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Part 2

       Whatever it is you thought we might go through in prison, will be nothing compared to what you will be going through in here.

       Thats all it took for Leah to fully motivate her to find a way out of here. She spent the entire night, finding any possible way to escape out of her cell. She checked every inch of the bars, walls, ground, and even the ceiling. The toilet wasnt much help either. The only thing she found was a small chip on the wall behind the bed that left a small indent. She probably could dig into it, as a result, make it bigger, but the bed frame was bolted to the ground. She couldnt move the bed at all. Even if she could it would probably take years to break through.

       After exploring every centimeter of her cell, Leah took a break and lay down on the bed. She was on the verge of tears but fought it back. During her inspection, she noticed a small camera on the corner ceiling of her cell that was protected by a plastic shield. She didnt want to give whoever was watching her the satisfaction. Leah bet these guys who had her are waiting for her to break. But she was not going to make it that easy for them.

       The next thing she did was look beyond her cell and see if there was anything in the room that could help her. It was too dark to see anything. She could make out shapes and figures in the dark.

       When that didnt help, Leah returned back to her bed, laid down, and began to think. She was running out of options fast. Escaping wasnt completely off the table. It was just going to be really difficult. The only choice Leah had, that she could only come up with, was to fight. She meant it when she told Alfred she was going to fight them. If they were going to do things to her she wasnt going to like, then she sure as hell was not going to take it lightly.

       Her thoughts went back to yesterday. Lead had no recollection of being captured. She remembered dropping her boyfriend off at the airport. After parting ways, Leah returned home without any problems. It was when the car was parked in the garage did her memory become hazy.

       Wait a minute! There was somebody else there! Somebody attacked me from behind. They put a rag covered with a funny smell over my mouth. It was probably chloroform. Whatever it was, it was strong enough to knock me out before I could retaliate. Fucking cowards…

       Leah thought about her family and friends. She was especially thinking about her boyfriend, Todd. He was also known as “Mr. HotDoggg” in his own videos he posted online. He wasnt as popular as Leah but he would almost always make appearances in her videos. Todd didnt have the same charisma as Leah did. Besides the fact he came off as an introvert for the most part, he wasnt exactly considered attractive based on societys standards.

       But Leah saw something in him that nobody else saw. To her, he was perfect. To him, she was everything. It warmed her heart that he would act a special way whenever she was around him. Leah couldnt wait to see him again. She was relieved, however, when he had to take a trip to see his folks who lived in another state. Todd would only be gone for a week. She had hoped that he would quickly realize something is wrong when she doesnt pick up her phone. 

       Throughout the rest of the night she would switch back and forth from finding a way to escape, to lying down on the bed motivating herself the will to fight. It was, more or less, a sleepless night for her. She was lying down on her bed wide awake, when she heard someone unlocking the door.


She got up from the bed in alarming speed, standing in the middle of her cell preparing for whoever was coming in. She may not have slept all night, but she was fired up and ready to begin the fight of her life. Leah only saw red. There was ferocity in her. This was it. The moment she was waiting for. The door finally opened.

       Leah still couldnt see because of the darkness. When the door closed again, follow by a locking sound, there was a sound of switch, then light everywhere.

       It took only seconds for Leah to adjust to the light. She saw a big individual at the doorway. He was white, blue eyes, 63”, and in very good shape. He had dirty blonde hair that was short and combed over to one side. He was wearing black cargo pants, with black military boots and a green under armor shirt. The shirt did not hide any of his muscular upper body features. He had a black watch on as well. Lastly, he was carrying a big box which he was holding under his left arm.

       Kenny looked at Leah in the cell and grew an evil smile. Leah saw something in his eyes that, admittedly, frightened her. But even that didnt deter her from her main goal. She stood there facing him with noticeable anger on her face. Kenny knew just by looking at her, she was going to be promising.

       “Fuck me, Alpha wasnt kidding!” Kenny exclaimed. “You are one hot cunt!”

       Thats right, keep talking asshole, Leah thought. Youre only adding fuel to the flames.

       Kenny laughed as he set the box he was holding down on a nearby table. He approached Leahs cell.

       “You look like youre about to rip my head off, slut. I like that. Itll be that much fun playing with you.”

       Kenny gripped the bars with both hands. He pressed his face between the bars, sticking and wiggling his tongue at her.

       “I cant wait to taste you, little sweet thing. You look like youre going to be my favorite outta them all.”

       Leah tried to scratch his face but Kenny dodged it in time. He stepped back a few steps and laughed.

