment up, but she would be shown each part of the process, as she would be adding it to her morning routine for the rest of her life starting tomorrow. Once clean, Louis would supervise her injections (Sarah felt a surge of excitement at the use of the word supervise-that meant she would be involved in it) Louis would then enjoy her mouth, before fucking her tattooed slut ass. She would then shower, dress provocatively, and report to the parlor after lunch, where Zach was going to do her hair, and Ceebert was to add a new tattoo in advance of tomorrows live unmasked web cam broadcast. Pete, listening in the background, felt a wave of nausea at the mention of the web cast, but was ashamed to admit that the first thought that occurred to him was to find out more.

Coffee finished, Louis ushered an eager Sarah upstairs to her en-suite bathroom, dismissing Pete, who sulkily went to the pc in the living room to surf for sites that may shed some light on what he had just heard.

Sarah looked at the impressive array of bags, hanging racks; tubing and valves that cluttered the bathroom, noting that a portable set of breast stocks had also arrived. Louis quickly assembled the racking at the head of the bathtub, and busied himself connecting tubing to valves. When he was done, he grasped the hem of the sluts little pink nigh tie, and she obediently raised her arms in the air as he lifted the garment clear of her body, stifling a gasp of appreciation as her magnificent, much modified nipples sprang free, and her hickey covered chest heaved sexily.

He showed her how to fill the first, 2-liter bag with warm, soapy water, and connected it to an inflatable plug with an inlet port, and a larger exit port with a valve at the end of about 18 inches of waste hose. He then applied a clamp to the feed pipe from the bag. Easing the well-greased plug into her tattooed anus, he secured it with three firm pumps of a squeezy bulb, which had been modified so that she could reach it with ease. Explaining how to make sure that the exit valve was closed before starting, he made her jump in the tub, release the clamp on the feed pipe, and then kneel on all fours submissively as the contents of the bag filled her rectum and colon. As Sarah enjoyed the familiar feeling of her ass filling with warm water, she savoured the sensations, and noted that her nipples throbbed as she enjoyed her first ever home-administered enema. When the bag was empty, Louis made her stay on all fours for a few minutes whilst the soap cleaned her sexual center, and then showed her how to open the valve that drained it. As her bowel emptied, and the constantly running bath faucets washed away the contents, Louis prepared the second, 3 liter bag, and had her close the drain valve, disconnect the empty bag, re-clamp the pipe, attach the new bag and begin the process again.

Sarah struggled a little with the final, 4-liter douche, but Louis showed her how to massage her own stomach to aid the cramps. As she emptied the last charge, he showed her how to release the pressure in the inflatable plug and withdraw it.

As she climbed, cleansed, out of the tub, he showed her which parts to disinfect, and how, and the lesson came to an end. Sarah felt a strange sense of achievement at having carried out her own cleansing, and the thought that it was now an unavoidable part of her everyday life thrilled her rather than dismayed her.

Louis had her shower whilst he prepared her injections. Winston had decided to dispense with the antibiotics now, as her anal tattoo was well healed, and her body seemed well able to cope with the regular tattooing and piercing that was to become such an important part of her rehabilitation without chemical assistance. He was also convinced she no longer needed the Complyormone and Viagra, but he liked the oversexed slut that they were creating, so he stuck with it anyhow, along with the hormone regulator that stopped her periods. Muscle relaxants were no longer necessary; as her anus was truly open now, and its regular use day and night would ensure it stayed that way. Her throat still had a way to go, but they could use Valium topically at the time if required until it too was truly open. It was important that she continue to receive the four large breast injections each day, so enough normal saline was added to the 3 remaining chemicals that the volume of her injections was undiminished.

Her nipples were fast becoming Winstons obsession, so maximum strength Hornet/nettle venom for her teats, and wasp/nettle for her cookies was likely to remain her medicine of choice for the foreseeable future, and Louis charged the nipple syringes accordingly.

As the slut emerged from the shower, her lilywhite skin all pink from the heat, tattoos glistening in the moisture, Louis watched her towel herself dry, and then told her to “present breasts” as he gestured to the lightweight version of the stocks she knew so well that sat in the corner. Lifting her perfect globes into the cups of the stocks, Louis adjusted the height so that she was comfortable, and grabbed the first two large syringes. Watching in admiration her eyes roll in pleasure as he pushed the first fat needle through her nipple meat deep into her breast, he had her hold its bulk as he repeated the process on the other side. Sarah stood dreamily holding the charged hypodermics in her tiny hands, and watched impatiently as Louis added the other two. Looking deep into her slutty eyes, glazed with lust, he gave the command to push and she cried out in orgasmic pleasure as the four plungers depressed in unison and filled her hungry chest with its candy. The spasms in her colon were as strong as ever; as she felt the waves gradually subside. A small moan of loss escaped her lips as Louis withdrew the needles, but the pleasure quickly washed back over her as he lovingly injected her teats and cookies, and the delicious pain of the venom washed through her nipples, which were now blessed with a sexual awareness all of their own.

For the next hour, the little tattooed slut lavished her gratitude on an impressed Louis as she used her now heavily lipsticked mouth, then her seriously throbbing breasts, and finally her cavernous, supersensitive anus to bring her master to a series of thundering orgasms, moaning and crying out in pleasure as she was used, whilst Pete listened intently to the sounds of her servitude, as he beat his slender white meat and gazed at the pictures of the masked, tattooed slut on the homepage of the members only site he had just found bookmarked on their PC.

When the well-satisfied Louis finally left, Sarah set about readying herself for the rest of the day. Grabbing a bowl of muesli with her special cream, and another coffee laced heavily with the same, she decided to enjoy her new found freedom now that she was “outed”, and wore just pink silk French panties under a light weight summer dress with a plunging back, latticed with criss-crossed spaghetti straps. As she buttoned the dress up at the front, she saw that each and every one of her nipple piercings was clearly visible through the clingy fabric, as was the pimpliness and puffiness of her cookies. Feeling good about that, she revelled in the delicious sensation that her back tattoos would also be very visible from the rear, as the dress plunged at the back down to roughly waist height. The criss-cross straps should stop anyone from seeing exactly what adorned her back, but it would be obvious to any observer that she was already very heavily tattooed indeed. Since she still did not know what they depicted, she refused to waste time worrying about it, and simply revelled in the attention as she took in the beautiful sunny day and walked to the parlor on higher than practical pink heeled sandals, feeling more feminine than at any time ever in her life before, the moment only spoiled by the emptiness in her anus that she itched to fill.

As she entered the training suite, Winston was there to greet her, along with Ceebert and Zach, who had his hairdressing bag with him.

“Good afternoon, black cock slut Sarah”, beamed Winston. “ Did you enjoy your lie in?”

“Yes, thank you Master” blushed the slut, basking in the wolf-like stares the three of them were giving her, and kind of knowing that she was glowing with a new found sexual confidence now she was “out”.

“ Big day tomorrow, Sarah” he continued. “First live broadcast to a paying audience- and unmasked! You need to look your very best, so Master Zach is going to do your hair a bit differently, and then Ceebert is going to give you the first of your “by request” tattoos…we had a quite a few suggestions for such a new venture, but one was asked for much more frequently than the rest, so the decision was made.”

Feeling a twinge of excitement, Sarah felt her nipples thrust even further through the flimsy fabric as she followed Ceebert and Zach through into the treatment room.

Slipping out of her dress, she relaxed in the dentists chair, resting her pretty head against the head roll, and then looked perplexed as Ceebert started fussing with a cloth tape measure, taking measurements from ear to ear around the back of her head. Zach then snipped the wax from the end of the rearmost of her dreads, and then gathered the remainder up in a bunch and slipped a tight elasticised band around them, making her hair sprout out from the top of her head rather like the top of a pineapple. Unravelling the rear dreads so that they fell like regular hair down her back, Ceebert ran the tape from the top of one ear, tightly round the back of her head to the top of her other ear, making sure that the line ran horizontally. Holding the tape tight, zach appeared with a pair of heavy-duty clippers and started to shear her hair off below the tape line. Sarah felt a wave of panic as her beautiful blond tresses tumbled to the floor around her. Once he had clipped the line straight, Zach removed all the hair below that line with the clippers, and then produced a razor and shaving cream, and razed the back of her head baby smooth. Gently towelling the shaving cream away, Zach then tipped the chair back to full incline, and pulled his stool up so that Sarahs head was in his lap. He then took each of the remaining dreads, carefully removed the wax seal, and wove an artificial extension deep into the existing dread adding nearly three feet onto its original length. It took over an hour but eventually each of her dreads was extended. Zach then removed the elasticised band, and produced a gold collar fully four inches wide. Gathering Sarahs dreads into a sort of Rasta cap, he locked the gold tube tightly around the gathered hair, lofting her braids up into an exaggerated pony tail, which then cascaded down her back, effectively hiding the fact that the back of her head and neck was shaved.  He told her to stand. The result was striking.  Her braids reached eight inches above her head before they fell to reach her waist. Sarah was 5 4” tall. Add the eight inches of her braids, and the 4 inches of her heels, and she stood fully 64” tall.

Producing a mirror, Zach showed Sarah her new hair, and she gasped out loud at just how powerful was the image that stared back at her- she looked magnificent.

Thanking Master Zach for his gift, she let herself be eagerly led her to the articulated table, and lay face down at Zachs instruction. He then gathered her new ponytail and trained it down the front of her face, leaving her shaved neck exposed. Ceebert arrived with his tattoo regalia, and sat down by her neck.

“Your adoring public have decided on your first new tattoo Sarah,” he teased. “ I expect you know the “Queen of spades” as a playing card? Well, in black circles, if worn by a white girl, it is a universally accepted symbol of devotion to black cock. You will forever wear it on your neck, just below the hairline. So long as you have the long dreads, it will only be visible as your hair swings when you walk. When and if you eventually decide that you have earned the right to be shaved bald, it will be forever visible.”

As his words sunk in, she trembled, and as the black tattoo gun bit into her skin, and the outline started, she felt an orgasm start to build in her ass and nipples, as the utter irreversibility of her situation sunk in fully.

An hour later, a full sized queen of spades shone on the left had side of her upper neck, just below the hairline. It had been a painful tattoo; the worst yet; and she felt doubly embarrassed that the four orgasms she had during that hour were at least partly due to that fact.

Getting unsteadily to her feet, she felt the weight of her braids as they cascaded down her back to her waist, and she noticed that Ceebert was exactly right-the tattoo was invisible until she moved her head or walked, at which time the braids swung enough to show the playing card fully, but teasingly not quite long enough to be sure of what it was. She was starting to enjoy the way her ink teased people, and this was the best yet.

She took her time throating Ceebert and Zach expertly to orgasm to thank them for her gifts, and then dressed as Winston returned and gave instructions.

“ You have now been shown how to cleanse yourself, Sarah. Tomorrow is a big day- we have no idea what Teddy will have you doing on your web cast…indeed he may even allow requests, but you should be prepared for anything. Make yourself look as lovely as possible tomorrow after cleansing, but be here for 10 AM. You go live at 11, and we have to inject you first. When your transmission is over, Ceebert wants you for an hours coloring in on your back piece, and to fit your teat stretchers if the grommets are fully healed. You can then go home and enjoy your weekend- maybe youll have a few visitors? It was originally my intention to have you quit your job and work here in the Tattoo Parlor, but I have decided to let you go back for a while, starting Monday...lets see how you fit in now you are a black cock slut? One of the boys will call in first thing in the morning to do your injections before you go. Go home now and relax, and well see you at 10. Dismissed.”

Sarah walked home in shock- she actually was going to have to go back to work. Dreadlocked, very obviously tattooed and pierced, and at the disposal of any black man who happened was she going to behave normally enough to keep her job? The shock wore off as she realised that pedestrians, black and white alike, were staring at her- but closer examination revealed that the white stares were derisory, but the black stares were ones of admiration. It shocked her to realise that she liked it like fact it felt right! As she relaxed in that realisation, and started to enjoy her walk, a young Rasta lad about 18 openly ogled her, stopped, turned and called after her “ Nice dreads bitch- come and show me”. Two weeks ago, she would have ignored him, but without even pausing for thought, she turned and meekly obeyed, stopping in front of the arrogant youth, and saying “ thank you Sir” almost automatically...and then checking his hands for the ring that meant she should address him as Master. Seeing none, she felt relieved, and stood motionless as he handled her braids, admiring them, and smiling as he saw the playing card tattoo, which he thought he had made out as she walked past- he had been right.

“Very nice, slut...and nice tatt on your neck” he smirked, realising that it meant she was immediately at a disadvantage. His eyes strayed to her chest, and he saw the metalwork poking through the silk. Completely brazenly, as if the passers by didnt exist, he stroked her nipples through the fabric, smiling as she moaned in pleasure, blushing as she did.

“ You belong to anyone, slut?” he asked?

“Master Winston is rehabilitating me sir”, she whispered, and relaxed a little as she saw instant respect dawn. The tattoo still spoke volumes though, and he felt utterly entitled to stroke the other nipple as he continued  “Maybe I should ask my Uncle to speak to Winston about using his slut- they are friends”

“ As you wish sir”, she replied, and as he thrust his fingers to her lipsticked mouth, her body betrayed her by opening automatically to accommodate them, sucking them greedily as her nipples throbbed, savouring the delight at being used like an object in front of all these people.

Eventually, the lad popped his fingers out of her mouth, and asked her name, before squeezing her nipple playfully as he left, chuckling to himself.

Walking the rest of the way home, she began to see every black man that she passed as a potential user, and felt her ass-pussy spasming each time one neared.

As she arrived home, she let herself in, and bumped right into a flustered Pete, who had briefly torn himself away from the PC to grab a drink, and was hurrying back to surf more of “ blacks on blonds” when she entered.

He gasped as he saw her hair, and stammered how nice it looked. Flattered and feeling somewhat guilty, she kissed his cheek and said thank you, asking how his day had been. Blushing, he stammered that he had been catching upon some stuff on the PC, and hurried back to it.

Sarah resolved to be nice to him within the bounds of the new house rules, and, after going upstairs and changing into a pink teddy and white stockings and garter belt to conform to the new house rules, she visited the washroom to open the valve on her catheter. Going back downstairs, she made a coffee then went to the Pc desk to chat to him. When she saw what he was surfing, she was shocked. Well-hung black cocks  (well, moderately well hung by her standards) impaled pretty pale blonds in every orifice. Pete was obviously highly aroused from the lump in his trousers, and as Sarah sought for something to say, she noticed that one of the blonds on his screen sported a “ Queen of Spades” tattoo on her ass cheek.

“Do you like that one, Pete?” she cooed teasingly in his ear, pointing at the tattooed ass, and leaning forward so that her dreads parted showing her shiny new playing card.

“um..yesss, shes hot” he stammered, trying not to look at her neck, as he flushed scarlet and spontaneously ejaculated in his pants.

Smiling at her newfound confidence, Sarah asked if he wanted another coffee, and when he said no, she asked him what he fancied for supper, acting as if nothing had happened.

The next couple of hours passed well, as the tension in Pete had temporarily evaporated (or more accurately ejaculated), and after a nice meal and bottle of wine, they sat down in front of the TV and relaxed like old times.

Sarah had sensed that Pete wanted to ask her something for the last half hour, and smiled as he awkwardly decided to finally come out with it. As he clumsily started to stammer his way into a conversation about her lovely lingerie and nightgowns, and where she bought them, she started to answer him as best she could, although she had no idea where he was coming from; but was interrupted by the doorbell.

Sarah got up to answer it, and was shocked to see Leroy there, with the lad from the street earlier, and another about the same age. Feeling suddenly naked and vulnerable in her lingerie, she bowed her dreadlocked head and said “Good Evening Master”

“ Good evening slut Sarah- this is my nephew Cecil, and this is his friend Clyde. They want to get to know you better. Make them feel at home like a good slut?” he said, and, as if he had just ordered a beer, walked back to his car and left.

Stunned, but now too well trained to disobey, Sarah meekly led the lads up to her bedroom, and Pete settled in to an evening of listening to the sounds of his wife introducing two teenager to the joys of anal sex, and her moans and then screams giving testament to how fast they learned.

Pete sat moodily at the breakfast table after a restless night listening to the two arrogant young studs plumb his lovely wifes innermost depths accompanied by her increasingly vocal encouragement to them to use her more severely. His mood had not been improved by one of them poking his baseball capped head around his bedroom door to tell him how hot Sarah was as they let themselves out as the sun was coming up. Pete was unsure if the lad saw that he was furiously wanking, but his embarrassment was such that little could have added to it anyhow. Resisting the urge to go and wake the sleeping Sarah to talk with her before he went to work (he was unsure if it was because Winston had banned him from the marital suite, or if he simply didnt know what to say), he slipped out of the door and back into reality.

Woken by the noise of the front door, Sarah briefly savoured the wonderful throbbing in her anus, and the still fresh taste of boy-cum on her palette before getting up, shaking her waist length dreads into some semblance of order, and heading for the bathroom for her new cleansing ritual, before showering and then making herself look wonderful for the internet audience she was going to meet properly for the first time later this morning. The queen of spades on her neck felt taut as the healing process started, and reminded her of her new status in life, giving her a glow as she moved.

Back at the Tattoo parlor, Teddy was setting the equipment up in the treatment room, whilst Winston discussed their property with him. He was a little concerned that, despite Petes utter lack of resistance at their subjugation of his bride, Sarah still felt a degree of sympathy for the wimp- something Winston was keen to eradicate. He had noticed that the only aspect of her training so far that she had struggled with was the invasion of her urethra, which she clearly didnt enjoy, and he felt this was unlikely to change. This had given him an idea, and Teddy grinned in appreciation as Winston explained his plan.

“The wimp knows hes got to start wearing sissy lingerie before hes allowed to watch her- Im certain hell capitulate to that quickly” he explained. “ Once that is in place, we need to keep telling him how tiny his dick is- much too small, and the wrong color, to ever be allowed in her ass or mouth again. In the meantime, we need to stretch the sluts piss-hole during her training until it will accept his pencil dick. She hates it, but is so under control she will do it without question now. When the time is right, well let him fuck her pisshole in return for certain humiliations, yet to be decided on. This will be possible by unlocking the plate on her pussy keeper and hinging it back and removing the catheter, but leaving the insert in place. He will love it, and she will hate it- and the sympathy will evaporate. Once it does, well stop him having access again”

“Winston, I love the way your mind works” approved Teddy- “well start stretching it today...the viewers will love that. I have some urethral sounds in the car”.

As the two busied themselves setting up the lighting around the articulated chair, Leroy and Ceebert arrived, and the brothers went through the running order for the morning.

At 10 prompt, Sarah walked into the training suite, and the brothers all took a time out to check out how sensational she looked. She wore a cream silk wraparound dress, easily transparent enough to show that she had an electric blue teddy underneath, through which her nipple furniture pressed urgently. The dress finished half way down her thighs; where sheer white hose encased her legs which sat in blue 4 inch heeled sandals that were high enough to make her dreads swing as she walked, showing her playing card on her neck rhythmically. The sheerness of the dress was sufficient to show the profile of the buttons on the bottom of her garter straps, which held the hose in place. Her eyes were again Cleopatra-esque, and her lips shimmered with crimson gloss. She had most certainly made an effort, and her eyes shone with the unmistakeable glow of one who had been orgasming all night, combined with a soupcon of excitement and anticipation.

“Sarah, you have excelled yourself” enthused Teddy, and the slut blushed her thanks at his kind words.

Not wanting to spoil the ensemble just yet, Winston told her to just unbutton her dress for presentation at the stocks, and he fed the back strap carefully underneath the garment as he buckled her in. His huge hands undid the delicate blue shoestring lace that held her bounteous breasts in the teddy, and as her much-modified cookies spilled into view, he felt the black monster in his pants grow a little.

As he pushed the first of the monster injections into her left breast, and watched her eyes glaze with pleasure as she supported the weight of it whilst he applied the other, he decided to see if she was ready to advance another stage. As she held the two full syringes and licked her lips in anticipation of the next two, he told her to push her plungers before the others had pierced her chest. Stifling her disappointment, the obedient slut pushed as instructed, and felt the first waves of pleasure of the morning course through her as the fluid invaded her udders. Once done, she regained her composure and looked enquiringly at her Master.

“It is time you came to terms with your needle fetish slut. In future, if you wish us to continue to administer these drugs in your breasts, you will perform the second pair of injections entirely unaided. Otherwise, we will administer them in your buttock which where they should be applied really”

Sarahs eyes opened in abject loss “ No Master, please dont- I will do whatever is needed” she pleaded, astonishing herself with the desperation she felt at being deprived this privilege.

“Then show me,” challenged Winston, offering her the third full syringe.

Gulping, Sarah took it from him, and, cupping her milky white breast with her free hand, she offered enough to enable her to plunge the needle into her own chest. Hesitating, then biting her lip and steeling herself, she firmly pushed the loaded hypo into her heaving bosom, gasping in shock, then uncertainty, and finally in ecstasy,

as she successfully discharged the entire contents deep into her meat.

Repeating the process on the other side, she was emotionally drained, and in the after-throes of a major anal orgasm as Winston took the apparatus from her.

Winston quickly performed her teat and aureolae injections, savouring her moans of encouragement as he went. Once done, Ceebert appeared to check her teat grommets, and, pronouncing them fully healed, produced two gold spirals in the shape of cones.

“These are your teat stretchers, Sarah. You will have noticed already how effective the springs are being in stretching your cookies sideways? - They are already nearly an inch wider than when we started a little over a week ago. Well, we are going to use the same principle to stretch your teats outwards. The wide part of the spiral sits over the centre of your nipple, just under your base piercing. The narrow end has an eye either side to take a barbell. I shall compress the spring of the spiral, and then feed a fresh barbell through one eye, then through your grommet, and then out of the other eye. Once the tension is released, they will spring out to a full inch, and your nipple meat will stretch with them. The thickness of the grommet should stop any pain- all you will feel in the irresistible pull as your teats are drawn away from your body. In a couple of weeks, the teats will have stretched to that length naturally, at which point I shall apply a longer version to stretch them still further. Our eventual goal is that you have teats two inches long, and your entire breast is aureole. I am going to fit stronger springs to your nipple wideners this morning as well. These modifications will be utterly impossible to hide under your clothes, so I suggest you dont even try. Now your Husband is aware of your rehabilitation, there is no need to hide their beauty anyhow. Your are going to have a lot of sensations going on in your nipples for the next few weeks, Sarah- I suggest you enjoy it?”

Hearing his words, she felt breathless with excitement, and when he released the tension on the first spiral and her teat, already supersensitized by the venom coursing through it, was unceremoniously stretched a full inch from her cookies, she gasped in a combination of shock and excitement as a myriad of sensations threatened to overwhelm her.

By the time Ceebert had finished her new nipple modifications, and Winston laced back up her pretty blue teddy and unstrapped her, she started in amazement at the huge feat of engineering that poked at the fabric of her dress as she re-fastened it. She looked for all the world like she had twin antennae under her lingerie- no one, however inattentive, would ever in any doubt again that her nipples were undergoing a major overhaul!

They gave her a few minutes to collect herself, during which time she constantly admired the new profile of her chest in the full-length mirror, until Teddy appeared and, gesturing towards the treatment room, said  “Time to meet your public Sarah”

As he ushered the trembling slut through into the warmth of the lighting, she saw Leroy holding what appeared to be a laptop screen.

“This is our attempt at an autocue, Sarah,” explained Leroy. “Master Teddy will film you as you follow the instructions on the screen. Instructions are in yellow. When larger words appear in red, these are lines which you will read out. You will only be required to do this in the early part of the broadcast. Words will not be necessary once the action starts. We go live in a few minutes- are you OK with those instructions, or do you need further explanation? Masters Winston and Ceebert will be using you for todays web cast. Now your anus can accommodate him, Winston is keen to make up for lost time” he teased, as the slut confirmed her understanding of her instructions.

As everyone took their places, Teddy began the countdown, and as the web cast went live, the camera panned onto Sarah as she entered the room from outside, undulating on her heels making her dreads swing excitingly. As she approached the cam, she appeared to speak directly into the lens as she read from the screen just behind

“Hi viewers, and thanks for joining my little site and sharing in my education. My Masters have kindly agreed to rehabilitate me from the useless white trophy wife I was until recently, and turn me into a meaningful slut with a purpose in life. That purpose is to serve big beautiful black cock. You have already met me in my preliminary broadcast, but this is me unmasked. My name is Sarah, and I have until recently lived a lie as a token white wife- a mere bauble. My masters have shown me the light, and you will have seen the beginnings of my rehabilitation as they take shape on my slut body. This is a work in progress, and suggestions as to how things might progress are welcome- simply email them to when the show is over, and I will show my Masters the best ones for their approval.

You may have already noticed the Queen of Spades tattoo on my neck-this is a result of your feedback from the first web cast, so your opinion is important! Today, my Masters have decided that to improve my oral expertise, they are going to give me some tongue piercings. As I go back to work on Monday, I think they are keen to embarrass me by giving more and more visible evidence of my rehabilitation. Once that is done, Masters Winston and Ceebert are going to use my slut body for your entertainment before finishing with a couple of surprises that I have no knowledge of.

You will shortly see a few changes since my first broadcast. I am now closed permanently for pussy sex, as we all know that black cock belongs in a sluts ass or throat. I hope you like what you see, and dont forget to email those suggestions in”

The brothers stared in amazement as those porn-star lines slipped so naturally from Sarahs crimson lips that anyone would think she had been making porn all her life.

As the screen flashed the instructions to remove her dress sexily, Sarah slid out of it with all the poise of a Moulin Rouge veteran, and across the globe, cyber viewers gasped as her loveliness appeared.

“I wont keep you waiting any longer, so Ill just slip out of this lovely satin teddy and you can all enjoy my modifications before Master Ceebert pierces my slut tongue” she cooed as she read the words from the screen and felt her excitement growing as suddenly it felt like the most natural thing in the world to do.

Slipping sexily from the lingerie, she stood there in just her hose, garter belt and heels, and very seductively turned, flirting with the camera as the full impact of her already extensive color, and her undeniably impressive body modifications caused wood to grow in the nether regions of her worldwide audience.

After an extended tour in close-up of her modified body, the screen told her to sit seductively in the dentists chair, and as Ceebert tipped it back so her tongue was at the same height as his stool, Teddy spread the leg supports wide, and gave the viewers a worms eye view of the infibulation of her pussy as Ceebert readied his needles.

With a worldwide audience watching, Ceebert clamped a pair of forceps on the tip of her tongue, and pulled it out as far as it would go without undue force. Producing a large, 10 gauge needle, he pierced a hole through the centre of her tongue, and then threaded a 1 inch chunky steel barbell through the cannular than remained after the needle was withdrawn. Fixing the ball in place with thread lock, he then repeated the process nearer the tip of the tongue, but this time with a narrower 14-gauge needle. As he fed the narrower barbell into this hole, he explained to the audience that the barbells were that long because the tongue would swell to twice its normal size for a few days. He would install shorter ones when the swelling had receded. Once the barbells were in place, he used another 14-gauge needle to pierce two holes on either side of the tongue, roughly level with the barbells. Into these he inserted steel ball closure rings, explaining that these would enable Sarah to apply pleasure in equal quantities to the edges of her masters helmets as well as the centre. As he released the forceps, Winstons huge cock appeared and pissed into the glass at the side of the chair, and instructed the slut to “Rinse and swallow”

Obeying without question, she ignored the stinging as the piss disinfected her new wounds, and savoured the pleasure as she swallowed, enjoying the fullness in her mouth as her new steel clicked against her teeth.

“Thank you mathter for my new peerthings” lisped the slut, as she followed the screen instructions enthusiastically, wondering how she was ever going to answer the phone at work on Monday talking like this.

Helping the slut to her feet, they led her to the articulated table, where the audience were introduced to Winston and Ceebert, now naked. For the next half hour they watched in awe as the beautiful tattooed slut went crazy on Ceeberts pierced black pole, their piercings clicking together as she worshipped and tongue bathed his giant black balls, before adoring his purple helmet, and then beginning the long, slow, artistically exquisite descent down his pole into the depths of her gullet. As her act of oral worship wowed the audience, Winston began massaging KY into her cavernous anus, and then worked one, two, and then three of his sausage sized fingers into her sphincter, enjoying feeling her push back on his hand, trying to get him in deeper. As she became more excited, she started moaning and spasming, all of which increased the sensations Ceebert was experiencing at the mouth end. As he tipped his head back and started to thrust into the sluts greed throat, Winston offered his monster helmet to the entrance to her sexuality. Hardly noticing the prompt on the screen to beg Winston to advance, she pulled her neck back from Ceeberts sword and gasped and sobbed and begged him to plunder her slut ass pussy with his mighty engine, before burying Ceebert to the hilt again, and pressing down onto Winstons cock, urging him to start his relentless and inevitable progress into the very depths of her bowels.

As the Internet watched, mesmerised, Sarah spent the next 15 minutes gradually impaling herself onto Winstons pole, while Ceebert reaped the rewards at her head as her throat continuously spasmed in sympathy with her ass, as she went into one long, never ending anal orgasm. When finally, with a roar, Winston blew his mighty load into his slaves colon and Ceebert followed into her stomach. Sarah was for the first time grateful for her catheter, as it surely prevented her pissing herself.

As the limp slut lay semi conscious, recovering from her experience, Winston took the key from around his neck and unlocked the padlock that held her pussy shield in place. He opened the valve on the catheter and drained her bladder into a tumbler. He then popped her drainage plug into her ass and pumped it up, and led the feeding tube up to the sluts mouth. He hinged the shield back, and then gently removed the catheter, the shock of which brought Sarah back to full consciousness. As Winston explained his piss-hole stretching plan to the web cast, Sarah listened in horror. This really did not excite her at all- she hated her urethra being distended at all- she didnt really like the catheter, but had learned to live with it as it was an essential part of her infibulation, but to stretch it further- ugh. She trembled, as Winston offered her the feeding tube and her audience watched her eagerly suck her masters seed from her anus, briefly taking her mind off the imminent ordeal.

As the urethral sounds were produced, Sarah started to panic, and for the first time she looked uncomfortable to her viewers. Sensing this, Ceebert whispered in her ear that he would give her a treat to take her mind off the discomfort (which the audience heard quite clearly)

Nodding with a trust that only Ceebert could create inside her, she bit her lip, and as Winston very gently offered the first, smallest sound to her tender, virgin piss-hole, he produced a longer than usual 20 gauge needle, and as Winston slipped the steel intruder slowly into her urethra, Ceebert matched his pace as he thrust the needle fully 2 inches into the base of her left breast. Gasping in shock, pain, and something else, Sarah focussed on the breast needle, and, as she concentrated, she recognised what the something else was…it was turning her on.

Winston showed her the remaining 7 sounds, ranging from about half inch across to well over an inch. He explained that the one inside her was 3/8th inch in diameter. For each additional needle Ceebert pushed deep into her breast, he would change the sound for the next size up. When she stopped asking for more needles, no bigger sounds would be introduced.

Hardly able to believe that they expected her to ask to have her urethra stretched, Sarah started to tell him that just the one would do, but as she focussed on the various sensations, she distantly heard her voice say  “ please may I have another needle, Master?”

Impressed, Winston carefully withdrew the smallest sound, and, as he pushed the second slowly home, Sarah felt her other breast invaded with 2 inches of exquisite steel.

Letting things settle for a while, Winston brought a vibrator gently to bear on the tip of the sound, and the gasp that Sarah gave was not just shock, as the pleasure of the needles in her breasts started to cause those undeniable spasms, and by the time the fourth one was in, she was gyrating and pushing her pubic mound towards the vibrator as the quadruple invasion of her chest brought her to another mega-ass cum.

Even the thought of more chest pleasure was unable to coax her through the fifth size though, as the pain was truly unbearable, and, brow pouring sweat, the slut tearfully called a time out, full of apology for letting her Masters and her audience down, unaware that they were totally impressed that she had even progressed past the first size at the first attempt.

As Ceebert lovingly withdrew the needles, Sarah was again astonished at the sense of loss she felt, and blushed prettily at the realisation. Winston replaced the catheter, and padlocked her shield shut again, safely returning her to her 2-hole status.

As a final touch, Winston said “ You may have been wondering why we left your front two pussy grommets free and outside of your chastity device? The reason is simple. We are going to stretch them until they are impossibly long, and then attach permanent bells to them that will ring when you walk, and ring loudly when we ass-fuck you. To start the process, I am attaching these two heavy brass padlocks to the grommets. In a few weeks, we will add heavier ones until they are stretched fully- them Ceebert will solder your bells in place forever.”

As he snapped the heavy padlocks into place, Sarah felt a sense of security having something so solid to remind her of her status, and as she stood and the weight stretched the front of her flaps obscenely downwards, it just felt so right.

Handing her the tumbler of her own piss, Sarah sipped it seductively as she waved goodbye to her live audience, reminding them again to mail her, and promising to see them next Tuesday for more fun. Teddy and the rest could only gaze in admiration at the natural way she milked her audience, as they mentally counted the dollars from the new memberships that would surely arrive later today.

Feeling their girl had earned it, they broke for lunch, taking coffee and Danish, and chatting in a wonderfully relaxed way. The only concession to her submission during lunch was her stocking-clad nakedness, and the special cream in her coffee.

As promised, Ceebert spent much of the afternoon adding color to the portrait of Teddys cock and its mirrors image on her back. Nearing completion, it continued to amaze all onlookers with its lifelike appearance, and Teddy was so impressed when he came in to check progress, that he stripped to the waist and had the slut use her new tongue piercings to great effect on his truly massive member, enjoying her nibbles and licks on his great shaft and bull-like balls before, as his excitement rose, he managed to force the entire bulk of his cock-head into the pretty crimson mouth that swallowed it with difficulty. As his huge load hosed into her greedy mouth and down her throat, it was a toss up which of them regretted the most that his member was too large to go in past the head. Holding that thought, Sarah felt a brief twinge of fear as she remembered that one day she would be expected to take that colossal black member into her ass, and that fear grew to a combination of terror and excitement as she realised that somehow, someday, she had to do it!

Teddy was having similar thoughts…no one had ever even tried to take him on anally or fully orally. Something about this special little white slut, whose pale skin was so magnificently developing a life of its own, made him think that she may yet surprise him.

As Ceebert finished, and swabbed her back with antiseptic, he felt a delicious sense of power that the slut still had no idea what adorned her back, and such was the level of their control over her that she never even thought to ask. With the suggestions for her next tattoo about to come flooding in, he really was looking forward to the coming weeks.

As she slipped into her teddy, and then her dress, she checked herself in the mirror and felt a fresh surge of excitement as her chest modifications screamed “ look at me” through the thin fabric, and the rapidly growing exhibitionist streak in her looked forward to the walk home.

Thanking her for today (Which made her blush….like she had a choice?), Winston told her it was not necessary for her to attend the parlor tomorrow. Someone would call round for her injections, but other than that, she should chill at home until Monday and prepare herself mentally for going back to work. She was to check her emails, and forward the interesting ones on to her Masters (She didnt know that they read them all, and took great interest in which ones caught her eye)

She would doubtless receive visitors over the weekend, but aside from that, her time was her own until Monday.

Walking home with a lightness in her step that belied the two heavy brass padlocks swinging between her legs, stretching her pussy lips irreversibly, and the springs on her chest changing her shape for ever, she simply relaxed, and drank in the admiring glances she received; and for the first time, was able to ignore the judgemental ones.

Arriving home, she was surprised to se that Pete was there already. Closing the door behind her, she quickly removed her dress to adhere to house rules, and walked seductively into the lounge in her lingerie and hose, saying Hi to him as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

Seeing his jaw drop at the new protrusions from her chest, she asked him if he wanted coffee, and he wondered what the clunking noise was as she flowed from room to room. As she returned with his coffee, she sat down and chatted like friends, as he furiously tried to steer the conversation round to where she bought her underwear.

By the end of the evening, he had extracted from her the suppliers of all her lingerie, hose and sleepwear from his lovely wife, and as she went up to bed, he settled down in front of the PC to do some ordering, only looking up briefly as he heard the front door unlock, and two large black silhouettes let themselves in, and strode confidently upstairs to the marital suite.

As he started online shopping, the moans started, rising to groans and eventually screams, as his wifes anus and throat played hosts to the ghettos finest!

As Sarah awoke the next morning, a variety of sensations greeted her. Firstly, her whole mouth, and most notably her tongue, throbbed and ached after a long night of use by the two black masters whose names she had not been made privy to. They were fascinated by the multiple piercings in her tongue, and spent the first half of the night having her worship their leathery balls, heavily veined shafts, and massive helmets with her much modified lingual organ, each enjoying in turn the variety of sensations the metalwork added to her oral expertise, both men flooding her greedy slut mouth several times with copious amounts of cum, streaking the heavy scarlet lipstick that they refreshed many times to add to the visual feast. Her tongue, as it explored her dry and cum-encrusted lips and mouth felt many times fatter than it should, and her jaw muscles ached from so many hours of being stretched wide by those prodigious weapons. As she reached for the tumbler of water beside her bed and rinsed her parched mouth, swallowing painfully over her bruised tongue, the second wave of sensations hit her as the incessant, throbbing spasming in her rectum reminded her of the second part of the night which had been spent accommodating first one then the other weapon in her slut ass-pussy, which still gaped wantonly, allowing her to feel the cool air circulate inside her anus as the wrecked sphincter tried in vain to contract back to decency.

She wearily rose and padded through to the bathroom, where she looked at herself in the mirror. One shake of her pretty head was all it took to restore her dreads to their former glory, and as she admired the reflection, she felt a twinge of disappointment at the fact that the hickeys which adorned her fabulous chest were fading, but that was offset by the unbridled pride she felt as she savoured the image of her much modified cookies, swollen and throbbing, and now spreading a full four inches across her breasts as the stretchers did their work. Her teats thrust out proudly a full inch under their own tensioning devices, and she could not prevent her hands wandering up to caress them as she realised quite what a work of art they were becoming. There was something else though- something new. Her aureolae, always baby pink, were darkening, making them even more noticeable and hard to hide under the flimsy clothing that was now her regular attire. She was pleasantly surprised at their new shade, and made a mental note to ask Master Ceebert why it was happening. She began her cleansing ritual, sighing with relief as the cool fluid soothed her battered back passage as the first bag filled her bowel whilst she crouched submissively in the bathtub receiving the charge.

After the third bag, which despite being a full 4 liters was no longer causing her any discomfort, she hosed down the tub, and slipped into the shower, enjoying the luxury of the hot water cascading across her tired, and much modified body. Soaping herself, she lovingly touched the pussy shield which kept her the 2-hole slut that she was destined to be. As she opened the valve on her catheter, and her bladder voided itself into the shower tray, she noticed that a fine down was appearing on her pubic mound, barely visible under the bright red of the “No Entry” tattoo that shone in the wetness, but definitely there nonetheless- this must mean that the Nair was wearing off, and she again resolved to mention it to Ceebert before the presence of hair earned her a punishment.

Exiting the shower, and patting herself dry, she resisted the urge to check her back out in the full-length mirror…best if she remained oblivious of what adorned her back...there was no need for her to know anyhow.

She perfumed herself, did her makeup, and then slipped on a powder blue baby doll nightie that only just extended down past the padlocks that stretched her labia so obscenely downwards as she stood. Feeling fulfilled, and impossibly feminine, she went downstairs, and was surprised to find Pete slumped at the PC, sound asleep. The window open on the screen was from one of her favourite lingerie stores, and there appeared to be items in the checkout cart. Puzzled, she nudged him awake, reminding him he would be late for work.

As he came to life, he stuttered and mumbled when she asked him why he hadnt gone to bed, and when he eventually muttered that it was impossible to sleep with all the screams and oaths coming from upstairs, she blushed guiltily before kissing the top of his head and reminding him that they had no choice in the matter. Accepting her offer of coffee, he watched her glide to the kitchen, wondering why she was talking like her mouth was full of cotton wool, and blaming his half awake state for imagining that he caught a glimpse of brass dangling between her legs as that oh-so-sexy baby doll swung as she walked.

When she returned with his coffee, he asked her about her apparent speech impediment, and immediately wished he hadnt as his beautiful bride opened her mouth and he saw the wide selection of steel that adorned her lovely but swollen tongue. Accepting with resignation her brief explanation that it “aided fellatio”, he fondly remembered how the unmodified version of that tongue used to bring him such pleasure on the odd occasion he could persuade her to blow him, then deflating as he remembered the muffled noises that had kept him awake and now realised why.

Feeling a rush of blood to his groin, and sensing the sympathy that she felt for his predicament, he took a chance and grabbed a handful of boob as she turned to leave, gasping audibly as he felt the engineering that was going on around her nipples. Turning angrily, she suddenly looked like a stranger as she told him to keep his hands to himself…she was no longer his property, and if he touched her again she would tell her new owners of his transgression. She didnt mind him looking…indeed, she was happy to show him anything he was inquisitive about, but he must not touch!

Gulping at the finality of the statement and the venom with which it was made, his horniness evaporated, and he hurried off to shower and change for work.

Sarah again felt guilty at the way she had risen at his touch, but it was in her conditioning now- black only! She wondered mildly why he appeared to be buying her lingerie online, as she made breakfast, pouring an extra large dollop of Teddys special cream on her muesli as the juicer prepared her OJ.

Just as she finished her breakfast, the door opened and Ceebert let himself in.

“Good morning Master” she enthused, dropping to her knees at his presence. Grinning at her submission, and drinking in the vision of beauty that knelt before him, he stroked her dreads as he told her that he was here for her injections. As he gestured to her to go upstairs to where the breast stocks where, she rather coyly asked if they could do it comfort in the living room, as there was absolutely no need for restraint any longer?

“Yes, if you like Sarah…but dont forget you will be applying the breast injections from now on…if you feel you can do it in there, then thats fine. Because of the intricacy of their application, I will continue to apply your nipple and teat syringes”.

Happily, she followed him into the living room, and sat in her favourite chair, disrobing first at his instruction.

As he checked her modifications out, he measured the cookies width, whistling quietly in admiration when he saw that they had reached fully 4 inches wide.

“These are becoming objects in their own right, Sarah. They almost have a life of their own. I think we should afford them the honor of a title. From now on, we shall refer to the whole aureolae/teat combination as your slut-nips. Is that clear? Cookies for the aureolae, teats for the nipples, but slut-nips for the whole ensemble”

“ Yes Master” blushed Sarah “thank you for that honor”, as Ceebert prepared her injections.

Ceebert handed her the first of the four huge syringes, and gently cupped her breast for her, offering it upwards to the slut as she dreamily pushed the first fat needle home, closing her eyes in ecstasy as it went in. Ceebert took the weight of the first one, and then offered her second breast with his other hand as she repeated the process. At Ceeberts command, she depressed the two plungers simultaneously, and as she moaned in pleasure as the medicine rushed into her breasts, Pete walked into the room to get his car keys. His eyes nearly popped from his head in shock, and then he realised where hed seen that scene before- it was captured in photo-grade perfection on her lovely white shoulder blade. Lost for words, he silently watched her repeat the process with the third and fourth syringes, and his humiliation was complete when she orgasmed loudly as the injections went in.

Unable to bear it any longer, he rushed out to his car, furious with himself at the blue steel erection that filled his pants.

Not even noticing he had gone, Sarah recovered from her orgasm, before slipping back into the beginnings of her second as Ceebert injected her slut-nips, finally peaking as the hornet venom began to sting in earnest, making her teats go as rigid as they had ever been.

