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Synopsis: self bondage one wrong



“So you come up on Saturday evening and release me?”


Amy was about to undergo her first self bondage in a fashion that she would not be able to release herself, and would need help to get free. Her friend Sheila had agreed to come to where Amy would be, and release her,


Amy started the car that Saturday morning, wearing a short skirt, and a top, no underwear and no bra. Neither of these were going to be needed for the rest of the day, as in fact, nor were the skirt and top, but she could not drive through the streets naked without the possibility of arrest.


Where Amy was heading for was a wooded area, not often populated, where she could bind herself and hoped would not get caught, not until Sheila came to release her.


She checked her bag before pulling off her driveway to make sure she had everything she needed, though she had no keys, Sheila had those. Until Sheila arrived, Amy would not be able to get free.


The drive took less than an hour, but the walk through the woods to the designated place took over an hour and a half. She was now in a deeply wooded area, off the main track, serviced only by a small trail she had discovered by accident. Unless you knew this trail was there, it could well be that you would never know it existed.


Locking the car, Amy picked up the heavy bag and slung it over her shoulder, and started through the woods. The early part of her walk showed little forestation, but as she walked on the trees became more numerous. There was a light drizzle, but she didn’t let this put her off. It took an hour to reach the small trail, and even then she almost missed it, laughing at herself as her mind was elsewhere at the time.


Taking the small trail, Amy soon found herself in dense wood, and knew that soon, it would get even worse. The trees were surrounded by brambles, making it hard to walk without her bare legs getting scratched. Then she reached her objective, a small clearing within the forest.


Placing the bag on the ground, Amy stopped to get her breath back. It hadn’t seemed so hard when she had not been carrying the bag, but the equipment had made the journey that much harder. She had considered wearing a watch, but part of this was not to know how long she was in bondage, and how much longer she had to go before Sheila released her.


Opening the bag and letting the contents fall to the floor, the first thin Amy had to do was dispose of the bag. This was essential in her eyes, as without the bag she could not carry the contents, and some of them were special, she didn’t want to lose them.


There was a small river flowing close by, and Amy walked to it, and dropped the bag into it, watching as the bag floated away from her. Standing by the river, it was time to get rid of her clothing, knowing the fast current would have them out of her reach in seconds.


Removing her top she felt the slight breeze on her chest, her nipples not hardening, but paying attention to the breeze. The top was thrown as far as Amy could do so, into the centre of the river. It didn’t travel very far, but the current caught it, and carried it down stream and away from her. Once her skirt followed suit, she would have to drive home naked, knowing she would e seen, or, continue her task. Reluctantly, she unzipped the skirt, and allowed it to fall at her feet. Stepping out of it, she lifted it from the ground, found a stone and wrapped the skirt around it, and threw it into the river. It landed mid stream, and immediately started to sink.


Now naked, Amy knew she had little choice. She could, of course, walk back to her car and drive home, but there was a certainty that she would be seen. Or, she could make her way back to the clearing and continue what she had planned.


She knew that if someone came across her once she had finished her bondage, that she could do nothing to stop them doing anything they wanted, and would never know who they were unless they removed the blindfold she was going to wear, but she assured herself that this would never happen.


She had already lost track of time, and didn’t know, now, how long her trial would last, at least six hours, maybe more. It all depended on Sheila.


Looking at the items she had dropped in the clearing, Amy first picked up the butt plug. It was not lubricated, and Amy had deliberately not brought any. Comfort was not a consideration here.


Squatting, Amy placed the head of the plug against her arse, and slowly started to push. Until now, she had never had a plug, or anything else in her arse, and it was only as she pressed hard, forcing the head of the plug in. that she realised how painful this was. She knew she could throw the plug away, but that would be cheating, and so with extreme effort, she pressed the head past the tight sphincter, screaming as the red hot pain of first penetration hit her. It took longer than she thought it would, but eventually, the butt plug was installed, and Amy took hold of the vibrator.


This was Amy’s favourite vibe. A little larger than some, but not the largest in the land, and one she had managed to fill herself on many occasions. What she hadn’t planned or considered, was how it would feel when her arse was also full.


Turning the vibe on, Amy positioned it at the mouth of her pussy, and slowly started to insert it. Almost immediately she could feel it vibrating against the butt plug, and the suddenness gave her an immediate orgasm.


Suppressing a scream, Amy forced the vibe deep inside her, her own juices now making this an easier task than normal. The next thing was the crotch rope. This was wrapped around her waist, and passed between her legs, ensuring that the rope passed directly over her pussy and between her arse cheeks, holding the plug and the vibe in place. She deliberately pulled it tighter than she was used to doing, to make sure neither would drop out.


The next thing she picked up was a device made from two planks of wood, with three long screws in it. One at each end, and one in the middle. The two planks could be brought together by turning the wing nuts. Placing the planks under and over her tits, Amy started to turn the wing nuts, adjusting the planks to ensure her tits were caught between them. As she tightened the screws, her tits began to compress, flattening them. Only when she could turn them no more did she stop, her tits now trapped tightly and painfully. Next. It was the clamps. Amy had several types of clamps at home, but had decided on the clover clamps. Not only were they small and so more painful. If someone or something pulled at them. They became tighter. The weights Amy had brought with her would ensure they would pull on the clamps. And trap her nipples even tighter than normal.


Amy tried walking around the clearing, but the plug, vibe and now the tit vice and clamps, meant that every step cause a pain of some sort. She knew that once she was finished, she was going to be in pain of sorts until Sheila released her.


The next item Amy picked up was a Jennings gag. This didn’t fill the mouth as a ball gag did, but opened the mouth wide, much as a dentists gag would do. Unlike some, Amy’s had straps fastened to the sides, so it could be fastened tight behind the head, so even the largest mouth would not be able to “spit” it out. It took only seconds to apply, and then Amy pressed the lever that would open it, holding her mouth as wide as the gag would take it.


