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Getting To Know Step-Mother

Part 2

Getting To Know Step-Mother


Chapter 1

For the next few days, Barbs miserable life continued much as before, except now she was receiving her prescribed one spanking a day, with additional ones thrown in for any number of transgressions, most contrived by her step-mother, but many for made-up misdeeds conjured up by Andy.  The rule was that if Andy found the fault he got to give the spanking, so he looked for any opportunity to see a violation where there was none.  Barbs rear end was a constant shade of bright red, and, of course, always in view, since she was now expected to be naked at all times, and her face exhibited a steady stream of tears through much of the day.

“Oh, Barbie, I asked you nicely to get the spot out of my jeans over an hour ago, and its still there.  You dont seem to pay attention to anything I ask you to do.  Bad Barbie!”

“But sir, I was outside cutting the grass.  I couldnt hear you out there.”

“You just werent listening hard enough, Barbie.  Come over here and get your spanking.  NOW!”

Barb hesitated a moment, then crossed to Andy as Helen moved into the living room to watch. Her tears began flowing before she placed herself over Andys lap.  Her bright red behind, which had just received its daily prescribed dose an hour earlier, looked as though it couldnt get any redder.  Andy was about to prove that thought wrong, but, before he began, he ordered her to spread her legs for him.  When she did, his hand dipped between her legs to pinch and pull on her protruding outer lips.  He received great pleasure in hearing Barbara moaning and pleading and hearing her sobs increase.  Soon he moved his hand forward to stimulate her clitoris, long enough for it to protrude from under the hood so that he could grab it between his thumb and index finger and twist.

Barbara screamed and rose up from Andys lap, but his grip on the nubbin was enough to hold her in place.  When he finally tired of tormenting his step-sister, he released her clit, bringing his hand up and smacking it down on Barbies sore buttock with all his might.  Barb swore out loud for the very first time.

“Oh, shit!  Oh, pleeeease dont spank me, Andy.  Im already so sore. Pleeease!”

“Its Master to you, Barbie-doll, and, because you said a bad word,  Im going to double the punishment.  40 spanks.  How about that?”

“Good for you, Andy.  Little girls who use bad words deserve extra punishment, and, when youre finished I think a little soap-in-the-mouth is call for.  Bad Barbie!”

And so the punishment went on and on, and Barbaras seat got darker and darker, as she began crying so hard she started hiccupping.  Her legs were flying about as though she was swimming the butterfly stroke, until, still hiccupping, and sobbing she collapsed on Andys lap.  Andy, who had reached the 40th blow to her buttocks, thought at first that she had fainted, but the fact that she was still moaning told him she was a step beyond pain.

He pushed her to a standing position and checked to see the damage.  The mere touch of one of her buttocks brought more tears and another shriek.  Helen grabbed her arm and pulled her into the bathroom.  Grabbing a bar of soap, she demanded that Barbara open wide.  When she finally did, Helen forced the bar deep into her mouth and ordered Barbara to bite down on it.  Barb did as ordered and was instructed to hold it there until Helen gave her the okay to release it.  It was almost a minute later, during which time Barbara had been forced to swallow a number of times, before Helen let her spit the soap out. 

“You are not to rinse your mouth out.  Do you understand?”

Barb grimaced and swallowed more of the soapy deposit in her mouth.

“Now, its time for todays lesson.  Lets start with math, shall we?  Oh, I almost forgot.  Andy has fixed up a nice chair for you to sit on, and I know how naked you feel without a bra, so I fixed one for you.  Here, put it on.”

Barbara looked at the bra, and she noticed immediately that it was a couple of sizes too small, but, besides that, Helen had sewn netting into both cups with about twenty thumb-tacks in each cup protruding inward.  Barbara started to shy from it, but Andy grabbed her arms from behind and Helen placed the bra over her breasts and hooked the back.  Barbara screamed at the pain being driven into her tender breasts, especially her puffy nipples.  The fact that the bra was too small meant that her breasts poked out well above the upper edges of the bra, making her look much bustier than normal, as well as making the pressure being caused by the tight fit giving her much more pain.  It felt as though she was being stung by a swarm of bees, over and over.  Helen checked the fit by pressing various spots on the bra, bringing wails from the beleaguered girl.

