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Devils Island

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Synopsis: This is a long story. The story follows several women from their abduction to their new lives as slaves and beyond.
                                       1. Devil's Island

The yacht was making good speed across the water toward the island. Jason looked
at the chart and having made this trip before knew he was about six hours out
from Devil's Island. He felt very pleased with his cargo this trip, if he was
close to being right then his profit would be very good indeed. Jason never
handle his cargo himself but let his crew take care of that but all four of them
knew the rules and what would happen if the cargo was damaged in any way. Jack
his first mate was an old hand and a brute of a man. Jason had hired him eight
years ago fresh out of prison. Jack was loyal and Jason trusted him with his
life. They other three had been hand picked by Jack and they all had a somewhat
shady past. They where perfect for the type of cargo Jason carried. As the yacht
made its way, Jason turned to Jack and said.

"Time to get them ready."

Jack nodded and headed below to the cargo hold. When he reached the cargo area,
he flipped on the light and called the rest of the crew. Jack surveyed the four
cages, which each held a young woman. This was the cargo they carried. The yacht
was a slave ship, even if they never carried more than six women at any time.
These women would be sold on Devil's Island, of course the poor women had as of
yet no idea what awaited them but they would find out soon enough. Jack pointed
to the fourth cage and told one of the men to get her. The man unlocked the cage
door, grabbed the woman by her arms, and pulled her out. Linda was an attractive
25year old brunette with a good body and nice breast. She was only 5'6" and 130
lbs and not the one that would fetch the highest price out of the four but she
would still fetch a descent sum. She was still dressed in the clothes she had
worn when Jason had abducted on her way home from work. Like the others she had
been sedated most of the time since then and had no idea how long she had been a
captive. Now she was fully awake and struggled with the man to get free but he
was far too strong for her. Jack stepped up close to her and looked straight at
her with his evil smile.

"Where am I? Let me go." Linda moaned as the grip on her arms was hurting her a

Jack smiled; he loved this part when the women finally understood the situation.

"You'll be going nowhere and from now on you better do as you are told or it
will be very unpleasant for you. See this, he held up a thick cattle prod to
Linda's face.

The first time you don't obey, I'll put it on your nipple, the second time I'll
increase the current on your other nipple and the third time it goes on your
clit at full power. Trust me you won't like that one little bit. It won't kill
you but it will feel like you have been stung by a swarm of bee's and you'll be
dancing around for quite a bit.  It's up to if you want to do this the easy or
hard way but you will obey sooner or later."

Jack grinned showing his large white teeth, like a tiger waiting to strike.
Linda had never seen a cattle prod or felt one, so although she was scared, the
full impact of Jack's words didn't take hold.

"Let me go you bastards" she said in a firm voice. This amused the men and they
looked at each other with evil smiles.

"Strip", Jack ordered.

"In your dreams." Linda replied.

As soon as she had finished the last word, she felt two strong arms holding her
tightly and Jack put the prod to her left nipple. Her t-shirt and bra didn't
shield her from the sharp stinging pain in her left nipple. Linda screamed as
the current hit her. Her knees buckled but the two men held on to her.

"Strip." Jack repeated the order.

"Bastard." Linda screamed but made no effort to strip. The prod hit he right
nipple before she could say anything else. This time it was even worse and Linda
thought her nipple was on fire. The pain was severe. She screamed at the top of
her lungs. The men laughed, they all loved this, of course the best part was
saved for last. Linda now started to regain her composure but was clearly

"Strip" Jack ordered a third time. This time Linda started to pull her t-shirt
off and bent down to untie her sneakers.

"Faster unless your clit is feeling left out of the fun." Jack taunted her.

"No please..I'll do it just no more please." Linda was a bit frantic; she didn't
want that awful thing on her clit. She quickly got her shoes off and pulled down
her jeans. She stood erect but made no move to take her bra and panties off,
Jack slowly brought the tip of the prod toward her clit.

"Nooo..Please don't." She wailed and started to unhook her bra.

Jack grinned it never took them long to get the message. Only a few had ever
tried to resist to the point where he had to put it on the clit and nobody had
disobeyed after that either. Linda was now naked and she tried to cover her
breasts and pussy with her hands and arms. Her breast wasn't large but still a
nice 36C. She had a nice bush even if it wasn't very thick.

"Now here is what you are going to do and remember your clit is now bare no
cloths to dampen the current." Jack said with a smile.

"You will walk over to the shower and bend over hands grabbing your ankles and
wait. Ben here will take care of you but I'll be watching you."

"Now move it." Jack snapped.

Linda was somewhat confused but started walking toward the shower, she had been
sure they would rape her but now they wanted her to shower. Linda realized that
she was in no position to fight these men and perhaps it was better to just go
along and maybe she would get an opportunity to get away. She bent over as she
had been told and as soon as she did, she felt something probing at her asshole.
It' felt cold as it quickly slid inside her.

"Hold still or....." Ben's voice trailed off.

Linda thought of spinning around and get that thing out of her ass but the pain
in her right nipple could still be felt, so she tried to obey. When the water
from the nozzle hit her in her ass, she couldn't help straightening up.

"Don't move. You where told to stay bent over." Ben's voice was harsh.

"Hey Jack she needs another lesson here."

"No no no...Please." Linda was panicking and quickly resumed her position. She
felt something touch her clit and she braced herself for the pain.

"Last chance Linda one more mistake and you'll be dancing with the prod." Jack

"Yes." Linda stammered.

"It's Yes Sir." Jack barked don't forget that.

"No Sir." Linda whispered in a low voice.

She was relieved that there was no pain this time but she was scared too. These
men clearly would not hesitate to hurt her if she didn't obey. The water kept
flowing in her ass and she started to feel bloated.

"Now hold it inside until you get in the shower." Ben told her.

"Yes." Linda replied.

"Yes what?" The words came across very very firm.

"Yes Sir." Linda corrected herself.

"You really are trying hard to get yourself a nice dance aren't you?" Ben said
with a grin.

"No Sir ...Please I'll learn.please." Linda was truly scared now.

"That remains to seen. In the shower now and clean yourself real good. Shave
your legs, wash your hair, wash every inch of your body, and be quick about it."

Linda got in the shower and just made it before she had to let go and the water
streamed out of her ass. She looked at the men to see if that would bring the
prod but they where just grinning at her as they watched her relieve herself.
Linda was humiliated but there was very little she could do and she started to
wash herself as ordered. When she was finished, she stepped out of the shower
and was handed a towel by one of the men.

" Over there and sit." Jack ordered pointing to a stool and a small table.

" Dry your hair and apply the make-up. You have fifteen minutes."

Linda hurried over to the table and sat down. Turning on the hair dryer while
looking at the picture next to the mirror. The woman in the picture had red
lipstick, lots of eyeliner and light green eye shadow. She also had bright red
and long nails. Linda didn't understand why these men wanted her to do herself
up in this manor but didn't dare ask either. Her nipples still had a dull ache
from the encounter with the prod. While Linda was busy applying make-up and
drying her hair the second woman was brought out of her cage and pushed in front
of Jack.

 Tina was 22 and a little taller than Linda. She was blond with breasts that
matched Linda's. Jack smiled at her and without warning put the prod to her left
nipple. Tina howled from the pain and tried to get away from the men holding

"That's to save time, you have watched Linda so you know the routine. Now get on
with it and strip we haven't got all day." Jack told her.

Tina still sobbing from the pain in her nipple slowly started to undress. When
she was naked, she was pushed toward the shower and the nozzle was pushed in her

"Ahhhh." That hurts Tina moaned.

The men laughed and one of them told her if this hurts, you have a long road
ahead of you. Tina didn't understand what that meant but decided asking was
pointless. These men could do what they wanted to her and there wasn't anything
she could about it, she knew it was best to play along for now at least. Jack
walked over to check on Linda. She was almost done with her make-up. She applied
the lipstick and looking at Jack said.

"I'm done Sir." Jack put his hand under her chin and jerked her head back to
inspect her make-up. She looked good and had done a nice job.

She now had a whorish look to her face. Jack wasn't about to give her any praise
however, that wouldn't do at this point. Instead, he just frowned and said.

" You look like a whore but you'll do for now."

Linda didn't like being called a whore. She had only had 2 boyfriends in her
life and never slept around. She felt very humiliated by Jack's words and had to
struggle to hold her tears back. Jack pulled out a stainless steel collar from a
drawer in the table and without a word snapped it in place around Linda's neck
before she knew what was happening.

"What is this for?" She asked with surprise in her voice.

 The only response she got was a hard slap on her ass.

"Aiiee." She cried out.

"If I want you to talk I'll tell you to otherwise be quiet or you know what
happens. I won't tell you again. Time to get you dressed." Jack pulled on the
chain that was attached to her collar and roughly pulled her along to another
table next to the door that led up to the deck.

" Now put on the cloths on the table and remember you have used up my patience,
so any hesitation or mouth from you and the prod will be used on your clit. Do
you understand?"

"Yes Sir." Linda answered meekly.

Jack didn't move and kept his eyes on Linda as she looked at the cloths on the
table. Linda had never worn cloths like that before but she was scared of the
prod and whatever else this man might do to her. She started to dress. First she
put on a red half cupped bra. She had a little trouble with the garter belt
since she had never worn one before but she got it figured out in the end. Next
she put on the red stockings and hooked them to the garter belt. The panties
where no more than a couple of triangles in front and back. They hardly covered
anything. She put on the short black mini skirt, which came down only about an
inch below her crotch. The top was low cut, sleeveless and black. While she was
dressing Linda couldn't help but to think as to why all this was taking place,
what was the purpose of all this. When Linda saw the shoes and thought I can't
wear those. The black shoes had 6-inch heels. Linda not daring to say anything
stuck her feet in the shoes and locked the ankle strap. Linda was now ready for
the auction block.  Jack pulled her arms behind her and shackled them together
with a set of steel wrist cuffs. Pulling Linda behind him by the collar chain,
he led her outside the door and then hooked the chain to a ring above Linda's

Linda barely made it in her new shoes but somehow she managed to keep her
balance behind Jack. Her feet were already hurting from the high heels but just
standing was better than having to walk in them. Linda felt very scared. She had
no idea what would happen next and she also got the feeling escaping wouldn't be
easy, certainly not with the restraints and heels. Linda started sobbing feeling

In the room, Tina was now busy at the make-up table and the third woman was
crying as she stripped in the center of the room. Jackie was the youngest of the
women but she was the one that would fetch the best price. Her breast was
larger. Even at the age of 18, she had 38 D breast. Her long black hair reached
to the waist but the one fact that made her the price of the four women was the
fact she was still a virgin.

"Please don't hurt me I'll do anything you want." Jackie was sobbing. She was so
scared she had almost peed herself when the man pulled her out of the cage.

" You know the routine." One of the men told her.

"Now move it."

Still crying Jackie now naked and shaking slowly moved toward the shower and the
dreaded nozzle she had seen the other two women had forced up their asses. Ben
took no notice and just showed it in her ass.

"AAAAIIIIIEEEE" Jackie let out a blood curling scream but the men held her
tightly and soon her stomach started to extend from the water and mild soap
solution. Ben feeling a little cruel gave her more of an enema than the other
two. Jackie wouldn't make it to the shower he thought to himself. Sure enough
halfway to the shower stall Jackie started leaking from her ass. The enema was
just too much for her to hold. The men smiled as the looked at the poor girl
trying to hold it in. To add to her torment one of them said in a loud voice.

"That will earn you the prod on your clit when you are done in the shower."

"Noooo please I'm sorry." Jackie tried between her sobbing.

"If you do a good job in the shower and we like the show you might get away with

Jackie made sure that the men could see everything she was doing in the shower
and hoped that it was what they meant by a good show. Jackie was very scared and
couldn't stop sobbing the whole time she was in the shower.

By this time, Tina had joined Linda outside the door. She wore the same make-up
but was dressed in a red skirt and black underwear with red 6-inch heels. That
was the only difference, she was restrained the same way Linda was. Neither one
dared speak a word even if it looked like the men where busy inside with Jackie.

While Ben supervised Jackie dressing, Jack went outside to get Tina and Linda.
Both women where pulled along by their leashes trying not to fall down in their
heels. Jack brought them to the center of the room and reaching above their
heads pulled down a chain that he attached to their collars. The chain was
pulled tight to the point that Tina and Linda had to stand on their tiptoes.
Jack attached leg hobblers to their ankles and although the chain was a foot
long walking in heels and hobblers would be very hard. They sure wouldn't walk
fast. Jackie was brought over along side the other two and secured in the way.
She was dressed in all white like the virgin bride she was. Jack knew this would
appeal to the man on Devil's Island.

" You three will get to watch the show your friend in cage four will put on for

" Remember not a sound from either one of you and don't ruin your make-up
either, that would not be a smart move if we have to start over with any one of

"Understood?" Jack stared at the women.

"Yes Sir." They all replied in chorus.

Just to make his point Jack lightly touched each one of them with the prod but
without sending a jolt.

Gina, the fourth woman was now retrieved from her cage and briskly pulled into
the center of the room.

Gina was a stunning brunette sturdier than the other three but with a very nice
body. Her breasts were firm and a tad bigger than Linda and Tina's. She was a
36D. At the age of 24, she was the most experienced out of the group.

Gina was in fact submissive by nature even if she never explored that side.
Jason had recognized that in her and that is why he had taken an additional risk
in capturing her.

"Strip." Jack ordered Gina.

"Yes Sir." Gina answered without really thinking about it. She quickly shed the
few cloths she was wearing and started to take a step toward the shower and her

"Not so fast, you have a show to perform first." Ben's words startled Gina.

Her hands where tied behind her back with a piece of rope while two of the men
rolled in a flat topped sawhorse.

"No please" Gina pleaded. The men ignored her proceeded to drag her over to the
horse. Gina started sobbing as the men made her stand at one end of the horse.
This wasn't an ordinary sawhorse; it had some different features to it. Gina
looked at the horse still sobbing and pleading but she wasn't sure what was
about to happen or what the use of the horse was. The men ignored her and
started to attach Gina to the horse. Gina's ankles were lifted up and secured on
either side of the horse halfway up the two legs. This forced Gina to fall flat
on top of the horse. Her knees were fastened to the side of the flat top.  Gina
now rode the horse by her ankles and knees but her torso or breasts didn't touch
the flat top of the horse. At the other end, one of the men had put on Gina's
steel collar and her head was now secured to two upright wood stakes. Gina
couldn't move at all with the exception a slight arching of her back. A headband
was attached and pulled back to her wrist and secured there. Gina was very
uncomfortable but all her holes could be used without any problem. The men
undressed and stood in front of Gina's head, so she could clearly see them.

"You are going to give us a good show one way or the other." Jack spoke in
teasing voice.

"It is up to you if you want to make it a painful show or a pleasure show. We
don't really care. We will fuck you regardless. So it is your choice how you
spend your hour on the no holes barred horse."

Gina started sobbing.

"Please don't hurt me...please just don't hurt me."

"If you don't like the pain you better work your ass of." One of the men said.

"Yeah you better fuck like a little rabbit."

"One mistake and we all put our prods to work and maybe some other things too."
Ben grinned.

"Please Nooo." Gina sobbed.

Gina was very scared. The men sounded cruel and she had no doubt they would
inflict great pain. Gina looked straight at the four men now semi-erect cooks.
They were all large cooks, larger than Gina had had before.

"Are you going to be a good whore and fuck good or should we start with the
prods?" Ben asked her.

All four men enjoy this mental teasing of their reward for this trip.

With smiling faces, they all poked their prods at Gina's tits, which were
hanging freely in the position she was in. Gina didn't notice Jack walking
behind her but she felt him poking at her clit and pussy lips.

"Since she hasn't answered you, maybe we should give her some encouragement." He
said as he poked her clit.

"Noooooo...I'll be good." Gina howled which shear panic in her voice.

"You'll be a good what?"

"I'll be a good whore." Gina tried.

"That's not good enough. Is that the best you can do then you are in trouble."
Ben's voice rang out.

As he was saying that, he pressed his prod into her left tit.

" Please Noooo.....I'll be the best fucking whore for you." She tried in

" Hmmmm. Better but still not very convincing." Larry said. Stroking his 9-inch
cook in front of her face as he spoke. Gina felt defeated what else could she
say? What did they want her to say? She felt the prods on her body and knew she
better think quick.

" I'll do anything you tell me to Sir." She said.

"Lets see if you are full of it or you can really perform. Open your mouth and
starting sucking whore. You don't know how to beg properly yet, maybe you know
how to suck" Larry grinned.

Larry put his cock to Gina's lips and reluctantly she opened her mouth. Licking
and sucking the head as it entered her mouth.

"You call that sucking whore?" With those words, he grabbed her head and showed
his cock down her throat.

Gina gagged and grasped for air. She had sucked cock before but never one this
big. Larry just held his cock while she tried to lick it with her tongue. He
held it there until Gina though she would pass out from lack of air. Slowly he
pulled out and Gina drew a couple of hard breath and coughing.

"Now lets try that again, when I tell you to suck you take it all in and work
your tongue and mouth better whore. Thought you said you would be the best
possible whore for us. This was worthless but then you are a worthless whore
aren't you?" The question stung Gina's ears but she felt the prods and knew she
had to answer.

"Yes Sir. I'm a worthless whore." She sobbed.

"At least you got that right lets see if you can get the sucking right now
then." Larry told her.

He again pushed his cock at Gina's mouth. This time Gina did her best to swallow
it and sucked for her life while tears ran down her cheeks. Larry stroked in and
out of her mouth allowing her to breath on each outstroke.


Ben stepped up and Gina started sucking his cock. Ben was a little smaller but
not much. While Gina was sucking Ben, Larry slid under Gina and laid down on his
back on the flat top of the horse. Gina would now get the full feel of how the
horse worked. Larry started to adjust the horse, so the flat rose until Gina's
tits were pressed against his chest and Gina could feel his cock as it pushed
against her pussy.

 When the top was raised Gina's ankles remained fixed and her knees followed
with the top. She was now bent forward with her ass high in the air her head
painfully bent back.  Ben pulled out of her mouth and a third man took his place
without giving Gina a chance to take a breath. Instead of having Gina suck him
with slow strokes, he fucked her mouth with force. At the same moment, Larry
sank his cock deep in her pussy all the way to her cervix. A jolt of pain raked
through Gina's body as Larry hit bottom. She felt her pussy stretch as it tried
to accommodate all of Larry's nine inches. Gina felt like she had been impaled.

"UUGGHH." Gina could not scream since her mouth was full of cock.

The man in her mouth pushed his cock down her throat and held it there. Larry's
cock was pushing against her cervix but held still too. Ben had gotten up on the
horse behind Gina and his cock was pointing right at Gina's asshole. Gina
couldn't see him but Gina was about to get her first ass fuck. Ben had
lubricated his cock but not her ass hole. That was on purpose of course to cause
as much pain as possible without damaging the merchandise.

"Get ready whore you have one more hole to be filled." Jack was saying with

"UUUUGGGHHH." Nothing more came out of Gina's mouth but the panic and fear was
clear to see in her eyes and face.

"Fill her up." Jack laughed even louder.

Ben plunged his cock in her ass with full force. He didn't get it all the way in
on the first try so he pulled out and plunged again. This time the cock went all
the way in. Gina could feel her ass being stretched and the pain was unbearable.
Her ass was on fire, her pussy was sore and she couldn't breath. Gina thought
she would die. The three men started to fuck each of her holes with a vengeance.
Gina was in severe pain and tears run down her cheeks. The fucking went on for
about five minutes but it seemed like hours to Gina. The man in her mouth came
first and shot his load deep in her throat. Gina coughed but had no choice but
to swallow. Gasping for breath as the man pulled out the pounding of her pussy
and ass went on. Larry and Ben both came about the same time and shot their
loads in the respective holes. The semen gave some relief to the burning in her
ass. Both men dismounted her and she was allowed a few minutes to recoup.

"That wasn't all that good. We had to do all the work the whore didn't work her
ass." Ben calmly stated.

" I know." Jack agreed.

"Lets give her another round and see if she improves."

"Leave her alone you bastards" Tina's voice rang out.

"Want to take her place whore?" Jack said in a harsh tone as he went over to

Without waiting for an answer he stuck the prod up to Tina's clit and let her
have it at full force. Tina's mouth opened but at first nothing came out and
then her scream echoed through the room.


Her clit was on fire from the jolt. Her whole body shook and she almost lost her
balance as she danced around. It took a good 3 minutes for the pain to subside
to just a dull ache and burning. Even her panties feel like torture on her clit.

"Want to take her place or would you like to dance more for us?" Jack said.

Nooo...Sir." Tina sobbed.

Tina regretted having opened her mouth but it was to late now. The pain was
there and would stay with her for a while. She certainly didn't want the prod

"I'm very sorry Sir." She sobbed meekly.

Jack turned away as he said.

"One more word from either you whores and I'll leave my prod turned on in her

"You are supposed to watch and learn from the whore over there. You'll all get
your turn soon enough."

All three women were closed to tears but scared to cry because that would ruin
their make-up and would very likely earn them a close dance with the prod. So
they fought back their tears. Jack returned to Gina and the horse. Gina had of
course been entertained in the meantime. She had a mouth full of Larry's cock
and Ben was greasing her ass hole. John the third man kept her tits entertained
with some light slapping and pinching.

"Places everybody." Jack chuckled.

"Now you better work your tongue, ass, and pussy hard this time or we will bring
out some more fun things for you to entertain us with." Jack told Gina.

"Please I hurt Sir Please no more...Please." Gina sobbed.

"If you don't do a good job this time either you'll really being hurting. No
more nonsense from you. You are a whore and you do as you're told...understood."
Jack was harsh and with a touch of anger to it.

"Yes Sir." Gina half whispered.

Gina cried and sobbed but she was helpless in the hands of these brutal men.
They could fuck her to death if she didn't try her best and she knew it. Gina
braced herself for the next attack. She didn't have to wait long. Ben's cock was
at her mouth and she just opened and let him stick it down her throat.  Next
John's cock was in her pussy. He was easier to handle than Larry she thought.
Then fear struck her, that left Larry's nine-inch cock for her ass.

"I see you figured out where Larry is going to put his cock." Ben laughed as he
saw the fear in Gina's eyes.

"Hope you greased her good Ben. I intend to shove it all the way in at once."
Larry said.

"You shouldn't have too much trouble with her asshole, it might hurt her a bit,
but you should be able to stretch her enough to take it all. Might as well get
her ready for the stallions on the Island." Ben chuckled.

The men did this mental torment on purpose. There more fear they could instill
in these women before they sale to the man on the island the better. It was
important they would obey when the man inspected them and fear was the best way
to accomplish that in the short time they had.

Gina couldn't breath and was starting to feel a little dizziness but she heard
them clearly and fear gripped her heart like a the hand of death. Stallions!!!!
What was this Island? Hell? Gina got no more time to think about it. Larry as
promised drove his cock all the way home in her ass.


The pain was horrific in her ass. She felt like her ass hole had been ripped
out.  The pain was so intense Gina passed out. She was quickly revived with a
capsule under nose.

"Listen whore you better stay awake and start moving your ass. Looks to me like
you have three nice cocks that needs to be worked and pleased." Ben said.

"No action back here." Larry said.

"Lets give her some incentive then" Jack replied.

He walked behind Gina and put the prod on the skin between her ass hole and

"I'll count to three whore if you are not fucking and sucking at top speed
you'll get it and every time you slow down you'll get one." Jack barked at Gina. 

Gina scared out of her mind started moving up and down on the cocks in her ass
and pussy and suck as hard as she could on Ben's cock. Gina didn't want more

"Faster whore at this rate they will last days in your holes."

Gina tried to move faster and tried to block the pain in her body. There was no
pleasing these men she thought.

After what seemed like hours but was in reality only fifteen minutes, Ben shot
his load in her mouth.

"Swallow it all or you will be sorry." Ben told her.

Gina swallowed she had no choice at least now she could breath. Larry was next
and shot a big load in her ass. He then just pulled his cock out with a loud
plop from her burning and swollen ass hole. John took longer and Gina was
starting to sweat as she bounced up and down on his cock. Then finally he shot
is load in her pussy and pulled out. Come dripped from her pussy and ass
together with some blood and shit. Gina was in pain all over and exhausted.

" Hope you haven't forgotten about me whore." Jack voice rang out.

Gina mentally surrendered. They where going to fuck her to death.

"No Sir." She whispered.

"Well then lets see if you learnt to beg properly."

"Please fuck me Sir."

"Fuck you where?"

"Please fuck my pussy Sir." Gina replied.

"What if I want to fuck your ass?"

"Please fuck my pussy and ass Sir." She replied again.

"Not your mouth then?"

"Please fuck all my holes Sir." Gina tried a last time.

"That's the way to beg almost." Jack said.

Gina tried to think what else could they want to fuck. What else could she say?

"Please fuck this whore in all her holes." Gina tried.

"You aren't very clean are you?"

"Please fuck this dirty whore in her holes Sir." Gina sobbed.

Her body ached and she felt so humiliated. Gina started to feel like a whore.

"Better but still not quite right. Make it sound like you need a fuck." Jack

"Please fuck this dirty horny whore in all her holes Sir." Gina again tried.

"You forgot worthless or are you worth something?"

" No Sir. Sorry Sir. Please fuck this dirty worthless horny whore in all her

"Finally." Jack exclaimed.

Jack knew Gina was about broken and would make an excellent slave but he needed
to make sure so the mental torture of Gina continued. Of course Jack would fuck
her too but that should be the last straw for her. The third round of cocks
should break her totally.

"You want all your holes filled again whore?" Jack continued the torture.

"Yes Sir. Please fill all my holes again." Tears ran down her cheek as she

"Which cock do you want where whore? Think carefully in case your answer doesn't
please us." Jack tormented her. Jack was as big as Larry and a double fuck with
those two would hurt badly but Gina knew if she asked for anything less they
might add more pain. The way in which Jack asked the question left no doubt that
was the only answer.

"Please fuck this horny whore in my ass and have Larry fuck my pussy and let me
suck Ben Sir." Gina whispered with fear in her voice.

" Speak up whore."

Gina repeated her request.

"Fine, but you better work better this time from the get go."

"Yes Sir."

"Get ready whore here we come. On the count of three" Jack said.


Jack, Larry and Ben drove their cock home at the same time with as much force as
they could. Gina screamed but all that came out was a muffled sound.

"Get to work whore." Larry barked.

Gina sucked as hard as she could and moved her hips the best she could to meet
the trusts from the two monsters in her ass and pussy. Gina fucked and sucked. 
Sweat pouring from her body and pain racing through her body. This time it took
twenty minutes for all three to shot their loads. Gina swallowed Ben's cum and

The men released Gina from the horse and dragged her to the enema nozzle. Jack
revived her again as Ben filled her bowls. Being all filled up they pushed her
into the shower. Gina in a state of daze washed herself and let the enema go.
She shaved her legs and under her arms. The water felt good but the soreness in
her throat and pussy still remained. Her ass was still burning. At least it was
over for now. The other three women where in the meantime given a talk by Jack.

"You have seen how a good whore performs. Gina will make a very good whore,
slave, and slut, bitch even and so will all of you. Gina just got her first
training on board; the man on Devil's Island will train the rest of you. If he
buys you that is, If not you will be sold to a whorehouse on the coast. They
don't train you, they just stick you in a room and you'll fuck fifty sixty men a
day until you get all used up. Then they sell you to a street pimp. Between the
diseases and drugs, you won't last more than a year on the street. There is no
escape. You have a new life now as whores, you can accept it or make it hard on
yourself by fighting it, but you can't win. When we get to the island, the man
of the island will inspect you. I suggest you obey his every command at once. He
won't fool around and go easy with his prod and there is no low setting on it

He will just stick it in your pussies and leave it there until you beg him to
take it out. One last piece of advice don't say a word from now on unless you
are asked a question." Jack ended his speech.

Jack could see the disbelief and terror in the women's eyes but none spoke. If
they only knew what was in store for them. Linda, Tina, and Jackie couldn't
believe this was happening to them but after seeing the brutal rape of Gina,
they had no illusions about their fate. They all knew they would be whores, sex
slaves and probably painfully raped just like Gina. Linda looked down now she
knew why she was dressed the way she was. She had to look like a whore for the
sale. What else would they have to endure during the inspection she wondered?
Gina joined them in the middle of the room; she was dressed and ready to go as
well now. The cargo was ready for the sale on the island.

                         2. Arriving at Devil' Island

The four women were brought up from below. Their collars locked together with a
short chain between them. The yacht had docked in a secluded harbor on the small
island. The women could feel the moist and warm air blowing in from shore. They
had no idea where they where but clearly it was somewhere warm. A road led up
into the hills but no house or building except for the harbor shed was visible
from where they stood on deck. Jason pulled on the chain and the four women had
to follow him. Linda was first then Jackie, Tina, and Gina brought up the rear
of the line of slaves.

" Get moving whores. Time to get you sold." Jason barked.

The four women couldn't walk very fast with 6 inch heels and ankle hobbles and
Jason took care none of them lost their balance and fell. He wanted them to be
spotless for the inspection. A van pulled up as the women where lead down the
gangplank. The rear doors opened up and the women were loaded onto the van. The
van had no windows so they couldn't see anything. After about 10 minutes of a
bumpy ride, the van stopped and the doors were opened.

A tall blonde woman dressed in a leather corset and various other leather straps
around her tits and neck. She wore black stockings and black high heels. As the
four women where unloaded from the van she spoke to Jason.

"I'll take over from here you know where to go, Jason." She said.

Jason nodded and handed the leash to the blonde woman and went out through a
door on the left.

"Welcome to Devil's Island whores. I'm Mistress Alex. You will not speak unless
you are spoken too. You'll address me as Mistress and the man that you'll soon
meet as Master. I know you all have felt the prod during your preparation. We
use a different kind here on the island much more powerful and it will inject a
small amount of a burning liquid wherever it touches your body. So I strongly
suggest you follow every command without delay. One hit on your clit will burn
like hot coals for days until the liquid wears off.  Remember you are here to be
sold and inspected. If you pass the inspection you will be trained in whatever
manor Master deems appropriate. If you fail the inspection, I believe Jason
sells those whores to the whorehouses along the coast. They never last long
there. Escape is not possible from the island. We are 600 miles from the nearest
coastline. A few rules you need to know for the inspection. Your tits are called
udders here nothing else. So, if you get the order present udders you bare your
tits. That means you lift up your top and unhook your bra. If the command is
show udders, you leave the bra hooked up. The same applies to you fuck holes.
Present fuck holes means you lift your skirt and pull your panties to your knees
but never let your panties fall to your feet never lower than above your knees.
Show fuck holes means lifting your skirt but leaving your panties where they
are. Kneel means you drop to your knees arms at your side straight but do not
sit back on your heels. If you are slow in following any command, you'll get a
hit by the prod. There will be no nonsense or second tries. Is this all
understood whores?"

The four stunned and bewildered women all nodded.

" I didn't hear you whores." Mistress Alex barked.

"Yes Mistress." The women answered in turn.

None of the women could believe this was happening but they had no choice but to
comply or suffer pain. Tina toyed with the idea it might be better to be sold to
a whorehouse on the coast, it might be easier to escape from there. As the women
where lead by Mistress Alex along a dark corridor deeper into the building, Tina
hadn't made up her mind, which was best. They were lead through a heavy metal
door that locked behind them with a click. The room they had entered was large
and brightly lit.

" Each stand on one of the circle on the floor." Mistress Alex commanded.

Linda was lead to the circle with a one in the middle and was hooked up by a
chain to her collar that ran up to the ceiling. The chain was tightened just
like on the yacht and Linda found herself stretched from the neck. Tina was in
spot two, Gina in three and Jackie in four. They were all stretched the same

"Master will be along any minute to inspect you four whores. You better obey if
you know what's good for you."

"Which one of you was fucked by the crew?" Mistress Alex asked.

" I was Mistress." Gina answered.

"Lets just hope the Master doesn't pick you then to be an example, Gina. Those
men have big cocks. You must have gotten a good fucking. Did you enjoy

Gina hadn't enjoyed one single bit of it but should she say that or lie and say
yes? Gina's mind raced.

"No Mistress, It was painful." She finally replied.

Laughing Mistress Alex walked over to her and grabbed her crotch. Gina winched
and jerked.

"Still have a sore fuck hole eh?"

"Yes Mistress."

"What about your ass hole did they fuck you there as well?"

"Yes Mistress."

"When I ask something you give me all the details not just Yes or

"Yes Mistress sorry Mistress." Gina replied meekly. Why was everybody picking on

 "Well I'm waiting whore."

"I was fucked three times in my ass hole. First by the man called Ben then Larry
and Jack." Gina replied.

Mistress Alex sneered. Went around Gina and stuck her hand up under her skirt to
feel her ass hole through her panties. Gina winched, as even the lightest touch
was painful to her.

"They gave you a good fucking back there too then. First time you had a cock in
your ass?"

"Yes Mistress"

 "Well it won't be the last far from it and if you think Larry was big you have
a few things coming whore." Mistress Alex grinned at her.

At that moment, the Master entered the room. Mistress hurried over to him. The
Master wasn't a big man only about 5'7" and 150lbs. He didn't even look very
mean. The four women had expected the devil himself to walk in so there was a
sense of relief in all four women. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all. They
would soon learn different. The Master knew how to break even the most stubborn
whore and make a perfectly obedient slave out of her. He had done it many times
before and this bunch would be no different. He wasn't concerned with their
mental status, he would get them in the right frame of mind soon enough. The
biggest concern was their physical strength and appearance. Some things could be
fixed with hormones and other types drugs but not everything. Mistress Alex was
a doctor and had both the knowledge and access to the drugs needed, so that was
never a problem. Of course she would love doing her own little surgical
experiment but so far he hadn't allowed that. He knew however at some point in
time he might have to allow her a test object or two just to keep her happy.
This really didn't bother him. It would ruin the whore for resale but still Alex
was very loyal and trustworthy and would not be easily replaced. He looked over
toward the four women and could see the fear in their eyes. Smiling to himself,
he could have picked out the virgin and the reward whore without knowing
anything. He had of course been watching Alex as she went through her mental
torment from the minute they had arrived. The house had cameras everywhere and
nothing went undetected in the house, barn, or pen. In fact, the whole island
had top-notch surveillance. He could zoom in anywhere he wanted from his office.

"Any of these whores any good Alex?" His voice was low and very non-threatening.

"I don't know Master. The crew of course fucked Gina in her holes, so she has
had a taste of training. She isn't a bad looking whore either."

"Well, lets start with her then."

Gina's heart sank she was the target again. She looked at the Master as he
approached her. She saw the very wicked stick in his hand and made her mind up
she could take no more and would obey. There was no point in fighting this
anymore. She knew in her heart she would never go home again. He stopped right
in front of her then walked around her like he was looking at a price dog.

"Kneel." He commanded

 The chain slackened to allow Gina to kneel down which she did without
hesitation. Gina was determined to get through this without any more pain.

"Open mouth"

Gina opened her mouth wide and the Master shone a light in her mouth to check
her teeth. He also checked her tongue to make sure it looked pink and healthy.
He grabbed her by the hair and turned her head to look in each of her ears.
Mistress Alex was making notes on her clipboard. Each whore had a file that was
carefully noted with everything. Master walked behind Gina.

"Stand." He ordered her.

Gina with some difficulty stood up again and the chain tighten again.

"Show udders"

Gina was trying to remember the correct action for that. She hoped she had it
right when she just lifted her top up but left the bra. The Master reached from
behind her and mauled her udders for a bit with his hands.

"Present fuck holes."

Gina pulled up her short skirt to her waist and pulled down her panties to her
knees. She felt his hands on her buttock and then his fingers probing her ass
hole. She had to use all her strength to not move. With the other hand he probed
her fuck hole and pulled and tugged at her lips and then without warning she
felt a hard stinging blow on her ass. Gina let out a small cry. Then she got two
more stingy blows in rapid succession. Gina cried out again.

The pain wasn't that bad but she couldn't help crying out regardless.

"She takes the crop well." The Master commented.

"How many times were you fucked by the crew?"

"Three times."  "Double fucked." Gina added quickly.

"Hmmm....well your ass hole got a bit of a workout it looks like."

"Would you want to be trained as a slave or remain a whore?"

The question surprised Gina. Was there a difference? Was this a trick question?
Gina decided that remaining a whore would probably mean being sent to a
whorehouse, so best to be a slave perhaps.

" I like to be trained Master." She replied not really understanding what she
was asking.

"What type of slave would you like for me to train you as?"

"Type Master? Whatever you think best Master?" Gina replied.

She didn't know what the question meant but it seemed best to let the Master
decide. The Master smiled knowing very well she was clueless. The amusing part
was to make them pick without understanding what they had picked.

" I train four types of slaves. Bitch slaves, pony girl slaves, cows and waste
slaves. Since you are first in line, you get to pick. If I decide to train you
instead of selling you as a whore that is. So pick."

Gina was no wiser from that explanation. Waste slave sounded like a painful
death. She had no idea what a cow slave was and a bitch slave didn't sound
appealing either. She had vaguely seen what a pony girl was from talking and
surfing on the net. Maybe that was a good choice. She felt the Master's eyes on
her and knew she had to decide. He was swinging that awful prod like any second
he would put it to her clit.

"If it pleases you Master I would like to be a pony girl slave, Master." She
finally said.

The Master's faced remained unmoved, turning to Alex he said.

"Think we can make a pony out of her?"

"She seems sturdy enough and she might be able to handle it. She had a good
start." Alex said.

"True. I'll give you a month to prove yourself worthy of being a pony girl Gina.
The training will be hard and if you fail, I will send you to a whorehouse
instead. At least then you can work off the price I paid for you. If you do well
you'll be a good pony within a month."

"I will take no nonsense from you no matter how much you hurt if you fail three
times to obey it will be the whorehouse for you. Three strikes and you are out."
He chuckled at his own pun.

"Yes Master. I'll obey Master." Gina told him.

"Thank you Master."

The Master gave her a smile and a path on her pussy. She would be a good pony
girl; she was almost broken by the rape on the yacht. She was so scared that she
had the right way to respond etc down already. She would suffer dearly but in
the end, she would make a good pony and breeder. If he decided to sell her at
that point she would fetch five times what he had paid for her. The Master
decided to do Tina next since she was the one most likely to resist. He wasn't

" Present udders." He barked at her.

Tina didn't make a move. She had decided the whorehouse was her chance to
escape. That is until the prod hit her with full force on her clit. At first,
she felt nothing. Then her clit exploded in pain. The Master never missed his
target even with skirt and panties on. 

was deafening.

The pain was hard to describe. It felt like she had been hit by lighting and her
clit was on fire being slowly cooked. Her whole body shook violently and she
lost her balance and was dangling from her collar. She was struggling to find
her footing again, when the second way of pain hit her clit. A thousand red ants
would have felt better on her clit that the few drops of liquid that the prod
had injected into her clit. The burning itching was unbearable. Her knees
buckled again and she couldn't focus due to the pain. The pain ran through her
body in waves and she screamed and screamed.

"AAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEE." Tina's voice broke and she let out what sounded more
like a gurgle than a scream. Tina felt a prick in her neck. Alex had stepped up
an injected a blocker so that Tina wouldn't pass out. Tina would disobey no
more. Once the worst effect wore off in about six hours, she would have lost her
voice but she would not suffer any permanent damage. Alex brought down two more
chains from the ceiling and quickly attached a belt to Tina's torso. She
attached a chain to either side and locked them in place. She released the chain
from her collar and let Tina dance with both feet firmly on the ground but even
if her knees buckled, she wouldn't strangle on the collar.  Tina tried to scream
but her voice was gone all she could was to dance a pretty dance in her chains
as wave after wave of pain went through her clit and body touching every nerve
ending in her body. The shock waves would subside in about an hour but the
burning pain in her clit would last for days.

"Oh well. I guess we will just ship her off to the whorehouse. Luckily, I didn't
pay that much for her. She should turn a profit in about year if she is worked
around the clock." Master said matter of fact.

Tina wanted to object and ask to please give her another chance but her voice
had already failed. All she could do was shake her head madly and plead with her
tearful eyes. Tina was truly sorry. She didn't know what else to do. She tried
to speak but what came out was a gurgling sound. She panicked.

She quickly used her last strength to pull up her top and release her bra and
falling to her knees, she hoped it would be enough.

"A bit late for that. I expect obedience at once. Not 10 minutes later at your
pleasure. Since I'm in a good mood today and if the last two whores don't upset
me I might give you one more chance."

Tina felt the pain again and her eyes were full of tears. She didn't know if she
even could obey another command in the state she was in.  She did a funny little
dance on her knees as the pain hit again. Then the chains pulled to her feet
again. Tina would dance for a while yet before her fate was decided.

"Make sure those udders can be seen at all times." Alex mused and poked Tina
with her prod in the left nipple.

Jackie and Linda having watched Tina's performance would obey like they where
old hands at this. Linda was next and she had no intention of suffer like Tina
was. This man may not look cruel but he would not hesitate to hurt her badly, if
she didn't obey. Linda was truly scared but she would obey. After having the
teeth and ear check Linda awaited the next command.

"Present udders and fuck holes." He ordered her.

"Yes Master."

Linda almost tore the top and unhooked the bra the skirt flew up and the panties
came down in a flash. Linda wasn't taking any chances. She almost fainted when
the prod was roughly stuck up her pussy but nothing happened. It hurt a little
since her pussy was dry but she could handle that.

"What is the biggest cock you had up there?" The question startled Linda.

"Um...not sure Master. Maybe 6 inches." Linda replied. Her last boyfriend hadn't
been big at all.

"That's nothing can't use you here as a slave and nothing up your ass I

"Not in my ass Master but I can take more Master, really I can Master." Linda
felt desperate.

"Your udders are a bit small anyway, maybe we will just make a movie with you
dancing with the prod." He continued to torment Linda to see what lengths she
would go to in order to become a slave.

"Please Master you could enlarge them Master. Please." Linda knew that breasts
could be enlarged somewhat with hormones. She didn't know there were other even
more effective drugs on the black market.

She would agree to anything to avoid the dance or the whorehouse for that
matter. The Master smiled to himself, Linda was close to breaking as well. None
of these women would put up much of a challenge. The mental torment was far more
effective than any whip. They would break out fear but they would serve well in
time the pain they would suffer in their training would break them completely.
Then he would build them into obedient slaves that would never wish to be
anything else they would learn to love the pain and humiliation.

"So you want bigger udders. What about bigger pussy lips and stretching your
fuck holes?"

Without thinking, Linda nodded and replied.

"Yes please Master. I want to become a good slave."

"You want to become a cow slave then?"

"Yes Master if that is what they are called. Please Master." Linda had just
committed to something she didn't understand but that was amusing to both Alex
and the Master.

"Put Linda down for cow slave training then Alex. She seems eager enough and her
udders could be enlarged. Lets start her right after we inspect the last whore."

Alex nodded and made notes on he clip board. She smiled at Linda but she was
thinking got you. You'll wish you never asked to be a cow slave by the time I'm
done with you. Linda felt relief she had avoided the prod. Looking over at Tina,
she could see her still doing her little dance and moaning.

"Thank you Master." Linda hastily added. She thought she made a good decision.

Jacky almost peed herself when the Master approached. She was a wreck already
after watching Gina's rape on the boat and Tina dancing in her chains. She just
knew she would never disobey anything these people told her to do.

"So you are the virgin bride, never had a cock anywhere? Not even sucked one? Or
jerked one off?"

"No Sir.  I mean Master never been f. f. f. fucked." Jackie stammered.

"And you think you can be a slave. Ha. You couldn't handle a cock if you saw

"Nothing to be done with you until you spent some time at a whorehouse and
learnt a few tricks." Master was pushing Jackie just as hard as Linda and she
would beg too.

"Please Master if you would train me I would learn really fast Master Please."
Jackie begged.

"Present udders and fuck holes and lets see if we anything to work with here."

Jackie pulled her panties down and her tits came out even faster than Linda's
had. The Master grabbed a handful of her udders and squeezed them hard the
pinched her nipples and twisted them. Jackie squirmed and moaned. Her udders was
firm and nice she would breed well and milk good but she would bring most money
if she was trained as a bitch slave. Pure milkers were easy to find. He stuck
two fingers up her pussy just to check she really was a virgin. She was tight
but stretched well. She would take big cocks no problem.

"Your udders are nice but the only use you could be would be as a bitch slave."
He told her.

"Please I'll be a good bitch Master if you just train me I promise." Jackie was
young and naive.

"You are sure you want to become a bitch slave? Then you better ask me nicely
and I might agree then again if you don't get it right the first time off to the
whorehouse with you."

Jackie wasn't stupid she had heard Gina having to beg on the yacht. So she
figured the Master would want the same thing.

"Would you please train this worthless, dirty whore to be the best bitch slave
ever? Please Master." Jackie blurted out.

He smiled thinking you'll wish you never said that in about an hour but it
wouldn't matter she was doomed.

"Very well you'll get one chance to train as a bitch slave. I doubt you'll make
it and if you don't you'll first join Tina in a little dance for a few days
before we ship you off." He said with a slight grin.

"Please Master. I'll do anything you ask. I'll learn really quick Master."

"We shall see in about an hour after Linda's first training session. You'll get
your chance then."

"Yes Master. Thank you"

Master smiled at Alex this was going to be a fun afternoon. Linda and Gina would
have a relative easy afternoon. Tina would not care and just dance as her body
felt the pain. Alex would give her a new blocker to keep her awake but she would
suffer for the next two days at least then her training would begin. Jackie
would be the target this afternoon she would be broken and utterly humiliated
but she would become a bitch. Alex went over to first Gina then Jackie and told
them to cover themselves again. Gina and Jackie got their cloths back in order.

The Master had gone over to the other end of the room and was sitting in a comfy
chair smoking. A girl appeared with cold drinks on a try. She wore the same
steel collar as the women and garter belt and heels. Her nipples had rings in
them and there were rings in her pussy as well. She put the drinks on the table
next the Master and then knelt in front of him. Gina and Jackie were released
from the ceiling chain and told to follow Alex. When they got to where the
Master was sitting, they were told to stand inside the circles with their number
on. Sue the slave quickly put new chains on their collar and tighten them the
same as before. Gina noticed there where several places in the room with similar
circles on the floor.

"Sue here is a higher ranking slave and you will obey her orders." Master said
to Gina and Jackie.

"Yes Master." They both responded. Sue gave them an evil grin. Fresh meat she

                                      3. Linda

Alex went back to fetch Linda. She was looking forward to this; Linda would be
hers to train initially. She always trained the cows to start with. Master gave
her pretty much a free hand on how she would do it as long as the result was to
his satisfaction. Alex stopped in front of Linda and in a low hissing voice

"Now you little cow you belong to me and it is time to start your training"

"Yes Mistress."

Linda didn't like the idea and Alex scared her but there was nothing she could
do. Being called a cow was humiliation and Linda wasn't sure why she wasn't
called a slave instead of just a cow. This didn't bode well, Linda regretted
having asked to be a cow slave. She knew that it didn't really matter since they
could do what they wanted with her regardless of her asking, begging or
refusing. Alex released the chain between her wrists and the chain to her

" Cover your fuck holes but leave the udders showing and follow me." Alex told

Linda quickly pulled up her panties and let her skirt down. Alex walked up to
Linda and roughly grabbed her left tit.

"Time to get these udders in shape and working. I'll enjoy giving them my full
treatment. You might not enjoy it very much." Alex squeezed her tit hard and

"Ooouuch." Linda couldn't help yelping. Alex just laughed and dug her fingers in
the tit. Linda squirmed and almost brought her arms up to fight of the woman but
stopped herself in the last second. Alex didn't let go of the left tit but
started walking toward where the Master was sitting. Linda wobbled on her heels
they were still hard for her to walk in. Lead by her tit Linda was a nice sight
for the Master. He knew that Alex would be very harsh and cruel with Linda over
the next two or three weeks.

"Remove your top and bra. You won't be needing them anymore." Alex ordered

"Sue you will assist me."

"Yes Mistress."

Linda removed her top and bra and was now fully exposed from her waist up. Sue
grabbed her writs and with a click hooked them together behind her back.

"Use two arm restraint belts Sue."

"Yes Mistress."

Sue attached the first belt just above Linda's elbow and pulled it tight. The
second was wrapped around her upper arms just under her armpit and tightened.

"Tighten them to the last hole Sue."

"Yes Mistress."

Sue pulled the bands tighter together forcing Linda's arm closer together and
making her tits stand out.

"Ahhhhhiiiee." Linda cried out. Her arms hurt and her shoulders felt like they
had been pulled out of place.

 "Scream all you like little cow. We haven't even gotten started yet." Alex

"Put the hood on her."

Sue pulled out a slightly wet hood and a blow drier and made sure Linda saw
them. She used a rubber band to tie up Linda's hair at the back of her head.
Standing behind Linda, she attached the collar band of the hood around her neck.
Then she pulled the hood over Linda's face and the top of her head. The hood had
an opening for the nose and mouth but covered her eyes and ears and the rest of
her head. Sue made sure the nose and mouth was in place and started lacing up
the hood in the back. Linda felt the damp leather against her face and as Sue
laced the back, it started to press against her eyes and ears.

"Make sure it is laced tight no gaps in the back Sue."

"Yes Mistress."

Sue pulled the hood tightly together in the back. Linda now felt like she had a
second skin. Sue turned on the blow dryer full speed and as the leather dried it
tightened around Linda's head even more. It tighten to the point that Linda's
lips started to pout out of the mouth opening and she could only open her mouth
enough to speak. Linda was uncomfortable to say the least. She moaned as the
hood tightened. She started to sweat from the heat of the hood and blow dryer
and that didn't help make her any more comfortable.

"Look at it this way little cow. You won't have any big cocks in your mouth
while you are wearing this hood." Alex chuckled.

She liked to drag out the torment of the slave. The anticipation was worse
sometimes than just raw pain. The more time they had to think about it, the more
fear was instilled in them.

"Put the corset on her and no gaps in that either."

"Yes Mistress." Sue replied.

Sue liked handling the new slaves. The power surge she felt was wonderful. Part
of it was of course a sort of payback for everything she had gone through in the
three years she had been on the island. Sue had been broken and then built up to
the point that she could never live any other way than as a slave. Sue was happy
with her life now. The pain she endured from time to time was just as big of a
need as the pleasure. Sue put on the corset and started to lace it up. The
corset reached from just under Linda's tits to just above her hips. Her waist
would be securely squeezed. Sue put her knee in Linda's back to get more force
in her lacing effort. Soon the corset was tightly laced up with no gap at all in
the back.

"Umphhhh." Linda had trouble breathing and she was now very uncomfortable. Linda
had to breath in shorter breaths she couldn't totally fill her lungs. Alex
inspected Sue's work and nodded her approval. Linda was a lovely sight with her
udders sticking straight out, the black leather hood incasing her head, the
black and red corset squeezing her waist. Her black mini skirt and red stockings
with the black 6-inch heels completing the picture.

"Take some pictures of the cow. We need some before and after shots for her file
and to put in the catalog."

Linda could still hear even if the hood blocked some of it. Linda felt scared
she was totally helpless in her uniform. Her wrist had been hooked on to the
corset at bottom of the corset and the elbow strap was also attached to the

Linda was immobile from her hip and up. She could wiggle her tits but that was
about to change. Sue snapped several pictures of Linda and returned the camera
to the table.

"Spread her legs and put a catheter in her. Don't want her to pee all over when
I start working on her."

"Yes Mistress."

Sue bent down and told Linda to spread them. Linda slowly moved her legs apart
as much as the hobble would allow. Sue unhooked the hobble chain and pushed her
legs a bit further apart and hooked her ankle cuffs to a two-foot iron bar. Her
skirt slid up her tight and Sue wasted no time pulling down her panties. With
her left hand, she spread Linda's pussy open while she probed for Linda's pee
hole. Having found the pee hole, she pushed the catheter in without any lube or
trying to avoid causing Linda some pain.

"Ummmpphh aaaaaiiieee." Linda screamed.

The catheter burned going in and when Sue inflated the end Linda let go her pee.
Sue knew that she would so she had clamped the tubing attached to the catheter
before inserting it. Linda could only get some small relief in her bladder. The
small amount of pee that she had pushed out quickly reached the clamped part of
tube and there was no more room, so Linda would have to wait until she was
allowed to pee. Sue made sure the catheter was secure by tugging on it, which
cased Linda to squirm more. She tightened the clamp to make certain no matter
the pressure no pee would leak. The tube hung down about eight inches outside of
Linda's pussy and in order to make a neat package, Sue stuck the end of the tube
up Linda's ass until it coiled tightly from the pussy to her ass. Sue pulled her
panties back to hold everything in place. Linda could probably push out the
tubing from her ass but she would soon have other things to think about.

"Oil her udders and get them ringed and ready on the tray stand"

"Yes Mistress."

Sue poured some oil on both tits and worked it all around. The front of the
corset had two metal rings attached. Sue put her hand trough one of the rings,
grabbed the left nipple, and started to pull the tit trough the ring until the
ring was at the base of the tit. She did the same thing with the right tit. The
straps that ran from the top of the rings were pulled over her shoulders and
then secured to the back of the corset and pulled tight. Linda's tits were now
bulging out from the rings in front. Even though the rings were made for 36C
tits and fit Linda, they did hold her tits straight out and hard. Linda was now
pushed forward and forced to drop to her knees by Sue. A table was brought in
front of Linda and adjusted so her tits rested on the metal tray on top.  A belt
was secured around Linda's waist effectively strapping her to the table. Her
legs were secured in the same way just above the knee. Linda was securely tied
to the table stand. Linda couldn't move any part of her body. She was totally at
Mistress Alex's mercy.

"The cow is ready Mistress." Sue said.

"Very good Sue. Bring my stool and kneel at my pussy"

Alex sat down on the stool that Sue brought and pushed it up the table so that
she was in a comfortable position for her work.

Sue knelt between her legs with her mouth an inch away from Alex's pussy. Alex
always got horny during her work and Sue was there to lick her when the need
arose. Linda was sweating and scared. Her tits bulging, her shoulders and arms
hurting and she needed to pee. She hoped it would be over soon and that she
would just pass out. It was like Alex could read her mind because Linda felt a
needle prick in her neck and knew that Alex had injected her with a blocker. She
would make sure Linda was conscious the whole time.

"There we can't have you pass out in the middle of your treatment. This blocker
will last for a couple of hours and we should be done by then I would think."

"What do you think little cow, are you ready to get started?"


"I guess that means yes. Cows are always so eager to get started. I hope you
remember what your udders looked like before because when I'm finished with them
they will have a brand new look. Of course we have the pictures if you want to
see." Alex chuckled.

"Since you can't see anything I will tell you what I'm doing. You will of course
feel everything. First we need to put some irritant on your nipples so that they
swell up a bit. This won't hurt them but they will be easier to work with."

Linda felt something being dabbed all over her nipples and the burning was
intense. Her nipples were on fire and started to swell. Alex put on some
surgical cloves ad started pulling on Linda's nipples causing her more intense

"Agggghhhh." Linda tried to scream but the hood had tightened to the point she
couldn't really open her mouth and the corset didn't help either. Otherwise
Linda would have screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Your nips are swelling nicely little cow. Now we need to start enlarging your
udders. Like you begged to have done. How large would you like them? I have this
wonderful solution that when injected into the udders will swell them and then
your body will break it down into fat. Not like saline, that just swells them
temporarily. I think it would be best to only fill them up to a 38D this session
then let the body create the fat. That sound good to you cow?"

"ummmpphh" Linda replied.

"Yes yes. I know you cows always want them bigger than that. You're not happy
with less than 40DD udders. You need to understand that the skin stretches much
slower than the body makes fat so we can't make them to big today. They would
explode. Hahahaha." Alex laughed at her own joke.

Linda cried in her hood. She didn't want 40DD tits. They would look gross on her
slender frame. Linda braced herself this would be painful.

"In a couple of months and several treatments you'll get your wish."

"Now lets start. You'll feel the long needle going in through your nipple. Just
relax and enjoy."


Alex got the first syringe out and filled it with the drug.  The syringe had a
4inch long needle allowing her to push it in to the base of Linda's tit. This
was the fun part, the needle going in wasn't that painful but when she started
injecting the fluid as she very slowly pulled the needle out again was very

Not only did the fluid inflate the tit, it burned like hell. The stretching of
the skin wouldn't add any comfort either. Alex had a bright idea. Why not
inflate both tits at the same time. That should be fun. She got a second syringe
out and filled it. She was ready. The cow would suffer. Alex picked up Linda's
left nipple and gave it a squeeze, clamping it between her thumb and index
finger she pushed the needle in with her other hand. She pushed it in slowly
until the whole needle was in. She wiggled the syringe a little to make a tiny
space around the tip of the needle. Satisfied the needle was in place she
dropped Linda's tit with the syringe attached. She repeated the sequence on her
right tit. Linda now had two large syringes dangling from her nipples.

"Take a picture of this Sue and then get back down here and start eating me."

"Yes Mistress."

"I thought you might enjoy having your udders swell at the same time cow."

Linda was sweating from the hood and from the fear. The needles had hurt and she
could feel them in her tits. Her nipples burned like fire and even the lightest
touch hurt badly.  Sue was done taking pictures and was now busy eating Alex's
pussy. That would mean that Alex wouldn't be doing a fast job of filling Linda's
tits. He grabbed the left syringe and started slowly injecting the fluid at the
same time pulling the needle out slightly. After the needle was out the first
inch, she turned to the right tit and did the same thing. She alternated between
the two tits. Until both syringes was empty. Linda's tits started to swell as
they were filled with the nasty fluid. Linda could feel her tits swell and the
skin stretch. At first it was just discomfort but it was soon replaced by a
horrific burning pain. Linda tossed her head and tried to pee but had no luck
with either. She did manage a terrible scream however this time.


She had burning coals in her tits or at least that's how it felt.

"What a lovely voice you have little cow. Your udders are swelling up nicely.
You are probably a 38B already. One more round and you should reach a 38D today.
Of course we have more work to do before your done for today."

Sue was licking her so good that she leaned back and just let her first orgasm

"Keep licking Sue."

"Yes Mistress."

Alex relaxed and enjoyed her orgasm while she was watching Linda. Her tits
swelled well and now looked like two very large oranges. Linda was sweating all
over and Alex knew she felt like she was in hell. The burning would lessen as
time wore on but it would last for at least a week before the fluid was
converted to fat. She would have to adjust the rings at the base of her udders
to accommodate 38D's. Otherwise the udders would take on an ugly shape. Alex
filled two more syringes and went to work. This time she filled one at the time
since she needed to distribute the fluid evenly in the udder. When both the
udders were filled, she adjusted the ring to a 38D and they still fit snuggly.

whole time during the last two fillings. Having the rings adjusted helped a tiny
bit but the fire was burning in her udders.

Linda finally thought of them as udders rather than her tits or breasts. They
weren't hers anymore.

"These udders are going to be lovely, they are really swelling up nicely. Any
more today and the skin would break.

Don't worry you'll have your wish just not today. Two or three more session
should do it though. I'll enjoy that. I had such a lovely orgasm watching you.
Now for your nipples."

Linda's heart sank she couldn't take anymore. She was thirsty and needed to pee
very badly. Her bladder was starting to give her cramps.

"I bet you are thirsty little cow. I'll give you a drink and even let you pee
before we start on the nips"

"Sue see to the cow while I have a cigarette."

"Yes Mistress."

Sue went and got a small tube and a squirt bottle that was filled with water
mixed with some hormones. The drug would help the body convert the fluid into
fat without burning off too much of the fat. She put the tube between Linda's
lips and in small squirts feed the mixture to her. Linda drank eagerly even if
there was a slight bitter taste to the water. Sue also placed a pot between her
legs and pulled the tube ending from her ass, releasing the clamp.

"Piss cow. You have a minute before I clamp it again."

Linda didn't need an order she let her bladder go as soon as the clamp was
released. At least she would get some relief in her body. Sue finished the
bottle-feeding and removed the tube from her mouth. She clamped the tube in the
pussy and put it back in her ass as before.

"The cow is ready Mistress."

Alex ground the cigarette on Linda's chest right between her udders. Linda
howled. A small blister appeared almost at once on the spot.

"Had a nice break cow? Ready for your nips to be stretched and filled?"


"This won't be as much fun as your udders but we have to get them bigger if you
are to milk properly."

Alex got a smaller syringe and filled it with the same liquid. She pushed the
needle in the left nipple first clamping the base of the nipple she filled it
then quickly put a tube over the nipple and pumped the air out of the tube. This
stretched the nipple into the vacuum in the tube. Linda's left nipple was now
swollen, burning, filled, and stretched. The tube was would be left on until the
swelling went down. The nipple procedure would be done every other day. Since
the vacuum in the tube would gradually release, so a new tube would be put on.
Alex repeated the whole on the right nipple. Linda howled and screamed the whole
time. Her already abused and sensitive nipples were being brutalized even more.
Alex started massaging both udders to make sure the fluid was evenly spread in
them and so they wouldn't be misshaped but nice round and hard standing straight
out no sagging. Linda howled the whole time since even the lightest touch felt
like someone was stoking the fire in her udders.

"You sing so pretty little cow I might bring you to my room tonight and give a
long nice relaxing udder massage.

Wouldn't you like to sing for your Mistress?"


"Almost done. Two more shots of hormones and you'll be ready for the night."

Alex gave her the two shots in her upper arm for once there was no additional
pain only the prick like that of a regular flu shot. Linda was grateful for
small mercies.

"In case you wonder cow, the last shot will induce milk so you can start milking
as soon as your udders are ready. If you are a poor milker, we might have to
breed you to get the milk going. I'm sure we can find a nice bull for you."

Linda cried. No tears came the hood was too tight for that but her eyes watered.
She finally understood what a cow slave meant. She was a woman no longer just an
animal to these people.

"Lets secure the cow for the night."

Linda was released from the table and yanked to her feet by Sue. Linda was lead
to another part of the room. She was told to bend over and lean on what felt
like a wide sling. Chains were attached to her ankle cuffs and her legs were
pull out from under her.  Linda now hung horizontally in midair. Her torso
resting on the sling, her legs still spread by the rode between her legs. Her
udders hung down pointing straight at the floor. Another chain attached to the
back of the hood and held her head up. A tube was stuck in her mouth and secured
with tape. Her panties were pulled down to just above her knees and a butt plug
inserted. Linda felt the pain in her ass hole as the plug went in and was
inflated so she couldn't push it out.

"You won't need your ass hole for the next few days, so you been plugged. This
will help to stretch your ass hole as well. If you suck on the tube in your
mouth you will get water, which will have nutrients added instead of food. Once
a day Sue here will feed you a specially prepared mixture which will both keep
you from starving and help your growth. Someone will stop by every four hours
and let you pee. I will inspect you every day and make sure you are growing
right and maybe hear a little song from you. Your udders will burn until the
fluid has been converted to fat, which should take about two weeks. By that
time, you should be starting to get some milk too. Then I'll come for you and we
do this all over again. I can't wait and I know you feel the same way little

"UMMGGGHH" Linda could make no other sound.

"Enjoy your new home cow it is only temporary but you'll be hanging around here
for the next few weeks."

Sue chuckled at Alex's little joke. Linda didn't find it funny at all. Linda was
in severe pain. Her whole body hurt. There would be no relief any time soon.
Linda had no more tears. Completely broken she suffered in silence.


With Linda secured for the night and Tina still standing around trying to
recover from the prod, only Gina and Jackie remained. The Master had watched
Linda's ordeal from his easy chair and had decided that it was a little late in
the day to start Gina on the road to being a pony.  The bitch would be quicker
for this evening. He picked up the phone and dialed.

"Kitchen." a voice answered.

"Bring dinner up to the main room tonight Sarah."

"Yes Master."

He hung up and motioned for Alex and Sue to come over.

"Nice job on Linda. She will be some cow."

"She'll be a good cow and breeder I would say. I would like to make her 42DD
just to see if milk production would be better with large udders like that."

"I'll think about it for now only take her up to 40DD. Now I have decided we
should train the bitch next. I'll save Gina for tomorrow and Tina should be
ready tomorrow as well to start training."

The Master knew Alex was a little disappointed not being allowed to make Linda's
udders bigger. So feeling lazy he would let Alex and Sue break the bitch too.
That would really thrill Alex.

"Why don't you break the bitch Alex?" He said.

Alex and Sue both lit up. This was unusual but they would both love it.

"Sure thing Master. I'll do a good job on her. Do you want the wedding tape done
first? I assume we will make a movie of both the bitch and pony."

"Yes we are. No sense in wasting a good money opportunity. Those movies bring in
a lot of money. Let me know when you are ready and I'll be back."

"Yes Master"

"Get the equipment set up Sue while I prep the little bitch."

"Yes Mistress."

The Master and Sue left the room and Alex slowly walked over to where Gina and
Jackie were standing. Both had fear in their eyes. Jackie was almost shaking
from fear after having watched Linda's treatment. Gina was a bit more subdued
and since she had been partially broken on the boat. She was now almost
complacent. She knew there was lot more in store for all of them and that there
was nothing they could do, resisting would just make it worse. Alex stopped and
looked Gina in the eyes.

"You'll have to wait until tomorrow to start your training but you should learn
a few things from the bitch here."

"Yes Mistress" Gina replied.

Alex gave Gina's tits a squeeze, grabbed up under her skirt, and grabbed her
pussy. Gina groaned her pussy was still sore.

"Still sore or are you ready for more cock?"

"Still sore Mistress."

"I could be wrong but Master will probably give you a good fucking tonight. He
normally brings someone to his rooms for the night."

The though of being fucked again didn't really scare Gina she almost expected
it. Alex now turned to Jackie.

"Now bitch it is time for your training to start. This will be a great deal of
fun and you'll be in the movies too.

Are you ready to become a good bitch?"

"Yes Mistress."

