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Devils Island

Part 11 Day Five

                             11.   Day Five

Tina had gotten some sleep during the night even if she had woken up a few times
during the night. This was far better than the cage. Tina's udders and clit
still burned but not as intensely as the day before. Her udders still felt
uncomfortable with the skin being stretched to adjust to the new size. Gina on
the other hand had slept like a baby. When she woke up she immediately took
Master's cock in her mouth and started sucking on it. Master awoke shortly
thereafter and without a word started to finger Gina's asshole. Gina turned so
that she was facing Master's feet but kept sucking. She moaned slightly from the
fingers in her ass but could also feel herself getting wet. A hard slap on her
ass was the signal to mount Master's cock and without delay, she straddled him
taking his cock in one hand and guiding it up against her rear hole. Gina knew
it would be a little painful since there was no lubrication used but she pushed
the cock head past her sphincter. There was a sharp pain as the sphincter tried
to stretch to accommodate the intruder. Once Gina had the head inside her, she
lowered herself onto the cock until she had its full length up her ass. Waiting
for the next signal, she just let the cock rest in her ass. She didn't have to
wait long. She got the second slap to her ass and started moving up and down on
the cock. She took great care that the cock didn't slip out, that would render
her some type of punishment. She moved up and down and rocking back and forth as
fast as she could and could feel herself getting wetter. Gina liked being fucked
in the ass and this was not like the brutal ass fucking she received on the
yacht. After the initial pain was gone, it was enjoyable to Gina even if there
was some stinging in her ass. It wasn't long before she could feel the cock
expanding and Gina moved her ass in shorter movement so that when Master shot
his cum in her ass she would have the whole cock deep in her ass. When the first
cum shot out, she just sat down and let the cock load up her ass hole. This way
it made it easier to dismount without letting any cum out which was not allowed.
Gina knew she was never allowed to cum when she was fucked in the ass, so she
didn't bother asking for permission. Hopefully Master would masturbate her in
the shower. Gina could feel the cock going semi hard in her ass but still no
signal to dismount. That could only mean one thing and Gina shuddered a little.
For some reason she felt very degraded by having someone pee in her ass and it
made it much harder to not let anything out when she dismounted. The warm stream
of piss made its way up her ass hole and Gina squeezed the cock tight to not let
any of it drip out. Master had made it quite clear that letting anything seep
out of either ass or pussy would bring some type of punishment. Gina got the
third slap to her ass and leaned forward until the semi hard cock slipped out.
She squeezed her sphincter hard to hold the pee and cum mixture inside and
turned around to suck Master's cock clean. Master had peed quite a bit and she
felt bloated.

"Very good Gina. Now lets see how long you can hold it without letting a drop

"Yes Master."

"Now go get Tina up and get the shower ready. Call me when you are ready."

"Yes Master."

Gina carefully got out of bed and went over to Tina. She quickly released Tina
from her restraints and got Tina out of bed. The two slaves headed for the
shower and Gina turned on the water.

"Take off your stockings and garter Tina."

"Ok Gina"

Both women stripped and when the water reached the right temperature, Gina
called out.

"Shower is ready Master."

"Now let Master get in the shower first and then wait for his commands, Tina."

Tina nodded. Master got in the shower and let the warm water refresh him. He
purposely didn't tell the slaves to get in. He wanted to see how long Gina could
hold her enema before she got frantic. He could tell from the way she held her
legs that the cramps were starting to set in and that she was struggling to hold
it in. She was now squeezing her ass cheek as hard as she could. He would let
her suffer a bit longer.

"Tina get in here and start washing me."

"Yes Master."

Tina stepped into the shower and as soon as the warm water hit her udders,
nipples and clit she could feel the burning intensify. Tina moaned loudly.
Master paid her no attention he was watching Gina struggling with her enema.
Tina got busy with washing Master and although her pain was worse now she felt
aroused both from washing Master and from having watched Gina getting fucked
before. Gina was by now really struggling to hold her enema.

"Please Master May I relief myself."

"Not yet Gina. You need to learn to hold an enema. After all this is just a
small one."

"Yes Master but please I can't hold it much longer."

"I'm sure you can if you just try."

Gina was now starting to cramp pretty badly and the need to shit was urgent.
Master mused as we watched Gina struggle. He would make her hold it one more
minute. Tina had by now washed Masters back and chest but she had avoided his
cock or ass. She wasn't sure if she should wash those areas without being told.
Gina was about to loose it and when Master told her to get in the shower, she
jumped in and bent over.

"Relief yourself Gina."

Master didn't even get to finish the command before Gina let a yellow stream go
from her ass. Gina drew a sigh of relief. She had made it. There was also a
sense of accomplishment that made her feel proud inside.

"Not too bad Gina almost 15 minutes. Still it was a small enema. Now help Tina
wash me, she seems to be cock shy."

"Yes Master. Thank you Master."

Master's words worried Tina. She realized she should have cleaned Master's cock
and ass. She was now afraid this would mean she would go back to the cage. Her
fears were eased when Master spoke again.

"Tina, watch carefully how Gina washes me. "

"Yes Master."

Gina washed Master while Tina watched. When she was done, Master told Tina to
wash Gina and make sure she washed the pussy and ass hole real good. Tina
thought she better do a good job on Gina and she laddered Gina up real good. She
pulled on Gina's pussy lips and with a washcloth rubbed Gina's pussy and clit.
Gina got very close to an orgasm before Tina was done with her.

"That was much better Tina. Did it make you wet playing with Gina?"

Tina had gotten wet even if she didn't know why she never had any interest in
women. She was also surprised by the question. She was trying to think. She
decided it was best to be truthful.

"Yes Master. I got wet from washing Gina."

"Then you better keep working on her she was about to cum when you stopped.
Isn't that right Gina?"

"Yes Master. May I please cum?"


"Tina rub her clit and kneel down and stick your tongue in her ass."

Tina hesitated for a second. Sticking her tongue in Gina's ass wasn't something
she wanted to do but one look at Master told her there would be a price to pay
if she didn't. Tina knelt and while rubbing Gina's clit the touched her tongue
to Gina's ass hole.

"I didn't say to lick her ass hole but to stick your tongue in there. Perhaps
you rather go back and live in your cage."

"No Master. Please not the cage again."

Tina didn't hesitate this time. She pushed her as hard as she could against
Gina's ass hole and worked her tongue in her ass. Gina started shaking and she
came almost as soon as Tina's tongue entered her ass. She was really starting to
enjoy women. When she regained her composure, she looked at Master.

"Thank you Master."

"Now Gina you wash and massage Tina. Tina won't like it very much since the
burning in her udders will flare up when handled but she needs the massage and
to be washed. Tina relief yourself first if you need to pee."

