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Collected by AtlasKittie

Interesting (9 stories listed)
I find these stories interesting

  • From Recluse To Slave: by Saucy Writing
    (Synopsis: Louise, a university student, gets ready for a wild weekend, only to find herself in a bit of a predicament.)
  • Spider's Game: by Oriondog
    (Synopsis: While walking home from school, Jack's life suddenly changed, and he has several new lessons to learn about it.)
  • Jack, No More: by control_freak
    (Synopsis: A young advertising agent is taken captive by a mysterious woman and her slave. Things are about to change for this power executive...oh yes.)
  • Sara the Puppy Girl: by Lokker12
    (Synopsis: Sara is a cute, 19 year old blonde who was living a normal life. Her broken family, distant friends, and redundant life do take a toll on her, though. It\'s nothing compared to the life she\'s thrown into when she\'s unwillingly kidnapped and forced to be the pet Puppy of Jason, a handsome, middleaged, and wealthy man. The two are at odds with eachother, as Sara attempts to resist her new master\'s will, and as he attempts to break her. Sara is forced into a horribly humiliating dog-like suit, and forced to endure terrible punishments and degrading treatments at the hands of her captor.)
  • Toilet Training John: by paltego
    (Synopsis: John's wife Sarah is fed up with his inability to be both a good husband and good toilet for her. So together with her friend Jane, she comes up with an extreme training regime for him.)
  • Trust and Toilets: by Kallie Thomas
    (Synopsis: Basic tale of a trusting young girl in need and the greasy creep who ingratiates himself, gains her trust through promises of aid. Pretty scummy story, if I do say so myself.)
  • Lori's lost bet: by Ann Bech
    (Synopsis: I was the payoff when Lori lost a bet. I would be used for 24 hours.)
  • Danny and the Dildo: by dale10
    (Synopsis: My fourteen year old guardian gets a valentine\'s gift from me. A thirteen inch dildo. )
  • Breeding Season: by curtainsup
    (Synopsis: Jasper gets a new bitch and knots her tight pussy.)


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