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Sarah under Control

Part 5

Sarah slept so soundly that she was only awoken by Pete loading his golf clubs into the trunk. Had he not been throwing them around in the manner of someone pissed at having spent a second night sleeping alone, she would have overslept completely. Hurrying up, she shook her dreadlocks straight as she shimmied out of her nightdress, ran through the shower, and hastily applied her make-up, applying perfume that she thought suited her newfound sexuality. Choosing a yellow button-up satin blouse that should display her swollen assets to advantage, she fastened it over her naked chest, and then added purple French panties and a purple summer skirt with a teasing split at the front. Slipping on matching purple heels, she thought fleetingly that she was getting through the options in her summer wardrobe rather quickly, and should hit the stores to top up, especially on lingerie, which clearly her Masters had an eye for.

Grabbing juice and coffee, she scooped up her purse, and, extracting her cellphone, texted the magic number as she left the door, and the buzz reassured her that the day proper had begun.

Soaking up the admiring stares at her chest, she enjoyed every moment of her walk into town, the buzzing in her ass making each step a happy one, and as she passed the street café, she found herself moistening in anticipation of just seeing the tattoo parlour, as her clit, now getting used to receiving instructions from her recently discovered sexual centre, joined in the party.

Ascending the stairs, she went through to the cleansing room to find Winston, his cousin Louis, and Leroy waiting for her. Bowing her head as she said good morning to her Masters, Winston told how pleased he was with Louis report of last nights events as all of them admired her beauty this morning, and took special pleasure in how wonderful her new nipples looked under that blouse.

“You look, and smell divine, Sarah “ enthused Winston as he helped her out of her clothes. She flushed slightly, loving the feeling that although these men were her Masters and had total control over her, she could still turn their heads.

At the present breasts command, she mounted the stocks and Winston buckled her in. Neither of them were quite sure why he still applied the backstrap, as avoiding her precious injections was the furthest thing from her mind-maybe it was purely symbolic of their control over her? Winston stuck with the same mix of drugs as yesterday, as the results had been so spectacular. He doubted she needed the Complyormone any longer, and was sure she didnt need the Viagra or Pethadene, but they all combined to such effect in her lovely flesh that he wondered if hed ever take her off them.(Better ask one of Kennys boys for some more supplies?) Putting the 6 syringes in a dish (he had split the antibiotic/hormone suppressant dose into two syringes to balance things up) , he approached her, noting her eyes were already wide with lust. He picked up the Complyormone syringe, and the Viagra/Pethadene mix one, and told the slut that they were to try a slightly different method this morning. He cupped one milky soft breast in his hand, and pushed the fat needle straight down the eye of her teat and into the tit-meat behind it, enjoying the sensuality in her gasp on pain/pleasure. He then had her hold it steady, as he repeated the procedure on her other teat. He then guided her other hand to the second syringe, and told her to ready both thumbs on the plungers, but not to push yet. He then picked up the two split dose syringes and pushed one into each breast behind her nipples, Now push slowly and firmly Sarah, he urged, and her lovely eyes rolled back in rapture as he also pushed his pair, and four large injections simultaneously coursed into her eager breasts, perfectly recapturing the image now healing on her right shoulder blade, which was exactly his intention.

As he carefully administered her venom injections, watching her bite her lip as the sting flowed through her nipples, and feeling the spasms of her first mini-orgasm of the day ripple through her, he felt a sense of pride in the way their slut was developing.

Giving her a few moments to regain her composure, he quickly checked and cleaned her piercings, deciding that the monster barbells were healing well enough to start stretching tomorrow. She smiled as he told her, and then thanked him for her injections.

He unbuckled her, and without being told, she climbed onto the enema table, and offered her cute tattooed ass to the waiting Leroy, who popped her plug out and quickly ran the razor across her anal opening to keep it baby smooth, and then began her enemas.