Tina felt humiliated but scared of making any more errors she let go a stream of
pee. She didn't want to be washed but there was no way out of it. She could only
hope that Gina would be as gentle as possible. Tina had had some relief since
her corset and thigh straps had been removed before the shower. Still her pussy
lips didn't seem to retract. Gina washed every part of Tina first that hadn't
been treated. She would leave her pussy and udders to last. When she finally had
to go to work on Tina's pussy she tried to be as gentle as she possibly could
without seeming to do a sloppy job. Tina cried out when Gina washed her pussy.
The burning flared up in her lips and when Gina massaged them it got even worse.
Gina was gentle but there was no way to avoid the pain. Gina finished up with
the pussy and started on the udders. Washing and massaging them brought new
cries from Tina. By the time Gina was done, Tina was burning again almost as bad
as when she had been injected yesterday. Her only comfort was that Gina was far
more careful than Alex would have been. When Gina was done with the sobbing
Tina, they stepped out of the shower and Gina dried of Master. She then dried of
herself and handed Tina a towel.

Having no choice, Tina dried herself as careful as she could. Still she skipped
drying her pussy lips and only put the towel gently across her udders.

"Now you two get ready. Gina you will wear black today and Tina will wear red.
Make sure her corset goes back on and her thigh straps of course. Make sure her
lips are stretched the way they should be, Gina. I will inspect both of you when
you are ready. If Tina isn't done up right you will pay the price for it and if
you can't handle Tina I will need to put her back in the cage."

"Please Master. Don't put her back in the cage. I'll make sure she is done up

"Yes Please Master. I'll obey Gina and be good." Tina as sobbing but she didn't
want to go back in the cage and Alex's care.

Master walked over to his desk. He knew Gina didn't like to cause Tina any more
pain and mentally it was a hard choice for her. The cage would however make Tina
a more willing ward. Still Tina would probably grow to hate Gina, Especially if
Gina got all the pleasure and Tina got all the pain. That revenge desire would
one day be put to good use even if Gina hardly had any choice in the matter Tina
would still recent it. Gina didn't like her new position. On the one hand, she
didn't want to cause Tina pain but she didn't want to fail as a servant slave
either. She had seen how the other three had been treated and she had it pretty
good with Master. Gina got the stockings and garter out for both of them and
then they both put their shoes on.

"We will leave the corset and straps for last and do our hair and make-up
first." Gina whispered to Tina.


Tina was grateful that Gina would at least delay the pain as long as she could.
They both hurried with their make-up and hair. Even if Gina wanted to delay
causing Tina pain taking too long getting ready would be painful for both of
them. When Gina was ready, she went and got the corset and told Tina to stand.
Gina laced the corset tight and rather than slowly push the ring over Tina's
udders she made one swift motion to put them in place and then secured the strap
at the back of the corset. Tina cried out as the burning in her udder got
aggravated. Gina wasn't quite sure how far down to put the thigh straps but she
seemed to recall they had been just below where the stockings ended. Having
secured the straps to Tina's thighs Gina pulled on Tina's pussy lips and as
quickly as she could she attached the clamps from the thigh straps. Tina
screamed and moaned this was the worst part the stretching of her lips. Not only
did her lips burn but also the clamps hurt even if they had a flat head.

Tina's pussy lips started to redden immediately once they had been stretched.
Gina hated this part but she had no choice.

"Sorry Tina. I know it must hurt badly."

Tina had stopped screaming but was still moaning and sobbing. Gina attached the
leash to Her own collar and then to Tina's. Walking as slowly as she dared she
lead Tina over to Master for their inspection.

"We are ready Master."

Master turned around and looked at his two slaves. He checked the tubes attached
to Tina's nipples and clit to make sure the vacuum hadn't been disturbed in the
shower or that any water had gotten in there.

Feeling Tina's udders made her moan again and then he tested the clamps to make
sure her pussy lips were stretched adequately. Satisfied that Tina was done up
properly for the day, he lead them over to the table.

"Sarah is on her way with breakfast."

"Make sure you don't ruin your make-up Tina. In a few days, you'll start to look
like a real whore and the burning will start to disappear. I would have thought
by now you would be happy that you have been given a second chance and not just
sold to the whorehouse."

"Yes Master. I'm grateful to be out of the cage and have a second chance but it
hurts so bad."

"You need to learn to please me regardless. If you don't you will be of no use
to me. A slave must always love to serve her Master regardless of what is asked
of her."

"If you rather I just sold you to the whorehouse or another Master, say so now
and I will accommodate you."

"No Master. I wish to serve you. I'll try my best to learn quickly."

Tina didn't want to be shipped of somewhere else and end up in a place worse
than the island. She had made the mistake of fighting these people at the start
and paid for it. Still things had improved the last few hours even if her tits
and pussy was in pain. Sarah arrived with breakfast and the four of them sat
down to eat. This time Tina didn't hesitate to eat at all. The food made her
feel better and having gotten some sleep as well she was starting to feel more
like herself again.

"Sarah you'll take Tina down to the kitchen and have her help you there until
Gina comes for her. I'm sure you can find something for her to do."

"Yes Master. There are always things that needs to be done."

Tina wasn't sure if this was a good thing or not but Gina had said that Sarah
was nice, so maybe it wouldn't be bad.

"Gina, you'll go and see Sammy this morning for your next fitting."

"Yes Master." 

Gina knew that would mean having her pussy lips pierced and have rings put in
them. The idea both scared Gina and excited her. It would hurt just as her
nipples had hurt but the soreness was almost gone now. In a funny way the rings
made her feel sexy and at the same time submissive. Gina didn't really mind
being on the island even if it was totally different lifestyle than she had had
before. Somewhere inside her, there was a need to be here and serve. With
breakfast over with Sarah told Tina to pick up the tray and grabbing her leash
led her toward the kitchen. Once they were outside the door Sarah turned to Tina
and said.

"I know you hurt I had my lips and tits enlarged when I first came here. The
burning will go away in a few days, then you'll itch a bit but it won't be bad.
Alex will give you one more injection but the second time around is less
painful. The skin will feel very tight that feeling will last for several weeks
until the skin has adjusted.

Did they give you milking drugs?"

"Yes Mistress. I think so."

"No need to call me Mistress. I rank higher than you so you must obey me but I'm
a slave just like you will be. Depending on how much milk you produce and how
they decide to milk you that won't be bad either." Sarah explained.

"Your udders will feel bloated every morning but unless they don't milk you for
a day there will be no pain from producing milk."

"I'll walk slowly so you can keep up."

"Thank you, Sarah."

Sarah smiled at her. She knew how Tina felt she had been in the same position
some years ago. She was never made to milk but she didn't want to scare Tina.
Milking could be made very painful indeed depending on how they milked her. Once
in the kitchen Sarah told Tina to sit down and she would bring the silver for
her to polish. Sitting down allowed Tina to close her legs and somewhat relieve
the strain on her pussy lips. Tina liked Sarah. Gina had not lied to her Sarah
was very nice. While Tina was busy in the kitchen Gina was on her way to the
stables. Gina walked slowly trying to prepare herself for the pain to come. She
waved to Tom as she walked by him and he smiled at her. When she reached the
stable, she found Sammy sitting in a chair smoking and playing with her clit.

"There you are. I was told to expect you this morning. Time to have your pussy
rings installed."

"Yes Master told me to go see you for my next fitting."

"Do you like my rings, Gina?"

"They look very nice."

"Being a redhead both up and down makes gold rings look really great. You being
a brunette will still make gold rings stand out though. How are your nipples

"Still a bit sore but I like the rings."

