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Book Project


Collected by sitanahta

To Read (13 stories listed)

  • Convict Wench: by Michael Morris
    (Synopsis: Three girls are sentenced to slavery for life in the Colonies. Set in the 18 Century, they learn their fate in this Part 1 of the story.)
  • A Princess's Penance: by Tom Justin
    (Synopsis: A vindictive Queen has her step-daughter whipped in front of her dinner guests.)
  • The Torturer: by Lord Douche
    (Synopsis: The Torturers Guild is something that people do not talk about, and stories of people who survive a visit to their dungeons are things of legend, whispered in the dark corners of taverns across the city. A good Torturer never inflicts a permanent injury on their client, and with his reputation for being the best, Ayden is always given the most attractive prisoners lest their beauty be marred by another. Many females, young and old, have told him every last one of their secrets and left without a mark on them, and the newest prisoner knows that she will be no exception…)
  • The Sacrifice: by Cortez
    (Synopsis: Betrayed by her lover, a girl falls into the hands of Mordal, High Priest of Anthor and becomes a tortured sacrificial victim deep in the most secret part of the Temple.)
  • The Lady Ashley's Penance: by Tom Justin
    (Synopsis: A cart-tail whipping and humiliation of a noblewoman.)
  • The Agony of Failure: by Cortez
    (Synopsis: The Far East in the early Nineteenth Century. In the remote Sultanate of Mantok 25 year old Charlotte Conway is caught up in one of the bloody palace intrigues. Betrayed by her lover, General Chong, she is brought before the Sultan for questioning.)
  • Sins of the Father: by obohobo
    (Synopsis: When her father uses Katherine as a pawn in a political game his opponent captures and enslaves her. Her only hope of escape lies with the son of another player, a boy who she is told in retarded and violent.)
  • Punishment Most Severe: by Williej
    (Synopsis: A young buxom Frenchwoman is arrested by the occupying Nazis during WW2 and sentenced to death by public flogging.)
  • Princess Gwendolyn in The Castle of Pain: by Llabmik
    (Synopsis: With a tip of the hat to the great John Willie's Sweet Gwendoline, I have concocted a story about a medieval princess kidnapped (and put through her paces) by an evil Queen in co-operation with the step-mother of our hapless heroine. Will the pretty princess be rescued from her torments and live happily ever after? Hmmmmmm, let me think.....)
  • Midieval times: by Shyloch
    (Synopsis: A 17 year old girl is publicly tortured and executed because she insulted the princess. Graphic story. Cerntainly not for the squeamish. I apologise for my poor english.)
  • Glory Be: by Jan
    (Synopsis: Committed to her faith, teen-age Jan is determined to do real penance, the way every Catholic girl should.)
  • Bad, Bad Company: by Faibhar
    (Synopsis: The wrong crowd seals her fate.)
  • A Public Spectacle: by Neal Chisholm aka oldpervert1
    (Synopsis: A short romance novel with a twisted bdsm & sci-fi plot. It should be equally offensive to romance novel enthusiasts, porno connoisseurs and sci-fi weirdos.)

Favourites (2 stories listed)


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