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Collected by SlavePhil

SlavePhil's Sadistic Reading Room (87 stories listed)
A collection of stories where men are abused brutally by sexy & demanding Mistresses

  • Princess Melanie: by pissy-boy
    (Synopsis: The super hot and popular Melanie lures a socially awkward geek into her web, and traps him. What follows is his complete subjugation and humiliation.)
  • The End of Him: by meeah soo
    (Synopsis: A sissy obliges his vindictive ex-wife and her new lover by hanging himself.)
  • The Client: by Dark Fire
    (Synopsis: This back an forth story is told from the point of view of the female torturer and her victim who has been sentenced to an agonizingly slow death by her hand as she uses her full imagination to inflict agony upon him.)
  • a slave to the sorority: by misterjim
    (Synopsis: ths girls want to us me to get into the guiness book of records. When I do not do as well as they wanted, I am severely punished. After many orgasms in bondage i am beaten, humiliated made to worship many girls and turned into a house slave)
  • The Slavedog Millionaire: by Slave 31
    (Synopsis: A millionaire goes over to Priya's place, to give up everything he's ever earned in his life. Find out why.)
  • Headmistress' Favorite Sport: by 2nn
    (Synopsis: Dennis is turned into a sissy-slave by his twin sisters before being sent off to meet a truly evil "educator".)
  • Cuckold's Descent: by Headhunter
    (Synopsis: Properous lawyer's young wife and his old fantasy lead him down a humiliating path.)
  • The Lady Next Door: by Amanda Johnston
    (Synopsis: An 18 year old boy develops an attraction to much older neighbor who is everything he\'s ever dreamed about.)
  • Raised in a Female supremacist household: by R Black
    (Synopsis: Mistress Jennifer talks about her life experience in a Femdom home, the first time she was put in charge of the males, and how she liked whipping them so hard.)
  • Dexter Chronicles: by Mysty Mason
    (Synopsis: This story is about a new reality. It is decidedly femdom, "hermaphrodite dominant," nonconsensual and not for the squeamish. On the surface, it is simply about a boy and his mother making adjustments for a new changing relationship. But as with all human interactions, there is more. I hope you enjoy this little tale. Let me know.)
  • Angel's Story: by WimpHub
    (Synopsis: This story follows on from "Dealing with Wimp Husband and Son," and tells of Angel's engagement to Adam up to and including their wedding day.)
  • Letter From Eisengrim Township: by shoeblossom
    (Synopsis: Fremont is cruelly chastized and enslaved by his cruel wife and her three nasty daughters!)
  • Slave To My Perverted Aunts: by Aceith
    (Synopsis: A nineteen year old who has lost his parents in a car crash finds solace and relief by moving in with his three wealthy and lascivious aunts in their fabulous mansion. He finds that this wonderful opportunity for sexual gratification comes with a price however, which is his complete obedience as a submissive slave. His eleven inch cock comes as a pleasant surprise to his loving aunts, who are eager to share him with all the women of Dommeville, the strange and obscene city where they live.)
  • The English Ranch : by slave william
    (Synopsis: slave William is loaned out as a pony boy and finds that it is more than he expected.)
  • The Trap: by Bad Bob
    (Synopsis: When the sexual advances of a young female university lecturer are turned down by one of her male students, she decides to lay a trap and imprison him. Once she has him, she emasculates and humiliates him before reducing him to being her mere sexual play thing.)
  • The Beautiful Twins: by Some Writer
    (Synopsis: A young man gets drawn into the strange world of a mysterious beautiful pair of twins)
  • The Trap: by Cambridge
    (Synopsis: William receives obedience lessons from Ms. Caroline Tanaka, a gorgeous Asian woman hired to entrap him. He soon winds up on the business end of her strap-on.)
  • Naturally Demanding but Nice: by Jim Hale
    (Synopsis: Jennifer is an only child of wealthy parents. She is blonde and beautiful. She has been pampered and spoiled all of her 19 years. Is it any wonder she is conceited? Is it a surprise that she believes a guy should have a 10-90 relationship with her? She receiving the 90 while giving the 10, of course. A new guy moves to town. He falls for her instantly. She likes him a lot, but remember, the percentage of give and take. To her surprised enjoyment she quickly learns he is amicable to the relationship she desires. To receive 10 while giving only 90 is very acceptable to the guy who is average minus, and the girl, the more beautiful then ever dreamed possible.)
  • A Tribute to ME: by Jim Hale
    (Synopsis: This is a story intertwined with, "Naturally Demanding but Nice". Jennifer is an only child of wealthy parents and has been pampered and spoiled all of her life. Jennifer knows what she wants. Jennifer gets what she wants.)
