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Sarah under Control

Part 10

Pete sat moodily at the breakfast table after a restless night listening to the two arrogant young studs plumb his lovely wifes innermost depths accompanied by her increasingly vocal encouragement to them to use her more severely. His mood had not been improved by one of them poking his baseball capped head around his bedroom door to tell him how hot Sarah was as they let themselves out as the sun was coming up. Pete was unsure if the lad saw that he was furiously wanking, but his embarrassment was such that little could have added to it anyhow. Resisting the urge to go and wake the sleeping Sarah to talk with her before he went to work (he was unsure if it was because Winston had banned him from the marital suite, or if he simply didnt know what to say), he slipped out of the door and back into reality.

Woken by the noise of the front door, Sarah briefly savoured the wonderful throbbing in her anus, and the still fresh taste of boy-cum on her palette before getting up, shaking her waist length dreads into some semblance of order, and heading for the bathroom for her new cleansing ritual, before showering and then making herself look wonderful for the internet audience she was going to meet properly for the first time later this morning. The queen of spades on her neck felt taut as the healing process started, and reminded her of her new status in life, giving her a glow as she moved.

Back at the Tattoo parlor, Teddy was setting the equipment up in the treatment room, whilst Winston discussed their property with him. He was a little concerned that, despite Petes utter lack of resistance at their subjugation of his bride, Sarah still felt a degree of sympathy for the wimp- something Winston was keen to eradicate. He had noticed that the only aspect of her training so far that she had struggled with was the invasion of her urethra, which she clearly didnt enjoy, and he felt this was unlikely to change. This had given him an idea, and Teddy grinned in appreciation as Winston explained his plan.

“The wimp knows hes got to start wearing sissy lingerie before hes allowed to watch her- Im certain hell capitulate to that quickly” he explained. “ Once that is in place, we need to keep telling him how tiny his dick is- much too small, and the wrong color, to ever be allowed in her ass or mouth again. In the meantime, we need to stretch the sluts piss-hole during her training until it will accept his pencil dick. She hates it, but is so under control she will do it without question now. When the time is right, well let him fuck her pisshole in return for certain humiliations, yet to be decided on. This will be possible by unlocking the plate on her pussy keeper and hinging it back and removing the catheter, but leaving the insert in place. He will love it, and she will hate it- and the sympathy will evaporate. Once it does, well stop him having access again”

“Winston, I love the way your mind works” approved Teddy- “well start stretching it today...the viewers will love that. I have some urethral sounds in the car”.

As the two busied themselves setting up the lighting around the articulated chair, Leroy and Ceebert arrived, and the brothers went through the running order for the morning.

At 10 prompt, Sarah walked into the training suite, and the brothers all took a time out to check out how sensational she looked. She wore a cream silk wraparound dress, easily transparent enough to show that she had an electric blue teddy underneath, through which her nipple furniture pressed urgently. The dress finished half way down her thighs; where sheer white hose encased her legs which sat in blue 4 inch heeled sandals that were high enough to make her dreads swing as she walked, showing her playing card on her neck rhythmically. The sheerness of the dress was sufficient to show the profile of the buttons on the bottom of her garter straps, which held the hose in place. Her eyes were again Cleopatra-esque, and her lips shimmered with crimson gloss. She had most certainly made an effort, and her eyes shone with the unmistakeable glow of one who had been orgasming all night, combined with a soupcon of excitement and anticipation.

“Sarah, you have excelled yourself” enthused Teddy, and the slut blushed her thanks at his kind words.

Not wanting to spoil the ensemble just yet, Winston told her to just unbutton her dress for presentation at the stocks, and he fed the back strap carefully underneath the garment as he buckled her in. His huge hands undid the delicate blue shoestring lace that held her bounteous breasts in the teddy, and as her much-modified cookies spilled into view, he felt the black monster in his pants grow a little.

As he pushed the first of the monster injections into her left breast, and watched her eyes glaze with pleasure as she supported the weight of it whilst he applied the other, he decided to see if she was ready to advance another stage. As she held the two full syringes and licked her lips in anticipation of the next two, he told her to push her plungers before the others had pierced her chest. Stifling her disappointment, the obedient slut pushed as instructed, and felt the first waves of pleasure of the morning course through her as the fluid invaded her udders. Once done, she regained her composure and looked enquiringly at her Master.

