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Review This Story || Author: Neal Chisholm aka oldpervert1

A Public Spectacle

Part 12 Chapter 20

Disclaimer and Copyright

The following story, A Public Spectacle was written in 2008 and 2009 and is an original work of fiction and is intended for adult readers only.  It contains descriptions of acts of violence, forced nudity, public humiliation and non-consensual sexual activities not suitable for many readers.

If these things offend you, the reader, do not read any further.

Elements of this story; its plot, setting and character names, are not necessarily unique to this story, and any resemblance with actual events, places and persons is unintentional.  I wish to thank all the past writers and storytellers in the English language for the inspirations used to write A Public Spectacle, with a special thanks to the authors, reviewers and readers of this web site for their encouragement and support.  I assert a copyright on the text of this story and no printing, distribution, re-posting or commercial use what so ever is allowed without prior authorization by myself or my future assignees. 

However, since the basic ideas in this story (public punishment, small-town politics, adultery, pain, repression of the middleclass, sex, betrayal, morality, prostitution, etc.) are not entirely my own, feel free to incorporate them into any of your own works.  I look forward to reading them.

Neal  [aka oldpervert1 on, aka]

A Public Spectacle

Chapter 20 Pre-Trial & Pre-Cum

Yvette and Doc make their way through the lingering crowd to the back of the courthouse.  The overhead door to the loading dock is closed but there is a large group of men hanging around the public toilets.

“Looks like the whores are using the public toilets as their own little bordello.  There  will be a lot of fucking and sucking going on in there today,” says Doc to Yvette.

“Really ? Lets go see.  I always wondered what the inside of a whore house looks like.  It will give me a taste of what my life could be like, if I do decide to sell your whoring rights and join the ranks of the working girls,” says Yvette, enthusiastically.

“O.K. but what you see here is in the lower echelon on NuGreenleaf whoring scale, so dont expect a high-class operation.”  With her arm curled around Docs, they walk into the public toilet together.  The first thing they notice is 2, 20-ish girls, with bright pink-hair, lots of ear rings and nearly no clothing.  A 3rd girl, also with pink hair is in the middle of the room but is nearly hidden by the crowd of men around her.  All 3 girls are engaged in some sort of sex act with 3 different guys.  There are close to 2 dozen men standing around watching the action.

“Is this legal ?,” gasps Yvette.  “I mean its not private at all.  I didnt think there would be spectators.”

“Yup.  On this planet, prostitution is perfectly legal as long as the exchange of money for the sex-act is through a manager ; the whores pimp.  And since it is inside a building and there are no children present, then the laws regarding corruption of minor children is not applicable.”

“But what if someone comes in and is not looking for a sex-show ?  What if all they want to do is pee ?”

“As long as this hypothetical someone is not charged money for the use of a free public toilet, then theres no problem.”

“See the 2 girls, with pink hair, bent over the lavatory sinks and being fucked from behind ?” asks Doc.  “This is pretty much normal for these toilets when a pimp is using them as his temporary whore-house.  There are probable 2 or 3 more whores engaged with customs back in the toilet stalls where things are a little more private.”

Just then a short dark-skinned man comes out from the last toilet stall.  He is pocketing some folding money in the breast pocket of his blood-red sports coat.  His black leather pants appear too tight to hold anything much thicker that a gum wrapper.

“Ah, this guy must be the pimp running this little enterprise,” says Doc.

The pimp says, “OK guys, itll cost you 2 credits to watch.  Pay up or get out.  This aint no free-show, like the Judge has out on the Village Square.”

Most of the men pay the 2 credits, however some must have been watching for a long time and have already paid for their ticket.  In any case, no one leaves.

“Hey, mister.  That goes for you and your girlfriend, too,” says the pimp as he looks over Yvette.

