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Collected by Sir_Talmanes

Dolcett (1 stories listed)

Talmanes' Library (17 stories listed)

  • The Perils of Patricia: by Petricia
    (Synopsis: A submissive housewife submits to her young Mistress for the first time.)
  • The Family Slave: by Thunder
    (Synopsis: Lisa has had dreams her whole life of becoming the family slave. She finally gets her wish.)
  • The Naked Gardener: by Captv8td
    (Synopsis: Kathleen took advantage of the privacy of her backyard to work on an all-over tan. Not only would she bronze her whole body, but she would enjoy some thrilling moments. She had no idea that it would change her life forever.)
  • Sara: by Charles E. Campbell
    (Synopsis: The story of a young slave's quest to be completely and totally enslaved in steel.)
  • The Chapel In the Woods: by Michael Alexander
    (Synopsis: In an abandoned chapel a Master offers a beautiful sacrafice and finds glory not in forgotten gods, but in the girl he has brought with him.)
  • The Concubine: by DeZ
    (Synopsis: (hanging fetish) Young and naive girl is chosen as the Emperor's Concubine, but what she does not suspect is that something strange and scary goes on behind the closed doors of his bedroom.)
  • Little Fatima: by Fiona Chung
    (Synopsis: Yvonne has a life changing experience in Pakistan.)
  • Millenium Products: by talespinner
    (Synopsis: Kate is a voluptuous but conservative young mother of a beautiful teenager, but when she agrees to test a new perfume she finds herself changing her points of view and slowly turning into a cum addicted slut, dragging her own daughter along.)
  • Master John finds his slave: by Master.John
    (Synopsis: A wedding provides an opporyunity with a married mom)
  • Anna's Affliction: by Abe
    (Synopsis: An orphan is afflicted with an oversize clitoris and the habit of maturbating. Her sadistic guardians torture her in a vain attempt to prevent her frequent orgasms. Later, she she learns to profit from the sadistic impulses of others.)
  • B.B.O: by Flost48
    (Synopsis: A member of a world wide Domination club acquires and trains a new slave.)
  • Dairy: by Memento
    (Synopsis: A woman's life on a special farm)
  • Dream Slave Galleria: by rplatz
    (Synopsis: Friendly Dolcett inspired fantasy that includes lots of sex, moderate amount of BDSM, a little Gynophagia (cannibalism, specifically woman eating) and themes of slavery. )
  • What if she wanted ...: by Polecat
    (Synopsis: During a party, one girl asks \"What if she wanted to suffer permanent damage)
  • Her choice: by Davide Iolar
    (Synopsis: To keep us from breaking up, my girlfriend agrees to submit to me sexually. She ends up regretting and loving that decision.)
  • Becoming Daisy the PuppyGirl: by Sagesmudger
    (Synopsis: John transforms his vanilla wife into the perfect puppy girl.)
  • Shannon\'s Decent into Slavery: by Rasputtin Szczepanski
    (Synopsis: How a young geeky girl is seduced into a life of slavery.)

Not yet read (10 stories listed)

Hucow (4 stories listed)


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