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Review This Story || Author: Neal Chisholm aka oldpervert1

A Public Spectacle

Part 6 Chapter 15

Disclaimer and Copyright

The following story, A Public Spectacle was written in 2008 and is an original work of fiction and is intended for adult readers only.  It contains descriptions of acts of violence, forced nudity, public humiliation and non-consensual sexual activities not suitable for many readers.

If these things offend you, the reader, do not read any further.

Elements of this story; its plot, setting and character names, are not necessarily unique to this story, and any resemblance with actual events, places and persons is unintentional.  I wish to thank all the past writers and storytellers in the English language for the inspirations used to write A Public Spectacle, with a special thanks to the authors, reviewers and readers of this web site for their encouragement and support.  I assert a copyright on the text of this story and no printing, distribution, re-posting or commercial use what so ever is allowed without prior authorization by myself or my future assignees. 

However, since the basic ideas in this story (public punishment, small-town politics, adultery, pain, repression of the middleclass, sex, betrayal, morality, prostitution, etc.) are not entirely my own, feel free to incorporate them into any of your own works.  I look forward to reading them.

Neal  [aka oldpervert1 on, aka]

A Public Spectacle

Chapter 15 Sex Q & A, then Anal Sex

Q; “When did your breasts become this perfect.”

A; “Ive never thought of them as being perfect ; just as a part of me.  Other people have pinned the perfect tag on them”

Q; “Did you use any hormones to speed or enhance your breasts growth ?”

A; “No,  It just happened.  I heard of girls who did, but you cant really tell if the breast enlargement they experienced was due to the high-priced creams they were using or if it was due to their natural hormones.  I guess the only way to tell, would be if a girl would use the cream on only one breast.  Then if it was bigger than the other after a year, then you could say the cream worked, but shed be lopsided.  But I have not heard of anyone who did it that way.”

Q; “When and how did you lose your virginity ?”

A; “I was not a virgin when I married, and Jack was OK with that; or at least he said he was.  I dont remember much about when I lost my virginity.  It was senior prom night and I was very drunk.  I do remember kissing, fondling and sucking my dates cock in the back seat of his car.  I vaguely remember him pulling my prom dress up over my head and him fingering my wet pussy.  The next day, I woke up in my bed at home, still wearing my prom dress, but with spots of blood on my torn panties.  At that point, I became aware I was a woman, and not a little girl, but I dont remember details, and my date wouldnt tell me any.  I never dated the guy again.”

Q; “I am still a virgin.  Will it hurt the first time I have sex ?”

A; “People say it might hurt, depending on how restrictive your hymen is and how big the guys cock is.  I guess if you are really worried about it, go to a clinic and have your cherry surgically removed, under a local anesthetic.”

Q; “Are you more worried about sexually transmitted diseases or cancer ?”

A; “Cancer, definitely cancer.  Ive gotten a screening test every 6 months since I was 18.  Sexually transmitted diseases are a non-issue.  Just get the vaccination for them, and you are covered.”

?Q; “My pussy gets wet when Im kissing my boyfriend for a long time, does this mean I love him ?”

A; “Not necessarily.  My pussy gets wet when I am erotically stimulated, by anyone or anything.  It gets wet when I read romance novels, and when I use a dildo.  But just because some fucking machine, like a vibrator or like Mr. Rob Bot, gets me hot, that doesnt mean I want to marry a dildo or mechanical phallus.”

Q; “Did it really hurt when we pinched your clit ?”

A; “Yes and No.  Usually you didnt pinch it as hard as you could have.  A small pinch, especially if I dont know Im going to be pinched, usually makes me horny”

Q; “I heard that boys will pinch a girls clit to bring here to orgasm.  Is this true ?”

A; “Yes, but its a very short orgasm.  My ex-husband would get-me-off by pinching my clit, but always after a lot of clit licking and stroking.”

Q; “My boyfriend wants to fuck, but Im scared.  I dont want to marry him, but hes fun to be with and go out with and everything, but I just dont think I love him.  What should I do ?”

A; “Thats a tough one.  If you dont love him, then dont have sex with him.  Try going out together and have a nice date, but without sex.  If he pressures you for sex, give him a blowjob, which will make him temporarily happy, then dont date him anymore, unless you really like the taste of his cum.  After a while you will find your prince charming, if you date other guys.”

