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Part 2

Jeff Returns by Donna Duggs

After my previous weekend with Jeff my huge 38G boobs were sore and bruised for more than a week. At work Jeff was constantly asking when we could get together again but with my boobs being so sore I asked him to give me some time that maybe later we could have a repeat performance. My stalling could only put him off for so long so as the second weekend  without seeing Jeff neared and my tit soreness was now gone I had to tell him that I thought that we should just be friends and let that weekend become a fond memory for both of us. Jeff did not like my answer but seem to accept it.

So that weekend after work on another Friday I just wanted to have a relaxing weekend and watch some TV and do some reading. I had just bathed and eaten some dinner and was relaxing on the couch with only a T shirt and panties on watching the TV when the door bell rang. It was 7PM and I looked thru the peep hole and saw Jeff at my door. I opened the door and said to Jeff that I thought we had agreed not to see each other. Jeff pushed his way inside and locked the door behind him. I told him he had to leave and to get out or I was going to call the Police.

Jeff then starting calling me a Cunt, Bitch and Dick Teaser. I slapped Jeff across his face as hard as I could for calling me those names and I was very angry at him. He then punched me in the stomach as hard as he could causing me to collapse and gasping for breath. Jeff then scoped me up and threw me over his shoulder and carried me into my bedroom.

He then threw me on my bed and pulled my T shirt off sending my big boobs bouncing in all directions. He then went over to my dresser drawer where I kept my sex toys and retrieved handcuffs and a ball gag.  

Jeff rolled me over on my stomach and cuffed my hands behind my back he then pulled my panties off and stuffed them in my mouth and inserted the ball gag after them. I was now handcuffed and gagged  and to weak to resist him after that gut punch. Jeff then rolled me over on my back and then got some rope from my drawer and tied my ankles to each corner of the bed. Now I was completely nude with my legs tied spread eagle on the bed,   gagged and my hands secured behind me and completely helpless.  Jeff just grinned and laughed at me and got some nipple clamps from the drawer next, he then started sucking my left nipple once it was hard clamped my left  nipple and then he did the same to my right nipple.  Jeff then tightened both clamps even more causing me scream in pain into my gag  but very little noise came from  my gagged mouth so Jeff was the only one who hear could my muffled screams and he just laughed at my situation. Jeff then attached chains to the nipple clamps and then straddled my stomach and pretended he was riding a  horse pulling on the chains like reins with his left hand and slapping and fingering my exposed wet cunt with his right hand. I was in such horrible pain screaming, gasping, and crying into my gag. Jeff was really enjoying my pain and humiliation and kept this up for at least a half hour. He then started kissing my clamped tits working his way down  to my navel then French kissed my navel then continued down to my soaking wet pussy. He then  started tonguing my cunt licking and sucking my clit as his hands reached up and squeezed my clamped tits. My poor tits were in terrible pain while my hot wet pussy was in such pleasure. I then had a huge pleasurable pain filled orgasm. Jeff then inserted his cock in my cunt and fucked me as if there was no tomorrow. After about ten minutes of fucking his cock exploded in my pussy.  

Jeff kept me in bondage all weekend and did not release me until Sunday evening and only removed the gag long enough to give me food and something to drink every few hours.  This was another weekend filled with painful torture and pleasurable fucking  for me. I was totally exhausted by Sunday evening and my boobs were painfully sore and bruised for another week afterwards. I told Jeff at work the next week that I would never let him in my house again and to stay away from me.

To my surprise Jeff must have made a key made for my house because two weeks later  on Friday he told everyone at work he was going on an out town trip and he left work early. So when I got home that Friday after work I thought I was safe for the weekend. To my surprise Jeff was hiding in  my bedroom closet and surprised me as I was coming out the shower and again overpowered me and since I was already nude that made him very happy. I had no chance against this man he is at least six inches taller and out weights me by 70 pounds. Although I am big woman, of my 150 pounds of weight at least 20 of those are my Boobs and he loves to torture my big tits so I was in for another weekend of relentless bondage, torture and being fucked by this man.     

The End


Review This Story || Author: donna duggs
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