  • The Good Hubby: by Kimmie Holland
    (Synopsis: A wife uses her submissive husband's death fetish against him to cash in and start a new life.)
  • Using his Mouth: by Akasha
    (Synopsis: A femdom proves to her slave that using his mouth isn't what he dreamed; it was far, far more degrading.)
  • Training the Professor: by Akasha
    (Synopsis: Sexy female college student seduces her professor, eventually turning him into a panty-wearing sissy and stripping him of his pride...)
  • The Third Way: by Akasha
    (Synopsis: A man is abducted and violated nastily, violently in three ways by his insatiable girlfriend.)
  • Young Blonde Executive: by James P
    (Synopsis: Charlie is a hard-charging sales exec who thinks he's on his way up. Little does he know, he's about to be passed over for a promotion in favor of a younger woman. She teams up with his wife to dominate him. )
  • Peter Vanishes: by JP
    (Synopsis: Peter gets himself into a lot of trouble when he falls for a seductive young woman on the train.)
  • Improving Our Marriage: by Dan Butler
    (Synopsis: The main character falls in love with, marries, and becomes the slave to a beautiful woman. She and her friends abuse him and deprive him of sexual stimulation by using a chastity belt. Ultimately, he is locked in it for life.)
  • The Pet - Yukiko Fujimori: by Moonbeam
    (Synopsis: This is a story of Yuki, a stunning Japanese aristocrat and the revenge she has exacted against an old enemy. She was also mentioned in a previous story, "The Pet" in case the reader wants some background. It is pretty intense, so you are warned!)
  • The Pet: by Moonbeam
    (Synopsis: A wealthy former model turned legal tycoon has a house of horrors in the Hamptons attended by her staff of beautiful maids and one male torture pet.)
  • Doctor's Advice: by M.M.
    (Synopsis: A wife inquires with her best friend, the doctor, how to treat her subby hubby.)
  • Supporting My Girlfriend: by Peter Allow
    (Synopsis: Marvin lives a submissiv life together with his Girlfriend Georgia, were he has his own cage. One day he looses his job and has no other way to support his girlfriend except providing sexual services for appointments Georgia finds for him. This leads him into a path of sexual activities he never even could imagine.)
  • David Vanishes: by JP
    (Synopsis: David travels to Paris and meets a beautiful young woman. As he falls under her spell he has no idea of the life of agony ahead.)
  • Goddess Phyllis: by Michael
    (Synopsis: Goddess Phyllis, her mother, and sister turn a submissive "man" into their personal shit eating whore.)
  • The Man Bitch: by jaybne
    (Synopsis: One of an ongoing series of tales of poor david, slave to the merciless Natalie, and her lover, Gareth. If bisex does not appeal, do not read on!)
  • Feminized, Faggified, and Fixed for Life: by Kimmie Holland
    (Synopsis: His wife decides that four balls under one roof is two balls too many. The answer? It’s simple subtraction…)
  • Wife Takes Charge Forever: by puppygirl.
    (Synopsis: A submissive man meets, falls in love with, and marries the woman of his dreams. After finding out about his submissive shemale fantasies on his computer, his new wife turns the tables and literally decides to transform her macho muscled husband into her submissive sissy fag maid. As it turns out, he did not know all there was to know about his beautiful wife.)
  • From Husband to Castrated Sissy: by Kimmie Holland
    (Synopsis: Wife and her lover force hubby to accept his new position in life...on his knees. )
  • Herrin: by M.M.
    (Synopsis: Long term enslavement...real hardcore femdom.)
  • Forcibly transformed into a sissy: by cuckoldJohn
    (Synopsis: Rich man is transformed into a woman by his PA and a black man)
  • A Working Day: by Abe Froman
    (Synopsis: A day at the office for a power broker with a unique relationship with his secretary.)
  • Owned Toilet Slave: by slave matt425
    (Synopsis: a slave begins his new life as a fully owned toilet. This is a sequel to “Evaluation of a Toilet Slave”. For a background of the following story, the reader is encouraged to read “Evaluation” first)
  • Evaluation of a Toilet Slave: by slave matt425
    (Synopsis: )
  • From a Husband to a Housekeeper: by FourPlay
    (Synopsis: A wife takes a lover who turns her husband into a submissive maid)
  • Best of both men: by chatbug
    (Synopsis: Son's Fiancee makes father her slave)
  • Extreme Slavery: by Micky
    (Synopsis: Extremely cruel Tenant lady enslaves son of land lord....real story....will take months to the slavery is still on......)
  • That's all you get !: by Harvey
    (Synopsis: Man falls for attractive woman, becomes increasingly dominated and cuckolded by her and her lover.)