Q; “Is oral sex better than regular sex ?  I mean you cant get pregnant from oral sex.”

A; “Unless the oral sex is mutual, like in the 69 position, then regular sex is better.  If he is the only one getting-off, then oral sex is good for him, but not as good for you.  Oral sex is an acquired taste”

Q; “After you are branded as an adulterer, will you become a whore ?”

A; “Funny thing you should ask.  In the last 24 hours my attitude about branding adulterers has really changed.  I have had so many ordinary looking people come up to me and say its ok.  I have 1 or 2 or even 3 A brands.  It seems to me that the NON-adulterers should be the ones that are labeled, since they are the minority.  I think the present justice system just likes burning womens butts for little or nor reason than to make jerk-off videos.”

Q; “Why did your husband, Jack, divorce you after your attack ?”

A; “Thats another good question.  Id like him to answer it.  Here I was being raped, and my supposedly loving husband comes home, catches the guy with his cock inside my pussy and he calls it adultery.  His reaction makes no sense at all to me.  There are a hundred reasons why Jack may not believe my story, none of which speak very highly of his character.  Maybe he never loved me at all.  Maybe he, and his family, just wanted me to be a trophy wife; someone with a nice figure ; someone with nice tits ; to show-off at dinner parties.  Maybe he has found another girl; one more acceptable to his family, and he was just looking for an excuse to get rid of me.  I loved him, and I thought he loved me, but his love proved to be shallow.  He certainly had no second thoughts about dumping me.

One of the teachers asks the next question.  “Do you like anal sex, I mean being on the receiving end of anal sex ?”

“Good question,” says Doc B.  “We have some extra time.  Lets see how much Miss Easy likes, or dislikes, anal sex.”

“Yah, I want to see little miss perfect-tits take a big cock right up her tight little ass,” yells one of the high school girls, obviously jealous of Yvettes sexy body.

“I want to see her butt-fucked, too,” yells another, as the whole crowd of girls applaud the suggestion.

“There you go.  The masses have spoken.  Guards, adjust our sex-models ropes so she is suspended head down and ass up !”

The high school girls start to show a vicious streak usually reserved for cat-fights in the girls restroom.  The guards untie Yvette from the bondage frame, but keep her arms tied behind her back. In this way her arms are out of the way of the complex rope work to follow.   Yvette is forced to kneel on the stage with her butt towards the audience of young girls.  Since her arms are tied behind her back, her head is down on the stage floor.  The guards add more ropes around her chest, waist, thighs and ankles.  Then another set of ropes are tied to the various lashing around her body.  These ropes are loosely braded together into a single thick rope which is passed thru a ring in the cross bar of the bondage frame.  Yvette is then hoisted up off the stage and is suspended about 1 m above the floor under the bondage frame.  She is in a suspended version of her kneeling position.  Her lower legs are still spread and her back is at an angle to the horizontal so that her head is lower than her ass.  This make viewing the demonstration from stage level much better than from the grassy are in front of the stage.  A large adjustable tripod, similar to those used by land surveyors, is positioned behind Yvette and Mr. Rob Bot is placed on the tripod.  In this arrangement the robot has to be slightly higher than the sex-models ass and the fucking stroke is at a slight downward incline.  The tripod is bolted to the stage and the versatile Mr. Rob Bot is screwed to the top of the tripod.

Doc B says, “Officially, anal sex is not encouraged for healthy, fertile young women since, for obvious reasons, it does not lead to pregnancy.  However, after you go through menopause, at about age 30 or so, you may have to resort to anal sex as a means of keeping things interesting for your husband.  We will now demonstrate the proper technique for safe anal sex.”

“Make her take a big cock up her puckering ass,” says one of the girls in the crowd.

“Unlike your future husbands, our mechanical-man can be equipped with any size rubber cock we choose.  Now what size dildo should we put on the fucking machine ?”

“A big, fat one !” yells the crowd.

“Wrong answer,” says Doc B.  “We will be using an average size one 3 cm in diameter and 18 cm long.  Since all of Miss Eases previous sex-demonstrations have not been of the anal variety, her asshole is not stretched enough to accommodate the giant dongs you want to see used on her.  Guard, fit Mr. Rob Bot with a 3 cm dildo.”