 The prod dance and whorehouse promise fresh on her mind she didn't dare answer
anything else although after seeing Linda's session she wasn't sure anymore.
Maybe the whorehouse would be better.

Sue returned with several cameras and began to set up the cameras and lights she
had also brought a priests collar and robe.

"I doubt you are ready for this but bare in mind the Master's promise. One
mistake or refusal and you will be dancing."

"Yes Mistress I know."

Jackie was fighting her tears this was going to be bad she just knew it. What
could a bitch slave mean? Linda was a cow, so a bitch probably didn't milk. But
what? Was she going to be in a porno movie? The thought of being fucked for the
first time scared her but the was a tingle of excitement too. She knew somehow
she would be fucked and soon she wouldn't be a virgin. For a moment she thought
of her boyfriend and that she had held him off although he had tried to get into
her panties several times. Now someone would. The Master maybe? Alex's voice
brought her back to reality.

"Ok. Bitch I'll train you as per the Master's wishes and I'll take no nonsense.
One refusal or mistake and you dance." Alex held up the prod to Jackie's face.
Alex surveyed Jackie. She was perfect for the bitch role. All dressed in white
as she was.

"Open your mouth wide and present fuck holes." Alex barked.

"Yes Mistress."

Jackie pulled down her panties, lifted her skirt, and opened her mouth. Jackie
was scared but more scared of not obeying. Alex pulled out what looked like
steel dentures. She pried them in over Jackie's teeth and turned a knob on the
side. The steel pressed against her teeth and as Alex turned a second knob, they
pulled Jackie's teeth together. Jackie's mouth was clamped shut she could only
move her lips but not open her mouth. Jackie could still make some guttural
noise but not speak. This was necessary for the first part of the movie. Sue
would speak in her place. A regular ball or penis gag would take away from the
ceremony, so the teeth brace was used, you couldn't really tell she was wearing
it unless she smiled and Jackie wouldn't be smiling. Alex produced a penis gag,
which she promptly put in Gina's mouth.

"Can't have any back ground noise from the audience." Gina knew then this would
get very bad. She felt sorry for Jackie.

Alex went back to Jackie with a tube of KY jelly. Standing behind her she
started to work a good amount of it up Jackie's ass. When she had three fingers
in, she stopped and just squeezed a final big blob up her ass. Jackie moaned as
her ass hole was stretched but there wasn't any real pain. Alex then took a
small squirt bottle and stuck the nozzle her in pussy. Jackie groaned. The
liquid that Alex squirted inside her felt cool but there wasn't any pain from

Alex emptied the whole bottle inside and some dribbled down her legs. It didn't
matter if it showed in the movie it would just look like Jackie was horny as
hell. Finally, she placed a veil on her head.

"Now you look like a bride. Cover yourself."

Jackie was confused a bride? That didn't sound so bad. She pulled up her panties
and let her skirt down. Jackie felt sure she would be in a porno movie now and
the honeymoon was the highlight of the movie. The groom taking his virgin bride.
Jackie was right she only had one thing wrong.

"Ready to act the role of a bride? Remember the prod.  The first scene will be
at the altar over there and I'll play the priest. All you have to do is stand
still, if you move your dead meat you hear?"

Jackie nodded. She wouldn't move. She was too scared too. Alex led her over to a
make shift altar and put on her priest's collar and robe. She looked nothing
like a priest but it didn't matter.

"Everything ready Sue?"

"Yes Mistress. Master is just coming."

The Master entered with three large Great Danes in tow. They where all black and
Nero the biggest one of the three had a top hat on.  Gina's eyes bulged oh god
no poor girl she thought. Jackie didn't see them until the Master sat down in
his chair and the dogs sat next to him. Alex called Nero and he walked over and
stood next to Jackie. Nero had been a groom before. Jackie froze in fear. Her
knees felt weak and she almost passed out she was in shock.

"Roll cameras."

"Rolling." Sue whispered.

"Do you Nero take Jackie to be your bitch?"

Nero growled in response.

"Do you Jackie take Nero to be your Master?"

"Yes" Sue answered from the background.

"I now pronounce you Master and bitch." Alex preached on.

"You may kiss and take the bride Sir."

Nero gave Jackie a big slippery lick on her mouth. He had been very well trained
and he knew he was in for a good time and treat. His nose sniffed Jackie's
crotch. He could smell this bitch was in heat. Alex had made sure of that with
her spray bottle. What Jackie had in her pussy wasn't regular lubricant but the
juices from a bitch in heat. Nero continued to sniff pushing his nose against
her crotch. Jackie was still in shock and scared out of her mind.

"Cut we need to prepare the bitch for the next scene."

"Open your mouth."

In a daze Jackie obeyed and the teeth gag was removed. Her knees where shaking
so much that she almost lost her balance.

"Listen carefully bitch. You only get one chance. In the next scene, you'll
kneel and start sucking on Nero's cock. Make sure you get the whole cock in.
You'll suck him slowly and I'll give you directions from the side."

"Please No I can't...Please I can't."

"Shall I stick the prod up this bitch's ass now Master?"

"No No No please I'll do it I'll do it please." Jackie cried out.

"One more fuck up and you can beg all you want it won't help. You'll fuck a prod
in your pussy and one in your ass all night and if you are still alive in the
morning I'll send you to a whorehouse."

Jackie started crying she was doomed. She was scared, humiliated and disgusted
but she didn't want the prods. Maybe sucking the dog wasn't so bad.

"Yes Master. I'm sorry Master I'll be good."

"You better be more than good with Nero."

"Yes Master."

Alex put the prod under her robe. Making sure Jackie was aware of it. Alex was
going to play the evil priest the rest of the movie, so she put on a hood so
that her face wouldn't show in the movie.

"Roll camera"

"Now bitch it is time you show how much you love your Master." She said in a
priestly voice.

"Kneel and stroke his cock."

Jackie more feel to her knees than anything but she didn't dare disobey. Jackie
reached under the dog and with one hand started stroking his cock. Nero grew
hard quickly and was a good eight inches. Jackie continued stroking.

"No take your Master in your mouth bitch and suck him nicely." Alex the priest

Jackie leaned forward and very gingerly put the head in her mouth. Nero stood
still. He didn't care for the sucking when the bitch was in heat.

"Take it all in swallow it bitch."

Jackie tried but gagged and coughed but one look at Alex told her she better
keep trying. She again took the cock in he mouth and sucked the best she knew
how. She didn't quite get it all in and there was a big knot that wouldn't fit
in her. Nero started humping her mouth and some pre cum hit Jackie's throat. It
tasted bitter but she kept on sucking.

"Now lick his balls and lick up and down the shaft."

Jackie obeyed but gagged again and tears were running down her cheeks.

"Now keep his cock in your mouth and remove your top."

Jackie had to think how could she remove the top without letting go off the
cock. She pulled the straps down her arms and then tore the top when she tried
to get it down over her hips. She got the top off however.

"Keep sucking and play with your tits."

Jackie started to squeeze her tits through the bra She had played with her tits
before, so this wasn't so hard.

"Now off with the skirt."

Jackie had to wiggling a bit and of course lost the cock out of her mouth.

"Keep his cock in your mouth at all times bitch."

Alex had a good time playing the evil priest. At the same time, she made sure
Jackie got a glimpse of the prod again. Jackie got her skirt off and got the
cock back in her mouth. It hadn't dawn on her yet she would do more that suck

"Sit back and remove your panties and show your fuck hole to your Master."

Jackie sat down lost the cock but quickly got it back in her mouth. She pulled
her panties down but she couldn't get them off due to the hobble chain so they
stayed around her ankles. She turned so that Nero could see her pussy. He bent
his head down, stuck his nose right up to her pussy, and began to lick. Jackie
was startled, disgusted, and almost lost his again. But there was a tingling
feeling when his rough tongue found her clit. Jackie was starting to get turned
on. After five more minutes of that, Alex decided they had enough foreplay on
tape and Jackie had started to enjoy the licking time to give her the pain.


"Very good bitch."

"Now we need to move over a bit for the next scene."

Alex led Nero about ten feet to the left where Jackie could see a large barrel
with both ends open. The barrel was covered with black leather on the outside.
Jackie couldn't see what was inside but it was sitting on a small platform. The
platform wasn't very high. Alex placed Nero at one end of the barrel his cock
full erect and a knot the size of a small fist.

"Roll camera"

"Crawl over here bitch on all four like a good bitch." Alex pointed to the other
end of the barrel. Jackie started to crawl on all fours toward Alex. Still not
understanding was about to happen.

"In the barrel with you and suck your Master again." Alex ordered.

Jackie crawled in the barrel but it was to high up for her to remain on her knee
so she had raise her ass in the air and lean forward out the other end to reach
Nero cock. The barrel wasn't very long just long enough to cover her torso and
up to her neck. Her ass and pussy was now fully accessible from the rear. Alex
moved to the end were Jackie's head was sucking the dog and pulled her arms out
and with a quick move locked them to the side of the barrel. Jackie's head
dropped down and she lost the cock. She was bent forward through the barrel and
couldn't pull back. Her ass was high in the air at the other end with her legs

"Your Master wants you secure for this next part bitch. Just relax and enjoy

Alex moved too the other end and pulled two wide straps from inside the barrel.
They passed through Jackie's legs just above the knees. Pulling them over
Jackie's legs and securing them on the side of the she pulled them tight forcing
her legs further apart. Jackie was secured in the barrel. Head sticking out one
end for sucking entertainment, ass and pussy ready at the other end. Alex called
Hannibal and the second Dane joined Nero at Jackie's head.

"Master has invited some friend you better get sucking bitch. Hannibal is
already hard. So get sucking"

Jackie had little choices and the sucking wasn't so bad. She took Hannibal in
her mouth and started sucking. Play Boy the third dog waiting right behind him.
Then Jackie froze in panic.

"Master your bitch is ready for your cock. She is a real horny bitch too Master
Nero and she has never been fucked before."

Nero wagged is tail as he stuck his nose and tongue in Jackie's pussy trying to
find the hole. Licking soon got old, Nero wanted to fuck. Jackie dropped
Hannibal's cock and started to scream and plead.

"Noooo Please don't let the dog fuck me please nooo he is too big and a dog
please no dog."

This would be good on tape Alex didn't mind her pleading now it was to late she
was stuck in the barrel and was about to get her cherry popped by an eight-inch
dog cock. Alex wanted to savor the moment a bit longer so she held Nero back.

"You will fuck your Master bitch. He is just trying to decide which hole to pop
the cherry in first. You are a bitch and bitches fucks dog Masters. That's their

"Oh god. Please no. No not a dog. I'll do anything just please not the dog. I'll
suck all the dogs but please don't let him fuck me." Jackie half cried half

"Dogs like to fuck but don't worry you'll suck them too bitch. Just relax and
enjoy the fucking you are about to receive."

Alex let Nero go and he quickly mounted the barrel his cock right inline with
Jackie's pussy. Nero started humping and Jackie tried to close her legs. She
could feel the cock hitting her pussy not finding the hole. Alex reached under
Nero and put his cock head in Jackie's pussy.

"Nooooooooo." Jackie hollered as she felt the head enter her.

Nero pushed home plunging all of his eight inches in popping Jackie's cherry. He
started humping wildly trying to get the knot in. Jackie screamed as her hymen
broke and her pussy was stretched more than ever before. When Nero's cock hit
her cervix, Jackie almost passed out from pain.

make him stop."

"You'll be just fine bitch. You'll get used to his size in a day or two. You ass
hole might have a harder time with his cock. No start sucking the other two
again enough talking. Your mouth is for dog cock not chatter."

With Nero firmly in her pussy humping away at a rapid pace Alex went to the
other end, grabbed Jackie by the hair, and stuck Hannibal's cock back in her

"Don't loose it again bitch. You'll fuck all three dogs and if you don't obey
you'll fuck two prods too."

Jackie gagged as the cock was forced in her mouth and she cried but sucked to
afraid to do anything but obey. Alex watched for a while to make sure she kept
on sucking then returned to Nero to help the knot in. She bent down and pulled
Jackie's pussy lips apart. That didn't help so she went to get two clamps. The
clamps were attached to the pussy lips and pulled to the side of the barrel by a
couple of chains. Jackie screamed into Hannibal's cock but managed to keep it in
her mouth. Her pussy was on fire from the pounding Nero was giving her and now
her lips added to the pain by being stretched out to the side. Alex now had both
hands free and grabbed Nero's cock behind the knot and gave his cock a hard
push. The knot forced it's way in and Jackie let out a high-pitched scream. She
was stretched to the limit and her pussy was filled up with dog cock.


Again, Alex had to shove Hannibal's cock in her mouth.

"Told you not to loose it bitch you better start doing better here. Start moving
your ass. Don't think you can just lie there and enjoy the fucking. Get to work

Jackie tried the best she could but she didn't have much room to move her ass.
Nero started to shot his load up in Jackie's pussy and Alex quickly put a bowl
under Jackie's pussy.  Cum started to seep out of her pussy but Nero was lodged
in there. It was a good ten minutes before the knot had gone down enough for
Nero to dismount. When he did, cum poured out of Jackie's pussy she had been
stretched to the point her pussy had a hard time closing. Alex walked back to
Jackie's head and got Hannibal.

"Ok bitch get sucking on Play Boy while Hannibal gets his rocks off in your fuck

Jackie was crying hard now and sobbing but just one glimpse of the prod and she
took Play Boy's cock in her mouth and started suck. Alex helped Hannibal mount
the bitch and this time shoved the knot in right away. Hannibal pounded away at
the bitch from the start. He wasn't quite as big as Nero but big enough to be
painful for freshly popped cherry and sore pussy. Hannibal pounded her for a
good ten minutes before unloading in her pussy. Jackie had been stretched enough
now that he could pull out with a pop. More dog cum colleted in the bowl as it
Jackie couldn't hold it in. There were trickles of blood mixed in the semen in
the bowl. Alex now came for Play Boy. This was the best part Play Boy would take
the bitch in the ass.

"Are you having a good time bitch? One more to go and then we will secure you
for the night unless the Master decides you should dance for your poor

"Please No more I hurt."

"Don't worry he will use a different hole."

"No God No He'll kill me. Please Please No. Mistress."

" Doubt he will kill you, but you'll get a good ass stretching but I am sure
you'll enjoy it. Nothing like some nice hot cum in a bitch's ass."

Alex started back to Jackie's ass. She had one more thing to do. She took metal
flat hooks and stuck them in Jackie's ass. She pulled the hooks to the side
opening up Jackie's ass.

"Up Boy"

Play Boy mounted here and as soon as his cock had gotten past the sphincter, she
took out the hooks. Jackie's closed tightly around his cock. Play Boy pounded
away and with each hump got a bit more cock in. Jackie screamed and screamed but
the dog took no notice and drove home. The knot wouldn't go in but she had a
good 7 inches dog cock in her ass. Play Boy shot his load in her ass and pulled
out. Sue got up to get a close up of the open ass hole and cum starting to seep

"Push the cum out bitch."

Jackie was sobbing and tried her best to get the cum out of her asshole and
slowly it came out in big blobs dripping down into the bowl.

"Are you still horny bitch? Ready for another round?"

"Please No Mistress." 

Alex turned toward the Master as she spoke.

"I don't think this bitch did a very good job. I don't see how she would ever be
any use as a bitch Master. Shall I string her up and let the bitch dance with
the prods?"

"I agree she is pretty useless." Master said.

"Perhaps I could use her for some of my medical tests?"

"What did you have in mind?"

"Hmmm. Maybe see if you could roast her udders while they are still attached or
I have a few drugs I'd like to test as well."

"That might an idea. She wouldn't be much use after I suppose."

"Not really no." Alex looked hopeful.

Jackie could hear every word and was petrified. She let go a stream of pee down
her leg and started pleading.

"No oh no please give me another chance I'll be very good. Please Master."

Master looked at Alex and smiled.

"I guess you scared the pee out of her."

Alex laughed.

"So can I have her?"

"Nooooo pleaseee. Master I promise I'll do better if you give me another
chance." Jackie cried as she spoke.

"Let's give her another chance if she even as much as hesitate once you can have

"Ok Master." Alex pretended to sound disappointed but this exchange was all for
Jackie's benefit.

"Thank you Master. You won't regret it." Jackie said.

"Get her out of the barrel and bring her over here. Sue, you go get three fresh
dogs. She has had enough of a break."

"Yes Master."

Jackie was relieved but she had tough she would have a longer break. Her ass and
pussy was still sore but there was no point in begging to have more time. She
would have to fuck three more dogs and do it well or face even worse horrors.
Alex released Jackie and she started to stand up but Alex kicked her feet from
under her and she fell to her knees.

"Bitches don't walk they crawl. Crawl over to your place in front of Master."

"Yes Mistress." Jackie replied as she crawled away.

"When the dogs get here you start sucking immediately. When he is hard he will
mount you, if he needs help getting in you guide him in. When the first is in
you start sucking the next. If they need help getting the knot in you help them.
Make sure you take at least one in your ass otherwise you fail.  Sue will
command the dogs but you better look like you love fucking them. You will get no
further instructions. Mistress and I will say no more until you are done. Then
we will vote on pass or fail. I suggest you crawl over and get the cum bowl,
since it would not be good to waste any cum. You will lick it clean before you
end your test. Now you better get ready."

Jackie almost broke down but sobbing she crawled and retrieved the bowl.  She
barely got back to her spot before entered with three new Danes. Sue placed the
first at Jackie's face and she reached under him stroking him with her hand.

As soon as his cock came out, she started sucking him. After a few minutes, he
was rock hard. Jackie's kept sucking and Sue bent down and whispered.

"Command him up or he will come in your mouth and you loose."

Jackie felt her stomach turn; she had to beg to be fucked in other words.

"Up. " she said. The dog didn't move.

"His name is Targ." Sue filled her in.

"Up Targ."

The dog jumped straight up on her from behind scratching her back with his paws
as he mounted her. He started humping but kept missing her pussy. Jackie tried
to wiggle her ass but that didn't help.

"Reach between your legs and put him in." Sue whispered again.

Jackie didn't know if she was really trying to help her or she had been told to
instruct her. She reached back and found Targ's cock. Closing her eyes and
taking a deep breath, she guided him in. Targ pounded his cock home and kept
pounding her but didn't get the knot in. Jackie moaned her pussy hurt. Targ was
big and stretched her already sore pussy.

"Get the knot in quick or you loose." Sue whispered yet again.

With tears rolling down her face, Jackie reached back again, put her hand behind
the knot, and pushed hard. At first the knot wouldn't go in so she pushed harder
and the pussy stretched even more and Targ become lodged inside humping away at
a furious rate. Every hump hurt now that he was in deep. Jackie cried out.


Sue placed the second dog in front of her. Jackie took a few seconds but reached
for his cock while her whole body rocked back and forth with the pounding Targ
was giving her. 

"This is Cain." Sue said in a normal voice but added a whisper.

"He's big don't take him in your ass"

Jackie sucked away as best she could which wasn't easy with only one hand to
support herself against Targ's attack. She tried putting the other hand down but
as soon as she did she lost Cain's cock. Jackie was in pain she could feel her
pussy lips swelling and the inside of her pussy felt raw. She got a little
relief from the pre cum Targ's cock was spurting but not much. Sue was right
Cain was big his cock wasn't that long but thick. Jackie felt grateful to Sue.
Targ delivered his load and pulled out which hurt since the knob was still
swollen. Jackie moaned and groaned. Cum splashed down into the bowl as he pulled

"Get Cain up quick. They won't like you taking any breaks." Sue spoke again with
her friendly advise.

Jackie groaned but she did as Sue advised.

"Up Cain"

Cain was quickly on top of her, by luck found her still somewhat open pussy, and
pushed in. His paws were clawing at her sides and hurting her a bit. Jackie
still had to help him get the knot in but soon Cain was in. Jackie again let out
a scream as the knot went in and she felt stretched beyond her limits.


"This is Devil" Sue said.

The third dog was already at her face. His cock was partly out of his sheath and
Jackie reached for it with her mouth. Cain was more powerful than Targ and his
trusts carried much more force. Jackie almost fell on her stomach when she tried
using a hand to get Devil's cock. She was being fucked hard now and as she
sucked she realized that Sue had tricked her Devil was large, a good nine inches
and thick. He would hurt her ass badly if she even could get him in.

"Oooops. Guess I got them mixed up." Sue grinned.

Master and Alex both had big grins on their faces when Sue looked at them. She
had done well and this would be good for her. Jackie was just a bitch and no
friend of hers. Jackie didn't grin she was being rocked back and forth by Cain
and Devil. Her mind raced, her pussy on fire and soon her ass would be split or
so she thought, by Devil.

She would fail because of Sue. She would never get Devil in her ass. When Cain
exploded in her pussy and dismounted her, she felt panic. She didn't even notice
the pain the knot caused on the way out. Another splash of cum hit the bowl and
her pussy kept dripping cum.

"Better get him up quick. Don't want it to look like you are not horny and eager
for another fuck do you?" Sue taunted her.

Jackie had to try even if she thought there was no way she could do it.

"Up Devil" she said meekly.

Devil pounced on her humping wildly and scratching the side of her ribs. Devil
found her pussy and Jackie had to quickly reach back and grab his cock. She fell
on her face as she used her other hand to try and spread her ass cheeks. Devil
was humping away and it was hard for her to get him pointed at her ass hole.
Finally, she felt the tip on her anus. Jackie braced herself and pushed on
Devil's cock. The pain was very bad since her already swollen sphincter wouldn't
give way. She got a better grip and tried again.


She got about two inches of Devil in. With they way he was humping he would pop
out if she let go of his cock. She took a breath and pushed again. Burning pain
as her ass tried to stretch to accommodate the intruder. With work and many
moaning and groaning sounds, Jackie got another two inches in. Still it wasn't
enough if she let go he would slip out. The very helpful Sue was quick to point
that out to her.

"He isn't half way in even, you need more in there bitch or he will slip out."

Her friendly tone was gone now. Jackie again pushed and her ass hole gave up a
point more ground. Not without sending waves of pain through her however. Devil
was getting impatient with this bitch and dug his paws in on Jackie's tits.


The claw hurt. Jackie now had six inches up her ass and decided it was enough
and to just hold on to his cock behind the knot. Jackie couldn't get the knot in
there wasn't any hope of that. Devil helped her out with his new grip on Jackie
he pushed in another two inches and pounded away. Every stroke in her ass hole
was like getting a hot poker shoved in there. The burning was terrible but Devil
pounded on until his knot started hitting her sphincter.

His knot was the size of a tennis ball and Jackie wasn't ready for that, the
knot simply wouldn't go in no matter how hard Devil tried. Devil pumped his load
up her ass and then just dismounted. Jackie was done fucking.

"Shall I bring in the next three Master?" Sue said with an evil grin.

Jackie's heart almost stopped. There couldn't be more dogs. Jackie sobbed loudly
but stayed put without saying anything. She waited for the reply with fear in
her eyes and without thinking pushed out the dog cum in her ass.

" Let her finish this test first." Master said.

Jackie realized there was one more thing to be done. In a daze, she turned
around and looked at the grayish blood spotted goo in the bowl. She started
licking and swallowing. It had a bitter salty and watery taste to it and her
stomach turned. Fighting the urge to throw up she licked the bowl clean and
crawled to Master's feet for her verdict.

"What do you think Mistress Alex?" Master asked.

"Hmmm. I suppose she did a bit better this time even if she was slow and didn't
work her ass that much. She didn't get Devil's knot up her bitch ass either. Not
even an encouraging word to any of her lovers. One would have expected at least
an Oh pound me Targ or Deeper and faster Cain not even Devil got an Shove it in

Jackie couldn't believe what she was hearing. She had tried her best and her ass
and pussy was raking with pain. Would they fail her because she didn't talk to
the dogs? Jackie felt defeated. She sobbed even louder and fell forward on her
elbows with her ass in the air.

" True she didn't sound like she wanted or needed a fuck. Even so, it was her
first time. So maybe we should give her a week of fucking to see if she
improves. Perhaps she will learn proper bitch behavior. I'll pass her for now."

"Yes. Maybe you're right. I'll guess I'll pass her too then even if I'm doubtful
she will learn." Alex smiled. 

Jackie felt relieved even if the week of fucking scared her stiff.

"I'll leave the training to you. I'll take the pony to my rooms and retire for
the night." Master said as walked toward Gina.

"Excellent I'll walk over and feed the bitch. Shall we leave the whore over
there or put her in a cage?" Alex pointed toward Tina.

Tina was lying on the floor with her hands between her legs trying to ease the
burning in her clit.

"Sue can secure her in a cage."

"Yes Master." Sue replied.

Master unhooked Gina, attached a leash to her collar, and with Gina hobbling
behind started for his private quarters. Sue hurried over to Tina and got her to
her feet moaning. Sue took her over to a large steel cage and pulled her wrists
to the top of the cage. Her legs were spread as far as the hobble would allow
and secured to the floor.  Tina was spread eagled in her cage.

"No touching for you tonight." Sue said and patted her crotch sending shivers
through her clit.

Tina's clit was super sensitive to any touch and with Sue patting it the fire
flared up again. Tina moaned.

"I need to pee." Tina begged.

"You have panties on pee in them whore." Sue grinned.

"Please let me go to the bathroom." Tina begged again.

" I told you pee in your panties or hold it whore."

Sue shut the cage door and left Tina for the night. Tina wouldn't last through
the night but would be forced to pee in her panties. She wouldn't get much sleep
either with wet panties and being spread-eagled like she was. Tina would be
exhausted, hungry and thirsty by morning. Sue briefly stopped by Linda to give
her a few good night words too.

 "I guess you need to pee cow."

Sue released the clamp and Linda promptly peed. Sue didn't want her to empty
completely so she clamped the tube again.

"Ummgghh" Linda tried but with her feeding tube in her mouth, she couldn't say
anything else.

"You weren't done cow? Well better, be quicker next time then. Udders look
really nice they are really swollen now and nice and red. Nips seem to be doing
well too. You want a bit of a massage? Silly me cows always want their udders

Sue squeezed Linda's udders and the burning flared up in them.


"Want more do you? You cows are never satisfied. Maybe when I come back in the
morning to feed you I'll give you some massage."

"Sleep tight cow. You look real comfy there."

Sue gave Linda's udders a slap and walked away. Linda was anything but
comfortable. Linda was in pain sweating under the hood and her arms, legs, and
shoulders ached. While Sue was tending to Tina, Alex put a leash on Jackie and
with quick yank to her collar and swat of the crop, she told Jackie to heel.

"Heel and follow me bitch on all fours."

"Aaaiiee." Jackie let out. The crop stung her.

With Jackie crawling at her side as fast as she could Alex headed to the yard.
Once outside she grabbed a hose and sprayed Jackie down. The cool water felt
nice on her back and ass but when the stream with her pussy Jackie moaned
loudly. Alex took no notice, pushed the nozzle in her, and filled her up.

"AAARRRGGHHH" Jackie cried.

"Be quiet bitch or I'll put you in with the hounds for the night. You need to be
cleaned. Now hurry up and pee and shit. I haven't got all night."

Jackie squatted and peed and at the same time relieved the water in her ass. The
water did feel soothing in her ass and some of the burning eroded. Jackie was
however humiliated beyond belief. Having to squat like a dog and relieve herself
outside. She wondered if she would have to do this every time. Her stockings and
heels were a mess from crawling, peeing, and the fucking and now they were
soaked as well. Jackie was lead over to a large pen with a doghouse at one end.
A bowl of water and an empty bowl were sitting in front of the doghouse. Alex
picked up the empty bowl and released the leash from Jackie's collar.

"Welcome to your new home bitch. Now sit. I'll be back with your food."

Jackie didn't know how to sit, so Alex with a swat of the crop pushed her ass to
the ground. Jackie was now sitting on her legs bent and ass touching her heels.

" I guess I'll have to teach you all the commands, bitch. You'll have a busy day
tomorrow then."

Alex went out of the pen and closed the door. She soon returned with a bowl of
canned dog food. Alex had also added some milk-inducing drug to the food and
some stimulants. She didn't want the bitch to get too much sleep.

She put the bowl down in front of Jackie.

"It's beef and rice tonight. Now eat it quickly or I'll swat your ass until you
are finished bitch. Stick your little bitch nose in the bowl and start eating."

Jackie cried but she was starving, so she bent down and started to eat. It
didn't taste that bad even if it was dog food. It was edible even if it wasn't a
gourmet meal exactly. It took awhile to empty the bowl but her hunger was gone.

"Lick your snout clean, you have sauce all over. Then get in the dog house and
no barking or howling during the night."

"Yes Mistress. She would finally have some peace.

The doghouse had a blanket that smelled of dog and nothing else. The night air
was warm and humid. Alex hooked the chain from the doghouse to Jackie's collar.
This would allow her to move about five feet in any direction from the doghouse.

"Night bitch. Tomorrow you'll have a busy day."

Alex walked away. She would have Sue come to her quarters and eat her pussy for
a while before locking her away for the night. Jackie curled up on the blanket
and quietly cried herself to sleep. Jackie was broken and in pain. Jackie was
still fearful but she would obey and do what they wanted. She had fucked six dog
tonight no man would want her again even if she got away from here. Maybe men at
a whorehouse would still fuck her but nobody would want her or want to marry
her. Those dreams had been shattered. Jackie fell into light sleep.


Gina followed Master as quickly as she could with her hobbles. Her feet were
aching from the high heels. She wasn't used to wearing heels like these. She had
stood or walked on the balls of her feet for a good 12 hours now. Her calves
were aching too. She was lead through a series of hallways until the finally
arrived at some double doors. Master unlocked the doors and Gina followed him
in. The door closed with a click. Gina realized that some doors could only be
open by a hand scanner. There was no way to get in or out of Masters quarters
without his handprint or code. The room had a very large bed at one end, a sofa
set was on her right but instead of a coffee table the was a tall pole with two
crossbars. Past the sofa, there was a shower stall, washbasin, and a throne like
toilet. There were also a few different contraptions bunched up in one corner.
Gina could only make out what looked like some stocks. On the left wall, there
was a large desk and a dozen wall mounted monitors. There was also a wide screen
television and a stereo. Each side of the bed had a large deep red curtain. No
telling what was behind them. The room also contained a dining table and three
chairs. Gina had to follow Master over too the monitors. Gina looked at them and
she could see that the Master could watch any room or the grounds from here. On
one see could see the dock were they had been unloaded this morning. The next
few showed various hallways and rooms. Then she could see Linda hanging in her
sling. Master pushed a few buttons and Linda's moaning came over the speakers.
At the bottom of the screen Linda's heartbeat was monitored, just like and EKG
monitor. Master was sitting with his back to Gina but he knew she was watching
and switched one of the screens to Gina. Her heartbeat came across the screen
and Gina was looking at her self.

"As you can see I can monitor everything from here. Your collars have small
sensors that checks heartbeat, breathing etc. They can also be used for mild

Gina felt a jolt in neck and jumped back a step.

"It is only a mild current but it reminds the slave that she is being watched
and any mistakes will be punished."

"We have butt plugs and dildo's with sensors as well. They even monitor
moistness in the fuck holes. A slave gets too wet and wham she gets a jolt in
her hole. They can even be made to heat up. Very nice don't you think?"

"Yes Master." Gina didn't think it was nice at all.

Alex had been right when she said there was no escape from the island. To escape
she would have to first get the collar off, then undetected get out of the
house. She would have to find a boat or make a raft of some kind then sail or
drift in the right direction. If there was a boat, it was well hidden and
probably guarded and she would need tools to get the collar off. It was
hopeless. Her eyes went back to the monitors and she could see Tina
spread-eagled in her cage, there was a puddle between her legs and her stockings
were wet. Tina had peed herself unable to hold it any longer. She appeared to
have fallen asleep however. Another monitored showed Sue busily licking Alex's
pussy. She got encouragement on her ass from Alex's crop now and again. A few
red welts showed on her ass.

" I see Alex is in a cruel mood this evening."

Gina thought Alex was cruel period. It was a permanent mood for her in Gina's
opinion. She scanned the rest of the monitors and she could see the dogs in the
pens. One pen appeared empty until Master switched the screen and Jackie curled
up in a fetal position came in view. She was moaning and her body twitched no
and again.

"I see Alex gave her stimulants. The bitch won't get much sleep then. She'll be
one tired bitch in the morning." Master chuckled.

"Don't you think she will make a nice bitch?"

"Yes Master. I think she'll make a good bitch if she is given some time to
learn." Gina said boldly.

"Ah. You think she needs time. Trying to put in a good word for her are you?"

" I..I...I just think she needs time to learn since she is young." Gina
stammered. She was afraid she overstepped her boundaries.

"You are right Gina. She will need time but in a week with hard training, she
will be a good bitch. I suppose Alex will enlarge her tits and induce milk in
her too. Most animals here are brought along to milk. What kind of pony will you
make Gina? Will you need time too?" Master smiled.

Gina's heart sank if Linda was a cow and Jackie a bitch and both would milk then
surely ponies would milk too. Even if the dogs fucking Jackie had been hard to
watch and Gina felt for her knowing from her own fucking how sore Jackie would
be right now, Linda's treatment seemed far more severe. If Gina had to choose
between the two treatments, she would have chosen the dogs for sure.

" I'll try and be a very good pony Master and learn as quickly as I can." She

"Do you know what being a pony means?"

"Not really Master"

"Any ideas?"

"Hmmm....well...I have seen pictures on the net." Gina admitted.     

"And what have you seen?"

"Women pulling carts, wearing harnesses with feathers."

"I see and what else do you think a pony does?"

"I'm not sure Master" Gina said. She didn't really want to know but if bitches
fucked dogs... she dismissed the thought. The Master knew that Gina's mind was
thinking about the scene with Jackie and based on that was figuring that a pony
had other duties than pulling carts.

" I won't spoil the surprise for you. You'll learn soon enough. It will be a
busy day for you tomorrow a pony takes a lot of preparation the first day or

Gina didn't like the sound of that at all. Master got up from his chair and
unhooked the chains between Gina's wrist and ankle cuffs.

"Go stand at the end of the bed facing the door. I'll be with you in a minute.
It is time for you to show your appreciation for your Master."

Gina walked over and stood by the bed as ordered. She would be fucked there was
no doubt about that. What else would she have to endure? Gina was both tired and
hungry she had nothing to eat all day.


"Yes Master."

"Get a couple of cokes and get a bowl as well from over there." Master pointed
to wet bar next to the monitors.

Gina did as she was told. She picked out a medium sized bowl. Gina couldn't
understand why she was treated so much nicer than the rest. Was this because
tomorrow would be so terrible or was it some kind of trick? Sue had tricked
Jackie with the dogs.

"Put it on the bedside table and wait there."

"Yes Master."

Gina could see the monitors from where she was standing. Master was busy typing
and the screens changed from room to room. He finally decided which cameras to
keep on the monitors and walked over to the bed. He undressed and jumped into
bed.  He leaned against the headboard sitting in bed with his legs straight. He
lit a cigarette and opened one of the cokes. Music came from speakers behind the

"Showtime, Gina."

Gina wasn't sure what to do. She looked confused.

"What do you think you are supposed to do Gina? What is the music for do you

Gina got idea. She was supposed to do a strip tease for Master.

"You want me to do a strip-tease for you Master."

"Right. Maybe I was wrong about you. I thought you were the smartest of today's
bunch. A pony needs to be smart and be able to think. A cow just milks and
breeds no thinking required. A bitch fucks dogs and breeds and does a few tricks
but they don't need to think either. A pony is different."

"Yes Master." Gina started to dance to the music.

She played with her tits and wiggled her ass. She slowly removed her top and
pushed her tits up to lick them. She continued her dance and removed her skirt.
Even if dancing was hard in the heels she danced on until she only had
stockings, garter and heels left.

"Not bad. Need to pee?"

"Thank you Master. Yes Master."

"Use the bowl then and pee in that without squatting."

"Oh" Gina exclaimed.

"Any whore can strip. Gina you have to make a better show than that. Do I have
to spell everything out for you?"

"No Master."

Peeing in a bowl wasn't that big of a deal. Gina held the bowl between her legs
and peed. Catching the pee proved a little more difficult than Gina had thought
but she managed. When she was done, the bowl was about a quarter full. She put
it down.

"Is that the end of the show?"

This was for sure a trick question, clearly he expected more but what. Gina
danced around to stall playing with her tits.

"I would guess a whore would be thirsty from dancing." He said.

Gina was confused for a moment. He wanted her to drink a coke? She looked at him
and saw his were fixed on the bowl. Oh god no I can't Gina thought. She froze
and just stood there.

"Nice try but go and hook yourself up to the pole over there for the night.
Tomorrow I'll decide whether to make you into a cow, bitch or just leave you as
a whore and put you to work paying off the price I paid for you. You will never
make a pony."

Gina sobbed. She had gotten the idea being a pony meant better treatment and now
she had failed the test. Maybe she could save the situation. She dropped to her
knees and spread her legs wide. She put bowl to her mouth and began drinking.
Her stomach revolted but she kept on drinking. Gina hived but since her stomach
was empty, nothing came up. She was dry hiving but managed to keep it all down.
She looked up to see if she had saved herself from being anything but a pony.

"Still thirsty?"

Oh god no please not more Gina thought but she knew there was no choice but to
answer yes.

"Yes Master."

Master could see that Gina was struggling holding her drink and the thought of
more was almost too much for her. He smiled and Gina expected the worst.

"Better drink that coke then."

Gina was utterly confused now she got to have a coke instead of more pee as she
had expected. She stood up and took the coke. There didn't seem to be anything
odd about it. She opened it and drank. It was coca cola. Her stomach growled and
she burped but she held everything down. Gina had not been fed simply so she
could hold her drink. She finished the coke and the fowl taste in her mouth was

"I'm tired so get up here and start sucking my cock before I fall asleep."

Gina got up on the bed and started licking and sucking on his cocks and balls.
He didn't move. He smoked another cigarette and drank his coke as Gina was
working on his cock. Master's cock wasn't enormous a fairly normal six or seven
inches and not too thick so Gina had no problem getting him in her mouth. Gina
didn't mind this in fact she could feel herself getting wet and without thinking
started to rub her clit. Master said nothing. She could feel herself getting
very close to an orgasm but had the sense to ask.

"May I cum Master?"

 "Not before I have shot my load in your mouth and you have swallowed all of it
without loosing a single drop?"

"Yes Master."

Gina increased her sucking and licking. She had swallowed cum before and she
really needed the release of an orgasm. The fucking this morning had been
nothing but pain this was actually very pleasant. She didn't have to wait long
before the cock in her mouth started pumping its juice in her mouth. She closed
her lips around the shaft tightly so she wouldn't lose anything and swallowed.
She opened her mouth to show she had swallowed.

"May I cum now Master."

"Yes. But hurry up."

Gina rubbed her clit and soon her body felt the release of her orgasm.

"Ahhhhhhhh" Gina moaned. It felt good and Gina relaxed.

"Lay down on your stomach hands behind your back."

Gina obeyed and her wrists were hooked together behind her back.

"If you try to get out of bed your collar will give you a jolt and alarm will go
off to wake me. No go to sleep."

The lights went out. Gina couldn't believe this. She got sleep in a bed even if
she wasn't totally comfortable with arms behind her back and heels on. Still the
bed was soft and warm and she had a pillow for her head. Why was she treated so
much better than the others? The question nagged at her as she fell asleep.

                              6. Morning

Tina was awakened by the door to her cage opening. She looked up to see Alex and
Sue standing there.

"The whore as peed on herself and phew she stinks. Clean her up while I fix her
breakfast. Alex said.

 Tina hadn't gotten much sleep at all. She was hungry and thirsty but the fire
in her clit was much more bearable now. It still burnt but not so intensely.
Tina was thoroughly humiliated having had to pee in her panties and having the
stale urine smell in her nose most of the night. Sue stepped in her cage,
produced a knife, which she used to cut away Tina's skirt, top, and adjusted her
bra. When Sue turned around and left the cage Tina could see her ass was full of
reddish welts. Alex had given Sue's ass a real workout last night and Sue was in
a fowl mood. She got a hose from the wall and turned the cold-water tap. She
adjusted the nozzle to produce a narrow powerful stream. When she was satisfied
the water was cold enough she turn the hose on Tina.

"AAAhhhooooaaa." Tina cried out.

The water hit her hard in the face. Sue moved the stream across Tina's face then
down her back and legs. Back up to her head and hair. She kept the hose on
Tina's face as she moved into a better position and then gave Tina's tits and
belly a good wash. Finally, she moved in closer and aimed it at Tina's crotch.
Tina cried out as the stream hit her still very sore and sensitive clit. The
water started to fill the bottom of the cage and Sue kicked a lever to open the
drain in the floor. She soaked Tina thoroughly until she started shivering and
goose bumps appeared on her skin. She turned of the hose and waited for Mistress
Alex to return. Tina looked like a drown cat standing spread eagled in her cage.
She shivered from the cold water that had soaked her body. Her hair clung to her
face and water dripped down on her face.

"Maybe I'll use hot water tomorrow whore." Sue said.

Tina sobbed. Her legs ached from standing in six-inch heels and she was dying to
sit down or lie down any position that would relieve her tired legs. Alex
returned carrying a tray with a bowl, a bottle, a funnel, and some type of
bundle of straps Tina couldn't make out. Alex handed the tray to Sue and picked
up the strap contraption. She went into the cage and stood behind Tina. She put
the first wide strap on Tina's forehead and tightened it in the back. There were
two straps attached to the headband strap one each side. Alex pulled both straps
under her chin and fastened them together. The side straps each had two lock
clamps on them. Alex adjusted the strap so the clamps were in line with her
upper and lower lip respectively.  She attached a strap to each side strap just
above each of Tina's ears. These were pulled behind her head and locked
together; this ensured that the side straps couldn't be slipped off. Alex
checked that all the straps were tightly fitted on Tina's head except she left
the side straps under her chin with some slack they would be tighten firmly
last. Tina just moaned. She heard the rattle of a chain a heavy chain by the
sound of it then a click and she felt the chain down her back. Then next thing
she heard was a humming from a motor and then chain tighten. The chain pulled
her head back slowly. Soon she was looking straight up to the ceiling of the
cage. The humming stopped but Tina's head was secure starring straight up.

"That should do it don't want to break your neck whore."

Alex got the funnel from the tray and got a small stepladder that she placed in
front of Tina. Steeping up a couple of steps, she had her breast level with
Tina's face.

"Open your mouth Whore."

Tina kept her mouth closed.

"Sue give the whore a taste of the prod on her clit."

Tina's mouth flew open wide.

"Oh don't want to dance eh."

Tina could feel the tip of the prod pressing against her clit. She was scared.
She couldn't handle more dancing her clit would explode or burn up.

"Tongue out."

Tina stretched her tongue out as far as she could. Her tongue was clamped to the
underside of the funnel and Alex carefully pushed the narrow ending of the
funnel down Tina's throat. Just far enough that Tina still had to swallow
whatever was feed through the funnel but far enough that she couldn't get
anything out. Alex also made sure her airways were clear then she used the four
clamp locks from the side straps to hold the funnel in place. Tina would still
taste what she was feed but if she didn't swallow, she would suffocate. Tina
could only grunt and moan. She was no longer able to speak. Alex tightened the
side straps under her chin and checked everything one more time making smaller
adjustments to the feeder harness.

" This is called a feeder harness you will wear this until you learn to eat in a
proper fashion."


"Ready for your breakfast whore?"


  Alex took the bowl and started to pour the slimy brownish mixture into the
funnel. Tina felt the first load hit the back of her throat. She swallowed
desperately although the taste was rancid and bitter. Alex took the bottle and
poured some of into the funnel.

"Here is something to wash down your meal with."

Tina just swallowed the liquid slightly salty but tasted mainly like carbonated
water. Alex alternated between the bowl and bottle until both were empty. Tina
swallowed desperately but she could feel her stomach filling and turning. She
fought a need to retch. Whatever the meal was it didn't exactly agree with her.
Alex pulled a tube down from the ceiling and taped it to the rim of the funnel.
Sue had in the meantime covered the sides of the cage with a foot and half high
glass panels. She fitted the corners tightly together and used a silicone sealer
to ensure nothing could leak out. This would allow the bottom of the cage to be
filled with any fluid up to the edge of the glass panels. Alex put a string in
Tina's left hand.

"Hold on to this tightly this is your drink bell. Pull the string and a bell
rings. This will release about a glass of water into your funnel for you to
drink. Try it."

Tina pulled the string and water spurted from the tube attached to the brim of
the funnel. Tina drank for some reason she was thirsty and the water tasted nice
a cool.

"Looks like the whore is set for the day. I have we forgotten anything Sue?"

"Maybe she wants to know what was on the menu this morning, Mistress."

"Of course. How silly of me to forget. I have a blender that I prepare all your
meals in. Today mixture consisted of one part baked beans, one part fried onion
rings, one part of Sue's shit from last night, one part horse semen and the
white of one egg just to make it slide down easily. I added several vitamins
etc. The water contained a salt concentrate."

 Tina retched and vomit rose up her throat but she was forced to swallow it
again or suffocate. The feeder harness was devilish in it design.

 "Oh I almost forgot I added some muscle relaxant drugs and a laxative. You
should start feeling the effects of that in about twenty minutes."

Tina retched again and sobbed. She was being totally humiliated and her neck
ached badly. She was tired and felt thirsty again. Every part of her body hurt.
They few garments she wore were all wet. She was in shear hell.

"Have a nice day. See you at dinner time." Alex cheerfully told her.

The cage door closed and Sue and Alex walked toward Linda. Linda could hear
someone approaching but could of course not see anything. She was very tired her
udders burning at a constant level. Her shoulders were almost numb. She wondered
if she would ever be able to straighten them again or pull her arms forward.

"How is our little cow doing this morning?"

Linda heard Alex's voice. She braced herself for whatever was coming. Sue
unclamped Linda's catheter tube.

"Pee cow."

Linda let her bladder go it was a big relief her bladder had been cramping for
the last hour. Alex checked Linda's body by feeling her muscles. Prodding and
poking as she felt along Linda's body.  Alex felt the strain in Linda's arms and
shoulders and thought she better give her muscle relaxant shot. Pushing her
skirt aside, she promptly stuck a large needle in Linda's left buttock.


"Get ready cow I will feed you breakfast through your tube now. Swallow quickly
I haven't got all day."

Sue filled a large syringe and unhooked the tube from the water tank, attaching
it to the end of the syringe. She squeezed the thick grayish mush down the tube
and into Linda's mouth. Linda was surprised by the force of the mush hitting her
tongue and started swallowing franticly. It had a very sweet taste with a touch
of bitter. The consistency was slimy but Linda swallowed. Sue filled the syringe
again while Alex still poked and prodded her body.

 Alex pushed on the butt plug and gave it another pump to inflate it some more.
Linda moaned but had to swallow her breakfast. Sue was in the process of feeding
her the fourth syringe.

"Are you done feeding her?"

"One more to go Mistress. She is a slow eater."

"She'll eat as fast as you push it in so step on it."

"Yes Mistress."

Alex clamped the pee tube while the fifth helping was served to Linda. Linda
almost choked and was struggling to keep up with the pace she was being feed at.
Her stomach started to feel full as well.

Sue had finished the feeding and attached the tube back to the water tank. Alex
pulled up a stool next to Linda's dangling udders. This was the fun part. She
started squeezing Linda's left udder. It had started to produce fat and it was
important to get the fluid distributed evenly so they wouldn't sag but stand
straight out. Pressing the udder between her thumb and fingers with both hands
she squeezed the udder from the nipple pushing up to the base of the udder then
let go. She kept repeating this motion while Linda screamed. This made the
burning in her udder intensify to the level equal to when she first got


Linda could make few sounds. Alex mused. She would massage each udder for about
ten minutes. Linda was in severe pain again.

"That is it you lovely little cow sing for your Mistress." Alex chuckled.

"Sue, give me a syringe with a blocker."

"Yes. Mistress."

Alex massaged Linda in a slow but very methodical fashion. She checked the
syringe Sue handed her then gave it back to Sue.

"Just jam it in her ass cheek then put the panties back on her."

  "Yes Mistress."

Sue jammed the needle in her ass cheek and injected the content. This made Linda
give off a new scream.


"That's a very lovely song cow. Keep singing. You'll sing a lot for me over the
next few weeks or months."

Linda's udders burned terrible again and she cried in her hood.

"In case you couldn't tell your diet consists of four cups of sugar, four cups
of bull semen, two raw eggs and your vitamins. The mix also contains your drugs.
We will have you milking in no time."


Linda felt sick. The stuff hadn't tasted bad but the thought of bull semen made
her sick. She wasn't sure if it was the drugs or what is was but she had started
getting wet and felt horny.

"Well...I guessed we are finished with you for the day. Your udders are shaping
up nicely and so are your nips or suckers as they are called. Not that you'll be
suckered that often you will mainly be hand or machine milked. Tomorrow I need
to change the tubes and inject them again but they are going to grow nicely.
Have a nice day little cow."

Linda sobbed and was left with the pain again flaring in her tits and feeling a
little horny. She was miserable.

"Go feed the bitch while I have my breakfast."

"Yes Mistress."

Sue hurried off toward the dog pens. Jackie was just lying on her blanket. She
was sore and tired. She had drunk some the water in her bowl to ease her thirst.
Sue entered her pen and plopped down a bowl of dog food.

"Come out and eat your breakfast bitch."

Sue yanked the chain and Jackie slowly crawled out. She wasn't hungry but one
swat of Sue's crop and she started eating away. Today it was some type of meat
in gravy.

"You'll need your strength today bitch, so you better clean your bowl. The
hounds are waiting for you. They like a nice piece of ass in the morning."

Sue loved when she was alone and could taunt a bitch or whore freely. Jackie's
ate and sobbed. She would have to fuck the dogs again. Her pussy and asshole
were still sore and swollen from yesterdays pounding.

Jackie finished her food and Sue hooked a leash to her collar and unhooked from
the doghouse.

"Heel bitch."

Jackie crawled next to and Sue led the way with Jackie crawling next to her. She
was lead to a larger pen with a stake in the middle. Sue hooked her leash to the
pole and walked away.

"Better pee and shit if you need to before I get back."

Jackie squatted and peed. She didn't need to do shit. Jackie waited on all
fours. Meanwhile Gina woke up and at first couldn't remember were she was. Still
a little sore but she had slept well. At first she thought she was alone but
then she saw   Master at the table having breakfast. She sat up in bed.

"Come over here Gina."

She got out of bed and walked over to the table. Master unhooked her writs.

"Need to pee?"

"Yes Master." Gina remembered last night and felt a bit sick to her stomach.

"Get your bowl then and pee."

Gina got her bowl and standing next to Master started peeing in the bowl. She
finished with a few drops lingering in her bush.

"You will pee in your bowl unless you are told otherwise. If you are told to
drink it you drink it, if not you empty in the toilet."

"Yes Master."

Gina waited a few moments but since he said nothing she took the bowl and
emptied in the toilet. She put the bowl next to the toilet and returned to the

"Sit down and eat. We have a busy day today. When your done eating get your bra
and panties back on."

"Yes Master."

Gina was leery. She was to be given food and eating at the table. There was
bacon, eggs, toast, and marmalade in a basket. Some cheese and honey. There was
orange juice and coffee. Gina thought this is a trick. All this is laced with
something. The Master was eating so it couldn't be Gina was hungry very hungry,
so she dug in on the bacon and eggs and toast. She had both juice and coffee.
Everything tasted just fine. Master said nothing he just watched her eat. He was
still naked though. When she finished and felt full, she said.

"Thank you Master."

Master pulled back his chair and his cock was erect. Gina figured that was they
signal for her to suck him, so she dropped to knees and started sucking his
cock. A few minutes of sucking, licking, and then Master ordered her up and to
get on board. Gina had to think a few seconds what on board meant but she
quickly straddled Master's lap and put his cock in her pussy. She rode him up
and down while he played with her nips and tits. Gina was still sore but
Master's cock didn't feel bad at all, in fact, she got wet and she rapidly
started to get excited. She put her hands on Master's shoulders and increased
her riding speed. Gina felt the climax building but remembered Master had to cum
first. She squeezed her pussy muscles and she could feel him contract then he
shot his load deep in her pussy.

"May I come Master?"

"Yes you may but don't lose my cum."

 "I won't Master."

Gina used her hand to rub her clit while she just sat on Master's with his cock
in her pussy. It didn't take her long to climax. She squeezed her pussy as she
dismounted and knelt to lick his cock clean. Gina knew how men liked it and it
was almost instinct that told her this was what the Master expected.

"Very good Gina. At least you are thinking today. No get your shoes off we are
going to shower and you will wash me then yourself. Then you'll dry both of us
off and dress as I told you before then wait at the door with your leash and

"Yes Master."

Gina took off her shoes. It felt so good to be out those high heels. She didn't
ask about the stockings and garter clearly she was meant to shower with them on.
She turned on the water and made sure it was the right temperature.

"Your shower is ready Master."

Gina washed Master from head to toe and then washed her own body while Master
played with her nipples and tits. Gina started to get aroused again. She dried
him off and started drying her body. The stockings would stay wet but the would
soon dry. It was a bit strange wearing wet stockings but if that was the worst
she had to suffer, she was happy.

"There is make-up in a box by the washbasin make sure you are done up the way
you should be."

"Yes Master."

Master went to his desk and scanned the monitors. He dressed as he sat there.
Gina hurried with her make-up pulled her panties and bra on and got the leash
and chains and went to the door and knelt down. Master was watching her busing
herself to get ready on one of the monitors. He was going to change his mind
Gina would make a good servant slave it would be a waste to make her a pony. She
wasn't a bad fuck and with some rings and maybe one injection to her tits, she
would be almost perfect. She was a natural slave even if she didn't realize it
herself. The ease with which she replied and obeyed were all signs of her slave
aptitude. They other three had to be broken but Gina had almost accepted her
fate after the fucking on board. She would serve him well and gladly even. Sure,
he played rough but Gina would learn to handle that too without fear or
complaint.  He walked over to Gina it was time to look at they others and
continue Jackie's training.

"Gina when you kneel at the door you should kneel with your back straight not
sitting on your haunches.

Your leash should be hooked to your collar and held in your mouth. The chain
between your wrist cuffs should be attached and locked. The hobble should also
be in place."

"Yes Master." Gina felt a tiny bit of fear she hadn't done this right and
somewhere in her mind she felt bad being corrected. She quickly made the

"I'm so sorry Master." She heard herself say. Strangely enough, she was sorry.
She didn't really understand why. Was it because this man had controlled her yet
not treated her badly. She got a strange feeling that she had been chosen for
this role somehow. She wasn't here of her own free will but that didn't bother
her very much this morning. Master took the leash from her mouth and she
followed him down to the main room. They went to Tina's cage. Tina was moaning
and groaning straining to control her bladder and bowls movements.

"Looks like you been fed and taken care of this morning whore." He said to Tina.


Tina was having real trouble with her bladder and stomach now. The salty
solution made her ring the bell often, in order to satisfy her thirst. Gina felt
lucky all of a sudden, that could just as well have been her. Master moved on to

Linda could hear him coming but Linda was frantic with the burning in her

"Your udders look like they are doing fine this morning. You'll be big in no


Master smiled and looked a t Gina just to see how she was reacting. Gina looked
straight at Linda but didn't look unduly disturbed. They continued out to the
pen where Alex and Sue were now standing taunting Jackie.

"Gina go get two chairs from the shed over there." He pointed to a shed next to
the pen.

"Yes Master."

"I thought that whore would be in the stable by now Master." Alex said.

"There is going to be change here." He replied

Alex looked a bit unhappy but she still feared the Master. One word from him and
both Sue, Sarah in the kitchen and Sammy who ran the stable would turn on her
and help Master correct her. Sue might be hers but she would obey the Master
before her. Sarah was totally loyal to Master. Sammy would die for him. Apart
from the fact there was nowhere else she could go and still be allowed her
little experiments.

"What changes are you planning Master?"

"I'm going to give Gina a week to see if she works out as a servant slave. When
Linda is ready, she will be brought to the barn. Tina will be trained as a cow
as well. No point in limiting those two's training. Jackie has found her place I
think, so no change with her. Alex smiled again. She had wanted Gina in the barn
but Linda would be just as much fun and getting Tina as a cow appealed to her as

"I agree. That sounds like good changes. What if Gina doesn't work out?" She
added hopefully.

"Then I'll send her to the house for a few month to make some money."

Alex liked that idea sending Gina to the whorehouse would really give her a
workout. If she thought the fucking she got on the yacht was bad, the house
would prove a pure hell.

Sanchez worked the whores hard and he had an agreement with the army post, where
he sent a whore up there every weekend. A whore could easily make 5.000 dollars
a week for an owner. The whore got nothing of course; it wasn't that kind of
whorehouse. Gina returned with two chairs and Master and Alex sat down. Gina
stood besides Master's chair. Sue brought in all the hounds and they ran up to
Master to greet him. Even the dogs were totally loyal to Master and would attack
on his command. Nero was the leader of the pack followed by Cain and Hannibal
then Play Boy, Targ and Devil. The pecking order was firmly in place amongst the

"Sue will assist the hounds. Did you set the cameras Master?"

"Yes everything will be recorded in the office."

"Good. When you are ready to start I'll prep the bitch." Alex said.

"You can prep her now, the hounds are antsy."

"Yes Master." Alex rose from her chair.

She walked over to Jackie and squatted behind her ass. Sue hammered an iron
stake into the ground next to each wrist of Jackie attaching each cuff to the
stake. She moved behind and pulled each leg out a bit and then hammered a stake
besides each ankle and hooking her ankle cuffs to them. Jackie was in place even
if she could move she couldn't close her legs or cover herself. Alex nodded her
approval to Sue. The bitch was now easily accessible. Still she could work her
ass and wiggle. The hounds would take care of the rest. She pulled on Jackie
pussy lips and attached a clamp to the left one and then one to the right pussy
lip. She added one more too each lips and Jackie moaned her lips were sore. Alex
pulled on the top left clamp around her leg under her belly and then back over
her leg and attached to the right top clamp. The two bottom clamps were pulled
to each respective ankle cuff and then tighten.

"OOOOOHHHHHHAAAAA" Jackie hollered as her lips were stretched to the max.

Alex tightened the top chain and a new holler came from Jackie. Alex inspected
her work the lips were now held widely apart and the fuck hole opened a bit. It
would be easy for the hounds to hit home without help. Satisfied the bitch was
open enough placed the bowl under her pussy. Sue was busy getting the hounds
ready sucking on Nero's cock.

"The hounds are ready for you bitch. We want to see and hear more enthusiasm
today than we did yesterday. I will leave you there all day letting the hounds
fuck you until I'm pleased with your performance. If by the end of the day, I'm
still not happy you will be left out here during the night with your fuck hole
stuffed with honey. They night creatures will enjoy that. Then we start again in
the morning until you get it right. Is that clear bitch?"

Jackie was crying and scared. She knew that wasn't an empty threat.

"Yes. Mistress." She sobbed.

"Better get started then call the hounds one by one. Nero is always first then
Cain, Hannibal, Play Boy, Targ, and Devil for your ass hole."

"No please not him in my ass." Jackie blurted out.

"Quiet and do as you are told or we will be here all week."

"Get to work bitch."

Jackie knew she had no choice unless we wanted to die slowly out here. She had
to call the hounds or she would be here until she died or called them. Sue had
gotten all six hard and was now sitting by Alex's feet.

Jackie took a deep breath.

"Up Nero."

Nero leaped toward her and wasted no time mounting her. With her pussy so open,
he had no trouble getting his cock inside her.

"AAAAIIIIIIEEEE." Jackie cried out as he entered her.

Nero started pounding her just like yesterday hitting deep inside her. His knot
started to pound the opening wanting to get in. Jackie wasn't loose enough yet
for the knots of the hounds to enter without help. Jackie tried to move with his
strokes but found it was better to just let him pound away. She tried to
concentrate on anything but the pain in her pussy, so she totally forgot to
sound enthusiastic. Alex mused Nero's turn with the bitch wouldn't count. Nero
finished and pulled out.

"She didn't do anything with Nero." Alex said.

"No that was a poor performance." Master agreed.

Jackie felt defeated what had she done wrong. Then she realized she hadn't
talked to the dog, she had just stood there.

"Nero gets another fuck after lunch then."

Jackie just cried and didn't call Cain. After a few minutes she recovered and
called Cain

"Up Cain."

Cain mounted her quickly and humped with force. Jackie rocked back and forth.

"Fuck me." Jackie meekly tried.

Alex let Cain finish before she shouted.

"That was even worse it took you five minutes to call Cain and one pathetic fuck

"Cain gets another chance too."

Jackie sobbed. It wasn't fair she was trying and she was so sore.

"Up Hannibal."

Hannibal mounted her and pounded her already sore pussy.

"That's it fuck me."

"Harder Hannibal."

"Get your knot in."

Jackie was trying to think what else she could say. She couldn't think of
anything. She looked at Alex.

She felt Hannibal shooting a big load in her pussy and as soon as he dismounted,
she called for Play Boy.

"Play Boy."

This time she tried to wiggle her ass as he approached. Play Boy mounted her and
her pussy just didn't close now so he got all the way in the knot on the first

"Yes fuck me Boy."

"Deeper Boy."

"Get your knot in."

 Jackie couldn't think of anything new so she repeated the same phrases. Play
Boy humped her with vigor and shot is load.

"Up Targ."

Targ wasted no time and Jackie got a new pounding.

"Fuck me Targ."

"Harder Targ."

"Get your knot in Targ."

Again, she did the same phrases. Alex mused. She would make the bitch suffer all
day. She wouldn't think she had any fuck hole left by the afternoon.

Targ had finished and Jackie forgot that Devil was supposed to fuck her ass.

"Up Devil."

Devil was in her pussy in a flash.

Jackie repeated the same three phrases. Devil took his time but finally shot his
load. Jackie's pussy had been stretch so it was wide open and made no sign of
closing. The semen was running out of her hole down into her bush and then
dripping into the bowl. Jackie was almost numb. Her pussy ached so badly. Tears
rolling down her cheeks.

"That wasn't any good at all. You sounded like a broken record bitch. You better
improve this afternoon. You should have taken Devil in your ass not in your
front fuck hole. I'll give the hounds time to recoup over lunch and then we
start again. You on the other hand bitch will stay where you are and think about
proper bitch behavior."

She walked over to Jackie and with her crop gave Jackie a hard swat on her ass.


"Quiet or it won't count. You get one stroke for each hound you failed to
perform with. If you howl it won't count and you could end up with a bloody

Jackie sobbed and bit her lip as the swats rained down on her ass in rapid

"We will be back after lunch and you better be ready if you know what's good for

Jackie cried silently she was about to pass out. She was left alone and Alex
took Sue for a lunch date. Master looked at Gina and smiled he could see the
small wet patch on Gina's panties. She was wet and excited by the dog fucking.
He took her back to his quarters and they had lunch.

                              7. Afternoon

  Jackie was miserable. The sun beat on down her and she was thirsty. She would
also get nasty sunburn on her back, ass, and pussy unless she got out of the sun
soon. Her already sore pussy would have sun burnt lips on top of everything
else. Jackie regretted having walked home that night she was abducted. Had she
stayed with her friend she wouldn't be a bitch now and being baked in the hot
sun. Jackie's thoughts wondered but Sue pinching her nipples brought her back to

"Hey bitch. Getting horny yet? I see you are enjoying the sun out here. If you
are thirsty, I could let you drink a little from my pussy. I still have a few
drops in my bladder. Mistress said not to give you any water but she didn't say
anything about pee." Sue chuckled.

"I am not thirsty."

"If you say so. They should be along pretty soon unless they get tied up on the
way and forget you are out here."

"God No."

"Here they come. I better get the hounds, I know you are dying for a fuck."

Sue hurried off to get the hounds again. Alex, Master, and Gina returned to
their places.

"Ok bitch. Let's see if you can do better in this session. If not you know what
happens. I wouldn't stay out in the sun to long, your pussy might burn up."

Sue arrived with the hounds and started getting Nero hard. Jackie knew she had
six more dogs to fuck; the only question was if she wanted that to be it for
today or stay out here. She was determined to do everything she could to please
Alex this time, if it was possible. She looked over at Sue and saw Nero was hard
and that Sue was moving on to Cain.

"Up Nero. Your bitch is ready and horny for your cock." Jackie shouted. Nero was
quick to respond and soon had his hard cock deep in her pussy.

"That's it Nero fuck your bitch deep and hard. OOOOhhhh. yes you feel so good in
my fuck hole. Harder Nero."

Nero clearly took no notice he just pounded his bitch as usual but Alex and
Master smiled.

Jackie was in pain her pussy on fire and tears rolled down her cheeks but she
was determined to sound like she enjoyed it.

"Ohhhhahhh. Pound your cock in me. I want your knot Nero shove it up me. I'm so
horny for you and wet. I just love your cock."

She tried to wiggle her ass and move with Nero's trust. Being tied to the stakes
did restrict her movements somewhat though.

"Oh yes fill your bitch up. Shot that lovely cum all the way. Fill me up with
your juices." She said as Nero spurted in her hole. Jackie took no chances as
soon as she felt Nero's cock plop out she called Cain.

"Up Cain. This bitch is still horny. She needs more cock now. Get your big cock
in this bitch now."

"Fuck the bitch hard. Push your cock up in my womb. I need more hard cock."

"Oooohhhh ummm yes that's it beat your knot again my fuck hole."

"UMMMMMM. Yes Cain make your bitch cum. Give me your cock."

Jackie was trying to think of every possible phrase or word that would make it
sound like she really loved it.

"Up Hannibal. The bitch needs a really big cock in her hole. She is horny for
you and very wet. Fuck your bitch please and fuck her hard."

Hannibal took Cain's place and then was replaced by the next dog. Finally, it
was Devil's turn.

"Up Devil in my ass."