As Ceebert packed away his gear, Sarah gradually came back down to earth again, and vaguely wondered if her anal sphincter had closed yet from the previous nights exertions. She felt it had before the injections started, but was sure she could feel it gaping again now….surely it hadnt developed the ability to open on its own during orgasm had it?

Ceebert brought two mugs of coffee with him, and sat down next to the slut, sympathising with the difficulty she was having talking, as he engaged her in conversation.

She asked him about the darkening of her cookies, and he confessed that he had noticed it also. They were aware that it was a possible side effect of the repeated invenomation she was undergoing daily, but he was unable to tell her how dark they may become. “ African women have dark brown slut-nips, Sarah- maybe you will have the honor of sporting black womens nips on your lily white chest?” he teased, and she flushed at the realisation that the idea excited her.

She also mentioned the pubic hair that was reappearing, which caused Ceebert to frown. “That is wholly unacceptable, slut” he boomed. “Black cock sluts should have no hair below their neck whatsoever. I will have an electrolysis specialist visit tomorrow. Winston will need to attend to unlock you, and I will have to remove your chastity device…at least it will be for the last time!”

“Thank you Master, and this slut apologises for having hair” she stammered, oblivious to the irony of her apologising for Mother Nature, just responding to his anger. She only hoped Pete would play golf tomorrow whilst they worked on her.

“ I have a new modification for you Sarah- as requested by your viewing public. I may as well do it here tomorrow since we will all be here anyhow- that way you can enjoy the results at work on Monday. Incidentally, Teddy has scheduled your Tuesday web cast for 8PM. You will have time to come home from work and change. One of the brothers will pick you up in plenty of time to go live at 8”

Finishing their coffee, Ceebert made as if he was about to leave, and then thought better of it, and took the dreadlocked slut anally as she knelt obediently on the family couch, savouring the sensation of her masters cock piercings slipping in and out of her sphincter, as he reamed her rectum with a roughness that came from his having to deny the feelings he was developing for this remarkable slut. As he emptied his big black bags deep inside her colon, she sobbed her thanks at his plundering of her back passage, and his guilt at his roughness was assuaged as he realised she had enjoyed it all the more.

As he left, Sarah suddenly realised that the rest of the day was her own (unless any visitors came calling), and, slipping the powder blue baby-doll back on, she resolved to enjoy her freedom.

She spent a couple of hours doing housework, feeling totally at home dressed that way...why shouldnt she be beautiful and sexy around the house?...then realised she hadnt hit the stores for a while. Not wishing to get dressed, she sat down at the PC and did a large online order, booking a delivery slot for the afternoon. Whilst at the PC, she checked the inbox, raising a pretty eyebrow in surprise when she saw that over 100 emails awaited her attention. They ranged from routine stuff about stretching her anus and throat still further, through some very interesting tattoo and piercing ideas, right up to kinky stuff about whipping her, suspending her from the ceiling by her breasts, some very major torture by needles, wax, electricity, etc. Then there was the over the top stuff, involving sex with animals, and even scat. She was embarrassed to find that all of it, apart from the last 2, excited her to a degree, so she dutifully forwarded all of them on to her Masters, consigning only the over the top stuff to the trash. Feeling she had been very honest and daring in sending so many kinky ideas forward for their consideration, she could not even begin to contemplate the damage that she had done by trashing the others.

As the day wore on, she soothed her sore tongue with cool drinks, and felt the swelling begin to subside, as she was able to avoid talking for a few hours, just chilling in front of the TV. However, after a while, she began to feel a hollowness inside her, and was shocked when she realised that her body was reacting to having been deprived of orgasmic pleasure since Ceebert left. Surely that wasnt right?…she had spent all night being stretched every which way, and had cum three times whilst Ceebert was here; twice for the needles and once as he took her tattooed ass. She couldnt possibly be horny again could she? The doorbell broke her train of thought, and she answered it to find her groceries, carried by two teenage lads. One white, confident, and impossibly good looking; the other black, and a bit geeky. As their jaws dropped at the beauty stood semi naked in front of them, they both gawped wordlessly like fish as their eyes took in the unmistakeable protrusions of her nipple furniture under the dangerously flimsy nightdress. Regaining his composure, and remembering his cool, the white lad turned the charm up to full and started hitting on her big time, presumably feeling that anyone dressed this provocatively on their doorstep must be an easy catch. Freezing him with a look of disdain that she would have never managed before her rehabilitation began, she told him that little boys should be seen and not heard, and instructed them to bring her groceries through to the kitchen. As the bags mounted up on the counter, their work was done and she paid them, pointedly giving the tip to the shy black lad. As the now crestfallen white guy returned sulkily to the delivery van, the black guy very shyly asked if he could use the bathroom, so in awe of her that he couldnt meet her eye. Suddenly overcome by a need to make this shy young geeks afternoon, she smiled her best smile, and invited him in, licking her lips provocatively at the white lad who was staring on in disbelief from the van.

“ The bathroom is over there, Sir, but a handsome man such as yourself should use a slut like me for that purpose” she gushed, hardly able to believe this was her speaking. Before she could change her mind, she dropped to her knees in front of the shocked boy, and, unzipping his fly, scooped his 18 year old genitalia out of his pants, briefly pausing to admire the size of tackle that a little, quiet lad like this was packing...she could barely touch her fingers together once they encircled his shaft.

“ Please use this sluts mouth as your toilet, Sir” she cooed, and, squeezing the lads balls softly in encouragement, she felt him overcome his shyness as his urethra bulged in her hand, and the first charge of scalding hot piss blasted out of the eye of his young cock, filling her mouth so that her cheeks bulged, as she eagerly gulped it down, swallowing fast to cope with the heavy delivery as eventually his bladder emptied and her gulping became less urgent. Relishing the warmth on her swollen tongue, and savouring the acrid taste of piss that she was very rapidly learning to crave, she wondered mildly what white mans urine tasted like, and felt secure in the knowledge that she would never know, as she milked the last drops from the lads eye, cheekily popping the end of one of her tongue barbells into the eye as the flow finally stopped. Sensing his helmet react to her attentions, she started giving the beautiful purple dome a jewellery assisted tongue bath, loving as always the feelings she got as his cock grew to full erectness in her mouth. Dropping her blond dreadlocked head down between his thighs, she lovingly washed his balls with her modified tongue, before returning to his shaft, and beginning the long relentless, hypnotic to watch descent down his cock until his pubes rested on her lips, and his manhood occupied the greater part of her throat. Using her throat muscles to milk his black weapon, she moved her neck in 6 inch strokes as she slowly but surely throat-wanked him to orgasm, enjoying the increasing murmurs of excitement that he uttered, and then welcoming the surge of spasms in her ass-pussy and slut-nips that meant the imminent arrival of yet another thunderous anal orgasm. As she felt the boys balls tighten and his breathing become laboured, she buried him to the hilt in her hungry gullet, and reached behind his balls and popped a dainty white finger into his anus and rubbed his prostate gland. The lads knees buckled, and the power of his orgasm shocked them both, his shouts ringing round the room as hose after hose of black cum drenched her throat and rushed into her waiting stomach, as her own orgasm ripped through her, and her muffled screams acted like a vibrator on his pumping shaft.

When the rushing in both their ears had subsided, his cock went soft, and Sarah very reluctantly let it pop from her mouth, her tongue hungrily checking his eye for any last drops before, with a sigh, she realised her act of worship was over.

“ Thank you Sir for all your gifts. This slut is honoured” she gushed, determined to give this lad something to brag to his arrogant white mate about.

“Now thats what you call a tip”, he stammered, as he not quite so nervously exited the front door, enjoying the look on his buddys face as the lovely Sarah waved goodbye to her young lover, the sunlight making her baby-doll go see through enough to show her tattoos and piercings in outline, and her hem rising just high enough to show the two heavy brass padlocks swinging between her legs, relentlessly stretching the front of her labia into two bell-hangers. Sarah smiled as she thought she detected a swagger in the black boys step.

Back in the house, she unpacked and put away her groceries, grinning broadly at how good she felt about what had just happened. She had made that boys day, and had cum big time while she was at it. People could judge her all she wanted- her rehabilitation was working-she was making people happy now, and was loving every minute of it! Furthermore, she had been right about her anus. It had opened automatically again as she had cum despite no one touching it. She now had a slut asshole that dilated ready for cock whenever she was excited. That would have made her feel like a freak a week ago, but now it made her proud.

Sitting back down in front of the TV with a coffee and a fresh Danish from the delivery, she made a mental note to have all her groceries delivered from now on.

Deciding to wear something else for the evening, she had just finished slipping into a cream camisole and French knicker set, with white silk stockings and garter belt when she heard Pete return. Refreshing her perfume and lipstick, she stood to go downstairs to say hi, and noticed that her padlocks protruded below the hem of the quite long legged French panties. Resisting the urge to wear something longer to save Petes blushes, she decided that her labial modification was part of her rehab, and the sooner he got used to it the better, so she went downstairs wearing her padlocks with pride. When she saw him trying to avert his eyes, she made a decision. Kissing him on top of his head and asking how his day had been, she ushered him into the living room, and sat him down. She softly, but firmly explained about the padlocks, and their purpose, and pulled the legs of her panties back so he could see. She placed his hand gently under each padlock, encouraging him to lift each one and marvel at how her lips stretched to bear its weight when he released it. She told him that she would talk him through all of her modifications in future, since he would have to live with them on a daily basis. At his request, she removed her top and let him inspect her slut-nips closely, reminding him not to touch. As he stared, she talked him through their plans, explaining that eventually she would have five-inch wide cookies, massively bumpy and puffy and standing well proud of her breasts, and that her teats would eventually stand 1 ½ inches proud without assistance. She added that they were already darkening, and may well end up brown (she saw his disappointment at that- he had always loved their pinkness). She also told him, quite firmly, that henceforth the engineered part of her breasts would be known as slut-nips. Replacing her camisole, she explained that her tongue hurt from its modifications, and that, once she had shown him them in great detail, she didnt want to talk for a while, so would he mind if she prepared dinner in silence?

After examining her tongue minutely, Pete thanked his much modified bride for sharing her developments with him, kissing her on the cheek before retiring to his room for a much needed wank as Sarah busied herself with their meal.

They sat in silence as they ate- but it wasnt an awkward silence, more one born of the comfort brought by ground rules being defined. By the time they had cleared away, she was very relaxed, and quite happy to share the rest of the wine in front of the TV.

The evening was just approaching cosiness when the door opened, and Louis let himself in. “Good evening, Black cock slut Sarah” he announced boldly, as he walked over to the slut, and attached a dog collar he was carrying around her pretty neck, taking care not to rub her queen of spades tattoo, which was still healing.

“This is your new mating collar Sarah - it will be worn whenever you entertain unannounced visitors at home from now on” he explained, as she bowed her neck compliantly for its attachment. Ignoring Pete, he clipped a leash to the collar, which the cuckolded husband noticed had “SARAH” engraved on the nameplate, and led her, at his command on all fours, upstairs to her suite. Neither the hapless Pete nor the obedient submissive had any idea why there was a small, but heavy brass bell attached to the collar that tinkled as she crawled.

As the bedroom door closed behind them, Pete gulped at the fact that he was accepting this as destiny already, and prepared himself for an evening of listening to that bell ring itself crazy. Sarah was not to know that the Masters had examined the contents of the trash bin for and had already started reacting to her choices. She was also unaware that Louis was to leave at Midnight, as the Masters did not want the slut over-tired for the many challenges the next few days held.

Hours later, as Louis slipped away into the night, an exhausted Sarah slipped into a well earned sleep that would see her tongue heal and her anal sphincter, which at present looked like the entrance to a coal mine, to close to somewhere near its continent state. On his way out, Louis had hung her mating collar and leash prominently on a coat hook by the front door, ready for the next unannounced visitor to use.

Pete also slipped into bed, but felt a little like Quasimodo, as he felt so sure he could still hear bells ringing that he could not sleep.

Elsewhere, just out of town at the stud farm, the bells that, on Master Teddys insistence, always accompanied the matings of prize stallions and stud dogs alike as they covered their paying visitors, had been silent since sundown, at which point the days business had ended.

Authors Note:

In an effort to make “Sarah Under Control” a little different, and hopefully more enjoyable for the reader, I have made a crude attempt to make it interactive. The email link to the Deep Inside Sarah site is actually live, and will be monitored. Suggestions as to Sarahs next Tattoo or piercing, or indeed her next webcast task can be sent in, and will be read. Particularly interesting ones will be added to the story. Any readers who can participate in this, whilst still remembering that the whole tale is purely fictional, and any resemblance to any real person , alive or dead, is purely coincidental are invited to join in.


Waking after a deep sleep, Sarah instinctively felt for her mating collar, and was surprised at the sense of loss she felt when she realized it was gone. Shaking her magnificent dreads free from tangle, she slipped into the bathroom and began her cleansing, savouring the soothing sensation of each charge as it eased her battered bowel as it cleansed. Once the third bag was done, she stepped into the shower and readied herself for what she felt sure was going to be a testing day. Once clean, she towelled herself down, admiring the ever-darkening shades of her fiercely swollen cookies as she watched herself in the mirror. Something else caught her eye- her breasts were a little fuller than she remembered them. Not ever wearing a bra, she didnt have the benchmark of cup size to gauge them by, but she was sure she wasnt imagining it? Another side effect of the cocktail of drugs that was pumped daily into her chest, no doubt.

Perfuming herself liberally, and applying her eye make-up in its now routine heavy layers, she slipped into a yellow silk chemise and wandered downstairs, where Pete was trying to concentrate on his breakfast rather than the padlocks that swung seductively below the yellow hem.

“Morning Pete”, she said sweetly, as she kissed the top of his head again. “ Did Master Louis leave anything on his way out last night?” she asked as innocently as one enquires if the mail has arrived yet.

“On the hook by the door” came the terse reply, and she felt a wave of satisfaction as she saw her personalized mating collar, with bell and leash, hanging there awaiting the next unexpected visitor.

“I didnt sleep last night thanks to that bell ringing,” he grumbled. “Its bad enough knowing your wife is the cum dump for every black man in the town, but hearing the ringing as they use you is too much” he moaned, the last few words descending into a sob.

Feeling desperately guilty, she stroked his head. “ Im sorry Pete, but my Masters will be doing it for a reason. It will be part of my rehabilitation, so it must happen. Why does it upset you so much?” As the words formed, she realised the answer. “It turns you on, doesnt it?”

Sobbing, he nodded. “ Aw, you poor baby” she cooed, overwhelmed by guilt.

“Let me help you with that” she offered, and, picking up a juice glass from the table, she knelt by his chair, and reaching into his pants, pulled out his little cock (was it always that tiny?) and tenderly wanked his organ with her skilled little hand, whispering comforts in his ear and encouraging him to feel the weight of the padlocks that stretched her lips. As he carefully eased the padlocks up and down, watching the tension in her pierced and grommetted labia change as he moved them, he gave a mighty groan and discharged his balls into the juice glass with a grunt. Squeezing the last drops into the glass, she kissed him tenderly on the cheek, and told him that once he got used to her rehabilitation, they could return to some kind of normality around her visits.

Her instincts told her to drink the cum-it was what she did….but her training was advanced now, and she could not allow herself to swallow a white mans seed, so instead of offering the glass to her own ruby lips, she instead handed it to Pete. “Drink it for me, and show me how grateful you are?” she ventured. Pete spluttered, and was starting on his refusal when she rubbed her silk clad slut-nips across his face and told him that she may offer again if he was a good boy. Steeling himself, the cuckolded husband swallowed his own seed in one gulp, and his humiliation advanced one more stage.

Sitting herself down to her muesli, she poured a good portion of Teddys special cream onto her cereal, and said “ Why dont you play golf today babe…take your mind off things?” She managed to hide her relief when he agreed that it was a good idea, and headed out to load up the car.

Not five minutes after he had left, the door opened, and Winston and Ceebert came in. Kneeling to greet her Masters, the slut fixed them coffee before she was ushered into the living room, where they produced her daily injections, and, between them they administered both the sluts medicine and her first two orgasms of the day. After giving her time to recover, Ceebert spread a blanket over the couch, and Winston had her disrobe and lay on her back on the blanket. Reaching for the key around his neck, Winston unlocked the tiny padlock that maintained her chastity, and pulled back the shield. “We have a busy agenda this morning, Sarah” he explained, as he removed her catheter, then slowly unthreaded the chain through her grommets and withdrew the curved insert that now lived permanently inside her pussy. “Maisy will be here in a moment to perform your depilation by electrolysis, which will take most of the morning. Ceebert then wants to add a couple of your fans suggestions to your body. Hopefully there will be time for us to use you for a couple of hours afterwards, but from the look of your ass-pussy, it still hasnt closed from last night….or is it opening because youre pleased to see us?” he teased, as the slut blushed at the truth of his suggestion.

As Sarah became used to the feel of cool air on her pussy lips again, Winston produced the roll of dreaded urethral sounds. “While Maisy makes your lily white pussy as bald as the day you were born, I thought wed stretch your piss-hole some more. Being such a good girl, Im confident we can get past number 5 this time. I hope so…we need to get to number 10 if youre ever going to have full urethral sex” he explained, and Sarah grimaced at the unpleasant intrusion as the cold shock told her number 1 was on its way into her bladder.

Right on cue, Maisy arrived- a tall, strikingly attractive black woman in her 30s, and almost Amazon in her appearance. Although women didnt interest her at all, Sarah could not help but feel a twinge of excitement at the thought that this muscled and powerful beauty was going to work on her pussy and ass all morning.

“ Hi Guys. This must be the slut?” she chimed cheerfully. “ Very nice”, she added, taking in the nipple mods and the no entry tattoo as she placed her bag of equipment down on the floor.

“ Wow, youre training her piss hole too?” she noted, as she unpacked her gear. As Winston explained his plan for total humiliation of Pete, she chuckled at his cunning, noting the purpose of all the grommets as he explained the method of her ongoing chastity, and the need for depilation.

“You have a wicked mind, Winston. So shes anal and oral only for the brothers now then?” she asked, and then nodded enthusiastically as she checked out the sluts anal sphincter and found zero resistance as she slipped two long nailed black fingers into her rectum. “ Most impressive- she looks like she could take on an army here”

When Winston explained that she not only took on his giant member anally, but that she came violently as a result, and added that no black woman had ever managed that, respect was established, and Maisy decided that she was looking forward to this morning very much indeed.

As she readied her electrolyser, the doorbell rang, and Winston answered it, signing for several large packages addressed to Pete. When he saw that the senders were all lingerie companies, he smiled- the plan was working. He dumped the packages in the wimps bedroom.

Back inside, Maisy started the painstaking process of killing each hair follicle on the sluts pussy and ass. A high powered lamp lit up the target area with a warmth that made Sarahs holes wink periodically as Maisys tweezers picked out each individual hair, and then delivered a small current to the follicle, causing it to release the hair forever. As she worked, she occasionally had to tense the skin to get the hairs very close to her pussy opening, and found that the best way was to push her hand into the vagina and tension the skin that way. She was quite amused that the white sluts hole was tight, and reluctant to accept the whole of her hand. Applying some KY, and persevering, her patience was eventually rewarded, and her hand popped fully into the sluts pussy, as her labia wrapped around her wrist like a dainty pink bracelet. Every half hour, Winston changed the urethral sound for the next size up, and, after 2 hours, when she had size four in her piss-hole, and Maisy had been zapping her pubic hairs for what seemed like an eternity, mostly with her hand rammed inside her cunt, Sarah was starting to become most disenchanted at the exclusively unpleasant sensations this morning were bringing her. Even the hand in her pussy was not enjoyable, as all her sexual feelings had now migrated to her ass and slut-nips, and the only feeling Maisys hand gave her was guilt that it wasnt in her greedy anus.

At the 2 hour point Maisy announced that the sluts mons and labia were now forever cleansed of hair, and had her turn over onto her front so that she could do her anal hair.

As Sarah grumpily rolled onto her stomach, Maisy let out a long whistle of appreciation at the artwork on her back. Heeding Winstons shush gesture lest she give away anything about the subject matter, she drank the beautiful ink in with her eyes, feeling very horny as she started electrolysing the sluts anal area. Deciding to tension the skin again, she slipped a couple of fingers into the loose hole, then 3, and was amazed that within a minute, her whole hand had been greedily swallowed by the hungry orifice, which devoured it like a seal does a fish, and Sarahs sphincter squeezed Maisys wrist enthusiastically. Her slut-nips throbbed as for the first time since her injections this morning, she was aroused, and an anal orgasm built inside her tattooed body.

Half way through her anal depilation, Winston flipped her over to insert the number 5 sound, and so aroused was she from Maisys attentions that she barely noticed the switch.

After another hour, and two more anal cums, it was done. Sarah would never again have a single hair between her legs.

Getting her to lay on her back again, Winston swiftly reintroduced her pussy insert, and threaded the fine chain through the grommets that held it in place. Closing the clasp, he smiled at the thought that her pussy would not see the light of day again until her visit to the arm. Sarah was surprised to note that she felt a surge of secure satisfaction as her chastity device was replaced, and her proud status as “2 hole black cock slut” was restored.

As Winston removed the number 5 sound, she readied herself for the previously uncharted stretch of number 6. As He slid it very slowly home, she felt the walls of her urethra expand to accommodate it where a few days ago it had not, and, despite still hating the sensations, she began to believe that Winstons goal was indeed possible, and the urgency of not disappointing her Master made the pain go away.

Once number 6 was fully home, Winston said, “ Do you think you should show Maisy your gratitude for making your pussy and ass so pretty, Sarah?”

As the slut agreed, and offered to please her as she needed, the muscled Amazon beauty stripped off to reveal a body straight from a body building magazine- she was stunning. Gasping, Sarah felt a wave of lust wash over her, and as Maisy walked over to the couch and positioned her groin over the sluts head, Sarahs heavily pieced tongue slipped out from the crimson lips and eagerly greeted Maisys pussy as she lowered herself onto the lovely white face. Going into a feeding frenzy, Sarah pushed her tongue as deep as she could into the black beautys pussy, then her ass, as a gasping Maisy alternated her holes over the sluts eager mouth and talented tongue, basically masturbating herself on Sarahs mouth. Maisy was a gusher, and as her juices flooded Sarahs mouth, she greedily accepted them for the nectar they were, and as she devoured Maisys anus when that was offered, she felt herself wishing that too had bounty to offer. For half an hour, the Amazon goddess performed a dance of lust on the sluts face, and Winston and Ceebert enjoyed the vocal evidence of Maisys orgasms as well as the visual evidence of Sarahs, as her anus gaped like a second mouth.

Once spent, Maisy slipped off the sluts face and flopped in exhaustion in the recliner. Regaining her composure, she decided there was one more part of Sarah she wanted to sample before leaving, and called the slut over. As Sarah knelt obediently at the foot of the recliner, Maisy said “I love your slut-nips, Sarah- fuck me with them”

Gasping at the intensity of the request, Sarah cupped one of her breasts in her hand, their bulk spilling over both sides of her tiny palm. As Maisy raised both her legs high in the air, exposing her pussy, Sarah obediently fed the full inch of her teat into Maisys pussy and fucked her with her slut-nip. As she groaned and her pleasure built, Sarah cupped her other breast and fed the teat into her eager anus. Squealing with pleasure at the depths of this sluts inventiveness, Maisy rode Sarahs nipples in her ass, then her pussy, until a flood of warm pussy juice anointed the sluts chest as her reward was complete.

Holding Sarahs head by her dreadlocks, the fully satisfied Maisy pulled her mouth to her pussy, and discharged the entire contents of her bladder into Sarahs well-trained mouth, noting with admiration that she never wasted a drop. Winston really had struck gold here-the slut was a natural.

Maisy dressed, collected her gear, and, after kissing Sarah deeply on the mouth and promising to come and see her again real soon, departed, leaving the masters with their slut.

“Go and fix some coffee, Sarah. Dont forget your special cream. Once weve had a break, we have some modifications for you, which both we, and your adoring public, think will assist your rehabilitation.”

Wondering what was in store for her, She moved awkwardly to the kitchen, the urethral sound hindering her somewhat.

Returning with a tray, they sat and talked whilst they took coffee. Winston asked how Pete had been this morning, smiling inwardly at the dilemma that would face him later when he opened his packages of silkies. Sarah explained about the bells, and how upset he was, but, blushing, didnt add the part about wanking him. Listening carefully, Winston said “ anything you want to add, slut?” in a menacing tone, and Sarah realised that they knew. Unaware of the listening devices planted about the house, she had no idea how he knew, but the damage was done, as she quickly explained how sorry she had felt for him, and how she had not drunk the cum herself. Winston gave nothing away as he finished his coffee, and Ceebert took her back to the couch, where some of his equipment had appeared on the table beside it.

“We, along with your public, have been impressed with the way you wear your dreads with pride. We also are very excited about the darkening of your cookies. We have decided that being Africanized suits you. We have bought you this dress to go to work in on Monday,” announced Winston. Ceebert produced a beautiful silk tiger-skin print kaftan dress that could have come straight out of Maisys wardrobe. It was so fine and diaphanous that every lump and bump of her nipple furniture would be unmissable under the fabric, even if she wore a camisole. She thanked her Masters, telling them, truthfully, that it was beautiful. She felt a lump in her throat when Ceebert added matching tiger print 5-inch heels, and she wondered if that was a personal touch from him, or part of the plan

“To further add to this image, Sarah, we have decided to modify your eyebrows to a shape more like an African woman would have”, and as he added this, Ceebert produced a can of shaving foam and started soaping up her eyebrows. Picking a safety razor from the table, and a towel, he pulled the skin on her forehead taut and with two deft strokes, removed her eyebrows from her face. As he wiped away the excess foam with the towel, she looked a little like a very pretty chemotherapy victim, but that image was short lived, as Ceebert picked up his black tattoo gun, and quickly inked in fine, highly arched eyebrows above each eye, making the framework above each eye that much wider, enabling her to be much more liberal with her eye make-up, hopefully to startling effect.

Once done, he told her to stay laid there, and produced his vernier scale and black marker pen.

“We have decided that a barbell piercing just above the bridge of your nose will draw further attention to your new eyebrows. Also, several have requested a ball closure ring through the gristle between your nostrils. known as the septum. Because of the acute embarrassment this will cause at work, I have approved this mod as well. Finally, you will recall that, when we gave you your vertical bars for stretching your cookies, we promised that if successful, we would add horizontal ones. No-one can deny how successful your cookie-stretching regime has been, but now they are becoming oval, so time to stretch them downwards as well. It is paramount that your cookies reach their full 5 inch wide target as soon as possible, particularly as they are darkening, swelling and pimpling up quite magnificently. I want your 5-inch wide Africanized slut-nips to be impossible to hide before the end of the summer. Every citizen of this town who sees you must know of their status as soon as possible. We will add the piercings today, and the stretchers early next week”.

Feeling orgasmic spasms building as Winston discussed her like one would a trophy, Sarah waited for Ceebert to finish marking her, before licking her lips as she watched him peel open the needle packets ready to add to her furniture.

Half an hour later, Sarah sported a Gold barbell between, but just below her eyes, a small but chunky gold septum ring, and two more hefty large gauge barbells in her cookies as anchorage points for further stretching. Even though everyone present now expected it, she was still embarrassed when she had an intense anal orgasm as the 2.4mm needle pushed through her cookie meat the second time.

Admiring his handiwork, Ceebert again had to suppress his desires as he admired the beautiful African butterfly that was gradually emerging from its white chrysalis.

“ You look wonderful, slut- such a pity that now we come to the punishment” said Winston. “You have wantonly and deliberately handled a white cock this morning, and even brought it to orgasm. We accept your pleas that you didnt swallow the cum, as should have been a reflex action-however, this does not excuse your behaviour. First you will take the size 7 sound, which wasnt scheduled for today.”

“”Yes Master” she gulped, and bit her crimson lip hard as the number 6 was removed, and the number 7 was gradually and forcefully pushed home. Sarah took pride in the fact that she remembered to thank him for the gift, despite her discomfort.

“Now you will receive 20 cane strokes, ten to each breast. Present breasts, slut”

Gulping, but accepting the inevitability of the punishment, the tattooed beauty obediently stood and cupped both of her now very heavily modified breasts so that they were presented more like a gift than a target, and counted each stroke out loud, thanking her Master convincingly for each blow, as Winston carefully but powerfully laid ten stripes across the quivering surface of each offered breast. Already oversensitized by the venom injected earlier, the pain levels built until, as the last blow landed, the pain/pleasure thresholds met, and she collapsed in an orgasm of an intensity that reflected the pain she felt.

Giving the sobbing slut a while to compose herself, they packed Ceeberts regalia away. When she had regained some semblance of awareness, Ceebert removed the urethral sound, and, as her piss-hole returned to normal, he re-catheterised her, and closed her chastity shield, fixing the padlock securely in place Winston decided to tell her about tomorrows adventure before they both took her upstairs and spit-roasted her for the afternoon.

Producing a transparent playsuit, not unlike her silk teddies, that was open at the crutch, and unzipped at the front, Winston handed it to Sarah. She gasped- it was gossamer thin- not unlike a condom, and seemed to stretch almost to infinity. It was quite the most extraordinary material she had ever felt. It was as soft as silk, but as sensuous and kinky as latex, and totally see-through.

“Tomorrow, you will be re-visiting the soul café. Your viewers were most excited by seeing your chest covered in hickeys. They need refreshing, and should look even better accompanied by the stripes I just gave you. You will wear this garment under your dress. Nothing else apart from hold-ups and shoes. The reason for the latex teddy will become plain before you leave. This time, as well as hickeys, they are allowed access to your ass. You may find you are in for quite a long day.”

Excited beyond belief, the breathless slut was still thanking her masters as they led her upstairs for a spit roasting, as Winston took maximum advantage of the fact that her colon now thrived on swallowing his vast manhood whole, and Ceebert enjoyed her ever increasing oral expertise on his pierced sacks and shaft before plundering her throat and filling her belly with his seed.

Leaving a sore and exhausted Sarah to suck the seed from her feeding plug before removing it and showering, Winston and Ceebert left late that afternoon, both fully satisfied with their Saturday so far.

As Sarah popped the plug from her ransacked anus, she noted that, so easily did it plop in and out now that she doubted she could retain it whilst walking along. Enjoying a long and luxurious shower, she carefully washed her new piercings, and enjoyed the freedom she felt when she washed her face and felt no eyebrows.

Towelling herself dry, she eagerly sat at her dresser and experimented with making up her new eye-lines, enjoying the much greater area that she now had in which to apply her eye shadow. Eventually, she got it just how she wanted it, and in the mirror, a deadlocked, high eyebrowed white African with facial jewellery looked enticingly back at her. Totally satisfied, and feeling impossibly feminine, she applied perfume, and then slipped into baby pink French knickers and camisole, pink garter belt, white stockings, and pink 3 inch pumps.

As she went back downstairs to prepare supper, Pete was already back, and kissed her enthusiastically, gasping in admiration at how hot she looked.

“Thanks Hun- but look, dont touch? I already got punished once for being nice to you today...thats what these stripes are for”

Staring wide eyed at the wounds on his wifes chest as she pulled her camisole down to show him, and immediately aroused at her new cookie piercings, he sat quietly and listened as she sat and talked him through the days modifications, becoming more and more aroused as she calmly described how she was quite literally their plaything to mould and modify as they chose.

When she casually mentioned the packages for him in his room, he nearly ran to check them out as Sarah busied herself with supper.

Tearing open the packs, Pete laid all his new lingerie and nightwear out on the bed. He now had most of Sarahs large collection of silkies mirrored in his own size, although there will some very special items he hadnt tracked down yet.

Fortunately, he had the exact pink twin set that she wore this evening, and stockings and garter belt that were a close enough match.

He laid them very carefully on his pillow, and then packed the rest away.

Grabbing a shower, he dithered and hesitated after towelling himself dry, before plucking up the courage, and slipping into the pink panties, surprising himself at how good the silk felt. Clipping the garter belt around his waist, he rolled stockings up his legs, fumbling somewhat with the clasps before eventually securing the hose around his thighs. Pulling the camisole over his head, he told himself it didnt really feel that wonderful- it was just a means to an end- and pulled loose jogging bottoms and a sweatshirt over his pink finery, convincing himself that with luck no-one would call tonight and his secret would go un-noticed.

Sitting down to their meal, Sarah wondered why he kept shuffling in his seat, never dreaming that he was starting to enjoy the explosion of tactile sensations that cross-dressing could bring.

As he helped her clear away, he was grateful for the opportunity to walk around, as the almost silent whisper of stocking tops rubbing together reminded him of where these amazing sensations were coming from.

Settling down for the evening, they were half way into a passably good movie, when the door opened, and Leroys two young cousins, Cecil and Clyde breezed arrogantly into the room. Clicking his fingers as one would at a waiter, Clyde summoned Sarah to the hallway, where he held her mating collar expectantly.

“Good evening Masters”, said an enthusiastic Sarah, bowing her dreadlocked head to accept the collar, then dropping to all fours, and allowing herself to be led eagerly upstairs, her mating bell tinkling suggestively as she went.

Having been totally ignored by the youths, Pete waited until the bedroom door had closed, before peeling off his outer clothes, and padding upstairs in his stockings and lingerie, and tapping submissively on the door, before asking the lads for permission to watch then violate his pretty, but increasingly Africanized bride.

Fighting back the tears as they ridiculed his panty-clad ass, they let him in, clearly having been told this part of the rules, and Petes eyes met those of his incredulous wife, as she took in the depths of humiliation he was prepared to undergo to witness her rehabilitation.

Wanking openly and unashamedly, the cuckold listened to the bell ring into the small hours as the two lads made up for the size their cocks lacked compared to their uncle and his friends by forcing both of their cocks into Sarahs cavernous anus at the same time. As she screamed in ecstasy at the double penetration, and begged them to fuck her harder, Pete soiled his brand new pink French silk with his pitiful white squirts.

Unhooking the mating collar from the slender neck of the exhausted slut who lay sleeping, her doubly violated anus gaping obscenely as it seemed to have given up the struggle to ever close fully again, the two cocksure teenagers paused briefly to wipe their now flaccid members clean on Petes new pink camisole before ruffling the blushing cuckolds hair teasingly on their way out of the bedroom, pausing only to hang the mating collar prominently by the front door before exiting into what was left of the night.

Waking several hours later, Sarah was immediately aware of the throbbing in her anal sphincter, as the memories of her first ever double anal penetration flooded back to her. Reaching round to touch her ass-pussy, she was both alarmed and proud to note that it still gaped, even all these hours later. Alarmed because she was no longer able to kid herself that her anus would ever be the same again, and was surely not only damaged beyond repair, but destined to become more so as her rehabilitation continued….but proud because if it was her Masters desire that her anus be ruined, it was her duty to do everything in her power to make that ruination as complete as possible.

Performing her three routine enemas, she noticed that she had to pump the bulb several more times to hold the plugs in place this morning, and took comfort from the fact that she was becoming what they needed her to be.

After a long shower, and a relaxing make-up and perfume session, she slipped a yellow satin baby doll nightie on that didnt cover her padlocks, and went down to fix some breakfast. Pete was at the sink washing the evidence of last nights cuckoldry from his new pink lingerie, which was hand wash only, and he flushed profusely when Sarah noted that he was still sporting an erection despite his excessive wanking earlier.

Kissing his cheek, and starting to enjoy the effect her new sexuality had on his poor little white manhood, she made a show of gliding around the kitchen as if nothing was any different to any other Sunday morning of their marriage. The obscene stretching of her labia by the padlocks, the unmistakeable outlines of her slut-nip furniture, the dreadlocks, facial piercings and, most of all, her outrageous tattoos all screamed the intensity of her rehabilitation at him, yet she acted as if she was just another soccer mom fixing breakfast. Finally the tension was just too much, and Pete could contain his frustration no longer.

Turning to face her, his pathetic erection jutting before him, he simply whispered “ please?”

“Please what, pet?” she teased.

“Please help me...I am so fuckin horny” he sobbed, not looking her in the eye.

“You know the rules Pete…I got punished last time, and besides, you arent even dressed properly”

Grumpily hanging his pink twin set up to dry, Pete sulked off to his bedroom, and Sarah sat down to eat waffles with her coffee and juice.

As she finished, her husband re-appeared, now wearing an exact copy of her yellow baby doll. Feeling a wave of affection and sympathy for the complete and rapid subjugation he had undergone in order to be a small part of her adventure, she capitulated, and called him over to her.

“Now that youre a pretty boy again, maybe I can help you with your little problem after all” she said sexily. Go and fetch a juice glass- we cant have your little white dick spilling any of your pitiful load on my carpet now, can we?” she teased, surprising herself at how easily she slipped into the role of tormentor simply because she knew her masters would want it that way.

As he returned, tumbler in hand, she teased her scarlet fingernails across the purpleness of his engorged helmet, and then surpassed herself by inventively scooping one of her breasts out of her nightie and slowly teasing the eye of his cock with her teat stretcher before sliding the ball of the barbell into his eye. Gasping at the new sensation, Pete felt his groin tighten as his wifes heavily modified slut-nip brought him to the brink of another orgasm. Sensing the moment was nigh, and not wanting his white muck on her lovely chest, she popped her breast back inside. Guiding his hand to the padlocks between her legs, she again had him savour their weight as she encouraged him to move them softly up and down as, flicking her heavily pierced tongue in his ear as she whispered encouragement, her slender hand stroked and eased him to an earth-shattering cum. With a loud moan, he spurted a surprisingly copious delivery into the tumbler she held under his helmet.

“Good boy” she cooed, as he obediently tipped the tumbler into his mouth and swallowed his own seed as his wife stroked his head affectionately.

Pouring another coffee and again acting as if nothing had happened, she returned to her bedroom to dress ready for her visit to the Soul café. Just as she laid the transparent latex body out on the bed, again marvelling at its tactile loveliness, the door opened and Ceebert walked in with her morning injections.

As they administered her medicine, Pete heard the groans of pleasure start as his slut wife gave herself up to the pleasures on invenomation by syringe, and then had the ironic pleasure of listen to her receive twenty cane punishment strokes to her magnificent, and now undeniably growing breasts as a result of her confessing her charitable deed to her Master. He was shocked to hear the attentions of the cane extract yet another orgasm from his seemingly insatiable wife.

Before he left, Ceebert told her to make no plans for this evening as he and the other Masters had been particularly impressed by one of her viewers suggestions for her next tattoo, and wanted to start on it today, as it would take several sittings. Ceebert had decided he would bring his guns and ink to her this evening, as it would be amusing for the cuckold to listen to his wife being permanently marked with the fantasy of a black internet viewer she had never even met. As he would only do the outline today, he only needed his black gun and ink, so not much equipment had to be carried.

Thanking Master Ceebert and bidding him goodbye, she applied more perfume, wincing as it stung when it landed on the fresh stripes across her breasts; and freshened up her very slutty make-up. Unable to resist any longer, she slithered into the latex body, marvelling at the way it hugged her body like a second skin yet left every detail of her modifications clearly visible, as she pulled the zip up to the top of her cleavage, she felt like someone had sprayed clear-coat on her body, such was the intimacy of the garments fit. Enjoying the coolness of the air on her still naked crotch, she selected a yellow silk button-up dress that was quite translucent in the sun, and added yellow sheer thigh-high hold-ups and 4-inch heels.

Checking herself out in the mirror, she had to admit she looked hot, and, given that it was already a sunny day, felt sure that many townsfolk would be checking out the outlines of her ink as she undulated to the café. The throbbing of the venom coursing through her slut-nips made her surge with pre-orgasmic excitement at the new level her exhibitionism was about to reach.

Enjoying the slack-jawed look of amazement that Pete gave her when he saw the way she was dressed, and refusing his speculative offer of a lift, she walked out into the sunshine and happily strode to whatever awaited her, knowing that it would be an honour to obey. As heads turned, Sarah found she barely noticed the looks that white folk gave her this morning, such was their irrelevance- but whenever a black citizen turned to admire the modified slut, she smiled back in appreciation and basked in the pleasure that she gained from their inspection. By the time she reached the Soul café, she was hot and breathless, and it wasnt from the summer temperature. Walking confidently up to the bar, she smiled at Patrick, and said with genuine enthusiasm “Good Morning Sir”

“ Good morning, little slut Sarah” replied the dignified old barkeep.” Dont you look lovely today with your new piercings and hair and the like?” he enthused, and a background murmur of agreement made her feel safe and at home.

“ I was wondering, Sir, if the pool room was busy, and if so, may I be allowed to go in and ask the young Sirs a favour?” enquired the slut

“ As always on a Sunday, it is packed-must be over 20 of the young brothers in there. Theyll be delighted to see you- Ill take you down” he beamed, and led the lovely lamb to the lions den.

Opening the door and releasing a cloud of ganja-flavoured smoke, Patrick cleared his throat, and said “ Theres a young lady here wants to ask you dudes a favour”, as a chorus of “Hi Sarah”, “ Welcome back” and other such platitudes rang around the room.

As silence fell, Patrick said “ Ask away then, slut”

“ Um….I have been told that my web cast viewers like to see my chest covered in hickeys, and would like to see some on my back and thighs as well. I was hoping the young Sirs would help me out?” stammered the suddenly nervous Sarah, as the reality of asking a roomful of virtual strangers to eat her alive dawned on her. In anticipation of their answer, she automatically unbuttoned her dress and stepped out of it, standing before them in just a transparent body and her yellow hose and heels.

“Why sure, lil lady, hop up here,” gestured one of the older lads, and she climbed up on the empty pool table as instructed.

As eager young hands unzipped her body and rolled it down to her waist, her magnificent and much modified breasts spilled out before them. Patrick appeared with a tumbler full of straws.

“ Master Winston has sent a message. Five of you get to fuck the slut in the ass today. The other 20 of you get to hickey her up, and then cum on that wonderful chest. Gotta take care not to spill any though. Its all gotta be on her skin when youre done. Five straws got a brown tip…whoever pulls those gets her ass” announced Patrick, as he handed the tumbler around the room.

A little confused, Sarahs head swam as the eighteen year olds drew straws, each one who was luck enough to draw brown whooping with delight.

As five black youths with grins like split water melons queued at the foot of the table, pants around their ankles, Patrick told Sarah to lie face down for the first ass-fuck, so that the less lucky twenty could cover her back and shoulders with hickeys. Once he was spent, the other four would, unusually, fuck her on her back. Usually she was duty bound to receive black cock in her ass whilst knelt like a dog, but there was no way they could cover her breasts with their cum unless she was on her back, so an exception was made, he explained.