"The lips will swell up a bit more at first than your nipples did but the
soreness disappears quicker down there. Shall we get started?"

"Yes." Gina replied a little apprehensive.

"Get yourself up on the table here and put your feet in the stirrups. I'll take
care of the rest. Oh..If you need to pee do it in the hay over there first. I
don't want to be sprayed in the face." Sammy laughed.

Gina thought for a second and then decided it was best to pee. She went over to
the hay in the corner, spread her lips, and peed. When she was done, she got up
on the table.


"Yes." Gina said with a slight tremor in her voice.

Sammy secured Gina's feet in the stirrups and but a wide leather belt over her
lower abdomen. The belt was tightened so that Gina had very little movement
below her waist. Sammy spread the stirrups wide and locked them in place. Gina
was now wide open. She then strapped thigh straps on Gina with clamps just like
the ones Tina was wearing. Once she had her lips stretched and clamped, she went
to work. The first hot needle went through Gina's left pussy lip at the top.
Gina hollered from the pain. Sammy paid her no notice. Removing the needle, she
inserted the ring. The next needle was placed at the middle of Gina's left lip.
Again, Gina let out a loud scream. The pain in her pussy lips was intense. Tears
ran down her cheeks and she couldn't stop her screaming. Sammy did not miss a
beat and the third needle went through the lower part of the left lips.

Having placed all three rings in their holes, she brought out the soldering iron
and soldering the rings shut. Gina didn't stop screaming at the top of her

"There that's one side done. I'll give you a few to compose yourself before I do
the other lip. You do look very good down here these rings are a little smaller
than your nipple rings but they are gold rings too."

Gina could still feel the pain racing through her lip but she stopped screaming
for the moment. Still sobbing with tears running down her face, she looked down
at her pussy. Her lip was now adorned with three rings, red and it was starting
to swell a little. Sammy applied the cream to the holes and rings and was
turning them in their holes. The cream helped ease the pain somewhat and the
rings were starting to cool off. Gina started to relax a little. Not wanting to
drag this out any longer than needed, since Gina would have one additional task
to perform once the rings were in place, Sammy went to work on the right lip.
Gina resumed her howling and screaming. The burning pain was incredible. Soon
all six rings were in place and Gina was released from the table.

"Lets have a look at you. When the redness and swelling goes down you'll like
perfect down there. Three rings are just right for you. Some can take five
without looking to cluttered down there but that wouldn't look good on you."

"Only one more fitting to go unless Master wants you to have a nose ring."

Gina still sobbing and feeling the burning pain in her pussy lips wasn't sure
what the last fitting was.

"One more fitting?" She asked.

"Of course." Sammy said. Tugging at her own clit ring.

"Oh that must hurt really bad." Gina sobbed.

"I won't kid you. It hurts like hell. It is the worst fitting but it is great
fun once it heals."

"If you wear panties the ring will rub at your clit the whole time make you wet
and horny. Just moving the ring around a bit makes you wet." Sammy explained.

"Oh." Gina was still trying to collect herself.

Sammy wasted no time and told Gina to get down on her knees in front of the
chair. Sammy sat down and pulled Gina's face into her pussy.

"Lets see if Sarah has taught you how to eat a pussy, it's my reward for the
work I did on you. I'm sure Master didn't tell you about this part though."

Gina didn't mind eating Sammy's pussy; she had eaten Sarah for a whole night. It
was clear to Gina that the higher-ranking slaves got rewards and Gina obeyed.
She stuck her tongue in Sammy's pussy and sucked on her clit. Sammy soon became
very wet. Gina increased the pace and she could sense Sammy being close to
cuming. She got one final surprise, when Sammy came she squirted a great deal
and Gina's face got soaked with pussy juice. Gina first thought Sammy had peed
but she soon realized it was all pussy juice. Sammy was laughing.

"You didn't expect to be drenched did you?"

"No. I never experienced anything like this."

"Not everybody squirts but Alex has a drug she is trying out and if that works I
won't be the only one here squirting. I hear Tina was treated with the drug so
we just have to wait and see. Now lick my pussy clean but don't clean your

"Master will want to see if you performed or not. You should be proud though,
not everybody can make me squirt."

"Oh" Gina said again as she cleaned Sammy's pussy with her tongue.

Sammy stroked Gina's hair and then pulled her to her feet.

"You better get back to Master. I'm sure he wants to see how his new slave
looks. You are almost looking like a real slave now."

"I will see you again and not just for your fitting." Sammy grinned at Gina.

She waved to her as she went out the door. Walking wasn't real comfortable the
rings kept moving in her lips, which caused her some pain. Sammy had given her
more liquid to treat the pussy rings with the same as she still did with her
nipple rings. Gina gingerly headed back to Master's quarters. The pussy juice on
her face started to dry and it felt kind of funny. Almost as one of those beauty
masks women put on. There was a slight odor as well but not bad smelling but
Gina did smell like pussy. When Gina returned to Master's quarters she was told
to lie down and spread her legs. Master toyed with the rings in her pussy and
tugged at them.

"Very nice. You are starting to look like a slave should. We still have a few
things that needs to be done but I'll let the rings heal first."

"I have some more work to do so lay still and have a rest."

"Yes Master."

Master returned to his monitors and Gina could see the main monitor was directed
at Linda. Gina couldn't see the entire monitor from were she was lying. Linda on
the other hand could hear the sound of high heels approaching. Alex looked over
Linda and then said.

"Morning cow. It is time to do some work on you again. First we must do our
daily massage."

Alex grabbed Linda's left udder and started pulling and squeezing it. Linda
moaned. The burning pain wasn't so bad anymore but her udders were stretching
her skin very tightly. Linda could feel that your udders had been filling up and
when Alex squeezed them there was far less give to the skin. The first couple of
days Linda had been able to feel the fluid moving around in here udders when
they were squeezed but now there was far less movement inside. Alex could feel
that the fluid had converted to fat a lot quicker than she thought it would. The
new drug Linda was getting in her food must be working. This was good news to
Alex. It meant tits could be grown in half the time. She must remember to tell
Master so Tina could be given the drug too. Linda continued to moan as Alex
manhandled her udders. Alex then tugged on the tubes on the suckers. They were
ready for the next injection because they had grown nicely. Alex removed the
tubes to get a better feel on the suckers. They didn't retract a bit when the
tubes were removed and although the skin on them was very tight, the sucker was
ready for more. At 3/4 inch now Alex would inject enough to stretch them to 1
1/4 inches this time. She squeezed both the suckers and the reacted as they
should by getting hard. Alex stuck two fingers in Linda's pussy and sure enough,
she was wet.

"Ok cow. Your suckers have grown nicely and they are ready to grow more. I'll
inject enough this time to get them up to 1 1/4 inch. It might be a bit painful
for you but then you like to be a proper cow, so a little pain shouldn't worry

"Uhhgggmm." Linda tried to speak but the tube in her mouth prevented any
comprehensible words coming out.

"I know cow. You want them much longer than that but one step at the time."

Linda felt panic. She wanted to tell these people she had enough and she would
do anything to just get out of her present predicament. Linda was mentally
exhausted even if she physically wasn't in bad shape. Her legs were tired from
being stretched and not being able to bend them but overall she was in pretty
good shape.

