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Part 4

       Leah was motionless in her bed. She remained in a fetal position for hours. Her mind was preoccupied on what happened yesterday. She had trouble accepting it really happened. What Leah went through was, without a doubt, the very worst day of her life. Everything about it caused her extreme amount of mental and emotional pain. As for her physical self, Kenny gave her the next few days to recover before meeting Buddy. Leah had no idea what kind of character Buddy was, but if he was anything like Kenny, she wasnt going to “appreciate” his company as well. At the very least, she had hoped whatever happens, will be nothing like yesterday. Leah still remembered how it ended.

       She was already in a state of turmoil when Kenny had left her to complete her task. She hung there, bare naked, by the wrists and knees. The only way out of that position was by Kennys help. But he stated that he will only help her if she was able to expel the 7-inch vibrator in her ass. Leah thought he was joking. There was no way to take it out as long as her hands were holding her up. Leah knew Kenny meant she had to push it out using the muscles in her ass.

       It was the final piece of humiliation for Leah that day. She knew that the quicker she was able to do it, the quicker she would be able to get down. To Leahs disbelief, it took her almost two hours to get it out. It wasnt because of her lack of trying, but a detail, Kenny failed to mention, about the device up her ass. Under normal circumstances, Leah wouldve been able to accomplish her task in a short amount of time, but Kenny made it nearly impossible for her to do so. The base of the vibrator was equipped with an inflated balloon-like material that served as a plug. Leah was under so much pain when Kenny shoved it in, that she failed to notice the inflation.

       It was one of Alphas simple designs for the guys while they had their fun. Kenny used it on many unfortunate women who ended up in the mens grasps. The beauty of it was that the balloon would slowly deflate, eventually letting the victim able to push it out eventually. Leah tried all her might to take it out but it was no use. It felt like there was something blocking the vibrator from coming out. It didnt take Leah to figure out Kenny did something to it to make it harder for her. Twenty minutes of continuous effort caused Leah to finally pass out. Luckily (or unluckily), the shocks woke her back up.

       She gave up all attempts and hung there crying and moaning in pain. She fainted a few more times, only to be woken up by the shocks again. Leah was surprised she hasnt died yet. She was convinced no human being could undergo such treatment without receiving some serious repercussions. Perhaps it was the strong will she developed over the years, making her a stronger woman. Leah couldnt believe one human being can do something like this to another. But these werent human beings to Leah. These were monsters. They captured women like Leah to play their sick games. As long as Leah still had life in her, she was going to fight every waking moment she was a captive.

       With all this in mind, Leah couldnt help feeling defeated in that moment where she couldnt fulfill her part in getting herself down. The mental games these guys played were just as bad as the physical ones. Lying there on the bed now, Leah has no idea how she was able to endure almost two hours on her own while the vibrator was in her ass on the highest vibration setting, receiving shocks every two minutes. Leah figured it was her fighting spirit that kept her going through this ordeal. It came as a shock when Leah was finally able to get rid of the device out of her. It was even more shocking when the feeling of emptiness took her by surprise.

       It took awhile for her bottom to adjust to its original position. After receiving relief for her ass, Leah looked over to the camera to see if it was still pointing at her. Leah did the best she could to get the attention of whoever was watching her. She had assume Kenny was, but at this point she didnt care who got her down. As long as they did it soon.

       Kenny was watching her through the camera. He was in the control room with Alpha, both enjoying the show. Theyve been talking about her while eating take-out. They compared her to other girls who have had the “pleasure” of being in their company. Alpha agreed with Kenny that Leah is full of promises, but his favorite was still Danielle.

       “Yeah, I liked Danielle, too.” Kenny said with a mouth full of egg roll. “Ive never seen you push anyone harder than her. Sure did take a lot of shit before breaking, huh?”

       “That she did.” Alpha replied, biting down on another potsticker. “It was unfortunate to see her go.”

       “Ya know, I still watch her videos? What you did with her was pure art, Alpha. Cant tell ya enough.”

       “I know, Kenny. You tell me this all the time.”

       “Cant wait to see what Buddy has in store for her. Whats he up to today?”

       “Spending time with his family. He promised hed take them to the beach today.”

       “I dont get the married life.”

       “Whats to get?”

       “I dont know. Its just not for me.” Kenny said swallowing his lo mein.

       Kenny sat next to Alpha watching Leah through the monitors, who was clearly in distress. Kenny was enjoying the show while eating and drinking his beer. It was Alpha who told him he had to tend to her.

       “You should take her down, now. If she hangs there any longer, shell have to recuperate longer. Im sure Buddy wouldnt appreciate that too much.”

       “Yeah I guess youre right, Al. I wouldnt want her to miss Buddys sick games.”

