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Book Project


Collected by DC_David

Top Stories (6 stories listed)

  • Tina in Saudi Arabia: by tinaslut
    (Synopsis: Swedish woman is arrested for prostitution and sentenced to severe public floggings plus imprisonment. She is continously raped and brutalized in the prison.)
  • The Videographer and the Lawyer's Wife: by Tappy McWidestance
    (Synopsis: A videographer gets more than he bargained for when he is hired by RJS Law to produce a recruitment video.)
  • Diary of erotic self torture: by Annie
    (Synopsis: I must be a pain slut but haven't found anyone to really give it to me. So I did it to myself.)
  • Any Hole: by violate
    (Synopsis: A slave is bound and blindfolded in a truckstop men's room.)
  • Worlds Apart: by w.l. telford
    (Synopsis: Business took him to Asia. His wife stayed home. And was lost. More than either of them could ever have imagined.)
  • Virtual Slavery: by w.l. telford
    (Synopsis: A variation on Beauty and the Beast in which the Internet becomes the means by which a wealthy Beast captures another man's Beauty.)


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