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Sarah under Control

Part 16

Waking abruptly to the sound of the alarm, Sarah felt like she had only been asleep for moments, and was startled to see that it had been a good four hours. She had expected to wake feeling ravenously hungry after 24 hours of liquids only, but she had consumed so much cum last evening that she only felt mildly peckish. Indeed, her Masters seemed to have found the strength of many that previous evening, and even after swallowing all they had to offer her throat throughout her perpetual spit-roasting, she had been amazed to find a copious amount  (well over a cupful) still in her anus when she sucked it dry through her feeding plug just before sleepytime. As she padded softly to the bathroom to begin her ablutions, she was a little alarmed to note that her enema plugs were such a loose fit in her still gaping anus that she genuinely wondered if they would hold her cleansing fluids in long enough to be effective. She clenched hard and made a mental note to ask Master Winston about this. It was her duty to be as wide as they deemed fit, and continence was not an issue since she was always emptied manually- it was simply that she was terrified that her ass-pussy would become too slack for them to enjoy her properly. As her trio of enemas was completed, she opened the tap on her catheter and was again troubled to see that there was blood in the discharge. Only to be expected after being pisshole fucked, even if it was only with Darcys clit she reasoned, and went to shower herself clean for the day. As she showered, Winston and Ceebert let themselves in, and went directly upstairs.

Exiting the shower, the sluts face lit up as she saw her Masters, and knelt enthusiastically before them. Bidding her to stand, Ceebert busied herself with her breast injections, the mere imminence of which caused her cookies to swell, her teats to become more erect, and her poor battered ass-pussy to gape still wider. As she moaned and groaned her pleasurable way through her medicine and invenomation, Winston produced a diaphanous silk dress so flimsy it was hardly there. It was a vivid tribal print on a cream cloth, which would have been quite breathtakingly lovely had the silk not been so transparent.

“Mr McHugh will learn today that we decide how our slut is presented, and it is his honor to be part of our decision. To bolster this concept, you are going on display today, Sarah”, he announced. As Ceebert finished her injections, he produced a large gold hoop, and offered it to her nose.

“Your septum ring is far too discrete for a slut” he explained, as Ceebert expertly removed the original, small one, and fed the new one through her healed hole. It was so large it hung over her top lip! He then threaded two small gold chains over the hoop before inserting the ball to close it, and threaded the fine chains across her face to join her ear lobe piercings. Her nose was linked by chain to her ears, and she had to admit it looked and felt sensational- Mac would freak, but she trusted the bald giant to deal with it, and relaxed in her new enhanced femininity. Once done, she was made to lay on her bed, and Ceebert produced four more of the spring loaded stretchers that already pushed her vertical cookie bars apart, stretching them ever further across her chest. “ your new horizontal barbells are healed now Sarah- time to stretch your cookie meat vertically, so that those lovely slut-nips dont end up oval” explained Ceebert as he eased the springs into place and Sarah felt her recently invenomated and thus highly sensitive cookies stretch up and down. Gasping in pleasure at the new sensations, Sarah looked in the mirror. Her cookies now almost fully occupied her splendid breasts, and with their now deep brown color, looked wonderfully African and highly erotic. All the many metal mods in her slutnips glinted in the light, and she thought warmly that she could now no longer hide her breast mods if she took to wearing a sports bar!

“In order to display you to maximum effect today, slut, all you will wear today under this most flimsy of dresses is a pair of very sheer hold-ups. The dress is haut couture, and well designed. It is totally see-through in places, but strategically placed patterns in the pubic area give you just enough modesty to prevent you from getting arrested. A really close look may just give away your “no-entry” sign, especially as it is a sunny day today, but the remainder of your tattoos, and indeed your breast mods will range from being totally to partially visible. Make fullest use of the extra space around your eyes that Ceeberts eyebrow tattoos have afforded you; heavier than ever on the lipgloss, and then come down for breakfast before we drive you to work. Today, you will be fashionably late” stated Winston with authority, and the two men went downstairs to await her.