       With that, Kenny put down his beer, stood up and exited the control room. He headed down stairs to free Leah. Kenny expertly detached every strap on her body, making sure not to damage anything. Carefully, he carried her naked body back to her cell. The moment Kenny took her off the binds, Leah passed out. Luckily, the cell door was still open, having Kenny to avoid an awkward moment of opening the door while still holding her body. He gently set her on the bed. When he was satisfied she looked comfortable, Kenny just looked at her with lust.

       Leah already was an attractive specimen, but the marks on her body, caused by the whip and straps, made her look more delicious. A bulge began to rise in Kennys pants. He noticed he forgot to take off Leahs ring gag. Before he did, however, he had one more thing he needed to take care of.

       He unzipped his pants once more to let out his semi-hard cock. He rubbed it to get it fully erect before jerking it in a steady pace. His eyes were on Leahs unconscious, naked body. He didnt want to rape her just yet. He wanted it to be “special” when the time came. When it does happen, Kenny wants to make sure Leah would never forget their first rape together.

       Right before Kenny ejaculated, he positioned the head of his cock towards Leahs open mouth. He kept her head still with one hand while releasing his load inside her mouth. He made sure every drop went in her mouth. He even used the corner of her lips to scrape the last few drops of his cum.

       Kenny stuck his dick back in before zipping up. Next, he gently took the gag off her mouth. He massaged her mouth carefully before closing it. Feeling satisfied, Kenny left Leahs unconscious body on her bed. He turned the lights off before leaving the room completely.

       By the time Leah was left alone, it was 3:34 p.m. She slept throughout the rest of the day and the night. She didnt wake up until 5 in the morning the next day. Soreness overtook most of her body when she came back to her new hell. Leah was confused when her vision didnt clear up after opening them, only to find out she wasnt wearing her contacts anymore. Her shoulders and legs were killing her. It was her ass that felt the most painful. Leahs body was so sensitive she couldnt even roll over on her bed to change positions. To top it all off, her throat not only felt really dry but there was something crusty in her mouth. It tasted awful. She couldnt produce enough saliva to wash it away. For a moment, Leah forgot where she was and why she was feeling so much pain. She had hoped she just had a horrible nightmare. When Leah realized it wasnt a nightmare, she sobbed quietly.

       Leah couldnt imagine going through anything like that again. She didnt think she could survive it the first time. Leah felt disappointment in herself. She hated that she let someone like Kenny do all those horrible things to her. Her father and long-time trainer would be upset with her right now. This was why Leah trained for so many years in self-defense. Never in her life did she think something like this would happen to her. Leah didnt want to be a statistic. She felt so helpless.

Leah remained motionless on her bed for some time before hearing someone enter the room. It made her jump with fear, causing her soreness to come back. Leah remained in her fetal position, covering her intimate parts. She did the best she could without a blanket or pillow. She looked over to see who it was. She couldnt tell because it was too dark and he didnt bother turning on the lights. The dark figure approached Leahs cell bars where he was close enough for Leah to see who it was. It was Alpha.


Leah turned away knowing he wasnt going to save her. She had little hope someone new would come in to let her go. Alpha was wearing a blue, long-sleeve buttoned-up shirt with khakis. His black hair combed back like it was the first day they met. He had with him a saran-wrapped sub, a water bottle, and painkillers. Without saying a word, he put each item through the bars and placed them on the ground. Alpha disappeared back into the darkness to retrieve a chair. He used it to sit down in front of the bars looking straight at Leah. She hated how he could see her naked. Leah was still covering her breasts with her arms and crossed her legs to hide her nether region. She positioned her body towards him so he couldnt see her bare ass.

       “How are you feeling, Leah?”

       No answer.

       “I know how rough Kenny can be. If it makes you feel any better, out of the three of us, hes the most abusive.

       Still no answer.

       “I hope you understand the severity of your situation. I would be lying if I said it would make things easier if you just accepted your fate. Nothing would change, though. You would be going through the same treatment.”

       Leah remained silent and motionless, avoiding eye contact.

       “Well, Ill leave you to it then. Well give you a few more days to heal. Our sessions can leave our guests fatigued. Well be giving you daily food and water, and medicine if you need it. One of us will see you again tomorrow to check up on you.”

       Alpha was ready to get up when Leah finally spoke.

       “Why are you doing this to me?” Leah asked without looking at him. She sounded raspy. Leah hasnt had a drink of water in the past 24 hours. Plus, her throat was still sore from all the crying and screaming. Alpha heard what she said, but continued on with his leave.

       “Thats a fair question.” Alpha put back the chair where it originally was. “Normally, we pick girls who arent a high profile. Low risk of getting caught. But when I saw you, I knew youd be perfect for our personal sessions. And as luck would have it, you resided not too far from where we live. So when it comes down to it, you were convenient for us.”

