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Collected by Sylvian

tryouts (34 stories listed)

  • Housewife rape: by Red Doggie
    (Synopsis: a lady gets raped by gang members and then her friends are unlucky enough to be taken by the gang too.)
  • All Good Fun: by Kallie Thomas
    (Synopsis: Josh, a serial rapist, details his exploits while planning his next attack.)
  • Sarah's Smile: by DionysusMas
    (Synopsis: Sarah was a dutiful wife and business woman who's life was taken over by two ill-tempered and violent men. Seemingly at her husband's request the men kidnap and abuse poor Sarah for their own amusement. They take her to a remote cabin and through pain and humiliation turn her into a slave.)
  • Taken: by Master C
    (Synopsis: Tammy and her daughter are kidnapped. Tammy will do anything to keep her daughter safe.)
  • Kidnapped: by Reggy
    (Synopsis: A sexy blonde girl is kidnapped and raped by 3 guys then sold to a real Master once her attackers find out the cops are after them.)
  • The Kidnapped: by Allene Blake
    (Synopsis: The mom and her daughter were kidnapped, raped and tortured.)
  • A taste of Scum: by Dee Driscoll
    (Synopsis: For Susan, a night out, away from her husband and kids goes from a drunken gossip session, through erotic flirtation to full-on rape. Nasty.)
  • Fucked!: by Barbara
    (Synopsis: All the time I spent taunting men was coming back to haunt me... Thanks to my flirting, teasing and overall stupidity I was going to spend the night being brutally raped, abused and tormented by a real psycho.)
  • A Police Woman's Story Of Dominance And Her Final Submission: by Andreabeth Pratt
    (Synopsis: Police woman is raped repeatedly until her submission to raper.)
  • Move Over Please: by ADS
    (Synopsis: He broke into the house and captured the housewife. Soon more and more girls dropped by. What a lucky day for him.)
  • Morgan's Creek: by 4Nick8
    (Synopsis: This as an ongoing story about the slavery trade during the American Civil War. The Morgan family are plantation owners, and the virtual uncrowned rulers of the nearby township of Morgan's Creek. When a renegade force of 'Buffalo Soldiers' gatecrash the Morgan's charity ball, the nightmare for the whole Morgan family begins...)
  • Lady Charlotte: by 4Nick8
    (Synopsis: Rich bitch gets kidnapped, & a nightmare ensues as she is slowly degraded and turned into a submissive slut.)
  • Dr. Moreau: by 4Nick8
    (Synopsis: Two American Film Stars are involved in a plane crash into the jungles of Borneo. They are captured by the local natives and have to submit to some appalling treatment at their hands. (Rape, impregnation, enforced wet-nursing the tribes children, etc. Eventually, they fall into the hands of Dr Moreau, and their troubles have just begun...)
  • A Bad Neighborhood: by Ted E. Bear
    (Synopsis: Living in a bad neighborhood, you never know what will happen. This story chronicles a summer in which a mother & her 13 year old son are held captives by a local gang. The gang uses the mother as a sexual play toy, forces her to prostitute herself for them, and even makes her have sex with her son and his friends for their amusement. Another short, but highly erotic story.)
  • Better Than Divorce: by Waldo Slaughter
    (Synopsis: A man seizes the opportunity to solve his bitter divorce, but decides to also seize one more nights pleasure before making their sepeartion eternal.)
  • Rape of a Frat Sweetie: by Willailla
    (Synopsis: Woman is raped by frat brothers, then raped again years later.)
  • Sadique: by Willailla
    (Synopsis: Two boys rape and torture their ex-girlfriend in an old barn.)
  • Rape In A Cemetery: by Willailla
    (Synopsis: School teacher is raped, tortured and humiliated by a bum.)
  • Cawnpore: by Williej
    (Synopsis: A buxom young indian woman is captured by a renegade British Army division during the Great Mutiny in 1858 and subjected to a severe sentence of corporal punishment focused on her breasts.)
  • Whatever You Want: by Wontworry
    (Synopsis: Two men force a housewife to become their personal permanent fuck-toy. Later chapters will describe how her daughters are also enslaved in different ways, with various other forced sex and rape scenarios along the way.)
  • Librarian's Bondage: by Zawacky
    (Synopsis: The young librarian found two senior students were watching some bondage video. She couldn't help to imagine she was in the movie. She didn't realize that her wish soon became true.)
  • Lisa's Lesson: by fireball
    (Synopsis: A pretty girl gets humiliated and degraded as punishment for the way she treated her tormentor. She won't make the same mistake again.)
  • A Weekend With Natasha and Rachel: by fireball
    (Synopsis: Humiliation, degradation, sexual abuse and slavery are the only things some women understand. So when two sluts are in need of some "behavior modification", a husband calls in the experts to teach them a lesson they'll never forget.)
  • Alice In A Bind: by Pick Up Man
    (Synopsis: A beautifull T.V. Anchor Woman is kidnapped and taken to a mountain cabin where she is bound tortured and raped along with her teenage daughter.)
  • Rape and Beat the Anchorwoman: by Powerone
    (Synopsis: A television anchorwoman is captured and punished by a convicted criminal's brother for insulting the family name. For two days she is beaten and raped in her own home. She is forced to submit to the rape of her mouth, pussy and asshole, each time beaten before the rape begins.)
  • Susan's Christmas: by Quin
    (Synopsis: Susan was expection a dull Christmas but when a dark intruder breaks into her appartment she soon gets a present she wasn't expecting.)
  • Summer at the Beach: by sandy
    (Synopsis: Two young women are abducted, placed in mortal danger, raped and brutally sodomized.)
  • Gamble: by Scorpio
    (Synopsis: In order to rescue her son from the clutches of a gang, a young mother took a gambled but unfortunately she lost and had to suffer the consequence. She was gang raped, humiliated, tortured and drugged. In the end the mother was turned into a sluttish slave.)
  • My Favorte Newswoman: by Screwdriver
    (Synopsis: A very popular network anchorwoman is kidnapped along with teenage daughter and are put through hell and all kinds of torture and sexaul abuse.)
  • The Hands: by Sir_Nathan
    (Synopsis: A kidnapped female finds herself at the mercy of some heartless males.)
  • Captured!: by soleil
    (Synopsis: Sarah and three friends are captured by a gang of thugs. Ruthless humiliation and degradation ensues, coupled with Sarah's desperate slide into submission.)
  • Drive By: by Trapper
    (Synopsis: A slave trader spots a lovely middle aged mother and then discovers her virgin 16 year old cheer leader daughter and her stunning friend.)
  • Big-Tits: by Unknown
    (Synopsis: Story about a lady who works for a video distributor. While working late one night these men break into steal videos and equipment. One of her tasks is viewing the films, including the porn films, and that is what she's doing when they find her still there. They tie her up and then begin molesting her and finally rape her before they leave.)
  • A tale out of Africa: by Wicked Spin
    (Synopsis: An expatriate oil executive finds himself in the heart of Africa, while his (formerly) bored wife is kept entertained. She is the centre of attention, until...)

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