       “Whoa ho ho! Arent you a feisty one? Well I got news for you bitch. Thats how I like em!”

       Leah finally spoke.

       “Oh yeah? Why dont you open the door, asshole, so you can see how feisty I really am?”


“I intend to, my sweet cunt. Dont you worry about that. You gonna regret those words after Im done with you. I guarantee it.”

With that, Kenny started preparing for todays event. He brought over a tray cart that was from one of the corners of the room to a closet. He didnt open it far enough for Leah to see what was inside. Leah couldnt make out some of the things he took out. The only thing Leah saw was a whip. This worried her. If she wasnt successful at her attempt to subdue Kenny, then she was in for some serious trouble. Leah suddenly realized she never mentally prepared herself for what may happen to her if she was unsuccessful at her escape!

After Kenny was satisfied with everything he put on his cart, he shut the closet and rolled it over to the middle of the room. Next, Kenny reached up towards the ceiling to bring down several chains.

Leah was shock to discover the chains. She was surprised she didnt even notice them up there! Looking up, she saw there were other several items up on the ceiling. Most of them were chains. There were other things up there she couldnt make out. She bet if she didnt get out of here, she would find out soon enough.

“Well start off with the basics. Something simple. I know horny bitches like you wanna start off fast right off the bat. But you gotta earn it first! No cutting corners here.”

       Earn it!? This sick fuck thinks I want to play his games? I really do need to get the hell out of here!

       “That should do it. Now, then…lets get you more situated.”

       Kenny approached Leahs cell door.

       “By all means, you fucking prick, please come in.”

       “Just as I thought: just another horny slut who cant wait to get started.”

       With that, Kenny picked out the key from his set to open the cell door. Once he pushed it all the way open, no one moved a muscle. They just stood there looking at each other, waiting for the other to make the first move.

       Ha! You probably thought I was going to charge at ya, huh? I bet thats what the other women did when they wanted to fight. Well not this time, asshole. If you want me, youre gonna have to come to me first!

       Kenny stood there a little longer before he broke the silence.

       “Interesting. Youre the first piece of hot ass to not make the first move. All you fiery bitches like to charge at me and try to take me down. I have to say, you are quite an impressive cunt. But Im afraid youre only postponing the inevitable. If you want me to make the first move, all you had to do was ask.”

       “Alright then, lets dance,” Leah challenged.

       Kenny moved fast towards the ready-set Leah.

       He had to admit, she was formidable. He knew about her previous training and was ready to counter any attack she threw at him. But there was one moment where she almost had him. Leah may have been small, but she can pack a kick when she wants to!

       Unfortunately for Leah, Kennys Navy Seal combat training trumps her martial arts. After a few dodges, blocks and even a kick to the groin (which almost brought Kenny down), Kenny tackled her to ground, pinning her body with his weight, and trapping her wrists with his hands.

       Goddamn, this guy was fast! He obviously has training! Military perhaps. I think I almost had him with that kick to the groin. But dumbass me took too long to follow through!

       Leah cursed herself as she was trapped under the massive weight of Kenny. He wrapped his knees around her pushing his butt on her pelvis. Kenny took a minute to recover from the groin hit while he had her pinned down. Leah was thrashing with everything she had. But Kennys hold proved to be very effective.

       “Youre gonna regret that, you whore…” Kenny snarled.

       Kenny brought both of her wrists together above her head. He managed to secure both of her wrists with one hand. With his free hand, he made a fist, and punched her in the sternum.

       Leah stopped her thrashing and was struggling to breathe. Kenny got up from her and made sure his cock and balls were okay. The pain went away for the most part. He bent down to pick her body over his shoulder. She wanted to fight him some more, but the punch she received from Kenny disabled her body. Leah felt all the fight she had had in her was instantly taken away by Kenny.

       Kenny carried her over to the middle of the room where the chains were hanging from the ceiling. Leah realized this and managed to muster up whatever strength she had left and resumed her fight with Kenny.

       When Kenny reached the chains, he hoisted Leah off his shoulders and landed her stomach on his knee as he bent down. Before shoving her from his knee to the ground, he elbowed her kidney hard.

       Leah was in a new world of pain. Her entire upper body felt like it was throbbing. She was whimpering from the pain. She couldnt help it. It was the most excruciating pain she ever felt.

       Kenny went about his task while his prize was on the ground. He grabbed leather cuffs from his cart. Without too much trouble, Kenny was able to strap on one cuff to each of Leahs wrist.