Winston stood by her head and stroked her dreads, as he talked to her. He offered her two fingers, and her mouth opened automatically. She suckled his fingers, as he said

“Sarah, your progress continues to impress us. Your anus has opened more quickly than we ever dared hope, and I feel confident that you will accommodate my entire cock in your ass-pussy this coming week. Your throat is also responding well to our cocks, and Ceebert tells me you can swallow his entire pole without resistance already. However, throats do not stretch quite as readily as colons, so I expect it to be a while before you can accommodate mine. In the meantime, we shall continue to stretch your jaw with my cock-head. Eventually your jaw muscles will stretch permanently, and your gag reflex will naturally fade, so we wont need to inject your mouth any more (was that disappointment he saw?) Ceebert will start stretching your aureolae tomorrow, which will make concealing your development from the wimp increasingly difficult, so I am bringing forward the point at which your transformation is revealed to him. It will be one evening this week, at your home- we will come calling”. She sucked his fingers hard as she heard that news.

As Leroy changed bags, he continued “Taking my cock in your ass was placed in your mind as the ultimate challenge, the thing to aim for. Your ass has opened up so well, I feel we both know that you will now manage it quite well when it happens later this week, so I need to give you something new to aspire to. Master Teddy will be here shortly, and his cock is the next one you need to prepare yourself mentally for. Im sure he will be happy to show you the task in hand when he gets here. He is also, as I said, bringing you a present. When Leroy has given you the third bag, we are taking you through to Ceeberts room to prepare your cunt for closure. You will entertain the other masters with your mouth while he works. If youre a good girl, then maybe the boysll fuck your slut ass afterwards? As Leroy does your third bag- another 4 litre day, Im afraid, you can tell me if there is anything on you mind?”

Leroy opened the tap on the massive third enema, and Sarah told her Master of the developments in her clitoris, and why she thought they had occurred, which he concurred with. She then told him she was nervous about returning to work, as she felt it would be almost impossible to hide her modifications by then, not that she wanted to. She was also reluctant to stop spending her days at their disposal, but she needed the money, and couldnt give up work. Winston said he would give the matter some thought. As he massaged her belly as the last litre went in, he asked her if there was anything else, and when she said no, he was impressed that she appeared to have accepted that her husband was to know she was a black cock whore this week-she hadnt even asked him about it!

As Leroy packed away, Sarah automatically turned over for strapping into the stirrups, but Winston stopped her. “Not today slut- although you are due a punishment, you will be quite sore enough on the cunt after Ceebert has finished with you-and he will shave you there in his room. You can take your punishment elsewhere later”

“As you wish Master, but what is the punishment for?”

Louis appeared in her field of vision- “for giving away a spoonful of your cum-mayo last night to someone who did not deserve it, slut” he informed her.

She accepted it without question.

They led her to Ceeberts room where they found him laying out a variety of instruments. They sat her in the dentists chair, which had been equipped with stirrups. They strapped her legs and thighs quite firmly, and also her waist, which told Sarah that this was not, in their opinion, going to be a pleasant experience. Winston offered the slut a lipstick, and as she obediently applied it to her lips, she noticed with a shock that this lipstick was brown!- her mind raced, but she knew better than to question them. As Ceebert opened the stirrups to their widest stretch, and her cunt gaped obscenely, he reclined the chair so that her head was horizontal, and then tipped the headrest a little so that her head tipped back, offering her mouth temptingly.

Ceebert then explained the plan.

“You have asked us to close your cunt to cock Sarah, which is as it should be. This will be done one evening this week in your own bedroom. To make this a simple procedure on the night, I am going to make six piercings in each of your labia with a very fat needle, and then use a tapered insertion pin to install a gold grommet in each hole. Your cunt will look like a lace-up shoe. All that will need to be done in your bedroom is for the grommets to be laced up with a gold chain, and a small padlock attached to lock it all. Only Masters will have access to the key-you will not. We will catheterise you before closure, so that you can piss without it spraying everywhere- all you will need to do is open the valve. While I insert the grommets, you will lick each masters asshole to the best of your ability. You have to plug to focus your thoughts, so you will have to rely on your newfound natural sexuality to motivate you. I have tied you securely because this will hurt. Normally I would give local anaesthetic, but as you seem to be becoming a painslut, we wouldnt want to halt your fun. Enjoy”, and with that he pulled on a pair of disposable gloves.