The guard rummages through the equipment boxes and says, “Sorry Doc.  The smallest one I can find is a 3.5 cm one.”

“Very well, well fuck her ass with that one.  Put it on the armature.  Now girls, there are 3 key elements to anal sex ; lubrication, lubrication and lubrication.  If your husband doesnt oil or grease his cock, your butt and the inside of your anis, your asshole, then it may turn out badly for you.”

Doc B. retrieves a jar of petroleum jelly from an equipment box.  “This is a good lubricant; however there are water soluble jellies that will not leave you with a greasy feeling.”  Doc slathers a thick coating on the rubber dildo, Yvettes butt and her asshole.

“Normally, the girl being fucked will reach behind herself, grab her butt cheeks with both hands and spread her ass to allow easier access for the man fucking her.  However, since Yvettes arms are tied behind her back, she can not spread her own ass cheek.  So can I get one of the teachers to come up on stage and do the honors ?”

All 3 teachers eagerly start for the stage, then the more senior woman, Mrs. Tittansor, asserts her authority and claims the privilege for herself.

“Guards pull our sex-model forward about 18 cm, oh and you might as well pull her by her nipples.  We wouldnt want to ignore the best tits on the planet, now would we ?”

The girls in the audience applaud.  They just love seeing Yvettes tender nipples pulled and stretched.

“Thats it; a little more; good.  Now hold her there.”  As Yvette fights back the tears from the pain in her nipples, Doc repositions the fuck-machine so the armature is at its maximum stroke and the head of the dildo is pushed against Yvettes anal ring.  “Mrs. Tittansor, just hold her ass checks apart.  Since our model is suspended, we can let her, and the force of gravity, do the initial insertion.  Guards, release Miss Easy tits.”

The guards let go of the sex-model, who cries as the blood rushes back into her nipples.  But other than that, nothing happens, even though her weight is pushing the ring of her asshole against the head of the dildo.

“Girls, here is another trick to remember when receiving anal sex,” says Doc. B.  “Now Yvette, push as if you were having a bowel movement,” say the doctor.

Yvette complies, and suddenly her ass slides on to the anal invader.  Her sphincter muscles open and the weight of her body slides the rubber cock in about 10 cm.  The more she tries to shit the thing out, the deeper it goes.

The girls in the crowd cheer at the way Yvettes own body has betrayed herself.

“See how she has impaled her own ass on the dildo.  I think that Miss Easy is not only a slut, but she may be an ass-slut, too.  These are the sort of girls who would do anything to be fucked in the ass.  If we had our sex model in a vertical position and had her full weight pushing her body on the dildo shaft, I have no doubt that her ass would engulf a full 35 cm of dildo before ripping through her large intestine.”

The crowd of girls oooh and they are very impressed.  Yvette feels as if her own body has betrayed her and that her ass actually wants to be fucked, even though her mind does not.  She wonders if maybe the doctor is right.  Maybe she is an ass-slut.

“Girls, it is very important that your husband start fucking you slowly.  Just because he manages to get his cock in your ass does not mean your ass is completely ready to be hammered with his rock hard dick.”  Doctor Brown starts the fucking machine at a slow speed, 6 seconds per cycle, and Yvettes body starts to swing with the stroke of the machine.  “I have set the length of Mr. Rob Bots stroke to 16 cm.  However, due to Miss Easy suspension, only about half of the dildos stroke is actually going in and out of her ass.  We can do much better than that.”

“Can you increase the speed a little,” says one of the teachers.  “Every time my husband does me in the ass, his passion gets the better of him.  He could never restrict himself to such a slow pace.”

“I agree,” says Doc B, who dials-up the speed to a more realistic 2 seconds per stroke.

But Yvettes ass is still only taking about 8 cm of the dildo.

“I see I have to make the stroke longer to get any significant penetration,” says Doc B.  He then stops the machine and increases the stroke from 16 to 24 cm.  “There that should do her ass quite nicely.”

Doc B goes into his anatomy of the anus lecture.  “There are nerve endings in the outer rectum, which are providing the painful sensations in the ass of our sex model as she is being ass-fucked.  Isnt that right Miss Easy ?”

