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Synopsis: Popular female gamer gets kidnapped by three mysterious, yet experienced, men. This was not an impulsive kidnapping. She soon learns that not only had they planned this for some time, but they intend to use her more than just satisfying their physical needs.

Leah wasnt going to be like the others.

He knew, in his heart of hearts, she was going to be a pleasant surprise.

If not, well… he thought, shell still be fun to play with.

Alfred Aimes stood outside the cage, staring at his latest possession. She was young, beautiful, and successful. Her name was Leah. But a lot of her fans know her as SsshotgunEagle. That was her personality screen name she used when she recorded herself playing video games and talked about whatever. Alfred enjoyed watching her videos online and would fantasize (like a lot of the other male viewers, no doubt) about what he would like to do with her if he ever had the chance. His fantasies werent similar to most men however.

Alfred Aimes wasnt your average serial rapist. He wouldnt impulsively snatch a girl off the streets if she looked attractive. It wasnt his style to drag her to an alley for a few minutes of sexual, forced satisfaction. No, Alfred was meticulous when it came to having his way with his victims.

Alfred would spend countless hours, days, weeks, and months, coming up with a plan to obtain his latest target. He relied on his strict discipline to help him be patient and execute his plan at the right time. His latest plan, however, took longer than usual because of his victims high profile.

As an up-and-coming online celebrity, SsshotgunEagle was known for being a hardcore female video gamer. Her looks and personality were huge factors to her quick rise in fame. Leah was white, 55”, long black hair, dark brown eyes, and a slim body to go with it. Her C-cups were gorgeous with an amazing ass to go along with it. Many at first thought she was your average bimbo, looking to attract a wide audience by being that cool, hot chick who, surprisingly, loves to play video games. It wasnt long after posting numerous videos of her gaming skills, did people realize she was the real deal.

Her favorite type of video games was shoot-em-up games. Her favorite game was Call of Heroes. The videos she posted consisted of various types of games. And when she was not posting videos relating to video games, she would talk about herself and her life. Leah had an amazing personality that was the cherry on top to her physical beauty. A lot of people discovered she was just as enjoyable to listen to while watching her play.

A lot of men took great pleasure in watching her videos. To those few depraved individuals, it wasnt so much as what she was interested in, but how she always looked in front of camera. She was eye candy to them. Of course, most of her male viewers would leave lewd comments about her and what they would like to do to her. It never bothered Leah. She would ignore them or make a joke about it, and would immediately go back to talking about her favorite video games.

Leah never worried about meeting her fans in public. For the most part, they were polite and she would always oblige them with a photo and autograph. On view occasions, she would encounter creeps who hit on her and would “accidentally” feel her up. When that would happen, those creeps would have the unpleasant misfortune of finding out about Leahs training in mixed martial arts. If anyone tried to get fresh with her, she would immediately respond with a swift punch or kick to subdue them.

       Thanks to her father, Leah was trained from a young age in martial arts. She became very good at it. It proved troublesome for anybody with impure thoughts who wanted to have their way with SsshotgunEagle. You wouldnt be able to tell from her small stature and cute personality that she can kick some serious ass. Unfortunately for Leah, she was now in the hands of some individuals who have major plans for the young web celebrity that will forever change her life.

       Alfred was very proud of himself at that moment. It was a very difficult task for him and his partners to pull off. Of all the kidnappings theyve done, this was definitely the hardest! Alfred was the one who came up with the plan to abduct Leah. His friends thought he was insane. It was impossible! They agreed they would love to get their hands on her, but they were afraid of the big risk that would come along with it.

       Because of her high profile, she would be missed and sought after until Leah was found. Its not impossible, Alfred would tell them, just difficult. It took almost a month for him to convince the two to join him in the hardest, yet most worthy project they will ever do.

       Now that the job was done, all three men were extremely satisfied with how everything went down. Alfreds partners couldnt stop apologizing to him for being doubtful. Many thanks and appreciation were passed between the three men. Alfred was just about to look back at how the plan went down before he heard Leah coming to.

       “Nnnnngh, mmmmgh, ugh…”

       Leah was slowly coming to. The first thing she felt was a headache. It felt like she partied hard the previous night. Which wouldnt make sense, since she doesnt drink at all.

       Leah was on her stomach when she rolled over to her side with a hand on her head, trying to massage the headache away. She rolled over to her back on the cold concrete. She bent her knees up, preparing to get up.

       Leah had her eyes closed. It wasnt until she realized that she was lying down on cold, hard concrete. Leah shot her eyes open and began to look around. She squinted her eyes from the light and was taking in her new environment. Luckily for Leah, she wore contacts today and was able to see the strange place she was in clearly.

       She quickly shuffled backwards to the nearby wall behind her. Leah was scared when she saw a man she has never seen before inside a cage with bars separating the two of them. She looked at him with fear in her eyes. Leah looked around her environment some more.

       There was bed, a toilet with a sink, and a small mirror hanging on the wall. Upon further inspection, she realized the man in front of her wasnt the one in a cage, but it was her!

       Her fear then turns to rage.

       “Where am I? Who are you? What the fuck is going on!?”

       Leah quickly stood up and approached Alfred, bars stopping her from reaching him. She shook the bars furiously, trying to get an answer from Alfred.

       “Who are you!? Why am I here!? Talk godammit!”

       Alfred only smiled. He was relishing the moment. He loved to see the victims first reaction upon waking up in a place theyve never seen before. Most were scared shitless, cried, and pleaded with their captors to let them go. Some, like Leah, responded aggressively. Alfred preferred the fighters. It was pure ecstasy to break a wild beast.

       Alfred had no doubt Leah was not going to disappoint him.

       Leah stared at him with viciousness, before backing away once again. She scanned the room once more, looking for a possible way out.

       She tested the caged door, shaking it hard but to no avail. She checked the walls, ground, and ceiling before cursing out loud. The cage served its purpose in securing any prisoner trapped inside.

       Leah then resorted to her next option.


       Leah screamed as loud as she could. She somehow knew her screams wouldnt reach anybody who would help her. She just wanted to be able to say she did resort to crying for help.


       Leah kept screaming her lungs out. Leah walked around her cell as she yelled. Alfred still didnt say a word or even moved. He stood there with his hands behind his back and that smile on his face.

       Leah, finally tired from her yelling, stopped as she once again looked at the stranger in front her.

       He was white and average height. His smooth black hair was combed back. He wore regular jeans with a thin sweater. His looks were average. He wasnt ugly. Just looks like an average Joe you wouldnt recognize in a crowd.

       “Are you done?” Alfred finally said.

       “Fuck you!”

       Leah returned to her screaming but this time banging on the bars too to make more noise. It didnt take her long for her to tire out again.

       “You are in big fucking trouble. Whoever you are! When I get out of here, Im going to the police, and theyre gonna take your ass to jail!”

       Alfred remained silent. Still smiling.

       Leah didnt say anything afterwards. She was panting heavily from all the yelling. Alfred took this time to talk again.

       “I have to say, it is a pleasure to meet you, Leah. I have been following your videos for a long time. I cant tell you how excited I am at this moment.”

       “Sorry if I dont feel the same way, asshole!” Leah yelled back.

       Alfred only chuckled before he continued.

       “Im sure you dont, Leah. Its perhaps an appropriate response on your part. Id be lying if I said you have nothing to worry about.”

       Leah only looked at him with scorned eyes. She already had a good idea of what he had in mind. This only prepared her to fight back with everything shes got.

       “Well, I would be lying if I said, I wont take any pleasure from kicking your ass!” Leah threatened.

       “I wouldnt expect anything else, Leah. I know youre a fighter. Its one of the reasons why we chose you.”

       So theres more than one asshole? Leah thought. Great…

       Leahs mind was racing. She tried to come up with a plan to get out of this situation. Or at the very least, survive.

       “Im going to tell you whats going to happen next. What we have planned for you. Just a warning: It may be a little difficult for you to take in.”

       “I dont care what you have planned for me. Cuz its not gonna happen! Let me give you a warning, fucker: You come near me, put one finger on me, youre going to die! So try it!” Leah yelled at her captor.

       Alfred gave her the generosity to speak when she wanted to speak. Thats how he treated all his victims on the first day. He felt it was the least he could do.

       “The first thing I will tell you, which is inevitable, is that you will be raped.” Alfred said this with a serious tone.

       Leah laughed. Now she knew she was going to have to kill this guy and whoever else was behind her kidnapping.

       “You have no idea what youve done. Do you realize who I am? I know you do. People will be looking for me. And they wont stop until they find me. And you, and whoever else is with you, are going to jail. So make this easy on yourself and let me go. Because you wont get away with it. I promise you.” Leah said with smug satisfaction.

       “I have no doubt people will be looking for you. We made sure to take in all possible scenarios. In other words, we took the necessary precautions to make sure we dont get caught.”

       Leah didnt have anything to say to this. She only gave him a defying smile as she started pacing back and forth. She didnt want to show the fear that was slowing building up inside her. She knew that people would be looking for her. It was just a matter of time. Her family and friends would never expect her to disappear one day without saying a word to any of them.

       “If it helps you during your time here, well let you keep thinking that. Its only fair.”

       This guy is fucking with me. He has to. There is absolutely no way he can get away with this. I mean, for Christ sake, I can see his fucking face! Oh God…His face!

       Leah realized that kidnappers would usually hide their identities with a mask so that the victim couldnt be able to identify them if they ever got caught. The only reason they wouldnt bother to conceal their faces, is if they plan on killing her at the end. Leahs fear was growing faster.

       “Next, when it comes to raping the women we kidnap, our methods can be a little unorthodox. You will soon find out as the days go on.”

       Leahs inner fire was still burning, but she couldnt help worry as well. She mustered all the strength she had to make sure her face didnt show any fear still. Leah didnt want to give this bastard the satisfaction.

       “There are three of us.” Alfred put up three fingers. “Ill let the other two introduce themselves to you. You can call me Alpha.”

       Leah couldnt help herself. She burst out laughing. Alfred only looked on in amusement. She wasnt the first defiant victim to laugh at his name. It may have sounded like a name he made up for himself, but that was his actual nickname. His parents gave it to him at a young age when kids at school picked on him because of his unusual first name. Alfred was the name of his great-grandfather from his fathers side. They thought “Al” was boring and unoriginal. His mom was the one who came up with the clever name. Although it originally was spelt “A-l-f-a,” Alfred preferred “A-l-p-h-a.” He thought it was appropriate for the occasion.

       Alfred waited for Leahs laughter to die down.

       “It may sound unusual, but you will learn to call me Master Alpha soon enough.”

       Thats all it took for Leah to drop to the ground laughing hysterically. She was under the impression this guy wasnt serious; this whole thing was a joke. It helped Leah forget her fear momentarily. She felt she was in no immediate danger.

       “Honestly,” Alfred said, “Im glad you can laugh about it now. You wont be doing it so much of it after today. So get it out while you still can.”

       Alfreds statement didnt bother Leah. She was still laughing. Alfred waited once again for her to compose herself.

       “You good?” Alfred asked.

       Leah scooted to the back wall to prop herself while sitting down.

       “You cant be serious? Is this a joke? Master Alpha? Are you fucking kidding me?” Leah asked.

       “No Im not kidding, Im afraid.”

       “So, what? You expect this to be like 50 Shades of Grey? You expect me to crawl around naked, obeying every sexual command you throw at me?”

       “Not so much.” Alfred finally broke his stance, and slowly started walking closer to the bars. He crouched right when he was next to the bars.

       “Heres the thing, Leah: We dont expect you to like any of the commands we will throw at you. In fact, I can tell you right now, you are going to fight as much as possible to avoid these commands. Thats what we take pleasure in our women. Forcing them to do things they dont want to do.”

       Alfred sat down finally in an Indian position to be more comfortable.

       “Believe me, Im going to fight you every step of the way. I wont give you a chance to do whatever it is you or your sick buddies have in store for me.” Leah snapped back.

       “Good! Thats good, Leah! Im happy to hear that.” Alfreds face showed excitement Leah noticed. It kind of freaked her out.


“Theres one thing you should know about us Leah: we take extreme amount of pleasure in torturing beautiful, young, talented ladies, such as yourself.”

       Leahs fear returned after hearing Alfreds statement. She realized this guy wasnt your typical kidnapper. This was going to be, without a doubt, the fight of her life.

       “I think I finally got your attention now. Thats good, because the sooner you realize youre situation, the easier it will be to endure it. And after doing this for a long time, it is truthfully easier for you ladies. Take my advice.”

       Leah only looked away. Although the fire was still in her eyes, she was afraid if she looked at him any longer, she would start to cry.

       “Now that you know what to expect, here are some ground rules. 1: Do not try to escape. If me or any of my friends find out you were trying to escape, we will punish you severely. So severely, it will make you think twice about trying to escape again.”

       Leah already had thoughts of escaping. There was no way she was going submit to these creeps so easily. All she needed was an opportunity, and she would take care of the rest.

       “2: You must always eat and sleep when it is necessary. As hard as it is to believe, we do care for your well-being. We would like to keep using you for our entertainment for as long as possible. But if youre not feeling well, it will not work out for us. Which leads me to rule number 3: Committing suicide is not an option.”

       Leah never thought about committing suicide. She always thought she had something to live for. Leah remembered him saying that he and his two friends have kidnapped women before. She wondered how many of their victims resorted to the last option before making it a rule.

       “There may be times where you think the only way to escape is to take your own life. We dont recommend it. Besides the fact it would ruin our plans, but it would also put your family and friends in danger.”

       Leah looked back at him with shock. Alfred took that as a sign to elaborate.

       “If you ever do decide to take your life, we will hurt all of those close to you. Let this be a warning.”

       With that, Leah stood up, walked over to the bars separating them both.

       “If you hurt any of them, I will kill you all! Do you hear me!” Leah banged and kicked the bars furiously. She thought about spitting on him, but decided not to give him a reason to hurt anyone.

       Alfred was taking great pleasure from his new toy. His expectations will surely be met, he thought.

       “Then dont make us. Its that simple.”

       Alfred stood up too. He looked down at the 5 foot 5 beauty with lust in his eyes. His thoughts were already on the days to come.

       She shot back at him with hatred in her eyes. Alfred knew she would fight back the moment the opportunity presented itself. Hes been doing this for a long time, and knows how to handle girls like Leah.

       Only this time it was different. She is a celebrity. Not famous as in Hollywood famous, but famous enough to be noticed by quite a few people. Her status was one of the biggest reasons why Alfred and his team decided to add her to their project. They were going to make good use of her notoriety.

       Alfred stepped away from the bars and went over to an icebox. He retrieved a wrapped sub and bottled water from it and walked back to Leah. He handed both to her but she didnt make a move. He only smiled and walked along the bars.

       “I suggest you eat and hydrate yourself. Followed by plenty of sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a long day for you.” Alfred set the bottled water and sub on the ground through the bars.

       “Youre going to meet Kenny tomorrow. Hes not so sophisticated as I am.”

       Leah scoffed, rolling her eyes.

       “Yet, you can say what he lacks in sophistication, he makes up for his work.”

       Leah had no idea what he meant by that. But she wasnt sticking around to find out. She remained silent, flashing him looks of anger and rebellion. Leah very much wanted to beat the life out of him and whoever else was involved. But she will have to settle for breaking out of here and contacting the police. Shell have her day in court.

       “Any questions?” Alfred asked as he was at the exit. Leah wasnt going to say anything at first, but then a question did pop up in her mind.

       “Yeah, just one: Is it worth it?”

       “Is what worth it?”

       “Kidnapping me? Would you think it was worth it? Kidnapping and raping me when, you and your friends will go through so much worse in prison?”

       Alfred only smiled. That damn smile was getting on Leahs nerve.

       “I can assure you, we wont be going to prison. But just to humor you, if everything we expect on the days to come is met, then it will definitely be, without a doubt, worth it.”

       Alfred opened the door and was about to exit, when he faced Leah again.

       “Also, just to clarify: Whatever it is you thought we might go through in prison, will be nothing compared to what you will be going through in here.”