       Kenny stood back up and pulled down the ends of two chains from the ceiling to the ground. He connected the hooks to the rings attached to the cuffs with ease.

       Right before Leahs pain was subsiding, Kenny pulled both chains from their other end, hoisting Leahs body as a result. With Leahs small body, and Kennys muscular structure, he lifted her body as if she was weightless. He raised her high enough so that Leah can barely stand on her toes.

       Leah fought to escape from her binds. She tried to wiggle her arms as best as she could. When that didnt work, she tried to break the binds by pulling on the chain. The only way Leah could do this was using her body weight. Her small physique wasnt enough to have any effect.

       Kenny just stood there watching in silence. He thought it was cute.

       The bitch thinks she really has a chance to get out of it. Ill put a stop to that.

       “Alright, bitch, thats enough horsing around.”

       Leah stopped her struggle. Not because of Kennys command, but because she was exhausted from her efforts to escape. She very much wanted to relieve the strain from her wrists. Her wrists were primarily holding her body. Leahs toes hardly did anything to help.

       Leahs attention went to Kenny and the object he picked from his cart of tools he got from the closet. It was the whip.

       “You see this?” Kenny held the whip in front of her eyes. Leah looked at it and knew exactly what it was. She didnt say anything. She tried to remain defiant but every second that passed, her will slowly deteriorated.

       “Youre going to be good friends with this. It will help you realize what your purpose is in life: a cunt slave.”

       Kenny slowly circled around Leahs hung body, rubbing parts of her body with the whip.

       “First, in order to be a cunt slave, you must be completely naked. Clothes are no longer an option. You will never need them!”

       Leah was now in a state of panic. She didnt bother to hide it anymore. Her expression changed from defiance to fear. She tried one last time to break free from her restraints.

       Kenny took a few steps back, preparing for the first of many whippings to come. He waited until she stopped struggling. Kenny arched the whip back and took the first opportunity to bring it down upon her body.


       Leahs scream was blood curdling. She never felt anything like it before. The blow landed on her back. The hit was so hard that it tore the back of her top halfway down. She very much wanted to soothe the pain. Leah could only wiggle furiously like a hooked bait.

       Kenny was in cloud nine. He closed his eyes and felt serene bliss from Leahs screams. He took it all in. Hearing and seeing a woman in pain was his drug. Kenny could never get enough of it. Every womans scream was different. Each unique.

       Leah cried after the pain subsided. It still stung something fierce. She didnt think she could handle another one. Kenny thought otherwise.

       His plan was to slowly whip away all of Leahs clothing until she was completely naked. Kennys aim with the whip grew more accurately over the years. Especially when the target is moving uncontrollably.

       The next blow landed a little higher than the previous blow on Leahs back, in order to completely split the top open. Leah screamed her loudest yet again. The pain was unbearable. She never thought she would be whipped by a sadistic psychopath. At this point, her will was rapidly breaking down to nothing. 

       Kenny admired his work for a second. He was such an expert with the whip, he was able to inflict enough force to split her top without snapping her bra off. He was ready to apply the same skill on her bottom.

       Without waiting for her to relax again, Kenny whipped her ass splitting her skirt completely. Leahs torn skirt fell on the ground. She hadnt noticed her skirt coming off since the pain from the whip was overwhelming.

       Leahs matching bra and panties were visible. She was wearing generic black bra and panties from Wal-Mart. She preferred to wear their undergarments since it provided the most comfort throughout the day. Kenny thought, with the kind of body Leah has, her ass was perfect.

       Perfect for torturing…

       Kenny decided to leave her bra and underwear for last. He walked around in front of her in order to whip away the front side of her clothing. There wasnt much left to whip away. The tank top she wore was held by its straps around her shoulders. He could successfully tear it away at least twice if he aimed carefully.

       Kenny loved what he saw from Leahs face. Tears were pouring out profusely. She was shaking. Leah was starting to perspire cold beads of sweat. The fear in her eyes was orgasmic. He walked up to Leahs hung body, grabbing a hold of her face with one hand. He put his face so close to hers, she could tell he had a drink before this predicament.

       “I love the way you look. The fear in your eyes drives me crazy. Im not sure if Ill be able to control myself.”

       Kenny gave big, long licks to Leahs cheeks. He wanted to taste her tears. She realized what he was doing and felt sick to her stomach. He licked the other side of her cheeks, savoring every drop of fresh tears. Leah closed her eyes and hoped he would stop soon.