“Yes, I feel the pain, if that was the question,” says the tortured sex model.  “Can we stop now ?”

“But Miss Easy, we have just begun,” chides the Doctor.  “Pay attention girls.  Unlike the rectum, there are no nerve endings in the colon, so if your future husband were to insert a long, pointed object and he were to poke a hole through the colon, you will never feel the injury and may only notice the bloody discharge hours later.  Sometimes the bleeding is quite severe but usually not.  However in both cases, the risk of infection is very high.  If such an injury happens to you, a doctor will have to chemically cauterize the hole ; you can not apply a band aid to a punctured colon.”

“However, there are 3 principal veins near the surface inside the rectum.  Rupturing any 2 of them, is not serious as long as you get the bleeding stopped.  Bursting all 3 will seriously degrade the function of the anal ring and will necessitate wearing an anal plug to avoid shitting on yourself.  In any case, repairing a punctured colon or burst anal vein is painless, except for the stretching of the rectum, caused by the doctors speculum.”

“OK, girls,” says the teacher assisting Doctor Brown.  “Form a single file line and come up on the stage to observe our sex models ass fucking, close up !”

For the next 30 minutes, the high school girls health class files past Yvette as she is being ass fucked by Mr. Rob Bot.  One of the beefier girls smiles as she sees the grimace of pain on Yvettes face.  A few of the girls play with the models hanging and bouncing tits. 

“Girls, now watch this.  The impact of a few well placed ass slaps will tighten up the girls rectum, thus squeezing the mans cock a little more,” says the Doctor.  “When your husband is having his way with your ass, encourage him to spank your butt good and hard.  It will drive him crazy.”

The whole class is encouraged to smack Miss Easy on the ass with their open hands and to watch her rectum contract around the dildo.  Finally the last high school girl witnesses the demonstration.  But before this little girl leaves the stage, the doctor takes her by the hand and says, “sweetheart, what is your name, and how old are you ?”

“Jennifer, and I really am 18, even though I look younger,” says the shy little blonde girl. 

A girl from the crowd yells out, “They call her Jail-Bait Jennifer, cause she looks like shes 14.”

Jennifer does indeed look much younger than 18, since her breasts are still in the bud-breast stage of development.

“I need your help with the last part of the demonstration.  Just stand over by Mrs. Tittansor and wait until I call for you.” 

Then Doc B. says to the audience. “Because your ass hole is tighter than your pussy hole, normally, your husband will cum sooner when he fucks your ass.  It may take just a few minutes.  Anal sex gives the male an experience of complete sexual domination over the female and thus heightens his libido.  When he orgasms, he may shoot his cum inside your ass, or on your backside like they do in the porno-movies, or he may have you swallow it.  Most women who enjoy being butt-fucked dont mind the taste of their own shit on their mans cock.”

“Oooo, gross,” says the crowd of girls in unison.

The Doc continues.  “As you know there is no clit in your ass.  Therefore, most women do not experience orgasm from anal fucking.  While there are some exceptions to this rule, it appears that our sex-model is not one of them.  After all, we have been butt fucking her for over 30 minutes and she has not cum a single time.”

“Well Doc, since Im not going to cum, why dont you turn off the mechanical fucking machine and take the god damn dildo out of my ass ?” complains Yvette.

“Quite, slut.  You are to be seen and not heard.  Do you want to taste the ball gag again ?” says Doc as he sharply slaps her ass.

Not waiting for an answer to his rhetorical question, Doc continues with the lecture.  “Research has shown, the women who can achieve orgasm during anal sex only comprise approximately 8% of the female population of xz345 delta.  However, this is considerable higher than the human species average, which is slightly less than 2%,” say Doc B. 

“I wonder how many women the researchers had to ass-fuck to come up with that statistic,” says Yvette under her breath.

“Therefore our planet has become a hotbed for anal sex research, so dont be surprised if you receive questionnaire in the mail on this subject.  And if you are one of the fortunate 8%, you will, no doubt, receive countless invitations to join in anal sex studies.  Many of these studies pay quite handsomely, I am told.” 