       With that, Alfred exited the room, closing and locking the door behind him. Leaving Leah with that thought in mind, Alfred was already anxious to see what Kenny had in store for her tomorrow.



       Whatever it is you thought we might go through in prison, will be nothing compared to what you will be going through in here.

       Thats all it took for Leah to fully motivate her to find a way out of here. She spent the entire night, finding any possible way to escape out of her cell. She checked every inch of the bars, walls, ground, and even the ceiling. The toilet wasnt much help either. The only thing she found was a small chip on the wall behind the bed that left a small indent. She probably could dig into it, as a result, make it bigger, but the bed frame was bolted to the ground. She couldnt move the bed at all. Even if she could it would probably take years to break through.

       After exploring every centimeter of her cell, Leah took a break and lay down on the bed. She was on the verge of tears but fought it back. During her inspection, she noticed a small camera on the corner ceiling of her cell that was protected by a plastic shield. She didnt want to give whoever was watching her the satisfaction. Leah bet these guys who had her are waiting for her to break. But she was not going to make it that easy for them.

       The next thing she did was look beyond her cell and see if there was anything in the room that could help her. It was too dark to see anything. She could make out shapes and figures in the dark.

       When that didnt help, Leah returned back to her bed, laid down, and began to think. She was running out of options fast. Escaping wasnt completely off the table. It was just going to be really difficult. The only choice Leah had, that she could only come up with, was to fight. She meant it when she told Alfred she was going to fight them. If they were going to do things to her she wasnt going to like, then she sure as hell was not going to take it lightly.

       Her thoughts went back to yesterday. Lead had no recollection of being captured. She remembered dropping her boyfriend off at the airport. After parting ways, Leah returned home without any problems. It was when the car was parked in the garage did her memory become hazy.

       Wait a minute! There was somebody else there! Somebody attacked me from behind. They put a rag covered with a funny smell over my mouth. It was probably chloroform. Whatever it was, it was strong enough to knock me out before I could retaliate. Fucking cowards…

       Leah thought about her family and friends. She was especially thinking about her boyfriend, Todd. He was also known as “Mr. HotDoggg” in his own videos he posted online. He wasnt as popular as Leah but he would almost always make appearances in her videos. Todd didnt have the same charisma as Leah did. Besides the fact he came off as an introvert for the most part, he wasnt exactly considered attractive based on societys standards.

       But Leah saw something in him that nobody else saw. To her, he was perfect. To him, she was everything. It warmed her heart that he would act a special way whenever she was around him. Leah couldnt wait to see him again. She was relieved, however, when he had to take a trip to see his folks who lived in another state. Todd would only be gone for a week. She had hoped that he would quickly realize something is wrong when she doesnt pick up her phone. 

       Throughout the rest of the night she would switch back and forth from finding a way to escape, to lying down on the bed motivating herself the will to fight. It was, more or less, a sleepless night for her. She was lying down on her bed wide awake, when she heard someone unlocking the door.


She got up from the bed in alarming speed, standing in the middle of her cell preparing for whoever was coming in. She may not have slept all night, but she was fired up and ready to begin the fight of her life. Leah only saw red. There was ferocity in her. This was it. The moment she was waiting for. The door finally opened.

       Leah still couldnt see because of the darkness. When the door closed again, follow by a locking sound, there was a sound of switch, then light everywhere.

       It took only seconds for Leah to adjust to the light. She saw a big individual at the doorway. He was white, blue eyes, 63”, and in very good shape. He had dirty blonde hair that was short and combed over to one side. He was wearing black cargo pants, with black military boots and a green under armor shirt. The shirt did not hide any of his muscular upper body features. He had a black watch on as well. Lastly, he was carrying a big box which he was holding under his left arm.

       Kenny looked at Leah in the cell and grew an evil smile. Leah saw something in his eyes that, admittedly, frightened her. But even that didnt deter her from her main goal. She stood there facing him with noticeable anger on her face. Kenny knew just by looking at her, she was going to be promising.

       “Fuck me, Alpha wasnt kidding!” Kenny exclaimed. “You are one hot cunt!”

       Thats right, keep talking asshole, Leah thought. Youre only adding fuel to the flames.

       Kenny laughed as he set the box he was holding down on a nearby table. He approached Leahs cell.

       “You look like youre about to rip my head off, slut. I like that. Itll be that much fun playing with you.”

       Kenny gripped the bars with both hands. He pressed his face between the bars, sticking and wiggling his tongue at her.

       “I cant wait to taste you, little sweet thing. You look like youre going to be my favorite outta them all.”

       Leah tried to scratch his face but Kenny dodged it in time. He stepped back a few steps and laughed.

       “Whoa ho ho! Arent you a feisty one? Well I got news for you bitch. Thats how I like em!”

       Leah finally spoke.

       “Oh yeah? Why dont you open the door, asshole, so you can see how feisty I really am?”


“I intend to, my sweet cunt. Dont you worry about that. You gonna regret those words after Im done with you. I guarantee it.”

With that, Kenny started preparing for todays event. He brought over a tray cart that was from one of the corners of the room to a closet. He didnt open it far enough for Leah to see what was inside. Leah couldnt make out some of the things he took out. The only thing Leah saw was a whip. This worried her. If she wasnt successful at her attempt to subdue Kenny, then she was in for some serious trouble. Leah suddenly realized she never mentally prepared herself for what may happen to her if she was unsuccessful at her escape!

After Kenny was satisfied with everything he put on his cart, he shut the closet and rolled it over to the middle of the room. Next, Kenny reached up towards the ceiling to bring down several chains.

Leah was shock to discover the chains. She was surprised she didnt even notice them up there! Looking up, she saw there were other several items up on the ceiling. Most of them were chains. There were other things up there she couldnt make out. She bet if she didnt get out of here, she would find out soon enough.

“Well start off with the basics. Something simple. I know horny bitches like you wanna start off fast right off the bat. But you gotta earn it first! No cutting corners here.”

       Earn it!? This sick fuck thinks I want to play his games? I really do need to get the hell out of here!

       “That should do it. Now, then…lets get you more situated.”

       Kenny approached Leahs cell door.

       “By all means, you fucking prick, please come in.”

       “Just as I thought: just another horny slut who cant wait to get started.”

       With that, Kenny picked out the key from his set to open the cell door. Once he pushed it all the way open, no one moved a muscle. They just stood there looking at each other, waiting for the other to make the first move.

       Ha! You probably thought I was going to charge at ya, huh? I bet thats what the other women did when they wanted to fight. Well not this time, asshole. If you want me, youre gonna have to come to me first!

       Kenny stood there a little longer before he broke the silence.

       “Interesting. Youre the first piece of hot ass to not make the first move. All you fiery bitches like to charge at me and try to take me down. I have to say, you are quite an impressive cunt. But Im afraid youre only postponing the inevitable. If you want me to make the first move, all you had to do was ask.”

       “Alright then, lets dance,” Leah challenged.

       Kenny moved fast towards the ready-set Leah.

       He had to admit, she was formidable. He knew about her previous training and was ready to counter any attack she threw at him. But there was one moment where she almost had him. Leah may have been small, but she can pack a kick when she wants to!

       Unfortunately for Leah, Kennys Navy Seal combat training trumps her martial arts. After a few dodges, blocks and even a kick to the groin (which almost brought Kenny down), Kenny tackled her to ground, pinning her body with his weight, and trapping her wrists with his hands.

       Goddamn, this guy was fast! He obviously has training! Military perhaps. I think I almost had him with that kick to the groin. But dumbass me took too long to follow through!

       Leah cursed herself as she was trapped under the massive weight of Kenny. He wrapped his knees around her pushing his butt on her pelvis. Kenny took a minute to recover from the groin hit while he had her pinned down. Leah was thrashing with everything she had. But Kennys hold proved to be very effective.

       “Youre gonna regret that, you whore…” Kenny snarled.

       Kenny brought both of her wrists together above her head. He managed to secure both of her wrists with one hand. With his free hand, he made a fist, and punched her in the sternum.

       Leah stopped her thrashing and was struggling to breathe. Kenny got up from her and made sure his cock and balls were okay. The pain went away for the most part. He bent down to pick her body over his shoulder. She wanted to fight him some more, but the punch she received from Kenny disabled her body. Leah felt all the fight she had had in her was instantly taken away by Kenny.

       Kenny carried her over to the middle of the room where the chains were hanging from the ceiling. Leah realized this and managed to muster up whatever strength she had left and resumed her fight with Kenny.

       When Kenny reached the chains, he hoisted Leah off his shoulders and landed her stomach on his knee as he bent down. Before shoving her from his knee to the ground, he elbowed her kidney hard.

       Leah was in a new world of pain. Her entire upper body felt like it was throbbing. She was whimpering from the pain. She couldnt help it. It was the most excruciating pain she ever felt.

       Kenny went about his task while his prize was on the ground. He grabbed leather cuffs from his cart. Without too much trouble, Kenny was able to strap on one cuff to each of Leahs wrist.

       Kenny stood back up and pulled down the ends of two chains from the ceiling to the ground. He connected the hooks to the rings attached to the cuffs with ease.

       Right before Leahs pain was subsiding, Kenny pulled both chains from their other end, hoisting Leahs body as a result. With Leahs small body, and Kennys muscular structure, he lifted her body as if she was weightless. He raised her high enough so that Leah can barely stand on her toes.

       Leah fought to escape from her binds. She tried to wiggle her arms as best as she could. When that didnt work, she tried to break the binds by pulling on the chain. The only way Leah could do this was using her body weight. Her small physique wasnt enough to have any effect.

       Kenny just stood there watching in silence. He thought it was cute.

       The bitch thinks she really has a chance to get out of it. Ill put a stop to that.

       “Alright, bitch, thats enough horsing around.”

       Leah stopped her struggle. Not because of Kennys command, but because she was exhausted from her efforts to escape. She very much wanted to relieve the strain from her wrists. Her wrists were primarily holding her body. Leahs toes hardly did anything to help.

       Leahs attention went to Kenny and the object he picked from his cart of tools he got from the closet. It was the whip.

       “You see this?” Kenny held the whip in front of her eyes. Leah looked at it and knew exactly what it was. She didnt say anything. She tried to remain defiant but every second that passed, her will slowly deteriorated.

       “Youre going to be good friends with this. It will help you realize what your purpose is in life: a cunt slave.”

       Kenny slowly circled around Leahs hung body, rubbing parts of her body with the whip.

       “First, in order to be a cunt slave, you must be completely naked. Clothes are no longer an option. You will never need them!”

       Leah was now in a state of panic. She didnt bother to hide it anymore. Her expression changed from defiance to fear. She tried one last time to break free from her restraints.

       Kenny took a few steps back, preparing for the first of many whippings to come. He waited until she stopped struggling. Kenny arched the whip back and took the first opportunity to bring it down upon her body.


       Leahs scream was blood curdling. She never felt anything like it before. The blow landed on her back. The hit was so hard that it tore the back of her top halfway down. She very much wanted to soothe the pain. Leah could only wiggle furiously like a hooked bait.

       Kenny was in cloud nine. He closed his eyes and felt serene bliss from Leahs screams. He took it all in. Hearing and seeing a woman in pain was his drug. Kenny could never get enough of it. Every womans scream was different. Each unique.

       Leah cried after the pain subsided. It still stung something fierce. She didnt think she could handle another one. Kenny thought otherwise.

       His plan was to slowly whip away all of Leahs clothing until she was completely naked. Kennys aim with the whip grew more accurately over the years. Especially when the target is moving uncontrollably.

       The next blow landed a little higher than the previous blow on Leahs back, in order to completely split the top open. Leah screamed her loudest yet again. The pain was unbearable. She never thought she would be whipped by a sadistic psychopath. At this point, her will was rapidly breaking down to nothing. 

       Kenny admired his work for a second. He was such an expert with the whip, he was able to inflict enough force to split her top without snapping her bra off. He was ready to apply the same skill on her bottom.

       Without waiting for her to relax again, Kenny whipped her ass splitting her skirt completely. Leahs torn skirt fell on the ground. She hadnt noticed her skirt coming off since the pain from the whip was overwhelming.

       Leahs matching bra and panties were visible. She was wearing generic black bra and panties from Wal-Mart. She preferred to wear their undergarments since it provided the most comfort throughout the day. Kenny thought, with the kind of body Leah has, her ass was perfect.

       Perfect for torturing…

       Kenny decided to leave her bra and underwear for last. He walked around in front of her in order to whip away the front side of her clothing. There wasnt much left to whip away. The tank top she wore was held by its straps around her shoulders. He could successfully tear it away at least twice if he aimed carefully.

       Kenny loved what he saw from Leahs face. Tears were pouring out profusely. She was shaking. Leah was starting to perspire cold beads of sweat. The fear in her eyes was orgasmic. He walked up to Leahs hung body, grabbing a hold of her face with one hand. He put his face so close to hers, she could tell he had a drink before this predicament.

       “I love the way you look. The fear in your eyes drives me crazy. Im not sure if Ill be able to control myself.”

       Kenny gave big, long licks to Leahs cheeks. He wanted to taste her tears. She realized what he was doing and felt sick to her stomach. He licked the other side of her cheeks, savoring every drop of fresh tears. Leah closed her eyes and hoped he would stop soon.

       “Mmmm… I love the way you taste. Youre delicious. Im going to take my time with you, bitch.” Kenny snarled with an evil smile. Leah grunted and gave Kenny a hatred look. She got some of her strength back and remembered not give him the satisfaction. Kenny gave her a kiss on her cheek as he let go of his hold under her chin, and returned back to his spot.

       Leah mentally prepared herself for whats to come next. Kenny arched the whip back, which made Leah wince. He waited until Leah opened her eyes again to bring it down again. The blow landed on the tank tops right strap, cleanly cutting it away.

       Leah screamed with her mouth closed. As a result, she gave out a loud moan. Her breathing was getting faster. She tried to imagine she was somewhere else when Kenny whipped her again without any warning.

       Once again Leah let out a loud moan of pain. Her body was shaking terribly. It was taking a lot out of her to compose herself. She really didnt want him to hear her scream again.

       Kenny was surprise to see he managed to cut the other strap off, leaving only her bra and underwear on. He wasnt trying to aim for it. Kenny wanted to miss on purpose so he could give her an extra whipping. He was impressed with himself. Even when hes not trying, he can still aim perfectly.

       Oh well…therell be plenty of whippings to come in the future…

       When the pain went away, Leah looked down and finally realized what Kenny had done. She was half naked! All she had left on was her bra and underwear! Leah also saw red marks on her chest that was from the whipping. She looked away with her eyes closed, fighting back her tears.

       Kenny was still taking in every precious moment. He was definitely going to watch the footage the next day.

       “Any last words as a human being, cunt?” Kenny asked.

       Leah opened her eyes and gave him the familiar death stare. She was still trembling with fear and the cold sweat.

       “Fuck you…”

       “What was that? Sorry, cant hear you when youre shaking like that”

       “FUCK….YOU!!!” Leah yelled. “FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!!!”

       “Thats what I thought.”

       With that, Kenny whipped away the remaining articles of clothing. Leah yelled in anger from every blow. He whipped her three more times in order to whip away everything off, leaving her completely naked.

       She couldnt bring herself to look down. Leah didnt want to believe that she was hanging there naked in front of a very disturbed individual. She mustered up all the will power she had to keep from losing it. Leah stared at Kenny with rage, trying to fight back more tears.

       Kenny looked at her entire body with disgusting lust.

       Look at that body…Perfection…

       Kenny was already listing all the things he had planned for her in his mind. If it was up to him, he would do it all in one night.

       “I gotta say, cunt, you have a fucking incredible body!” Kenny said excitedly.

       He walked around behind her back. Leah only stared at the wall in front her.

       Kennys eyes lit up even further. He liked the way her ass wasnt big but it wasnt small either. It was also perfect. He grabbed her ass with both hands, squeezing them hard. Leah gave out a groan, feeling repugnance from his touch. He only mauled her ass harder.