       Leah looked at Alpha with disbelief in her eyes. She couldnt fight back the tears. Leah couldnt believe they were doing this to just for the sake of convenience. There had to be more to it than that. Then again, maybe Leah didnt want to know what was really in store for her. She thought it was perhaps best left as a mystery. Little did she know, Alpha left out the main reason why she was in this situation. Now was not the time, however, to let her in on the secret, he thought. All in due time.

       “We do have plans for you, Leah. Big plans. There is a bigger reason why I chose you. If everything goes as planned, then everyone will be happy.” Alpha said this last part with a big grin. Leah only stared at him. She didnt want him to see how weak and frail she felt. This was the best she could do to show her strength. It wasnt working too well.

       “Make use of the next few days for recovery. Youre going to need it. Buddy can wear you out too. Trust me.” Leaving Leah with that in mind, Alpha walked out of the room.

       As soon as Alpha left the room, Leah let out all the tears she was holding back. It felt like waterfalls were coming out of her eyes. Her hands were not enough to dry her eyes, so she slowly made her way to the toilet paper that was placed next to the toilet. It felt like for every step she took, she was stepping on pins and needles. Leah was able to dry her tears in no time with the paper. The sink was in arms reach so she shuffled over to use the ice-cold water. She washed her face with it and rinsed her mouth out. She figured while she was up, she might as well retrieve the sub, water bottle and pills. Leah was surprised to see her prescription eyeglasses were there too.

       They werent considered “sexy” eyeglasses. The rims were large and thick, which indeed made her look like a nerd. A very attractive nerd though. She knew there were plenty of guys out there who thought it was hot. Including her boyfriend. Leah went back to her bed to sit down. Her ass was still sore and it only reminded her of the previous day. She went back to lying down on the bed. Leah looked at the pills Alpha gave her. She was reluctant to take any kind of drugs these animals gave her. But what more can be done to her? Shes already been through hell. And Leah really could use something to ease the soreness she was feeling.

       Leah swallowed the pills with the water she was given. It was a little difficult to do so while lying down, but she managed. Leah looked at the saran-wrapped sub she was still holding. She noticed a sticker on in that read “Gluten-Free.” At least these assholes knew she was allergic to gluten, Leah thought. She would sometimes mention it in some of the videos she posted on her site about her allergy. It didnt bother Leah since she already ate healthy regularly. But she did enjoy eating chicken and meat just as much. Thinking about food only made Leah hungrier.

       The last time Leah ate was almost two days ago. Her situation might be dire, but it didnt hinder her hunger pangs. Leah slowly unwrapped the saran wrap and the sub to inspect if there was anything inside she did not like.

       It tasted amazing for Leah due to not eating for so long. She picked up her pace only to devour the whole sub in minutes. Leah drank the rest of the water to wash down the sub. She felt much better by the time she was done with eating. The pills were starting to kick in and she was no longer hungry. For a moment Leah forgot her dilemma as she attempted to sit up casually on the bed. She even forgot she was still naked and the camera was still on her. Leah didnt care anymore. These monsters have already seen too much of her. Knowing they have done this much to her almost killed her mentally. Her strong will thought otherwise. If anything, it only motivated Leah to find a way to escape this madness. Her outlook was still not in her favor. She wanted to review her options.

       Since her eyeglasses helped her see much better than her contacts, Leah was able to see her surroundings clearer. She was already familiar with her cell: the bed she was on, working toilet and sink, mirror, barred window, drain in the middle of the cell, light-bulb on the ceiling, and a camera at the corner of the room. The camera was protected by a dense plastic material, so there was no way of damaging it. The best she could do, Leah thought, was smearing something on the plastic to block the cameras view. She didnt have anything to do so.

       Leah stood up to walk to the bars. Her body felt a little better thanks to the drugs. She walked covering her boobs by crossing her arms. Leah felt there was little to nothing she could do to cover her crotch. She was going to worry about it when someone comes in the room. Leah wanted to see what else was in the room besides the cell she was in. She remembered very little from when she was taken out and tortured by Kenny. Leah also wanted to forget everything that happened with him.

       The room was still dim, but thanks to her glasses she was able to see a little better. It started to come back to Leah when she was looking around the room. It was harder than Leah thought to avoid thinking about her time with Kenny. It was a large open area. There were several tables on one side of the wall. Along the walls, there were big closets. Leah counted three of them but there couldve been more in the darker part of the room. The ceiling was pretty high. All she could see was several chains, straps, and ropes hanging down. Leah felt sick when she remembered how Kenny had her hanging from the arms and legs. It was traumatizing.