“Ive already been asked to join an anal sex study,” says one girl in the crowd.  And then one of her classmates adds, “From who, your boyfriend, Willy ?  Everyone knows hes a big pervert.”

“Pay attention girls,” says one of the teachers.  “Anal sex is not a joke.”

“Ah, where was I ?  Oh yes,” says the Doctor.  “Using the 8% figure, and since there are about 100 girls here today, that means 7 or 8 of you have the ability to cum when you are ass-fucked.  In all likelihood, due to your inexperience in the sexual arts, those 7 or 8 lucky individuals can not be identified at the tender age of 18.  The other 92% of you will have to be brought to orgasm by the usual method of clitoral or vaginal stimulation.”

“It is a matter of tradition between husbands and their wives, that after the man has had anal sex (with his wife or girlfriend), that he give his obedient sex partner a nice little orgasm too ; either orally or manually.  Now Jennifer, how would you prefer to give Miss Easy an orgasm ; through clitoral or vaginal stimulation ?”

“By playing with her clit, I guess,” says Jennifer.  “But Im not a lesbian and I dont want to stroke her clit or suck on it, if its all the same with you.”

“You dont have to,” says Doc B.  “But you do admit that our sex-model has, for the most part, been cooperative and therefore deserves some sort of reward ?  What does the rest of the class think ; should we allow Miss Easy to have an orgasm for her hard work here today ?”

The crowd applauds their approval.

“Now Jennifer, here is what you do,” says Doctor Brown as he puts his arm around the freckle-faced girl.  “First you turn off Mr. Rob Bot by flipping that big red switch to the off position.”

Jennifer walks over to the mechanical fucking machine and moves the switch to off.  The mechanism immediately stops in mid stroke and Yvette groans in relief.

“Now we have to remove the dildo from her ass.  This is actually quite easy and you wont have to touch the fecal infected dildo to do it.  Do you see those 2 knobs on the top side of the tube connected to the rod with the dildo at the end ?”

“These knobs ?” asks Jennifer.

“Yes.  Now turn them both to the left until they come out and bring them to me.”

Jennifer turns the first screw 4 or 5 turns before it comes off in her hand.  Then, while turning the second one, the rod moves in the tube, slightly, before she gets it completely unscrewed.

“Oh no !  Did I break it ?”

“Thats OK.  It is supposed to move like that when the set screws are removed,” says Doc.  “Just keep on turning it to the left and take it completely off.”

After 2 more turns, the screw comes off and Jennifer gives both set screws to Doc. 

“Guard, remove Mr. Rob Bot from the tripod.  I think it is too heavy for this slip of a girl to handle,” instructs Doc.

A guard quickly removes the bot and takes it off stage.  With the fucking machine gone, the scene looks quite odd.  Miss Easy is suspended, with her butt up in the air, and she has about 40 cm of dildo and steel connecting rod sticking out off her asshole, like a flagless flagpole.  Doc hands Jennifer the morning edition of the Village newspaper.  On the front page is a big picture of Yvettes face ; probably one taken during the best tits on the planet beauty contest ; and a headline reading BRANDING TODAY 1 PM.

“Now spread this newspaper on the stage directly under our sex-models ass.”

Jennifer does so, and even lays the paper with the front page facing up so Yvette can see it.  “Look.  Its you,” she says to the captive sex-model.  “You are on the front page of the Village paper.”

After all Yvette has been through in the past 24 hours, she can hardly care.

“Jennifer, come back over here and dont tease the model.  Now Yvette, this is the moment you have been waiting for, ever since we first impaled your ass with that rubber cock.  It is time to remove the dildo from your ass.  Just like when we inserted it, you will have to do all the dirty work removing it.  Now push it out as if you have eaten too many bran muffins and were sitting on the toilet at home.”

Yvette doesnt have to be told twice.  She squeezes her bowels just a little and the well-lubricated dildo slides out her butt and plops on to the newspaper, as does a considerable amount to shit, although not from bran muffins.  The whole mess falls squarely on her picture on the front page.

“Oh that felt good,” says Yvette.

“Guard dispose of that pile of shit, but save and clean the dildo.  We will surely need it some other day,” orders Doc.  Then turning to his young female assistant, “well since you object to giving our sex-model an orgasm with your mouth or your hand, you will just have to do it by remote control.  Guard, hand me the red persuasion-wand.”