Sat at the breakfast bar, Winston heard movement down the corridor, and saw a bleary eyed, half awake Darcy shuffling to the kitchen , now in a pink shortie nightie that he had finally managed to catch an hours sleep in long after they had left the previous evening.

“Morning Darcy dear”, teased Winston, and patted her ass as she passed.

“Good morning Masters”, replied a respectful and cowed cuckold, who had clearly learned more from last night than they realised.

“Make coffee for us all, Darcy, and prepare waffles and eggs for your slut sister before she joins us-she had a hard night and needs feeding up” instructed Ceebert, both surprised and disgusted at how quickly this wimp had slipped into subservient womanhood.

As Darcy busied herself in the kitchen Sarah came down, and the two brothers gasped audibly as the flimsy showed almost all of her spectacular body to anyone who cared to look. Darcy simply gaped.

“Darcy will take over breakfast duties from now on, slut-just tell her what you need “ explained Winston.

“So she should. It is correct that real men use clit-dicked little girls to serve them” snapped a waspish Sarah, still pissed at her for her bleeding urethra, and her total disregard for the pain inflicted last night in achieving her ridiculous little orgasm.

Ignoring Darcy for the rest of the meal, Sarah and her Masters took breakfast together. Determined to continue with Darcys humiliation, Sarah decided to discuss her ever-widening anus with Winston whilst she was in the room. Darcy blushed profusely and tried to hide her erect clit under her nightie as Winston chuckled and explained that her asshole wasnt through stretching yet, and would go a way wider yet. He reassured her that they had a plan to ensure their continued enjoyment of her rectum regardless of how wide it went, and; intrigued, excited and reassured; she relaxed on the subject.

Handing Darcy a “Deep Inside Sarah” Mastercard with her name proudly emblazoned on it, Winston told her to go shopping today, and to be beautiful when they returned Sarah that evening.  That done they ushered the overpoweringly beautiful slut out to the pimpmobile, and as Ceebert drove, Winston enjoyed the expertise of her throat, enjoying the kiss of her face chains against his pubic area as he dumped another load into her belly just as they pulled up outside the office. As Sarah went to exit the car, Winston motioned to her to hold on, and from the glovebox in the back seat, he pulled out a soft pink collar similar to her mating one, but without the bell. In place of the  bell, the letters BCC were emblazoned in gold.

“You will find that taking a long lunch wont be a problem from today, slut. Report to Ceebert at the parlor at 12-he needs to do some tattoo work ahead of tonights webcast. I will pick you up at 5, and well go home for an hour before going back to the parlor for transmission. You go live at 8, its a one hour show tonight” Winston boomed.

Buckling in round her bowed neck, Winston then clipped a steel link leash to the collar, and as one they exited the pimpmobile, and fifteen minutes late, Sarah walked on the leash behind her Master up the stairs and through the office, past gawping staff, to her desk, where he unclipped her leash. He opened her mouth by squeezing her cheeks, and slowly, masterfully, parked a large dollop of spit on her tongue, which he then told her to swallow before kissing her goodbye. Rolling her eyes in ecstasy as she swallowed, Paula watched in awe as Sarah bade her master farewell and sat down at her desk, face draped in chains, and acted as if she was just a regular girl, not a heavily modified slut in a dress that left zero to the imagination.

Leaving Sarahs office, Winston walked through to Macs kiosk, and , without knocking, burst in. As Mac gawped and fumbled for the phone to call security, Winston placed a huge black hand and slowly, but deliberately lifted the overweight faggot off his feet and into the air. Pushing him against the wall, he slowly and calmly explained how the slut was their property, and the fact that she worked for him weekdays was a privelege he should treasure. He should encourage her rehab with enthusiasm, and afford her every courtesy and bend rules to accommodate her unusual schedule. Nodding in compliance, Mac quickly learnt how things were to be, and, a few minutes later, as Winston lowered him to the floor and left, Sarahs position at the insurance office suddenly became very cushy indeed.