       Leah imagined the other poor girls who were here before her and how they handled it. She had hoped most of them put up a fight. Or at the very least found their own means of escape. Leah wasnt ready to give up. Alpha said he was going to give her a few days to recover. She will also use that time to prepare for either an escape, or a fight. Escape seems less likely to happen first. Leah concluded she will have to fight before escaping.

She didnt know what kind of person this “Buddy” was. If he was anything like Kenny, it was going to be just as difficult. Leah had every intention of giving her 200% when it comes to the next time she has to fight. There was no way she was going through what happened to her last time. Once was already one too many times. She will have to live with that for the rest of her life. Leah reasoned she wouldnt get peace until these motherfuckers pay for everything they have done, not just to her, but every other innocent victim before Leah.

       Leah was left alone for the rest of the day. Even with pills kicking in, her body was still in pain. She returned to her bed to lie down. This was how she spent the next few days of recovery. Someone, usually Alpha, would see her once everyday to deliver food, water, and pills. On the third day of her recovery, Kenny came down. Leah was in terror mode when he came back. Instead of putting up a fight, she curled away trying to make herself smaller, if not invisible.

Kenny thought it was funny. He assured her there wasnt going to be any funny business today. He only came down to deliver the food, water, and pills. Kenny mentioned he added a special ingredient in the sandwich that day that might make her feel better. Leah was only given the chance to eat once a day. It wasnt enough to satisfy her hunger. It was better than nothing. As much as she wanted to avoid eating the sandwich, she reluctantly did anyway. The cum had already engrained into the sandwich so wiping it off was out of the question. It tasted foul but Leah needed food in her system to get through the day.

By the fifth day, Leah felt the majority of her discomfort was gone. She still took careful steps when she hopped off the bed. The pills did its job numbing the pain each day. Leah grew bored quickly with daily routine. Leah couldnt remember the last time doing literally nothing in consecutive days. She missed not being able to play her video games. The only thing that would please her more than playing her games online would be escaping from this place. Now that Leah regained most of her strength back on the fifth day, she decided to get back to conducting her escape.

She wasnt planning on feeling sorry for herself and crying all day. Despite being completely naked, Leah exercised for as long as she could. Because of her limited resources, Leah resorted to body exercises, including pushups, sit-ups, lunges, etc. At first, Leah felt ridiculous for working out in the nude, but she knew she needed to work on her strength in order to give the next guy the fight of the century. Along with body exercises, she also did extensive stretches and fighting moves Leah learned from her personal trainer.

       At the end of the day, Leah felt invigorated. Her body was still sore but she fought through the pain. Leah found her will and strength again. Her mind was sharp and ready for action. Even better news was she still had a day or two to get ready. Leah gave herself a good sweat from her workout. The only way she could clean herself was using the water from the sink. She wouldnt have mind it but the only water that came out was ice cold. Nevertheless, Leah managed to wash her body with the freezing water. Because of the lack of towels, Leah was careful not to put too much water on her body. She applied just enough to feel cool and refreshed.

Leah went back to her bed to lie down and relax. Her mind was occupied with her life before this nightmare. She wished she was back home with her boyfriend, Todd, their two dogs, and her video games. Leah always posted a video almost every day on her site for the fans. Although Leah missed her passion for playing her video games, she missed her family and friends more.

       The last time Leah saw her parents was last week for dinner. They mostly talked about her and how she was. Leah genuinely was happy with her life at the moment. Her relationship with her parents was great. They loved her and she loved them back. Leah dreads the day her parents finding out about what happened to her. It will crush them. A single tear roll down from her eye after she thought about this. Everyone was going to find out what happened to her. Nothing was going to be the same. People will see her as victim of a horrid crime who used to be a famous online gamer personality.

       Leah wished Todd, her boyfriend, was here. She needed him more than ever. She may have been a strong person, but she still had moments of weakness. Todd knew just what to say and do to make her feel better. She wondered what he was up to. By now he should be extremely worried that he hasnt been able to communicate with her this long. Leah prayed he will take the necessary steps to ensure her rescue. She left him in charge to edit and post the videos they have already recorded. Her fans will receive videos for another day or two, but Leah didnt care if they get upset. It wasnt her primary concern at the moment.

       Leah went to sleep peacefully that night. The exercise wore her out. There was no clock to let her know what time of day it was. If she had to guess, she woke up around 10 a.m. When she got up, Leah saw food, water, and pills inside her cell next to the bars. Someone (probably Alpha) came into the room early in the morning and dropped it off for her. Leah mustve been very tired if she wasnt able to hear him come and go.

       Leah stretched her body after hopping off the bed. She picked up the items from the ground and brought them back to her bed. Today she was given granola bars, apple, chips, water bottle, and more pills. She was feeling a little better than yesterday but she was still going to take them. Leah ate the apple and swallowed her pills with the water. After her small breakfast, Leah resumed her workout for today. She repeated the same routine from yesterday. Leah would take required breaks before getting back at it. Her motivation was her rage. She kept thinking how these sorry excuses for men took advantage of her because she looked cute and fragile. Her online videos only showed one side of her. Kenny had a taste of the fire that was in her. Whoever this Buddy was, Leah was going to unleash all the fire shes been holding in, on him.