“It is time you came to terms with your needle fetish slut. In future, if you wish us to continue to administer these drugs in your breasts, you will perform the second pair of injections entirely unaided. Otherwise, we will administer them in your buttock which where they should be applied really”

Sarahs eyes opened in abject loss “ No Master, please dont- I will do whatever is needed” she pleaded, astonishing herself with the desperation she felt at being deprived this privilege.

“Then show me,” challenged Winston, offering her the third full syringe.

Gulping, Sarah took it from him, and, cupping her milky white breast with her free hand, she offered enough to enable her to plunge the needle into her own chest. Hesitating, then biting her lip and steeling herself, she firmly pushed the loaded hypo into her heaving bosom, gasping in shock, then uncertainty, and finally in ecstasy,

as she successfully discharged the entire contents deep into her meat.

Repeating the process on the other side, she was emotionally drained, and in the after-throes of a major anal orgasm as Winston took the apparatus from her.

Winston quickly performed her teat and aureolae injections, savouring her moans of encouragement as he went. Once done, Ceebert appeared to check her teat grommets, and, pronouncing them fully healed, produced two gold spirals in the shape of cones.

“These are your teat stretchers, Sarah. You will have noticed already how effective the springs are being in stretching your cookies sideways? - They are already nearly an inch wider than when we started a little over a week ago. Well, we are going to use the same principle to stretch your teats outwards. The wide part of the spiral sits over the centre of your nipple, just under your base piercing. The narrow end has an eye either side to take a barbell. I shall compress the spring of the spiral, and then feed a fresh barbell through one eye, then through your grommet, and then out of the other eye. Once the tension is released, they will spring out to a full inch, and your nipple meat will stretch with them. The thickness of the grommet should stop any pain- all you will feel in the irresistible pull as your teats are drawn away from your body. In a couple of weeks, the teats will have stretched to that length naturally, at which point I shall apply a longer version to stretch them still further. Our eventual goal is that you have teats two inches long, and your entire breast is aureole. I am going to fit stronger springs to your nipple wideners this morning as well. These modifications will be utterly impossible to hide under your clothes, so I suggest you dont even try. Now your Husband is aware of your rehabilitation, there is no need to hide their beauty anyhow. Your are going to have a lot of sensations going on in your nipples for the next few weeks, Sarah- I suggest you enjoy it?”

Hearing his words, she felt breathless with excitement, and when he released the tension on the first spiral and her teat, already supersensitized by the venom coursing through it, was unceremoniously stretched a full inch from her cookies, she gasped in a combination of shock and excitement as a myriad of sensations threatened to overwhelm her.

By the time Ceebert had finished her new nipple modifications, and Winston laced back up her pretty blue teddy and unstrapped her, she started in amazement at the huge feat of engineering that poked at the fabric of her dress as she re-fastened it. She looked for all the world like she had twin antennae under her lingerie- no one, however inattentive, would ever in any doubt again that her nipples were undergoing a major overhaul!

They gave her a few minutes to collect herself, during which time she constantly admired the new profile of her chest in the full-length mirror, until Teddy appeared and, gesturing towards the treatment room, said  “Time to meet your public Sarah”

As he ushered the trembling slut through into the warmth of the lighting, she saw Leroy holding what appeared to be a laptop screen.

“This is our attempt at an autocue, Sarah,” explained Leroy. “Master Teddy will film you as you follow the instructions on the screen. Instructions are in yellow. When larger words appear in red, these are lines which you will read out. You will only be required to do this in the early part of the broadcast. Words will not be necessary once the action starts. We go live in a few minutes- are you OK with those instructions, or do you need further explanation? Masters Winston and Ceebert will be using you for todays web cast. Now your anus can accommodate him, Winston is keen to make up for lost time” he teased, as the slut confirmed her understanding of her instructions.

