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Collected by Nemz

Nemz's Finished and Suggested List (16 stories listed)
A collection of stories in which I have read and enjoyed. All stories here are stories that are finished and in which I have completed reading.

Nemz's Currently Reading List. (6 stories listed)
This is a list of stories that I have either not finished reading or have not been finished by the author. All of them are stories that I enjoy and suggest. If story is not updated after three months I will consider them completed or abandoned.

Nemz's Unsuggested Stories List (2 stories listed)
This is a list of stories I have read and found lacking. I highly suggest the authors to either rewrite the story or write a new story. If an author does take this challenge, please inform me once you finish and I'll gladly make a new review.

Nemz's Read But Abandoned by Author List (6 stories listed)
This is a list of stories that I have read to their current finish, but have sadly not been finished by the authors. If I have a story here that has been picked up again, please inform me of it so that I may once again read it.

Nemz's Unread List (58 stories listed)
A collection of stories which I have not yet completely read, but seem amusing.

  • The Badminton Match: by MaxUK1955
    (Synopsis: Two rivals on the badminton court experience rivalry in a way neither could have imagined when some guys invade their grudge match.)
  • Hard Labor: by velvetglove
    (Synopsis: Set in 2013, a young married couple are sentenced to a life of Hard Labor, in a world where they have no rights. The list of story codes is not complete (I donít want to reveal all in advance) but the following will NOT feature: young, teen, extreme torture, snuff. Hard Labor will be posted from May to September 2008. )
  • Taming Sayali: by Lex Ludite
    (Synopsis: Sayali, a beautiful but undisciplined Indian teenager, encounters a personal tutor who is interested in taming her spirit for his own purposes, rather then to please her mother, who also has designs on him.)
  • A LONG DAY'S NIGHT: by Danielle
    (Synopsis: Katy dresses up like a whore for a party, and then it all goes wrong... A multi-part story of an innocent and naive woman's journey into degradation.)
  • Stacy's Dilemma: by Master C.
    (Synopsis: Stacy; a wife and mom is caught by her husband fooling around and is forced by him into a life of slavery.)
  • Stacy's Senior Year: by Parker
    (Synopsis: Stacy is caught cheating on an exam and pays a terrible price.)
  • Savage African Capture: by Shabbadew2002
    (Synopsis: A couple on a honeymoon safari find themselves in very hot water. )
  • Jennifer: by A.Broadsword
    (Synopsis: jennifer gets her degree and starts work for big corporation but feels undervalued. The company put her on a program to revise her self esteem.Very slow starting.)
  • Butcher: by Chaos_N
    (Synopsis: An extremely sadistic man lures, rapes, and eventually kills women who are naive enough to be drawn in by his charms. Extremely violent and gorey!)
  • The Reluctant Pony: by Rilawild.
    (Synopsis: Isabelle\'s boss and mentor is invited to a meeting of the Wallinghurst Pony Club to sign an important contract. Neither he nor she realises quite what the club is all about and Isabelle connives to be invited with him to make sure that his isn\'t conned. Unfortunately to get the invitation she has to pretend to be interested in joining the club as a member. We follow her as she finds the shocking truth of what a ponygirl really is and discovers what it means to be member. What will she put up with to keep her secret intact and will she know to stop before it is too late?)
  • My Daughter Becomes My Mistress: by Lockedup57
    (Synopsis: I was into self-bondage but this desire would soon get much more complicated when my children found out. I never knew how strong my daughter could be. She became my mistress and I became her servant. She instantly knew her life would get better and much more pleasurable knowing her mother would serve her every whim. Is this what I wanted??? )
  • Breaking girls: by Hype
    (Synopsis: For business and pleasure, a rich entrepreneur uses various methods to capture and turn beautiful girls into sexual playthings.)
  • The Cruel Game of Backgammon: by Ashley Zacharias
    (Synopsis: A woman plays backgammon on the Internet, imposing a physical penalty for herself if she loses. Her friend helps her punish herself.)
  • Her Crucifixion: by Doctor Flotsom
    (Synopsis: The observation of the torments of a sexy goth girl who willingly submits to crucifixion as her entry in to a rather kinky fetish club. Mirror story to \"My Crucifixion\".)
  • Amber\'s Email Troubles: by Golffdude
    (Synopsis: Amber\'s husband finds her emails to a budding romantic affair and consignes her to TRAINING at a bdsm facility he finds on line. She is pierced, branded, and trained... and becomes sexually aware, active and eager... she deeds herself in part to her new Master while returning to her stunned husband )
