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Alimony Day

Part 2

The door opened, and the kneeling  Noble was gratified to see Belvin enter, on her clip clop high heels...six inches, spikes, of course. Bel was wearing a short purple minidress with a zipper up the side, and her cleavage was plunging, and her breasts swelled against it.

Behind Bel came a tired looking man...oh, yes...Emmett. Emmett had originally  been one of Belvin's lovers, but somehow she'd gotten his mindset into slave mode, so Noble had gone from servicing Emmett occasionally, and licking Emmett's semen out of Bel's shaved quim, to kneeling side by side, quite often.

Emmett was holding a plastic gallon container that used to have two percent milk in it, but now was filled with a pale yellow liquid. Noble was quite accustomed to seeing urine, drinking urine, etc...this wasn't piss. It looked like Mountain Dew.

" Up, Noble, don't wear your knees out. Thanks." She took the drink that Noble had prepared from his hand, and gave him a sweet kiss on the neck. Noble's penis surged against his chastity device. God, Bel was such a beautiful girl! She was at least twenty-nine, but looked about nineteen or just blew Noble away how enchanting she was.

Belvin turned, tossing her amber curls, and her glossy lips smirked at Emmett. "Get undressed, lamebrain." She paused. Bel took the plastic gallon jug from Emmett, and held it up, wiggling it at Noble.

"You want to know what's in this bottle, Mr. Vickers? It's great stuff. This is a full gallon of pre-cum...teased out of the loser to your left."

Noble's eyes bugged. Sure, a little precum might leave a cock after an hour's teasing maybe a couple of tablespoons. But this was a big , heavy jug of it! He looked questioningly at the now naked Emmett, and then back at Belvin, who nodded, giggling.

Emmett was now standing naked, and Noble could see that Emmett's penis was already erect, and somewhat purplish. Emmett now had put his hands behind his head and was looking sort of sad.

"See, he's much better trained than you, babe." Belvin said with a snicker. "I can send him to work and back home and don't have to lock him up. "

Seeing Noble's look of disbelief, Bel went on. "I can call Emmett on his cell and order Emmett to jerk his dick for a half hour in his little personal executive bathroom...sometimes I'll give him trigger words, like "stock" "bond" "percent" "spreadsheet' and every time he reads one he has to do ten minutes of masturbation, without cumming of course."

Emmett, hands still behind his head, stared at the floor. Bel reached over and ran her long red nails up and down his stiff cock  lightly. "You like the way he keeps his hands behind his head?

When I whip your pee-pee, Noble, you have to be tied down because you scream and howl and grab your dick and run away...but not only can I let Noble out of my sight without locking him up but I can torture his penis and his nipples without him moving his hands from behind his head..."

Belvin reached into her purse and shook out a Marlboro cigarette, and let Noble light it for her. She puffed showily, and then took the cigarette and pressed it hard against Emmett's right nipple.

Belvin held the cigarette there and Emmett, tears straining down his cheeks, kept his hands behind his head, yes, with gritted teeth as the cigarette burned out on his nipple. Finally the butt extinguished itself, and Bel snapped her fingers...Emmett opened his mouth and she tossed it in, and they watched Emmett chew and swallow the butt in silence.

"Funny--Emmett's mother died of lung cancer, and he's on the board of the Buttermilk Falls American Cancer Society, but even though he's never smoked, I like to give him a little taste of what he's missing...he threw up the first few times..." Bel snorted at a memory.

"I have four sisters who are in the scene--Bronte is a submissive here in town, Brynne is a professional domme in Ohio, Breanne as you know manages the Hornet's Nest where we met...

And Briendel is a tease and denial expert...she has a whole website with a key holding service, and she taught me how to massage Emmett's dick and gather took three weeks to get this much into the jug, teasing Em four hours a day...and yeah, he cried and bitched the whole fuckin' time."

Four hours a day. Noble both envied and pitied Emmett...because Bel was such a feathery fingered teasetrix. God, Noble remembered during their marriage, how Belvin would rub Noble's cock while she watched television, before locking him up for the night

Sometimes she'd quiz Noble on the shows they'd watched, and of course Noble wasn't paying attention...and then she'd punish Noble by giving him an enema and locking him in the closet in the garage, in the winter, or in the dog kennel during the summer, naked, and trying to slap mosquitoes while crouched in the little cage. Just because he couldn't remember Walter White's wife's name, or who the new girl was on "The Bachelor."

And night after night, Noble had gone to sleep, crying himself to sleep, really, because he was so horny...waiting for the rare occasions when he was allowed to masturbate to orgasm--somehow Emmett had voluntarily become a chaste cuckold, too.

Now Belvin was stroking Emmett slowly, and giggling as his empurpled erection began dripping. Quickly, she unscrewed the cap to the milk jug and put it under Emmett's leaking organ.

"So are you ready to drink this stuff up for us, Noble, honey? That's one of your requirements to cum this week...drink down a gallon of pre-cum, and then give Emmett his relief, by blowing him! That's over a month of backed-up semen sewage for you to gulp, but after that I will unlock's been sixty days, right?"

Emmett began moaning as Bel stroked faster, and then suddenly she took her soft fingers away, and pinched the tip of his cock  between the sharp nails of thumb and forefinger and pinched hard, and Emmett gasped, and burst into tears, but his penis wilted a little.

"Believe you me, baby...Emmett has earned it. Last night I had some of my biker friends over, and I had Emmett dress up as "Emmie" in a nice poofy white dress and in full makeup-drag. This is such a good experience I thought for the captain of the Buttermilk Falls Rugby Team...I had to take him to get electrolysis to get rid of all that nasty hair!"

Emmett began sobbing silently, probably because of the humiliating memory, or maybe because he was so damn horny.

"And then I had Emmie use his mouth and his asshole to accommodate lots of dicks...I told the boys that Emmie was on the rag, so they could just pull down her panties from the back...and by midnight, Emmie was full of twenty men's semen!"

"So now, if you want to cum, Noble,'ll get to work, sippin' at the jug and then slurping Emmett's up to it?"

Review This Story || Author: colonel lunchmeat
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