As he left, Winston took a detour through the open plan part of the office and walked up to an open mouthed Paula. Handing her a card, he instructed “Call me-soon”, and smiled to himself as she whispered “Yes Master” as he exited.

Watching her Master leave, Sarah felt a sudden wave of confidence, and, after a few minutes, plucked up courage and found a flimsy excuse to go and see Mac. With the whole office watching her fabulously decorated body undulating under the nearly transparent silk dress that clung to her every curve, she knocked on his door and went in.

“Oh Sarah-hi”  he blustered “Have a seat”

As she sat, making a big show of smoothing the silk wrap around her tattooed ass, she showed him the figures she had come to discuss, knowing full well that the points she was making were self evident. As Mac made a show of answering as politely as he could, she rose to leave, and, smoothing her dress around her hips, asked cheekily “ “How do I look today?” hiding his revulsion at her near nakedness….was that a no-entry sign on her pubic mound?...and what the fuck was all that steelwork on her chest?...and why did she appear to have two brown Frisbees under her dress?…. he stammered “Yes, very nice. I am sorry I was so harsh yesterday. You look just fine”

Seizing the advantage, she continued teasingly “ it doesnt show too much of my tattoos?…or my piercings?”

“Um..nooo ,its just fine” he blurted.

“Oh good” cooed the slut. “Are my face piercings acceptable like this? My Masters like me to wear African style jewellery.”

“Yes, yes…all fine” he conceded with as much enthusiasm as he could muster.

“Oh good, they will be pleased. Do you like my new collar? The BCC stands for Black Cock Slut” she added, playing her trump card with confidence.

As he stammered that it was very nice, she knew she had him where she wanted him.

“Thanks Mac-glad you like it. Oh, I shall be late back from lunch today…gotta get some more ink” she instructed as she flounced out, knowing that life just got easy.

Mac dumped his head in his hands and realised that he just lost control of his office.

On her way back to her desk, she passed old George, whose eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw how she was dressed.

“Good morning, slut Sarah- dont you look just fine today?” he said with enthusiasm. Feeling affection for this distinguished old man who earned his living cleaning up after ignorant white folk, she stopped to chat to him.

“Why thank-you, Sir. Master Winston had a quick word with Mac this morning, and he seems a lot easier about how I dress now. This is how I should look, after all?”

“ It sure as hell is, slut Sarah” enthused George. “ You are now fulfilling your destiny-making black men happy. I think that the way you look is a vital part of that process. I caught the snake show last night-very good. I thought you were walking funny when you came back yesterday afternoon” he beamed.

Blushing with pride, Sarah thanked him for his kind words adding” I think the way I was walking was more due to my new labial stretching weights-they nearly doubled them yesterday. Would you like to see?”

George hurriedly ushered her into the janitors store, and as she lifted her flimsy dress to show him, he took the padlocks in his old wrinkled hands and lovingly, almost tenderly felt their weight as he teased them up and down.

“ They sure do make those lips stretch good, slut. What do they want them that long for?”

“They like to hear bells ring when they fuck my ass. Im not entirely sure why as yet, but I sense a long-term plan. At the moment they attach them to my mating collar, but they feel it would be more effective to hang much heavier bells from my labia when they are long enough”

“Mmm , nice. I guess that ass of yours has got quite stretchy after those snakes too?” he enquired in hope. Sensing what he meant, the well trained slut replied “ hasnt fully closed since the snakes, although it did have a busy night. Would you like to see?”