Amy knew that this meant if any flying insects came. She would not be able to stop them entering her mouth.


All that were left were the chains, padlocks and blindfold. She picked up the blindfold first, and placed it over her head, not covering her eyes yet, but so that when she was ready, she could cover her eyes, and would see daylight no more that day. Sheila wasn’t due until after dark.


The chains had been carefully measured, and Amy took one chain and passed it around a tree, using one of the padlocks and locked it in place. Moving to another tree a few feet away, she repeated the process, so she now had two chains, waiting for her feet. Not going to pull them wide apart, but, enough to stop her escaping.


Picking up the ankle cuffs, Amy placed one on each ankle. Passing the small lock through the holes, ensuring that without keys, she couldn’t get free. Sheila had the keys.


Before locking her ankles to the chains from the trees, Amy picked up the handcuffs. These were police issue cuffs, rigid, so that she would have little if any movement of her wrists once applied.


She locked on of the cuffs to her left wrist, then, with no little effort, leant down and spread her legs. Taking a padlock she grabbed the chain coming from one tree, and locked it to her left ankle. She momentarily wondered why she always started on the left, but that moment passed and she spread her legs and fastened the other chain to her right ankle.


Her legs were about three feet apart, and would get no closer to each other.


All Amy had to do now was lower herself to the floor, knowing that as she did so, she would be lying on her compressed  and clamped tits.  Slowly. She did so, crying softly as her own weight pressed onto her already sore tits.


The blindfold was now ready to be placed over her eyes, and the straps pulled tight so that it fitted tightly, allowing no light through at all. Having done so, Amy  wondered what time it was now, and how long before Sheila came and rescued her.


Passing one end of the cuffs behind her, and under the crotch rope, Amy knew she was seconds away from total immobilisation. Even now she could not free herself, as she had none of the keys for any of the locks, and once the right wrist was locked in place, she was at the mercy of the elements until she was set free.


Slowly, she placed her right hand into the cuffs, and pressed, hearing the cuffs engage. Two more clicks, and she would be stuck here. One more click, as she slowly pressed the cuffs closed, and then it was done. Her hands locked behind her, unable to release them, unable to stand or take the weight and pressure off her already sore tits, the vibrator humming away, and pressing the butt plug.


Back at the office Sheila was giving final instructions to the mail clerk, telling him how to find Amy, and what to do, suggesting that he may wish to take a few other guys along for the ride.


She handed the mail clerk the keys, and told him that Amy was his for as long as he held the keys.


By the time Amy heard footsteps coming through the trees, she had lost all sense of time. She didn’t know if it was late enough for Sheila to be arriving, or had someone else discovered her?


Her tits were on fire from the pressure of the vice, the clamps and her own weight and the vibe had long since stopped vibrating, and was now an inert, but painful object.


She had tried many times, fruitlessly, to get her hands free…or to close her legs, and she was sure insects had made a home in her mouth.


Twice, she had felt the need to urinate, and though she had struggled not to do so, had wet the ground beneath her, and she now lay in a puddle of urine.


As the footsteps came closer, Amy realised that there were not just one set, but several, and panic started to set in, as she tried harder to get her hands free, close her legs, stand up, anything. But all to no  avail.


“Just as Sheila said” she heard a voice she didn’t know. “All ready for us”.


Amy felt someone grab her crotch rope, driving the vibe and plug even deeper, before a sudden release of pressure, as the rope was cut.


“we draw straws?” asked another voice Amy didn’t recognise, as she realised there was definitely more than one person standing over her, and so far, all male.


She tried to ask what happened to Sheila, but the gag restricted her vocals, and her ramblings were ignored.


Now the crotch rope was removed she could feel fingers pulling at the butt plug, puling it out of her body. Even as the pain and relief of having it removed, she felt further anguish, as she heard something like a zip being undone.


Amy’s fears were well grounded, as she felt someone kneel between her open legs. She tried to scream out, but any sound she made was ignored, as whoever it was started to lean forwards, and she felt something else touching her arse, something soft, but solid.


Amy was no virgin, and knew the feeling of a manhood, and that’s what she felt now, pressing against her arse. She again screamed out, but the noise was unintelligible garble, and was being ignored, and someone’s cock pressed harder at her arse. She felt it enter, but the plug so recently removed had made her arse wide enough to ensure that the cock now pressing at her, would encounter no problems.


Amy screamed again as she felt the cock drive deep in her arse. It was larger than the plug, and seemed with every thrust to drive deeper, filling her anal cavity.


The man fucking her arse was not gentle, as he began to ram harder and harder at her, filling her, stretching her.


Horace, was a coloured guy, and his cock was renown as being one of the largest in the area, few woman willing to take him on, but Amy had no choice as his hard cock thrust deeper and deeper, feeling as if it would rip her apart.


It crept up on Amy slowly at first, gaining momentum, her body reacting to the onslaught in her arse. She could feel herself getting warmer, as that unmistakeable feeling of impending orgasm washed over her.


There could be a stewards inquiry as to who came first, Amy or Horace, but cum they both did, Amy not even realising she was pounding her body back to meet the onslaught of Horace, who came, his spunk filling Amy’s arse, flooding out even before he had finished and withdrawn.


As soon as Horace had finished and pulled away. Amy felt another person between her open legs, and a second cock pressing at her arse. There was no resistance now, either from Amy herself, or her sphincter,, as the cock slid easily into her. With no pretence, Amy started pressing back to the cock inside her. Wanting it deeper and deeper, not knowing why, just fulfilling a need.