  • Neighbours From Hell: by Liz
    (Synopsis: A young single girl is woken in the night by her neighbours. Soon she would be made to regret they ever moved next door as she is kidnapped by them and horrifically tortured. Not for the fainthearted.)
  • The Future: by C.
    (Synopsis: This story is in two parts. Part I takes place 200 years in the future where the world is controlled entirely by women and males are being slain for food. In addition, many male bodies are stuffed and put on display as well being used to make numerous items. Part II explains how this future world comes into existence. )
  • Fantasy Teasers: by anonymouse-w
    (Synopsis: A collection of short stories with the predominant theme being the subtle forced submission of women by dominant men and women.)
  • Weekend Capture: by Warren
    (Synopsis: Cheerleader is captured and toyed with)
  • The BDSM Convention And Cook Out: by Pick Up Man
    (Synopsis: We have been awarded the contract to host the Annual National BDSM Convention hrer at the Farm. We are in the process of getting all the Human Cattle and equipmemt ready for the Clubs weel long orge of sex, extreme torture, snuff and Live Roasting of several hundred Human Cattle.)
  • Barbarian Tortures II: by Faibhar
    (Synopsis: "B.T.II" is a stand alone story that shares characters and plot with the previously posted "Barbarian Tortures".)
  • Barbarian Tortures: by Faibhar
    (Synopsis: Historical over-the-top details the tribulations of one barbarian prisoner at the pleasure of one self-serving over achiever.)
  • Barbarian Queen - Captives of Lord Arrakur: by arrakur
    (Synopsis: This story is based on the b-movie \"barbarian queen\" (USA 1985). it starts right in the middle of the movie (the torture scene) and trails off from that point on in the direction i would have loved to flick to go. the situation: four female warriors bend on rescuing their enslaved tribe end up in the clutches of the sadistic warlord, who holds their people in bondage.)
  • Tigers and Bears, Oh My!: by Euryleia Rider
    (Synopsis: A Domme loses a bet and her status.)
  • Slave of an Absent Master: by Memento
    (Synopsis: In parts a true story of a former slave of mine. If you feel like her do apply... and thanks for all the feedback...and no my stories won't get longer soon.)
  • The Breast Chamber: by Ashley Thompson
    (Synopsis: His girlfriend has gone missing for two weeks when he is summoned to visit a man he doesn't know. An intriguing young woman calls for him and takes him where his dreams of breast torment are vastly amplified.)
  • Visiting Kyla: by SJS
    (Synopsis: True story of one woman's first visit to a Mistress.)
  • fragile party property: by HH
    (Synopsis: She likes submission, she submits at a party, the beginning of life as property.)
  • The Life of a Night Lily: by Naug.
    (Synopsis: After world war three the Indian Commonwealth resides as one of the world's leading superpowers. Guided by a religiously Artificial Intelligence that places each citizen where he or she can maximize their potiential to serve the Commonwealth. Follow young Ayanna Farah as she comes to grips with her new life on the Academy of the Night Lily, where she is trained in the way of the courtesan.)
  • Painted into a corner: by nakedsub
    (Synopsis: A successful artist is blackmailed by a 15 year old girl into total and complete slavery. He is subsequently stripped of his clothes, his pride, his property, his humanity and his very soul. He is subjected o dehumanizing humilitation and the torture of his mind and body.)
  • The Hi-School Girl: by Dark Avenger
    (Synopsis: Miyuki is the monitress of her class in high school. Sweet and nice as a sixteen year old can be, why is she being targeted by an unknown enemy for her step-by-step sexual violation?)
  • Rachel the High-School Student: by Dark Avenger
    (Synopsis: Rachel, a young teenage beauty, is raped orally and vaginally, masturbated against her will and made to orgasm by a stranger in her own house, and filmed throughout her ordeal.)
  • Taking Miranda\'s Innocence: by Dark Avenger
    (Synopsis: Synopsis: A college senior breaks into a house to save his sister\'s honor, contemplating revenge on the guy who took pictures of her naked. Unfortunately fifteen year old Miranda happened to be home alone.)
  • The girl who could not say no: by Dark Avenger
    (Synopsis: A short (1 part) story about a young female executive at an office party held in someone\'s house. Enjoying herself at first, she slowly realizes the costs of not being able to reject any request made to her that evening.)
  • Submitting Evelyn: by Dark Avenger
    (Synopsis: )
  • Happiness in slavery: by Tom of Sweden
    (Synopsis: This is the story of a submissive woman trying to build a loving relationship with a very sadistic man. Itís the first part of a four part story Iíve recently finished writing. Iím going to wait with publishing the last three parts giving myself the possibility to tweak them depending on how well this gets received.)