“Wait a minute, I know you.  Youre Yvette Easy ; Miss Easy as theyve been calling you on the TV.  The whole damn Village of NuGreenleaf has been watching your sex demonstrations ; either in person or on TV.  I almost didnt recognize you with your clothes on.  Pleased to meet you.  Im Jack Knoff, owner of the Perfect Ringer Pleasure Palace ; the best damn bordello in NuGreenleaf.  These are all my girls that youve been watching.  But since youre the famous Miss Easy, owner of the best tits on the planet, Ill let you and your boyfriend watch for free.”

“Thank you, Mr. Jack Knoff,” says Yvette, only realizing how obscene the pimps name sounds when spoken out loud.  She makes a mental note to only call the pimp Mr.Knoff.

“Let me show you my main attraction,” says the pimp as he elbows his way through the circle of male spectators at the center of the room.  “Spread out.  Let the lady and her boyfriend up front,” says the pimp to the guys in the crowd.  After maneuvering Yvette and Doc into the front row, he says, “There, now you got a ring-side seat.”

In the center of the room is a whore kneeling on the hard cement floor.  Doc and Yvette now have an unobstructed view of the star-whore.  She is a young girl, about 20 years old, with her face buried in the crotch of some middle-aged guy.  Her hair is also dyed bright pink and is cut very short so as to not hide the view of the mans cock in her face.  She wears a choker collar with a simple medallion inscribed # 5

“Oh look,” says Doc to Yvette.  “The whore giving head has a row of 10 to 12 small silver earrings in each ear.  They look like real silver and some appear to have been recently pierced, since the earlobe around those rings is red and inflamed.”

But these rings are not her only body jewelry.  “I see,” says Yvette. “But she also has 6 eyebrow rings, 3 on each side, and 4 lip rings, all on her lower lip.  These piercings look older and I guess the rings are stainless steel.  They are well healed without any red around the edges of the holes.”

The whore sucking cock is shoeless, topless and wears only a narrow skirt, which barely covers her ass.  Her arms are cuffed together behind her back at the elbows, which forces her to thrust her naked, pointed breasts against the trouser legs of the customer as she is sucking him. Jack Knoff, her pimp-manager, has moved off to the side and is counting a stack of banknotes.   All of the men standing around watching the sex-action are stroking the bulges in their pants, including Doc.  It looks like many of them are waiting their turn at the whore.  The John being serviced places his hand on the back of the whores head and starts thrusting his hips into her face until all of his cock is in her mouth.

Doc narrates the scene.  “You see, Miss Easy, this is not a simple blow-job.  The star-whore is being face fucked ; a rather savage sexual specialty many whores are programmed to perform by their pimp-managers.  In addition to complete concentration by the girl, the act of face fucking requires the guy to periodically withdraw his cock from the hookers mouth so she can breathe.  Usually a single breath is all that is allowed before he rams his cock back down her throat.”

“I know a little about this technique.  Some guy tried it on me last night, but I could not resist the urge to gag,” says Yvette.

“Gagging, when a mans cock is being shoved down your throat, is a natural response.  To overcome the urge to gag, many pimps apply a benzocaine gel to the back of their whores throats to reduce the gag reflex.  After a month of practice with the gel, the pimp stops using the anesthetic and the girl is on her own ; to deep-throat or choke, as the saying goes.  Im sure Mr. Knoff can tell you all the details of this training technique, if you are interested.  This bimbo has learned her lesson well and become a master of the oral art of face-fucking.”

“She does it so easily, but I guess it depends a lot on the length of the fellows cock,” says Yvette, who cant help but marveling at the whores ability to not gag while the she is being forced to suck the mans hard-on.

“True, size does matter.  Look at the way she is holding her head back, thus making it easier for the male to shove his cock into her esophagus.  See the way the bulge at the base of her neck expands when the man has fully thrust his penis down her throat.  That bulge is not an air pocket ; its the head of the mans dick.”

Just then the man pulls his cock all the way out of the whores mouth so she can catch her breath, and also to show-off the size of his equipment to the interested pair of spectators.