It was at this point that Amy felt her head being lifted, and someone kneeling in front or her lowered her head over a swollen cock. The Jennings gag held her mouth wide so there was little resistance as the cock pressed into her. Hitting the back of her throat. The unseen assailant simply raised and lowered her head over his erection, allowing her to taste the saltiness, feeling his cock drive to the back of her throat, and wishing this was all a bad dream.


But it wasn’t a dream. The cock in her arse pressed ever deeper, whist the cock in her mouth suddenly started to spasm. Instinctively, Amy knew what was going to happen, but was helpless to prevent it, as hot cum filled her mouth, splashed against the back of her throat. She could neither swallow or spit, as the guy’s cum filled her mouth.


For what seemed a lifetime, Amy’s mouth and arse were used, never knowing who’s cock was whose, just knowing that each time, they had cum inside her.


A voice she had not heard before suddenly told her that she would remain where she was tonight, and she may be released tomorrow, but there was no guarantee.


“one other thing” said the unknown mail clerk, “next time you go for promotion, consider the other candidates. This was a lesson in inconsideration, who knows what can happen if you are less considerate?”


it was only then, as the footsteps lead away, that she realised that this ordeal could last indefinitely, she was powerless to avoid it, powerless to refuse.


Amy slept fitfully, would they come back?





Any wasn’t sure what awoke her, and had no idea if it was day or night, the blindfold keeping out any light there may have been. Then there was a noise to one side of her, and her immediate thought was that the men who had been there earlier had returned.


But it was a female voice that spoke softly into her ear.


“Hello Amy. I don’t think this is what you expected when you started. But its too late to stop it now. you really shouldn’t have gone for that promotion ahead of me. Six years I have worked there, and you, only there six months, and you apply for my promotion, and beat me to it. This is your payback Amy. By Monday your job will be vacant when you don’t turn up, and I will get the promotion I want.”


Amy tried to say something, but the gag didn’t help, and it was all mumbled.


“Don’t apologise”, said Sheila, “ being sorry now wont help, and in fact, wont even be the last time you feel sorry for yourself. My plans for you will make sure you will feel sorry every day for the rest of your life.”


Amy could feel Sheila between her legs, and hear her unlocking the ankle cuff on her right ankle. But before she could move, something metallic and cold was slipped around her ankle, and the distinct clicking sound of cuffs closing could be heard. Dragging Amy’s right leg over to her left,  Sheila placed another cuff on her ankle, a chain of only eight inches in length between them. Only then did she release the cuff that Amy herself had applied.


“Get used to them Amy”, said Sheila. “They will be with you for some considerable time. How long is not in My control, but I am sure they will be there for some time yet.”


Grabbing Amy by the hair and shoulder, Sheila pulled the girl onto her knees.


Immediately, Amy screamed in pain, as the vice on her tits came off the ground, and the weights still attached to the clovers on her nipples pulled the clamps tighter. Sheila helped the girl to her feet and stood watching her. Even though the crotch rope had now gone, Amy could still not move her hands, the rigidity of the Police cuffs making it impossible.


“Just so you know, that chain between your ankles is only eight inches long, try to run, and you will fall over, try to walk too fast, and you fall over, and with the blindfold on, you have no way of knowing where you are heading, could be into the stream, and then if you fell, you would drown, and we wouldn’t want that, would we?”


Without warning Sheila aimed a well placed punch straight into Amy’s midriff, taking her breath away, and forcing her to sink to her knees.  Sheila simply grabbed the vice and hauled the breathless girl to her feet again, before slapping her across the face.


Amy screamed out in pain, but Sheila simply ignored her, and slapped her face on the other side.


“Just so you know, you are going to be my guest over the weekend, and then hopefully on Monday, other arrangements will be made for your future. I hope you said goodbye to your family, as they won’t be seeing you again, in fact, nor will anyone you know. The blindfold will stay on while you are my guest, as will the cuffs and chains. I may remove the gag to allow you to eat, but any noise, and I shall re-gag you with something more silencing. Any hope you have of escape, is wasted hope, you will not escape, you will never see friends or family again.”


Sheila urged Amy to move forward, reminding her that she could only take small steps, and with the blindfold, had to follow Sheila’s guidance, or fall over. Time meant nothing now to Amy, she didn’t know if it was day or night, still Saturday or Sunday morning.


It was slow going with the hobble and not being able to see, more than once she almost lost her footing on slick grass under her feet, but Sheila had caught her each time and held her upright.


She could feel the brambles scratching not only her ankles and legs, but the upper part of her body, which told Amy they were heading in a different direction from her own car.


She tried to remember where Sheila actually lived, not that she knew how she could use this information to get help, but if she could remember, she would at least know where she was if the chance came to call for help. But, she had never seen Sheila’s personnel file, and Sheila had never actually divulged her address, so this was not going to help Amy.


Amy had no idea how long they had been walking, but her legs ached, not only from the hobble reducing her to baby steps, but the brambles had scratched her badly.


She felt Sheila drag her to a halt, and heard something click open. Amy realised that they had reached Sheila’s car, and that at least the walking was over. It was only when Sheila told her to bend, and she was helped into the boot, that Amy truly realised that this was no joke, Sheila really meant to abduct her.


“she cant get away with this” thought Amy. “I will be missed, the police will come looking for me, and will search Sheila’s house and find me”.


Even as these thoughts ran through Amy’s mind, the other argument flashed through just as fast. Sheila had said her future would be decided by Monday, and that meant Sheila had made plans to hide her kidnapped colleague out of sight. If so, maybe the police wouldn’t find her.


Hearing Sheila open and close the drivers door, and the engine start, Amy started to cry again, the blindfold soaking up her tears.


The car seemed to be making a lot of left and right hand turns, but never seem to travel in a straight line for very long, so Amy had no idea where they were. It could be within the city bounds, or somewhere entirely different. Her hands hurt badly from the rigid cuffs, and told herself she would never use these ones again, before realising that perhaps she would not get the choice ever again.