Doc retrieves a pair of long wires from the pocket of his lab coat ; one red and one black.  Each wire has a single socket connection on one end and 6 electrical clips of various sizes on the other.  He plugs the socket ends over the tips of the red persuasion-wand, which looks a lot like a herders livestock prod.

“Here, you hold the controller while I wire-up our sex-model,” he says to Jennifer.  “Now dont push any buttons until Ive got our subject connected and I am out of contact.”

Doc proceeds to attach the numerous red and black spring clips on the ends of the wires to various parts of Yvettes pussy region.  Some go on her inner labia and some are clipped to the skin between her pussy and anus while still others are clamped to her pubic mound.

“Im afraid this last electro might hurt a little at first,” he says to Yvette as he clips it on to her clitoral hood. 

“Ouch !” is the predictable response from the captive.

“There.  All done.  That wasnt so bad, was it ?” he asks Yvette.

“It hurts, but so far its OK.  But Im really scared of what happens next.”

“Next ?  Why our little Jennifer is going to make you cum.  Thats whats next.”  Doc turns to Jennifer and says, “This is a specially modified livestock prod.  It produces little electrical shocks through all those clamps I attached to her cunt.  The object is NOT to electrocute her pussy, but rather to only cause muscular contractions in the area around her clit.  I will set the voltage of the charge, but you will control the pulses.  If you make the muscles contract and relax in a steady rhythm, then you will make our sex-model orgasm.  Jennifer, are you ready ?”

“Ready,” says Jennifer, confidently.

“But Im not !” interrupts Yvette, who remembers the last time a high school student had a controller rigged-up to a part of her anatomy.  That boy yesterday afternoon had nearly fucked her to death before Doctor John shutoff the bot.

“No one asked you,” says the doctor.  Then he turns his back to the captive sex-model and explains to Jennifer.  “Just push the plunger on the end of the handle to send a jolt of electricity to our model, and Ill twist the band in the middle of the handle to increase the voltage until we get her cunt humming.”

“Yah !  Dial up the juice til it gives off sparks !” yells someone from the crowd.

At first Yvette doesnt feel anything, even though she can see Jennifer pushing the button.  But then it starts ; just as a slight tingle in her pussy at first.  But as soon as the student released the button the tingle stops.  Doc B. goes to work and ratchets up the voltage.  Step by step, the tingles became more and more intense each time Doc twists the handle.  Soon, the little tingles are no longer so little, and Yvette can see her pussy doing full scale twitches.

“Push the plunger faster,” say Doc B. as he goes to the next higher voltage. 

Yvette feels her pussy spasmodically twitching out of control and then her lower abdominal muscles start to flutter, too.  Soon she is breathing in short gasps and trying not to cum.  But it is a losing battle, because she no longer has control of her own pussy.  That kid, Jennifer, has control and she is giving Yvettes cunt a real work out.  The suspended sex-model goes rigid and has a loud moaning orgasm.  Yvette is completely oblivious to the crowd of cheering schoolgirls, as she stutters in the throws of her pleasure.  Eventually, Doc takes the controller away from Jennifer, and he and the little girl take a bow for their part in the performance.  Yvette is too well tied to do much of anything, other than hang limply in her ropes.

Doc addresses the crowd of school girls.  “I am a trained professional and the devices I have used in the demonstrations this morning should only be used by experience operators. DO NOT, under any circumstances try this at home, especially with home made and improvised electrical devices.  If you really want to experiment with mechanical fucking machines, anal sex, or electro-sex, always buy them from a reputable deal who will take the time to show you how to use the device. 

“It is noon,” says Mrs. Tittansor.  Right on cue, the Village clock chimes the hour. 

“Thank you, Doctor Brown, for the truly fascinating demonstrations.  Here is my personal card with my number and internet address.  I would be delighted to hear from you, some evening you are not working, but purely for educational purposes.  You know, so you can give me some advanced lessons on the subjects you have explored for us this morning.”

Doc B. is close to blushing at the very forward proposition from the teacher and shyly pockets her card.

To be continued …..

Review This Story || Author: Neal Chisholm aka oldpervert1
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