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Alimony Day

Part 1

Noble Vickers fussed around nervously, wiping cabinets and dusting the living room. When Belvin came, he didn't want her to become annoyed because the place was not in good shape.

The first night that Noble had brought Belvin home after meeting her at The Hornet's Nest, a D/S dive bar just outside Buttermilk County, Belvin had tossed her amber tresses and ordered Noble's pants down.

He'd just met her a few hours before, and they'd made out a bit at the bar...he knew her proclivities but...he'd just met her! "Down, take your trousers DOWN!"

Gone were the ideas of sharing a glass of wine, perhaps giving her a  little salmon on toast...the date as an adult man had dissolved, Belvin had pulled a rather nasty balsa wood paddle from her bag, the kind you bounce a red ball on a string from, and Noble had gone over Bel's fishnet thighs...his naked penis pressing against the soft skin...

The spanking fantasy of a submissive man was nothing like the reality of having that repeated sting of the sharp wood against Noble's unfortunate bared rear, and his cheeks had undergone something out of a nightmare. Mom and Dad had been "time-out" permissive parents, and there really was some argument for that...but Belvin was something else, a force of nature.

"You keep WHACK!!! this place like WHACK!!! a shithouse, WHACK!!! I can't believe all the gunk WHACK!!!  under WHACK!!!  your fridge, WHACK!!! and there WHACK!!!  are like, WHACK!!! tumbleweeds and WHACK!!!  shit rolling WHACK!!! in front of your WHACK!!! couch. Don't WHACK!!!  wiggle, hold WHACK!!!  still! And you WHACK!!!  think this --I said WHACK!!! hold still WHACK!!!  and take your WHACK!!!  medicine!--is a place WHACK!!!  to bring a WHACK!!!  woman? The WHACK!!! arrogance!"

And Noble, all of thirty-four years old, had kicked his thighs miserably, howling and screaming, when intellectually he knew he could have just gotten up and tossed the one hundred ten pound redhead out of the house SO easily. But he was helpless, poor bastard. Noble was helpless, this on his first date, an assault from the rear, so to speak.

When she'd pulled him to his feet, he'd stared at her...the curling hair, Bel's curves as they'd melted snugly into her blue  Pleather short-skirt with the plunging neckline. Despite Noble's weeping, his penis had stuck out between his shirt-tails and Bel had snapped it with  her fire-engine red talon and it had expired, and this had given poor Noble fresh tears.

And then, the rest of the evening, he'd been forced to clean his own house, shuffling around in his britches bunched around  his ankles, while  his blazing buttock cheeks had been on full display, and when he'd forgotten to vaccuum a various corner. WHACK!

The paddle had come down again. By midnight, when Belvin had left, poor Noble had gotten no booty, but the house was quite spotless, and as he'd watched Belvin's BMW tool out of the cul-de-sac, he'd miserably pumped his bulging purple organ, kneeling on the couch with his drawers still at his ankles...thinking of her heaving bosom and the swinging paddle.

Now, Noble went over the living room carefully, making sure everything was in order. There was some comfort in the fact that Noble no longer had a five bedroom three bath house in a suburban cul-de-sac anymore...

Belvin lived there now, and Noble just had his efficiency apartment with a kitchenette, and really, that was more than enough to clean, although last month, when Belvin had come by for her alimony check, she'd noticed a glass in the sink, and she'd been so pissed off she'd suspended mousetraps from Noble's  nipples and made him stand in the corner for most of her visit.

And, worst of all, she'd refused to take off his chastity device. Not even for a frustrating tease, to say nothing of the supervised masturbation, his "wank-wank" time that was so cherished, and that he'd been waiting for, counting on for thirty miserable days of penile lockdown...and now, since he'd not gotten release, it was sixty days!

How Noble had cried that night, thirty days ago. He had had such hope of getting to cum. Cumming on Bel's monthly visits was not guaranteed, but generally, after four or five weeks of being locked up, Bel took pity and gave poor Noble some kind of release.

One time she'd refused to take off the chastity cage, but she'd stripped him down and sat on his face with her high heels on his nipples, grinding them until inadvertently, Noble had cum. Another time she'd stripped him and kicked his penis to a squirtie, and of course there was the night Belvin had cuffed Noble's wrists behind his back and let him rub his naked cock against his late mother's Oriental rug until he'd finally had an she called it.

And more than once, now and during the marriage, Bel had brought a couple of young men home... and had Noble lick her juices off their pulsating cocks. It was truly disgusting...particularly when she'd ordered Noble to dress in a wig and full makeup and heels for these events...but then she'd usually allowed him to "rub one out" before being re-locked in the belt, and it was an experience, beating off while the twentysomething stud laughed and pointed his finger.

It just seemed so unfair to keep him locked! He didn't have to give her alimony, he'd chosen to, since she already owned his house and half his business, and was fucking young men left and right...but he so loved Bel!

They'd had an eight year marriage, and a thirteen year relationship, the marriage included. Whenever Bel talked about moving to New York or San Francisco, or even leaving Buttermilk Falls for a quick trip to Europe, Noble talked her out of it, bribing her with a raise in alimony, or a tennis bracelet or something.

It was tough, of course, not being able to date during the thirty days he didn't see her. His dick was locked and he really couldn't afford his previous entertainments--hockey games, golf outings...a lot of Noble's cash went to Bel, and of course he spent a lot more on BDSM sites....a mistake? Probably.

Finally it was eight o'clock. Bel had promised she would come this week, and every night from eight to ten Noble stripped to his chastity belt and knelt in the foyer waiting for her to come in. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday had passed, no Belvin...his knees had hurt and he'd been depressed, missing his TV shows and of course his porn, and having to ignore the phone when it rang...kneeling there, almost naked for three HOURS.

But tonight Noble again undressed, knelt on the hard wooden foyer floor, with a icy martini in front of him. When the ice melted, he'd get up very briefly to refresh the drink, as he didn't want his princess to have a substandard cocktail.

The cane and the strap and a Ping-Pong paddle were sitting on the coffee table.  If Bel was in a pissy mood, she'd probably make poor Noble stick his cock out for a five whack thrashing....but after the punishment, she'd let Noble between her glorious thighs, let him lick up the used semen from her other "friends" and then bring her to repeated orgasms...before she decided whether he'd get one of his own...

The dooor opened, and Noble looked up, hopefully...

Review This Story || Author: colonel lunchmeat
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