"Since your udders have settled in I think it would be good for you to get some
exercise. I had planned on the leg machine but you are good enough for the
carousel without hurting your udders." Alex told Linda.

Alex proceeded to remove the tube from Linda's mouth and her legs were unhooked
from the ceiling chains. Alex pulled on Linda's arms to get her off the swing
and to stand her up. Linda wobbled since she wasn't prepared to stand up and her
high heels made it more difficult. Linda got her balance back and Alex bent down
to remove her heels.

"Don't think you would run very well in these so it is best you run in your
stocking feet."

"Please Mistress. Please remove my hood I'll do anything you want."

"Ah I see you haven't lost your voice but the hood stays on and the heels will
go back on when you are done with your workout."

"Please Mistress."

"Be quiet you silly cow. Otherwise, you'll just make it harder on yourself. I
will let you pee first but the plug in your ass stays as well."

Linda was about to beg again but though better of it. Her ass was very sore from
having the butt plug in for so long but when Alex told her to pee, she let her
bladder go, at least that gave her some relief.

"One last thing before your exercise. I need to inject your suckers."

Without waiting for any response from Linda, she injected the right sucker and
then attached the tube again pumping out the air until the tip of the sucker
reached the 1 1/4 mark.

"Aaaaaarrggggghhh." Linda howled.

The burning was bad but the stretching was almost worse. It felt like her nipple
had been torn from her tit. Linda had still not gotten used to thinking about
them as udders and suckers. Alex swiftly repeated the process on the left


Linda was in pain again even if the suckers now got all her attention. Alex
attached the leash to her collar and tugging on led Linda away. The carousel was
outside next to the day pen where Jackie was busy being fucked by Nero at the
moment. Linda felt the fresh air on her body and took a deep breath. The corset
didn't allow her to fill her lungs but the fresh air felt good. Alex started to
attach Linda to the carousel, which consisted of a horizontal wheel with several
rods sticking out from the center.

Linda's wrist and waist were attached to one rod. Her wrists spread about two
feet apart. This caused Linda to moan loudly since her shoulders were stiff from
being tightly bound behind her back for days. Her collar leash was hooked onto
the rod one over from her waist and wrists. This forced Linda to slightly bend

"You are now on the carousel cow. When it starts moving you better keep up pace.
At first, it will turn slowly but the speed will increase until you are at full
gallop. If you fall it will simply drag you along which would be painful on your
neck. Once every hour it will stop to allow you get watered. Sue will see to
that. I would also use that break to pee if you need to."

"Here we go. Enjoy your exercise."

Alex flipped a switch and the wheel started turning. Linda felt the tug at her
collar and a pull at her waist from the rods and she started walking.  The pace
was slow for the first three go arounds then the speed increased and Linda had
to quicken her pace. Alex watched Linda with amusement. Pretty soon, she would
be running and sweating. The corset would make it hard for her to breath but she
would learn quickly to take short quick breaths. Her hood would absorb most of
the sweat from her head but she would feel incredible hot under there. Linda was
now jogging to keep pace with the wheel. Her udders bounced a little but not
very much, they were rather firm even when the cow was jogging. Jackie wasn't
being used now and she couldn't help looking at poor Linda. She was amazed to
see how different she now looked. Those tubes swinging from her tits looked
really strange to Jackie. Jackie had started to feel a slight tightness in her
own tits but when she squeezed them nothing happen and they felt ok. Jackie got
no more time to think about it for the moment since Hannibal was in the mood for
fucking his bitch. Jackie thought perhaps it best to take him in her ass since
Alex was around. She only had Play Boy do her in the ass so far today. There was
a bit of stinging as Hannibal was eager and just pushed straight home even if he
couldn't get his knot in Jackie's ass. Jackie was stretching but she was still
far away from taking the knot in her ass even her pussy had trouble with that.
Master arrived to check on everything and by now Linda was running rather than
jogging. She was breathing hard already.

"I see you decided to exercise the cow. How is she coming along?"

 "Better than expected. Her udders have settled much faster than I thought. That
new drug must help speed up the conversion. Her suckers are now stretched to 1
1/4 inch and one more treatment the day after tomorrow and her suckers should be
ready and set for good. She isn't producing any milk yet but I expect she will
start in a few days."

"I have started stretching her ass but she will need to get on the machine to
really get loose back there."

"Still she coming along pretty good then." Master said.

"Oh yes. She still begged when the tube was out of her mouth though."

"She had little opportunity to learn manors and obedience but we will correct
that later once she is in the barn."

"Yes that won't be a problem. Punishment milking is very persuasive." Alex

"Yes it certainly can be."

Both Master and Alex were laughing at the milking punishment. Linda would
certainly get better acquainted with various ways of milking in due time. Linda
was now having trouble breathing and keeping up the pace. She had slipped twice
already and her feet had been scraped. Master told Alex she better reduce the
pace or the cow would fall down dead. Alex didn't share Master's opinion, she
wanted the cow totally exhausted to the point were she would collapse and have
difficult breathing at all but she did do what she was told. If the cow died
there would be hell to pay for her even if the cow was damaged from the exercise
she could be in trouble.

Linda was relieved when the wheel finally slowed and she could catch her breath
a little, still there was no rest and the hood was getting like an oven on her
head. Sweat was pouring from her body and she had almost forgotten about the
burning in her nipples. Her muscles were starting ache from going to not being
used to heavy strain. Her heart was racing and the blood pumping in her veins.
There was no way she would last the rest of the day out here.

"Do you want to give Tina the drug as well? Her udders would be ready much
quicker then."  Alex asked.

"Yes that's a good idea. Send up a bottle with instruction on dosage to my
quarters or does it have to be injected?"

"No it can be mixed in the food or taken straight."

"It looks like the cows udders have set enough that she doesn't need to be in
the swing anymore. So put her in the cage tonight."

"Ok. Yes, she will be fine now there isn't any need to have the udders hanging
down; they are firm enough now that they will not sag. Tina is younger and she
was in better shape to start with so she shouldn't sag even though she hasn't
had her udders hanging." Alex told Master.

"That's good. Even if it wouldn't matter that much on her unless I turn her into
a pony after the house."

"True but I could always correct it with surgery."

"Yes but that would leave scars and ponies have to be perfect otherwise they
loose value in a sale."

"Scars on a pony means you have to sell her as a mare rather than a pony no
matter what the scars are from. Surgery or whippings wouldn't matter if there
are scars from anything they sell as mares rather than ponies." Master added.

"That's true." Alex replied.

Linda was being dragged more by the wheel than running with it and Alex realized
she had to give her break or she might collapse totally. Alex stopped the wheel,
grabbed a hose, and sprayed Linda with cold water. Linda recovered enough to
stand up on her feet but she had been close to overheating under the hood. The
cold water hit her hard and it hurt a little when it hit the abused areas of her
body but it cooled her off and her breathing, which had been very labored
started to get back to a more normal rate. Alex kept spraying her with the cold
water until Linda's breathing had returned too normal. Alex also gave her water
to drink and Linda still very tired and exhausted from the run started to return
to normal even if her muscles were now aching.

"That was a nice workout for you cow. The rest of the day the wheel will be set
to a walking pace."