Then Helen showed her the chair Andy had fixed for her.  It was a regular wooden kitchen chair, but in the center of the seat, sticking up, was a wooden dowel, approximately 1 ½ inches in diameter and almost six inches long.  Barb tried to run away, but Andy and Helen each grabbed an arm, and as she screamed at the top of her lungs, they pushed her down to the dowels top.  Helen placed Barbaras little rosebud directly over the dowel and she and Andy pushed down very slowly until Barbara was firmly seated on the chair.

“Now, between the bra and the chair, I dont think Ill have to worry about your mind wandering, will I, Barbie-honey?  Now, lets turn your book to page 42.”

The chair and bra became a regular part of the curriculum, whenever Barbie had any of her schooling, except for the sex education classes.  When the bra was released after each study session, Barb could see that usually it had just left deep depressions all over her breasts, and especially her nipples.  Occasionally she could see where a tack or two had broken the skin and a few drops of blood had appeared.

About a week after she started being required to appear nude throughout the day, Helen told Barbara that she had a handyman coming to do some work on the house, and, so that his attention wouldnt be diverted to watching a naked girl running around the house, she was to go to her room.  After she had entered, Helen closed the door and slipped the bolt on the lock on the outside of the door.  Barb heard some hammering and such while the workman was there, but was glad to be out from under Helens constant sadistic supervision.  Several hours later she was allowed out of her room, and the cruelty returned, and she forgot the episode.

Chapter 2

A week or so later Helen called Barbie into the living room, where she found her two tormentors waiting.  She could tell by the sparkle in their eyes that whatever was about to happen was not going to be to her liking.  Barb stood before Helen with her hands clasped behind her back, as she had been recently instructed to stand before either of them whenever she was being addressed.  This, of course, left her breasts and her hairless pussy open for inspection or torment, much to her embarrassment.

“Barbie, honey, you are overdue for your next sex education lesson, which is especially important for teenage girls.  I hope you know by now that you must be very obedient and make no fuss about a little pain.  Sex education for girls is no fun.  It involves hard training.  The most important things for a young girl to remember are cleanliness, elegance, endurance and willpower.  Your primary concern, however, must be obedience.  Are you ready to begin the next step in your sexual education?”

Tears began to form in Barbs eyes, as she realized that whatever was about to happen was going to be very painful, but her answer would have to be the one she gave for everything nowadays.

“Yes, maam.”

“Then we start at the small ottoman over here.  Now, sit down on the edge…No, you stupid girl…sit on the short side…Now, lie on your back.”

Reluctantly Barbie did as she was instructed, placing her arms beside her on the ottoman.  She began to tremble slightly as she awaited the next order.

“Stretch your arms above your head, silly girl…yes…so you really show off those ugly tits of yours.  Thats a nice view, isnt it, Andy?”

“Yeah.  The tiny nipples at the end of her boobies are erect, too!”

“Thats because all teenage girls like to show them off.”

Barb was totally embarrassed and turned her head to the side to avoid having to look at the leers on their faces.  She pressed her legs together, afraid of what was to follow.

“Okay, dopey-girl, I want you to raise your legs up toward the ceiling…quickly, bitch…now spread them as far as you can…farther! far apart as you can get them…Oh, come on, you can do better than that.”

With that Helen crossed to the ottoman, grabbed Barbaras ankles and yanked them a few inches further apart, drawing a screech from her prone victim.

“Come on Barbie, you can do better than that.  Thats nothing, especially for a sixteen-year-old schoolgirl, who used to be a cheer-leader.  Spread em more!  Further!”

Barbara tried with all her strength to spread her legs further, but they were already aching.  She could feel her pussy lips spread slightly, and, the outer lips showing the slightest tinge of pink between them.  Her face showed several shades pinker than usual, as she realized how exposed she was.

“You can be quite sure I will not tolerate such a poor performance.  How can Andy learn how to handle girls, if he thinks they are as disobedient as you and have difficulty showing off their pussies?  You are really asking for it, girl!  Its time to say hello to the groove strap!”

“Im trying, maam.  Im doing my best.  I cant spread them any more. Please, maam.”

Her legs ached terribly now, and she tried to open her legs another half inch, without success.

“Ive really had enough of your sass, young lady.  Back talk during a sex education session while lying on your back will double your punishment.  I planned to give you 5 slaps between your legs…after a few test slaps…since its your first time, but now youve earned ten!”

“Oh, nnnn…Please, Im sorry, maam, really I am.”

“Its too late, girl…Now, be brave…We begin with the test strokes.  If you take them like a good girl, holding your position and make no unladylike noise, your training can start soon, and the “little helpers” can stay in the cupboard….You get one test stroke for each of your teenage years….Well start with you counting the smack to match each of your teenage years.  So well start with thirteen.  Understood, Barbie?”

