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Collected by andy_m_janson

My list (58 stories listed)

  • TXR-92U-2280 � Call Name: Sara: by epexia
    (Synopsis: In a society where mass slavery has persisted into the 21st Century, a prostitute-slave named Sara endures pain, humiliation and casual exploitation in the service of a Las Vegas casino.)
  • Betting it All: by ProfPotts
    (Synopsis: Claire bets her life on a near-perfect hand, and gets trumped, winding up as Kyle's slave. )
  • Office slut: by ProfPotts
    (Synopsis: Kimberly meets with her friend Sarah for coffee and relates the tale of her misadventures since signing a contract with an unusual clause.)
  • Kelly and Katie: by Denise C
    (Synopsis: Two beautiful girls have sex with each other for the first time. And it is an experience they are unlikely to forget. Especially because they are unwilling actresses in a porn movie.)
  • The Basement Mirror: by Morlock
    (Synopsis: The Basement, told from the other end of the chains.)
  • Dog Pound: by torrid girl
    (Synopsis: Girl is kidnapped to be puppy trained. She is to be the fuck slut for her owner's other dog.)
  • Mailroom Girls: by Cambridge Caine
    (Synopsis: Junior executive Kirsten is recruited into a "pilot program" at the corporation where she works. She is systematically humiliated and made to deliver mail in the nude.)
  • Cheerleaders' Rape and Torture: by Semiater
    (Synopsis: This is the story of 5 high school Cheerleaders' who get lost and have their car breakdown, only to have a friendly garage owner "help" them out and turn them into slaves.)
  • Kings and Queens: by Allene Blake
    (Synopsis: Two high school girls will accept pain and humilation to join a cool group of rich students. 12 parts.)
  • To Obey: by Fire-Bird
    (Synopsis: Naughty and spoiled girls were sent to the training school to be trained to obedient slaves.)
  • Secretary: by Onirokufan
    (Synopsis: A new secretary brings out the dominant side of a businessman.)
  • Gables Academy: by Jack Harlequin
    (Synopsis: This is the third story I have submitted under this name. It is the second set in the genre of the "New Republic", a place that dominant men very much enjoy. Please remeber that "it is just a fantasy".)
  • Aubree's First Apartment: by Doc Sexaday
    (Synopsis: Aubree was young and on her own. She had her first apartment and a promising college education ahead of her. The bad news for Aubree was Winston. He had dirt on Aubree and blackmail was in order. )
  • The Organization: by Masterinc
    (Synopsis: A dark tale of capture, subjugation, and enslavement of a young woman and her mother. A much different story than Third Party Guardian.)
  • Bangkok Dog Show Slave: by Shabbadew2002
    (Synopsis: An Australian girl is duped into becoming a sex slave on vacation in Thailand.)
  • The Summer Project: by T.S.Fesseln
    (Synopsis: A brother-in-law gets the chance of his dreams when his father and stepmother go on vacation and he gets to turn his stepsister into a slave. A work in progress.)
  • A Brave New World : by Ashantai
    (Synopsis: Chesna and Mel find that the law is not always there to help.... )
  • Annie\'s Truck ride: by Annalise
    (Synopsis: Annie realises she should have listened when mommy told her not to talk to strangers)
  • A Darker Universe: by Mermaid Master
    (Synopsis: A high school girl is introduced to a program where she is required to be naked for a week in school and given to a boy to be his slave. The program proves overwhelmingly successful.)
  • The New Assistant: by Leeg180
    (Synopsis: New PA gets turned into a slave)
  • Office Politics: by Diiamond
    (Synopsis: Sarah's job hunt turns out to be more than she bargained for. Her interview goes so well, that the company creates a new job just for her. )
  • Patriarch Alliance- Travellers & Saviors: by GhostWriter
    (Synopsis: The dangers of deep space. And the joys of it! )
  • Maid Elizabeth: by Jake
    (Synopsis: A young women begins her journey into servitude and sexual slavery )
  • Black, Bergman & Buchanan, Masters At Law: by Lewis Chappelle
    (Synopsis: Law partners hire beautiful submissive women and have their way with them at work.)
  • The Cage: by Romy
    (Synopsis: A girl wakes up in a room full of cages. Each cage holds a woman.)
  • Employment Contract: by Liz Black
    (Synopsis: Liz applies for a job as ‘personal assistant’ with her all-time-favourite actor John Lacroix. She gets the job and signs a contract. But she might get more than she bargained for…)
  • Part 1 - The interview: by Cercaschiava
    (Synopsis: In a futuristic world where slavery is a part of daily life, a young man attends a job interview at a top tier investment bank.)
  • Anna's Date: by fellatrix
    (Synopsis: In a future where women are required to be subservient and wear chastity belts, Anna is sent out on a date with a friend of her father's.)
  • The Perfect Family – A Thanatos Tale: by Cerberus
