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Collected by evieisabella

my stories (21 stories listed)

  • The Kink Palace: by Nephthys
    (Synopsis: In the near future, a young woman fulfills her fantasy of becoming a prostitute at Japans most famous brothel: the Kink Palace, a brothel with no limits. Only price-tags.)
  • Choice: by Casaubon
    (Synopsis: An abducted woman is asked to choose what sort of slave she will become.)
  • Cuchilla Captivity: by Captv8td
    (Synopsis: One day, Jane was a happily married mother of two beautiful daughters. The next day, she was thousands of miles away in the lawless country of Cuchilla after being kidnapped. Her days consisted of one shocking indignity after another as her body was used in every way imaginable. She only hoped that this nightmare would end soon but she feared that this was the way that life would be from now on.)
  • The fallen Goddess: by Innocent story Teller
    (Synopsis: Devlin the God of carnal pleasure and Alice the Goddess of true love are arch rivals in the celestial world due to their natures. After a setting her up for a fall, Alice has been awarded to Devlin as his slave and is completely under his mercy.)
  • Going back home: by Taylor
    (Synopsis: Amelia gets caught by Master Leo after escaping for three years. First part of a total Fictional story. Everything is made up, out of my erotic imagination.)
  • Caught Fire: by Dari
    (Synopsis: The story is set in a medieval/fantasy kind of world. Our 'heroine', Jeanne, has a certain talent - she can call forth fire at will, but only when she is stressed. After some unfortunate incidents she sets out to find someone to teach her how to control that ability, and finds him in Tane, a sorcerer with some background who is not only interested in teaching Jeanne how her magic might work. Yet he is not so easily satisfied, and has some peculiar ideas how sex has to work.)
  • Breeding Season: by curtainsup
    (Synopsis: Jasper gets a new bitch and knots her tight pussy.)
  • A Weekend With Bili: by H. Dean
    (Synopsis: Megan and Bili, two long time friends, get together for the weekend. Despite her fears of his sadistic nature, curiosity gets the best of her and she asks Bili for a taste of his sadistic interests. This is their weekend.)
  • Voodoo Doll: by Ashley Zacharias
    (Synopsis: An openly masochist woman gives her wealthy fiance an extreme wedding gift. On their first anniversary, he gives her a gift that's even more extreme.)
  • The Conversion of Jessica: by Rich Humus
    (Synopsis: A young housewife is taken against her will and delivered to a maniacle mansion, where she will be programmed to perform...)
  • Maiden Maid: by Powerone
    (Synopsis: This is the story of orphans that become of age in 1933 and what they are forced to do to survive the Great Depression.)
  • Aline: by Demosthones
    (Synopsis: A young virgin is made the property of a wealthy man in the U.S. after it has become a dictatorship.)
  • Fulfillment: by Papierklammer
    (Synopsis: A wife achieves her destiny with a new role in her husbandís household.)
  • Man's Best Friend: by Nancy~
    (Synopsis: A dominant man arranges for his submissive girlfriend to visit a kennel where she is introduced to K-9 love in a forceful way.)
  • Daddy's Darlin': by FuckDoll
    (Synopsis: A young girl turns 18, and her daddy shows her what it means to be a woman on their ranch.)
  • Sisters of Penance: by monsignor
    (Synopsis: An order of nuns is used to let priests and clergy release their sexual frustrations and accept the sins upon themselves. They then accept the punishment and penance for the sins.)
  • The Hotel: by Morlock
    (Synopsis: A modest inheritance turns a young man from a wage slave to a millionaire.)
  • Hirst Hall: by Surtea
    (Synopsis: A lady agrees to a marriage but, sooner rather than later, comes to regret it.)
  • Grove Academy a story of the New Republic: by Jack Harlequin
    (Synopsis: )
  • Sarah under Control: by The Doctor
    (Synopsis: Sarah is in her 40s,married, well presented, and fully aware that she is attractive. Whilst not especially sexual,she is a bit of an exhibitionist. One day,she flaunts her particularly excellent breasts at the wrong guy and pays the price big time!)
  • Roffeless: by Danielle
    (Synopsis: A smart girl thinks she has outwitted a couple of sleazballs, but the game she plays leads her down into depravity and ruin.)


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