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Book Project


Collected by kodokusakka

Stories I am Reading (20 stories listed)

  • Catch 44: by Paladin
    (Synopsis: A man is caught by his neighbor during a self-bondage session.)
  • Sex Slave Cam Whore: by JennyV
    (Synopsis: Story of a girl who had always fantasised of being a submissive fullfilling her fantasies over a webcam on the internet and eventually being blackmailed into becoming a sex slave slut.)
  • The Discovery of My Submissiveness: by cuntpuppy
    (Synopsis: Laura discovers she is born to be a sex slave at a very young age. This is the story of her journey into the humilislut she so longed to be all her life.)
  • A Sister's Blackmail: by Iggy
    (Synopsis: Sarah's younger sister takes some pictures of her in a compromising position and compels her to do some embarrassing things.)
  • Power of Suggestion: by AlwaysCocked
    (Synopsis: Have you ever wondered what it would be like if women did exactly what you told them?)
  • Bless Me Father, for I Have Sinned: by Ashley Zacharias
    (Synopsis: A woman tells her priest that she wants to serve a more rigorous penance than the church recommends. He learns to like the idea.)
  • The Whore-for-a-Day Game: by Ashley Zacharias
    (Synopsis: A wife with a penchant for playing games, designs a special role-playing game to breathe new life into her marriage. She will pay a severe penalty if she loses.)
  • Fun With An 18: by Christine
    (Synopsis: Christine hosts a small all day business conference at a downtown hotel. She also reserves a suite in the hotel for that night. Christine invites 2 cute guys from the conference, plus her friend Lisa, to spend the night playing bondage sex games. First, the girls tie up the guys and play with them, but when itís the guys turn to tie up the 2 girls; they have some surprises and new toys to test out on Christine and Lisa. Explicit Descriptions of Sex!)
  • Shoplifting: by beastbookbody
    (Synopsis: A shoplifter has to "pay" for stolen merchandise.)
  • Teasing: by Lockedup737
    (Synopsis: Brooke liked to tease. She had a lot of fun in high school with other students and teachers but it got boring. She wanted to go to college so she could have more fun but she needed the money first and her mother wouldn't give it to her. Finally her aunt stepped in but there was a price. Brooke pays the price but was it worth it just to have some fun in college?)
  • Starting my estate: by Galactus
    (Synopsis: In a future where slaves are toys to the rich, a young man inherits his parents' fortune, and begins buying slaves.)
  • Toilet Trained: by Ted E. Bear
    (Synopsis: Poor college girl looking to make big money on the weekends, answers an ad that leads to her abuse and ultimate slavery. After giving her a mickey, which knocks her out cold, she is stripped, bound placed inbetween 2 walls in a self-contained room with monitors. 2 large dildos are forced into her ass and cunt, a clital stimulator is attached to her clit, a waste pipe from a toilet, on the other side of the wall is forced deep into her mouth and she is tied up in such a way that she can't get it out. Her nipples are clipped to a board that moves away from her whenever someone on the other side flushes the toilet, thus making the clips bite into her nipples harder and yank them away from her body. Later she is auctioned off to the highest bidder.)
  • August Showers: by I. W. Under
    (Synopsis: A college boy's would be girlfriend cum slave pulls an incredible stunt in an attempt to win him over to the world she inhabits. Fortuitous events conspire to make her successful.)
  • What if she wanted ...: by Polecat
    (Synopsis: During a party, one girl asks \"What if she wanted to suffer permanent damage)
  • House Party: by Darinost
    (Synopsis: David recounts a weekend spent abusing a woman in her own home.)
  • A Colorado Country Girl\'s Self Bondage: by Shackleford Bond
    (Synopsis: True memoirs of a middle aged woman\'s life of bondage)
  • Owned Teacher: by thumb
    (Synopsis: A female teacher was controlled by her student, completely.)
  • Owning a Dominant Bitch: by Rebelman
    (Synopsis: Slow high school story of a humiliated girl, an intelligent girl, a dominant girl, and a heck of a nice guy.)
  • The Sex-Slave Spinner Cycle: Nerd Sluts: by nassim
    (Synopsis: A nerdy slut has kinky fun at home and abroad.)
  • Sarah under Control: by The Doctor
    (Synopsis: Sarah is in her 40s,married, well presented, and fully aware that she is attractive. Whilst not especially sexual,she is a bit of an exhibitionist. One day,she flaunts her particularly excellent breasts at the wrong guy and pays the price big time!)


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