    (Synopsis: An innocent young girl marries into a family of sadists.)
  • Business Bitch: by Jon Maddux
    (Synopsis: A career minded married woman is taught to be a sumissive loving wife by her captor.)
  • Entertainment Center: by Alexis
    (Synopsis: Stern measures are required to get peace and quiet to watch NFL football. A bribe...and then a revelation.)
  • Weekend Capture: by Warren
    (Synopsis: Cheerleader is captured and toyed with)
  • A Little Surprise: by caiged
    (Synopsis: )
  • Secretaries' Punishment: by daddiebear50
    (Synopsis: A full service exectutive secretary remenisces as she reports her newly hired neice's theft to her boss. She knows she will be punished as well as her niece for the offense.)
  • Training Allie: by Les Evans
    (Synopsis: The seduction of a highschool girl by her stepfather, cluminating in her voluntary enslavement. In Part 2, her submission deepens, and she recruits another girl to help serve her master.)
  • Stephanie: by Wiley Hunter
    (Synopsis: A coed, ashamed of her fantasies, is horrified to see them slowly come to be, and finds she is helpless as she slips deeper and deeper into a life of sexual subjugation.)
  • Captive Mother: by Michelle Byssom
    (Synopsis: The story of how Master James took young Marie\'s virginity and then made her and her mother Shelly pregnant.)
  • Sabrina The Dog Walker: by StarChild
    (Synopsis: Sabrina is abused and humiliated by her neighbor.)
  • The Cage: by Kray
    (Synopsis: How thoroughly Mary¡¯s life is changed!¡­ Just few weeks ago she was free to drive her car all over, and today her entire world is the internal side of a little iron cage. )
  • A Foreign Land: by Simone Locke
    (Synopsis: Trapped in a hostile world, Patricia\'s only hope of getting home lies in an alliance with the man she despises)
  • Lauren's Ruler: by TheDom InTheHat
    (Synopsis: A teenage girl's cruel father turns over her dicipline to an older boy she thought was her friend who takes on his new role with considerable enthusiasm punishing and humiliating her.)
  • Playing along with my friend and her brother: by Little Sister
    (Synopsis: My best friend is the sex-slave of her brother and I asked them to join in, This is kind of a journal of what happened.)
  • grandpas little cunt: by cat m
    (Synopsis: the story of a depraved young woman and her need to be grandpas little cunt.)
  • How Selfish It Was: by The_Animal_Trainer
    (Synopsis: A slave recounts events in the process of her dehumanization)
  • Dog Mistress: by RedFalchon
    (Synopsis: A 'Turn of the Century' young woman is raped by her dog and discovers that she likes it. Unfortunately the event is witnessed by an unscrupulous Gentleman.)
  • New Call: by Jill Bird
    (Synopsis: Jill has a new territory. will she enjoy this one better than the last?)
  • The Contest: by Fielding J. Melish
    (Synopsis: In a New World Order of make dominance, an over the hill office girl tries to improve her lot in life by winning a Hot Legs Contest that will land her a new position.)
  • The Maid: by Unknown
    (Synopsis: She worked for him as his house maid. An accident lead her to know the secret passion of this polite gentleman.)
  • Orgasm Control: by robbermagnet
    (Synopsis: She is awakened to be controlled.)
  • Spin The Bottle: by VaVaVoom
    (Synopsis: A few drinks after a fancy dress party leads to a game of the spin the bottle with a difference! )
  • A Day In The Life: by Georg Kinaski
    (Synopsis: Being a single working girl in the post-feminist era isn't easy-- just ask Claire.)
    Comment: pa magazine
  • I said No Panties: by Yessir
    (Synopsis: A submissive girl finds it isn't wise to forget her Master's instructions when He's just gotten new toys for the collection.)
  • Chastity: by TheVariableX
    (Synopsis: A girl is locked in a chastity belt day and night by her father.)
    Comment: chastity belt
  • The Academy: by warren_Z
    (Synopsis: Amber and April Smith have had some hard luck in their young lives. The Academy follows the two teen sisters through their years kept in captivity, forced to be sex servants to a group of powerful men.)
    Comment: sisters in the academy
  • Mel and the Sadist: by H. Dean
    (Synopsis: A sadistic man tells his story of how he met, befriended and turned a girl into a sex-slave.)
    Comment: dog, and other things, completely owned
  • Disobedience: by AlphaBeatHer
    (Synopsis: A wife learns to surrrender absolutely to her loving, but strict husband and his very demanding sexual needs.)
    Comment: wife anally taken, younger, stays at home
  • Aline: by Demosthones
    (Synopsis: A young virgin is made the property of a wealthy man in the U.S. after it has become a dictatorship.)
    Comment: fanastic story
  • Fulfillment: by Papierklammer
    (Synopsis: A wife achieves her destiny with a new role in her husband’s household.)
    Comment: gets used by large dog


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