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Collected by highlander_iv36

TV (16 stories listed)

Male(f)Dom (3 stories listed)

first (8 stories listed)
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FemDom (9 stories listed)

FemSubs (3 stories listed)

  • Gutter Slut: by ric
    (Synopsis: A young slut that truly loves sex. She fucks and sucks for the thrill, and dosn't play games. If you saw her on the street with her small skirt and tight tee shirt, you would think she was a slut, what you wouldn't know is how much of a slut. This story pulls know punches, it gets right into it.)
  • The Plight of Janice: by Trainman
    (Synopsis: Blond, and 19, Janice is kidnapped, spread-eagled, and repeatedly sexually abused. She is then put on display and auctioned off and must submit to electrical torture and more sexual abuse.)
  • Devils Island: by Balor
    (Synopsis: This is a long story. The story follows several women from their abduction to their new lives as slaves and beyond.)

SciFi (1 stories listed)


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