Turning obediently and excitedly into her stomach, Sarah felt the first young cock slide into her wanton anus, encountering little resistance, and was just starting to milk the cock with her rectum, feeling the sensations build, when she felt the suction of several young mouths on her shoulders and back as they took it in turns to cover her pale alabaster skin in hickeys, avoiding only the tattooed areas. Totally overwhelmed by all the sensations at once, Sarah slipped into a swirling pit of ever increasing anal orgasms, as her plundering gathered pace. Barely noticing as they rolled her onto her back, she eagerly accepted the second cock into her slut ass-pussy, as the hungry mouths started turning her recently cane-marked chest into a minefield of angry red hickeys. Moaning ever louder as the whirlpool of sensations threatened to overwhelm her, she felt the third, then the fourth cock discharge their bounty into her colon. As the fifth and final member invaded her back passage, she was dimly aware that the mouths had gone, and that Patrick had pulled her latex body back up onto her shoulders, and was holding it wide open like a transparent funnel, as two ten-deep queues formed either side of her chest, and she felt the first of twenty hot, copious loads of wonderful black semen anoint her splendid bosom, As her orgasm built from the fifth cock in her ass, she felt shot after shot of cum flood her chest, and enjoyed the sensation of it running past her breasts and under her arms to gather around he latex-clad back. As the final orgasm ripped through her, she screamed aloud, and the last few deliveries of cum hosed across her cookies, hanging briefly from the metalwork of her stretchers before gathering deep inside the latex envelope. As she fought not to lose consciousness from the power of the last orgasm, she felt Patrick draw the zip of her body back up to her cleavage, and her tattooed and pierced torso enjoyed the feeling of being completely immersed in semen. Gasping aloud with pleasure as young hands stroked her chest and back, massaging the fluid around her body, turning her into a “cum-Chrysalis”, she looked down at her latex clad chest and saw the precious fluid moving with a life of its own across her chest, exploring ever crevice of her upper body as it covered her very being with its liquid wonder, the new hickeys and recent cane stripes as clearly visible as the nipple furniture on her chest, and the ink on her back. The feelings the overall presentation gave her went beyond orgasmic, as she felt as near to perfection as she thought it was possible to be.

As the youths helped the sobbing, floppy slut to her feet. Patrick held the tumbler that had held the straws under her gaping anus and caught the five loads that dwelt within. Taking the offered vessel, Sarah gulped the contents down greedily, thanking her young conquerors profusely for the gifts they had given her. As she slipped unsteadily into her dress and buttoned it up, she became aware that every time she moved, she felt the sensations of a cum bath all over again, as the fluid slid between her skin and its wrapper. Suddenly the genius of her masters dawned on her- she was to walk home in the summer sun, taking a perpetual cum bath in public, every step bringing her pleasure as she walked home. The thought took her breath away, but nothing on earth would have stopped her taking that walk.

Accepting Patricks offer of a drink before she began her walk of pleasure, she again profusely thanked her young Masters, before leaving them to their pool, and sitting in the bar enjoying a beer with Patrick, who fussed over her like a mother hen. Many of the regulars made a point of coming and saying hi, as she enjoyed her beer, and the majority of them stroked her back as they said their hellos, adding to the sensations as the semen hugged her shoulders relentlessly.

Beer drained, she reluctantly said her goodbyes, and began the longest walk of her life, as she savoured every single step of her cum-immersed journey, stopping several times and holding onto a streetlight as the orgasmic waves that accompanied her every step threatened to make her legs give out. As she eventually arrived home, she was exhausted, and only her desire not to disobey her standing orders regarding her in-house dress prevented her from flopping in the couch and sleeping.

Avoiding Pete, who was watching TV, she slipped upstairs. In her current state of post orgasmic euphoria, she was totally incapable of conversation. As she reached her suite, it suddenly dawned on her that the experience was over- her instructions were specific- lingerie or sleepwear only when at home. As she took off her dress and hose, and stood in her shower and unzipped the cum-filled latex body, genuine tears of distress rolled down her cheeks as the sensations ended, and the heavenly body lotion was washed down the drain as she showered away the sperm, but not the memory. After thoroughly cleaning the latex body she hung it up to dry, sincerely hoping it would not be long before she was instructed to wear it again.

Slipping into some powder blue satin lingerie, she refreshed her make-up, admiring the multitude of hickeys that covered her upper body- she looked like she had been caught in a hail of rubber bullets.

Still unable to face Pete, she lay on her bed and drifted into an exhausted and blissful post-orgasmic sleep.

Later that afternoon, she was awakened by Ceebert. Genuinely pleased to see her Master, she hugged him sleepily, and told him all about her day. Listening appreciatively, he smiled with satisfaction at the glazed look even recounting the experience brought to the sluts eyes. Seeing how exhausted she still was, he decided to tattoo her on her bed, and slipped the flimsy blue camisole over her shoulders, drinking in the many hickeys that now accompanied the stripes he had recently applied to her chest.

As he set up his tattoo regalia, he explained that he was going to tattoo her stomach this evening. One of her fans had suggested that her belly button looked rather like her anus when it gaped after use, so why didnt they turn it into the centrepiece of a tattoo of her kneeling obediently after a whole evenings ass-fucking? The rest of the afternoon and the early evening was spent outlining a kneeling Sarah, tattoos and piercings as they currently stood, mating collar around her neck, padlocks swinging from her labia, as her cute little belly button formed the perfect centrepiece as a dead ringer for the gaping mineshaft that was once her anus. As Pete listened to the incessant drone of the tattoo gun, his pitiful member again throbbingly erect, he could never have dreamed that the portrait of his wife that centred around her anus shaped navel was unlifelike, for now, in one major department. Ceeberts portrait artistry, as always, was photo grade, as the unmistakeably lovely features of his wife looked seductively over her shoulder back at the tattooist. The one part that wasnt accurate was that, where the head of the tattooed beauty sported sexy dreadlocks, the slut looking back over her shoulder in the tattoo on her belly was shaved bald!

Winston was now so confident that she was ready to take the final step, he had already ordered it to be etched on her skin.

What Sarah did not know was that she was going to have to earn the right, to beg, and to plumb new depths even for her before he finally granted what was shortly to become her most urgent wish.

So tender was Ceebert with his favoured slave that she even managed to doze a little as he adorned her belly with her next work of art.

Finishing, he packed his gear away, and allowed her to worship his cock with her pierced tongue and practiced mouth before leaving her to sleep. After all, she had a busy day at work tomorrow.

Such was her trust in Ceebert, she didnt even look at her new tattoo until she woke the next morning. Why should she? -It was her duty to wear his art with pride, whatever was depicted.

Apologies to my good friend WLT for the unashamed use of his phrase “cum-chrysalis” A blatant rip-off, but too good to miss.

Waking early the next morning, aware that she had a full day to prepare for, the sleepy slut stretched luxuriously in the pink baby-doll she wore, before deciding on a coffee before she began her morning cleansing. Pausing briefly to stroke her stomach, where the itching of her newest tattoo healing reminded of her latest modification which she hadnt yet even seen, she slipped downstairs and filled the coffee machine, enjoying the noises of the percolation as she contemplated the day ahead of her. She was sufficiently at ease now with her rehabilitation that part of her was actually looking forward to returning to work and displaying her much modified appearance to her work colleagues. As she poured her coffee, Pete appeared sleepily in the doorway, and her heart leapt when she saw that he sported a matching pink baby-doll to hers, and that his pathetic little white erection caused a small tenting effect at the hem. He must have been hoping that she would receive visitors last night, and had dressed accordingly? Feeling a wave of pity and affection, she put her arms around him and gave him a cuddle, telling him how pretty he looked in his nightie, and how flattering she found it that he was prepared to go to such lengths to share in her rehab. Feeling his erection grow, she suddenly felt mischievous, and whispered in his ear that she was not allowed to wear anything under her dress today, but that shouldnt stop him wearing lingerie under his suit to work if he felt it was appropriate. “You can wear the panties for us” she cooed in his ear, as she held a juice glass under his cock and eased her cuckolded husbands cock gently to ejaculation into the glass, and handed it to him wordlessly, smiling as he drank its contents without question.

Feeling very proud of herself, and somewhat in control now of her domestic arrangements, she took her coffee upstairs and slipped out of her nightie to begin her cleansing.

Enjoying the third enemas fullness, she kept it in as long as possible before reluctantly releasing it, and heading to the shower. As she passed the mirror, she paused to admire herself, gasping as she took in the full magnificence of her new tattoo. Her belly button had become her second anus, and the beauty of Ceeberts art took her breath away as the tattooed and pierced body that lay on her belly forever captured in ink in her skin was a portrait standard image of herself. The work was outline only, and would be coloured in at the next session. Presumably that was when Ceebert would add her dreadlocks, as he had clearly run out of time and had left her head temporarily bald? Sarah was puzzled when the shock of seeing her bald pate caused such a leap of excitement in her belly that her slutnips hardened and her ass-pussy opened perceptibly at the thought of being so totally naked. She was sure that when Ceebert added her dreads later the notion would pass?

As she lovingly traced her fingers around the outline of her latest ink, she also noticed that her cookies had gone yet another shade darker, and were now quite deep brown…a million miles away from the baby pink they used to be, and hopefully much more Africanised and to her Masters liking? Overall the image that reflected back at her gave her a thrill of pride- her modifications were making her beautiful.

Luxuriating in a long hot shower, she didnt hear Winston and Leroy arrive with her morning injections. Noticing Petes bedroom door ajar, Winston peered quietly in on his way up to the sluts suite, and smiled broadly when he saw the white wimp clad in yellow silk panties and camisole, as he buttoned up a shirt over the top that just about preserved his modesty, and then donned his suit like any regular business guy. This situation was an unexpected bonus, and Winston decided to develop it into part of the game pretty soon.

Letting themselves into the sluts bedroom, they both stifled gasps of excitement as Sarahs rapidly developing beauty greeted them. Her multi colored skin was a tapestry of lewdness, and her heavily modified slut-nips, with their much darker and more appropriate hue, made both of their mouths water. Greeting the slut enthusiastically, they both fussed over injecting her creamy breasts with the chemical cocktails that she now barely needed, but it suited them all to continue with. Marvelling at the noises of animal passion that escaped the sluts scarlet lips as she eagerly pushed the plungers and injected her own heaving bosom, they then tenderly, almost lovingly invenomated her cookies and teats with the hornet and nettle cocktail that she now positively craved receiving. It seemed like her cookies would explode if the pimpling effect from the venom was any greater, but still she moaned and cried out and asked for more.

Once the euphoria of her breast injections has died down, she told her Masters truthfully and in detail how she had again taken pity on her cuckold husband this morning, and as he exited the door on his way to work, yellow frillies under his suit, he heard his wifes very vocal appreciation of the twenty cane strokes her breasts received as punishment for her act of kindness.

After a few minutes to recover, Winston watched Sarah dress in the tiger print tribal silk dress they had bought her, slipping over her naked, jewelled and tattooed body with a whisper, as only her yellow hold-ups prevented her from being totally naked under the exquisite garment. Donning the matching 4 inch heeled shoes; she looked every inch an African princess in a white womans body. Her high tattooed eyebrows meant that her eye make-up was striking in its depth, and the perfect crimson lipstick was a striking contrast to the metalwork that pierced her nose and septum, and the magnificent dreadlocks that rose high through the gold band before cascading down over her tattooed and silk clad shoulders completed the image of power and beauty in perfect harmony

Leroy appeared with a fresh coffee, and as she took it from him, Winston gave her two white tablets to take. Obediently swallowing them without question, Winston explained that she was not to eat anything solid for 12 hours, as the drugs she had just taken killed stomach acid production for that long. She was to only take liquids today-the reason for this would reveal itself as the day progressed!

As the three descended the stairs, and ushered the beautiful white African princess into the pimp-mobile outside, Sarah felt the neighbours eyes on her, and felt nothing but pride as these two ebony giants placed their modified plaything into the back seat, and, as Winston joined her in the back, Leroy slipped chauffeur-like into the front.

As the pimp-mobile slid away towards the city and Sarahs work, the really observant watchers would have noticed her dread locked head slip softly into Winstons lap before they reached the end of the road, where it would remain, worshiping that mighty purple dome with her much modified and now very expert tongue until Leroy pulled up outside the insurance office. With great self-control, Winston had somehow resisted the need to cum, as Sarahs hungry mouth sought desperately to draw his precious seed from those elephant-like sacks, and rewarded her persistence by finally unleashing a double-bag load into her greedy throat with a roar as the pimp mobile puller into the sidewalk in full view of Sarahs work colleagues arriving for another routine Monday morning. Moaning with delight, and savouring the sensations in her slut-nips and ass-pussy, the slut lovingly drained every last drop of cum from Winston and licked her masters dome until it was squeaky clean, oblivious to the passers by who had an unobstructed view through the only partially darkened windows of her oral expertise. As her spasms died down, and her ass-pussy retuned to what passed as shut after gaping involuntarily as her excitement raged, she enthusiastically thanked her Masters, who informed her that they would pick her up after work, when Winston would drive, and Leroy would enjoy the pleasures of back-seat travel with Sarah.

Watching the Pimpmobile pull away, Sarah stood proudly upright, and taking a deep breath, walked into the insurance office to return her much-modified self to the very mundane routine of employment. Was it really only 2 weeks ago that she was an un-pierced, un-tattooed pretty secretary with regular bond hair, a virgin anus and throat, and no real purpose in life other than ornamental?

She felt an impossible rush of pride at what she had now become, and, comfortable in the knowledge that her rehabilitation had given her value as a human being, she went to face her workmates.

All conversation stopped as she walked into the open plan office and sat down at her desk. Once the realisation of who it was sank in, most of the office staff, who were mostly female and all white, offered some kind of greeting, or welcome back message, but she could sense they were all ill at ease with the new her. Two weeks ago, she would have been upset by this, but so proud was she of her new found sexuality that she really didnt care. As if to demonstrate, she stood, did a twirl and said “ Nice to be back guys. There have been a few changes since I went- what do you think?”

As they gasped, and the unmistakeable outline of her nipple furniture showed clearly through the silk, she made sure that her dreads moved sufficiently to show the playing card on her neck.

A few murmured “ nice hair”, and “nice dress” and other such platitudes, blushing as they said it; but two of the younger girls, and one of the few male office staff suddenly seemed to burst with enthusiasm, and came to her desk and genuinely discussed the new Sarah approvingly. Delighted that three amongst many had enough vision to see that she had morphed into something much better, she openly discussed with them how she had seen the light, and was being rehabilitated by her black Masters with the full approval of her husband, until the bonhomie was broken by the arrival of the office manager, resulting in a rapid return to their desks to go about their daily tasks as he marched into his office and closed the door behind him, not at all happy that it was Monday morning. The three who had shown her genuine warmth all sent her a succession of emails during the next hour, which she responded to very honestly, telling them all that they wanted to know. One or two of the others also sent tentative emails as they gathered the courage to be inquisitive, but they were not worthy of reply, and Sarah treated them with the contempt they deserved.

After an hour, the slut got back into some kind of routine, and was starting to catch up with her backlog of work when two emails arrived in her inbox simultaneously. One was from her boss, asking her to come in for a chat forthwith. The other was from  Puzzled, she opened it, found it was from Winston. It stated that she was to access her reader suggestions from work, and forward the best ones, as usual, to him. Secondly, she was to send an email to the whole office with a hyperlink to the site. Blushing hugely at this, she obeyed without question, but was most uncomfortable with sharing that level of intimacy with the colleagues who had so unceremoniously blanked her earlier. Clicking “send”, and gulping with nerves, she walked to her bosss door and knocked.

“ You wanted to see me, Mac?” she said, as Mr McHugh bade her enter.

“Yes Sarah. Welcome back. Are you fully recovered now?”

“Oh yes Mac”, she replied “ I have undergone some radical changes over the past two weeks that will ensure I never get stressed again” she answered honestly.

“ So I see,” he replied without warmth. “Your changes are your own business, but I have to tell you that your new appearance is unacceptable, and has already generated several complaints. Facial jewellery is not acceptable, neither is hair like that. Remedy both before you come in tomorrow. Also wear a bra. I am unsure what you have under your dress, but I dont want to see it. Please dress properly tomorrow,” he barked grumpily.

“But Mac, I cant...its part of my rehabilitation. Its hard to explain, but I really have to appear like this-its what I am now” she stammered

“Just deal with it” he interjected with an air of finality, and the sluts head dropped with embarrassment.

“The second thing is this. For some obscure reason we have had an enquiry from a pet store two blocks away about quoting for their insurance? Its an account we would like. The odd thing is that they have specifically asked for an onsite visit by you later this morning. This would be an important account to pick up, so you are due there in an hour, despite your appearance. Take as long as you need, and dont leave without the business”. With that, he gestured to the door and she realised that the interview was over. As he returned to his computer and started to read the latest influx of emails, how wondered why there was one from Sarah there, and, curious, he clicked on the enclosed link as the slut closed his door, and hurried to the ladies room. Once inside, she burst into floods of tears at his attitude to her new appearance. Why was he so horrible about something so wonderful, and what was she going to do? Changing her appearance back was out of the question, but her orders were to keep her job. She decided that the only thing to do was ask Winston for guidance. The thought of that made her feel better, and as her sobs abated, she started to tidy herself up in advance of her pet shop appointment. As she bent to wash her face, the door opened and George, the aged janitor, walked in to service the stalls. Apologising when he saw Sarah there, he went to excuse himself and leave, but then noticed both that she was crying, and that she sported a familiar emblem on her neck.

Resting his old black hands on her pretty white shoulders, he said “whats up, lil lady?- why so sad?”

There was something soothing about his baritone voice as he comforted her, and she explained how horrible Mac had been to her, and a little about her rehabilitation. As she explained, a smile of recognition came over Georges face, and he said

“Youre Sarah, arent you? Patrick at the Soul Café told me about you. I didnt recognise you until you explained-your appearance has changed so much since you went sick. You used to be a right little cock-tease…but now you look wonderful. Dont let Mac upset you- hes gay, so immune to your charms. I am sure your Masters will tell you what to do?”

“Thanks George- I had just decided the same thing. Thats nice of you to care” relied the slut. “ What do you mean I was a cock-tease?…didnt you like me before?”

“ To be honest, no Sarah, I didnt. You used to swan around flashing those amazing boobs of yours like you were better than the rest of us-look but dont touch kind of thing. You were a right little madam. But it seems you have now seen the light, and you look great. I love the African look, and your boobs look even better now, but they are presented with respect, rather than to tease.”

“Thanks George…..I mean Sir” she stammered. “If I was disrespectful, I apologise. I am a lot wiser now” she blushed.

“Apology accepted” beamed George, and with a large wrinkled black hand he reached out and stroked her teats through the silk. “They have done a good job on these-they feel wonderful” he enthused.

The thought of flinching away from this old man did not even occur to Sarah, and she enthusiastically pushed her slut-nips toward his exploring hands, and dutifully unbuttoned her silk robe so that he could enjoy her treasures to the full. As he ran his fingers gently over her metalwork, and then traced the fresh cane strokes and the now fading hickeys, she said, “ I am glad they please you Sir. Is there any other way I can please you?”

As he unzipped his fly, and his huge circumcised cock that had faded to grey with age, but had lost none of its power, she slipped to her knees and showed him how a rehabilitated slut with a heavily pierced tongue worships her superiors, as her lipsticked mouth devoured his aging glans, and slowly but surely swallowed his rigid grey wrinkled shaft all the way down her slut throat, where she milked it lovingly as she massaged his big heavy balls. As the old janitor gave a grunt, she felt his trunk pulse twice, and a jet after jet of hot thick nectar hosed the lining of her throat as the old man lost a year or twos saved up cum straight into the sluts stomach. As the spasms eased, and his delivery was complete, she made no effort to withdraw his cock from her lovely neck, and he felt her stretched nipples rub against his legs as she pushed her mouth down harder on his pubic bone to stop his softening member from slipping from her throat. Unsure what to do next, George suddenly knew with certainty that what the slut was trying to communicate to him with her mouth was that she still wished to serve, and, understanding fully, he clenched his muscles and emptied the entire contents of his bladder into her greedy throat, watching in awe as she swallowed all that he had to offer with a look of relaxed ecstasy on her face. It was as if that was what she was on this earth for, as she drained the last drops from his old hose, and reluctantly popped it from her throat and tongue bathed his weapon clean, kissing it affectionately like a Popsicle. Finishing, she said “Thank you sir for your wonderful gifts” and as she stood and buttoned up her dress, he knew she had meant every word.

Refreshing her lipstick and make-up, she returned to her desk, and busied herself for half an hour before her appointment, catching up still further. She promised herself she would check her “Deep_inside_Sarah” email inbox after her appointment, as she logged off and walked out into the city to travel the two blocks to the pet store.

Walking purposefully, head held high, through the town, Sarah felt eyes on her and enjoyed them, knowing that only the approving glances she drew from the black population counted for anything. She enjoyed the lingering taste of old Georges fluids in her mouth, and drew comfort that a large quantity of Winstons cum also dwelt warmly in her belly. She was on her way to see a client, which was a new level of responsibility for her, and life should feel pretty good, but Macs insults still rankled her, and there was a growing awareness deep in her sexuality that she hadnt had anything in her slut ass for ages, and that was starting to cause her dismay as well.

As she rounded the final turn, and saw the “Pet shop boys” store in front of her, she resolved to concentrate on getting the business to appease Mac. As she walked in, a bell rang, and a few seconds later a huge, shaven headed black man appeared from the bowels of the shop. He was even bigger than Winston, and exuded the same inexplicable power that Master Teddy did. Glancing nervously at his hand, she felt a charge of electricity run through her when she clocked the familiar ring on his index finger. “Hello Master”, she said dutifully as she bowed.

“Slut Sarah- Hi. I have been expecting you. You are truly as lovely as Teddy said,” boomed a voice that seemed to stir involuntary responses inside her. “ I am Roger, and I am Teddys brother”.

“This is an honor, Master Roger,” replied the slut, again bowing her head to the mighty man. Now she understood. It wasnt just Master Teddys presence that his brother shared- it was that voice-the one that had spoken to her through headphones that first, most difficult week of her training. It was the same voice, and it caused the same involuntary pleasure reflexes in her each time it spoke.

“ Master Winston has been keen for me to meet you-or rather, for some of my housemates to meet you” he grinned. “The business meet was a set-up. The business is yours- a done deal. In return, I get to play with Winston and Teddys toy for a few hours”.

“ I am at your service, Master”, replied an increasingly excited Sarah, whose slut-nips were already spasming at the very sound of that voice.

“Good girl- lets get straight down to business” he boomed, and he flipped the door sign to closed, and threw the latch before leading the slut through to a back room which contained some very odd apparatus indeed. In the centre of the room was a large glass tank, around 6 feet square. In the centre was a curved support about waist sized, but only a few inches high. Both ends had straps attached. Four more straps were spaced in rectangular formation around the central support, but floor mounted. Finally, a higher, adjustable, smaller curved support with straps rose from the front of the floor, exactly midway between the front pair of straps. The tank had arm sized holes either side of the centre support, with glove like fittings, so that arms could be inserted without compromising the security of the walls.

Sarah felt a shudder of apprehension at the possibilities such an apparatus presented, but that quickly passed the next time that voice boomed.

“Slip out of your dress and sit in this chair Sarah,” he instructed. “ Leave your shoes and hose on”

As she sat obediently almost naked in the now familiar dentists style chair, Roger drank in the vision of loveliness that had visited him. He had already clocked the tattoos on her back, and was especially impressed with the facsimile of his brothers massive organ that was emblazoned in mirror image on her back-that Ceebert sure was a skilled artist. But what really excited him was the much pierced and modified slut-nips that he now studied, taking in the stretchers, as well as the fresh cane stripes and older hickies. Roger, unlike the other Masters, was a sadist, and he was about to indulge himself.

Reaching into a box, he produced a disposable nasal tube, the same as she had experienced when they dildo-cammed her throat, and she experienced little discomfort as he expertly lubed it and fed down the sluts nostril, through her sinuses and into her bronchial tubes. Sarah knew this meant her throat was about to be tested to the max, which thrilled her…but there was something different this time which also scared her somewhat. “ Good girl” encouraged Roger as he finished her intubation. “Now I want you to drink this- its just milk, so relax and enjoy” as he handed her a large tumbler of cow juice.

As she drained the tumbler, Roger produced a large dispenser of antiseptic, similar to what Ceebert used to clean her after each tattoo, and applied liberal quantities to both of her breasts, seemingly ritually cleansing them for some purpose. Enjoying the sensations as he was thorough around her cookies and teats, Sarah began to relax as that wonderful voice talked her through each step.

When it was done, he helped her out of the chair, and led her to the tank, beside which was a small set of steps.

“ Use these to step into the tank, and rest your waist on the centre support” he commanded. As she positioned her slender pale waist on the pedestal, he reached into the tank and efficiently belted her waist tightly to the support.

Positioning her wrists and ankles in the four surrounding straps, he buckled her down tightly doggy fashion, the lowness of the waist pedestal ensuring that her ass was high in the air, offered as if ritually.

Finally he undid the locknut on the forward support, and drew it up until her lovely neck sat firmly on it, and then pulled it as high as it would comfortably go, so her head was head high in the air. Buckling the neck strap loosely around so that it held her head in position but did not in any way restrict her throat, he finally gathered her dreads into one bundle, tied a cord round them and fastened the cord to the buckle of the waist support, so that her dreads themselves pulled her head back like a ballerina in a dying swan pose. Once done, he stepped back to admire the helpless slut displayed so wantonly in the glass tank for his use.

He filled a large douche syringe with milk, and gently but firmly emptied the entire contents into her slut anus, the angle at which it was secured causing gravity to take it deep into her bowels. He then fetched two largish tree branches, devoid of foliage, and placed one at the end of the tank by her ass, so that the branches were around the same height as her ass-pussy, and the other at her head end, so that the limbs ended at head height.

At last the scene was complete. Sarah knelt restrained and helpless as he explained her fate for the next couple of hours. Returning from the stockroom with a black bag, Roger reached into it and pulled out a beautiful red and white snake, about a meter long, and probably 2 inches wide at its fattest point.

“This is a corn snake, Sarah,” he explained because they are non aggressive and non venomous, they are popular as pets- we sell, and therefore keep, a lot of them. They come in a variety of colors; red, brown or yellow are the most common, always mixed with white. Then live on small mice and the like, which they kill by constriction, hence they are quite strong. Their favourite treat, however, is milk. They will go to any lengths to get it”

Sarah gasped out loud as the plan dawned on her.

“No Master, please-not that-I hate snakes” she pleaded, her words distorted by the breathing tube.

“You will love these by the end of your session, slut, believe me” he boomed.

These?..that meant more than one? Sarah fought panic as Roger exited with the red snake, and returned with a small tank that contained perhaps a dozen of the reptiles in all colors, ranging from small ones about a foot long to the longest perhaps 1.5 metres and 3 inches in width. Without giving the slut time for consideration, he gleefully emptied the entire tank over the sluts back, enjoying her screams as the cold scales slipped across her skin and down into the tank below.

As she calmed down once the cascade was over, Roger continued

“ In order to help your companions on their journey, Sarah you will open up voluntarily for them. Winston tells me there are ways to make your anus open that are beyond your control, and I am going to experiment with that. Once you have enjoyed the corn snakes for a while, you will feel compelled to open your mouth and share your acid-free stomach with them without any encouragement from me, such will be your euphoric state”

Scared beyond belief, Sarah was amazed to note that the hypnotic responses to Teddys voice engrained in her mind also made her respond to Roger, and she heard herself say ”Yes Master” meekly as the corn snakes smelt the milk and started to climb the branch at her ass end.

She sensed rather than heard the first snake start its ascent, as Roger reached in through one of the arm holes and she felt a sharp, but erotic pain in her nipple that grew in intensity the longer his arm stayed in the hole. With a shock, she realised he was pushing a long needle through her nipple. Focussing on the sensation, she lost herself in the erotic sharpness of it, and felt her ass-pussy begin to throb, and her nipples respond. As he walked round to the other side, and pushed a second needle slowly but surely right through her puffy cookie, he whispered “pleasure Sarah” in her ear, and she moaned as her first anal orgasm of the day began, and her slut anus began ever so slowly to open of its own accord.

Six needles later, and Sarah was in one long super anal orgasm, as she screamed for more needles, and her anus gaped fully an inch open. At that moment, the first corn snake, similar in size to the red one, arrived at her gaping hole, and flicked his tongue tentatively over her anal pucker, sensing the milk that lay beyond. Deciding to advance, he slipped his head into the gaping tunnel and headed for the milk scent, meeting no resistance as his first few inches occupied the wanton hole. As his body widened, her sphincter came under tension as, fuelled by the promise of milk, the snake flexed its muscles and slithered deeper and deeper. Suddenly the exquisite bite of the needles was forgotten as the snake approached its widest part, and her slut asshole gaped and stretched around the close on 3 inch width of the muscled body, as the yellow and white invader forced all of his one metre in length into her colon in search of milk. The width, although vast, was no wider than Winstons mighty cock, so presented no real problems, but never before had she been penetrated to that width anywhere near so deeply, and sensations she had never even dreamed of overwhelmed her, as a new breed of super-orgasm threatened to black her out. As the snakes tail finally vanished into the depths of her body, she vaguely remembered begging him to open the tap on her catheter so she could piss herself, as more needles invaded her breast meat, and a second, smaller snake sniffed at her anus before effecting an entry.

Her whole body felt alive with forces beyond her control, as their reptilian muscles made her colon move of its own accord, and her sexual centre began a dance which took her to a new plain of sexual awareness, and her anus gaped wide for a third and fourth snake as the family of milk hungry invaders inside her grew. Despite the new sexual plane she was now on, she was dimly aware that it was probably impossible for her back passage to accept any more traffic, as her whole belly moved and squirmed with a life of its own. Now in one constant ass-cum, she dimly felt another needle skewer her breast, and as she opened her mouth to moan to all that was holy never to stop, she felt a cold, scaly kiss against her lipsticked mouth, and realised that the other half of the family were queuing up for the milk in her stomach. Although still repulsed by the cold scaliness of snakes, she was so far into orgasm heaven that she automatically opened her crimson lips and welcomed the first visitor into her mouth, feeling an almost maternal rush of correctness as it slipped slowly and firmly down her gullet and into the warmth of her milk-filled belly where they both seemed to have decided it belonged.

Sarah could not tell after a while if the non-stop feed of super-orgasms came from the snakes in her colon, or the ones exploring her stomach, or the seemingly inexhaustible supply of needles that sadist Roger was using to turn her chest into a model of a porcupine, but there came a point when time seemed to stop and she finally lost consciousness as the last of the snakes filled her slut body.

Cracking a vial of ammonia under her nose, Roger brought the comatose slut back to reality, and informed her that she had only enjoyed half of the adventure, and reassured her that exit was just as enjoyable as entry, but needed a gravity assist.

He would empty her stomach first, and as he undid straps until she was free, he belted a harness around her thighs, and lowered a pulley block from the ceiling. Attaching it to the harness, he slowly raised her ass until she was fully upside down, and then busied himself with yet more needles, as the stomach snakes began their gravity assisted exit, and her second wave of super-orgasms started.

She felt a strange dichotomy as the serpents exited her throat and dropped into the tank below, each one causing her throat to bulge visibly before slithering across her pierced tongue and exiting like a different color of stripy toothpaste being squeezed from a tube. The pleasure of having her throat stretched which she had grown to love was heavenly, but she felt a sense of loss each time one of her lodgers left the security of her belly, as a tiny part of her wished they would stay.

When the last had exited, and her stomach was empty of both reptile and milk, Roger lowered the slut back into the tank, removed the thigh harness, and made her stand in the tank and “deliver” the rectal invaders like someone taking a series of multicoloured dumps, as he searched for somewhere unoccupied on her breasts to thrust his last few needles. Sarahs eyes glazed over, as the sensation of the snakes actually changing direction inside her caused her belly to bulge like it was being kicked from inside by a demented infant football team, and she again lost consciousness as the power of the anal super-orgasm again overwhelmed her, and Roger had to hold her upright for her final delivery before softly lifting her from the tank and resting her in the dentists chair.

Giving her time to come round naturally, Roger watched her eyes open, and then clear, as the realisation that her body was unoccupied sank in and she felt more satisfied than at any stage in her life before that she had shared such an experience with her wonderful cold blooded lovers. As reality returned in a rush, she suddenly was aware of the sharp pain in her chest, and looking down, she saw her once beautiful breasts impaled by close to a hundred needles, as the sadists playground heaved before her eyes. Embarrassed that such carnage could not only bring her pleasure, but also cause her anus to open in response, she looked away as Roger slowly, almost lovingly removed the sterile invaders from her tit flesh, and once again swabbed them with antiseptic.

“Well-done Sarah-you have exceeded all expectations yet again-that was awesome” praised Roger. “You can go back to your work this afternoon and tell that pencil dicked faggot that you got my business. Just two small tasks to perform before you go-should only take a half hour or so”

Exhausted, the slut wondered idly what else could be in store for her, and looked with dismay as Roger produced the key that Winston usually wore around his neck.

Unlocking the padlock on her chastity device, Roger carefully hinged back the shield and removed the catheter from her bladder. Producing a very small speculum, he explained “Winston wants your urethra ready for sex with the cuckold right away. I am going to perform the final stretch for you. While it is in progress, I am to fit heavier padlocks to your labial front grommets as they are to have their bells installed very soon, and are not yet stretched enough”.

With that, he slipped the tiny speculum into her already stretched pisshole, and wound it open to the size of the largest sound she had yet taken-about an inch wide. As she gritted her teeth at the hated sensation of urethral invasion, he went to the stockroom again and returned with a small pail. Reaching inside it, he pulled out a small eel, about a foot long and roughly the same width as Petes cock (about an inch and a half)

“Sluts have to learn that life cant be all pleasure” added Roger, as he offered the slimy head of the eel to her stretched urethra, and watched it wriggle its way into her peehole, forcing it wide open as it sought the saltiness of the bladder beyond. Savouring Sarahs yelps of discomfort, the sadist waited until the eel was more than halfway home, and removed the speculum, causing the elasticity of the urethra to draw the eel all the way into her bladder. As she convulsed with the discomfort of the new invasion, Roger busied himself changing her padlocks, stopping to do a double take at the weight of the new ones, which were probably double the mass, and would surely stretch her would be bell-mounts painfully. Taking his time, he eventually had then in place, and, pausing to enjoy the sluts discomfort one last time, he filled a syringe with vinegar, and squirted it via her urethra into her bladder. Needing to avoid the acidity, the eel violently surged away from the fluid, causing her urethral walls to expand immediately to the required width, thus making the stretch permanent. Her piss-hole had been permanently destroyed by a fish! As her screams died down, he carefully disinfected everything, then recatheterised her, replaced the chastity shield, and closed the tiny padlock.

“Thats it Sarah- all done. Get yourself dressed, collect your paperwork for my insurance business on the way out, and get back to work. Thank you for an entertaining lunchtime” announced Roger dismissively, rather sad at having to return Winstons charge to sanity.

“Yes Master, and thank you for everything” replied Sarah, truly grateful for the wonder of the snake experience, grudgingly grateful for her needle session, but a little glad to be away from this sadist who liked hurting her peehole with eels and generally unnerved by everything about him. She hoped to meet the corn snakes again, but preferably without their owner present.

As she stood to dress, the sudden tug at her labia reminded her that the weight of the padlocks had increased, and she got the distinct impression that her rehabilitation was now being fast tracked.

Slipping into the beautiful silk dress, she bade Master Roger farewell, and, grasping the insurance sales documents in her little hand, she left the pet store with mixed feelings, sore breasts and urethra, and a very heavy clunk every time her legs passed midstride.

The walk back to the insurance office made her very aware that when they eventually adorned her pussy with bells, they would hang at mid thigh!

Authors note: Many thanks to Paula P for her assistance with this chapter. Paula has guest-written the urethral sex passage. If anyone else has an interest in “guesting” for part or all of one chapter, please let me know?

As Sarah ascended the stairs into the insurance office, the satisfying clunk of the brass that hung so reassuringly heavily between her legs served as a welcome reminder of her new status in life. Clutching the signed documents in her hand, she took a deep breath, and knocked on Macs door, entering in one motion as his indifferent grunt of invitation was heard. Presenting the new business from Roger with gusto, she waited proudly as Mac flicked through it with a look of pleasant surprise.

“Im impressed, Sarah- how did you manage this? Weve been after this account for a while now” he enthused.

“I just used my charm, Mac” she blushed, as the feelings of the corn snakes invading her wanton slut body came back to her and caused her slut-nips and anus to spasm in unison, forcing a gasp to escape from her crimson lips involuntarily.

“Whats up?” inquired Mac, more from habit than interest.

“Oh, nothing- just pleased with the days work” she countered, and went happily back to her desk to catch up on stuff before home time.

Mac could not resist the urge to recheck the link to deep_inside_sarah that he had received earlier. Although unable to access much without membership, he could see enough from the previews to understand what Sarah had become, and reflected on how such an abject slut could land such an important account in one visit.

As she worked her way through her office emails, she eventually caught up, having already learnt to ignore the surreptitious glances and offstage whispers that the rest of the office directed her way during the afternoon. With an hour still to go until home time, she logged on to her webcast account and opened the inbox. Gasping aloud, she saw that over 300 suggestions had accumulated over the weekend. As she worked through them, she found a good half were tattoo suggestions-it appeared her role as a human canvas was being enthusiastically received, and Master Ceebert was in danger of running out of space should every idea put forward make it into her skin. Of the other half, she was astonished that the kinkiness and extremeness of many of the suggestions still shocked her, despite the huge descent into depravity she had already achieved. Feeling duty bound to respect her Masters judgement; she forwarded all except the scat based ones, which she still found too disgusting to even contemplate

(A point not lost on Winston when he audited the inbox). Thus she voluntarily forwarded a portfolio of suggestions that included a variety of animals, journeys into pain that were uncharted territory, and a range of tattoos that would make the most hardened pervert blush to her Masters in the full knowledge that some or all of them would become real in the very near future. Far from be embarrassed or scared, she felt a mix of pride and excitement as her future rehabilitation went further and further out of reach of her control.

Just as she was closing down her mailbox, a pretty, olive skinned, elfin girl from accounts walked nervously up to her desk and asked if she had a minute. Sarah vaguely knew her, and was pleased when she remembered her name correctly as Paula.

“Sure, Paula- take a seat-whats on your mind?” said the slut warmly.

Hesitating as if scared to start something that would be hard to stop, Paula eventually stammered into life..

“I hope you dont mind, Sarah, but I clicked on that link that we all received earlier? I havent been able to take my mind off it since, and spent all lunchtime looking at the previews. I even tried to join, but you have to prove you are a black man to gain membership, which obviously I am not. The previews are exciting enough though. I was wondering if you could explain what changed you from the little cock teaser that we all hated a few weeks ago into what you have now become? I personally think it is a wonderful transformation, and I so admire your honesty and bravery, unlike most of the rest. Hell, most of the guys say they havent even clicked on the link yet, but they all have; theyre just too scared of their cosy vanilla lifestyles to admit it”.

“ Thanks Paula” replied the slut, feeling good things about the honesty of this young hot chick who she had previously taken no notice of, being far too busy flaunting her chest at the male office staff.

Taking her time, she explained how she had been shown her earlier worthlessness by her Masters, and how they were bestowing the singular honor of rehabilitation upon her, turning her previously pointless and ornamental body into a work of art for the enjoyment of black men at their leisure. Paula gasped as Sarah went into detail, omitting only the part about the blackmail, which now seemed of no relevance.

When she finished, Paula, who was nearly squirming with excitement at such an open and honest description of willing submission, said breathlessly

“I so envy you- I hate my ex husband with a vengeance. He used to take me for granted, and take what he wanted sexually with no thought for my own enjoyment. I left the pencil dicked wanker- but I would love to hurt him by being used by real men in the public domain like you.”

“ Paula, I dont hate my husband- he realised this was what I needed, and is now quite encouraging in the process” Sarah corrected, wondering how best to explain his compliance. Deciding honest was the best policy, she explained about his cross dressing, outlining the fact that it was his way of earning the right to participate in her rehabilitation. Paula could not contain her excitement

“Oh my god Sarah- that is the hottest thing ever. You are so lucky. Do you think your Masters would have any interest in another slut who needs guidance? I discovered after I walked out on pencil-dick that I have a strong submissive side. The last affair I had was with a dominant man who used to share me with his friends. “Used by all”, he used to call me when they discussed me. Sadly that relationship came to an end, and I have been unfulfilled ever since”

Sarah took in what Paula had said, and was shocked to realise that the suggestion of another white girl (albeit quite Hispanic in appearance) being available to her Masters filled her with jealousy to the point that she had to suppress an angry reply. Calming herself, she realised that it was not her call to police who her Masters took an interest in, and she agreed to mention Paulas suggestion to Master Winston this evening. She took a snapshot of Paula on her mobile to show him, and , gushing excitement, Paula left to shut her workstation down as home time arrived.

Sarah felt her excitement mounting as she exited the office to collect her lift home. A horn sounded, and Winstons pimpmobile swept up to the kerb, Winston at the wheel, resplendent in a white designer suit. The few of her workmates that had accompanied her exiting the building looked on in astonishment as the huge bald black man hopped out of the car to greet her, and the silken clad slut knelt briefly in greeting before her Master before he opened the door, and another, equally dapper but dreadlocked man mountain enthusiastically greeted her as she hopped in beside him. As Winston jumped back in the drivers seat and pulled away with a squeal of tires, it was impossible to miss the pretty blond dreadlocked head descending greedily into the passengers lap as the pimpmobile sped off. As Sarah hungrily took Leroys helmet in her lipsticked mouth, sighing with the same relief that someone rescued from the desert gets from their first drink, she slobbered and worshipped on his mighty glans before slowly, smoothly and effortlessly taking his mighty length past her gullet and into her throat, where it remained for the ride home.

As the slut gobbled and milked on Leroys shaft with an enthusiasm that even for her was impressive, Winston explained, whilst driving, what the rest of the day held in store.

“I hope your first day at work went well, Black Cock Slut Sarah,” boomed Winston.

“I know you are too occupied to speak right now, so just listen, and you can fill me in on your day when we get home” he teased.

“Ceebert and Louis are joining us for supper tonight. We are celebrating the success of the Sarah website. Income is spiralling and it is becoming quite lucrative. Designer dresses like the African queen one you wore to work to day can be expected to become everyday treats. I originally planned to use the income from the site to pay you a wage so that you have no need to work, and can spend all day as our plaything. It has since become apparent that it is a vital part of your rehabilitation to spend a little time back at the office before you “retire”- money will not now be a problem- the income from the new memberships this afternoon alone as a result of the movie of your visit to the pet store being posted would pay this years wages for you (Leroy felt the sluts throat muscles squeeze his shaft harder than usual as the shock that she had been filmed with the snakes sunk in). You are clearly going to keep your Masters well catered for financially… which seems reasonable recompense for your rehabilitation. Ceeberts work on your lily-white skin alone would already run to thousands if you were paying...and will eventually reach six figures before it is finished. Tonight, you will cook for the four of us. Your stomach acid levels will not yet be sufficient for you to eat, so you will wait on us, and take only liquids yourself. While you cook, Ceebert and I will spend some time with the wimp. He has been most co-operative to date, and we have decided to reward him with some rehabilitation of his own, should he choose to take it. His choice is simple- he can stay as he is, and earn the right to watch us use you on occasion by dressing in lingerie that matches yours. Alternatively, we will allow him some participation if he agrees to be rehabilitated. He will be allowed to fuck you, although under supervision, if he agrees to undergo full feminisation. This will include growing his hair, wearing make-up, full female attire. He will be given complyormone to help him, and hormones to develop breasts. The choice will be entirely his. If he agrees, we will pay him wages from the website income, and he can become a domestic to serve us. If he is keen enough to still be allowed to fuck you, this will be the price he pays. He will decide this evening.

All four of us will, after dinner, place you in your mating collar and take you upstairs for some serious action. You probably need some real cock after all those snakes? We will leave you when we are all fully satisfied. I will collect you and take you to work tomorrow.”