  • The Cuckold Candidate: by Slave 31
    (Synopsis: A couple so beautiful, one cannot help but feel small)
  • Breaking Point: by Slave 31
    (Synopsis: A hardcore masochist submits himself as a slave to Priya, expecting a life of happiness at her feet. But reality turns out to be entirely different.)
  • The Cuckold Couple: by Slave 31
    (Synopsis: Priya falls in love with Rahul, a student from her class. But only one thing stands in their way: neither of them is single. They decide to dump their ex-partners on the same day. The ex-es are rejected, humiliated, enslaved sexually and financially and dumped over and over again, but their obsession remains undead through it all)
  • Eat shit and Die: by Slave 31
    (Synopsis: Life and Death in Mistress Priya's Toilet)
  • Mistress and John : by dilson
    (Synopsis: John meets his Mistress for the first time. Mistress proceeds to abuse and degrade him much the same as she does her cuckold husband. John asks Mistress for a special privilege and she treats him to it.)
  • The Tutor of Buttermilk Falls: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: Mistress Fanchon is a dominant wife, and not only keeps her wimpy husband in cuckolded chastity, but also the local Congressman!)
  • Working at Club U: by Sir_Bor
    (Synopsis: A cuckold sissy husband is sent to work and serve at a Femdom Club by his dominant wife and her live in lover. )
  • Cruel Delilah: by Akasha
    (Synopsis: His devotion as a cuckold slave is tested as Delilah takes on a bellboy and a male hooker - as a start... )
  • Angel - The Honeymoon and Beyond: by WimpHub
    (Synopsis: Femdom, Ball abuse, Scat, WS, Cuckolding)
  • My New Cuckold: by Karen Kay
    (Synopsis: A Gorgeous Married Redhead explains how she began swinging. Listen to her as she gives us every detail of her meetings and how she treats her cuckold husband)
  • Perverted Indian Wife: by Masala
    (Synopsis: Western influence seems to be taking over the world. What happens when an over experienced nympho marries into a conservative family? Cuckold & Incest.)
  • Letter to a Cuckold: by Harry Kuntz
    (Synopsis: A husband suffers utter degradation when he receives a letter from the stud who cuckolded him, graphically detailing the wife's seduction.)
  • The Ground They Walk On: by Cuckold Foot Slave
    (Synopsis: Cuckold submissive husband is humiliated serving at the feet of his wife and her boyfriend.)
  • My Story: by George Lawrence
    (Synopsis: The story of how I was forced to become a permanent cuckold to my wife and her new lover.)
  • Supergirl Fallen: by Citizen Bane
    (Synopsis: Supergirl is capture by Catwoman and an evil scientist. She is tortured, enslaved and finally transformed into the ultimate sex slave.)
  • Catwoman's Prey: by Citizen Bane
    (Synopsis: Batgirl sets out to solve the mystery of Supergirl's disappearnce, only to join the latter and fall into the hands of Catwoman. Like Supergirl, she is tortured, abused and trained to become a sex slave. And in her new life as a sex slave, Barbara Gordon will get to see the dark side of Gotham city's high society.)
  • Angels Play Rough: by nahanom
    (Synopsis: Kim and Lauren are no angels of mercy. These nurses don't believe in mercy. They believe in making men suffer, in making men beg for and end that comes too slow. They don't hate men. They just love to torture them. Unmercifully. The born sadists have the knowledge to save a man's life but the desire to ed it in the most vicious and agonizing way possible.)
  • Amanda Plays for Keeps: by nahanom
    (Synopsis: Amanda Ryan is a vibrant young woman who likes to play rough, likes to play by her own cruel rules and just loves to play for keeps when she can get away with it. And the sadistic and sexy seductress has a real knack for getting away with it once she has a boy in her embrace. She’s looking forward to using her husband and two teenage sons to experience the ultimate sadistic thrill. In the meantime she satisfies her wicked needs by torturing and snuffing young men who fall under her irresistible spell.)
  • Bruce Wayne, Slaveboy: by Captain Quicksand
    (Synopsis: Do you know anything of Gotham City\'s millionaire playboy...and his secret identity? What about his REAL relationship with Selina Kyle, the whip-wielding Catwoman?)
    Comment: The scene where Catwoman makes him suck the Joker's cock was SOOO HOT!!! Another chapter, please!!!
  • Payback: by MissDee
    (Synopsis: A man is drugged and held in his own house against his will. He is used as a slave.)
  • Controlled: by DarkPrincessVII
    (Synopsis: Teasing, denial, no sex - just *lots* of want.)
  • Bottom Feeder Toilet Servitude: by Blushing slut
    (Synopsis: A slave is force trained into actually looking forward to his full toilet sessions. Partly because these are the only times he is released from chastity.)