The car eventually came to a halt and Amy heard the engine stop. The silence was deafening, as she realised she could hear nothing outside her small prison. She was certainly not in the city, but where was she?


The boot opened and Sheila started to drag her prisoner out, making sure as best she could that Amy didn’t cut or bruise herself on the metal of the boot. Holding onto the police cuffs to stop Amy walking off, she closed the car boot, and then pressed at Amy’s hands, urging her forwards.


Amy could feel gravel under her feet, the small stones cutting into the soles of her bare feet, pressing between her toes.


Twenty steps later and the gravel turned to concrete, cold under her feet, but better than the gravel. At least now Amy didn’t feel she was about to fall over at any given moment.


Three or four steps later and Amy was brought to a halt. She heard a door open, and felt Sheila’s breath on her face.


“if you’re gong to make a break for it Amy, now is the time. Once I take you through this door, there will be no escape. However, before you do make a run for it I must tell you, the owner of this property has dogs, they don’t like strangers, and as you don’t know where they are, I would not suggest you offer yourself as dinner for them. “ Sheila let go of Amy and waited, but Amy made no move to run. She had already worked out that if Sheila was capable of doing what had happened so far, then she wouldn’t care if Amy was attacked by the dogs. Amy decided it was useless to run, but also guessed it was going to be harder to stay where she was.


Amy had never made a shrewder guess.


Sheila ushered Amy through the doorway, and smiled to herself when the door closed, and Amy flinched.


“That’s right, that was the last taste of freedom you will ever have.

Soon. It will be your only desire to serve and serve well, because if My plans for you come off, which they will, then pleasing and serving will be your only salvation.”


The two women made their way across a large hallway, tiled in the mosaic style the Romans had employed. There were four doors on each side of the hallway, each leading to another room, except one, a grey door at the far end. Reaching this Sheila told Amy that they were about to go down a flight of stairs, and if she fell, then that was fine.


Amy had never known Sheila be so cruel, and had thought of her as a friend, or would never have asked her to help with her self bondage game, a game that seemed so long ago.


Slowly the two descended the stairs, and if Amy could see, she would have realised she was walking into an old cellar, though not dingy and grimy. It was white tiled all the way round, and on the floor. The ceiling was panelled with fluorescent lights, so that the cellar was totally lit. in one corner stood a toilet, with a small sink next to it. Across one wall there was a wooden bed, no mattress and no sheets. It was not cold here, but not overly heated either.


There was a long chain bolted to one corner of the room, and Sheila led her hapless victim towards it. Without saying a word, Sheila picked up the chain and wrapped it around Amy’s waist, puling it tight so that it would not slip over the girl’s hips, before placing a padlock in the links, and closing it.


The chain was long enough to reach the bed, the sink and the toilet, but not long enough to reach more than two steps up the stairway. Unless Amy suddenly found super strength, she was not going to get free of it, and not going to get free of the cellar.


Satisfied that the chain was locked in place, Sheila at last removed Amy’s blindfold, watching as the girl’s eyes blinked in the light, knowing that after so many hours in the dark, it would take a few seconds to get used to the light.


“okay Amy, this is your new home until I make other arrangements. There is a toilet, a sink and a bed. I will bring food to you soon enough, but it will be in a bowl, as I am not releasing your hands or your feet. The light will remain on at all times. You can scream for help all you like, but the room is sound proofed, no-one will hear you, even if they stand immediately outside the door upstairs. Any questions?”


Amy had many questions, but the gag, as Sheila knew it would, prevented her asking any of them, as all her words came out mumbles and indecipherable.


“Okay”, said Sheila. “ I will get you something to eat as I know you must be hungry. I cant offer you a bath or shower, even though you smell as if you need one. Enjoy your new life, it will never end, only the rooms will change, your captivity wont.”


With this, Sheila turned and walked away, leaving Amy to cry and suffer alone.




Amy had no idea how long she slept, fitfully, it was only when Sheila came into the cellar and woke her that she came to life.


Walking over to Amy, she finally removed the gag that had held her mouth open for so long.


“there is food in the bowl. Eat it or starve, personally, I don’t care, I  am off to work, and intend to get the promotion you stole from me. I will arrange your future, hopefully, though it wont be good for you. Just so you know, there are a couple of people interested in you, and when they come to view you, if you do not make yourself attractive and they refuse you, I have no reason to keep you alive, do I?”


with that Sheila left the cellar, leaving Amy alone and considering her future. Who were these people interested in her? Why would they be interested in her? Can she escape before they get here?


Pulling on the chain around her waist, she soon realised that escape was out of the question, and if she did escape, where was she? How could she get home?


The next few hours were a blur of panic and frustration for Amy, she couldn’t get free, and knew that sooner or later Sheila would be back, with whatever plans she had in store.


She had never seen this side of Sheila before, vindictive, hateful, had she seen it she would never have asked Sheila to be the one to release her originally.


Amy tried to remember the smiling friendly face of Sheila that had encouraged her at work, had congratulated her when she received the promotion, that had share drinks on Friday nights after work, and who had readily agreed to help her in her self bondage games. But that face wouldn’t appear in her mind, all she could see was the venomous face that had appeared to her that morning, the face filled with hate, eyes cold as steel.


Amy now remembered that it was Sheila’s idea, after hearing how Amy liked self bondage, to play the game that had led her to this place. Sheila had been the one who had told her how to find the clearing, and had encouraged her to go and see it for herself. Sheila had obviously been planning this for some time, and had at last succeeded.


There were footsteps on the stairs, and Amy shrank back against the wall, not that doing so would offer her any protection. Sheila moved into the cellar and walked over to Amy, the chained girl trying to stay out of reach, but failing miserably. In Sheila’s hands were the blindfold that she had removed earlier in Amy’s captivity, and a ball gag.