       “Mmmm… I love the way you taste. Youre delicious. Im going to take my time with you, bitch.” Kenny snarled with an evil smile. Leah grunted and gave Kenny a hatred look. She got some of her strength back and remembered not give him the satisfaction. Kenny gave her a kiss on her cheek as he let go of his hold under her chin, and returned back to his spot.

       Leah mentally prepared herself for whats to come next. Kenny arched the whip back, which made Leah wince. He waited until Leah opened her eyes again to bring it down again. The blow landed on the tank tops right strap, cleanly cutting it away.

       Leah screamed with her mouth closed. As a result, she gave out a loud moan. Her breathing was getting faster. She tried to imagine she was somewhere else when Kenny whipped her again without any warning.

       Once again Leah let out a loud moan of pain. Her body was shaking terribly. It was taking a lot out of her to compose herself. She really didnt want him to hear her scream again.

       Kenny was surprise to see he managed to cut the other strap off, leaving only her bra and underwear on. He wasnt trying to aim for it. Kenny wanted to miss on purpose so he could give her an extra whipping. He was impressed with himself. Even when hes not trying, he can still aim perfectly.

       Oh well…therell be plenty of whippings to come in the future…

       When the pain went away, Leah looked down and finally realized what Kenny had done. She was half naked! All she had left on was her bra and underwear! Leah also saw red marks on her chest that was from the whipping. She looked away with her eyes closed, fighting back her tears.

       Kenny was still taking in every precious moment. He was definitely going to watch the footage the next day.

       “Any last words as a human being, cunt?” Kenny asked.

       Leah opened her eyes and gave him the familiar death stare. She was still trembling with fear and the cold sweat.

       “Fuck you…”

       “What was that? Sorry, cant hear you when youre shaking like that”

       “FUCK….YOU!!!” Leah yelled. “FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!!!”

       “Thats what I thought.”

       With that, Kenny whipped away the remaining articles of clothing. Leah yelled in anger from every blow. He whipped her three more times in order to whip away everything off, leaving her completely naked.

       She couldnt bring herself to look down. Leah didnt want to believe that she was hanging there naked in front of a very disturbed individual. She mustered up all the will power she had to keep from losing it. Leah stared at Kenny with rage, trying to fight back more tears.

       Kenny looked at her entire body with disgusting lust.

       Look at that body…Perfection…

       Kenny was already listing all the things he had planned for her in his mind. If it was up to him, he would do it all in one night.

       “I gotta say, cunt, you have a fucking incredible body!” Kenny said excitedly.

       He walked around behind her back. Leah only stared at the wall in front her.

       Kennys eyes lit up even further. He liked the way her ass wasnt big but it wasnt small either. It was also perfect. He grabbed her ass with both hands, squeezing them hard. Leah gave out a groan, feeling repugnance from his touch. He only mauled her ass harder.

       “Oh, man. What Im gonna do with this ass! You have no idea, bitch. You wont be the same once Im done with you. You hear me?”

       Kenny ceased his ass assault and grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled it back hard. Leah gave a yelp before she went silent again. He moved his mouth next to her ear.

       “Im sorry, I cant hear you, whore. What did you say?”

       Leah didnt say a word. She didnt want to say anything that would set him off even further. Leah wanted more than anything for him to stop.

       Kenny finally let go of Leahs hair, laughing.

       “Thats okay. In the beginning, I dont expect you to talk much. Mainly because you wont be able to. But I am curious: would you be able to say anything if your life depended on it?”

       Before Leah could figure out what that meant, she saw something coming over her head, and wrapping around her neck. Tight.

       With one quick motion, Kenny was choking Leah with the whip he used to strip off her clothes. He held it firmly, without giving any slack.

       Leahs eyes widened in terror. She wasnt expecting that, giving her very little air to breathe. She was kicking frantically from behind hoping to injure him. While most of her kicks did land on his legs, Kenny was not affected by it.

       “Say anything, and Ill stop. Go on. Say one word, and I will let you go.”

       The body of the poor girl was shaking uncontrollably. Air was desperately needed but she was getting none of it. Leahs face was turning red. She gagged out loud, trying to get air to her lungs.

       “It seems to me, you dont care if you live or die. I mean, cmon, all you have to do is say a single word, and Ill let you breathe again!”

       Leah barely heard him as her vision and hearing began to fade. Her face was now turning blue. She was slowly leaving this world. The last thing she would feel before her world fade to black, was the high amount of fear she had in the hands of Kenny.



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