Sarahs worshipping of Leroys cock became more and more feverish as Winstons words sank in. Pete was to be allowed to fuck her-that would stop the feelings of guilt she still had about him. If he loved her enough, she was sure he wouldnt mind being a little bit girlie for her? She had four real men to fuck her all night, as well as the chance to repay her husband a little for his understanding. She felt an overpowering sense of well-being, as she felt Leroys cock start to pulse. Pushing her pretty dreadlocked head firmly into his lap, she look his entire length down her neck, and cheekily flicked her heavily modified tongue across the leathery skin of his ball bag as the spasms began. Leroy grunted like a wounded buffalo as the entire contents of his mighty sacs cascaded into the hungry sluts stomach, while she tongue-bathed his scrotum like she was enjoying a Popsicle. As the scalding hot sperm hit her stomach, Sarah went into a mini orgasm, as Leroy squeezed her slut-nips quite hard, and her anal contractions redoubled in strength as he squeezed.

As the car slid onto her driveway, Leroys now limp cock slipped from her lips with a pop, and she grinned like the cat that got the cream as her evening began.

Pete wasnt yet home, so Winston and Leroy sat in the kitchen as Sarah came back downstairs after having changed into the house regulation dress and made coffee, her beautiful damson silk teddy and matching hold-ups whispering when they rubbed together as she moved.

“ So how was your first day back at work, slut?” asked Leroy.

Sarah explained enthusiastically about the pet store, the adventure with the janitor, and her various colleagues reactions to her new persona. She also mentioned Paula, and showed Winston her photo, which seemed to interest him. She spoke gleefully until she came to the part about Mac, and a tear welled in her eye as she recounted his instructions to her about her appearance. Winstons look became thunderous as he listened, and when she had finished, he spoke quietly

“One of the advantages about being owned by us is that we look after our property, Sarah. You will make a special effort to dress as sluttily as possible tomorrow. I will bring a new dress with me when I pick you up, along with some other accoutrements. I will escort you to your office tomorrow, and speak with Mr McHugh. I can safely say that his attitude to you will change as from tomorrow. Trust me on that?”

Sarah dissolved into floods of tears as he spoke. She did trust him-totally. In a few worlds he had instantly put her mind at rest. She knew with absolute conviction that he would make it right, and relaxed in blissful awe at his power. She felt total security for the first time in her life, and dropped to her knees before him and begged him to allow her to worship his ass with her tongue. She hadnt been called upon to rim much recently, and suddenly, at that point, the overpowering intimacy of adoring her masters anus with a tongue that they had modified with that purpose in mind was all that she craved. Nothing else would do. Smiling, Winston dropped his pants and leaned across the kitchen bar, where he enjoyed ten minutes of heaven as his slut explored the deeper parts of his anus with her dextrous and eager tongue, before the pleasure overpowered him, and he urged her to take him in her mouth just in time, as her scarlet lips closed around his helmet just as the spasms started, and as she greedily drank from him, she teased every last drop out by lovingly massaging his prostate with her perfectly manicured middle finger.

As Winston waited for the strength to return to his legs, he pulled up his pants, and sat down, at which point the now satisfied slut poured him coffee, and went about the business of preparing a meal for four men and one wimp.

After a while, Louis and Ceebert arrived, and the four were sat drinking beer and chatting merrily when Pete returned. As he walked in, he blushed strongly; not just at the fact that four men whom his wife openly served sat in his house drinking beer; but also at the fact he was certain that Winston had told them that he wore lingerie under his suit.

“Hey, pencil dick-wanna beer, or do want to go change into some fresh panties first?” teased Ceebert, confirming his fears.

Blushing, Pete hurried into his room, and was halfway through changing when Winston walked uninvited in to join him.

“ Time to talk” said Winston. It wasnt a suggestion.

Looking comical in his yellow lingerie, Pete meekly sat down and listened as Winston began.

“ We have been pleased with your co-operation so far. Your wife is a fast and willing learner, and her rehab is progressing well. We would like you to take a more active role in it. Would you like to fuck her tonight?”

Shocked, Pete stammered “ Yes please Master”, and then wondered why he had used that word.

Winston explained that this concession could only be earned by complete feminisation, and went on to explain exactly what the rehabilitation would involve. Pete listened, looking shocked at the mention of injections and long hair and make-up, but interested at the concept of being paid by them to stay at home, living off the income of his wifes sluthood.

As he finished his explanation, he let his words sink in, and then asked the life-changing question

“This is a one off offer….I need an answer now. If its yes, then your rehab starts here, and you get to fuck your wife tonight. If its no, the offer will not be repeated”

Watching the wimp wrestle with such a momentous decision, Winston was surprised when, after just a few moments, the blushing wimp said “ Please start my rehabilitation, Master”

Although he was sure the decision was based mainly on the prospect of fucking the lovely Sarah, it was made, and was irreversible. If only he knew that part of the plan was that Sarah found him plundering her urethra so traumatic that the last bonds between them would vanish, and he would fuck her less and less, and eventually only if they felt she needed punishment, then maybe he would have arrived at a different answer. He called Ceebert in to start the process.

As Ceebert entered the room, he carried with him the Gladstone bag in which he kept his equipment. As he set it down and rummaged, Winston explained.

Were going to give you an injection of a substance called Complyormone. This will make your acceptance of your new role easier to handle (He didnt mention either that the same substance coursed in abundance through his slut wifes veins, or that it was liberally laced with female hormones). You will be injected with this daily when we call to give Sarah her medicine. As from this evening, you will wear lingerie and hose around the house at all times. For a week, you will be allowed to venture out with mens clothes over your lingerie. During this time you will buy yourself a full female wardrobe, and will tender your notice at work. You will start on the payroll of “Deep Inside Sarah” forthwith. We will provide you with a company credit card tomorrow, which you will use for your purchases. When the week is up, you will dress exclusively as a woman, and we will open a new bank account for you as our new employee. You will henceforth be known as “Darcy”. Thats a nice feminine name, dont you think. Darcys always look pretty in pink- bare that in mind when shopping. The name Darcy will appear on all your cards and cheques.”

As Winston explained, Ceebert filled a syringe with the Complyormone/hormone cocktail, and, after a quick swab, injected it efficiently into his arm.

Winston continued, “ Ceebert will pierce your nipples and ear lobes in a moment Darcy…just to make you a pretty girl. You can then eat with us in regular clothes-the last time that will be permitted. When we have eaten, we will take Sarah upstairs, and you will hear her bell start to ring. At that point, you are to put on your finest lingerie, and attempt to apply lipstick and eye make-up. You will then wash the dishes and tidy away whilst your wifes screams of ecstasy and the tinkling of her bell help you concentrate. At 10PM precisely, you will come upstairs and knock on the door. When we call you in, if you are feminine enough, Sarah will invite you to fuck her. You will follow her instructions to the letter. When you have cum, you will leave us to enjoy her for the remainder of the evening-is that clear?”

“Yes Master” blushed Darcy, as Ceebert marked his ears and nipples for the jewellery that would shortly adorn them forever.

An hour later, as Sarah served dinner to her four Masters, they were joined by a very coy ”Darcy”. Winston had filled Sarah in on the developments while she cooked, so when her husband sat at the table in his track suit, under which the exquisite softness of his finest crimson silk gave him an erection that was only partially due to the Complyormone, she said simply “ Hi Darcy- take a seat. Dont your earrings look pretty?”

“Thanks” he blushingly replied, and ate his meal in silence as the four black men acted like they all had lived in the marital home forever. He wondered why his wife only took fruit juice as the rest enjoyed steaks.

As the meal finished, Sarah cleared away, and, as the black men finished their coffee, Winston finally stood and walked to the hat stand to retrieve Sarahs mating collar and leash. Without waiting to be asked, the slut dropped to her knees as Winston buckled the pink strap around her lovely neck, and attaching the leash, he led her happily on all fours up the stairs followed by his three peers.

As the door to Sarahs bedroom suite closed behind them, Darcy slipped of his tracksuit, and basked in the luxury of being able to wear such beautiful lingerie in total freedom. As he tidied the dishes away, he savoured the way his 10 denier clad thighs rustled as they brushed together, and stroked his satin clad breast tenderly, wincing slightly as his had brushed the barbell in his recently modified nipple. He only felt a slight twinge of jealousy as, a few moments later the bell began to tinkle. As he busied himself with the dishes, he heard his wifes moans and screams start in earnest, sometimes crystal clear, and sometimes heavily muffled like her mouth was inordinately full. By the time he had finished, it was a little after 9, and the noises from upstairs were at times banshee-like, as he borrowed make-up from his wifes handbag and sat down to try for the first time in his life to apply it.

Glancing at the clock as he reamed the beautiful sluts colon, which had opened tunnel-like to accept his monster engine, Winston saw it was a few minutes before 10. He plowed a few more strokes into her wanton anus, gazing lovingly at the tapestry of lewd beauty that was woven across her slut back, before reluctantly withdrawing his massive erection from the warm greedy grip of her hungry back passage. Gesturing to Louis, who had been earnestly plumbing the depths of her amazing throat at the other end of the now mandatory spit-roast, they heard the slut moan in abject loss, before coming back to reality enough to take in the time, and realise that her husband was due to join in any moment. Just as they had discussed, she rolled over on her back and reached out to grasp the two members, still moist from her bodys secretions, which were offered urgently at her face. Licking their balls alternately, she pumped their massive cocks with her tiny hands, neither being large enough for the fingers to anywhere near enclose the shafts they worked on. With a grunt, Winston came first and hosed his scalding hot cream over her lovely face, coating her eyes and nose, before running round to puddle in her ears and the dimples at the base of her neck. His last squirts had barely landed when Louis roared and pumped what seemed like another gallon of man-fat over her face, glazing it like the frosting on a birthday cake.

As she lay there enjoying the warm bath on her face, the door knocked, and, with a nod from Winston, she called him in.

As the door opened, in walked a very nervous figure all in crimson silk. Sheer hose clad long and surprisingly shapely legs, and the heavily lipsticked mouth and painted eyes were framed by a pair of dangly earrings that, as an ensemble, was surprisingly feminine.

“Hi Darcy” teased Winston. “Come in. weve just reached a natural break anyhow. As Im sure you heard, your very vocal wife has had each one of us in her ass and throat already this evening. We could use a time-out to recharge. If she thinks you look girly enough, you can go ahead and fuck her. What do you think, slut?”

As his naked, ravished wife turned her heavily tattooed body to face him, he barely recognised the cum-glazed face that looked dreamily his way. As she looked him over, she felt a wave of affection wash over her- he had tried really hard, and actually looked quite good…longer hair and boobs and he would have passed for a girl, apart from the little erection making his silk French panties tent.

“Hi Darcy-you look lovely.“ she cooed. “As youve made such an effort, would you like to fuck your wife?” As he nodded enthusiastically, Winston said “ Youll be needing this then” and took the key from round his neck. Sarah crawled obediently over to him to collect the key, and, as she crawled past Darcy, bell tinkling, he noticed that her slut anus hadnt yet closed from its recent reaming, and still gaped like a train just came out of it. Surprisingly aroused by this, he watched her crawl back over to the bed where she laid on her back and beckoned her over.

“Unlock the lock for me Darcy” she cooed, and as he fumbled, he gasped at the weight of the padlocks that stretched her labia so obscenely as he moved them to gain access. Eventually the tiny lock fell free, and Sarah reached down and pulled the hinged shield back to expose her infibulated pussy, and ruined urethra, from which Ceebert had removed the catheter earlier. Remembering Master Winstons instructions to verbally humiliate Darcy as much as possible as part of his rehab, Sarah had to remind herself not to show affection, despite her natural tendency to do so

Master Winston said, “Should we let him use your pussy Sarah?”

She actually winced at the unappealing thought and quickly said, “Oh no Master. His little white dick certainly shouldnt be in my pussy. That hole is redundant for white dick, and black men have the good taste to use my ass-pussy and throat. Thats why we keep it closed. No real man wants to accidentally slip into a worthless cunt when he means to be fucking my slut anus.”

“Well then slut, what hole are you gonna let him use?” Winston chuckled.

“Would it be all right to let him use my urethra Master? I think his little white cock is tiny enough to fit in my pisshole.”

The four black men in the room wailed with laughter as Darcy just lowered his head in embarrassment. However, as the mens laughter filled the air, both he and Sarah couldnt help but notice that his little cock was rock hard. Sarah was nearly as embarrassed as her husband. She couldnt help but feel sorry for the pale white cuckold. She knew from experience just how inferior he was in every way sexually and it made her feel very sorry for him.

Putting her hand under Darcys chin, Sarah lifted his head and looked into his eyes as she said. “Youd better hurry honey before your time is up. Come up here and put your little dick into my piss hole.” She then leaned down with her sperm covered face and gave Darcy a big tongue-probing kiss. “Come on honey, lets go. Ive got real men to service as soon as youre done.” She said, feeling guilty at humiliating him as instructed

Sarah leaned back on the bed and spread her legs wide. She reached down with both hands and slipped two fingers through the padlocks on her pussy lips. Pulling hard, she spread herself wide open giving everyone in the room a perfect pornographic view of her infibulated pussy. With a free finger she began flicking the opening to her urethra. “Here you go Darcy. This is your hole, honey. This is my pisshole. Its just the right size for your little pencil dick.”

Darcy climbed up on the bed into position on top of his wife. He couldnt remember the last time hed been between her legs with a hard cock. It might have been months. Sarah removed her fingers from her cunt lips, looked up at him and said, “Take these padlocks Darcy. Youll need to spread me open nice and wide. Pull my cunt lips so I can get your little wiener in my piss hole where it belongs.”

Darcy did as he was told, and not at all gently, tugging his wifes cunt wide open. Sarah reached down and took her husbands erection firmly in her grasp and guided the head toward her eel-stretched urethra. The reality of the situation struck Sarah. Here she was, naked on her back, her cunt lips being stretched wide open, about to urethrally fuck her husband of many years, being watched by a group of prodigiously endowed black men. She couldnt help but see the irony of the scene.

“Thats it,” she said as she guided his cock into her hole. The entry took her by surprise. Even with the stretching of the eel earlier in the day, the pain of having her husbands cock invade her pisshole was extreme. With a grunt, Sarah managed to encourage her hubby. “Come on you little faggot. Is that all youve got? Push that tiny little pecker into my pisshole. Its the only hole youre gonna get. No cunt for you fagboy.”

Sarah placed both hands on Darcys ass and pulled him into her as hard as she could. Above all else, she simply wanted to get this over. The pain was a real surprise and she was getting no pleasure at all from the penetration, as his inadequate dick slipped fully home. But then, she realized, that was nothing new. Shed never enjoyed sex with this little worthless white faggot. Her emotions were being torn in two. She really did feel sorry for her poor husband. It wasnt his fault that she was such a black cock slut. Even she hadnt had any idea of her true sexual desires. He deserved something better than to be a cuckold to a group of black men. But at the same time she realized that hed never satisfied her and had never really tried. He was only interested in his own satisfaction...not hers. It occurred to her that he knew this was hurting her, but didnt care. His orgasm was all that mattered to her, and if she suffered, then so be it. As the reality of his selfishness dawned, she suddenly felt her sympathy evaporate, and the logic of her masters instructions to humiliate Darcy and his pencil dick hit home. It was what he needed…his rehabilitation required it, and she decided to take out the pain he was causing her by redoubling his humiliation

“Thats it Darcy, pump your little wiener into my pisshole. Or is it really your giant clit? It that it, Darcy? Are you already a little bitch girl? Fuck me bitch. Fuck me with your big clitty.” Reaching under Darcys camisole, she grabbed her recently pierced nipples and began to twist them savagely, repaying pain with pain. Darcy yelped and thrust harder and deeper into her wifes waterworks.

As Sarah continued with her verbal humiliation, she pulled her husbands face down to hers and began rubbing it into the cum which coated her. When she had his nose and mouth covered with it, she said, “Lick it faggot. Lick it up. Thats a real mans spunk all over my face. My black Masters just anointed me and you need to lick it up.” Darcy hesitated for a moment and then gave in completely. He had no resistance left and understood that his only course of action was to accept whatever Sarah and her Black Masters wished for him. With complete resignation, Darcy extended his tongue and began to clean his wifes face of the sperm that Winston and Louis had so recently deposited.

Sarah couldnt believe it. Shed been surprised when hed willingly drank his own semen in a glass of orange juice but this was unbelievable. Her husband was cleaning her face. He was licking Master Winstons cum from her eyelids and cheeks and nose.

“It ran in my ears too, faggot. Stick your tongue in my ears and then suck it out. Get it all you worthless piece of shit,” she said directly into his ear…or was it HER ear? Yes, HER ear…she would think of Darcy as a she from now on- that would help her rehab.

As she continued to humiliate him, Darcy pumped harder and harder into her piss hole. The pain was becoming excruciating and poor Sarah knew very well that she had no choice but to finish the act. The cuckold had no idea how much she was hurting her and she obviously didnt care. She just wanted it to be over. She wanted this selfish asshole to finish with her and get the hell off so she could return to servicing her masters.

“Cum you fucking faggot. Squirt your clit juice into me. Do it, you god damn faggot.”

“Cum into your wifes bladder!!”

And finally, she did. As her tongue was pushing up into her wifes nostrils, attempting to get the last drips and dregs of Winstons black cum, her tiny cock began to squirt its meager load into Sarahs bladder. It took no time at all. Three or four pathetic little pulses and she was done. In moments, her little prick was softening and quickly slipped out of Sarahs urethra.

Sarah pushed her as hard as she could. She had never felt more annoyed or repulsed in her life. She pushed with all her might and Darcy landed on the floor with a thud. Leaning up on one elbow, Sarah leaned over the bed and looked down at her with contempt. “Get out of here faggot. Get out of here so these real men can use me like the slut I am. Their sperm belongs in my anus where it nourishes me. Your sick little wad is in my bladder where I can piss it out.”

Sarah watched with contempt as her little cock shriveled up to nothing, big tears formed in her eyes and she turned over and crawled out of the room like the feminized and humiliated cuckold she had become. Leaning down, she retrieved her shield and catheter. Holding them up Sarah looked into Master Winstons eyes and said, “Please Master. Please lock up my worthless hole. Im embarrassed to have it open.”

Winston was taken aback by this performance. He had anticipated that the pain of the urethral sex would quickly negate all remaining feelings she had for Darcy, but he hadnt expected her to be so pro-active in the humiliation. Darcy had slunk out of the room like a dog, such was his embarrassment. Winston would have him fuck her pisshole a few more times, by which Sarah would be repulsed by” her”, and the hormone injections should have virtual removed his desires by then anyhow. It was interesting how willingly hed licked their cum off her face though?

As normality returned, and the pain in her now re-closed urethra abated, Sarah felt a wave of guilt about how cruel she had been to poor Darcy…but she had enjoyed hurting her (it now seemed automatic to think of her husband as she), so she had deserved it. Besides, her Masters knew best when they had ordered her to be so harsh, and not only had it made Darcy cum, it had, if she was totally honest, excited her somewhat as well. She made a promise to herself to keep up the humiliation to expedite Darcys rehab.

Thanking Winston and the others for allowing her to “entertain” Darcy, the real action resumed and Sarahs bell tinkled until the small hours, as she was spit roasted until exhaustion. Downstairs, Darcys clit glowed red as she pumped it into the night as she heard the bell ring, peppering her crimson stocking tops with dribbled of cum each time she peaked.

As the black men left at 3 AM, hanging the mating collar by the door as they exited, Sarah fell into a deep dreamless sleep. Darcy did not.

Waking abruptly to the sound of the alarm, Sarah felt like she had only been asleep for moments, and was startled to see that it had been a good four hours. She had expected to wake feeling ravenously hungry after 24 hours of liquids only, but she had consumed so much cum last evening that she only felt mildly peckish. Indeed, her Masters seemed to have found the strength of many that previous evening, and even after swallowing all they had to offer her throat throughout her perpetual spit-roasting, she had been amazed to find a copious amount  (well over a cupful) still in her anus when she sucked it dry through her feeding plug just before sleepytime. As she padded softly to the bathroom to begin her ablutions, she was a little alarmed to note that her enema plugs were such a loose fit in her still gaping anus that she genuinely wondered if they would hold her cleansing fluids in long enough to be effective. She clenched hard and made a mental note to ask Master Winston about this. It was her duty to be as wide as they deemed fit, and continence was not an issue since she was always emptied manually- it was simply that she was terrified that her ass-pussy would become too slack for them to enjoy her properly. As her trio of enemas was completed, she opened the tap on her catheter and was again troubled to see that there was blood in the discharge. Only to be expected after being pisshole fucked, even if it was only with Darcys clit she reasoned, and went to shower herself clean for the day. As she showered, Winston and Ceebert let themselves in, and went directly upstairs.

Exiting the shower, the sluts face lit up as she saw her Masters, and knelt enthusiastically before them. Bidding her to stand, Ceebert busied herself with her breast injections, the mere imminence of which caused her cookies to swell, her teats to become more erect, and her poor battered ass-pussy to gape still wider. As she moaned and groaned her pleasurable way through her medicine and invenomation, Winston produced a diaphanous silk dress so flimsy it was hardly there. It was a vivid tribal print on a cream cloth, which would have been quite breathtakingly lovely had the silk not been so transparent.

“Mr McHugh will learn today that we decide how our slut is presented, and it is his honor to be part of our decision. To bolster this concept, you are going on display today, Sarah”, he announced. As Ceebert finished her injections, he produced a large gold hoop, and offered it to her nose.

“Your septum ring is far too discrete for a slut” he explained, as Ceebert expertly removed the original, small one, and fed the new one through her healed hole. It was so large it hung over her top lip! He then threaded two small gold chains over the hoop before inserting the ball to close it, and threaded the fine chains across her face to join her ear lobe piercings. Her nose was linked by chain to her ears, and she had to admit it looked and felt sensational- Mac would freak, but she trusted the bald giant to deal with it, and relaxed in her new enhanced femininity. Once done, she was made to lay on her bed, and Ceebert produced four more of the spring loaded stretchers that already pushed her vertical cookie bars apart, stretching them ever further across her chest. “ your new horizontal barbells are healed now Sarah- time to stretch your cookie meat vertically, so that those lovely slut-nips dont end up oval” explained Ceebert as he eased the springs into place and Sarah felt her recently invenomated and thus highly sensitive cookies stretch up and down. Gasping in pleasure at the new sensations, Sarah looked in the mirror. Her cookies now almost fully occupied her splendid breasts, and with their now deep brown color, looked wonderfully African and highly erotic. All the many metal mods in her slutnips glinted in the light, and she thought warmly that she could now no longer hide her breast mods if she took to wearing a sports bar!

“In order to display you to maximum effect today, slut, all you will wear today under this most flimsy of dresses is a pair of very sheer hold-ups. The dress is haut couture, and well designed. It is totally see-through in places, but strategically placed patterns in the pubic area give you just enough modesty to prevent you from getting arrested. A really close look may just give away your “no-entry” sign, especially as it is a sunny day today, but the remainder of your tattoos, and indeed your breast mods will range from being totally to partially visible. Make fullest use of the extra space around your eyes that Ceeberts eyebrow tattoos have afforded you; heavier than ever on the lipgloss, and then come down for breakfast before we drive you to work. Today, you will be fashionably late” stated Winston with authority, and the two men went downstairs to await her.

Sat at the breakfast bar, Winston heard movement down the corridor, and saw a bleary eyed, half awake Darcy shuffling to the kitchen , now in a pink shortie nightie that he had finally managed to catch an hours sleep in long after they had left the previous evening.

“Morning Darcy dear”, teased Winston, and patted her ass as she passed.

“Good morning Masters”, replied a respectful and cowed cuckold, who had clearly learned more from last night than they realised.

“Make coffee for us all, Darcy, and prepare waffles and eggs for your slut sister before she joins us-she had a hard night and needs feeding up” instructed Ceebert, both surprised and disgusted at how quickly this wimp had slipped into subservient womanhood.

As Darcy busied herself in the kitchen Sarah came down, and the two brothers gasped audibly as the flimsy showed almost all of her spectacular body to anyone who cared to look. Darcy simply gaped.

“Darcy will take over breakfast duties from now on, slut-just tell her what you need “ explained Winston.

“So she should. It is correct that real men use clit-dicked little girls to serve them” snapped a waspish Sarah, still pissed at her for her bleeding urethra, and her total disregard for the pain inflicted last night in achieving her ridiculous little orgasm.

Ignoring Darcy for the rest of the meal, Sarah and her Masters took breakfast together. Determined to continue with Darcys humiliation, Sarah decided to discuss her ever-widening anus with Winston whilst she was in the room. Darcy blushed profusely and tried to hide her erect clit under her nightie as Winston chuckled and explained that her asshole wasnt through stretching yet, and would go a way wider yet. He reassured her that they had a plan to ensure their continued enjoyment of her rectum regardless of how wide it went, and; intrigued, excited and reassured; she relaxed on the subject.

Handing Darcy a “Deep Inside Sarah” Mastercard with her name proudly emblazoned on it, Winston told her to go shopping today, and to be beautiful when they returned Sarah that evening.  That done they ushered the overpoweringly beautiful slut out to the pimpmobile, and as Ceebert drove, Winston enjoyed the expertise of her throat, enjoying the kiss of her face chains against his pubic area as he dumped another load into her belly just as they pulled up outside the office. As Sarah went to exit the car, Winston motioned to her to hold on, and from the glovebox in the back seat, he pulled out a soft pink collar similar to her mating one, but without the bell. In place of the  bell, the letters BCC were emblazoned in gold.

“You will find that taking a long lunch wont be a problem from today, slut. Report to Ceebert at the parlor at 12-he needs to do some tattoo work ahead of tonights webcast. I will pick you up at 5, and well go home for an hour before going back to the parlor for transmission. You go live at 8, its a one hour show tonight” Winston boomed.

Buckling in round her bowed neck, Winston then clipped a steel link leash to the collar, and as one they exited the pimpmobile, and fifteen minutes late, Sarah walked on the leash behind her Master up the stairs and through the office, past gawping staff, to her desk, where he unclipped her leash. He opened her mouth by squeezing her cheeks, and slowly, masterfully, parked a large dollop of spit on her tongue, which he then told her to swallow before kissing her goodbye. Rolling her eyes in ecstasy as she swallowed, Paula watched in awe as Sarah bade her master farewell and sat down at her desk, face draped in chains, and acted as if she was just a regular girl, not a heavily modified slut in a dress that left zero to the imagination.

Leaving Sarahs office, Winston walked through to Macs kiosk, and , without knocking, burst in. As Mac gawped and fumbled for the phone to call security, Winston placed a huge black hand and slowly, but deliberately lifted the overweight faggot off his feet and into the air. Pushing him against the wall, he slowly and calmly explained how the slut was their property, and the fact that she worked for him weekdays was a privelege he should treasure. He should encourage her rehab with enthusiasm, and afford her every courtesy and bend rules to accommodate her unusual schedule. Nodding in compliance, Mac quickly learnt how things were to be, and, a few minutes later, as Winston lowered him to the floor and left, Sarahs position at the insurance office suddenly became very cushy indeed.

As he left, Winston took a detour through the open plan part of the office and walked up to an open mouthed Paula. Handing her a card, he instructed “Call me-soon”, and smiled to himself as she whispered “Yes Master” as he exited.

Watching her Master leave, Sarah felt a sudden wave of confidence, and, after a few minutes, plucked up courage and found a flimsy excuse to go and see Mac. With the whole office watching her fabulously decorated body undulating under the nearly transparent silk dress that clung to her every curve, she knocked on his door and went in.

“Oh Sarah-hi”  he blustered “Have a seat”

As she sat, making a big show of smoothing the silk wrap around her tattooed ass, she showed him the figures she had come to discuss, knowing full well that the points she was making were self evident. As Mac made a show of answering as politely as he could, she rose to leave, and, smoothing her dress around her hips, asked cheekily “ “How do I look today?” hiding his revulsion at her near nakedness….was that a no-entry sign on her pubic mound?...and what the fuck was all that steelwork on her chest?...and why did she appear to have two brown Frisbees under her dress?…. he stammered “Yes, very nice. I am sorry I was so harsh yesterday. You look just fine”

Seizing the advantage, she continued teasingly “ it doesnt show too much of my tattoos?…or my piercings?”

“Um..nooo ,its just fine” he blurted.

“Oh good” cooed the slut. “Are my face piercings acceptable like this? My Masters like me to wear African style jewellery.”

“Yes, yes…all fine” he conceded with as much enthusiasm as he could muster.

“Oh good, they will be pleased. Do you like my new collar? The BCC stands for Black Cock Slut” she added, playing her trump card with confidence.

As he stammered that it was very nice, she knew she had him where she wanted him.

“Thanks Mac-glad you like it. Oh, I shall be late back from lunch today…gotta get some more ink” she instructed as she flounced out, knowing that life just got easy.

Mac dumped his head in his hands and realised that he just lost control of his office.

On her way back to her desk, she passed old George, whose eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw how she was dressed.

“Good morning, slut Sarah- dont you look just fine today?” he said with enthusiasm. Feeling affection for this distinguished old man who earned his living cleaning up after ignorant white folk, she stopped to chat to him.

“Why thank-you, Sir. Master Winston had a quick word with Mac this morning, and he seems a lot easier about how I dress now. This is how I should look, after all?”

“ It sure as hell is, slut Sarah” enthused George. “ You are now fulfilling your destiny-making black men happy. I think that the way you look is a vital part of that process. I caught the snake show last night-very good. I thought you were walking funny when you came back yesterday afternoon” he beamed.

Blushing with pride, Sarah thanked him for his kind words adding” I think the way I was walking was more due to my new labial stretching weights-they nearly doubled them yesterday. Would you like to see?”

George hurriedly ushered her into the janitors store, and as she lifted her flimsy dress to show him, he took the padlocks in his old wrinkled hands and lovingly, almost tenderly felt their weight as he teased them up and down.

“ They sure do make those lips stretch good, slut. What do they want them that long for?”

“They like to hear bells ring when they fuck my ass. Im not entirely sure why as yet, but I sense a long-term plan. At the moment they attach them to my mating collar, but they feel it would be more effective to hang much heavier bells from my labia when they are long enough”

“Mmm , nice. I guess that ass of yours has got quite stretchy after those snakes too?” he enquired in hope. Sensing what he meant, the well trained slut replied “ hasnt fully closed since the snakes, although it did have a busy night. Would you like to see?”

As George nodded enthusiastically, she pulled her dress up over her hips and bent over the janitors table. As George slowly pulled the lovely white cheeks of her tattooed as apart, he marvelled at the beautiful rose that bloomed all round her sexual centre. However even the shock of that did not prepare him for the sight her anus presented. It gaped wide at him and winked and opened in excitement as she wantonly offered her back passage to an old man she barely knew for inspection. Watching the sphincter open and shut like it was gasping for air, the janitor suddenly understood…the humiliation of being inspected so intimately was turning her on, and those spasms were pre-orgasmic. Unable to contain his excitement any longer, he pulled down his pants and unceremoniously thrust his above averagely large, but greying and wrinkled cock straight up her back passage. Gasping in shock at the ease with which it went in, he was then treated to the power of her anal muscles as they gripped his shaft in orgasmic frenzy, as the colon that had seemed too loose to satisfy him milked his cock like a well practised hand, and as her excitement grew, so did the dance her rectum performed on his cock. As he reached orgasm, he instinctively reached round and squeezed her slut-nips hard, loving the sensation of the jewellery under the silk. This sent her over the edge, and the increase in her colonic spasms took his breath away as he ejaculated deeper in her bowels than he had ever been before.

As their simultaneous orgasms subsided, old George lovingly stroked her tattooed skin until his cock went flaccid and popped out of her greedy ass. Without being asked, she dropped to her knees and bathed his cock and balls clean with her tongue, relishing every taste like a gourmet at a food tasting. Once he was squeaky clean, she crouched on her haunches, and, placing a cup from the water machine under her ass-pussy, she clenched her muscles and forced his cum out of her bowel and into the cup. As she gratefully swallowed every drop, and then kissed his cheek and said “thank you, Master George”, he found himself developing a firm affection for this amazing slut.

Taking her place back at her desk, she savoured the after-spasms in her back passage, as she tried to concentrate on her work until lunchtime approached and she could go and see Ceebert at the parlor. After a few minutes, she found herself totally unable to concentrate, and instead logged into her website mailbox and ran through the most recent suggestions, before passing them all on to Winston for consideration. She had given up filtering out the ones that scared her or that she found distasteful- her Masters were in control of her rehabilitation, not her- they knew best. She continued to be amazed at the diversity and perversion of the tattoo suggestions that rolled in daily- if half of them were adopted, she would be covered from head to toe. She had also noticed a growing trend of suggestions about the shape of her breasts. She had always been proud of their shape, even before her modifications, and now considered them spectacular. It was with some dismay that she passed on a variety of suggestions about stretching them, and generally making them the victim of gravity that she had so long sought to avoid…..surely her Masters would ignore such a retrograde step?

At last, lunchtime approached, and she quickly left her desk and slipped out into the midday sun, feeling almost naked in the brightness under the flimsy silk couture. Men of all ethnic persuasions, and indeed some women too, craned their necks in thinly veiled lechery as she breezed across town to the Tattoo parlor, but she only noticed the stares from black men, and relished every one, happy that she was of some value in the thrills that she provided her admirers.

As she ascended the stairs and walked into Ceeberts room, he beamed, genuinely pleased to see his greatest ever work looking so lovely. Bidding her undress, he sat her in the dentists chair, and lovingly swabbed the navel anus piece clean with alcohol before deftly applying the finishing touches to it, finally stepping back and admiring it, especially pleased with the way her bald pate appeared to gleam, as the unmistakeable image of Sarah on her stomach looked seductively over her shoulder at him, the rose that in reality surrounded her anus winking in miniature at him from around her belly button. It was spectacular…the webcast audience would love it!.

Aware that time was of the essence, Ceebert swabbed her stomach with healing lotion, and them had her put her legs in the stirrups, before reclining the chair to horizontal, and spreading the stirrups as wide as they would go, exposing her sealed pussy, and blinking, gaping rose ass-tattoo shamelessly to his worklight.

“Your pet-shop webcast was a big hit, slut. Your public want your corn snake lovers a permanent part of you” explained Ceebert, as he started outlining a large fat serpent, whose tail started just above her right knee, and fattened out into a full , plump body that coiled once fully round her thigh as it made its unstoppable climb to the sanctuary of her anus, where the head came to rest suggestively, just brushing the edge of the rose with its forked tongue, leaving no doubt as to where its final destination lay.

When fully happy with the drawing, Ceebert fetched his black outline gun, and Sarah closed her eyes to the pleasure as the needle bit into her thigh, and her role as a wanton snake receptacle was forever inked on her slut body for all to see. She reflected on the fact that all she was feeling was increasing excitement as the needle became busier, and the debasement of her body aroused her still more. She felt an anal orgasm build, and her beautiful brown slut-nips spasmed and throbbed as with a shudder, her colon began its peristalsis that delivered her another shattering orgasm, as Ceebert smiled at the sight of her sphincter gaping in rhythm with her pulse. He found it remarkable that in so short a time, this girl had become such a needleslut, who thrived on the humiliation that they lavished upon her. He realised that he was aroused, and, holstering his gun, he hurried round to the head of the chair before dropping his pants and offering his pierced meat to her lovely scarlet mouth. Unhesitatingly and hungrily, she devoured his helmet, before jiggling her head and neck into the right position for Ceebert to assault her throat without hindrance. With a grunt, he firmly but carefully pushed his monstrous black engine into the pale white throat, watching her ruby lips stretch around his shaft, as the unmissable outline of his cockhead slipped easily into her throat. As she grunted with pleasure and reached up to massage his leathery balls, he felt fireworks begin in his head, and with a roar, he discharged the most copious orgasm of his life deep into the sluts greedy stomach, as her esophagus gripped his member like a hand and milked it as he spurted, sending her into another orgasm of her own as her slutnips throbbed on her chest with a life of their own, and the rose around her anus opened on its own wide enough to accommodate a pool ball.

As the waves subsided, and Ceebert felt his cock go slack in her throat, he felt the strength return to his legs, and a sense of unprofessionalism overwhelmed him. He never broke of in the middle of a creation, and it shocked him that slut with the brightly coloured skin and heavily modified body could have such a profound effect on him. Annoyed with himself, he zippered his pants without a word, and returned to the snake tattoo in silence, which he maintained until it was done. Sensing that she had blown his mind as well as his huge black cock, she smiled inwardly and lay back to enjoy the kiss of the needle once more.

As Ceebert swabbed the new tattoo down, he offered the silk dress to her, and watched admiringly as it slipped with a whisper over her curves, leaving little to the imagination. He advised her to leave her hold-ups off, as they would rub against the new snake on her thigh.

As she thanked her Master for her new ink and “everything else”, she smiled coyly. Still annoyed at himself, Ceebert found himself taking it out on her, as he said “Im looking forward to your webcast this evening, slut. They will love your new ink, but what else they have in store for you will wipe that smile off your pretty little face”

As Sarah paled, Ceebert cupped her full breasts through the silk, and weighing them like one did fruit at the market he added  “ Winston always said you flaunted these too much for your own good. I wonder if youll still feel the same way when they hang to your waist?”

Utterly shocked, Sarah thought back to the emails she had forwarded to her masters recently about her breasts. One in particular had read “genuine African women often sport incredibly flabby udders even when relatively young. Proper measures should be taken to emulate this. Stretching and flattening her tits should be part of her daily routine, with more radical handling reserved for punishment sessions... Long stiff teats on long droopy udders are both a joy to behold and an invitation to real hot fun” All of a sudden, she was more than a little uneasy about tonights webcast. Sensing Ceebert was not in the mood for conversation, she excused herself, and walked back to work, aware of the fresh tattoo on her thigh as every step pulled it a little. Once again enjoying the lecherous glances that abounded, she went into a Starbucks and grabbed a latte and a Danish to take back to her desk, and by the time she had reached the offices, her confidence in her sexuality had returned. So far, her Masters had been right about every part of her rehabilitation, and so it was wrong of her to question their decisions tonight. If they permitted it, then it was right for her. She resolved to put and further negativity to the back of her mind, and to do her best to wow her internet followers tonight. She threw herself into her work all afternoon, successfully stopping her mind wandering, and in what seemed like no time at all, Winston appeared at her desk, and ,as she offered her pretty neck forward, he attached her leash to the pink whore-collar and led the obedient slut down to the Pimpmobile, as the astonished other office staff looked on in amazement and this abject display of submission.

Part 17

       As the Pimpmobile swept ostentatiously onto the drive of what Sarah used to consider the matrimonial home, her dreadlocked head reluctantly raised from Winston's lap, where she had spent the whole journey adoring his leathery ball bag, alternating between licking it with her modified tongue as if it was a washcloth, and trying to get each one of the monstrous orbs into her prettily lipsticked mouth. Winston savoured the brush of her face chains across his thighs as her head raised into view, and the air cooled the saliva that covered his sacks.

       Exiting the car into the early evening sun, the dress she wore became totally see - through for an instant, as the neighbours were briefly treated to a full view of the tattooed obscenities that adorned her back before she vanished through the front door that Leroy had opened for her.

       As the slut followed her two black masters into the kitchen, she looked into the living room and was surprised to see Maisy there, knelt at Pete's feet, painting his toes a pretty pink shade. Pete lay back in the chair, apparently quite relaxed, dressed in a pink petticoat dress that barely covered his ass and pink stockings and garter belt. On the rug by the chair lay the largest dog Sarah had ever seen - a magnificent silver great Dane, who looked up briefly from licking his tackle to see who had entered, and then continued with his task enthusiastically.

       'Hey Maisy - how's it hanging girl?' asked Winston warmly. 'I see you brought Brutus along with you' he added, as the dog again looked up briefly at the mention of his name, before returning to the job in hand.

       'All good here Winston - just finishing Darcy's toe polish. It matches her fingers well, don't you think?. Hi, slut Sarah... are you being a good girl?... you look wonderful' she enthused.

       'Thank you Mistress Maisy. I am trying to be good, but my Masters must be the judges of that,' blushed the slut in reply.

       'What happened with the sissy at work today?' asked Leroy

       'Well, when she went to see her boss to tender her notice, her lingerie was rather obvious under her shirt, so it was suggested that it may not be appropriate for her to work her notice, and she should clear her desk and leave. As instructed, she texted Winston to tell him, and when she returned home, I was waiting. We have had a wonderful day shopping - do you like her new dress? She blushed the same shade when she has to use the credit card to pay for her purchases. I made her try every item on before buying it. Just as well get used to it, as I have now thrown all her boy clothes away. She has quite a wardrobe of very girly stuff to get used to as her daily attire from now on. I'm just adding the nail polish as a finishing touch.' Maisy explained, finishing the last nail and packing her stuff away.

       'Stand up and do a twirl for your Masters, Darcy' she ordered, and the cuckold indeed blushed the same color as her new finery as the outrageously sissy petticoat dress tumbled down to barely cover her stocking tops, and her pitiful erection caused it to tent at the front.

       'Hmm... you'd better deal with that Sarah - she can't prepare our dinner like that' stated Winston, and the slut, reading her master's mind, obediently fetched a tumbler, and slowly and rather clinically walked towards her cuckold husband, and whispered into her ear that she was going to wank her into the tumbler, and if she promised to be a good girl and drink the resulting contents with enthusiasm, she could play with her padlocks whilst she eased her off.

       Nodding enthusiastically, she slipped her freshly manicured right hand under the slut's flimsy dress and marvelled at the great weight that her wife's labia now toted to work each day, as Sarah's slender hand efficiently found her erect clitty and none too gently stretched the foreskin back and forth until, with a sissy grunt, Darcy emptied her pitiful load into the tumbler, and, without being reminded, raised it to her lips and swallowed the still warm contents with apparent relish.

       As she reluctantly released Sarah's padlocks back to the effects of gravity, her now unfeasibly long labia stretched to take the strain, and her watching masters realised that they were fast approaching the length required to support the mating bells that would soon be fastened there permanently.

       Task done, Sarah whispered words of encouragement into the sissy's ear, before telling her how pretty she looked in her new outfit. Winston told Darcy to get a move on with their meal, as the webcast went live at eight, and it was already approaching six.

       As she busied herself in the kitchen, Winston told Sarah to go upstairs and administer a four quart enema, and then change into garters and stockings under something loose and comfortable, before applying an unusually heavy dose of make - up, as that was what her public had requested. As she went up the stairs compliantly, she accidentally brushed against her mating collar hung on the hooks at the stairwell, and as the bell tinkled, Brutus looked up urgently from his cleaning and fixed the slut with a stare, accompanied by some serious panting and the emergence of what looked like the world's largest lipstick from the furry sheath that he kept so fastidiously clean. Oblivious to this development, Sarah wondered why they felt she needed another enema - throughout her training so far, her morning cleansing had always kept her clean and, more importantly, meant she never needed to defecate. It was not her job to question, however, and she dutifully purged herself, before showering, pausing to admire the finished work around her navel, and the new but very exciting serpent that wrapped around her thigh. She loved the bright colors that decorated her much modified body, and, although she had long stopped wondering exactly what was displayed on her back, she knew it would be equally colourful, and took great comfort in that.

       As she towelled herself dry, she looked in the mirror and gasped when she saw that her cookies had darkened yet more, and were now deep brown, and gloriously African. The stretchers continued to do their work, and her magnificent breasts were now well over half nipple, and her teats stood fully an inch proud of the cookie meat. Overall, the effect of her slut - nips was staggering, and she felt a wave of gratitude for her masters for modifying her so wonderfully. As she took one final glance before dressing, she felt pride at how well her large breasts had kept their shape, and was enjoying the feeling when Ceebert's earlier statement about them reminded her that maybe that wasn't the way they should be?