If Amy had planned to struggle with Sheila, it was a hopeless idea, as Sheila moved in front of her, and without a word or warning, slammed her fist into the poor girl’s stomach, knocking her breath out, and sinking her to her knees.


With Amy now helpless, Sheila had no problems getting the blindfold and gag in place, the gag opening Amy’s mouth wide, the straps fastened behind her head to ensure she could not spit it out.


“There will be a couple of people here to see you soon, if you impress them, one of them will hopefully buy you, if you don’t impress them, and neither of them buy you, I would not want to be in your shoes.” Said Sheila. “ your future, such as it is, is in your own hands”


Amy heard Sheila walk away and her footsteps receding up the stairs, leaving her alone, and once more, in the dark.


She tried to make sense of what Sheila had said about impressing and they would buy her. How could anyone buy her, Amy was not a dog, or an animal, she was a human being, human beings weren’t bought and sold like cattle at a market. But she had realised already that if Sheila said she was to be sold, then it was probably true.


But how was she going to impress whoever it was? What did they expect of her? And who were they?


Amy had no idea now of timing, no way to know how long she had been here. It could still be, as Sheila had suggested, Monday, or it could be later. It could even be still Sunday and this was all a joke to make the bondage game more realistic.


Footsteps were coming down the stairs, two, maybe three pairs of feet, and coming to a halt in front of the naked and restrained girl.


“Here she is”, said Sheila. “ young, firm breasts, firm cheeks, and from what my accomplices tell me, good both anally and orally, they didn’t try her vaginally, as they didn’t want to soil your product. She needs a bath, but I don’t have the facility to give her one without releasing her hands and her waist, so she will need hosing down before shipment.” Sheila paused for a few seconds, and then went on.


“Shipment can be arranged to leave here in under 24 hours, all arrangements have been made, the package will be delivered using private charter plane to an airport of your choice, where you can then make your own arrangements for further transportation.

Feel free to check out the merchandise, and I will see you back in the office when you are ready.”


Amy heard Sheila’s footsteps recede, and go up the stairs, leaving her with, who? She had distinctly heard three sets of footsteps enter the cellar, maybe more, so there were at least two people still here. She strained her ears to try to figure out where they may be, but thee was no movement. Maybe this was another part of Sheila’s game, to make her believe she was about to be sold to some unseen buyer.


A hand suddenly ran over her breasts, a calloused hand, but not a harsh stroke, gentle, catching her nipples on the palm as it passed over them. Another hand moved between her legs even before she could close them to stop it.


“ she does have firm breasts” said one voice, a mature sounding voice with an accent, perhaps Middle Eastern. “I am sure the marks on them from some device or other will soon vanish, and her legs are strong.”


Another voice answered. “ young enough to be a breeder, could also be a house girl. She may need training up, of course, but at her age, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem”


Mmmmm. How is she?” asked the first man.


“Was wet as soon as I put my hand between her legs, may be a good breeder. We can give her the pills to enhance her ability to breed, but she seems to get wet easily. Not sure how well she would conceive, but the pills would see to that.”


“the price is a little higher than I expected, will she drop it do you think?”


“She may, depends on how fast she wants the sale to go through, or if at all. You saw how she looked at this girl, she may even want her for herself, though where she would keep her I don’t know. Sir Lawrence won’t allow his place to be used indefinitely”


“okay, offer her six thousand, and allow her to get to eight, but I am not paying the full ten thousand for an untrained girl”.


Amy listened with horror to this conversation. They had spoken about her as if she wasn’t thee, her opinion didn’t matter. It was as if she really was being sold at a cattle market.


One of the men had left, but the other one, she presumed it was the one who had said how much to offer, was running his hands over her body, as if still examining her. His fingers touched her eyes, ran through her hair, his other hand pressed between her legs, then moved to press slightly into her arse. It was like he were examining a piece of meat at the local butchers.


Amy didn’t know how long it was, but eventually the other man came back into the cellar and walked over to where she still stood, the first man’s fingers buried in her pussy.


“7,500” He said as he approached. “ she wanted more, but I told her this would be the last deal we would do with her if she insisted, and I reminded her that the last girl wasn’t as good as she had said, so she accepted ”.


That part of the conversation had taken Amy by surprise. The “last girl”? This meant that Sheila had been planning this for much longer than Amy had realised, and that it wasn’t simply because Amy had been promoted over her. This was how Sheila made her living, kidnapping and selling girls.


Sheila was, in fact, a slave trader, with many years experience, having found and sold over twenty girls on the “white” market. They had all had similar characteristics, brown or black hair, no taller than 5’ 3”, non smokers, and non- virgins. Amy fitted this description to a “t”, her brown eyes attracting more than a casual look from Sheila when Amy had first arrived in the office.


At first sight Sheila had decided that Amy was going to end up as one of her “girls”, and all she had to do was find a way to acquire her. It had taken six months, and Sheila would have waited six more, a year more if necessary. Amy’s fate was sealed from the first morning at her new job, the job she had gained promotion at. Sheila was never going to get promotion, she had never applied for it, she was more than happy in her own job, but it had given her something to use to through Amy off the track, so she would not realise that she was picked up for sale, not on her promotion, but on her looks.


The two man, now the sale had been agreed, had left the house, and it was up to Sheila to package the girl, and get her to the small airport in northern Africa. This wasn’t a problem, as Sheila owned her own small plane, and had a hired pilot on standby.


Walking back down to the cellar she walked over to Amy and told her that her life had been saved, as the men who had looked at her, had decide to buy her. What happened after that was of no concern to Sheila, her only concern now was to get her ready, and on the plane.