The tears began to roll down the sides of her face as she acknowledged Helens orders.

“After you call out the number I want you to beg, Please make me learn how to spread my legs as I should in order to become an obedient girl.  And after each stroke I want you to strain to open your legs a bit more.”

Helen positioned herself in front of the demoralized young girl, who was so very aware that Andy had snuck up behind his mother and both were now peering down at her open pussy.  Helen grasped the groove strap, a thin rigid leather belt in her left hand.  She looked directly in her young charges eyes.

“Are you ready for your sexual training, girl?”

“Yes, maam.”

“Then start begging!”

With a satisfied smile on her face, Helen whipped the groove strap between Barbs open legs.


It was a light stroke, but the groove strap landed exactly where Helen aimed, between the open lips of the virgins slit.  After a split second of shock Barbara screamed out, “Oww, Ooo…Not so hard, please…Ohh…ooo, my pussy is burning…Oh, please…. THIRTEEN!...Please make me learn how to spread my legs so I may become an obedient girl! Oh, ooo..I cant stand it.”

Barbs long legs dropped down to the floor, and she pressed her legs together to hide her pussy.

“Dont press those legs together, you stupid girl.  Now, get them back up in the air and spread them wide, little bitch!  This was just a virgin-like light stroke, just to give you an idea and open up that pussy all the way for the real strokes.  Your pussy is still too close set.  I want to see everything before were finished.  Now, get those legs up in the air again, and spread them!”

The sobbing girl pointed her feet toward the ceiling again, but fearfully opened her legs only partway.  “Whats this lesson all about, young lady?”

Barbara whispered her answer.  “…about how a teenage girl should spread her legs obediently, Maam”…”


“Then DO SO, quickly, bitch!”  Her right hand came out to slap Barbs leg with a loud smack.

Barbara obeyed quickly, opening her legs to the limit.

“Andy, you can help our little bitch-in-training by standing over Barbie-dolls head, and maybe you could put something in her mouth to quiet her down.  I know shed appreciate having something else to concentrate on while were teaching her to spread her legs.  She has to stay on her back until told otherwise and to point her feet to the ceiling… and keep them spread!  Barbie, open your legs even a bit more.  When you feel the pain on your pussy, youll know its far enough.  DO YOU UNDERSTAND?”

In the meantime, Andy was unzipping his fly and removing his hard penis.

With tears streaming, Barbara muttered a “Yes, maam.”

“After Andy inserts and lets you suck on his nice big prong, there will be no teeth involved. If you bite him or rub your teeth against his penis, I swear your cunt will disappear after I finish with it.  UNDERSTOOD!

As Andy began dipping it between her lips, Barb shook her head violently to let Helen know she understood.

“Then lets continue begging for the test strokes!”

“Foueen…pease maake meee leawn hw t sled m les so I maaay com oedint girl.”


Again, the groove strap landed on Barbies virgin pussy.  This time it seemed as if the small end of the thin leather belt penetrated a little bit of her girlish slit.


Barb had no choice but to keep lying on her back, as Andy sawed his prick in and out of her mouth, but again she closed her thighs without permission, and her feet fell to the floor for the second time.

“Pease, can sand t, hussy hurs so uch….PEEASE!”

“But, as a young girl you must learn to bear such strokes.  Believe me, young lady, you are not the first girl to receive such strokes.  My father and mother used to use the strap on me regularly.”

“God, Mom, this is great!  My dick goes in further this way, and her mouth is so wet.  WOW!”

“Peease…peease don it e so har.  Gaaack.  Urk.”

“Stop arguing, Barbie!  That wasnt even a medium stroke, because Ive been taking into consideration that youre still a virgin, but you have to get used to a little pain between your legs…and as a girl gets older, her pain tolerance has to develop, until she is finally ready for sex.  So the strokes will get a little harder as we proceed…so dont waste my time, you little prick-tease, and get back in position.  Spread those legs, girly!”

Helen waited until the girl was back in the ordered position.  Her eyes were extremely frightened as she stared around Andys sawing penis into her step-mothers cold eyes.

“Now then, what can I do for you?”

“Fifeen…pease mae me ler ow t sred m les so ah mae com a beient gir.”


As the young girls pussy had swollen a bit from the previous strokes and because of her widely spread legs, her pussy had opened a little bit.  As a result, the groove strap was able to dip a little deeper, and, this time, it really penetrated Barbies pussy.