       “Oh, man. What Im gonna do with this ass! You have no idea, bitch. You wont be the same once Im done with you. You hear me?”

       Kenny ceased his ass assault and grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled it back hard. Leah gave a yelp before she went silent again. He moved his mouth next to her ear.

       “Im sorry, I cant hear you, whore. What did you say?”

       Leah didnt say a word. She didnt want to say anything that would set him off even further. Leah wanted more than anything for him to stop.

       Kenny finally let go of Leahs hair, laughing.

       “Thats okay. In the beginning, I dont expect you to talk much. Mainly because you wont be able to. But I am curious: would you be able to say anything if your life depended on it?”

       Before Leah could figure out what that meant, she saw something coming over her head, and wrapping around her neck. Tight.

       With one quick motion, Kenny was choking Leah with the whip he used to strip off her clothes. He held it firmly, without giving any slack.

       Leahs eyes widened in terror. She wasnt expecting that, giving her very little air to breathe. She was kicking frantically from behind hoping to injure him. While most of her kicks did land on his legs, Kenny was not affected by it.

       “Say anything, and Ill stop. Go on. Say one word, and I will let you go.”

       The body of the poor girl was shaking uncontrollably. Air was desperately needed but she was getting none of it. Leahs face was turning red. She gagged out loud, trying to get air to her lungs.

       “It seems to me, you dont care if you live or die. I mean, cmon, all you have to do is say a single word, and Ill let you breathe again!”

       Leah barely heard him as her vision and hearing began to fade. Her face was now turning blue. She was slowly leaving this world. The last thing she would feel before her world fade to black, was the high amount of fear she had in the hands of Kenny.



       “Pathetic!” Kenny yelled.

       He yanked the whip off her neck, leaving Leah gasping for air. Leah writhed in despair as she welcomed more air into her lungs. It was difficult to soothe her aching neck. All she could do was wait for the pain to go away and sob.

       Kenny tossed the whip to the ground and walked over to his cart of tools. After he grabbed what he wanted, he walked back to Leah, standing in front of her. She was still sobbing, trying to get used to the discomfort that was steadily growing. Kenny thought she looked incredibly sexy. He thought she could make her look sexier.

       He roughly grabbed her mouth with one hand. He was about to tell her to open her mouth but when he squeezed her mouth, it opened slightly. That was enough for Kenny to insert the ring gag he grabbed from the cart into her mouth. Before Leah realized what he did, Kenny quickly placed it in her in mouth correctly, and fastened the strap behind her head.

       “If you cant even perform a simple task, then there is perhaps no hope for you. But Ill make you learn. All you bitches learn, eventually.”

       Her black hair was caught in the strap but Kenny didnt mind. Leah tried expelling the object out of her mouth. When that didnt work she next tried to close her mouth. It was impossible. Leah realized in horror, her mouth was wide open and vulnerable to Kenny.

       “Wha a huck! Et it aww! Et it aww!” Leah yelled. Her tongue was waving rapidly, hoping to push the ring out of her mouth. But with the strap secured around her head, it was not going to happen.

       Kenny smiled that damn smile Leah quickly learned to hate. He took a step back to admire her unprotected body. She was definitely a prize. Kenny preferred those who looked like the “girl next door.” They were much more fun to break. The innocent look they have drove Kenny wild. The more “angelic” the girls looked, the more medieval his method was.

       Leah thought if she bobbed her head hard enough, the gag would fall out. The only thing she succeeded was causing more pain to her arms, which were still holding her body up.

       Kenny walked up to her vulnerable body once again. Even hanging up to her toes, Kenny towered her. He yanked her hair down from behind, forcing her head up. Leah gave a loud moan from the hair pulling.

       “You are looking so fucking hot, bitch. Your torment is giving me a hard-on. I know how you can help me make it rock solid. Will you help me?”

       Kenny forced her head to nod.

       “UCK YUU!”

       “Why thank you, my dear. You are too kind.”

       Leah tried to kick him but her legs felt like they were getting heavier with each passing second. She couldnt even bring her knees up.

       “The first thing a slave like you needs to learn, is to accept her Master. One way for a slave to show that for her Master is to accept a part of him.”

       After hearing this, Leah began to thrash around. She immediately assumed his “gift” was his cum. While Kenny loved seeing her this way, he slapped her hard on the face with his free hand.

       “Settle down whore! You dont deserve to have my cum!” Kenny said as if reading Leahs mind. “You havent earned the pleasure to have my cum. There are no cutting corners here!”

       Leah was dazed from the slap. She thought she didnt hear what Kenny had just said. What the fuck am I going to do, Leah thought. This guy just keeps getting worse. I dont want to be here when he reaches his definition of “worse”.

       Leah closed her eyes, not being able to bear seeing what happens next with her mouth so vulnerable. Kenny didnt like this. With his free hand, he squeezed her neck hard, choking her once again. Her eyes shot open with a look of fear in them. Leah gagged loudly.

       “Dont you fucking dare close your eyes, you ungrateful slut. Slaves always welcome whatever gifts their master gives them. How can a slave be so rude? Are you really that ungrateful?” Kenny was waiting for a response. When Leah realized what he was waiting for, she tried to answer, but no sound came out.

       Kenny positioned his ear towards Leahs open mouth. “What was that? I cant hear you.”

       Leah scraped whatever effort was left on the bottom of the barrel and said softly, “Ohh…”

       “ No what!? What does a slave call her master?” Kennys grip on Leahs neck got a little bit tighter. She had no idea how she was able to say anything else, let alone make any kind of sound.

       “Ohh…Err..” Leah tried to say “No Sir,” but was incoherent because of the ring gag and the choking. Kenny knew what she said and smiled his evil smile.

“Thats better, slave.” With that, Kenny accumulated his own saliva before spitting in Leahs forced, open mouth. He released her neck, this time pinching her nose shut while still forcing her head up by pulling on her hair.

       Leahs eyes got wider after realizing what Kenny had just did. Kenny loved the look of horror on her face. He knew Leah would hate that. It amused him that she thought this small act of violation disgusted her immensely. If she thought this was bad, Kenny was looking forward to doing things to her that just might make her go into a catatonic state. But Kenny didnt want to do that to her. Not right away anyway. He always took small steps of degradation with his “slaves”. Its like stabbing someone with a knife. If you want them to truly feel it, you need to do it slowly, and finish it off with a slower twist of the blade.

       Leah tried to spit it out but Kenny had a firm grip on her head. She couldnt breathe through her nose thanks to him. Leah didnt inhale enough oxygen before Kenny pinched her nose shut. When she couldnt hold out any longer, Leah, with dread, swallowed Kennys spit. He kept his hold on her until he saw she swallowed it all.

       “EW UHHER UCKA! AAARRRGGHHH!!!” Leah yelled out loud.

       “Was that a thank you? Aw youre quite welcome, slave. Since youre so grateful, heres another.” Kenny accumulated more saliva this time. Leah tried to break out of his grip, not believing he was going to do it again.

       “Oh my God, hes going to do it again! NO!” Leah thought.

       This time Kenny slowly dropped his spit into Leahs mouth. Leah could do nothing but accept it whether she liked it or not. She closed her eyes, not caring what the consequences were. After spitting the very last drop, Kenny waited for her to swallow it.

       “How come you bitches are always so eager to disobey? Thats okay. Youll learn. Just like the rest of them, youre going to learn what it means to disobey her master. And it is nothing like the stories you hear!”

       Leah held out a little longer this time before inevitably swallowing his spit once more. Kenny finally released her hair, letting her head drop forward. Leah could only try to scrape whatever remnants of his spit were in her mouth with her tongue. She started to cry again, still having a hard time believing the situation she was in. Never in a million years did she think this would happen to her. No one deserves this kind of treatment. These animals need to be put away. They dont deserve to be free. Leah may have felt like she was defeated, but was still determined to stop these monsters.

       Kenny went over to where the whiskey was stored away and poured himself a glass. He brought it over along with a few more items for the next act.

       He set his glass down on a nearby table. Kenny grabbed one of the unused chains that he pulled down earlier, and pulled it down further. He pulled it all the way down along Leahs right side. At the end of the chain he connected a thick-padded strap to it. Kenny used that strap to encircle Leahs right knee. After securing it, he pulled the other end of the chain, which resulted in her right knee rising until it was next to her right tit. Kenny secured the chain, leaving her right leg propped up.

       He repeated the same process with her other leg using a different chain and strap. In the end, her legs were spread wide open with her knees bent. On the upside, her knees were helping her take some of the strain from her arms holding her body up. It wont take long before Leahs knees begin to ache next.

       Kenny loved the way her legs looked. Just the perfect amount of meat on them, he thought. He remembered from some of her videos, she stated she rarely works out. Seems she is just blessed to have a knockout body. Bad for Leah. Great for Kenny.

       And just like the rest of her body, Leahs pussy was just as cute and innocent-looking. Kenny bent down to come face to face with it. He didnt mind the little patch she left unshaven. But he knew Buddy and he likes his women hairless down there. So thatll be gone as soon as its his turn to have fun with Leah. 

       Without any warning, Kenny inserted two fingers inside Leahs pussy. Leah howled very loudly, shaking about trying to get Kenny out of her. She looked down to see what he was doing and only howled more. Leah immediately began to cry from her torment. She knew it was unavoidable, but it didnt mean she was ready for it.

       Kenny couldnt move around inside as much due to how dry Leah was. He took his fingers out before standing up to face Leah. 

       “This aint turning you on, bitch? Huh? You cant find any pleasure in my sick games? Thats okay. I prefer my slaves to hate it. It makes it that much more enjoyable for me. Your pain is my pleasure.”

       Kenny inserted his fingers that were just in Leahs pussy inside her mouth. He used her tongue to make his fingers wet. Leah couldnt avoid them. She was disgusted that he was making her taste his fingers. Leah never did anything like that before. Todd, her boyfriend, would joke around after finger-fucking her, trying to get her to lick his fingers. He knew she would never do that so he thought it was funny when he would get near her mouth with his fingers covered in her juices. She would laugh and tell him to stop. Leah was not in a laughing mood this time.

       Kenny kept his fingers in her mouth until Leah provided enough saliva to coat them. When he was satisfied, Kenny went back down and reinserted his fingers back in Leahs pussy. She hated it even more now that Kenny was able to enter with ease thanks to her spit. Kenny was delighted to discover she was tight! Again, recalling from some of her videos he watched, she mentioned her current boyfriend is the only guy she had a serious relationship with. His dick must be a sorry excuse of a manhood, Kenny thought.

Oh well. It was a very pleasant surprise.

       He worked his fingers inside her, making sure he covered every inch of her. He barely inserted another finger in there, testing how much she could handle. A fourth finger was out of the question.

       “You got a tight pussy. I fucking love that! It makes it that much more fun to stretch it out. You are not going like it, but thats okay. Cuz Im gonna love every second of it.”

       Kenny worked his fingers in her while she was crying. Her crying only turned him on more and motivated him to keep at it. Leah was also unable to stop from drooling because of her forced open mouth. She tried to imagine herself anywhere else but where she was at the moment. Unfortunately, much to her dismay, she was becoming aroused from Kennys finger fucking. Only her boyfriend, Todd, knew how easily aroused and wet she gets when they are intimate. This definitely was not an intimate moment, but her body didnt know any better.

       Kenny was overjoyed when Leahs pussy was drenched with her juices.

       “Oh, yeah, youre definitely a slut. You were meant to be one from the day you were born. You know how I can tell? Cuz youre enjoying this right now. Look how fucking wet youre getting! What a fucking whore!”

       Leah could barely hear Kenny. Her body continued to betray her as the pleasure increased in her loins thanks to Kenny. Her sobbing slowly intertwined with moans she couldnt help express. They were passed the point of no return. Leah needed to get off. Her body was screaming for it. If she could, she wouldve helped Kenny by swaying her hips to match with his finger assault. It was probably a good thing. Leah didnt want Kenny to know that she wanted to help. But Kenny knew.

       “You might as well not fight it. I know youre a horny cum slut. Youre just like the other women who come through here. And they think they can take the easy route, but not with me. You need to learn discipline. I find that the hard way is most effective. Youll see.”

       Leah ignored Kenny and focused on achieving orgasm. She was getting close. She could feel it. At this point Leah didnt bother to hide her moans of pleasure. It was too overwhelming. Right when she was about to go over the edge, Kenny stopped abruptly and pulled his fingers out of her. Leahs eyes opened wide in confusion. She looked at Kenny to see what he was doing. He stood back on his feet.

       “Like I said bitch: its not gonna be that easy.” Kenny spat on her face. He didnt care if it went in her mouth. “You bitches make me sick”. His spit landed on her eye and nose. Leah blinked rapidly to wipe his spit from her eye. She was glad Kenny stopped but was more disappointed. Leah wanted to cum. She thought he might as well have finished since he started.

       “Wait, what am I thinking?” Leah thought. “I cant give in to this sick fuck! I cant give him the satisfaction.”

       Kenny once again disappeared behind Leah. She was starting to lose feeling in her arms. Soon itll be her legs. Leah has no idea how long Kenny plans on keeping her like this. She wanted to get down so bad.

       “Hease…et ee oun…eeease…” Leah pleaded with her captor to let her down. Kenny ignored her. He knelt behind Leahs exposed ass, spreading her cheeks wide to inspect her asshole. She jumped from Kennys touch. It was something Leah was never going to get used to.

       “Have you ever shoved anything up your ass, slave?” Kenny asked even though he had a good idea what the answer was. Leah was in hysterics. Every time Kenny informed her of what he planned next, she managed to find strength to resume her thrashing around, hoping it would loosen her binds. Leah was not going to be that lucky.

       “Thats what I thought” Kenny used his other two fingers from his other hand to shove inside her pussy. “You dont mind if I use your juices to help me get in your ass easier, do you? No? Why thank you.” Kenny once again buried his fingers deep inside Leahs wet pussy. “Gotta make sure Im well-lubricated, otherwise you will definitely not enjoy this. Youre probably wondering why Im being so nice all of a sudden.”

       “Nice!?” Leah thought. She hated how she couldnt form words because of the ring gag. It was tormenting her just as much that she lost the ability to shout at her kidnapper. She wanted him to know what she was thinking but there was no way that was going to happen. All she could do now is fight. Well, that is not exactly accurate. “Endure” would be a better word.

       “Well, so far I am beyond satisfied with you. Alpha has brought in plenty of prizes in the past but you are, by far, the most promising out of all of them. He has really done it this time. AND he came up with a genius plan! I cant wait til we get that started. That motherfucker knows how to have a good time.”

       Leah remembered meeting Alpha yesterday. She didnt take him seriously. How could she? She never imagined she would be in this kind of position. Above all else, Leah thought she wouldve escaped by now. Theres still hope.

       “So I thought I take this moment to take it easy on you. But dont get used to it, ya hear? Hey! I asked you a question!” Kenny yelled. Leah knew what he wanted her to say. She really wanted to keep being defiant and fight, but, at the same time, Leah really wanted this to end. She needed to regain her strength. Live to fight another day.

       “Ehs…Astuh…” It was the best Leah could do. Didnt sound like “Yes, Master,” Kenny thought, but itll do.

       “Thats better.”

       After Kennys fingers were well lubricated thanks to Leahs wet pussy, he took it out, only to insert them in Leahs ass this time. She was much tighter in her ass. Kenny was very happy about that. He concluded she had never done anal or stuck any object in there before. History has taught him that girls, like Leah, made the best kind of slave a master could ever imagine.

       Leah wanted to die. She loathed the idea of anyone or anything sticking something up her ass. To her, it was the most disgusting sexual act ever. Leah didnt consider herself a prude, but that was crossing the line. The only thing she could do was keep thrashing around, praying Kenny would find God in the next few seconds and realize his horrible act. Leahs luck still hasnt changed. 

       Kenny had to slowly fuck her ass with his fingers to get in deeper. She was naturally tight, but Leah was clenching like hell to stop Kenny from going any further. But it was no use. Kenny had the upper hand. No pun intended.