“Obviously, with no passport you wont be travelling first class”, said Sheila. “ in fact, even second class is too good for you. You will be sent parcel post, you being the parcel.


Amy felt a slight sharp prick in her arm, as Sheila continued to talk.


“That needle I just gave you contained a sleeping agent, and will keep you out of harm’s way for up to 24 hours. Its actually a horse tranquilliser. It only takes a few minutes to take effect, so I have to make this quick. I am sorry you thought I was your friend. But I have learned over the years how to “befriend” victims. It throws them off guard, and I get to know their secrets, yours was self bondage, and I as happy to help you to that end. The man who bought you is a regular customer of mine, you wont know the other girls he already has, but many of them know me. They have each sworn to escape and come for me, but as yet, none have succeeded. Nor will you.”


At this point Sheila’s voice seemed to be getting more and more distant. Was she walking away as she spoke? Suddenly, there was no more voice, the cellar seemed to disappear into darkness, and her last thoughts before passing out were


“ What will become of me?”



AMY Transported


As  Amy sank to the floor unconscious, Sheila unfastened the lock holding the chain about her waist, and with practised ease lifted Amy over her shoulder and carried her upstairs, and out of the cellar. Covering the girl’s naked body with a thick plastic sheet, Sheila placed her back in the boot of the car. It was an hour’s drive to the airport, but Amy would know noting of this. Sheila’s mind was already on the new girl at the office. She was a blonde thing, but surely there was a market for blondes as well.


As the airport came into sight Sheila slowed the car down and pulled up by a building on the outskirts. This was perhaps the best buy she had ever made. It wasn’t a large building, but large enough for what was needed. The sign outside said “ Woodlands Export”, though there was hardly much exported from here, just the occasional package to north Africa.


Pulling up outside the building, and under cover of the darkness, Sheila opened the boot and lifted Amy out, throwing her over her shoulder and swiftly moving inside the building. There were several identical boxes inside, each just over six foot long and three foot wide. They were marked as machine parts, but they had never had anything metallic inside them.


Each of the boxes was lined in a soft foam like material, and had several straps fixed to the sides. Lowering Amy into one of the boxes Sheila worked swiftly to strap her arms and legs in place, and two straps across her body. Amy would not be moving during the flight.


A man who Sheila employed and paid high money to was waiting with the fork lift truck, and once the box was sealed, lifted the box and drove to the waiting plane. Passport or not, Amy was about to take the flight of her life, the last flight of her life.


Sheila had never bothered to check up on what happened to the girls she had sent over, once they were gone, she gave them no more thought. They were slaves, that much she knew, but as long as there was a market for them, Sheila would continue to provide for it.


The man drove the fork lift to the plane and slowly loaded the box, not out of respect for Amy, who he had never met, but if he damages the plane Sheila would have his guts for garters. Once on board, the man climbed inside the plane and secured the crate to the floor, and then climbed into the pilots seat.


“You know where to go?” queried Sheila.


The man nodded, and started the engines. He had made this trip several times before, and, as usual, knew he had to fly low to avoid detection as he left the British coast line. It would take several hours to get to his destination, but that was fine, he was being well paid.


It was a quiet flight, as all his flights were, no passengers to worry him, no co-pilot just himself and his music player. Though it was dark when he had set off, he knew it would be daylight by the time he landed at the airport.


He concentrated on the flight itself, never once worrying about his cargo. In all the time he had worked for Sheila, he had never once opened one of the cases, had he done so, he would have been very surprised to see exactly what the machine parts were. To date, unknowingly, he had transported six girls into a life of slavery, Amy was number seven.


The badly lit airport appeared on the pilot’s horizon, and he made all the necessary adjustments, and moved in to land. The strip wasn’t really big enough, and any mistake would have the plane screaming into the bush at the other end. But with practised ease, the pilot landed the plane, stopping outside the terminal where two men were waiting.


As usual, neither of the men spoke to the pilot, simply unloaded the case from the plane, and loaded it into the waiting truck. Both men had dark skin, and to the best of the pilots knowledge, he had never heard either of them speak.


Having loaded the case, the two men climbed inside the truck, and drove off.  The pilot had done his duty, and it was time to return to base.  How long before the next trip?


The truck was driven at a steady pace over lumpy ground. Had Amy been awake she would not have enjoyed the trip very much. Even though it was still early morning, the sun was rising and it’s heat was already substantial. Amy had been used to European temperatures, now she was about to get used to equatorial temperatures.


The drive took most of the morning, but neither of the men seemed bothered by the heat. At one stage the truck stopped and Amy’s box was opened.  The men took little if any interest in Amy herself, but sprinkled her with water to stop her “drying out” on the heat.


Though Amy would never get to appreciate it from the outside, the building the truck finally pulled into was like a palace. The domes of the roofs and towers were Persian, old Persian. The walls high and fortified. Had she been able to see it, Amy would have known escape from here would have been impossible, an a waste of time, there was no village or town closer than a hundred miles. A hundred miles of pure sand, and unbearable heat.


Having arrived, the two men unloaded Amy’s box and placed it onto a wheeled trolley, and pushed it to the medical wing of the building. A doctor and nurse were waiting impatiently, and hurried the men along, lifting the girl out of the crate and placing her on one of the two operating tables, before leaving, their task completed.


The doctor consulted his notes and turned to the nurse. “she is to be shaved, head, arms legs, cunt. Not a single hair is to be left on her body”


The nurse nodded her head and moved towards the equipment trolley.


It took several minutes to shave the hair from Amy’s head, first reducing it to a quarter inch stubble, and then using shaving foam and a razor, removing the stubble as well, leaving only a smooth surface. Amy’s hair would re-grow in time, but it would never be as long again.