Sarah felt Ceebert swap her labia with cold alcohol wipes. And then very carefully make six pen marks on each one, measuring the gaps for exactly equal spacing. She also saw around her offered head Winston, Louis and Leroy stripping their clothes off. She heard a sterile pack ripped open, and raised her head to look. Ceebert was pulling a large needle from its packet. As he pulled the plastic sheath from the sharp end, she let out a frightened little squeal as she saw the needle was a good quarter inch in diameter. It was a scary looking instrument, not at all like the ones she now welcomed in her nipples, and she started trembling as Louis backed up to her head pulling the cheeks of his muscular black ass apart. Sarah noticed his strong musk as she flicked her tongue out from her symbolically brown lips and sought out his anus, hoping that burying her tongue as deep in her Masters rectum would distract her from the mutilation that she had actually requested for her cunt. Reaching around his thighs with her little white hands, she pulled him down onto her mouth, as her lovely brown lips sucked his sphincter into her mouth, enabling her tongue to dart deeper into his body. She swooned as the flavours of his magnificent body overwhelmed her tongue, and Ceebert was fascinated to see her anus wink, and feel her labia moisten as the contractions started. Ceebert seized the opportunity to push the needle through the first marking, and Sarah screamed into Louis anus as the brief but acute pain added to the senses her brain was being flooded with. Ceebert quickly applied pressure with an absorbent pad to stem any bleeding. There was very little, and he reached for the tapered insertion pin, and used it to slip the perforated flesh over a shining gold quarter inch grommet, smiling as the meat slipped perfectly into the groove around the grommet, where it would heal into part of her labia forever. Sarahs tongue and mouth went crazy on her masters asshole, as she fought to focus on the erotic spasms that flowed through her and to ignore the pain, which was already fading into the background, and her nipples throbbed like a thunderclap and reminded her that pain was pleasure when her masters inflicted it, and she dug even deeper into his anus as she anticipated the next piercing with determination, wishing her tongue was longer, and trying to remember what Ceebert had said about that. The second hole was made and again she screamed into his ass, but this was a different scream, one of being unable to cope with all the sensations, as her slut anus winked wider at Ceebert, who liked his lips at the thought of driving his pierced cock in there later on. With every new grommet, Sarahs body dealt with it more as pleasure that pain, and as Louis very reluctantly pulled his ass off the sluts hungry tongue after the fourth grommet was installed, and was replaced by Leroy, she pulled his anus onto her mouth like a starving urchin and drove him wild with her frenzied tongue and mouth worship of his back passage. As the eighth grommet went in, and Leroy was replaced by Winston, Sarah was constantly moaning, sobbing and spasming totally out of control, and Winstons anus felt like an enraged limpet was sucking him as her tongue went so deep that most of it was inside his sphincter.

Ceebert passed the last grommet through the fold of labia that would now be its home, and leaned back to inspect his handiwork. Sarahs cunt looked like a pink slipper without its laces, as two rows of perfectly even gold eyelets twinkled at him. Sarahs anus twitched and winked and spasmed, making the black outline of a rose that surrounded the gateway to her sexuality open and close like it was coming in and out of bloom, as Sarah sobbed so deeply her whole body trembled, and her mouth gaped and pursed and her tongue waved in the air desperately seeking the warmth of another anus as Winston withdrew. Her once glossy brown lips were now totally clean.

Ceebert slowly cleaned her labia with antiseptic as the slut gasped for air as she sought control as the explosions inside her began to subside. The door opened, and in walked a giant of a man, bigger even than Winston. He wore a white cowboy hat, and the sharpest white suit money could buy. He raised his hat in greeting, showing a shiny bald head, and they exchanged greetings. “Yo, Teddy”, said Winston, as they high-fived.

“Yo, my Man...and this must be the slut?” he replied, pointing to the limp ragdoll in the dentists chair.

“Yep…well introduce you so Sarah in minute- did you get what I asked for?”