       It took a few minutes for Kenny to bottom out. Even when his fingers were fully inside, he couldnt move an inch! To Leah, however, it felt like he was punching her on the inside. Listening to Leah groan and cry was music to Kenny ears. He couldnt wait to do some serious work on her. Shell never forget the experience here.

       “You better cut that shit out. We havent even scratched the surface. If you think this is bad, youre not going to survive whats down the road for you. We might have to take baby steps. God damn, you are one tight bitch!” Kenny managed to slowly wiggle his fingers inside her. He wanted her prepared for whats next. Kenny loved torturing women, but he always played it carefully enough to prevent any kind of permanent damage to them. Otherwise, the game is over. He admitted to Alpha and Buddy, more than once, there were times where he took it too far and was surprised when the slaves did not meet their untimely demise.

       Leah never stopped howling. She thought if she yelled loud and long enough, Kenny would stop, not realizing it was only egging him on. Pools of saliva continued to drip from her open mouth onto the ground. She lost all feeling to her arms. Her legs were going next. Leah hoped her ass would be next so that she wouldnt have to feel Kennys violation.

       It felt like an eternity passed for Leah when Kenny finally took his fingers out of her ass. He did it slowly, avoiding any serious injury. Leah was grateful and didnt think she could stand it for another minute. Her heart was beating fast, causing her to take deep, shallow breaths. Leahs body was glistening from her sweat.

       “That should do.” Kenny said as he got up to retrieve an item. He took this moment to stretch his legs after kneeling for a long time. Leah was hoping the ordeal was over and tried to tell Kenny to let her down. The ring gag kept making her sound incoherent. He had a pretty good idea what she wanted though.

       “Were almost done for today. I know it must be sad for a horny slut like you, but all good things must come to an end.”

       “This fucking guy…,” Leah thought.

       “All you have to do, to end this session for today, is cum. Cum and youre done. Simple, right?” Kenny was still behind Leah, preparing the item he had in his hand. Leah dreaded the idea. This definitely would be the most embarrassing and torturous moment yet. The last thing she wanted to do in front of him was have an orgasm. But he did say they would be done for today. After everything that has happened to Leah, she thought it was the best news she heard today.

       Leah nodded furiously, agreeing to Kennys deal.


       Leah felt immediate pressure from her ass. She gave a loud yelp from the shock. She thought Kenny was reinserting his fingers again to continue the torture. Something was different, however. Whatever was going up inside her, it was massive. It wasnt his fingers. It was something else. The object was slowly and painfully stretching her. The only relief she felt was how slick the object was when it went in. Kenny used his own bottled lubricant this time.

       “Almost there…” Kenny cajoled. “Youre probably happy I warmed up your ass before this, huh?”

       Leah only moaned in displeasure as the mystery object sank deeper. It felt like he was shoving a pole inside her. The different sounds emanating from Leah, gave Kenny an erection. He closed his eyes, losing himself in the moment.

       Finally, Kenny stopped. He stood back up, leaving the object inside her ass. He pulled up a chair in front of her to get the perfect view. She looked stunning. The fear in her eyes made his cock rock solid. He sat down and explained what was supposed to happen next.

       “I inserted a special object inside that pretty ass of yours. It was once a normal 7-inch vibrator, but thanks to our good friend Alpha, he managed to modify it with a few tweaks. In a minute, I am going to switch the vibrator on using this wireless remote. It will function normally, vibrating inside you, which Im sure by itself would be uncomfortable enough. But every 2 minutes you will receive a low-voltage shock that will last for only a second. Believe me when I say that one second of shock is enough to cause extreme pain.”


Kenny was anticipating the pleasures to come. Tears poured down Leahs face as she realized this was going to be pure hell. Leah pleaded with her eyes and moans for Kenny to just let her down. She even tried to tell him she would blow him if he freed her. Again, thanks to the gag, nothing she said made sense. Kenny took all of Leahs misery in.

       “Its up to you how long you want to stay like that. As soon as you cum, youre done. Thats a promise.”

       As much as Leah was horrified, she understood what she had to do to end this agony. Her worry was that she was never going to be able to have an orgasm since she never used her ass to have one. Leah has heard it is possible, but it was different for everyone. She hoped she was the kind that would get them easily. Leah was about to find out.

       “Now, let the games begin!”

       With a push of a button from the wireless remote, the vibrator in Leahs ass powered on. Leahs body tensed up immediately. It was the most unnatural feeling ever. She hated everything about it. The vibrator in her ass was bad enough. The motion from it, made it worse tenfold. The object made her discover parts of her body she didnt even know existed. Some things were better left a mystery.

       Leah now wanted more than anything to pull out the vibrator or, at the very least, run away from it. Her restraints still did its job in keep her contained and immobile. This was unfair. This was wrong. Leah thought she didnt deserve this. No one deserves this. And if she didnt escape, her time here is only going to get worse. For now, she had to focus on getting through this ordeal.

       All of a sudden a painful shock erupted inside her ass, intensifying her pain immensely. Leah felt like someone just stabbed her insides. Never in her life has she ever felt such anguish. Kenny was right. The one-second shock was beyond painful. Kenny just sat there watching in fascination. He saw Leah making different faces of pain and horror. He couldnt help but started rubbing his hard-on through his pants. Leah was hoping she could keep pleading with Kenny but was (mentally) shocked to see Kenny rubbing his pants.

       “Oh my God,” Leah thought, “Hes getting off from this!” Leah closed her eyes and cried. Nothing and no one was going to save her. She was going to be stuck like this for the whole day! Leah was far from achieving an orgasm. She hoped at the very least she would pass out from this. As if fate was making fun of her, another shock went off inside her ass, returning her to high alert.

       Kenny couldnt help himself. He unzipped his pants and out popped his raging hard cock. Leah was terrified to see it. It was big. 8 inches and thick. It looked about right based on the kind of body he had. She closed her eyes tight when he started masturbating right in front of her.

       Leah hated the idea, but she had to dig deep, deep inside her, much like the penetrating, shocking vibrator, and concentrate on having an orgasm. Without wasting any more time, Leah concentrated on having an orgasm. Kenny noticed what she was doing. He found it amusing.

       “Thats it, baby. Concentrate long and hard to have an orgasm just for me.” Kenny intensified his strokes. Leah lost her concentration for a moment when Kenny spoke. He was the last person she was thinking of to help her cum. She lost her concentration again when a third shock came.

       To her surprise, the shocks mixed with the vibrations and concentration, helped her receive some pleasure from it. Not a whole lot, but a start. With Leahs hope rising, she went back to concentrating. She imagined her boyfriend Todd and how attractive she found him. Leah thought about her current crushes and what makes her very hot. Being the gaming nerd that she is, a lot of her crushes were fictional characters. They ranged from video game characters, anime characters, comic book characters, etc.

       It was working. Leah also imagined she was alone in her room, masturbating in peace and privacy. The only time her concentration broke was when the one-second shocks returned. Yet it still helped in increasing the pleasure inside her. If only Kenny had kept quiet throughout the whole ordeal.

       “Thats right, slut. Fucking cum, like the cum whore you are! You know you want to. This has been something you wanted all long. Youre all the same. Every woman is a cum-guzzling whore. You just need any excuse to be one!” Kenny kept his rhythmic strokes.

       Even with Kenny talking, Leah kept her mind on point. She lost how long shes been in this scenario but she was getting closer and closer. The shocks, as painful as they still were, were helping her increase her pleasure.  Leahs breathing got quicker. Her moaning was loud and, undeniably, emanating gratification. Leah was very close. The low vibrations were now only a tease. She needed a boost to send her over the edge. The one-second shocks were not doing it either. Leah was feeling defeated when Kenny spoke once again.

       “I can tell youre close. I would love to prolong your efforts but I got things to do before the day is over. Since you did most of the work, Ill take you to the finish line.” With the remote at hand, Kenny increased the vibrations to the max. As soon as he did that, Leah experienced the biggest orgasm she has ever had. When the vibrations intensified, she came hard. Her eyes shot open, taken aback from the sudden powerful feeling. Even with her eyes open, Leah saw stars and colors. Everything around her disappeared and the only thing she knew existed was her powerful orgasm.

       It felt like an eternity for her climax to subside. Kenny came the same time Leah came. Her expression of arousal was enough to make him cum. His load shot out landing on the cold floor. Some of it spilled on the hand he was jerking off with, milking every last drop. Kenny never tired of his own orgasms. It goes without saying that the best ones always involved torturing a beautiful woman.

       Kenny was very satisfied with todays session. He discovered a lot about Leah. Especially her limits. He was going to be thrilled passing more of her limits and boundaries in the future. Kenny lowered the vibration down to a minimum, as well as turning the shocks off, letting Leah compose herself as best as she could. He stood up, his cock now deflated and still hanging out. He walked over to the very much exhausted Leah.

       “Very good, slave. Im going to enjoy slowly breaking you. I look forward to seeing you again real soon. Heres something to remember me by before then. Youve earned it.” Kenny smeared the cum that spilt in his hand inside her open mouth. Leah was beyond fatigued to care. She was still disgusted and attempted to take some of it out, but Kenny made sure it was deep in her mouth.

       “Have fun with Buddy. I know hell love you too.” Kenny zipped up his pants before making his way to the exit door. Leah realized where he was going, causing her to thrash like a wild animal. Leah thought she wasnt going to make it if she was left like this for the rest of the day. Her throat was sore but she managed to groan and howl loudly, doing everything possible to get his attention.

       Kenny was expecting this. He wished he didnt have to go so soon. Otherwise, he wouldve made his session with Leah last longer.

       “What? A promise is a promise. I promised you, youd be done if you could cum like the whore you are, and you did. Now were done. Im about to leave and you can do whatever you want.”

       Leah continued her protest. She couldnt believe he was going to leave her like this. She needed to be let down. She couldnt take it anymore. Kenny smiled as he walked back, changing his expression to a serious one when he faced her once again.

       “You want ME to let you down? Is that it?”

       Leah nodded, pleadingly.

       “Youre a needy bitch, too, arent you?” Kenny asked with a serious tone.

       Leah closed her eyes and produced more tears, nodding to his question.


       “Remember what I said about cutting corners here? We dont. So if you wanna get out of here so badly, youre gonna have to do it yourself.”

       “What do you mean do it by myself?,” Leah thought. “How can I? Im fucking tied up with a fucking vibrator in my ass! GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE NOW!” Kenny could tell what she was thinking thanks to her expressions.

       “I guess I can see your point. It would be hard for you to get down in this position. I tell you what, Ill meet you halfway. If you can get that plug out of your ass on your own, Ill let you down. Deal?”

       Leah responded the same way she has been responding.

       “Good! Ill be back when youre able to do your part. Dont worry. See that camera there?” Leah looked to where Kenny was pointing. At the corner ceiling, Leah could see a small camera pointed at them. The red dot told them it was recording every minute of their session. Leah was in a new world of embarrassment. Last thing she wanted was anybody seeing her like this. “Ill be looking in to see your progress. The second you shit out that vibrator, Ill be back. Another promise I plan on fulfilling.”

       Kenny retrieved the remote to the special vibrator out of his pocket. “Heres a little motivation for you to get started.” Kenny increased the vibration in her ass along with the 2-minute shock intervals. Leah was returned to her own hell she thought she left for good. Or at least for today.

       Kenny left the besieged Leah to her fate. He left the room for good shutting the door behind him. Leah thought she could expel the object out of her before Kenny left the room but much to her disappointment it was impossible. Little did she know, Kenny never mentioned the base of the vibrator. Apha also added a small-inflated balloon there that slowly deflated over time. At the rate of its deflation, Leah would be able to eject the vibrator from her ass in a little over an hour.

       Leah didnt know that and was going to be in a whole other world of physical, and mental, pain. This was all part of Kennys plan to torture not only Leahs perfect body, but her mind as well. He knew she was a fighter, so it was going to take some time before she completely broke. By then the fun would be over. It was the process that was worth it for the three friends. Kennys day was going very well for him. He couldnt say the same for Leah though. And Kenny wouldnt have it any other way.


       Leah was motionless in her bed. She remained in a fetal position for hours. Her mind was preoccupied on what happened yesterday. She had trouble accepting it really happened. What Leah went through was, without a doubt, the very worst day of her life. Everything about it caused her extreme amount of mental and emotional pain. As for her physical self, Kenny gave her the next few days to recover before meeting Buddy. Leah had no idea what kind of character Buddy was, but if he was anything like Kenny, she wasnt going to “appreciate” his company as well. At the very least, she had hoped whatever happens, will be nothing like yesterday. Leah still remembered how it ended.

       She was already in a state of turmoil when Kenny had left her to complete her task. She hung there, bare naked, by the wrists and knees. The only way out of that position was by Kennys help. But he stated that he will only help her if she was able to expel the 7-inch vibrator in her ass. Leah thought he was joking. There was no way to take it out as long as her hands were holding her up. Leah knew Kenny meant she had to push it out using the muscles in her ass.

       It was the final piece of humiliation for Leah that day. She knew that the quicker she was able to do it, the quicker she would be able to get down. To Leahs disbelief, it took her almost two hours to get it out. It wasnt because of her lack of trying, but a detail, Kenny failed to mention, about the device up her ass. Under normal circumstances, Leah wouldve been able to accomplish her task in a short amount of time, but Kenny made it nearly impossible for her to do so. The base of the vibrator was equipped with an inflated balloon-like material that served as a plug. Leah was under so much pain when Kenny shoved it in, that she failed to notice the inflation.

       It was one of Alphas simple designs for the guys while they had their fun. Kenny used it on many unfortunate women who ended up in the mens grasps. The beauty of it was that the balloon would slowly deflate, eventually letting the victim able to push it out eventually. Leah tried all her might to take it out but it was no use. It felt like there was something blocking the vibrator from coming out. It didnt take Leah to figure out Kenny did something to it to make it harder for her. Twenty minutes of continuous effort caused Leah to finally pass out. Luckily (or unluckily), the shocks woke her back up.

       She gave up all attempts and hung there crying and moaning in pain. She fainted a few more times, only to be woken up by the shocks again. Leah was surprised she hasnt died yet. She was convinced no human being could undergo such treatment without receiving some serious repercussions. Perhaps it was the strong will she developed over the years, making her a stronger woman. Leah couldnt believe one human being can do something like this to another. But these werent human beings to Leah. These were monsters. They captured women like Leah to play their sick games. As long as Leah still had life in her, she was going to fight every waking moment she was a captive.

       With all this in mind, Leah couldnt help feeling defeated in that moment where she couldnt fulfill her part in getting herself down. The mental games these guys played were just as bad as the physical ones. Lying there on the bed now, Leah has no idea how she was able to endure almost two hours on her own while the vibrator was in her ass on the highest vibration setting, receiving shocks every two minutes. Leah figured it was her fighting spirit that kept her going through this ordeal. It came as a shock when Leah was finally able to get rid of the device out of her. It was even more shocking when the feeling of emptiness took her by surprise.

       It took awhile for her bottom to adjust to its original position. After receiving relief for her ass, Leah looked over to the camera to see if it was still pointing at her. Leah did the best she could to get the attention of whoever was watching her. She had assume Kenny was, but at this point she didnt care who got her down. As long as they did it soon.

       Kenny was watching her through the camera. He was in the control room with Alpha, both enjoying the show. Theyve been talking about her while eating take-out. They compared her to other girls who have had the “pleasure” of being in their company. Alpha agreed with Kenny that Leah is full of promises, but his favorite was still Danielle.

       “Yeah, I liked Danielle, too.” Kenny said with a mouth full of egg roll. “Ive never seen you push anyone harder than her. Sure did take a lot of shit before breaking, huh?”

       “That she did.” Alpha replied, biting down on another potsticker. “It was unfortunate to see her go.”

       “Ya know, I still watch her videos? What you did with her was pure art, Alpha. Cant tell ya enough.”

       “I know, Kenny. You tell me this all the time.”