       Leah was in the middle of a fighting technique when she heard the door to the room unlock. When the door opened, the light was turned on, emitting a brighter light. Leah quickly hopped on her bed and covered herself up as best as possible. She put on her glasses to see who it was. It was Alpha.

       “Hello, Leah.” Alpha said. “How are you?”

       “Go fuck yourself” Leah responded.

       “Im great too, thank you.”

       Alpha went over to one of the closets to open and take out a hose. He connected one end of the hose to a spigot (another thing) Leah hadnt noticed. At the other end of the hose, Alpha connected a nozzle. Leah knew where this was going. She didnt move a muscle. Alpha walked over to the cell bars. Out of his pocket, he took out a small bottle of shampoo and a bar of soap. He tossed both of them inside the cell through the bars. Leah still didnt move..

       “Alright, Miss S.S.Shotguneagle. Im sure you know what this is about.”

       Leah remained still.

       “You could either stand in the middle of the room where the drain is, or I can spray this ice-cold water where you are now. The latter will get your bed wet and you wont be able to use this towel.” Alpha produced a towel he was holding from behind his back. Leah wasnt in the mood to shower, but she didnt want to stay wet either. She hasnt properly showered since the first day of her captivity. The sink water did little to nothing to provide her taking care of her personal hygiene. Leah thought about this for a bit before deciding that the best option was to go ahead and stand next to the drain.

       Leah quickly took off her glasses and set them on the bed. She carefully got up, using one arm to cover her breasts while using the other hand to hide her pussy. She stood in the middle of the room waiting for Alpha to apply the cold water on her.

       “Im going to leave the spray on for three minutes. Ill leave it up to you to decide how you want to wash yourself during those three minutes. Dont forget to use the shampoo and soap I gave you.”

       Leah knew she would have to move her arms to use the shampoo and wash. She didnt want to be clean for them but Leah thought if she was going to be doused with water, she might as well take advantage of it. Before Leah could pick up the small bottle, Alpha unleashed the cold water on Leah. It came out fast, startling Leah when the cold water hit her naked body. Alpha pointed the nozzle at Leahs face. She tried blocking the water using her hands, realizing what this meant Alpha had a clear view of her tits and pussy. It didnt bother her.

       Leah tried to move out of the way from the waters projectile, but Alpha only followed her. Realizing there was no way to escape the freezing water, she quickly grabbed the shampoo bottle from the ground. She turned her back to Alpha avoiding the water as best as she could. When Leah did this, Alpha pointed the nozzle toward Leahs bare bottom. It was just as painful as it was embarrassing. Trying to avoid the pain from the water, Leah squeezed out the shampoo onto her hand and quickly applied it to her hair.

She scrubbed her hair furiously while Alpha switched between spraying her back and ass. When Leah felt she washed her hair thoroughly, she reached for the bar of soap from the ground. Her hands were so slippery she was fumbling with it. Several times she dropped it before picking it up. Alpha didnt help by spraying her face and head. Leah lathered her body with the soap, her back to Alpha again. Leah realized she had to turn her front to Alpha if she wanted him to wash the soap off. She didnt know how much time she had left with the water.

       Leah held off as long as she could before reluctantly turning around to face Alpha who was still hosing her down. She did her best to keep herself covered and rinsing herself off at the same time. Alpha managed to see all of Leah at times. It was difficult for her to stop him from seeing her whole body. It didnt matter to him, though. Alpha knew he will have his own time with Leah soon enough. It was amusing for him to see her squirm and shake.

       Alpha made sure to turn off the water when exactly three minutes have been reached. Leah turned her back to Alpha, shivering from the cold. As much as Alpha love the view from behind, he passed the towel through the bars, waiting for her to take it. She turned her head to see him holding the towel he promised. She tip-toed backwards towards him. When she reached behind her for the towel, Alpha jokingly pulled it back, making her miss.

       Leah was enraged.

       “You fucking promised!” Leah screamed.

       “Okay, okay” Alpha chuckled. He held the towel still when Leah snatched it from him. She immediately wrapped her cold, naked body with the surprisingly big towel. Leah patted herself down, trying to dry herself as quickly as possible. She made sure to have her back to Alpha when she had to reach up to dry her hair, and knelt down to dry her legs.

       The whole time Leah was drying herself, Alpha was putting away the hose to its original place. When he was done, Alpha went back to the bars. He cleared his throat, reaching through the bars, indicating he was waiting for Leah to return the towel.

