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Review This Story || Author: donna duggs

tit tag

Part 3

Four to one by Donna Duggs

This is Donna again the Big Tit Female 38G who has been tortured and fucked by co-worker  Jeff over the past several weeks. Since his pattern has been to overpower me, tie me up, torture me (my big tits) and fuck me.   I had the locks on my house changed and have decided to stay away from my house on Friday nights until I am sure he was not there.

So this Friday instead of going home after work I decided to go the Dog Bone Saloon a good watering hole for meeting with the opposite  sex. I also decided to let a group of guys pick me up and take to my place to beat up and hopefully get rid of Jeff forever.

First part of the plan seemed to be working great I am 32 years, brunette, 150 pounds, 57, 38G-28-37 and like a little rough sex and being tied up with the right partners. There are four guys at a table and very little female competition around they all look to be in their late 30s or early 40s. I am in my tight jean shorts, a pink thong and black tube top with no bra this gives them a good view of my butt cheeks and bouncing boobs. These guys are flirting with me and buying my drinks. So after they got me a little tipsy, I asked them if they would like to come to my place for some fun and they all say yes. So Ned, Barry, Rob, Pete and me all get into their Lincoln Town Car. I give them the directions to my place. I am in the back seat between Barry and Ned while Rob is driving and Pete is in the front seat with Rob. I then ask Ned and Barry if they like to suck my Tits  while we riding and they say yes. So I then remove my Tube top and pull out my handcuffs from my purse and have them cuff my hands behind me. I tell them this will help get my Pussy juices flowing for a good fucking later on. They each bury their faces in my huge boobs  each of them is sucking their own personal Tit. I notice Pete is filming the backseat action on his cell phone camera as both my nipples harden due to the aggressive tit sucking. I am moaning and gasping with pleasure and I ask if one them would undue my shorts and slid a hand down to my wet pussy and finger fuck me. I then feel a hand on pussy then two fingers are inserted. My gasping and moaning pleasure noises increase in volume by the pleasure of my tits being sucked and pussy finger fucked.

I am not aware of where we are going but as the car stops we arrive at a cabin in a wooded area and not at my house. I say where the hell are we this is not my house. I do not get an answer  but I am dragged out the car and forced to walk up a gravel driveway towards the cabin both Ned and Barry are on each side of me as I stumble and fall on the gravel drive  because with hands cuffed behind me  it is hard to keep my balance. As Ned and Barry lift me up by my bound arms they each  punch me hard in my big boobs and I scream loudly as this hurts like hell. Ned says to me, Bitch if you fall again we will drag to the cabin by your big tits.

We reach the cabin and go in I am then taken to a bedroom with a large King Bed, Ned and Barry lay me on the bed and they lay on each side of me and continue to suck my tits. Rob takes off my shorts and thong panties and buries his face in my pussy licking and sucking my clit. I  gasp and moan loudly as I have a huge orgasm. Rob then inserts his cock in my cunt and fucks me until he ejaculates. Then Ned and Barry fuck me in turn while all the time Pete is filming the whole scene. Rob then takes over the filming as Pete fucks me.

They now tell me they are going down to a Sports Bar to Watch a football game while I will be left at the cabin. I am then taken into the living room. A butt plug is shoved up my ass, a vibrating dildo is shoved in my pussy, my panties are put back on to help hold these in place. I am then led to a chair and sat down with my cuffed hands are pulled over the back of the chair. My elbows are tied together to make my boobs jut out more, my ankles are tied to the chair legs so that my legs are spread open, a rope is tied around my waist this secures me to the chair more. A ball gag is inserted in my mouth and strapped. Now the worst is about to happen the most wicked looking huge metal clamps are shown to me. I am gagged and tied to the chair so that I can not move or complain about anything. Ned then says with a grin on his face do you know where these are going. My eyes grow very big as Ned approaches my left nipple and Barry the right nipple  with the jaws of these metal monsters wide open to get as much nipple and tit flesh in them as possible. They both let the heavy spring loaded clamps go at the same time. My poor tits are trapped in what seems like bear traps the pressure these exert on my tits is excruciating. Even with my mouth filled by the ball gag my screams can be heard all over the cabin. My tit pain is horrible and on going as big heavy fishing weights on chains are hooked on to the huge clamps. Then for their amusement they lift the weights and drop them and let them swing from my sides just inches above the floor so that my poor tits have to support these weights.  They say you have a good time and we will be back in a few hours to check on you after the football game. They also set a up film camera on a tripod so they can later watch my pain and pleasure and turn on the vibrator before they leave.

The time I am tied to the chair passes slowly as my tit pain is non stop. I  scream, moan, sob, cry and curse those guys for my painful predicament. Finally they return with three more friends I am untied from the chair but the gag and handcuffs remain as I am taken back into the bedroom and fucked in turn by all seven guys.

My ordeal continues all weekend with continuous  torture and fucking until early Sunday afternoon when I am driven back to my house where the ball gag and handcuffs are removed and I am pushed from the car totally nude and my cloths thrown out behind me. They tell me to watch for myself on the internet and then drive away. I am laying on the ground in my front yard totally exhausted and in a lot of pain especially in my Boobs which are badly bruised when a pair of hands help me up and to my horror it is Jeff and who drags me into my house to continue my ordeal for the rest of my Sunday. 

The End



Review This Story || Author: donna duggs
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