       “Cant wait to see what Buddy has in store for her. Whats he up to today?”

       “Spending time with his family. He promised hed take them to the beach today.”

       “I dont get the married life.”

       “Whats to get?”

       “I dont know. Its just not for me.” Kenny said swallowing his lo mein.

       Kenny sat next to Alpha watching Leah through the monitors, who was clearly in distress. Kenny was enjoying the show while eating and drinking his beer. It was Alpha who told him he had to tend to her.

       “You should take her down, now. If she hangs there any longer, shell have to recuperate longer. Im sure Buddy wouldnt appreciate that too much.”

       “Yeah I guess youre right, Al. I wouldnt want her to miss Buddys sick games.”

       With that, Kenny put down his beer, stood up and exited the control room. He headed down stairs to free Leah. Kenny expertly detached every strap on her body, making sure not to damage anything. Carefully, he carried her naked body back to her cell. The moment Kenny took her off the binds, Leah passed out. Luckily, the cell door was still open, having Kenny to avoid an awkward moment of opening the door while still holding her body. He gently set her on the bed. When he was satisfied she looked comfortable, Kenny just looked at her with lust.

       Leah already was an attractive specimen, but the marks on her body, caused by the whip and straps, made her look more delicious. A bulge began to rise in Kennys pants. He noticed he forgot to take off Leahs ring gag. Before he did, however, he had one more thing he needed to take care of.

       He unzipped his pants once more to let out his semi-hard cock. He rubbed it to get it fully erect before jerking it in a steady pace. His eyes were on Leahs unconscious, naked body. He didnt want to rape her just yet. He wanted it to be “special” when the time came. When it does happen, Kenny wants to make sure Leah would never forget their first rape together.

       Right before Kenny ejaculated, he positioned the head of his cock towards Leahs open mouth. He kept her head still with one hand while releasing his load inside her mouth. He made sure every drop went in her mouth. He even used the corner of her lips to scrape the last few drops of his cum.

       Kenny stuck his dick back in before zipping up. Next, he gently took the gag off her mouth. He massaged her mouth carefully before closing it. Feeling satisfied, Kenny left Leahs unconscious body on her bed. He turned the lights off before leaving the room completely.

       By the time Leah was left alone, it was 3:34 p.m. She slept throughout the rest of the day and the night. She didnt wake up until 5 in the morning the next day. Soreness overtook most of her body when she came back to her new hell. Leah was confused when her vision didnt clear up after opening them, only to find out she wasnt wearing her contacts anymore. Her shoulders and legs were killing her. It was her ass that felt the most painful. Leahs body was so sensitive she couldnt even roll over on her bed to change positions. To top it all off, her throat not only felt really dry but there was something crusty in her mouth. It tasted awful. She couldnt produce enough saliva to wash it away. For a moment, Leah forgot where she was and why she was feeling so much pain. She had hoped she just had a horrible nightmare. When Leah realized it wasnt a nightmare, she sobbed quietly.

       Leah couldnt imagine going through anything like that again. She didnt think she could survive it the first time. Leah felt disappointment in herself. She hated that she let someone like Kenny do all those horrible things to her. Her father and long-time trainer would be upset with her right now. This was why Leah trained for so many years in self-defense. Never in her life did she think something like this would happen to her. Leah didnt want to be a statistic. She felt so helpless.

Leah remained motionless on her bed for some time before hearing someone enter the room. It made her jump with fear, causing her soreness to come back. Leah remained in her fetal position, covering her intimate parts. She did the best she could without a blanket or pillow. She looked over to see who it was. She couldnt tell because it was too dark and he didnt bother turning on the lights. The dark figure approached Leahs cell bars where he was close enough for Leah to see who it was. It was Alpha.


Leah turned away knowing he wasnt going to save her. She had little hope someone new would come in to let her go. Alpha was wearing a blue, long-sleeve buttoned-up shirt with khakis. His black hair combed back like it was the first day they met. He had with him a saran-wrapped sub, a water bottle, and painkillers. Without saying a word, he put each item through the bars and placed them on the ground. Alpha disappeared back into the darkness to retrieve a chair. He used it to sit down in front of the bars looking straight at Leah. She hated how he could see her naked. Leah was still covering her breasts with her arms and crossed her legs to hide her nether region. She positioned her body towards him so he couldnt see her bare ass.

       “How are you feeling, Leah?”

       No answer.

       “I know how rough Kenny can be. If it makes you feel any better, out of the three of us, hes the most abusive.

       Still no answer.

       “I hope you understand the severity of your situation. I would be lying if I said it would make things easier if you just accepted your fate. Nothing would change, though. You would be going through the same treatment.”

       Leah remained silent and motionless, avoiding eye contact.

       “Well, Ill leave you to it then. Well give you a few more days to heal. Our sessions can leave our guests fatigued. Well be giving you daily food and water, and medicine if you need it. One of us will see you again tomorrow to check up on you.”

       Alpha was ready to get up when Leah finally spoke.

       “Why are you doing this to me?” Leah asked without looking at him. She sounded raspy. Leah hasnt had a drink of water in the past 24 hours. Plus, her throat was still sore from all the crying and screaming. Alpha heard what she said, but continued on with his leave.

       “Thats a fair question.” Alpha put back the chair where it originally was. “Normally, we pick girls who arent a high profile. Low risk of getting caught. But when I saw you, I knew youd be perfect for our personal sessions. And as luck would have it, you resided not too far from where we live. So when it comes down to it, you were convenient for us.”

       Leah looked at Alpha with disbelief in her eyes. She couldnt fight back the tears. Leah couldnt believe they were doing this to just for the sake of convenience. There had to be more to it than that. Then again, maybe Leah didnt want to know what was really in store for her. She thought it was perhaps best left as a mystery. Little did she know, Alpha left out the main reason why she was in this situation. Now was not the time, however, to let her in on the secret, he thought. All in due time.

       “We do have plans for you, Leah. Big plans. There is a bigger reason why I chose you. If everything goes as planned, then everyone will be happy.” Alpha said this last part with a big grin. Leah only stared at him. She didnt want him to see how weak and frail she felt. This was the best she could do to show her strength. It wasnt working too well.

       “Make use of the next few days for recovery. Youre going to need it. Buddy can wear you out too. Trust me.” Leaving Leah with that in mind, Alpha walked out of the room.

       As soon as Alpha left the room, Leah let out all the tears she was holding back. It felt like waterfalls were coming out of her eyes. Her hands were not enough to dry her eyes, so she slowly made her way to the toilet paper that was placed next to the toilet. It felt like for every step she took, she was stepping on pins and needles. Leah was able to dry her tears in no time with the paper. The sink was in arms reach so she shuffled over to use the ice-cold water. She washed her face with it and rinsed her mouth out. She figured while she was up, she might as well retrieve the sub, water bottle and pills. Leah was surprised to see her prescription eyeglasses were there too.

       They werent considered “sexy” eyeglasses. The rims were large and thick, which indeed made her look like a nerd. A very attractive nerd though. She knew there were plenty of guys out there who thought it was hot. Including her boyfriend. Leah went back to her bed to sit down. Her ass was still sore and it only reminded her of the previous day. She went back to lying down on the bed. Leah looked at the pills Alpha gave her. She was reluctant to take any kind of drugs these animals gave her. But what more can be done to her? Shes already been through hell. And Leah really could use something to ease the soreness she was feeling.

       Leah swallowed the pills with the water she was given. It was a little difficult to do so while lying down, but she managed. Leah looked at the saran-wrapped sub she was still holding. She noticed a sticker on in that read “Gluten-Free.” At least these assholes knew she was allergic to gluten, Leah thought. She would sometimes mention it in some of the videos she posted on her site about her allergy. It didnt bother Leah since she already ate healthy regularly. But she did enjoy eating chicken and meat just as much. Thinking about food only made Leah hungrier.

       The last time Leah ate was almost two days ago. Her situation might be dire, but it didnt hinder her hunger pangs. Leah slowly unwrapped the saran wrap and the sub to inspect if there was anything inside she did not like.

       It tasted amazing for Leah due to not eating for so long. She picked up her pace only to devour the whole sub in minutes. Leah drank the rest of the water to wash down the sub. She felt much better by the time she was done with eating. The pills were starting to kick in and she was no longer hungry. For a moment Leah forgot her dilemma as she attempted to sit up casually on the bed. She even forgot she was still naked and the camera was still on her. Leah didnt care anymore. These monsters have already seen too much of her. Knowing they have done this much to her almost killed her mentally. Her strong will thought otherwise. If anything, it only motivated Leah to find a way to escape this madness. Her outlook was still not in her favor. She wanted to review her options.

       Since her eyeglasses helped her see much better than her contacts, Leah was able to see her surroundings clearer. She was already familiar with her cell: the bed she was on, working toilet and sink, mirror, barred window, drain in the middle of the cell, light-bulb on the ceiling, and a camera at the corner of the room. The camera was protected by a dense plastic material, so there was no way of damaging it. The best she could do, Leah thought, was smearing something on the plastic to block the cameras view. She didnt have anything to do so.

       Leah stood up to walk to the bars. Her body felt a little better thanks to the drugs. She walked covering her boobs by crossing her arms. Leah felt there was little to nothing she could do to cover her crotch. She was going to worry about it when someone comes in the room. Leah wanted to see what else was in the room besides the cell she was in. She remembered very little from when she was taken out and tortured by Kenny. Leah also wanted to forget everything that happened with him.

       The room was still dim, but thanks to her glasses she was able to see a little better. It started to come back to Leah when she was looking around the room. It was harder than Leah thought to avoid thinking about her time with Kenny. It was a large open area. There were several tables on one side of the wall. Along the walls, there were big closets. Leah counted three of them but there couldve been more in the darker part of the room. The ceiling was pretty high. All she could see was several chains, straps, and ropes hanging down. Leah felt sick when she remembered how Kenny had her hanging from the arms and legs. It was traumatizing.

       Leah imagined the other poor girls who were here before her and how they handled it. She had hoped most of them put up a fight. Or at the very least found their own means of escape. Leah wasnt ready to give up. Alpha said he was going to give her a few days to recover. She will also use that time to prepare for either an escape, or a fight. Escape seems less likely to happen first. Leah concluded she will have to fight before escaping.

She didnt know what kind of person this “Buddy” was. If he was anything like Kenny, it was going to be just as difficult. Leah had every intention of giving her 200% when it comes to the next time she has to fight. There was no way she was going through what happened to her last time. Once was already one too many times. She will have to live with that for the rest of her life. Leah reasoned she wouldnt get peace until these motherfuckers pay for everything they have done, not just to her, but every other innocent victim before Leah.

       Leah was left alone for the rest of the day. Even with pills kicking in, her body was still in pain. She returned to her bed to lie down. This was how she spent the next few days of recovery. Someone, usually Alpha, would see her once everyday to deliver food, water, and pills. On the third day of her recovery, Kenny came down. Leah was in terror mode when he came back. Instead of putting up a fight, she curled away trying to make herself smaller, if not invisible.

Kenny thought it was funny. He assured her there wasnt going to be any funny business today. He only came down to deliver the food, water, and pills. Kenny mentioned he added a special ingredient in the sandwich that day that might make her feel better. Leah was only given the chance to eat once a day. It wasnt enough to satisfy her hunger. It was better than nothing. As much as she wanted to avoid eating the sandwich, she reluctantly did anyway. The cum had already engrained into the sandwich so wiping it off was out of the question. It tasted foul but Leah needed food in her system to get through the day.

By the fifth day, Leah felt the majority of her discomfort was gone. She still took careful steps when she hopped off the bed. The pills did its job numbing the pain each day. Leah grew bored quickly with daily routine. Leah couldnt remember the last time doing literally nothing in consecutive days. She missed not being able to play her video games. The only thing that would please her more than playing her games online would be escaping from this place. Now that Leah regained most of her strength back on the fifth day, she decided to get back to conducting her escape.

She wasnt planning on feeling sorry for herself and crying all day. Despite being completely naked, Leah exercised for as long as she could. Because of her limited resources, Leah resorted to body exercises, including pushups, sit-ups, lunges, etc. At first, Leah felt ridiculous for working out in the nude, but she knew she needed to work on her strength in order to give the next guy the fight of the century. Along with body exercises, she also did extensive stretches and fighting moves Leah learned from her personal trainer.

       At the end of the day, Leah felt invigorated. Her body was still sore but she fought through the pain. Leah found her will and strength again. Her mind was sharp and ready for action. Even better news was she still had a day or two to get ready. Leah gave herself a good sweat from her workout. The only way she could clean herself was using the water from the sink. She wouldnt have mind it but the only water that came out was ice cold. Nevertheless, Leah managed to wash her body with the freezing water. Because of the lack of towels, Leah was careful not to put too much water on her body. She applied just enough to feel cool and refreshed.

Leah went back to her bed to lie down and relax. Her mind was occupied with her life before this nightmare. She wished she was back home with her boyfriend, Todd, their two dogs, and her video games. Leah always posted a video almost every day on her site for the fans. Although Leah missed her passion for playing her video games, she missed her family and friends more.

       The last time Leah saw her parents was last week for dinner. They mostly talked about her and how she was. Leah genuinely was happy with her life at the moment. Her relationship with her parents was great. They loved her and she loved them back. Leah dreads the day her parents finding out about what happened to her. It will crush them. A single tear roll down from her eye after she thought about this. Everyone was going to find out what happened to her. Nothing was going to be the same. People will see her as victim of a horrid crime who used to be a famous online gamer personality.

       Leah wished Todd, her boyfriend, was here. She needed him more than ever. She may have been a strong person, but she still had moments of weakness. Todd knew just what to say and do to make her feel better. She wondered what he was up to. By now he should be extremely worried that he hasnt been able to communicate with her this long. Leah prayed he will take the necessary steps to ensure her rescue. She left him in charge to edit and post the videos they have already recorded. Her fans will receive videos for another day or two, but Leah didnt care if they get upset. It wasnt her primary concern at the moment.

       Leah went to sleep peacefully that night. The exercise wore her out. There was no clock to let her know what time of day it was. If she had to guess, she woke up around 10 a.m. When she got up, Leah saw food, water, and pills inside her cell next to the bars. Someone (probably Alpha) came into the room early in the morning and dropped it off for her. Leah mustve been very tired if she wasnt able to hear him come and go.

       Leah stretched her body after hopping off the bed. She picked up the items from the ground and brought them back to her bed. Today she was given granola bars, apple, chips, water bottle, and more pills. She was feeling a little better than yesterday but she was still going to take them. Leah ate the apple and swallowed her pills with the water. After her small breakfast, Leah resumed her workout for today. She repeated the same routine from yesterday. Leah would take required breaks before getting back at it. Her motivation was her rage. She kept thinking how these sorry excuses for men took advantage of her because she looked cute and fragile. Her online videos only showed one side of her. Kenny had a taste of the fire that was in her. Whoever this Buddy was, Leah was going to unleash all the fire shes been holding in, on him.

       Leah was in the middle of a fighting technique when she heard the door to the room unlock. When the door opened, the light was turned on, emitting a brighter light. Leah quickly hopped on her bed and covered herself up as best as possible. She put on her glasses to see who it was. It was Alpha.

       “Hello, Leah.” Alpha said. “How are you?”

       “Go fuck yourself” Leah responded.

       “Im great too, thank you.”

       Alpha went over to one of the closets to open and take out a hose. He connected one end of the hose to a spigot (another thing) Leah hadnt noticed. At the other end of the hose, Alpha connected a nozzle. Leah knew where this was going. She didnt move a muscle. Alpha walked over to the cell bars. Out of his pocket, he took out a small bottle of shampoo and a bar of soap. He tossed both of them inside the cell through the bars. Leah still didnt move..

       “Alright, Miss S.S.Shotguneagle. Im sure you know what this is about.”

       Leah remained still.