Jackie squatted the best she could so that her ass hole was inline with Devil's
cock instead of her pussy. Devil humped and his cock hit her ass hole but he
wouldn't get in without help. Jackie's ass was swollen and his pressure wasn't
good enough. Jackie panicked. She thought she had done a good job and now she
would fail because she couldn't use her hands to help out. She had an idea.

"Sue please help Devil get his cock in this bitch ass. I really want his cock in
my ass. Please."

Sue grinned she bent beside Devil grabbed his cock and with full force shoved
him in.

"AHHHHRRRGGG." Jackie cried out but she soon regained her role and added.

"Yes Devil hurt my ass. It feels so good pound it in deeper me your bitch bleed.
Fuck that ass hole hard now Devil. I need to feel your hard cock up there."

Sue was a little disappointed that was a good performance. Jackie might just
pass this time. Alex and Master looked on with smiles. Jackie was about to break
totally. All her inhibitions gone, she was degrading and humiliating herself.
Mentally she would now learn to accept her new role. She still needed to be
fucked every day and made to improve, one time wasn't enough but she was well on
her way now, soon she would not want to fuck anything but dogs. Master motioned
for Sue to unhook her from the stakes.

"Aaaahhh, you feel so good in my ass Devil. Give me all of it hard and deep.
Don't stop I love your cock in my ass."

Jackie now able to move better pushed her ass in the air giving Devil a better
angle. He pushed all of his cock in except the knot that would never go in.
Jackie moaned, groaned and tears was in her eyes. She was hurting bad but she
wasn't going to give up.

"Oh yes that feels good you are so deep in my ass. Shot your big load up there.
Fill my ass with your semen. Cum in my ass. Ahhhhh....Yes that's soooo gooood
fill me up."

Devil dismounted and Jackie used her last strength to push out the semen then
turned around and lapped up the cum in her bowl.

"Over here bitch." Master commanded.

Jackie crawled over to Master.

"Sit pretty."

Jackie sat back on her heels and put her arm up like front paws. Master held out
a piece of beef jerky and she took it in her mouth and chewed it. He stroked her
head and patted her ass, which was the first kind thing that had happened to her
since she came to the island.

"That was much better bitch. You still need to improve but at least you are
learning. Gina will put some cream on your back and ass to ease some of the pain
and help you heal. While she is doing that you'll suck my cock."

"Yes Master. Thank you Master."

Gina took a tube of first aid cream from the table and knelt beside Jackie. She
started gently rubbing the cream on her scratched back and sides, while Jackie
was sucking on Master's cock. Gina's panties were soaked. Watching Jackie
getting fucked by the dog was very exciting to her.

"I better go and see if the cow needs to pee again. Are we giving the bitch
another round this evening or are we resting her until tomorrow?" Alex asked.

"Are you still horny bitch would you like an evening fuck by the hounds?"

"I'm happy now Master."

"In that case we will wait until the morning."

"Ok are we staring the whore today or let her stand around for a few days?" Alex

"Leave her a day or two and let's get the bitch trained better first then we can
start on her."

"Ok I'll just check on the cow then. Come along Sue."

Alex and Sue went inside. Master held Jackie's head and pushed her up and down
on his cock. Gina looked at Master to see if she should put cream on the bitches
fuck holes. He nodded. Gina very gently applied the cream. Tears rolled down
Jackie's face but she kept sucking. The cream felt nice and soothing on her
welted ass and swollen ass hole. When Gina put cream on her pussy she jerked a
little every part of her pussy was sensitive to any touch. Master indicated that
Gina should rub the bitch's clit and play with her nipples. Gina complied.
Jackie was soon moaning and could feel her climax building. Master shot his load
in her mouth and she swallowed without thinking, it tasted salty. Jackie didn't
ask permission to cum but Master let that slide. Jackie felt weak the orgasm was
a nice relief even if her body ached badly and her holes were sore and swollen. 
Master looked at Gina and pointed to the chair.

"Sit panties down and legs spread. Now bitch return the favor." Master said in a
mild voice.

Jackie had never eaten pussy before she hesitated for a moment but then started
licking. Gina was very wet and she needed release badly. Master watched with a
pleased smile, Jackie had lost all inhibitions and her resistance was broken.
She would comply without hesitation until she was put in a new situation. She
would suck and fuck, eat pussy and fuck the dogs without any nonsense now. In
fact, she may offer very little resistance or begging regardless of what she was
told. Fear of new treatments would still have her pleading and screaming that
would take awhile before that disappeared if it ever did. Gina moaned loudly.

"May I please cum Master?"

"Yes." He replied.

Gina exploded in Jackie's face and Jackie licked her clean. Gina's orgasm was
very powerful. She felt spent but pulled up her panties and stood up. Master
took Jackie's leash in one hand and Gina's in the other.


Jackie heeled and crawled next to Master as he led her back to her pen.

"Gina get some fresh water for the bitch. Alex will be along in a couple of
hours with your dinner bitch. You did much better this afternoon, you should be
proud of yourself." He said as he stroked her hair and head.

Master's words made Jackie feel cared for even a bit of happiness having pleased
him and the stroking felt good. Perhaps the worst was over.

"Now get some rest bitch."

He unhooked her leash but didn't attach the chain from the doghouse she would be
able to crawl around the pen if she wanted to. Master led Gina out of the pen
and locked the door to the pen. Then with Gina trailing behind he went inside
and headed to his quarters. He would watch the other three on the monitors while
he instructed Gina.

Once in his quarters, he went straight to his desk and sat down. Gina was unsure
what to do so she followed and knelt beside his chair. It felt good to give her
feet a break. Master scanned the monitors. Sarah was busy making dinner. Sammy
was tending to the horses. She lived in the stable just like Sarah lived in the
kitchen. They each had a little room were they locked themselves in at night.
They had to be in their room and in bed by ten every night and get up at six
every morning. Alex never touched either one without Master's say so. Master
only used Sarah and Sammy occasionally although with Gina in attendance they
might get more time with Master and Gina. Alex was busy fucking Sue in her ass
with a strap-on dildo. Linda was just hanging around moaning a little now and
again. If she fell asleep, a jolt from the collar would wake her up during the
day. Tina was a mess she had of course not been able to control her bladder or
bowls. She had both peed and shit in her panties several times. She had to drink
often because of the salt from the morning and the laxative had done its job on
her stomach. She was utterly humiliated and degraded even if the burning in her
clit was finally starting to fade. Tina would probably agree to anything just to
get out of the situation she was now in. Jackie was peeing in her pen. She had
tried to stand and had discovered she got a jolt from her collar every time she
did. It didn't stop until she was back on all fours again. Having peed Jackie
crawled into her doghouse to lie down. Master smiled his bitch was doing well.

"I suppose you wonder when your training is going to start Gina."

"Yes. Master. I thought you would start today."

"There has been a change of plans. I am not going to train you as a pony after

Gina's heart sank and a worried look came over her face.

"In fact it would be a waste to make you a pony. I have decided to train you as
a servant slave instead."

Gina felt relieved. She had expected he would tell her she would go to the
whorehouse. Gina looked puzzled since she didn't know what a servant slave meant

"I know you don't know what that means. You will be trained as my personal
slave. You will live here with me and you'll do everything I tell you to do to
the best of your ability. You'll wash me, suck me, fuck me and you will keep the
quarters tidy.

If I want to string you up by your tits I will. If I feel like using the crop or
cane on you, I'll do that. You must obey without a word or hesitation at all
times no matter what I tell you to do. That includes drinking your pee or mine
for instance. Your nipples will be pierced and your pussy lips will have rings
put in them. I might enlarge your tits a little but you won't be given
milk-inducing drugs. If you haven't figured it out yet but somehow I think you
have, a pony doesn't just get some feathers and a harness and pulling carts. She
is ridden with a saddle on her back, she fucks and sucks the stallions, she even
gets a tail implanted right above her ass, and she wears a special made shoe
that looks like a hoof. They are more strenuous to wear than your six inches
heels you have on now. The choice is yours however if you still like to be a
pony I will train you as one."

Master looked at Gina and leaned back in his chair waiting for her response.

"Oh...hmmm...well...could I ask a question?"


"Can a woman really take a horse cock?"

"She can in most cases but it isn't easy and it is painful."

"Oh. I didn't think that would be possible."

"I know you got very turned on by the dog fucking today and I think you have
thought of wanting to try it?"

", it turned me on, Master." Gina blushed and looked down.

"Well if you like to be a pony it is your choice but horses are much bigger than

"Oh no master I would like to be your servant slave, if you think I'm good
enough for that."

"Yes you are. It isn't always easy and you'll feel pain as well as pleasure and
you have to obey quickly and totally of course but you are a good fuck and you
suck cock pretty good too."

"Thank you Master. I'll do my best to always please you, if you train me as your
servant slave."

"Very good. Your training has been going on during the day today and you did
well. Have you ever thought of being a slave before you got here?"

"Hmmm...well yes. Once or twice. I do like to be controlled not sure about the
pain but I will obey you, Master."

"You'll learn to not only endure the pain but to like it carve it even in time."

"Really? Master."

"Yes. You'll see but for now, I want you to go lie on the bed on your stomach.
I'll be there shortly to give you your first taste of the crop."

"Yes Master."

Gina rose and went to the bed to lie down. She was a little scared but still she
felt Master wouldn't hurt her badly and after all she was starting to like the
man and living here with him was far better than anything she could have hoped
for. She was sure any of the other three would trade places with her without a
moment's hesitation. She lay there waiting.

                              8. Evening

"Now Gina. I want you to understand you are not being punished for anything.
This is a training session. There are few things wrong with how you are lying.
Do you know what that might be?"

Gina thought for a moment. She was on the bed on her belly like she had been

"Oh I should have taken off my panties Master."

"No that isn't it but it was a good answer."

"When you are waiting for a cropping or canning you should have your hands on
the back of your head with fingers locked. Your legs should be together and
straight." He bent down and put her legs together.

"I'm sorry Master." Gina put her hands behind her head.

"You are still learning so it is fine. Next time you must remember however. A
few more things you need to know before I give your ass a workout. You can
scream but you must not move. If you move, the blow won't count. You must count
the blows out loud. If you loose count, we start from the last correct count
again. At the end no matter how badly you hurt you must never forget to thank
me. Any questions?"

" No Master." Gina was nervous. She had never been spanked before.

Master bent over her and rubbed her ass cheeks through her panties. Gina lay
still and waited. The ass rubbing made her pussy start tingling.  The waiting
was nerve racking. He kept rubbing her ass and Gina was getting wet. Then her
panties were pulled down to just under her ass. Swish. Swat the first blow
landed right across both of her cheeks.

"AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE." Gina screamed but she remained in place.



Gina screamed again. The second blow hit her parallel to the first but a little
higher up. Her ass stung.



"AAAARRRGGHHH" Gina yelled. The third blow was above the second.



"AAAAIIIEE" Gina found it helped to scream. She felt tears in her eyes.


SWAT. The fifth blow fell. Again, Gina screamed.


SWAT. Gina hollered more loudly this time. She now had six parallel stripes
across her ass. 


SWAT. This time she really felt the pain. This blow was laid across the others.


"Seven." She sobbed.

SWAT. Again, the blow was laid across the others parallel to the first cross


"Eight" Gina felt the stinging and burning on her ass. When Master bent down and
rubbed her ass the fire was felt more intensely. How many was she getting Gina
wondered. She wasn't sure she could take much more.  Master reached under her
and stuck a couple of fingers in her pussy. He had been right she was wet. Gina
hadn't realized she was wet until Master's fingers entered her and probed her
pussy. Why was she wet when her ass was burning?

Master gave her no time to think with his fingers still inside her he delivered
the next blow.

SWAT. Another cross blow landed on her ass but from the other direction this
time. Gina's pussy grabbed on to his fingers. He smiled.

"Nine." Gina sobbed.

SWAT. Gina now had six parallel red stripes with a double X crossing over them.

tears rolled down her face. Still she was very wet. Master started to rub her
clit and between sobs, she started bucking against them.


Master rubbed her harder and to Gina's surprise, she felt her climax building.
She bucked against his fingers again and raised her ass a tiny bit.


"May I cum?" She forgot to add Master in her aroused state.

"Go ahead." Gina let go and her orgasm hit like a ton of bricks. At that precise
moment, Master rubbed her ass hard. She felt the pain on her ass and the
pleasure in her pussy.

"Ummmmaaaoooummm" Gina moaned. Master just smiled. She would take to pain like a
duck to water. Master pulled his fingers out and held up to Gina's mouth.
Without delay, she sucked and licked them clean of her own juices.

"Thank you Master."

"Did you enjoy that Gina?"

"Ummm. Well parts of it anyway Master."

Master laughed. He sat down and stroked her hair and her back. Gina felt the
burning but she also felt the gentle touch of Master and his words warmed inside
her when he said.

"You did very well. You never moved or lost count. Not many slaves manage that
their first time with the crop."

"Thank you Master."

"Now go and fix your face and look at your ass but don't pull up your panties."

"Yes Master."

Gina stood up and went over to the washbasin her mascara had run with her tears
and face was a mess. She looked in the full-length mirror and saw her new design
on her bright red welt were on her ass. She touched her ass and winched. Her ass
was sensitive to any touch and hurt. She washed her face and applied new make-up
then went over to the dinning table were Master was sitting.

"Sarah is on her way with dinner." He said.

There was a knock on the door and Master went to open the door. Sarah was a
petite blonde with very long hair.

She had large breasts and was of course wearing stockings and heels. What caught
Gina's eye were the two gold rings in her nipples. A small gold chain ran
between the rings. Two more chains ran from each nipple ring down over her belly
and ended up in the ring trough her clit. Her hood had been removed and her clit
was at least an inch long. Three more rings were inserted in each of her inner
pussy lips. The lips had been stretched and protruded some two inches.   When
she turned around Gina could see her hair went all the way down to her ass. She
was a beautiful woman and her bush was golden and thick but trimmed in a neat

"Sarah meet Gina."

"Hello Gina. I'm Sarah the kitchen slave."

"Hello Sarah. Nice to meet you." Gina replied.

"Nice to meet you too. Hopefully we will get to know each other much better
soon." Sarah said.

"Feeling horny Sarah? Would you like some relief?" Master said with a smile.

"Yes to both questions, Master." Sarah answered.

"You may take Devil to your room tonight if dinner is excellent."

"Thank you Master. I'm sure you will enjoy dinner; it is one of your favorites.
Banana chicken with rice."

"Very good. Sit down Gina."

Gina very gingerly tried to sit down. She grimaced as she sat. Sarah smiled.

"Oh dear first time with the crop? Let me see."

Gina stood up and Sarah touched her ass very gently.

"Oh yes. You have some very nice welts there. Sitting will be a bit difficult
for a day or so."

"Yes." Gina said and gingerly sat down again.

"Sarah would love to nurse your red ass tonight. She gets very turned on by a
red ass, Gina."

"Oh yes Master. May I?"

"What do you say Gina? Would you like to spend the night with Sarah or stay her
with me?"

Gina liked Sarah she seemed nice but she never been with a woman before and
maybe it was a test of some kind, she thought.

"Which ever would please you Master." Gina replied.

Master had several fingers in Sarah's pussy when he pulled them out they were
wet. He offered them to Gina and she dutifully licked them like.

"Like how she tastes?"

"Yes Master she tastes very good."

Sarah looked hopefully at Gina and then Master. She really would love going down
on Gina and have her eat her pussy in return. Gina looked delicious to Sarah.

"I'll tell you what Sarah. You can crawl under the table and lick Gina's pussy
while we eat. Then tomorrow night when you bring up diner you may stay the night
here with us. You may still have Devil in your room tonight though.

Gina felt herself blush. She never had a woman eat her pussy but the idea
excited her.

"Oh thank you Master. Pull down your panties Gina and let me get between your

Gina grimaced as she had to adjust her ass to get her panties down but it was
soon forgotten when Sarah's lips started sucking on her clit. Gina tried to eat
but it was difficult with Sarah between her legs. Sarah took her time. As soon
she felt Gina getting near her climax, she held off.

"Is she getting wet Sarah?"

"Oh yes she is very wet Master and yummy."

Master laughed. Sarah was a good slave and Gina would be too. Master finished
eating and Gina hurried up to finish her meal as well.

"Ummmm" Gina moaned.

"May I cum Master?"

"Yes you may Gina?"

Sarah heard that and stuck her tongue deep into Gina's pussy, flicking her
tongue madly. Gina climaxed.

"Did you enjoy that?"

"Yes Master very much." Gina replied.

"Thank you Sarah. You can finish up in the kitchen then go and get Devil. Have a
nice night."

"You too Master. Night Gina."

"Night Sarah."

Sarah disappeared with the dishes and Master undressed and went over to sit in
bed. Gina pulled her panties back up, followed Master, and knelt by the bed.

"Get your bra and panties off, come up here, and sit beside me." Gina undressed
and again gingerly stretched out beside Master. The sheets felt cool on her ass
and it wasn't so painful to sit in the bed as on the hard dinning table chairs.
Master put his arm around her pulled her close playing with her left nipple and
tit. Gina put her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes.

Meanwhile Sue was hanging from her tits with the strap-on in her ass. Alex had
gone to feed the cow, bitch, and Tina.

"What a stinking mess you are. I guess you didn't enjoy your breakfast since you
shitted it out again." Alex laughed cruelly.

"I better feed you again so you won't starve. Tonight's meal consists of raw
meat, raw onions, a little yeast, horse semen and bread crumbs, plus your
vitamins and drugs of course."

Alex started pouring it down the funnel adding water now and again while Tina
retched but swallowed. Tina's whole body ached from the position she was
strapped into and she felt sick from the stench of her cage. Alex finished
feeding her and gave her tits a couple of swats with her crop.


"Don't worry I'll soon start working on those udders of yours. Before you know
it, you'll have a couple of watermelon-sized udders. Won't that be fun?"


Tina was sick to her stomach, tired and in pain but Alex's words still scared
her. Alex left her to her misery and went to feed Linda.

Linda got the same meal as this morning sugar, bull semen, and eggs with
vitamins her drugs added. Linda would get little else the first week. She let
Linda pee and clamped the tube again.

"Tomorrow we work on your suckers again." She said as she walked away to feed
the bitch. Jackie got her usual dog food with the drugs added. Jackie ate her
food without delay and Alex removed the bowl and left her in her pen.

Jackie was very sore but the cream Gina had put on had helped quite a bit. She
would get a little sleep at least.

Alex took Sue down and removed the strap-on from her ass.

"Time for bed Sue between my legs all night or you'll be sorry."

"Yes Mistress." Her tits were hurting and she wouldn't get much sleep between
Alex's legs. Gina exhausted nearly fell asleep on Master's shoulder but a light
pat on her ass woke her up. Master hooked her hands behind her back and Gina
rolled over on her belly.

"Night Gina."

"Night Master." Gina was still very sore from the cropping but she was also very
content. It had been a strange day but she wasn't unhappy on the contrary, she
almost felt at home.

                              9.   Day Three

Tina had slept very little. She was in fact becoming very weak. Even if she had
been given food of sorts, the spread-eagled position she had been in the past 48
hours was taking its toll on her. The stench of her own waste in the cage was
nauseating. Her neck was stiff and her legs were starting to get numb below the
knees. She was exhausted from the lack of sleep. Her stomach growled since the
laxative made her digest her food more quickly than she normally would have.
Mentally she was degraded and humiliated, she would agree to just about anything
just to get relief and a few hours sleep. She would sell her soul for a descent
meal. All resistance was gone and she had no willpower left. She would surrender
herself totally given a chance. Alex approached with Sue in tow. Alex was in a
good mood this morning but Sue was very tired after spending the night between
Alex's legs.

"Morning whore. Time for breakfast but first we need to make some changes to
your cage. You look lonely in there. Don't worry we will have you fixed up in no
time. Sue here will add more glass panels to your case so that you will actually
be in a glass box with steel bars on the inside. Air will be circulated in your
box so we can make sure you don't get to cold or hot in there." Alex explained
to her.

 Tina just moaned. She could not take much more of this torment. Alex pulled a
thicker tube through the roof of the cage and attached it to the brim of the
funnel in Tina's mouth. She stepped out of the cage and Sue put the last panel
in place and sealed the seams of the glass panels with silicone. Using a
stepladder Alex climbed up to attach the air hose to the roof of the cage and to
feed Tina through the thicker tube.

"Today's meal consists of your usual drugs and laxative of course and your
vitamins but the bulk of the meal is baked beans, ground meat, which has been
cooked today, fried onion rings, a couple of eggs and your helping of horse
semen but you'll hardly taste that, it will help your meal slide down easier.
Today we also have orange juice to drink instead of water. A real royal feast
for a whore like you I would say." Alex chuckled.

She spooned the meal down the tube, alternating with squirts of orange juice.
Tina swallowed, she was hungry, thirsty, and for once, the meal didn't make
stomach churn. It actually tasted quite good. When Alex had finished feeding
Tina she climbed down and Sue attached another glass box to the side of the
cage. This box fitted into a hole in the side and by lifting the gate anything
inside would be able to get into the cage. Tina couldn't see any of this but she
could feel the temperature rising in her box. She started to sweat a little.

"I have set the temperature in your little house to 102 degrees, so that you and
your new friends don't get cold. Better hang on to your bell string today we
don't want you to get dehydrated." Alex informed her.

Tina just moaned she had no idea what friends had joined her in the glass box
she was in but she doubted they would prove to be pleasant company. Sue opened
the gate to the small box and about two dozen mosquitoes soon joined Tina and
started to feast on various parts of her body. Tina would soon feel the itching
from where her new friends bit her. Mosquitoes have a tendency to suck too much
blood if left undisturbed to the point were they get to heavy to fly and simply
drop to the ground. They would all eventually drown in the pool of pee that had
collect in the bottom of the cage but not before they had bitten Tina once or
twice each. Tina would be itching from every single one of them but be unable to
get any relief. Tina could already feel the itching spots on her arms and legs
even her tits had been bitten even though she was still wearing her bra.  Tina
saw the first mosquito when the landed on her nose and she moaned she would be
bitten and itch on top of every thing else. If she only could tell these people
that she would do anything if they just let her out of the cage. She tried to
speak but all that came out was grunts that nobody could understand.

"No need to thank me whore, I'm happy you like your new friends." Alex teased

With that, they walked away. Master had been watching from his quarters and Gina
standing beside him had not missed anything either. Sarah arrived with their

"Morning Master."

"Morning Sarah. Did you have nice time last night with Devil?"

"Yes thank you Master. He fucked me both in my pussy and ass twice, so he may
not be to interested in the bitch this morning."

"That's ok. She still has the others to play with." Master laughed.

Sarah was giving Gina some looks that were full of desire and anticipation of
the evening's events. Gina blushed a little. Sarah smiled at her and Gina smiled
back at her. Gina sat down to eat with Master this morning it was a bit easier
to sit even if the welts were still there glowing red. Sarah waited in silence
and when they had finished, she collected the dishes and returned to the
kitchen. Giving Gina a wink as she went out the door. Master returned to the
monitors to see how Alex was getting on with Linda. Gina followed and stood
beside him.

"Morning cow. Time to feed you and get those suckers worked on." Alex said.

Sue unclamped Linda so she could pee and changing the tube in her mouth started
feeding her the usual meal while Alex got a stool and sat down next to Linda.
Alex removed the vacuum tubes and Linda moaned. It felt good to have them free
even if they were sore and very sensitive to any touch. Alex pressed the suckers
between her fingers and pain shot through her suckers but Linda had to swallow
breakfast and couldn't make a sound. Alex continued to massage the suckers and
then the udders. The fire flared up again and Linda almost choked on her food
when she tried to scream. Alex was pleased with the progress, the suckers were
meatier already and the fluid in the udders was converting into fat and tissue
nicely. In time, the fat would burn of and be replaced by actual flesh but that
took much longer. It was of no importance if the udders were mainly made up of
fat or fat and flesh. The key in the end was how much milk they could produce. 
Pressing her fingers around the base of the left sucker, she injected more fluid
into it. The sucker filled up with loud moans from the cow and she attached a
new tube and pumped the air out until the sucker was stretched to 3/4 of an
inch. The skin on the sucker stretched and the fluid would stay and set in the
sucker because of the vacuum tube. She repeated the same procedure on the right

"Your suckers are growing nicely cow, by the time you are ready for your next
udder treatment the suckers will be the right length and we can start on your
little clitty. We have decided that an inch and half is good enough for your
suckers. I need to check your asshole to see how we are doing back there you
should be stretching nicely there too."

Alex removed her butt plug with loud plop and Linda released a big fart. Alex
smeared some cream around her sphincter and got a new longer but not thicker
plug and worked it in her ass hole. The new plug was six inches long but still
only two inches in diameter. Linda got some relief from the cream but the new
plug caused her new pains and discomfort.

"Aaaarrgghh." She moaned as the plug was put in place.

"Not much of a song cow but don't worry you'll sing more and loudly again." Alex
said cheerfully.

Linda sobbed under her hood she would have a whole different body than before.
Alex tugged at the lacings in her corset to make sure they were still tight.
Alex would have to start the cow's exercises soon so that the stomach would
remain flat even without the corset on. It would also help burning of unwanted
fat from the cow. Alex left her and went outside to the pens followed by Sue.
Master was already there and Gina had feed Jackie her morning bowl of dog food.
Master was inspecting the bitch's fuck holes to make sure there had been no
tearing and that she was ready for the hounds this morning. Jackie was still
sore but the cream had helped and she was if not ready at least prepared for
more dog cock. Master was feeling her all over and squeezed her tits hard but
nothing came out.

"Have you given her the milk inducing drugs with her meals?" He asked Alex.

"Yes but unless we inject her they take a few weeks before you get any milk,
especially since she a very young bitch." 

"To get any decent milk out of her we would have to inject her. Maybe even breed
her to get her started."

"Hmmm. Lets just keep giving her the drugs for now."

"Yes Master."

Master petted the bitch and said.

"Today you will be left out here in the day pen with the hounds by yourself.
I'll be watching and taping everything in the office. You know you can't stand
up in your pen the same applies here except the current is much stronger. The
hounds will let you know when they want to fuck you. They will walk up to you
and give you a few licks on your fuck hole, that's the signal. When they do, you
suck and make them hard and then let them fuck you. You may vary as you wish
between your holes but do not try and just suck them off. When you are not being
used by one of the hounds you may roam around the pen, play with your toys or
lie down and rest in the shade. You may no longer squat when you pee or shit but
you may use your front paws to spread your ass when you shit. There are
microphones here too so you need to encourage the hounds as well when they use
you. If you are a good bitch all day, you will be returned to your pen and fed.
If you make mistakes, refuse or disobey you will be brought inside and receive
punishment for every incident. For each mistake, you get a needle in one of your
tits that will remain there until the end of the week.

If you have too many needles at that time, you will go through a six-hour
correction punishment. Is that clear bitch?"

Master held up a four-inch long needle with a black round head. Jackie looked at
it and she certainly didn't want that lodged in her tit.

"Yes Master."

The hounds came into the pen but they paid no notice to the bitch yet. Jackie
was left alone with her lovers in the day pen. Master and Alex went inside
followed by Gina and Sue respectively.

" I'm going to take Gina around to the kitchen and stables. Why don't you keep
the whore company unless you have paper work or other things to attend to."

" I have some paper work to do and I need to edit the wedding movie and the
other footage of the bitch and start making a sales presentation on her."

"Wait with the sales pamphlet for now she won't be ready for several weeks to be
sold and if I decide to breed her I won't sell her until she had her puppies.
Put the film together though and then offer it around to our usual clients.
Check with Jason to see if he has anything coming anytime soon or when he expect
the next delivery." Master said.

"Yes Master. I'll get moving with all the footage. Shall I make a separate one
starring the cow and whore?"

"Why not that will sell well to I would think."

"They would be shorter of course but the whore has more treatment in store so I
can add that on before I offer it around."

"That's fine. Make a short tape of the cow then and collect more on the whore."

"Yes Master."

Alex disappeared down the hallway and Master motioned for Sue to follow him and
Gina. Sarah was busy in the kitchen as they walked in. Master showed Gina around
the kitchen and told her she should pay close attention and memorize how to get
down here.

"Hello Master." Sarah chirped.

Master nodded to her and continued to show Gina around. He took her into Sarah's
room and then into the storage and supply rooms. There was also a very large
wine cellar and a walk in freezer that was full of meat.

" I told you Sue was the head slave and to obey her. As you can see, Sarah has
four stars on her collar but Sue only has three and you have none yet. So, you
have to obey both Sarah and Sue. Sue however has to obey Sarah. If you get an
order from both Sarah and Sue you carry out Sarah's order first then Sue's." He

"Yes Master."

"Of course you carry out my orders before anybody else's. You will meet Sammy in
a few moments and you'll see she has four stars on her collar too."

"What if Sammy and Sarah give me an order, which do I do first?"

"The order you got first."

"Yes master." Gina replied.

Master led the way out a door into a back yard, which had a sundeck, a hot tub
and large pool. There was a man tending to the flowers and Master waved to him
as they passed by him, walking down the path that led to the stables.

"That's Tom the caretaker. He is mute but he will understand everything you say
to him."

"Will he give me orders too?"

"No Sue fucks him every Saturday night and he gets to play with her then."

"Oh." Gina said.

Sue smiled at her and said.

"Tom's very nice."

In fact, Tom never played rough with Sue. He just fucked her and cuddled her,
which Alex never did. Her time with Tom was something she cherished dearly. They
arrived at the stables and went inside. Gina had never been in a stable before
and the smell of horses was new to her. Sammy was busy shoeing a large black
stallion. She didn't hear them at first and was startled by Master's voice.

"Hello Sammy. Anything wrong with Thunder?"

"Hello Master. Sorry I didn't hear you coming. No just putting new shoes on
him." She said

"Finish what you are doing."

The stable wasn't very large but there were a few things that Gina couldn't
workout what they were used for. They walked down the aisle and there were four
boxes there. There were three other horses there in their boxes and an empty
one, which had the name Thunder on it.

"We have four stallion's here you saw Thunder. Meet Apollo, Ajax and Zeus." He

He opened the box were Ajax stood and the horse came up to him with his nose
pushing on Master. Master stroked Ajax's nose and pulled Gina closer to the
horse. Gina was a little afraid of the large horse but he was beautiful not as
majestic as Thunder but his brown coat was shiny and Gina reached up to touch
his neck. Ajax turned his head and pushed is nose right into Gina's left tit.
She jumped back.

"Ajax likes you Gina and he probably thinks you are a new mare." Master teased

"Oh He does?"

Both Master and Sue were chuckling and Sammy's voice rang out behind her.

"What a lovely mare you would make as well."

Gina felt a small shiver down her spine. She looked at Master to see if he
looked like he had changed his mind. She really didn't want to be a mare or pony
now. Master's face gave nothing away but he patted Ajax and closed the box. Gina
felt like the horse was looking at her with longing in his big eyes. They walked
down to the other end of the aisle, Gina saw four much smaller boxes, and they
were all empty.

"This is where the ponies live when the stable is full." He said.

Sammy having finished with Thunder came walking down the aisle toward them. She
was a tall beautiful read head. She too had been pierced the same way as Sarah
and her breasts were equal in size. Instead of heels, she wore knee high black
boots with a six-inch heel.

"Sammy met Gina our new servant trainee."

"Hello Gina. Too bad you didn't become a pony, don't you think?"

"Hello Sammy. Ummm...well... I like being a servant trainee."

"I'm just teasing you, Gina. If Master wanted you to be a pony you would be a

"Yes and I would obey."

"Spent the night with Sarah yet?"

The directness of the question startled Gina.

"Hmm...No, not yet." Gina blushed and felt embarrassed.

"Now now Sammy. Getting jealous are you?" He said as he tugged on Sammy's clit

"No Master just wondering how far along she was."

"What a clever answer. Then you have always been a clever slave."

"Thank you Master."

"Are you here to get Gina pierced? Should I get things ready?"

"Yes. Do her nipples today and lets make sure she doesn't reject gold."

Gina felt a knot in her stomach this wasn't just a social visit. She would get
rings in her nipples just like Sammy and Sarah. Sammy took her leash and pulled
on it.

"Come along Gina lets get you decorated."

She was lead to the main area of the stable and Sammy told her to stand still.
With Sue's help, she moved a small platform that had a T-bar at one end. The
platform was about three feet high and Sammy lead Gina and placed her in front
of the T-bar. She pushed on her shoulders and forced Gina to bend forward so the
cross bar of the T was right against her thighs and her lower abdomen rested on
the bar itself. Sammy put a belt across her back and tightened on both side to
the cross bar. Gina's wrists cuffs were attached to each end of the cross bar
and finally she put a bit in her mouth and pulled the straps back all the way to
her asshole. The end of the strap had metal hook, which she put in her asshole.
She then adjusted the straps of the bit so Gina's head was pulled back looking
straight ahead with her body bent forward over the bar and her tits dangling

"That is what we call a posture strap. The pony puts her head down and the hook
pulls her ass hole open. They learn pretty quick to hold their head up and not
to bend it forward but it works well when you are to be pierced too." Sammy was

Gina's neck was straining and she was uncomfortable were she stood. Sammy
brought out a few instruments that Gina didn't know how they worked but she was
sure she would find out soon. Sammy cleaned her nipple with rubbing alcohol,
which felt cold to Gina, and she could feel her nipples pulling back. Sammy took
her left nipple between her fingers and pulled on it until she was satisfied it
was as hard as it would get. Holding her nipple stretched out downward, she
brought up what looked like a hole punch but had a very sharp needle instead.
She placed it just beyond the base of the nipple and pressed the jaws of the
tool together.

"Aaaaaiiieeeee." Gina screamed as the needle went right through her nipple.

 The tool was removed and Sammy inserted a thick red-hot needle through the
hole. Sammy pulled out the needle and there was a neat little hole left in the
nipple but very little blood. A few drops had run down but the hot needle had
quickly cauterized the wound.

"OOOOOAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGG" Gina hollered as the hot needle did its job.

Sammy repeated the same thing on the other nipple and Gina hollered again but
was left with a neat little hole in each nipple. Sammy put cream in both holes
and then wiped Gina's tears from her face.

"Almost done. I'm just going to pick out some nice rings for you."

Sammy opened a little box after some thought decided on a pair of ten gauge gold
rings. The first ring was pushed through the hole in the left nipple. The ring
was a little thicker than the hole so Sammy had to work with it a little. When
the ring was in place, locked, she heated the seam with a blowtorch, and Gina
could feel the ring heating up. Gina moaned and was about to scream when the
ring was sprayed with cold water. It never got hot enough to burn her. Sammy
took a small looking brush and polished the ring were she welded it shut. When
she was finished, you couldn't tell there was a seam without a magnifying glass.
She turned the ring so the seam was in the hole. She did the same thing with the
other ring.

"There now you are starting to look like a slave. You looked like you could
handle a ten-gauge ring to start with so I skipped over giving you eights first.
You have the same size as me and Sarah now."

"Every night you need to put cream on them until the hole heals and every night
you need to dip them in a solution I'll give you. You look just lovely now
though." Sammy kissed her just above her nipple.

Sammy released her from the T bar and Gina stepped down in front of Master.

"Very nice work. Gina's tits look lovely now." Master said.

"Thank you Master." Sammy replied.

"You can have Sue stay with you until diner time."

"Thank you."

Both Sue and Sammy had smiles on their faces as Master lead Gina out of the
stables back toward the house. Sue didn't mind the least staying with Sammy even
if Sammy had this horse like strap-on that she used on her. She never pushed it
in all the way and never in Sue's ass.

Gina was a little weak in her knees as she followed Master. Her nipples still
hurt but it wasn't that bad. She was trying to read the instruction on the
bottle Sammy had given her and didn't notice that Master had stopped. She bumped
her tits right into his back.

"Ouch" She cried out.

Master said nothing but he had a smile on his face, which Gina couldn't see from
behind. Gina was lead back to Master's quarters and he left her sitting on the
bed while he went over to his desk to continue with his work. Gina was grateful
for the time she was given to rest a bit. Tina on the other hand was utterly
miserable in her cage. The mosquitoes had stopped biting her but she was itching
all over from the bites. The cage felt very hot and she was sweating and had to
drink more often than yesterday. This also made her pee more and the laxative
made it impossible to hold her bowls. She could feel the cage filling up with
her own waste almost up to her ankles and the stench was made worse by the heat
in the cage. Tina didn't think she could make it much longer. Her muscles were
all aching from having to stand in high heels for over two days now and cramp
had already set in. Her pussy and ass as also getting red, irritated and sore
from having to wear her soiled panties.

By late afternoon, Tina realized that the cage was getting hotter and hotter and
she had to drink even more. When Alex came around for the evening feeding, Tina
had in fact passed out from exhaustion. She lowered the temperature to a nice
and cool 70 degrees and revived Tina.

"Sleeping on the job are we you little whore. We can't have such blatant
disobedience without some type of punishment. You only sleep when you are
allowed too, not at your own leisure you little whore. I thought you had the
rules clear by now."

"Ummmpphh." That was all Tina could utter with the tube in her mouth. Alex
proceeded to feed Tina. The meal was the same as this morning so not to bad

" Tomorrow Sue will come for you early and you get to clean up yourself and the
cage of course. She will prepare you for your punishment and for the work on
your udders. Did I forget to tell you? Master has decided you might be useful as
a cow and whore, maybe even as a pony. I'm not so sure about you being a pony,
they have to be very obedient, and you don't seem to have that fact down." Alex
continued tormenting her.

" As a whore you'll be perfect. First, I think we will get those udders growing
and milking unless Master wants you to start as a whore slave first. Personally,
I think you would produce more money if the clients could milk you in different
ways. I'm sure they would pay extra for that. You would look lovely with 40 DD
udders." Alex was chuckling as she was telling Tina what was in store for her.
Having her think about it all night would keep her awake at least part of the
night. She wouldn't be able to doze off but to make sure Alex turned down the
temperature to a cool 50 degrees before she left and went to feed Linda.

Gina was just sitting on the bed waiting for Master's instructions. She was
wondering if Sarah would be staying with them tonight or if Master had changed
his mind. Sarah arriving with dinner soon interrupted her thoughts. She smiled
brightly and winked at Gina.

"Did you bring enough dinner so you can eat with us Sarah?"

"Yes I did Master and thank you."

"Lets eat then."

"She looks lovely with the rings in her tits, Master."

"Yes Sammy did a good job. Then again she always does."

"I'm sure you like your rings Gina, don't you?" Sarah asked Gina.

"Yes, it hurts a bit still but I guess I'll get use to having them in my tits."

"Just wait until you have your pussy and clit done too, you'll look real tasty

Master laughed at Sarah. She was horny for Gina and she couldn't get dinner over
with fast enough. Master knew this of course and took his sweet time with
dinner. He could see that Sarah was wet to the point that it started to drip
down her thigh.

"I'm a bit tired tonight, so maybe we better do this another night." He said.

The disappointment in Sarah's face was clear as daylight. He smiled toward Sarah
with his slightly evil smile.

"On the other hand you could take Gina and have her help you in the kitchen and
bring her back with breakfast."

The change in Sarah's face was priceless. Gina on the other hand didn't seem to
mind either way.

"Oh yes Master I could use some help with the dishes and with breakfast. I'll
make sure her rings are tended to as well."

"Hopefully she will learn a few more things than how to do the dishes Sarah."

"Of course Master. By morning she will eat pussy like she never done anything
else in her life." Sarah grinned.

"Careful Sarah, don't promise more than you can deliver. It could get you in
serious trouble."

" I know Master but I'm a good trainer."

"Very well then. Off you go and I'll see you at breakfast. Have fun Gina and be
a good slave, Sarah will report to me in the morning, so you must obey her since
she has more stars on her collar than you."

"Yes Master. I'll obey and do my best." Gina replied.

"Pick up the tray Gina and let's get you in the kitchen." Sarah ordered her as
she attached the leash to Gina's collar. She tugged on the leash and Sarah
disappeared with Gina following obediently behind her. Master went over to the
monitors, turned one of them to Sarah's room, and turned the video on. Gina
would spend her night sucking and licking Sarah's clit and pussy and have her
own eaten out as well. If he knew Sarah, she would use a strap-on on Gina too as
horny as she was. Gina would know what being with a woman was all about by
morning. She would be one tired little slave but Sarah was indeed a good
trainer. Still Gina would learn to love eating pussy and have hers eaten even if
this was her first time with another woman, it wouldn't be the last. Master
scanned the others to see how they were doing and quickly reviewed the bitch
footage from today. The dogs had made good use of her but she had done well. He
couldn't find anything on the tape that would deserve punishment. She seemed to
be settling in with the dogs and she was now asleep in her doghouse. He would
leave her like today for the next two weeks before starting the next phase in
her training. The cow was just hanging around since she had no choice but she
was doing fine. Tina on the other hand was in bad shape and he altered the
temperature to a comfortable setting. She wouldn't handle another day in the
cage without loosing her sanity. He might have to give her a day to recover
before letting Alex go to work on her udders. He would decide in the morning.
Perhaps after she had been cleaned up she might still be in shape for her udder
treatment or maybe it was better to send her to the house for a month first then
bring her back for her continued training and udder injections. He would sleep
on it and see what Alex thought about it in the morning.

                              10. Day Four

Gina hadn't gotten a single wink of sleep. Sarah had told her she better be
licking away at her pussy when she woke up. Gina's mouth was sore from a night
of sucking, licking but she felt good Sarah had eaten her out once or twice too
and to Gina's surprise she had a very powerful orgasm.  Sarah woke up and
pressed her legs around Gina's head forcing her in her pussy.

"Time to get up Gina and make breakfast for Master. We don't want to be late.
You did a nice job but you might need a refresher course now and again.  Would
you like that?"

"Mmmmm, Yes that would be nice."

"I'll tell Master you are now a good pussy eater."

Sarah and Gina took their shower and got into uniform then hurried out to the
kitchen to make breakfast. Sue banging on her doghouse awakened Jackie.

"Time to get moving bitch. Here is your breakfast. Eat it quickly and then get
out in the day pen. The hounds sound horny this morning." Sue chuckled.

Jackie crawled out of her doghouse and started eating from her bowl. She still
had trouble eating without using her hands but she was learning. When she was
done and had a drink of water, Sue smacked her ass with her crop and she crawled
toward the gate to the day pen.

"Make sure the hounds are well fucked today bitch. Master will be watching as

"Yes Mistress Sue." Jackie replied and crawled through the gate and just waited
for the hounds to come in.

Sue went inside and feed Linda. Then she quickly moved over to Tina's cage. Tina
was just barely awake and Sue opened the drain and got the hose. Tina moaned as
the cold water hit her and she was completely and utterly hosed down by Sue. Sue
stepped into the cage and started to undo Tina's tube and feeding harness. She
left her wrists cuffed behind her back but as she released the chain to Tina's
headgear, she simply collapsed on the floor. Tina's legs were cramping and they
simply wouldn't support her. Sue got a bucket and some swaps.

"Here you better start cleaning the cage. I'll be back shortly and it better be
clean then or I'll string you up as before." Sue barked.

"Cough. Yes." Tina hissed. Her mouth was dry and her voice was weak but she
started cleaning the best she could. Sue would not be gone long, ten minutes at
the most and there was no way the cage would be cleaned by then but it would
give Sue the chance to torment Tina further. Tina could hear the high heels of
Sue as she returned and panicked.

"Not clean yet I see. You sure are a lazy whore. I guess I have to string you up
again then."

"Please no please."

"Well, stand up and follow me maybe you can do a better job of cleaning

Tina tried to stand up but her legs just wouldn't co-operate. She fell to her
knees again.

"I don't have all day if you don't want to walk then crawl whore but don't keep
me waiting."

Tina crawled out of the cage and followed Sue down a hallway and through a door
into a dark room. Sue just put a foot to her side and pushed her down in a pool
of warm water. Tina was still wearing her bra, skirt, panties, stockings, and
shoes but still the warm water felt nice on her body. The lights came on and Sue
put soap and shampoo on the side of the pool.

"Get those filthy rags of you and scrub yourself clean. Shampoo your hair too
and be quick about it. You better smell like a rose in fifteen minutes."

Tina started cleaning herself without a word. The water helped the cramp in her
legs and she started feeling more like a real person again not like a dung heap.
Just getting the soiled cloths off felt good. Sue watched Tina carefully giving
her instructions to clean her ass better or to scrub her pussy harder.

"Ok times up. Get out of there, come here, and let me check you."

Tina slowly got out of the pool, her legs were still weak, but at least she
could stand up again. Sue probed her and smelled her hair to make sure the
stench was gone. Satisfied Tina was clean she gave her a towel to dry herself

"Over here and put your make-up and nails polish on. Then get dressed. Your
uniform is in the box." Sue ordered her. Sue attached a leash to Tina's collar
and locked it to the wall. Tina could sit down but not move very far from the

"I'll be back and you better have your make-up, hair and nails done then."

Not waiting for a reply Sue left the room. Tina remembered how she had been told
to do the make-up on the ship and assumed she was supposed to replicate that.
Sue could watch Tina from outside the room and waited until Tina was done before
going back into the room.

"Lets have a look at you whore and see if you look anything like the way you

"I guess you'll have to do. At least you look more like a whore than a pig."

"Put on the stockings, garter belt and shoes in the box and make it snappy."

"Do you understand?"


"It is yes Mistress. Get it? Don't make that mistake again."

"Yes Mistress." Tina meekly answered.

Sue disappeared again and Tina got her uniform out of the box. She put on the
red and black garter belt then pulled on the sheer black stockings. She moaned
when she saw the shoes. It was another pair of six-inch high-heeled pumps. There
were bright red with and wide ankle strap. Tina reluctantly put the shoes on but
she stayed seated at the table. Every minute she could get not standing or
walking was a blessing to her sore legs and calves. Sue returned with a tray and
put it in front of Tina.

"Here is your breakfast eat it quickly we need to have you ready when the Master
and Mistress arrives."

"Yes Mistress."

Breakfast actually looked normal for a change. There was a bowl of cereal with
milk, toast, marmalade, and juice.

Tina was hungry and she eagerly started eating the milk tasted a bit sweet but
maybe that was the drug the been giving her, she thought. Sue looked on but not
until Tina had finished her cereal did she say anything.

"In case you wonder this isn't proper cows milk and the kind you buy in the
store. We still had some left from the last cow we had here and I thought you
would enjoy it. Linda isn't milking yet so we are a bit short on milk."

Sue's words didn't really have an effect on Tina she was too hungry to care and
it was good enough for babies it was good enough for her, still it felt a little
strange. As soon as she had finished eating Sue yanked on her leash and on
wobbly feet see was lead back into the main room but this time she was lead to
the corner were Linda had been treated a couple a days ago. Tina's wrist where
cuffed again behind her back. Sue then brought out a corset same as Linda was
wearing and put it on Tina. She pulled her tits through the rings, which made
the tits bulge out. Her arms were secured behind her back and the straps pulled
tight. Tina's tits now stood out and were bulging. Tina was made to kneel and
the stand was brought forward. Tina was secured to the stand. The only
difference was that Tina was spared the hood otherwise she was in the exact same
position as Linda had been in. Alex and Master arrived ten minutes later and
while Master lounged comfortably in his chair Alex pulled up her stool in front
of Tina and the table.

"I see you are the same size as the cow was before her treatment. We will soon
change that. I decided you probably would enjoy watching them grow so I left out
the hood in your uniform. Master has decided to get you milking before we send
you to the whorehouse. You'll be a better moneymaker if they can milk you in
various ways. I'm sure you'll like being fucked 24 hours a day instead of your
little cage. Then Master might bring you back for the stables. We could use a
new pony. Master might even breed you. Won't that be fun? I have some very fun
fertility drugs I'm dying to try out. Enough chitchat. Are you ready cow?"

"Yes Mistress." Tina sobbed. She didn't really care anymore just being clean and
out of the cage was a relief even if they would hurt her in other ways now. She
had given up any ideas of escaping; there simply was no way she could get away.
If they sent her to a whorehouse, she felt sure she would be watched and
restrained just as carefully as here. These people couldn't afford to have
anybody escape. She would spend the rest of her life in pain and humiliation she
was sure of that now. The best thing was to obey as much as she could and not
have any more pain or humiliation inflicted on her than what they were going to
regardless of what she did. Getting on their good side and obeying was the way,
resisting and disobeying would just mean even more and probably a much harsher
treatment. Tina glanced over at Gina and saw the rings in her nipples but other
than that, Gina seemed to have been spared any harsher treatment.  Tina braced
herself for the worst when she saw Alex filling the large syringes. Alex brought
out the oil and started to massage Tina's breast with the oil.

"This will help the skin to stretch and make it more flexible." Alex explained.
Tina let out a scream when Alex applied the irritant to her nipples. The burning
was bad and almost as bad as the burning had been in her clit from the prod.
Tina clenched her teeth, this was surely be getting worse.

Alex sat back and filled the two smaller syringes while the irritant did its
work on the nipples. Alex wanted Tina to feel as much pain as possible from her
treatment. She could see that Tina was struggling with the burning and she
enjoyed watching her suffer. When the nipples looked red and swollen enough, she
picked up the first of the large syringes and with her left hand squeezed Tina's
right nipple between her fingers. She pushed the needle all the way in to the
base of Tina's breast and then held it there. Tina howled.

"Ahhhhhhhhuuuuurrrggghh." The pain in her nipple was very bad and when the
needle was inserted, it felt like a burning poker had been inserted through her

"You have a nice scream. I'm really enjoying this. Now I'll start filling your
udder. At first you won't feel much but as the udder swells the burning will be
felt in your whole udder." Alex said cheerfully. Tina was sobbing and tears
started running down her cheeks. Sue had of course done her duty and taken the
before pictures and the cameras were running to record the whole treatment. Sue
was now busy sucking on Alex's clit. Slowly Alex injected Tina's udder, pulling
the needle out inch by inch. Tina could feel her tit swell and couldn't help but
to look down. Slowly the tit swelled and then the burning started, her tit was
on fire. Tina howled again and tears were streaming down her cheeks. Alex filled
the syringe again and pushed it back into the udder. Again, she slowly filled
the udder with the burning liquid. Tina's howling intensified with the second
needle and her tit was swelling to almost an unbelievable size right in front of
her eyes. Alex massaged the udder to get an even distribution in the udder. That
caused Tina even more pain. When Alex was satisfied the right udder was to her
liking and filled as much as it was possible this time, she injected the nipple
and attached the vacuum tube to it. Tina looked odd with one 38 C sized tit and
one 36 C tit. Alex was tempted to leave her like that, one large and one small
udder with different sized suckers but that would delay her usefulness. Tina had
passed out and Alex ordered Sue to take some more pictures before she went to
work on the left udder. She lit a cigarette and looking over toward Master, she

"Maybe we should leave her like this one big one smaller that might be fun for
the clients."

"Hmmm. Perhaps they would like that but I rather get her finished and milking as
soon as possible." Master replied.

"Yes that is probably better. It was just a thought. I better finish inflating

Alex motioned Sue to get back and suck her and then gave Tina a shot to bring
her back. Tina returned to consciousness and began moaning. The burning in the
right tit and nipple was still very intense.

"Did you have a nice nap you little whore? Not very good behavior for a whore to
be sleeping on the job, maybe you don't really want to please your Master after
all. Take a look and tell me if you like your new udder."

Tina looked down at her chest and she felt like a freak looking like she did
now. Tina didn't like the new size at all, she had always been proud of her nice
looking tits, now she looked like a woman with a melon attached instead. She did
realize that if she said so they would just punish her even more, so trying to
score some goody points she said.

"It looks very nice Mistress."

"I'm glad you like it. I assume you like the left one to match the right udder."

"Yes Mistress." Tina knew this was just a cruel mind game and the left tit would
be filled regardless of what she wanted.

"You better learn to ask properly in that case."

"Please Mistress. Inflate my left tit too."

"No no they are not tits whore they are called udders."

"Please Mistress, inflate my left udder too." Tina tried again.

"That's better. Very well. I'll get to work on your left udder then since you
are eager to have it inflated. I'm sure you want to be able to produce as much
milk as you can and look like a big uddered whore at the same time."

"Yes Mistress."

"This time we better make sure you don't fall asleep and miss any of the fun."

Alex promptly gave Tina a blocker so she would not pass out again and then went
to work on the left udder and sucker. Tina howled and cried as her left tit grew
and soon matched the right one with nipples stretched and wearing the dangling
tubes. Alex admired her work, adjusted the rings at the base to accommodate the
new size, and then filled four more syringes with some clear fluid. Feeling
around the udders, she found the milk glands and injected the fluid into several
of the glands in each udder. Tina howled even more since there was a sharp
stinging when the fluid entered the glands.

"This will speed up the milk production even if the milk is of a lower grade at
first. Injecting the drug straight into the glands will start you milking in a
few days not in two weeks like the cow over there. You should be happy with your
new look whore. Anything else you like adjusted to make you a perfect whore for
your Master?"

Tina didn't want any more adjustments but the way Alex had said it she knew
meant there was more to come. It was hard for her to think with her udders on
fire and painfully stretched. Tina racked her brain to think of an answer.

"I'm not sure what would please Master." She finally uttered between sobs.

"That was a good answer but maybe you should have asked to have your fuck holes
improved." Alex said in an almost motherly voice. Tina didn't understand what
that could mean but determined to suffer as little as possible and not anger
these people she replied.

"Yes Mistress, I would like to have my fuck holes improved to Masters liking."

"That is better. I'll start right away then but we need to get you in a better
position for that."

Tina hadn't noticed but Sue was already wheeling in a low metal table, with
stirrups at one end and two rods sticking out horizontally at the other. Sue
released Tina from the udder stand and ordered her up on the table. Tina obeyed
and crawled up on the table. She laid down on her back and Sue quickly pulled
her arms back over her head and secured the wrist to the end of the rods. Next,
she secured Tina's legs to the stirrups and bending down under the table
adjusted the stirrups so Tina's legs where almost at a 90 Degree angle but with
her knees still bent. A wide leather belt was strapped across her belly just
above her bush. Finally, she strapped leather belts to each thigh just below
where the stockings ended.

Tina was now secure on the table. Sue also brought over a mirror on a stand and
adjusted so Tina could look in the mirror and see her pussy clearly.

"I didn't want you to miss anything so I had a mirror brought in for you. Sue
will be watching you so you better not close your eyes and miss the fun. Now
what do you have down here that could use some improvement whore?"

Tina again tried to think of what to say but she realized that her clit and
pussy lips would be targets for Alex's so called improvements. Her clit was
still sore from the prod and the mere thought of having more pain inflicted on
into made Tina sweat. Maybe she should not mention the clit.

"My pussy lips Mistress."

"Is that all down here that needs improvement?"

Alex wasn't going to let Tina off the hook easy. Tina sobbed.

"No Mistress there is my clit too."

"How large do you think we need to make your clit to be pleasing?"

Tina wished she would just get on with it instead of all these questions. Her
pussy would suffer she knew that but having to ask for it made it worse. Tina
also knew she would have to tell Alex a size and not just a general answer.

Asking for too little was going to be a mistake but she didn't want to ask for
more than they had already planned on either. Tina was trying to decide, it
really was a bad dilemma.

"Half an inch Mistress." She finally replied.

"I was thinking more like 2 inches but lets split the difference and make it an
inch shall we? Does that sound good to you?"

Tina was trembling and trying to prepare herself for the pain to come. Bravely
she answered.

"Yes Mistress."

"Ok. One inch it is then and I'll match your lips to make it look good down
here. This will hurt a bit but then you like pain don't you whore?"

"Yes Mistress." There was no point answering anything else. Tina could see the
syringes lying there between her legs ready to torture her. Alex went to work.
First she pulled the lips out as far as they would go and with clamps and she
tightly secured them to the straps around her thighs. Tina's pussy lips were now
stretched as far as they would go and her pussy was a gaping hole. Making
several pricks in each lip Alex injected them with the same fluid used in her
udders except this had an added ingredient that made the fluid thicken quickly.
Alex massaged each lip to spread the fluid evenly in each lip. Tina screamed as
her lips swelled and stretched. Tina was beside herself the pain ran through her
lips as they accommodated the fluid. Alex inspected her work and smiled. Tina
would have pussy lips that were meaty and protruding about 2 inches. When pulled
aside her hole would open up wide, just like it was now. With the lips attached
to the thigh straps Tina would only have to spread her legs and she would be
wide open. It would be easy for any cock to plunge right in. Alex made a mental
note to adjust Jackie the same way, that way the hounds would easily without
help slide the cocks in her. Tina had stopped screaming but was still sobbing
and moaning. She is ready for a new wave of pain Alex thought.

Without a word she started to massage her clit until Tina got aroused and her
clit harden. Then using the same method as on the suckers, she injected the clit
and put the vacuum tube in place.


"Almost done whore. You'll look so good down here that you'll get a lot of
fucking action. You'll have cocks lining up to fuck your hole. A few more minor
adjustments and you'll be all set."

Tina just screamed. She didn't hear what Alex was saying. The burning pain in
her already sore clit was beyond description. Ignoring Tina's screams Alex
continued her work. She had been working on a drug that would make hair grow and
she was eager to try it on Tina's bush. With a brush, she applied the slimy
paste all around Tina's pussy. If it worked, Tina would grow a very thick but
still blond bush both on top of her pussy and on the sides. Alex had one more
drug she wanted to try and when she was done spreading the slime around the
pussy she took a new brush and jar with a clear paste. Carefully she spread the
paste inside Tina's pussy making sure the paste was spread everywhere all the
way up to the cervix. Finally, she inserted a catheter into Tina's bladder and
inflated the end.

She had made sure the tubing was clamped before inserting the catheter. Tina's
bladder released as much pee as the tubing would allow. Tina hardly noticed the
last few adjustments she was only feeling the pain in her clit.

"There that should do it for today. You are well on your way to look like a real
whore now. Still have to put rings etc in you of course but that we will do
later once you been filled and inflated to full size. Did you enjoy your
treatment today whore? You should be pleased with the results."

Alex waited for Tina to respond. Tina answered almost out of reflex rather than

"Yes Mistress."

Alex squeezed all the parts of Tina that she had worked on just to get the
burning to flare up a little. Tina howled.

"I didn't hear you saying thank you for doing all the work here today. You
really need to learn to respond properly."

Even Thought Tina's body was raked with pain she somehow managed to stay alert
enough that she could pay attention to what Alex was saying.

"Thank you for doing all the adjustments Mistress." Tina had stopped screaming
but tears ran in a steady stream down her face. Sue released her from the table
ad Alex told Tina to stand up and face the mirror. Sue adjusted the mirror while
Tina tried to get on her feet. When Tina looked at herself in the mirror, she
was horrified. Her tits were red swollen and stood out like two melons. Her lips
looked like thick pieces of meat and red as well. Nipples and clit with tubes on
them were also red and swollen. The bluish slime all around her pussy looked
gross. She was no longer a woman but a whore, slave, and she could never return
home even if she managed to escape. Who would want a woman looking like she did
now. There was no going back. Only one choice remained to make the best of her
new life. Tina cried quietly as the realization hit her.

She had had so many plans and dreams they were all gone now. Tina waited for the
next command and didn't notice that Master had walked up beside her. He gently
stroked her head and with a cloth wiped her face. She put her head against his
shoulder without thinking and he continued to stroke her head. It was the first
gentle touch and kindness Tina had felt since she got to the island and for a
moment she forgot about her pain ridden body.

"You may not like the way you look right now but in time you will learn to love
not just your new look but your new life. You will learn to obey without
question or hesitation. You will gladly and willingly serve here on the island
or any other place I send you. You still have more adjustments to be made but
the first time is always the worst. You will eventually accept and even crave
the pain. Isn't that true Sue?"

"Yes Master. I love my life here now."

"See Tina you'll be just like Sue in time."

"Yes Master." Tina answered in between sobs. In the back of her mind, she got
the feeling the Master was right even if she found it hard to believe.

"Now Gina will take care of you for the next few days. You will obey her. If you
don't I'll put you back in the cage until you are ready for your next

"Please No Master. I will be good and obey."

"I hope so for your own sake."

"Gina, put a leash on Tina and then take her down to the kitchen and have Sarah
feed her. Then bring her back to my quarters."

"Yes Master."

Gina attached a leash to Tina's collar and led her away toward the kitchen. Gina
walked as slow as she dared knowing every step Tina would have to take would
pull on her pussy lips being clamped to the thigh straps. Sue was busy cleaning
up after the session putting everything away in its place. Alex came over and
sat down beside Master.

"I hope the hair drug and the secretion paste works. It would be disappointing
if they didn't after all the research and tests I have made." She said.

"We just have to wait and see. How long do you figure before you'll know?"

"The hair should start showing up in a week. Tina should start secreting in a
day or two if it works. If it does she'll be wet all the time and when she has
an orgasm she should almost squirt."

"Any side effects of these drugs?"

"There shouldn't be at least not until she gets much older. After she turns 50
maybe she'll dry up." Alex said with a laugh. Master chuckled and smiled.

"When will she start milking?"

"The way I injected her we should have results on all fronts within a week. I
still have to wait 2 weeks before inflating and filling her udders again. By
that time her nips and clit should have stretched and be firm at about an inch.
If you want them longer then it would take maybe another 2 weeks before I could
have them up another inch. If you do it too quickly, they loose their
sensitivity and could even be numb. I think we should adjust the bitch pussy
lips too though. Would make it easier for the hounds to enter her."

"Yes maybe you have a point there. Lets wait and see how she develops in the
pen. So far, she seems to be doing fairly well. I haven't spotted any mistakes
on the tapes from the pen."

"If this hair treatment works on Tina. Do you think it would work on Jackie if
you applied it all over her body?"

"Hmmmm. I don't know. You are thinking of giving her real fur, just like a dog?

"Yes. It certainly would improve greatly her value if bitches could be made to
grow thick fur like a dog."

"I'm not sure if it would work or not and if it just grew in patches here and
there it would spoil her. I just don't know enough about it as of yet. I need
someone to test it on that has no value anyway. Maybe we could get one of
Sanchez whores that are ready to be sold onto the street cheaply."

"Yes or tell Jason we are looking for a cheap one."       

"Ok. I'll talk to both of them then. It would be really good to have a guinea

"There would only be one draw back with full fur on a bitch. Her fur wouldn't be
a long haired breed."

"Don't think that would matter as long as the coat was thick."

"Could you stretch the tongue on a bitch?"

"Don't know never tried. They would have to small of a mouth for a large tongue
and they might loose control of it but that could be tested on a guinea pig as

"Yes sounds like we do need a guinea pig to keep you happy." Master smiled.

"Oh I'm happy just eager to try new things."

"Does the fertility drug work?"

"Oh yes. That will work fine. I only made some improvement to an approved drug."


"Yes, they should produce females exclusively and more likely to produce 4 or 5

"We aren't set up for handling underdeveloped puppies though."

"If we got a few incubators we could handle it. We would need more staff here
though. At least one slave nurse."

"I rather have them produce 3 healthy puppies than 5 weaker ones." Master said.

"I agree. We also need to find an outlet for the puppies. We don't want to raise
them here I assume."

"No at least not in large numbers. Maybe one or two but the rest we need to find
homes for without putting us at risk. It shouldn't be too hard to find a lawyer
that asks no questions and does the placement on the quiet."

"No. That shouldn't be too hard. I should be able to find someone with a little

Alex was thrilled with the idea of getting a guinea pig and the breeding
program. A part from the fact the puppies would bring in quite a bit of money,
there was also the possibility of improving breeding techniques and genetically
produce top off spring.

"I better go work on the tapes and everything else. I'll have Sue feed the cow.
Tomorrow I'll have to start some exercises with her otherwise she will grow fat.
I'll look in on the bitch as well." Alex said as she rose from the chair.

"I'll check on the bitch. You go ahead and do the tapes etc."

"Ok. I should have something ready to send on the bitch and whore tom. Not much
to send out on the cow as off yet."

"That's fine just feed it into the computer when your done and I'll take a look
at it."

Master headed out to the pen while Alex headed back to her quarters it had been
a good day. Tina was now broken and would soon start producing money, milk and
hopefully hair too.  As Master neared the pen, he could see the bitch being busy
sucking Targ while Devil was fucking her pussy. He watched the scene until Targ
took his place behind the bitch ready to relieve Devil in the pussy of the
bitch. Jackie hadn't noticed Master yet. "Oh yes Devil. Fuck your bitch hard. I
want your load in my pussy now." Jackie had assumed her role and had actually
started to enjoy being fucked by the hounds. She had 5 orgasms already today and
the hounds had fucked her three times already. Targ would be the last in round
three. Her pussy was dripping dog cum all over. It stuck to her bush and her
stockings were soiled with their semen. Jackie still didn't like them in her ass
but she made sure that at least one of them did her ass in case somebody really
was watching. She didn't want those needles in her tits. Her tits had started to
feel a bit funny there was a little aching in them now and again.  When Devil
shot his load in her pussy Jackie turned her head to guide Targ in her pussy
when she saw Master standing there watching her. She decided it might be best to
have Targ do her ass since she was being watched.

"Up Targ. Your bitch needs a big cock in her ass."

"Oh Yes Targ. Fuck your bitch in the ass." She said as she guided Targ's cock
into her ass hole.

"Fuck me hard Targ."

"Faster Targ. Harder Targ."

Jackie wasn't going to have any needles in her tits if she could help it. Master
just looked on as Targ pounded in and out of the bitch ass. When he shot his
load and dismounted, Master called the bitch over. Jackie quickly crawled to his
side cum dripping from both pussy and ass.

"Heel" Master commanded and Jackie stood still on all fours next to him. He bent
down to check her ass and pussy to see if she had any tears or was bleeding. She
was red and a bit swollen but there was no damage to her holes at all. She was
getting a bit filthy with dried semen and dirt everywhere and her stockings were
torn in several places. Her back and sides showed scratch mark from the hounds
paws but none of them where bleeding.

