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Devils Island

Part 3 Linda

                                      3. Linda

Alex went back to fetch Linda. She was looking forward to this; Linda would be
hers to train initially. She always trained the cows to start with. Master gave
her pretty much a free hand on how she would do it as long as the result was to
his satisfaction. Alex stopped in front of Linda and in a low hissing voice

"Now you little cow you belong to me and it is time to start your training"

"Yes Mistress."

Linda didn't like the idea and Alex scared her but there was nothing she could
do. Being called a cow was humiliation and Linda wasn't sure why she wasn't
called a slave instead of just a cow. This didn't bode well, Linda regretted
having asked to be a cow slave. She knew that it didn't really matter since they
could do what they wanted with her regardless of her asking, begging or
refusing. Alex released the chain between her wrists and the chain to her

" Cover your fuck holes but leave the udders showing and follow me." Alex told

Linda quickly pulled up her panties and let her skirt down. Alex walked up to
Linda and roughly grabbed her left tit.

"Time to get these udders in shape and working. I'll enjoy giving them my full
treatment. You might not enjoy it very much." Alex squeezed her tit hard and

"Ooouuch." Linda couldn't help yelping. Alex just laughed and dug her fingers in
the tit. Linda squirmed and almost brought her arms up to fight of the woman but
stopped herself in the last second. Alex didn't let go of the left tit but
started walking toward where the Master was sitting. Linda wobbled on her heels
they were still hard for her to walk in. Lead by her tit Linda was a nice sight
for the Master. He knew that Alex would be very harsh and cruel with Linda over
the next two or three weeks.

"Remove your top and bra. You won't be needing them anymore." Alex ordered

"Sue you will assist me."

"Yes Mistress."

Linda removed her top and bra and was now fully exposed from her waist up. Sue
grabbed her writs and with a click hooked them together behind her back.

"Use two arm restraint belts Sue."

"Yes Mistress."

Sue attached the first belt just above Linda's elbow and pulled it tight. The
second was wrapped around her upper arms just under her armpit and tightened.

"Tighten them to the last hole Sue."

"Yes Mistress."

Sue pulled the bands tighter together forcing Linda's arm closer together and
making her tits stand out.

"Ahhhhhiiiee." Linda cried out. Her arms hurt and her shoulders felt like they
had been pulled out of place.

 "Scream all you like little cow. We haven't even gotten started yet." Alex

"Put the hood on her."

Sue pulled out a slightly wet hood and a blow drier and made sure Linda saw
them. She used a rubber band to tie up Linda's hair at the back of her head.
Standing behind Linda, she attached the collar band of the hood around her neck.
Then she pulled the hood over Linda's face and the top of her head. The hood had
an opening for the nose and mouth but covered her eyes and ears and the rest of
her head. Sue made sure the nose and mouth was in place and started lacing up
the hood in the back. Linda felt the damp leather against her face and as Sue
laced the back, it started to press against her eyes and ears.

"Make sure it is laced tight no gaps in the back Sue."

"Yes Mistress."

Sue pulled the hood tightly together in the back. Linda now felt like she had a
second skin. Sue turned on the blow dryer full speed and as the leather dried it
tightened around Linda's head even more. It tighten to the point that Linda's
lips started to pout out of the mouth opening and she could only open her mouth
enough to speak. Linda was uncomfortable to say the least. She moaned as the
hood tightened. She started to sweat from the heat of the hood and blow dryer
and that didn't help make her any more comfortable.

"Look at it this way little cow. You won't have any big cocks in your mouth
while you are wearing this hood." Alex chuckled.

She liked to drag out the torment of the slave. The anticipation was worse
sometimes than just raw pain. The more time they had to think about it, the more
fear was instilled in them.

"Put the corset on her and no gaps in that either."

"Yes Mistress." Sue replied.

Sue liked handling the new slaves. The power surge she felt was wonderful. Part
of it was of course a sort of payback for everything she had gone through in the
three years she had been on the island. Sue had been broken and then built up to
the point that she could never live any other way than as a slave. Sue was happy
with her life now. The pain she endured from time to time was just as big of a
need as the pleasure. Sue put on the corset and started to lace it up. The
corset reached from just under Linda's tits to just above her hips. Her waist
would be securely squeezed. Sue put her knee in Linda's back to get more force
in her lacing effort. Soon the corset was tightly laced up with no gap at all in
the back.