“Yep” he said, reaching outside the door and retrieving a two pint steel vacuum flask.

“ Do you think a quart of cum will keep her going for a bit? Most of the boys down at the farm contributed when I heard how well the slut was doing and asked them to”

“ He he-the way she laps it up probably not, but I assume more is available?” laughed Winston, and Sarah raised her head from the headrest of the dentists chair and looked meekly at her gift, her lips opening involuntarily at the sight of it.

Winston put the flask in the fridge, and then said “come and check her out”

Teddy walked up to the chair, and said “ Hello Sarah”, and stroked her sweaty brow.

“Hello Master”, she smiled. “Thank-you so much for my lovely gift” , meaning every word. She was the only one in the room unaware of the fact that Teddys farm was a racehorse stud farm!

Teddy lifted her dreads, nodding approvingly, and then ran his massive fingers over her nipple piercings, and then with surprising gentleness traced the contour of the painfully swollen aureolae as the venom inside them threatened to make them burst in his hand.

“These are coming along nicely”

“ Yep. Were going to start stretching them for width tomorrow, and Ceebert may well do a second teat piercing later in the week as well”

“Nice”, enthused Teddy.

Walking round to the stirrups, he took in the beautiful gold work in her lips, resisting the urge to touch them at this early stage. He whistled as he saw the rose around her anus, which had only just stopped winking. He said “ hows she loosening up?”

“ Really well” replied Winston “ she takes the other boys all the way in now with ease, and loves it so much she begs for more-shes definitely a natural. Im gonna take the plunge this week”

Teddy slipped a zuccini sized finger in her relaxed anus, and purred with approval. Slipping a second one in, he felt her greedy sphincter squeeze his fingers, inviting them to plunder her more deeply.

“ Nice ass- is she ready to go to webcam yet?”-Sarahs eyes opened wide at those words.

“Soon Teddy-were outing her this week-same evening we lace her cunt up and lock it. Should be OK after that-probably best to get the website up; its about time the slut started paying her way. I thought of a name for the site as well. How about “Deep inside Sarah”?”

“ Nice touch “, beamed Teddy. “Ill get the site up and order all the gear we need for filming.”

Sarah was just thinking that she felt like meat on a butchers slab, being pulled about and inspected while she was discussed as if she wasnt there, when Teddy approached her still tilted back head and said

“I understand Winston has told you that your long term goal is to take my entire cock in your slut ass? No-one has ever managed that task yet, but Winston assures me you will not disappoint. He says you have gone from ass-virgin to ass-slut for black cock in a few days, which proves you are a natural. We have invested a lot in your training so far, with planning, equipment, and Ceeberts piercing and tattooing-and the transformation has only just started. We intend to repay that investment by making it possible for brothers everywhere to follow your journey via webcam. And when you are eventually brought to my farm Sarah, not only will you take my black cock to the hilt, but you will beg me for the honour. Just to give you food for thought about the size of the task, I will give you a small demonstration. It may please you to know that I do not realistically expect you to ever take my cock in your throat, as I dont think it is physically possible- but this life is full of surprises”

With that, he unzipped his fly, stood at her reclined head, and scooped his cock and balls out. He rested his balls against the top of her head, and they felt like two oranges. Then he very confidently lay his flaccid member gradually across her pretty face- the weight of his member was as remarkable as its width...a huge plump black trunk uncoiled between her eyes, across her nose, her mouth which opened automatically, but it rolled out past her mouth, flopped heavily down her chin onto her chest, and then with a slap his baseball sized helmet came to rest just above the start of her breasts. Sarahs eyes nearly popped out of her head. It must have been 14 inches long, and so thick she knew it would take both of her hands to wrap around the mighty helmet. If he thought she could ever take this magnificent trunk in her ass-pussy, he was surely kidding-he would damage her insides permanently, and she started to sweat with fear at the thought. “Feel it, Sarah” he commanded, and she very meekly reached up onto her half covered face to feel it. She gasped out loud as she felt the surface. It was ribbed along most of its length with pairs of what felt like steel balls under his skin, and as she ran her little hands up and down the length of his shaft, as if playing a massive black clarinet, he said “sub-dermal implants Sarah- drives the sisters crazy when they take it in their pussies- most can only take the first six inches or so, but they go beserk on my implants nonetheless…and you, lucky girl are gonna take every inch in your slut ass. I want to hear you cry out every time a pair of implants pop past your tattooed sphincter, girl, until the whole fifteen inches are home. Dont worry, Sarah, it doesnt get much longer when I get had-just thicker- why dont you play with it a bit and see?”