The bitch was in pretty good shape. He squeezed her tits and they felt a little
firmer but no milk came out.

"How many times have you been fucked by the hounds today?"

"Three times each Master and Targ, Play boy and Nero each had a turn in my ass."

"Just three times in your ass?"

"Yes, Master." Jackie was getting a bit worried that she hadn't done enough ass
fucking and would now get a needle in her tit.

"You don't like cock in your ass do you?"

"I like them better in my pussy Master."

"From tomorrow on you better make sure you get at least 5 fucks in your ass. The
soreness should be going away now and you need to keep your ass stretched. Now
lets see if you can fetch."

"Yes Master."

Master picked up a small rubber bone and threw it 10 feet away. The hounds were
all lying and watching.


Jackie crawled away toward the rubber bone as fast as she could. Her knees were
hurting she had been on all fours for the last hour while the hounds fucked her.

She almost picked up the bone in her hand but caught herself at the last minute
and bent down and picked it up in her mouth. Crawling back to Master, she held
her head up and then dropped the bone at his feet.

"You keep the bone in your mouth until your told to Give"

Jackie picked up the bone in her mouth again. Master then adjusted her position
to where she was kneeling with her ass on her heels and her arm in front with
wrist and hands turned down.

"This is how you sit when returning a fetch or when told to sit pretty."

Jackie nodded her head since the bone prevented her from speaking. Master played
with her tits and nipples until they started to get erect. He then held out his
hand and commended her to give. Jackie dropped the bone in his hand. Master
threw it again and Jackie waited for the command before crawling away to get the
bone again. Master threw the bone a dozen times for Jackie to fetch and her
hands and knees were getting sore from all the crawling. She was also sweating a
bit from the exercise.

"I think that's enough exercise for today. Go lay down now" Master said as he
petted her head.

Jackie crawled over and laid down in the shade. The hounds paid her no notice
and she would take a little nap before they wanted her again. At least Master
seemed pleased which made her relax a little. Being a bitch wasn't so bad after
all. Once her pussy and ass hole had gotten over the first brutal fuckings, it
hadn't been bad at all. Sometimes she wished she could stand up straight though.
Crawling all the time was hard on the knees. Master left the pen the bitch had
almost accepted her role now. He could tell she even got pleasure from the
fucking in her pussy at least. When he returned to his quarters Gina was waiting
with Tina right behind her. Gina had told Tina they needed to kneel by the door
until Master got back. Tina was still in agony from her treatment but as long as
her udders or clit wasn't touched, the burning had started to become bearable at
least. Master stroked both their head when he entered the room.

"Did you get something to eat Tina?"

"Yes thank you Master. Sarah gave me several sandwiches and she wanted to know
if she should bring dinner for me up here."

"What did you tell her?"

"I told her I didn't know, Master."

"You better go back and tell her to bring dinner for you here."

"Yes Master."

Tina didn't really want to walk but having dinner here with Master and Gina
sounded like it could be pleasant or at least not a painful experience. Tina
carefully with small steps went back to the kitchen to tell Sarah about dinner.
Sarah had of course asked this knowing Tina would have to make a second trip to
the kitchen. Sarah had not missed the state Tina's pussy was in.

"Did Tina behave Gina?"

"Yes Master. She was good."

"You better get the spare bed out of the closet and set it up. Tina will be your
charge until I say different. She will be sleeping and eating here and you
better make sure she behaves and is where she should be at all times."

"Yes Master. I will make sure Tina is where she should be and obeys."

Master patted her on her ass and Gina winched. Her ass was still a little sore
from the cropping. She looked at Master and got a smile in return. He went over
to the desk and Gina went and knelt by the bed as she had been told to do when
Master was working. Gina could see Tina carefully walking in the hallway on the
monitors and Linda just hanging around. Jackie was again busy with one of the
hounds in her pussy. Gina felt a slight tingle in her pussy watching Jackie
being fucked by the hound. She felt herself getting a little wet. Wonder if
Master will have the dogs fuck me too at some point. Sarah had told her last
night that a dog fuck was really quite a treat. Gina moved her rings around a
bit, she was still sore from the piercing but she kind of liked the way her tits
looked with rings in the nipples. When Tina knocked on the door to get back in
Master paid her no attention, he just pushed the remote to open the door, and
Gina got up and took Tina by the leash.

"When Master is working we are to kneel by the bed." Gina explained to Tina.
Both women knelt by the bed and Tina noticed there was now a spare bed made up
beside the large bed. Gina saw her look at the bed.

"You'll be eating and sleeping here for now and you must obey me, if you don't
we will both be punished." Gina kept on explaining.

"Shall I call you Mistress then?"

"No just by my name."

"I'm not your Mistress. Just been told to make sure you are where you should be
and are obeying any of Masters orders."

Tina nodded. Gina had certainly got away easier than the others she thought.
Tina realized that she had taken the wrong path when she got the idea of being
sent to the whorehouse would be a way to escape. Gina had pretty much obeyed
from the start and had gotten better treatment even if she had welts on her ass
and rings in her nipples. In comparison, she had gotten off easy. Tina had truly
suffered for her actions but maybe there was hope if she did things right from
now on. Sleeping and eating here seemed to be an improvement unless it was a
trick. Her eyes went to the monitors and she almost let out a cry when she saw
Jackie on all four being fucked by a large dog and Linda hanging around. She
hadn't really known what had happened to them until now. She wasn't the only one
that had harsh training. When Sarah arrived with dinner a couple of hours later
Tina was starting to get cramps from kneeling. Sarah put dinner on the table and
then stood by the table waiting for Master.

"Lets eat. I see you brought dinner for yourself Sarah, so you better sit down

"I did Master just in case you wanted or needed me for something."

"What might I need you for Sarah?"

"Maybe to show you what Gina has learnt?"

"Hahahaha. I knew you would come up with a clever excuse."

Sarah, Gina and Tina all sat down at the table. Tina mouth was watering at the
sight of real food again.

She expected to be served something different any minute until Sarah handed her
the plate and everybody else started eating. Tina was almost afraid to eat.

"Better eat your dinner Tina." Sarah told her with a smile.

There was some small talk during dinner mainly between master and Sarah. Tina
didn't join in she was busy eating. This was the first cooked meal she had had
in days and it really tasted good. Then she started to worry that the food had
been spiked with something like she had been used to in her cage. Gina saw her
worried look and told her there was nothing added in the food up here. After
dinner, they had coffee and Sarah brought out some cigarettes. Tina felt the
urge to smoke, she hadn't had a cigarette in weeks, but she had been a smoker
before she was captured. Sarah pushed the pack toward her and Tina had her first
cigarette in weeks. Things where certainly looking up. The pain was still there
of course but the food and coffee had revived Tina somewhat. She felt a little

"Breakfast for four Master?" Sarah asked.

"Who would the fourth be then Sarah?"

"Hmm..Sammy maybe." Sarah replied with a grin.

"Bring breakfast for yourself if you want Sarah but be ready to work for it in
the morning."

"Yes Master and Thank you."

Sarah wasn't quite sure what type of work she would have to do but it probably
would involve either Tina or getting fucked up the ass by Master or both. Sarah
was happy with her life. She seldom had to endure any harsh treatment even if
Master cropped or canned her on occasion. As long as she managed the kitchen
right, she was rewarded and left to do her chores. She wished Master would use
her a bit more than he did but she was still content and she would never leave
her Master. Sometimes she worried that Master would sell her. She had seen many
other slaves come and go. She and Sammy however had never been put in the
catalog and she did get to spend time with Sammy and the dogs of course. With
dinner finished, Sarah cleared the table and said goodnight. Gina led Tina back
to the bed and Master made a last check on the monitors. Sue had fed Jackie and
she was now laying in her doghouse. Linda was still just hanging around. Alex
was working on her tapes and Sue was quietly sitting on the bed with a large
dildo in her pussy. Sarah was doing the dishes and Sammy was busy tending to the
horses. Master never worried about checking on those two. He knew they would do
their chores and then get in their rooms without any trouble. Both where trusted
slaves and loyal. He went over to Gina and Tina by the bed and Gina stood up and
started undressing him without a word.

He laid down on the bed and motioned to Tina and Gina to come and sit on either
side of him. Tina struggled a bit with her pussy lips stretched as they were but
she finally found a somewhat comfortable position.

"Gina, Get some cokes and something to snack on."

"Yes Master."

Gina went for the cokes and got some candy, cookies and chips. Master had turned
on the Television and there was a good movie coming up. They watched the movie
together with a little chitchat here and there and Master playing with Gina's
tits now and again. Sometimes he would finger fuck her a little too.

Tina he didn't touch other than stroking her head and squeezing her ass cheeks.
Tina was very tired and when Master pulled her head onto his shoulder Tina
almost felt happy. Gina had a feeling she would be fucked by Master before going
to sleep and she wished the movie would hurry up and end. When it finally did,
she could see that Tina was almost asleep.

"Better put Tina to bed then I'll fuck you Gina." Master said.

"You need to secure Tina on her back so she doesn't roll over and start
screaming if her udders get under her."

"Yes Master."

Gina tugged lightly on Tina's leash and the half sleeping Tina followed her over
to the spare bed.

"Take your shoes off and lay down on your back."

Tina obeyed and Gina fastened her ankles to the bed. Tina had some movement but
not enough to roll over on her stomach. Just to make sure Gina secured her wrist
to the side of the bed as well. She stroked Tina's hair and whispered goodnight.
Tina was fairly comfortable even if she couldn't move freely. The bed was soft
and the pillow under her head felt nice. Keeping her legs closed eased some of
the strain on her pussy lips and Tina was grateful for a real bed instead of her
cage. Her feet and calves ached from the high heels and now even they would get
some rest for the first time in days. This was far better than she had hoped
for. Gina returned to the big bed and without any further orders started sucking
Master's cock. When he was hard and Gina had taken him deep in her throat a few
times she looked up and asked.

"My ass or pussy Master?"

"Pussy. Lets see how wet you are. Sit and face me so I can inspect your rings,
Gina straddled Master and sat down on his cock in one motion. Gina was horny and
wet. She started working herself up and down on his cock while he squeezed her
tits and tugged at her nipples. Gina could feel her orgasm building and
increased the pace at which she was riding his cock. When Master shot his load
in her pussy Gina asked for permission to cum. When he answered yes, Gina came.
It was almost as the word itself had triggered the release or maybe it was his
voice. In her previous life, Gina would never even have looked twice at this man
and certainly never would have fucked him. Now Gina got wet just thinking about
being fucked by Master and her orgasm were more powerful than she ever
experienced before. Gina couldn't think why this could be but she was starting
to feel a need to be fucked by this man.

How strange Gina thought. She dismounted and started licking his cock clean.
Removing her heels, she laid down beside him holding out her wrist for the

"Lets see if you can be trusted to sleep without your cuffs Gina. Pee in your
potty before I turn on the security screen around the bed." Gina got out her
potty and peed she emptied the potty in the toilet and got back in bed.

"Goodnight Gina in the morning I'll use your ass."

"Yes Master. Goodnight."

                             11.   Day Five

Tina had gotten some sleep during the night even if she had woken up a few times
during the night. This was far better than the cage. Tina's udders and clit
still burned but not as intensely as the day before. Her udders still felt
uncomfortable with the skin being stretched to adjust to the new size. Gina on
the other hand had slept like a baby. When she woke up she immediately took
Master's cock in her mouth and started sucking on it. Master awoke shortly
thereafter and without a word started to finger Gina's asshole. Gina turned so
that she was facing Master's feet but kept sucking. She moaned slightly from the
fingers in her ass but could also feel herself getting wet. A hard slap on her
ass was the signal to mount Master's cock and without delay, she straddled him
taking his cock in one hand and guiding it up against her rear hole. Gina knew
it would be a little painful since there was no lubrication used but she pushed
the cock head past her sphincter. There was a sharp pain as the sphincter tried
to stretch to accommodate the intruder. Once Gina had the head inside her, she
lowered herself onto the cock until she had its full length up her ass. Waiting
for the next signal, she just let the cock rest in her ass. She didn't have to
wait long. She got the second slap to her ass and started moving up and down on
the cock. She took great care that the cock didn't slip out, that would render
her some type of punishment. She moved up and down and rocking back and forth as
fast as she could and could feel herself getting wetter. Gina liked being fucked
in the ass and this was not like the brutal ass fucking she received on the
yacht. After the initial pain was gone, it was enjoyable to Gina even if there
was some stinging in her ass. It wasn't long before she could feel the cock
expanding and Gina moved her ass in shorter movement so that when Master shot
his cum in her ass she would have the whole cock deep in her ass. When the first
cum shot out, she just sat down and let the cock load up her ass hole. This way
it made it easier to dismount without letting any cum out which was not allowed.
Gina knew she was never allowed to cum when she was fucked in the ass, so she
didn't bother asking for permission. Hopefully Master would masturbate her in
the shower. Gina could feel the cock going semi hard in her ass but still no
signal to dismount. That could only mean one thing and Gina shuddered a little.
For some reason she felt very degraded by having someone pee in her ass and it
made it much harder to not let anything out when she dismounted. The warm stream
of piss made its way up her ass hole and Gina squeezed the cock tight to not let
any of it drip out. Master had made it quite clear that letting anything seep
out of either ass or pussy would bring some type of punishment. Gina got the
third slap to her ass and leaned forward until the semi hard cock slipped out.
She squeezed her sphincter hard to hold the pee and cum mixture inside and
turned around to suck Master's cock clean. Master had peed quite a bit and she
felt bloated.

"Very good Gina. Now lets see how long you can hold it without letting a drop

"Yes Master."

"Now go get Tina up and get the shower ready. Call me when you are ready."

"Yes Master."

Gina carefully got out of bed and went over to Tina. She quickly released Tina
from her restraints and got Tina out of bed. The two slaves headed for the
shower and Gina turned on the water.

"Take off your stockings and garter Tina."

"Ok Gina"

Both women stripped and when the water reached the right temperature, Gina
called out.

"Shower is ready Master."

"Now let Master get in the shower first and then wait for his commands, Tina."

Tina nodded. Master got in the shower and let the warm water refresh him. He
purposely didn't tell the slaves to get in. He wanted to see how long Gina could
hold her enema before she got frantic. He could tell from the way she held her
legs that the cramps were starting to set in and that she was struggling to hold
it in. She was now squeezing her ass cheek as hard as she could. He would let
her suffer a bit longer.

"Tina get in here and start washing me."

"Yes Master."

Tina stepped into the shower and as soon as the warm water hit her udders,
nipples and clit she could feel the burning intensify. Tina moaned loudly.
Master paid her no attention he was watching Gina struggling with her enema.
Tina got busy with washing Master and although her pain was worse now she felt
aroused both from washing Master and from having watched Gina getting fucked
before. Gina was by now really struggling to hold her enema.

"Please Master May I relief myself."

"Not yet Gina. You need to learn to hold an enema. After all this is just a
small one."

"Yes Master but please I can't hold it much longer."

"I'm sure you can if you just try."

Gina was now starting to cramp pretty badly and the need to shit was urgent.
Master mused as we watched Gina struggle. He would make her hold it one more
minute. Tina had by now washed Masters back and chest but she had avoided his
cock or ass. She wasn't sure if she should wash those areas without being told.
Gina was about to loose it and when Master told her to get in the shower, she
jumped in and bent over.

"Relief yourself Gina."

Master didn't even get to finish the command before Gina let a yellow stream go
from her ass. Gina drew a sigh of relief. She had made it. There was also a
sense of accomplishment that made her feel proud inside.

"Not too bad Gina almost 15 minutes. Still it was a small enema. Now help Tina
wash me, she seems to be cock shy."

"Yes Master. Thank you Master."

Master's words worried Tina. She realized she should have cleaned Master's cock
and ass. She was now afraid this would mean she would go back to the cage. Her
fears were eased when Master spoke again.

"Tina, watch carefully how Gina washes me. "

"Yes Master."

Gina washed Master while Tina watched. When she was done, Master told Tina to
wash Gina and make sure she washed the pussy and ass hole real good. Tina
thought she better do a good job on Gina and she laddered Gina up real good. She
pulled on Gina's pussy lips and with a washcloth rubbed Gina's pussy and clit.
Gina got very close to an orgasm before Tina was done with her.

"That was much better Tina. Did it make you wet playing with Gina?"

Tina had gotten wet even if she didn't know why she never had any interest in
women. She was also surprised by the question. She was trying to think. She
decided it was best to be truthful.

"Yes Master. I got wet from washing Gina."

"Then you better keep working on her she was about to cum when you stopped.
Isn't that right Gina?"

"Yes Master. May I please cum?"


"Tina rub her clit and kneel down and stick your tongue in her ass."

Tina hesitated for a second. Sticking her tongue in Gina's ass wasn't something
she wanted to do but one look at Master told her there would be a price to pay
if she didn't. Tina knelt and while rubbing Gina's clit the touched her tongue
to Gina's ass hole.

"I didn't say to lick her ass hole but to stick your tongue in there. Perhaps
you rather go back and live in your cage."

"No Master. Please not the cage again."

Tina didn't hesitate this time. She pushed her as hard as she could against
Gina's ass hole and worked her tongue in her ass. Gina started shaking and she
came almost as soon as Tina's tongue entered her ass. She was really starting to
enjoy women. When she regained her composure, she looked at Master.

"Thank you Master."

"Now Gina you wash and massage Tina. Tina won't like it very much since the
burning in her udders will flare up when handled but she needs the massage and
to be washed. Tina relief yourself first if you need to pee."

Tina felt humiliated but scared of making any more errors she let go a stream of
pee. She didn't want to be washed but there was no way out of it. She could only
hope that Gina would be as gentle as possible. Tina had had some relief since
her corset and thigh straps had been removed before the shower. Still her pussy
lips didn't seem to retract. Gina washed every part of Tina first that hadn't
been treated. She would leave her pussy and udders to last. When she finally had
to go to work on Tina's pussy she tried to be as gentle as she possibly could
without seeming to do a sloppy job. Tina cried out when Gina washed her pussy.
The burning flared up in her lips and when Gina massaged them it got even worse.
Gina was gentle but there was no way to avoid the pain. Gina finished up with
the pussy and started on the udders. Washing and massaging them brought new
cries from Tina. By the time Gina was done, Tina was burning again almost as bad
as when she had been injected yesterday. Her only comfort was that Gina was far
more careful than Alex would have been. When Gina was done with the sobbing
Tina, they stepped out of the shower and Gina dried of Master. She then dried of
herself and handed Tina a towel.

Having no choice, Tina dried herself as careful as she could. Still she skipped
drying her pussy lips and only put the towel gently across her udders.

"Now you two get ready. Gina you will wear black today and Tina will wear red.
Make sure her corset goes back on and her thigh straps of course. Make sure her
lips are stretched the way they should be, Gina. I will inspect both of you when
you are ready. If Tina isn't done up right you will pay the price for it and if
you can't handle Tina I will need to put her back in the cage."

"Please Master. Don't put her back in the cage. I'll make sure she is done up

"Yes Please Master. I'll obey Gina and be good." Tina as sobbing but she didn't
want to go back in the cage and Alex's care.

Master walked over to his desk. He knew Gina didn't like to cause Tina any more
pain and mentally it was a hard choice for her. The cage would however make Tina
a more willing ward. Still Tina would probably grow to hate Gina, Especially if
Gina got all the pleasure and Tina got all the pain. That revenge desire would
one day be put to good use even if Gina hardly had any choice in the matter Tina
would still recent it. Gina didn't like her new position. On the one hand, she
didn't want to cause Tina pain but she didn't want to fail as a servant slave
either. She had seen how the other three had been treated and she had it pretty
good with Master. Gina got the stockings and garter out for both of them and
then they both put their shoes on.

"We will leave the corset and straps for last and do our hair and make-up
first." Gina whispered to Tina.


Tina was grateful that Gina would at least delay the pain as long as she could.
They both hurried with their make-up and hair. Even if Gina wanted to delay
causing Tina pain taking too long getting ready would be painful for both of
them. When Gina was ready, she went and got the corset and told Tina to stand.
Gina laced the corset tight and rather than slowly push the ring over Tina's
udders she made one swift motion to put them in place and then secured the strap
at the back of the corset. Tina cried out as the burning in her udder got
aggravated. Gina wasn't quite sure how far down to put the thigh straps but she
seemed to recall they had been just below where the stockings ended. Having
secured the straps to Tina's thighs Gina pulled on Tina's pussy lips and as
quickly as she could she attached the clamps from the thigh straps. Tina
screamed and moaned this was the worst part the stretching of her lips. Not only
did her lips burn but also the clamps hurt even if they had a flat head.

Tina's pussy lips started to redden immediately once they had been stretched.
Gina hated this part but she had no choice.

"Sorry Tina. I know it must hurt badly."

Tina had stopped screaming but was still moaning and sobbing. Gina attached the
leash to Her own collar and then to Tina's. Walking as slowly as she dared she
lead Tina over to Master for their inspection.

"We are ready Master."

Master turned around and looked at his two slaves. He checked the tubes attached
to Tina's nipples and clit to make sure the vacuum hadn't been disturbed in the
shower or that any water had gotten in there.

Feeling Tina's udders made her moan again and then he tested the clamps to make
sure her pussy lips were stretched adequately. Satisfied that Tina was done up
properly for the day, he lead them over to the table.

"Sarah is on her way with breakfast."

"Make sure you don't ruin your make-up Tina. In a few days, you'll start to look
like a real whore and the burning will start to disappear. I would have thought
by now you would be happy that you have been given a second chance and not just
sold to the whorehouse."

"Yes Master. I'm grateful to be out of the cage and have a second chance but it
hurts so bad."

"You need to learn to please me regardless. If you don't you will be of no use
to me. A slave must always love to serve her Master regardless of what is asked
of her."

"If you rather I just sold you to the whorehouse or another Master, say so now
and I will accommodate you."

"No Master. I wish to serve you. I'll try my best to learn quickly."

Tina didn't want to be shipped of somewhere else and end up in a place worse
than the island. She had made the mistake of fighting these people at the start
and paid for it. Still things had improved the last few hours even if her tits
and pussy was in pain. Sarah arrived with breakfast and the four of them sat
down to eat. This time Tina didn't hesitate to eat at all. The food made her
feel better and having gotten some sleep as well she was starting to feel more
like herself again.

"Sarah you'll take Tina down to the kitchen and have her help you there until
Gina comes for her. I'm sure you can find something for her to do."

"Yes Master. There are always things that needs to be done."

Tina wasn't sure if this was a good thing or not but Gina had said that Sarah
was nice, so maybe it wouldn't be bad.

"Gina, you'll go and see Sammy this morning for your next fitting."

"Yes Master." 

Gina knew that would mean having her pussy lips pierced and have rings put in
them. The idea both scared Gina and excited her. It would hurt just as her
nipples had hurt but the soreness was almost gone now. In a funny way the rings
made her feel sexy and at the same time submissive. Gina didn't really mind
being on the island even if it was totally different lifestyle than she had had
before. Somewhere inside her, there was a need to be here and serve. With
breakfast over with Sarah told Tina to pick up the tray and grabbing her leash
led her toward the kitchen. Once they were outside the door Sarah turned to Tina
and said.

"I know you hurt I had my lips and tits enlarged when I first came here. The
burning will go away in a few days, then you'll itch a bit but it won't be bad.
Alex will give you one more injection but the second time around is less
painful. The skin will feel very tight that feeling will last for several weeks
until the skin has adjusted.

Did they give you milking drugs?"

"Yes Mistress. I think so."

"No need to call me Mistress. I rank higher than you so you must obey me but I'm
a slave just like you will be. Depending on how much milk you produce and how
they decide to milk you that won't be bad either." Sarah explained.

"Your udders will feel bloated every morning but unless they don't milk you for
a day there will be no pain from producing milk."

"I'll walk slowly so you can keep up."

"Thank you, Sarah."

Sarah smiled at her. She knew how Tina felt she had been in the same position
some years ago. She was never made to milk but she didn't want to scare Tina.
Milking could be made very painful indeed depending on how they milked her. Once
in the kitchen Sarah told Tina to sit down and she would bring the silver for
her to polish. Sitting down allowed Tina to close her legs and somewhat relieve
the strain on her pussy lips. Tina liked Sarah. Gina had not lied to her Sarah
was very nice. While Tina was busy in the kitchen Gina was on her way to the
stables. Gina walked slowly trying to prepare herself for the pain to come. She
waved to Tom as she walked by him and he smiled at her. When she reached the
stable, she found Sammy sitting in a chair smoking and playing with her clit.

"There you are. I was told to expect you this morning. Time to have your pussy
rings installed."

"Yes Master told me to go see you for my next fitting."

"Do you like my rings, Gina?"

"They look very nice."

"Being a redhead both up and down makes gold rings look really great. You being
a brunette will still make gold rings stand out though. How are your nipples

"Still a bit sore but I like the rings."

"The lips will swell up a bit more at first than your nipples did but the
soreness disappears quicker down there. Shall we get started?"

"Yes." Gina replied a little apprehensive.

"Get yourself up on the table here and put your feet in the stirrups. I'll take
care of the rest. Oh..If you need to pee do it in the hay over there first. I
don't want to be sprayed in the face." Sammy laughed.

Gina thought for a second and then decided it was best to pee. She went over to
the hay in the corner, spread her lips, and peed. When she was done, she got up
on the table.


"Yes." Gina said with a slight tremor in her voice.

Sammy secured Gina's feet in the stirrups and but a wide leather belt over her
lower abdomen. The belt was tightened so that Gina had very little movement
below her waist. Sammy spread the stirrups wide and locked them in place. Gina
was now wide open. She then strapped thigh straps on Gina with clamps just like
the ones Tina was wearing. Once she had her lips stretched and clamped, she went
to work. The first hot needle went through Gina's left pussy lip at the top.
Gina hollered from the pain. Sammy paid her no notice. Removing the needle, she
inserted the ring. The next needle was placed at the middle of Gina's left lip.
Again, Gina let out a loud scream. The pain in her pussy lips was intense. Tears
ran down her cheeks and she couldn't stop her screaming. Sammy did not miss a
beat and the third needle went through the lower part of the left lips.

Having placed all three rings in their holes, she brought out the soldering iron
and soldering the rings shut. Gina didn't stop screaming at the top of her

"There that's one side done. I'll give you a few to compose yourself before I do
the other lip. You do look very good down here these rings are a little smaller
than your nipple rings but they are gold rings too."

Gina could still feel the pain racing through her lip but she stopped screaming
for the moment. Still sobbing with tears running down her face, she looked down
at her pussy. Her lip was now adorned with three rings, red and it was starting
to swell a little. Sammy applied the cream to the holes and rings and was
turning them in their holes. The cream helped ease the pain somewhat and the
rings were starting to cool off. Gina started to relax a little. Not wanting to
drag this out any longer than needed, since Gina would have one additional task
to perform once the rings were in place, Sammy went to work on the right lip.
Gina resumed her howling and screaming. The burning pain was incredible. Soon
all six rings were in place and Gina was released from the table.

"Lets have a look at you. When the redness and swelling goes down you'll like
perfect down there. Three rings are just right for you. Some can take five
without looking to cluttered down there but that wouldn't look good on you."

"Only one more fitting to go unless Master wants you to have a nose ring."

Gina still sobbing and feeling the burning pain in her pussy lips wasn't sure
what the last fitting was.

"One more fitting?" She asked.

"Of course." Sammy said. Tugging at her own clit ring.

"Oh that must hurt really bad." Gina sobbed.

"I won't kid you. It hurts like hell. It is the worst fitting but it is great
fun once it heals."

"If you wear panties the ring will rub at your clit the whole time make you wet
and horny. Just moving the ring around a bit makes you wet." Sammy explained.

"Oh." Gina was still trying to collect herself.

Sammy wasted no time and told Gina to get down on her knees in front of the
chair. Sammy sat down and pulled Gina's face into her pussy.

"Lets see if Sarah has taught you how to eat a pussy, it's my reward for the
work I did on you. I'm sure Master didn't tell you about this part though."

Gina didn't mind eating Sammy's pussy; she had eaten Sarah for a whole night. It
was clear to Gina that the higher-ranking slaves got rewards and Gina obeyed.
She stuck her tongue in Sammy's pussy and sucked on her clit. Sammy soon became
very wet. Gina increased the pace and she could sense Sammy being close to
cuming. She got one final surprise, when Sammy came she squirted a great deal
and Gina's face got soaked with pussy juice. Gina first thought Sammy had peed
but she soon realized it was all pussy juice. Sammy was laughing.

"You didn't expect to be drenched did you?"

"No. I never experienced anything like this."

"Not everybody squirts but Alex has a drug she is trying out and if that works I
won't be the only one here squirting. I hear Tina was treated with the drug so
we just have to wait and see. Now lick my pussy clean but don't clean your

"Master will want to see if you performed or not. You should be proud though,
not everybody can make me squirt."

"Oh" Gina said again as she cleaned Sammy's pussy with her tongue.

Sammy stroked Gina's hair and then pulled her to her feet.

"You better get back to Master. I'm sure he wants to see how his new slave
looks. You are almost looking like a real slave now."

"I will see you again and not just for your fitting." Sammy grinned at Gina.

She waved to her as she went out the door. Walking wasn't real comfortable the
rings kept moving in her lips, which caused her some pain. Sammy had given her
more liquid to treat the pussy rings with the same as she still did with her
nipple rings. Gina gingerly headed back to Master's quarters. The pussy juice on
her face started to dry and it felt kind of funny. Almost as one of those beauty
masks women put on. There was a slight odor as well but not bad smelling but
Gina did smell like pussy. When Gina returned to Master's quarters she was told
to lie down and spread her legs. Master toyed with the rings in her pussy and
tugged at them.

"Very nice. You are starting to look like a slave should. We still have a few
things that needs to be done but I'll let the rings heal first."

"I have some more work to do so lay still and have a rest."

"Yes Master."

Master returned to his monitors and Gina could see the main monitor was directed
at Linda. Gina couldn't see the entire monitor from were she was lying. Linda on
the other hand could hear the sound of high heels approaching. Alex looked over
Linda and then said.

"Morning cow. It is time to do some work on you again. First we must do our
daily massage."

Alex grabbed Linda's left udder and started pulling and squeezing it. Linda
moaned. The burning pain wasn't so bad anymore but her udders were stretching
her skin very tightly. Linda could feel that your udders had been filling up and
when Alex squeezed them there was far less give to the skin. The first couple of
days Linda had been able to feel the fluid moving around in here udders when
they were squeezed but now there was far less movement inside. Alex could feel
that the fluid had converted to fat a lot quicker than she thought it would. The
new drug Linda was getting in her food must be working. This was good news to
Alex. It meant tits could be grown in half the time. She must remember to tell
Master so Tina could be given the drug too. Linda continued to moan as Alex
manhandled her udders. Alex then tugged on the tubes on the suckers. They were
ready for the next injection because they had grown nicely. Alex removed the
tubes to get a better feel on the suckers. They didn't retract a bit when the
tubes were removed and although the skin on them was very tight, the sucker was
ready for more. At 3/4 inch now Alex would inject enough to stretch them to 1
1/4 inches this time. She squeezed both the suckers and the reacted as they
should by getting hard. Alex stuck two fingers in Linda's pussy and sure enough,
she was wet.

"Ok cow. Your suckers have grown nicely and they are ready to grow more. I'll
inject enough this time to get them up to 1 1/4 inch. It might be a bit painful
for you but then you like to be a proper cow, so a little pain shouldn't worry

"Uhhgggmm." Linda tried to speak but the tube in her mouth prevented any
comprehensible words coming out.

"I know cow. You want them much longer than that but one step at the time."

Linda felt panic. She wanted to tell these people she had enough and she would
do anything to just get out of her present predicament. Linda was mentally
exhausted even if she physically wasn't in bad shape. Her legs were tired from
being stretched and not being able to bend them but overall she was in pretty
good shape.

"Since your udders have settled in I think it would be good for you to get some
exercise. I had planned on the leg machine but you are good enough for the
carousel without hurting your udders." Alex told Linda.

Alex proceeded to remove the tube from Linda's mouth and her legs were unhooked
from the ceiling chains. Alex pulled on Linda's arms to get her off the swing
and to stand her up. Linda wobbled since she wasn't prepared to stand up and her
high heels made it more difficult. Linda got her balance back and Alex bent down
to remove her heels.

"Don't think you would run very well in these so it is best you run in your
stocking feet."

"Please Mistress. Please remove my hood I'll do anything you want."

"Ah I see you haven't lost your voice but the hood stays on and the heels will
go back on when you are done with your workout."

"Please Mistress."

"Be quiet you silly cow. Otherwise, you'll just make it harder on yourself. I
will let you pee first but the plug in your ass stays as well."

Linda was about to beg again but though better of it. Her ass was very sore from
having the butt plug in for so long but when Alex told her to pee, she let her
bladder go, at least that gave her some relief.

"One last thing before your exercise. I need to inject your suckers."

Without waiting for any response from Linda, she injected the right sucker and
then attached the tube again pumping out the air until the tip of the sucker
reached the 1 1/4 mark.

"Aaaaaarrggggghhh." Linda howled.

The burning was bad but the stretching was almost worse. It felt like her nipple
had been torn from her tit. Linda had still not gotten used to thinking about
them as udders and suckers. Alex swiftly repeated the process on the left


Linda was in pain again even if the suckers now got all her attention. Alex
attached the leash to her collar and tugging on led Linda away. The carousel was
outside next to the day pen where Jackie was busy being fucked by Nero at the
moment. Linda felt the fresh air on her body and took a deep breath. The corset
didn't allow her to fill her lungs but the fresh air felt good. Alex started to
attach Linda to the carousel, which consisted of a horizontal wheel with several
rods sticking out from the center.

Linda's wrist and waist were attached to one rod. Her wrists spread about two
feet apart. This caused Linda to moan loudly since her shoulders were stiff from
being tightly bound behind her back for days. Her collar leash was hooked onto
the rod one over from her waist and wrists. This forced Linda to slightly bend

"You are now on the carousel cow. When it starts moving you better keep up pace.
At first, it will turn slowly but the speed will increase until you are at full
gallop. If you fall it will simply drag you along which would be painful on your
neck. Once every hour it will stop to allow you get watered. Sue will see to
that. I would also use that break to pee if you need to."

"Here we go. Enjoy your exercise."

Alex flipped a switch and the wheel started turning. Linda felt the tug at her
collar and a pull at her waist from the rods and she started walking.  The pace
was slow for the first three go arounds then the speed increased and Linda had
to quicken her pace. Alex watched Linda with amusement. Pretty soon, she would
be running and sweating. The corset would make it hard for her to breath but she
would learn quickly to take short quick breaths. Her hood would absorb most of
the sweat from her head but she would feel incredible hot under there. Linda was
now jogging to keep pace with the wheel. Her udders bounced a little but not
very much, they were rather firm even when the cow was jogging. Jackie wasn't
being used now and she couldn't help looking at poor Linda. She was amazed to
see how different she now looked. Those tubes swinging from her tits looked
really strange to Jackie. Jackie had started to feel a slight tightness in her
own tits but when she squeezed them nothing happen and they felt ok. Jackie got
no more time to think about it for the moment since Hannibal was in the mood for
fucking his bitch. Jackie thought perhaps it best to take him in her ass since
Alex was around. She only had Play Boy do her in the ass so far today. There was
a bit of stinging as Hannibal was eager and just pushed straight home even if he
couldn't get his knot in Jackie's ass. Jackie was stretching but she was still
far away from taking the knot in her ass even her pussy had trouble with that.
Master arrived to check on everything and by now Linda was running rather than
jogging. She was breathing hard already.

"I see you decided to exercise the cow. How is she coming along?"

 "Better than expected. Her udders have settled much faster than I thought. That
new drug must help speed up the conversion. Her suckers are now stretched to 1
1/4 inch and one more treatment the day after tomorrow and her suckers should be
ready and set for good. She isn't producing any milk yet but I expect she will
start in a few days."

"I have started stretching her ass but she will need to get on the machine to
really get loose back there."

"Still she coming along pretty good then." Master said.

"Oh yes. She still begged when the tube was out of her mouth though."

"She had little opportunity to learn manors and obedience but we will correct
that later once she is in the barn."

"Yes that won't be a problem. Punishment milking is very persuasive." Alex

"Yes it certainly can be."

Both Master and Alex were laughing at the milking punishment. Linda would
certainly get better acquainted with various ways of milking in due time. Linda
was now having trouble breathing and keeping up the pace. She had slipped twice
already and her feet had been scraped. Master told Alex she better reduce the
pace or the cow would fall down dead. Alex didn't share Master's opinion, she
wanted the cow totally exhausted to the point were she would collapse and have
difficult breathing at all but she did do what she was told. If the cow died
there would be hell to pay for her even if the cow was damaged from the exercise
she could be in trouble.

Linda was relieved when the wheel finally slowed and she could catch her breath
a little, still there was no rest and the hood was getting like an oven on her
head. Sweat was pouring from her body and she had almost forgotten about the
burning in her nipples. Her muscles were starting ache from going to not being
used to heavy strain. Her heart was racing and the blood pumping in her veins.
There was no way she would last the rest of the day out here.

"Do you want to give Tina the drug as well? Her udders would be ready much
quicker then."  Alex asked.

"Yes that's a good idea. Send up a bottle with instruction on dosage to my
quarters or does it have to be injected?"

"No it can be mixed in the food or taken straight."

"It looks like the cows udders have set enough that she doesn't need to be in
the swing anymore. So put her in the cage tonight."

"Ok. Yes, she will be fine now there isn't any need to have the udders hanging
down; they are firm enough now that they will not sag. Tina is younger and she
was in better shape to start with so she shouldn't sag even though she hasn't
had her udders hanging." Alex told Master.

"That's good. Even if it wouldn't matter that much on her unless I turn her into
a pony after the house."

"True but I could always correct it with surgery."

"Yes but that would leave scars and ponies have to be perfect otherwise they
loose value in a sale."

"Scars on a pony means you have to sell her as a mare rather than a pony no
matter what the scars are from. Surgery or whippings wouldn't matter if there
are scars from anything they sell as mares rather than ponies." Master added.

"That's true." Alex replied.

Linda was being dragged more by the wheel than running with it and Alex realized
she had to give her break or she might collapse totally. Alex stopped the wheel,
grabbed a hose, and sprayed Linda with cold water. Linda recovered enough to
stand up on her feet but she had been close to overheating under the hood. The
cold water hit her hard and it hurt a little when it hit the abused areas of her
body but it cooled her off and her breathing, which had been very labored
started to get back to a more normal rate. Alex kept spraying her with the cold
water until Linda's breathing had returned too normal. Alex also gave her water
to drink and Linda still very tired and exhausted from the run started to return
to normal even if her muscles were now aching.

"That was a nice workout for you cow. The rest of the day the wheel will be set
to a walking pace."

Alex reset the speed of the wheel and started it up again. Linda could have used
a longer rest but at least she only had to walk now. Linda had easily lost 2
pounds in just fluids and Alex made mental note to give here more to drink in
even intervals.

"Don't overdo it Alex." Master said as he walked way.

"I won't the cow will be just fine." Alex replied.

Alex had not missed the severity of the warning in Master's words. He clearly
wasn't real pleased with the harshness of the first session at the wheel. If she
didn't take care, she might not get her guinea pig or even worse, she would be
put on the wheel herself. Alex wasn't in bad shape but certainly not in near
enough shape to handle the wheel like Linda just had done. Alex stayed with
Linda until she was sure that the pace on the wheel was slow enough for Linda
without having her overheat again. She then went to fetch Sue who was suspended
from the ceiling by her tits. Sue was being punished for not getting Jackie out
in the day pen on time this morning. The rest of the punishment would have to
wait until this evening since Alex needed her to water the cow every 20 minutes
or so. Alex didn't want to sit out there all afternoon; she still had some work
to do with the tapes.  While Alex went to release Sue and send her out to watch
and water Linda, Master returned to his quarters and took another look at Gina's
new rings. Sammy had done an excellent job as usual even if Gina showed some
minor swelling.

"Can't use your pussy for a week or so until the piercings has healed somewhat.
Don't want to get them infected. So for the next week I will use your ass
instead every time." Master informed Gina.

"Yes Master."

"There is your mouth as well of course and that will get some use too."

"To save time I have decided you might as well get your clit ring put in
tomorrow. That way everything down there will heal at the same time."

Gina didn't like that idea but then again better to get it over with since it
was going to be done sooner or later anyway. She had hoped to at least get a few
days break until the pain and soreness from the pussy lips piercing had gone
away. Sue arrived with a bottle for Master on her way to tend to the cow.

"Mistress said the instructions are on the bottle Master." Sue told him.

"Very good. Are you taking care of the cow today?"

"Yes Master and I were told to exercise the bitch as well in-between the
watering of the cow."

"Good. Throw her ball or bone a couple of times and make sure she fetches well
and quickly."

 "Yes Master" Sue replied.

Sue left to tend to the two women outside and Master turned to Gina and said.

"Since Tina is in your charge you must make sure she gets a tablespoon of this
drug at every meal. It will help her udders to convert fat better."

"I'll make sure she gets it with every meal Master."

 "Come and kneel beside me while we watch the wedding tape of the bitch. It
looks like Alex has finished with it and it is ready to be offered to our

Master walked over to the desk and sat down in his chair while Gina followed him
and knelt beside his chair. Gina had of course watched the whole ordeal as it
took place but watching the video of the event was still making Gina wet as she
was watching the tape. Master watched in silence make a note here and there.
After the wedding tape was done, the tape of Tina in her cage came on.

Gina had seen some of it in real life but far from all of it. As she watched,
she was still wet but she also felt sorry for Tina. It must have been absolutely
horrifying to be in that cage for so long and painful as well. Gina could only
imaging what the cage smelled like. Gina didn't really care for the toilet
ordeal Tina had to put up with in her cage. It actually made a little sick to
her stomach watching Tina pee in her cage and having to stand in her own waste.
Gina was amazed that Tina was still of sound mind after having gone through all
that. Master made some more notes and then typed a message to Alex on the
computer. Gina couldn't see what he was typing but she felt lucky she seemed to
have escaped with the mildest treatment of the four women even if she had been
pierced, fucked, and cropped. Gina had no illusions however, she knew there
would be days when Master would inflict pain and that she would suffer painful
and straining bondage and other torments.  Master was scanning the monitor to
see how Linda and Jackie were doing. Sue was throwing a ball for the bitch and
she was dutifully crawling to fetch it. Jackie's knees hurt but she crawled to
fetch as quickly as she could. Sue finally stopped throwing the ball and Jackie
crawled over in the shade to lie down. She was sweating and she felt dirty and
smelly. She hadn't been washed for a couple of days and her stockings and heels
were torn from the crawling and spending her days on her knees. Sometimes it was
even hard for her to stretch her legs when she lay down. She didn't make it over
to the shade before Nero prodded her for a fuck. Jackie leaned forward, put her
ass in the air, and waited for Nero to mount her. Linda in the meanwhile was
walking in the carousel her breathing had gotten back to normal but her legs
were starting to really hurt. She doubted that she would be able to walk all day
in the heat without getting a break. The hood was still like an oven; if she
could just be let out of the hood and the corset, it wouldn't be so bad walking
around out there. Tina was getting a break at the moment. Sitting down made it
easier on her stretched pussy lips and polishing silver was perhaps a bit boring
but the easiest task she had performed so far. Sarah was busy preparing lunch
and in between doing paper work.

"Time for you to bring up lunch to Master, Tina." Sarah said.

"You can finish the silver after lunch unless Master has other plans for you."

Sarah had the tray ready and Tina stood up taking the tray and gingerly walking
toward the door with the tray. Walking still was the worst task Tina had to do
now every step tugged and pulled at her pussy lips and that made the burning
flare up in them again. Tina stopped on her way to take a quick look in a hall

She hardly recognized herself. She never wore much make-up before. Now she had
red lips, bright red nails, thick eyeliner and a little green eye shadow. Her
breasts were much bigger and looked swollen but still a nice round shape. The
tubes attached to her nipples looked freakish and her nipples would be much
longer even if she couldn't really tell with the tubes on them.  The tube on her
clit made it impossible to tell how the clit looked but she could clearly see
her swollen and stretched pussy lips. Tina spread her legs just a tiny bit and
her pussy was wide open. With the corset, stockings and heels she truly looked
like a whore not Tina the office girl. Tina sighed she had a new life now.
Nobody would want Tina the whore for anything that just to use her.

It didn't matter of course she would never go back to dating men anyway. She
would just live here or maybe someplace like this. She still wasn't sure that
Master would keep her. From all the talk she had heard and from what Sarah had
told her most of the women were never kept here on the island, they were sold to
others. The island was simply just a training camp and only a lucky few as Sarah
had put it was kept here. Tina had asked Sarah how many women had been trained
here but Sarah had just told her that there had been many over the years she had
been here. There were between 10 - 20 women each year that passed through here,
she had said. Tina's heart sank when she thought about that fact if there was
that many women brought to the island and only Sarah, Sammy, and Sue had been
kept then her chances of staying here wasn't very good. More than likely she
thought she would be sold. Maybe her chance of staying was if she could convince
Master she would make a good pony, after all Tina was sure staying here would be
far better than being sold to some unknown new owner. She took one last look in
the mirror and then hurried on with the lunch tray. Taking too long wasn't going
to be good or help her in her quest to stay on the island. When she arrived,
Master turned toward her and with a touch of teasing or even slightly evil tone
in his voice said.

"Did you enjoy your little look in the mirror Tina?"

"Sorry Master I couldn't help myself."

Tina suddenly felt a little scared. There was nothing that Master couldn't see
on his monitors and he hardly missed anything. It dawn on her that stopping to
look in the mirror was something she hadn't been told to do and that could mean
she would get punished for it.

"Had you been told to look in the mirror Tina?"

"No master. I'm very sorry."

 "You must learn to do only what you have been told to do, nothing more and
nothing less."

"Yes Master. I'm so sorry."

"Sorry is a five letter word Tina but it doesn't mean anything. After Lunch Gina
will give you your punishment and then I'll punish Gina for not taking care that
you behaved."

Gina didn't feel that was fair. She couldn't be blamed for what Tina did when
she wasn't with her. Gina shot Tina a bit of a nasty look. Tina regretted having
stopped now and she certainly didn't need Gina to be mad at her as well.

"Master, Gina wasn't at fault. She had told me to just do what I was told and
nothing else."

Tina hoped that would get Gina of the hook. She knew that making an enemy of
Gina could have serious and painful consequences.

"So you think you should receive Gina's punishment as well then?"

Tina hadn't really counted on that twist but she was now trapped by her own

"Yes Master. It was all my fault."

"What do you think Gina?" Master said turning toward Gina.

The ball was now squarely in Gina's court. On one hand, she didn't think she
should be punished but remembering the tape of Tina in the cage, she felt a
double punishment for Tina wasn't fair either. Gina had to make a decision.

"It was partly my fault Master for not stressing to Tina not to do nothing she
hadn't been told to do." She finally said.

Master smiled. He knew that both women were now desperately trying to stay on
each other's good side. This was partly due to fear that the wrong answer might
earn either of them to loose the few privileges they now enjoyed and partly
because they didn't need to make enemies of each other.

"So what should I do then?" Master asked the two slaves.

"Punish both of us Master." Gina said."

"Punish me Master." Tina replied.

"You two better make up your minds here. Which is it going to be?"

Master was going to make this as hard on both on them as possible. He had always
been extremely good at playing mind games on his slaves or training objects.
This would certainly leave both slaves with a dilemma. Gina had a brilliant

"Flip a coin Master. Heads we both get punished tails Tina gets punished."

"Yes that would be fair Master." Tina piped in.

Master kept a straight face even if he thought that Gina had solved the problem
very cleverly. This way there would be no hard feelings between them. Tina would
get punished regardless so that wasn't an option but flipping a coin gave Gina a
chance without having to upset Tina by saying only Tina should be punished.
Considering the situation this was the fairest solution for both of them. Master
wasn't quite finished with his game however.

"Very well. If the coin turns up heads, Gina will first punish Tina and then
Tina will punish Gina. If it is tails then Gina will punish Tina and if she
doesn't do a good job I'll punish Gina."

Both women looked at each other. Master still had managed to put a twist on this
whole thing. Both however answered yes Master. Master went to get a coin, showed
it to the women, and then flipped it up in the air. Tina and Gina's eyes
followed the coin as it fell to the floor. The coin came up heads.

"Lets eat first then you two can punish each other. That way you'll have some
time to think of a appropriate punishment."

Oh no. Gina thought. We have to decide how to punish each other too. This was
going to be hard. Tina had the same thought. Neither one would enjoy lunch very
much. What punishment would be good enough yet not to painful for the other?

Both women were racking their brains. Gina almost forgot to give Tina her drug
but she saved herself from any further mistake with the drug. Taking the bottle,
she poured a tablespoon and told Tina to open wide and swallow. Tina obeyed and
swallowed the slightly bitter medicine.

"You must take this with every meal, Tina." Gina explained to her.

"It will help your breasts...hmm udders to convert the injections to fat
quicker." She continued.

She hoped her little slip calling them breast instead of udders wasn't going to
prove to be another reason for punishment. Master didn't give any indication
that he had noticed. He was eating away looking at some papers. Both Gina and
Tina ate very little and slowly. When Master was finished with lunch he lit a
cigarette and leaned back in his chair.

"Now then what have you decided on as far as punishment?"

"I'm really not sure what would please you Master." Gina said.

"Me neither Master."

"I see. Well let me give you a couple of things to choose from since neither one
of you seem to be able to decide."

""Thank you Master." Both slaves said.

"Don't thank me yet. By not deciding yourself the choices might very well be
harder than you would have suggested."

They knew they had made a mistake as soon as Master said that. It was too late
now though. They would have to pick one of Masters suggestions.

"Gina your choices are: 10 strokes with the crop, the mint oil coated ass dildo
or the enema treatment. Tina your choices are as follows: 5 strokes with the
cane, the ant farm, or the restrictor."

Except for the cropping and caning, neither of them knew what the other
punishments entailed. The ass dildo seemed clear enough but somehow there must
be a twist to it. Gina didn't like enemas so she wouldn't pick that. The crop
seemed to be the safest choice at least she knew how that would feel. Tina
didn't like the sound of the ant farm that must be something like the mosquitoes
in the cage. The restrictor she had no idea what that could be. She hadn't felt
the cane but at least she understood what that meant.

"10 strokes with the crop Master." Gina had made her choice.

"5 strokes with the cane Master." Tina picked her fate as well.

"Very well. Gina you will give Tina 10 strokes with the crop first then Tina
will give you 5 strokes with the cane."

The slaves looked at each other they thought they had picked the punishment they
would receive not give.  Cane or crop there couldn't be much difference Gina
thought. Tina was just scared. She had never been beaten before and didn't know
what to expect. Master was enjoying himself. Neither one would hit the other
very hard.  At least Gina would go easy. Tina might be tempted to hit harder in

"Secure Tina to the cross and let's begin."

"Yes Master"

Taking Tina by her leash, Gina led her over to the cross. Grabbing Tina's left
wrist she stretched it toward the wrist cuff on the cross. It wouldn't quite
reach so Gina had to bring a low stool for Tina to stand on while her wrists
were secured to the cuff on the cross. When Gina attached the ankles to the
other end of the cross, Tina screamed. Her pussy lips got stretched very
painfully and it felt like they had been pulled off completely. Having her legs
spread that far apart was indeed very painful for Tina. She didn't even notice
the strain in her arms and wrist from carrying her whole weight on the cross.
Master walked over and inspected Tina.

"You may begin Gina." He said handing her the crop.

"Remember how this should be done and if I think you are going easy the stroke
won't count."

"Yes Master."

Tina was sobbing and straining in her bounds. Her pussy lips felt like burning

"You must cunt out every stroke Tina and if you loose count I will have to start
over. Do you understand?"

"Yes" Tina sobbed.

Gina had no idea how hard to swing the crop but not wanting to have to give more
blows than necessary, she applied as much force in her swing as she thought
would be acceptable. The first blow landed hard right across Tina's ass.


Gina was silently trying to get Tina to count. Count she whispered as softly as
she could.

"One" Tina sobbed.

She had totally forgot about the counting. The pain in her buttocks was
incredible. It stung and burned. Gina didn't give her much time to think and the
second blow landed on Tina's ass. Tina howled again but this time she remembered
to count. Gina wasn't sure if she was hitting to hard or not but so far Master
had not disallowed the blows. Gina could see there were two bright red welts
forming on Tina's ass and she knew how painful it was. She didn't enjoy this.
She quickly gave Tina the last eight blows with the same result every time but
Tina did count at least.

Tina's ass was on fire and she had some very bright red welts there too. She was
in pain and her pussy lips had been forgotten for the moment. She was hoarse
from screaming and tears were streaming down her cheeks. Why did Gina have to
hit her so hard? Surely, she could have done it a little milder. When Gina
released her ankles and Tina could close her legs, she felt the burning in her
now very sore pussy lips. When her wrists were released, she simply slumped to
the floor. Kneeling by the cross and sobbing Tina thought her pussy lips had
been torn away and she was sure her ass was bleeding and cut. Gina bent down and
stroked her head.

"It is over now. It will burn for awhile but you'll be fine."

Gina could tell it would take a lot for Tina to carry out her part of the
punishment but she was also afraid that Tina would gather all her strength to
pay back Gina. Maybe she had overdone the cropping. Master was smiling. He knew
once Tina had a chance to recover a little that she would be angry and Gina
would feel the cane hard on her ass.

"You better get moving Tina and get Gina ready for her punishment. We haven't
got all afternoon for this."

"Yes Master." Tina sobbed.

Her make-up was running and her eyes redden from tears but she managed to stand
up and with some effort secured Gina to the cross. When Gina hung on the cross
and Tina seemed to have recovered enough to carry out the caning, she was handed
a nasty looking cane by Master. The cane was of the fiberglass type and had
quite a bit of swish to it not like a bamboo cane that wouldn't flex at all.
Tina gathered her strength and swung the cane. At first, Gina only heard the
swish but felt nothing as the cane landed. That only lasted a second then bolts
of pain shot through her ass like lightning bolts. Gina screamed at the top of
her lungs.


The pain was something she couldn't have imagined in her worst nightmare and
after the initial pain it seemed like the pain rippled through her time and time

Tina could see how the welt swelled up in an angry red line across Gina's ass.
Where the tip of the cane had hit there was even a drop of blood. Tina got a
little scared at the sight maybe she had used to much force. She held back a
little on the second blow but there was still the same angry red welt and Gina
screamed just as loudly. Tina actually felt bad. She wasn't enjoying this at
all. She hesitated to swing again until Master's voice rang out.

"You can change places with Gina and I'll give you the last three blows with the
cane if you like."

Tina knew her ass couldn't take anymore and she was sure Master swung the cane
and crop much harder than either of them did. She swung for the third time and
Gina screamed and cried as the pain again rippled through her ass. Not waiting
Tina thought it was better to get it over with and quickly landed the last two
blows. Gina was now in severe agony and pain. The cropping she had gotten from
Master was bad but the cane was much much worse. She could feel there was some
blood dripping down her ass too. When she was released from the cross, she
collapsed just like Tina had done before. Both slaves were in pain sobbing and
their faces a mess from the make-up running. Having to punish each other was not
something they would want to do ever again. Being punished was bad enough.

"You better go clean yourself up and then present yourself kneeling by my chair.
I want you to be presentable as a slave should be in 45 minutes."

"Yes Master." The both replied between sobs.

The slaves helping each other washed their faces, applied new make-up and then
very carefully put cream on their burning assess. Making sure their stocking and
heels was in order and in Tina's case her corset too, they slowly walked over
and knelt by Master's chair. Master made them stand up for the inspection and he
carefully looked over both slaves. They would be sore and have a hard time to
sit for a day or two but there was no damage. He paid special attention to
Tina's pussy lips to make sure the lips hadn't be torn by the stretching on the
cross. They had swelled up a bit but otherwise they were not damaged. They would
hurt a bit more than they had and making Tina walk too much now would not be a
good idea.

"Did you finish in the kitchen Tina?"

"No Master. I still have more silver to polish."

"Well, slaves what have we learnt today?"

"To obey and only do exactly what we have been told to do Master." Tina replied.

"I'm very sorry for my mistake with the mirror Master."

"What have you learnt Gina?"

"To make sure that a task I been given is done properly and to make sure I have
given full and complete instructions." Gina answered with her head lowered.

"What are you?"

"Slaves, Master."

"What is your purpose?"

"To serve and please in any way Master deem fit."

"Who owns you?"

"You do Master. We are here to serve your every need."

"I hope you won't forget that again. Tina, you go down to the kitchen with the
dishes. You can take your time walking there but don't stop to admire yourself
in any mirrors."

"I won't Master."

Walking with very small steps Tina picked up the try and went on her way back to
the kitchen. Gina was told to kneel between Master's legs and to get his cock
out and keeping it in her mouth without sucking on it after it was hard. Master
then returned his attention to his monitors and paper work. Linda was still
staggering around on the carousel while Jackie was just lying around in the
shade. It was time to get Jackie cleaned up and make a few adjustments to her.
Alex's suggestion to have her lips stretched was a good idea and it might be
time to inject her so she would start milking. By five o'clock in the afternoon,
Linda was exhausted and she was now having trouble even keeping up with the
walking pace of the carousel. It was time to get her out of there and have her
fed. Master pushed a button on the keyboard and told Sue to bring Linda to the
cage and to feed the bitch. Sue stopped the carousel and released Linda who
promptly dropped to her knees.

"Just wait here cow while I feed the bitch and put her back in her pen."

Linda didn't answer so Sue kicked her in her side. Sue was in a foul mood and
she had more punishment waiting for her.

"Stand up cow. I didn't tell you to lay down."

"Yes Mistress." Linda moaned.

Linda stood up on very shaky legs. She would be very stiff in the morning. Every
muscle in her body was hurting. Her ass was really sore now from the butt plug
and her udders were still burning even if it was far less than it had been. Her
suckers however having been injected that morning were still burning intensely.
Sue went about feeding and putting Jackie back in her own pen for the night.
When she returned to Linda, she smacked her with her short crop she was allowed
to carry.

"Put your heels on cow."

Linda moaned and with some effort got back in her heels. Her feet were sore and
her calves screamed out when her feet were forced back into her heels. Sue then
led Linda back inside and the cool air felt like a godsend to Linda. The hood
was really starting to get to her by now, the sticky leather felt very
restrictive and terribly uncomfortable. Linda making every effort to keep up
with Sue her legs and feet feeling the pain with every step she took. Sue led
her over to the cage and then waited for Master to arrive. Linda's legs were now
starting to shake and even standing was getting to be hard. Master arrived with
his cock standing straight out and as soon as he stopped, Gina fell to her knees
and took it in her mouth. Master looked Linda over and particularly checked her
ass hole to see how the plug was doing. Linda's sphincter was a bit swollen and
red from the constant stretching she had endured the last few days. Her udders
were firming up nicely and when he squeezed them, there was little give in them.
Still no milk though. Linda's pussy had not been touched at all so far except
for the catheter that was still inserted. To avoid any inflammation it would be
best to remove the catheter and let Linda pee in the cage.

"Feed her and take out the catheter, Sue"

"Yes Master."

Sue took the already prepared bowl, which mainly consisted of the usual drugs
and bull semen. Linda opened her mouth and Sue spooned the slimy content of the
bowl into her mouth. Linda had gotten used to the taste and swallowed without

When her feeding was done and the catheter removed which was a great relief to
Linda, she was told to kneel. Linda dropped to her knees not knowing what expect
next. She wished they would remove the hood. She was starting to have trouble
wearing it.

"Now Linda, what are you?" Master's voice rang out.

Linda was almost too tired to think but not answering would mean treatments that
are even more painful. What should she answer? What was she indeed? A woman in
pain? That clearly wasn't the right answer. Linda swallowed hard. In her heart,
she knew the answer but she was having a hard time saying it. Somehow, if she
never admitted it there was still hope she could stay as Linda in her mind.

"I'm waiting."

There was no choice but to answer.

"I'm a cow slave, Master." Linda reluctantly said.

"Do you like being a cow slave?"

She didn't but that seemed to be her fate from now on so with a final sigh Linda
had to give up.

"Yes Master."

"You are not a cow yet, there is still more work to be done on you. Your udders
aren't large enough yet even if your suckers are now almost ready. You are still
not milking, so we can't put you in the barn yet. As soon as you are producing
milk, you will be moved to the barn. The hood will stay on until you are ready
for the barn but Sue will take you to the pool and wash you but first you need
to get on all fours and spread your legs. It is time for your first fucking and
I'm in the mood for cow pussy today."

Linda was a little confused and she didn't get on all fours right away. A swap
from Sue's crop soon made her get on all fours. She didn't really want to be
fucked but there was no choice. As she was standing there, on all fours she
could feel fingers spreading her pussy lips and then in one stroke she felt the
cock buried deep in her pussy. Linda cried out since her pussy was dry and there
was no lubrication at all.

"Now move your ass cow." She heard Sue ordering her.

"Yes Mistress."

Linda started to rock back and forth making the cock in her pussy slide in and
out. When the initial pain subsided and her pussy started to lubricate the
fucking actually started to make Linda moan. She could feel the cock hitting
against the butt plug in her ass and that gave her some discomfort even so Linda
was starting to enjoy the fucking ad to her own surprise there was even the
budding signs of an orgasm building. Linda moaned and grunted as Sue prompted
her with her crop.

"Faster cow. Master doesn't want to be stuck fucking you all day."

Linda increased her rocking motion and the cock now slid in and out with ease.
It wasn't long before Linda felt the hot semen spurting in her pussy and then
the cock was pulled out.

"Now turn around cow you must learn to always clean a cock with your mouth after
you been used." Sue told her.

Since Linda couldn't see, she simply just turned around and opened her mouth.
Master put his cock in her mouth and Linda started sucking and licking it.

"Not too bad cow. You are a descent fuck but we will need to train you better.
Mainly we need to make sure you are always wet. I don't like a dry hole.
Secondly you need to work harder it takes you too long to make a cock cum.
Perhaps you were trying to prolong it for your own enjoyment."

"No Master. I'm just very tired Master."

"I'm not interested in excuses. You better show improvement next time."

"Yes Master."

"A cow serves two purposes or perhaps if she is a good cow three. She needs to
be a good milk producer, an excellent fuck and maybe a good breeder."

"Yes Master."

Linda's head was spinning. She was to be nothing but an animal from now on. She
might never have an orgasm again or feel satisfaction from a sexual encounter.
Linda had tears in her eyes. She felt degraded and humiliated.

"Finally you need to learn to obey quickly and completely and to remember being
fucked is a reward and not something you should expect if you don't give proper

Linda had to think about that for a minute but then she finally uttered.

"Thank you, Master"

"That's not the right way." Sue told her.

"Thank you for fucking or using your cow, Master, is the proper response." Sue

"Thank you for fucking your cow Master" Linda repeated.

"That's better hopefully you'll learn, if not you'll be sold as a guinea pig to
someone that needs one to test new training methods or drugs on."

The thought of being a guinea pig and perhaps die a very slow and painful death
or be mutilated scared Linda. Was there no end to this hell?

"I'm sorry Master I will learn quickly."

"Clean the cow and then put some new stockings on her and leave her in the cage
for the night." Master told Sue.

"Yes Master."

Gina had replaced Linda between Master's legs and dutifully had taken his now
semi-erect cock in her mouth. Gina wouldn't make any more mistakes today at
least. Her ass simply couldn't handle the crop or cane again.

"Make sure she can't remove the butt plug when you secure her for the night."

"Yes Master. I'll make sure she is tied up so she can't remove anything."


Master turned around and his cock slipped out of Gina's mouth. Gina quickly
stood up and followed him back to the quarters.

Sue brought Linda to the pool and as soon as she had removed her heels, she
shoved her into the pool. When Linda hit the warm water, she thought she was
going to drown but she soon found her footing and stood up in the pool.

Sue handed her a bar of soap and told her to remove her stocking and wash
herself. Linda was given half an hour in the pool and when Sue finally was
satisfied that Linda was clean, she ordered her out of the pool, handed her a
pair of new stocking which Linda with some difficulty finally got put on.
Linda's corset was wet and so were the hood and the rest of her body as she
wasn't allowed to dry of but simply led back to the cage. Sue attached Linda's
wrist to her collar and then pushed her into the cage.

"Good night cow. See you in the morning."

Linda sat down but found sitting down with the butt plug in wasn't really
comfortable so she tried to curl up in a fetal position and lay down. The floor
in the cage wasn't comfy but at least her tired legs and feet got a rest. Linda
sobbed a little how could this have happened to her? These people had reduced
her to a mere animal and there was more to come. She must try and make the best
of her new situation. She had no choice. She was sure however sooner or later
she would go mad. Tina had returned from the kitchen and had brought dinner.
Both slaves preferred to stand and eat the dinner and after dinner, they laid
down on either side of Master while they watched television. Another day had
ended for the four women. Linda fell asleep out of shear tiredness while Jackie
rested in her doghouse. She was still sore from being fucked day in and day out
but it was starting to fade her body was getting used to the constant use. Her
tits still had that tingling feeling and felt like they were tighter than usual.
Tina slept on her stomach even if that caused the burning in her tits to be felt
more. It was still more comfortable than sleeping on her back and ass. Gina too
slept on her stomach but she was more restless, she was scared about tomorrows
clit piercing. Sammy had said it would hurt like hell and she wasn't looking
forward to tomorrow at all. It would be another painful day for her. Alex was
continuing the punishment of Sue. She had been strung up by her tits and her ass
hole had been opened up with a spreader. Alex was at that moment busy applying
mint oil in Sue's ass as far in as her brush would go. Sue was howling from the
burning of her intestines. It would be a long night for her. Sue was in fact the
only person on the island that would get no sleep at all that night.