Despite the extreme pain Barb managed to keep her arms stretched behind her head and remained on her back with Andys help, but she again closed her legs, though she had the presence of mind to keep her legs extended in the air this time.  This time, however, she not only pressed her thighs together, but she crossed her legs, trying to hide her young pussy from her stepmother.

“Pease…pease…I behing yo.  Can sta any ore!”

“No Missy, we will continue with your sex training for disobedient young girls, thats for sure.  You little prick-teasers like to have your pussy fingered and your boobs sucked…being fucked is just the next step.  And Missy, I will decide if, when, and by whom you get deflowered!  You will have absolutely no say in the matter.  IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?”

A very quiet,“Es, ma.”  Barbara sobbed and continued crossing her legs to hide her virgin slit.  Andy decided her tits were just too luscious looking and took that moment to reach down and squeeze both of them.

“Aieeee.  Oooouuu.”

“Barbie, Im sure Andy would relish having a little doctor/patient play with his step-sister, but well save that for later…just open your legs WIDE and Ill have a little look at your pussy.”

The fear and despair in Barbies eyes was palpable.  Slowly she spread her legs wide until she felt her step-mothers hand on her aching pussy.  Again she crossed her legs, trapping Helens hand.

“Are you insane, you silly bitch?  How can I examine your slit, if you dont keep your legs spread?”

Barbie opened her legs to shoulder width, fighting her urge to pull them down.

“I suppose youve never had an OB-GYN exam, have you, young lady?”

Barbara shook her head no.

“Thats another argument for the need for sex education for teenage girls…Pain or the fear of pain doesnt allow a girl to hide her pussy.  Neither at the doctors or at home…So, whats wrong with your pussy, Missy!”

“Burs smuh, Can sand ih.”

Barbie began sobbing again, as Helen examined her pussy thoroughly, causing heavy tears from the sixteen-year-old.

“Your pussy is now nice and tender, just as a girls pussy should be!  It seems ready for the true sex education.  Its a little bit red in the middle of the slit and your nice plump outer lips are a pretty shade of crimson, and your pussys starting to heat up.  Nothing to worry about, Barbie.  It will be best if Andy and I keep an eye on the state of your pussy during your training.  Sadly I have to admit that your behavior during the first test strokes was very poor for a girl in her mid-teens.  Be brave and really strain to open your legs after the last test blow.  Convince me that youre old enough to submit to your sex education for teen girls of your own free will, and the “little helpers” can stay where they are. OK?”

“I ty ma …”

“Self-control and endurance are most important for any teenage girl, and you should be ashamed of making such a fuss about a few strokes, Missy…Not to worry, though, Im sure that by the time todays training is over you will be able to really spread your legs.  So, lets finish the test strokes, shall we?...Get into position, Barbie.  Thats it!”

Barb closed her eyes as the tears continued to flow, and spread her legs once again.  Andy was now rapidly sinking his prick into Barbs mouth, as it became obvious he was approaching an orgasm.  Helen was pleased to notice that her step-daughters red pussy lips had opened up a bit more, enough to force the groove strap deep into her pussy.

“And how old is our disobedient school-girl now?”

Barbara looked confused as she peered through her legs at her step-mother, who was readying the groove strap for the next blow.  She finally realized why she was being asked her age.

“Siseen…pease mae me len ow t sped m les, so ah mae ecom edien gir.  Ohhh…”


Helen had struck much harder this time and aimed a little bit higher to really drive the painful message home.  The groove strap showed its full potential to the young girl for the first time.  It dipped deep between the slit, and this time Barbies pussy was penetrated to the fullest.  This time the strap also opened the girls inner lips.  The end of the powerful strap licked hard against her clitoris.


Barb immediately howled, putting her right hand between her legs to comfort her pussy.  It was a most unladylike picture she was presenting, and Helen smiled.

At that moment Andy shot his load into Barbies mouth, and after a moment of quiet bliss, while she tried mightily to swallow everything, he pulled his penis out of her mouth with a huge sigh.

The teenager slowly spread her legs and clasping her pussy between both hands, rocked back and forth.

“Stop diddling yourself at once, girl.  Hands away from your pussy, you ungrateful little bitch!”

Not wishing to anger her step-mother any more, Barbara removed her hands from her pussy and placed them above her head.

“Thats not fair.  You hit my…my…”

“Andy, Barbie-doll is too stupid to name the most girlish part of her body.  Maybe you can help her out.” Helen laughed.