       Downstairs, as Darcy prepared steaks and salads in her new pink frillies, Winston and Leroy chatted with Marcie about the project in general.

       They agreed that the Darcy situation, although unplanned, was turning out quite well, and decided that she should have breasts as soon as possible, which would mean increasing the female hormones in her daily injections quite radically. They wanted to keep her sexual urges intact though, as that added to their control over her, and Winston promised to ask the druggist which hormonal mix would best achieve both.

       They agreed that Maisy was important to the Darcy part of the project, and that she should move in for a while to supervise her feminisation. It had not escaped their notice how Brutus had reacted to the mating bell - clearly his training at Teddy's farm as a stud dog was still intact. They agreed that Brutus should move in as well, and, if they considered it appropriate, he could be 'introduced' to Sarah as preparation for her week at the farm, which they all concurred was approaching faster than they dared hope.

       Sarah finished applying her make - up... She had gone very heavy on the eyes, again going for the Cleopatra look that her webcast viewers clearly enjoyed so much. She left her lips bare until after they had eaten, as she wanted to make them as crimson as possible.

       Fastening the clasps of her garter belt onto sheer pink stockings, she slipped a cream satin dress of medium weigh over her head, but not before lovingly stroking the bald head of the Sarah tattoo that had her navel as its anus. A few squirts of perfume and she was done. As she descended the stairs to eat, the smells of steak frying made her mouth water, and she enjoyed the comforting thud as her padlocks knocked together as she sat down to eat.

       They ate and made small talk. It was bizarre to consider that they all chatted like a regular family, and only the presence of a sissified pink cuckold serving them, and the fact that in less than an hour, the beautiful dreadlocked slut who sat between the two black giants would be abused and humiliated on webcam for the benefit of paying black men around the world, that made this scene any different from those being played out across the country in vanilla land.

       Choosing her moment, Sarah waited until Winston had finished his meal and appeared relaxed, before asking 'Master, I am becoming increasingly aware that the image of me that Master Ceebert has so kindly inked on my stomach is how I am intended to look. Please would you do me the honor of shaving me bald?'

       Darcy nearly dropped the plates she was carrying in shock, but Leroy and Winston smiled knowingly as the moment they both knew was inevitable arrived sooner than anticipated.

       'Do you think you have earned it yet, Sarah? Do you feel your rehabilitation is complete yet? You must realise that your modification is still in its early stages. We cannot deny that we are pleased with your progress, but to earn the right to be bald in our presence you must fully realise your potential as an object of worth to your black Masters. When you feel you have been Africanised as much as is required, then maybe the time will be right, but not yet, little slut.'

       Feeling her eyes fill with tears, and not wanting to spoil her make - up, she blurted 'Please Master - I will do anything. I need to be bald. Can we not consider it part of my Africanisation rather than a reward for it? I will do anything you ask.'

       Seeing that she had touched a nerve with her plea, she relaxed a little and waited his response.

       'Oh, you will do anything we ask, slut. We both know that!' He grinned. 'I will consider what you have said - it is impressive that within a month you are begging to be shaved. We all knew it would come, but this soon is merit - worthy. You should be careful you fully understand the meaning of the word anything when pleading with me though' he grinned, as Brutus came to the table in response to a hidden signal from Maisy and hovered expectantly for scraps, his huge head almost at shoulder height to Sarah.

       'We have decided that Maisy will move in for a while to supervise Darcy's development. This means Brutus will be staying as well. Darcy will handle the mundane stuff like walking him - it will be a good way to get used to her new attire, but when you are here and not serving any visitors you may have, I would like you to get to know him better. We will take great interest in the lengths you go to in order to make him feel at home!' he boomed.

       Sarah was unsure quite what the beast could require other than walks and feeding - maybe they wanted her to play ball with him or something? She was a little perplexed, but so flushed with excitement at Winston's positive reaction to her attempts to justify her baldness that the moment quickly passed.

       With the meal over, Leroy observed that time was moving on, and they should get to the tattoo parlor. Sarah went to apply a liberal coat of crimson lipstick before they left, but was stopped by Leroy, who, with a huge grin, gave her a fresh brown one to apply with equal zeal. Flushing with excitement at the obvious implications of this, she quickly did as instructed, and was ushered out to the Pimpmobile to meet her viewing public.

       They entered the parlor at 7.30, and Ceebert, Teddy and Louis all greeted their arrival.

       The light show was already set up, as were the cameras, but something was different. Whereas normally the lights centered around the dentist's chair, or the articulated table, this time they focussed on a blank area of floor. Confused, Sarah looked around, and as her eyes adjusted to the lights, she noticed that the performance area was actually underneath some new apparatus she had not seen before. Four electric winches hung from recently installed ceiling rails, and a variety of harnesses and chains hung from hooks on the far wall. The whole ensemble created quite an eerie, dungeon - like feel, and Sarah felt her ass - pussy spasm only partially in excitement, as an element of fear crept in.

       Ceebert saw her looking at the new equipment, and smiled sardonically. Sarah could sense he was still pissed at her, and couldn't work out why - all she had done was blow his beautiful cock to the best of her considerable ability in gratitude for the wonderful ink he continued to adorn her slut body with. It never occurred to her that he was actually pissed at his own lack of self - control, and was taking it out on her.

       As the others fussed over last minute adjustments to the set, Teddy took Sarah to one side, and told her to remove her dress so that he could check her progress. As always happened at the sound of his voice, her whole body reacted, and she became submissive putty in his hands as the subliminal drug assisted training he had orchestrated for her came rushing back to her.

       As she pulled her dress over her head, and stood to attention as he walked around her, closely studying her ink, and her piercings, she heard 'pleasure, Sarah' echo through her subconscious. As he felt the weight of her padlocks and murmured approval, she felt an orgasm start, and as he roughly pulled her slut - nips, testing their feel and elasticity, an anal orgasm ripped through her body with such force that her knees buckled and nearly went from under her, as the moan that escaped her brown lips brought a smile of satisfaction to Teddy's face. He could never have dreamed that she would become so compliant so quickly. 'Deep Inside Sarah's membership was growing daily and looked set to make them very rich. He also had her week at his stud farm to look forward too, and he warmed at the thought that it looked increasingly imminent.

       Examination over, Teddy told her to leave her heels, garters and hose on, and to grab a juice or something and chill for a few minutes. He would call her when she was due on air. She was not required to speak this time - Teddy was doing a voice over.

       As she poured herself a glass of orange juice from a pitcher in the fridge, she noticed a flask from the farm in there, and, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, added a good gloop of cum to her drink before sitting and mentally preparing.

       Ceebert came over and fitted a small electronic pick - up to her wrist with tape.

       'To monitor your pulse slut - you will see why!' he snapped, and again she felt a wave of sadness at the fact that he was upset with her.

       After a short while, Teddy called her in, and, as she felt the warmth of the lights on her much modified body, he said 'We go live in 1 minute... stand over here and follow my instructions as I give them in the voice - over.'

       As the little red lights on the webcams blinked on, and followers of her rehabilitation the world over watched eagerly, Teddy greeted them and thanked them for logging on. He talked them through the slut's latest modifications, and Louis used the hand held to focus clearly on each one as he described it. Sarah obediently pulled her ass cheeks apart as Teddy explained where the corn snake was headed, and Louis dwelt at some length over the bald head on her stomach as he proudly explained to the audience that she had actually begged to be shaved bald this very evening, and the reasons why the wish had not been granted.

       As the tour of her body ended, Teddy adopted a more serious note, and read out the email that she had dutifully forwarded to her masters a few days earlier.

       'This reader is correct in her observation that 'genuine African women often sport incredibly flabby udders even when relatively young. Proper measures should be taken to emulate this. Stretching and flattening her tits should be part of her daily routine, with more radical handling reserved for punishment sessions... Long stiff teats on long droopy udders are both a joy to behold and an invitation to real hot fun!'

       It is our mistake that we have not addressed this matter sooner, but more importantly it is Sarah's failing not to have requested such modification. I intend to address both issues this evening.'

       With that, Ceebert appeared with two fearsome looking short leather straps. Longer and more supple than dog collars, they were punctuated by eyelets along their length, and a double buckle obviously designed not to yield under any circumstances. Each strap had a very hefty steel ring fixed halfway down its length.

       'These are breast cinches Sarah' explained Teddy 'They are designed to fix as tightly as possible around the base of each breast, causing your tit - meat to be pulled away from your chest. The meat not enclosed by the cinch will swell and oversensitize for the entire time the cinch is applied.'

       Ceebert wrapped the first one around her breast, and pulled tight. Sarah gasped as the cinch dug in and squeezed the base of her breast tightly, causing the remainder of it to swell like a giant lemon as it burst out of the other side of the constriction. Just as she had grown accustomed to the tightness, Ceebert gave another, harder pull, and she squealed out loud as the strap squeezed the base of her boob into roughly half of its original circumference. Satisfied that it was as tight as possible, he fastened the buckle securely, and busied himself with the other one, repeating the process. Once done, Sarah looked down in fear at the way her once beautiful breasts were swelling and turning crimson under the powerful grip of the cinches. Fighting panic, she told herself that her Masters knew best, and if this was what it took to Africanise her breasts, then it was her duty. As the panic receded with that thought, she heard a whirring sound above her head, and the front two electric winches unwound their chains as Ceebert pressed the appropriate buttons, and two chrome hooks descended to rest level with her now deformed breasts. As Ceebert carefully attached the hooks to the lifting eyes on the cinches, Teddy explained:

       'In order to stretch her breasts in the manner that is clearly appropriate, the slut will be lifted off the ground by her tit - meat. Once suspended, her weight will stretch the tissue. To allow the stretching to be permanent, Master Ceebert will inject muscle tissue relaxant through the holes in each cinch. Knowing how much she loves needles, this should make the experience tolerable for her. As she is due punishment for her gross oversight, then once she is injected, we will raise her high, and she will endure a full body whipping to atone for her sins. Once the punishment is complete, we are going to stretch her asshole beyond the limits we have so far gone - and she will remain suspended the whole time, so that as her asshole evolves, so will her breasts.'

       As her mind swirled with the knowledge of what awaited her, Sarah heard the electric winches start again, and slowly felt the chains take the strain as her cinches started their journey skywards. Steadily taking the strain, the cinches stretched her breast meat to its current elastic limit, at which point she felt a subtle change in the forces acting on her body, and the winch notes changed in sympathy as the undeniable lifting force stopped stretching her fabulous chest and started lifting her entire body off the ground.

       The skin of her bosom was so taut it shone, as her whole body was lifted, first to tiptoe, and finally, with a rush of sensations that may or may not have been pain, her high heeled pumps left the ground, and her stocking clad legs thrashed about trying to compensate for the swinging motion that her body had started. Finally getting the balance right, she hung there motionless, and focussed on the most powerful set of sensations her body had yet dealt with. Her entire universe was focussed on her tits. All the sensations in her body seemed to emanate from her chest, as she had the curious impression that a great weight was pressing on her breasts rather than the exact opposite. Her initial reflex to interpret it as pain did not prevail, and her now highly developed sexuality explored the wave of different signals that flooded through her brain. For the first time in her life, she was able to focus on her tits alone. She had no other body - just boobs. Suddenly their immense importance as a sexual centre dawned on her, as she became able to focus on the immense pressure in her slut - nips caused by the constriction. As if passing to another dimension, she entered tit - world, where she was aware of each nipple; of each teat; of each piercing... in fact she became at one with every square millimetre of her chest as the sensations ripped through her. She was dimly aware of Ceebert at her side, and then screamed in pleasure as the first of the muscle stretching injections was applied. She loved, even craved the feelings her daily nipple injections gave her, but the feelings that she experienced whilst in tit - world left them far behind. Had she not been catheterised, she would have surely pissed herself as Ceebert continued with his task of twelve injections in each breast, and was nearly delirious with pleasure by the time the last one had gone in, and her meat started to relax and allow her body to pull perceptibly away from the cinches as her breasts stretched forever.

       As the audience watched Ceebert inject the chemical through the cinches, Teddy explained that the monitor that had appeared in the lower left hand side of their screens was the readout from her pulse monitor. They knew at what pulse rate she was orgasming, and indeed super - orgasming, and had calibrated the readout accordingly. Her fan club watched in amazement as the orgasm - meter steadily climbed as the needles went in and her moans of pleasure grew louder.

       As Ceebert finished, he pressed the winch buttons again, and the helpless slut rose higher until she was fully two feet off the ground. At this point, Leroy and Louis appeared with nine - tailed floggers and stood either side of the slut. Teddy addressed her

       'Sarah, you are to be punished for having breasts that do not suit your rehabilitation schedule. Had you realized this and asked that they be stretched, then you would have been rewarded. The fact that you did not means you will be punished while they are stretched. You will find that the more you wriggle, the greater the stretching effect. Each master will apply 50 lashes - your body will receive an all over whipping of 100 strokes - enjoy'

       As the first stroke landed across her beautifully tattooed back, she gasped at the pain, and flinched. As she flinched the motion caused her body to swing, increasing the pull on her breasts. The second stroke landed from the other direction across her stomach, and again she gasped, flinched, and felt the effects. By the tenth stroke, she had worked out that the more she shied away from the pain of the flogging, the greater the sensations became in tit world, and she found herself anticipating each lash with growing eagerness, not because of the pain of the impact (although that too was starting to turn to pleasure), but because every time she shied away from the lash, the galaxy of sensations in her breasts became more exquisite. By the time the fiftieth lash crossed her puce buttocks, she was asking for more and as the seventieth stroke fell she was screaming 'Harder, Master, punish me', and jumping like a catfish on a pole to increase the intensity of tit - world still more. As the last lash fell, she lost consciousness, and the audience watched the meter drop to zero, before twitching back into life as she came round to the comforting realisation that she was still in tit - world, causing it to start to climb again

       None of the Masters could quite comprehend what they had just seen. Witnessing a true pain slut being born was a moving thing and they all felt great pride at their charge's performance. Ceebert in particular felt a lump in his throat (as well as his pants) at her display.

       Pressing the necessary buttons, Ceebert lowered the winches until her feet again rested on the ground, and the slut felt a sense of emptiness as she exited tit - world and rejoined reality. However, it was a short visit, as Winston appeared with a corset like device, which he proceeded to buckle tightly around her bruised and scarlet waist.

       'We are going to suspend you horizontally now Sarah - this corset has a rigid back and will allow your spine to cope,' explained Teddy. As Winston finished buckling the corset, the other two winches whirred into life, and two more hooks arrived at waist level. Retrieving two stirrup - straps from the hooks on the back wall, Winston secured them around her thighs, and then lifted the straps to attach them to the winch hooks, causing her body weight to be suspended jointly between her thighs and her breast cinches, with the corset keeping her back straight

       Co - ordinating the lift carefully, Ceebert raised the thigh straps slowly until Sarah's ass was level in a horizontal plane with her tits. The slut was now suspended horizontally at chest height, with her legs held open as if on the gynae table.

       As Sarah welcomed the return of the sensations that tit - world offered, Teddy prepared to take her anal development a step further as she entered the world of anal fisting.


                                                         Part 18

As Sarah hung there, suspended horizontally by her thighs and breasts, she focused on the sensation as her once magnificent breasts responded to the cellular relaxation effect that the drugs had caused, and her tit meat slowly but surely stretched under her weight, and they began their gradual but irresistible transformation into the gourds that she now knew belonged on the chest of an Africanized slut. Her slut-nips looked like they would burst, as the cinches trapped the blood underneath her aureaolae and pushed them forward obscenely. As she began to give herself up into her descent back into tit-world, Master Winstons voice said something about anal fisting, and she returned sharply to reality. Surely not- even her massively stretched and receptive anus could not accommodate that kind of intrusion, and she was in the process of telling herself that she had misheard when a familiar, huge shape appeared at the periphery of her vision. As he spoke, her conditioned mind responded to the voice she knew so well from her early training- Master Teddy had joined the party.

“ Good evening Sarah- nice to see your breasts responding to their new task so well” he boomed, as he stroked her cornrows lovingly. “The time has come to take the next step in your journey to full rehabilitation. You have impressed us with your dedication so far. I need you to consent to the next stage in order for it to be significant. I would like to permanently ruin your anus this evening Sarah. I plan to stretch it so radically that it will never ever close properly again. Do you agree to this, my slut?”  ,he soothingly enquired.

Sarah gasped at the enormity of the question, and all her instincts told her to stop this madness before it went any further, but the Complyormone coursed through her veins, and the huge suggestive power of Teddys voice was so deeply imbedded in her new sexuality, that she found herself nodding in compliance, as the throbbing in her chest seemed to pulse in agreement, as if it tit-world were trying to tell her that this was a good thing.

“I need you to ask me for the camera, slut” continued Teddy. “Ask me to break your anus forever with my fist, and the decision is irreversible”

Sweating with emotion, the suspended slut hesitated only briefly before gasping

“ Please open my slut asshole with your fist, Master”.

As the other brothers nodded in approval, Winston, who was watching her anus closely, was pleased to see the rose tattoo open involuntarily as she spoke, causing her tattooed sphincter to gape openly like a baby chick waiting to be fed.

Smiling, Teddy asked Ceebert to prepare her, and he wheeled a gurney to the stirrup end of the room. On the gurney lay four 200ml syringes, fitted with needles that ranged in length from a fairly innocuous 1 inch to a truly scary looking 6 inches.

As Ceebert slowly charged each syringe with the same cellular relaxant that now flowed through her breast meat, Teddy explained to the slut that they would give her rectum a little help in its transition into a fully-fledged tunnel.

As her wonderful anus pouted and winked at him, begging for input, Ceebert picked up the first, shortest syringe and slowly injected a little of the fluid at a time in a circle around the puckered line where tattoo stopped and sphincter began. Little by little, he infused her anal wall with the elixir, and, as it relaxed and opened a little more as the sluts conditioning converted the pricking sensation into pleasure  he moved the needle a little deeper into her bowel, and ,working in circles, slowly progressed into her rectum, injecting ring after ring of the magic fluid into her back passage. As the sluts gasps grew more enthusiastic, he reached the point where the shoulder of the syringe was as far into her anus as it would go, and withdrew the now empty one, and reached for the next, longer one.

Repeating the process, he slowly discharged the second 200ml into her anal wall, and Sarah felt a build up of pre-orgasmic spasming build in her abdomen, as her colon experienced and savoured this new, scratching, burning sensation that slowly invaded her.  As he withdrew the second empty syringe, Ceebert realised he was now close to the natural bend in her rectum, and decided on a speculum to assist in the last two treatments- after all, the final, 6 inch needle would mean that he was injecting the bowel wall almost a foot inside her.

Gently easing a shining steel speculum into the hungry orifice, he ratcheted it wide enough for the syringe body, enjoying the moan that accompanied it, and, savouring every push of the plunger, injected the rest of the first foot of her colon wall with the liquid that would bring about its ruination.

After 10 minutes, he was done, and he withdrew the speculum slowly. Sarah bit her lower lip as the flood of sensations gathered strength, and her bowel wall felt like it was on fire. The urgings of her stretching breasts coaxed the sexual part of the burning to the fore, and her conditioned mind collated all the sensations together. As she exploded in her first anal super-orgasm of the session, she heard “pleasure Sarah” boom in her ears ,even though she wore no headset, and her internet public were amazed to see the response needle in the corner of their screens shoot straight to maximum once again.

As they gave the relaxant time to work, Teddy slowly removed all the bling from his massive right hand. He rolled up his sleeve, and removed his gold Rolex. Turning to the door, he nodded to Winston, who opened it and beckoned Leroy to re-enter. As he came into view, it became apparent that he was holding a leash. Behind him padded an obedient Paula, who wore a black version of Sarahs mating collar around her neck, emblazoned with the word “SLUT” in studs. She wore a black latex catsuit, and had had her face heavily made up. She looked magnificent, and her eyes glowed with lust at her introduction to submission.

“Slut Paula has been invited to join us this evening, Sarah. She will assist me with your dilation, and if she pleases me, she may well be joining us on a regular basis.” explained Teddy.

Sarah gasped and blushed even more than the aftermath of her last orgasm had caused. Her friend from the office seeing her like this….how would she ever look her in the eye again?…and then the fact that her rehabilitation was necessary reminded her that if her Masters chose for Paula to be involved, then it must be with good reason.

Teddy held his right hand up in the air in the manner of a surgeon who has just scrubbed up. Paula obediently approached him, kneeled before him, and then obediently pulled a black latex disposable glove over his massive fingers, easing all the way on until the wrist band snapped tightly in place. Picking up a KY dispenser, she pumped three generous squirts into her little white hands, and then slowly, almost lovingly coated the glove with lube until it shone. Seeing Teddy nod in approval, she then, on Winstons instruction, took the dispenser over to the horizontal slut. Trembling with excitement, she aimed the nozzle into the gaping, tattooed hole that once was her rosebud, and pumped around half of the bottle into her anal canal. Following Winstons signals, she the anointed her own dainty white hand liberally with KY, and slowly eased it into the sluts hungry anus, gasping with pleasure at the velvety texture as the well stretched muscular ring easily gave way and embraced first her fingers, then as she pushed gently, her knuckles, and finally, with a plop, her tiny wrist. Sarah, already half way to orgasmic delirium, moaned out loud as her bowel muscles automatically gripped the slender intruder, and Paula squealed with pre orgasmic pleasure of her own as she felt her workmates colon grip her wrist urgently. Following Winstons guidance, she worked her hand in and out of the passageway, massaging the lube into the walls until the whole orifice was slippery, slack and ready. This done, she very reluctantly withdrew from Sarahs body, noting that the anus only half closed as her hand exited. Beside herself with erotic excitement, the trembling slut Paula withdrew out of view and settled in to watch the main event that was about to happen before her.

As the lighting was rearranged so that every part of the stretching process would be clearly visible on the web-cast, Teddy walked slowly up to the suspended slut, and, with a nod from Winston that told him everything looked good onscreen, he started his destruction of Sarahs back passage.

As he slipped the first of his fingers into the loose, slippery hole, Sarah immediately knew that this was different. Paulas whole hand had been smaller than some of the cocks that she now craved to have in her ass on a daily basis-indeed she took bigger than Paulas hand down her throat quite often…but just one of Teddys fingers was enough to signal the massive task ahead. She felt like a ritual sacrificial offering as the second huge black digit popped into her sphincter, and as they gently opened her in readiness for the third, she started to panic. Teddy noticed her anus clenching back at him in fear, and spoke soothingly to her, reminding her that this was her destiny-to be of true value and purpose, it was necessary for her to be modified as he saw fit. Only this way could she be truly rehabilitated as a black cock slut. His words had the desired effect, and the Complyormone surged through her psyche once again, as Teddy felt her asshole relax and he easily slipped the third finger in. The fourth went in less easily, and sweat broke out on Sarah brow as it finally plopped past the ring of muscle. Four of Teddys fingers were a massive intrusion- at least as big as anything her anus had accommodated to date, and her opening was probably stretched fully four inches wide already. She felt she had reached her elastic limit, and it was only Teddys constant soothing words that stopped her from panicking wildly at the prospect of the knuckles and thumb that must follow. Teddy sensed that she was struggling to keep a grip on it; also he realised that her sphincter had indeed reached its elastic limit. Even one of Sarahs enormous capacity for change had limits. It was time for the relaxant serum to do its thing. Not waiting any longer for Sarahs fears to grow, he tucked his thumb into the tortuously stretched sphincter muscle, and then gave a slow but mighty push. His hand belonged in her rectum, they both knew that…and as his massive knuckles finally ripped through the barrier, Sarah felt her anus tear and, tenderised by the serum, the fabric of her anal wall changed shape forever. Teddy quite literally ripped her a new asshole, and as his massive fist triumphantly entered her rectum, he felt her new sphincter close not all that tightly around his wrist, as the slut screamed loudly and passed out.

Taking advantage of her unconsciousness, Teddy continued his journey into her colon, pushing firmly enough for his giant ham to stretch her bowel wall into its new permanent girth, but not firmly enough to do any actual damage. It took him a little while to navigate around the rectal bend, but he managed it, and, just as her entered her colon proper, and half of his forearm was embedded in her new asshole, Sarah regained consciousness. Even whilst out of it, her drug assisted conditioning had been functioning at a sublimal level, and she awoke to the sensations of what seemed like a whale in her asshole and fire in her breasts, she realised that her transformation was actually nearing completion. Giving up entirely to the waves of what she now considered pleasure, Teddy felt her back passage massage his forearm urgently, and she wriggled enough to make her body pendulum in its suspension to increase the stretching of her tits. Spiralling rapidly into her second anal super-orgasm of the procedure, she screamed out to her Master, begging him to stretch her asshole more and more, until he was proud of the results. Teddy responded by pistoning his forearm in and out of her forever distended back passage, as she gave one last scream of ecstasy before lapsing into unconsciousness again, this time happy at her modifications.

By the time she came round, she had been released from suspension, and Teddy had replaced his bling and watch, and was immaculate once again. She had been placed gently in the dentists chair, and her legs placed in the stirrups. As she came too, she felt an unfamiliar glowing in her belly, and knew that she had pleased her Masters with her new asshole. The fire in her chest persisted, and, looking down, she saw that the cinches were still in place.

“ Ah-welcome back to reality slut” boomed Teddy. “ And congratulations on your new improved asshole. You have done well, and your reward is the rest of the week off work in order to adjust to your new body. I think youll be quite pleased with your new tits too, although they have a way to go yet” he enthused, as he undid the cinches and allowed the blood to flow back into the now scarlet gourds that had once been her pride and joy. Looking down, she saw that they no longer defied gravity, but sagged very slightly. Also the distance from her chest to the halo of her nipple was at least an inch greater than it used to be. She realised with shock that her breasts must have stretched a full inch this evening. The knowledge that this was a permanent change would have horrified her a couple of weeks ago, but she now glowed with pride at the fact that her rehabilitation was so radical. This was a short-lived pleasure, as she saw Teddy frowning.

“Hmmm…your breasts have not stretched as we had hoped, slut. They were obviously way too perfect to yield enough in one go. I suppose they were what made Winston notice you in the first place, so its no great surprise. Nevertheless, I think its a trip to the laundry for you tomorrow while the relaxant is still in your system” he explained.

Unable to hide her sadness, Sarah heard herself apologising profusely to her Masters for her breasts not yet being to their satisfaction….was she really saying these things??….and why the laundry?…surely she must have misheard.

As the feeling came back to her chest, a massive throbbing kept her mind occupied, until she noticed some business between her legs. Looking at the cameras, she saw with surprise that the broadcast was still live.

“Just a couple more things to attend to, slut” teased Winston, as he unhooked the key from around his neck, and gave it to Paula, who enthusiastically unlocked the padlock between Sarahs legs, and lifted the escutcheon plate back, exposing her laced labia. Ceebert appeared, and busied himself unlacing her. Sarah looked puzzled-her pussy had been closed since her “coming out” in front of Darcy, and she was now quite at ease with that-in fact, the idea of having it open again scared her- she was an anal girl now, the end!

Sensing her misgivings, Ceebert explained

“It is still vital that you please all black men with your anus and mouth, slut. Your wonderful new asshole means that there is no limit to what you can accommodate now-but some masters still like it tight, so we have decided to the sensations got by ass-fucking you variable. I am going to remove your old keeper now, and replace it with a new, inflatable one. For the rest of your life, you will have a bulb between your legs which inflates a bladder, filling your pussy to the desired degree-the more it is inflated, the more it pushes against your anus and gives the sensation of tightness. It will feel exactly the same as the old keeper when deflated, so you will hardly notice the difference”.

As Ceebert finished unlacing her labia, he gently withdrew the sleek steel curved keeper that had been her constant companion for weeks now. Hating the openness and accessibility of her pussy, it was with mixed feelings that she watched Paula hand Ceebert the new keeper, which had what looked like a football bladder stretched over the curved insert, and a black squeezy bulb that fitted through a similar escutcheon plate, but one that had been drilled to accommodate the air pipe. She felt gratitude that her pussy was being laced shut again as it should be; but she had the distinct impression that this latest modification made her little different to and inflatable doll that pervs bought from sex shops.

As Ceebert finished lacing the new keeper in, and closed and padlocked the modified escutcheon, he had Paula give the bulb a few test squeezes, and Sarah gasped, as for the first time in ages she felt vaginal sensations, the bulb inflating and pushing her anal wall. Satisfied, Ceebert deflated the bladder again and promised that her new custom extra would be taken for a test run real soon.

Finally, Winston handed him another key, and he had Paula release the two heavy padlocks that stretched her forward labia.

“They have stretched well, slut- they are comfortably at the three inches we sought….time for your reward.” He enthused, and from under the gurney he produced two heavy gold bells attached to 4mm stirrups.

“Rolled gold on the outside, but bell metal on the inside for an authentic ring, Sarah. Heavy too- 4 ounces each. Paid for by the subscriptions to your website. These will replace your padlocks. I will solder them in place, so they will be forever with you” he added, tinkling one and producing a surprisingly clear ring.

OMG-everyone will hear them, thought Sarah, but she dutifully thanked her Master as he fed them through her pussy meat and soldered them in place permanently.

With that, the web-cast ended, and the Masters busied themselves putting equipment away, as the slut sat there in the stirrups totally exposed to everyone, but ignored, her work being done for the night.

“Have you enjoyed your first glimpse into our world, slut Paula?”  Winston asked as they finished tidying away. “You were recommended by Sarah, who is our star pupil, so we expect great things from you”

“Oh yes, Master, it has been wonderful-thank you” said the slut, curtseying.

“Then perhaps you should show Master Ceebert how grateful you are?” teased Winston, as Ceebert dropped his pants and smiled at her.

Rushing to him and dropping immediately to her knees, slut-in-waiting Paula eagerly scooped his massive black trunk into her pretty little hand, and started enthusiastically worshipping the huge pierced head with her eager mouth. She had never encountered anything quite like Ceeberts cock before, but went about her task with enthusiasm, tickling his wrinkly balls with her other hand as the tried desperately to draw his cum from his shaft into her dainty little white slut mouth. Despite her inexpertise, and her not being able to get more than half of the head in her mouth, Sarah looked on with growing jealousy as the enthusiastic trainee tried ever harder to extract her cum..yes HER cum dammit, from HER Masters balls.

Ceebert started breathing heavily, and Sarah knew from experience that he was about to cum. Paula, however, had no such clue, and as the mother load burst forth into her eager mouth, her eyes nearly popped out of her head. She was a trooper though, and managed to hold most of the load in her mouth, although some of his seed did run out of the corners of her pretty little mouth. Seething with jealousy, Sarah could not understand why she made no attempt to swallow the precious fluid; but all quickly became clear when Winston said

“Now show slut Sarah how grateful you are for her recommendation, Paula”, and the trainee slut obediently trotted to the chair in which Sarah lay spread open, and offered her mouth to Sarahs. As their lips touched, Paula allowed her bounty to trickle into Sarahs hungry mouth, and as she greedily and gratefully devoured the precious seed, the kiss became a deliciously intimate exchange of affection between two sisters in servitude, albeit at vastly differing stages of development. Ceebert looked on and smiled inwardly- he knew his cum was now where it belonged.

“Such enthusiasm Paula- you may be a keeper- we shall have to see. If you keep up the good behaviour, we may all use you soon. You will need some training first, but I am sure you are up to it…in fact that will be a good name for you if you make the grade..”Used by all” You can wear a collar with that emblazoned on it!”

As Paula glowed with pride, Sarah dressed, and was shocked at how loud the bell tinkles were every time she moved. Best get used to it, they were there to stay!

As Sarah was ushered into the pimpmobile by Winston and Ceebert, she was surprised to see that Paula joined them; but after she so willingly gave her Ceeberts sperm, she no longer felt threatened. As the limo slipped through the streets on its way to her home, she struggled to stay awake, but did take in Winston enthusing to Ceebert about tonights record viewing figures, and just how rich the next wave of subscriptions would make them. Smiling that she continued to make black men happy, she dozed until the change in engine note told them that they had arrived.

As the four entered the house, Sarah tinkled as she walked. Entering the front room, Brutus looked sharply up at the ringing noise, and barked once enthusiastically. Darcy was sat in front of the TV, a vision in pink. Lipstick eyeshadow, ribbons, corset, panties and stockings all Barbie pink- even her fingers and toes matched the ensemble-Maisy had been busy!

“This is the sissy we told you about Paula- hes all yours- Maisy needs the night off” announced Winston, and Paulas demeanour changed instantly as she approached Darcy menacingly and started openly insulting her. Suddenly it came back to Sarah…Paula had hated her ex-husband because he was such a wimp-this was why they had allowed her in to the scene so willingly-to give Darcy a hard time. Smiling at the realisation, Sarahs eyes struggled to stay awake. Winston thought better of putting her in the mating collar tonight-her asshole needed to recover, and she was exhausted-besides, she had a busy day at the laundry tomorrow. Telling her he was proud of her today, he sent her off to bed for the night. As she went gratefully upstairs to sleep, the bells animated Brutus, and he padded silently behind her. Smiling at each other, Ceebert and Winston closed the door behind them as they exited, leaving darcy to Paula and Sarah to Brutus.

                                               Chapter 19

As soon as an exhausted Sarah had disrobed and flopped onto her bed, she fell instantly into a deep sleep. The days exertions had taken their toll, but it was a good sleep, as she dreamed of tit-world, and the cellular relaxant continued its relentless work inside her as her bowel and breasts settled into their new shape. Purring softly, she rolled over onto her side, offering her exquisitely tattooed anal flower to gape obscenely at the evening air, as if gasping for breath after its earlier assault. Noticing this, an attentive Brutus, who had been sat obediently by the bed guarding his charge, knowing he was not permitted to mount her without the mating collar to which he had been trained to respond attached. As the sphincter gaped, the sexual aroma became too much for him, and he stood and approached the sleeping slut. Sniffing her anus gently, he flicked his massive tongue across her opening, and was pleasantly surprised when it slipped into her rectum with no discernable resistance. Excited by this, he lapped and licked more enthusiastically, as his serpentine tongue drove deeper and deeper into the sleeping sluts back passage. So well was her anus conditioned now, that, even asleep, her body responded involuntarily to the intrusion, and her anus gaped wider to accommodate the very welcome intruder. Becoming aroused now, her sleep became more shallow, and she reached between her legs and, as if by instinct, moved the bulb of her inflator pump to one side, and opened her legs wider to receive the wonderfully warm attentions of Master Brutus. As she shuffled to give him better access, her labial bells tinkled slightly, and Brutuss cock immediately throbbed and eased its way out of its sheath. Sarah settled down in the new, more accessible position, and the bells went quiet. Brutus calmed a little, and continued his eager tonguing of her back passage, striving to get deeper and into every corner as if he were cleaning a very deep can of dog food out. As he strove to go deeper, his nose touched her gaping flower, and, so wantonly open was she these days, that the first part of his muzzle slid into the warm tunnel, reminding the cellular restructuring chemicals that these anal cells were meant to stay stretched.

As thoughts of the corn snake episode filled her dreams, Sarah remained in her new shallow sleep for most of the night, revelling subconsciously at the marvellous sensations Brutus gave her as she recharged her batteries.

At first light, she woke, and was startled to feel the coldness of Brutuss nose against her ass. Wondering what was happening, she shook herself awake, and, as realisation she dawned, she flushed with embarrassment not just at what had happened, but at how excited it made her feel.

Maisie, who also was a first light riser, entered her room without knocking, and greeted an eager Brutus.

“Morning slut” she enthused. “I hope Master Brutus gave you pleasant dreams last night” she added, as she patted his head.

“Yes, thank you Mistress Maisie” replied the blushing slut.

“Good- you will be seeing much more of him at night from now. Especially when your anus is declared usable again by the Doc” she teased. “ Now get up and get on with your ablutions quickly-You have a very busy schedule today, and Master Ceebert will be here to inject you in under an hour”.

Shocked by the implication that her rectal healing in some how affected Brutus, but by now way too well trained to disobey, she obediently hopped out of bed to shower and douche. As she vanished into the bathroom, her bells tinkled, and again Brutus gave a throb of excitement before a stern rap on his nose from Maisie calmed him down.

As the clear remnants of the last of her enemas washed down the drain, Sarah patted herself dry, examining her breasts in the mirror. Her slut-nips were as before; brown, engorged and huge, resplendent in their ironmongery. But her actual tits definitely had changed shape. Previously endowed with a firmness that belied her years, then now definitely had a southwards curve to them, and, although the suspension marks, which were in the early bloom of bruising, may have distorted the picture, she was sure they were longer than yesterday. Shocked at the first stage in the ruination of her finest asset, she was startled by how quickly the warm feeling that this was meant to be flooded over her, and she felt a glow of satisfaction at the knowledge that the Africanization of her breasts had begun.

As she exited the shower, Ceebert was in the room, and was already filling syringes ready for her morning medicine. The sight of the hypos being filled and the needles glistening had for some time initiated sexual excitement in the slut, and she felt her anus gape and her nipples throb as they prepared to invenomate her.

During the injection process, speaking in between the moans of pleasure, Ceebert explained the days schedule to her

“The cellular restructuring medicine in your breasts and rectum/colon only remains active for 36 hours, after which changes by stretching are not retained. Time is therefore of the essence, so you have a busy day today, slut” he said softly, as he worked his magic with the injections.

“ Get dressed as soon as we are done- just something flimsy and comfortable- you wont be wearing it for long. Darcy is fixing you breakfast, then we have an appointment at the laundry-we will be there all morning. Once that is completed, I shall take you to the parlor, where you have an appointment with the doctor. As his work on you will be a direct result of reader input, the process will be filmed for members of the site to watch on a pay-per-view basis on demand. It is rather advanced for a simple live web-cam stream-they will happily pay extra to watch this”.

Too rapt in the euphoria of her invenomation to feel shock, she simply nodded meekly, and, as Ceebert finished her medication, she pulled a yellow summer silk dress over her colourful body, slipped her feet into matching yellow high heels, and followed her Master downstairs for breakfast.

Darcy was busy scrambling eggs and frying bacon, resplendent in pink satin and ribbons, but even her impeccable make-up could not hide the fact that she had been crying most of the night. The pink ball gag strapped around her head explained why Sarah had not been awoken by the savagery Paula had dispensed through the night, but the heavy weights that swing from her genitals just below the hemline of her pink satin babydoll gave a hint as to what she had experienced whilst her wife slept blissfully.

Finishing her breakfast, washed down with cold orange juice and a good tumbler of Master Teddys special cream, Sarah followed Ceebert out to the pimpmobile, bidding everyone farewell except Darcy, who she now found eminently ignorable.

Leroy was sat in the back seat.Bidding him good morning, she slipped in next to him. As Ceebert started the engine and slipped away into the traffic, Sarah, without waiting to be told, knelt down beside Leroy, unzipped his fly, and the neighbours were treated to the now familiar sight of her dreadlocked head slipping into his lap, as she spent the entire journey worshipping his massive tackle, licking and sucking the giant purple head and nibbling and tongue-bathing his massive sacks before starting the relentless slide of her crimson lips down his mighty shaft, as her throat gradually engulfed his magnificence. Stroking her hair in admiration, Leroy exercised well practiced control, as he delayed his mighty ejaculation until Ceebert turned into the trading estate with the laundry building, at which point he blew a mighty double bag-load down the sluts slender neck with a grunt. Squealing around his shaft in gratitude, the slut used her throat muscles to milk every last drop of nectar from her Master before slowly easing her head off the pole, kissing the tip in gratitude, and cheekily licking the last vestige of his delivery from the eye of his cock before zipping him up and thanking him for his gift.

Ceebert parked up, and the two giants flanked the petite beauty as they entered the double doors above which was the sign “Rufuss Steam laundry”

Walking into the factory, a wave of heat hit them as the energy from steam irons, presses, and the like filled the air.

“Rufus and the team have gone hi-tech now, but they still do some laundry the old fashioned way-by hand” explained Leroy as they passed through the main area into a quieter back room. In this room there was a large wooden washtub, wooden washboards, and a huge iron mangle for drying. At the rear of the room was a rinsing tub, around which two stocky black men were working. As they rinsed the clothes that they had just hand-washed, they rolled the wet garments into twists, and then Sarah witnessed something that explained her visit here, and scared her greatly. Each of the stocky men bunched their clothing bundles tighter and tighter, in an effort to extract more and more moisture from the cloth. As they squeezed tighter and tighter, their mighty biceps flexed and bulged to obscene proportions, and Sarah realised that, having been doing this for most of their lives, these two powerhouses probably possessed some of the most powerful forearms around.

“Yo, Rufus, Eric- wassup?” boomed Ceebert in greeting.

Looking up from their work both mens faces spilt into broad smiles as they exchanges greetings with Sarahs Masters

“This the slut?” asked one

“Yep-this is Sarah-isnt she magnificent?” replied Leroy

“Sure is, man- well be happy to help you “, smiled the other- “can we see the goods?”

“Sure thing man” enthused Ceebert, and, gripping the hem of her dress, he slowly unwrapped the beauty before their eyes. Gasping and muttering as her bells, then her inflation bulb were exposed, they became ever more animated as her tattoos slowly burst into view, and were positively excited as her breasts, with the mighty modified cookies sprung loose.

Both men enthusiastically approached her and began handling her chest like a butcher does a joint of meat, weighing it, squeezing it to check its texture, and basically mauling her bosom to their hearts content.

“These are pretty special-you sure you wanna do this?” asked Rufus

“ Yep-its important her breasts are tribalized, and it must be done now so the stretching is preserved” said Ceebert firmly.

“OK dude-you got it- youll need to remove all the furniture though”

Nodding, Ceebert led Sarah to a wooden beam at the end of the room, and had her present her breasts to the beam. It was a little high, a small stool was found for her to stand on. Now the beam sat snugly under her chest, supporting the mighty mounds in what roughly used to be their shape prior to yesterday. As Ceebert busied himself removing the stretchers, and then unscrewing the balls from her barbells and removing them, the laundry boys set about tying Sarahs arms firmly to the beam in a cruciform arrangement, adding a waist strap to the upright that ran between her legs up to the beam.

With the recent invenomation still making her cookies alive with toxin, she purred at the sensations as he worked on her slut-nips, but when she was finally devoid of jewellery, she looked down at her naked teats and felt a dreadful sense of loss-she hated them this plain, and craved the moment when they would be refitted.

Once done, Ceebert stood back to admire the slut. Fishing in his pocket, he pulled out two pink leather cinches that looked rather like army gaiters, or very long wrist cuffs these were fully six inches long, and could be laced tight by a series of robust eyelets along their length.

“We want her to leave here with these fitted and fully laced-think you can manage it, guys?” teased Leroy

As the two stocky muscle men approached the bound beauty, Winston and Leroy departed, saying they would be back at lunchtime to collect her.

As the door closed, the laundrymen seemed to focus on the task, and taking one breast each, they started slowly kneading the tit-meat as if to tenderise it prior to preparation.