Jason checked his messages and found that the man on the island needed a guinea
pig plus possibly two more women if he could find any that fit the criteria that
the message outlined. The guinea pig was easy but not very profitable for him.
The other two would require some work and research. True red heads were hard to
find, they had to be young, and pretty of course the hardest part was the fact
they needed to be twins. That would make it hard indeed. Perhaps he would just
get the guinea pig for now even if that would hardly make the trip worthwhile.
Still a small profit was better than no profit at all. Perhaps he could contact
Sanchez and see if he was in the market for a few new whores that would make the
whole trip more worthwhile. Jason turned on his computer and sent a coded
message to Sanchez and one to Alex.  While he waited for replies he went into a
few chat rooms sometimes they proved to be good hunting grounds for him.

                         12. The New Cargo

Jason got the reply from Sanchez first. He would be interested in 2 or 3 new
whores. They had to be between 18 and 25 no older than that. Slim and reasonably
pretty. No flat chested women. If Jason could bring him 3 then he would trade an
older whore as a guinea pig and pay the difference. This would work out very
well Jason thought to himself. All he needed now was to pick out three victims.
Since Sanchez wasn't nearly as particular about their looks as the man on the
Island, it would be much easier for Jason to find and kidnap three women. There
was plenty to be found either online or in bars and clubs. The bars was quicker,
the web you had to develop more of an relationship before the meeting, even if
there was a lot of naive young women on there. Jason continued to surf the web
while he was making up his mind, which would be best, the bars or web. He
decided to do some work on the twins since that would be a hard one. He posted
several messages on various groups and websites, hoping that might give some
result. At that moment, the mail from Alex came in. She was very eager to get
the guinea pig and not to wait until he had secured the twins. Jason sent a
brief note back saying he should have the guinea pig in a trade with Sanchez
within a few days and to expect him by the weekend. He picked up the phone and
called Ben.

"Ben, it is me."

 "Yes boss. What's up?" Ben sleepily replied.

"We have an order from Sanchez for 3 grade A or grade AA ones."

"Ok. I'll get to work on it and have the rest of the crew doing the rounds,
unless you have any prospects?"

"No I don't and I want to fill the order quickly. So lets just pick up something
but still take care. No sloppy work."

"Don't worry. I spent enough time in jail. I'll check with you before the grab
takes place. Keep your cell on."

"Ok. Ben let me know how it is going."

"Sure thing." Ben said and then hung up without saying goodbye.

Jason knew he could trust Ben to handle a few whores without any problem. He
also knew Ben might very well call in a favor or strong arm one of the minor
pimps to get an easy pick up. Next Jason called Jack to let him know that Ben
and probably Larry as well where about to make a delivery to the yacht and to
expected them at anytime over the next day or so. Jack lived on the yacht and he
was never involved in the grab. His job was to take care of the cargo once they
got onboard. There was another reason Jack was never involved in the grab, just
in case something went wrong Jason wanted Jack to have the yacht ready to sail
on a moments notice. Jason had never been caught and he wasn't about to take any
chances. If he had to run, he would run. Most of his things except the computer
were stored on the yacht in the first place. Jason hadn't used his real name
when he rented the small one bedroom apartment that he used as a base. His money
was stashed abroad in various bank accounts and once he had enough, he would
just sail south and live on the yacht.

Sometimes he had toyed with the idea of maybe he could convince the man on the
Island to let him build a house there but perhaps that wasn't such a good idea
in the end. Jason made himself a drink and settled down on the couch while he
waited to hear from Ben. Jason didn't hear anything from Ben that night but he
wasn't worried about that as he drifted of to sleep. In the meantime, Ben and
Larry were discussing how they would go about getting the three women. Larry had
heard that one of the independent smaller pimps had picked up two young girls at
the bus station and Larry suggested they just squeeze him hard and pay him some
coke and he would hand them over, not daring to oppose either Ben or Larry. Ben
agreed that would be an easy pick up and the pimp would never utter a word about
it either he knew what would happen if he did. Even if Ben worked for Jason, he
was still a feared man on the street in the more seedy parts of the world and
was well connected. Larry didn't exactly have the same reputation but it was
commonly known that he was Ben's right arm. The two of them set out for the
pimp's house and as luck would have it, he was home and not out checking on his
girls. Ben had counted on that fact since he had two new girls to break in to
their new duties. When the pimp opened the door, he wasn't real pleased to see
either of the men. There could be only one reason for the visit. He silently
swore to himself. The two girls he had picked up where really good looking girls
and would bring in a lot of money once he turned them out on the street. Now it
appeared that he would have to give them up. He knew there would be no real
point in trying to lie or cheat Ben. That would have far more serious
consequences, still he wasn't happy.

"Ben, Larry. What is up?"

"You know why we are here, so let's make this as painless for you as possible"
Ben replied in a harsh tone.

"Ash man. I just picked them up and they are good ones two. Not often you find
two good ones like this."

"So much better. I have an urgent need for them so let's just have a look and
then I'll tell you what you get or if you prefer you can discuss it with Larry
here." Ben said in a very determined tone of voice.

Blackie the pimp knew there wouldn't be any wheeling and dealing and there was
no point in pleading his case. It was best to just hand over the girls and take
what he could. Blackie led them into the sitting room where the two girls were
sitting and watching TV.

"This is Jane and Tess." Blackie said nodding toward the girl.

 Ben looked at the two girls. They were both about twenty years old, blonde and
with a reasonable figure. Ben was guessing they were both 36 C's. Tess might be
a little bigger but both were rather pretty and would fetch a good prize for
Jason and the crew.

"Ok. Larry give Blackie the bag. "

Larry handed Blackie a brown paper bag. A quick look told Blackie there was
about 5000 dollars worth of coke in there. Not a very good prize considering the
two of them could have brought in 20 times that over the next year once we got
them working. Blackie looked at Ben with a disappointed look.

"Is that it?"

"You are still alive aren't you?" Ben hissed at him.   

"Ok. Ok. It is a deal. Still not a very good one."

"Maybe if you come up with a third, we could make it worth your while."


 "Yes, none of your old ones" Ben replied.

"Let me see what I can do. Might take a few days you know." Blackie said.

"Tomorrow night at the latest. That's all the time I can give you otherwise
you'll just have to settle for this."

"What are you talking about?" Tess asked.

"You and Jane are going to take a trip with these two guys." Blackie answered

"No we are not" Jane intervened.

"Sure you are" Larry said with a grin as he pulled his gun out.

"You wouldn't want to end up dead here on the carpet would you?"

Both girls starred at the gun that Larry pointed at them and feeling a little

"What is going on Blackie?" Tess asked.

She never got a reply because Ben had moved up behind the couch and with a quick
motion had injected Tess, who fell sideways on the couch and was effectively
sedated. Jane had time for a quick "What the fuck" but then she was knocked out

"Ok. Blackie call this number if you get a third and don't forget, not a word to
anybody. I have ears all over." Ben reminded him.

 Blackie just nodded. He didn't need to be reminded to keep his mouth shut. He
was well aware of Ben's reputation and he rather give up two good whores than
end up in the river or some other place equally disagreeable. Larry picked up
Tess and carried her out to the van then returned for Jane. When they had both
girls in the car and Blackie had gotten his last warning from Ben, the two
started driving down to the docks. Larry was driving and Ben called first Jason
then Jack to update them on their progress and that Jack should expect a
delivery very shortly. It took only a short time for Larry and Ben to get to the
yacht. Jack was standing near the gangplank and when he was sure nobody was
around, he motioned Ben and Larry to bring aboard the cargo.

Ben and Larry got out of the car and checking around them before getting the
girls out of the back. Carrying one each they quickly walked aboard the yacht
and down below to where the cages where waiting for its new tenants. Jane was
dumped in cell one and Tess in four. This was done so that they could not reach
out through the bars and touch each other once they woke up. Jack looked over
both Jane and Tess.

"Jason will like these two. In fact they might be good enough for the man on the
island without making a trade with Sanchez." Jack said.

"Blackie wasn't happy and he might have a third one for us by tomorrow." Ben

"Hmmm...A fresh one?"

"Yes. I told him didn't want any of his old whores. Even Sanchez wouldn't want

"Tell Blackie we have a special order and we can use two additional fresh ones.
That might give him some incentive to work harder for us. " Jack turned toward
Ben as he spoke.

"I don't think he will be any good for the special order but if Larry has a nice
chat with him I am sure he will come up with three fresh ones." Ben chuckled.

Larry just grinned and Jack knew what Larry's nice chats would be like, nothing
that anybody would really like have happen to them, especially not a second nice
chat. Larry could be very persuasive.

"I'll call Jason and let him know what we have so far. You two can take off but
keep in touch and we will sail tomorrow at midnight even if you can't get any
more meat" Jack told Ben and Larry.

Ben and Larry nodded and went ashore and took off in the car. They would not
have to make another pick up tonight, so they decided to hit their favorite bar
for a drink and maybe they could spot something interesting. Jack took one more
look at the new cargo and made a final check to make sure they would not have
any trouble in their cells. This would be Jack's last trip even though he had
not told Jason that yet. Jack would either stay on the island or if the man of
the island did not let him, he had a back up plan worked out with Sanchez as a
whore trainer and whoremaster. Minding whores was almost as profitable as the
slave trade but a lot less risky. Jack hoped however he could persuade the man
on the island that he could be useful to him. Jack had only met the man once and
although Jack was a much bigger man, he feared the little man on the island.
Jason wouldn't be happy but Ben was very capable of taking Jack's place. Jack
also had a feeling that Jason was thinking about retiring; maybe he had the same
thought as Jack about the island. It was just a feeling Jack had but he knew
Jason pretty well and it was just a matter of time before they would be forced
to run anyway in Jacks opinion. Jack dialed Jason's number still in deep thought
about when to tell Jason.

" is Jack. We have delivery of two pieces and fresh pieces at that."

"Very good. What about a third piece?"

"Ben said it was very possible and maybe even a full load" Jack replied.

"Hmm...Ben has been hard at work then?"

"Yes, he found a local source that is easily persuaded to business with us."

"He can't be traced back to us I assume." Jason said with some concern in his

"No. Larry will make sure that the source stays inline and he doesn't know you
or me."

"Even so tell Larry to make it a final deal after he delivers, if he does."

"Will do Boss."

"Be ready to sail regardless tomorrow at mid night Jack." Jason reminded him.

"The yacht will be ready see you then."

Jason hung up the phone. He knew that Ben had come up with two really good
pieces of meat from what Jack had told him. Jason wasn't sure now if he should
deal with Sanchez at all and just make one delivery to the island even if he
didn't get top price for the guinea pig and he had not filled the special order.
Jason also knew that it could take a great deal of time to find a pair of red
headed twins, in fact he may never be able to fill that order. Jason wondered
what if he found a pair of blonde twins, would that do. Twins wouldn't be easy
to find regardless but if hair color weren't an issue then maybe it would be
easier and also a little less risky. Jason sent a message to Alex, Asking if
hair color was critical. Then he went to sleep.

Jack made another check on Jane and Tess and decided it was best to give them
another shot. He didn't want then to wake up fully until they where well out to
sea. Jack was feeling horny and he was tempted to use Jane even if she was still
out cold but it wasn't worth the risk in case Jason would notice somehow, so he
settled for just a few squeezes of her breasts and a few feels of her pussy. She
will be a nice one for the island. Jack locked the yacht down and went to sleep
in his quarters. Ben and Larry had spotted one red headed girl at the bar and
decided to follow her at a safe distance. The girl walked briskly toward the
taxi stand and got into a taxi. Still keeping a safe distance, they followed the
cab and watched the girl get out. The apartment building had no doorman and as
far as Ben could see nobody around at all. Ben made a decision he quickly got
out of the car and approached the girl.

"Could you help me please?" Ben asked in pleasant voice.

 The girl was startled she had not seen him approach.

"What do you want?" She replied in a firm voice. Trying to not sound scared.

"I'm lost maybe you could tell me where this address is?" Ben got close to her
and holding out a notebook to show her.

Larry in the meantime had gotten out of the car too and was just a step away
from the girl coming up right behind her. While the girl was busy trying to look
at the notebook, Ben grabbed her by the arm at the same time as Larry grabbed
her from behind twisting her other arm behind her back and covering her mouth
with a cloth drenched with chloroform.

"Breath in bitch." Larry wheezed in her ear.

The girl tried to hold her breath and struggle free but the men had a firm grip
of her arms and a hard punch to her stomach made her breath in. The chloroform
took effect and shortly she was neatly thrown in back seat of the car. Larry
tied her wrist with some rope and Ben produced the syringe to give her a real
sedative. She would be out for hours now. This had been a risky abduction and
Jason might not approve however Blackie was unlikely to come up with anything by
tomorrow night, so this was better than just the two they had already. They
headed toward the yacht and without waking Jack; they dumped the girl in cell

The next morning when Jack discovered he had another girl onboard, he was mad.

We woke Ben, Larry, and read both of them the riot act. They had been careless
and one such mistake could ruin it all. Ben having sobered up from last night
agreed but it was done and now there was nothing to do about it. Jack still
furious wanted all the details of last night and Ben handed him the girl's
purse. After some more discussion Jack calmed down and the three of them decided
to tell Jason that Blackie supplied the girl. Knowing if they told him the real
story he would explode with anger and that would not be good for the three of
them. Jack was about to call Jason when Ben's cell phone rang.

"Yes" Ben answered.

"Ben?.....Blackie here."

"Yes what do you want?"

"I have another fresh one if you make it really worth my while."

"Describe it." Ben was short on purpose.

"Nice looking good condition and young. Only 20 like the others."

"Ok. Have her packed and ready in an hour and we will pick up the package." Ben
hung up without waiting for an answer. He knew Blackie would do exactly what he
was told he was too scared not to.

Ben told Jack and he went to the safe and got 10,000 dollars, which he gave to

"Pick her up and I'll let Jason know. Come right back because we will sail as
soon as we have her." Jack instructed Ben.

Ben and Larry took off and Jack called Jason. Jason could tell Jack was worried
and against his better judgment told him about the grab last night. Jason wasn't
pleased at all; this could potentially be a dangerous situation. They agreed
that they would sail as soon as Ben and Larry got back. Jason packed up his few
things in the apartment and headed for the yacht this would certainly be his
last trip for a while and he would not return to the apartment. Before packing
up the computer Jason sent a quick message to Alex to let her know they where on
their way. He had no response from Alex about the twins order but that was of no
importance now.

Jason arrived aboard before Ben and Larry had returned and he and Jack went to
check on the cargo. The girl last night looked about 25 well built and a red
head. From her purse Jack had found out her name was Lisa but not a great deal

Still she might be ideal even if she wasn't a twin at least she was a red head
and perhaps a suitable guinea pig.

Ben and Larry returned and Jason told them how stupid they had been last night.
Jason also informed them this would be the last trip for a while and unless they
wanted to live some place else they would better off taking their cut now
because Jason did not intend to return. Ben and Larry looked surprised but they
did not want to go live in a strange country so after some debating they decided
to take their cut and go ashore.

Jason and Jack would make this trip by themselves. Of course, they could handle
both the yacht and cargo by themselves even if the introduction of the girls
would be a little lacking. The last girl, her name was Penny, stored in cell
three and screaming since she had not been sedated yet. Jason and Jack took the
yacht out to sea heading for the island. Jason had not yet decided if he should
trade with Sanchez or just head straight for the island. Jack in the meantime
had sedated Penny and everything was now quiet below deck. Jason cursing Ben and
Larry slightly he had not wanted to leave just yet a few more deliveries would
have made better sense but with the abduction of Lisa he felt it was too risky
just in case the abduction had been seen. It was best to stay away at least
until things had quieted down. Ben would let him know unless he and Larry had
been caught. The yacht sailed at a good pace as land disappeared on the horizon.
Its cargo totally unaware of what horror awaited them.

                         13. The Training Continues

While Jason had been busy securing a new cargo a new day dawned on Devil's
Island. Gina and Tina woke up about the same time and Gina started to suck on
Masters cock to wake him up. Gina had not slept well, today she had to go back
to Sammy and have her clit pierced she knew that would not be changed. Still
sore from the caning of yesterday she sucked gently on Master's cock until he
started to wake up and get hard. Tina was also in pain this morning her ass and
pussy lips still very sore from her punishment. Tina had also knew that there
would be no relief for her pussy lips today they would still be clamped to the
thigh cuffs she had to wear and the corset would not be removed either. Still
this was an improvement over the cage.

"Morning slaves." Master greeted them.

"Morning Master." Gina and Tina replied in unison.

"Are we ready for another day of pain and pleasures slaves?"

"Yes Master." They again replied. There was really no point in trying to say
anything else. There would be pain if that is what Master wanted regardless if
they where ready or not. Pain and humiliation was now going to be part of every
day life both Gina and Tina knew that.

"Very good, slaves. Gina release Tina from the bed and then get back here for my
morning ass fuck. Tina you go and get breakfast from the kitchen." Master
instructed them.

"Yes Master." Gina said as she went took release Tina from the bed. Gina quickly
returned and straddling Master guided his cock in her ass hole.  Trying her very
best to make it a good ass fuck this morning she rode the cock up and down as
fast as she could. Maybe if she were a perfect slave today there would be some
rest after the clit piercing. She certainly couldn't afford any mistakes today
or rather her welted ass couldn't. Tina gingerly walked to the kitchen where
Sarah greeted her with a smile.

"You are picking up breakfast again.  Thought maybe Master would send Gina this
morning but I see from your ass you made some mistake yesterday. How are those
pussy lips feeling?" Sarah asked with a slight grin.

"They hurt and my ass hurt" Tina almost started sobbing.

"I bet they do but then you probably deserved the cropping and once your pussy
lips are nice and stretched you won't have to wear the thigh cuffs anymore."

"But I'll look so strange."

"Not strange just better for fucking Tina and I have a feeling you will be sent
to the whorehouse for a while at least."

Tina started to sob. She still hoped that she wouldn't have to go anywhere else
where new horror awaited her. She had really hoped to stay on the island at
least she knew what to expect here and living with Master had been a nice treat
after the cage.

"Maybe you are wrong Sarah." She said with some hop still in her voice.

"I doubt that from what I heard but you would be coming back. It would just be a
few weeks of fuck training I think."

Sarah did not intend to give Tina any hope and Master had also told her that
Tina needed more mental anguish and humiliation since she still wasn't totally
broken and had not reached the point that Gina had. Gina could almost be trusted
now to not rebel and serve as a good slave just like Sarah, Sue, and Sammy. Tina
felt the tears well up in her eyes but she picked up the tray and this time
there would be no mistakes maybe it wasn't too late to have Master change his
mind. The door opened and Tina walked back into the bedroom. Gina was still busy
with giving Master his morning ass fuck, now moving up and down on the cock as
fast as she could. Master came in her ass and then the slap on her ass to
indicate she should dismount. Gina a little relieved there would be no pee enema
this morning clinched her ass tight and went to suck Masters cock clean.

"Not bad Gina. You are improving and your ass is nice and tight. "

"Thank you Master and thank you for using me." Gina responded.

"Lets see what Tina's ass is like tonight and you can practice your pussy eating
Gina." Master chuckled.

"Now lets have breakfast we have a busy day today."

"Both of you sit down."

Neither Gina or Tina had planned on sitting down for breakfast, the hard chairs
wasn't very comfortable or easy on their welted and sore behinds. Both of them
sat down but very slowly and carefully. Master looked amused knowing very well
that sitting wasn't much fun for either of them this morning but it would remind
them that making mistakes had a price.

"After breakfast we will shower and then you two will get dressed and ready. I
have a few things to work on this morning, so you will clean and do laundry this

"Yes Master." Gina replied. Maybe there was hope the clit piercing wouldn't take
place today. Had Master forgotten or changed his mind even.

"Tina, don't forget to take your medication this morning. We want those udders
to get nice and big now."

"Yes Master." Tina took her spoonful of the bitter tasting liquid. Her udders
still burned and itched but at least it wasn't that bad this morning. Master
reached out and squeezed her left udder.

"No milk yet. Oh well I'll have Alex give you an injection just like she did
with the cow."

"Spread your legs and lets see if that paste your where given has had any effect

Tina obediently spread her legs, which of course made her pussy lips ache again.
Tina moaned slightly as Master put two fingers in side here pussy and started
feeling around inside her. Master also fingered her pussy lips feeling how thick
they felt.

" I don't think the paste has had much effect you yet you are almost dry in your
fuck hole this morning. Your lips are coming along nicely though. Maybe Alex
needs to give you another treatment today when you get another injection."

"Maybe it just hasn't started working yet Master." Tina tried meekly.

"Could be Tina but we need to speed up your training here, so you will report to
Alex this afternoon."

"Yes Master." Tina did not look forward to be in Alex care again. In fact she
would be happy to serve Master if she never saw Alex ever again." Also make sure
your clit and suckers are properly cared for by Alex. I think you need to have
the tubes removed and re done."

"Yes Master" Tina was not going to have a very pleasant day either and Gina did
feel sorry for her. Sammy did what she had to do but she didn't try and make it
harder than it had to be. Mistress Alex on the other hand would make it as
painful as she possibly could for Tina.

"Well, slaves any questions about your duties today or other questions.
Breakfast is the one time you are allowed to ask questions. So now is the time."

"No questions Master." Gina replied.

"Master will you send me to the whorehouse?" Tina just couldn't help herself she
had to know her fate.

"Once you produce milk you will go to the whorehouse for fuck training and to
make some money" Master replied.

Tina started to sob there was nothing that would save her now she was to be a
whore and sold to some nasty whore house owner.

"Master, please I really will behave and be good if you just train me here,
please Master." Tina tried.

"You need a real workout and you need to make money for your Master or would you
rather not be a good slave and provide for your master?"

"Master I want to please you. " Tina wasn't sure why but there was an underlying
threat in his question. Tina sobbed.

"Anymore questions?"

"Will I come back here ever again Master?"

"Yes when you have been trained well enough and have earned my investment back
then if you are still a good slave you will come back and either train as a pony
or maybe if you milk good as a cow."

"but but not as a serving slave Master?" Tina stammered.

"Perhaps, if you prove yourself very willing during your training."

"Yes Master."

Tina felt defeated yet there was some hope that she might return and serve
Master even if she was a pony for Master even that might be better than being a
whore or a cow. Tina had seen the rough treatment of Linda and suffered some
herself so she knew a cow was not a good position. Being a bitch like Jackie
wasn't all that appealing either. She had enjoyed her brief stay as a serving
slave to Master even if her ass still hurt from the crop of last night. Still
she wasn't going to be sold to the whore house just sent there at least that
gave her some hope.

"Well, slaves lets get started prepare the shower and lets get ready here"

"Yes, Master"

Once they had finished with the shower and had dressed, Master sat done at his
desk and viewed messages and scanned the monitors. The two slaves started
cleaning the quarters and collecting the laundry and got on with their chores.

Alex was still eating her breakfast but Sue who was now in charge of the care of
the bitch Jackie and the cow Linda had already finished and was on her way to
get Jackie feed and released into the pen. Banging on the doghouse woke Jackie
up as usual and she crawled out to eat her daily helping of dog food. Sue did a
quick inspection of the bitch's pussy and asshole. They were still swollen
somewhat but no damage to them.

"So bitch are you horny this morning?"

"Not really." replied Jackie still half asleep and not thinking clearly.

"Really. A bitch like you should be horny all the time maybe we need to get you
some more hounds. 6 doesn't seem to keep you in a good horny state you little

"Maybe that paste we tried on the cow will work on you."

"Here lets see if you udders are leaking anything. Present udders." Sue barked.
She was in a foul mood and really wanted to take it out on somebody this
morning. The mint oil had burned her ass pretty good and it was swollen and
would make it painful for her to shit the next few days.

Jackie realized that Sue was going to give her a hard time and thinking fast,
she tried to appease Sue by saying.

"I don't get horny until after breakfast Mistress"

"Is that so. Bitch you need more training maybe we need to give you a room mate
so you don't dry up during the night" Sue laughed.

Jackie remained quiet and finished her dog food. She wondered if she would ever
get people food again. At least it would be nice to get scraps of people food.
Jackie was pretty sure she would never fuck anything but dogs and to Jackie that
wasn't really important anymore. Jackie got lost in thought and tuned out what
Sue was saying. She finished her meal and then Sue with a hard wack of the crop
moved her along into the day pen where the hounds where eagerly waiting the
bitch arrival.

"Make sure you get your ass fucked today you been a little shy with your ass
bitch and by the way you are to keep a bowl between your legs and collect all
the good juices and cum that drips out of your count and ass today"

"Understood bitch?"

"Yes Mistress" Jackie replied and took the bowl in her hand from Sue without

"Bitches don't have hands use your mouth you stupid bitch." Sue screamed at her
as she let the crop dance hard on Jackie's ass.


"Sorry Mistress" Jackie quickly dropped the bowl and then picked it up with her
mouth. Crawling away toward the hounds before Sue could land anymore blows on
her no striped ass. Jackie didn't get far before Nero mounted her from behind
and almost routinely, Jackie guided him into her pussy. A new day of fucking had
begun for the bitch. Master had been watching all this from his desk and he was
not pleased. Jackie had showed signs of rebellion and although Sue had handled
it fairly well the bitch needed to be treated harsher and her training turn up.
Master had already received a message about possibly buying the bitch. Alex
would send out the tapes and movies today, so Master wasn't about to sell her
yet but she needed to be ready for sale in case a good offer came along.  Master
pushed a button and order Sue to come to his quarters. Sue started to worry that
maybe she had been too harsh with the bitch and now Master was going to correct
her. Sue wanted badly to stay on the island even if Alex punished her harshly at
times. She wanted to get her fourth star and be like Sarah and Sammy slaves but
having her own place to sleep and her own area to take care of. She was only a
year younger than Sarah and if she didn't get her fourth star soon she risked
being replaced by a younger slave. Alex did like them young and at 27, she was
getting a little old for Alex's liking. So the last thing she needed was Master
getting angry with her. With butterflies in her stomach, she knocked on the
door. Tina was told to let Sue in and the still sobbing Tina obediently went to
let Sue in.  Sue seeing Tina sobbing felt her heart sink did this mean Master
was in a bad mood this morning? She quickly glanced at Gina but she seemed a
little tense but she wasn't sobbing. Sue went to kneel beside Master.

"You wanted to see me Master?

"Yes. Sue. I saw that the bitch was about to rebel this morning and had a little

"Yes Master. She had a little attitude and she wasn't paying attention this

"No she certainly wasn't. Any ideas on how to correct that Sue?"

The question stunned Sue. Alex never asked her opinion on anything was this a
trick or a test or both? Sue was trying to think quickly she wasn't prepared for

" Not really Master except maybe she needs more supervision and supervised

"Only problem is that we have Gina and Tina to train and Alex needs to do sales
presentations and take care of the cow."

"So we are a little short of staff. Right now. Sarah has enough to do in the
kitchen and Sammy is busy in the stable. Any suggestions Sue?"

Sue realized this was her chance but it was also dangerous. Was the Master
trying to get her to say something that would upset Alex just to get her in
trouble or was this an opening for her to get a fourth star. Sue wasn't sure if
the question was a trick or a treat. She only had seconds to decide if she
should take the chance or let it pass.

The kitchen had a slave so did the stable and Gina was well on her way to be the
Master's serving slave. That left just the barn and the pens without a slave of
course the barn was empty after the last sale when the cows had been sold and
the pens never had a slave to begin with. Sue made her decision.

"Master. If you think I am ready I would be happy to be the pen slave and give
all my attention to the bitch and hounds training and care" Sue drew a deep
breath. There she had laid it out and now waited with anticipation of her fate.

Master looked at Sue with serious eyes. He was eyeing her up and down and
pondering. Sue was about to pee herself she could not stand the wait. Why
doesn't he say something? Sue started to worry now she walked right into a trap
the trap of being better than she was and a feeling self-importance. Not a good
thing for a slave to have that attitude.

"Well Sue. So you think you could handle the care of the hounds and the pens.
Does that mean you think you deserve a fourth star in your collar?"

Sue had to think fast. To say she deserved another star would be the wrong thing
to say.

"Master I only deserve what you see fit to give me. I only want to serve you

Master laughed. Sue had been around long enough not to fall for such a simple
trap. Even so, Master wasn't totally sure she was ready for this. Sue had
developed a bit of a sadistic streak but could she control that and not go
overboard. Alex could certainly take care of the bitch. She would have to delay
it a bit while she made the sales presentations and tapes but that was temporary
work. On the other hand, Jason was on his way with four more new pieces of meat
that would have to be dealt with if he decided to buy them. Gina and Tina
certainly couldn't take on the training they had a long way to go before that
would happen and if he gave one of the new ones to Alex, as a guinea pig Alex
would spend her days in her lab. Alex had long wanted to develop new treatments
and drugs to enhance animals as she put it.

Maybe Sue was the only answer. It would certainly make her even more loyal to
her Master being given that task.

"What about Tom and your chore on Saturdays with him?" Master wasn't going to
promote Sue without a bit of sweating first.

"Oh Master I could still do that." Sue sensed she was on the right track.

"But you have never been trained as a bitch and perhaps you need to know what a
bitch feels like to train one properly. What do you think?"

Sue didn't think that was necessary at all but of course she wouldn't say that.
She didn't like that turn of events but if she had to get some bitch training
first then so be it. Once she had her fourth star, she was reasonably sure of
staying on the island. Sarah had told her no four star slave had ever been sold.

"Master if you think I need some training first then I hope would you spare the
time to train me, Master please"

Master grinned. Sue wanted that fourth star and she would do just about anything
to get it. Still he would have to keep a close eye on her the first few months
not like Sarah and Sammy that ran things without question. 

"Very well Sue. Tonight you need to bring Targ and show us that you know at
least how a bitch should treat a hound. If I am satisfied then you get to be the
pen slave on trial and then if you get the bitch good and ready and everything
else runs well in the pens you will get your fourth star and become the pen

"Thank you Master I will not disappoint you Master I promise I will do the best
job ever with the bitch and hounds."

Sue had never fucked a dog before but she certainly knew how to do it. She had
seen it often enough and Sarah often brought Devil for the night when Master
allowed it, so maybe she would help her tonight.

"Was there anything else, Master?"

"Yes Sue. The cow you are to take care of her today?"

"Yes, Master. Mistress told me to feed her, water her and let her pee."

"Any other instructions?"

"No master"

"The cow is due for new treatments today?"

"No Master I believe Mistress has no plans for today."

"Perhaps you are right. The cow was far to comfortable last night in her cage.
I'll trust you will see to it that she is better entertained today and during
the night, Sue." Master said with sly grin on his face.

Sue realized this was a test. If she went to far with Linda the cow her fourth
star was history and if she went to easy Master would think her to soft and not
capable of being an area charged slave with responsibilities of her own. Fucking
Targ was just for amusement and would not prove anything. The real test was
Linda the cow.

"Of course Master I will see to that anything special you had in mind Master?"

"No Sue I will leave that to you."

"Thank you Master. I won't disappoint you. I promise"

"See that you don't, Sue. Now you better get going. I have no other need of you
right now."

"Yes Master. Thank you Master."

Sue rose to her feet and with a light step almost skipped and jumped her way to
the door. The day had certainly taken a turn for the better even if her ass was
still burning from the mint oil. Sue stopped outside in the hallway thinking to
herself she better get control of herself and not get carried away. This was a
one chance only deal and if she messed this up Master would not give her a
second chance. Sue continued walking heading toward the cow Linda in her cage.
Sue was in deep thought she just had to do this right. When she got to the cage
Alex was already there. Sue got worried had she been tricked after all.

"There you are I hear you have gotten yourself a new assignment."

"Yes Mistress."

"Well good for you I was getting a little tired of you anyway and you are
starting to get a little old for my liking." Alex told her.

Sue could tell that Alex wasn't real happy with this mornings events but she
didn't seem nearly as upset as Sue thought she might be. Master must have given
her something in exchange for Sue, although Sue was still available to Alex any
time she wanted her, so nothing had really changed yet. Alex was not upset she
had been promised at least one of the new cargos women as a test animal for her
lab. Still she wouldn't let Sue go easy and pretending to be upset would worry

"Now you have to remember that I will still have to do the treatments of the cow
so she better be in shape for that. If she isn't you simply will take her place
and if you want my vote tonight you better make sure Targ gives you an ass
fucking and not a sloppy pussy fucking." Alex grinned.

Sue winched. Alex knew very well an ass fucking would be hard for Sue with her
ass still burning and swollen from the mint oil. Just taking a shit was painful
taking Targ's thick cock in her ass was going to be absolute torture and would
probably make her bleed a little as well.

 "Yes Mistress. I understand." Sue answered.

She wasn't about to let Alex know how unfair she thought that was. It wouldn't
matter anyway. She couldn't afford to make an enemy out of Alex at this point.

"Now lets get the cow up and get her taken care of." Alex instructed Sue.

"Yes Mistress"

Sue opened the cage door, attached a leash to Linda's collar, and without any
words pulled her to her feet. Linda had at least gotten a little sleep even if
the cage wasn't very comfortable it was better than the swing. Her ass was still
very sore from the butt plug she had been wearing for days now. Her udders,
sucker hurt and burned, and she was very sore from the exercise yesterday. The
hood and corset was really starting to bother her now, especially the hood.
Having sweated as much as she had yesterday the hood not only felt tight but
also her scalp had started to itch. Linda was miserable. She was also hungry and
thirsty. She had been forced to pee in the cage and since the drain was shut,
she had to sleep in her own created wet spot.

"How is my little cow this morning? "Alex asked.

"You stink did you pee yourself last night?"

" I guess a cow like you don't really care how they smell. All you are
interested in are eating and sleeping and getting fucked occasionally. Isn't
that true cow?"

Alex just talked away and didn't wait for Linda to answer.

"Yes Mistress" Linda finally replied.

"Yes what you stupid cow?"

"Yes I peed in the cage Mistress."

"Well I can see and smell that cow." Alex tried sounding annoyed. She just loved
this part of taunting the cow.

Linda wasn't sure if she should reply to anything else but just in case she

"It true Mistress. Eating and sleeping is important for a cow."

Linda left out the fucking because she wasn't the least bit interested in that.
It had been hard enough mentally to refer to herself as a cow.

"I think you forgot about the fucking cow or are we not horny this morning?"
Alex was in full swing now and enjoyed this tremendously.

Linda was not thrilled however. She just wanted to be left alone but that wasn't
going to happen.

"No not horny this morning, Mistress." Linda replied. She knew as soon as she
had said that it was a mistake but she felt good for a few seconds.

"Oh my. The cow isn't horny this morning Sue. I guess you have to do something
about that. Can't have cows like that around here. The bulls in the barn
wouldn't be happy about that and a cow with a dry pussy would get ripped easily
by the bulls." Alex had trouble not laughing out loud, as she said that. There
were no bulls in the barn but Linda had no way of knowing that. Linda almost
lost all control; they couldn't be serious, could they? Linda had no idea how
big a bulls cock was but she didn't want to find out either. Was there no end to
this horror?

Linda was now terrified. She had no doubt they would make her do just about
anything and clearly didn't care if she lived or died. Linda's little rebellion
was short lived. She was back to being subdued and fearful and she realized that
there was no point in answering back. Slowly but surely Linda was starting to
get mentally broken and accepting the faith of a cow.

"I will take care of the cow, Mistress. By the time she gets to the barn she
will be ready and dying for a bull fuck and not only in her pussy" Sue was
enjoying this too.

"That is good Sue. I would hate to have done all this work with her to find out
she wasn't any good for the barn. I do enjoy watching the cows when they get a
good and hard bull fucking. " Alex wasn't about to let the subject go just yet.
Linda needed some more mental encouragement in her opinion.

" I do enjoy watching that too, Mistress. I bet this one will moooo real good
when she is taken by her first bull."

Linda was totally horrified now. She started to believe they would really make
her fuck a bull. It scared her to the point that she let a little pee go without

Alex and Sue both laughed.

"See she is peeing out of pure excitement. I bet she is getting horny now." Alex
said in a firm voice.

"Are you horny now cow? Let me check. Spread your legs." Sue ordered her.

Sue stuck two fingers in her pussy without any warning. Linda jerked back at the
rough intrusion. Sue's nails felt sharp and nicked her pussy lips. She cried out
a little from the sudden pain but kept her legs spread.

"Still dry as a bone in there you stupid cow. Are you not excited about getting
a nice big fat bull cock up there?"

"Sorry Mistress." Linda just didn't know what to say. She wasn't excited she was
terrified but she wasn't about to tell them that. They would just enjoy that
even more.

"I didn't ask you if you were sorry cow. I asked you if you were excited." Sue
was really getting into her role now.

" I'm very excited Mistress." Linda whispered. Might as well tell them what they
wanted to hear, Linda thought.

"That is a neat trick cow. You can be excited and yet dry as a bone in your fuck
hole or are you lying to us cow?" Alex joined in.

 "No Mistress. I am not lying. I am excited just not wet." Linda was getting
desperate now. Whatever she did or said, she was heading for trouble and she
knew it.

"The cow is having trouble getting wet well we can help her there. Let me try
the same treatment on you cow as we did on Tina. Even if it hasn't worked on her
yet it might work on you cow if we give you a heavy dose. Sue, bring me a full
jar of the paste and a needle and some thread. Oh and we will need a catheter

"Yes Mistress. I will be right back."

Sue hurried off to get the various things while Linda was getting even more
terrified. What would they make her suffer now?

"That paste should really work on you. I think I just applied too little into
Tina's pussy to take effect or maybe the treatment just has to be repeated a few
times. I'll just fill your pussy up and sew it shut, since you aren't horny and
need a fucking right now." Alex calmly told Linda.

Linda could not believe what she heard these people where absolutely mad. They
would not stop until they killed her. She was absolutely sure about that now.
Linda started to plead.

"Please Mistress. I'll get wet for you if I can just touch my clit. Please

"No that won't do, can't have cows pleasuring themselves as they see fit."

"And you are not using you fuck hole now anyway, so we might as well make good
use of that until you get to the barn. At least then you should be good and wet
all the time for the nice big bulls out there." Alex explained to Linda.

Linda wanted to just run or die right there and then but neither was going to
happen. She would suffer more there was no doubt.

"Please Mistress." Linda tried.

"I'm getting tired of you babbling. From now on, you are not allowed to talk or
you will suffer badly. Just moooo like the cow you are. Understood?"

Linda was stunned they wanted her to moooo and never talk. Linda felt totally
and utterly humiliated and degraded.

"Yes Mistress" Linda acknowledged.

Linda didn't see the crop being swung or have any advance warning until the crop
landed right across her clit and fuck hole. 


Linda screamed at the top of her lungs. The pain was incredible. Linda closed
her legs without thinking trying to ease the pain of the hard blow Alex had just
delivered on her fuck hole.

" I just told you no talking you stupid cow." Alex shouted at her.

Linda still dazed from the pain and blow had enough sense to answer correctly
this time.

"Moooooooo" Linda uttered.

"That's better cow. Now you will sing really pretty in the real tongue of a cow.
If you forget again well then we will have to do some real harsh cow training."

Sue had returned while Linda was getting her new language training. Alex glanced
at the tray to make sure she brought everything and the correct paste.

" I will leave this part to you since you are in charge of the cow. I will be
back later to give her another injection to her sucker and put new tubes on
them. Still have a 1/4 inch to stretch those before she ready. They look like
they are doing well though. The udders are firming up nicely too. So she is
almost ready for her next round of injections."

"Make sure she is secured in the cage in a way that make it easy to give her the
treatment, Sue."

"Yes Mistress. She is coming along nicely and I'll secure her for easy access."

"Good. Any questions about the sewing or you can handle that? Fill her up good
with the paste."

"No questions. Mistress. I can handle the cow from here."


Alex left eager to get to her lab and start her preparation for her new lab rat
or maybe rabbit. Sue got busy right away. She was looking forward to this. This
was the first time she was alone and in charge of a cow and she would make the
most of it. Linda was still recovering from the blow on her clit and wasn't
really paying attention to what Alex had said she just new there was more hell
in store and that Sue would be no easier or kinder handler that Alex.

"Now cow get down on all fours and eat your breakfast before we start your
little fuck hole session." Sue chuckled.

Without waiting for Linda to get down she kicked her legs from under her and
Linda fell to the floor. Sue guided her hooded head into the bucket of food.

"Eat cow and make it fast."

Linda tried but it wasn't easy to get the food in her mouth with the hood and no
way to see what she was doing even. She did mange to find some large chunks of
what turned out to be beef of some sort. They rest tasted like a mixture of eggs
and corn flakes. It did taste like real food for a change and Linda did her best
to eat as quickly and as much as she could. She was very hungry. Sue in the mean
time installed two new bars in the cage. Linda would be less comfortable now yet
easily accessible for any treatment. When she was finished, she went over to
inspect Linda's ass and the butt plug she had inserted there. Sue saw that the
plug was really staring to inflame Linda's ass hole and if left in might cause
an infection in her rectum. Now that Linda was getting some real food, she would
also start to shit so Sue pulled out the plug. Having been forced open for days
now the ass hole didn't close right away but left the cow with a wide-open hole.
Linda hardly noticed the plug being removed she was so used to it being in
there. She would however notice when it came time to take her first shit in
days. It wouldn't be a painless event the way her ass hole now looked.

"Hurry up and finish your meal cow. I haven't got all day and I just love to try
my hand at sewing." Sue chuckled.

Linda felt sick this was going to be painful again but there was no way around
it. Linda had found the second bucket with cool water and stuck her whole head
into it drinking and feeling some relief from the water on her head.

"That's enough of that cow. Stand up and keep your hands behind you." Sue

Linda still sore and wobbly managed to get back on her feet and stood there just
waiting for the next order. The anticipation of more pain and discomfort made
Linda very fearful. How bad was this going to be? Sue pushed her forward into
the cage and turned Linda around. Grabbing her arms, she pulled them back over
the higher bar she had installed in the cage. Then she brought the arms back in
front of Linda securing them with a short chain at the wrists. Linda was now
secured to the bar running between her arms and back. Next Sue grabbed Linda's
legs and put them over the lower bar that was 2 feet in front of the higher bar. 
Spreading her legs wide and securing them just above the knees with leather
straps that were attached to the bar. Linda now had to carry most of her weight
on her armpit and upper arms where the top bar crossed behind her back. Her
thighs could carry some weight, if she shifted herself upward but that took a
lot of effort since her thighs didn't really have good support on the bar. Her
lower legs was of no use, they where left dangling in the air. Her ass dropped
down and her fuck hole was easy to get to. It wasn't long before Linda really
started to feel the strain in and under her arms.

"There now. That looks like a good way to hang a side of beef like you. Are you
comfortable cow?"

"N....Moooooooooooooo." Linda just caught herself in time.

"Still dying to talk are we cow?"

"Well I want to get on with the sewing so I'll pretend I didn't hear that."

"No you will feel a little pain here but then you like that don't you cow?"

"Better remember your new language though."

"Ready for a full fuck hole cow?"

"Mooooooooooooooooooo. Mooooooooooooooooo." Linda was doing everything she could
to please now. Maybe that would get her some relief.

"Ah you sound very eager cow and you sing so pretty."

"Since you can't see, I will talk you through this little treatment. I don't
want you to miss out on anything." Sue told her in a matter of fact voice.

"First we need to fill the large syringe here with the paste. Lets see there is
half a pound of paste here that should fit in the syringe. No reloading will be

Now that's done. Open wide." Sue laughed.

"I guess you can't open your fuck hole wide. Never mind the nozzle it long and
thick, I'll just shove it up there."

Linda could feel the ice cold steel probing between her pussy lips and then sink
deep inside her. The syringe had been kept chilled so the paste wouldn't get
runny but stay thick and gooey. Sue pushed hard on the syringe and the paste
filled up the fuck hole. Linda could feel the cold paste filling her insides
completely and it didn't stop coming. She was starting to feel the strain as the
inner walls stretched to accommodate the paste.

"That's it. You are all filled up. Now make sure none of the paste flows out
before I can get you sewed shut. First we need to get the catheter back in you
cow so hold on to the paste."

Sue had done this on purpose hoping some paste would escape from Linda's fuck
hole. That way she would have a reason to inflict even more pain on the cow.

Slowly Sue inserted the catheter taking as much time as she could but Linda
determined to hold on to whatever it was Sue had put in her fuck hole. The paste
didn't feel bad it just felt cold and sent some chills through her body. The
catheter hurt going in as it had done before.

"Moooooooooooo. Mooooooooooo. Moooooooooo." Linda wasn't sure how many mo's
would indicate pain, so she kept it up until Sue finally inflated the catheter.

"That's done too. You are almost ready now. We just have to sew your fuck hole

Linda was frantic. The strain on her arms and back was getting worse her body
ached from yesterdays exercise and her fuck hole felt cold and stretched. Linda
braced herself for more pain.

Sue took hold of Linda's pussy lips and pulled them out as far as they would go
then clamped them together. She threaded the needle with black and red twined
nylon thread and then pinching and squeezing the lips put the needle at the base
of the lips. With one push, the needle went through the clamped pussy lips and
came out on the outer side.


The pain was extremely bad. She totally forgot to moooo and started to move her
torso around to avoid the needle.

"Hold still cow or I might have to stick a pole up your ass to hold you in

Mind your language too. That will earn you another nice little treatment. A cow
needs to learn to speak properly."

"Let try that again cow"

Sue pushed the needle through again and pulled the thread tight. The first
stitch was in place.

"Mooooooooooaaaaaooooo   Mooooaaaaaaaaooo." Linda hollered.

"That's better you fat side of beef"

Sue continued to sew and Linda cried in her hood making the best cow sound she
could. Her pussy lips were in pain not only did the needle hurt but also the
thread was pulled tight cutting into the flesh.

"All finished. Nothing will leak out your fuck hole now cow and I bet tomorrow
you will be a wet and horny cow. Ready to fuck a whole barn full of bulls"

"Now we still have one more little thing since you forgot yourself by speaking

"What would be a good punishment?"

"I know. Stick out your tongue."

Linda was having trouble with all the pain she was feeling and barely heard
Sue's order. Somehow, she managed to get her tongue out of her mouth. Sue
grabbed her tongue pulling out and down and then with one hard push the needle
went right through her tongue. She had put a new thread in the needle and she
continued to pull on the thread until the needle reached Linda's clit. Gently
just poking the needle on the clit.

"This looks like a good place to tie of your tongue don't you think cow?"

"MMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOO" Linda was absolutely panicked. She didn't want her clit
pierced and her tongue attached to her clit.

"I'm so happy you a agree you little fat cow. It's a perfect spot to tie off
your tongue."

With that, Sue pushed the needle right through the base of Linda's clit and then
tied off the thread.

"All done you look so pretty with your new outfit on. That black and red thread
really goes well with the rest of your outfit. Linda heard none of this she had
passed out when the needle pushed through the clit.

"Ah I see you decided to take a nap cow."

Sue felt good about her treatment of the cow. She really felt she had done a
good job. She suspected Master had been watching the whole time from his desk
and she felt a sudden urge to wave but stopped herself in the last second.

Master had indeed been watching and so had Tina and Gina. They really felt sorry
for Linda. She was the one that had suffered the most out of the four of them.
Tina was of course very familiar with the cage and the horrors that could be
inflicted on anybody in there. She was just grateful she wasn't the one in there
now. Gina had by all accounts had the easiest time of the foursome. Although she
had suffered the brutal rape onboard and the piercing, she had the most comfort
as well. She really had started to enjoy the morning and evening fucking Master
gave her. To Gina life wasn't so bad. Not they way it used to be but all things
considered this wasn't bad at all. In a strange way Gina almost felt happy the
only thing worrying her was the encounter with Sammy today.

"Tina I will give you a choice since you seems to have real problem with your
trip to the whore house."

"Yes Master."

Tina became hopeful there had been a change of plans and she would be able to
stay on the island.

"We could use another cow for milking. So you can either choose to be a cow
slave or continue your training by going to the whorehouse and then maybe end up
a pony, serving slave or if you fail simply just a whore."

"If you choose the cow training I'll have Sue come and get you right away. Since
you already had some injections and should be milking anyway it might not take
you long before you are ready for the barn"

Tina's hopes where crushed just as quickly as they had appeared in her mind. She
had seen Linda's treatment and none of it appealed to her in the least. It also
meant there was no chance of ever being a serving slave. On the other hand, the
whorehouse scared her, she couldn't help feeling once she went there she would
never come back.

"Master I don't know. It so hard to decide." Tina tried stalling for time.

"I'll let you think about it until tomorrow but then you will have to decide or
I will decide for you."

"Thank you Master."

"Now go call Sarah to bring up lunch and the it time for you Gina to go see


Tina went and called Sarah and lunch was brought up. Sarah stayed for lunch and
afterwards Tina was ordered to help Sarah in the kitchen until dinnertime.

"Stop by the lab on your way to the kitchen Tina and have Alex give you your
treatments. Sarah you stay and help if Alex needs any help with Tina."

"Yes, Master. I'll make sure she gets her treatments." Sarah replied.

Tina had hoped when she was ordered to help in the kitchen that would mean her
treatment was at least postponed if nothing else. Tina's hopes were again
crushed there was no relief; it was simply best to just except and comply.

The three slaves left the Master's quarters and headed for their afternoon
delights or frights as the case maybe. Sarah and Tina headed for Alex's lab and
Gina took the long walk alone to see Sammy at the stables.

Gina walked slowly as if that would help her avoid getting her new ring. She
passed Tom on her way and waved to him. He seemed like a nice man even if Gina
never had any close contact with him.  He smiled and waved back to Gina. For a
second Gina thought he must know why I'm headed toward the stables. Sammy was
waiting for Gina when she arrived. Sammy was smoking a cigarette and drinking
coffee. Except for dinner, which she usually went up to the kitchen and ate with
Sarah, she could manage by herself and did rarely leave the stables unless
Master called her. Sammy was more or less the Mistress of the stables and nobody
bothered her very much. The only thing Sammy really missed was the lack of
Master's fucking and attention. She could certainly use a little more of that.
Still Sammy was happy and she just loved the horses and being able to go riding
as she wished.

"Hello Gina. Ready for your last ring and branding?"

"Branding?" Gina asked surprised.

"Yes you need to be branded too. Both Sarah and I have been branded and Sue as

"Master didn't say anything about being branded." Gina thought maybe this was
Sammy's idea.

"No I'm sure he didn't tell you that since he likes a few surprises now and
again but he messaged me, so you are getting branded too. The iron is already
heating up but lets get the ring in first."

Gina didn't really know what to say or do. She couldn't run there was no place
to run. She couldn't refuse Sammy would simply tie her down and brand her

"Better to get it over with Gina. It has to be done and this will be the last
two things you have to come here for unless you just come for a little visit at
night." Sammy said with a grin.

"Ok Sammy. "

"Get up on the table and spread your legs wide. I am not going to restrain you
for this."

Gina got up on the table and spread her legs, bracing herself for the pain to
come. Sammy stepped up between her legs and started rubbing Gina's clit. It felt
good but Gina knew that wouldn't last long. She closed her eyes; it was better
not to watch.

Sammy rubbed something cool on Gina's clit.

"This will numb the clit and you won't feel as much pain." Sammy told her.

"Thank you Sammy."

Gina knew that Sammy didn't need to ease her pain at all and she was grateful to
Sammy for this small mercy. Soon Gina could barely feel Sammy rubbing her clit.

She felt the needle going through at the base of her clit but there was no real

When the heated needle was inserted, Gina did feel that but in comparison to her
nipples and pussy lips piercing sessions, this was just a mild burning.

"OOOuch." Gina still cried out.

"I didn't think you would feel much at all. I guess I should have waited a
little longer."

"It not bad Sammy. I am just grateful you numbed my clit."

"No problem. Unfortunaly, I can't do that for the branding but I would if I

Gina had hoped maybe Sammy would use that same liquid to numb her for the
branding but she wouldn't beg. Sammy had probably done more than she really
should for her. Sammy put the ring in her clit and then soldered it together.
Gina felt the ring heat up a little but this had still been a breeze. Gina
looked down at her pussy and got a little excited. Even though she had fretted
this piercing, it looked good down there.

"You look really pretty down there now and you are now a fully ringed slave
Gina. You still have to care for this piercing just like you do the others until
the holes heals. Be careful to keep it really clean. This one you definitely
don't want to get infected.

We might have to cut off your clit then." Sammy laughed a little at the end.

Gina wasn't sure if she was serious or not but decided not to ask. Ignorance can
sometimes be better.

"Now lets get you branded too. No point in waiting. Better to get it done."

"Turn around and bend over the table."

Gina did as Sammy told her. She couldn't help shaking, this would hurt badly,
and she knew it. Sammy pulled a wide leather strap across Gina's mid section and
pulled it tight. Sammy knew that Gina would most likely pass out from the pain
and she didn't want her to slip off the table. She cleaned the area of Gina's
right hip with rubbing alcohol, making sure it was clean.

"Here bite down on this. Master wouldn't be happy if you bit your tongue off."
Sammy chuckled.

Gina took the rubber bone Sammy had handed her, put it in her mouth, and bit
down on it.


Before Gina could answer, Sammy pushed the red-hot iron into her hip. A sizzling
sound was heard and the smell of burnt flesh hit Gina's nostrils.


Gina screamed at the top of her lungs. The searing pain in her hip was something
she never had even imagined in her wildest dream. Gina passed out and she lay
slumped over the table. Without the restraint she would have been one big heap
at the end of the table since her legs gave out first. Gina wasn't aware but she
had also peed herself as the iron touched her hip. Sammy had been standing well
to the side expecting Gina would pee they always did loose control. When she
branded cows they were of course given a blocker and never passed out but they
did pee. Sammy put cream on the brand to help it heal properly. She left Gina
alone and went to get some more coffee. Sammy did want Gina to be comfortable
coming back for a visit just to eat her pussy again and the better she treated
Gina the more likely that was going to happen or at least Gina would be more
willing when it happened.

Gina was out cold for half and hour when she finally started to wake up.

The first thing she felt was the burning pain in her hip. The cream that Sammy
had put helped but it still burnt pretty bad. Her clit was throbbing and a
little swollen but that wasn't so bad. Gina tried to stand up but found herself
still strapped down to the table.

"You are awake. Here let me undo the strap"

"It burns so bad." Gina had tears in her eyes.

"It will hurt the rest of the day and tonight but by tomorrow you will feel a
lot better. I'll give you cream to put on every 3 or 4 hours and that will help
it to heal and make it not sting so much." Sammy explained.

"Want a mirror to see what it looks like?"

"Yes..I would." Gina was still sobbing a little; the burning was still rather

Sammy handed her a mirror and Gina held it out to the side so she could see the

The brand read: PROPERTY OF DEVIL'S ISLAND underneath was 2 stars.

"What does the two stars mean?" Gina asked.

"Means that you are now a 2 star slave Gina. When you get your next star, I'll
brand another star there. As you can see I have 4 star there."

Sammy turned so Gina could see Sammy's brand on her hip.

"What does that mean exactly a 2 star slave?"

"It means that you have completed your conversion to slave. It also means that
you will never be a cow or bitch slave. Pony slaves are sometimes 2 star slaves
so that is still a possibility. Once you get your third star, you can feel
reasonably sure you will stay Master's serving slave or house slave. The only
thing you have to worry about then is being sold or traded to another Master
until you get your fourth star. After that, you'll stay on the island the rest
of your life. Like me and Sarah and I hear Sue might be getting her fourth star
soon too." Sammy explained to Gina.

"What about Tina, Linda and Jackie?" Gina asked.

"Not sure what the plans for Tina are after all Master doesn't tell me or Sarah
everything. Sarah might know more than me but I doubt it. Linda will head to the
barn in a few days I understand so she will never get any stars. Jackie well she
is the bitch and won't be getting any stars either. Other than that I really
don't know and you shouldn't ask Master either. That's the sort of thing that
would give you nice punishment."

Gina nodded.

"You better head back to Master. I will see you tonight again. We are all having
dinner in Masters quarters tonight."

"I didn't know that but I'll see you tonight then and thanks again." Gina said.

"Bye. "

Gina left the stables. She felt the burning pain on her hip but she felt a lot
better now. Even happy. She now had some Idea of what her future held in store
for her and that gave her some sense of security. Gina hurried along for some
reason she couldn't explain she was eager to show Master her new decorations.

Tina and Sarah had in the meantime arrived at Alex's lab. The walk there hadn't
been real easy for Tina with her pussy lips still stretched by the thigh cuffs.
The sting and burning had almost disappeared but it was still painful to walk
with the constant pulling and tugging on her lips. Sarah had walked at a normal
pace and not allowing Tina to slow down. Sarah didn't like the lab and she
wasn't thrilled with Alex either. She wanted this visit to be as quick as
possible so she could return to her kitchen, where she was her own Mistress more
or less.

"There you are. I have been waiting for you and I have preparations to make here
in the lab, so lets get you strapped in and taken care of. " Alex told them.

"Sarah strap the whore down while I get the injections ready."

"Yes Mistress"

Sarah led Tina over to the udder treatment table and motioned Tina to kneel.
First, she put the large leather strap around Tina's waist and pulled it tight.
The second strap was pulled across her upper thighs and pulled tight as well.
Tina was now secured to the base of the table in a kneeling position. Sarah
pulled Tina's arm behind her and the wrists cuffs were locked together. Her
udders were now resting on the table top and ready for another injection
treatment. Alex approached and put the tray she was carrying down on a side
table. She adjusted her chair and lit a cigarette.

"Lets see what we have here. Master sent down new instructions we have to follow
with your treatment. I guess he changed his mind in certain aspects of your

Alex was squeezing Tina's udders while she spoke. This caused Tina some
discomfort but no real pain. Tina was however worried about what the new
instruction were. The uncertainty nagged at her while Alex continued to squeeze
her udders hard. Tina groaned because of the rough treatment she was receiving.
Alex proceeded to remove the tubes on her suckers and pinching and squeezing
them as well. Tina let out a few more groans as the harsh handling of her udders

Alex measured the suckers and used a needle to prick them. Tina's groans
increased since her suckers were still sore and very sensitive from the
stretching and injections.

"Your suckers are at an inch now whore and nice and thick. Still very sensitive
it looks like" Alex said as she continued the pricking and pinching of Tina's

"They are getting hard to. Are you getting horny, whore? And wet?" Alex asked.

"Yes Mistress"

Tina couldn't really help starting to get excited even if Alex handling of her
udders was rougher than she liked it. Tina had never liked rough sex. Still the
constant rubbing and touching did stir her excitement that couldn't be helpt.
Her body simply reacted to the stimulation it was receiving. Tina had a slight
feeling of shame. She shouldn't really get excited the way this woman treated
her and yet there was something erotic about being degraded and helpless as she
was. Tina could not understand these emotions. The line between pain and
pleasure was starting to become blurred for Tina.

"Sarah stick a couple of fingers in the whore and show me how wet she is

Sarah knelt down and had no difficulty getting 3 fingers in Tina's fuck hole.
Without really thinking, Tina spread her legs as much as the strap around the
thighs would allow.

Sarah moved her fingers around inside Tina for a few moments while Alex still
worked on the udders and suckers. This caused Tina to get even more excited and
she started moaning with pleasure.

"Better stop Sarah. We don't want the whore to think this is a pleasure session.
So how wet is she?"

"She is wet Mistress. She isn't dripping wet but wet enough for easy entry of
even a large thick cock." Sarah replied.

"That good enough then. I'll put some more paste in her fuck hole before you
leave it seems that it has some effect after all. We filled the cow up earlier
and if this works with the small amount I put in this whore the cow should be
streaming juices in a day or two." Alex laughed at the thought of Linda getting
so wet that juices would run or even stream out of her pussy.

"Do you feel good and happy about your improvements whore?"

Yes Mistress" Tina answered. She had learnt there was no point in saying
anything different even if she felt degraded and humiliated when she looked in
the mirror.

"I bet you do. All the other whores at the house will be envious of you. You are
privileged to have all these very necessary changes made to your tools of the

"You must remember to thank Master properly for allowing you to have these
improvements made." Alex continued.

Tina didn't feel particularly grateful and she wasn't grateful for having to go
to the whorehouse. She only felt humiliated and degraded and yet there was that
tiny feeling of excitement she could quite explain or make sense off.

"I know you will be disappointed to hear this but Master has decided that your
suckers are good enough with a length of 1 inch, so we won't be treating them
today. That goes for your clit too if that measures up of course. Your udders
need one more injection to make them a nice 38DD. I know you wanted them much
larger and I was looking forward to really pump you up so to speak, maybe when
you get back from the whorehouse we will get a chance to grant your wish." Alex
told Tina.

Tina felt relieved. She sure didn't want that big udders.

"Since you are not showing any signs of producing milk yet. I will give you
another injection into your glands, that should have you milking or at least
produce some low-grade milk the day after tomorrow. That will make you happy I'm
sure whore."

Tina wasn't sure if that required an answer or not but to be on the safe side
she replied.

"Yes Mistress"

"Yes Mistress what whore?"

"Yes Mistress that makes me happy." Tina said meekly.

"Lets see if you learnt anything from our last session." Alex said.

Tina wasn't sure what she meant or wanted. Clearly, she was supposed to say or
do something now. Then she remembered that she had to ask for her treatments.
Tina really didn't want do that but if she didn't it would just prolong her
agony in the lab.

"Please Mistress. Inject my udders and make them larger and milk producing."

That was Tina's best effort.

"Nice try but still not quite the right way to ask for a favor. You need a bit
more humility."

Tina's mind was racing. What else could she say?

"Please Mistress. Would you be so kind and inject this whores udders and make
them larger and milk producing." Tina tried.

"That is much better. Never forget to include what you are when asking for
something. In your case that is a whore well you are really just a wannabee
whore right now but I'll overlook that. You'll be a full fledged whore soon
enough." Alex laughed.

"Since you asked so nicely, of course I will inject you whore. So let get those
udders pumped up and squirting."

Tina braced herself for the pain she was soon to feel in her udders while Alex
filled 4 syringes.

"Ready whore?"

"Yes Mistress."

"I added a little irritant to these injections since we are not pumping you up
full force. I wouldn't want you miss out on anything."

Alex didn't wait for any response but grabbed Tina's left sucker and pushed the
needle in all the way to the base of the udder.


"Such a baby you are that didn't hurt."

"But you do sing almost as pretty as the cow does."

Tina wasn't listing and Alex proceeded to insert the second syringe into the
right sucker.


"You are bit off key with your singing whore. Lets see if you get your scale
right when I insert the needles in your glands."

Alex picked up the third syringe and feeling around Tina's left udder located
the milk gland. She inserted the needle into the gland, which brought a new
series of screams and hollering from Tina.

"Three needles in one to go."

Alex picked up the fourth syringe and located the gland in the right udder. When
she roughly pushed that needle into Tina's milk gland, Tina gave up one more
scream and passed out from the pain in her udders.

"Oh dear. The whore got so excited she passed out Sarah." Alex turned toward

"It appears that she did Mistress. Shall I revive her?"

"No lets have a cigarette and see if she comes around. It will be a nice
awakening for her. When she does, I want you to inject the fluids in her left
udder at the same time as I do the right one. That way we save time by giving
her 4 injections at once." Alex said with an evil grin on her face.

"Yes Mistress" Sarah replied.

Sarah knew that these injections hurt badly even if she had never had any milk
inducing injections. Pushing the fluid in from 4 syringes at the same time would
be incredibly painful. The burning and stinging would be extremely bad.

"What irritant did you add Mistress?"

"Oh just some artificial mosquito venom. It will make the udders itch like crazy
once the burning subsides. The whore will be dying to have her udders massaged
to ease the itching. Sadly it only last a few days." Alex explained.

Sarah shuddered. She could almost feel her own udders itch just from that

"Want to try some in yours Sarah?"

"No thank you Mistress. It might delay dinner for tonight."

A very clever answer Alex thought. Sarah is really to smart for her own good.
Sarah was very pleased with her answer. The treat that dinner might be delayed
if Alex gave her udders an irritant injection was enough to stop Alex from
insisting on it. Which she of course could have and Sarah would have had no
choice but to offer up her udders for injection. Alex knew better than to do
something that would irritate Master no end. She could very well end up with
itching tits and more if that happened so Alex had to drop the idea of injecting
Sarah. Still Tina would be a nice sight to see and observe during dinner.

"Looks like the whore is still out cold. Bring me some coffee from the kitchen

"Yes Mistress."

Sarah left to get the coffee for Alex. This was Alex's way of letting Sarah know
she was still in charge even if Sarah had been clever. It took Sarah about 10
minutes to make and bring coffee to Alex. When she retuned Alex was busy moving
the syringes around inside Tina's udders just to irritate them even more. Tina
was still passed out but she was starting to stir.

"Here is your coffee Mistress."

"Good. Just put here on the side table."

"You are back again with us you little whore. How nice of you to join us again."

Tina just groaned and when she opened her eyes, she was terrified to see the
four syringes still dangling from her udders. She was still a little dazed but
the pain was still there and it would not get any better once Alex started the

"Lets make sure you are totally awake whore. I wouldn't want you to miss out on
anything and we still have your clit to deal with too. That might need another
injection and stretching." Alex cheerfully told Tina.

Tina started shaking and she really felt ill with fear. Her udders, pussy lips,
suckers, clit hurt, and her ass was still bruised from the cropping. Tina just
wanted to fade away to place of no pain and humiliation. Alex popped a capsule
under Tina's nose to make her alert again.

"Are you ready whore?"

"Yeeesss Mistress. Tina replied in labored voice.

"Excellent. Get ready to sing a real pretty tune then whore."

"Sarah on the count of three start pushing in the fluids from both syringes"

Alex took hold of the syringes lodged in the right udder and Sarah took hold of
the other two in the left udder.

"I decided it was quicker to do it all at once. Don't you agree whore?"

Tina just looked horrified and her whole body shook hard.

"I said. Don't you agree whore?" Alex repeated.

"Yes Mistress. " Tina finally stammered. She just couldn't stop shaking.