Within an hour, Amy hadn’t a single hair on her body, some had been shaved. Like her head, and some had been waxed off, Amy’s only saving grace was that she had not been awake to feel it.


okay” said the doctor as he re-appeared.” This one is to be pierced four times on each labia, both nipples pierced, and enhanced fertility injections.”


Amy, it had been decided, would become a breeder slave, her only purpose in life would be to reproduce daughter slaves for her owner. Not that Amy would ever become a mother in the true sense of the word, as soon as she gave birth, her daughters would be taken from her and raised by other slaves. She would never actually get to see or raise any children she gave birth to. If she gave birth to sons, unknown to Amy, they would be taken into the desert and disposed of.


Injecting her with the enhancer drug, Amy would now be forever fertile, though the drug had to be re-applied once a month. The piercings took only moments, her labia pierced first, and a leather thong placed through the holes, like a boot lace, holding her pussy closed unless required. Her nipples were both pierced, large holes, not like the piercings for nipple rings, these would hold much larger implements. Plastic lugs were pressed into each nipple piercing, ensuring that they would always remain open.


Eventually, the Doctor was satisfied and instructed the nurse to take Amy to a holding cell, where she would stay until further notice.


Several hours later Amy started to awake. She had mixed feelings, wonderment at where she was, and pain, both in her nipples and her pussy lips. She wanted to explore, but her hand still cuffed behind her stopped her doing so.


She remembered, or thought she did, Sheila telling her something about being sold, and other things that she couldn’t quite remember. What was it? Other girls? What other girls?. Where was she?. Why did her pussy and tits hurt?


The room Amy was placed in was quite small. Only six feet wide and eight feet long, no decorations as such, just black painted walls. There was no furniture, and a bucket in the corner should she need the toilet. Her hands were still cuffed behind her, and her legs still with the eight inch chain hobbling her.


At that time she didn’t even know her head had been shaved, though she could feel there was something different.


She sat in the cell and cried. So much had happened to her. This had meant to be an eight hour game of self bondage, and had now turned into something much more. Sheila, her friend, had been anything but. She had arranged for Amy to be fucked by strangers, had abducted her, chained her and SOLD her. Surely by now someone would be looking for her? 


Amy tried to work out what day it was, but had no real idea. It was, according to Sheila, Monday, but was it still Monday?  Was it ever Monday? Surely this was another part of the game that Sheila had organised to make the game more believable?


Only her hunger and the dark walls told her that this was real. Somehow, Sheila had really sold her to another man. The blindfold may have been removed, but there was still darkness all around her. She could see the “toilet” in the corner, but there was nothing to lie on, nothing to sit on.


How long would she be kept here? Why was her pussy and her nipples hurting so badly?


Had she known the answers to these questions. Amy would surely have freaked out. But in the darkness she was unable to see her new piercings.



What was to become of her? How could she get away, go back to her life and her job?


Why wasn’t someone looking for her?




Just how long Amy had been kept in the holding cell she didn’t really know, a few times she had used her “toilet”, and the smell was filling the room. How much longer would she be kept here?  Surely Sheila hadn’t really sold her? If she had, then who to?


A dim light suddenly shone under what appeared to be a door, but there was no handle on Amy’s side of it, even if her hands were free, she would not have been able to get out pf the cell.


A man’s voice boomed through a speaker system.


“Stand over by the far wall, facing the wall”


Amy stood where she was, not sure what was happening.


“Over by the wall, now”


Slowly, Amy moved to the far wall, and turned to face it, fearful of what would happen if she didn’t, but desperate to find out what was happening to her.


She heard the door open and saw light flooding into the cell. Starting to turn around, Amy was surprised when she felt a whip slash at her back, a line of fire making her scream out in pain, almost sending her to the floor.


“I said face the wall, disobedience will not be tolerated”


Not wanting to feel that whip again, Amy stood sobbing against the wall, waiting, praying that this was all a dream, and she would wake up in a few seconds.


But it was no dream, as she realised when someone stood behind her and fastened something around her neck, and she heard a click, like a lock closing.


Without a word the chain attached to her collar was pulled, and Amy had no choice but to go where it led her. The man now had his back to her, but from what she could see, he was a dark man, dressed all in black. He led her from the room, each step raising pain between her legs, as the recent piercings moved.


Amy was led along a corridor, past what she later learned were other cells, and up a wide staircase, with no handrails.  More than once she almost fell, as the chain on her ankles restricted her movements, but the man leading her seemed uninterested, he simply carried on up the stairs, forcing her to follow.


At the top of the stairs she was surprised by how bright it was, after the darkness of her cell. The room they had entered was opulent to say the least. Had Amy worked all of her life, she could not afford a single piece of the furniture she could see in this room. Almost all of it antique, and paintings on the wall that were surely by the Classic painters.


The carpet that covered the entire floor space was deep pile, soft under her bare feet. The sort of softness that makes you want to curl up on the carpet in front of a coal fire and think of Christmas cards and carol singers.


At the far side of the room was a floor to ceiling mirror, it was only as they passed this that Amy now knew what had happened to her. She stopped and gasped as she saw her shaven head. He hair, the hair she had loved and been so proud of, gone. Tears filled her eyes, but she was dragged away from the mirror. It was only later she thought that she had been allowed to see herself, so she would know the depth of what had happened to her.


Tears streaming down her face, Amy had also seen the piecings in her nipples, dark plastic lugs holding them open about a quarter of an inch. She was to fond out why very quickly.


Pulling on her chain the man led her out of a door at the far side of the room, and into a room that looked like a bedroom, but, the bed was not the usual sort. It was round, and when she was led over to it and told to sit, she felt how solid it was.


It was made of solid wood, like oak, with hooks and chains placed in various places. The man told Amy to lay down in the centre of the bed. Not sure what the man meant, she hesitated, only for the man to slap her harshly across the face, sending her reeling onto her back.