       “You want it? Come and get it,” Leah challenged. Alpha only smiled and retreated his hand.

       “Thats fine. Well get it back somehow. Buddy wont like it, though, you disobeyed. Hell make sure to punish you for that.”

       “Cant wait.”

       “We all cant.”

Leah gave him an ugly look. She was ready for this “Buddy.” They were going to be in for a rude awakening when the time comes. Leah secured her towel above her chest. She was able to put her hands on her sides without having to worry about hiding her most intimate parts. The towel was damp, so Leah avoided her bed for now. She casually walked backwards until her back was against the wall. She crossed her arms staring at him, waiting for his next move.

       “Buddy will be here in two days. Do whatever you think you need to do to prepare yourself before then.”

       Alpha referred to Leahs exercising and practicing. She thought he was trying to shake her up. She was unfazed. She was still driven to see these guys lose.

       “I promise if you let me go now, each of you will probably only get at least 100 years in prison.”

       This made Alpha laugh. Leah knew by this point she couldnt reason with any of these lunatics. They made it clear they wanted her for their sick games. Alpha and his goons went through a lot of trouble to get her and she knew, unfortunately, they were not going to let her go. Leah took advantage of this. She figured she would throw them off guard by seeing how relaxed and calm she was.

       “Tempting offer, there. I think I speak for all three of us when I say we respectfully pass.” With that, Alpha turned around to exit the door. Leah didnt have anything else to say. She watched Alpha leave and lock the room. Leah walked to her bed to sit down on its edge. She wished she had another towel for her wet hair but it wasnt that important now.

       Two days, Leah thought. Thats how much time I have left. Ill be ready. The question is, will they be?

       Leah spent the rest of the day walking around her cell, inspecting her surroundings some more, shuffling around her bed, and thinking about her situation before sleeping. She was still wearing the towel when she fell asleep. Some time, before she slept, she tried airing out the towel as best she could, but that meant Leah had to disrobe the towel in order to do so. Leah aired the towel out for a good minute before putting it back on. That was the only peep show the goons were getting tonight.

       The towel was still damp when she slept with it. Leah had a restful sleep for the most part. She dreamt she was in one of the video games she enjoyed playing. It was a popular shooting/war game her fans enjoyed watching her play. As usual, Leah was kicking ass and having a great time. Her dream ended abruptly when a grenade landed at her feet and went off. Leah woke up slightly startled. She thought she was back in her room, on her bed, until she saw the towel barely covering her naked body. She closed her eyes in disappointment hoping this nightmare was just a nightmare. Leah took a deep breath and exhaled loudly.

“Good morning.”

       Leah shot up from her bed to see who said that. The figure was sitting down on a chair. Even when she reached for her glasses, which she placed on the ground next to her bed the night before, Leah couldnt see who it was because he was sitting in the dark. The weak light coming from Leahs window only shone just enough to see his shoes up to his chest. The rest of him was covered up by the dark.

       Leah secured her towel once again around her body before standing up. Her stance suggested she was ready for anything the mystery figure would do. He simply sat there with his hands on his knees.

       “You must be Leah. Its a pleasure to finally meet you. Im Buddy.”

       Leah felt extremely uncomfortable from his voice. It reminded her of Benedict Cumberbatches voice, except not English. He was clearly American. But that voice was so menacing. It didnt help either that he looked mysterious in the dark. Leah didnt say a word. Although she was a little frightened, she continued to show fierceness using her eyes and body.

       “Im sorry for my intrusion. I tend to wake up earlier than most people. One can finish more tasks early in the day, I say. Wouldnt you agree?”

       Leah remained silent.

       “I have to say, you are much more beautiful in person. I thought you were absolutely stunning in all of your videos. I became quite a fan myself.”

       Buddy interlocked his hands together, resting them between his lap.

       “Im excited to work with you. Ive never had the honor of working with someone of your status. Its quite endearing.”

       Leah couldnt tell if he was being serious or not. He sounded crazy yet his tone suggested he was very serious. Leah didnt know what to do or say. She wasnt expecting this kind of interaction. Especially from someone who sounded so eerie.

       “Anyway, if you dont mind, I think Ill turn on the lights to get a better look at you. I didnt want to turn them on before because I thought it would disturb your sleep.”

       Okay, this guy is clearly a psychopath, Leah thought.

       Leah saw him stand up and disappear into the darkness, assuming he was going to turn on the lights. When he did, both had a clearer view of the other. The first thing Leah thought of Buddy was that he looked like a nerd. He wasnt exactly scrawny, but he was skinny enough to show he wasnt an imminent threat. He had short curly, brown hair. He also wore round glasses that didnt help his look. Buddy was wearing a long-sleeved shirt, with khakis, and business shoes. He looked like a teacher, Leah thought.