Alex reset the speed of the wheel and started it up again. Linda could have used
a longer rest but at least she only had to walk now. Linda had easily lost 2
pounds in just fluids and Alex made mental note to give here more to drink in
even intervals.

"Don't overdo it Alex." Master said as he walked way.

"I won't the cow will be just fine." Alex replied.

Alex had not missed the severity of the warning in Master's words. He clearly
wasn't real pleased with the harshness of the first session at the wheel. If she
didn't take care, she might not get her guinea pig or even worse, she would be
put on the wheel herself. Alex wasn't in bad shape but certainly not in near
enough shape to handle the wheel like Linda just had done. Alex stayed with
Linda until she was sure that the pace on the wheel was slow enough for Linda
without having her overheat again. She then went to fetch Sue who was suspended
from the ceiling by her tits. Sue was being punished for not getting Jackie out
in the day pen on time this morning. The rest of the punishment would have to
wait until this evening since Alex needed her to water the cow every 20 minutes
or so. Alex didn't want to sit out there all afternoon; she still had some work
to do with the tapes.  While Alex went to release Sue and send her out to watch
and water Linda, Master returned to his quarters and took another look at Gina's
new rings. Sammy had done an excellent job as usual even if Gina showed some
minor swelling.

"Can't use your pussy for a week or so until the piercings has healed somewhat.
Don't want to get them infected. So for the next week I will use your ass
instead every time." Master informed Gina.

"Yes Master."

"There is your mouth as well of course and that will get some use too."

"To save time I have decided you might as well get your clit ring put in
tomorrow. That way everything down there will heal at the same time."

Gina didn't like that idea but then again better to get it over with since it
was going to be done sooner or later anyway. She had hoped to at least get a few
days break until the pain and soreness from the pussy lips piercing had gone
away. Sue arrived with a bottle for Master on her way to tend to the cow.

"Mistress said the instructions are on the bottle Master." Sue told him.

"Very good. Are you taking care of the cow today?"

"Yes Master and I were told to exercise the bitch as well in-between the
watering of the cow."

"Good. Throw her ball or bone a couple of times and make sure she fetches well
and quickly."

 "Yes Master" Sue replied.

Sue left to tend to the two women outside and Master turned to Gina and said.

"Since Tina is in your charge you must make sure she gets a tablespoon of this
drug at every meal. It will help her udders to convert fat better."

"I'll make sure she gets it with every meal Master."

 "Come and kneel beside me while we watch the wedding tape of the bitch. It
looks like Alex has finished with it and it is ready to be offered to our

Master walked over to the desk and sat down in his chair while Gina followed him
and knelt beside his chair. Gina had of course watched the whole ordeal as it
took place but watching the video of the event was still making Gina wet as she
was watching the tape. Master watched in silence make a note here and there.
After the wedding tape was done, the tape of Tina in her cage came on.

Gina had seen some of it in real life but far from all of it. As she watched,
she was still wet but she also felt sorry for Tina. It must have been absolutely
horrifying to be in that cage for so long and painful as well. Gina could only
imaging what the cage smelled like. Gina didn't really care for the toilet
ordeal Tina had to put up with in her cage. It actually made a little sick to
her stomach watching Tina pee in her cage and having to stand in her own waste.
Gina was amazed that Tina was still of sound mind after having gone through all
that. Master made some more notes and then typed a message to Alex on the
computer. Gina couldn't see what he was typing but she felt lucky she seemed to
have escaped with the mildest treatment of the four women even if she had been
pierced, fucked, and cropped. Gina had no illusions however, she knew there
would be days when Master would inflict pain and that she would suffer painful
and straining bondage and other torments.  Master was scanning the monitor to
see how Linda and Jackie were doing. Sue was throwing a ball for the bitch and
she was dutifully crawling to fetch it. Jackie's knees hurt but she crawled to
fetch as quickly as she could. Sue finally stopped throwing the ball and Jackie
crawled over in the shade to lie down. She was sweating and she felt dirty and
smelly. She hadn't been washed for a couple of days and her stockings and heels
were torn from the crawling and spending her days on her knees. Sometimes it was
even hard for her to stretch her legs when she lay down. She didn't make it over
to the shade before Nero prodded her for a fuck. Jackie leaned forward, put her
ass in the air, and waited for Nero to mount her. Linda in the meanwhile was
walking in the carousel her breathing had gotten back to normal but her legs
were starting to really hurt. She doubted that she would be able to walk all day
in the heat without getting a break. The hood was still like an oven; if she
could just be let out of the hood and the corset, it wouldn't be so bad walking
around out there. Tina was getting a break at the moment. Sitting down made it
easier on her stretched pussy lips and polishing silver was perhaps a bit boring
but the easiest task she had performed so far. Sarah was busy preparing lunch
and in between doing paper work.

"Time for you to bring up lunch to Master, Tina." Sarah said.

"You can finish the silver after lunch unless Master has other plans for you."

Sarah had the tray ready and Tina stood up taking the tray and gingerly walking
toward the door with the tray. Walking still was the worst task Tina had to do
now every step tugged and pulled at her pussy lips and that made the burning
flare up in them again. Tina stopped on her way to take a quick look in a hall

She hardly recognized herself. She never wore much make-up before. Now she had
red lips, bright red nails, thick eyeliner and a little green eye shadow. Her
breasts were much bigger and looked swollen but still a nice round shape. The
tubes attached to her nipples looked freakish and her nipples would be much
longer even if she couldn't really tell with the tubes on them.  The tube on her
clit made it impossible to tell how the clit looked but she could clearly see
her swollen and stretched pussy lips. Tina spread her legs just a tiny bit and
her pussy was wide open. With the corset, stockings and heels she truly looked
like a whore not Tina the office girl. Tina sighed she had a new life now.
Nobody would want Tina the whore for anything that just to use her.

It didn't matter of course she would never go back to dating men anyway. She
would just live here or maybe someplace like this. She still wasn't sure that
Master would keep her. From all the talk she had heard and from what Sarah had
told her most of the women were never kept here on the island, they were sold to
others. The island was simply just a training camp and only a lucky few as Sarah
had put it was kept here. Tina had asked Sarah how many women had been trained
here but Sarah had just told her that there had been many over the years she had
been here. There were between 10 - 20 women each year that passed through here,
she had said. Tina's heart sank when she thought about that fact if there was
that many women brought to the island and only Sarah, Sammy, and Sue had been
kept then her chances of staying here wasn't very good. More than likely she
thought she would be sold. Maybe her chance of staying was if she could convince
Master she would make a good pony, after all Tina was sure staying here would be
far better than being sold to some unknown new owner. She took one last look in
the mirror and then hurried on with the lunch tray. Taking too long wasn't going
to be good or help her in her quest to stay on the island. When she arrived,
Master turned toward her and with a touch of teasing or even slightly evil tone
in his voice said.

"Did you enjoy your little look in the mirror Tina?"

"Sorry Master I couldn't help myself."

Tina suddenly felt a little scared. There was nothing that Master couldn't see
on his monitors and he hardly missed anything. It dawn on her that stopping to
look in the mirror was something she hadn't been told to do and that could mean
she would get punished for it.