As George nodded enthusiastically, she pulled her dress up over her hips and bent over the janitors table. As George slowly pulled the lovely white cheeks of her tattooed as apart, he marvelled at the beautiful rose that bloomed all round her sexual centre. However even the shock of that did not prepare him for the sight her anus presented. It gaped wide at him and winked and opened in excitement as she wantonly offered her back passage to an old man she barely knew for inspection. Watching the sphincter open and shut like it was gasping for air, the janitor suddenly understood…the humiliation of being inspected so intimately was turning her on, and those spasms were pre-orgasmic. Unable to contain his excitement any longer, he pulled down his pants and unceremoniously thrust his above averagely large, but greying and wrinkled cock straight up her back passage. Gasping in shock at the ease with which it went in, he was then treated to the power of her anal muscles as they gripped his shaft in orgasmic frenzy, as the colon that had seemed too loose to satisfy him milked his cock like a well practised hand, and as her excitement grew, so did the dance her rectum performed on his cock. As he reached orgasm, he instinctively reached round and squeezed her slut-nips hard, loving the sensation of the jewellery under the silk. This sent her over the edge, and the increase in her colonic spasms took his breath away as he ejaculated deeper in her bowels than he had ever been before.

As their simultaneous orgasms subsided, old George lovingly stroked her tattooed skin until his cock went flaccid and popped out of her greedy ass. Without being asked, she dropped to her knees and bathed his cock and balls clean with her tongue, relishing every taste like a gourmet at a food tasting. Once he was squeaky clean, she crouched on her haunches, and, placing a cup from the water machine under her ass-pussy, she clenched her muscles and forced his cum out of her bowel and into the cup. As she gratefully swallowed every drop, and then kissed his cheek and said “thank you, Master George”, he found himself developing a firm affection for this amazing slut.

Taking her place back at her desk, she savoured the after-spasms in her back passage, as she tried to concentrate on her work until lunchtime approached and she could go and see Ceebert at the parlor. After a few minutes, she found herself totally unable to concentrate, and instead logged into her website mailbox and ran through the most recent suggestions, before passing them all on to Winston for consideration. She had given up filtering out the ones that scared her or that she found distasteful- her Masters were in control of her rehabilitation, not her- they knew best. She continued to be amazed at the diversity and perversion of the tattoo suggestions that rolled in daily- if half of them were adopted, she would be covered from head to toe. She had also noticed a growing trend of suggestions about the shape of her breasts. She had always been proud of their shape, even before her modifications, and now considered them spectacular. It was with some dismay that she passed on a variety of suggestions about stretching them, and generally making them the victim of gravity that she had so long sought to avoid…..surely her Masters would ignore such a retrograde step?

At last, lunchtime approached, and she quickly left her desk and slipped out into the midday sun, feeling almost naked in the brightness under the flimsy silk couture. Men of all ethnic persuasions, and indeed some women too, craned their necks in thinly veiled lechery as she breezed across town to the Tattoo parlor, but she only noticed the stares from black men, and relished every one, happy that she was of some value in the thrills that she provided her admirers.

As she ascended the stairs and walked into Ceeberts room, he beamed, genuinely pleased to see his greatest ever work looking so lovely. Bidding her undress, he sat her in the dentists chair, and lovingly swabbed the navel anus piece clean with alcohol before deftly applying the finishing touches to it, finally stepping back and admiring it, especially pleased with the way her bald pate appeared to gleam, as the unmistakeable image of Sarah on her stomach looked seductively over her shoulder at him, the rose that in reality surrounded her anus winking in miniature at him from around her belly button. It was spectacular…the webcast audience would love it!.

Aware that time was of the essence, Ceebert swabbed her stomach with healing lotion, and them had her put her legs in the stirrups, before reclining the chair to horizontal, and spreading the stirrups as wide as they would go, exposing her sealed pussy, and blinking, gaping rose ass-tattoo shamelessly to his worklight.

“Your pet-shop webcast was a big hit, slut. Your public want your corn snake lovers a permanent part of you” explained Ceebert, as he started outlining a large fat serpent, whose tail started just above her right knee, and fattened out into a full , plump body that coiled once fully round her thigh as it made its unstoppable climb to the sanctuary of her anus, where the head came to rest suggestively, just brushing the edge of the rose with its forked tongue, leaving no doubt as to where its final destination lay.