       Leah relaxed exponentially. It gave her much relief to know that this guy didnt pose a threat like Kenny did. Kenny was formidable because he was big and clearly had training. But Buddy looked like he has been on the end of a bullys torment since he was little. Leah knew Buddy was part of the sick group with Alpha and Kenny, so she didnt plan on showing mercy when the time came.

       Buddy shifted his glasses to focus better on Leah. He did like what he saw very much. He was looking forward to his own session with her.

       “Youre even beautiful in a brighter setting!” Buddy said in his deep, uncanny voice. It didnt bother Leah anymore now that she knew who she was dealing with. She could tell Buddy was completely enamored with her. His face said it all. Leah thought maybe she didnt have to resort to a physical response just yet.

       “You like what you see, huh?” Leah teased.

       “I really do.” Buddy came closer to the bars, but not close enough for Leah to reach out and grab him.

       “Youre really cute. Why dont you come in and we can have some fun.”

       “No, I cant. Alpha sent me to just introduce myself. We can have our fun tomorrow.”

       “Why wait?” Leah took the opportunity to disrobe. She figured Buddy was the kind of guy who would do just about anything for her once hes seen her naked. Buddys expression did change, as he was very impressed with what he saw. He saw Kennys session recording, but seeing Leah naked in person was ten times better.

       “I really shouldnt.”

       “Oh, cmon. I wont bite.” Leah did her best to sound and look seductive for one of her captors. She was sure she could get him to come in with his guard down. Leah didnt have any intention of biting him, but she did plan on subduing him once he was inside. Buddy looked as if he was contemplating his options.

       “Okay! Sure!” Buddy said with glee.

       Thats it, Leah thought. Come in here you son-of-a-bitch so I can beat your perverted ass to a pulp.

       Leah waited in anticipation, getting ready to make her move once Buddy came in the cell.

“If you dont mind, though, Im going to eat my breakfast first. I didnt eat anything last night and I am famished.” Buddy went back to his chair where Leah saw a Tupperware of fruits and a thermos on the ground next to it. Leah was dismayed.

       “You can eat afterwards. Why not have some quick fun before you eat, huh?” Leah continued to flirt and move seductively, raising her leg up a little for a better view of her snatch.

       “Trust me, darling, I would love to, but I also have to take my medicine with my food. Otherwise, I cant function properly. Ill be quick, I promise.”

       Leah barely hid her disappointment this time. She was eager to kick this guy in the balls and get the hell out of there. But Leah only picked up the towel and covered herself up once more. She went back to acting seductively, even when returning to her bed to sit.

       “Fine. Ill be waiting.” Leah leaned back on the bed, crossing her legs, doing her best to act sexy for Buddy. The quicker he ate his meal, the sooner she can get out.

       “Thank you. This wont take long.” Buddy opened the container, and started eating what was inside which were fruits. He occasionally took a sip from his thermos which Leah assumed was coffee.

       Buddy didnt say anything while he ate. He only ate and stared at Leah the whole time. Leah was quickly growing impatient. It looked as if Buddy was taking his time eating! She was just about to say something when Buddy spoke.

       “Oh! I almost forgot! My medicine!” Buddy reached into his pants pocket and took out two pills, which he swallowed them with the help of his drink. Watching Buddy eat made Leah realize she hasnt eaten anything since yesterday. Her stomach also reminded her of that. It wasnt until Leahs gaze went elsewhere did she notice the usual food, bottled water, and pills left for her inside the cell!

       Buddy noticed her discovery.

       “Im terribly sorry! Im very forgetful today. I took the liberty of bringing those for you while Im here. Please help yourself. Dont mind me.” Buddy ate a couple of strawberries from his container of fruits.

       “Thats okay, Im not hungry.” Leah lied.

       “Thats fine. Again, sorry I forgot to tell you.”

       Buddy continued eating and drinking from his thermos. He didnt do anything yet to her, but Leah already hated Buddy. He was tormenting her by slowly eating in front of her. She knew she could eat too but her mind was focused on escaping. Leah lost her concentration in acting sexy. Her impatience was killing her. When she couldnt wait anymore, she exploded.

       “Would you just fucking hurry up with your goddamn food!” Leah yelled.

       Buddy stopped chewing and looked at her with a shocked expression. Buddy looked lost and embarrassed. He swallowed the fruit that was still in his mouth before he spoke.

       “I- Im sorry. I was just hungry. I- I- I didnt mean to upset you.” Buddy stood up, picking up his container and thermos, ready to leave. “I can go if you like?”

       What the hell is wrong with this guy? Is he really this big of a wimp? How the hell is he with Alpha and Kenny? Leah was about to take him up on his offer, but she was already committed to tricking and restraining him once he was in the cell with her. Leah couldnt wait until tomorrow for him to come back. It was now or never.

