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Collected by anneelise

anne elise's favorite stories (22 stories listed)

  • Sara and Ms Davies: by jamb
    (Synopsis: New to the city, Sara is confused when a woman asks her out for a date. She soon finds out that this woman is no ordinary lesbian...)
  • Assassins After Dark: by Mark James
    (Synopsis: Five thousand years from now, after a meteor strike, civilization re-emerges on New Earth, a brutal, savage land where men own slaveboys. Valak and Diogo run a whorehouse full of beautiful slaveboys. When Valak collects Jasari in payment for a gambling debt, the assassin doesn't expect to fall in love.)
  • Extra Credit: by The Rider
    (Synopsis: A struggling college freshman signs on to earn extra credit by helping a pair of grad students with their research project. What begins as an innocent volunteer assignment leads to much more... )
  • Maliia's Nightmare: by Maliia Kanaulahu
    (Synopsis: Two Asian college roommates who have a secret attraction to each other take part in a psychology experiment that is either a nightmare or a dream depending on your point of view and they are pierced and modified, bound and controlled as slavegirls and eventually forced to serve in any humiliating capacity. )
  • Devils Island: by Balor
    (Synopsis: This is a long story. The story follows several women from their abduction to their new lives as slaves and beyond.)
  • Mistresses New Pet: by Scarlet Submission
    (Synopsis: A girl is bought from a brothel, smuggled to the Uk and trained as a pet.)
  • An Interest in Ponygirls: by Desert Dog
    (Synopsis: Doctor Joan Miller, a talented Miami surgeon who works part time at a local B&D club, develops a fixation on four slaves she processed into matched sets of Ponygirls for the East Coast Slavers Organization. After a bungled dinner meeting with Aaron Clarke, the CEO of ECSO, Joan finagles an invitation to be a guest Mistress at Ponygirl Heaven Ranch where her four unwilling patients were sent for training. ECSO - 4: An Interest in Ponygirls is the story of what transpires at the Arizona ranch with the Ponygirls and Doctor Miller.)
  • Dawn's Tale: by scifitales
    (Synopsis: Nordic-type aliens come to Earth and gently abduct Dawn, who begins a new life as a slave/pet/toy/servant/working animal.)
  • Annika In HR: by Faibhar
    (Synopsis: Corporate life is drastically altered when a young hR director is abducted and taken to a farm where she is raped, lactation induced and fights in a dog fight.)
  • The Veterinarian: by Evil Misstress
    (Synopsis: A Doctor's assistant and friend takes her boyfriend but then must take the consequences for her actions.both become transformed sexslaves.)
  • Chinese Extremes: by 2nn
    (Synopsis: Phil goes to China to compete in a karate tournament, but gets captured by a Chinese general who turns Phil into a super-submissive sissy-slave.)
  • Violet: by Thndrshark
    (Synopsis: A Girl enslaved by her best friend put through many tortures and pains.)
  • Casino: by Thndrshark
    (Synopsis: Three close girlfriends are eager to experience new adventures. Now they are in a fetish and bondage casino, where people play for some more interesting things than money.)
  • 2nn: by 2nn
    (Synopsis: Pete marries an evil bitch who turns him into a brutally controlled sissy-slave. No matter what happens, its always for the worse.)
  • Holly the Puppy Girl: by Jon
    (Synopsis: This is a creative story about a transformation to be trained as a non human Puppy Girl / Puppygirl. Living in South Dakota Holly is a 15 teen year old American Girl. She is to become live stock... Holly this little brat will soon get what's coming to her...)
  • A Good Head For Business: by sarijak
    (Synopsis: Kim is a struggling writer who has found a nice business opportunity fuelling the fantasies of others with pictures and tapes. Everything is going nicely, until someone approaches her with an interesting business proposition, and Alice is not going to take no for an answer.)
  • Becoming Her Maid: by Jackpot
    (Synopsis: Emily hires a maid but the roles soon become reversed.)
  • Cowgirl: by Topcat
    (Synopsis: Iowa teen turned into slave to dominant female family.)
  • Lil Baby David: by Verna Benson
    (Synopsis: Insurance salesman becomes the unwitting baby girl of a sexy, dominant man.)
  • Baby Jenny: by Jenny Olds
    (Synopsis: Baby jenny is a 22 year old girl with a 10 year old mind she is seriously taken advantage of.)
  • Allie and Nicole: by Annie the Slick
    (Synopsis: Allie is a 15 year old girl that loses both her parents in an auto accident. She is taken in by her one time babysitter, Nicole, who has always lusted after her. Poor Allie is humiliated and forced to satisfy her new Mistress in many inventive ways.)
  • A Sissy Slave's Just Rewards: by Sissy Roxanne
    (Synopsis: A day in the life of a sissy slave, where her transformation is continued by a wonderful Mistress.)


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