Mighty black hands closed around each globe and the kneading became squeezing-not quickly, but gradually and firmly. As the minutes ticked by, the powerful hands crushed deeper into her chest meat, and she found herself slipping back into the blissful place that she had named tit-world only yesterday. Harder and harder the massive hands crushed, ground and pulled her tit-flesh away from her chest, stretching it irreparably. Despite the tenderness caused by the bruising from yesterday, and the now quite brutal manipulation, she found her nipples responding to the stimulus, and they began throbbing in time with the crushing. She found herself gasping and moaning with pleasure, as the laundrymen looked at each other in astonishment. Redoubling their efforts in response to her reaction, they now squeezed and stretched with all their might, as hands strengthened by many years of hand-laundry permanently changed the landscaping of her breasts, and, after an hour, extracted an orgasm from the slut the intensity of which astonished them all. As her anus spasmed in rapture, she screamed at them to ruin her slut tits.  Spurred on by this, the laundrymen changed tactics, and started wringing her tits in a corkscrew method, just as they would dry a wet towel. This brought a new level of pain, and, as she descended deeper still into tit world, her anal orgasms became more frequent, and she begged the brutes to ruin her some more. Finally, as the laundrymen actually twisted her tits with both hands as hard as they could, the veins on their forearms standing out as they would when drying the most stubborn of clothing, her spasms merged into one, continuous super-orgasm, and she screamed loudly before passing out.

Looked amazedly at one another, Rufus and Eric admired their handiwork and took a well-earned rest while the slut recovered. Nearly 90 minutes of their best attentions had turned Sarahs breast meat into a mass of purple, swollen flesh, but there was no doubting the change that had occurred. Her once magnificent melons now hung down several inches over the beam. The process had started!

As she slowly came round, they offered her a glass of water, and then slowly undid her bonds. Looking down at her chest as they untied her, she gasped at the change; happy that this was her Masters wishes, but shocked at the level of modification achieved.

Sitting her down in a chair, Rufus cupped one breast lovingly, noticing its heat- but also noticing a new, pillowy softness to the meat that was not previously evident. It appeared they had tenderised her as well as stretched her. Picking up one of the leather cinches, Rufus lifted the breast by the nipple, and, cupping the unlaced cinch under the tit, be offered the breast meat to the leather cuff like the filling to a taco. Gathering the pink leather laces, he pulled them tight, and then tighter still. The breast elongated as was intended, but the swelling of the recently abused flesh stopped the cuff lacing fully closed as was required. Finding the other the same, the laundrymen had a quick offstage discussion, before agreeing on an apparent solution. Helping Sarah from the chair, they led her across to the old mangle. Gasping in shock, she froze in her steps.

“Sorry to do this to you, slut, but our orders are to have you laced fully into those cinches. We got a bit carried away with our massaging, thanks to your response, and they are a bit swollen now-but the mangle will sort that out. Be brave-its for the greater good” explained Eric, as the terrified slut tried to get her head around the fact that they were actually going to put her breasts through those rollers.

Telling her inner self that it was a vital part of the rehabilitation, she trembled, as the laundrymen laced both cinches as tight as they could. In each case, about an inch of breast meat was still exposed at the seam.

Eric opened the jaws of the mangle, as Rufus led her forward, and placed her left cookie on the roller. Lowering the other roller, he wound it down until the meat was quite flat. Then, locking the roller in place, Eric slowly turned the big handle, and Sarahs left breast was drawn between the jaws and rolled slowly flat, as Rufus fed the meat in, and pulled on the leather laces as hard as he could. Sarah screamed, as pain like she had never imagined shot through her chest. Way to intense to trigger sexual pleasure, this was the most focussed pain she had ever experienced. As her boob went through the mangle, she saw Rufuss arms move, as the laces went perceptibly tighter. By the time her ribs rested against the roller, the gap was half gone. Biting her lip for the inevitable reverse journey, she screamed again as Eric turned the handle in the reverse direction and her tit-meat was fed back through the dreadful rollers to freedom. Pulling hard on the laces, and feeding her cookie back through the machine, Rufus finally drew the laces tight enough to close the gap shut, and Sarahs left breast was now tightly cinched in six inches of pink leather. Knotting the laces tightly, she was made to stand for inspection. Still sobbing from the pain, she looked down and saw her breast, beautifully framed in pink, now six inches longer than it used to be, pointing almost straight to the ground. A swell of pride rushed over her- this was how her masters wanted her to look, and was how she was destined to look. Suddenly the pain was forgotten. She thanked the laundrymen enthusiastically for their gift, and asked them to make the other one match.

Astonished and impressed by this, they repeated the process with the right orb, and, as her screams relented, she stood before them with two beautifully leather bound breasts- now more gourds than orbs, resplendent in six inches of cinch.

She looked amazing! As the sat and took coffee while they awaited her Masters return, they chatted like old friends.

When Ceebert and Leroy entered, Sarah leapt to her feet and skipped happily to greet them, eager to show off her modifications.

Lifting them to feel their weight and new form, both Masters cooed approval, and Ceebert rather lovingly refitted her nipple jewellery and stretchers, and then gave her the yellow silk dress to don. As it slipped over her multicoloured skin, the difference was amazing- her cookie furniture was no longer so obvious under the silk, as it now pointed downwards what was obvious, however was that fact that her breasts were in permanent bondage- even a casual observer could see that, and that thrilled them all.

As Sarah thanked the laundrymen for their gifts, Ceebert explained that they were on a tight schedule, so the reward of use of her mouth and throat that would normally follow such proceedings would have to wait- but he arranged an evening later in the week for them to visit the house and claim their just deserves.

As they exited the building and headed to the pimpmobile, Sarah found she loved the way her new gourds swung under her dress, and drank in the glances that most passers by shot her way. The pain she had experienced now long dismissed as a necessary loss….in fact, she chose to ignore the fact that the pain that had been so unbearable as they rolled her first breast flat had actually started to give familiar twinges in her anus as they finally laced her second gourd tight. Was there no limit to the depths of depravity she was prepared to go to in order to experience pleasure?

As the pimpmobile slipped across town to the tattoo parlor, Sarah was so busy enthusing to her masters about her new gourds that she quite forgot her next assignment- a visit to the doctor that was radical enough to justify pay per view attention?

Climbing the stairs to the suite above the parlor, Sarah was unsurprised to see Masters Teddy and Winston there, along with another, smaller black guy who she assumed was the doctor?

Purring with delight as they felt the weight of her gourds under her silk dress, the slut marvelled for the umpteenth time at the way Master Teddys voice reduced her to jelly in one sentence-the Complyormone conditioning remained very deep indeed.

With time still being of the essence, as the cellular disruptor in her body drew to the end of its potency, Winston had her undress and sit in the articulated chair with the stirrups, now surrounded by lighting and recording equipment; whilst he introduced the doctor as Gilbert.

As the doctor busied himself setting up his equipment, and the other Masters put the finishing touches to the lighting and cameras that would capture the imminent event, Teddy started explaining.

“ Have you ever heard of memory foam, Sarah- or memory springs? Both are used in the bedding industry. The premise is that foam, metal, or anything else can be programmed with a memory so that given the right conditions, such as temperature, it always returns to its predefined shape. Well. it can now be done with plastics. This is one litre of memory plastic, programmed to become spherical at temperatures below Farenheit 180. As you can see, it looks like a plastic ball the size of a large grapefruit. However, when it is heated to around farenheit200- just below the boiling point of water, it becomes liquid”

To demonstrate, he pulled a glass beaker out of the microwave containing a yellow fluid. He dipped his finger in it to show that, although hot, it was just about bearable.

“Now if I draw some into this syringe, and then eject it into this dish at room temperature, watch what happens”

As the ebony giant emptied the syringe into the dish, the liquid pooled, but then as it cooled, it slowly gathered itself together to take the form of a ball, about the size of an M&M.

Passing the now cool bead to Sarah, he continued

“It took 10cc of memory plastic to make that bead, Sarah. There is enough liquid left for 99 more. You do not need me to remind you that your principle duty to us is to make your anus available to be used in whatever way we choose, and that it is your destiny to make such use as pleasurable as possible, am I right?”

As she nodded in enthusiastic agreement, he produced a long large gleaming steel medical instrument. Sarah recognised immediately it as a speculum, but unlike the one they had used on her yesterday to facilitate the deep anal injections of the cellular disruptor, this one had holes all down the blades.

“ This is a skeleton speculum, Sarah- a veterinary one, as your anus is clearly way beyond regular human dimensions now. Doctor Gilbert is going to lace you into the stirrups, and open you wide. He is then going to insert this massive skeleton speculum 15 inches into your rectum. That done, he is going to inject the walls of your anus 99 times with 10cc plastic doses. These will turn into permanent balls that will adorn the walls of the first 15 inches of your back passage for ever. If you are feeling you have seen them before, then you have- the same process was used on the shaft of my cock (he smiled inwardly at this point, knowing that the slut was still unaware that his organ was emblazoned in mirror image on her back). The heat of the liquid will sterilise the area, and being introduced through a smallish needle it should heal instantly We will however, add antibiotics to your nipple injections for a week just in case. Doctor G feels that in 48 hours your anus will have recovered from the stretching, will have adjusted to its new size, and will be sufficiently healed to be declared fully open for use again. The doctor will wear a webcam and a light on his head so that no detail of the process is missed-do you understand?”

Gulping as she took all this in, Sarah fought the fear that rose inside her. Master Teddy was right- it was her duty to make her anus as exciting as possible for her black Masters, and this was therefore a privilege, not a task. Fighting her dread of having hot liquid plastic injected into her bowel wall, she said “Yes Master- thank you for explaining, and thank you for this singular honour”

Never ceasing to be impressed by her compliance, Teddy wondered not for the first time if they had underestimated quite how far they could take this project- besides, the income from “Deep Inside Sarah” was now huge, and he had already been pondering ways to reinvest it in her development.

As they strapped her into the stirrups, and ratcheted them as wide as they would go, the chair was tipped back, offering her gaping, tattooed anus to the cameras and the doctor in the most obscene manner possible.

She felt the warmth of the lights as they sprang into life, and the doctor approached. As this was not broadcast live, Teddy did not give a commentary- that would be dubbed on later.

Doctor G applied KY to the large, equine sized speculum, and slowly eased it into her gaping orifice. After yesterdays stretching, and her now natural tendency to gape when excited, the first few inches slid in rather easily. Indeed, it was an easy passage for the first foot, until he reached the bend that meant he was exiting her rectum and entering her colon. After some twisting and manipulating, the bend straightened out, and the full 15 inches was home. Collapsed, the skeleton speculum was only around 2 inches wide- easy now for Sarah- but it opened to fully 5 inches, as that was the sort of aperture required for horse insemination and the like. Had she not been injected with the cellular restructuring drug, he would only have opened it to perhaps 3 ½ inches but….why not, the slut seems to have no limits? As he turned the screw and the blades of the speculum opened wider and wider, the webcam captured her anal tunnel gaping wider than ever before. As he passed 4 inches, he felt the girl tremble, and her muscles started to spasm, but no cries or protests, so he pushed on, slowly and carefully; but relentlessly!

Sarah thought that she was going to split in half-this was a new width even for her; but although she was afraid he might damage her, the fact that her anus was now being stretched to implausible proportions to please her public excited her beyond belief, and as the doctor went for the last inch, she found herself urging him on, despite the sweat cascading down her brow.

Amazed at her compliance, Doctor G wound the screw fully home and stood back to see- her anal ring gaped 5 inches wide at him, the rose stretched beyond recognition, and with the light on his head, he could see more than a foot into her body. The internet were going to go crazy over this.

Satisfied that she was as open as she could be, he fixed a three inch needle onto a large glass syringe, which was marked in graduations of 10cc. He drew 80cc of the hot plastic into the hypo, and approached the sluts anal opening. Pricking the wall of her anus just below the opening, he squeezed exactly 10 cc slowly into the intestinal wall. Sarah yelped at the sudden hot feeling, but decided it was bearable. Watching the entry site carefully, Doctor G watched the liquid cool to her body temperature, as it gathered itself into the spherical bead that would forever line her anal tunnel. The skeleton structure of the speculum allowed for 8 injections every inch, so he quickly worked his way around the ring that formed the very entrance to her body, delivering 7 more hot beads .

Pleased with his work he changed the needle for a four inch one, drew another 80cc,and made the second ring of eight just over an inch inside her body.

Working his way relentlessly into her bowel, he made four more rings in good time, each of 8 beads as he finished the last ring, using a 7 inch needle, he noticed that the wall of her bowel was starting to spasm, making accurate placement of the implants difficult. Assuming it was nervous reaction or cramping, he gave her a moment or two to relax, as he filled the next charge via the 8 inch needle. Starting work on the sixth ring, he found the spasms getting stronger, and then understood why, as the mother of all anal orgasms ripped through the sluts body. The process of having hot plastic implanted in her anal wall by injection whilst filmed for a paying audience had pushed her over the edge into euphoria-this slut was unbelievable.

It was however, impossible to carry on with her spasming like this- he had to administer muscle relaxant to continue. Filling a fresh syringe with a generous dose of Diazepam, he went to inject it into her buttock, when Winston stopped him.

“Not there, Doc-why spoil her fun?” he laughed, and took the syringe from him. Giving it to Sarah, and explaining why it was needed, she nodded, and, as Winston lifted one of her cinched breasts off her chest and into the air, the Doctor watched open jawed as the slut injected it into her own nipple, her eyes glazing with pleasure as she did so.

Gradually her orgasmic spasms died down, and he resumed the implantation process. Eventually the twelfth row went in, using a 15 inch amniocentesis needle. The slut actually had stimulation balls in the wall of her colon as well as her rectum now- the guys at medical college would never believe it!

The Masters lingered over the finished orifice, dwelling on it from different angles and different lighting aspects for the cameras before Doctor G wound the monster speculum shut and removed it. Sarah gasped as she felt every one of her new implants bump as the steel passed over it- it felt very erotic indeed. They were about to end the recording, when the Doc commented that there were still 3 doses of plastic left ,that would go to waste if not used soon. Thinking on his feet, he whispered something to Teddy, who agreed enthusiastically. Still with the 15 inch needle attached he drew the last 3 shots into the syringe, as Winston stationed himself by the sluts head and had her open wide. Too excited and devoted to do anything other than comply, she stretched her lovely crimson mouth wide, and the fiendishly inventive doctor injected both sides of the opening to her throat with 10cc, as Winston reassuringly stroked her head to calm her. As a final touch, the last 10cc went in the very tip of her tongue. Now mouth and throat service would be implant assisted as well as anal!

As they released the slut from the stirrups and sat her up, the Masters broke into a spontaneous round of applause- she had exceeded even their widest expectations of her today, and they were rightly proud of her.

As the exhausted slut thanked the Doctor for his gifts, Winston assured him that he too, could visit the house soon for his rewards. He again insisted that she should take 48 hours to recover before anal use, and packed his gear way happily, looking forward to meeting her when fully fit.

They helped Sarah dress, as she was still woozy from the Diazepam, and then helped her to the pimpmobile. As Ceebert drove her home, Winston told her that she was to rest up for two days and take it easy. No anal, but she was still to be available in other ways, should anyone happen by the house. As if to emphasize his point, he gave her a large, high quality lip gloss in deep brown, suggesting that she wear it for the next couple of days?

Authors note: Chapter 19 was inspired by reader suggestion. More suggestions mean more Chapters. Keep those ideas coming in, especially for more tattoos?

                                                       Chapter 20

As the birdsong filtered through the window in the early light of day, Sarah woke slowly from her Diazepam assisted sleep to find that her pretty little tattooed ass was raised wantonly in the air, wriggling and responding to the sensations of the worlds longest tongue again working its magic on her obscenely gaping anus. Still immensely wide from the attentions of the previous 48 hours, Brutus lapped and probed hungrily, responding excitedly by the tinkling of the bells as he had been trained to do. As her eyes fluttered open, she let out a long and satisfied moan as Maisys face came in to view, ever diligent in her supervision of her mighty charge.

As the previous days events gradually clarified in her brain, she remembered why the insides of her back passage felt bruised and battered, and, enjoying the throbbing pain more than she probably should, she felt gratitude to the great beast for the healing and soothing sensations that he was bestowing upon her. Losing herself in the moment, her hand drifted to her chest to tease her beloved slut-nips, and the tightly cinched, pendulous gourds that were once her fabulous breasts shocked her into remembering the full picture of the last 48 hours. This was the shape she was destined to be, so it had to be right, she reminded herself, and she stroked her chest furniture in appreciation.

“Good morning, sleepy little slut” offered Maisy. “ I was wondering when Brutuss attentions would wake you up. Your saucy little bells ringing as you offer him your anus to eat have been driving him wild- I have had a job restraining him. Your Masters tell me your rectum is off limits for 48 hours whilst the drugs make the modifications you have undergone permanent and leave your system. In the meantime, we will have to find other ways for you to be of use. Master Ceebert will be here at breakfast time to inject you, after which I understand you may be quite busy with house-calls for the next couple of days- I am here to oversee that. Are you enjoying Master Brutuss medicinal tongue, slut? Dog saliva is well known for its healing properties you know?”

“Mmm, yes thank you Mistress” answered the slut honestly, as another wiggle of her ass made the bells sound again.

“Thank you Master Brutus!” corrected Maisy abruptly.

“Sorry Mistress- thank you Master Brutus”, Sarah corrected herself.

“After teasing him all this time with those bells of yours, I think you owe him more than just thanks, dont you slut?…look at how excited he is”  continued Maisy assertively.

Sitting up and looking at Brutus, who, having the delicious orifice suddenly removed from his face, walked round to the sluts face and gave a deep but soft growl of frustration. Looking between his legs, Sarah saw that several inches of crimson cock was jutting excitedly from his furry sheath. Although narrower than her masters prodigious weapons, it was mighty nonetheless, and she felt intimidated by the fact that she had no idea what to do about it.

Sensing this, Maisy patted the bed, and said “up”, at which the Great Dane sprung obediently onto the king sized bed beside the still sleepy Sarah and lay beside her, occupying almost the entire length of the bed. Gesturing to Sarah to raise her arms above her head, Maisy slipped the flimsy pink baby-doll over her shoulders. Never ceasing to be impressed as the full impact of the multicoloured filth that adorned her lilywhite skin came into view, Maisy toyed briefly with the freshly cinched tit-meat, noting how her nipples were now nearly black, and that her nipple jewellery stuck out even further under the compression of the cinches. Stifling her own arousal at the sheer scale of her modification, Maisy whispered softly in the sluts ear

“ Show your Master your gratitude as only you can, Sarah” she cooed, and the slut blushed red as the import of this development sunk in. Every time she moved and her bells sounded, Brutuss cock throbbed. It wasnt her fault they had trained him this way, she reasoned…but then she reminded herself that it was her responses to his ministrations that had got him aroused and made the bells ring in the first place. It was her place to pleasure her Masters without question wasnt it? As if some new little light came on inside her dreadlocked head, what she had to do now became the most natural thing in the world, and, pausing to offer her slender neck to Maisy who was holding the mating collar for her in anticipation, she drooped her luscious mouth slowly to her canine Masters groin and began teasing his crimson rocket with her heavily modified and very expert tongue. As Brutus responded  more of his cock emerged from its sheath, and Sarahs head started to bob in enthusiastic response, as the salty and not unpleasant taste overwhelmed her palate, causing the neck bell to ring, more loudly than the pussy ones did. This caused Brutus to go into overdrive, and, as Maisy held his head firmly by the collar and restrained him, his cock began to extend fully from its sheath. Reaching round to caress his hairy balls, Sarah moaned in pleasurable surprise at the rate and extent of his growth. Fully 10 inches was now exposed, and she unhesitatingly gulped the hot crimson rod into her eager throat with a practised swallow, sliding effortlessly down it until her lips touched fur. Wondering why her throat felt sore and bumpy, she remembered the two plastic balls that now resided in the back of her oesophagus, and was grateful for the additional pleasure they seemed to give her furry master, as she became more and more urgent in the way she plunged her head up and down the delicious crimson pole. She heard his breathing quicken, and felt his big hairy balls twitch. As she prepared herself to receive the reward that she now craved, something new happened. The base of his cock that was now sliding quite quickly in and out of her lips started to swell. The pole in her throat was unaffected, and continued to slip in and out with ease, but she found that she was becoming increasingly less able to accommodate the width of the base. As his pantings became more urgent, and release neared, it grew so fat that she couldnt get her lips around it any longer, and the expansive force of this swelling pulled his cock back out of her throat and into her mouth. Confused, but now dedicated to taking his load in her slut mouth, she concentrated on the business end of his cock, and, milking his balls in earnest, used her modified tongue to give him maximum pleasure as he erupted, flooding her lovely mouth with jet after jet of very thin, but not at all unpleasant doggie-cum. Whilst nothing like the thick loads she was used to and had come to depend on, she was amazed at the quantity, as jet after jet flooded her mouth so fast that she struggled to swallow it quickly enough. As the tide eased, and then ended, she took great pride in the fact that she did not spill a drop, and that all of her canine Masters seed was where it belonged-in her slut stomach. As she savoured the licky bits as she cleaned his shaft with her tongue, Maisy explained that the huge grapefruit sized swelling at the base was called the knot, and that it was designed to bind the dog to his bitch after copulation to ensure fertilisation. Sarah took all this in, nodding in understanding until Maisy added that the knotting could tie the pair together for up to half an hour, as she would no doubt find out! That last part sent a wave of fear through her- at least it felt like fear, but the throbbing in her slut-nips and anus suggested that was only a part of it.

As she finally, reluctantly lifted her head from the dogs lap, Maisy unclipped the collar., and patted the sluts head just as she would a bitch

“Good girl” she cooed- “and not at all shabby for a first effort. Now you understand the knot, you will be able to deal with in better in future” she added, and Sarah realised that henceforth this was to be another part of her new life , amazed at the pride she felt where there should have been disgust. As Brutsus  got up to vcate the bed, his snout was briefly level with Sarahs face. He licked her in gratitude on her pouting lips and, overcome with submission, the slut opened her mouth and allowed his tongue to enter her mouth, returning his tongue thrusts with equally enthusiastic ones of her own as her barbells made her first ever doggie French kiss a very memorable one.

As Maisy led a satisfied Brutus away, Sarah got up and prepared for her ablutions in the bathroom. As she readied the enema equipment that was now such a routine part of her life that she barely noticed it, a soft knock came on the door, and in walked Darcy, all in pink frills as was now usual. She held a tray just under her now noticeable breasts that were budding behind her pierced nipples and clearly visible under her diaphanous outfit. Her balls were tightly squeezed into a cinch similar to the ones that now adorned Sarahs breasts, and looked sore and swollen-surefire evidence that Paula had spent at least a part of night with her. She walked in with some confidence on her 4 inch pink heels, and Sarah noticed that her now depilated legs looked rather good in sheer pink stockings. Filling up with affection for what used to be her thoughtless husband, she kissed her on her crimson lipsticked mouth, and told her how pretty she looked. Mumbling thanks, darcy set the tray down and explained that Master Ceebert had instructed that she add this antiseptic to her enemas for the next 2 days to prevent her implants becoming infected. Nodding in agreement, she took the bottle and was about to go about her ablutions when darcy asked timidly “what implants?”

She was not really meant to address Sarah directly any more, but she felt a degree of warmth towards the fact that she was still interested, and explained briefly what had taken place, including an explanation of her breast cinches.

“but…they used to be so beautiful” said darcy, almost with a sob, as Sarah placed  darcys hand, perfectly manicured with pink polish, on one of her gourds.

“ They are even more beautiful now, darcy-because they have been rehabilitated to be more like African breasts” she explained, surprising herself at how naturally and honestly those words came out. She noticed at that point that poor darcys little cock was erect under her pink babydoll, and, feeling a wave of compassion that had no basis in desire, she fetched a glass tumbler, and, kneeling before the pink maid, she milked her slowly into the glass, unable to resist giving her pathetic white cock a few teasing licks on the way. As she burst forth into the glass, she sobbed her thanks, and obediently drank the contents of the tumbler before hastily retreating in embarrassment at having still become aroused at her wifes predicament.

Feeling good about herself, Sarah performed her ablutions, and showered before fixing her make up whilst eagerly awaiting Ceeberts arrival with her beloved injections. Remembering her instructions, she applied the brown lip gloss liberally but tastefully.

As Ceebert entered the room, her heart leapt, and she gave a little squeal of pleasure, which did not go unnoticed, causing him to smile broadly at his favourite sluts excitement.

As he prepared her injections, he explained that he had added antibiotics to this weeks mix, but also was adding even more hornet venom, as he was afraid her breast cinching may lower her sensitivity levels, and he wanted her time in the cinches to be memorable in every way. Thanking him for his thoughtfulness, her favourite moment of the day arrived, and as Ceebert lifted each breast by the cinched part to deliver the series of injections, she felt an overwhelming sense of rightness at the fact that she was becoming this new shape. Something else dawned on her as the needles went in, and her eyes fluttered with the ecstasy that this process always brought- they were now MORE sensitive! She thought at first it was her imagination, but no, each needle brought her more sensation than the last one, and her moans got louder. Should she tell Ceebert before he gave her the extra strong hornet venom load? The inner slut took over, and she bit her lip, and savoured each syringeful, saying nothing as he finally emptied the weapons grade venom deep into her nipple meat. Her mind exploded in a blur of colors, as sensations new even to her pummelled her sensory receptors, and she lost herself in tit world.

Whilst Ceebert indulged himself violating the tattooed sluts body with his needles, on the other side of town, Masters Teddy and Winston were in conference. What had started out as fun had seamlessly transformed into a money tree. “Deep Inside Sarah” was a sensation-the revenue from the memberships and the pay per view shows was now growing exponentially. Although they still sought to restrict membership to their black brothers only, they could not keep up with the demand, and the bank account was swelling daily. They had called this meeting to discuss a new idea. Teddy wanted to make Sarah their pension fund, and was proposing that they sell  marital home both parties would sign now…any problems from darcy could be quickly dealt with by Paula. Instead , they would move her into a custom made state of the art training suite, with a webcam in every room. Customers could pay to watch her being used 24 hours a day-like a sort of porno PPV Truman show. They would have a custom made torture room, with suspension equipment, etc; a tattooing and piercing suite, wet room, medical room, and several guest bedrooms where the slut could entertain. No more would they need to set up twice a week for her webcam show- she would be permanently available in her own custom made training studio. The income from “Deep Inside Sarah “ would quickly pay for the property, and the income from the marital home would be a bonus. Winston heartily endorsed all Teddys suggestions, and they agreed that as soon as phase one of her training was completed (as the original entire plan was now called), she would be moved in to the new home, whose name was yet to be decided, and the then bald slut would commence part 2 of her rehabilitation. They were both confident she would find it a lot more challenging than phase 1. Teddy decided to drop in on the slut later that day and tell her that her visit to the farm was to be brought forward to the following weekend-meaning phase one would be complete in less than 2 weeks. He decided not to tell her about phase 2 yet. They agreed to defer a decision on whether darcy would have any part to play in phase two, but agreed that Paula had become invaluable, and  Winston agreed to call in and see Mac later that day to tender Sarahs resignation, and to arrange extended, paid leave for Paula.

As the explosive sensations in her slut-nips and gourds returned to controllable portions, Sarah rimmed Ceeberts anus with greed, noting that as well as enjoying the submissiveness inside her that drove her to perform such feral tasks, she was actually starting to enjoy the physical taste on her Masters anus, and she stretched her pierced tongue out a little further, wishing not for the first time that she could do it like Brutus and worship the innermost depths of her masters as she surely should. Sensing this, he made a note to himself to ask Doctor G, who was due in later that day to check on his patient and claim his reward, about cutting her frenum as soon as possible. Her perfectly manicured nails danced across his massive scrotum, and her other hand milked his pole slowly and lovingly, as her tongue work brought him close to the edge. Grunting urgently, Sarah realised he was on the brink, and quickly moved round to kneel in front of him, her pussy bells jingling. Just in time she captured his mighty helmet in her brown lipped mouth, and managed to get it to the opening to her throat before the first spurt hit. Keen that he be the first human to enjoy her new throat beads, she swallowed him down into her throat, along with the first of his spurts, and felt each of the subsequent deliveries coat her throat lining at various depths as she moved her beads up and down his orgasming shaft with each bob of her dreadlocked head. Ceebert could scarcely support his own weight as his knees threatened to buckle, and he emptied his entire double bag load into his most favourite place on earth…this amazing white sluts stomach.

Regaining his composure, Ceebert buttoned up his fly and praised Sarah on her expertise, careful not to over enthuse. He bade her put on more brown lipstick, and then accompanied her to breakfast, which darcy served them expertly under Maisys watchful eye.

Sarah struggled to swallow properly, as the fresh throat implants did not accommodate solid food that readily-but she dealt with it as Ceebert outlined her next two days.

In a moment, he was to tattoo her for a couple of hours (he had his kit in the car)- the corn snakes needed final color, and her website viewers had voted for a “Sarah the urinal slut” piece on the front of her right thigh, which he was to outline today.

Following that, he would leave her, and she would entertain the visitors that were to be expected for the next 48 hours. She would always have the brown lipgloss on to stamp her ass-rimming status, (as was tattooed on her shoulder, although she was still unaware of this). Anal was forbidden, but she was to use her mouth and throat to please any black man who happened by. In keeping with her latest tattoo, he suggested that she have the urinal hood readily and visibly available at all times. Lastly, he mentioned that Teddy was dropping by later (which made her slut-nips and ass spasm simultaneously- did she imagine it or could she feel her anal beads when she spasmed?), and that Doctor G would be in to check on her healing, and she should be sure to thank him for his work of yesterday. Nodding her understanding ,and thanking him, she padded after him, her yellow silk negligee almost transparent against the morning sun, as they went to the couch where for the next two hours he would continue to adorn her slut body.

As Ceebert packed his things and left, after copious thank-yous from the slut for her latest color, she slipped her negligee from her shoulders and admired her latest piece. Ceebert, as ever, had captured her to tee. The face that started out from the urinal hood did not need the label engraved on its base to identify her- Sarahs beautiful features, drenched in urine as two black cocks hosed her greedy mouth with relentless streams of piss, shone out from the ink. She noted proudly that Ceebert had only shown a few drops of the golden nectar in the sluice tray under her chin, thus suggesting strongly that she had swallowed it all. She also noted, again rather excitedly, that this Sarah, like the one who shared her belly button as an anus, was also shaved totally bald, and all the more beautiful for it. She felt an almost overwhelming desire to turn around and admire the work on her back, but she knew that it was better for her not to yet know what was depicted there, and she resisted the urge.

Dressing in readiness for her visitors, she chose a transparent latex bustier that Marcie had provided. Cut just under the breast, it allowed her still throbbing gourds to sag provocatively over the taut latex hem, but still allowed clear view of her many tattoos. The bustier had eight attached suspender clasps, which she attached to the matching latex stockings that she had just rolled up her long shapely legs, stopping just below the soreness of her fresh ink. She looked sensational-gleaming and shiny, shapely, and obscenely decorated, but most importantly her massive udders now pointed markedly south as they were destined to do! She felt hot as hell, and could barely wait for the doorbell to ring.

As afternoon approached, Sarah drew satisfaction from the fact that the six visitors she had entertained had all left happily. Her expert tongue and cavernous, beaded throat had drawn the seed from all of them into her slut stomach where it belonged. She had rimmed each one of them with an enthusiasm seldom seen on porn movies, and had dutifully replenished her brown lip gloss after each act of adoration. Four of them had strapped the urinal around her slender neck, and each time she had knelt obediently as it was buckled in place, and on every occasion she had consumed the full force of their bladder delivery thirstily, spilling only drops like a good slut should do. Her stomach felt full, her sexuality felt complete, as the constant throb in her anus as it adjusted to its new dimensions persistently reminded her. One of the visitors had requested that he cane her gourds hard as he emptied his seed in to her throat, and, as Maisy had handed him the switch, she felt her new breasts throb in anticipation, before the delicious sensation of his cutting and precise strokes added fuel to the anal orgasm she experienced as his final, hardest effort coincided exactly with his heaviest spurt. Tit world was a wonderful place for a black cock slut!

As she relaxed with her coffee, laced as always, with Teddys special cream, her heart suddenly skipped a beat as Master Teddys voice boomed at Maisy.

“Hi babe-wheres my main slut?” he asked, and the Complyormone training kicked in big time as Sarah became a gooey mess of submissiveness at the sound of her Masters voice that she had for so long trusted and listened to through the headphones.

As the black giant entered her bedroom, resplendent as always in white suit and gold bling, a cowboy hat perched jauntily on his massive bald pate, the tattooed slut could not contain the level of submission imbedded in her Psyche, and she threw herself to the floor, genuflecting before her mentor.

“Glad you are pleased to see me slut” boomed the giant teasingly. “Now get up and greet me properly”.

So eager to please she became clumsy, Sarah fumbled with his pants before finally lowering them and eagerly tongue-bathing his mammoth sacks on the way to rimming his wonderful anus, which she was rapidly beginning to realise was more of a duty than a requirement (if only she could see her back). As her tongue explored deeper and deeper into his bowel, he murmured approval, and stroked her cornrows affectionately as she went about her task with devotion. When the tremblings warned him an explosion was imminent, he tugged on her dreads, and she reluctantly deserted his anus to focus on his mighty, unbelievable member-the only one so far that had eluded her capacity-wise.  Trying her best to become a reticulated python, she strove to dislocate her jaw as the urgent need to get all of that monster in her mouth overtook her. Her immaculate brown lips stretched obscenely as she fought to open wide enough to get the engorged member into her mouth. Eventually, her cheek skin stretched, and the engine moved onwards towards her throat. Tears running down her cheeks, she felt his helmet stop against her gullet, making her aware of the beads that would feel new to him. All that mattered in the world right now was that Master Teddys member enjoyed her throat for the first time, and she pushed and swallowed and felt the throbbing in her gourds and anus urging her on, but such was the might of his weapon that it just didnt happen, and as he burst asunder over the back of her throat and flooded her with his seed, she shed genuine tears of frustration at her failure.

Zipping up his fly with satisfaction, Teddy soothed her, ensuring her that one day she would be able to give him what no-one else ever had. As her sobbing abated, she asked what he meant, and he explained that whilst throat sex with him would always be improbable, her anal progress was such that he was confident that when she visited his farm the following weekend, at some stage during the ensuing week-the final week of her training, she would surely take his third limb all the way in her wanton, beaded anus.

Picking up on this, the tattooed slut asked softly “ Do you mean it?...does this really end in 2 weeks- I will be complete and trained?” , trembling as she spoke.

“ I am confident you will graduate from the farm with honor” replied Teddy, cleverly ducking the real issue.

“ Will I finally be shaved bald?” she asked, so tense the words were barely audible.

“ If you behave and please, then yes-we are already asking for requests for you scalp tattoo that will immediately follow” came the reply she dreamed of…but as the warmth of her achievement sank in, he added:

“ Your behaviour, however, will have to be better than todays” the tone of his voice shocked her, and she asked contritely “What have I done Master?”

At that point darcy, still in pink, entered, on a leash held by Maisie.

“Anything you want to tell me about earlier, slut?” threatened Teddy As realisation dawned, the slut simpered and sobbed in the certain knowledge that her ex-husband had told Maisie about her gesture of sympathy earlier, and she became filled with dread.

“ I was kind to darcy earlier as she seemed frustrated” she sobbed in apology.

“ You brought white cock to orgasm without permission?” shouted Teddy, the force of his voice scaring her to the core. “And sissy cock at that?”

“Yes Master, I am so sorry” was the nearly delirious was all going wrong, and she had only been kind.

“Allow me to demonstrate how pitiful white cock is”  teased the giant. “pop her teeny weiner out of her pink panties and get it hard for me NOW”

Desperate to appease, she knelt before her pink frills and eased her cock out of her French panties. Lowering her brown lips to his white worm, she sucked it without relish until it became hard.

“Now get me hard again slut” he ordered. Again using her mouth and tongue, she teased him back to full rigidity, the magnificence of his size as ever filling her with awe.

Maisy, who had been lurking in the background, saw Teddys nod that was her cue, and she grabbed darcys member under her skirts, and led her to the black Titan.

“ Now tease my Jap-eye open with your tongue slut” he ordered, and Sarah worked the tip of her pierced pleasure-giver eagerly into the slit until it gaped, still slack from its recent delivery.

“ This is how pathetic white cocks are, slut….they are so tiny they only go in pee-holes” he stated, as Maisy guided the tip of darcys cock expertly to the opening to Teddys urethra. Deftly applying some KY to the white slug, she eased it expertly towards Teddys opening, until with a roar Teddy thrust forward, and darcys pitiful little cock was engulfed by the warmth of his piss canal. Sarah watched with a mixture of awe and amazement as the entire length of her husbands cock was swallowed up my Teddys giant member. Once it had bottomed out, he pulled away in disgust, and fished around his neck for the key that hung there.

“ White cocks are only good for piss holes slut...and now you will be reminded of that in a way I know you hate”

As reality dawned, Sarah dissolved into tears. “No Master, please...anything but that” begged the hapless slut, but it fell on deaf ears as Maisy expertly pushed her onto her back, locked her ankles into the manacles that always lay available at each corner of her bed, and the unlocked the keeper between her legs with the key. Swinging the escutcheon plate back, she withdrew the catheter, and called darcy forward.

Teddy watched her sissified pink husband plunder his wifes urethera with enthusiasm, as the slut cried and sobbed and moaned her contempt for the act. Realising that this really was totally grossing her out, he decided to add a little wickedness to the equation, and reaching for the switch in the corner, administered a series of sharp, hard strokes across her gourds, enjoying the dichotomy he witnessed as the pleasure of the pain battled with the disgust of the unwanted intrusion. As darcy finished her pathetic jerking, and shot her pitiful seed into her wifes bladder, Teddy signalled Maisy to remove him immediately before he lost his cool and bitch-slapped him.

Stroking the near hysterical sluts head, he cooed softly in her ear “ Black only, Sarah. No exceptions, ever! Only good girls get shaved bald”

As he exited, point made, his hypnotic voice left its message on her mind for ever- but why did the caning feel so good?

Maisy gave her an hour to recover-her dignity if nothing else, as darcys urethral invasion really had  freaked her out. When she was a little more settled, Maisy announced that Doctor G was here to check her out.

Numbly she padded through to meet him. What could he possibly do to her that could top darcys invasion?

After ten minutes of speculum assisted probing, Doctor G pronounced himself well pleased with the way her anal modifications were healing, and confirmed that it could be considered available again the day after next. Remembering Winstons instructions that he was to feel free to enjoy her gratitude, he made a few clumsy advances, and was pleasantly surprised to find that with no second asking her tongue was exploring his anus, and five minutes later he was fucking her throat like it was his wifes pussy.

However, unlike all the other Masters who regularly used her throat in the same way, he had no finesse. Whereas all the others understood the sluts need to breathe, and kept their occupation of her breathing tube to controlled timelines, Doctor G was urgent in his need to bathe this sluts stomach and oesophagus with his seed, and it was only when she started changing color and struggling against him that he realised he was starving her of oxygen. Realising his mistake, he withdrew, allowed her breathing to stabilise, and then re-entered her throat and plumbed it with the required care until he did indeed burst forth into her digestive system with his urgent delivery.

Apologising to the slut for his over-enthusiasm, he made his exit, seriously preoccupied with a though that was forming in his mind. Sarah was still so traumatised by darcy earlier that she barely remembered nearly choking on the Doctors cock, and the incident was forgotten. She entertained the rest of her vistors that day numbly, enjoying their piss and cum and their plundering of her throat, and enthusiastically rimming them all, but still not fully with it, such was her disgrace. As the last visitor of the day left, she showered, lovingly soaping her new tattoo, and snuggled up in her bed waiting for Brutus to come and kiss her better.

On the other side of town, Doctor G enthusiastically outlined his idea to improve their slut…..just as racehorse trainers installed breathing portals in their charges throats to enable more efficient breathing when at full pace, when soft tissue deficiencies made such improvement desirable- why couldnt he, the good doctor, install a surgical steel portal in the beautiful sluts neck so that she could breathe while her throat was rammed full of cock-that way she could throat the largest of cock for hours on end, if required. The portal could be hidden behind a collar, or better still incorporated into a neck tattoo, becoming part of the ultimate choker. An ornamental stopper could be worn when the portal was not required for breathing. He could do the operation quickly, and healing time would be minimal. If he did it this weekend, it would be healed in time for the farm…and yes, he would throw in a free frenum snip!

Winston and Teddy smiled as they listened.

                                                      Chapter 21

Waking the following morning, the second of her two days of anal abstinence whilst her modifications stabilized, by Master Brutuss urgent licking of her tattooed anus Sarah immediately noticed that the uncomfortable sensation of something alien deep inside her ass-pussy had almost gone, as her body quickly accepted her new internal beading as part of her submissive anatomy. Smiling contentedly, she thrust her pert little ass back onto the great beasts tongue and dozed a little, before a sharp growl alerted her that her canine master was aware that she was awake, and that he required attention. Sitting up and stretching her arms wide, so that her cinched gourds thrust proudly downwards from her chest (she was amazed at how fast she had learned to revel in their new direction), Brutus bounded onto the bed, his cock already emerging from its sheath like a scarlet rocket. Laying expectantly next to his charge, he welcomed the arrival of her dreadlocked head between his legs, as that wonderfully modified tongue started to work its magic. Prepared for the knot this time, Sarah kept her daintily manicured left hand circled at the very base of the shaft, and as the big moment arrived, this time she was able to keep most of the knot in her mouth by pulling it into her as the mighty organ flooded her throat with the copious watery seed that it was her duty to consume each morning. Even given her best efforts, the knot finally became too big for her lovely lips to contain, and she moaned in frustration as the ball popped back into view, and the last few squirts anointed her tongue and the back of her palette, rather that the depths of her oesophagus. She had done her best, and she felt Master Brutus realised that, as he licked the back of her neck affectionately whilst the slut did her impression of a human washcloth until the beasts groin was spotless. Maybe she would ask the doc if there was any way the width to which her lips would open could be increased?

As Maisy entered to retrieve Brutus, Darcy followed her in, clad in outrageous pink latex maid outfit, shiny pink stockings and 6 inch heels which she had difficulty enough walking in without the pair of heavy steel weights which hung from her stretched scrotum, which now sported a steel collar which made some of the stretching permanent. Paula had been busy it seemed! Darcy would not even meet her eye, such was her shame at having grassed her up yesterday, and Sarah found that she felt no semblance of pity for the one who would betray her so readily.

Ignoring the Maid who brought her coffee, juice, and Master Teddys special cream and yoghurt for her breakfast, Sarah swept naked into the bathroom. Darcy flushed slightly deeper when he saw the human urinal tattoo that had been added to the Technicolor feast that her wifes slut body was rapidly becoming. Unaware of even half of what adorned her skin, and quite at ease with that, the slut prepared her enemas before showering, singing softly to herself.

As she sat at her dresser, clean both inside and out ,in a flimsy yellow negligee, Ceebert entered.

“Good morning slut Sarah- how did you enjoy your day of abstinence yesterday? I see you used nearly 2 full tubes of brown lip gloss, so I assume you werent short on company” he teased

“It was a pleasant enough day master, but I shall be very glad when tomorrow comes” gushed the now perfectly trained slut.

As he filled her syringes and watched her lift each gourd and her eyes flutter euphorically as she depressed each plunger into her massive, nearly black cookies, he saw the irony of the fact that they still filled her with Complyormone, despite her almost complete acceptance of her rehabilitation. She barely needed the aphrodisiac effect now either-indeed they had weaned her off the Viagra element of her injections a while back now, yet her cravings had remained…she was a natural! Winston intended to keep her on Complormone, hornet and various other venoms, and hormone suppressants to prevent periods for the foreseeable future, along with antibiotics whenever her modifications demanded it. Such was the success of this regime so far, only a fool would have questioned it.