“God damn !  His penis has got to be at least 20 cm long !,” exclaims Yvette.

“More like 25 cm,” says the John as he prepares to go back to fucking the whore.

To that Doc adds, “Well, in this case the girls performance is more like throat-fucking than face-fucking.  Most guys dont have the length to give a girl a true throat-fucking.”

The whore gives a wry little smile, having noticed the new addition to her audience.  As the man force-fucks her mouth again, she sticks out her tongue to lick the mans balls as she is being fucked.  The man leans his head back and says, “Yah, baby, do it.  Lick my nuts.  Thats it.  Lick my nuts until I cum.”  With that, he sticks his cock all the way in and leaves it there.  The girl feverishly licks at the mans testicles, which are hanging just in front of her chin.  After a minute of rapid ball licking, the man again withdraws his cock from the whores mouth so she can get a breath.  But as he does so, he starts to ejaculate.  Seeing that her customer is cumming, the whore immediately wraps her lips around the spurting shaft and sucks.  She sucks so hard on the mans cock, that her checks are hollowed.  Not a single drop of his seed escapes her hungry mouth as she drains him dry.

“Now that there is the mark of a true whore,” says the pimp-manager, having finished count his bankroll.  “Not only does she love sucking cock, but she loves the taste of gizz, too,”

“Oh ?” challenges Yvette.  “If she loves the taste that much, how come there is a puddle of semen on the concrete between her legs ?”

“That puddle aint man-juice, girl,” replies the pimp.  “That there is pussy-juice.  You see, after #5 has sucked-off a few guys, her pussy start flowing like a river.  She made that puddle completely on her own.”

“Really ?  Wouldnt her pussy-juice get soaked-up by her panties ?” retorts Yvette.

“Panties ?  Do you think I allow any of my whores the luxury of wearing panties ?” he says in a loud voice.  Whore #1 and #2 giggle.  “Never in a million years would I allow one of my girls any underwear at all ; either tops or bottoms.”

Yvette thinks about the fact she too is not wearing either a bra or panties.  Has she started to turn into a whore already ? she wonders.

Doctor Moore asks, “How many whores do you have, Mr. Jack Knoff ?”

“Im licensed for 6 girls.  #1 and #2 youve already met.  #3 and #4 are servicing customers back in the toilet stalls.  #5 is my star deep-throating whore and #6 is back at the Pleasure Palace washing the cum stains out of the sheets and sanitizing dildos and the like.”

“So you have a full stable,” says Doc.

“Yup.  Did you notice how the arm binder on my #5 whore prevents her from playing with her cunt ?  This just frustrates the hell out of her and makes her suck all the harder.  Its good for business.”

“I also noticed she has a lot of ear rings,” says Doc.

“Yup, 22 silver ear rings, all totaled.  One for each month she has been one of my whores at the Perfect Ringer.  My cat-house is famous for ringing its whores.  After a girl earns her 24th ear ring there just aint no more places to put new ones on her ears, so we start adding rings to her pussy lips.  #5 aint got none down there now, but there will be in 3 more months.  You know this girl, whore # 5, has a 4 year contract with me, so that will make for 12 rings in each ear and 11 rings in each of her pussy labia.”

Doc interrupts, “I see.  So if a girl wants to know how many more months she has to work, all she has to do is count her silver rings.  But 24 in the ears and 22 in the labia only accounts for only 46 rings.  If she gets one of each month of her 4 year contract she should have 48 rings.”

“Thats true, but the first 2 rings go through her clit,” says the pimp.  “All my girls get their first rings down there.  It makes em hot.”

Yvette shutters at the mere though of having a ring pierced through her most sensitive sex part.

