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Collected by bullfinch

F/m current (46 stories listed)

F/f current (28 stories listed)

  • The Perils of Patricia: by Petricia
    (Synopsis: A submissive housewife submits to her young Mistress for the first time.)
  • Prisoner of Submisson: by Dark Rider Angmar
    (Synopsis: A business woman and soccer mom falls under the dominating spell of a co-worker and descends into decadency.)
  • Infiltrating Ashagen, the land of ultimate torture: by Noemi Salvadge & Aurelie Catena
    (Synopsis: An expert female spy, Aurelia, is sent to infiltrate a ring of slavery and save a colleague of her who had mysteriously disappeared in a previous mission. The operation brings Aurelia, tightly chained, to the land of Ashagen, a place where slavery, torture and sadism express themselves freely and with extreme creativity. Horrified, she discovers from the inside a society where horrible games, infamous experiments are imagined by the cruellest sadists of both sexes she has ever seen. Calling on the excellence of her training and skills, she tries to find her colleague and to leave this hell to reveal its existence to the rest of the world. But the longer she stays in Ashagen, the more she gets modified, in her body and in her mind. Will she succeed in escaping before being reduced to a wreck?)
  • Just browsing: by graymangazer
    (Synopsis: A shy young woman, out of curiosity visits a fetish shop, it becomes a life changing experience.)
  • Cruel Island - A Mantok Story: by Cortez
    (Synopsis: Eighteen year old Mandy Jones doesn't have much choice but accompany her aunt, Cindy Williams, and friend, Angi Crawford, on their travels to the far East. Things don't go to plan and they are all detained on arrival at Mantok airport. Angi and Cindi are interrogated harshly while Mandy learns to do as she's told...the hard way.)
  • Emily’s Choice – Ponygirl: by Sarah Owens
    (Synopsis: Set in the college, Emily chooses to become a ponygirl for Sarah.)
  • Getting To Know Step-Mother: by Banshee
    (Synopsis: Barbara learns quickly that her step-mother and step-brother are cruel and devious. Things get even worse after her father dies. She soon realizes that she is doomed to a life of pain and suffering.)
  • Office Pet: by Mona Haze
    (Synopsis: Some like their lovers cruel. Some can't love without being cruel. Alex loves her secretary Serena - a lot. She tortures her pet in her office at night. butch/femme dynamic)
  • Cattle Girls: by Molly S
    (Synopsis: Erin and Karric go hunting for more sluts to abuse.)
  • Mandy's sickest stories - Mandy reloaded: by SickoChickMandy
    (Synopsis: How evil a young and innocent looking girl can be? She can be really, diabolically evil. Our heroine was just freed from jail after 6 years of imprisonment, and immediately goes after her desires, kidnaps, tortures and snuffs an unfortunate lady who happened to be in the wrong place and at wrong time. This short tale is the opening segment of a series. This is the dawn of a lesbian serial killer's career.)
  • Victoria and the Chastity-Guard MK III: by G Master
    (Synopsis: )
  • House of Hell: by Azazel
    (Synopsis: Four young women are held captive by four extreme sadists. Follow their stories and guess their fate.)
  • Lisa's introduction to becoming a BDSM slut whore: by robert
    (Synopsis: this story is almost all true with very minor alterations in the training of a beautiful married woman by a sadistic madam)
  • My Child: by Lisa Aligher
    (Synopsis: Lesbian Dominatrix to the rich and famous has her life taken over by a Lesbian street urchin.)
  • Naughty Pussies: by slavegirl
    (Synopsis: Seven young women develop intense D/s relationships while living together in an old Victorian House. As the story develops, the level of B&D/S&M will contine to increase along the way.)
  • Lesbian Slave Auction II: Return to Stonebriar: by Jlou
    (Synopsis: A sadistic Madam forces her young dominatrix understudy to make an impossibly difficult choice if she wishes to rise to the top of the worlds foremost lesbian slave training facility.)
  • Submission: by J Lewis
    (Synopsis: A tale of bondage, submission, voyerism, bdsm, etc,etc,etc.)
  • The Window Worker: by Rubberwolf
    (Synopsis: A woman finds out about staff motivation)
  • Emma is punished: by Rob True
    (Synopsis: Emma is a timid girl who is caught kissing somebody's boyfriend. She is dominated and humiliated by another girl. )
  • The Haven: by Vdias
    (Synopsis: A personal fitness trainer and a snobby young executive find a hidden side to the tropical island resort called the Haven.)
  • Sandra's Fantasy: by Tappy McWidestance
    (Synopsis: A forty something woman fantasizes about submitting to a young girl.)
  • Slut-2-Fuck: by velvetglove
    (Synopsis: ‘Slut-2-Fuck’ follows the descent of Chris and Laura, a good looking young couple, who fall under the spell of Samantha, their personal trainer.)
  • Emily’s Fall: by erratic
    (Synopsis: Emily investigates a strange old metal suit trying to fulfil some of her fantasies)
  • Cruel Couple - Deadly Revenge: by Basanistes
    (Synopsis: A woman mocks the female half of a very sadistic couple and falls prey to their cruel, and ultimately deadly, revenge.)
  • Happy Birthday Angie: by Daze_Earth
    (Synopsis: Angela's birthday party goes horribly wrong despite her meticulous, yet poor planning. No one turns up for the party except Nikki and Tamara who weren't originally on the guest list. The two beautiful and mischievous sisters take control of Angela and soon the birthday girl finds herself stripped down to her birthday suit. The sisters invite their friends over and the party kicks off. Having fun at Angela's expense becomes the name of the game as the girls tease, humiliate and finally fuck the unhappy birthday girl.)
  • Maid: by Jill Smith
    (Synopsis: Woman blackmails her maid and dominates her.)
  • The savage: by Aibo
    (Synopsis: After a severe ordeal of body modification a female awakens and find herself in a dungeon. Yet the real terror is only about to start.)
  • Stella: by Atomage
    (Synopsis: Continuing the narrative begun in Ingrid. Stella, the appalling amoral anti heroine, delivers the first of the newly broken slaves to her owner.)

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