“Its her clit!  You hit her clit, Mom!,” Andy answered proudly as he pulled his pants back up.

“Was Andy right?  Did I finally open your pussy up to start your sex education, girly?”

“Yes, you hit my…clit.  That hurt worse than anything youve done before…”

“Good.  Now youre ready for your ongoing sex education for disobedient teen girls.”

“Oh, please, maam.  I cant take any more.  Pleeease, maam.”

“Well, you have to. And you should be thankful to Andy and me for all the work weve put in, just to teach you what every girl your age should know without making such a fuss about spreading your long legs and presenting your young pussy!”

“But I never thought that sex would mean so much pain.”

“Well, thats why you are overdue for sex education for girls.  This training is supposed to get you ready for what you will feel when you lie on your back, spread your legs and are penetrated by a large penis in your virgin pussy.  This training is all about keeping your slutty legs open when youre supposed to…and to ignore the pain for the pleasure of the man!  But the test strokes really proved that you arent strong enough to endure your sex training without some help.  So, please beg me to help you with the rest of your sex training. Missy.”

”Oh, nnnn…please…I cant…”

“Thats it, little bitch, now Im really angry….!”

“Im sorry, maam…I really am…sorry….Please help me to endure my sex education!”

“All right, while Im preparing the “little helpers,” I want you to go to the toilet, take a shower, fix your make-up, make yourself fresh, and put on what I laid out for you on your bed.”

Chapter 3

A half hour later Barbie appeared, looking like the worst kind of harlot.  Helen had provided her with a pair of black patent high heels, five inches high, silly school-girl knee-length stockings, a black shiny mini-skirt, which reached midway to her crotch, showing her entire blood-red outer pussy lips and a matching black vest, which didnt quite cover either of her nipples.  Barbie felt more naked than she had when she was entirely nude.  The heels were giving her real problems, as shed never worn anything higher than two inches.  Her embarrassment was obvious by the shade of pink her face had turned as she faced her tormentors.

“Well, look at our little runway model.  All dressed up and no place to go.  Turn around, sweetie, and show us how it looks in the back.”

With some difficulty Barbara managed to direct her heels on a 180 degree spin.  What they saw was that the mini-skirt did little to cover her plump red buttocks.

“Bend over, honey, and spread those cute cheeks of yours.”

Barb did as ordered, teetering a bit as she compensated for the height of the heels.  Then she tentatively reached back and grabbing each buttock in one of her hands, pulled them apart, showing her naked split peach and her little rose-petal.  She was ordered to stay in that position for over a minute, as Andy and Helen chuckled to each other.   


“All right, little show-off, stand up and turn around.  Come on over here to me.  I think you need some jewelry to go with your sexy outfit.  I have a little clip here, but I dont think it will fit on your whole puffy nipple, so I guess well just stick it on this perky little end of the nipple.  There!  Those claws ought to hold it on.”

“Ooouuu…It hurts…Oh, please…”

“Thats all right, honey, I have one to go on this other little nip, so it wont feel slighted.  There, doesnt that look nice?”

“Mom, can I put the weights on?”

“Oh, nnnn…please… thats enough…pinches…”

“There we go, sis.  One pound, now two.  Oh, that looks so neat.”

It was everything Barb could do to keep from reaching up to take the painful pincher off, but she knew the repercussions if she tried.  Then Andy attached one, then two of the pound weights to the clip on the other nipple.

Barbara drew in her breath as the pain took hold.

“Were not finished yet, Barbie, sweetie.  Spread those long legs of yours, you know, like we worked on with the groove strap.  Thats pretty good.  I guess you cant do much better with those heels on, can you?  Now let me get down here so I can see what Im doing.  Oh, your pussy lips are so red.  Now, hold still while I put this clip on your left labia.  There.  Now, well finish with one on the right lip.  Isnt that cute.  I guess it does smart a little, doesnt it?  I think itll hurt even more when Andy adds the weights.”

“Oh, please dont.  My pussy hurts so much already.”

“Thats the idea, Barbie.  You need to learn to live with pain.  We already discussed all this earlier.  Okay, Andy, get down here and finish her up.  Oh, that really pulls the lip down a lot, doesnt it?  Okay, lets even it up on the other lip.  Wonderful!”

“Now, whore, I want to see you walk around with all your new jewelry.  Thats it.”