As everyone took their places, Teddy began the countdown, and as the web cast went live, the camera panned onto Sarah as she entered the room from outside, undulating on her heels making her dreads swing excitingly. As she approached the cam, she appeared to speak directly into the lens as she read from the screen just behind

“Hi viewers, and thanks for joining my little site and sharing in my education. My Masters have kindly agreed to rehabilitate me from the useless white trophy wife I was until recently, and turn me into a meaningful slut with a purpose in life. That purpose is to serve big beautiful black cock. You have already met me in my preliminary broadcast, but this is me unmasked. My name is Sarah, and I have until recently lived a lie as a token white wife- a mere bauble. My masters have shown me the light, and you will have seen the beginnings of my rehabilitation as they take shape on my slut body. This is a work in progress, and suggestions as to how things might progress are welcome- simply email them to when the show is over, and I will show my Masters the best ones for their approval.

You may have already noticed the Queen of Spades tattoo on my neck-this is a result of your feedback from the first web cast, so your opinion is important! Today, my Masters have decided that to improve my oral expertise, they are going to give me some tongue piercings. As I go back to work on Monday, I think they are keen to embarrass me by giving more and more visible evidence of my rehabilitation. Once that is done, Masters Winston and Ceebert are going to use my slut body for your entertainment before finishing with a couple of surprises that I have no knowledge of.

You will shortly see a few changes since my first broadcast. I am now closed permanently for pussy sex, as we all know that black cock belongs in a sluts ass or throat. I hope you like what you see, and dont forget to email those suggestions in”

The brothers stared in amazement as those porn-star lines slipped so naturally from Sarahs crimson lips that anyone would think she had been making porn all her life.

As the screen flashed the instructions to remove her dress sexily, Sarah slid out of it with all the poise of a Moulin Rouge veteran, and across the globe, cyber viewers gasped as her loveliness appeared.

“I wont keep you waiting any longer, so Ill just slip out of this lovely satin teddy and you can all enjoy my modifications before Master Ceebert pierces my slut tongue” she cooed as she read the words from the screen and felt her excitement growing as suddenly it felt like the most natural thing in the world to do.

Slipping sexily from the lingerie, she stood there in just her hose, garter belt and heels, and very seductively turned, flirting with the camera as the full impact of her already extensive color, and her undeniably impressive body modifications caused wood to grow in the nether regions of her worldwide audience.

After an extended tour in close-up of her modified body, the screen told her to sit seductively in the dentists chair, and as Ceebert tipped it back so her tongue was at the same height as his stool, Teddy spread the leg supports wide, and gave the viewers a worms eye view of the infibulation of her pussy as Ceebert readied his needles.

With a worldwide audience watching, Ceebert clamped a pair of forceps on the tip of her tongue, and pulled it out as far as it would go without undue force. Producing a large, 10 gauge needle, he pierced a hole through the centre of her tongue, and then threaded a 1 inch chunky steel barbell through the cannular than remained after the needle was withdrawn. Fixing the ball in place with thread lock, he then repeated the process nearer the tip of the tongue, but this time with a narrower 14-gauge needle. As he fed the narrower barbell into this hole, he explained to the audience that the barbells were that long because the tongue would swell to twice its normal size for a few days. He would install shorter ones when the swelling had receded. Once the barbells were in place, he used another 14-gauge needle to pierce two holes on either side of the tongue, roughly level with the barbells. Into these he inserted steel ball closure rings, explaining that these would enable Sarah to apply pleasure in equal quantities to the edges of her masters helmets as well as the centre. As he released the forceps, Winstons huge cock appeared and pissed into the glass at the side of the chair, and instructed the slut to “Rinse and swallow”

Obeying without question, she ignored the stinging as the piss disinfected her new wounds, and savoured the pleasure as she swallowed, enjoying the fullness in her mouth as her new steel clicked against her teeth.

“Thank you mathter for my new peerthings” lisped the slut, as she followed the screen instructions enthusiastically, wondering how she was ever going to answer the phone at work on Monday talking like this.