"Had you been told to look in the mirror Tina?"

"No master. I'm very sorry."

 "You must learn to do only what you have been told to do, nothing more and
nothing less."

"Yes Master. I'm so sorry."

"Sorry is a five letter word Tina but it doesn't mean anything. After Lunch Gina
will give you your punishment and then I'll punish Gina for not taking care that
you behaved."

Gina didn't feel that was fair. She couldn't be blamed for what Tina did when
she wasn't with her. Gina shot Tina a bit of a nasty look. Tina regretted having
stopped now and she certainly didn't need Gina to be mad at her as well.

"Master, Gina wasn't at fault. She had told me to just do what I was told and
nothing else."

Tina hoped that would get Gina of the hook. She knew that making an enemy of
Gina could have serious and painful consequences.

"So you think you should receive Gina's punishment as well then?"

Tina hadn't really counted on that twist but she was now trapped by her own

"Yes Master. It was all my fault."

"What do you think Gina?" Master said turning toward Gina.

The ball was now squarely in Gina's court. On one hand, she didn't think she
should be punished but remembering the tape of Tina in the cage, she felt a
double punishment for Tina wasn't fair either. Gina had to make a decision.

"It was partly my fault Master for not stressing to Tina not to do nothing she
hadn't been told to do." She finally said.

Master smiled. He knew that both women were now desperately trying to stay on
each other's good side. This was partly due to fear that the wrong answer might
earn either of them to loose the few privileges they now enjoyed and partly
because they didn't need to make enemies of each other.

"So what should I do then?" Master asked the two slaves.

"Punish both of us Master." Gina said."

"Punish me Master." Tina replied.

"You two better make up your minds here. Which is it going to be?"

Master was going to make this as hard on both on them as possible. He had always
been extremely good at playing mind games on his slaves or training objects.
This would certainly leave both slaves with a dilemma. Gina had a brilliant

"Flip a coin Master. Heads we both get punished tails Tina gets punished."

"Yes that would be fair Master." Tina piped in.

Master kept a straight face even if he thought that Gina had solved the problem
very cleverly. This way there would be no hard feelings between them. Tina would
get punished regardless so that wasn't an option but flipping a coin gave Gina a
chance without having to upset Tina by saying only Tina should be punished.
Considering the situation this was the fairest solution for both of them. Master
wasn't quite finished with his game however.

"Very well. If the coin turns up heads, Gina will first punish Tina and then
Tina will punish Gina. If it is tails then Gina will punish Tina and if she
doesn't do a good job I'll punish Gina."

Both women looked at each other. Master still had managed to put a twist on this
whole thing. Both however answered yes Master. Master went to get a coin, showed
it to the women, and then flipped it up in the air. Tina and Gina's eyes
followed the coin as it fell to the floor. The coin came up heads.

"Lets eat first then you two can punish each other. That way you'll have some
time to think of a appropriate punishment."

Oh no. Gina thought. We have to decide how to punish each other too. This was
going to be hard. Tina had the same thought. Neither one would enjoy lunch very
much. What punishment would be good enough yet not to painful for the other?

Both women were racking their brains. Gina almost forgot to give Tina her drug
but she saved herself from any further mistake with the drug. Taking the bottle,
she poured a tablespoon and told Tina to open wide and swallow. Tina obeyed and
swallowed the slightly bitter medicine.

"You must take this with every meal, Tina." Gina explained to her.

"It will help your breasts...hmm udders to convert the injections to fat
quicker." She continued.

She hoped her little slip calling them breast instead of udders wasn't going to
prove to be another reason for punishment. Master didn't give any indication
that he had noticed. He was eating away looking at some papers. Both Gina and
Tina ate very little and slowly. When Master was finished with lunch he lit a
cigarette and leaned back in his chair.

"Now then what have you decided on as far as punishment?"

"I'm really not sure what would please you Master." Gina said.

"Me neither Master."

"I see. Well let me give you a couple of things to choose from since neither one
of you seem to be able to decide."

""Thank you Master." Both slaves said.

"Don't thank me yet. By not deciding yourself the choices might very well be
harder than you would have suggested."

They knew they had made a mistake as soon as Master said that. It was too late
now though. They would have to pick one of Masters suggestions.

"Gina your choices are: 10 strokes with the crop, the mint oil coated ass dildo
or the enema treatment. Tina your choices are as follows: 5 strokes with the
cane, the ant farm, or the restrictor."

Except for the cropping and caning, neither of them knew what the other
punishments entailed. The ass dildo seemed clear enough but somehow there must
be a twist to it. Gina didn't like enemas so she wouldn't pick that. The crop
seemed to be the safest choice at least she knew how that would feel. Tina
didn't like the sound of the ant farm that must be something like the mosquitoes
in the cage. The restrictor she had no idea what that could be. She hadn't felt
the cane but at least she understood what that meant.

"10 strokes with the crop Master." Gina had made her choice.

"5 strokes with the cane Master." Tina picked her fate as well.

"Very well. Gina you will give Tina 10 strokes with the crop first then Tina
will give you 5 strokes with the cane."

The slaves looked at each other they thought they had picked the punishment they
would receive not give.  Cane or crop there couldn't be much difference Gina
thought. Tina was just scared. She had never been beaten before and didn't know
what to expect. Master was enjoying himself. Neither one would hit the other
very hard.  At least Gina would go easy. Tina might be tempted to hit harder in

"Secure Tina to the cross and let's begin."

"Yes Master"

Taking Tina by her leash, Gina led her over to the cross. Grabbing Tina's left
wrist she stretched it toward the wrist cuff on the cross. It wouldn't quite
reach so Gina had to bring a low stool for Tina to stand on while her wrists
were secured to the cuff on the cross. When Gina attached the ankles to the
other end of the cross, Tina screamed. Her pussy lips got stretched very
painfully and it felt like they had been pulled off completely. Having her legs
spread that far apart was indeed very painful for Tina. She didn't even notice
the strain in her arms and wrist from carrying her whole weight on the cross.
Master walked over and inspected Tina.

"You may begin Gina." He said handing her the crop.

"Remember how this should be done and if I think you are going easy the stroke
won't count."

"Yes Master."

Tina was sobbing and straining in her bounds. Her pussy lips felt like burning

"You must cunt out every stroke Tina and if you loose count I will have to start
over. Do you understand?"

"Yes" Tina sobbed.

Gina had no idea how hard to swing the crop but not wanting to have to give more
blows than necessary, she applied as much force in her swing as she thought
would be acceptable. The first blow landed hard right across Tina's ass.


Gina was silently trying to get Tina to count. Count she whispered as softly as
she could.

"One" Tina sobbed.

She had totally forgot about the counting. The pain in her buttocks was
incredible. It stung and burned. Gina didn't give her much time to think and the
second blow landed on Tina's ass. Tina howled again but this time she remembered
to count. Gina wasn't sure if she was hitting to hard or not but so far Master
had not disallowed the blows. Gina could see there were two bright red welts
forming on Tina's ass and she knew how painful it was. She didn't enjoy this.
She quickly gave Tina the last eight blows with the same result every time but
Tina did count at least.