Gulping, Sarah reached down with both hands to the helmet, and very slowly stroked  and wanked the flange with one hand, as he other went to the eye and traced the massive gold ball closure ring that ran from the eye to the flange-it must have been an inch and a half in diameter! As the vast engine responded to her caresses, she ran her tongue adoringly along the underside of his shaft, and it rose from her face into full rigidity, She ran both of her hands up and down his shaft with increasing enthusiasm, becoming excited at the magnificence of the member, despite the improbability of her ever taking it inside her body, and heard herself say “please Master”

“Please what slut?” he asked

“Please give me your cum” she said breathlessly as her ass, clit and nipples started to sing for her.

“Unstrap her and sit her up “ he barked urgently, and Ceebert hurriedly responded.

She sat up and saw him stood before her, with what looked like a black teenagers arm holding a ball sticking from his groin. She knelt before him with a sob, and took his balls in both of her hands and marvelled at their weight and obvious fullness, as her slutty mouth slowly opened automatically. His piercing touched her tongue, and her lips parted around the helmet, stretching obscenely as she tried to slide down the head and force her mouth wider. The utter futility of it all dawned on her- there was no way her mouth was ever going to open that wide, so she held the head in her mouth as far as it would go, and tongue bathed the eye and piercing for all she was worth, as her little hands danced around his balls. Teddy grasped his shaft in his mighty hand, and stroked his shaft with increasing urgency. His breathing increased in urgency, and with a roar is balls lurched in her hand and hose after hose of his pent up sperm rushed into her waiting mouth, and she tried to relax her throat so it would trickle down, suddenly remembering that her mouth hadnt been injected yet. To her credit, she didnt gag, be but the sheer force of the avalanche that arrived blew out of her nose, and the corners of her mouth as her slender neck tried hard to handle the flow to her stomach. She snorted, trying to inhale the cum back up her nose, and got some of it, and as the flow relented a little, her swallowing caught up, and the rest of his sperm cascaded into her stomach as it was destined to do, and Sarahs anal orgasm raced through her kneeling body like a tornado ripping up all in its wake as her nipples and clit again threatened to burst, and the scream that she let go reverberated down his cock like she really was playing the clarinet.

As the last of his seed dribbled onto her tongue, and she lovingly retrieved the licky bits from his eye, he gave a satisfied sight, and she, without being told, dropped her lovely head to the floor to retrieve the sperm that she had spilled from the tiled floor. Watching her greedily suck it up from the floor, he was warmed to see that a life-sized image of his erect organ already existed, at least in outline, in mirrors image on her creamy white back.

As Sarah finished cleaning the floor, she looked across to his feet, and quite out of the blue, kissed them lovingly, moaning “Thank-you Master” as she realised that although it was unlikely she would manage to take that whole beast in her ass, she would die trying!

Teddy dressed, and spent a few moments chatting with Winston.

“ That is one quick learner, Bro. I think shes a keeper. Love the tattoo work...are we going for full coverage? Will there be any problems getting her wimp onside?”

“ Pretty much full coverage, I reckon, in time. Maybe well ask for suggestions on the website when its up and running? No problems with pencil dick-I think well introduce ourselves Wednesday night”

“Sweet. Keep me informed. I cant wait to get her out to the farm-the webcam income from that should be huge” he grinned, and left laughing.

Sarah was composing herself as he returned- he saw the faraway look in her eye, and knew that she was hooked on the idea of Teddy.

“I dont know about you dudes, but I need to pop that sweet ass some time soon”, chimed in Louis.