       “You could either stand in the middle of the room where the drain is, or I can spray this ice-cold water where you are now. The latter will get your bed wet and you wont be able to use this towel.” Alpha produced a towel he was holding from behind his back. Leah wasnt in the mood to shower, but she didnt want to stay wet either. She hasnt properly showered since the first day of her captivity. The sink water did little to nothing to provide her taking care of her personal hygiene. Leah thought about this for a bit before deciding that the best option was to go ahead and stand next to the drain.

       Leah quickly took off her glasses and set them on the bed. She carefully got up, using one arm to cover her breasts while using the other hand to hide her pussy. She stood in the middle of the room waiting for Alpha to apply the cold water on her.

       “Im going to leave the spray on for three minutes. Ill leave it up to you to decide how you want to wash yourself during those three minutes. Dont forget to use the shampoo and soap I gave you.”

       Leah knew she would have to move her arms to use the shampoo and wash. She didnt want to be clean for them but Leah thought if she was going to be doused with water, she might as well take advantage of it. Before Leah could pick up the small bottle, Alpha unleashed the cold water on Leah. It came out fast, startling Leah when the cold water hit her naked body. Alpha pointed the nozzle at Leahs face. She tried blocking the water using her hands, realizing what this meant Alpha had a clear view of her tits and pussy. It didnt bother her.

       Leah tried to move out of the way from the waters projectile, but Alpha only followed her. Realizing there was no way to escape the freezing water, she quickly grabbed the shampoo bottle from the ground. She turned her back to Alpha avoiding the water as best as she could. When Leah did this, Alpha pointed the nozzle toward Leahs bare bottom. It was just as painful as it was embarrassing. Trying to avoid the pain from the water, Leah squeezed out the shampoo onto her hand and quickly applied it to her hair.

She scrubbed her hair furiously while Alpha switched between spraying her back and ass. When Leah felt she washed her hair thoroughly, she reached for the bar of soap from the ground. Her hands were so slippery she was fumbling with it. Several times she dropped it before picking it up. Alpha didnt help by spraying her face and head. Leah lathered her body with the soap, her back to Alpha again. Leah realized she had to turn her front to Alpha if she wanted him to wash the soap off. She didnt know how much time she had left with the water.

       Leah held off as long as she could before reluctantly turning around to face Alpha who was still hosing her down. She did her best to keep herself covered and rinsing herself off at the same time. Alpha managed to see all of Leah at times. It was difficult for her to stop him from seeing her whole body. It didnt matter to him, though. Alpha knew he will have his own time with Leah soon enough. It was amusing for him to see her squirm and shake.

       Alpha made sure to turn off the water when exactly three minutes have been reached. Leah turned her back to Alpha, shivering from the cold. As much as Alpha love the view from behind, he passed the towel through the bars, waiting for her to take it. She turned her head to see him holding the towel he promised. She tip-toed backwards towards him. When she reached behind her for the towel, Alpha jokingly pulled it back, making her miss.

       Leah was enraged.

       “You fucking promised!” Leah screamed.

       “Okay, okay” Alpha chuckled. He held the towel still when Leah snatched it from him. She immediately wrapped her cold, naked body with the surprisingly big towel. Leah patted herself down, trying to dry herself as quickly as possible. She made sure to have her back to Alpha when she had to reach up to dry her hair, and knelt down to dry her legs.

       The whole time Leah was drying herself, Alpha was putting away the hose to its original place. When he was done, Alpha went back to the bars. He cleared his throat, reaching through the bars, indicating he was waiting for Leah to return the towel.

       “You want it? Come and get it,” Leah challenged. Alpha only smiled and retreated his hand.

       “Thats fine. Well get it back somehow. Buddy wont like it, though, you disobeyed. Hell make sure to punish you for that.”

       “Cant wait.”

       “We all cant.”

Leah gave him an ugly look. She was ready for this “Buddy.” They were going to be in for a rude awakening when the time comes. Leah secured her towel above her chest. She was able to put her hands on her sides without having to worry about hiding her most intimate parts. The towel was damp, so Leah avoided her bed for now. She casually walked backwards until her back was against the wall. She crossed her arms staring at him, waiting for his next move.

       “Buddy will be here in two days. Do whatever you think you need to do to prepare yourself before then.”

       Alpha referred to Leahs exercising and practicing. She thought he was trying to shake her up. She was unfazed. She was still driven to see these guys lose.

       “I promise if you let me go now, each of you will probably only get at least 100 years in prison.”

       This made Alpha laugh. Leah knew by this point she couldnt reason with any of these lunatics. They made it clear they wanted her for their sick games. Alpha and his goons went through a lot of trouble to get her and she knew, unfortunately, they were not going to let her go. Leah took advantage of this. She figured she would throw them off guard by seeing how relaxed and calm she was.

       “Tempting offer, there. I think I speak for all three of us when I say we respectfully pass.” With that, Alpha turned around to exit the door. Leah didnt have anything else to say. She watched Alpha leave and lock the room. Leah walked to her bed to sit down on its edge. She wished she had another towel for her wet hair but it wasnt that important now.

       Two days, Leah thought. Thats how much time I have left. Ill be ready. The question is, will they be?

       Leah spent the rest of the day walking around her cell, inspecting her surroundings some more, shuffling around her bed, and thinking about her situation before sleeping. She was still wearing the towel when she fell asleep. Some time, before she slept, she tried airing out the towel as best she could, but that meant Leah had to disrobe the towel in order to do so. Leah aired the towel out for a good minute before putting it back on. That was the only peep show the goons were getting tonight.

       The towel was still damp when she slept with it. Leah had a restful sleep for the most part. She dreamt she was in one of the video games she enjoyed playing. It was a popular shooting/war game her fans enjoyed watching her play. As usual, Leah was kicking ass and having a great time. Her dream ended abruptly when a grenade landed at her feet and went off. Leah woke up slightly startled. She thought she was back in her room, on her bed, until she saw the towel barely covering her naked body. She closed her eyes in disappointment hoping this nightmare was just a nightmare. Leah took a deep breath and exhaled loudly.

“Good morning.”

       Leah shot up from her bed to see who said that. The figure was sitting down on a chair. Even when she reached for her glasses, which she placed on the ground next to her bed the night before, Leah couldnt see who it was because he was sitting in the dark. The weak light coming from Leahs window only shone just enough to see his shoes up to his chest. The rest of him was covered up by the dark.

       Leah secured her towel once again around her body before standing up. Her stance suggested she was ready for anything the mystery figure would do. He simply sat there with his hands on his knees.

       “You must be Leah. Its a pleasure to finally meet you. Im Buddy.”

       Leah felt extremely uncomfortable from his voice. It reminded her of Benedict Cumberbatches voice, except not English. He was clearly American. But that voice was so menacing. It didnt help either that he looked mysterious in the dark. Leah didnt say a word. Although she was a little frightened, she continued to show fierceness using her eyes and body.

       “Im sorry for my intrusion. I tend to wake up earlier than most people. One can finish more tasks early in the day, I say. Wouldnt you agree?”

       Leah remained silent.

       “I have to say, you are much more beautiful in person. I thought you were absolutely stunning in all of your videos. I became quite a fan myself.”

       Buddy interlocked his hands together, resting them between his lap.

       “Im excited to work with you. Ive never had the honor of working with someone of your status. Its quite endearing.”

       Leah couldnt tell if he was being serious or not. He sounded crazy yet his tone suggested he was very serious. Leah didnt know what to do or say. She wasnt expecting this kind of interaction. Especially from someone who sounded so eerie.

       “Anyway, if you dont mind, I think Ill turn on the lights to get a better look at you. I didnt want to turn them on before because I thought it would disturb your sleep.”

       Okay, this guy is clearly a psychopath, Leah thought.

       Leah saw him stand up and disappear into the darkness, assuming he was going to turn on the lights. When he did, both had a clearer view of the other. The first thing Leah thought of Buddy was that he looked like a nerd. He wasnt exactly scrawny, but he was skinny enough to show he wasnt an imminent threat. He had short curly, brown hair. He also wore round glasses that didnt help his look. Buddy was wearing a long-sleeved shirt, with khakis, and business shoes. He looked like a teacher, Leah thought.

       Leah relaxed exponentially. It gave her much relief to know that this guy didnt pose a threat like Kenny did. Kenny was formidable because he was big and clearly had training. But Buddy looked like he has been on the end of a bullys torment since he was little. Leah knew Buddy was part of the sick group with Alpha and Kenny, so she didnt plan on showing mercy when the time came.

       Buddy shifted his glasses to focus better on Leah. He did like what he saw very much. He was looking forward to his own session with her.

       “Youre even beautiful in a brighter setting!” Buddy said in his deep, uncanny voice. It didnt bother Leah anymore now that she knew who she was dealing with. She could tell Buddy was completely enamored with her. His face said it all. Leah thought maybe she didnt have to resort to a physical response just yet.

       “You like what you see, huh?” Leah teased.

       “I really do.” Buddy came closer to the bars, but not close enough for Leah to reach out and grab him.

       “Youre really cute. Why dont you come in and we can have some fun.”

       “No, I cant. Alpha sent me to just introduce myself. We can have our fun tomorrow.”

       “Why wait?” Leah took the opportunity to disrobe. She figured Buddy was the kind of guy who would do just about anything for her once hes seen her naked. Buddys expression did change, as he was very impressed with what he saw. He saw Kennys session recording, but seeing Leah naked in person was ten times better.

       “I really shouldnt.”

       “Oh, cmon. I wont bite.” Leah did her best to sound and look seductive for one of her captors. She was sure she could get him to come in with his guard down. Leah didnt have any intention of biting him, but she did plan on subduing him once he was inside. Buddy looked as if he was contemplating his options.

       “Okay! Sure!” Buddy said with glee.

       Thats it, Leah thought. Come in here you son-of-a-bitch so I can beat your perverted ass to a pulp.

       Leah waited in anticipation, getting ready to make her move once Buddy came in the cell.

“If you dont mind, though, Im going to eat my breakfast first. I didnt eat anything last night and I am famished.” Buddy went back to his chair where Leah saw a Tupperware of fruits and a thermos on the ground next to it. Leah was dismayed.

       “You can eat afterwards. Why not have some quick fun before you eat, huh?” Leah continued to flirt and move seductively, raising her leg up a little for a better view of her snatch.

       “Trust me, darling, I would love to, but I also have to take my medicine with my food. Otherwise, I cant function properly. Ill be quick, I promise.”

       Leah barely hid her disappointment this time. She was eager to kick this guy in the balls and get the hell out of there. But Leah only picked up the towel and covered herself up once more. She went back to acting seductively, even when returning to her bed to sit.

       “Fine. Ill be waiting.” Leah leaned back on the bed, crossing her legs, doing her best to act sexy for Buddy. The quicker he ate his meal, the sooner she can get out.

       “Thank you. This wont take long.” Buddy opened the container, and started eating what was inside which were fruits. He occasionally took a sip from his thermos which Leah assumed was coffee.

       Buddy didnt say anything while he ate. He only ate and stared at Leah the whole time. Leah was quickly growing impatient. It looked as if Buddy was taking his time eating! She was just about to say something when Buddy spoke.

       “Oh! I almost forgot! My medicine!” Buddy reached into his pants pocket and took out two pills, which he swallowed them with the help of his drink. Watching Buddy eat made Leah realize she hasnt eaten anything since yesterday. Her stomach also reminded her of that. It wasnt until Leahs gaze went elsewhere did she notice the usual food, bottled water, and pills left for her inside the cell!

       Buddy noticed her discovery.

       “Im terribly sorry! Im very forgetful today. I took the liberty of bringing those for you while Im here. Please help yourself. Dont mind me.” Buddy ate a couple of strawberries from his container of fruits.

       “Thats okay, Im not hungry.” Leah lied.

       “Thats fine. Again, sorry I forgot to tell you.”

       Buddy continued eating and drinking from his thermos. He didnt do anything yet to her, but Leah already hated Buddy. He was tormenting her by slowly eating in front of her. She knew she could eat too but her mind was focused on escaping. Leah lost her concentration in acting sexy. Her impatience was killing her. When she couldnt wait anymore, she exploded.

       “Would you just fucking hurry up with your goddamn food!” Leah yelled.

       Buddy stopped chewing and looked at her with a shocked expression. Buddy looked lost and embarrassed. He swallowed the fruit that was still in his mouth before he spoke.

       “I- Im sorry. I was just hungry. I- I- I didnt mean to upset you.” Buddy stood up, picking up his container and thermos, ready to leave. “I can go if you like?”

       What the hell is wrong with this guy? Is he really this big of a wimp? How the hell is he with Alpha and Kenny? Leah was about to take him up on his offer, but she was already committed to tricking and restraining him once he was in the cell with her. Leah couldnt wait until tomorrow for him to come back. It was now or never.

       “No, no, no! Im sorry! Dont go!” Leah expressed regretfully. She tried to come up with an excuse for her outburst. “Im just hungry. I havent eaten anything since yesterday, and I can get cranky when I am.”

       “Like I said, I brought the food and water for you. You can eat it while Im here. Please, I insist.”

       Leah thought she could reassure him if she started eating with him, hoping it would make him stay. Without saying a word, Leah, making sure her towel was still secured, walked over to where the food, water, and pills were. She picked all of them up and brought it back to her bed. She sat down placing everything but the food next to her. It was a simple ham and cheese sandwich. When he saw Leah eating her sandwich, Buddy sat back down placing his thermos back on the ground next to him. He opened his container and resumed eating his fruit.

       Leah was feeling a little better now that she was eating again. She would look up to see Buddy eating and staring at her, smiling when their eyes met. Leah forced a fake smile. As much as she wanted to get this over with, she ate her sandwich slowly, savoring the taste. Leah took sips from her bottled water, making sure it would last her the whole day. Leah remembered she also had the pills. Her ass no longer hurt her as much from Kennys session, but her arms and legs were still sore.

       Leah swallowed the pills with the water like shes always done. She was glad drowsiness wasnt a side-effect from the pills. Leah wanted her mind sharp when the time came to escape.

       “I have to say, I am a fan of yours.” Buddy said.

       “Oh, yeah?” Leah pretended to be humble.

       “Yes, my students talk about you all the time. Mostly the boys. They think youre attractive just as you are at playing video games.”

       “So youre a teacher?”

       “Yes, Im a high school teacher. I teach different science classes.”

       A science nerd, Leah thought. That makes sense.

       “Cool.” Leah responded.

       “Yes, I love science. Especially human anatomy. The human body is an extraordinary machine.”

       Leah only nodded pretending to show interest.

       “You would be surprise what the human body is capable of. Especially the female body.”

       This was a red flag for Leah. She stopped her chewing and looked at Buddy with a suspicious look. Buddy continued to speak while eating his fruits.

       “The body of a woman is my absolute favorite to experiment on. Not all womens bodies are the same, you know? Each body is significantly special. Not many people truly know what it means to appreciate the female body. I like to think I am a connoisseur when it comes to the subject.”

       Leah could see his expression change into something sinister. She knew he was talking about her. The sick side of him was slowly coming out. But Leah made sure not to startle him by being rebellious now. She humored him some more.

       “Is that right? Well, what do you think about my body?” Leah teased once again.

       “Your body is magnificent. I cant wait to get to work on it. Every woman who walks this Earth is like a plain canvas. It isnt until after I work on them are they truly masterpieces.”

       Leah was a little freaked out on the inside, but she maintained her composure.

“Then why dont you come in and you can get started on me?” Leah spread her legs wide open, giving him a clear view of her pussy.

       “I do intend to. I am just waiting for the drugs to kick in and knock you out.” Buddy said this nonchalantly, as he put another piece of honeydew in his mouth.

       Leahs heart sank. It took her a split second to put two and two together. Her expression changed to dreadfulness. She dropped her sandwich to the ground and ran to the toilet. Leah hovered her head over the toilet bowl and stuck her finger down her throat to induce vomiting. But nothing came out. Leah never made herself throw up in the past. She thought girls who did so to be skinny were pathetic. Leah never thought she would ever try it herself. Now that the time has called for it, she found it rather difficult to do so.