Tina's ass was on fire and she had some very bright red welts there too. She was
in pain and her pussy lips had been forgotten for the moment. She was hoarse
from screaming and tears were streaming down her cheeks. Why did Gina have to
hit her so hard? Surely, she could have done it a little milder. When Gina
released her ankles and Tina could close her legs, she felt the burning in her
now very sore pussy lips. When her wrists were released, she simply slumped to
the floor. Kneeling by the cross and sobbing Tina thought her pussy lips had
been torn away and she was sure her ass was bleeding and cut. Gina bent down and
stroked her head.

"It is over now. It will burn for awhile but you'll be fine."

Gina could tell it would take a lot for Tina to carry out her part of the
punishment but she was also afraid that Tina would gather all her strength to
pay back Gina. Maybe she had overdone the cropping. Master was smiling. He knew
once Tina had a chance to recover a little that she would be angry and Gina
would feel the cane hard on her ass.

"You better get moving Tina and get Gina ready for her punishment. We haven't
got all afternoon for this."

"Yes Master." Tina sobbed.

Her make-up was running and her eyes redden from tears but she managed to stand
up and with some effort secured Gina to the cross. When Gina hung on the cross
and Tina seemed to have recovered enough to carry out the caning, she was handed
a nasty looking cane by Master. The cane was of the fiberglass type and had
quite a bit of swish to it not like a bamboo cane that wouldn't flex at all.
Tina gathered her strength and swung the cane. At first, Gina only heard the
swish but felt nothing as the cane landed. That only lasted a second then bolts
of pain shot through her ass like lightning bolts. Gina screamed at the top of
her lungs.


The pain was something she couldn't have imagined in her worst nightmare and
after the initial pain it seemed like the pain rippled through her time and time

Tina could see how the welt swelled up in an angry red line across Gina's ass.
Where the tip of the cane had hit there was even a drop of blood. Tina got a
little scared at the sight maybe she had used to much force. She held back a
little on the second blow but there was still the same angry red welt and Gina
screamed just as loudly. Tina actually felt bad. She wasn't enjoying this at
all. She hesitated to swing again until Master's voice rang out.

"You can change places with Gina and I'll give you the last three blows with the
cane if you like."

Tina knew her ass couldn't take anymore and she was sure Master swung the cane
and crop much harder than either of them did. She swung for the third time and
Gina screamed and cried as the pain again rippled through her ass. Not waiting
Tina thought it was better to get it over with and quickly landed the last two
blows. Gina was now in severe agony and pain. The cropping she had gotten from
Master was bad but the cane was much much worse. She could feel there was some
blood dripping down her ass too. When she was released from the cross, she
collapsed just like Tina had done before. Both slaves were in pain sobbing and
their faces a mess from the make-up running. Having to punish each other was not
something they would want to do ever again. Being punished was bad enough.

"You better go clean yourself up and then present yourself kneeling by my chair.
I want you to be presentable as a slave should be in 45 minutes."

"Yes Master." The both replied between sobs.

The slaves helping each other washed their faces, applied new make-up and then
very carefully put cream on their burning assess. Making sure their stocking and
heels was in order and in Tina's case her corset too, they slowly walked over
and knelt by Master's chair. Master made them stand up for the inspection and he
carefully looked over both slaves. They would be sore and have a hard time to
sit for a day or two but there was no damage. He paid special attention to
Tina's pussy lips to make sure the lips hadn't be torn by the stretching on the
cross. They had swelled up a bit but otherwise they were not damaged. They would
hurt a bit more than they had and making Tina walk too much now would not be a
good idea.

"Did you finish in the kitchen Tina?"

"No Master. I still have more silver to polish."

"Well, slaves what have we learnt today?"

"To obey and only do exactly what we have been told to do Master." Tina replied.

"I'm very sorry for my mistake with the mirror Master."

"What have you learnt Gina?"

"To make sure that a task I been given is done properly and to make sure I have
given full and complete instructions." Gina answered with her head lowered.

"What are you?"

"Slaves, Master."

"What is your purpose?"

"To serve and please in any way Master deem fit."

"Who owns you?"

"You do Master. We are here to serve your every need."

"I hope you won't forget that again. Tina, you go down to the kitchen with the
dishes. You can take your time walking there but don't stop to admire yourself
in any mirrors."

"I won't Master."

Walking with very small steps Tina picked up the try and went on her way back to
the kitchen. Gina was told to kneel between Master's legs and to get his cock
out and keeping it in her mouth without sucking on it after it was hard. Master
then returned his attention to his monitors and paper work. Linda was still
staggering around on the carousel while Jackie was just lying around in the
shade. It was time to get Jackie cleaned up and make a few adjustments to her.
Alex's suggestion to have her lips stretched was a good idea and it might be
time to inject her so she would start milking. By five o'clock in the afternoon,
Linda was exhausted and she was now having trouble even keeping up with the
walking pace of the carousel. It was time to get her out of there and have her
fed. Master pushed a button on the keyboard and told Sue to bring Linda to the
cage and to feed the bitch. Sue stopped the carousel and released Linda who
promptly dropped to her knees.

"Just wait here cow while I feed the bitch and put her back in her pen."

Linda didn't answer so Sue kicked her in her side. Sue was in a foul mood and
she had more punishment waiting for her.

"Stand up cow. I didn't tell you to lay down."

"Yes Mistress." Linda moaned.

Linda stood up on very shaky legs. She would be very stiff in the morning. Every
muscle in her body was hurting. Her ass was really sore now from the butt plug
and her udders were still burning even if it was far less than it had been. Her
suckers however having been injected that morning were still burning intensely.
Sue went about feeding and putting Jackie back in her own pen for the night.
When she returned to Linda, she smacked her with her short crop she was allowed
to carry.

"Put your heels on cow."

Linda moaned and with some effort got back in her heels. Her feet were sore and
her calves screamed out when her feet were forced back into her heels. Sue then
led Linda back inside and the cool air felt like a godsend to Linda. The hood
was really starting to get to her by now, the sticky leather felt very
restrictive and terribly uncomfortable. Linda making every effort to keep up
with Sue her legs and feet feeling the pain with every step she took. Sue led
her over to the cage and then waited for Master to arrive. Linda's legs were now
starting to shake and even standing was getting to be hard. Master arrived with
his cock standing straight out and as soon as he stopped, Gina fell to her knees
and took it in her mouth. Master looked Linda over and particularly checked her
ass hole to see how the plug was doing. Linda's sphincter was a bit swollen and
red from the constant stretching she had endured the last few days. Her udders
were firming up nicely and when he squeezed them, there was little give in them.
Still no milk though. Linda's pussy had not been touched at all so far except
for the catheter that was still inserted. To avoid any inflammation it would be
best to remove the catheter and let Linda pee in the cage.

"Feed her and take out the catheter, Sue"

"Yes Master."

Sue took the already prepared bowl, which mainly consisted of the usual drugs
and bull semen. Linda opened her mouth and Sue spooned the slimy content of the
bowl into her mouth. Linda had gotten used to the taste and swallowed without

When her feeding was done and the catheter removed which was a great relief to
Linda, she was told to kneel. Linda dropped to her knees not knowing what expect
next. She wished they would remove the hood. She was starting to have trouble
wearing it.