Barbara struggled to keep her legs spread sufficiently to walk and keep the heels from sliding out from under her at the same time.  The walk was ludicrous, as the clips banged against one leg and then the other.  Not to mention the pain of the additional weight on her pussy lips.

“All right, stop, bitch.  Now I want to see you lean forward and swing those ta-tas back and forth.  Faster.  Faster, I said, bitch!  Unless you want me to come over there and yank on them a little.  Thats better.  Look at em swing, Andy!  I think she needs one more pound on each side, dont you?”

Andy raced over to do his mothers bidding and soon Barbara was swinging three pounds from each little nipple tip.

She was sucking in air between her teeth with each swing.  Eventually they tired of her swinging

her breasts, and wanted to watch her swing the weights between her legs, standing still, after Andy had added another pound to each of her pussy lips.  The pain was getting excruciating, and still they laughed and poked each other as she went through her gyrations.  Finally they let her stop, but ordered her to bring them Cokes from the refrigerator, and it was all she could do to hobble to the kitchen and back with two bottles in hand.

“Wouldnt you like to dance with her, Andy?  A nice slow close dance should be just the thing.”

Helen put a CD in the recorder and the strains of an old Sinatra song flowed out.  Andy grabbed Barbie tightly, and she moaned as she felt the pressure of his chest against hers.  Then his leg began extending between her legs, making sure to jiggle the hanging weights.  It was all Barbara could do to keep from screaming as Andy grasped her tighter and tighter and kept extending his leg much further than he normally would.  Eventually the song ended and Helen decided it was time for dinner.  Barbara was, of course, expected to help in the preparations, as well as setting the table.  When it came time to sit, Helen explained that Barbara was expected to stand throughout the meal. 

After she had finished putting the dishes in the dishwasher, Barbie was finally allowed to remove all of the clips.  Her nipples and labia were numb, but still painful, before the clips were removed.  When they were finally removed the indentations on both her nipples and labia were deep, waffled and viciously red.  As the blood rushed to the areas that had been restricted, all four areas immediately began to throb intensely.  She tried to ease the pain in her vaginal lips by massaging them, and was reprimanded once again by Helen for diddling herself and warned to desist.

She moved her hands to her throbbing nipples, but as soon as she started rubbing gingerly, Andy accused her of trying to excite herself, and she stopped, knowing she would be punished if she persisted.

Helen turned on television and, as she and Andy sat down beside each other on the couch, and sliding her dress up to her waist and her panties down to her feet,  she suggested that Barbie could do something useful with her time and that for some reason she felt very sexually agitated and needed some relief.  Andy, likewise, decided to remove his pants and shorts as he sat and suggested that when Barb was finished with his mom, she could work on him.  Then Helen had a brilliant thought.

“Why dont we let Barbie-doll work on both of us.  This program is an hour long, so I want you to work on me until I push you off, because Im almost there, and then work on Andy until he decides hes getting close.  You can alternate all hour long, but if either of us comes before the hour is up, boy, are you gonna get it!  Okay, start!”

And so Barbara spent most of the hour moving back and forth between her two pain-givers, bringing each to the brink of ecstacy, then being pushed over to their cohort.  This continued until a few minutes before the hour was up.  Barb was tiring fast, her mouth and tongue had actually swollen slightly from the constant sucking and licking, but she was aware that they had almost reached the end of her punishment period and she looked forward to the rest.

Unfortunately she felt Andy beginning to tighten up and moan more vocally and waited to be pushed off to Helen.  He had other plans, however, and he suddenly shot his hot load of sperm into her mouth.  In spite of the fact that he had come earlier, his discharge was copious and she felt some of his sperm seeping out of the side of her mouth, before she was finally able to swallow what remained in her mouth.

“Goddam you, slut, youre in for it now.  I told you to keep it going for an hour, and, as usual, you disobeyed.  Get yourself over here and finish me off.”

Barb hurried to right the wrong shed done by bringing Helen to a screaming climax almost immediately, but her talented tongue was not enough to assuage her mistress.

“You deliberately disobeyed me and now youve earned yourself another spanking, bitch!”

“But Andy didnt push me off…you said…”

“Never mind what I said!  Get over my lap this instant.”

So Barbie pulled herself up and with eyes full of tears, she hesitantly leaned over Helens lap.

“Spread your legs, girl.  I want to make sure you havent been enjoying yourself too much”

Helen reached between Barbies spread legs, rubbed her fingers through Barbies dry lips to her clit, massaged it a few moments until it began to flower, then grabbed it and twisted.  Barb screamed out and began to cry in earnest.