Helping the slut to her feet, they led her to the articulated table, where the audience were introduced to Winston and Ceebert, now naked. For the next half hour they watched in awe as the beautiful tattooed slut went crazy on Ceeberts pierced black pole, their piercings clicking together as she worshipped and tongue bathed his giant black balls, before adoring his purple helmet, and then beginning the long, slow, artistically exquisite descent down his pole into the depths of her gullet. As her act of oral worship wowed the audience, Winston began massaging KY into her cavernous anus, and then worked one, two, and then three of his sausage sized fingers into her sphincter, enjoying feeling her push back on his hand, trying to get him in deeper. As she became more excited, she started moaning and spasming, all of which increased the sensations Ceebert was experiencing at the mouth end. As he tipped his head back and started to thrust into the sluts greed throat, Winston offered his monster helmet to the entrance to her sexuality. Hardly noticing the prompt on the screen to beg Winston to advance, she pulled her neck back from Ceeberts sword and gasped and sobbed and begged him to plunder her slut ass pussy with his mighty engine, before burying Ceebert to the hilt again, and pressing down onto Winstons cock, urging him to start his relentless and inevitable progress into the very depths of her bowels.

As the Internet watched, mesmerised, Sarah spent the next 15 minutes gradually impaling herself onto Winstons pole, while Ceebert reaped the rewards at her head as her throat continuously spasmed in sympathy with her ass, as she went into one long, never ending anal orgasm. When finally, with a roar, Winston blew his mighty load into his slaves colon and Ceebert followed into her stomach. Sarah was for the first time grateful for her catheter, as it surely prevented her pissing herself.

As the limp slut lay semi conscious, recovering from her experience, Winston took the key from around his neck and unlocked the padlock that held her pussy shield in place. He opened the valve on the catheter and drained her bladder into a tumbler. He then popped her drainage plug into her ass and pumped it up, and led the feeding tube up to the sluts mouth. He hinged the shield back, and then gently removed the catheter, the shock of which brought Sarah back to full consciousness. As Winston explained his piss-hole stretching plan to the web cast, Sarah listened in horror. This really did not excite her at all- she hated her urethra being distended at all- she didnt really like the catheter, but had learned to live with it as it was an essential part of her infibulation, but to stretch it further- ugh. She trembled, as Winston offered her the feeding tube and her audience watched her eagerly suck her masters seed from her anus, briefly taking her mind off the imminent ordeal.

As the urethral sounds were produced, Sarah started to panic, and for the first time she looked uncomfortable to her viewers. Sensing this, Ceebert whispered in her ear that he would give her a treat to take her mind off the discomfort (which the audience heard quite clearly)

Nodding with a trust that only Ceebert could create inside her, she bit her lip, and as Winston very gently offered the first, smallest sound to her tender, virgin piss-hole, he produced a longer than usual 20 gauge needle, and as Winston slipped the steel intruder slowly into her urethra, Ceebert matched his pace as he thrust the needle fully 2 inches into the base of her left breast. Gasping in shock, pain, and something else, Sarah focussed on the breast needle, and, as she concentrated, she recognised what the something else was…it was turning her on.

Winston showed her the remaining 7 sounds, ranging from about half inch across to well over an inch. He explained that the one inside her was 3/8th inch in diameter. For each additional needle Ceebert pushed deep into her breast, he would change the sound for the next size up. When she stopped asking for more needles, no bigger sounds would be introduced.

Hardly able to believe that they expected her to ask to have her urethra stretched, Sarah started to tell him that just the one would do, but as she focussed on the various sensations, she distantly heard her voice say  “ please may I have another needle, Master?”

Impressed, Winston carefully withdrew the smallest sound, and, as he pushed the second slowly home, Sarah felt her other breast invaded with 2 inches of exquisite steel.

Letting things settle for a while, Winston brought a vibrator gently to bear on the tip of the sound, and the gasp that Sarah gave was not just shock, as the pleasure of the needles in her breasts started to cause those undeniable spasms, and by the time the fourth one was in, she was gyrating and pushing her pubic mound towards the vibrator as the quadruple invasion of her chest brought her to another mega-ass cum.

Even the thought of more chest pleasure was unable to coax her through the fifth size though, as the pain was truly unbearable, and, brow pouring sweat, the slut tearfully called a time out, full of apology for letting her Masters and her audience down, unaware that they were totally impressed that she had even progressed past the first size at the first attempt.

As Ceebert lovingly withdrew the needles, Sarah was again astonished at the sense of loss she felt, and blushed prettily at the realisation. Winston replaced the catheter, and padlocked her shield shut again, safely returning her to her 2-hole status.

