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Part 4




Just how long Amy had been kept in the holding cell she didn’t really know, a few times she had used her “toilet”, and the smell was filling the room. How much longer would she be kept here?  Surely Sheila hadn’t really sold her? If she had, then who to?


A dim light suddenly shone under what appeared to be a door, but there was no handle on Amy’s side of it, even if her hands were free, she would not have been able to get out pf the cell.


A man’s voice boomed through a speaker system.


“Stand over by the far wall, facing the wall”


Amy stood where she was, not sure what was happening.


“Over by the wall, now”


Slowly, Amy moved to the far wall, and turned to face it, fearful of what would happen if she didn’t, but desperate to find out what was happening to her.


She heard the door open and saw light flooding into the cell. Starting to turn around, Amy was surprised when she felt a whip slash at her back, a line of fire making her scream out in pain, almost sending her to the floor.


“I said face the wall, disobedience will not be tolerated”


Not wanting to feel that whip again, Amy stood sobbing against the wall, waiting, praying that this was all a dream, and she would wake up in a few seconds.


But it was no dream, as she realised when someone stood behind her and fastened something around her neck, and she heard a click, like a lock closing.


Without a word the chain attached to her collar was pulled, and Amy had no choice but to go where it led her. The man now had his back to her, but from what she could see, he was a dark man, dressed all in black. He led her from the room, each step raising pain between her legs, as the recent piercings moved.


Amy was led along a corridor, past what she later learned were other cells, and up a wide staircase, with no handrails.  More than once she almost fell, as the chain on her ankles restricted her movements, but the man leading her seemed uninterested, he simply carried on up the stairs, forcing her to follow.


At the top of the stairs she was surprised by how bright it was, after the darkness of her cell. The room they had entered was opulent to say the least. Had Amy worked all of her life, she could not afford a single piece of the furniture she could see in this room. Almost all of it antique, and paintings on the wall that were surely by the Classic painters.


The carpet that covered the entire floor space was deep pile, soft under her bare feet. The sort of softness that makes you want to curl up on the carpet in front of a coal fire and think of Christmas cards and carol singers.


At the far side of the room was a floor to ceiling mirror, it was only as they passed this that Amy now knew what had happened to her. She stopped and gasped as she saw her shaven head. He hair, the hair she had loved and been so proud of, gone. Tears filled her eyes, but she was dragged away from the mirror. It was only later she thought that she had been allowed to see herself, so she would know the depth of what had happened to her.


Tears streaming down her face, Amy had also seen the piecings in her nipples, dark plastic lugs holding them open about a quarter of an inch. She was to fond out why very quickly.


Pulling on her chain the man led her out of a door at the far side of the room, and into a room that looked like a bedroom, but, the bed was not the usual sort. It was round, and when she was led over to it and told to sit, she felt how solid it was.


It was made of solid wood, like oak, with hooks and chains placed in various places. The man told Amy to lay down in the centre of the bed. Not sure what the man meant, she hesitated, only for the man to slap her harshly across the face, sending her reeling onto her back.


“You were told, you will never be told twice”


Laying painfully on her still cuffed wrists, Amy immediately tried to sit up, but the man placed one hand in the middle of her chest and held her down. With his other hand he took one of the chains fixed to the bed and clipped it into the new hole in Amy’s right nipple. Without taking a breath he leaned over and grabbed another chain from the other side of Amy, and clipped that to the hole in her left nipple, and then moved his hand away from her chest.


Again Amy tried to sit up to relieve the pressure on her hands, but a sudden shot of fire in each nipple stopped her dead. If she tried to sit up the chains pulled at her peircings, and  held her down, stopping her raising more than an inch or two off the bed without causing pain, though that meant she lay on her cuffed wrists.


The man then unfastened on of Amy’s feet, and pulled it to one side, fastening another chain fixed to the bed around her ankle. Even before Amy could really react, the man, with practised ease, grabbed and secured her other ankle. Forcing Amy’s legs wide apart.


“Master will be here soon slave” said the man, and walked towards the door, closing it behind him as he left Amy in agony and fear.


Amy was left alone for over half an hour. Her wrists hurt her badly, and every time she tried to ease the pressure by lifting her body, the chains connected to her nipples were swift reminders to lay still.


A man in Arab clothing came through the door and without saying anything, disrobed. He climbed onto the bed and started to unfasten the leather thong between Amy’s legs, holding her pussy closed. It was only then that Amy knew what screaming pain was, as the leather was dragged unceremoniously through her new pierced labia.