“Maybe next time youll do as youre told, you bad child.”

With this she began spanking Barbara for the fourth time that day, and the reddish hue of her nether cheeks began to turn crimson almost immediately.  By the time Helen had spanked her bottom over fifty times, Barbara was weeping and crying out piteously.  Her buttocks were almost violet in hue and, were it not for the fact that Helens hand was getting very sore, she probably would have received another fifty.  Helen pushed her off her lap and told her to wash her face and go to bed, which Barbara was most happy to do, though she was to have a long and sore few hours before she drifted off.

As she was hobbling to her bedroom, she was stopped by Helens last words.

“Oh, and by the way, Im having an old friend…uh, lover, to dinner tomorrow night and you will be serving it and furnishing the entertainment afterward.  Good night.”

Chapter 4

The next day was pretty much like most days for Barb.  By six oclock she had received two spankings, her routine fifty from Helen and one from Andy for “not voluntarily sucking deep enough,” which forced him to push her head down on his prick, making her gag constantly.  Her buttocks were so constantly sore that the mere touch would make her moan.  Her breasts were almost as bad, especially her nipples.  Andy doted on twisting, pulling, squeezing and biting them at every chance, it seemed, and Helen reinforced him by saying that was part of toughening her up.

Barb was instructed to stay in the kitchen until she was called to serve dinner, which suited her just fine.  Andy had gone back to his room, probably to read his porno magazines, and Helen waited in the living room.  At six on the dot, the doorbell rang and Helen answered it to greet Sam Harrington, her old lover. 

They had met at a party years before.  They hit it off at once, and by the end of the evening had ended up in the sack together.  They had lived together for three years until Helen met Andys father and fell head over heels for him.  After that Helen and Sam would run into each other once in a while, and it was obvious to both of them that the spark was still there, but nothing came of it until they happened to meet at the grocery store the previous week, and Helen had asked Sam to dinner.  During their time living together, the two had discussed all aspects of sex and Helen knew that there was at least a slight sadistic streak in Sam, which came out occasionally during their love-making.

The two hugged and kissed each other passionately, and Helen made no move to remove Sams hand, when it wandered down to grasp one of her buttocks.  They entered the living room and Helen asked if Sam would like a drink.  As they sat and chatted about old times they finished off two highballs each and were feeling no pain by the time seven oclock rolled around.

They moved into the dining room, where Helen called Andy to dinner, introduced him to Sam, and they sat down with Sam facing the kitchens swinging door.  Helen rang her little dinner bell and Barbara entered with a rack of lamb on a platter.  She was wearing her five inch heels, the white knee stockings and a little French apron.  The apron fitted over her head and extended down to her thighs, her pussy being barely covered by the frilly frou-frou around the edge of the entire apron.  The bodice of the apron, which tapered on both sides at her midriff, fit her breasts tightly, so that her puffy nipples were evident through the material.  Her breasts stuck out sluttishly on each side, and the apron was tight enough to produce an excess of décolletage.  Sam was surprised and delighted with Barbies get-up.

Barb slid the platter in front of Helen, as Helen matter-of-factly introduced her to Sam as her step-daughter.  She left and returned with a bowl of roasted potatoes which she placed next to Andy.  On her third trip from the kitchen she carried a pitcher of iced tea, and, after pouring Helens glass moved over to pour Sams.  Obviously Helen had told Sam about Barbaras situation, because as she poured tea into his glass, he suddenly forcefully jammed his hand up into her crotch, causing her to spill most of the pitcher directly onto Sams shirt and pants.

Helen jumped up, looking at Barbie with daggers, rushing over to grab her arm.

“You clumsy slut.  Now look what youve done.  Andy, go and get some towels to soak up the tea on the floor.”

“I…I..Im sorry maam…I didnt know…I mean…Im so sorry.”

“You will be when I finish with you.  First, Sam, take off those clothes and let me put them in the washing machine.  Are your pants washable?  Good.  Take everything off.  Well let Barbie-clutz give you a bath.  Thats the least she can do.”

“Mmmeee…but I…”

“Dont argue with me, you clod, get in my bathroom and draw a bath right now!”

Without a word, Barbara went into the bathroom, while Helen, after a wink at Sam, and a little manipulation of his semi-erect penis, took his clothes and placed them in the washing machine.  When she returned they strolled into Helens bathroom hand in hand, she, fully dressed, and he, stark naked.  The bath was ready and at Helens urging he stepped into the bath and sat.