"Now Linda, what are you?" Master's voice rang out.

Linda was almost too tired to think but not answering would mean treatments that
are even more painful. What should she answer? What was she indeed? A woman in
pain? That clearly wasn't the right answer. Linda swallowed hard. In her heart,
she knew the answer but she was having a hard time saying it. Somehow, if she
never admitted it there was still hope she could stay as Linda in her mind.

"I'm waiting."

There was no choice but to answer.

"I'm a cow slave, Master." Linda reluctantly said.

"Do you like being a cow slave?"

She didn't but that seemed to be her fate from now on so with a final sigh Linda
had to give up.

"Yes Master."

"You are not a cow yet, there is still more work to be done on you. Your udders
aren't large enough yet even if your suckers are now almost ready. You are still
not milking, so we can't put you in the barn yet. As soon as you are producing
milk, you will be moved to the barn. The hood will stay on until you are ready
for the barn but Sue will take you to the pool and wash you but first you need
to get on all fours and spread your legs. It is time for your first fucking and
I'm in the mood for cow pussy today."

Linda was a little confused and she didn't get on all fours right away. A swap
from Sue's crop soon made her get on all fours. She didn't really want to be
fucked but there was no choice. As she was standing there, on all fours she
could feel fingers spreading her pussy lips and then in one stroke she felt the
cock buried deep in her pussy. Linda cried out since her pussy was dry and there
was no lubrication at all.

"Now move your ass cow." She heard Sue ordering her.

"Yes Mistress."

Linda started to rock back and forth making the cock in her pussy slide in and
out. When the initial pain subsided and her pussy started to lubricate the
fucking actually started to make Linda moan. She could feel the cock hitting
against the butt plug in her ass and that gave her some discomfort even so Linda
was starting to enjoy the fucking ad to her own surprise there was even the
budding signs of an orgasm building. Linda moaned and grunted as Sue prompted
her with her crop.

"Faster cow. Master doesn't want to be stuck fucking you all day."

Linda increased her rocking motion and the cock now slid in and out with ease.
It wasn't long before Linda felt the hot semen spurting in her pussy and then
the cock was pulled out.

"Now turn around cow you must learn to always clean a cock with your mouth after
you been used." Sue told her.

Since Linda couldn't see, she simply just turned around and opened her mouth.
Master put his cock in her mouth and Linda started sucking and licking it.

"Not too bad cow. You are a descent fuck but we will need to train you better.
Mainly we need to make sure you are always wet. I don't like a dry hole.
Secondly you need to work harder it takes you too long to make a cock cum.
Perhaps you were trying to prolong it for your own enjoyment."

"No Master. I'm just very tired Master."

"I'm not interested in excuses. You better show improvement next time."

"Yes Master."

"A cow serves two purposes or perhaps if she is a good cow three. She needs to
be a good milk producer, an excellent fuck and maybe a good breeder."

"Yes Master."

Linda's head was spinning. She was to be nothing but an animal from now on. She
might never have an orgasm again or feel satisfaction from a sexual encounter.
Linda had tears in her eyes. She felt degraded and humiliated.

"Finally you need to learn to obey quickly and completely and to remember being
fucked is a reward and not something you should expect if you don't give proper

Linda had to think about that for a minute but then she finally uttered.

"Thank you, Master"

"That's not the right way." Sue told her.

"Thank you for fucking or using your cow, Master, is the proper response." Sue

"Thank you for fucking your cow Master" Linda repeated.

"That's better hopefully you'll learn, if not you'll be sold as a guinea pig to
someone that needs one to test new training methods or drugs on."

The thought of being a guinea pig and perhaps die a very slow and painful death
or be mutilated scared Linda. Was there no end to this hell?

"I'm sorry Master I will learn quickly."

"Clean the cow and then put some new stockings on her and leave her in the cage
for the night." Master told Sue.

"Yes Master."

Gina had replaced Linda between Master's legs and dutifully had taken his now
semi-erect cock in her mouth. Gina wouldn't make any more mistakes today at
least. Her ass simply couldn't handle the crop or cane again.

"Make sure she can't remove the butt plug when you secure her for the night."

"Yes Master. I'll make sure she is tied up so she can't remove anything."


Master turned around and his cock slipped out of Gina's mouth. Gina quickly
stood up and followed him back to the quarters.

Sue brought Linda to the pool and as soon as she had removed her heels, she
shoved her into the pool. When Linda hit the warm water, she thought she was
going to drown but she soon found her footing and stood up in the pool.

Sue handed her a bar of soap and told her to remove her stocking and wash
herself. Linda was given half an hour in the pool and when Sue finally was
satisfied that Linda was clean, she ordered her out of the pool, handed her a
pair of new stocking which Linda with some difficulty finally got put on.
Linda's corset was wet and so were the hood and the rest of her body as she
wasn't allowed to dry of but simply led back to the cage. Sue attached Linda's
wrist to her collar and then pushed her into the cage.

"Good night cow. See you in the morning."

Linda sat down but found sitting down with the butt plug in wasn't really
comfortable so she tried to curl up in a fetal position and lay down. The floor
in the cage wasn't comfy but at least her tired legs and feet got a rest. Linda
sobbed a little how could this have happened to her? These people had reduced
her to a mere animal and there was more to come. She must try and make the best
of her new situation. She had no choice. She was sure however sooner or later
she would go mad. Tina had returned from the kitchen and had brought dinner.
Both slaves preferred to stand and eat the dinner and after dinner, they laid
down on either side of Master while they watched television. Another day had
ended for the four women. Linda fell asleep out of shear tiredness while Jackie
rested in her doghouse. She was still sore from being fucked day in and day out
but it was starting to fade her body was getting used to the constant use. Her
tits still had that tingling feeling and felt like they were tighter than usual.
Tina slept on her stomach even if that caused the burning in her tits to be felt
more. It was still more comfortable than sleeping on her back and ass. Gina too
slept on her stomach but she was more restless, she was scared about tomorrows
clit piercing. Sammy had said it would hurt like hell and she wasn't looking
forward to tomorrow at all. It would be another painful day for her. Alex was
continuing the punishment of Sue. She had been strung up by her tits and her ass
hole had been opened up with a spreader. Alex was at that moment busy applying
mint oil in Sue's ass as far in as her brush would go. Sue was howling from the
burning of her intestines. It would be a long night for her. Sue was in fact the
only person on the island that would get no sleep at all that night.

Jason checked his messages and found that the man on the island needed a guinea
pig plus possibly two more women if he could find any that fit the criteria that
the message outlined. The guinea pig was easy but not very profitable for him.
The other two would require some work and research. True red heads were hard to
find, they had to be young, and pretty of course the hardest part was the fact
they needed to be twins. That would make it hard indeed. Perhaps he would just
get the guinea pig for now even if that would hardly make the trip worthwhile.
Still a small profit was better than no profit at all. Perhaps he could contact
Sanchez and see if he was in the market for a few new whores that would make the
whole trip more worthwhile. Jason turned on his computer and sent a coded
message to Sanchez and one to Alex.  While he waited for replies he went into a
few chat rooms sometimes they proved to be good hunting grounds for him.

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