As the other brothers voiced agreement, the four of them ushered her through to the treatment room, and into the dentists chair there for Winston to administer her jaw and throat jabs for which she opened her mouth like a baby bird hungry for food, and from there onto the couch-it was spit roast time for Leroy, Ceebert and Louis.

For the next hour, Sarahs throat and ass-pussy were never unoccupied, as the brothers worked a rota on her openings. She lost all track of time, and spent the entire episode racked with contractions and spasms that had her crying and moaning onto whichever cock was gagging her at the time. One by one, they emptied the contents of their huge black balls into her dilated and welcoming colon, and on each occasion she screamed onto her throat-pole as the magic feeling of her intestinal wall being anointed overwhelmed her. When the final cock in her ass had gone soft and reluctantly been withdrawn, Winston appeared with the drain-plug, and quickly popped it in to her still dilated anus. He guided the sobbing Sarah up to her knees, and gave her the tube that connected to the plug. Then he reminded her that she was still in punishment deficit.

“Did you think we had forgotten, little slut?” he teased. “Given the somewhat delicate state of your cunt following Ceeberts work this morning, your breasts will take the 20 strokes today. We shall avoid your nipples purely to protect the healing progress of your piercings. You will present breasts with your hands, and count the strokes. On the twentieth, the valve on the plug will be opened, and you can claim your reward.”

Still in a post orgasmic haze, and hungry for more sperm, she eagerly cupped her perfect breasts in her hands, and offered them to Winston, who administered the first stroke across the top of the left one with a firm, accurate stroke, leaving a red welt as evidence. “Arrrgh…One, thank-you Master “ gasped Sarah, as she steeled herself for the second one on her right. By the time she had screamed her thanks for the twentieth, her breast meat was criss-crossed with pink marks to the extent that it was hard to tell where her nipple ended and her tit began. As Louis opened the valve, her cheeks went hollow as she sucked the nectar from her anus into her wanton slut mouth, and as it trickled towards her stomach, the burning in her breasts made sense, and started to feel like pleasure.

Gesturing for her to get back on her knees on the coach, and offer her anus in the air, Winston went to withdraw the drainplug, but said as he did so “Sarah, we need to start teaching you muscle control. As I pull out the plug, I want you to concentrate on holding your sphincter open, and not letting it contract shut. This will be important later on when your webcam broadcasts go live. We are going to break for a coffee now, and you can join us. As an incentive, for every 5 seconds you hold your anus open after the plug has gone, you can have one spoon of Teddys flask of cream in your coffee, OK?”

As she nodded, and got into position, he popped the plug and she focussed on the task. It was really difficult to stop the eye closing, and it was halfway shut before she realized that she had to push as if she was taking a shit (that seemed like a lifetime ago she last did that), but when she finally got it, she managed to hold it partially open for 10 seconds, which seemed to please Winston.

They sat and talked for a while, taking a time out and sipping coffee, Sarahs with extra cream. Winston explained that Ceebert wanted to colour in the tattoo around her anus this afternoon so that it would look the part for when they called around one evening this week to introduce themselves. Once that was done, they had finished with her for the day. Sarah was struck by the irony of sat taking afternoon coffee with these men as if they were old friends, chatting in a relaxed way, as they discussed adding to the lewd ink that already adorned her previously flawless body, sipping sperm laced coffee, as her pierced and modified nipples throbbed nearly as hard as her recently flogged breasts. It would have been ludicrous, had it not been for the fact that it just felt so right!

Coffee over, Ceebert led her to his room, and set her face down on the table, which he articulated to rise under her hips, offering her ass to the air. Pulling his trolley with his tattoo guns and ink to his side, he sat on his work stool, and told her to pull the cheeks of her ass apart. Checking the outline was well healed enough, he dipped his colour gun into the yellow ink, and carefully filled in the Bar closure rings that appeared to pierce the rim of her sphincter so they looked like gold. That done he switched to a brilliant red that matched the lipstick she wore for cock-sucking, as slowly and carefully brought the lovely rose into full bloom. Sarah bit her lip as the needle bit into that most sensitive skin right at the edge of her anus, but quickly became used to it, and as he worked outwards to the tips of the rose, she became totally at home with the gun, positively enjoying the way its seven needles bit into her flesh, leaving its mark in her skin forever, moaning softly as she and the gun became as one, and the relaxation became very distinct pleasure.