Moaning over a mini-orgasm from titworld as she forced the last of the venom into her engorged slutnips, she handed the final empty syringe to Ceebert with genuine thanks as he explained her day.

“Looking at your cookies, slut, I feel we have reached a milestone. They are now fully six inches across, and occupy all of the front part of your breasts. It is not practical to stretch them back towards your chest, but, from a head-on point of view, your tits have finally become all nipple! I am proud of that achievement, particularly given how quickly it has happened. As of today, we can dispense with the aureolae stretching devices. I like the horizontal and vertical piercings to which the springs have been attached all these weeks very much, so they will stay, although I have had some special permanent ones made. We shall continue to stretch your teats though. Athough they are fully 2 inches long now, Winston and Teddy want to get them as close to cocks on your chest as is possible, so I shall add a third bar to each today and increase the stretching load. I feel you deserve a reward for your achievement with your aureolae though, and I will explain that as I install it. Once we are done with your breasts, I have a viewers request tattoo to attend to, and then you will be open to visitors again until this evening, when the doctor is calling. He will need to sedate you, so you will sleep well tonight”.

Intrigued by much of what her master had just said, Sarah nodded acceptance, realising that her trust in this man was such that she never felt fear any more when he was involved. As she lay back in the reclining chair and felt his hands removing the extenders from her cookies, she was struck by how gentle this big man was, and felt a wave of pure affection wash over her, as her six inch wide monster cookies lay before her, unconstrained for the first time in weeks.

As he gently unscrewed the balls from the ends of the eight barbells that had provided the stretching pointes for her pizzas for so long, he eased them out of the flesh.

“ I had these made for you, slut” he announced, and showed her eight thick barbells the same length as the ones recently removed, but instead of balls on the end, they had caps that looked like the end of a bone…just as it was tribal to weave bones into your hair and wear them as jewellery, Ceebert had created barbells that gave the illusion that her cookie meat was pierced by solid gold bones! Gasping at the thought, Sarah watched as Ceebert eased each barbell, thicker than the ones they replaced, into her meat, and screwed the bone ends on, adding a drop of threadlock to each one to make them permanent. When he had finished, her nipples looked like they had been impaled by four bones each  and the only way to remove them was a visit to the machine shop. She felt a rumble in her colon as the beginnings of her first anal orgasm for over 24 hours send shock waves to her nipples which her perfectly conditioned sexuality immediately interpreted as intense pleasure. Ceebert smiled, and produced a large, evil looking 3mm needle with which he proceeded to make the third piercing in each teat to mark the progress of their stretching in that direction. This sent her over the edge, and as the needle penetrated her teat, she screamed not in pain but in orgasmic ecstasy.

As he finished the second teat piercing, Sarah was sobbing her way through post orgasmic haziness, and hardly noticed as Ceebert added a slightly stronger sprung stretcher to each teat-they would be 4 inches long by Christmas if he had his way.

“ Now your reward, Sarah” he continued. “ Your cookies are fully six inches across now-that gives them a diameter of roughly 18 inches. This barbell is 1 inch long. If I mark a series of dots around the circumference at 1 inch intervals, you will get the idea of what I want to achieve. If I pierce between each alternate pair of dots and insert one of these gold barbells, we can create the illusion that your cookies are surrounded by gold balls. I think that would define your nipple achievement rather well, dont you? It will take 9 piercings and 9 barbells around each cookie to create the illusion, so youd better prepare yourself! Its a good job your site is doing so well-this is a lot of moneys worth of gold Im putting in your chest today”

As he carefully measured and marked her cookie border, she drank in the wonderful thing of beauty that her breasts had now become-pointing downwards in an African fashion, teats pierced and being stretched into cocks, 6 inch nearly black cookies, puffed up with venom and adorned with bones, and now to be surrounded with gold balls in fully 3 foot of pierced pizza rim. She was becoming a thing of worth; a thing of beauty-no longer a shallow bauble, but something specifically created to give her black masters pleasure!

By the time Ceebert had finished , she had passed out through anal orgasm twice, and scored the third when he held up a mirror so that she could see the result!

After recovering over a coffee liberally laced with crème de la stud farm, she found herself over the edge of the couch, ass in the air, as Ceebert carefully tattooed “Beaded for your pleasure” in gothic font just outside of the flower around her anus, so that anyone using her ass in the standard all fours dog style that was required of her would read it and feel the service was personal. Little would they know that it was actually a suggestion from the fiendish mind of one of her viewers. In fact, such was the imagination of this particular follower that the Masters had already pencilled in many more of his suggestions for consideration in due course, one of which was short-listed for her bald head! It was likely that Sarah would eventually wear many of this fans suggestions on her slut body forever!

As the relaxing humming around her asshole stopped, Sarah wondered mildly what new artwork she now wore on her body that was canvas to the internet-but such was her satisfaction at being allowed to serve this way, she realised that it really didnt matter!

Still awash with affection for Master Ceebert, she thanked him for all of his wonderful gifts by using every trick she had learned so far to blow him better than he had ever been blown before. After lovingly tonguing his asshole and sucking on his big leathery balls until the skin no longer wrinkled, she teased his shaft with her modified tongue, before taking his weapon into her neck, pausing at the gullet to let him experience the feel of the bead implants before swallowing his shaft greedily to the balls, and urgently massaging his prostate with her fingers in his ass as she milked every last drop of his ambrosial cum into her greedy stomach to join Master Brutuss earlier offering. Ceebert struggled to stop his knees from buckling as her blasted into her neck, letting out a roar before letting her slide back up his shaft to catch a much needed breath. He smiled inwardly knowing that this was the last time this would be a problem. The slut was so trusting, she hadnt even asked why the doctor was going to anaesthetise her.

Bidding Master Ceebert farewell, Sarah sat down and read a magazine until the doorbell rang, and all-in-pink Darcy let the first of many visitors. For the rest of the day, Sarah was strapped into the portable urinal, had her head between buttocks rimming ass, or had her throat stretched around a monster black pole draining the cum from it. What would a few weeks ago of seemed the ultimate humiliation was now second nature to her, and she derived pride in the silliest things like applying her brown lipstick as prettily as possible before rimming, or swallowing the most copious delivery of piss that was clearly saved up to foil her without spilling a drop. She simply accepted that this was her role in life now she was at least partially rehabilitated, and relished every comment that was made about her new piercings as they lifted her gourds like meat at the butchers to check them out. She was happily getting through her day-the last before she could use her new beaded anus again as she was meant to do, when young Wayne shattered her peace. He was brash, black and well hung. He wore his baseball cap sideways with an arrogance that only a youth could possess, and, after telling her abruptly that Winston was his “bro”, he treated her roughly, used her throat like he was wanking with a glove, and, after blowing his load into her mouth, he told her he heard she was a toilet slut like white Hos should be. A little shocked at his manner, she obediently replied “yes Master, if you require it”, fully expecting to be strapped into the urinal for the umpteenth time that day. As she wondered why this young lad was treating her so badly, when the majority of her black master visitors treated her well so long as she was respectfully submissive to them as she was destined to do, she felt him roughly grab her by the dreadlocks, drag her to the couch and pull her head back over the arm as he straddled her head so that his anus was directly above her brown lipsticked mouth.

“He wants rimming first”, she reasoned- “why did he have to be so rough about it?-rimming is one of the things I excel at” she pondered, as her pierced tongue darted out obediently to worship the arrogant young masters ass. At the first lick, she knew something was wrong. All her previous experiences without exception with rimming had been done with acceptable to high levels of hygiene. It was almost as if they took pride in it-but this lad was different ;he was filthy, and it was a testament to her training that she managed to stifle a retch as she tentatively began the unexpected task of cleaning his anus. Flushing red with shame, she reminded herself that it was her job to serve, not to enjoy, and managed to feign some sort of enthusiasm as she continued. Sensing that she was making an effort, Wayne taunted her, urging her to lick the filth from his black ass, as it was all sluts like her were good for. His words stung and she redoubled her efforts, determined that this lad would not have cause for complaint, however unpleasant he was. Suddenly, as her tongue popped in past the first barbell, she felt his muscles clench, and his anus gaped. Her tongue was pushed back into her mouth as he gleefully expelled the beginnings of what was to be a truly massive turd into her beautiful mouth. Shocked and repulsed, she recoiled and tried to pull away, even her training and the Complyormone failing to overcome her revulsion. Wayne held on tightly to he dreadlocks and continued to force the turd into her mouth, urging her to accommodate it and swallow it like she did his cock or he would tell Winston how useless she was. Chilled by his words, and terrified of losing face with her Masters, she concentrated on willpower, and tried to accept the warm torpedo as it grew in her mouth, but as it touched the back of her mouth, she retched, and began to vomit, causing her to bite down on the turd ,nipping a very copious mouthful off  before finally wrestling herself away, ripping her dreads from his hands as she turned and vomited heartily on the carpet, spewing several pints of urine and semen over the remains of his shit as she spat and spat and tried to rid herself of the taste and smell.

Hearing the commotion, Maisy burst in, and, quickly weighing the situation up, she screamed at Wayne to leave immediately, gesturing at the menacing figure of Brutus when he started to argue. Muttering as he pulled up his pants, Wayne exited rapidly, and Maisy summoned Darcy to clean up, as she sat Sarah down with a coffee and tried to console her.

Sarah sobbed to Maisy as she explained that she was torn between a feeling of utter revulsion at having been expected to perform such a repulsive act, and total shame at having failed to obey a Masters request. Maisy felt that it was the latter that was causing her the most strife, and, having calmed her down, she told Darcy to turn any further visitors away until she had spoken to Winston.

As Winston listened to Maisy explain this development, his mind raced. Firstly, this punk kid was no friend of his-Wayne was a hanger-on whom Winston would not normally grant the time of day-but he was a brother, and after constant pleading having joined the website, Winston had reluctantly agreed to allow him to visit their slut. For this show of disrespect, he would pay-but he had shown them something important. There were things the usually insatiable Sarah drew the line at-but not being able to do those things caused her trauma, such was the depth of her training. Maybe the lad had a point-they were so proud of her and impressed with the devotion she showed to her rehabilitation, they had taken their eye off the ball. This was meant to be training, not a pleasure camp-Sarah had no right to refuse scat play, however revolting Winston and probably all of the other masters found it. This would change.

He told Maisy to let the slut regain her composure, and to turn all visitors away except Rufus and Eric from the laundry-they were due later, and he would speak to them in advance about the new rules. Winston himself would join them when the doctor visited later.

Some time later, Sarah had regained her composure, and was feeling a deepening sense of guilt at her failure, despite utter revulsion at the experience. Hearing the door, she looked up as Darcy showed in the familiar muscled forms of the lads from the laundry-Winston had promised them they could visit her, so she wasnt surprised.

“Hello Masters” she greeted cheerfully, trying her best to make up for her lapse.

“Hi slut” said Rufus “We were due to stop by and enjoy your hospitality after our efforts with your chest, so here we are. However, Winston tells us youve been a bad girl, so after weve used you, a little punishment is due”

Her eyes filling with tears, Sarah realised that her worst fears had been confirmed-she had disrespected a Master, and one on Winstons bros as well...a punishment was the least she could expect. Why hadnt she just done as she was told, and then the memories of that foul turd came back, and she cried some more.

Oblivious to the sluts torment, Rufus and Eric look it in turns to enjoy abnormally enthusiastic attention, as she tried as hard as she could to atone for her sins by using her mouth, tongue and throat with maximum enthusiasm on each of the masters in turn. Captivated by the beautiful sluts favours, both men had to keep reminding themselves of Winstons instructions to show her no kindness, and both men had to stifle moans of pleasure as they blew their copious loads deep into the sluts greedy, hungry mouth. Sensing they were not as happy with their treatment as she had hoped, she asked how else she could please them.

“What do you suggest, slut?” teased Rufus, hiding his guilt at having to treat the dreadlocked beauty this way. Trotting off to get her urinal hood, she knelt and offered her neck for the device to be attached. “Nah, not for us slut, well pass” said Eric reluctantly, remembering Winstons instructions. Again feeling failure, a flustered Sarah asked what else would please them. Again, they asked what she suggested. With her anus still off limits, she gulped, and realised that she had to offer to rim them, despite her earlier experience. What would have been a natural thing to do this morning now filled her with revulsion (ironic given the “I rim any black” logo inked in her fair skin), but her back was against the wall.

“Why dont you let me rim you both, masters?” she asked meekly.

“ We hear that black ass isnt good enough for you, slut, so no thanks-well pass” teased Rufus, again reluctantly as hed give his left bollock to have this beautys pierced tongue in his anus.

“But…its what I do” sobbed the slut, grateful to be spared more of those flavours, but feeling hopelessly inadequate.

“Well youd better convince us you are good enough for such an honour-beg” said Rufus with as much conviction as he could muster.

Realising she was at a crossroads, Sarah gulped and, summoning as much enthusiasm as she could muster, she whispered” Please Master”

“Please what slut, say it like you mean it” taunted Eric

“ Please let me lick you wonderful sphincters” she sobbed, realising that a few hours ago she would have meant every word.

“Youll have to do better than that slut- beg us to hurt you in order to earn the right” came the inspired reply.

“Please hurt this slut so that she may lick your asses” came the slightly more convincing reply.

“OK slut-heres the deal-you can lick my ass while Rufus lifts your body off the ground by your gourds-and you must beg repeatedly throughout. If you please me, you can do the same to Rufus while you rim me-and dont forget to beg” said Eric assertively, starting to enjoy this newfound power.

This agreed, they positioned the slut on her back, with her ankles resting up on the couch end. Rufus stood astride her chest, whilst Eric positioned himself expectantly over her heavily and enthusiastically re-lipsticked mouth. Rufus placed his mighty hands around the narrowness of her breast cinches, and, flexing his mighty arms, he gripped the gourds tightly and lifted. As the blood rushed to her cookies, her new gold bones and perimeter balls throbbed as her body gradually was raised, until her mouth was adjacent o he proffered anus.

“Now convince me slut” shouted Eric

“Please Master, let me lick” she whispered, trying not to catch the anal musk that had revolted her so earlier.

“Not good enough-try harder” he replied.

As the grip on her cinches tightened, and the pain in her chest became more exciting, titworld beckoned, and, losing herself in the moment, she again begged, but this time meaning it, prepared to do anything to enter titworld properly, but also strangely excited by this first experience of true humiliation through revulsion.

“Please Master-allow me to worship your anus and savour its taste” she said automatically, now totally driven by the sensations that titworld was causing in her ass-pussy

“ Better” said a surprised and excited Eric, and on his cue, Rufus raised her by her gourds until her mouth was glued to his asshole, which she started to lick with an unprecedented enthusiasm as the reality of how revolting this act could be drove her crazy, and she howled in orgasm into his ass-meat, briefly wondering what would happen if Eric decided to shit in her mouth…but only briefly.

As Rufus lowered the rag-doll figure of the slut back to the floor, Eric reflected on the best rimjob hed ever had, and both of them could scarcely believe that the fear of having her mouth shat into had actually induced an orgasm of that strength.

As she returned to reality, the roles were reversed, and as Eric lifted the slut by her gourds, she begged to all that was holy to be allowed to lick Rufuss ass, any fear of filth left far behind by the lure of titworld, and the dizzy sexuality of being this humiliated. As her second orgasm arrived, and she drove her tongue into his rectum, she actually found herself imagining meeting something bulky travelling the other way, and did not stop in her worship.

As she thanked her masters for their gift, once again, to her relief meaning every world, talk returned to her punishment. Too weak to resist, she told them that she would accept whatever was deemed appropriate for having been so disrespectful to m masters sphincter.

Pulling out two pink cinches, Rufus explained that these were 9 inches long, and were to have been her next step in a week or two assisted by muscle restructuring injections and the tit mangle- but as punishment her gourds, only just accustomed to their 6 inch stretch, were to be pulled manually out to 9 inches and re-cinched using just muscle power.

Nodding her acceptance of her punishment, she watched as they unlaced her gourds, and her bounteous titmeat sprang back to its natural size-but not shape! Already, the natural curve towards the waist was permanent, and she was proud to see that her chest was already at least partially africanized. Discarding the 6 inch leather cinches, Rufus appointed himself first breast puller, and, taking the left one in his huge hands he started squeezing and pulling, first just firmly,which Sarah enjoyed, then very strongly, which at first threatened to send her over the edge again, but quickly became too painful for even her trained sexuality to convert into pleasure, and as the pulling became really urgent, she started sobbing in pain. Eric held the 9 inch cinch up against the tortured meat, and, seeing the degree of pull needed, Rufus gave one final squeeze and then pulled so hard Sarah thought her gourd was being ripped from her chest. As she screamed out, Eric quickly wrapped the new 9 inch gourd around the stretched meat and laced it tightly before Rufus released the once fabulous globe to settle in its new, longer housing. As he laced it tight, and the pain peaked, Sarah shouted “Punish this slut for disrespecting black anus Master!”

Impressed, they gave her a while to recover before switching places and repeating the procedure.

In under an hour her new, longer gourds sat proudly in their new corsetry, and Sarah had learned the erotic value of humiliation. Eric and Rufus had enjoyed the most erotic experience of their lives, and Sarah had, without realising it, started on yet another journey.

After an hour or so of reflection, evening approached, and Sarah was told by Maisy that she was not permitted solids due to her impending anaesthetic. Meek in her acceptance of anything after the days experiences, she sipped juice and ate stud farm yoghurt as she awaited the doctors arrival.

As Darcy answered the door, Sarah knew immediately by the curtseying that was going on that Master Winston had arrived. He walked in with Doctor G, who was carrying a large medicine bag.

“Good evening slut-not one of your finest days, I am told” he boomed, as the slut threw herself to her knees in apology.

Bidding her to stand, Winston lifted her recently tortured gourds by the teat, one at a time, and inspected her punishment. “ I see you have already been punished in part for your insulting behaviour today. You must learn that you exist to serve black, and that fact that you seem to enjoy much of what we ask of you is simply a bonus. If we ask something of you that revolts you, you will simply accept the humiliation as part of your training and perform the task with enthusiasm. Humiliation is something you need to learn to relish, and you will find that when you wake up tomorrow, we will have given you a little gift that will forever be a reminder of the power of humiliation. Do you understand this, slut?” he asked quietly but forcefully.

Without even pausing to think, Sarah sobbed “ Yes Master, anything you ask”, genuinely keen to avoid any repeat of todays indiscretion.

“Good slut-I will explain what tonight holds for you, and then leave you in the hands of the good doctor. We have had complaints that you are unable to keep cock in your throat long enough-indeed, several of your masters have expressed the desire to fuck your throat for prolonged periods-maybe even all night. The Doctor has pioneered a process that is copied from an operation performed on racehorses. A small incision is made in your throat, just below where it splits into the oesophagus. A steel portal is inserted, with a removable plug to close the portal when your throat is not in use. When you are throating, removal of the plug will enable your lungs to draw air in directly through the portal, thus allowing the throat to be occupied permanently. Thanks to modern glues, it can be installed quickly, and will be useable by the time you wake, and will heal quickly. The portal when closed looks quite attractive and unobtrusive, but thanks to your behaviour today, Ceebert will be adding a little embellishment for you. Do you accept this slut Sarah?”

Shocked at the imminence of such a major modification, and the fact that they felt she should be modified so radically; but also excited at the idea of being able to throat endlessly, Sarah hesitated only briefly before saying “Thank you Master-it will be an honor to wear your modifications” She wasnt about to let him down twice in one day

Laid on the bed, she felt a sharp prick in her cookie as the doctor injected her with a powerful sedative based on Rohypnol-she was not unconscious, but so out of it that she would remember nothing. Once under, he quickly swabbed her swan-like neck, admiring its unmolested beauty for the last time, before deftly slitting the skin with a scalpel. Working quickly, he enlarged the cut enough to accept the inch wide portal, and then slipped it into place, securing it with the medical glue that was developed for Vietnam, but was now available in its impure form in stationers. Again swabbing with disinfectant, he stepped back to examine the hobdayed neck, which he had to admit looked hot! Excited at the thought of trying it out, he focussed on the job in hand, and pulled down the bottom lip of the barely conscious slut before finding the frenum, cutting it with surgical scissors, and cauterising it with an electric hotwire to staunch the bleed. Now she would be able to get that crazy tongue of hers halfway up a mans backside…wow!

Packing up his gear and leaving, he accepted Winstons thanks, and promised to call by the next evening to check on his patient.

As the doctor exited, in came Ceebert with his tattooing equipment. It was time to give Sarah the gift of permanent humiliation.

As the Rohypnol wore off slightly, Sarahs eyes fluttered open and she saw Ceebert, her most trusted master sat at her bedside. Smiling adoringly at him, she wondered only vaguely why he was tattooing her throat.

Ceebert smiled as his latest masterpiece took place-her new neck portal, just as her navel did lower down, represented the anus-the ruined, gaping anus of a kneeling slut, whose tattooed legs spread round either side of her neck. Viewed face to face, the slut kneeling ass towards you, with the shiny steel anus, was recognisable by the corn snake tattoos, even though the others she did not wear yet. Whilst no more humiliating than the ink all over her back, Sarah would know all about this one, and be virtually unable to effectively cover it up. Just as her training as an anal and oral slut was nearly complete, and would be crowned the following weekend with the shaving of her head if she pleased at the stud farm; and her africanization was well under way; her training as a humiliation slut was only just beginning!

In the ER room, Wayne waited quietly to be sewn up and have his broken bones reset. He too had leaned a lesson today.

                                                Chapter 22

Sarah woke the following morning from her anaesthetic-aided sleep to the now familiar sensation of Master Brutus working his prehensile tongue into her cavernous, tattooed anus. Involuntarily returning his thrusts with satisfied wiggles of her own, she slipped back into reality with a satisfied moan, before the fog lifted fully and she realised her throat was really sore. As memories of the full enormity of yesterdays modifications gelled in her slut mind, she felt the urge to leap to her feet and go to the bathroom to check out the damage, but some primal instinct now so deep rooted in her as to undeniable reminded her that Master Brutus needed his morning treats first. As her dreadlocked head dropped sleepily to the great Danes groin, her pretty mouth opened with a sigh, and her multi-pierced tongue began its expert dance across his crimson rocket, which emerged rapidly from its sheath to fill her eager mouth until the tip touched the back of her esophagus, and with an adept swallow she took its bulk into her slender neck with ease. As she masturbated the beasts cock with her throat, she was aware of a deep soreness, but it wasnt an issue, and she reached round to grab his furry balls to encourage him to feed her the reward she was coming to crave., As the tempo increased, she felt the knot form, and again regretted not having a hinged jaw that would let her hold the knot in whilst he ejaculated- the huge purple knot forced his cock back out from her throat into her  mouth, and she milked the mighty knot with her other hand as the beast growled and sent hose after hose of doggie cum over the back of her throat. So copious was the load that the slut struggled to gulp it all down, but coped with the delivery, and found herself musing about whether the doc could do something with her jaw that would negate the knotty problem?

Getting happily to her feet, she padded contentedly to the bathroom, as Brutus went off in search of Maisy, content now that his charge was safely awake and anointed.

Yawning, she stretched before looking in the mirror- at which point her jaw dropped and she gasped out loud. Right in the centre of her once beautiful, lily-white neck, was a stainless steel plug, attached to the escutcheon around it by a short chain. Adorned around the steel obscenity was a blaze of colour, intricately woven as ever by Ceebert, of a bald headed tattooed woman facing away from the portal, which unmistakeably formed a massive anus around which the familiarly tattooed thighs were based. She was depicted, just as she was on her stomach, as all anus-but the scale of this image was unreal-it looked like a train was about to emerge from her slut asshole! As the initial shock subsided, Sarah became aware of the erotic value of such a brazen piece of filth in full and permanent view, and was strangely aroused as she performed her morning enemas and shower..

As she sat before her dresser fixing her make-up, shimmering in a bright yellow silk teddy that her cinched gourds were forced to dangle over the top of, now they were nothing like the shape that conventional lingerie was designed for, darcy brought her a tray of juice and coffee, all bustling in pink and in a cloud of very feminine scent. Feeling mischievous, Sarah reached under her maids uniform, and, after lingering briefly to tease her stocking tops, she felt her poor tortured balls, which Paula had now permanently in a scrotum stretcher. Noting that they now dangled down fully six inches, indeed past the tops of her stockings, Sarah teased her little clitty, before asking her huskily what she thought of her wifes latest modification? As Darcy gasped upon seeing the throat portal, her little clit gave a throb, and Sarah resisted the urge to bring her to orgasm-she wasnt sure she was in the mood for a punishment urethral fucking today.

“Glad I still excite you, darcy” teased the slut, as she poured herself coffee “ No cereal this morning?” she added, noting the absence.

“No-masters orders..liquids only today- and you need to take this” blushed a flustered darcy, embarrassed at the pitiful erection under her frills. As she offered a large tablet, Sarah immediately recognised the stomach acid suppressant that she had experienced once before, and sub consciously touched the image of the corn snake on her thigh as her excitement rose. Swallowing the tablet, she watched darcy flounce out, before fixing her make-up, noticing that all her lip gloss had been removed other than the brown ones, of which a substantial stock had been added. As she painted her greedy slut mouth in deep brown, she started to feel the need in her gourds for her daily injection, and almost purred with relief when Ceebert came in, syringes in hand.

As Ceebert filled the first syringe with the cocktail of drugs that made Sarahs rehabilitation such a pleasure now, he felt a wave of excitement at the way the portal glinted in the light, and, handing the slut her first Hypo, he watched her lift one heavy gourd, and saw her eyes flicker as she entered needle heaven, and hungrily pushed the plunger. This normally excited him beyond belief, but this morning, he just wanted her to hurry up, as his morning task was to test drive the throat portal, before walking her across town to the hard rock café where her anal beading was due a thorough road test as well.

Across town, Winston had a site meeting with webmaster Jay. The new, custom-made house/studio was taking shape fast. His intention was that, after the farm next weekend, she should visit the domestic home just one more time, for an act of final humiliation, before becoming permanently resident in the new place, where each room was wired for transmission live to “deep_inside_sarah” as webmaster Jay saw fit. Having a full-time residential webmaster meant that the income from filming her exploits would always be at a premium, and live streaming was to be available many times a day. The income from the site was now so bountiful that the new studio was already paid for, and Teddy, Winston and Jay were set to make a fortune from their little white slut.

Back at the family home, Sarah s lip trembled in pleasure as she injected the last of the venom onto her now coal-black aureolae, and the waves of her first anal orgasm of the day abated. Helping down from the injection pedestal, Ceebert guided her gently, almost lovingly back into the bedroom.

As she luxuriated in the aftershocks of her breast injections, Ceebert thought how beautiful she looked in the yellow silk, and then saw the irony of the fact that, unlike most other sluts, this one was actually more lovely still when the lingerie was removed and the full colors of the litany of filth that adored her was on show.

Stroking her cornrows, Ceebert explained that he was charged with the task of teaching her to breath through her portal, and they were to spend the morning perfecting this. This done, she had an appointment at the hard rock café this afternoon, where her anal modifications would be tested to the full. Trembling with excitement, Sarah listened eagerly as Ceebert explained that, from this moment forth, whenever a master occupied her throat, she would learn instinctively to pull the plug from her portal, and, once she had conquered the fear of suffocation, she would learn to trust the fact that she could breath through this portal quite satisfactorily whilst her slender neck was rammed to bursting with meat.

Despite finding this highly improbable, the slut trusted Ceebert totally, so it was with a little fear and a lot of excitement that her final oral education began.

As Ceebert disrobed, and his magnificent black weapon sprang, fully erect, to attention in front of her, Sarah automatically began her routine of dropping to her knees and worshipping his balls first, nibbling them gently before tongue bathing each one until the wrinkles became smooth, then taking each full sack lovingly in her mouth and suckling it hungrily like an overripe fruit. Not for the first time, she felt disappointed at not being able to take both of his testes in her mouth at once, and again wondered if Doctor G could help her with this?

Once each ball sack was duly adored, and Ceebert was moaning in pleasure, fighting the urge for his knees to buckle, she pushed him gently back onto the bed, urging him to lay on his back as she sought out his anus to rim. Ceebert, sensing her needs, lifted his knees, and the sluts dreadlocked head hungrily dived between his ebony buttocks as she sought her prize. As soon as her tongue touched his sphincter, she realised something was different. Since she had learned to love rimming, she was constantly frustrated by not being able to get her tongue more than an inch or so into her Masters bodies- but as she flicked her tongue around Ceeberts anus and savoured his musk, she suddenly felt like a lizard, as her tongue, unrestrained now by the tiresome frenum, seemed to extend as far as she wanted it to. Excited beyond belief, and proud of the fact that her lips were so resplendently painted in brown, she drove her slut tongue into Ceeberts rectum, gasping with pleasure both at the moans of delight her master was making to effort to disguise, and the new sensations and flavours that lay fully three inches into his body, as that was the depth her modified tongue could now reach. Excited by the new taste sensation, she was just starting her second anal orgasm of the morning when it dawned oh her what that new taste was. Thoughts of Waynes disgusting anus came flooding back, and it was with shame as well as pride that she realised that the taste she was now relishing was the same that she rejected only a few days ago much to the disgust of her Masters. Confused, she carried on with her exploration of Ceeberts bowel, and was glad when the misgivings were swept away by the wave of her orgasm, as her anus spasmed in perfect sympathy with the pulses of  Ceeberts back passage as it squeezed her tongue in gratitude.

Weak from the pleasure, Ceebert very reluctantly let her withdraw from his ass after she had explored it thoroughly, and then both prepared for the big moment.

“As soon as my cock is fully in your throat Sarah, I will remove the plug. When you reach the point where you would normally come up for air, try to breathe. Dont panic, it wont happen straight away, but once you realise that it is possible, your body will deal with the new way to breath” he said soothingly.

Nodding in trust, her dreadlocked head dropped to his cock, and she began the very familiar task of swallowing it whole. After her usual tongue foreplay on and around the helmet, she swallowed him gratefully, and began the long descent to his pubes. Savouring the feel of the two new beads at the back of her throat, Ceebert relished her throating skills, and as her brown lips brushed his pubic bone, he gently removed the portal plug, leaving it dangling on its short chain. Holding her head in his hands, he felt her move up and down on his shaft, masturbating his rod with her throat, until, after 30 seconds or so, he felt her start to withdraw for air. Pressing gently on her head he tried to implant the suggestion in her mind that she should not withdraw, but use the portal. Running out of air, Sarah tried to take a breath, but her body told her that she could not breath, and she pulled back off his shaft, coughing and spluttering for oxygen. Apologising profusely to the Master she adored and would do anything to please, she accepted his reassurances that everything was OK, and she began her second descent. Again at the moment when she needed air, he urged her head to stay down, but again her body rebelled. Before the third time, Ceebert asked her “You do trust me slut, dont you?”

“More than anything Master” came the honest reply.

“Good….well hold that thought and go down again “ he said firmly but soothingly

As her lips touched pubes for the third time, he removed the plug again, and held her head firmly- this time her body was going to listen to him!

As she ran out of air, she tried again to retreat, but this time Ceeberts grip was like iron-she was going nowhere, as the panic rose, she told herself Ceebert would never harm her, and focussed on adapting to her new orifice. Just as she felt darkness washing over her, some primeval need to survive kicked in, and with a wheezing sound, fresh air rasped into her lungs through the steel portal that was depicted as her anus. As her lungs filled with air, she realised that her body had taught itself to use the portal through survival reflex, and, as she nestled her lips on Ceeberts pubic bone, she savoured the luxury of breathing normally whilst impaled on 10 inches of neck-meat.

As she got used to breathing this way, she started exploring...with her newly modified tongue, she could reach out and lick the whole of Ceeberts ball bag whilst her throat milked his mighty shaft, and for a full 20 minutes she adored his bull testicles as she learnt to swallow each time she wanted to send a peristaltic wave of pleasure through his cock. Ceebert could not believe the sensations his slut was giving him- he had enjoyed a  non-stop throat milking and ball tongue bath for nearly half an hour without interruption. He prided himself on his self control, but this slut was something else, and grabbing a cinched gourd in each hand, he reached the point of no return, and pulled the sluts head down onto his cock as hard as he could by her gourds as he emptied his massive load deep into her stomach. The sudden pain in her gourds took Sarah over the edge and into tit world, as her throat convulsed instinctively round his shaft as her anal orgasm burst asunder just as the first of the many ropes of thick cum sprayed the walls of her deeper esophagus. She and he had shared a simultaneous throat orgasm-that had to be a first!

As Ceebert carefully withdrew, the sobbing slut thanked him over and over for her new modifications and the new sensations he had shown her.

“Dont thank me, lil slut-thank Doctor G. Hes gonna be spending the night with you later” he grinned, ignoring the pang of jealousy that he briefly felt as he said it.

Sarah composed herself and redid her make-up. Ceebert noticed that she was applying it in an increasingly slutty way, and reflected that she had had no orders recently to that effect, so it was her choice. She was becoming more of a slut than they had ever dared hope.

Keeping in theme with yellow for the day, she slipped a buttercup colored silk dress over her teddy, added pale primrose hold-ups and 4 inch heels, and then presented herself before Ceebert for inspection before their afternoon began.

Ceebert stifled a whistle-the silk was flimsy enough to see clearly that her breasts were cinched, heavily pierced, and hung down either side of her waist. The camisole covered some of her ink, but much of was visible under the flimsy dress. In the right light, you could even make out the bells that hung from her labia, and the inflation ball behind it. This was exhibitionism of the first order- and she did not yet know that he was to walk her across town on a leash rather than whisk her here in the pimpmobile as per normal.

“You look beautiful slut” enthused Ceebert, and as she bent her slender neck to receive the “slut” dog collar, he wondered if that had been a non-masterly thing to say?

Bursting with pride, Sarah accepted the proffered collar willingly, glad that the pinkness of the leather didnt clash with her yellow outfit. It was also pleasing to her, although she wasnt quite sure why, that the slut collar lay sufficiently below the portal tattoo that both were clearly visible. She was little confused, however, when he clipped the leash to her collar- they normally only did that when she exited the pimpmobile and they wanted her humiliated.

As the exited the marital home into the sunshine of early fall, Sarah realised the pimpmobile wasnt there- Ceebert had been dropped off by Winston that morning on the way to his site meeting with webmaster Jay.

“But, but…” stammered the slut as the realisation that she was to paraded across town in virtually see-through clothing on a leash dawned.

“Whats the matter slut?- dont you feel proud enough of your rehabilitation to enjoy public exposure?” teased Ceebert, trying to attone for his accidental show of affection earlier. “ Besides, the wardrobe choice was yours, not ours” he added, and she realised, not for the first time, that her inner slut was emerging independently of her training.

As they walked across town, Sarah was heavily conscious of the abnormal shape of her gourds as they swung unfettered under her dress, and the bells as they tinkled as she walked. She gradually got used to people turning and staring at her as they noticed her ink and tried to decipher it, and she eventually relaxed to the tinkling of the bells, glorying in the sexuality they represented-but she couldnt get used to her chest. All her adult life men (and some women) had openly ogled her magnificent mammaries, and now they pointed at her deformed saggies like she was a freak. However much she loved the slut that she was becoming, she should be proud of her africanized chest, but was struggling with it. Ceebert noticed her discomfort, and asked her about it. When she explained, he laughed. “Sarah, your new chest is the pinnacle of our achievements- you will learn to love it above all else- but the fact that it still embarrasses you as well as excites you is interesting-we shall have to work on that”

As they strode through town, she concentrated on his words-her chest was magnificent-those who stared didnt understand...and she started to enjoy their weight as they swung pendulum-like beneath her silks.

After what seemed like an eternity, they arrived at the Hard Rock, and Ceebert led his slut on her leash into the bar, where a grinning Patrick welcomed them, taking in Sarahs latest developments with an appreciative eye as he spoke. His eyes lingered on her tits-Wow, the boys certainly did a number on those mothers-they were barely recognisable. Hot stuff indeed.

“ Go on through Ceebert, the back bar is all ready for you” offered the old barkeep cheerily. As they walked through the bar past knowing glances and smiles, they entered the corridor that Sarah knew so well. Each time she came here, they queued up for her.

Entering the back room, the heat from the special lighting immediately told the slut that whatever transpired here this afternoon was to be filmed live on webcam. As usual, there were some 20 black men, some not yet out of their teens grinning hungrily at her, like lions would eye a lamb chop. Avoiding eye contact with them, she followed Ceebert across the room to what was obviously the filming area, where a weight training bench was the focal point of the many cameras set up there. Winston was there with another, equally imposing bald black man, who Winston introduced as Webmaster Jay. As Sarah curtseyed, Winston explained that now “deep_inside_sarah” had gone viral, a full time webmaster was required, and that she would be seeing a great deal more of him henceforth.

“Ceebert tells be that the Doc did a good job on your throat, slut- I hope he did the same with your ass-beads, because these 20 brothers here are going to put it through its paces all afternoon. Does that excite you slut?” he teased

“Yes Master” she replied, blushing at her honesty.

Again for the cameras, insisted Winston, and she realised that they were already live.

Caught up now in the total obscenity of it all, she licked her shiny brown lips and looked straight at the camera as a she said in as huskily sexy a voice as she could muster “I cannot wait to take these 20 masters cocks in my newly beaded ass, thankyou Master Winston”

The whole room fell silent as the sheer sexuality of Sarahs capitulation sunk in- she now had their attention as well as her many thousands of paying voyeurs.

“Very good slut- your attitude is improving” teased Winston “Now heres this afternoons plan. You will lie face down on this bench, and will be strapped to it around your waist and thighs. The camera will take a tour of your latest mods, and then the action will begin. The brothers will line up in order of cock size, smallest first-we dont want to bust those new beads open through going in too fast. After the 20 have been, then you will drink the fruits of your labours. There are two small additions to explain- firstly, Ceebert tells me your slut gourds still cause you embarrassment-this is excellent, because that gives us more reason to stretch them more thoroughly and urgently. Jay will therefore attach handles top the underside of your cinches before we strap you to the bench-give the brothers a little something to pull themselves in your ass a bit deeper with1 Secondly, due to plans in the future that you do not yet need to know about, we need to teach you to consider your stomach an extension of your throat in that it is a sexual organ. We know from Roger how much you enjoyed having the snakes in there, so we have decided to develop you further. Now that you can breath whilst your throat is blocked, we are going to feed this into your stomach for the duration of the time you are on the bench it is a vibrating stomach dildo, roughly the same in girth as Ceeberts cock, but long enough to reach across your stomach and rest in the pylorus, which is a vagina-like sheath on the exit side. It has never been done before, but we are going to try to teach your pylorus to respond sexually to stimulation. It will doubtless take some while, but Jay is adamant that your viewers want to see it. Attached to one of the handles on your gourds is a button. When each brother does your beaded slut ass, he is under orders to push the button just as he cums-this will start the head vibrating for a duration of 10 seconds. Maybe in time your body will learn to make the link-who knows, but it will be fun trying The dildo has a webcam in the head, so we can all enjoy the experience”

Slack jawed in awe at this development, Sarah stood silently as Jay attached the shiny gold handles to her cinches, one of which had a button, but no wiring (remote, presumably) that done, he produced a two foot long black flexible dildo, some two inches in girth, and proceeded to lube it up suggestively in front of her. Ceebert stepped forward, and whispering soothing encouragement in her ear, pulled her head back gently by her dreads. As Jay approached her brown lips with the dildo, her mouth, not for the first time opened involuntarily, as if anything black and phallic had automatic right of passage there. As Ceebert stroked her neck, Jay fed the flexible snake into her throat inch by inch. As soon as it passed the portal, he pulled the steel plug out, and Sarah swallowed the stomach dildo effortlessly the rest of the way down, to the accompaniment of heavy rasps as air entered the portal periodically.

As it passed into her stomach, the pleasurable sensations that throat sex gave her these days faded to a sort of nausea, as the black plastic nudged into her pylorus. Now she understood why she was on liquids only today, and no stomach acid to upset the delicate electronics. As thousands of viewers around the web enjoyed worms eye coverage of the dildoing of her stomach, she obediently lay face down on the bench and was strapped  down. Enjoying the comforting feel of the tightness of the straps, she tried to ignore the unpleasant feelings in her stomach, as she enjoyed the heat of the stage lights as they accompanied the cameras journey across her posterior, lingering awhile to show the “ beaded for your pleasure” logo that had been requested by one of the site members who was doubtless now enjoying seeing his ideas come to life.

“Dont forget, viewers, that she has her weekend at the farm in a few days, and , if she behaves herself, she will be rewarded by the tattooing of her bald head. We still havent decided on the design so keep those suggestions flowing in to  You may see your ideas etched forever in the sluts scalp” commentated Jay as the camera finished its sweep of the websites eponymous heroine

“Right boys-weve modified her ass for maximum pleasure-let the test drive begin” encouraged the webmaster, as the first of the twenty took his place between the sluts butt cheeks. Although the least well endowed of the twenty, his cock was still well above average, but the head popped into the gaping sphincter with  no resistance even after zero penetration for 48 hours, such was the capacity of Sarahs bowel now. A little disappointed at the lack of resistance, he pushed harder, and encountered the first row of beads. Never had he dreamed such a myriad of sensations could be derived from a simple ass-fuck. Each bead teased his cock flange tantalisingly, and, taking his time to ease his 8 inches of black meat into her rectum, he felt every bead in every row, as he plundered her ass ever deeper. He wasnt going to last long at this rate, such was the stimulation from the beads, so he slowed his plumbing tempo down a little to prolong the anal coitus.

Sarah went to cry out as his cock hit the first row of beads, but the stomach dildo stifled it- the sensations were, for her also, like nothing she had ever experienced. Her super-sensitive colon had for ages now relished all form of stimulation, but this was something else-every nerve ending in her body exploded with pre-orgasmic pulses, as her ass-pussy devoured its first post modification cock hungrily, her anal orgasm building. Responding to Sarahs thrusts, the first of the twenty threw caution to the wind- he wasnt going to last long in the face of this kind of pleasure in any event, so he reached forward for the cinch handles, and used her breast meat to pull himself as deep into her slut bowel as he could, slamming relentlessly into that tunnel of pleasure that clenched back at him like it was French kissing his cock. The beading was incredible- coupled with the painful pulling on her gourds that sent her hurtling into tit-world, the new bead-strength anal spasms exploded into an orgasm the likes of which she had never enjoyed before. The massive increase in Sarahs muscle spasming had the desired effect on the cock in her ass, and as its owner pulled as hard as he could on her gourds, getting his cock as deep as possible into her colon, he erupted in an orgasm of his own, filling her back passage with scalding hot sperm and pressing the button that started the dildo in her pylorus vibrating.

Just as the new super-strength sensations threatened her consciousness, the dildo in her stomach started humming, and a feeling of nausea brought her back from the brink of the super-orgasm that had threatened. Although she still experienced an ass-orgasm like she was used to as the lad finished spewing his seed into her colon, she felt a little cheated at having been deprived of the next step in her orgasmic evolution.

As the buzzing stopped and the second brother took his place, she again marvelled at the feelings each bead gave her-her anal wall had doubled in sensitivity at a stroke, and as the lad gathered pace and her spasming grew, she again enjoyed the relentless pull on her gourds until, just as the super-orgasm beckoned, the stomach dildo buzzed into life and brought her back from the edge into regular anal orgasm territory.