       Leah stuck her fingers in deep, trying to touch the back of her throat. She only coughed up spit and gagged. Leah thought people who did it in movies made it look so simple!

       “Im afraid its too late. I distracted you long enough for the drugs to kick in. It works miraculously fast, I must say. The effects arent triggered by a full digestion period, but merely touching your intestinal walls. Its very unique.”

       Leah wasnt listening as she was trying to force herself to throw up. She couldnt believe nothing was coming out. She was about to turn around and curse him, when a wave of dizziness washed over her. Leah grabbed onto the bowl to catch her balance. The dizziness was getting worse.

       Leah turned around groggily, only to fall down. She got up on her knees and hands, crawling towards Buddy. It was not looking good for Leah. She knew she was about to be in serious trouble again. Leah couldnt think properly now. When she looked up at Buddy, there was three of him. Her glasses were useless, as her vision worsened. The last rational thought she had was how she let herself be tricked again by these monsters.

       “Dont worry. Youll be back in an hour. Enough time for me to get everything ready.”

       Leah fell flat on the ground, losing consciousness fast. She heard Buddy open her cell door. He walked over to her and bent down to turn her body over. The last thing she saw was his blurry face looking at her. Leah couldnt properly see he had an eerie, fascinated look on his face.

       Leah finally lost all consciousness.



“They say people like to punish themselves either because they are ashamed of who they are or what theyve done, or because it gives them a heightened sense of being alive.”

Leah was slowly coming back to. She heard someone talking but didnt know who. The first thing she felt was the throbbing in her head. It wasnt bad. It felt like a mild migraine. There was something else that was causing her this headache. Besides the headache, Leah felt something really physically strange about herself. The voice spoke again.

“That they desire to have someone, or something, take complete control of them in every conceivable aspect. Take the Monastics from east Asian Mahayana Buddhist schools. Did you know they can fast up to 72 days? While they believe its a process to purify the body, some people think its an act that punishes the body by refusing it sufficient nutrients.”

Leah didnt know what this person was talking about. She was about to move when she realized she couldnt. Her eyes opened to see a hazy figure that looked like it was hanging from the ceiling. It was evident she did not have her glasses on anymore. With her eyes still blurry, she could see a source of light she assumed coming from the ground. Leah discovered it was the only bright light in the room.

When Leah tried to look down, her head wouldnt move. She was only able to move her eyes down. Leah tried to move her head left and right, only to find she couldnt do that either. She tried to move her hands to figure out what was causing her head to be stationary, when, to her horror, she discovered she couldnt move her hands either.

It shouldnt have been a surprise for Leah to find that she was unable to move her legs as well, but it did. Leah was in full panic mode now. She couldnt understand why on earth she was unable to move her head at all. Her vision didnt get any better without her glasses. Despite this, it was clear that the voice belong to that figure that was up on the ceiling. It took another minute for Leah to understand, with dread, that the figure wasnt on the ceiling. It only looked that way because she was the one being hung upside down from the ceiling.

Her situation was slowly coming to light. Leah was strung up by her feet, which were tied together. She couldnt see how they were tied but it didnt hurt her ankles or feet at all. She swung a little as Leah tried to free herself from the binds. Leahs hands were tied behind her, yet they werent tied together. They were restraint for sure, but Leah was unable to have her hands touch each other. It was as if an object separated them.

The next thing Leah figured out was that she was wearing some kind of neck brace. Whatever it was around her neck, Leah wasnt able to move her head at all. The obstruction completely immobilized the movement of her head.

To top it all off, besides the restraints, Leah was once again completely naked. The towel she used to cover herself up was gone.

Leah vigorously tried to break free from her binds, not caring what the consequences were if she succeeded. The fall might hurt, but Leah really did not want to be so vulnerable hanging like that. She was afraid of what will happen to her if she was kept like this for too long. She also noticed her hair was tied up into what felt like a bun. Someone took the liberty to do it for her while she was out. No doubt, Leah thought, it was the stranger who was talking.

“I believe people are naturally masochists. Whether they want to believe it or not. For those who dont believe they are, they just dont realize it. Its up to people like me to teach them what they are truly capable of.”

Leahs memories before this moment were coming back to her. She found it extremely difficult to think while being hung upside down. The blood rushing to her brain wasnt helping her to think clearly either. Leah remembered meeting Buddy and how he seemed harmless and wouldnt be much of a threat when taking him on. She was ready to subdue him and escape this hell hole. But things didnt turn out the way she wanted it to. Buddy knew he was no match for her and could only take her on by outsmarting her. Leah was enraged.

“You fucking coward!” Leah was more upset at herself than Buddy. She felt as if she shouldve known something like this would happen. The whole time she thought she was luring Buddy into a trap, it was Buddy who lured Leah into a trap. Leah convinced herself she wouldnt be a victim again in another of their sick, twisted games. Now, she was once again in a vulnerable situation where she will undergo another round of their games, whether she liked it or not.

“LET ME GO NOW!” Leah screamed.

“I intend to. Just not at this second. I want to teach you a lesson, first.”

Leah was still struggling against her restraints as Buddy stood up and walked around Leahs hung body. When she realized her binds were never going to break, Leah couldnt help but begin to bawl. Leah hated every second of this. She thought she barely survived the last torture session with Kenny. Leah had no idea what Buddy was capable of and was in no hurry to figure it out.

Like Kenny, Buddy loved to hear the cries and screams of their victims. It heightened his satisfaction to an almost euphoria. It never gets old. He preferred them to be in their teenage years. They were only able to get only a handful of teenagers since the beginning of their extracurricular activities. As a teacher, Buddy always fantasized about using one of his attractive female students in their underground games. It is possible to make it happen, but it increases their chances of getting caught exponentially. But when the victims are very young, their sessions are extra special. Buddy always makes it memorable for himself. And for them. 

Leah may have been in her mid twenties, but she looked young. Buddy wouldve thought she was 18, had he never met her before.

Leahs tears poured down her forehead and into her hair. Some drops fell into the item below her, which Leah was not aware of. Her neck brace made her head tilt upwards or, in this case, down towards the ground. Leah didnt notice the item below her since her mind was occupied in her distressing situation. The neck brace was quickly driving her insane. She hated not being able to move her head at all in any direction. Leah couldnt follow Buddys movement as he walked behind her. All she can do is continue her crying and thrashing.

“I would save that energy if I were you. Youre going to need it in a little bit.” Buddy walked completely around her. He didnt touch her. Walking around was more of a portrayal of his dominance over her. He very much felt like a shark circling its next prey.

Leah ignored Buddys advice and kept fighting a pointless fight.

“Today Im going to teach you a lesson. And what better way to teach a lesson effectively than conducting an experiment.”

Buddy walked in front Leahs naked, upside down hung body and knelt down to come face to face with her.

“I cant say enough, I am a fan of your online videos. Mostly because you come off as adorable yet incredibly sexy. I dont particularly enjoy video games at all, but I do enjoy watching you talk about it. However, I do especially like the videos where you talk a lot about yourself.”

Leah knew she would come across jealous and creepy people when her videos were growing popular. The most she ever thought would happen was someone attacking her in public, which she was always ready for. Leah never thought for a second she would be an unwilling participant in depraved games run by sadists. She knew there were very disturbed people in this world. Leah thought some of the blame should be on her for being in this mess. She owed a lot a of thanks to her success in online videos, but right now she had nothing but disdain for her success.

“For instance, I remember you answered a fans question, regarding the worst way to die, according to you. You revealed that one of biggest fears is drowning.”

Leah didnt like where this was going.

“You mention a relative of yours whom you were quite close to when you were little, drowned in an accident. That is very tragic and unfortunate. I am sorry for your loss.”

“Please…just let me go,” Leah pleaded. Her tough chick persona was completely gone. The fight in her was immediately extinguished when she woke up to her ordeal situation. Buddy continued to talk, ignoring Leahs cries for help.

“I once did a study about human beings and their willingness to succumb to their fears. I wrote a thesis on how it was intriguing when human beings have no qualms to face their fears when they have no choice. Wouldnt you agree? If you were faced with death, and the only way to avoid it is to face your biggest fears, would you go through with it?”

Leah didnt answer. She only screamed out loud begging for Buddy to let her down.

“I like to think so. I hope I never find myself in that kind of situation. But I do like to see very much how you will react when you face your fear of drowning.”

It is true that Leah had a big fear of drowning. Her cousin died drowning when they were both little kids. It happened during a family vacation at a beach with her own family and her aunts family. Leah was very close to her cousin. They did everything together. They both looked so much alike that people thought they were sisters. During the family vacation at the beach, Leahs cousin swam too far into the ocean without supervision. Leahs aunt and uncle didnt react because they mistook someone elses child as their own.

They didnt react until the child who Leahs aunt and uncle thought was their child walked out of the beach with her own family. The panic-stricken parents called out for Leahs cousin fearing the worst. Unfortunately, their fears were met. Leahs uncle swam to where her cousins lifeless body was floating face down on the surface. The moments after that was a blur for Leah. At that age she didnt understand what happened, but she knew from all the crying, yelling, and panicking people around her, that it was very bad. The one thing Leah will always remember from that time was her vivid vision of her uncle carrying his drowned daughter in his arms. It still haunts Leah to this day.

Buddy stood back up and walked somewhere else in the room. Leah couldnt see that far. Her tears didnt help either with her bad vision. While Buddy was gone for a moment, Leah tried once again in vain to break free from her binds. She stopped when Buddy returned with what Leah assumed was a hose. Buddy dropped the head of the hose onto the object Leah never noticed until now.

The object below her was a big, round bucket. After rolling up his sleeves, Buddy began to fill it up with water thanks to the hose he brought over. He then took his glasses off and put them in his pockets.

“I wouldve filled it up a long time ago, but I wanted to make sure the cold water didnt get warm when you came to.”

It didnt take long for Leah to understand her scenario. She started to hyperventilate.

Buddy ignored her rapid, deep breathing. Her smooth stomach looked as if something inside was trying to come out. This was a result from the hyperventilation. With the hose placed still in the large bucket, letting the cold water run into it, Buddy knelt down and massaged the upper part of her back.

“Shh, shh, shh, its okay. Relax. If you act like this when we start, then it is not going to turn out well for you.”

For some strange reason, this calmed down Leah. She didnt know if it was the back massage from Buddy that did the trick, or his words. Either way, she managed to control her breathing, but she was still very much terrified.

“Please dont do this. Ill do anything you want. But please dont do this. Dont…” Leah begged, producing more tears.

“You dont even know what I have in store for you. I can understand your misplaced assumption. You see, I have no intention of submerging your head underwater. That is the Gods honest truth.” Buddy noticed the bucket was close to overfilling, prompting him to reach for the nozzle and turning it off. He threw the hose away, not needing it anymore.

Leah didnt understand what he was up to. If he was telling the truth, then why is there a large bucket of water underneath her? Buddy didnt tell her the whole plan.

“No, it wont be me who will be doing the dunking. But rather you.” Buddy said casually.

Leah was expecting some kind of twist. She thought maybe Kenny or Alpha would join him, doing the “honor” Leah thought for a moment she didnt hear him right. The blood rushing to her head was causing her to hear things. If she did hear correctly, why would she willingly dunk her head underwater knowing full well her fear of drowning?

“Youre probably wondering why, oh why, would you hold your head underwater on your own free will? Well…”

Buddy walked behind Leah once again. Leah panicked again thinking Buddy lied and was about to drown her, when she felt something on her right hand. It felt like Buddy was putting a glove on that hand. After securing the mystery object on her hand, Buddy returned to Leahs front.

“I strapped to your hand a simple remote that has a single button. The remote is for that mechanical pulley which has the rope holding you up going through it. Every time you press that button on your hand, you will trigger the pulley to lower the rope which in turn will lower your head underwater.”

Leah couldnt believe what she was hearing. She was still confused as to why she would drown herself?

“Not to worry. The rope will stop lowering at a certain point making sure not to hit your head at the bottom of the bucket.”

Leah had a hard time processing all of this. She thought she missed something during Buddys explanation. Leah assumed this was Buddys unorthodox method to get her to face her fears. If this was true, Leah was not going to comply with his “experiment.” Furthermore, she didnt understand how he could get off from this? Granted she may have looked tantalizing being strung upside down naked, but was that it? Did he solely take pleasure in just watching her? Leah supposed it could be worse.

“I realize I havent yet explained why you would willingly dunk your head underwater. As I said before, people resort to facing their biggest fears upon realizing they have no other option. This motivates them to tackle their fear head on without a second thought. Most times it comes out beneficial for them, having to conquer their fear. Other times the outcome is quite unfortunate.”

Buddy was configuring something near Leahs strapped feet. Because of the neck brace, Leah was unable to see what he was doing. He wasnt touching her feet but could sense Buddy was messing around with something near them. After a couple minutes passed, he dropped his arms, taking a few steps back.

“There. That should do it.”

Buddy pulled his chair closer to Leah to get a better view. He made himself comfortable as he sat down.

“In approximately one minute, two long, very sharp needles will inject the soles of your feet. One needle for each foot. If you want to avoid one of the most excruciating pain a human being could possibly endure, all you have to do is press that button from the remote I gave you.”

Leahs hyperventilation returned. She felt her mind was about to shut down or explode.

“Of course, by pressing the button, you will offer yourself to be submerged head first onto the cold water. It is up to you how long you want to stay under. But the second you come back up for air, the needles will still be there, which means you will choose to return to stab yourself.”

Leah couldnt hear him anymore. She understood for the most part of this twisted game. She just didnt want to believe it. How could anyone come up with something so medieval? Worse: how can one human being inflict such a torturous act on another human being? There was no way she was going to make this out alive. Leah couldnt bring herself to think of how to get out of the situation. No words were able to come out of her mouth.

“Dont worry about me, sweetheart. Ill be sitting here enjoying the show. I wont interfere at all. Whatever you go through will be your decision.”

The fuck it will, Leah thought! She had no intention of willingly putting herself through the worst hell she could think of. This bastard knew about her worst fear and he was going to make her go through it. He probably reasoned with himself he has no blame in it since the victim chooses what kind of torture to go through. Buddy was just as much a psychopath as Alpha and Kenny. But he was a different kind of dangerous. One of the worst kinds of a human being. No, not human. A monster.

“You have 20 seconds before the needles plunge into you. Just a heads up in case you are not too eager to find out what kind of pain two needles going inside your soles feel like.”

Leah was able to control her breathing but was crying again. The only way she could make this out okay is if she could wuthstand the stabbings in her feet. In her past, her feet would undergo the usual painful acts any other person would go through: stepping on sharp objects, like toy pieces, and even getting smashed by heavy objects. None of those occurrences will come close to what she is about to feel in a few seconds.

“Just like all the rest. They think they can handle it. That is until the time comes. Once they feel it, though, the alternative option doesnt seem so unappealing. 10 seconds…”

Leah did her best to calm down. Not an easy task. It wasnt everyday she was being hung upside down naked in front of your kidnapper whose making you choose your torture method. Leah noticed if she struggled with her neck brace, it made it difficult for her to breathe. Those last ten seconds were more torturous than the actual physical torture Leah thought. She made up her mind with what she wanted to do.

“Here we go…” Buddy said, in a matter-of-factly voice.

Leah waited for him to say something before she willingly pressed the button from the remote in her right hand, sending her head underwater. She took a deep breath before being submerged under the ice-cold water. The freezing water came as a shock to her causing her to lose some of her air.

As Buddy said, her body lowered enough right before her head met the bottom of the bucket. The water went up to the bottom of her neck, slightly touching her shoulders. Leah remained still as she held her breath under water. It wasnt an easy task. Whenever she would jump in a pool of water, she would pinch her nose shut to avoid water shooting up in there.

Buddy looked on with intrigue as his latest victim chose to dunk her head underwater. He got up with a smug look on his face as he messed around with the contraption above her feet. He lowered the two objects closer to her soles, so that when she decided to come up for air, she would immediately be stabbed by them.