"Umphhhh." Linda had trouble breathing and she was now very uncomfortable. Linda
had to breath in shorter breaths she couldn't totally fill her lungs. Alex
inspected Sue's work and nodded her approval. Linda was a lovely sight with her
udders sticking straight out, the black leather hood incasing her head, the
black and red corset squeezing her waist. Her black mini skirt and red stockings
with the black 6-inch heels completing the picture.

"Take some pictures of the cow. We need some before and after shots for her file
and to put in the catalog."

Linda could still hear even if the hood blocked some of it. Linda felt scared
she was totally helpless in her uniform. Her wrist had been hooked on to the
corset at bottom of the corset and the elbow strap was also attached to the

Linda was immobile from her hip and up. She could wiggle her tits but that was
about to change. Sue snapped several pictures of Linda and returned the camera
to the table.

"Spread her legs and put a catheter in her. Don't want her to pee all over when
I start working on her."

"Yes Mistress."

Sue bent down and told Linda to spread them. Linda slowly moved her legs apart
as much as the hobble would allow. Sue unhooked the hobble chain and pushed her
legs a bit further apart and hooked her ankle cuffs to a two-foot iron bar. Her
skirt slid up her tight and Sue wasted no time pulling down her panties. With
her left hand, she spread Linda's pussy open while she probed for Linda's pee
hole. Having found the pee hole, she pushed the catheter in without any lube or
trying to avoid causing Linda some pain.

"Ummmpphh aaaaaiiieee." Linda screamed.

The catheter burned going in and when Sue inflated the end Linda let go her pee.
Sue knew that she would so she had clamped the tubing attached to the catheter
before inserting it. Linda could only get some small relief in her bladder. The
small amount of pee that she had pushed out quickly reached the clamped part of
tube and there was no more room, so Linda would have to wait until she was
allowed to pee. Sue made sure the catheter was secure by tugging on it, which
cased Linda to squirm more. She tightened the clamp to make certain no matter
the pressure no pee would leak. The tube hung down about eight inches outside of
Linda's pussy and in order to make a neat package, Sue stuck the end of the tube
up Linda's ass until it coiled tightly from the pussy to her ass. Sue pulled her
panties back to hold everything in place. Linda could probably push out the
tubing from her ass but she would soon have other things to think about.

"Oil her udders and get them ringed and ready on the tray stand"

"Yes Mistress."

Sue poured some oil on both tits and worked it all around. The front of the
corset had two metal rings attached. Sue put her hand trough one of the rings,
grabbed the left nipple, and started to pull the tit trough the ring until the
ring was at the base of the tit. She did the same thing with the right tit. The
straps that ran from the top of the rings were pulled over her shoulders and
then secured to the back of the corset and pulled tight. Linda's tits were now
bulging out from the rings in front. Even though the rings were made for 36C
tits and fit Linda, they did hold her tits straight out and hard. Linda was now
pushed forward and forced to drop to her knees by Sue. A table was brought in
front of Linda and adjusted so her tits rested on the metal tray on top.  A belt
was secured around Linda's waist effectively strapping her to the table. Her
legs were secured in the same way just above the knee. Linda was securely tied
to the table stand. Linda couldn't move any part of her body. She was totally at
Mistress Alex's mercy.

"The cow is ready Mistress." Sue said.

"Very good Sue. Bring my stool and kneel at my pussy"

Alex sat down on the stool that Sue brought and pushed it up the table so that
she was in a comfortable position for her work.

Sue knelt between her legs with her mouth an inch away from Alex's pussy. Alex
always got horny during her work and Sue was there to lick her when the need
arose. Linda was sweating and scared. Her tits bulging, her shoulders and arms
hurting and she needed to pee. She hoped it would be over soon and that she
would just pass out. It was like Alex could read her mind because Linda felt a
needle prick in her neck and knew that Alex had injected her with a blocker. She
would make sure Linda was conscious the whole time.

"There we can't have you pass out in the middle of your treatment. This blocker
will last for a couple of hours and we should be done by then I would think."

"What do you think little cow, are you ready to get started?"


"I guess that means yes. Cows are always so eager to get started. I hope you
remember what your udders looked like before because when I'm finished with them
they will have a brand new look. Of course we have the pictures if you want to
see." Alex chuckled.

"Since you can't see anything I will tell you what I'm doing. You will of course
feel everything. First we need to put some irritant on your nipples so that they
swell up a bit. This won't hurt them but they will be easier to work with."