“Now, bitch, I want you to wash Sam all over.  Get to it!”

Barbie soaped up a washcloth and began washing Sams back.  Eventually she had washed everything except his lower torso, which remained underwater.

“Sam, stand up so Barbie-blockhead can wash your middle.  I want you to pay particular attention to that part thats sticking out, dummy-girl.  I dont think soap will be enough.  Better use your mouth on it to make sure its thoroughly clean.  I have special plans for it later.”

And so, Sam stepped closer to the edge of the tub, and Barbara, totally humiliated and knowing she had no choice, moved up close to the tub and opening her mouth, slid Sams penis into her mouth.  Sam was rather large in that department, so it was all she could do to get half of it in her mouth.  No one seemed upset that she couldnt swallow the whole thing, so she sucked for about a minute before she received instructions from Helen.

“Thats enough.  We dont want to exhaust poor Sam, at least not right now.  Dry him off, and he can use my robe until his clothes are dry.  Lets go into the dining room, and, after you reheat everything, well eat, finally.”

They all retired to the dining room, and an hour later had had their fill, at which point they moved into the living room.  Andy decided to go back to his porno collection.  When Barb had cleared the table and put everything in the dishwasher, she appeared before Helen and Sam, as she had been ordered.  Sam looked somewhat ludicrous in Helens silk robe, but Helen ordered Barbara to sit on his lap and apologize for her stupidity.

As she struggled to come up with the words, Sam removed her apron and began playing with her breasts, finally dipping his mouth to catch one of her puffy nipples in it.  The feeling was most pleasant for Barb, who usually was being bitten, when Andy did the same thing.  She finally got the apology out and savored the gentle sucking by Sam.

Shortly he was delving his hand between her legs and she knew enough to spread them wide.  Sam began fingering her clitoris gently, and eventually she began to feel a climax coming on.  Just before she reached that point, Helen pointed out that it was time for Barbies punishment for her earlier stupidity.

Barbie reluctantly rose from Sams lap and the tears began to flow down her face, realizing how much this one was going to hurt.  Helen couldnt help but snicker as she looked over at Sam wrapped in her robe with a silken tent poking from his lap.  She allowed a scowl to replace her smile, however, as she awaited Barbies placement over her lap.

“Barbie, you just cant seem to stay out of trouble, can you?  We try so hard to help keep you on the straight and narrow, and you always find a way to mess up.  Youre just hopeless.  Get down here now, you bad girl, so we can  try once more to get you straightened out!”

This last recrimination was just too much for Barbara, and she burst into tears knowing full well the injustice that was being done to her, with no way to correct it.  Sobbing, she placed herself over Helens lap.  The first slap was preceded by a pinch of her very sore red buttock, which brought further tears and additional weeping.


Helen was not letting her off easy, as she threw herself into the game with hard strokes from the very first.


“Oh, please, maam, not so hard.  Im so sore back there.”


Once again Helen delivered the blow with all her strength.  She was obviously trying to impress Sam with her strength and forthrightness.  The spanking continued in the same manner throughout, and Barbara soon went into her hysterical mode, including the final phase of childish hiccups, as she tried to get her breath.  Helen finished off the spanking by pushing Barb to the floor with a look of disdain, followed by a huge smile over to Sam.  He was impressed and still excited, as evidenced by his huge hard-on, which was now in full evidence as it had slid out between the folds of the robe.

As Barbie lay on the floor crying her heart out, Helen rose and went to Sam, grabbing his ramrod.

“Looks to me like you could use a little relief, big boy.  Shall we wend our way into my boudoir?”

Sam jumped up and the two rapidly disappeared.  Barbara lay on the floor until her crying subsided.  She suddenly realized she was alone and there was nothing to prevent her from walking out the door to freedom.  She rose slowly and painfully, and, realizing it was cool outside went to the hall closet and found one of Helens long winter coats.  Wrapping herself in it she crept over to the front door, opened the lock, and turned the handle.  Suddenly an earth-shattering alarm went off and continued as she tried to open the door.  It finally opened, but the screen door was locked and she had to find the latch to open it.  The alarm continued to blast.

“Going somewhere, Sis?  I dont think so!”

Andy grabbed her arm, just as Helen and Sam, both totally naked, came running into the living room.

“Well, Im glad to see that alarm I had the workman install works. You have really done it now, you little slut. Not only were you trying to leave us, after all weve done for you, but you try to steal my good coat, as well.  GET IN HERE NOW, BITCH!!”   


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