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Collected by Avicularia

favorites (9 stories listed)

  • Danielle\'s Punishment: by Saucie
    (Synopsis: Danielle\'s school has decided to try a new method for keeping the students in line, and Danielle is the first to be punished. Inspired by Writings of Leviticus.)
  • Kristin\'s Drive Home: by seamusduggery
    (Synopsis: Kristin Blake is 19 years old and on her way from a long day at her college. She fails to obey a traffic device and is taught a thing or two by a local police officer)
  • Swift Justice: by Mistress Blue
    (Synopsis: Drunken bar patron is dealt with by two policemen.)
  • Police Rape of Sally and Rebecca: by Powerone
    (Synopsis: "Police Rape of Sally and Rebecca" is a story about a mother and daughter stopped by the police in a small town far away from home. They are sexually humiliated, anally rape, whipped, assaulted and forced to perform various sexual acts with and in front of many people. They submit to these acts to prevent the other from going through the same thing.. This story is for entertainment only. Copyrighted by Powerone. See my other stories of Rebecca.)
  • A+ Amy: by USMC4ME
    (Synopsis: This is in fact the first story I have ever posted anywhere. Amy was the hot little girl in highschool that everyone wanted. This is the story of her abduction and her first night as a prisoner.)
  • Angel's Abduction: by rockbohunk
    (Synopsis: A young Photographer captured deep in the woods.)
  • Busted: by rockbohunk
    (Synopsis: A father and his daughter's best friend.)
  • Cynthia's Detention: by rockbohunk
    (Synopsis: Cynthia's communication class.)
  • Sararh's Arrest: by rockbohunk
    (Synopsis: A young women stopped by a corrupt cop.)


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