       “No, no, no! Im sorry! Dont go!” Leah expressed regretfully. She tried to come up with an excuse for her outburst. “Im just hungry. I havent eaten anything since yesterday, and I can get cranky when I am.”

       “Like I said, I brought the food and water for you. You can eat it while Im here. Please, I insist.”

       Leah thought she could reassure him if she started eating with him, hoping it would make him stay. Without saying a word, Leah, making sure her towel was still secured, walked over to where the food, water, and pills were. She picked all of them up and brought it back to her bed. She sat down placing everything but the food next to her. It was a simple ham and cheese sandwich. When he saw Leah eating her sandwich, Buddy sat back down placing his thermos back on the ground next to him. He opened his container and resumed eating his fruit.

       Leah was feeling a little better now that she was eating again. She would look up to see Buddy eating and staring at her, smiling when their eyes met. Leah forced a fake smile. As much as she wanted to get this over with, she ate her sandwich slowly, savoring the taste. Leah took sips from her bottled water, making sure it would last her the whole day. Leah remembered she also had the pills. Her ass no longer hurt her as much from Kennys session, but her arms and legs were still sore.

       Leah swallowed the pills with the water like shes always done. She was glad drowsiness wasnt a side-effect from the pills. Leah wanted her mind sharp when the time came to escape.

       “I have to say, I am a fan of yours.” Buddy said.

       “Oh, yeah?” Leah pretended to be humble.

       “Yes, my students talk about you all the time. Mostly the boys. They think youre attractive just as you are at playing video games.”

       “So youre a teacher?”

       “Yes, Im a high school teacher. I teach different science classes.”

       A science nerd, Leah thought. That makes sense.

       “Cool.” Leah responded.

       “Yes, I love science. Especially human anatomy. The human body is an extraordinary machine.”

       Leah only nodded pretending to show interest.

       “You would be surprise what the human body is capable of. Especially the female body.”

       This was a red flag for Leah. She stopped her chewing and looked at Buddy with a suspicious look. Buddy continued to speak while eating his fruits.

       “The body of a woman is my absolute favorite to experiment on. Not all womens bodies are the same, you know? Each body is significantly special. Not many people truly know what it means to appreciate the female body. I like to think I am a connoisseur when it comes to the subject.”

       Leah could see his expression change into something sinister. She knew he was talking about her. The sick side of him was slowly coming out. But Leah made sure not to startle him by being rebellious now. She humored him some more.

       “Is that right? Well, what do you think about my body?” Leah teased once again.

       “Your body is magnificent. I cant wait to get to work on it. Every woman who walks this Earth is like a plain canvas. It isnt until after I work on them are they truly masterpieces.”

       Leah was a little freaked out on the inside, but she maintained her composure.

“Then why dont you come in and you can get started on me?” Leah spread her legs wide open, giving him a clear view of her pussy.

       “I do intend to. I am just waiting for the drugs to kick in and knock you out.” Buddy said this nonchalantly, as he put another piece of honeydew in his mouth.

       Leahs heart sank. It took her a split second to put two and two together. Her expression changed to dreadfulness. She dropped her sandwich to the ground and ran to the toilet. Leah hovered her head over the toilet bowl and stuck her finger down her throat to induce vomiting. But nothing came out. Leah never made herself throw up in the past. She thought girls who did so to be skinny were pathetic. Leah never thought she would ever try it herself. Now that the time has called for it, she found it rather difficult to do so.

       Leah stuck her fingers in deep, trying to touch the back of her throat. She only coughed up spit and gagged. Leah thought people who did it in movies made it look so simple!

       “Im afraid its too late. I distracted you long enough for the drugs to kick in. It works miraculously fast, I must say. The effects arent triggered by a full digestion period, but merely touching your intestinal walls. Its very unique.”

       Leah wasnt listening as she was trying to force herself to throw up. She couldnt believe nothing was coming out. She was about to turn around and curse him, when a wave of dizziness washed over her. Leah grabbed onto the bowl to catch her balance. The dizziness was getting worse.

       Leah turned around groggily, only to fall down. She got up on her knees and hands, crawling towards Buddy. It was not looking good for Leah. She knew she was about to be in serious trouble again. Leah couldnt think properly now. When she looked up at Buddy, there was three of him. Her glasses were useless, as her vision worsened. The last rational thought she had was how she let herself be tricked again by these monsters.

       “Dont worry. Youll be back in an hour. Enough time for me to get everything ready.”

       Leah fell flat on the ground, losing consciousness fast. She heard Buddy open her cell door. He walked over to her and bent down to turn her body over. The last thing she saw was his blurry face looking at her. Leah couldnt properly see he had an eerie, fascinated look on his face.

       Leah finally lost all consciousness.



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