Finally, Ceebert was done, and as he stepped back to admire his work, her anus spasmed and winked, making her virtual rings move deliciously, as the rose framed the sexual core of her body to perfection-it looked sensational!

Winston re-appeared, followed by Leroy and Louis. They toured her ass, pulling her cheeks wide to inspect the artwork, and all murmured approval at the sight that greeted them. Winston told her that her day here was done, and it was time for her plug for the evening, or her “keeper”, as he had now decided to call it. As he prepared to insert it, he explained that, as she was to take his massive engine in her anus this week, she needed background dilation to go up a notch, and with that in mind, he eased the number four butt-plug into her eager rectum, enjoying her moan of satisfaction as the three inch wide part popped past the muscle of her sphincter, and the full six inches of the plug were claimed by her greedy asshole.

As she stood, and prepared to dress, as her clothes were returned to her, she savoured the extra fullness in her ass-pussy, but as she took a couple of steps, she realised that the larger keeper, combined with the soreness of the fresh ink that adorned her ass-crack were going to make walking quite an uncomfortable process.

Winston told her to take a long bath when she got home to clean the tattooed area, and offered her a yoghurt pot sized container of the sperm from Teddys flask, telling her to consume it as she saw fit before she returned at 9AM tomorrow morning. Thanking him and the other Masters, she realised she was dismissed for the day, and left, trying not to waddle too badly as she descended the stairs to exit the building.

Walking home through the evening sun, Sarah enjoyed the admiring glances her modified nipples were receiving under the yellow silk, as her chest bobbed about slightly more than usual due to the way her ass was undulating, as the soreness of the fresh ink between her cheeks was at least offset by the extra sensations her wiggling was causing as the oversized keeper in her ass-pussy moved deliciously in her rectum. She wondered idly if the many breast admirers she encountered on the walk home would be shocked if they could see the can marks that striped the soft pale flesh above her cookies.

As she turned into her street, she was again relieved to see that Pete was still at the golf club, and felt a sense of relief that this part of her transformation would soon be over, and she could be overt about the modifications that she was alarmingly quickly becoming accustomed to.

Letting herself in, she went directly upstairs and ran a bath, adding perfumed salts, and poured herself a glass of wine, before stripping off her silks, and locking the door then slipping with a sigh into the warmth, enjoying the soothing effect on her tattooed anus. As she soaked, she sipped her wine, and as she reflected on the last time she had taken wine, her anus gave a huge clench to the new sized keeper that nestled there, causing her clit and nipples to respond. As her fingers reached for both, she looked down at the stripes on her chest, and dreamily remembered the honour of savouring her Masters piss.

After towelling herself down, Sarah slipped into a thick robe and went downstairs to the kitchen, refilling her wine glass, and thinking about supper. Then she remembered the pot in her handbag. She retrieved it, and wondered about when to consume it.  The feelings in her ass-pussy as she pondered the question made her want it now, but she already had a liberal dose in her stomach, and wanted that always to be the case now, so she resolved to have the majority of it as a yoghurt-like breakfast with her juice in the morning, so she put it at the back of the fridge- but not before she had poured a generous dollop in the coffee she had just made to go with her wine.

Pete returned about an hour later, while she was fussing with the meatloaf she had prepared. He kissed her cheek, and wrapped his arms round her affectionately. She felt guilty at pushing him away, but even the thickness of the robe couldnt be guaranteed to stop him feeling the change in her nipples if he had brushed against them. Only until Wednesday - courage, girl.

Feeling rejected, he only exchanged a few terse words over supper, and as he settled down in front of the TV for the night, she excused herself upstairs with her book. After an hours reading, she fell into a happy sleep, stroking her nipples and squeezing the keeper softly as she drifted off.

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