"Oh I forgot to tell you Sarah. You have to pull out the needle slowly of the
syringe with the udder expansion fluid, so it gets distributed evenly in the
udder. The milk inducing one you just empty and then pull out."

"Yes Mistress I understand."

"Good. Ready then?"

"Yes Mistress"

"Are you ready as well whore?"

"Yes Mistress." Tina managed to get out. She wanted to scream just get on with
it you cruel bitch but that would have been a very big mistake and she knew it.

"Let start over then."


"Oh and wiggle the needles to make a little room in there Sarah."

"Yes Mistress."

"Ok. Now we should be ready. Take a last look a your puny udders in a few
seconds you'll have brand new ones" Alex laughed. She was enjoying this mental
anguish she was causing Tina.



Tina braced herself.



Tina hollered the burning and stinging in her udders was beyond anything she
ever felt before. Hot coals in her udders would have been less painful. Tina
continued to scream and holler as Alex and Sarah slowly worked the syringes.
Tina let go a stream of pee she could not help herself. She screamed and

"Now that is a real pretty song. We should do this more often." Alex chuckled.

"Are you enjoying it too Sarah?"

Alex was still going to get back at Sarah for her clever answer earlier.

"Yes. It is very nice Mistress." Sarah replied as softly as she could get away
with. Hoping Tina was in too much pain to even hear her.

Finally, the syringes were emptied and pulled out of Tina's now very swollen

Alex popped another capsule under Tina's nose to keep her from fainting again.

Tina was sobbing hard now but she had stopped screaming. Tears were running down
her cheeks and making a big mess of her make up. Her udders were now at least
one size bigger and to Tina it felt like they were on fire and would explode any

"Release the whore so we can get on with her clit, bush and fuck hole
treatments. It is getting late since the whore decided to take a nap in the
middle of everything."

Sarah undid the straps that held Tina in place and steadied her as she was
trying to stand up.

"No time for nonsense now whore. Spread your legs wide."

Tina's legs were still a bit wobbly but she managed with Sarah's help to stand
up and spread her legs.

"Wider whore. I need to have good access to the fuck hole, so I can paste your
insides. Can't have you show up at the whorehouse with a dry hole can we?"

Alex waited a few seconds for a reply when none came she repeated.

"Can we whore?"

"No. No. We can't. Mistress."  Tina replied very subdued.

"Your are right. There is nothing worse than fucking a dry holed whore."

Tina spread her legs a little wider putting even more strain on her already
stretched pussy lips. This of course was the whole idea from Alex's standpoint.
Alex dipped her brush in the paste and roughly stuck it and spread the paste
around inside Tina's fuck hole. The cool feeling inside wasn't bad and Tina
would hardly notice it anyway. Her udders had all her attention. They burned.
When Alex was satisfied, she spread enough paste inside Tina she put down the
paste and removed the tube from her clit.

"Let see if you measure up here."

Alex measured the clit, pinching and pulling on it. This made Tina utter some
loud groans. Her clit was very sensitive and swollen.

"Ah too bad looks like your clit has reached the magic number of an inch like
Master wanted. So I'm afraid I can't give you a bigger one down there. I know
you are disappointed about that whore but look on the bright side it is nice and
thick and very sensitive. Gets nice and hard to when you pinch it. You will be a
big success at the whorehouse."

"Lets just smear some of this nice oil on your bush. There is no noticeable
improvement there." Alex stated as a matter of fact.

Rubbing the oil into Tina's bush produced only a warm tingling feeling on her
skin nothing more. Tina drew a sigh of relief. The treatment was over maybe
Master would give her a break, let her rest, and recover.

"Before you go, get on you knees and clean up the mess you made whore."

Alex tossed her a towel and Tina dropped to her knees and started wiping up her
own pee from the floor. When she was done Sarah had to help her stand up again
her legs were still a bit unstable and the 6 inch heels didn't make things

"Off you go then and I'll see you tonight at dinner." Alex said.

Alex turned away, went over to her desk, and started doing some paperwork. Sarah
and Tina left the lab and headed for the kitchen.

"The worst is over now Tina." Sarah said in a consoling voice.

"It burns so bad I can't stand it. Every part of my body is in pain and they
will send me to a whorehouse." Tina was sobbing almost uncontrollably now.

"Don't think about that know. Try and think about something pleasant. Take your
mind of the burning."

"Pleasant. Like what? Is there anything pleasant about this place?" Tina was
still sobbing hard.

"Actually there is but I can understand you don't see that now. The first weeks
are the worst but both Sammy and I are very happy here now and you will be too
in time." Sarah tried to make Tina feel better.

"How can I be happy in a whorehouse. What kind of whorehouse is it anyway?" Tina
started crying.

" I don't know. I never been there or talked to anybody that has but I'll tell
you what I'll do." Sarah said.


"If I get a chance. I'll talk to Master and see if I can get him to change his

"He won't. He gave me a choice of the whorehouse or train as a cow slave like
that Linda girl they been torturing."

"Still I have ways with Master sometimes. I won't say he is kind but he is
caring and a broken down slave is of no value to him."

"I don't think you can help but thanks for offering. Maybe they will just kill
me at the whorehouse."

"They won't do that. Master would never allow that."

"I guess not. That would spoil his fun." Tina replied still sobbing and crying.
She was hurting bad.

Sarah made a mental note of speaking with Master. Tina was about to go over the
edge and become a suicidal babbling idiot. She had been pushed a little to hard
and if she was pushed further she would go over the edge and be useless.

"Still I will talk with Master so don't give up yet Tina." Sarah said in a soft

She reached out and stroked poor Tina. Tina put her head on her shoulder and
relished the soft stroking and touches by Sarah. When they arrived in the
kitchen Sarah told Tina just to sit down, relax and try and not think about her
burning udders. She gave Tina the task of peeling potatoes, which she could do
without moving around. Sarah also went over to her messenger and sent a brief
message to Master just in case he had not been watching the two of them walking
back from the lab. Sarah started to prepared dinner. She was running late since
the lab had taken much longer that she had thought it would.

Master had indeed been watching. He had been watching both Gina's and Tina's
treatments and heard every word that was said. Gina had returned in time to see
the last bit of Tina's treatment. She was now kneeling beside Master waiting for
him to inspect her brand and clit ring. Gina could relate to Tina. The brand was
still burning the difference was she had cream to put on there for relief and
help healing, Tina had no relief. Gina's clit had started throbbing the numbness
had worn off.

Gina felt sorry for Tina. Since she had charge of Tina, she had at least gotten
to know her a little not like Linda and Jackie whom she had never spoken a word


"Yes Gina"

"Can I ask something?"

"What Gina?"

"Do you think Tina has had too much?"

"Why do you ask that?"

"Since I'm supposed to be in charge of Tina, I thought maybe I needed to do

"Do something like what?"

"I don't know Master. It just looked like she is about to go crazy."

"In other words you think her treatment has been to severe. Is that what you are
telling me?" Master asked in a firm voice.

Gina cursed herself for starting this conversation. Now she was getting herself
in trouble.

"Master. Maybe Tina isn't as strong has she wanted you to believe." Gina was now

At that moment, the message from Sarah appeared on the screen.

"It looks like Sarah might have concerns too Master." Gina ventured.

Master turned to Gina and looked at her with a grim face. Gina was very worried
now. Had she made a big mistake here trying to help Tina? Could this effect the
2 stars she had now. Gina started to shake a little seeing Masters face and she
started to sweat a little.

"Stand up." Master ordered her. His face still had a grim look to it.

Gina stood up and spread her legs slightly. Maybe she could redeem herself with
extra good behavior.

"Let me see that ring in your clit."

Gina spread her legs wider and used her hands to spread her pussy lips. Master
tugged on the ring gently but even so, she felt some pain when he did.

"Turn around."

Gina turned to show the brand on her hip, still feeling nervous about Masters
tone and facial expression.


Gina dropped to her knees with her back straight and hands behind her back.
Lowering her head, she waited for Masters next command.

"Looks good. I can't use your pussy for a few weeks but that will give your ass
hole a chance for a good workout until you are back in full service. Once the
piercings are healed, I will have you neutered. The brand will heal in about a
week but until then, you better sleep on your stomach. You also need to put on
your new collar with 2 stars on it. It is on the table beside the bed. Go get it
and I will unlock the one you have now."

Gina decided not to even think about the neutering business for now. Even if she
had a good idea what that meant. She quickly rose and went to retrieve her new

She hurried back and knelt by Masters side bowing her head and pushing her hair
out of the way. She held out the new collar in her hands. Master bent down and
with a click the collar opened up. Master removed the collar and took the new
one from Gina's hands and with another click her new collar was in place.

"Did Sammy explain what the 2 star means for you?"

"Yes she did Master."

"And you are willing to serve Gina?"

"Yes Master."

"How willing?"

"I'll do anything you ask of me Master and will obey you in everything."

 "Without question?"

"Yes Master."

"Yet you question my treatment of Tina."

" I'm sorry Master. I spoke out of turn."

Gina was shaking now and feeling nervous. She just got her new collar and she
had screwed up before the collar was even put on. Gina had really settled in
with Master and she now felt secure and safe serving him even if his treatment
was harsh at times. Now she was afraid things would change. Maybe Tina would
take her place. Maybe putting the collar on her was just a trick and it would be
removed again. Gina's mind was going in all kinds of directions.

"Yes you certainly did. Is that a good way to start as a 2 star slave?"

"No Master. "

"Would you like to keep your new collar?"

Gina shuddered. She felt sure she would lose the collar now.

"Yes Master. I'll do anything to keep it. Please Master I am sorry for speaking
out of turn."

"I am sure you are but as you know sorry is only a 5 letter word."

"Yes Master."

"So what do you suggest we do to correct this then?"

"Anything you want Master."

"Very well. After dinner tonight you will go around the table and ask each one
to punish you. You will explain why you are being punished and you will except
whatever punishment each ones hands out."

"Yes Master. Thank you Master."

Gina was worried. Everybody would be at dinner tonight this would not be a
pleasant evening. The waiting and with both Alex and Sue there it was bound to
be painful. Sarah and Sammy worried her less and Tina was hardly in any shape to
dish out any harsher punishment.

"Now you are quite right and so is Sarah. Tina is about to break and something
needs to be done. Your mistake was that until you have 4 stars like Sarah you
should not offer opinions that are not asked for. Now do you understand why
there are different stars? It not just the reasons Sammy gave you."

"Yes Master. I understand that 4 stars mean they are trusted and proven slaves
and they have some privileges.

"Good. You will continue to make these types of mistakes but as long as you
learn from them and of course carry out your tasks correctly. You have a chance
of becoming a 4 star slave one day. You have the potential."

As Master was saying this, he stroked Gina's face and head and Gina felt a
strange sense of belonging even love for the man. Certainly she would do
whatever she could to please him and not just to avoid pain and punishment but
because she was starting to feel a need to.

"Now then what do you suggest we do with Tina?"

"Master it isn't for me to say."

Gina didn't want to make any more mistakes on that score.

"Gina. If and when I do ask you for your opinions then you can speak freely.
Your mistake was that you started that topic."

"Yes Master. I understand that now."

"Alright then what do you suggest?"

"Well Master. I think Tina needs a break and maybe some kind treatment. If you
send her to the whorehouse now, even though I have no idea what that is like, I
think she will crack completely. Master, Tina really wants to stay on the island
and not be sold or traded. She told me so. Tina is very afraid of what will
happen to her if she leaves here Master. Even though she has been treated very
harshly here the last two days spent here with us made her feel secure. I think
that Tina would be a good slave given the chance Master. I know she was trouble
at first but I think her thinking and emotions have changed more than you think

Gina held her breath was she over the line again.

" Perhaps you are right, Gina. So what do you suggest we do with Tina then?"

Gina relaxed. Master had not tricked her. When asked she could speak freely. Of
course, she still had to be respectful, not any type of language would be

"Maybe just keep her here with you Master or maybe assign her to Sarah in the
kitchen. Give her a chance to heal and then if you still wish send her to the
whorehouse but if you send her now I feel certain she will break beyond repair."

"Say nothing to Tina or Sarah tonight. Tina will stay here tonight. I will tell
Sarah to bring breakfast for 4 in the morning and we will hear what Sarah has to

"In front of Tina Master?"

"No. I will send her down to the kitchen with the dishes and have her wait for
Sarah there."

"That's sounds like a good plan Master."

"I'm happy you approve slave." Master chuckled.

Gina knew that meant free speech was no over and she needed to revert to her
total slave mode.

"Go lay down and rest before dinner. I do not have and need of you right now."

"Yes Master."

Gina rose and went over to the bed to lie down.  She still had mixed feelings.
Sometimes it was hard to figure Master out. He could be very kind one minute and
then firm and demanding the next. Still Gina felt good, she was still sore in
places, but emotionally she was starting to feel like a human again. Granted a
slave human but then she had never liked to be in charge even in her other life.
Other life Gina thought how strange that sounded now. This was her life now.
Gina drifted of to sleep. Master in the meantime was still busy. He had spent
the whole afternoon watching the monitors. Jackie had been left alone in her day
pen with the hounds. Sue had looked in on her but not done any real training.
Sue had quite rightly kept a much closer eye on the cow and assisted Alex when
she finally made it down there to give the cow's suckers another injection and
replaced her stretching tubes.  The cow had moooed loudly of course but her
suckers were now setting at 2 inches. When the tubes are removed tomorrow or the
day after the cow's suckers should stay pretty much at 2 inches long and fairly
thick. The cow still needed another milk inducing injection and the last udder
inflating or growth injection to take her up to 40DD.  Still after the weekend,
the cow could be moved to the barn.

Jackie had of course been fucked both in her ass and pussy all day by the hounds
and she had done pretty well settling in the role as a bitch. Mentally she
needed to get more treatment otherwise she would possibly rebel one of these
days; she had shown that this morning but it wasn't urgent. Sue would have to
deal with that. At the moment Jackie was busy having Hannibal's cock in her ass.
Urging him on the way she had been told to do. Jackie or the bitch as Master
referred to her now was in need of a bath. She hadn't been cleaned in days. Her
stockings were also torn and looked tacky on her now. Tina was busy peeling
potatoes and other vegetables in the kitchen, tears still running down her cheek
and sobbing, her make up was a mess. Master sent a message to Sarah to send Tina
up a little bit in advance so she would have a chance to clean up for dinner.
Master made one final glance at the cow in the cage. She was suffering badly
from the position she was hanging in and had been all day. Sue would have to re
arrange her for the night otherwise she might loose all feeling in her arms.

Master stood up and stretched, just enough time for a nap before dinner. He went
over to the bed. Gina semi asleep without thinking snuggled up to Master on the
bed. Master smiled. Gina would be a good slave in the end.

                          14. Dinnertime

Tina had arrived back at Master's quarters and was now enjoying some time in the
shower. Master had said nothing to her when she arrived back except get yourself
cleaned up and presentable for dinner. Gina had gone into the bathroom to help
Tina and to freshen up as well.

"Things will be ok now Tina." Gina whispered.

"No they won't." Tina sobbed.

"Trust me Tina. It will be ok. I can't say more now but you are sleeping here
tonight and tomorrow you'll see." Gina was still whispering.

"Are you sure? Really sure?" Tina asked.

"Yes but I can't say more now." Gina replied.

Gina hoped the shower had drowned out the conversation otherwise she might be in
even more trouble.

If Master had been at his desk he would have both heard and seen what was going
on in the bathroom but as luck would have it for Gina, he was sitting on the
couch and smoking with a drink. Gina helped Tina dry off after her shower and
then handed her a pair of white stockings to put on. She also gave Tina white
6inch heels to wear. Tina was dressed in white and Gina in black. Tina fully
expected Gina to put her thigh straps back on and stretch her pussy lips but
Gina put those straps away.

"Shouldn't you put on my straps?" Tina asked.

"No Master told me to just dress you without any extras."

"Really?" Tina asked.

"Yes, do not worry about it."

"You have stars in your collar Gina I wish I had some too." Tina was about to
start crying again.

"Yes but don't cry now we don't have time to do your make up again."

"Come Master is waiting."

"What is that on your hip Gina? Let me see."

Tina bent down to take a look at Gina's brand.

"Oh that must have hurt terribly."

"It did and it still does but it is ok." Gina replied.

Gina attached a leash to Tina's collar and again prompted her to move along.
Tina was still in pain but it felt good to be able to walk without the pulling
and stretching of her pussy lips. Tina felt a little better now but she was
still very apprehensive. Gina had not had an easy day either and although Gina
now had stars in her collar and Tina had to obey Gina, there was still a form of
kinship between the two women now. Master looked up when the two slaves entered
the main room.

"Come over here and sit on each side of me."

Both Gina and Tina was a little surprised that they would be allowed to sit next
to Master instead of kneel beside him.

"Gina. I have decided to postpone your punishment until tomorrow. Tina in case
Gina has not told you already, you are sleeping here tonight but not in your

 Tina's heart sank she would not get to sleep in the spare bed. Master had
surely though up some uncomfortable way for her to spend the night.

"Instead you will be sleeping in the bed with Gina and me. It will be your task
to take on the ass fucking tonight instead of Gina but she will be allowed to
eat your pussy." Master continued.

Tina felt immediately much better. Even if she had not been fucked in her ass in
a long time. In fact, she only had one cock back there. Still this evening might
be a good experience after all and maybe this meant Master had changed his plans
for her. Maybe just maybe Gina was right after all. Tina looked at Gina and Gina
winked at her with a smile.

"You have nothing to say slave?" Master directed at Tina.

"Sorry Master It was just so unexpected. Thank you Master."

"How long has it been since you had an ass fucking?"

"A very long time Master."

"Ah you will be nice and tight then."

"Yes. Master."

"Gina you better lube her a little then when you prep her."

"Yes Master."

This was even better Master would even allow lube to be used tonight. Tina
started to relax.

"Gina. Your are not off the hook but for tonight it is better to just relax and
I will punish you in the morning."

"Yes Master. Thank you Master."

Gina was actually grateful. Being punished by Master was a lot easier to handle
than having all the others punish her one at the time. The evening was shaping
up a lot better than both Gina and Tina had hoped for. Master was watching Tina
carefully to see her reactions. Master and the two slaves relaxed and made small
talk until there was a knock on the door. Master motioned to Gina to push the
button to open they door. Sarah and Sammy arrived wheeling carts with dinner and
Sarah began setting the table.

"Evening Master." Both Sarah and Sammy greeted Master.

"Evening Sarah, Sammy. Dinner all ready?"

"Yes Master."

"Good then we are just missing Alex and Sue."

"Sue should be along any second she just went to fetch Targ. She had already
feed and put away the bitch." Sammy informed him.

Master glanced over at the monitors and saw that the bitch was lying in her
doghouse. Alex was nowhere in sight on the monitors. Sue and Targ arrived and
Gina again let them in.

"Evening Master." Sue greeted him.

"Evening Sue."

"Hello Targ."

Master petted the Great Dane that had rushed over to see his Master, wagging his
tail happily.

"Wonder where Alex is?" Master said.

"Don't know Master. I haven't seen her since she changed tubes on the cow this
afternoon." Sue replied.

Gina had noticed that Sarah, who was dressed in blue, was also wearing a
half-cup bra and not just the blue stockings and heels. Sammy who was dressed in
black also wore a half-cup bra. Sue was also wearing a bra and was dressed in

"Master." Gina said.

"Yes Gina?"

"Should I have put on a bra just like the others?"

"Yes Gina you should have but I failed to tell you that, so it isn't your fault.
The rule is any slave with stars in her collar dresses up for dinner. That means
wearing a bra for a less formal dinner and if on the rare occasion it is a
formal dinner then you wear panties and a see through dress, all in the same
color, with shoes to match of course." Master explained.

"I'm very sorry Master I didn't know."

"Not your fault this time. I forgot to tell you." Master replied.

Gina rose and went to get a bra. She put on a black half-cup bra and returned to
the couch. Master smiled. Gina was learning fast and she was using her head as

"Should I put on a bra too Master?" Tina asked a little nervously. She didn't
want to mess up what sounded like a good evening.

"No Tina. Only slaves with stars dress up." Master replied.

"Only one thing that is still wrong with your outfits."

"What is that Master." Sarah asked.

"Oh I see now. Sammy and Gina are both in black." Sarah said.

"That's right. Now whose fault is that?"

"Mine Master." Sammy said. I should have told Gina to wear red.

"Yes. Since Gina didn't know about the dinner dress code, you should have
informed her, Sammy. But since it was pure luck that Sarah and Sue didn't match
with Tina or Gina, it could just as well be their fault. In fact it's all three
of you that are at fault." Master said.

"Yes Master." Sarah, Sue and Sammy replied in unison.

"Well. It is a minor error and easily fixed." Master said.

Gina being very alert rose and went to the dressing area and a few minutes later
returned, now dress in all red with red heels. Again, Master was pleased with
Gina. She had gone and changed without a word from him. She was shaping up

"Now everybody is present and correct. Now where is Alex?"

Tina felt a little left out being the only one not wearing a bra. Then again,
she had no stars or a brand either. Alex arrived and Master motioned everybody
to go sit at the table. Gina and Tina trailed after the others not sure where
they should sit or if they even should sit. Master went to the head of the table
where he always sat and Alex went to the opposite end. Sammy took the chair to
the right of Master and Sarah the one to the left. Sue sat next to Sarah and
that only left two places. Gina figured that she was supposed to sit next to
Sammy. Tina was left with only one choice and that was sitting next to Gina just
to the left of Alex. The empty seat was left between Sue and Alex. Sarah and
Sammy got up and started to pass the serving plates around. Sammy poured wine
for everybody. Tina was hungry and her mouth watered when she saw the food. Real
food. Sarah had made filet medallions, with sauteed potatoes, various
vegetables, and a delicious sauce. There where fresh baked bread, still warm and
red wine. Neither Gina nor Tina had tasted wine in a long time. To them this was
a real feast. Sarah had also made a chocolate cake for dessert.

"Lets eat then we will have coffee over at the couch and discuss some things. We
have a few things that needs to be decided here." Master said.

"Master." Tina spoke up.

"Yes Tina."

"Are we allowed to talk during dinner?"

"Ah yes. When we are all having dinner like this then slaves are allowed to talk
freely within proper boundaries of course."

"Thank you Master." Tina felt much better now, emotionally. Her udders still
burned and ached from being so full.

Dinner was a pleasant experience for all even if Tina wished she had been seated
away from Alex. Alex kept giving her udders a glance now and again and gave Tina
a few grins. She did however not say anything to Tina. Dinner was very delicious
and when everybody had finished, they moved over to the couch area for coffee.
Gina and Tina served the coffee and the cake to everybody. Sue was getting a
little fidgety at this point. Targ had been sitting next to Master all through
the meal and he was rewarded with tastes from Master's plate. So even Targ had a
feast, he even got his own plate with cake. He was now lying down at Masters

"Now lets have an update on our new trainees. We can skip Gina. I'm fully up to
date on her progress. As you all can see she has all her rings in, her brand and
now has her 2 stars. She has completed the first stage of her conversion to
slave. Any comments, Gina?"

"No Master."

"Are you happy to be a slave Gina?"

"Yes Master."

"And you will serve and obey in everything?"

"Yes Master. I will do my very best to be a good slave."

"Without question? No matter what is asked of you?"

"Yes Master. Without question."

"Do you wish to stay on the island?"

Gina was now a little unsure what the meaning of that question was. Did she have
a choice? If so what were her choices? Gina quickly figured that if she said no
it probably meant she would be sold to another Master or Mistress and not sent
back where she came from. Gina made a decision.

"I wish to stay on the island and serve you Master." She finally uttered.

"Very good. Then you shall. No going back now Gina."

"I understand Master."

"It will take hard work to earn more stars but you have the potential of one day
be like Sarah and Sammy if you prove to be a loyal, obedient and pleasing
slave." Master continued.

"Yes Master. I will do my very best to always please you."

Gina's fate was now more or less sealed.

"That takes care of Gina. Lets move on to Tina."

Tina felt like she was on trial and she was about to get the jury's verdict.

"Alex. Want to update me on her progress?"

"Sure. Tina as completed her injections as per your instructions. Her suckers
and clit are now an inch long, meaty, but still very sensitive. They should stay
that way now without any further treatments. Her udders once the swelling goes
down should be a perfect 38DD. Nice and perky. Her pussy lips are also done,
they might need a little more stretching but they are now at a nice and meaty 2
inches. Her bush as been treated for thicker growth but no visible results as of
yet. Her fuck hole has also been treated and it appears she gets more easily
excited and wetter now than she used to. She should also start to produce milk
in a day or two. Small amounts at first but then depending on demand and how
often she is milked her production could increase. Basically she is ready for
the whorehouse." Alex concluded.

"Very good. She does look very nice and if the bush treatment works she will
look really good."

"No reason it shouldn't maybe we should shave her and then apply some oil and
let her grow out again. If she is shaved on a regular basis that might help the

"That's certainly worth a try." Master said.

"Tina. Do you feel like you are getting wetter now and more easily excited?"

Tina was almost in shock. They were talking about her like she wasn't there and
Alex had of course mentioned that horrible word whorehouse again. The
uncertainty was really affecting Tina.

"Master. I'm not sure. It is kind of hard to tell." Tina was trying to be

"Any nasty effects from the paste?"

"Not really Master. It stings a little and feels a little irritating at first."

"Lets continue the bush and fuck hole treatment for another week and then see
how you respond Tina."

"Yes Master."

"Gina, tomorrow you will go to the lab."

Gina almost got her coffee down the wrong way and she started coughing.

"And pick up the paste and oil you need to keep Tina's treatments going. It will
be your responsibility to apply those as directed by Mistress Alex."

"Yes. Master" Gina replied with a sigh of relief.

"Tina, you must obey Gina in everything."

"Yes Master."

Tina too was relieved. At least she had another week before she had to go to the
whorehouse and with Gina doing her treatments instead of Alex she would not

"Any comments or questions, Tina?"

"No comments but I do have a question Master."

"What is your question?"

"What will my duties be for the next week while my treatments continue?" Tina

"Mostly you will do what Gina tells you to do but it seems like you work well
with Sarah in the kitchen, so you might be told to help down there too."

"Yes Master."

Tina didn't mind helping Sarah in the kitchen. They got along well. As long as
she wasn't put in Alex's hands, she was happy.

"And after the week is up Master, then what?"

"We will just have to wait and see your progress, Tina."

Tina had hoped for a more definitive answer but it was better than "then you go
to the whorehouse."

"Anything else Tina?"

"No Master."

"Anything more about Tina?"

"No. I don't have anything." Alex said. She was still a little disappointed that
Master wasn't going to send the whore off right away. In Alex's opinion she was
only good for being a whore, they way she had resisted in the beginning. Tina
would make a good moneymaking whore if she was put to work. Alex would make her
views know to Master later. For now, she wouldn't say anything until she had her
lab rat.

They others just shook their heads indicating they had nothing to say on the
topic of Tina.

"Good. Then lets move on to the bitch."

"Sue you haven't started working on her yet have you?"

"No Master. I thought I would get the cow in the barn first then really start to
train the bitch."

"Ok but give the bitch a bath tomorrow and clean her up a bit. How is her
general condition?"

"Yes I will Master. She does need a bath. Her ass hole is stretching nicely, it
still swollen and sore but she can take the hounds easily up there now. Still
not able to get the knots in her ass though but I'll work on that. Her fuck hole
is sore to but she has fewer problems taking the knots there. She still doesn't
stay wet and that's probably why her fuck hole is sore. So maybe we should treat
her with the paste too. She still shows signs of rebelling at times. Over all
with more attention and training she should come along in a few weeks and either
be ready to be breed or sold, whichever you decide Master." Sue finished her

"No milk yet?"

"No Master. She is feeling a little tighter but I think she won't milk unless
she is either breed or Mistress Alex injects her."

"What do you think Alex?"

"I think Sue is right. The pills alone will not bring her to milk."

 "So the question is do we treat her or just forget about having milk from her."

"I think it better to have her not milk." Sammy said.

"Why?" Master asked.

"Because there are no milking equipment in the pens and if the hounds get a
taste for her milk the might nibble at her udders even bite her to get her milk
unless she is supervised the whole time." Sammy explained.

"Good point, Sammy. They might even bite her suckers of."

"There is that risk and that would decrease her value for sale." Alex added.

"Have you sent out the wedding tapes promo and other info on the bitch?"

"Yes. I have and we have had two more inquiries about a purchase."

"Are the bids any good?"

"Decent but not anything fantastic. I still haven't heard from our most likely
buyer though."

"I have gotten lots of orders for the full tape. The tape alone should bring in
nearly 25,000 dollars I think." Alex said.

"Not bad. The question still remains if we should sell her or breed her first
then sell her."

"From a training standpoint. Breeding her would be a good attitude adjuster."
Sue joined in.

"I agree." Sarah nodded.

"Do we have an outlet for her puppies?"

"Not yet but I'm working on that." Alex confessed.

"Until we have a secure outlet I don't want to breed her and if we get a good
offer in the meantime I will sell her. The hounds will miss her but the purpose
from the beginning was to train her and get her ready for sale."

"I am not in the mood for a pet bitch running around my quarters and neither are
you Alex."

"No. I have better things to do. Especially if you let me have that lab rat."
Alex chuckled.

"Anybody else want a pet bitch?" Master asked.

"No fox hunting on the island otherwise I could have used a bitch." Sammy

Everybody even Tina found herself laughing at what Sammy had said. Maybe the
wine had loosened her up because it really wasn't funny sitting here listening
to poor Jackie's fate being decided in such a casual manor. Master was watching
both Tina and Gina to see what kind of reactions they were having during this
discussion. Tina appeared a little drunk, the reason for that was probably a
combination of relaxing, the wine and the injections. Gina didn't seem disturbed
at all.

"I don't want one either. "Sarah grinned.

"A little piggy in the kitchen I could use but not a bitch." She added laughing.

Sue looked deep in thought. She was trying to show Master that she was deserving
and capable of running the pens.

"I have a couple of ideas." She finally said.

"Ok. Lets hear them."

"I was thinking there might be a good market for well trained hounds, hounds
that would fuck on command. Many women like to be fucked by dogs and in the bdsm
community, it is common for slaves to have a dog master as well. Maybe we could
raise hounds and use the bitch as a training bitch. It could be a good income
source for you Master."

"We could also make more tapes of her and sell"

"Finally I was thinking maybe Sarah could make a cat suit type of outfit for
her, made of dog fur, with holes for her udders and fuck holes but cover the
rest of her body except the head."

Everybody looked at Sue. Nobody had really figured Sue for being very smart but
this idea had some merit.

"Not a bad idea. We need to find out what sort of money we could get and how big
the market is for trained hounds. We pretty much know how much we could get for
the video tapes of her fucking, of course with fur on her it might increase the

"What about giving her the bush treatment all over?" Alex asked.

"We really don't know if that works yet and if she only grows hair in spots she
would be useless for sale." Master replied.

"So until you have perfected that in you lab. That idea is out." Master

"Could you make such a suit, Sarah?"

"I'm sure I could if we can get the right materials and it wouldn't need to be
real dog hair. Nobody would be able to tell unless they felt it."

"Let me think about this but it isn't a bad idea, Sue."

"Gina you will find out what the market for trained hounds are, you can have
Tina help you and you can use the computer in the main office room."

"Sue will show you in the morning."

"Yes Master." Gina said and Sue nodded.

Gina had no idea how to do this but Tina whispered I'm good with computers. Tina
had a flash idea; maybe if she and Gina could use the computer they could send a
message for help. Maybe this was a chance to get rescued.

"Are we finished with the bitch then?"

Everybody nodded.

"That leaves the cow. Where are we with her?"

"Her suckers are stretched to the 2 inches and the tubes can come off the day
after tomorrow. I will inject her milk glands one more time and she needs one
more injection to bring her udders up to a good 40DD. Her ass hole has been
given a good workout but we had to give her a breather because it was starting
to get to swollen. She might even bleed a little when she takes a shit the next
few days. Her pussy is filled with paste and sewn shut, so we will see how
effective that has been. No bush treatment on her but we can start that if you
want. As soon as she starts milking, which should be in a day or two, we can
move her to the barn and get her settled there. Sammy needs to brand her and put
her ring in. Other than that we should have milk for our cereal again." Alex

"Sue before you go to bed you need to re arrange the cow in the cage, He looks
like she is loosing all feeling in her arms, so make her comfortable in a new
way. Tomorrow take her down to be ringed and branded." Master told her.

"Yes Master. I'll see to it."

"Good. That takes care of the new arrival here."

"I understand Jason is on his way with four more?"

"Yes. He should be here tomorrow afternoon or thereabouts." Alex told him. 

" Anything we want to buy this time?"

" A lab rat. Not sure about the rest. We could use a pony to get around the
island and to haul the supplies from the dock. That way we can stop using the
van. Getting gas here is always a problem and the van can't go everywhere the
cart can. Another cow wouldn't hurt either. With more people here now one cow
won't produce enough milk for our use." Alex explained.

" So that would be three, in that case we might as well buy all four. Maybe have
a third cow or second pony."

"Or use one of the new ones as a money whore." Gina ventured.

" Trying to protect you little ward are you Gina?"

Hmm. Yes Master. It was just an idea and I thought we were allowed to speak

"You are." Master said smiling.

Gina felt relieved. She really had not meant to speak up. Tina was grateful. At
least someone was one her side and tried to help her. Gina may not have any
influence but still it was nice of her to try Tina thought.

"Anything else we need to hash out tonight."

Nobody had anything else they wanted or needed to talk about. Sue was trying to
think of something but there really wasn't anything else, so she knew it was
about time for her little show with Targ.

"One little change for tonight. Gina I believe Sammy needs some help in the
stables tonight, so you Sarah will sleep up here tonight and help Tina with her
first ass fuck."

Gina was a little taken aback about that, what help did Sammy need? Then it
dawned on her when she saw Sammy's wide smile. Gina would spend the night eating
Sammy's pussy. Sarah wasn't unhappy about that little change either and neither
was Tina. She liked Sarah and Gina. Only Sue and Sammy scared her a little.
Especially Sue. She hadn't really encountered Sammy. She just looked a bit scary
to Tina.

 "Sarah why don't you get some drinks and I believe Sue has prepared a little
entertainment for us this evening."

"Sure Master." Sarah replied and went to get some drinks from the carts.

Sue knew it was time for her show nothing to do about that. She stood up and
started to dance around a little stroking her udders and playing with her clit.
She also stuck a couple of fingers in her ass to make herself loose back there. 
Her ass hole was still sore from the mint oil treatment Alex had given her and
it would hurt having Targ back there but she could get through it. She stuck her
fingers deep in her pussy and then in her ass hoping she could lubricate herself
a bit with her pussy juice. Then she called for Targ.

"Come here Targ."

Targ got to his feet and walked over to Sue. Sticking his nose in her crotch and
licking her pussy. Sue started to moan that felt good. She was starting to get
excited. Sue let Targ lick her for a few minutes. Taking more of her pussy juice
with her fingers and applying it to her ass hole. She squatted and reached under
Targ for his cock. Massaging the sheath the cock soon got nice and hard and Sue
took him in her mouth and started sucking him. It didn't take long before Sue
got the first few spurts of pre cum in her mouth. Not wanting to spoil the show,
she dropped down on all fours.

"Up Targ." She commanded.

Targ mounted Sue without delay and his now thick hard cock was probing her
pussy. Sue decided to let him slip in and let him fuck her pussy first before
taking him up the ass. Hoping the cock would be a little lubricated by her

"That is it fuck me hard Targ."

Alex was watching and hoping Sue would forget herself or that Targ shot his load
in her pussy before she could get him in her ass.

"Oh yes Targ that feels so good. Fuck me deep Targ." Sue moaned.  

Sue felt that Targ was letting go some small squirts in her pussy and started to
worry she wouldn't get him in her ass in time. She quickly leaned forward so
that Targ would slip out. Targ wasn't slow to counter and followed her move he
pushed in deeper almost getting the knot in. Sue had to quickly reach back and
pull his cock out. Targ was humping away wildly. Targ didn't let up and it
wasn't easy for Sue to get him lined up with her ass hole. Sarah seeing what Sue
was trying to do. Bent down and took a strong hold of Targ's cock allowing Sue
to spread her ass hole. Sarah guided Targ in and with one painful push, he was
buried deep in Sue's ass.

"Ouuuch." Sue let out.

"Fuck me Targ. Take my ass hard. Give me your hot load." Sue urged him on.

Targ was big and thick and every stroke hurt but Sue was close to orgasm.

"Come on Targ fuck my ass. Shoot it up there."

Finally, after a rough ass fucking Targ let go a big load up Sue's ass. Sue came
about the same time but Targ kept humping a few more times before he dismounted.
Sue kept her ass high in the air but reached around for Targ's cock and sucked
it clean.

Her ass was burning again after the big intrusion and Sue squatted holding her
hand under her ass hole and began to push the cum out in her hand. She then
licked her hand clean with a smacking sound like it was the tastiest meal of the

"Good show Sue. Now if you handle the bitch and the cow properly. You will soon
receive your fourth star." Master praised her.

Sue was happy. Alex was pissed of but she had no choice but to agree with

"Nice. I guess you will get your fourth star." That was all Alex said.

"Lets have one more drinks then it is off to bed for everybody. Don't forget to
tend to the cow, Sue."

"I won't Master and Thank you. I will pass on the drink and put Targ back in the
pen, if I may. Master."

"You may. Good Night Sue."

Master petted Targ as he and Sue passed by and he also gave Sue a slap on her

Sue left to put Targ away and tend to the cow. She was happy and content even if
her ass hole burned and was sore.

Alex was the next one to leave saying she had to make some preparations for the
new cargo Jason was bringing.

Sammy and Gina stayed a little longer.

"Master." Sammy started.

"Yes. Sammy."

"Are we really going to get a couple of ponies again?"

 "I think so Sammy. At least one if there is one that is suitable among the new

"Would you mind Master if I came and took a look?"

"No in fact why don't you take the van and pick them up. You can keep Gina down
there to help for the day tomorrow."

"Show her around the stable a bit."

"Thank you Master."

"I'll pick up the new cargo and bring back Gina then."

"That is fine."

"Goodnight then Master"

"Come along Gina."

"Goodnight Master." Gina added.

"Goodnight slaves."

Gina and Sammy left. Gina was a little apprehensive. The showing her around the
stables idea was a tad worrying. Sammy sensed Gina was a little on edge.

"Don't worry Gina. We will have a good time tonight and tomorrow. There won't be
anything that is painful going on. You will eat a lot of pussy tonight though
and get a few licks yourself too." Sammy laughed and patted Gina's pussy.

Gina spent must of the night between Sammy's legs her face buried deep in her
pussy. When they finally went to sleep, Gina's face was all sticky from Sammy's
pussy juice. Sammy had managed to squirt several times again. Gina was content
too. Sammy had gently eaten her pussy allowing her several orgasms, still taking
care that she didn't disturb the piercings. To be safe she cleaned them right
before they went to sleep in each other's arms.

Sue having put Targ away headed for the cage that held Linda the cow. Linda
heard the clicking of high heels against the floor and started to shake that was
never a good sound. That clicking meant one of her tormentors was approaching.

"Evening cow"

"Mahhargh." Linda tried to moo but with the tongue tied to her clit, it wasn't

"That's no good. Pull in your tongue and answer properly."

Linda pulled her tongue in which pulled hard on her clit."


Linda stuck her tongue out again to relieve the pull on her clit.

"That's better. I see you both shitted and pissed in you cage. It really stinks
in here. I'm not cleaning you cage tonight. It is your own fault you stink."

Linda stayed quiet. She knew full well it stunk in the cage.

" Master thought you looked too comfy so we need to re arrange you for the

Sue released Linda's legs from the lower bar and made her stand up. For the
first time in hours, the pressure on Linda's arms was released and the blood
started to flow back into her fingers and hands making her all tingly feeling.
Sue released Linda's arms next.

Linda could barely bring them back over the bar and down to her side. She was
very sore and bruised in her armpits and upper arms that had carried all her
weight the last few hours.

"Now squat cow."

Linda squatted.

"Move forward but stay squatted until I tell you to stop."

Linda did as she was told slowly moving one foot after the other.

"Stop and sit down on you fat ass cow."

Linda sat down. As soon as she did, she realized she was sitting in something
wet and gooey, her own waste. Not giving Linda any chance to move Sue pushed her
down flat with her high-heeled shoe in Linda's chest. Linda was now flat on her
back in her cage. Sue secured the wrists cuff together and with a chain attached
to the higher bar in the cage. Pulling it tight enough that Linda's arms where
stretched but not far enough that she had to lift her back of the ground.
Linda's head was held bent forward by the thread between her tongue and clit and
if Linda laid her head on the floor she would pull her clit maybe even rip it
out. Sue thought that would be an interesting dilemma for the cow and enough to
keep her awake all night. Sue lifted Linda's legs, spread them wide, and
attached her ankle cuffs to the lower bar. Spreading her legs as far as the cage
would allow. Linda was now firmly secured sitting in her own waste. Sue made one
more little adjustment. She took the tube from the catheter and pushed inside
one of Linda's stockings this way when she peed again it would run down her leg
and down her sewed up pussy and make a pool right by her ass.

"That looks good cow. Now don't rip your clit during the night. Even if cows
don't need a clit it nice to have one." Sue laughed and closed the cage door.

Linda heard the clicking as she walked away. Her was neck already straining.

Sue went to Alex's room but found the door locked. Sue would have nowhere to
sleep. She went down to the main hall, where Linda was resting in her cage and
found one of Master's chairs. Sue curled up and went to sleep there.

Sarah was busy with Tina in Master's bed. Tina was on her back and Sarah was
eating away at Tina's pussy. At the same time, she had 3 fingers up Tina's ass.
Sarah was licking and tugging at Tina's meaty big lips. Tina moaned she was
getting very wet and Sarah lapped up her juices. Sarah got the lube out and
worked a big blob of it into Tina's ass.

"She is ready Master."

Tina was moaning she hadn't felt this good in ages. Sarah leaned over and
started sucking Master hard.

"Ok. Tina get up and get my cock in your ass."

Tina crawled over and straddled Master. She was a little afraid since this was
only the second time she had been ass fucked. Tina was facing Master and hoped
he wouldn't touch her still burning udders. He grabbed her by the waist and told
her to put her hands on his shoulders and then just sit back. Tina did and Sarah
guided Master's cock into Tina's ass hole.

"Sit all the way down." Master ordered her pushing her down by her waist.

"Ahhhh" Tina groaned as her ass expanded to except the cock inside her.

"Now ride up and down."

Tina started to ride the cock in her ass and after a few strokes; it slid in and
out fairly easy.

"Faster now get to work."

"Yes Master."

Tina increased her pace and she could feel her own orgasm build. Sarah helpt by
fingering her pussy as she rode the cock faster and faster. Tina moaned and

"Keep going Tina. Take the cock all the way in."

Tina tried to sit down harder forcing the cock even deeper inside her ass.

"ohhhhahhh" Tina moaned.

Then on a down stroke Master shot his load up in her ass. Tina without asking
came and fell forward on Master's chest. The burning in her udders flared up as
they made contact with his chest. Tina didn't care she was content. For the
first time she was spent but in a good way. Sarah kept stroking her back and
ass. When Master slapped Tina's ass she knew she should dismount and clean his
cock in her mouth. Tina almost fell asleep sucking on his cock. Sarah snuggled
up to Tina and stuck a finger in her newly fucked ass. Then Master turned out
the light and they went to sleep. Everybody got a good night sleep except Linda
the cow.

                               15. New Additions

The next morning Master woke up with his two slaves busily sucking his cock. He
decided Sarah needed a good slow morning fuck and besides he hadn't used her in
awhile. Sarah was ordered up on all fours and Tina to put her head between her
legs lying on her back. Tina started to eat Sarah's pussy while Master gave
Sarah a few hard strokes in her ass. Sarah was in heaven it had been awhile
since her Master had fucked her. While Master pounded away in her ass Tina was
licking and eating her pussy like a pro.

"Can I cum Master, please. I can't hold it any longer. It's been so long." Sarah

"Wait. Work your ass, Sarah. When you feel my load you can come."

"Yes Master."

Sarah tried her best to hold back but it wasn't easy. Tina was sucking on her
clit like a baby and the cock deep in her ass. Finally, Master let his load go
and Sarah came with a bang, Collapsing on top of Tina. This caused the burning
to start up in Tina's still swollen and tender udders. Once the three of them
had recovered, they headed for the shower and then dressed. Sarah was sent down
to get breakfast and Tina was sent to the lab to pick up her supplies for her
fuck hole and bush treatments. Alex was already in the lab and was busy doing
last minute preparation. Alex was excited about her lab rat and therefore didn't
give Tina much of a hard time.

"Master told me to pick up my supplies for my treatments." Tina said.

" So he sent you whore. I guess that means he wanted me to double check my

Alex walked over and grabbed Tina's udders squeezed them and mauled them for a
while then pinching and pulling the suckers and clit too. Tina groaned and the
burning sensation grew much stronger again.

"You are really not good for much except being a whore and you just wait. I'll
make Master see that and soon. Since you are here, drop to you knees and show me
what a good pussy-eating whore you are. Do a good job or I'll tan your hide."

Tina hated Alex. She had no choice. If she refused a direct order Master would
not say anything about Tina being whipped by Alex.

"Yes Mistress."

Tina knelt and started licking Alex's pussy. Alex had as luck would have it just
been to the bathroom and had not wiped her pussy after she peed. Tina got a good
taste of Alex's pee to start with. Tina worked her tongue hard both on the clit
and pussy lips, sticking her tongue deep in Alex's pussy. Alex reached down so
she could squeeze Tina's udder a bit more, causing her more agony. Tina was
stuck between Alex's legs for a good 15 minutes before Alex came. Pushing Tina
away so hard, she almost fell flat on her back.

"The supplies are on the table whore. You better work on your skills in eating
pussy even if you won't get much pussy at the whorehouse. Now get out of here. I
have no more use for a worthless whore like you here."

Tina stood up, got the supplies and left. She was almost in tears. Alex had a
way of getting her every time. Tina also knew she would do anything she could to
have her sent to the whorehouse. When she returned Sarah and Master was already
seated at the table.

"What took you so long?"

"I'm sorry Master. Mistress Alex wanted service.

"That figures. Well, sit down and lets have breakfast."

After breakfast, Tina was sent with Sarah to clean up the mess from dinner and
to help with the dishes in the kitchen. Before they left, in the absence of
Gina, Master applied the paste and oil to Tina's bush and fuck hole,

Master went over to his monitors as usual. Gina and Sammy was busy feeding the
horses. Gina's face was still shiny with dried pussy juice. She clearly had a
busy night. Sammy appeared to be in an extra good mood. Sue was feeding the
bitch her morning meal.

"You know what bitch. We discussed what to do with you last night. Master left
you in my care so things will be different from now on. You will make sure you
collect all the drippings from your ass and fuck hole in the bowl I gave you and
you bring that in your mouth every night when I come for you."

"Yes Sue."

"It is yes Mistress from now on bitch."

"Yes Mistress."

Jackie was aware of the crop Sue was carrying and knew given just the least bit
of excuse she would use it on her.

"When I'm done with the cow, I'll be back to give you a bath or maybe I'll just
wait until tonight." Sue continued.

" I want you well fucked today in both holes. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress."

Sue bent down to squeeze Jackie's udders.

"Still no milk but the are nice and full. Once you have puppies you should fill
up with milk pretty good, bitch."

"You want to have puppies don't you, bitch?"

Jackie didn't know what puppies Sue was taking about. She couldn't have puppies,
only babies. Maybe they would bring her some puppies to suck on her udders. That
was a disgusting thought but Jackie answered the only way she knew wouldn't give
her the crop.

"Yes Mistress."

"Finish you food while I check on your holes this morning."

Jackie gulped down the beef and rice dog food that was in her bowl but found it
hard to eat with someone poking and prodding her ass and pussy.

"You look fine back there. You are certainly ready for some more hounds in your
holes today. No major swelling back there. So lets go. Heel."

Jackie took a quick drink of water then crawled up beside Sue and tried to keep
pace with her as she marched into the day pens with all the hounds.

"Go play bitch."

Sue closed the pen door and left Jackie and her hounds to another day of sexual
pleasures. At least for the hounds it would be pleasure. The bitch was starting
to show some wear and tear in her holes from the frequent use. She was getting
very red back there. Sue headed straight for the cows cage and as soon as she
got close with the bucket of cow feed, she noticed the stink.

"Phew it really stinks in here. You stink cow. I'll have to give you a bath. A
real warm one."

"Moooo" Linda uttered.

A bath sounded nice. She was about to drop her head and most likely tear her
clit open. Sue seeing she was about finished cut the thread that connected the
tongue with the clit. Linda's head fell back with a bang. Her neck hurt
something terrible.

That wasn't the only thing that hurt on Linda, just about everything did. Her
pussy was irritated and the gooey paste mixed with the juice from her pussy felt
like a sticky mess. Whatever that paste contained it made her horny and with the
tugging on and off on her clit Linda was in state of needing a release. Linda
was released and told to stand up. She slipped on her own shit and fell down but
she managed to stand up the second time. Sue just hooked on a leash to her
collar and then dragged Linda into the room with the pool and pushed her in. Sue
raised the temperature of the water to a hot setting. She handed Linda soap and
a brush.

"Don't loose the soap. In your hood we would be here all day trying to find it
again. Now clean all that shit of you and clean yourself good." Sue ordered her.

Taking a bath in a hood and with corset, stockings and heels wasn't what Linda
had in mind but with the brush and soap she started to clean everything she
could. The tubes on her suckers didn't help either. Linda soon noticed the water
was getting warmer and warmer and she started sweating under the hood.

"You better hurry up or we will have boiled cow for dinner tonight." Sue

"Moooooo" Linda answered.

The water was now almost to hot and Linda tried to get out of the pool. Sue
pushed her back in.

"You need to scrub your ass better."

Linda scrubbed her ass once again as fast as she could the water was getting a
little to hot for her now. Finally Sue let her out of the pool.

"No need to dry you off. You can dry outside on your exercise wheel."

Sue pulled on the leash and the cow followed her back to the cage here she was
given 10 minutes to eat her breakfast in the bucket. When time was up, Linda had
managed to eat a good deal of the food. The only blessing was that they at least
gave her real food now. Sue again pulled on the leash and followed by the cow
she headed outside to the exercise wheel. Linda was strapped onto the wheel like
before but she still had her heels on, so Sue set the wheel to a slow walking

"I'll be back later to see how you are doing but you need the exercise. We don't
need flabby cows in the barn. The bulls don't like that." Sue laughed again.

"We also need to go see Sammy at the stables for some fittings."

Linda was left to walk around in her wet shoes and outfit. Just walking made the
gooey paste in her pussy move around and she couldn't help starting to feel
horny again.

Out at sea Jason and Jack had the four new victims ready to go to market. They
had been cleaned, dressed and properly terrified. Penny having the largest
breast had been the one they had selected for the rape horse. Even if there were
only two of them Penny still had gotten both her holes filled a couple of times.
She spent longer on the rape horse than Gina did since Jack and Jason had to
reload in between and take a break. The four girls were in the same state as the
last delivery. Jason had decided to sail straight to the island. He could always
drop off any leftovers that the man didn't want to buy. Jason had also decided
he didn't want to live on the island but had come up with the idea of living on
the coast instead and provide shuttle traffic out to the island. Jack had
already reached an agreement with Sanchez at the whorehouse but if Jason needed
him for short trips he would be able to do that. Jason didn't have a virgin
among his cargo this time and overall the quality was not as good as last time.
Lisa was the exception.  Penny wasn't too bad but Tess and Jane were a little
plain looking even in their make-up and dressed like whores.

The yacht was about half an hour away and Jason could see the island on the

"Are the girls all ready?" Jason asked.

"Yes, just need to bring them on deck but they are all shackled and secure."
Jack replied.

"We should dock in about 30 minutes. I'll go up and watch the sale and talk to
the man. You stay here or do you want to come along?"

"I'll come along. I would like to see the sale for once." Jack said.

"Ok. We will both go then."

Sammy and Gina were already at the dock waiting for the yacht. Sammy had Gina on
a long leash and she had her high-heeled boots on. She also wore a bra and
panties. Gina was still in her red outfit from last night minus the bra. The two
slaves had agreed or rather Sammy had told Gina that they should act in a way
that would terrify the new animals the most. Alex would greet them at the
complex as usual but it didn't hurt giving them a taste on the dock too. Sammy
would inspect them so she could tell Master which one or ones she thought would
make good ponies.

"What will you be looking for?" Gina asked.

"Pretty strong legs. Not to big udders and general good build. If they are
petite they won't have enough strength to pull the cart. It's better if they are
fairly tall to."

"You would make an excellent pony." Sammy added.

"I don't think so." Gina replied.

"Oh yes you would. You did well last night and in the stables this morning."

Gina blushed and she wondered if Master had seen her when Sammy instructed her
to suck Thunders cock. It wasn't unpleasant but she nearly choked when he let is
load go in her mouth. She wasn't prepared for the big load a horse had and the
force it came out at. She had swallowed some but most of it dripped out of her
mouth. Sammy had laughed and said Gina looked like she had taken a cum shower
and the surprise on her face was priceless. Gina just felt embarrassed she
wasn't upset with Sammy but still there was something not right about sucking
horse cock. Sammy had said it was just a matter of taste and ponies learnt to
swallow better.

Sammy also told her it was necessary to give the stallions relief once in a
while, it made them easier to handle. Gina was curious but wasn't sure if she
should ask if Sammy did anything more than just suck them. In the end she
couldn't help herself she just had to know.

"Sammy do you do anything more that just suck them?"

"You mean do I fuck the horses?"


"No. That is what ponies are for." Sammy laughed.

"Oh. Then I wouldn't make a good pony."

"Sure you would but you would have to train a bit first. You are to tight in
your fuck hole now." Sammy explained.

"Well....I hope I don't get to be a pony." Gina said.

"Based on what I saw last night. I think you are pretty well set as Master's
serving slave unless you screw up real bad."

"You think so?"

"Yes but Master wanted you to see some of what a pony would have to do. In case
you had any doubts."

"Oh I'm very happy being a serving slave. Will you tell Master that?"

"I won't have to Gina. I think he knows that or you should tell him." Sammy

"There is the yacht now. Won't be long now before we get a look at those new
critters." Sammy burst out laughing.

The Yacht reduced gliding slowly up to the dock. Soon it was securely tied up at
the dock and Jack went below to fetch the cargo. Jason put the gangplank in
place and headed toward Sammy and Gina. He was surprised to see Sammy and Gina.
Seeing Jason again made Gina shudder. It brought back memories of the brutal
fucking she had received on the yacht.

"Look at you whore. All nicely dressed up with your rings. You haven't forgotten
me have you?"

Jason reached out to touch Gina's udders and rings. Sammy quickly slapped his
hand away with her crop.

"Hands off. No touching Master's property without his permission." Sammy said in
a firm voice.

Jason pulled his hand back with a surprised look on his face.  The slap wasn't
that hard but Jason got the message.

"Jack and I will ride with you up to the house. I need to see the man. " Jason

"Sorry there is no room in the van for two extra people, you will have to walk."
Sammy informed him.

"Now where is the new cargo? Master doesn't like to be kept waiting because of a
lot of nonsense." Sammy continued.

Jason was very annoyed with being told off by Sammy, but he also knew one word
from her and the man of the island could ruin all his plans. Maybe even just
send him packing without buying his cargo and Jason needed to get as much as
possible for them. There was one more concern he had. He didn't know who or how
many people was on the island and if he made any trouble nobody would really
miss him or Jack, if they just disappeared.

"Jack will be right along with the cargo. "Jason said.

Jack was having a little problem with the cargo. Lisa was giving him a lot of
verbal abuse and she was trying to stall but not walking when Jack pulled on the
leash. Jack finally got tired of her nonsense and gave her a good taste of the
cattle prod on her ass.

"Any more of this and it will be on your clit next." Jack warned her.

"Aaaaiiiieee." Lisa cried out.

She did get the message though and soon the four women was walking down toward
where Sammy and Gina where standing. When they saw Sammy and Gina they gawked.
Penny started crying, she was already in a poor state after the rape she had
received onboard the yacht. Lisa now subdued had decided to go along for now and
the other were simply just shaking with fear. The all knew nothing good was
about to happen to them but they were still not prepared for the half naked Gina
with all her rings in plain view. Sammy looked even more terrifying than Gina
did to them, so it didn't look like they were in for anything pleasant at all.

"Welcome to Devil's Island Whores. I'm Mistress Sammy and this is slave Gina. We
will be inspecting you right here and now and if you don't pass my inspection,
you'll go right back on that boat and I am guessing Jason here will just sell to
the whorehouse on the coast." Sammy started when first Jane then Lisa rudely
interrupted her.

"What is this place? Who the hell are you?" Jane exclaimed.

"I am not a whore." Lisa chipped in.

Sammy gave no warning; she simply let her crop fly with full force up between
Jane's legs. The blow landed with a loud smack, right on her pussy. Jane gasped
and then screamed at the top of her lungs as she fell to her knees. Lisa didn't
have even a chance to react before Sammy's second swing caught her right in the
pussy too. Lisa screamed and closed her legs, trying to turn away from Sammy.
Both Jack and Jason were taken aback by Sammy's firm action. She apparently was
more than just a slave and not to be tampered with. Jason thanked his lucky star
he hadn't tried to challenge Sammy earlier and was now very happy about walking
instead of riding in the van.

"On your feet whore or do you want another one across your miserable tits too?"
Sammy continued.

Jane gingerly rose to her feet. Tears were running down her cheek and she was
sobbing loudly.

"As I was saying when I was so rudely interrupted by these two whores here, I am
going to inspect you. When I tell you to spread your legs, you spread them. When
I squeeze your tiny tits, you stand still. When I stick my fingers up your asses
or pussy, you keep your legs spread. The next whore that doesn't obey or moves
or opens her mouth, will be hung upside down at the tree over there and have her
pussy beaten bloody. Any questions?" Sammy barked in her best Mistress voice.

The four women said nothing they just sobbed and shook their heads. They were
shaking and utterly terrified now. Obeying seemed to be the only way of avoiding
pain and this woman was clearly capable of just about anything. Sammy ordered
the women to spread their legs and she couldn't help smile when the women now
almost immediately spread their legs like nice obedient little animals. Sammy
squeezed their tits, felt their legs, and stuck her fingers in their pussies and
assholes. None of the women moved or made a sound. Penny got a little extra
attention from Sammy. She had nice strong legs even if her pussy was a little
tight; she was the only one that was useable as a pony. Her tits were a little
big for a pony but only marginally. Lisa on the other hand was a little too old
already even if she could be used as a pony as a second choice if Master wanted
two ponies. The other two was in Sammy's opinion not worth anything at all. With
the treatments they could make good cows but that was the only use she could see
for them. They weren't pretty enough to even make good bitches. Of course as
moneymaking whores, they would work too. Sammy looked over at Gina.

"What do you think Gina?" She asked.

Gina didn't know what to think. Sammy's inspection of the four new women had
brought back memories of her own arrival, and seeing Jason and Jack again had
not helpt either.

Even more importantly, she didn't know enough about what to look for in these

"I don't know. You have far more experience than I have."

"That's true but do you think Penny looks strong enough to be a pony?" Sammy

"She does look fairly strong." Gina replied.

"Lets get them in the van and up to the house. I think we are done here."

Gina opened the back doors and Sammy pulling on the leash, brought the four
women over to the van.

"Get in and be quick about it." Sammy ordered them.

The women obeyed without causing any trouble and Gina closed the doors. Sammy
and Gina got into the van and drove of toward the complex. Leaving Jason and
Jack behind.

The two men started walking.

"That Sammy is scary." Jack said.

"I have never seen her before." Jason replied.

The two men continued walking at a leisurely pace. Jason wasn't happy with the
turn of events at the dock. He got a strange feeling something was wrong but he
couldn't figure out what. The fact that Sammy was at the dock and that they were
made to walk all the way up to the complex, where two factors that nagged on
Jason's mind. He usually got better treatment than that.

The van arrived at the complex and Sammy and Gina got out of the van. Alex was
there to meet them, instead of making her little speech to the new arrivals, she
told Sammy and Gina to just follow her and lead the four women directly to the
main hall. When the got to the main hall, the women where each placed on a
circle on the floor, a collar attached to each of them and then pull tight by a
chain from above. Just like Gina remembered, she had been. When the women, you
were still sobbing and shaking were on their tiptoes and secure, Ales said.

"We are just supposed to wait for Master without giving any instructions to the
whores. Master wants to make a quick check before he meets with Jason." She

Sammy and Gina both nodded but said nothing. They waited for Master in silence.

They didn't have to wait long. The door swung open and Master walked in with
Tina, Sue, and Sarah in tow. Linda had been brought back inside and was back in
her cage.  She had strapped spread eagled in the cage, facing the area where the
new women where standing

"What have we got here this time?" Master asked.

"A pretty poor bunch in my opinion." Sammy informed him.

" I agree." Alex said.

"You four whores look to your left. See that cage? It is called the training and
discipline cage. You will all get a chance to visit inside. Just like the cow in
there now." Master said in a stern voice.

The women all glanced toward the cage and seeing Linda made them even more
terrified then they already where. What was this place? They all wondered.

"Oh good." Lisa exclaimed.

"OHHHHHH." Penny uttered.

They other two remained quiet. Tess was to stunned to say anything and Jane was
still hurting from Sammy's crop.

Alex didn't waste any time. She quickly gave first Penny then Lisa a good taste
of the cattle prod right on their nipple. They but screamed loud as the current

"No talking unless you are told to whores. Next time it will be an even stronger
jolt and right between your legs as well. Penny and Lisa stopped screaming but
they were now so frightened that Lisa peed in her panties.

Master pointed at Tess.

"Sammy take that one down and put a leash on her. Then follow me. I see Jason
has arrived. You come to Gina."

To Alex he said.

"I'll be back shortly. Keep our guests entertained."

The three of them, with Tess dragged behind on her leash, left the room and went
to the reception area where Jason and Jack where now waiting.

"Hello Jason."


"This is the worst cargo you ever brought me. Why is that?" Master asked Jason.

"Well. I thought the guinea pig was a rush order, so we just brought what we

"I see. Well this one I am not interested in at all. She is to plain and body
shape isn't great either. So you can take her back." Master continued.

Sammy handed Jack the leash to Tess.

"The other three I'll buy but I'll only pay 75,000 for them."

"That isn't enough." Jack joined in.

"We want at least 50,000 each." Jason said.

"Then you can have them all back and sell them to Sanchez. He will pay you no
more than 10,000 each, maybe 15,000 for the Penny girl."

"Sammy go and get they others." Master ordered Sammy.

"Yes Master."

Sammy turned and started to walk away.

"Wait. Let's split the difference." Jason said.

"No 75,000. Take it or leave it. Since I understand this is your last trip I'm
being generous."

"How did you know it is our last trip?"

"I make it my business to know everything. If you are wondering, I don't need
any shuttle service from the coast either. I already have that."

Jason wasn't just confused. He was worried. How did he know all this? Sanchez
had probably told him about the deal he had made with Jack, but Sanchez knew
nothing about Jason's shuttle plan. Jason looked at Jack. Was he the one that
had told him? Jason didn't like the way things were going.

"My condolences by the way, I heard Ben and Larry were killed in a very bad car
accident." Master added.

Jason knew nothing of this. Ben and Larry were dead and the man standing in
front of him knew about it or was it a bluff? Just to intimidate him. Then it
dawned on Jason it was an arranged accident. That is what the man was telling
him. Jason had totally underestimated the man and his capabilities. It was now
clear that Jason's slave trading operation had been kept under close
surveillance by the man, but by whom? Why had he not noticed? Jason was now
really worried, was he about to have an accident too? Is that why Jack for the
first time wanted to come along to see the sale, so the yacht was left
unguarded? There were so many questions and no answers.

"Ok. 75,000 it is then. We have a deal." Jason said.

"Good" Master replied.  

"The money will be transferred into your account as usual. Good luck to you
since we won't be doing business again."

Master turned and walked away. Sammy and Gina following him. Jason and Jack
returned to the yacht with Tess in tow on her leash. Jack locked her back in one
of the cells and the yacht left the island for the last time or was it the last

                            16. New Assignments

The yacht was cruising at a good speed, with Jack at the helm. Jason came up to
relieve him.

" We been had, the money hasn't been transferred." Jason told him as he took the

"No we haven't. They just went to a different account. Mine." Jack grinned.

Those were the last words Jason ever heard. Jack had turned around and as he was
speaking, fired one shot from his pistol. The bullet hit Jason right between the

Jack tied one of the spare anchors to Jason feet and then rolled the body

The body sank to the bottom where nobody would ever find it. Jack sailed on, he
was eager to start his shuttle business to the island. 

Meanwhile back on the island, Master had returned into the main hall. Standing
in front of the new animals he just purchased, the turned to Sammy and said.

"Did you find any pony material among these three?"

"I think Penny would do Master, she has strong legs even if her udders are a
little too big for a perfect pony." Sammy told him.

"Lets see what she has. Strip her."

"Yes Master."

Sammy got a sharp knife from the table and approached Penny. When Penny saw the
knife, she started sobbing and shaking again.

"Please don't hurt me. Please I don't want to be naked. " She pleaded.

Sammy wasn't slow to react. Her crop hit Penny right across her tits with full


" You might as well get a few things straight here and the sooner you learn them
the better for you. I bough you and own you and whether you like it or not makes
no difference to me. You have a new life now, there is no escape, and you are my
property now. Gina show them your brand." Master said.