Linda felt something being dabbed all over her nipples and the burning was
intense. Her nipples were on fire and started to swell. Alex put on some
surgical cloves ad started pulling on Linda's nipples causing her more intense

"Agggghhhh." Linda tried to scream but the hood had tightened to the point she
couldn't really open her mouth and the corset didn't help either. Otherwise
Linda would have screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Your nips are swelling nicely little cow. Now we need to start enlarging your
udders. Like you begged to have done. How large would you like them? I have this
wonderful solution that when injected into the udders will swell them and then
your body will break it down into fat. Not like saline, that just swells them
temporarily. I think it would be best to only fill them up to a 38D this session
then let the body create the fat. That sound good to you cow?"

"ummmpphh" Linda replied.

"Yes yes. I know you cows always want them bigger than that. You're not happy
with less than 40DD udders. You need to understand that the skin stretches much
slower than the body makes fat so we can't make them to big today. They would
explode. Hahahaha." Alex laughed at her own joke.

Linda cried in her hood. She didn't want 40DD tits. They would look gross on her
slender frame. Linda braced herself this would be painful.

"In a couple of months and several treatments you'll get your wish."

"Now lets start. You'll feel the long needle going in through your nipple. Just
relax and enjoy."


Alex got the first syringe out and filled it with the drug.  The syringe had a
4inch long needle allowing her to push it in to the base of Linda's tit. This
was the fun part, the needle going in wasn't that painful but when she started
injecting the fluid as she very slowly pulled the needle out again was very

Not only did the fluid inflate the tit, it burned like hell. The stretching of
the skin wouldn't add any comfort either. Alex had a bright idea. Why not
inflate both tits at the same time. That should be fun. She got a second syringe
out and filled it. She was ready. The cow would suffer. Alex picked up Linda's
left nipple and gave it a squeeze, clamping it between her thumb and index
finger she pushed the needle in with her other hand. She pushed it in slowly
until the whole needle was in. She wiggled the syringe a little to make a tiny
space around the tip of the needle. Satisfied the needle was in place she
dropped Linda's tit with the syringe attached. She repeated the sequence on her
right tit. Linda now had two large syringes dangling from her nipples.

"Take a picture of this Sue and then get back down here and start eating me."

"Yes Mistress."

"I thought you might enjoy having your udders swell at the same time cow."

Linda was sweating from the hood and from the fear. The needles had hurt and she
could feel them in her tits. Her nipples burned like fire and even the lightest
touch hurt badly.  Sue was done taking pictures and was now busy eating Alex's
pussy. That would mean that Alex wouldn't be doing a fast job of filling Linda's
tits. He grabbed the left syringe and started slowly injecting the fluid at the
same time pulling the needle out slightly. After the needle was out the first
inch, she turned to the right tit and did the same thing. She alternated between
the two tits. Until both syringes was empty. Linda's tits started to swell as
they were filled with the nasty fluid. Linda could feel her tits swell and the
skin stretch. At first it was just discomfort but it was soon replaced by a
horrific burning pain. Linda tossed her head and tried to pee but had no luck
with either. She did manage a terrible scream however this time.


She had burning coals in her tits or at least that's how it felt.

"What a lovely voice you have little cow. Your udders are swelling up nicely.
You are probably a 38B already. One more round and you should reach a 38D today.
Of course we have more work to do before your done for today."

Sue was licking her so good that she leaned back and just let her first orgasm

"Keep licking Sue."

"Yes Mistress."

Alex relaxed and enjoyed her orgasm while she was watching Linda. Her tits
swelled well and now looked like two very large oranges. Linda was sweating all
over and Alex knew she felt like she was in hell. The burning would lessen as
time wore on but it would last for at least a week before the fluid was
converted to fat. She would have to adjust the rings at the base of her udders
to accommodate 38D's. Otherwise the udders would take on an ugly shape. Alex
filled two more syringes and went to work. This time she filled one at the time
since she needed to distribute the fluid evenly in the udder. When both the
udders were filled, she adjusted the ring to a 38D and they still fit snuggly.

whole time during the last two fillings. Having the rings adjusted helped a tiny
bit but the fire was burning in her udders.

Linda finally thought of them as udders rather than her tits or breasts. They
weren't hers anymore.

"These udders are going to be lovely, they are really swelling up nicely. Any
more today and the skin would break.

Don't worry you'll have your wish just not today. Two or three more session
should do it though. I'll enjoy that. I had such a lovely orgasm watching you.
Now for your nipples."