Although Amy could not see it, though at that time it may have been a good thing she didn’t, the man had an erection larger than any she had ever seen in her life, and as soon as he had unlaced enough of her, without actually pulling the lacing out of any of her piercings, he lay on the bed between her legs.


His breath stank of cigars and whiskey as he lay over Amy. As he lay closer to her she could feel his manhood pressing against her, and knew instinctively what  about to happen. She tried to struggle away, but the chains on her tits, and the chains on her feet stopped her in her tracks, as the man moved closer to her, his cock pressing against her pussy lips.


Seconds later the head of his cock was inside her, and she could already feel how big he was. There was a sort of pain she had not felt before, the pain that excites, makes you want to draw back. And go further at the same time.


Without mercy the man used Amy, thrusting as deep inside her as he could, his weight added to her own crushing her already painful hands still cuffed behind her. Amy screamed, and the man slapped her across the face without breaking his rhythm.


Harder and harder he thrust his cock into her, until Amy felt he was driving into her stomach itself. But, maybe it was the enhancer she had been given, or maybe it was the situation she was, Amy suddenly felt herself getting excited, and could feel her own juices making it easier for the man to take her.


Amy screamed again, but this time, not in [pain, it was an orgasm like she had never had before, it ripped though her taking her breath away, and like a volcano, centred on her pussy where it exploded with red heat, just as the man exploded inside her.


She thrust her hips back to meet his, wanting him to stay inside her, wanting it never to stop. But the man had done what he wanted, and started to pull out, feeling Amy lift her hips in an effort to keep him inside her.


The man simply laughed and said “ you will get many more opportunities slave, this is what you are here for. Anytime anywhere, anyone.”


The man turned and left the room, leaving Amy still chained to the bed, the rivulets of their session on her inner thighs.


She cried to herself and started to think back.  How had all this happened to her? She knew she was going to kill Sheila the next time they met, but then she also knew the chances of them meeting were practically non-existent. Even if Amy could find a way off this bed, out of the room, which like the cell she had been in earlier had no door handle on the inside, she would also still be handcuffed, naked, and some where, she had no idea where.


There was to be no escape someone had said, and Amy now realised the truth in those words.


The door opened and two women entered the room, both dressed in transparent material that his nothing of their bodies. Both women, like herself, had been shaved, and as they came closer Amy could see they both had the same plastic lugs through their nipples as she had.


Without speaking to Amy, one of the women unfastened one of her ankles and moved it close to her other so she could reconnect the eight in hobble, before releasing Amy’s other ankle. The second woman, slightly shorter, put her hands between Amy’s legs, and pulled at the leather thong, pulling Amy’s pussy closed.


Amy wanted to scream as the leather burned her piercings as it was pulled, but she managed to hold back. The two women unfastened the chains attached to Amy’s nipples, and slowly helped her to her feet.


“Who are you. Where am I” started Amy.


One of the women put her finger over her own lips as if to say “don’t speak”, and shook her head. Amy asked again, only to see the woman shake her head more vigorously.


A man’s voice came through a speaker somewhere in the ceiling above them. “ slaves are not permitted to talk. Any breach of this rule will be dealt with severely”


Amy looked around but could not see where the voice had come from, not could she spot the hidden camera and microphone that had picked up her words, and had earlier filmed her sex act.


Once edited, that film would make her owner even more money, and in time, she would star in enough films to ensure he got her purchase price back.


The two women ushered Amy out of the room and along a corridor towards a large mirror. Amy could still not believe how anyone could do this to her. Surely someone would know where she was and would come and rescue her, but she also knew that this would never happen.


As they approached the mirror a segment of it slid silently open, and the three women walked though the opening. Without a noise the mirror closed again.


Amy looked around the room they were in now. there was a deep carpet of blue, cushions on the floor where several other woman were resting. One of the two women who had escorted Amy to here now leant down and unfastened the ankle cuffs, allowing Amy to move her feet more than eight inches. The other woman moved behind and began to unfasten the handcuffs, allowing Amy’s hands to be free for the first time in what Amy now felt was a life time.


One of the girls handed her a booklet, and ushered Amy to a corner of the room, indicating that Amy should read what she had been given.


Amy looked at the cover to read “slave behaviour”


Sinking to the floor, Amy opened the booklet and cried.

Review This Story || Author: Excalibur
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