“Dont worry, Miss Easy.  They are not really through her clit,” explains Jack Knoff.  “On the day a girl signs her whoring contract with me, I get her really drunk then pierce a small ring horizontally through her clit hood and attach to it her number tag ; a round stainless steel disk with her whore number ; 1 through 6.  After 30 days, I pierce her second ring vertically through the very top of her pussy slit and link it through the first ring.  This pulls the clit hood all the way back and keeps her love trigger exposed at all times.”

“And what about the disk ?”

“Well, it just bounces around on the end of her exposed clit.  Sometimes you can hear the metal disk jingling around down there when she walks.”

“So that explains why she gets so wet,” says Doc.

“Gees, if my clit was exposed 24/7 and constantly was being rubbed by a metal disk, I would be horny all the time, too” say Yvette.

“Which is exactly the way I likes my whores ; constantly wanting to fuck.  Now you take those two whores of mine being fucked over at the sink.  They are my whores #1 and #2.  They are in their 54th month of a 5 year contract.  They each have 24 rings in their ears, 22 rings in their pussy lips plus the 2 original rings in their clits.  Their next 12 rings all go in their nipples ; 6 in each.”

Yvette turns to look at whore #2, who is closest to her and whose left breast is in plain sight.  “Oh my god !  Look, Doc, she does have 6 rings in her nipple !  But they are not pierced through the nipple like a normal ring.  They are IN the center of her nipple !”

“I see,” says Doc.  “All 6 rings come out of a single hole in the end of the nipple.  Amazing !  It makes her breast look as if it has a little silver ball for a nipple.”

“Or a nipple caught in a metal cage,” says Yvette.  “Poor girl.”

The pimp says, “I like the little silver ball comparison better than the cage.  Except now #1 and #2 are both dealing with infections at some of their pussy rings.  I tell you, with all the rings in their cunts, they are mighty sore.”

“And thats why Im being fucked in my ass,” says #2.  “It dont make no difference to me.  Any hole is fine.”

“After a whore has 24 rings in her pussy, there are times she just cant be fucked in a normal fashion,” says the pimp.  “Besides, after a girl has been whoring for that many months, any hole IS fine with them.  They just dont care.  And you will notice #1 and #2 aint wearing arm binders, so they are free to play with their clits while being ass-fucked.”

“Mister Pimp, as bad as you treat your whores, why would any girl want to work for you in the first place ?” asks Yvette.

“Oh no.  Youve got it wrong.  Mr. Knoff is the best pimp a girl could ask for.  I cant count the number of times Ive cum today,” says #1.

“Mostly we work for the 5,000 credits per year we get at the end of our contract,” says #2.  “We are not common whores, signing the standard whoring contract, which only pays 3,600 credits per year.  Plus Mr. Knoff pays for all our room and board and clothing.”

“You see, most of my girls start out as a branded adulteress, just like you.  They have no hope of ever getting a husband.  That mini-skirt covers the 2 A brands on #5s ass, but not much else.  She came to me the day before she was scheduled for her trial ; the one for her third adultery offence.  As you can see, she aint got no A brands on her tits.  So I guess you can say I saved her, by signing her up as one of my whores.”

“I see that the face-fucking specialist already has nipple rings.  Do they keep her nipples big and hard all the time ?” asks Yvette.  “Its not like I have anything against hard nipples, but on her they make her A cups breasts look even more pointy ; like dog tits.”

“And Ive noticed that  #5s nipple rings are gold, not silver,” says Doc.  “Did you ring the bitchs nipples yourself or was she like that when she signed her contract ?”

“I done it myself,” says the pimp.  “Her rings were a present I gave her for sucking off 30 men on her first day as a professional whore.  She earned those rings and when her contract is over, shell get to keep them.  The silver ones in her ears and pussy she has to give back.”

“Yes, Mr. Knoff has incentive goals for all of his whores,” adds #2.  “If we beat our monthly goal by 100%, then we get a gold ring for the month.  I have 8 !”

