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Review This Story || Author: donna duggs

tit tag

Part 4

Blackmail by Donna Duggs

This Donna again, after my weekend of going to a  pickup bar and being taken to a cabin by four guys and being bound, tortured and fucked by the first four guys and later three more guys while they are making a video and taking pictures of this event, my 38G tits were two giant sore bruises and my pussy was tender and sore to for quite a while. Jeff even got me again after they dumped me off nude in my front yard. Jeff carried me into the house cuffed and gagged me and had his version of a little Sunday afternoon delight at my expense. I felt so exhausted, used and sore and it took a couple of weeks for my bruises to heal.

Three weeks later I received a package in the mail from those four guys with pictures of me being bound and fucked by seven different guys in a bed.  Also there were some more pictures of me tied to a chair with a dildo shoved up my cunt, huge clamps attached to my boobs and weights on chains attached to the clamps that almost reach the floor. I also have a ball gag in my mouth but I can still tell I am in great pain from the contorted expression on my face. These guys Ned, Pete, Rob and Barry want me to meet with them again this Friday for another weekend of fun as they call it. If I  do not agree, they say they will post the pictures and video on the internet for the world to see. I have to respond  within twenty four hours to prevent the release of the pictures and video by a an email address they provide. After considering this for a short time I agree to meet with them. They respond back they will pick me up at my house Friday at 7:00 PM and to wear only a wear only a tube top(no bra) thong underwear and those short jean shorts and that shoes should be sandals or flip flops. All my clothing has to be easy remove and they will return me on Sunday again.  

It is now Friday at 6:45 PM I have showered, put on a little perfume, Red tube Top, Red thong, and my favorite jeans that show a lot of ass cheeks and pair of flip flops.  I then go outside and sit on my front porch to wait for my ride. They show up exactly at 7 again in a Lincoln Town Car This time Pete and Rob are in the back seat with me and Ned and Barry are up front. Pete  pulls my tube top off and Rob quickly handcuffs my hands behind my back. Pete  says since we do not want you for conversation I am also ball gagged. Pete buries his face in my left tit and Rob occupies my right tit. They are being very aggressive in their tit sucking. My nipples are hardening and my Pussy is getting wet. They are also biting and squeezing my helpless tits. Then my shorts are unzipped and unbuttoned  and Robs right hand finds my wet cunt and inserts two fingers.

I am now moaning and gasping into my gag and have a shameful pleasurable explosive orgasm. Pete and Rob continue work over my Tits and Pussy for the rest of the ride to the  Cabin. Once at the Cabin the car stops and we have that walk up to the Cabin but this time there is a twist Rob and Pete pull out a lengths of rope and lasso my tits at their bases and tighten the ropes around my tits. Rob and Pete pull on the ropes which are painfully tied around the bases of my tits and I am then painfully dragged up to the Cabin by my Tits which look like a couple of giant flesh balloons. I scream into the ball gag as loud as I can but  it only sounds like muffled noises, as Rob and Petes Tit parade approaches the Cabin with the rest of me following them and my big Tits.

Once we enter Cabin my loose ends of my Tit ropes are thrown over a ceiling beam and drawn tight and secured. Then my shorts and thong are removed, my ankles are spread eagle tied, my hands are still handcuffed and my mouth gagged. Rob approaches me from the front and Pete from behind. Rob shoves his Cock up my exposed Cunt and begins fucking me but Pete shoves he cock up my Ass (and this hurts like hell, I have never been Butt fucked before) Pete then grabs both my nipples from behind and starts twisting, pulling, and pinching them. I am now have a cock up my  cunt and one painfully up my ass plus my tits are being tortured as I scream, moan, groan, and gasp into my ball gag. Ned and Barry are setting in comfortable chairs, drinking beers and laughing at the scene of me being double fucked  while waiting their turns.

After Pete and Rob shoot their wads in me Ned and Barry take their places while Pete and Rob enjoy a beer and relax. After Ned and Barry shoot their wads Pete and Rob come back for another turn switching off on who gets Ass and who gets Pussy. Then Ned and Barry each take another turn. I am totally exhausted my Tits and Pussy are very sore but my Ass feels like it is on Fire. I have been Pussy and Ass fucked four times and Tit tortured by this group for the past two hours.