Gina turned to her side so the three women could clearly see the brand on her

"Neither one of you are good enough to be slaves like Sammy, Sue, Sarah or Gina
here but you Penny have a chance to be a pony and part of the animals we keep
here. Lisa you have maybe a chance to be a pony but I am not sure yet, if
nothing else you'll make a good cow after the proper treatments, just like the
cow in the cage over there. You will not speak unless you are spoken to. You
will obey in everything no matter what you are told to do and you will do it
without delay. The sooner you learn that the better it will be but have no doubt
you will learn it. If you think Sammy's crop is painful then just wait until you
feel Mistress Alex's or mine. Not to mention our canes. Now lets see if you
understand all this or if you need more encouragement." Master finished his

"Sammy release their wrists."

"Sue get the cow out of the cage and bring her here."

"Yes Master." Both Sue and Sammy replied.

Sue brought Linda the cow to Master and handed him the leash. Sammy joined them
standing next to Master and Alex stepped up to join them as well.

Alex using her crop pointed to the various body parts on Linda as she was
explaining to the new animals.

"These are called udders not tits, breast, boobs or anything else. The nice long
things at the end of the udders are suckers. Down here, you have your fuck hole
even it has been sewed shut on this cow. Cows don't really need fuck holes. Then
you have your asshole in the back of course. You better remembers to use the
proper names or you will be punished every single time you slip up. You will
address me as Mistress and Master at all times. Any slave with more stars in
their collar than yours are also addressed as Mistress. Since you won't have any
stars, that just about everybody except your fellow cow here. Every time you
forget you will be punished and harshly at that. Cows are used for milking and
sometimes breeding. Ponies are used to pull carts and to extract semen from our
stallions. We also have a bitch here but you don't need to concern yourself
about her. One of you will be lucky enough to help me in the lab. We will be
doing all kinds of fun surgical and drug related testing together." Alex
concluded her speech with a grin on her face.

Penny, Lisa, and Jane were now scared out of their minds. This place was worse
than hell and these people worse than the devil himself.

"I need to go to the bathroom, please." Penny sobbed in a low voice.

"Who gave you permission to speak?" Master asked.

"Nobody Sir but I really need to go to the bathroom."

"It is Master not Sir. Animals don't use bathrooms. They pee or shit were they
stand or in their bowl." He continued.

Master motioned to Gina to bring a bowl and place it in front of Penny.

"There is your bathroom. Now get those panties down, squat and pee."

Penny totally confused and disgusted hesitated to do anything and Master's cane
flew through the air striking home at the top of her thighs. Penny screamed out
in pain.

"I'm not going to tell you again."

Master swung the crop again, this time it landed right across her udders.

"That's for addressing me the wrong way."

Penny screamed again and her knees buckled but the chain attached to her collar
prevented her from falling down in a heap. Her neck hurt from the pulling of the
chain but before she started to strangle herself, she regained her footing. Not
wanting any more beatings, she already had several welts on her body; she
reluctantly pulled down her panties and squatted. She let out a long stream of
pee that partly ended up on the floor and partly in the bowl. She felt
humiliated and utterly degraded but she was now also to scared to not obey.  

"Take your panties off and clean up the mess you made with them." Alex piped in.

Penny dropped to her knees and using her panties as a towel cleaned up the mess.

"Stand up and strip. Be quick about it, I don't have all day here." Master
ordered her.

Penny, that by now was too scared to do anything but obey, started to remove her
top then her bra and finally her skirt. She tried to cover herself with her

"Get those arms by your side and spread your legs wide so I can inspect you
properly." Master's next command rang out.

Penny feeling vulnerable, ashamed and humiliated did what se was told. Master
stepped up close to her and squeezed her udders. He continued to squeeze and
feel them until Penny winched in pain from his rough treatment. Next, he pulled
and pinched her suckers and then ran his hand over her stomach down to her
pussy, tugging at her pussy hair and then sticking three fingers inside her. He
continued the inspection by sticking the handle of the cane in her pussy with
the command not to loose the cane. He spread her ass cheeks and squeezed her
thighs. He forced open her mouth and checked her teeth, just like any horse
trader would have.

"She is a little bit too big uddered but otherwise she might be a trainable

"Do you want to be a pony, Penny?"

Penny didn't know what to answer, she didn't want to be here period, but using
her head she figured that would not be a good answer. Was a pony better than any
alternative? What would happen if she said no? These people were not going to
let her go so did it really matter what she said? Penny pondered all these
questions and decided it wouldn't really matter what she said. She would be
captive here regardless, so maybe trying to please these people was the best way
to handle everything. Penny made a decision, one she would often wonder if it
had been the right one.

"Yes Master. I would like to be a pony."

"Very good you will get one chance to prove you can be a good pony and if you
fail then we just have to put you in the barn instead. Your udders are more
suited to be a cow anyway."

"Yes Master. Thank you." Penny hoped that reply would be pleasing to him.

"Sammy, take our new pony to the stable. You might as well get the rings in her
right away and then tomorrow we can start with the rest of the conversation and
training. Sue, you might bring Linda down together with Sammy and have her nose
ring put in and her cow brand put on."

"Yes Master. Shall I put the whole set on her?" Sammy asked.

"You might as well. We can always remove them again if she needs to go to the
barn instead." Master replied.

"Ok. Master. Will do."

Sammy and Sue lead their respective animal away heading toward the barn.

"Alex you can have Jane for the lab. She isn't much good anyway."

"Great she will be a useful lab rat." Alex laughed.

Alex unhooked Jane and attached a leash to her collar.

"Come along. I want to get you in your cage before dinner and tomorrow will
start having lots of fun in the lab." Alex informed Jane.

Jane was shaking and sobbing as she was being lead off by Alex, toward her new
home, the lab.

"Gina, you and Tina secure the new cow Lisa in the cage."

"Yes Master."

Gina and Tina lead a sobbing but still dressed Lisa to the cage. Gina wasn't
sure how she was supposed to secure Lisa in there. Tina on the other hand having
spent time in the cage was more up on the subject. Tina secured Lisa's wrists
wide apart on the top bar and then made Lisa sit on the lower bar, pulling her
ankles back under the bar and then using leather straps secure them to either
side of the cage. This forced Lisa to bend forward and only partially sit on the
lower bar. If she slipped of the bar she you be hanging mid air in the cage only
supported but her writs and ankles. So Lisa after have slipped off once soon
realized she had to use her arm strength to push herself back on the lower bar
to relieve the strain and pulling on her writs and ankles. It also meant she
couldn't fall asleep because she would slip of then. Tina finally pulled Lisa's
skirt up.

"Ok. That should do it. She will have to pee in her panties and won't get any
sleep but she is still far more comfortable than I ever was in here." Tina said
to Gina.

"Do you think Master will be pleased with our work?" Tina asked.

"Lets hope so otherwise we will probably get punished." Gina replied.

"Please don't leave me like this." Lisa moaned.

"You might as well get used to it. You are here for life just like us. The less
trouble you make the better it will be for you." Gina tried to console Lisa.

"You bastards." Lisa exclaimed.

" I heard that." Master said in a harsh cruel sounding voice.

Both Gina and Tina turned around. They had not heard Master walk up.

"All done Master. I hope you prove." Gina said. She wanted to please her Master
even if she preferred to just serve than dealing out treatment to other slaves
or animals. Serving Master was by now not hard or unpleasant even if she was
tested at times. She found she had developed a real attachment to her Master and
somehow it felt good to serve him. Tina wasn't quite ready to serve yet.
Although she was desperately trying to please Master but it was more because she
didn't want to go to the whorehouse than a genuine desire to serve him.

"Put a penis gag in her mouth and tie it tight behind her head. That will teach
her to be less talkative." Master motioned for Tina.

"Yes Master."

Tina found a 3-inch long penis gag and forcing Lisa's mouth open, she pushed it
in making Lisa gag. Tina tied it tightly behind her head and then stepped out of
the cage and locked the door.

"That is better. Now she is comfortable for the night and Sue and Alex can deal
with her in the morning."

With those words, Master started to head towards his quarters followed by his
two slaves.

Meanwhile, Jane had been secured by Alex in a very small cage in the lab. Jane
had been forced down on all fours then made to crawl into the cage. The top of
the cage was so low that it touched Jane's back and she couldn't raise her head
very far. She couldn't straighten her legs out either. She was forced to remain
on all fours with now way to move much at all. 

Alex hadn't bothered to strip her yet so she was still wearing her little tramp
outfit they had given her on the ship. A tube was near her mouth allowing her to
get water but no other additions to the cage, was made at this time. Alex turned
out the light and went to take a nap before dinner.

Sammy and Sue had secured the cow Linda, the new pony Penny, to poles in stable,
and was now just sitting around having some coffee and smoking. The new arrivals
had begun their new life.

17. The stable

Sammy and Sue, having finished their coffee and cigarettes, decided it was time
to go back to work before it got too late in the afternoon.

"Lets start with the cow. She will not take long to do. We only have the nose
ring and brands to put on her." Sammy said.

"Ok. Sammy. I'll get her strapped in and ready while you heat the irons." Sue

Both Penny and Linda heard what was being said and both of them started shaking
with fear and sobbing. The only difference was that Penny's sobbing could be
heard loud and clear while the still hooded Linda's sobbing was muffled. Sue
grabbed Linda's leash and dragged her toward the table. Linda tried to pull away
from Sue without having the least bit of success. Sue forced her to bend forward
and lean over the table. Using the wide leather strap that was attached to the
table, she pulled it tight across Linda's lower back.

Her wrists were secured to the leather strap and a thinner strap was attached to
the strap as well. This strap had two flat hooks at the other end and those
hooks were inserted into Linda's nostrils. When Sue pulled that strap tight,
Linda's nostrils were opened up and her head pulled roughly and painfully back.
Linda could still move her legs but that was the only thing she could move.

"The cow is ready and secure." Sue said.

Penny was watching all this and the longer she stayed on the island the more
frightened she became.

"Sue, stick the tube from her catheter in the bucket, this cow is going to pee
for sure and I don't want to be splashed by cow pee."

"Sure. There. No she can pee a whole bucket if she likes." Sue laughed.

"Moooooo" Linda was getting real nervous she had enough pain and wasn't sure if
she could handle much more of this.

Penny was stunned when she heard Linda make sounds like a cow. She couldn't
believe the poor girl had sunk so far that she would just moooo.

"Sue, give her an injection, cows are not allowed to take a nap afterwards."
Sammy chuckled.

Sue was chuckling too as she gave Linda her blocker to stop her from passing out
from pain.

Sammy brought her heavy duty piercing pliers. She stuck them in Linda's nose
while Sue was holding her head in an iron grip. Sammy squeezed the pliers and
made I nice neat hole in Linda's nose. As soon as she removed the piercing
pliers, she inserted the heated needle, followed by a thick ring that reached
down to Linda's upper lip. Sammy soldered the ring shut.

"Moooooooooo Mooooooooooooooooo Moooooooooooo Moooooooooooo. Linda was moing at
the top of her lungs.

Penny turned her head away, she simply couldn't watch anymore, and knowing she
was next made her almost faint. Sue wiped the little blood that had trickled
from Linda's nose. They left the hooks in her nostrils and they did not slacken
the strap holding her head back. Sammy tested the iron with water but decided it
needed to heat up a little more.

"Just hold on there cow, the irons aren't quite hot enough yet."

Sammy lit another cigarette while she waited for the irons to reach the proper
heat. Sue went over to Penny and grabbed her chin, turning her head toward

"I wouldn't want you to miss the show. It might be a good learning experience
for you, since we have a lot of work to do on your here." Sue informed her.

"Are we going to put hooves on her today too, Sammy?"

"No that will have to wait until tomorrow and I think Master wants to be here
for that, he normally does. You can put the bit on her if you like though."
Sammy replied.

Sue went to get a bridle for Penny. She also got a harness, thinking that Penny
might as well be outfitted properly from the start. Sue approached Penny, who
was still sobbing and shaking, she was trying to not think of the pain she would
soon have to endure. Penny now wished she had never traveled to the city and
then been stupid enough to get involved with a man like Blackie. She had been so
naive and now she was paying a very high price for it. She looked at the strange
leather contraptions Sue was approaching with and couldn't help thinking that
her life was over. With her hope fading, she decided to obey these two cruel
women to avoid as much pain as she possibly could.

"Open your mouth." Sue ordered her.  

Penny obliged and Sue put the bit in her mouth. Sue proceeded to put the bridle
on Penny's head by first securing the headband and then pulling the straps down
each side of her head, securing them under her chin. A second strap ran just
under Penny's ears and was secured in the back of her head as well. The last
strap, which held the headband and the lower strap in place, was pulled tight
down her neck and secured to the collar. Penny could move her head sideways but
not bend her head forward. The bit pulled in her mouth and Sue tested it by
pulling on the rings either side of the bit.

"You will soon learn that when the driver pulls on the left ring you are
supposed to turn to your left and vice versa but Sammy will teach you all that.
She will take you out and hitch you up to the cart, so you can learn to be
useful here. Master sometimes likes to go for a pleasure ride in his buggy, so
you will learn to pull that too. You will have so much fun here on the island. "
Sue chuckled at the end.

"Now we need to put the harness on you too. You might as well get use to proper
pony gear, you will be wearing it often enough." Sue enjoyed the torment she was
causing Penny. She could see in Penny's eyes that she was horrified and most of
her resistance was gone. She was by no means broken but she had been scared into
submission and was now acting subdued at least. The harness consisted of a wide
leather belt that went around Penny's waist; it covered Penny from just above
her bush to just under her udders and was secured in the back. Two metal rings
were attached at the top of the belt, into which Penny's udders would fit. Sue
pulled on her suckers and pushed her udders in place, then secured each ring to
her collar with a light metal chain, holding them in place at the base of her
udders. Finally, her wrists were secured in the back of the belt. Penny was
starting to look like a pony.

"Penny is harnessed and ready. She looks good, I think." Sue said.

"Yes. So far so good, there is still a lot of work to be done before she begins
to resemble anything like a pony." Sammy grinned.

Linda was getting very nervous by now; the waiting was getting to her. What were
they waiting for? She wanted to get this over with. The constant waiting every
time they were going to inflict new pains and horrors on her had begun to take a
toll on Linda. Would she ever be left alone without any pain? Perhaps once she
was moved to the barn they would leave her alone. Then again all the things she
had been told about the barn with bulls and milking procedures didn't give Linda
much hope the barn would be any better than were she was now. The only good
thing Linda had heard them say was once she got to the barn her hood would be
removed. Linda was hopeful they would remove the corset too. That would give her
some relief. Penny in the meantime was struggling with her new outfit. The
harness didn't cause that much problem but the bit in her mouth was
uncomfortable. Penny was drooling since the bit made it hard for her to swallow
the saliva. 

"Mind you this is just your stable harness when you are hitched to the cart or
buggy you will wear a much different harness, one with nice straps running into
your fuck holes and so on." Sue pointed out to Penny.

Sue gave Penny a few pats on her ass and pussy. Penny didn't really care, this
harness was bad enough, and the whole idea of being a pony had no appeal to her
what so ever. She was still sobbing and that made her drool even more. She felt
less like a woman and more like a trapped rabbit. She was having a hard time
collecting her thoughts and in the back of her mind, she still hoped this was
just a bad nightmare and that she would wake up any second. She was brought back
to reality when she heard Sammy's voice.

"I think the irons are hot enough now, so we can give the cow her brands. Which
one should we start with? What do you think Sue?"

"Hmmm. Lets put the Master's brand on her first and then the quality brand." Sue

This little exchange was of no importance its only purpose was to terrorize

Sammy moved a bucket of water close to Linda's head and stuck a third iron into
it. This was also done for effect. This particular iron wasn't going to be used
anyway. Linda could hear the sizzling from the iron as it entered the water.
Linda got the message that the irons had been heated to a red hot and glowing

"Does it sound like the irons are hot enough for you cow or should we let them
heat up a few more minutes?" Sammy asked Linda with a laugh.

Linda didn't answer at first. She assumed they were just trying to prolong this
torture as much as possible. Linda was sweating and her knees felt weak. She
wanted to scream at them to just get on with it. She almost did but caught
herself in time and stayed silent.

"Cow I asked you a question."

"Moooooo. Moooooo. Moooooo." Linda replied.

"Ok cow. If you insist, I'll leave the irons to heat a few more minutes then."

"Pony girl, you better not look away when we brand the cow. If you do, we will
have to give you a nice punishment. Maybe one of the stallions would like an
afternoon fuck." Sue said.

Penny thought this was just another attempt to frighten her even more than she
already was and didn't believe they would do that to her. A stallion would rip
her pussy apart. Penny had been around horses before and had seen how big a
horse cock could get. She had no doubt that they would find some devilish way of
punishing her if she looked away even for a second. Penny turned her head and
looked straight at the poor woman strapped to the table.

"That's a good pony." Sue smiled and gave Penny as slap on her ass.

"I think we waited long enough. The irons are red hot and we need to get moving.
We still have the pony to tend to before dinner." Sammy announced.

Sammy took the first iron and slowly aimed it at Linda's right buttock. Linda
could feel the heat from the iron and began shaking violently. Sammy aimed the
iron slightly to the right, so the brand would sit more to the side of the cow's
buttock. She pushed the iron down into the buttock and a sizzling sound was
heard together with the smell of burnt flesh. Linda screamed and screamed but
she stayed conscious. Sammy held the iron in place while she counted to five.
Linda continued to scream. The pain she felt was unbelievable. Sammy removed the
iron and bent over to take a closer look at the brand. Linda continued to scream
and howl and her pee splattered down in the bucket between her legs.

"Looks good, these irons are really easy to work with." Sammy told Sue.

"Yes. It looks very nice." "Give me the other iron."

Sue handed Sammy the second iron and Sammy moved to the other side of the cow.
She aimed it in the manor as the first iron and pressed it into Linda's left
buttock. Linda had not stopped screaming and her scream became a high-pitched.
almost banshee like scream. Penny had to use all her mental strength in order to
stay focused on the terrible torture and not turn her away. Linda thrashed and
kicked but the straps held her firmly to the table. She continued her table
dance and song for a good 10 minutes before she finally stopped and just lay
there sobbing loudly.

"She sure puts on a good show." Sue said.

"Yes. She is very entertaining. You can remove the bucket. I think she is done
peeing. Empty it outside. I don't want the smell of cow piss in here."

Sue grabbed the bucket and clamped the catheter tube. When she returned she sat
down next to Sammy and they both smoked a cigarette. Linda's right buttock had a
brand that read: D. I. Farm animal. On her left buttock the brand read: Approved
for M. B. use.

"What does the M. B. stand for?" Sue asked.

"It stands for milking and breeding. Sometimes a MC is added." Sammy explained.


"Meat consumption. We don't use cows for that here on the island at least we
haven't in the past but sometimes before a cow is sold, she is fattened up so
Master can sell her to any kind of buyer." Sammy continued to explain.

"Why don't we use them as meat here?" Sue was curious.

"I'm not sure. I think Master prefers the old fashioned kind of meat. Mistress
Alex I am not so sure about, she would probably not mind a female cow roast."
Sammy said with a laugh.

None of this conversation registered with Linda. She was in a pain filled daze
and her brain concentrated solely on the burning on her ass. Penny on the other
hand heard every single word. She was stunned, this couldn't be real, it just
had to be a bad nightmare. People simply could not be as cruel as this.
Cannibals didn't exist anymore or did they? The smell of burnt flesh, the
horrible screams, the fear and the knowledge that she was next became too much
for Penny, and she fainted. Sue had to release the chain to her collar;
otherwise, the pony would strangle herself.

Penny slumped to the floor.

"Looks like we have time for another cup of coffee since the pony decided to
take a nap." Sue laughed.

"Lets get the cow off the table and into a pony box first. It is better to keep
her here for tonight than in the barn and the cage isn't big enough for two
cows. Since the pony is napping we might as well get her strapped in on the
table, then we can have coffee or some fun, while we wait for her to wake up."
Sammy said.

"Ok. Sounds good to me."

Sammy released the still sobbing Linda and she dropped to the floor in a heap.
Sue grabbed one arm and Sammy the other and they proceeded to drag her toward
one of the empty pony boxes. They removed the strap with hooks that held Linda
head tilted back and fastened her wrists cuffs to her collar so she couldn't
reach or touch her brands. Sue made sure the catheter tube was clamped properly
while Sammy filled water into the water and feeding trough. When they very
satisfied that everything was in order, Linda was left lying on her stomach on
the floor of the box. They closed and locked the door to the box. The floor was
a straw covered dirt floor, with no bed or mattress, only a blanket in the
corner. For the moment Linda didn't really care, she just wanted to die. On
their way back, they grabbed Penny and she was quickly put on the table, secured
on her back. They both sat down and enjoyed their coffee while they waited for
the pony to wake up. Sammy pressed the intercom and dialed the number for
Master's quarters.

"Yes Sammy what do you want?"

"Master can Sue stay here for tonight, Mistress Alex locked her out of her room
and she has no room of her own?"

"That's is fine. Anything else?"

"Yes Master. I need the door to my room to stay unlocked in case I need to tend
to one of the new animals during the night. I am keeping the cow here in a box
since the cage is full and there is nobody in the barn. Is that ok?"

"Yes. That is fine Sammy. I will leave the door unlocked but you know what
happens if there is anything wrong in the morning."

"Oh don't worry Master. I will make sure nothing goes wrong."

"Send Sue up to the kitchen to fetch dinner for the both of you. I will take
care of the bitch tonight."

"Thank you Master." Sue piped in.

"Night Master."

"Night slaves."

Penny had begun to stir and was moaning. It took her a few moments to realize
that she was strapped in and ready to be treated. When it dawned on her that her
turn had come, she became frantic and nervous.

"Our little pony is awake." Sammy said.

"Please. Don't do this. Please help me." Penny pleaded.

"Listen carefully. I will only tell you one time. You will be trained as a pony
unless Master decides you are useless, in which case he will probably make a cow
out of you. Just like the cow, you watched here before. Nobody will help you;
rescue you or any such nonsense. You can't escape. So stop your whining and
pleading, it won't help you, only hurt you." Sammy explained to Penny.

"If you keep this nonsense up, we will just treat you harsher. Your best bet is
to obey and do as you are told." Sue added.

"Scream if you like but don't talk unless you are told too."

"Do you understand?" Sammy asked.

"Yes." Penny sobbed.

"It is yes Mistress to you."

"Yes Mistress." Penny continued to sob.

"Sue, lets get started. I want to get the rings in her as quickly as possible so
you and I can enjoy our evening." Sammy smiled.

"Just tell me what to do."

Penny continued to sob and shake. She felt a need to pee but if she opened her
mouth now it might get her a harsher treatment than they had already planned.
Penny decided to try to hold her bladder.

"Swab her suckers and pussy lips while I get the needles and rings ready."

"Ok. Should I swab her clit too?"

"Yes. She gets a ring in there too." Sammy replied.

Sue swabbed the nipples with rubbing alcohol and then moved on to swab the clit
and pussy lips. Sammy had in the meantime gotten her tools together and was
ready to start.

"Sue pinch her suckers and make them hard."

"Sure thing."

It didn't take long for Penny's suckers to harden and stand straight out. Sammy
pinched the right one between her fingers and pushed the heated needle through.
She left the needle in place and repeated the procedure on the left sucker. That
needle was left in as well. Sue had rubbed the clit and it was nice, swollen,
and ready. Sammy pushed the third needle through at the base of the clit. She
stepped back to view her handy work. Penny had let out a horrific scream when
the first needle burnt its way through her right sucker. The second and third
needle was met with the same loud scream from Penny. The burning was by far the
worst part of the piercing.

"I am going to leave the needles in to cool off before I put her decorations in.
That way the holes will cauterized and they are less likely to get infected."
Sammy explained to Sue.

Penny was still moaning and sobbing. This was the most painful treatment she had
ever experienced. The hot needles in her suckers, or nipples as she still
referred to them, were feeling the searing pain. Her clit was on fire. Sammy
brought out a set of bar bells instead of rings. The bar bells came as a set,
with a tiny but strong chain running between them. Sammy removed the needle in
the right sucker and inserted the first bar bell. Using a pair of pliers, she
screwed the other end on tight. This end too had a chain attached but a much
longer chain than the one running between the bar bells. She completed the
process on her left sucker. Penny was now adorned with a bar bell piercing in
each sucker with a chain running between them, the two outside chains could
either be attached to rings in the pony's pussy region or they could be attached
directly to the reins, allowing the driver to steer the pony by her suckers. A
third option would allow the chains to be attached to the rings attached to the
outside of the bit, enabling the driver to direct the pony by both the bit and
the suckers. When the pony was not hitched to a cart, buggy or carriage, the
chains were normally left hanging unattached.

Sammy continued her decoration of Penny by removing the needle in her clit and
inserting a rather large ring and soldering it shut. This brought new and loud
screams from Penny.

"What do you think Sue?"

"She looks great. Her udders are a tad big but that might be an advantage if you
use the bar bells to steer her with."

"That is what I was thinking too."

"Ok. Lets get the pussy lip rings in her too."

Sammy positioned herself between Penny's wide spread legs and using the same
type of red-hot needles inserted three in each pussy lip. Penny let out a new
series of screams. Her sobbing intensified and tears rolled down her cheeks.
Penny was in severe pain. She let out of a stream of pee and Sammy just barely
got out of the way.

"That was lucky for you. If you had soaked me with your piss, I would have been
forced to really punish you and that would be nothing like the mild treatment
you have received up until now." Sammy exclaimed.

"That was a bad move. To piss on the slave in charge of you is a really bad
idea." Sue added.

"Not to mention if she did it to Master or Mistress Alex." Sammy grinned.

"Wow, then she would really be horse meat."

Penny continued to sob but the words did not escape her. Her fears had again
been intensified. She had not meant to pee on anybody but she realized that was
of no consequence. They wouldn't care if it was intentional or not. They would
just use it as an excuse to inflict some horrible punishment on her.

Sammy pulled the needles out and inserted rings in all the holes. Penny was
decorated with 6 stainless steel rings in her pussy lips. Sammy soldered the
rings shut, which invoked more screaming and new tears from Penny.

"Well, that takes care of her for today. Sue why don't you help me put the cream
on the piercings and then we will put her into her new home."

Penny was still sobbing and moaning but at least it sounded like they were done
with her and she would be left alone.

Sammy with the help of Sue rubbed the cream on the piercings, so they wouldn't
become infected, then released Penny from the table. Her wrists were reattached
behind her back and to the harness. Sammy led her over to an empty box. She left
here standing in the middle of the box.

"Don't move an inch. I'll just get your feed and be right back."

"Sue, I can handle it from here. Why don't you head up to the kitchen and get
our dinner."

"Ok. Anything else you need from the kitchen?"

"No. I am pretty well stocked up, so I don't need anything today."

Sue headed up to the kitchen and Sammy prepared the evening meal for the horses
and pony. The cow would probably not be hungry after her ordeal today, so Sammy
skipped her. When the horses had been fed, she returned to the box where Penny
was standing. She filled the trough with water and poured the feed into the
other section of the trough.

"Eat your dinner."

"How? My arms are tied." Penny asked in between sobs.

"Like this." Sammy replied and grabbed Penny by the hair, she pushed her face
into the trough. Holding her there, she repeated her command.   

"Eat pony. It is nice oatmeal mush."

Penny tried to lap up the oatmeal but she didn't have a great deal of success.

"I guess I'll have to take the bit out of your mouth otherwise we will be here
all night."

Sammy left the bridle on but unhooked the bit on one side leaving it dangling.

"Eat or I will have to force feed you with a tube." Sammy informed her.

Sammy pulled a chain down from the roof and attached it to Penny's bridle. The
chain was long enough to allow Penny to move around in the box but not long
enough to allow her to sit or lay down. Penny would have to stand up all night
and learn to sleep standing.

"I will be back in half an hour and the trough better be empty then, if not you
will be forced fed until you learn to eat your feed."

"What about the bathroom?" Penny asked.

"What would you need a bathroom for?"

"In case I need to go."

"You mean if you need to piss or take a shit?"


"Yes. What?"

"Yes. Mistress."

"You have the whole box to use for that. I suggest you pick a corner to do you
business in rather than spread it all around the box but it is up to you. Ponies
like horses do their thing in the box or outside. So, don't be shy. I'll clean
out your box every morning and put fresh straw in. Now get busy eating." Sammy

Sammy locked the box and left. Penny quietly sobbed but began to eat. She had
enough for one day. She just wanted to be left alone and not have to deal with
these people anymore. She had not discovered that she would not be able to sit
down or lay down but would be forced to stand up the entire night. Sue returned
with dinner and the two slaves sat down to enjoy their meal. It had been a busy
day for them and they were looking forward to some nighttime fun. Penny was
eating and Linda had fallen asleep totally exhausted.

Back at Master's quarters, dinner had been served too. Sarah had stayed for
dinner but was no clearing off the table and getting ready to leave.

"Good night Master."

"Night Sarah."

Sarah left and Master settled in on the couch. Tina and Gina joined him.

"Gina, since your pussy is still out of commission, you will go down and feed
the bitch, and put her away for the night. Sue never had time to bathe her today
but it will keep until tomorrow. " Master instructed her.

"Yes. Master."

Gina headed toward the pens, where Jackie was still busy getting a hard fuck by
Play Boy. Jackie was beginning to think they had forgotten about her and would
leave her with the hounds all night. I had been a busy day and the hounds had
used her, almost without any breaks. The hounds had used her at least four times
each, maybe even five. Jackie had lost count. Both her ass hole and pussy felt
extremely sore. Gina entered the pen but waited to call Jackie over until Play
Boy had finished fucking her.

"Over here, bitch" Gina shouted.

Jackie picked up her semen bowl with her mouth and crawled over to Gina. At
first she had been surprised to see Gina instead of Sue but not knowing what
Gina had been given for instructions, she decided to bring the bowl like she was
supposed to.

Gina had not been told about the bowl and wasn't sure what she was supposed to
do with the half filled bowl when Jackie offered it to her.

"Heel" Gina ordered her.

Jackie crawled up beside Gina, still holding the bowl in her mouth. Gina exited
the pen with Jackie crawling next to her. She filled the food bowl with dog food
and gave the bitch fresh water. Jackie offered the semen bowl to her again and
Gina finally got the picture. She took the bowl out of Jackie's mouth and poured
the content over the bitch's dog food. She checked Jackie's holes to see how
badly swollen they were, knowing Master would ask her for a report. She hooked
Jackie to the doghouse and left her eating her dinner. She headed back to
Master's quarters.

When she arrived back at the quarters, she found Tina riding up and down on
Master's cock. Tina was moaning and looked close to having and orgasm.

"Everything ok with the bitch, Gina?"

"Yes. Master. She is getting very sore and she is swollen but no damage."

Master shot his load in Tina's pussy and she dismounted and began cleaning his
cock with her mouth.

"Gina, get between Tina's legs and lick her to completion. "

"Yes Master."

"When you are about to cum, push out my semen and feed Gina."

"Ohhhh. Yeees. Master." Tina replied as the orgasm rocked her body and she
pushed out the semen into Gina's mouth. Gina swallowed obediently.

"Gina go over to the monitors and run through the nighttime security check, then
give me a verbal report. I'll play with Tina's udders while I listen to you."

"Yes Master."

Gina went over to the desk and sat down while Tina turned so that Master could
squeeze and handle her udders. Tina didn't mind them be massaged, the venom Alex
injected in them had started to take real effect and they were itching like

"The bitch is laying in the doghouse and sleeping. Sarah is cleaning up in the
kitchen. Sammy and Sue are busy eating each others pussies." Gina reported.

"Mistress Alex is in her room reading. The lab girl, Gina couldn't remember her
name, is secured in a very small cage." Gina continued.

"Linda the cow is laying in her box and it looks like she is sleeping and the
pony is standing in her box sobbing." Gina finished.

"Any problems anywhere?"

"No. Master. It doesn't look like it. The lab girl is moaning quite a bit but
all vital signs are normal across the board Master."

"Very good. Come over here and join us. I think Tina's udders are itching and
she could use more massage and scratching. Would you like that Tina?"

"Yes Master. They are itching terribly."

The three of them moved over to the bed and Tina continued to have her udders

"From tomorrow we will have a new routine. Gina, you will take care of the ass
fucking in the mornings and Tina will be responsible for the nighttime pussy
fuckings. Besides that you have to make sure Tina applies her pastes, Gina."

"Yes Master."

"Any questions slaves?"

"No Master."

"Good. Lets get some sleep then"

Another day had ended on Devils Island. Some of its resident were happy and
content others spent a wistful or sleepless night.

18. The Yacht

After having disposed of Jason's body, Jack resumed his solo sailing adventure toward the coast. Tess was securely locked in her cell below deck and would not cause him any problems. Jack was proud of himself, Jason had never suspected that he would betray him if the opportunity presented itself. Jack had been the one that had kept a close eye on the slaving operation and unknown to Jason reported every move made to the Master. He had in fact worked for the Master long before he met Jason. Master was also responsible for Jack being released from prison early, even though Jack had been convicted on a totally unrelated charge. Jack set the course for the coastline and switched on the autopilot. He had at least 18 hours before he would reach the mainland, maybe longer if the weather didn't hold. It was time for some rest and recreation and to put the “crew” below to work. Jack's bonus for long and loyal service was Tess. He could keep her on the yacht until the end of the week before he had to deliver her to Sanchez at the whorehouse. Jack would also get a percentage of the money Tess would bring in as a whore. After Sanchez and the Master had taken their cuts, Jack calculated he would still receive anywhere from 300 to 500 dollars a week. If Tess lasted 2 years at the whorehouse, Jack would make somewhere in the neighborhood of 50,000. Far less than the Master or Sanchez but for doing nothing, it was good money. Jack would still make the pick up runs of new girls for the island but he would not be involved in the abductions anymore. He would just pick up the cargo and deliver it to the island. He could handle that without hiring any additional crew and therefore he would not have to split the profit with anybody else. Jack reached the cell that housed Tess. He stood there for a moment just looking at her while he was trying to decide what kind of recreation he was in the mood for.

“Where are to taking me? What is going to happen to me?” Tess asked somewhat subdued and fearful.

“Do you really want to know?”

“Yes. Please just let me go. I won't say anything to anybody.”

“I have heard that one before. I'm not that stupid.” Jack replied.

“You will do what I tell you to do and go where I tell you to.” He continued.

“Please. I will make it worth your while, if you just let me go.”

“When did you become rich? You are nothing more than a run away that nobody will miss.” Jack laughed.

“Maybe I could make it up to you in another way?” Tess tried.

“What way would that be?”

“Hmmm. I could help out on the boat, cook maybe?”

“I don't need a cook. You'll have to come up with something better than that.” Jack answered.

Tess got the distinct feeling there would be only one offer that would even be considered by Jack. She really didn't want to offer any sexual favors but she remembered the treatment the girl called Penny had received onboard so maybe that was the answer, if she willingly offered to fuck these men. Tess didn't know that Jack was the only one left onboard now.

“I'll let you fuck me.” She said reluctantly.

Jack burst out laughing. He shook his head in amusement.

“You are not a very bright whore. I can fuck you as much as I like and as often as I like and there isn't anything you can do to stop me.”

“Look around you. You are in a cell onboard a boat in the middle of the ocean. What would stop me from fucking you?”

“Nothing I guess.” Tess replied in a defeated tone of voice.

“Your right about that.”

“So what do you want in return for letting me go?”

“Nothing. I do not intend to let you go.” Jack said with a laugh.

“Well. That's not quite true. I will hand you over to the whorehouse owner eventually.” Jack corrected himself.

“Please no. I am not a whore.” Tess was frightened.

“You are right. You are only a wannabee whore at the moment but after I get done with you, you will be a whore trainee, even if you won't be a full fledged whore by the time we reach the mainland.”

“At least you will have completed your basic training.”

“Please you can't do this to me.” Tess was sounding desperate now.

“Sure I can. You mean nothing to me. You are just a piece of meat for my enjoyment and profit.”

“Enough of this chit chat. I am in the mood to play.” Jack said.

Jack unlocked the cell door and entered the cell. Tess in a desperate attempt to escape swung her clenched fist against Jack's jaw. Jack ducked and took a step to the side. Before Tess could swing again, Jack landed a powerful punch right in her stomach, knocking the air out of Tess. She dropped to her knees gasping for air.

Jack kicked her right between her legs just to cause her more pain and make sure she got the message that such behavior would not be tolerated. Jack bent down, grabbed her by her hair, and pulled her along toward a contraption in the center of the cell deck area.

“Ouch, that hurts. Let go of my hair.” Tess cried out.

“Don't be such a baby. Whores need to learn to enjoy some pain and rough treatment.”

Jack stopped in front of the device he intended to secure Tess to. She struggled to her feet with Jack firmly holding on to her hair. Tess couldn't figure out what she was looking at or what Jack had in mind. Jack pushed her forward until her thighs pressed against the closest T-bar. With his free hand, he reached in between her legs and pulled the first strap around her right thigh. The strap was secured to the bar, and with the help off a knob on the bar, it was pulled very tight. He repeated the procedure with the second strap around her left thigh. Tess felt the straps biting into her thighs and tried to reach the knobs with her hands to get free. Jack let go of her hair and grabbed her right arm, pulling it forward. Her wrist was secured to the front T-bar with a steel cuff that was welded on top of the bar. Tess did manage to loosen the left thigh strap somewhat before Jack grabbed her left arm and locked that in place. Jack tightened the thigh strap again. Tess was now firmly attached to the double T-bar device. With her arms straight out in front of her and her thighs pressing against the bar, she was forced to bend forward in a horizontal position. Jack pressed a pedal on the floor and the two T-bars began moving further apart stretching Tess between them. When Tess shoulders were about to pop, Jack stopped the machinery.

“I won't pull your shoulders out of their sockets unless you misbehave.” Jack warned her.

“Ahhhh. It hurts.”

“Just wait. You are not done yet. There are a few other and more interesting features to the whore trainer.”

“Please. No.”

Jack stepped back to admire the view of the still dressed but stretched out Tess. Jack smiled he was pleased with his handy work. He scratched his chin while he contemplated what additions he should make, so that Tess would be even more “comfortable”. He disappeared for a few moment and Tess could hear him shuffling a few things around. When he returned he was carrying what looked to Tess as two wheels with a number of straps attached. The straps where fairly wide but not very long, still they were long enough to reach the base of her tits. Jack bent down and placed the wheels right under her breasts.

“ This is a fun addition. Once I get them in place and the wheels start turning, the straps with fly around and beat your tits at a steady pace. The wheels will turn in different direction to spread the blows evenly on you tits.” Jack explained.

“Please don't hurt me like that. I will let you fuck me any way you want.” Tess begged.

Jack laughed.

“You silly whore. I can do whatever I want to you at any time. I would have thought you had gotten the picture by now. You are not very bright are you?”


Jack bent down and reached under Tess. With one powerful pull, he ripped her top off. He unhooked her bra and pushed it down along her arms, Tess tits hung straight down. Not satisfied with that, he added a clamp with a heavy weight attached to each nipple, effectively stretching her nipples and breasts toward the deck. Tess groaned as the clamps bit into her nipples and stretched her breasts.

“That is better. Now your tits will get a nice and firm beating when I start the wheels, without bouncing around too much.”

“Please No.”

Jack adjusted the speed on the wheels and then with a smile flicked the switch to set the wheels in motion. Tess reaction was immediate as the first strap flew around and hit the outside of her right tit. This was quickly followed by another strap from the second wheel landing on the outside of her left tit. The pace of the wheels was steady as alternate blows landed on her weighted down tits.

“Aaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggghh” Tess let out a series of groans and screams.

“I just love the way your whore tits move around. Once we really get into it, I will increase the speed and that will make the blows harder.” Jack snickered.

Jack moved behind Tess and pushed her skirt up around her waist. Slowly he pulled down her panties until her openings were exposed and available. Tess felt something thick and sticky being poured on her ass checks. Jack proceeded to rub in the sticky mess all over her cheeks. Massaging and squeezing her buttocks, he worked the paste into her skin. It didn't take long before Tess felt the warm almost burning heat.

“You are almost ready for a nice pleasant fuck. Only one thing remains to make it perfect.” Jack casually informed her.

As soon as he had finished those words, he swung the cane with moderate force, landing the first blow right across her already heated ass. This caused Tess to let out a new series of high-pitched screams. Jack continued to swing the cane with the same tempo as the straps were biting into her breasts. Tess was truly miserable. Her ass was now full of angry red stripes and burning. When she heard the cane drop to the floor, she couldn't help but draw a sigh of relief.

“Now you look like a whore should, to give maximum pleasure to a paying customer. Very sexy looking.” Jack chuckled.

“Let us hope your performance lives up expectations otherwise I will have to use something more serious than just the cane.”

Jack moved to the front of Tess and without a word pushed his limp cock against her lips. Tess not wanting any additional treatments obediently opened her mouth and began to lick and suck his cock. Jack allowed Tess to suck at her own pace until he had gotten hard and erect.

“Let test how deep this front hole of yours is” Jack said as he pushed his cock deep into her throat.

Tess gagged and was grasping for air. Taking no notice, Jack continued to ram his cock in and out of her mouth and throat. When he finally withdrew, Tess drew a deep breath, coughing, spitting, and drooling and her throat felt sore from the rough pounding.

“Not too bad but you need to practice more to perfect your skills. Lets see how your back end holes work.”

Jack moved behind her and grabbed her burning buttocks. Spreading her pussy lips with his thumbs, he plunged his cock deep inside her dry pussy. Tess let out a long groan as soon as the intruder filled her pussy.

“I need to teach you to get wet and stay ready. Your hole is too dry, customers don't like that.” Jack said.

Tess wasn't paying any attention to what Jack was saying. She was only concentrating on the pain she was feeling. Jack enjoyed not only the pain he was causing Tess but the fact that Tess was so dry that her pussy gripped his cock tightly. He was not done torturing the poor girl. To increase his own enjoyment, he turned up the speed to medium of the two wheels. This caused the straps to hit her tits harder and more often. Tess moaned and groaned even louder when the wheels increased their torment. Jack continued to fuck her at a steady pace, pushing his cock as hard as he possible could, bruising her cervix as his cock hit the inner depths of her pussy. When he felt himself close to injecting his load into Tess, he quickly pulled out and waited for the urge to subside. Tess let out another loud scream when she felt his fingers probing her ass hole.

“No. Not there. You are too big.” Tess screamed.

“Nonsense. Just relax and enjoy the ride. You need to be stretched back there as well.”

“Please. No”

Tess's pleadings went unanswered. Jack used his hands to spread her back door and pushed home as deep as he could. It took him several hard thrusts before he had buried himself deep in her ass. What followed was a rough and hard ass fucking with the additional pain of the wheels turned up to high speed. Her tits were now being beaten hard and fast by the straps of the wheels. Jack enjoyed this and it didn't take him long to fill her ass with his semen. Tess screamed and hollered until he pulled out of her ass and finally turned off the horrible wheels.

“You definitely need more practice whore. This was no more than an average performance. The customers at Sanchez place will expect a lot better fuckings than this. First lets work on your sucking skills while I take a break for dinner.” Jack calmly told her.

Tess only heard the first part of Jack's words. She was in too much pain to really care about what he was saying. She was sore all over and her tits felt like they had been put through a meat grinder. When Jack returned and placed a long metal pole in front of her, she began to cry. The pole had a 6-inch dildo pointing straight at her mouth. At the bottom of the pole were a black box and a plastic container.

“This is another good part of the whore training device that you are attached too. I will fill the container with doggie semen. The dildo is lined with sensors and when you please the dildo with your mouth, it will inject a load of semen in your mouth. If the dildo isn't pleased then you get no reward. The plastic container holds a gallon of semen. I will hook this pole to the wheels and if you take too long to please the dildo the wheels will start. They will be set to maximum power none of the soft start this time. When the dildo spurts in your mouth, the wheels will stop until you fail to please the dildo in time again. When the semen container is empty the bars you are attached to will contract slightly and relive the strain on your shoulders and body.”

Jack explained.

“Please I am hurting. I can't take any more.”

“Sure you can. A good whore needs a lot of stamina. I will put a bowl under your mouth and anything you don't swallow will be put back into the container. When you are done sucking your training lover dry, I will let you pee. Until then, you have to hold it unless you want another 20 strokes of the cane. If you prefer I can put catheter in your pee hole. Would you like that?” Jack asked.

Tess didn't answer. Therefore, Jack repeated his question. Tess just shook her head and Jack smiled. It would take Tess several hours to empty the container and it was unlikely she would be able to hold her bladder that long.

“As you wish.”

Jack connected the pole to the wheel and moved the pole so that Tess could get the entire length of the dildo in her mouth. When he was satisfied, everything was in place and secure, he flipped the switch to the sensors. Tess gingerly started to suck on the dildo, expecting something nasty to happen. To her surprise nothing happened, she only got a slight bitter taste in her mouth.

“I will check back and see how you are doing after dinner, whore.”


Jack left and Tess was left with her new lover and with her body aching and burning. Tess was in hell or at least that is how she felt. She had a hard time concentrating on the task in her mouth and after about ten minutes, the wheels started their pounding of her tits again. Tess tried to concentrate and sucked away as fast as she could. Eventually her hard work was rewarded and she got a big load in her mouth. She gagged but tried to swallow as best she could. The wheels stopped and Tess continued to slave away with her mouth.

Jack left his trainee for about 3 hours before he returned to check on her progress. Tess was still slaving away and she had managed to empty ¾ of the container even if she had spilled some in the bowl. Jack took the bowl and emptied the content back into the container. Jack feeling raunchy again moved to the back of Tess and produced a catheter with a long plastic tube. The tube was clamped before he painfully inserted the catheter into her pee hole. Tess was too tired to do anything but groan loudly. Jack proceeded to attach the end of the catheter tube to the container holding the semen. Tess was horrified. With no control of her bladder, she would keep filling the container. Tess realized she would have to suck forever unless she some how could stop herself from peeing. Jack grinned, and released the clamp and pushed his now hard cock into Tess's pussy. Tess couldn't stop the pee and a yellow stream mixed in with the remaining semen in the container. Jack gave Tess another hard fucking but instead of shooting his load in her pussy, he pulled out and added his semen to the container. Tess was frantic.

“Still to dry in your hole. Maybe you are not trying hard enough or are you not enjoying your whore-training machine? Maybe you will like the one Sanchez have better. His has a double pole in the back, which I don't use. Sanchez doesn't believe in training one opening at the time. He likes to get a whore trained and trained quickly. I am tired, so I am going to bed rather than wait for you to finish the container. I will leave you here tonight and when you are done you can sleep on the whore trainer.” Jack concluded.

“Have a good night whore.”

Jack left and turned out the light. Tess was left in the dark with her task. She could no longer see how much fluid was left in the container. She only knew that her only chance of any relief or even sleep was to finish the task and try not to pee. When her lover rewarded her with his next load Tess could not hold down the pee and semen mix and she retched. It would be a long and strenuous night.

19. The Whorehouse

Morning came and the people and animals on the island started their day. A new day also started for poor Tess on the yacht. She had gotten very little sleep and her body ached. Her mouth was dry and her stomach grumbling. She was both mentally and physically exhausted. The last bit of fight and hope had left her sometime during the night, she had resigned herself to a fate worse than hell. When Jack arrived carrying a tray with breakfast, Tess thought her torment was over for the time being. Jack pulled up a small table and put the tray on it. The sight and smell of bacon, eggs, toast, coffee, and juice made her mouth water. Jack pulled up a chair and sat down at the table.

“I thought I would enjoy a little company while I have my breakfast. I see you sucked your new lover to completion. Did it take you long last night?” Jack asked.

“Yes. It was so hard, my jaws are stiff now.”

“Don't worry. With some work after breakfast they will get back into working condition.”

“Please I am hungry and thirsty.” Tess pleaded.

“You can't be hungry after having that giant meal through out the night.”


“If I give you some breakfast. What do I get in return?”

“Anything you want.” Tess hoped Jack wasn't just teasing her with the food.

“I will give you one chance to prove what a good whore you will be and how willing and obedient you are. If you fail, you'll go hungry until you learn.”

“Yes Sir. I promise I will be good.” Tess answered.

Tess was at the point she would agree to anything just to get out of the situation she was in and to get something to eat and drink. Jack released her wrists and thighs. Tess straightened out her body with great difficulty. She removed the weighted clamps from her nipples and felt the blood rush back into them as they came alive again. She waited for Jack's next instruction.

“Get a stool and sit to the left of me by the table. Pull your panties all the way down before you sit.”

“Yes Sir.”

Tess found a stool and pulled down her panties. Sitting down was not pleasant with her ass still sore from the cane. She looked at her breasts, which were very red and swollen from the straps. The feeling had returned in her nipples and they were painful to the touch. She waited patiently next to Jack.

“Spread your legs and show your pussy. Rub your clit until you are wet. You get nothing until you can show me some wet fingers from your hole.” Jack said.

Tess driven by hunger and the smell of the bacon began rubbing her clit with vigor. It didn't take her long before she was wet enough to show Jack what he wanted.

Jack scoped up some food and dumped the plate in her lap. He reached down and removed the catheter. Tess ate eagerly and more than anything, she gulped down her juice and coffee. Jack smiled, Tess would no longer struggle or resist. She still had no idea that, what she had experienced so far, was nothing in comparison to what awaited her at the whorehouse.

“Lets see if you have learned anything or if I need to give you another session on the whore trainer.” Jack grinned.

“No please. Don't put me back there. I will be good.”

“Stand up. Bend over. Get my cock out and suck it hard.”

Tess did exactly what she had been told. She didn't want to be strapped to that horrible contraption again. Her jaw still sore from sucking the dildo for hours, she bent over and gingerly took his cock in her mouth. Even bending over was strenuous, her muscles aching.

“Keep yourself wet and make sure I have a good view of you rubbing your clit. The customers want a good show as well as an excellent fuck.”

Tess pulled her skirt up and began to rub her clit. She knew that if she didn't stay wet, Jack would probably put her back on the contraption again. Jack was getting rock hard and erect from her efforts.

“Now get your pussy on that cock and get to work.” Jack commanded.


“No. You stupid whore, you have to be more pleasing than that.“

“Oh Yes fuck me honey.” Tess tried.

“That's better but you have to sound like you mean it.”

“Yes, honey I would love for you to fuck my wet pussy.” Tess said in her sexiest voice.

“That is more like it now get to work and wiggle your tits when you say that next time.”

Tess straddled Jack and began to lower herself on to his cock.

“No. No. You always face the customer when your are on top, so he can squeeze your tits and suck your nipples.”

Tess turned around and Jack grabbed her sore tits pulling her down on his cock. He continued to squeeze and pinch her while she moved up and down as fast as she could on the cock. It didn't take him long before his semen shot up deep in her pussy. Tess sat still not sure if she should get off or stay were she was.

“As soon as a customer unloads, you get off him and get his cock put away. You need to get him out of your room so you can get the next one in. The more customers you take care off the more money we make off you and then Sanchez won't have to beat you. Got the picture?”

“Yes. I get the picture.” Tess answered a little subdued.

“Good. Get yourself cleaned up, shower, change into the new outfit, and get fresh make up on. You have an hour before I come back. When I do, I want you to be ready and in your cell waiting. If you are not, then back on the whore trainer you go for another long session.”

“I don't want to be a whore. Please let me stay with you.” Tess pleaded.

“Just do what I tell you. No more nonsense.”


“One more word and you are back on the trainer.”

Tess didn't dare say anything else and when Jack left, she undressed and went to take a shower. The warm water felt good on her aching body. She stayed in the shower, washing her hair, and cleansing her pussy and ass. She emptied her bladder as well to be on the safe side. She wasn't sure how long she had been in the shower and she began to worry that time was running out and she wouldn't be ready. She quickly dried herself and applied her make up. She did her make up very heavy and hoped that it wasn't too much but she figured too little would not be accepted. With her make up complete and nails painted bright red, she began to dress. The black half-cup bra felt a little small and her breast were pushed up more than she would have liked. The rest of the outfit was pretty much the same as before. The high-heeled shoes were just as uncomfortable as the last pair she had been wearing. She took one quick look in the make up mirror and hardly recognized herself. She had been transformed from a run away in jeans and T-shirt to a sleazy looking whore.

She felt the tears welling up and tried her best to hold them back. She couldn't ruin her make up now. Tess was very unhappy but also scared. This was not what she had in mind when she and Jane ran away from home. She entered her cell and sat down to wait for Jack. She wondered if this was the way people on death row felt.

On deck, Jack swore slightly. The trip had not taken as long as he had thought and when the yacht approached the isolated dock, there were two men and a car waiting. Master had clearly alerted Sanchez and he was on the dock waiting for his new whore. Jack had planned to hold on to Tess over night and teach her a few more tricks and get a little bit more enjoyment out of her but that would not be happening now. Jack was a little disappointed but it soon passed when he thought of the money this whore would bring him. Jack docked and waved to Sanchez to come onboard.

“Hello Sanchez.”

“Hey Jack. Any trouble on your trip?”

“No. Sadly Jason had a little accident and I had to bury him at sea.”

“So I heard.” Sanchez replied with a wide grin.

“Very sad.” Jack smiled back at him.

“Where is the whore? Is she any good?”

“She is below getting ready for her new adventure. She is ok, not great but she has potential.”

“Is she broken?”

“Not really, so you need to encourage her in the beginning. She still thinks this isn't real. I put her on the whore trainer overnight.”

“The full version?”

“Nah. Just the sucking pole and she got her tits worked over.”

“At least she has the basic idea then.”

“Yes but I haven't told her the full story of what to expect at the house.” Jack said.

“No matter, she will learn that soon enough. Go get her, I am in a bit of a rush, it is a busy night, and I need every available whore working.”

“Ok. I'll bring her up.”

Jack went below and found Tess in her cell. He motioned her to stand up and follow him. Jack didn't secure her in any way; there was no need for that. Tess followed him up on deck and spotted the two men. She didn't like the look of either of them. The shorter a greasy slightly fat man and the other was a giant with big muscles.

The greasy one spoke.

“What's your name?” Sanchez asked her.


“That's too boring. We have to find a better name for you.”

“Get in the car. I don't have all day.”

“Please, Jack I don't want to go.”

“Get in the car now whore or Ed here will pick you up and throw you in the trunk.”

Ed grabbed her by the arm and led her toward the car. Sanchez followed. Jack said nothing and just looked on as Tess was pushed into the back seat of the car, followed by first Ed and then Sanchez. Jack didn't stay on deck to wait for the car to leave; instead, he went down to his cabin and poured himself a stiff drink. Funny he thought, in a strange way I'll miss the whore. Tess wouldn't exactly miss Jack but there would be many times she wished he had kept her on the yacht instead of handing her over to Sanchez. She was sitting between Sanchez and Ed in the back seat of the car. When the car started moving she felt like this was the beginning of a journey to hell. Sanchez words didn't alleviate that feeling.

“Listen up whore. I will only tell you this once. You either pay attention now and learn or you'll learn by the way of the ant farm. I don't use the cane much since it damages the whore. First, you are a whore and you will remain my whore until I get rid of you. You mean nothing to me except for how much money you bring in. The whores that work hard get a few benefits, the ones that don't I get rid of, one-way or the other. You will work every day. There is no time off. When things are slow, you get to eat and sleep but if a customer comes in and asks for you we wake you up. You will perform according to the customer's wishes. They don't pay for specific acts; they pay for time with you during which they can have what they want. That means if they want to fuck your ass, pee in your mouth, have you lick their ass holes or anything else, you do it. Do you understand?”

“Yeees.” Tess stammered.

“If a customer complains or you refuse to perform, then I will deal with you harshly. I don't like loosing money because a whore like you won't lick an ass hole. Many times the customers come in pairs or groups. Gang banging is common at the house. Your job is to get them off as quickly as possible, even if they paid for an hour. Usually they will leave when they are done and you can get new customers in your holes. You need to service at least 25 customers a day to meet your quota. The quicker you meet your quota the more rest and sleep you get.” Sanchez continued.

“Any questions so far?”

“What is the ant farm?” Tess asked fighting back her tears.

“We smear a little honey in your pussy and dump a jar of red ants in there. Your pussy is clamped and we leave you for a couple of hours with the ants inside. They will bite you and your pussy will swell from the irritant they inject. Then you go back to work. Only difference is that fucking a finger would be painful and getting cock in there will be pure hell, that's how swollen you will be. Any more questions?”

“No” Tess replied sniffling.

“So work hard, fuck hard and things will be much easier for you. Do you know how to check for VD?”


“One of the other whores will show you. If you suspect a client have VD you tell the bouncers and they will deal with it. I don't care if you are knocked up. Many clients like to fuck a pregnant whore and suck milk from their tits. When you drop the brat, we sell it for adoption and you go back to work. No time off for that.” Sanchez smiled.

He loved the initial speech to a new whore. They always looked totally defeated and horrified. Tess was no different. She was fighting back her tears.

“Pull down your panties and get your tits out so I can inspect you.”

Tess determined to not start out on the ant farm, did was she was told. Sanchez squeezed her tits, stuck several fingers in her pussy and ass. He rubbed her clit and tugged at her pubic hair. His hands went all over her groping and squeezing.

“Get on the floor, get our cocks out, and show us what you can do with your mouth.” Ed spoke for the first time.

Tess slid down as best she could; undoing the zippers in their pants and with a worried look took them in her mouth. Ed was not only long but also thick. Tess couldn't get both of them in her mouth at the same time, so she went back and forth between the two cocks. Sanchez stretched out on the back seat and pulled Tess up on top himself. He shoved his cock in her pussy and pulled her towards his chest by her tits. Ed spit in her ass hole and drove his monster home. Tess screamed. Both her holes were being stretched tremendously. The raw burning pain was unbearable.

“Work your ass whore. Lets see what you can do.”

Tess tried to move up and down on the cocks as fast as she could, praying they would finish quickly. She was in luck, after about 10 minutes both men unloaded inside her. Sanchez pushed her back down on the floor.

“Pull your panties back on and get your bra on. You need to get ready for your next clients, not sit there half naked like a dumb whore.”

Tess pulled her panties up and put the rest of her clothes on. She resumed her place between the two men.

“One final thing. When we get to the house, Ed here will mark you. All whores are tattooed with Belongs to Sanchez.”

The car continued toward the house, taking Tess to her new life. She would never see Jack or go back to the island. Her fate was sealed.

20. Tina gets her wish

Master was getting his morning anal fuck from Gina. She was very excited and wet. Not only did she have Master's cock in her ass but also Tina was sitting next to her in the bed and she was rubbing her clit and French kissing her. To make things even harder, Master was pinching her nipples and squeezing her tits. Gina knew that if she came before Master it would be a painful morning or perhaps even day. It simply wasn't allowed for a slave to orgasm before her Master. Unknown to Gina, Master had told Tina that if she made Gina orgasm first she would increase her chances of not being a cow or sent to the whorehouse. This gave Tina a great deal of incentive on one hand, on the other hand she felt bad because she knew Gina would get punished if she succeeded. She didn't like being caught in a difficult situation, but she quickly decided that even if Gina was punished, it was a short and quick session in comparison to the long-term effects she would suffer.

“Take care, Gina. If you have an orgasm before me, then today's punishment will be really harsh.”

“Yes Master”

Gina tried to hold back but it wasn't easy. She wished Tina would slow down and give her a break with the rubbing and kissing. Tina on the other hand was relentless.

“Do you know what is at stake this morning Gina?”

“No Master.” Gina said.

“If Tina gets you off before me, she can stay with us. She doesn't have to go to the whorehouse or the barn.” Master explained.

Gina glanced at Tina. She looked back with pleading eyes. Gina almost stopped her cock riding motion. It was a hard decision for her. With Tina gone, Master wouldn't be able to play these mind games. Pitting the two of them against each other but Tina would be condemned to a life either as a cow or a whore with no turning back. Gina was trying to decide when her body betrayed her. Her orgasm flowed through her body, her pussy contracted and she let out a long moan. The decision had been made for her. Tina couldn't help drawing a sigh of relief but she stopped short of jumping for joy.

“I see you decided to keep Tina around.” Master grinned.

“Oh well. I couldn't help it Master. I'm sorry.” Gina said lowering her eyes.

“Being sorry won't help you. Get back to work. I don't want to have my cock in your ass all day.”

“Tina get down there and lick my cock while Gina works it in and out of her ass.”

“Yes Master”

The two slaves worked hard and finally they were rewarded. Master unloaded in Gina's ass but didn't let her dismount. He simply lay there while his cock began to soften. Gina knew from experience what that meant. She squeezed her buttocks tight and waited for the warm yellow stream she knew would be shot up her ass. She didn't have to wait long.

“We have a busy day today and an interesting one too. We need to shower but first Gina you need to shave Tina's pussy. I want to see if the paste works better if we keep her shaved before we let it grow out again.” Master grinned.

“Yes Master.” They replied.

Gina moaned slightly and very quietly. This meant she would have to hold her morning enema a lot longer. Tina wasn't too happy about being shaved by someone trying to hold an enema.

“If I were you Gina, I would use the electric shaver. I don't think you will be able to hold your enema otherwise.” Master winked at her in an amused fashion.

Gina led Tina into the bathroom followed by Master. She had Tina lie down on the counter top and spread her legs. She found the razor and plugged it in. Gina fiddled around with the razor for a few minutes before she figured out how to get the trimmer side open. Tina looked on with a slightly worried look, she knew Gina had to hurry up otherwise she would not be able to hold the enema. Gina squeezed her legs tightly; the cramps had begun to set in.

“Hold still Tina. I have to do this pretty quickly.”

“Just be careful.” Tina replied nervously.

Tina felt some of the hairs being pulled when Gina began to shave her, using the trimmer. She was moving too quickly through the thick hair, this meant the trimmer didn't cut properly but pulled some hairs instead.

“Ouch.” Tina exclaimed.

“Sorry, but I can't hold the enema much longer.”

Gina ran the trimmer through the bush and down the sides of Tina's pussy. Cutting and pulling, while Tina kept letting out small cries and jerking her body every time a hair was pulled instead of cut. Master was looking on with an amused smile on his face. This was no a major torment for either of them but Gina dancing around trying not to leak and Tina jerking was a rather amusing scene. Once Gina had removed the hair and only the stubble remained, she quickly used the other side of the razor to make Tina's pussy perfectly smooth. When she was done she put away the razor and stepped back. Tina stood up and they both took a step toward the shower.

“Hold on. I need to inspect your work first. If I find even a single hair left, you will get another punishment on top of the one you already earned this morning.” Master warned as he bent down with a magnifying glass in his hand.

Gina was really squirming by now. She would not be able to hold on much longer and she was silently praying Master would hurry up. Tina stepped up on a small stool so Master could inspect her newly shaven pussy. He purposely took an extra long time, moving the magnifying glass slowly inch by inch over the skin. He didn't really need the magnifying glass but it made Gina more nervous, thinking he would inspect her work that closely. Satisfied that Tina was bald and smooth, he rubbed her clit a few times and pulled on her extended pussy lips.

“It looks pretty good. Being bald with your big pussy lips and clit suits you Tina. Maybe we should keep you bald instead of trying to get your bush to grow thicker. What do you think slaves?”

“What ever pleases you Master.” Gina was having serious cramps.


Tina decided to be bold and say what she really thought. She had been proud of her bush. It made her feel sexy, she had taken great care in the past to always keep it neatly trimmed, and now it was gone. With her breasts, clit, and pussy lips enlarged, and being bald as well. It was not a look she was happy with.

“I don't like the bald look, Master.”

“You don't. Maybe we could improve it with a nice tattoo right above your clit. Would that look better?”

“No Master. I don't think so.”

“I know. If you earn your stars, we can put your brand there instead of where Gina and the others are wearing theirs. What a brilliant idea.” Master grinned.

“Please no, Master that would hurt so badly!” Tina cried out.

“I think that was a brilliant idea. Just think how good that would look.”

Tina decided to not say anything more. She was afraid she would dig an even deeper hole than she already had. She just looked at Master with teary and pleading eyes. She was rewarded with a sly smile but the issue was left hanging in the air. Gina was about to burst, she had removed her stockings and high heels, and the shower was running. Master pinched one of Tina's nipples and led her by the nipple into the shower. She didn't have time to remove anything. Gina quickly followed them.

“You can relieve yourself now.”

Gina drew a sigh of relief as she bent over and pointed her ass away from Master and Tina. She expelled her morning enema and the cramps began to subside. Tina had a little problem trying to stand in her high heels and the wet floor. She kept slipping and had to grab hold of Master, in order to stay on her feet.

“Better remove your shoes before you grab hold of something you shouldn't.”

“Yes Master.”

Tina had mixed emotions. On one hand, the hint of getting her first two stars would mean she wouldn't be shipped off. What worried her was Master's brilliant idea. She would be branded and it would hurt but having the brand placed just above her pussy would be extra painful. Tina couldn't stop thinking about it while she and Gina washed Master.

With the shower done and Master dried off, the two slaves were left to get ready while Master went to call Sarah for breakfast. When the two of them came out from the bathroom and dressing area, Sarah and Master were already sitting at the table eating breakfast.

“Come over here Tina and stand by me.”

“Yes Master.”

“Bend over the table.”

Tina leaned forward and her udders dangled right over Master's cereal bowl. She put her arms behind her back, like she had been told to when standing in that position. Master grabbed her left udder at the base and squeezed. He continued to squeeze and to his joy and Tina's amazement, a few drops emerged from her nipple. Tina was a little shocked. Although she had been given the injections, she never really believed that she would produce milk. Master worked both her udders and milk dripped out of both nipples.

“It is a start even if you don't have enough milk yet for my cereal. If we milk you three times a day, you should be up to full production in a few days.”

“Yes Master.” Tina said in disbelief.

“What do you think of her bald pussy Sarah?” Master asked.

“Looks yummy Master.”

“So you think we should keep her bald and place her brand there?”


Tina tried to plead with her eyes. Sarah smiled. She was aware that Master would not want the brand placed there and that this was strictly a mental torment exercise for Tina's benefit. Master loved doing that, especially in the early days of training. She had memories of when she and Sammy had first arrived. They too had been subjected to this sort of thing.

