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Collected by cleotia

1st shelf (22 stories listed)

  • Surprise Attack: by Syren
    (Synopsis: An attacker tells how he abused a women from his own perspective)
    Comment: favorite :)
  • Devils Island: by Balor
    (Synopsis: This is a long story. The story follows several women from their abduction to their new lives as slaves and beyond.)
    Comment: *
  • Sold: by Golffdude
    (Synopsis: The husband sold his wife to a SM club/organization and she was supposed to be back after 10 days of slavery. Will he get her back?)
  • Fitness Freak Ordeal: by Harry Berg
    (Synopsis: Marlene “Marnie” Wagner wakes to find herself being raped by four strange men who’ve kidnapped her. Her initial assumption that it was random proves wrong when the mysterious Sergei arrives to torture her into revealing the location of a missing twenty million dollars. The recent death of her husband in a boating accident may be faked. Sergei offers her a deal. Find the money or be killed along with her family. Marnie begins an odyssey to discover what really happened.)
  • Cynthia Palmer's New Life: by redlegtiger
    (Synopsis: Young College Prodigy is abducted due to Brother's debts and forced to mate with dogs, then reunited with mother who she thought was dead and who betrays her and turns her into a kennel slut. This is another Coch Slaver's Organization Story.)
  • Serving Ray: by Masterinc
    (Synopsis: This is the sequel to \"Weather Delay\". A BDSM love story)
  • Good Wife University (GWU): by Bobbi Jo
    (Synopsis: A university specialized to teach women how to become good wives. Here they focused on subject sex.)
  • Memories Of Long Tall Mary: by Long Tall Mary
    (Synopsis: A 50 year old dominatrix reminisces on her long career in Central New York and describes some of her more memorable encounters.)
  • The Geek Slave: by Syren
    (Synopsis: A sexy slut finds someone to fulfil her needs)
  • Cheerleaders' Rape and Torture: by Semiater
    (Synopsis: This is the story of 5 high school Cheerleaders' who get lost and have their car breakdown, only to have a friendly garage owner "help" them out and turn them into slaves.)
  • Grace's Hard Lessons II: by Dark Avenger
    (Synopsis: A young female executive finds herself blackmailed into a cycle of submission, humiliation and depravery after being discovered by her colleague that she had embezzled money from the company. A sequel to Grace\'s Hard Lessons.)
  • A Cheerleader's Story: by Jim Hale
    (Synopsis: Lindsey believed cheerleading was her life. She discovered other things about herself while trying to make the team.)
  • Market Forces: by Freddie Clegg
    (Synopsis: An international organisation specialising in slavery recruits a marketing manager to help them with their business.)
  • Six Little Words: by J Nelson
    (Synopsis: A Bondage Love story.)
  • After Tennis: by Cordoza
    (Synopsis: A long crafted tale of a family's secret pleasure in lesbian rape, incest and animal lust. )
  • emma Finds her Mistress Again: by emma_sub
    (Synopsis: A married woman is surprised to meet her old teacher. (This is gives the context for the story 'emma in the House of her Mistress'))
  • The Tomgirl and the Butterfly: by Azazel
    (Synopsis: The most beautiful butterflies coloured in the widest array of bright colours start out life as dull, forlorn caterpillars. They eek out a drab existence feeding from the bottoms of leaves, hiding away from the sun and staying out of the sight of predators.)
  • Layover: by AlwaysCocked
    (Synopsis: The first chapter in a long science fiction novel set in the not too distant future about a planet on the far edge of the galaxy where just about everything is legal, and a ship's crew on shore leave there.)
  • Cheerleader Picture: by Ninja Turtle
    (Synopsis: This has everything. The story of a High School cheerleader slowly turned into a bimbo sex slave slut.)
  • What Happens in Vegas...: by SFCityDom
    (Synopsis: A hot submissive, Gambling dominant, Vegas, Room service and a Video Camera. What happens in Vegas, can really make you horny.)
  • You Want Me To Do What?: by Alfamann
    (Synopsis: Allan seizes the opportunity to introduce 42yo Betty to the world of spanking and bondage she had so long fantisized about)
  • A Journey into Submission: by sudburyhousewife
    (Synopsis: This is a story about a woman named Elizabeth who comes home to an intruder in her home. The events that follow lead her into the world of D/s. At first Elizabeth is confused by what she is experiencing and feeling.)


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