They tell me it is time for them to go to the local Sports Bar to watch a Game but this time I will not be left chair tied. Instead they untie my spread legs and shove a Butt Plug up my Ass and a Dildo up my Pussy and put my thong back on to hold them in place then tie my ankles  together. Now Ned pulls my roped tits tighter over the ceiling beam so I need to stand on my tip toes to help relieve my Tit pain. Then Barry and Rob apply those weighted horrible Clamps to  my Tits and tighten them very tight with a one pound weight dangling from each Tit Clamp  about a foot off the floor supported by my Tits.  Pete sets up the Video Camera to record my Pain and Humiliation. By now my poor Tits are in such pain I am screaming, crying and cursing them thru my gagged mouth.

They each bounce, swing, or hit the dangling weights at the end of chains of my Tit Clamps and this just sends me into a Hysterical Tit Pain Screaming Fit. As they walk out the door they tell me to have a good time. 

The time passes slowly while I suffer in my bound Tit Pain Fog of a world. All the time I try my best to keep my weighted Tit Clamps as still as possible but standing on my tip toes makes this impossible as every little move of my body causes waves excruciating  Tit pain. Which causes me to cry, shake yell and curse adding more pain on top of pain.

Finally the four of them return with just one buddy this time. They loosen my Tit beam ropes, retie my ankles in a spread eagle fashion again and at last they remove the Tit Clamps which causes more excruciating pain as the blood floods back into Tits and Nipples. Ned, Barry, Rob and Pete then put me thru the Ass and Pussy fucking paces again until each has fucked my Ass and Pussy. All the while their mystery guest Frank is just drinking beers and enjoying the show.  Finally Frank  approaches me as I am still tied spread eagle, hands cuffed behind me, gagged and held in place by Tit Beam ropes. Ned speaks up and says Frank is a amateur boxer who is going to use my Tits as Punching Bags because he needs some practice. Frank puts on some boxing gloves and starts punching away at my Huge Tits. He hits my Left Tit  with an uppercut which sends my Tit flying up and smacking me in the face then he does the same to my right Tit.  Frank then punches my left Tit with a straight on jab hitting me  square on the nipple his gloved right hand disappears into my massive Tit up to his wrist crushing my big Boob into my chest wall. The pain is so overwhelming I am hoping to pass out but Ned keeps applying smelling salts under my nose as Frank drives his fist into my Right Boob. I am now screaming so loud even with a gag in  my mouth my screams can be heard all over the Cabin. Frank says enough of this noise with a hard punch to my stomach even in my restraints I almost double over but my Tit ropes tighten up and straighten me back up. I now gasping thru my gag and nose trying to get in enough air as Ned keeps the smelling near my nose. Frank then goes back to work on my Fun Bag Punching Bags with jabs and uppercuts. After a 15 to 20 minute brutal Boob beating workout Frank says he has had enough for the time being.  The guys then release me from my tit and ankles ropes and temporarily remove my gag to give me some food and drink. After eating and drinking I am gagged again and put in a bed with my ankles tied spread eagle. It is now late Friday night and everyone goes to bed to get some sleep.

Once Saturday morning comes around my bondage, torture, and fucking continues by these five guys with brief breaks or food and drink. Early Sunday afternoon as promised I am driven back home still cuffed and gagged. The guys tell me that this is going to become a every third weekend tradition with three weeks for my body to recover from the bruises, aches and soreness. I will be given no choice if I do not want to be a Big Tit Bondage Torture Star on the internet. When they pull up to my house they do not take off the cuffs or remove the ball gag instead there is Jeff waiting and they turn me over to Jeff for his pleasure for the rest of this Sunday.   After Jeff has finished having his way with my bruised and sore body he removes my cuffs and tells me to have a nice rest of my weekend and leaves.

I have made a decision that I can not live like this  so quit my job, give my landlord notice that I will be leave before the next third weekend and move across country. I change my identify and start my life over. I really do enjoy bondage and rough sex but this situation got out of hand so I felt I had to flee to escape. I have not seen any internet postings of myself to date so I guess those guys are enjoying the pictures and videos  among themselves and may be still be searching for me. I only hope that they never find me. Signing off for now until I write about my next misadventures this is Donna with the 38Gs. 

The End



Review This Story || Author: donna duggs
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