Linda's heart sank she couldn't take anymore. She was thirsty and needed to pee
very badly. Her bladder was starting to give her cramps.

"I bet you are thirsty little cow. I'll give you a drink and even let you pee
before we start on the nips"

"Sue see to the cow while I have a cigarette."

"Yes Mistress."

Sue went and got a small tube and a squirt bottle that was filled with water
mixed with some hormones. The drug would help the body convert the fluid into
fat without burning off too much of the fat. She put the tube between Linda's
lips and in small squirts feed the mixture to her. Linda drank eagerly even if
there was a slight bitter taste to the water. Sue also placed a pot between her
legs and pulled the tube ending from her ass, releasing the clamp.

"Piss cow. You have a minute before I clamp it again."

Linda didn't need an order she let her bladder go as soon as the clamp was
released. At least she would get some relief in her body. Sue finished the
bottle-feeding and removed the tube from her mouth. She clamped the tube in the
pussy and put it back in her ass as before.

"The cow is ready Mistress."

Alex ground the cigarette on Linda's chest right between her udders. Linda
howled. A small blister appeared almost at once on the spot.

"Had a nice break cow? Ready for your nips to be stretched and filled?"


"This won't be as much fun as your udders but we have to get them bigger if you
are to milk properly."

Alex got a smaller syringe and filled it with the same liquid. She pushed the
needle in the left nipple first clamping the base of the nipple she filled it
then quickly put a tube over the nipple and pumped the air out of the tube. This
stretched the nipple into the vacuum in the tube. Linda's left nipple was now
swollen, burning, filled, and stretched. The tube was would be left on until the
swelling went down. The nipple procedure would be done every other day. Since
the vacuum in the tube would gradually release, so a new tube would be put on.
Alex repeated the whole on the right nipple. Linda howled and screamed the whole
time. Her already abused and sensitive nipples were being brutalized even more.
Alex started massaging both udders to make sure the fluid was evenly spread in
them and so they wouldn't be misshaped but nice round and hard standing straight
out no sagging. Linda howled the whole time since even the lightest touch felt
like someone was stoking the fire in her udders.

"You sing so pretty little cow I might bring you to my room tonight and give a
long nice relaxing udder massage.

Wouldn't you like to sing for your Mistress?"


"Almost done. Two more shots of hormones and you'll be ready for the night."

Alex gave her the two shots in her upper arm for once there was no additional
pain only the prick like that of a regular flu shot. Linda was grateful for
small mercies.

"In case you wonder cow, the last shot will induce milk so you can start milking
as soon as your udders are ready. If you are a poor milker, we might have to
breed you to get the milk going. I'm sure we can find a nice bull for you."

Linda cried. No tears came the hood was too tight for that but her eyes watered.
She finally understood what a cow slave meant. She was a woman no longer just an
animal to these people.

"Lets secure the cow for the night."

Linda was released from the table and yanked to her feet by Sue. Linda was lead
to another part of the room. She was told to bend over and lean on what felt
like a wide sling. Chains were attached to her ankle cuffs and her legs were
pull out from under her.  Linda now hung horizontally in midair. Her torso
resting on the sling, her legs still spread by the rode between her legs. Her
udders hung down pointing straight at the floor. Another chain attached to the
back of the hood and held her head up. A tube was stuck in her mouth and secured
with tape. Her panties were pulled down to just above her knees and a butt plug
inserted. Linda felt the pain in her ass hole as the plug went in and was
inflated so she couldn't push it out.

"You won't need your ass hole for the next few days, so you been plugged. This
will help to stretch your ass hole as well. If you suck on the tube in your
mouth you will get water, which will have nutrients added instead of food. Once
a day Sue here will feed you a specially prepared mixture which will both keep
you from starving and help your growth. Someone will stop by every four hours
and let you pee. I will inspect you every day and make sure you are growing
right and maybe hear a little song from you. Your udders will burn until the
fluid has been converted to fat, which should take about two weeks. By that
time, you should be starting to get some milk too. Then I'll come for you and we
do this all over again. I can't wait and I know you feel the same way little

"UMMGGGHH" Linda could make no other sound.

"Enjoy your new home cow it is only temporary but you'll be hanging around here
for the next few weeks."

Sue chuckled at Alex's little joke. Linda didn't find it funny at all. Linda was
in severe pain. Her whole body hurt. There would be no relief any time soon.
Linda had no more tears. Completely broken she suffered in silence.

Review This Story || Author: Balor
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