As a final touch, Winston said “ You may have been wondering why we left your front two pussy grommets free and outside of your chastity device? The reason is simple. We are going to stretch them until they are impossibly long, and then attach permanent bells to them that will ring when you walk, and ring loudly when we ass-fuck you. To start the process, I am attaching these two heavy brass padlocks to the grommets. In a few weeks, we will add heavier ones until they are stretched fully- them Ceebert will solder your bells in place forever.”

As he snapped the heavy padlocks into place, Sarah felt a sense of security having something so solid to remind her of her status, and as she stood and the weight stretched the front of her flaps obscenely downwards, it just felt so right.

Handing her the tumbler of her own piss, Sarah sipped it seductively as she waved goodbye to her live audience, reminding them again to mail her, and promising to see them next Tuesday for more fun. Teddy and the rest could only gaze in admiration at the natural way she milked her audience, as they mentally counted the dollars from the new memberships that would surely arrive later today.

Feeling their girl had earned it, they broke for lunch, taking coffee and Danish, and chatting in a wonderfully relaxed way. The only concession to her submission during lunch was her stocking-clad nakedness, and the special cream in her coffee.

As promised, Ceebert spent much of the afternoon adding color to the portrait of Teddys cock and its mirrors image on her back. Nearing completion, it continued to amaze all onlookers with its lifelike appearance, and Teddy was so impressed when he came in to check progress, that he stripped to the waist and had the slut use her new tongue piercings to great effect on his truly massive member, enjoying her nibbles and licks on his great shaft and bull-like balls before, as his excitement rose, he managed to force the entire bulk of his cock-head into the pretty crimson mouth that swallowed it with difficulty. As his huge load hosed into her greedy mouth and down her throat, it was a toss up which of them regretted the most that his member was too large to go in past the head. Holding that thought, Sarah felt a brief twinge of fear as she remembered that one day she would be expected to take that colossal black member into her ass, and that fear grew to a combination of terror and excitement as she realised that somehow, someday, she had to do it!

Teddy was having similar thoughts…no one had ever even tried to take him on anally or fully orally. Something about this special little white slut, whose pale skin was so magnificently developing a life of its own, made him think that she may yet surprise him.

As Ceebert finished, and swabbed her back with antiseptic, he felt a delicious sense of power that the slut still had no idea what adorned her back, and such was the level of their control over her that she never even thought to ask. With the suggestions for her next tattoo about to come flooding in, he really was looking forward to the coming weeks.

As she slipped into her teddy, and then her dress, she checked herself in the mirror and felt a fresh surge of excitement as her chest modifications screamed “ look at me” through the thin fabric, and the rapidly growing exhibitionist streak in her looked forward to the walk home.

Thanking her for today (Which made her blush….like she had a choice?), Winston told her it was not necessary for her to attend the parlor tomorrow. Someone would call round for her injections, but other than that, she should chill at home until Monday and prepare herself mentally for going back to work. She was to check her emails, and forward the interesting ones on to her Masters (She didnt know that they read them all, and took great interest in which ones caught her eye)

She would doubtless receive visitors over the weekend, but aside from that, her time was her own until Monday.

Walking home with a lightness in her step that belied the two heavy brass padlocks swinging between her legs, stretching her pussy lips irreversibly, and the springs on her chest changing her shape for ever, she simply relaxed, and drank in the admiring glances she received; and for the first time, was able to ignore the judgemental ones.

Arriving home, she was surprised to se that Pete was there already. Closing the door behind her, she quickly removed her dress to adhere to house rules, and walked seductively into the lounge in her lingerie and hose, saying Hi to him as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

Seeing his jaw drop at the new protrusions from her chest, she asked him if he wanted coffee, and he wondered what the clunking noise was as she flowed from room to room. As she returned with his coffee, she sat down and chatted like friends, as he furiously tried to steer the conversation round to where she bought her underwear.

By the end of the evening, he had extracted from her the suppliers of all her lingerie, hose and sleepwear from his lovely wife, and as she went up to bed, he settled down in front of the PC to do some ordering, only looking up briefly as he heard the front door unlock, and two large black silhouettes let themselves in, and strode confidently upstairs to the marital suite.

As he started online shopping, the moans started, rising to groans and eventually screams, as his wifes anus and throat played hosts to the ghettos finest!

Review This Story || Author: The Doctor
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