  • Begining of My new Life: by Slave4mistress
    (Synopsis: This is a story of a slave and Mistress. how there relationship proceeds and attains new heights. A story of a Sadistic Mistress and Her slave)
  • The Prey: by Wistan
    (Synopsis: Marie is a psychopath, driven by the desire to capture and destroy the men she selects. Entirely without conscience or mercy, she lives to inflict pain.)
  • Satisfying Stephanie: by Wistan
    (Synopsis: The story of Jason and Stephanie, a mismatched husband and wife trying to find a way to live together. Although not their intention, they find themselves gradually sliding into the role of mistress and servant as Mark is gradually cowed, beaten and cuckolded into submission by his wife and her lover.)
    Comment: Intense cuckolding story...SOOOO HOT. i would love to be married to such a gorgeous, sexy woman who would put me in my place as a totally useless cuckold slave to her and her lovers.
  • Julie's Prenuptials: by Aiken
    (Synopsis: A man’s desires take him past the water’s edge when he chooses a cruelly inventive dominatrix to be his blushing bride. Julie, as it turns out, has needs of her own.)
    (Synopsis: )
  • Bambi the Preppy Princess: by CuckSitter
    (Synopsis: Bambi fights for the attention of her dad with his new bride. They reach a compromise.)
  • The French Kiss: by beck_and_call
    (Synopsis: Two French vixen sisters seduced him and kept him as their little pet. Short story.)
  • Filthy femdoms: forced oral: by Aceith
    (Synopsis: Unsuspecting victims are kidnapped and taken to a location where they are abused by several cruel femdoms and forced to perform orally in the most disgusting manner possible.)
    Comment: What a man should do for his Superior Women
  • Natalie: by Koppite727
    (Synopsis: a girl i knew in college, or wish i had known...)
    Comment: HOT Stuff. I can't wait to see what else happens to this loser. Maybe some good brown caviar is in order for him?? i love this author
  • My Submissive Life: by Doug Young
    (Synopsis: About a submissive who finds a dominant woman with other dominant friends who agree to use him and abuse him for their pleasure. He is used by each dominant individually and trained to feel their needs. As time goes on he is increasingly exposed to things that he had not wanted or intended, but continues to submit for fear of losing it all. He becomes totally submissive and dependent upon these women and even their spouses.)
  • Mistress Nicole Knows: by Alex Bragi
    (Synopsis: She looked up and, realizing he wasn't a regular, called over to him, "What can I do for you, slut boy?" Her words shocked him. He glanced around at the other men, but none of them seemed to think her question was odd. Who the hell was this bitch speaking to him like that? She was Nicole - Mistress Nicole.)
  • Mistress of the Game: by Alex Bragi
    (Synopsis: To others he may have been a very influential man to be shown respect at all times, but to her he was nothing more than a whimpering little whore she controlled - a toy for her pleasure and amusement. The story of Wendell, his sex life, and the women who control it.)
  • JanTakes Charge: by Masterinc
    (Synopsis: This is the story of a young dominatrix who learns her influencial parents are both submissives who like to play bdsm games behind closed doors. It contains a form of incest but there is no direct genital intercourse between the daughter and her parents. It is all oral.)
  • Life of the Party: by Joe1
    (Synopsis: A guy is blackmailed by a coworker and agrees to do anything she wants and what she wants is more than he bargained for.)
  • 2nn: by 2nn
    (Synopsis: Pete marries an evil bitch who turns him into a brutally controlled sissy-slave. No matter what happens, its always for the worse.)
  • Beer Run - The Corruption of Taylor: by Akasha
    (Synopsis: A dominant woman seduces a young man while on a business trip, taking his strap on virginity among other things.)
    Comment: Getting a strapon fucking from a Goddess
  • A Good Man: by Akasha
    (Synopsis: A submissive man is forced to endure a party gang-bang for the pleasure of his wife, no matter how humiliating the acts.)
    Comment: Just the way i would love to be used by Akasha
  • The Crush: by Koppite727
    (Synopsis: A geek at college falls for a gorgeous sorority girl. She traps him in a web of his desire and completely breaks him of his humanity.)
    Comment: What a fucking pussyboy deserves
  • House Invasion: by Aaron
    (Synopsis: A young man comes home after a long day, only to be attacked, used and abused.)
  • Amanda, the pig catcher: by The Duchess of Hell
    (Synopsis: Amanda and her friend Christina catch Justin and turn him into a pig in the most brutal manner imaginable. And that\'s just the beginning...)
    Comment: Hot Stuff. Loved the snuff scenes, too


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