“But #5s nipple rings have other uses, too.  Sometimes, when shes been enjoying her job a little too much, you know, having too many orgasms, I run a small chain between her nipple rings and her eyebrow rings ; one chain on each side.  So when her next customer leans her head back to slide his cock down her throat, the chain automatically lifts her breasts and stretches her nipples.  The tugging on her titties keeps her focused on giving the best blow-job she can.  Makes her suck harder and lick faster.”

“Ingenious !”

“Oh yah, and the lip rings can be used to hold her mouth open, too.  Sometimes, back at my whore-house I hang weights from those rings.  After an hour or so her jaw gets so tired she cant do nothing but hold her mouth wide open.  It makes her mouth a regular spittoon for gizz or piss or cigarette butts or anything.  But its not like I do this to her all the time.  Only when shes been really, really bad ; like when she gags and vomits all over a customer while being face-fucked.  For that she gets 75 grams hung from each lip-ring.  Dont you #5 ?”

“Yes Sir.  Thats right, Sir.  I dont like the weights and having my face used as a urinal, so I try real hard not to gag.”  Then the whore asks Doc, “Mister, you want to be next ?  Ill suck you for a long time.  Only 30 credits and Ill let your sexy girl friend can drink from my dripping wet pussy.  Only 10 credits more.”

Yvette blushes at the thought of drinking the female juices from another girl.

“I think she might be into other girls, if you know what I mean.  She just cant keep her eyes off me,” says the kneeling topless whore to Doc and Yvette.

Doc looks at the pimp, who nods his approval, then back at the girl.  “Tempting offer #5, but no thanks.  Yvette and I are on our way to a friends court hearing and have to go.  Maybe another time.”

“Miss Easy, I can make you a real sweetheart deal on your first whoring contract.  When are you going to go pro ?”

“But Mr. Knoff, you said you are only licensed for 6 girls and that you already have 6 working for you.  How can you sign-up Miss Easy ?” questions Doc.

“Simple.  I just sell the whoring contract for #6 to some other pimp and sign-on Yvette as my new #6.  Hell, Ill even throw in a pair of gold nipple rings as a signing bonus.  What do you say Miss Easy ?  I can have you registered by 5PM, your ass branded with your registration number and the word whore by 6, your clit and nipples pierced by 7 and you can be making big money before 8PM.” 

“Ah, I dont know.  I havent really thought about it.”

“Tonight would be a great night to make your whoring début, especially after all the TV exposure you got today.  No sense giving it away at free public sex shows when you can get paid for fucking and sucking.  Thats what us pimps always say.”

“No thanks.  Not today.”

“Here is my card, for when you change your mind,” say the pimp.  Jack Knoff hands Miss Easy his business card, which is cut out to look like a mans cock and ball-sac.  It even has a pearlite bead at the end of the penis resembling a drop of male pre-cum.  Yvette politely takes the card, blushes at the lewdness of the likeness and smiles down at the kneeling whore.

Doc and Yvette walk out of the toilet just as another man pays his 30 credits and opens his fly to face-fuck the topless whore with her arms tied helplessly behind her behind her back.  She just kneels there with her head back and mouth open waiting for the next client to slide his cock into her.  The guy teasingly dangles his rod just above the whores waiting mouth, as a long viscous drop of pre-cum slowly oozes from his dick and lands on the whores tongue.

Doc ushers Yvette out of the public toilet.  “We got to hurry,” says Doc as he rings the bell by the security guards entrance.  “I hope they havent taken Cindy Cums and Ms. N. Epps up to the courtroom yet.”

The guard opens the view port on the door.  “Oh, its you again.  Come on in.  The prisoner and her attorney are still in holding cell #1.  The Judge sent word he is running a little late.  You two can wait in the coffee room at the end of the hall.  Ill tell Epps you are here.”

As Yvette pass holding cell #1, she sees that the accused and herself are dressed nearly the same.  The only difference is Cindy has a white see-through blouse and Yvette wears a shear black one.  Both women are bra-less and in both cases, their nipples and areolas will be plainly visible in the bright lights of the courtroom.