Thus the afternoon progressed, as larger and larger cocks plumbed her anal depths, enjoying the new internal décor, and pulling themselves deeper and deeper into her bowel by her tit-meat until the cursed stomach buzzing kept her orgasms at their previous level. That level had always been enough to make her delirious with pleasure, but now she knew there was higher threshold-one she kept being pulled back from the brink of, nothing else would ever suffice.

As the thirteenth cock plumbed her depths, she felt him pump the pussy bulb and the bladder inflate. This was the thirteenth is a series of 20 cocks-fully 9 inches long and nearly two inches thick, and yet he felt the need to tighten her anal grip on his cock-just how loose was her ass becoming? That though made her feel deliciously decadent, and she revelled in the continued pulling that stretched her tortured gourds ever nearer to her waist band ad number thirteen rode every bead in its quest for release-then the damned buzzing and the nausea.

As number 20 the biggest cock in the room apart from Winston rode over the first row of beads, she could tell it was larger than the previous 19 by quite some margin, and this she was surprised when he too pumped the vaginal bladder to add to the feelings. As he heaved his massive engine into her artificially tightened colon, this felt different….she could feel each bead like every time before, but each one seemed to have  more sensation than before- maybe it was the combination of the larger cock, the highly inflated bladder, or just her new modifications finally acclimatising, but the sensations were stronger. As the super-orgasm built for the twentieth time that afternoon, Sarah braced herself for the disappointment of the threshold being removed at the last minute again. The pulling on her breast handles became more urgent, the final participants thrusts became harder and his breathing heavier, and Sarahs whole being craved the cum that she knew was there but was constantly denied her. As she thought her whole world would explode, the final delivery of cum of the afternoon scalded her bowel, and the stomach buzzing started, but this time, there was no nausea- just flashing lights and dizziness as the super sensations in her ass-pussy and slut-nips were joined by a new, pit of the stomach sensation that spread throughout her body, as her first ever stomach-orgasm drove her past the bounds of consciousness, and the whole room erupted in applause.

It was fully 5 minutes before the slut regained consciousness. Jay wanted to run the stomach dildo again to see if it would induce orgasm without any extra stimulation, but Winston said No

“One step at a time Jay- this is the first step on a huge journey that she has to take once she moves into the new studio…leave it at that for today”

Seeing the logic of Winstons plan, Jay and Ceebert removed the stomach dildo from the still unconscious slut and re-plugged the portal, plugged her ass with the feeder plug, removed the cinch handles and unstrapped her.

As she gradually came too, they rolled her over on her back, and as she gasped her thanks for her super-orgasm, they offered the thin suction tube to her pretty brown lips so that she could enjoy the fruits of the twenty who had test driven her anal beads one more time.

It was fully an hour before Sarah had regained enough strength and composure to walk. Ceebert guided her gently out of the Hard Cock café, no leash this time.

Winston sat in the pimpmobile waiting , and as they ushered the heavily weakened slut inside ,they whisked her home for liquid food and rest, her duties done for the day

As she sat on the couch in a diaphanous pink negligee, stroking Brutuss ears and still, several hours later, enjoying the aftershocks of her super-orgasm. She sipped the protein drink that darcy had made for her and felt her strength return. Still no solids after the acid-suppressant (She supoposed the dildo webcams were too expensive and sensitive to risk) Looking down at her tortured,cinched gourds under her negligee, she fancied that they reached even lower now. Maybe they really would stretch to her waist one day-maybe that was her destiny?

She was just fully relaxed and reliving the new sensations that she had experienced (that last stomach based rush was so remarkable she felt a sense of loss that it had passed) when the door opened and in strode Doctor G

“Dont get up, slut” he said thoughtfully “ I watched your webcast this afternoon and realise you must be exhausted. Dont worry, I am not here to over-exert you this evening-just to fulfil a lifelong wish that I think you can now grant”

Her interest aroused, Sarah sat up and bade him join her on the couch.

“Fetch me a drink, bitch” he barked at darcy, who came back with a tumbler of beer.

Using it to wash down two Viagra, Sarah felt a little saddened-no-one had ever needed those to fuck her before. Seeing the shock on her face, Doctor G explained

“Dont take that personally slut- I have always been interested in prolonged throat penetration-that is why I came up with the breathing portal idea. I undertook to do it for Winston on you in return for some extended throat sessions with you. I intend to sleep the night with you tonight, Sarah, and spend the whole night in your throat. I think the portal will permit that now. I dont need any input from you-in fact you are welcome to sleep through the event-I just want to experience a full 8 hours in your throat. I will drink a lot of beer, so I will have to pee in your throat, and with the help of the Viagra  I will hopefully cum several times without losing rigidity- but you can just lay there and sleep if you like-in fact after todays exertions I would recommend it.

Feeling a sudden wave of affection for this kind man, who had given her such wonderful gifts recently, she snuggled up to him and said

“ I would like that Doc- but you wont mind if Im awake to enjoy the pee and cum moments?” she teased

As the Doc snuggled back at this amazing woman whilst he waited for the Viagra to work, she surprised him still more by first thanking him in specific detail for each of her modifications, but as he drank beer after beer, by sharing with him her frustration at not being able to open her jaw wider. As his mind began to race, the Viagra kicked in and they repaired to the bedroom.

Stroking his impressive erection lovingly, Sarah placed a pillow on the Doctors stomach, and then very slowly swallowed his Viagra enhanced throbbing cock right up to his balls. Getting comfy, she purred as the doc removed her portal plug, and she settled in for 8 hours of cock worship whilst catching up on he much needed sleep.

As the slut drifted off, the Doc thoughtfully stroked the hinges of her wide open jaw, and reflected that it would indeed be advantageous if it opened more. Remembering the anatomy of a reticulated python from his college days, he reached for a marker pen and absent-mindedly drew faintly on her face, imagining where the incisions would need to be. As the plan came together, he felt his first orgasm of the night approaching, and was impressed when sensing the change in his breathing, the sleeping slut woke long enough to milk his balls dry into her greedy mouth, before slipping back into sleep as he waited for his bladder to fill.

Note to readers: is live and manned-if you want to suggest what should be tattooed on her head, then send an idea in, and if the masters approve, then you could soon be reading about Ceebert inking your design into her scalp

                                                            Chapter 23

After her night with her throat wrapped around The Doctors pole, she settled in to a routine for the few days leading up to the farm weekend. She was now totally at home with breathing through her portal- she slept much of the night that the Doctor was impaled in her esophagus, waking only when she felt his muscles tense to piss directly into her stomach, or detected the subtly different tensing which heralded his orgasm approaching, at which point she would wake enough to tease his balls with her now much more prehensile tongue until the delivery of his seed into her belly was complete. She found that many of her Masters still used her throat the old way, pulling out frequently enough for her to breathe conventionally, but for the ones who preferred prolonged penetration, she was proud that she now had the option to remove the plug and serve them in the manner they desired.

Her slut rectum was now totally acclimatised to the 98 beads that lined its first foot or so. The healing was complete, and the stretching permanent. Indeed, she found that more and more of her anal visitors were pumping her pussy inflation bulb in order to feel the beading more completely. Nowhere on her body was there a more appropriate tattoo than the one across the top of her buttocks that said “Beaded for your pleasure”

Master Winston had taken to using her anus more frequently than before since her beading, and it thrilled her that she could now accept his mighty weapon in her rectum with the same ease that most women took a regular cock in their pussy. She had taught herself to clench the muscles in her rectum to order over the last few days, and she enjoyed milking Winstons cock with her beaded anus as he remained still inside her, struggling to suppress a whimper of delight if she managed to extract a groan of pleasure from him, which she did more frequently than he would care to admit.

Ceebert started a new tattoo on her the day after the doctors overnight stay- another reader suggestion from Joe A, who seemed to be well in tune with the sluts modification, and who had many suggestions in Winston and Jays  “very possible” pile for future ink. This one was sufficiently intricate to require two sittings on successive days. Basically, Joe had requested that the legend “Cumslut” be emblazoned across the area between her collar bones on her front, just below the throat portal, but well above her breast area. Nothing remarkable or intricate there, but each letter was made up of a tiny version of the sluts body holding the position of the letter. The C saw Sarah bent  at the waist, a disembodied black cock in her mouth and anus. The U was her on her back legs skyward, anus gaping The M was depicted as a waist high image of her being taken behind by a Master as her gourds touched the ground in from of her forming the last leg of the letter. The S was her laid on her side being hosed down with four strong jets of urine. She fell to her knees with her hands at her sides, mouth open in readiness to form the L. On her back again, legs in the air, her gaping anus pouring out cum for the second U, and for the T, she stood on the breast pillory, arms stretched outright. Syringes embedded in her sagging gourds.

What took the time was the detail-each figure could be instantly identified by the tattoo work on her skin-sort of a “tattoo within a tattoo” idea. The part that the slut found most thrilling, however was that each figure was depicted with a bald head. Her Masters clearly had confidence in her ability to earn that right at the farm this weekend, just as they had clearly abandoned any attempts to make her tattoos concealable under day-to-day clothing since her portal ink was added.

Looking down in admiration as Ceebert worked on the final letter of her new and undeniably correct label, Sarah was struck by the fact that the only area on her torso that wasnt at least partly covered in ink now was her once magnificent breasts and the chest area between them. Since her titmeat was one of the principle areas of focus for her rehabilitation, she plucked up the courage and asked Master Ceebert why that area was still just lilywhite skin?

Putting down his tattoo gun, he looked long and hard at his beloved canvas before replying.

“ Dont worry, little slut- they will be inked in due course. In fact, so many good suggestions have been rolling into the “Deep inside Sarah” mailbox recently, that I have started to plan your breast tattoos. I normally work freehand as you know, but I have decided to plan you breast decoration on paper, which, when finished, can be transferred onto your skin as a template. We tattoo artists call it flash. Many of the suggestions would look good on your chest, so I have already constructed the outline, and one side is already complete, with the second well under way. The only problem is that each piece of flash is two feet long, and eighteen inches wide. The width is not an issue-your gourds when uncinched measure 18 inches in circumference. You look surprised that we are going to tattoo them as a full cylinder Sarah? You should know that we spare no attention to detail in your rehabilitation? The problem is the length. Magnificently though your gourds are stretching, they are still nowhere near two feet in length. We shall redouble our stretching efforts, and when the time comes and they reach two feet, they will both be totally tattooed, as a webcam live feed, in one sitting. The reason for the flash will then become apparent, but I cant tell you any more at this point. We had planned to tattoo your slut-nips also, but they are so dark now I dont think the ink would show. Pity really, as they are now so long they could be mistaken for cocks, so we were going to add to that illusion” He burst out laughing at that final comment, and returned to his needlework, as the slut took in the enormity of what she had just been told. Two feet long, both totally tattooed in one sitting?-that ought to frighten the hell out of her. So why was her ass-pussy spasming in rhythm with her slutnips as she considered the task ahead?

“ Dont worry about running out of space before your gourds are ready,slut” teased the tattooist “ We havent started on your arms or your lower legs yet, then theres your neck, the back of your head, and if you are a very good girl this weekend, your bald head. Just wait until you hear what Joe A has suggested for that, although nothing is finalised quite yet”

She gulped and enjoyed a mini anal orgasm at his words.

For the remainder of the week, Sarah noticed that every Master who took her anus, and there were many, pulled with increased urgency on her gourds, forever using them as handles to pull themselves deeper into her bowel. At least now she knew why, and she pulled back ever so slightly against each breast pull, just to expedite the stretching process in order to bring her breast ink that bit closer.

Finally it was Friday, and after her cleansing, and injections, Ceebert gestured to the dress bag on her bed. She was to wear this to the farm-Webmaster Jay had chosen it especially, and , as the whole time at the farm was to captured on live feed, she had to look her best. Excitedly unwrapping the bag, Sarah pulled out a white silk and satin dress, along with a troussueau of virginal white lingerie- garter belt, silk stockings, French knickers, high heels, and a headdress. They were dressing her up as a bride! -but a bride with a difference. The dress finished just below her pussy-long enough to cover it , but too short to hide either her stocking tops or her bells. The rest of the dress covered her beautiful body, fitting it like a glove, covering most of her precious ink. But the radical difference was that this gown, unlike every other wedding gown ever made, was not intended to contain her gourds. They werent the right shape to fit inside it any more, so the dress was cut to run under her udders, but not to support or contain them in any way. Instead, they hung, in their cinches, down each side of the gown. Maisy, who had been helping her dress, fussed over the gourds, adding white garters at various intervals down their length, making them look as pretty as the rest of her.  She produced some heavy gauge gold chains and ran them from the piercings in her ear lobes to the ones in the side of her nose, making her face every bit as resplendent in jewellery as her incredible slup-nips, which looked positively pornographic all framed in virginal white. Finally adding the headdress over her dreadlocks, she told her how pretty she looked.

Darcy came in, all in pink frills, scrotum swinging under its steel stretcher, carrying a tray. Blushing hugely at seeing her wife dressed ready for the altar, she offered Sarah a full pint tumbler of the special cream from the farm that she usually enjoyed in her coffee and on her cereal.

“Since youre meeting the boys who so generously keep you supplied with this stuff shortly, we felt you should fill your senses with its taste in readiness- drink the tumbler Sarah” commanded Ceebert

Without hesitation, the bridal slut raised the glass to her brown glossy lips and drank deeply, noticing not for the first time that its consistency and taste was unlike any she had so far tasted directly from source- no doubt it was different fresh?

After a few good pulls, she finished the glass, and, hearing a toot from outside, she allowed Ceebert to guide her to the door. Opening it and stepping outside, she saw on the drive, in place of the usual pimp-mobile, sat a wedding limo, complete with ribbons and the like. Leeroy sat at the wheel, and Winston held the door open for the beautiful bride. The three masters glowed with pride as their beautiful charge, now half way into her rehabilitation, walked to the car that would take her to the first day of the rest of her life.

For some time, the brothers exchanged small talk as the limo swept them out of town. Sarahs head bobbed alternately between the laps of Winson and Ceebert as they drove on, the buildings getting ever fewer and further between until they hit open fields. After a half hour or so, during which time both men had emptied their balls twice into the hungry brown lipsticked mouth, as the bridal headdress bobbed urgently in their laps, the limo signalled left, and swept up a long driveway to the magnificent farmhouse that was Master Teddyss home, and farm. Smiling at each other, they bade the slut bride sit up and observe her surroundings. Reluctantly leaving her Masters laps, she sat up and read the signage on the approach to the ranch. Teddys stud farm-Thoroughbred stallions of all lineage.  Her jaw dropped with a gasp. This was a horse stud-mares were brought here for insemination. Semen was exported for insemination. This was the farm she was destined to earn her baldness at! She felt an overpowering urge to run.

Sensing the rising fear in their slut, Winston whispered soothing words in her ear, reminding her that she trusted her black Masters implicitly, and that if they deemed the events of this weekend to be necessary to her rehabilitation, then it was with good reason. As she calmed, the limo pulled up at the entrance to the ranch, and Leroy exited and held the door open for the beautiful bride to be escorted inside. As she did so, the bridal march sounded up from inside the main reception area, and, as Winston proudly led their slut into the room, she saw an all black congregation, mostly faces that she knew from servicing them either at the house or the café. Roger from the pet store was there, which sent a shiver down her spine. Some new faces also filled the seats, and cameras were placed discretely at intervals around the room, as the heat from the lights reminded her that this was going out live to her paying public the world over. At the makeshift altar stood Master Teddy, resplendent in morning suit, his bald head gleaming in the light. Next to him stood Webmaster Jay, dressed as a priest.

As Winston led her down the makeshift aisle, Sarah though idly that she must be the first “bride” to be presented at the altar with her tits hanging open and exposed, dressed for the occasion in their own garters, at either side of her gown.

As she reached the altar. And took her place beside Teddy, she suddenly felt at ease with the situation, especially when she heard Teddys voice tell her how lovely she looked. That voice had always had a hypnotic effect on her.

The music stopped, and Webmaster Jay stepped forward

“Beloved brothers, we are gathered here today to witness the marriage of black cock slut Sarah to the whole concept of serving black masters unquestionably. To witness the slut, by the receiving of a ring, undertake to complete the rehabilitation from pointless white bauble to dedicated black cock pleasure giver, thus achieving the role in life she was surely born for. To renounce her worldly goods by the act of freely giving up the hair on her head.; to demonstrate her devotion to black cock by becoming the first white slut ever to receive, and in full view of the congregation and the internet, to accept the mighty cock of the her groom, representing black men everywhere, in her slut anus. To then with equal relish service fully the needs of the twenty best men who are at the moment unable to join us at the altar.

Who giveth away this slut?”

“I do” boomed Winston.

Let the groom, representing the whole concept of black cock, step forward.

The mighty Teddy stood to his full height , dwarfing the virginal bride.

“ Do you, Master Teddy, take this once worthless white slut as a deserving bride to black cock every where? Do you promise to keep her, nurture her, and sustain her as a black cock whore, providing whatever she needs to complete her rehabilitation, as long as you both shall live?” asked  Master Jay, in his best vicarly voice.

“I do” boomed the reply

“ Do you, white slut Sarah, take the whole genre of black cock servitude for your husband, to honor and obey the concept, to serve unquestionably as long as you both shall live?”

Stunned by the surreal situation, but turned on by Teddys proximity and her now undeniably Pavlovian need to obey, she simply nodded her pretty dreadlocked head, and  said “ I do”

“ Who has the ring?” asked Jay

Ceebert walked forward holding a cushion on which lay a massive gold ball closure ring fully four inches in diameter, and a foot long, 4mm spinal needle.

“I do” replied Ceebert, looking somewhat apologetically at the slut bride, whos eyes were now open in horror.

“Just as a bride wears a ring on her left hand, so a black cock bride will wear this ring in her left breast” announced Jay, as Ceebert lifted her cinched gourd and, moving the garter at the nipple end to one side, he swabbed the tit flesh either side of, but behind the massive black cock-nipple that stood proudly to attention atop the heavily pierced aureola. The ring was to pass right through her breast, behind the slutnip altogether- an actual tit piercing, rather than a nipple one.

As Sarahs head swam, Ceebert brandished the massive needle, and waited Jays prompt.

Following his instructions, Teddy repeated the lines

“ With this ring, black Masters everywhere wed this slut” at which point Ceebert thrust the needle firmly through the gourd, and the bride screamed in pain as it emerged from the other side

“ This ring will symbolize the ownership of this slut by black men everywhere, to have, hold and enjoy at will” continued Jay, as Ceebert fed the horseshoe sized ring through her mutilated gourd, and the unbelievable pain started slowly, and rather predictably, to turn into pleasure as the slut bride gasped and panted as her anal spasms rose in strength as Ceebert fed the ring through the hole, staunching the small bleed with a cauterising stick before applying superglue to the threads of the small allen key screw that locked the half inch closure ball in place, making her wedding ring truly forever.

Looking down at her new ring, shining brightly against her white robe, Sarah was suddenly overcome with the beauty of the whole scene…they had gone to all this to make her, a previously worthless slut, their bride. She had earned this, and she glowed with pride as Jay announced

“ I now pronounce you Master and wife- you may ass-fuck the bride”

Upon hearing this, Teddy swept his bride up in her arms, carried her to the makeshift altar, and lay her face down on it. He had waited all his life to find a woman who could take his staggering weapon anally, and, as her ripped the silk panties away and her tattooed anus gaped obscenely, he knew that this little white slut- his new bride, was up to the challenge.

Unbuttoning his pants, he allowed the cameras to get in close to capture the moment his trouser meat, already fully erect, sprang loose. To collective gasps the world over, the internet was treated to its first view of probably the largest human cock on the planet. The beads that sub-dermally lined the length of his shaft shone in the lighting, as the cock ring at the end glinted evilly. Wanting to maximise the visuals, Jay and Winston both produced knives, and, as Teddy approached his bride, they slit the back of her wedding robe so that it tumbled to the floor around the altar, leaving the slut clad only in headdress, garters stockings and heels. As the blaze of mulicolored filth on her back was revealed, the audience slowly realised that the unfeasibly large weapon that was just entering the whores anus was the very same one that was inked in such wonderful detail in mirrors image on her back.

Now beside herself with lust, the searing pain in her wedding-gourd now forgotten, she relaxed her anus completely and felt the head of Teddys cock burst through her anal sphincter, filling it like never before. So relaxed and trained was her anus, that it simply opened up and swallowed Teddy, gripping his beads with beads of its own, as it welcomed inch after inch of this incredible organ deep into her bowel. Her head span-never had her beads been so stimulated, never had anything made of flesh been this deep inside her-not even Paulas arm the floodgates opened, the pain in her tits became pleasure as Teddy heaved on her cinches-titworld merged with ass world, as she spiralled into a super-orgasm that she had always known was just over the horizon, but had never expected to reach. A sudden empty feeling at the base of her stomach hinted that she had sexual centres still to be developed, as she became a different person, a stranger, screaming and howling her pleasure, begging her “husband” to rape his brides slut anus harder, calling out to gods she didnt recognize her devotion to black cock everywhere if her would just fuck her ass a bit deeper and harder. As Teddys balls slammed against her tattooed butt, he realised his dream had been achieved- his massive trunk was fully inside a slut-and a pretty white one at that-his bride, black men everywheres bride- and the pleasure became simply too much, and he roared into his orgasm just as the bride passed out in delirium as the first wad of his load hosed her bowel wall.

As Teddy regained his composure, he lifted his bride off her front, and gently lay her on her back, as Leeroy appeared with the feeder plug and, as the cameras recorded all the time, she was plugged ready to drink her wedding seed.

It was fully five minutes before the newly wed regained consciousness. As she came to, the congregation broke into spontaneous applause, as she took the offered tube and drank her husbands essence directly from her body.

When she was empty, Ceebert put his cushion on the floor, and gestured to the bride to kneel of it.

Kneeling obediently, Sarah felt something big was imminent, as Teddy spoke.

“ You have pleased me greatly, my slut wife. The first stage of your rehabilitation will shortly be over. To reward you, I am going to grant one of your dearest wishes” he boomed, and produced a pair of scissors. Reaching down and removing her bridal headdress, he picked up the first of her many dreadlocks and snipped. As it fell away, he handed it to Lennie, a friend of his who had appeared out of the congregation. Lennie was a rope maker-he knew what to do.

Instinctively, Sarah whispered “Thank you Master” as the dreadlock fell away, and indeed she thanked him each time he snipped one until, ten minutes later they were gone, all that remained of her glorious blonde mane was stubble-like maize after the harvest.

“Now the good part, Slut” teased her husband- you need to start begging.

As Leroy appeared with some electric clippers and handed them to Teddy, she heard them buzz, and asked him “Please raze me master?”

“What was that slut? I didnt hear?” teased the groom

“Please raze your slut bride bald, Master” she shouted, meaning every word, craving to feel the steel on her scalp, and as he ran the buzzing clippers across her skull, making her smooth, tears of genuine joy ran down her cheeks.

As he finished, she thanked him over and over between sobs for his gift, and as the web audience watched him apply shaving cream and run a cutthroat razor expertly across her pate, making her scalp as shiny as her husbands was, Lennie finished weaving the last of her dreadlocks onto the tail that he now set about attaching to the three inch wide black buttplug that was their new home.

When Teddy had finished shaving his bride, and her sobbing of thanks had abated, Ceebert appeared, and Sarah looked at him in anticipation-but he carried no tattoo gun. Looking at Teddy quizzically, he explained to the still kneeling bald slut-

“ Ah-you are looking for your scalp tattoo? Such a dedicated, good slut bride.  Unfortunately, you still have one more task to perform before you can earn the right to have whatever your public have voted for tattooed forever on your skull. You have to fuck the best men- as you may remember Jay including in the marriage vows? Are you ready to fuck all twenty of your best men Sarah? He boomed.

As she nodded her acquiescence, still sobbing too much to talk, he said “ then stand on the altar so that Jay may prepare you for your nuptials”

Confused, the beautiful bald bride stood on the altar, as the congregation and audience looked on, and her confusion grew as Jay pulled a key from round his neck, and used it to unlock the padlock that held the escutcheon in place across her closed pussy. Hinging the plate back, making her bells tinkle, he threaded the chain back through the many eyes pierced in her labia. He then withdrew the escutcheon, pulled out the inflation bladder, and finally remover the catheter from her urethra. Her pussy was now as open as nature intended, and Sarah did not like the feeling at all. Having it closed gave her comfort and security in the knowledge that her anus was her black publics right of passage. This felt odd. As she was trying to work it out, Lennie appeared and , after a nod from Teddy, he swiftly plugged her still gaping bridal hole with the buttplug, now sporting a magnificent two foot tail made from her blond hair.

Now her ass was plugged, and her pussy was open…but that didnt make sense. As if reading her mind, Teddy explained

“We promised you that no mans cock would ever penetrate your pussy again slut, and we meant it.- but we didnt say no cocks at all! Its time to meet your best men, my lovely tattooed bald slut bride.”

                                                Chapter 24

As Sarah exited the main reception area to begin her “honeymoon”, the select members of the congregation who had either been invited, or had paid handsomely to watch the remaining nuptials followed the slut as Teddy led her, still clad in her bridal hosiery, garters and heels, down the corridor towards the stud farm area. The visual effect of her tail swinging as her hips undulated, coupled with the myriad of colourful filth on her back and her now gleaming bald pate made a stirring sight indeed as the procession headed toward the stable block. Two of the brothers carried hand-held cameras to capture the action that didnt take place in the areas that had fixed apparatus.

As Teddy led his bride round the final corner to the stable block, Sarahs nostrils flared as she picked up the scent of the inmates that awaited her, making her gold face chains tremble.

“Meet the boys who have been supplying you with your cream all these months, slut” announced Teddy with a grin, as Sarah was confronted with a row of ten High Tech stalls on either side of a rubberised walkway. The lighting was bright, and twenty long faces looked inquisitively through the bars of their enclosures, hoping that people arriving meant food was imminent.

“Here we have some of Americas finest bloodstock, my slut bride. You see before you everything from sprinters to long distance athletes, all from blue blood lines and highly paid for their services, either by artificial insemination by post, or by in-person covering of the mare in the breeding room which we will visit next. Owners of brood mares pay handsomely for the juice from my twenty inmates-your “best men”- but for you on your honeymoon its all free! These stallions are so fertile that they produce more semen than we can sell-hence the generous pitchers that I have been sending to you for weeks now. Why dont you introduce yourself to each one down the isle, before you meet them on a one-to-one basis over the course of the weekend?”

Slack-jawed in horror, the beautiful tattooed bride nervously patted the first one on the nose, as the enormity of the situation sank in. Her happiness at finally having earned her baldness, and her pride at her lovely tail that hung behind her knees, reminding her of her achievement, had evaporated with the realisation that her honeymoon would involve her entertaining twenty stallions. As she nervously moved on to the second long nose, Teddys soothing voice reminded her that this was the happiest day of her life, and that her rehabilitation demanded that she complete this task, relaxing a little, she fussed a little over the third, as Teddy reminded her how shed bonded with the snakes, and how intimate she felt with Master Brutus. As his giant hand caressed her wedding ring, which had so savagely pierced four inches of her lily-white tit-meat not long ago, she gasped at the soreness of it, and was instantly lost in the erotica of what now adorned her left gourd. Enjoying the spasms of a mini-orgasm deep in her ass-pussy, she met the rest of the stallions with enthusiasm, noting how affectionate and undaunting they actually were stood docilely in their stalls. She hoped they would remain so when presented with her pussy later.

After she made a fuss of the twentieth, Teddy led her away along the rubber walk until they reached a very state-of-the-art room brightly lit, all decked out in hardwood and stainless steel. In the centre of the room stood a half height funnel shaped cage-like affair with anchor points for ropes along each side-clearly designed to restrain a horse- “The mare, whilst it was fertilised”, explained Teddy

Behind the cage stood a full height safety cage designed to contain but not restrict the stallion, with access either side for the stallion lad to assist with entry if required. Smiling as his bride trembled, he explained

“Dont panic, little slut- this apparatus is designed to contain half ton mares, not 120 pound brides. We have built something special for you”

As he spoke, four stable hands dismantled the mare cage, and wheeled in something that resembled a leather hammock-slung between two hefty poles, with a safety cage above that would clearly support a stallions front legs. At the open end of the hammock were leather slings and straps clearly designed to hold the legs up and apart for ease of access.

“This has been custom made for you, little slut” he continued. You will have ten minutes with each stallion to tease him a little and show him you really want him, after which you will be laid on your back and strapped into the mating sling. The stallion lad will then apply a lubricant that contains mares hormones, and the mating will take place. You are permitted to cum at will. After each mating, you will be allowed to rest until you are ready for the next, and so on. You can break to sleep or eat whenever you wish- all that we require is that by Sunday afternoon you have known all of your best men intimately. At that point, the audience will decide by internet vote whether you have earned the scalp tattoo that Ceebert has already drafted out for you. I will see you on Sunday, my little slut bride-enjoy”

Stunned into silence, Sarah simply nodded her head in deference to her Master/Husband. The audience, unbeknown to Sarah, took their seats behind a one way glass viewing screen, the fixed cameras blinked into life as Webmaster Jay took his place at the control console, leaving Sarah with just the stallion lad, two heavily muscled black stable lads, and that sling!

After a few minutes, the barn door opened and in strode the first beast- a magnificent chestnut who, the lad leading it explained, was bred to produce stamina.” Well save the sprinters until youre a little more relaxed, slut” explained the lad “They are a bit more fizzy. Tying the stallions halter to a rail, he said  “ You have ten minutes to be nice to him” and with that they all exited, leaving her alone with her “best man”

Not quite sure what to do, she approached him, vulnerably naked in just her hose and heels. Looking furtively between his legs, she thought of her scalp tattoo, and how much she craved it, and resolved to earn it-she was going to have to do this whether she liked it or not, so why not do her best to enjoy the experience?  Dropping nervously to her knees, she crawled carefully between the great beasts legs so that his cock was at eye level, Reaching out gingerly, her little white hand touched the leathery skin of his sheath, and her fingers began to nervously massage it. As if answering a knock at the door, the head of his great weapon emerged from the sheath, and Sarah gasped- it was a slightly lighter purple that her Masters helmets, but a much different shape-more like a mushroom that a helmet. Fascinated, she teased the sheath some more, and the beasts cock continued to emerge. When enough of the shaft was exposed, Sarah wrapped her slender fingers around it, unable by some margin to touch her fingers together. The cock was massive in girth-probably an inch wider than Teddys , but the length! -it kept emerging from the sheath, until well over a foot was visible. Intimidated, but undeniably aroused by facing a weapon that was at least the equal of her husbands, she dropped her bald head and at the same time lifted the mighty shaft towards her heavily brown lipglossed mouth, which automatically opened in adoration. Quickly realising that she could not fit that mushroom in her moth, she kissed and licked it, savouring the salty, primal taste, before running her pierced tongue up and down the shaft, teasing more of it out of the sheath like a snake charmer encourages a cobra out of its basket. Amazingly, in response to her oral expertise, the cock kept growing until both her hands were required to lift it to her mouth. Beside herself with excitement, but also terrified at the thought of the damage that shaft could do her, she wished again that he mouth would open wide enough to take that mighty mushroom in her mouth and milk him of his precious fluid as only she could. At that point, the lads returned-her ten was up, and she was to be prepared. As she let go of the prodigious weapon, she noted that  the mushroom now swung only a foot from the ground-that must be two foot of horse meat that protruded from his sheath.

As she trembled at the fear of being ruptured, the two muscle lads led her surprisingly tenderly towards the sling, and lay her in it. They applied a waist strap, buckling it tightly, and then raised her legs vertically above her and strapped them firmly into the leather stirrups that had been made to measure for the occasion. Her legs formed a “Y” like an obscene catapult as she was fastened in the wide open position, her tail butt-plug framed perfectly by her anal tattoo, and her grommetted flaps lay gaping, ready to receive whatever traffic was required, her mating bell hung down past her flaps and alongside the stem of her tail. As a final act of restriction, her cinched gourds, which lay either side of her chest under her armpits were strapped tightly together, under the hammock, so that they nearly joined behind her back, and any attempt to sit up simply stretched them painfully.

Now immobile, she felt the stallion lad apply a cold, slippery ointment to her pussy, working it professionally inside her vagina as well as all around her grommeted labia. When done, he attached some small elastic straps with hooks at either end to each of her labial grommets, and stretched each strap back to a corresponding eye on the frame. As one by one the elastic of the straps took the strain, her flaps were held open like a flower in full bloom. Her cunt was presented open, lubed, and ready for use. It was impossible for her to be made any more available.

The lad stepped back, his work done, and she heard the sound of a ratchet being turned, and chains raised the sling to the right height-about 3 foot from the ground. It was then winched forward, so that the sluts body lay under the protective structure so that the horses weight was kept from her. Then silence, apart from the clop of hooves on the floor, as the mighty stallion was led forward. He remained docile as he was tethered in his crush, unaware of what to expect, but then the scent of the hormones reached him. Eyes bulging, his cock firmed to a two foot rigid pole, as the veins on its surface bulged. He reared and pawed the air, before his hooves clattered on the protective cage, as the terrified slut watched helplessly. The stallion lad, used to such displays of testosterone, expertly guided the massive cock to the obscenely gaping vagina with his gloved hand. As soon as it touched her meat, he let some slack on the belly rope, and the great beast plunged his cock into the waiting bride. Her pussy, having not been penetrated for months, but kept fairly pliable by the inflation bladder that was now increasingly used to give anal feel, parted with surprising ease, and, aided by the lubricant, the mushroom shaped head vanished into the pierced orifice accompanied by three inches of shaft. Keen not to let her have too much until her pussy stretched to meet him, the stallion lad controlled the depth of the thrusts with his waist rope as the stallion urgently plumbed this warm and inviting cave. Sarah gasped at the shock of this sudden and unfamiliar intrusion, but quickly adjusted to the thrusts, and slowly but surely a warm familiar feeling started in her clitoris-an area she had not heard from for a while. As the beast plumbed on, the stallion lad gradually let out more and more rope until eight inches of the equine cock was embedded in her. DoctorG had advised that the human vagina could seldom cope with more that ten inches, so they kept it at eight for now-it was only her first best man, after all.

Relaxing enough to accommodate eight inches of stallion meat, she responded to his thrusts now by pushing back, trying to make it good for both of them her breathing became heavier, and she remembered Teddys words-cum at will. Now getting right into the whole experience, she let the clitoral pleasure wash over her as she focussed on her first orgasm at the hands of her best men. Just as she felt it close, she realised something was missing. There was no anal spasms-her ass-pussy wasnt talking to her. She even felt an emptiness in her stomach where she had derived such unexpected pleasure at the hands of the pyloric dildo. The vaginal/clitoral spasms were wonderful-she loved them, but they werent sending her over the edge. Desperate to cum now; as the stallion grew more urgent as his explosion was near, she reached for her slut-nips. A good squeeze on each, especially the recently pierced one, would send her into titworld and give her what she craved….But she couldnt reach them, strapped behind her back as they were. Gasping with frustration, she tried to thrust back at the stallion cock, as she heard him whinny loudly and felt an explosion of heat as his scalding horse-jizz hosed down her cervix. Crying with frustration as her orgasm remained just out of reach, she felt the beast withdraw. A cascade of cum poured out into the receptacle beneath her as he withdrew- cum that she had enjoyed in her coffee and over her cereal before today. She felt bereft-her equine best man had honoured her with the greatest of gifts and she had not had the courtesy to orgasm. Her Masters would be disappointed- her audience wouldnt vote for her tattoo! She cried tears of frustration as the beast was led away. Deep down she knew the problem- she was an anal girl now-throat and anus, throat and anus…Teddys words came back to her. Their effect on her had been total-she was now so brainwashed that she could only cum when stimulated where she had been trained to respond! As her sobs abated, she realised that this was a sign that her training had worked-she had been fully rehabilitated anally, and her oral credentials were improving all the time- maybe they would still be proud of her, and she resolved to make the other 19 best men as happy as she was capable of, regardless of her own pleasure.

Thus the weekend went. She entertained three more that evening before requesting sleep. Each time she enjoyed strong clitoro-vaginal sensations, but could never quite get over that last hill and cum herself.

As Ceebert removed her tail plug for her morning cleansing, she explained to him how she had felt during the couplings, and as he gave her the breast injections she was now addicted to, he soothed her fears, saying rather pointedly, that everything happened for a reason. Was he trying to tell her something?

Reassured, she took on ten stallions that day, her pussy getting looser and looser, and her orgasm staying just out of reach.

As she woke on the Sunday, ready to entertain the final six, her sense of frustration was growing- she wanted to please her Masters, and therefore her best men; and she wanted approval from her viewing public, but she was a slut-she knew that now. She was born to cum, and it was not doing her duty to fail to do so-her rehabilitation demanded that she cum as often as possible. She felt a plot forming.

As the stallion lad greased her up for her first visitor of the morning, she asked him if she could try one in the ass. Looking astonished, the lad shook his head “No woman alive can take a horse anally, slut-besides, this is your destiny-pussy for horses,, urethra for white men ass for everyone else”.

As she received the sprinters cock in her slut pussy, she felt thrusts were more urgent than the others, and remembered being told that sprinters were more highly strung. Maybe she could get off on this one? Thrusting back at his ten-inch thrusts, she got even closer, her clit throbbing fit to burst, but still not quite.

Each new stallion that was brought to her, she asked more urgently, and then begged the stallion lad to unplug her ass for him. Each time she was refused, and each time Teddy, Winston and Jay grinned wider. They couldnt believe it. This was what they had hoped for, but hadnt really believed that anyones transformation could be so total. As she screamed her frustration as the nineteenth stallion emptied his mighty balls into her now cavernous pussy, and the load spilled into the ubiquitous collection vessel, they knew they were on a winner.

As webmaster Jay cut the webcam broadcast, and invited his members to pay an extra fee to witness the finale live, the fees poured in as the public knew they were about to witness something quite remarkable. Winston got on the intercom to the stallion lad and told him to take five and report to the studio.

As the twentieth and final stallion was led in, it was not, unbeknown to the slut bride, one of the twenty she had met in the barn. Even Sarah couldnt take a sprinters cock in her ass. This was a non-thoroughbred that Teddy had brought in especially, just in case things panned out as they looked like they were about to. He was a cob, who sported a cock about Teddys size, but many inches longer. He was a star in the porno industry, and well used to womens pussys. But he had never had ass, and subsequently no-one had ever taken his full length.

As the stallion lad went to lube her for the final time, she screamed in frustration “Please take this plug out of my ass and let me have him properly-Ill do anything!”

Feigning submission, he told her shes get him into trouble, but on her head be it. He removed the elastic straps so that her cunt no longer was spread open, and unceremoniously unplugged her ass. Gasping with relief that she was now properly available, she barely noticed him lubing her anus, as she panted and thrust her slut asshole at the horse, who was now ready and rearing in the crush. Using his gloved hand to guide the beast for the first time into an anus, the lad watched in marvel as the brides sphincter opened as if by magic, and swallowed the mushroom as if it were second nature. Remembering Winstons instructions to gradually let the rope out until she had the full length available, he gradually fed the ravenous slut horse cock, watching in awe as her rectum swallowed inch after inch of it, her moaning and spasming getting loader and more urgent as her ass-pussy approached super-nova. On a cue from Jay, the two muscle lads approached the sling with the whips they used to control the stallions if required. As the stallion lad finally let the rope go and the cob was afforded no limit access to the heavenly anus, they started whipping her gourds underneath the sling, and Sarah, feeling titworld beckoning, thrust her hips against the cob and, with a scream took the full twenty inches of horse cock all the way into the very deepest part of her colon. She vaguely remembered wishing she had something plumbing the depths of her stomach as she passed out.

The audience went wild, clapping and cheering behind the one-way glass. The internet approval ratings went off the scale, and when Jay asked for the vote on her skull tattoo, the result was a 100% YES.

The lads unstrapped the unconscious slut, and carried her through to a guest bedroom, where she was allowed to sleep for an hour. She then took a well earned shower, ate a hearty lunch, feeling an air of approval all around her.

Rested, fed and cleaned, she was led naked, tail replaced, to the main auditorium where the makeshift altar and other church regalia had been removed. Her audience were all seated, and on the stage where the webcams were set up, stood Ceebert, with his tattoo equipment. There was no chair, just a tin bath like they used to wash in front of the fire before proper plumbing. Teddy , Jay and Winston stood proudly next to him. Gesturing to the slut to kneel in the bath, Teddy spoke.

“My little slut bride. You honeymoon is over. You have performed well. We hoped your anal dependency would shine through at the end and you did not disappoint. Part one of your rehabilitation is now complete, and we are going to mark it in the literal sense of the word. The internet has spoken, and you have earned the maximum ink on offer for your new baldness. Like the ink on your back, you will not know what sits on the top of your skull, nor do you need to. You will, however, enjoy seeing in the mirror the garland that surrounds it. This ink, like all the rest, has been chosen by your viewing public, and reflects their approval of your progress. The ink will take about two hours, after which you will be taken home for one last surprise. To keep you warm while Ceebert works, we have a final gift from your best men”

With that, the stable lads appeared carrying pitchers that gave off steam. Pouring them over the kneeling slut to peals of applause, she felt herself immersed in the seed of twenty stallions that had passed through her body. The jizz had been warmed to a comfortable temperature, and felt wonderful. As Ceebert applied a liberal coat of “Nair” to her head to prevent hair regrowth whilst the tattoo healed and shaving was impractical, she felt an immense sense of well being flood over her. As the tattoo gun bit into her scalp, she again cried tears of joy, as well as enjoying anal spasms at the pain, as Ceebert carefully drew a garland of corn snakes around her head, finishing above each  eyebrow rather like a Roman Emporers  laurel crown. Once the intricate “crown of snakes” was complete, he had her incline her head toward hmi and he added the detail to the top of her head that she would never see. He drew, in startlingly realistic detail, three cocks, the heads of which met in the middle. One was unmistakably Teddys, one Brutuss , and the third, with its classic mushroom head, could belong to any one of twenty. Each cock was ejaculating, the fluid forming a communal pool at the very center of Sarahs head. As Ceebert inked it, the stable lads ladled the warm jizz over her slender tattooed shoulders to keep her warm.

It was late that evening when Sarah, clad in a Victorias secret negligee that had been a parting gift from the ranch, arrived back at the marital home. As the dizzily pink Darcy gasped in horror at her head, Brutus padded softly up to her and licked her body lovingly. Maisy fed her and fixed her a drink, before DoctorG arrived to check her over. Leading her upstairs, she noticed much of the regalia from the house was already packed, as if they were moving. Looking surprised, she asked the good doctor, who simply explained that this was to be her last night in her marital home. Tomorrow she moved on in every sense.

After checking her pussy and ass for damage, and finding them both fine, although somewhat looser that last time he looked. Satisfied, he refitted her catheter, inflation bladder and bulb, and then laced her pussy together, possibly for the last time, before locking the escutcheon in place. With a sigh of relief, the newlywed slut realised her anal exclusivity had been restored. As he deftly removed her throat plug, Sarah thanked the Doctor as only she could, by swallowing his rod whole, and settling down with her mouth on his pubic bone for the night.

This completes part one of Sarahs tale. She will return quite soon in part 2-Deep Inside Sarah.

If you can tell fantasy from reality, and want to keep up with her adventures, please read part 2.

No animals were harmed in the writing of this tale!

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