When fully happy with the drawing, Ceebert fetched his black outline gun, and Sarah closed her eyes to the pleasure as the needle bit into her thigh, and her role as a wanton snake receptacle was forever inked on her slut body for all to see. She reflected on the fact that all she was feeling was increasing excitement as the needle became busier, and the debasement of her body aroused her still more. She felt an anal orgasm build, and her beautiful brown slut-nips spasmed and throbbed as with a shudder, her colon began its peristalsis that delivered her another shattering orgasm, as Ceebert smiled at the sight of her sphincter gaping in rhythm with her pulse. He found it remarkable that in so short a time, this girl had become such a needleslut, who thrived on the humiliation that they lavished upon her. He realised that he was aroused, and, holstering his gun, he hurried round to the head of the chair before dropping his pants and offering his pierced meat to her lovely scarlet mouth. Unhesitatingly and hungrily, she devoured his helmet, before jiggling her head and neck into the right position for Ceebert to assault her throat without hindrance. With a grunt, he firmly but carefully pushed his monstrous black engine into the pale white throat, watching her ruby lips stretch around his shaft, as the unmissable outline of his cockhead slipped easily into her throat. As she grunted with pleasure and reached up to massage his leathery balls, he felt fireworks begin in his head, and with a roar, he discharged the most copious orgasm of his life deep into the sluts greedy stomach, as her esophagus gripped his member like a hand and milked it as he spurted, sending her into another orgasm of her own as her slutnips throbbed on her chest with a life of their own, and the rose around her anus opened on its own wide enough to accommodate a pool ball.

As the waves subsided, and Ceebert felt his cock go slack in her throat, he felt the strength return to his legs, and a sense of unprofessionalism overwhelmed him. He never broke of in the middle of a creation, and it shocked him that slut with the brightly coloured skin and heavily modified body could have such a profound effect on him. Annoyed with himself, he zippered his pants without a word, and returned to the snake tattoo in silence, which he maintained until it was done. Sensing that she had blown his mind as well as his huge black cock, she smiled inwardly and lay back to enjoy the kiss of the needle once more.

As Ceebert swabbed the new tattoo down, he offered the silk dress to her, and watched admiringly as it slipped with a whisper over her curves, leaving little to the imagination. He advised her to leave her hold-ups off, as they would rub against the new snake on her thigh.

As she thanked her Master for her new ink and “everything else”, she smiled coyly. Still annoyed at himself, Ceebert found himself taking it out on her, as he said “Im looking forward to your webcast this evening, slut. They will love your new ink, but what else they have in store for you will wipe that smile off your pretty little face”

As Sarah paled, Ceebert cupped her full breasts through the silk, and weighing them like one did fruit at the market he added  “ Winston always said you flaunted these too much for your own good. I wonder if youll still feel the same way when they hang to your waist?”

Utterly shocked, Sarah thought back to the emails she had forwarded to her masters recently about her breasts. One in particular had read “genuine African women often sport incredibly flabby udders even when relatively young. Proper measures should be taken to emulate this. Stretching and flattening her tits should be part of her daily routine, with more radical handling reserved for punishment sessions... Long stiff teats on long droopy udders are both a joy to behold and an invitation to real hot fun” All of a sudden, she was more than a little uneasy about tonights webcast. Sensing Ceebert was not in the mood for conversation, she excused herself, and walked back to work, aware of the fresh tattoo on her thigh as every step pulled it a little. Once again enjoying the lecherous glances that abounded, she went into a Starbucks and grabbed a latte and a Danish to take back to her desk, and by the time she had reached the offices, her confidence in her sexuality had returned. So far, her Masters had been right about every part of her rehabilitation, and so it was wrong of her to question their decisions tonight. If they permitted it, then it was right for her. She resolved to put and further negativity to the back of her mind, and to do her best to wow her internet followers tonight. She threw herself into her work all afternoon, successfully stopping her mind wandering, and in what seemed like no time at all, Winston appeared at her desk, and ,as she offered her pretty neck forward, he attached her leash to the pink whore-collar and led the obedient slut down to the Pimpmobile, as the astonished other office staff looked on in amazement and this abject display of submission.

Review This Story || Author: The Doctor
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