  • The Correction of Linda: by Nightshade
    (Synopsis: Correction of a young girl at the hands of an ageing pervert. Domistic discipline and sexual corrections gradualy increasing in intensity.)
  • Junkshop girl: by Clever Nick
    (Synopsis: I'm in love with the junkshop girl. But what kind of shop is it really?)
  • Will of Celestials: by YamiNoHikari
    (Synopsis: H-RPG like (many bondage scenes). Ceil and Geo are the choosen Celestials, set their journey to find Radiant World on Earth. In their journey they will learn the past of Celestials and human' sins )
  • Stephanie: by Wiley Hunter
    (Synopsis: A coed, ashamed of her fantasies, is horrified to see them slowly come to be, and finds she is helpless as she slips deeper and deeper into a life of sexual subjugation.)
  • Amy\'s Education : by Lewis Chappelle
    (Synopsis: A stunningly beautiful college freshman begins her real-life sexual and submissive education. This eight part series chronicles Amy\'s journey over the years to fuller and more expressive submission of her mind and body to the Master of her heart.)
  • Cunt's leson: by FierySadist
    (Synopsis: A manhating bitch is abducted to be taught a lesson for her selfish behaviour and to eventually be made in to the filthy slave-slut she was born to be.)
  • House-bound: by Sudere
    (Synopsis: Slut serves her Master at home.)
  • Lori's lost bet: by Ann Bech
    (Synopsis: I was the payoff when Lori lost a bet. I would be used for 24 hours.)
  • From loser son to stallion slave: by total_amateur
    (Synopsis: A loser son living off his mother and two sisters is being put to better use by them.)
  • Grace's Hard Lessons II: by Dark Avenger
    (Synopsis: A young female executive finds herself blackmailed into a cycle of submission, humiliation and depravery after being discovered by her colleague that she had embezzled money from the company. A sequel to Grace\'s Hard Lessons.)
    Comment: I have read the "prequal" to the story and parts of this one. It's a really good story and I hope to finish reading it soon.
  • Training the Professor: by Akasha
    (Synopsis: Sexy female college student seduces her professor, eventually turning him into a panty-wearing sissy and stripping him of his pride...)
  • The Teachers Pet: by Lewis Chappelle
    (Synopsis: A F/f+ story of female dominance and the budding submission of young girls.)
  • Neighbor Girl: by Wiley Hunter
    (Synopsis: A young girl discovers what she really likes, and it isn't unicorns and soft music in front of the fireplace.)
  • Stephanieís Inquisition of Susan: by Dominantmind
    (Synopsis: A younger female takes control of a mother and wife.)
  • Anita\'s Sex Sacrifice: by Jethro Jodhpur
    (Synopsis: Indian woman foolishly sacrifices her body to pay off her weakling son\'s gambling debts)
  • The chamber maid : by the abbe
    (Synopsis: Maggie finds thats slavery can be a choice.)
  • Mock Rape, Inc.: by Harold
    (Synopsis: Malcolm finds the perfect niche business, only to discover he has a competitor.)
  • Letter from a Slave Girl: by Peter de Sade
    (Synopsis: Debbee had always wanted to be a model and eagerly signed up for Club Model World as a BDSM model. She was nervous when the President told her what she could expect from her first assignment, a Club Showcase evening: it was to be a heavy session of domination and abuse which was to be the first of many such sessions for the young girl. Recovering days later from the painful experience, Debbee wrote this unique letter to the President of Club Model World, begging for mercy from him and asking to be released from her life-long contract. But does she really want her request to be granted?)
  • My First Christmas in Slavery: by Peter de Sade
    (Synopsis: It was the first Christmas for Debbee as a slave girl to her cruel master. When she received some BDSM presents from her master she was pleased, but when she was forced to be a fairy on the Christmas tree things became much nastier for the young girl.)
  • Schoolgirl Sisters: by Peter de Sade
    (Synopsis: Two teenage twin sisters are sent by their father to a very strict boarding school, the Convent of the Perpetual Succour, to receive the discipline that he thought his young daughters deserved. The delightful sisters, Debbee and Melanie, soon undergo some very demanding training in this special school for young wayward girls.)
  • Taken: by Ruth Harper
    (Synopsis: A girl is taken into a van and turned into a living sex toy.)
  • C.U.F.F.S.: by DJ
    (Synopsis: A story about a young couple's journey intending on pushing their sexual excitement to the limits they thought each other wanted but an unexpected detour took them down an ever deepening fall into humiliation, depravation, pain and finally total forced slavery.)


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