“I think Tina would really look better with a thick bush instead Master.” Sarah finally replied.

Tina sent her a grateful look. Gina trying to make up for the sloppy shaving added her two cents.

“I think so too Master.”

“Looks like I am being outvoted here. Maybe we should let everybody on the island vote.”

Tina quickly realized that Alex would vote with Master. Sue could go either way and so could Sammy. A popular vote might not be good for her. Master motioned her to sit down since her udders had stopped giving up any more milk this morning.

Breakfast continued with Master, Gina, and Sarah chatting but Tina had too much on her mind for chatting. She was deep in thought.

“How is the bitch's new skin coming along Sarah?”

“I measured Jackie yesterday and last night I cut the pieces, so I just need to sew it together and it will be ready for a first if not final fitting.”

“So you got the materials you needed then?” Master asked.

“Yes Master. It isn't real skin but it looks and feel like it.”

“I assume it isn't going to be a long-haired breed.” Master laughed.

“No Master. She will be a shorthaired breed. Long hair would be too hard to keep clean. I did notice she could use a bath though when I measured her.”

“Yes. Sue got busy with other things yesterday and Gina had to feed her the evening meal but Gina isn't trained enough to handle a bitch on her own.”

“We might as well wait until you are ready with her fur and bathe her then. When will you have it done?”

“Tomorrow Master.” Sarah smiled.

“Good. We have plenty to do today anyway. Sarah, tell Alex to meet us at the stable. The cow needs her final injections. You come down there too.”

“Yes Master.”

“That way we can all vote on Tina's pussy.” Master looked at Tina.

“Gina since you have finished your breakfast, you might as well put the hair growth paste on Tina just in case my brilliant idea about the brand is voted down.”

“Yes Master.”

“When you are done with Tina, go down and feed the bitch in her pen and then join the rest of us in the stable.” Master continued.

With breakfast completed and Tina's pussy pasted by Gina. They two of them left leaving Master and Tina to finish the last cup of coffee. Tina was nervous. What did Master have in mind? Was this a game or would he have her pussy branded? Tina tried to think. What could she say or do that would get her out of the pussy branding. She desperately wanted her stars because that meant some type of security at least. Not to mention a more comfortable life than the women slotted to being animals. Master pretended not to see the worried look on her face. He was sure her mind was going a mile a minute right now.

“Get your leash on, it is time to visit the stable for today's events.”


“Yes Tina.”

“Can I ask a question?”

“I believe you just did.” Master looked at her with a grin.

Tina was taken aback by his reply. If asking permission counted as asking a question then how could she ask a question? Tina was confused.

“Hmm. Well.”

“Go ahead ask your question.”

“What will happen to me? Do I still have to choose between the barn and whorehouse?”

“Why don't you just relax and learn to be patient. You will find out in time. A slave doesn't worry. She simply waits knowing, that her Master will decide what is best for her and what pleases him the most.”

“Yes Master.”

Tina was a little disappointed. She had hoped for a straight answer but there was no point in pleading for one. She tried to relax and clear her mind. She wasn't successful. The uncertainty nagged her.

When Master and Tina arrived at the stable everybody else was already there. Sammy had brought out both the cow and the pony and they were hitched to a pole with their wrists secured behind their back. Both had been feed and hosed down with ice-cold water to clean of the dirt. Penny was dead tired. She had not gotten any sleep. Standing up all night had made that impossible. Alex was in the process of unpacking her medical bag. She put 4 very large syringes and two smaller ones on the table. Penny was horrified when she saw them, she was about to faint again. Gina, Sarah, and Sue were standing next to each other not exactly sure if they were supposed to do anything or just watch. Sammy was getting her tools ready. There was suspense in the air, coupled with nervous anticipation. Master led Tina over to the table and Gina felt sure that the unsuspecting Tina would be both pierced and branded. The question was where would the brand be placed.

“Hop up and sit on the table.” Master ordered Tina.

”Spread your legs and show everybody your newly shaven pussy.”

“Tina is thinking about having her brand above her pussy instead of the usual place. So I promised her we would vote and that would decide where the brand will be placed” Master smiled.

“I think it would look great above her pussy.” Alex said.

“Me too.” Sue cast her vote.

“I think a thicker bush on her is better.” Sarah stuck to her earlier vote.

“I agree with Sarah.” Gina said.

“Looks like you will have the deciding vote, Sammy.” Master said.

“You are not voting Master?” Sammy asked.

“No. I think it is more fun if only women vote.”

Sammy went over to Tina and put her hand on the irritated skin above her pussy. She rubbed the skin and then moved her hand down over her clit and pussy. Taking her time, she continued to tease Tina. Tina tried to plead with her eyes but Sammy avoided looking at her face.

“She is certainly smooth enough to have the brand there but we would have to permanently remove the hair first otherwise it would look real odd when she grows out.” She finally said.

“Oh I can do that.” Alex said with hope in her voice.

Alex never liked Tina and she still hoped she would be sent away or even better sold. She knew exactly to whom she wanted to sell her, if she could engineer it so that Tina was put up for sale. Tina was so nervous she almost forgot to breath.

“Hmm. I think she would look better with a thick bush too.” Sammy finally said.

“That's settled then. The brand goes in the usual place.” Master announced.

Tina drew a big sigh of relieve and she looked at Sammy. Sammy just grinned at her.

“Lay back on the table. Sue, secure her legs in the stirrups for me while I strap the waist belt on.” Sammy continued.

Tina's relief had been very brief. She got nervous again. Had she been tricked in some way? Was the vote simply faked? Tina didn't get any time to think. Sue pushed her down on the table and quickly secured her ankles in the stirrups that were attached to the table. Sammy pulled the wide leather strap across her belly and Tina was secured on the table. Her wrists were left free but even sitting up would take a great deal of effort with the straps. Sammy positioned herself between Tina's legs and before Tina could utter a sound, the first heated piercing needle went through her clit. Tina screamed. She had not been given any time to prepare herself for this. Tina continued to scream as the needles pierced her pussy lips. Since Tina's lips had been stretched, Sammy decided to put 5 rings in either lip instead of the usual 3. Tina screamed and moaned while Sammy continued her work. It only took her about 30 minutes before all 11 rings were in place but to poor Tina it felt like hours.

“All done. You are the only one among us with five rings but then your big lips would have looked a bit empty with only three.” Sammy said.

“Are you sure the rings are heavy enough?” Alex asked.

“Standard size. Mistress.”

“Take them out and put much heavier rings in.”

“Careful Alex.” Master's was voice was stern.

“I guess we can change them later.” Alex quickly backed off.

“As you wish.” Sammy replied.

Tina was still sobbing and her heart skipped a beat when Alex wanted heavier rings put in. She had been on an emotional roller coaster all day. Master's voice gave her some comfort. At least he wouldn't let Alex do as she pleased with her. The pain in her clit and pussy lips became somewhat bearable when Sammy put the cream on them. Sue released her ankles and the strap across her belly and to Tina's surprise gently stroked the tears from her face. It was the only kind thing she had ever done to Tina.

“Almost done Tina.” She whispered.

“Do you need to pee Tina?” Sammy asked.


“Well pee in the hay over there then lean over the table. The iron is nice and hot.” Sammy declared.

Tina barely made it over to the corner. She was desperately afraid. She was going to be branded just like Gina. She wanted her stars but the branding scared her tremendously. She tried to pee but couldn't, she was too nervous. On wobbly legs, she slowly moved back to the table and leaned forward. Sue used the large strap and pulled it tight around her waist.

“Better put a bucket between her legs since she didn't pee in the corner.” Master said.

With the bucket in place, the iron red-hot, and Tina strapped firmly to the table, Sammy approached her. She quickly aimed the iron and satisfied she had the right spot, she pushed the iron into the upper hip. Tina let out a terrible high-pitched scream and let a stream of pee go into the bucket before she fainted. Penny the pony, had also fainted and sat slumped on the ground by her pole. Linda was simply scared. She could not see anything in her hood, only hear the screams. She had the distinct feeling she would be treated again today. Her two brands still burned from yesterday. Linda's fears were soon realized when Alex spoke.

“Sue, strap the cow to the pole it is time for her last injections.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Sue used three wide straps to secure Linda to the pole that she had been hitched too by her leash. Linda no longer had her leash attached to the collar but to her new nose ring. The first strap was pulled tightly around her legs just above the knees. The second went around her still corseted waist and the last one went around her head. Linda was secured to the pole, and ready for yet another painful injection treatment by Alex.

“The cow is ready Mistress.”


“I hope you will give me a really nice song today. You know how much I enjoy hearing you sing.” Alex taunted Linda.

“Since you still can't see, I will tell you what we need to do today. First, would you like a blocker so you don't miss out on anything?”

“Moooo Moooo” Linda still had the presence of mind not to speak.

“Thought so. Hold on, while I get my bag. I think I have an extra syringe.”

Alex prepared the syringe and stepped up close to Linda. She jammed the syringe into her ass and injected its content. Linda moaned slightly. This was the easy part, the injections into her udders and the dreadful injection straight into her milk glands was the excruciating part. Alex moved over to Penny and broke a nitrate capsule under her nose. Penny came to immediately.

“Stand up. This will be useful for you to see.” Alex informed her.

Penny struggled to her feet, which wasn't easy with her wrists tied behind her back. She felt sick to her stomach. In just two days, she had seen more horrible things than ever before and her own situation was just as horrific. She was sore all over and kept drooling all the time due to that awful bit in her mouth. The rest of her outfit didn't improve things either. With Penny awake, Alex moved back to deal with Linda.

“Ready? Today we have two small injection for your glands and 4 large injections for your udders. You will have your wish today. When I am done injecting you, your udders will be a nice big 40DD.”

Alex squeezed her left udder and was surprised to find that Linda was producing milk. A few drops seeped out of her nipple. Alex continued to squeeze and mangle the udder until the drops stopped from the nipple. She repeated the procedure on the other udder.

“You are ready for the barn. Pity to waste those few drops you produced but the glands have to be empty before I inject you.” Alex continued.

Alex went over to the table and retrieved the first large syringe. Moving back toward Linda, she checked to make sure there was no air left in the syringe. Alex took Linda's left sucker between her thumb and middle finger. She squeezed it slightly and Linda winced.

“This is the first large one, it has to go all the way in.” Alex explained.

Without waiting for a Moooo from Linda, she pushed the needle as far in as it would go. Alex wiggled the needle to create a space deep in the udder and then began to inject the fluid while she slowly withdrew the needle to get an even distribution in the udder. Linda felt the horrific pain when the needle went in and the udder began to fill up with the fluid, the skin stretched and the udder enlarged.

“Moooooo. Moooo.” Linda still had the presence of mind not to speak.

“Very nice. I really do love the way you sing.” Alex chuckled.

“Here comes the second shot.”

Linda braced herself for the pain she would have to endure again but she wasn't quite ready for the second syringe being injected in the same udder. When the fluid spread in her udder, she thought it would simply explode. The skin was now stretched to the point of loosing feeling in the udder. Alex finished the second injection but when she tried to squeeze the udder, she found it was hard as a rock and standing straight out. The ring at the base of the udder was digging into the skin and it didn't take long before the udder began to turn a reddish color. Alex adjusted the rings to better fit her new size. Linda had continued to let out her animal sounds but she got very close to forgetting herself when the third syringe was pushed in and her other udder began to swell and burn.

“That is a very lovely and long song and we are only half way done. We still have three more to go. The last two will feel much better, they will just swell your milk glands.” Alex was in her usual sadistic form.

“Moooooo. Moooooo. Moooo.” Linda tried desperately.

There would be no relief. With both udders pumped up to a 40DD size and standing straight out, Alex moved on to the gland injections. She had some trouble locating the gland since the skin was so tight and the udder filled to maximum. After some prodding, probing, and squeezing, she finally found the gland and proceeded to inject the first udder. Linda's noise grew even louder and became higher pitched than before. The pain, burning, and very tight feeling skin hurt immensely. This last treatment was far worse than the previous ones. Linda felt sick to her stomach and lost control of her bladder. The pee splashed on the floor of the stable. It was pure luck she still had the catheter inserted, otherwise she would have splattered Alex.

“We forgot to clamp you before we started. Luckily I am quick on my feet.” Alex said.

When the last injection streamed into her gland, Linda started to sag; she had lost all control and was barely awake. Her head was spinning but she couldn't pass out no matter how hard she tried to just let go. The blocker injection kept her semi alert. When Alex had finished her treatment and Sue released the straps, Linda slumped to the floor. The leash connected to the pole and nose ring wasn't long enough to allow that, so she ended up half sitting with her head tilted back and her nose pointed straight up the pole. Sammy rushed over and released the leash from the pole. She didn't want the ring to pull out of her nose. If it did, Linda's nose would be beyond repair and there was no chance of ever putting the ring back. Sammy wasn't about to have her hard work spoiled by a simple oversight. Linda slumped down and continued to moan. She wished they would just kill her instead of the repeated torture and modifications they put her through.

“I think she is ready to move into the barn. Unless you want her to have even bigger udders.” Alex said somewhat hopefully.

“No. They are big enough now. I don't think making them any bigger will do any good or even be useful.” Master replied.

Penny who had been watching Linda's treatment had fainted yet again. Tina was still out cold. Master looked over at Sarah and Gina, a sly smile came across his face. Sarah was fingering Gina's pussy and Gina was close to an orgasm. Gina was moving her body against Sarah's hand like she couldn't get it in deep enough.

“Sammy throw some cold water on Tina, so we can finish up here.” Master said.

“Yes Master.”

“Try and wake up the pony Alex, if you have more capsules.”

“Sure thing. I always carry plenty of them.”

“Sue, I am not going to let you be in charge of the pen.”


Sue was shocked and taken aback by Master's words. What had she done wrong? Was it because she hadn't bathed the bitch yesterday? Sue didn't understand what was happening and she got very worried. Maybe Tina would be replacing her? Had Alex played a part in this? She had been so sure she would get her fourth star and now it looked like she had been demoted again. She had a very hard time holding back her tears. Sue looked at Master with tear filled eyes. Master smiled at her.

“Take it easy Sue, it is just a minor change in plans.”

“I see.”

“You will be in charge of the barn instead. I have better use for you there. The barn will need to be organized now that we have new cows coming in.”

“Cows? Master.”

“Yes. Lisa will be moved to the barn once Alex is done treating her, possibly even before. It is also likely we will have another two cows coming in the next couple weeks.”

“Is Jack bringing another load?” Alex asked.

“Not exactly.”

“Then how are we getting more cows?”

“Patience Alex.” Master grinned.

Alex didn't like, being in the dark and not up to date on everything. It gave her a very uneasy feeling. She wasn't the only one. Both Sarah and Gina looked a bit uneasy. What was Master planning? Tina woke up as soon as the cold water hit her back. Sammy leaned over and put first aid cream on the brand.

“You need to put cream on every day for the next few days, Tina.” Sammy told her.


Tina could feel the burning even if the cream was helping to ease the pain. She was still a little wobbly on her feet when she stood up from the table. She wanted to see her brand but there was no mirror in sight.

“Come over here, Tina.”

“Yes Master.”

Tina walked over to Master and stood in front of him. Sarah, Sue, and Gina joined her after Master had motioned them to join.

“That looks very good. Sammy did a nice job on you. Five rings really works well on you. Now all you need is your new collar with the stars on it. We will put that on when we get back to the quarters.”

“Yes Master. Thank you Master.”

Tina was not too happy with all her rings but at least this meant she would be a little safer from being sent away or sold. Tina wasn't sure if all the pain of the last hour had been worth it but she had a sneaky feeling things would improve from now on. Having had a chance to think about it, even the milking she was given for breakfast, made her feel good. In fact, she found it exciting. Had Master checked, he would have found that during the milking, she had actually gotten aroused. To Tina's mind it was strange, with all the pain, torture, and torment she had suffered, she was beginning to feel like she belonged on the island and it was her home. She had put aside the thought of sending a rescue message on the computer. That no longer felt like the right thing to do. Alex had brought Penny back to life and she was now waiting nervously for what might be coming next. She didn't have to wait long.

“Ok. Your turn.” Alex told her cheerfully.

“How do you want her strapped down Sammy?” Alex asked.

“It is easiest if we use the adjustable parrot pole” Sammy replied.

Alex led Penny over to the parrot pole. It was simply an iron pole with a T-bar, which could be varied in height along the pole itself. Alex positioned Penny so that she was facing the pole. Her wrists were unhooked from her harness and locked together in front of her. The wrists cuffs were attached to a hook in the pole and when Alex pushed a button, the hook began to slide up the pole, stretching Penny's arms upward until she was standing on her toes. Alex pulled down Penny's stockings. She bent down and grabbed the left ankle. Pulling the leg up and over the cross bar. She did the same with the right leg. The legs were secured right below the knee by heavy metal cuffs on the cross bar. The bar was raised until Penny's knees were right inline with her udders. Penny carried all her weight in her arms and her pussy was pressed against the cold metal pole. Her ass was completely open to any type of torture and her lower legs pointed out horizontally. Penny groaned the strain in her arms was awful.

“Would you like me to add a seat to the pole?” Alex asked.

“Oh yes. Please.” Penny begged.

Had Penny known what type of seat Alex had in mind she might have declined the offer. Penny could not see what was going on below her exposed ass. She only heard the sound of metal being attached to the pole. Alex had hooked a very thick and ribbed metal dildo to the pole. As soon as Alex pressed another button on the control board the dildo began to move upward on the pole, perfectly aimed at Penny's ass hole. Penny heard the sound of the electrical motor but it wasn't until she felt the tip of the dildo probing her ass hole, that she realized her mistake of asking for a seat. She could hear Alex and the others chuckling as the dildo pressed against her tight ass hole. The dildo felt freezing cold and was relentless in its movement. Slowly but surely, it pushed deeper and deeper into her ass. Penny shook from the cold intruder, sending chills through out her body.

“Aaarrrrrrrrgggggg. Take it out. It is splitting me apart.” Penny screamed.

“Don't worry. It fits nicely. Not a drop of blood yet. Your ass can take this without any problem.” Alex assured her.

“No. No. It splitting me apart and it is freezing cold.”

“Ah Yes. Someone hid it in the freezer but you'll warm it up soon enough. I am sure of that.” Sammy said with a smile.

Penny was frantic. She tried pulling herself off the intruder by using her arms to pull herself higher. It had little effect and she could only get it out about an inch. She simply didn't have the arm strength to pull herself completely free of the dildo. Even if she could have, she wouldn't have been able to hold herself up for very long and would soon have sunk back down again. She discovered this very quickly when her arms started shaking from the strain and the dildo sank back all the way deep in her ass. Penny sobbed and pleaded.

“Please. Take it out. It hurts.”

“Don't worry. This is nothing in comparison to a stallions cock.” Alex taunted her.

“Uummphhff.” Penny's bit got in the way.

She coughed and drooled. She was deadly afraid. They simply couldn't be serious or could they? Penny didn't know what to think and with a large dildo up her ass, thinking clearly wasn't easy, there were all kinds of thoughts and emotions going through her head. She felt disgusted, humiliated, and most of all she felt fear.

“Now that you are sitting comfortable on your perch, we can begin the next step in your conversion and put your hoofs on.” Alex continued.

Penny could move her head enough to look down her own legs. Sammy was in the process of removing her high heels and stockings. With her feet bare, Sammy produced what looked like a very high heel boot except there was no heel and it was shaped just like a horses hoof. The inside sole had metal upside down U shaped nails in front and one very sharp surgical steel nails at the heel. Sammy fitted the right hoof first making sure each of Penny's toes went through a separate U shaped nail. She used a hammer to secure the nails into the wooden sole of the hoof. Effectively securing each toe to the sole but not tight enough to cut of blood supply. When she was satisfied the toes were in place, she repeated the procedure on the other foot.

“What are you doing? Take them off.” Penny hollered in panic.

“Be quiet unless you want an even bigger and longer dildo in your mouth.” Alex shouted.

Sammy continued her work. She pulled the back of the hoof toward Penny's heel. She had to use a fair amount of force to get the heel to touch the high back end of the shoe. Alex held the hoof in place while Sammy drove home the nail through Penny's heel from side to side. She made sure that she didn't break any bones in the foot or hit a major blood vessel with the nail. The hoof was secured to Penny's foot, her toes bent up almost to the breaking point. Sammy pulled the hide up over the hoof and Penny looked like she had a hoof instead of a foot. Penny screamed, howled, drooled, and cried. She was rocking and shaking on her dildo seat. When the heel nail was being driven home, she passed out. Alex quickly revived her with another capsule. She did not intend to let Penny miss any of the transformation. Sammy continued with the other foot, which brought new screams and thrashing from Penny. She couldn't hold her bladder and a yellow stream of pee ran down the pole.

“All done. The pony has been shoed.” Sammy announced.

“Nicely done Sammy.” Master praised her.

“Thank you Master.”

“How long before she will be able to walk?”

“Give me a few days. It will take some getting used to, just walking on her toes and not put any weight on the rest of her foot. Her muscles in her lower legs need to adjust too. She might need some muscle relaxing shoots to relieve the cramps. So I wouldn't want to hitch her up to the cart for a few days.” Sammy explained.

“Ok. You work with her and let me know when she is ready for the buggy. It has been awhile since I had a nice buggy ride.”

“I will get her ready as soon as possible Master.”

“Very good Sammy.”

“Sue, It is getting late. You might as well take the cow over to the barn and get yourself settled in over there. Remember, the door to your room locks at 10 pm and if you are not in your room by then, it will have serious consequences.”

“Yes Master. I know.” Sue replied.

“Good. Off you go then and start milking the cow in the morning. I will come down and show you how and give you further instructions on how to run the barn and your responsibilities.”

“Yes Master. Thank you Master.”

Sue collected Linda's leash and pulled her to her feet by the nose ring. Linda was still in pain. She had heard that Sue would be in charge of the barn and that was not a pleasant thought. Pulled by the nose and on wobbly feet, she followed Sue towards the barn. Alex left right after Sue. Making some excuse she needed to take care of the other cow in the cage and her little rabbit in the lab. Sammy left Penny hanging on the parrot pole. Her limp body forcing the dildo as deep as it could go into her ass.

“Sarah you better start dinner. You may eat with us tonight if you like.”

“Yes Master. I'll bring up dinner in about and hour.”

“Good. You may join us too Sammy.”

“Thank you Master.”

“Just make sure the pony is taken care of first.”

“Of course Master. I will take good care of our new pony.” Sammy replied.

21. That evening.

When Master with his two slaves in tow returned to his quarters, there was a message flashing on the screen. It read:


Call me. I am interested in making a deal or trade as we briefly discussed.


Tina And Gina saw the flashing message and both of them got a little worried. It was clear from the message that someone would leave the island. Remembering that Master had said something about new cows made that an almost certainty. The question was who?

Master was well aware the slaves had seen the message in fact he made sure they did. He left the message flashing on the screen while the two slaves kneeled beside him. He continued to view the various screens. Jackie had been given a day off in her pen on purpose. Not because Master wanted her fuck holes to have a break but because he wanted her to feel abandoned and worry about why she had been left in her dog house all day and not moved to the day pen. The uncertainty would wear on her emotional state and be mentally draining. Lisa had been left alone in her cage for two days now. She had been fed and moved around and secured inside the cage in various ways but she had not been undressed or allowed to relief herself other than in her panties and cage. The cage was messy and stinking. Master knew Lisa would be extremely tired and aching. She had suffered no real pain but just being confined in the cage in various straining bondage positions, would take its toll on her mentally. When Alex began her treatments tomorrow, Lisa would break down quickly. It would not take much at that point. Lisa would be the second cow in the barn. Master made a quick scan of the lab, where Alex still had Jane, the rabbit, secured in her extremely tight cage. Master had no real interest in Jane. She wouldn't last long once Alex started her experiments and drug tests. She would have no sale or trade value. Sue was busy getting the barn in order and Linda had been left in one of the stalls only secured by her nose ring and leash. Penny was awake and squirming because Sammy had left her sitting on the parrot perch. Sammy was on her way to Master's quarter for dinner. Sarah knocked on the door and Master motioned Tina, to let her in.

“Ah. Dinner is here.”

“Lets sit down and eat.”

“Should we wait for Sammy Master?” Sarah asked.

“She will be here shortly, so go ahead, and serve dinner.”

Sammy arrived and the four slaves and their Master sat down to eat. Tina had a few problems finding a comfortable position on the chair with her new decorations and brand. Her udders began to feel tight but she probably wouldn't be milked until the morning. Beside her plate lay a new shiny collar with two stars on it. Master stood up and removed the collar she was wearing and locked the new one in place.

“Tina, now that you have your stars things will change for you. If you don't know by now what the stars means, Gina can explain it to you later. You and Gina will be my personal serving slaves from now on. You will have slightly different responsibilities of course. Gina will be a pure maid and pleasure slave. You will share some of the maid and pleasure duties but your primary duty will be as a milking and breeding slave. Gina will be neutered but you will be bred at least once probably several times.” Master explained to Tina.

“Every morning you will stand next to me at the breakfast table and lean forward pointing your udder at the cereal bowl. Some mornings I will milk you others you will “pour” the milk yourself. If you have trouble getting the milk out, I will use a milking bra on you. When you are done with the milking, you can sit down and enjoy our own breakfast. If you produce enough milk, you will offer milk to anybody else that would like to have some or you may also add milk to your own cereal.” Master continued.

“Any questions so far?”

“What is a milking bra Master?” Tina asked with a slight tremor in her voice.

“It is an amusing way to milk you.”

“But how does it work Master?”

“You really want to know? Why not leave it as a surprise?”

“Please Master. I really would like to know.” Tina begged.

“Very well then. It is a bra made of light rubber. It will completely incase your udders except for your suckers. It is ribbed on the inside and when it is inflated with either air or any kind of fluid the first ring at the base of the udder tightens. The more you inflate it the more rings inflate and squeeze the udder. When it is fully inflated, the whole udder is squeezed from the base to the areola. You can inflate it and deflated over and over until the udder is empty.”

“That would hurt Master.”

“No. It won't hurt. You might be a little uncomfortable.” Master grinned.

Tina got the distinct feeling that it would be more than just a little uncomfortable wearing that bra. Gina had been both disappointed and saddened by Master's words. For some reason she had hoped, that she would be the one that would be used to secure the next generation. She was a little frightened too, this was the second time Master had mentioned her being neutered. Tears began to well up in her eyes. When Master looked over at Gina, he noticed the tears.

“What is the matter Gina?”

“I am just a little frighten about the neutering Master.”

“I see and that is all?”

“Hmmm. Well. I kind of thought I would be bred Master.” Gina replied.

It was clear to Master that Gina felt like she had been pushed aside by Tina and that Tina had become more important to him than she was. This was a feeling he didn't want to encourage in Gina. He looked first at Gina and then a quick glance at Tina. She looked to be fine with the idea of breeding. Tina showed no signs of being unhappy.

“Gina, You are too important to me to be used for breeding. You will have other important functions here. That Tina will be the one to be bred is no reflection on you, simply that Tina and Sammy are going to produce the right off spring. You and Sarah will play a much more important role later on.” Master explained.

“So wipe your tears.”

“Yes Master.”

Sammy had been shocked. This was the first she had heard of any breeding as far as she was concerned. She had been on the island a long time and there had never been any mention of that. Sarah smiled. To her this was not such a big surprise. She had suspected this day would come and that Sammy would be a prime target for breeding a new generation. Master looked around the table and the variety of emotions that were being displayed.

“You will breed me Master?” Sammy finally asked.

“Yes Sammy. You and Tina will be bred to secure a new generation.”

“Oh. I had no idea.” Sammy blurted out.

“Of course not Sammy. It was a decision that I made a few days ago.”

“All four of you should be happy about this. There is no bad news here. Even being neutered, is not bad news, Gina.”

“But then I can never have a baby Master.”

“Well, you still could if need be.”

“I suppose.” Gina replied, still a little disappointed.

“You have to remember that what I decide is what is best for all of you and the future of the island. You must never forget that.”

Sammy had recovered from the initial shock and the more she thought about it the more the idea appealed to her. It certainly meant Master considered her a valuable slave. In fact, she had often thought it was sad she would never have a child. Tina was actually excited. It would be strange to have a child but at the same time, it was an exciting thought but most importantly, it meant she was going to stay on the island and not be traded or sold. She was even getting wet thinking about it. Add the excitement she already felt about her milking and Tina had a hard time not touching herself. Sarah was simply amused. Gina was the only one that was not happy. She couldn't get over the feeling she had been demoted somehow. She soon got other things to think about when Master said.

“Now that the breeding program is all settled and dinner is finished, we have the matter of punishment from this mornings activities. Gina and Tina will need to be punished for their actions this morning.”

“Me too Master?” Tina asked a little confused.

“Yes Tina. Don't you know why?”

“No Master.”

“You will be punished for being selfish. You only thought of what would be best for you even if it meant Gina would suffer. A good slave considers what is good for Master first then what is good for everybody else. Being selfish is not a good way for a slave to act.”

“I am sorry Master.”

“What have I said about being sorry?”

“It is just a five letter word Master.” Tina replied.

“That's right. You were wrong putting yourself first this morning.”

“Yes Master I see that now.”

“So you agree you need to be punished for that?” Master asked.

“Yes Master. I should be punished.” Tina's excitement was gone.

“Now we have to decide on what punishment is appropriate. Sarah, Sammy any suggestions?”

“What did Gina do Master?” Sarah asked.

“She had an orgasm before me.” Master explained.


“Any suggestions?” Master asked again.

“Ten strokes with the crop each.” Sammy suggested.

“I think I have a better idea. Something that would allow these two to ponder their mistakes.”

Master stood up from the table and walked over to the large toy chest in the corner. He pulled several items from the toy chest.

“Gina, Tina come over here. Stand back to back with your hands in front of you.”

“Yes Master.” They replied in unison.

First, the two slaves were made to step into a rubber corset. The corset was pulled up along their legs, all the way up, until the top edge was just under their udders. The lower edge reached just above their pussies. Their butts and back were forced together by the corset. Next, the two slaves were outfitted with catheters with very long plastic tubes attached to each of them. Their legs were incased with a rubber stocking. Tina's left leg with Gina's right leg in the same stocking and vice versa in the other stocking. They were now clad in rubber from their ankles all the way up to their udders, with openings for their pussies and ass holes. They had rubber hoods placed on their heads. The hoods only had an opening for the mouths and nostrils and were an extremely tight fit. A leather strap was pulled tight around their ankles effectively making it impossible to walk. To make sure they couldn't move a second strap was pulled tight around their thighs. Neither Gina or Tina could see what happened next but they would soon find out. Clamps were attached to each of their clit rings. The clamps were in turn connected to a small box and once turned on, would make the rings in their clits vibrate. The current would also send a tickling feeling to the clits. Their wrists were locked behind their backs but in front of the others stomach. The last addition was two dildo gags with plastic tubing hanging down. When the gags had been inserted in their mouths and secured behind their heads, the tubes were hooked up to a container filled with salty water.

“Suck on your dildo's slaves any you will get a drink of water.” Master instructed them.

The two slaves sucked and got a taste of the salty water. Two more adjustment was made to the two slaves. The tube leading from Gina's catheter was pushed up into Tina's ass hole and then the one from Tina's catheter was shoved up in Gina's ass. Both were taped secure, so that they couldn't be pushed out. A couple of heating lamps were pointed at the two standing rubber clad slaves. Master turned on the lamps and both slaves could feel the heat hitting their bodies.

“Tina you have a choice, you can drink and pee, which will give Gina a large enema by the end of the night or you can be unselfish and drink as little as possible and get extremely thirsty.”

“Gina you too have a choice. You can have as many orgasms as you like, but every time you do the dildo in your mouth will give you a large drink. So if you orgasm many times you will fill Tina up with a nice pee enema. The longer you hold off your orgasms the more comfortable Tina will be during the night.” Master finished his explanation.

“Umphhhh.” Tina tried to speak.

Master flicked the switch and the clit rings started to tingle and vibrate. It would be a very long and strenuous night for the two slaves. It would be almost impossible for Gina to hold back her orgasms and for Tina not to drink with the heat turned on would be impossible too. They had already begun to sweat under their rubber outfits. Neither one of them could afford to fall asleep that would mean they would fall down. With the position they where in it was unlikely they would be able to fall asleep anyway.

“Sarah you better get back to the kitchen and try and finish the new skin for the bitch. So that we can get her groomed and properly taken care of tomorrow or the next day.”

“Yes Master.”

Sarah colleted the dishes and left for the kitchen. Sammy stood up from the table and made her way towards the door.

“Sammy you stay. You will have to perform the evening fuck since both my serving slaves are tied up for the night.” Master said smiling.

“Oh yes of course Master.”

Sammy immediately felt her pussy getting wet. Very wet. It had been a long time since Master had fucked her. She went over to the bed and kneeled on the bed waiting for Master to join her.

“I hope you haven't lost your touch Sammy.”

“No Master. I am sure I haven't.”

“Lets see what you can do then. I hope you are not going to treat me to a dry pussy.”

“No Master. I got wet as soon as you told me to stay.” Sammy smiled.

Sammy turned her ass toward Master and started to suck his cock and balls, using her fingers to tease his ass hole. She took his cock deep in her throat, which she knew Master liked. Master rubbed her clit and fingered her pussy. It felt so good and Sammy's juices started flowing generously. Her only worry was holding back her orgasm. She didn't want to spend the night like the other two slaves. Sammy worked feverishly on his cock while her juices flowed to make a big wet spot on the sheets. She got the slap on her ass and she straddled Master, lowering herself onto his cock. It felt so good to get a real cock in her pussy that she almost came when it entered her. Riding up and down, it didn't take her long to get the cock to release its hot sticky load deep inside her. She came on the next down stroke and she soaked the cock with her juices. Master grabbed her nipple rings and pulled her down onto his chest. Sammy rested her body against Master with his still hard cock buried in her pussy. Master stroked her head and back gently and Sammy felt happier and more satisfied than she had in a long time. Master held her close until his softening cock slipped out of her pussy. She rolled off Master but stayed close and rested her head on his chest. He continued to stroke her body gently.

“You can stay here with me tonight Sammy.”

“Master, I left the pony on the parrot perch.”

“ I know. She will be a little sore and hungry in the morning but she will survive. It will be a good obedience lesson for her.”

“Then I will stay Master. It will be so nice.”

“Yes it will and I still need my ass fuck in the morning.” Master grinned.

“Yes of course Master.” Sammy giggled.

Sammy almost had another orgasm just thinking about getting her ass fucked by Master as well.

“Still worried about the breeding Sammy?”

“No Master. I was just surprised. I didn't really expect it.”

“I know Sammy but it is time to plan for the future. I won't live forever.”

“Master you are not that old yet.” Sammy laughed.

“True but it takes time to train a new Master. They have to grow up first before you can even start with any kind of training.” Master said.

“Yes, I guess it takes a good twenty years before you would know.”

“Yes it does, even if I am using my two best slaves for breeding. Sarah and Gina are naturally submissive and do not have ideal genetics for producing a dominant male.”

“Sue has too much of a sadistic streak. You and Tina have the best genetic make up and personalities for a good dominant successor.”

“I am happy you think so Master. What if we produce girls?”

“Sammy you wouldn't do that to your Master would you?” Master asked her with a big smile on his face.

“I would have to punish you then.”

“Hmm. Master I hope I won't disappoint you.” Sammy smiled back at him.

“But what would you do if it was a girl?”

“ I'm not sure. I have not given that any thought. Somehow, I don't think the island would be the same with a Mistress in charge. On the other hand, we don't want a busload of successors either. So, I might just put up the first females for adoption rather than keep them and give you and Tina a second chance. If neither you or Tina produce a male then I will use Gina.”

“Have her artificially inseminated?”

“Yes. I'm sure Alex can remove some of her eggs before neutering her.”

Sammy was happy that she had been chosen. Both Tina and Gina had heard the discussion between Sammy and Master. It made Gina feel a little better. Master hadn't demoted her after all. She would still be his primary serving slave and back up breeder. The two slaves were beginning to feel the strain of their position. Gina had not been able to hold back her orgasms to any greater degree. She knew it wouldn't be long before she had to give Tina her first helping of pee in her ass. Tina was trying very hard not to drink but she was having trouble with that. Sammy had fallen asleep on Master's chest. Another day had reached its end on the island.

22. The Barn

Sammy woke up early the next morning. She was excited and horny. She had woken up several times during the night from her dreams. They weren't bad dreams but she dreamt Master fucked her in the ass and she got pregnant right away. It was a ridiculous dream of course but yesterday's events had played on her subconscious mind. She touched her pussy and she was soaking wet. She wondered if it was to early to wake up Master, a glance over at the two slaves told her they would not think it was to soon to wake up anybody. Their bellies extended and the noise they made behind their hoods, told Sammy that they were both suffering from bad cramps. The large wet spots on the floor also told Sammy the slaves have had numerous orgasms during the night. They looked a little wobbly on their feet. Sammy got concerned that they were close to fainting and collapsing so she decided to wake Master. She found his cock and begun gently sucking on it. After a few minutes, he started to stir. His cock responded first but it wasn't long before Master was wide-awake, he glanced at the clock, it read 7am. Sammy continued her sucking and licking.

“Why did you wake me so early, Sammy?” He growled.

“Sorry Master but I took a look at the rubber dolls and they look in pretty bad shape. So I took the chance of waking you early.”

“Hmmm.” Master yawned.

Master looked over toward were the slaves where standing and he had to admit Sammy was right. They looked in bad shape. Master slapped Sammy's ass. The signal made Sammy shiver and almost orgasm on the spot. She quickly straddled him, leaned forward, and aimed his cock against her ass. Slowly she lowered herself onto the cock. She put her hands on his chest and went to work. Very slowly at first, then she began to move up and down faster and faster. She had to hurry up because she couldn't hold off her orgasm much longer. She also felt sorry for the two slaves in the rubber suit and she wanted to help them get out of their predicament as soon as possible. After a wild and fast ride, Master unloaded in her ass and Sammy slumped on top of him.

“Master, should I release Gina and Tina?”

“Maybe you better. You were right to wake me.” Master admitted.

Sammy got of the bed and approached the slaves. She turned of the heating lamps and disconnected the clamps to their clit rings. She removed the gags and hoods first. Sweat was pouring of their faces mixed with their make up. The wrists were released and the straps around their legs were the next things removed. Both Gina and Tina looked weak and they panted and groaned. The rubber stockings came off easily but the corset was not easy to remove, their extended bellies were in the way and the sweat had made it stick to their skin. It simply wouldn't come off. Gina got a look of panic in her eyes. She needed to relieve herself so urgently. If she didn't get to the bathroom in the next minute, she would make a big mess on the floor. Master walked up and simply cut the corset away with a knife.

“Everybody in the shower now.” He said.

Sammy hurried in and turned on the water. Gina could hardly stand but somehow she managed to get her shoes off and get in the shower. Tina was not doing much better but finally all four were in the shower even if Gina and Tina still had their stocking on.

“Ok. We are going to play Return to sender. It is a fun game.” Master smiled.

Sammy giggled. The other two just looked confused and the cramps were so intense that they would agree to anything just as long as they were allowed to relieve themselves.

“Who wants to be the sender?”

“Me.” Tina said with a groan.

“That makes you the receiver Gina. Squat and open your mouth. Tina aim for Gina's mouth and return what she gave you during the night.”

They looked at each other and Gina squatted with great difficulty. Tina aimed and pushed out her enema. She didn't hit Gina's mouth but instead it splashed all over her face with force. When Tina was finally done and Gina tried to stand up, she felt her stomach grumbling and simply couldn't hold on. She fell to her knees and cried as she expelled her enema. She was sure she would receive another punishment for this.

“Ah Gina spoiled the game. We have to practice more, maybe tonight we will try again.” Master tried to make his voice very stern.

Gina cried. There was no way she could handle another night like last night. Tina just looked horrified and started shaking. Sammy took charge of the situation and started to wash Master and herself, leaving the other two to just stand there and let the water run over their bodies. They needed some time to recover and Sammy did everything she could to help. Master stepped out of the shower. Sammy came out and dried him off. Instead of drying herself off, she went back into the shower and took care of Gina first, then Tina. When the three off them had dried off and Sammy was dressed and ready, she laid out clean and dry stockings for Gina and Tina.

“Ok. Take your time and get ready. If you need more help just call out softly.”

“Thank you Sammy.” Gina said with a weak smile.

Sammy walked back into the main room and found Master sitting at the breakfast table smoking. She cleaned up the toys that had been used during the night and sat down next to Master.

“How are they doing?” He asked.

“They are very weak and scared about tonight.”

“I will give them a light workload today. I have to instruct Sue about the barn anyway.”

“And tonight?”

“They couldn't handle another night like that but the though will keep them on their toes today.” Master smiled.

“You are cruel Master.” Sammy said jokingly.

“Me cruel?”

“Yes Master.”

Master looked at Sammy with a stern face. She began to worry she had gone a bit too far this early in the morning, until Master winked and smiled at her. She drew a sigh of relief. Master wasn't a morning person and could easily get grumpy if he was aggravated in the morning. Sammy went back to the bathroom to check on the other two. They had made no progress. They were sitting on the floor and Tina looked like she had fallen asleep. Sammy shook her and Tina jumped up startled.

“Better get moving girls. I'll help you.”

“I still have cramps.” Gina complained.

“Probably from air that is stuck in your belly. Stand up and bend over a few times that should help.” Sammy suggested.

It took a good half hour to get both of them dressed and get their make up on. When they finally got to the table and sat down, Master wasn't there. There was no sign of breakfast either. Gina was thirsty and Tina was extremely thirsty on top up that, her udders ached and felt very tight. She needed to be milked. The three of them waited patiently for Master to return and Sarah to show up with breakfast.

“I'm so thirsty” Gina said.

“Maybe Tina will give you a drink of milk.” Sammy offered.

“No! I'll get in more trouble if there is no milk for Master's cereal.” Tina exclaimed.

“You are right Tina. Best not to take any chances today.” Gina said.

“We still have to suffer for not plying the game right in the shower.”

“You mean you didn't play it right.” Tina sounded a little angry.

“Ok. I just couldn't hold on. I didn't do it on purpose.”

“No point in blaming each other girls. It could just as easily have been you Tina.”

Sammy jumped into the conversation.

“Your right. It could have been me too.” Tina replied.

“You two have to find a way to work together. That is what Master is trying to teach you.” Sammy continued.

“One more night in that rubber suit would kill me.” Gina almost started to cry.

“Take it easy Gina. Master knows more than you think. You have to learn to totally trust him. Otherwise you won't last long as a serving slave.” Sammy tried to console Gina.

“It hard to do that when you are in that rubber suit.” Gina sobbed.

“I know. But everything has a purpose Gina.”

Sammy didn't dare tell them that the rubber suit wasn't going to be used that night because if Master found that out, she would almost certainly end up in the suit herself or even worse. After last night, she didn't want to upset Master in any way, shape, or form. Master returned with Sarah and more importantly breakfast.

They sat down at the table. There was silence and waiting. Nobody said anything or moved. When nothing happed, Master demonstratively looked down at his cereal bowl. Gina kicked Tina under the table and winked her eyes toward Master. Tina got the message and quickly stood up. Taking her place next to Master, she bent forward so her udders pointed down at his bowl of cereal. Tina was so tired that she had plain forgot her duties.

“Pour” Master commanded in a stern voice.

Tina began squeezing her udders. Starting at the base and moving her hands forward, she squeezed as hard as she could. Milk squirted out and to Tina's amazement a lot more than she would have expected. By the time she was done, she had filled the bowl. Tina didn't forget to offer her milk to the others but there were no takers. She finished pouring over her own cereal but only a few drops remained.

“So you had a hard time remembering your duties this morning. Let's see, Gina failed to play the game this morning and you forgot your duties. Not a very good start to the day. You two better make sure the rubber suit is cleaned and ready by tonight.” Master used his very serious voice.

“Please No. Master” Gina almost lost all control of her emotions.

“We will do much better tomorrow, we are just so tired today.” Tina tried.

Master said nothing. Sammy looked at Sarah and they both smiled. They never wore the rubber suit but the mental torment was nothing new to them. They had been just like Tina and Gina at one point in time.

“Master. Please what can we do to be better?” Tina asked.

“Clean the rubber suit and don't forget any of your other duties.”

That wasn't the answer Tina had hoped for. It gave her little hope of avoiding that horrible suit again. Tina was getting extremely thirsty and she wished they would be allowed to start breakfast, but until Master started his, nobody touched theirs. That was another firm rule. Master took his time. He even smoked a cigarette just to delay the start of breakfast. Letting Gina and Tina sit and look at the orange juice without being able to drink to satisfy their thirst. Then he spoke.

“Sammy do you need any help in the stable today?”

“No Master. I can mange the new pony by myself.”

“How about you Sarah?”

“I could use a little help with the dishes this morning, then I could finish the fur outfit for the bitch.”

“Fine. Take either Gina or Tina with you then.”

“I'll take Gina. Master.”

“Ok. Tina you get to clean the quarters and take care of everything else up here today.”

“Yes Master.”

“Gina when you are done in the kitchen, you come back up here and help Tina.”

“Yes Master.”

“I will be in the barn most of the morning but when I come back this place better be neat and tidy.”

“Yes Master.”

“Anything else we need to discuss this morning?”

The four slaves all shook their heads.

“I know. I almost forgot. Tina you are now responsible to put on the paste on your pussy every day and when you need to be shaved again, you ask for permission to have Gina shave you.”

“Yes Master.”

They were dying of thirst. Normally breakfast started right away but not this morning. Master wanted them to suffer as much as possible. When he finally started eating, it was like they found an oasis in the desert. Both of them drank several glasses of orange juice before eating anything. Master looked on with an amused expression on his face. The rest of breakfast was eaten in silence. With breakfast over, Sarah and Gina cleared the table except for the coffee and headed to the kitchen. Sammy left for the stable, leaving Tina and Master alone. Tina was somewhat rattled and although she felt a lot better now that she had eaten and quenched her thirst, there was still the prospect of being tied up in the rubber suit again. She wanted to make it up to Master but she wasn't sure how she should do that or if it was best to just be quiet and leave it alone. She certainly didn't want to make the situation worse. She cursed herself for having been slow with the milking that was such a stupid and unnecessary mistake. Tina stood up from the table.

“Do you need me for anything Master? If not I will start cleaning up.” Tina asked.

“I don't need anything Tina. You can start your chores. Make sure the rubber suit is cleaned to perfection. “

“Yes Master.”

There was no hint that she and Gina would escape another horrible night in the rubber suit. This nagged on Tina's mind. She didn't think she would be able to even stay awake, so a second night spent as a rubber doll would be far worse and taxing than the first night had been. Tina went about her chores and when she heard Master leave, she was tempted to lie down and take a short nap. In the end, she decided it was safest to finish her chores first then maybe she would have time to take a brief nap. At least her chores would be done even if Master caught her napping.


When Master arrived at the barn, Sue was waiting for him. Sue had done a good job getting the barn cleaned up and in working condition again. Master looked around and was pleased with what he saw.

“You have done a good job here Sue.”

“Thank you Master. I didn't milk the cow yet.” She replied.

“Ok. I will show you what you need to do and what to do if a cow gives you any problems with milking.”

“Have you cleaned the back rooms too?”

“No Master. The doors are locked.”

“Ah. Well let me show what is back there.”

Master led the way down a side corridor. There were three doors back there. He opened the door that was straight ahead and walked inside. Sue could see it was full of various leather equipment, bottles, harnesses, a large refrigerator, and various baby supplies.

“This is the tack room. All your supplies are in here. If you need something else, you tell me, and I will have Tom bring you what you need from the main store room." Master told her.

“You will need to wash all the bottles in here to make them sterile before you use them.“ Master continued.

“What are the bottles for Master? Milk?”

“Yes. You use them to collect the milk from the cow or cows. Once you have more cows here, you might need to use one of the big containers when you milk and then divide it up into the bottles. You store them in the refrigerator here. Sarah will come and pick up the fresh milk she needs every day.”

“Ok. Master”

“All cows wear white from head to toe. So grab everything you need to prepare Linda before we move on.”

“Yes Master”

Sue collected white stockings, high-heels, a white hood, waist belt, wrists, and ankle cuffs. She followed Master back into the corridor. Master unlocked the second door and they went inside. The room was bare except for several chains with heavy cuffs at the end that hung from the ceiling.

“This is the delivery room. When a cow is ready to deliver, you bring her in here and strap her up. We found it is easier and quicker if the cow is hanging with her legs wide apart. The first time Alex will come and help you but after that, you should be able to handle it yourself. If a cow has a problem, you call Alex. It is better if you call her than loose a cow or calf.”

“I understand Master.”

”When you have a cow in here you must watch the monitors on the control board outside your room very carefully.”

“What if she delivers at night?”

“When you have a cow close to delivering you won't be locked in your room. You will be able to move around freely in the barn. So I am placing a great deal of trust in you.” Master pointed out.

“Yes Master. I won't let you down.”

“See that you don't. There will be no second chances if you abuse that trust.”

“I understand Master.”

They moved on to the last room. This room was made into a nursery with several cribs, a changing table, and other various items for baby or calf care. In one corner was a bucket and next to it a low wooden bed. In another corner, a washbasin to wash diapers by hand.

“This is were you bring the calves and the cow after delivery. You have to instruct the cow how to care for her calves and feed them etc. You only need one cow in here at a time even if you have calves from several cows. One should be enough to care for up to 8 calves. Once the calves are sold and the nursery is empty you move the cow back to her stall and put her back into production.” Master explained.

“What happens to the calves when they leave here?” Sue asked.

“We have made arrangements with an adoption broker and we will sell them to her. A calf will bring in about 25.000 or so. Therefore, your job here is very important. Loosing a calf is a major financial loss.”

“I understand Master.”

Sue was very excited. This was far more important than being in charge of the pens. If she did a good job managing the barn, she would certainly get her fourth star. On the other hand, if she messed up she would be finished on the island. Sue didn't know a great deal about delivering and caring for babies or calves. She had seen that there were numerous handbooks at the monitoring station and she intended to read every one of them carefully. This was her big chance. They moved back into the main barn with its 20 stalls. With 20 cows in here, she would be very busy, Sue thought to herself. Each stall contained the same low wooden bed with a thin mattress, like the one in the nursery. The opposite corner had a large hole in the floor. This was for the cow to use when she needed to pee or shit. The side walls here low enough that a standing cow could see the cow in the next stall, but that was of little consequence since cows were kept hooded at all times except when the were brought out for their weekly bath. The front held the feeding and water trough and the door to the stall. The front wall consisted of wood on the lower part with iron bars on top so it was easy to watch the cow by just walking down the aisle. Linda was standing in the first stall. She couldn't lie down because her nose ring was attached by her leash to a ring in the wall. It was long enough for her to make it into the corner but not long enough to lie down on the bed. Cows were not allowed to sleep during the day. They simply stood around in their stalls. Sue opened the door to the stall and brought Linda out by her leash.

“Come along cow. It is time to get the right gear on you and get you milked.”

“Moooo” Linda replied.

Sue was pulling hard on the leash and the pain was felt in Linda's nose. Linda was still sore from her treatment and her udders burned. They also felt extremely tight this morning. Sue led her over to the middle of the aisle. She hooked the leash to a post and removed the corset. Linda felt hope maybe she wouldn't have to wear that awful corset and hood anymore. This was the first good feeling she had in a long time. Her wrists cuffs, stockings, and shoes were removed too. Linda was in heaven. This felt so good even if her feet and arms were stiff from the constant restraints and heels. Linda prayed the hood would be removed next. Her prayer was answered when Sue unzipped the hood and removed it. To get the hood completely off she quickly unhooked the leash from the nose ring, hooking it right back on again. Linda was free. She could see, even if it took a few minutes for her eyes to adjust to the light. Her hair was matted down and dirty and her scalp itched. Her face was dirty too from the leather in the hood. Linda looked at her body and was shocked. Her breast was standing straight out and they were bigger than Linda had imagined. They looked like large melons. Her nipples looked enormous. She could hardly see her pussy because of her large udders. Linda started to cry she looked like a freak. Master and Sue looked on with grins on their faces. Reality began to sink in. She was a completely different girl now. The old Linda was gone forever. She touched her udders and drops of milk showed at the tip of her nipple. Linda wanted to squeeze hard to get it out but the second she tried, Sue hit her with the crop.

“Don't do that again cow. We are not going to waste any of your milk.”

“Please what have you done to me? I want to go home.” Linda completely forgot she was not allowed to speak.

“The cow speaks. She seems to have forgotten all her training. I guess she only behaves when she is wearing her hood!” Sue exclaimed.

“Please no. I don't want the hood!”

Sue raised the crop again and Linda cowered away. That didn't help. Sue landed a hard blow right between her legs.


Another blow landed across her stomach, leaving a bright red mark. Linda screamed again. Sue landed another blow across her back when Linda tried to turn away. Sue grabbed the leash and roughly pulled Linda around. The pain in her nose was awful. Keeping a tight grip on the leash, Sue kept hitting Linda with the crop. The only targets that Sue avoided hitting with her crop, was the udders. Linda finally got the message.

“Moooooo. Moooo. Moooooo Moooo.” Linda uttered desperately.

“That is better. Don't ever speak again or I will use the cane next time.” Sue warned her.

Linda was sobbing and her body was shaking. All her good feelings had been shattered. She just stood there with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Now we have to clean you. You are a bit of a mess.”

“Shall I shave her or just wash her hair Master.” Sue asked.

“Hmm. Wash it for now.”

“Ok Master.”

Sue got a hose and turned the water on. She filled a bucket with water and soap. She also got a large brush with a long handle.

“Stand still and spread your legs. Every time you move, I will add 5 strokes to the punishment you already earned by speaking. Do you understand?”


Sue turned the hose on Linda. The water made Linda jerk but she didn't move. When she was soaked, Sue used the brush and soapy water to scrub every part of her body. The brush felt good on her itchy scalp but when Sue scrubbed her pussy with it, it felt like rough sandpaper on her clit and pussy lips. To Linda's surprise, even the rough brushing of her clit made her wet and excited. How could that be? Linda was ashamed of herself. There was nothing exciting about the situation and she still got wet. When she had been completely scrubbed down, Sue turned up the water pressure and hosed the soap off her. The water was turned off and Linda stood there like a drowned rabbit, water dripping from her hair. Sue took an old towel and dried her off. She put her hair in a ponytail. Next, she put on the wide waist belt and Linda's wrists were secured to the waist belt at the back. The waist belt was wide but it didn't reach up under the udders like the corset had. She lifted her leg and put the stocking on and then the white high-heeled shoe. Sue did the same thing to the other leg.

“Shall I hood her now or let her see the milking machine first Master?” Sue asked.

“It might be nice for her to see her first milking, so wait with the hood.”

“Ok.” Sue smiled.

Linda was led further down the aisle. They stopped at the milking station. Linda was led up to a cross bar that was thigh high. Master walked over to Sue and said.

“Let me show how to do this. Just watch.”

“Yes Master.”

“First grab the leash very tightly. Attach the ring in the waist belt to the cross bar. Then pull the cow forward. As you can see, there are two rings in the wall. Use the top one when you milk the cow and the bottom one if the cow is going to be mated.” Master explained.

He pulled on the leash and attached it to the top ring in the wall. This forced Linda to bend forward over the cross bar and holding her head up high at the same time. Her udders were dangling freely under her.

“Note how her udders are hanging down and can be easily attached to the milking machine.”

“Yes I see that Master.” Sue nodded.

He continued his demonstration by attaching the leash to the lower ring in the wall, forcing Linda to bend forward and down. Her pussy was now open and available from behind.

“See the difference. Now you can access her pussy easily. Regardless if she is mated or inseminated.”

“I see the difference Master.”

“Ok. Lets continue. Always clean the suckers with rubbing alcohol before putting the cups on.”

He adjusted Linda's leash back to the top ring and Linda was back in the milking position. He swabbed both suckers with alcohol pads and then reached down, pulling up one of the two hard plastic cups that was attached to the machine by a long tube. He placed it over one of Linda's udders, pressing it against her chest.

“Make sure the sucker is in the small part of the cup. Then press the button marked P.”

Master pressed the button and a sucking sound was heard. The cup was emptied of air and pressed tightly around Linda's udder. Her sucker was also caught in the vacuum in the smaller bottom part of the cup. Master let go of the cup and it stayed firmly in place. Linda groaned from the pressure and a few squirts shot out from her sucker and down along the tube into the machine. She attempted to shake her udders, hoping that would dislodge the cup, but it didn't budge.

“You put on the other one Sue.”

“Ok Master.”

Sue got the second cup and pushed the other udder into it. She had to wiggle the cup a few times to get the sucker in place. Satisfied she had it right, she pushed the button, and the air was sucked out of the second cup. Linda's udders were now trapped in the cups. Both had given up a few squirts of milk when the air was pumped out but now they just dangled beneath her.

“Now she is ready to be milked. First, you need to attach a clean bottle to the machine and since you only have one cow, make sure the connection tube is closed. This machine can handle 5 cows at a time. In which case the milk flows through the machine to the end, so you don't need 5 separate bottles or containers.”

“Ok. I see how that works.” Sue said.

“Good. When everything is ready, you set this knob to low or medium. With one cow and a first time milker at that, you use the low setting. When the cow starts producing more milk or you have several cows, you set it to medium. Go ahead turn the knob.”

Sue was excited. It was like playing with a new toy. Linda was scared. The machine would maul her udders. Sue turned the knob. The machine hummed and started its sucking motion of Linda's suckers and squeezing her udders at the same time. It only took a few seconds before squirt after squirt emerged from the suckers, running down the tubes and through the machine into the bottle. Linda cried out and groaned. Her suckers were being pulled and tugged at by the machine quite painfully. The udders were also being squeezed harshly.

“Moooo. Moooo.”

The milking wasn't pleasant at all. Her udders emptied out slowly and the sucking and squeezing became almost unbearable. Linda screamed again. She wanted them to turn off the machine but she didn't dare speak.

“As you can see the machine is quite powerful and normally it finishes milking a cow in 20 minutes. It turns off automatically when there is no more milk flowing through the tube. If you look at the read out, it will tell you the fat content of the milk and how much milk each cow has produced. In this, case almost a pint of milk. She might not produce as much tonight but you need to milk her twice a day.” Master said.

“You need to type the production numbers into the computer after every milking. We keep record of everything. Fat content of the milk, amount of milk, date inseminated, number of calves etc.”

“Ok Master.”

“When the machine stops, turn the knob to off and then press the clamp at the bottom off each cup and the cup will release the udder. Then move the cow back to her stall until it is time for her next milking.” Master finished his demonstration.

“Any questions so far?”

“No Master. I think I have the routines down. When a new cow comes in, I dress her in white or are there exceptions?” Sue asked.

“No exceptions.”

“Some final things. You wash the cows once a week and three times a week they get to go outside on the exercise wheel. That I think is about all for now. Next time you wash her, shave her head. It is better if they have no hair and the hood fits better that way.

Linda wanted to scream again. She loved her hair. People always commented on her beautiful hair. She didn't want to be bald. She jerked and twisted trying to get free from the bar and machine. She had to get away. Pure panic set in but other than speaking there was no way to let these people know how she felt. Not that they cared how she felt. The machine was squeezing the last drops out of her udders and it hurt. Linda began to cry. Why had she ended up here? The machine stopped.

“Ok. I think I can handle it from here.” Sue said.

“Am I allowed to punish cows as I see fit?”

“Yes as long as they are not permanently damaged or put out of commission.”

“Does a few scars from the crop, cane, or whip count?”

“Not unless a cow is marked for potential hide harvest at a later date.” Master explained.

“What do I do with the hair when I shave their heads?”

“Give it to Sarah. I think she uses it to sew with or stuff pillows with or something like that. The pussy hair I think is used to make Christmas ornaments with but you have to ask Sarah about that, it's her department.” Master concluded.

“Unless you have more questions, I will leave you to it. The barn is all yours. Lets see if you have what it takes to run it. If you have questions later you can message on the intercom.”

“I think I have what I need for now Master and I'm very grateful for this chance Master.” Sue said.

Master nodded, handed Sue the keys to the back rooms and headed toward the door. Linda was still crying softly. It was very uncomfortable being attached to the milking machine. Sue threaded the hood on to the leash and then pushed it over Linda's head. Linda tried to plead with her eyes and move her head to avoid being hooded again but to no avail, the hood was the same as before except it was white. The cups were released from her udders and the blood began flowing back into them. They throbbed but it felt good to have them swinging freely again. The tightness was gone and the udders regained their normal modified shape and feel.

“I'll just put your milk in the fridge and then I'll be back to cane you. You didn't think I would forget about your punishment did you cow?”

Linda waited with fear. Having Sue as her handler was just one step short of the worst scenario she could think of and that would be if Alex had been given charge of her.

Sue was only slightly better but not much. Linda didn't hear Sue return and she was startled when the first blow of the cane hit her ass. She screamed. Sue had used full force in her blow. An angry red welt appeared across her buttocks. Sue aimed the second blow right above the first one and again Linda screamed. By the tenth and final blow, Linda was hoarse. Her ass burned and hurt terribly. The welts were red angry stripes that crossed her ass in a nice pattern. Sue released the leash from the wall and pulled Linda into a standing position. She released the ring from the waist belt with the words.

“You will spend a lot of time hooked to this bar. I hope you will learn to enjoy it, especially when it comes time to breed you.”

Linda had lost her voice but was sobbing under her hood. She was led back to her stall and the leash attached, so that she had to remain standing. Sue feed her the usual oatmeal mush that was standard breakfast for all animals in the barn or stable. Linda wasn't very hungry but she had learnt that not eating her feed resulted in punishment, so she tried to eat. Sue went back to her room to make some lunch for herself. The barn was up and running even if there was only one cow so far and Sue would have a lot of spare time. This was far better than living in Mistress Alex's quarters.


Master returned to his quarters and found Sarah sitting at the table. She and Gina had brought a late lunch. She was working on the bitch's new fur. Tina and Gina were kneeling at the end of the bed, their heads resting on the bed. They had fallen asleep.

“I see you are playing sleeping beauty. Are you the evil queen Sarah?”

“Hmmm. Well, I didn't think it would hurt if they napped while we waited for you Master.”

“I suppose I am the prince to the rescue then.” Master grinned.

Sarah giggled. At least Master was in a good mood that would help the sleeping beauties and Sarah from getting in trouble over this. Master went over to the bed and planted a deep kiss on Gina's mouth. He did the same with Tina. Both of them woke up with a surprised look on their faces. Master had never kissed either of them before. What did that mean? Did it mean anything at all or was it just to startle them? They quickly rose to their feet.

“Ah. My sleeping beauties are wake.”

Gina immediately became afraid they had screwed up again. They didn't have permission to nap. She could see by Tina's expression that she was worried too.

Master reached over and squeezed one of Tina's udders. It should no sign of giving up any milk.

“No milk for lunch it seems. Come along girls lets eat lunch.” Master told them.

They three of them walked over and sat down at the table. Master appeared to be in an extremely good mood. He was clearly pleased with what had taken place in the barn. There was no mentioning of punishment for taking a nap, which surprised Gina. She had been sure the rubber suit would have been hinted at again but not a word about the suit or any other punishment. In fact, lunch turned out to be a lighthearted affair. Tina couldn't get the kiss she had received from Master out of her mind. She kept thinking about it all throughout lunch. Had the kiss meant anything? Was it just play-acting? Tina was dying to ask but she didn't want to interrupt the mood Master was in or the pleasant lunch they were enjoying. Gina had similar thoughts. Maybe Sammy was right after all. She had to learn to trust Master completely. They two of them exchanged looks.

“How is the fur coming along Sarah?”

“Almost done Master.” Sarah replied.

“So you will be ready to outfit her in the morning?”

“Yes Master.”

“Excellent. I have some work to do here today but in the morning I like to get the bitch back on track with her training.”

“Now that Sue is in the barn. Who will train the bitch?” Sarah asked.

“Good question. Do you have any suggestions?”

“Not really Master. Neither Sue nor Sammy will have time to train her. I guess that leaves me, Gina, or Tina.”

“Do you think Tina or Gina would be able to handle that?” Master wondered.

“Hmmm. I do not know Master.”

“Gina, what do you think?”

“I really wouldn't know what to do Master. You would have to show me.”

Gina didn't like the idea of training others. She was very content with serving Master even after the rubber suit experience. Silently she decided she would do her very best if that turned out to be what Master decided. She had concerns about being put in charge of any type of training however. She wasn't sure she could be firm or harsh enough for that. It excited her when she had seen Jackie being fucked by the dogs, which was very erotic to her but she also remembered how awful she had felt when she had to use the crop on Tina. She had gotten no enjoyment out of that at all. She would much prefer just being close to Master and at his disposal.

“What about you Tina?”

“I don't know how to either Master.” Tina replied.

“I am going to let you try Tina. Gina can manage to keep order up here by herself for awhile.” Master finally said.

“Master, I really don't know how.” Tina answered with some concern in her voice.

“It will be fine Tina. I didn't know in the beginning either. I couldn't even cook when I first came here.” Sarah assured her.

“That is right Tina. You have to learn things like training bitches and other animals, if you want to eventually have more stars.”

“I understand Master. Will you show me how then?” Tina asked.

“Of course. I never expect you to know something you haven't been taught.”

“Yes Master.”

Tina was still a little concerned about her new task. She wasn't sure she had it in her to torment someone else.

“Have you two finished your chores or have you been napping all along?”

“We are almost finished Master. Still have the laundry to take care of.” Tina replied.

“Very well. I have paper work to do here. So finish your chores then you may take a nap.”

With lunch over and done with. Sarah returned to the kitchen and Gina began collecting the laundry. Tina stripped the bed and retrieved the rubber suit for cleaning. Master sat down by the monitors and began sending several messages.

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