Buddy sat back down and continued to look on with curiosity. He checked his watch to see how long Leah would remain underwater.

She tried to quiet her mind, hoping it would keep her underwater a little while longer. Imagining a place far away from here seemed to do the trick. But the thought of coming back up for air seeped in through her mind. Her fear of drowning wouldnt let her stay under. Eventually she would have to come back up. Her thumb was still pressed on the button. As seconds passed, she increased the pressure of her thumb on the button. She thought she might break it if she pressed it any harder.

Leah didnt know how much time was passing by. It was hard to do so when there were so many things going on at the same time. Even though she tried to relax, the instinct to nod her head forward was involuntary. The neck brace did its job preventing her from doing so, unable to come up for air. At the 40-second mark, Leah was already swallowing water. This caused her to panic. She was soon suffocating under water.

When the feeling of drowning became too powerful Leah released her hold on the button. It wasnt so much on purpose as it was her state of panic that caused her to forget about the remote holding her down. Her body rose slowly taking her head out of the water. Leah coughed repeatedly, gasping for air. She was so desperate for air, Leah didnt notice the stinging sensation from the bottom of her feet.

As soon as Leah inhaled enough air, her mind went to the sharp pain that was coming from her soles. Immediately she let out a menacingly, ear-piercing scream. She may not have been able to see the needles going through her feet, but her mind gave her a clear picture of it. It only made it worse.

Just the thought of being stabbed tripled the pain. She felt it sinking deeper in her feet. The pain was too much for her to bear. Leah quickly pressed the button. She was thankful Buddy strapped the remote to her hand because she wouldve dropped it by now. Once again, by pressing the remote, Leah lowered her body, dunking her head underwater. The pain from her feet consumed her mind so much that she forgot to take a deep breath before submerging her head in the cold water.

She screamed under water realizing her mistake and having to endure her feet being stabbed again in order to get some air. Leah was only under for 10 seconds before releasing the button, bringing her right back up. The mixed emotions of relief and anguish were a whole new mental torture for her.

Every time she came up for air she was grateful and relieved, but it would soon mix in with agony when the needles returned to their stabbing. Even when the needles were no longer stabbing her, the pain was still there. Nerves were probably being damaged, causing irreparable damage to her feet. Leah hated that she was choosing the stab herself on the feet just to get some air.

No! Im not choosing anything! I dont want this! Its him! That bastard is making me do this! Hes trying to make me think Im in control! Im not. Im not a masochist. Hes the one whos torturing me. If I could, I would stop this right now.

Every time she came up for air, she had a hard time seeing Buddy. It didnt help that there was water in her impaired eyes. The only thing she could make out was a blurry vision of him sitting down comfortably watching her torture herself.

Buddy was enjoying himself. It always turned him on to see someone taking a part of their own torturing. He logged countless hours of all the victims he, and the other two, have kidnapped and used for his own personal entertainment. Buddy made quite an impressive library of recordings of women undergoing brutal torture methods. Thanks to the dark web, Buddy was able to share his work with other disturbed individuals for a price.

He received numerous praises from viewers. They were always eager for more footage. Not surprisingly, most of the viewers wished he would kill the women at the end. His response was more or less the same. He reasoned he didnt want to end the fun too early. That and it was quite difficult for him to acquire new victims. The latter was actually true. It never is easy to kidnap someone. Let alone someone who is well known. The last reason he mentions is that he would never record or broadcast a victim being killed.

Yes, it would be a shame to end the fun with Leah, Buddy thought. Plus, he was sure Alpha and Kenny wouldnt be to thrilled with him if he “accidentally” killed her. He thought about all this as he kept watching the desperate Leah trying to decide which torture method she would rather experience.

She was about to sink her head in for the 9th time. Buddy could see her body was glistening in sweat. To him, the only thing sexier than a naked female with a curvaceous body, was a naked female with a curvaceous body covered in fear and sweat.

Indeed, Buddy was getting a hard-on as he watched. It never fails. He would always get rock hard after a good torture session. But like the other two, he preferred to take it slow with his victims. Buddy enjoyed mentally torturing them until they cant take it anymore. By that point, the next phase would begin.

Buddy stood up to touch Leahs thigh. It was damp with her sweat. She was trembling violently. No doubt, she was starting the drowning process. Buddy continued to feel her naked body with his hand. He moved from her thigh to her calf. Then to her flat stomach. Every where he touched, her shaking would increase. Touching her caused discomfort in his pelvic region. He quickly adjusted his bulge into a more comfortable position.

Buddy brought up his other hand to feel her distressful body better. He slowly walked behind her to massage her bare ass and back. She was a beautiful woman. Her body was fit and showed enough muscles so that her feminine features were not misplaced. Everything about her was perfection. Buddy really wanted to fuck her right then and there. Besides a promise Buddy made to Alpha, his discipline was the only thing that prohibited him from following through.

Instead, he leaned his head closer to her sweat-covered legs, and licked her calves. He lapped up as much of the sweat from her legs as he could. It was an aphrodisiac for him. At this point, Leah pressed the released the button once more to lift her head up and feeling the sharp touch on the needles.

Leahs coughs were harsh and coarse. It was almost impossible for her to take in air. The pain in her feet was killing her. She knew her time was almost up. The confliction was getting to her. The only reason she didnt want to end it all was because of their threat to harm her family and friends if she committed suicide. Her staying alive was their prevention from being in harms way by these psychopaths. But she didnt know how long she could keep this up.

She wasnt paying attention at all to Buddys touching and licking. Leah even forgot he was there. There were other things to worry about at the moment. Not able to endure her feet getting stabbed any longer, Leah pressed the button right after taking another deep breath.

Her will was rapidly breaking down. It was only a matter of time when she decides to give up. Leahs fighting spirit she developed over the years was stopping her from giving up so easily. Every passing minute, however, weakened her spirit immensely. Another reason why she wouldnt give up so easily was the threat Alpha made against her family and friends if she decided to take her own life.

She knew if the tortures were constant, there would be a time where she had enough and decided to take the easy way out. But if it meant her family and friends safety, then she would not jump to the conclusion so hastily. It wasnt fair. They have nothing to do with this. The only silver lining she could think of was that she would be dead and wouldnt see her familys demise.

Buddy felt like he was never going to stop touching and licking Leah. He always swears to Alpha and Kenny he could taste the fear from all the women they have had. They would humor Buddy, joking that its perhaps an acquired taste. It was something he couldnt get enough of. He never did any drugs, but he assumed he knew what addicts felt like when it came to their next fix. Its so bad he almost damned all of his discipline.


Buddy stopped after applying a long lick on Leahs ass cheek. Her head was still underwater when he stopped his assault. He had to admit he was surprised she was lasting this long. The fight in her was very strong. It has always been something he and the other two found sexually arousing. It was more thrilling to break someone who had a tremendous amount of spirit. It made it that much more rewarding.

Buddy waited behind Leah. He was waiting for her to come back up. After another 30 seconds passed, Buddy was a little concerned and almost intervened when she finally released her press on the button for the umpteenth time. When Leahs head came up, her cough was hoarse. Inhaling was almost next to impossible at this point for her. Her head was getting light fast. She had no clue how long she has been hung upside down. Even her state of fogginess couldnt distract her from the pain on her soles she was feeling yet again. Leah wanted to scream but was still too busy coughing up water. 

There was nothing specific going through her mind. All she felt was dread and desperation. Then a feeling of horror struck her when she felt the remote from her hand being snatched away. With eyes wide open in surprise, Leah finally let out a scream. Without the remote, she knew she was unable to escape the needles going deep inside her feet.

She shook her body as best as she could. Shaking her feet only made it ten times worse. It felt like it was sinking deeper and deeper inside her. There doesnt seem to be an end to her incessant screaming.

“I know, I know” Buddy said as he walked back with the remote on hand. “I said I wouldnt interfere, but I am curious to hear what youre feeling and thinking right now.”

Leah didnt hear anything Buddy was saying. All her attention was on her damaged feet. She wished she could react appropriately from the pain. If she could, Leah would be thrashing around, yanking those needles right out of her. Her restraints prohibited her from doing so. It was driving her mad.

Buddy returned to his chair, just looking at Leah squirming around in agony. He was enjoying every minute of it. The terror on her face was all too familiar. The terrorized faces from all the women he tortured flashed in front of his eyes. He couldnt forget them. And Leah would be a pleasant addition to his bank of tortured women.

Leah definitely had a set of lungs on her. She went on to scream for over thirty minutes. Buddy, not for a second, grew tired of it. He just stared at her with lust and depravity in his eyes. The screams of a woman were right up there with Tchaikovskys Symphony No. 6. Each scream was different and unique.

When Leah could no longer scream, she resorted to crying softly. The tears rolled down her forehead. Leah was definitely a sight to see. Her naked body was completely coated with sweat. Her body shone brightly from the only light in the room. Leahs body trembled as it was still trying to cope with the intrusion coming from her feet. She didnt get used to the pain. All she could do was suffer.

Buddy thought this was a good as time as any to speak again.

“Now that youre more relaxed, we can continue.”

His words brought back a little fire in her. But trepidation still controlled most of her emotions.

“I know you want nothing more than to take those needles out of your feet. But I must ask you to be patient just a little while longer.”

Leah cried a little louder when she heard that.

“I want to know what youre thinking right now. The sooner you answer, the sooner I can get you down.”

Leah didnt know if she was able to talk. Crying and screaming was just about all she could do. Plus all the coughing after swallowing so much of the water didnt help. Buddy didnt say anything else. He was waiting for her to answer him.

Leah knew Buddy was waiting and tried her best to say anything. For a second, she really wanted to tell him to go fuck himself, but even she knew that would only prolong her suffering. So instead she forced herself to say one word.

“P-p-p-pain…” Leah said weakly, resuming her crying.

“Im sorry, I didnt hear that. Can you speak up a little, please?” Buddy teased.

This made Leah moaned loudly. She took some deep breaths before repeating her answer.

“PAIN!!!” Leah yelled.

“Of course, that goes without saying.” Buddy crossed his legs. “Why did you decide to dunk your head underwater even though you have a fear of drowning?”

“You did this to me, motherfucker! I had no choice,” Leah thought. But she also knew that if she answered what he wanted to hear, she could probably get let down sooner. The pain from her feet never decreased.

“Pain…feet…too much!” Leah said. She would take a quick, deep breath before saying the next word. 

“Is that right? So, youre saying you would rather drown yourself than having to suffer being stabbed from the soles of your feet?”

Leah closed her eyes hard, not believing this psychopath was interviewing her while being stabbed. Unconsciousness cannot come soon enough.

“YES!” Leah yelled.

Buddy let out a deep sigh. “I must say I am not surprised. Studies have shown subjects are willing to face their deepest fears when they consider the other option worse. But I was hoping you would be the few who would resist. Nonetheless, your response is an understandable one.”

Leah had extreme amount of trouble listening everything Buddy was saying. Her attention was still on her feet. Until he took them out, her attention was nowhere else.

“You must understand by now, the reason we do what we do is because we feed off the fear from those we bring here. No one has to tell us there is something very wrong with us. It goes without saying. But as long as were free and able, we will continue to do so for as long as we can. And we have been doing this for quite some time.”

Buddy stood up and walked over to stand very close to Leahs hung body. This time he only rubbed her calf.

“By now, you should also realize each of us have particular tastes when it comes to how we treat our victims. In case you havent figured it out by now, I take great pleasure in women torturing themselves. And you certainly did not disappoint.”

Leah wouldve been repulsed by his touch, but if she was being honest, Leah would rather prefer his touch than the stabbings on her feet. She hated that this pig thought she wanted to torture herself. Leah knew it didnt matter if she argued with him. Buddy, and along with the other two, were the type to justify their actions in any illogical manner. Its how a sociopath thinks.

“Kenny has his fondness of being a sadist, which he does very well, Im sure you know. But Alpha…well, Alpha is more sophisticated out of the three of us. Youll find hes more pleasant to be with.”

“GET ME THE FUCK DOWN!!” Leah had enough of Buddys talks. She couldnt stand how he could just stand there while she was in extreme amount of pain.

“Really? So soon? Well, I was hoping to not spoil the ending just yet, but if you insist.”

Oh thank god, Leah thought.

“Do you know what the greatest tool of torture is?”

When it comes time to kill him, Im going to do it slow, Leah surmised.

“The mind. It can be the most beneficial tool for the human body or it could be its greatest adversary.”

Leah was making a mixture of sounds of sobbing and hyperventilating. She didnt have much time. By now, her feet were already past repairable. What comes next is shock, unconsciousness, then death. It wont be long now.

“Everyone reacts to pain more or less the same. Even when they cant see it happening. Feeling pain is all it takes to send someone over the edge. Their mind cant help but paint a pretty picture of their ordeal. Just like you did, I would imagine.”

Leah had no idea where he was going with this. The pain on her feet was very real. If anything, if she saw those needles pierced in her, she would probably freak out even more.

She felt Buddy yanking the needles out of her. It felt strange. He pulled them out so quickly and effortlessly that Leah only felt a slight discomfort. She still didnt dare to move her feet; not even curling her toes. The pain lingered on even after Buddy took the needles out.

“So imagine how surprise you will be when you realize the soles of your feet were never punctured.”

Buddy crouched down to hold the needles right in front of her eyes. They looked like a pair of chopsticks. Only thicker. Her vision was still a little blurred, but they looked metallic with not so pointy ends. She expected the needles to be stained with blood after plunging into her feet repeatedly. They were clean. Blood-free. Leah didnt understand what was going on.

“While these have sharp ends, the force was not strong enough to pierce your skin. It was just strong enough to cause some discomfort. That, and the stinging ointment I applied on the needles to make sure the effect of being stabbed terrifyingly realistic.”

No, Leah thought. No, it cant be. I felt it go in there. It hurt like hell! I felt it go inside me every time I came back up for air. The pain was unmistakable. Right? A look of confusion swept across her face.

“Dont feel too bad. If it makes you feel any better, youre not the first to fall for it. And Im certain you will not be the last. Its a very effective procedure. Perhaps Ill tell you all about it next time.”

Leah couldnt believe she was tricked. Tricked into almost drowning herself. She had a hard time accepting that the pain she was feeling was not real. Maybe he was lying to her now. There was no way to know for sure until she saw for herself.

Buddy tossed the needles away, walking away from her body.

“Nevertheless, you show great promise. I look forward to future sessions. It goes without saying you have an incredible body, Leah. And we are curious to see how far your mind and body will go before it breaks. And you will break. This I promise you.”

Leahs head was spinning. She didnt know if it was from anger or being hung upside down for a long time.

“I hate to cut this short, but I have other matters to attend to. Kenny will come to take you down when youre unconscious, which should be,” Buddy checked his watch, “within the next ten minutes.” Buddy rolled out his before buttoning them up. He put his glasses back on, afterwards.

Leah screamed and squirmed. No audible words came out. Just screams of frustration. It upset her that she fell for this simple trick by this mad man. At the end of the day, it was her decision to dunk her head underwater because she believed she was actually being stabbed. It was all her fault. Granted, Buddy was to blame for the most part, but Leah hated that she complied with his game. She wanted to stop falling for their deception. Every time she thinks she has the upper hand, they prove her otherwise.

After collecting his belongings, Buddy walked over to Leah who was still hollering something fierce. He felt her leg up once again.

“Its been a pleasure, Leah. Until we meet again. One more for the road?” Buddy licked her glistening leg once again, savoring her taste. Leah did her best to back away from his tongue, even though she knew it would do nothing to stop him.

“Mmm. Can never get enough. But those papers arent going to grade themselves, unfortunately.”

Buddy walked briskly to the exit, leaving Leah to thrash about, still screaming. Her struggle slowly died down within the next few minutes. She became weak from all the energy she was exuberating. Leah couldnt fight her weakened state and just let the blackness consume her, rendering her unconscious.

The last thing to come across her mind before passing out was that she needed to stop underestimating these monsters. They may be lower than scum, but they were the smartest scum she had ever had the displeasure of meeting.

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