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Book Project


Collected by Bloke250

Things to Read Again (7 stories listed)

  • Mailroom Girls: by Cambridge Caine
    (Synopsis: Junior executive Kirsten is recruited into a "pilot program" at the corporation where she works. She is systematically humiliated and made to deliver mail in the nude.)
  • Hogtied at Hogwarts: Slave Girls in the Wizarding World: by Bitch Beater
    (Synopsis: In this kinky BDSM-themed FanFic, Harry discovers that using his magical powers to conquer beautiful witches and to force them to submit to him sexually can lead to a very pleasurable life indeed)
  • Legalised Slavery: by Katie Smith
    (Synopsis: Tracey story, she is sent to an African country where slavery has been legalised to write a story for her newspaper.)
  • The Entrapment of Susan Andrews: : by masterofm
    (Synopsis: A trusting naive yet attractive head teacher is first trapped and then trained into a sordid world of submission by a student and his parents.)
  • The Painting: by Vlad Potemkin
    (Synopsis: A beautiful woman finds a kinky painting in an art gallery. She should know: caveat emptor. This is a Halloween story that pays homage to a Stephen King short.)
  • Sarah Porter's Schooldays: by Garmonbozia
    (Synopsis: )
  • My Very Own: by Garmonbozia
    (Synopsis: What goes on the web, stays on the web. Katie Thomas learns this the hard way when an afternoon of fun with a webcam turns her young life into something she had never imagined.)


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