The guard prods Doc and Yvette past the one-way window in the holding cell door.  “Move along to the end of the hall.”  Then he unlocks the holding cell and announces to the prisoner and her lawyer, “you have visitors, but the prisoner must remain in her cell.  Only Epps can go meet with the others.”

Doc and Yvette sit at the small table in the break room.  After a while Ms. N. Epps walks into the lounge. 

“Im sure you have met Miss Easy,” says Doc awkwardly.  “She used to be one of your clients.”

“Oh yes.  You look so, different, so experienced, so used.  But I guess that is to be expected, after being a naked public spectacle for most of the night, thoroughly fucked in every hole and after having your perfect ass branded with an adulterers A, you just dont look like the wholesome young lady I defended only 30 hours ago.   For one thing, you dont look the same with your clothes on,” says the attorney.

“So Ive been told.”

“I agree with your idea to hire Miss Easy as a jury consultant for Cindy Cums trial,” says Dr. John Moore.  After all, Yvette has recent firsthand knowledge, of a carnal and very sexual nature, with a great many of the local perverts from NuGreenleaf.  These are exactly the sort of men who Judge Fairvert will put in the jury pool.”

“And exactly the sort of men we want to exclude from the jury,” says Epps.  “Sounds good to me.  Youre hired, Miss Easy,” says the public defender, as she scribbles something on her legal pad.  “Just sign at the bottom, get this contract recorded and it will all be legal.  Oh, here is the 5 credits payment for your consultants services.” 

“Now both of you listen-up,” says Epps.  “I am still Cindys attorney and the only one allowed to address the court.  During the trial, if either of you have any comments or questions, write them down on paper and give it to me.  No talking to me or Cindy or each other, unless there is a court recess.  Got it ?”

Both Doc and Yvette nod there heads.

“But this jury consultant job is so easy.  All I have to do is point out which men had been flexing their love muscles and choking their chickens, while watching my naked sex demonstrations last night.  Too bad this gig is only for 1 day,” says Yvette.

“Easy, yes.  Just like your name.  But as soon as jury selection is over, your job is done.  Now take the contract up to the second floor, have the Village Clerk record our work agreement and make sure she stamps it as recorded and lists the date, volume and page.  The Judge will surely disallow it, if its not a recorded document.  After that, try to find Vini and Guido, my 2 witnesses from the Cock and Bull Tavern, and A.M. Jones, Cindys former pimp.”

“But I dont think Ive met any of them,” says Yvette.

“Never mind, they will find you, since you have the best tits on the planet.  Besides, I bet they were up and awake most of the night watching the sex-shows you did in the Village Square ; either in person or on TV.  They will find you.  But, what ever you do, dont sign any papers Mr. Jones might show you.  He is our star witness, but he is still a pimp and pimps are always looking to sign up new girls to whoring contracts.”

Yvette nods her head and walks to the courthouses stairwell.  Just before ascending the stairs she then turns and ask Epps, “but when do I get my shoes back ?”

“When ever court is not in session, you can retrieve your personal property from the Bailiff, assuming you can find her.  Just show the Bailiff your ID card and sign the paperwork for her.  But record the contract first.  Shoes can wait.  After you get the agreement recorded, meet us outside Judge Fairverts courtroom on the third floor, but this time you wouldnt be naked and chained to the floor.”

“That will be an improvement,” says Yvette over her shoulder as she goes up the stairs.

“Improvement ?” questions Doc.  “I sort of like the idea of her naked and chained to the floor.”

“Typical male, sexist attitude.  Its a good thing you would not be in the jury pool.”

“Hey, I cant help it if I have a pair of perfectly functional testicles.”

“And this is why Cindy will be convicted; because there will be too many pairs of testicles in the jury.  While I may not be able to prove that she is innocent of the crime, we still have a good chance at a light sentence if I can get a few sympathetic citizens on the jury; ones that might let her off with probation and not jail time.”

