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Collected by tellmeyourstory

Body Modification (6 stories listed)

Orgasm Denial (4 stories listed)

Overall Good Read (10 stories listed)

Complete Immobilization (3 stories listed)

Check to see if story finished (6 stories listed)
Great, unfinished stories. Month/year of last chapter added, as well as month/year of last check to see if there were updates. These are stories that are worth researching to see if they continue!.

Lez Fem-Dom (8 stories listed)

Sadist (4 stories listed)

Animal (15 stories listed)

  • Sara the Puppy Girl: by Lokker12
    (Synopsis: Sara is a cute, 19 year old blonde who was living a normal life. Her broken family, distant friends, and redundant life do take a toll on her, though. It\'s nothing compared to the life she\'s thrown into when she\'s unwillingly kidnapped and forced to be the pet Puppy of Jason, a handsome, middleaged, and wealthy man. The two are at odds with eachother, as Sara attempts to resist her new master\'s will, and as he attempts to break her. Sara is forced into a horribly humiliating dog-like suit, and forced to endure terrible punishments and degrading treatments at the hands of her captor.)
    Comment: My favorite.
  • Piggy: by Darinost
    (Synopsis: A sadistic lesbian seizes the opportunity to turn a friendly coworker into her helpless slave.)
    Comment: Homely girl begs bitchy pretty coworker to help her lose weight, gets more than she expected.
  • Don\'t get jealous: by JAR
    (Synopsis: Girlfriend of Mob Boss steals from him and goes on the run. He finds her and treats her like the bitch she was for being jealous of his new twin girlfriend he brought home.)
  • The New Pet: by CarrieAnne
    (Synopsis: Beatrice is a woman who makes a living out of finding very expensive \"pets\" for her cliente.)
  • Bangkok Dog Show Slave: by Shabbadew2002
    (Synopsis: An Australian girl is duped into becoming a sex slave on vacation in Thailand.)
  • Trained: by darlinglittlegirl
    (Synopsis: A submissive's journey with her Master continues, as He trains her to assume her rightful place as slave to all the males in the household both two and four footed. )
    Comment: Master trains her to serve his dogs and him. Only allowed to orgasm by fucking the dogs.
  • Clare: by Excalibur
    (Synopsis: Clare agreed to a little modification, the worst decision she ever made.)
    Comment: Turned into asexual latex work horse, after responding to Internet ad
  • Dog Pound: by torrid girl
    (Synopsis: Girl is kidnapped to be puppy trained. She is to be the fuck slut for her owner's other dog.)
    Comment: Red head found in park, turned into slut puppy for the man's dog and himself.
  • Deena's Helpful Tail: by Golffdude
    (Synopsis: She just wanted to help her friend to pay off the debt. But she didn't expect to become a plaything of the men and dogs.)
  • A Pony for Her Sweet Sixteen: by Cerberus
    (Synopsis: A beautiful teenager is invited to her uncle's horse farm to celebrate her Sweet Sixteen party. Will she get a pony for her birthday, or will she become one? )
    Comment: Thanatos Society, wealthy parents each sacrifice their daughter to gain admission.
  • The Lifestyle Farmer (an Awakening): by Honorius
    (Synopsis: Jake, a frustrated and wealthy dominant, is introduced to the Group; a powerful and secret society of slave owners. The story charts his journey into taking his own slaves)
    Comment: Straight Tech nerd retires, introduced to real ponies by gay neighbors
  • Dixie\'s Trip to the Pet Store: by DonnerTie
    (Synopsis: The pet store\'s owner has caught herself another stray puppy. She makes sure the girl won\'t escape.)
    Comment: Pet store, short
  • Dog Dreams: by Erica Bennet
    (Synopsis: A frightening and terrible, but arousing and compelling, dream I had. It will come true for me at some time, I am sure. I dread that time coming.)
    Comment: Used by dogs
  • The Horwath RAAC: by Sir Thomas
    (Synopsis: Remedial Attitude Adjustment Center. Training facility for puppy and ponygirls)
  • Ponygirl Copper: by Dirk
    (Synopsis: Young Laura is tricked by a stranger - forced into strict permanent bondage she is turned into a forced ponygirl (or, more corect maybe, a ponyslave) without hope of escape or a return to her former life as a human girl.)

Forced Infantalism (1 stories listed)

Electrotorture (1 stories listed)

Need to Read (0 stories listed)
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