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Collected by nghty

M/f Love it (25 stories listed)

  • The Submissive Schoolgirl: by Shanks
    (Synopsis: Amy was a shy and unpopular girl with a secret past of being dominated by her former tutor. She finally confides in someone who wants nothing but to continue to dominate her. )
  • Becoming Bimbo: by H. Dean
    (Synopsis: She was caught in a web of deceit; the lie of infidelity. Having hurt the only man she loved, she was willing to do anything to get in his good graces and save her marriage. In so doing, she is willingly led down the path to oblivion; life as a brainless bimbo.)
  • Patience is a Virtue: by Ragoczy
    (Synopsis: The kidnapping, psychological breaking and eventual transformation of an unsuspecting girl.)
  • Hypnosis: by Jack Harlequin
    (Synopsis: she needed a cure for her emotional pain- slavery and love became her answer )
  • The humiliating training of Emma: by Emma No knickers
    (Synopsis: A grown woman is humiliated beyond belief by her best friend's teenage boyfriend and finds she craves more.)
  • Stephanie\'s New Year: by Sam Blythe
    (Synopsis: Sequel to “Conversations with Anna” by Katie Dale. The original story can be found on asstr. A 14-year-old girl is gradually introduced into a submissive lifestyle by older brother. Story is multi-part and rather long. It is not a “slam, bam, thank you ma’am” approach.)
  • Grace's Hard Lessons II: by Dark Avenger
    (Synopsis: A young female executive finds herself blackmailed into a cycle of submission, humiliation and depravery after being discovered by her colleague that she had embezzled money from the company. A sequel to Grace\'s Hard Lessons.)
  • Grace's Hard Lessons: by Dark Avenger
    (Synopsis: A young office executive steals from her company and is discovered by a male co-worker who uses this to blackmail her. He humiliates and uses her in the office, tricks her into signing up for a compromising photography shoot, and arranges for her to be subjected to more and more humiliating situations and acts of submission.)
  • Babysitting: by Flinkar
    (Synopsis: A girl gets babysitting, and the babysitter takes advantage of her submissive state.)
  • Ana and her Father: by Ms. Which
    (Synopsis: After her mother passed away, Ana was sent to live with his father, whom she had never seen before. Soon she found out all the rumors about his father's extreme sexual life were true.)
  • The Object of His Affection: by H. Dean
    (Synopsis: For many years, James had thought of Debbie as the near perfect woman. After making her his own he leads her down the path to becoming his perfect love toy. Unfortunately, he discovers that even perfection has its flaws.)
  • Judy: by Dockink
    (Synopsis: A woman fulfills her need for complete dominance at the hands of her doctor.)
  • A Very Long Night: by Ladyvet
    (Synopsis: A submissive wife is forced to have sex without enjoying a climax with strangers while her husband observes.)
  • Wench's Nipple Party: by Bracemaiden
    (Synopsis: Wench goes to a party, where she is punished for prior masturbation - especially her nipples.)
  • Punishment Day for NANCY!!: by Alexis.
    (Synopsis: A school girl is punished hard for her dis obedience by her father.)
  • Such a Good Girl: by Ms. Which
    (Synopsis: This is a violently sadistic story about a man who holds a girl in thrall to him. It is not for the faint of heart.)
  • The Housewife: by LemonTart
    (Synopsis: She has neglected her duties for the day, and now she must be punished.)
  • Sex and Violet: by Zenmackie
    (Synopsis: A shy submissive learns to serve her Master in public. )
  • Changes: by Ninja Turtle
    (Synopsis: A guy has his girlfriend submit to changes in her body, the changes start of mild but end up extreeme)
  • The Last Straw: by angel
    (Synopsis: A wife gets a lesson in discipline from her irate husband.)
  • Mary the Teenaged Slut: by Cerberus
    (Synopsis: Young Mary is forced by her parents to be the biggest slut in her high school.)
  • A visit from uncle...: by Faith Fuller
    (Synopsis: )
  • Toying With Tiffany: by Dr. Wu
    (Synopsis: Tiffany Daniels is the prettiest, most popular girl in high school, but suffers a series of humiliations and abuse by her teachers.)
  • Sensitivity Training: by Missy Temptation
    (Synopsis: an account of my breast sensitivity training)
  • Attraction: an Example.: by Davide Iolar
    (Synopsis: A stroke of luck leads to a satisfying encounter.)
    Comment: imcomplete

M/m Love it! (2 stories listed)

will read (2 stories listed)

M/F+f unlike (3 stories listed)
read it, incomplete

m/gyg inliky (2 stories listed)

F/m LOVE IT (5 stories listed)
Female dominating male, denial

M/m unlike (2 stories listed)
read it

F/m unlike (3 stories listed)
Read it


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