“Has the prosecution offered a plea bargain ?  Is this the best we can hope for ? ”

“I think so, unless the prosecution fucks-up and brings in some evidence that can be used in our favor.  All I could find are the 2 bouncers who worked the front door at the Cock & Bull Tavern on the night of the alleged crimes.  As far as the charge of lesbian activities is concerned, we will have to have a very broadminded jury to beat this charge.  I dont know if they will bring in the other girl or not, I dont know if this is a single incident with one other girl or if there was a whole lesbian orgy with dozens of girls eating hair-pie.  I also dont know if the prosecution has any witnesses or video of this alleged crime.  Hell, for all I know, Cindy just might be a lesbian and its all true !”

“Well, if she wasnt a lesbo before, she might be one now.   She may have seriously reconsidering her own sexual orientation, especially after the way her male guards treated her last night,” says Doc.  “For this reason, you may not want to bring her to the stand in her own defense.  I can just imagine the prosecution showing film from last night, especially the look of total disgust on Cindys face as she is being fucked by her guards.”

“I agree.  If we dont have any candid video of her making love to a man, and really REALLY loving it, then the jury is likely to side with the prosecution,” says Epps.  “Maybe there is some sort of live demonstration we can offer as testimony.  It might not completely convince the jury that Cindy Cums is a heterosexual, but it will at least keep them entertained.  And thats why most of the perverts are here at this trial ; for the free entertainment ; the free sex-show.”

Just then, the door to holding cell #1 opens and the guard emerges leading Cindy on a chain leash locked to her transport collar.  “Its time to go.  Judge Fairvert called and he is ready to start.  Ill lead the prisoner, Cindy Cums, the common whore, and you 2 follow behind.  And no funny business.  Therell be 2 more guards behind you with machine guns behind you.”

The 5 of them walk up the stairs to the 3rd floor.  The hallway in front of Judge Hardy Fairverts courtroom is wall to wall people ; mostly male perverts just like the judge.  Somehow Ms. N. Epps finds her 3 witnesses and her newly hired jury consultant, Yvette Easy.  It seems the witnesses have been taking liberties with Miss Easy for the last 10 minutes.  They have been taking turns mauling her breasts through the thin fabric of her blouse.  They have been playing an old pimps game called lets see how hard we can make her nipples.  Yvette looks uncomfortable at this whole arrangement, since its her nipples they are working over.  At least they are not playing hide the salami and fucking her in front of everyone in the crowded hallway.

“Oh, I see my witnesses are getting familiar with the other half of the defense team,” says N. Epps.  “Miss Easy, who you have been fondling for god knows how long, has been hired as a jury consultant.  Her job is to identify perverts, like you, in the jury pool.”

“Oh, then its O.K. for us to feel her-up ?” asks Guido.

“Not really, but your brief moment of tactile pleasure is be the only payment the defense can give you.  We are not allowed to pay material witnesses for their testimony.”

The lead guard unlocks the door to the courtroom and the crowd in the hallway pushes forward. “Only the defendant and her council.  The rest of you have to wait until the Bailiff lets you in,” says the guard.

Cindy Cums and Ms. N. Epps walk into the courtroom past the 2 guards with the machine guns.  Doc, Yvette, Vini, Guido and A. M. Jones follow close behind Epps, but the guards bars the others from following.  “No spectators,” says the guard.

“These are all part of our defense team,” say Epps.  “You have to let them in, and tell the Bailiff we will need 5 more chairs at the defense table,” orders Epps.

The guard lets them all pass, against his better judgment, and hurries off to find the Bailiff after locking the door behind him.

Epps whispers to her group, “Just shut-up and let me do the talking.  And for gods sakes keep your hands off Miss Easys tits.”

To be continued …

Review This Story || Author: Neal Chisholm aka oldpervert1
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