“You were told, you will never be told twice”


Laying painfully on her still cuffed wrists, Amy immediately tried to sit up, but the man placed one hand in the middle of her chest and held her down. With his other hand he took one of the chains fixed to the bed and clipped it into the new hole in Amy’s right nipple. Without taking a breath he leaned over and grabbed another chain from the other side of Amy, and clipped that to the hole in her left nipple, and then moved his hand away from her chest.


Again Amy tried to sit up to relieve the pressure on her hands, but a sudden shot of fire in each nipple stopped her dead. If she tried to sit up the chains pulled at her peircings, and  held her down, stopping her raising more than an inch or two off the bed without causing pain, though that meant she lay on her cuffed wrists.


The man then unfastened on of Amy’s feet, and pulled it to one side, fastening another chain fixed to the bed around her ankle. Even before Amy could really react, the man, with practised ease, grabbed and secured her other ankle. Forcing Amy’s legs wide apart.


“Master will be here soon slave” said the man, and walked towards the door, closing it behind him as he left Amy in agony and fear.


Amy was left alone for over half an hour. Her wrists hurt her badly, and every time she tried to ease the pressure by lifting her body, the chains connected to her nipples were swift reminders to lay still.


A man in Arab clothing came through the door and without saying anything, disrobed. He climbed onto the bed and started to unfasten the leather thong between Amy’s legs, holding her pussy closed. It was only then that Amy knew what screaming pain was, as the leather was dragged unceremoniously through her new pierced labia.


Although Amy could not see it, though at that time it may have been a good thing she didn’t, the man had an erection larger than any she had ever seen in her life, and as soon as he had unlaced enough of her, without actually pulling the lacing out of any of her piercings, he lay on the bed between her legs.


His breath stank of cigars and whiskey as he lay over Amy. As he lay closer to her she could feel his manhood pressing against her, and knew instinctively what  about to happen. She tried to struggle away, but the chains on her tits, and the chains on her feet stopped her in her tracks, as the man moved closer to her, his cock pressing against her pussy lips.


Seconds later the head of his cock was inside her, and she could already feel how big he was. There was a sort of pain she had not felt before, the pain that excites, makes you want to draw back. And go further at the same time.


Without mercy the man used Amy, thrusting as deep inside her as he could, his weight added to her own crushing her already painful hands still cuffed behind her. Amy screamed, and the man slapped her across the face without breaking his rhythm.


Harder and harder he thrust his cock into her, until Amy felt he was driving into her stomach itself. But, maybe it was the enhancer she had been given, or maybe it was the situation she was, Amy suddenly felt herself getting excited, and could feel her own juices making it easier for the man to take her.


Amy screamed again, but this time, not in [pain, it was an orgasm like she had never had before, it ripped though her taking her breath away, and like a volcano, centred on her pussy where it exploded with red heat, just as the man exploded inside her.


She thrust her hips back to meet his, wanting him to stay inside her, wanting it never to stop. But the man had done what he wanted, and started to pull out, feeling Amy lift her hips in an effort to keep him inside her.


The man simply laughed and said “ you will get many more opportunities slave, this is what you are here for. Anytime anywhere, anyone.”


The man turned and left the room, leaving Amy still chained to the bed, the rivulets of their session on her inner thighs.


She cried to herself and started to think back.  How had all this happened to her? She knew she was going to kill Sheila the next time they met, but then she also knew the chances of them meeting were practically non-existent. Even if Amy could find a way off this bed, out of the room, which like the cell she had been in earlier had no door handle on the inside, she would also still be handcuffed, naked, and some where, she had no idea where.


There was to be no escape someone had said, and Amy now realised the truth in those words.


The door opened and two women entered the room, both dressed in transparent material that his nothing of their bodies. Both women, like herself, had been shaved, and as they came closer Amy could see they both had the same plastic lugs through their nipples as she had.


Without speaking to Amy, one of the women unfastened one of her ankles and moved it close to her other so she could reconnect the eight in hobble, before releasing Amy’s other ankle. The second woman, slightly shorter, put her hands between Amy’s legs, and pulled at the leather thong, pulling Amy’s pussy closed.


Amy wanted to scream as the leather burned her piercings as it was pulled, but she managed to hold back. The two women unfastened the chains attached to Amy’s nipples, and slowly helped her to her feet.


“Who are you. Where am I” started Amy.


One of the women put her finger over her own lips as if to say “don’t speak”, and shook her head. Amy asked again, only to see the woman shake her head more vigorously.


A man’s voice came through a speaker somewhere in the ceiling above them. “ slaves are not permitted to talk. Any breach of this rule will be dealt with severely”


Amy looked around but could not see where the voice had come from, not could she spot the hidden camera and microphone that had picked up her words, and had earlier filmed her sex act.


Once edited, that film would make her owner even more money, and in time, she would star in enough films to ensure he got her purchase price back.


The two women ushered Amy out of the room and along a corridor towards a large mirror. Amy could still not believe how anyone could do this to her. Surely someone would know where she was and would come and rescue her, but she also knew that this would never happen.


As they approached the mirror a segment of it slid silently open, and the three women walked though the opening. Without a noise the mirror closed again.


Amy looked around the room they were in now. there was a deep carpet of blue, cushions on the floor where several other woman were resting. One of the two women who had escorted Amy to here now leant down and unfastened the ankle cuffs, allowing Amy to move her feet more than eight inches. The other woman moved behind and began to unfasten the handcuffs, allowing Amy’s hands to be free for the first time in what Amy now felt was a life time.


One of the girls handed her a booklet, and ushered Amy to a corner of the room, indicating that Amy should read what she had been given.


Amy looked at the cover to read “slave behaviour”


Sinking to the floor, Amy opened the booklet and cried.

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