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Sara the Puppy Girl

Part 15

“Good girl, Daisy” he said with an ugly smirk. The man let out a short sigh as he bent over and removed the golden padlock from the door. He opened the door wide, and beckoned Sara to exit the cage. Sara obeyed his wishes and slowly crawled from the cage, feeling wires drag behind her as they clung to her pussy clamps and butt plug. “Oh, whats wrong girl?” he asked rhetorically. “You look like you didnt sleep well.”

I didnt sleep at all, you bastard! she thought to herself. Sara was so completely exhausted. Her back ached from the difficult position she was forced to bend into, and her legs felt numb from essentially kneeling on them all night. Her breasts and buttocks were still red and throbbing from her flogging and whipping the night before, and to top it her pussy lips and asshole were on fire from the constant barrage of electric shocks throughout the night. Sara hoped only for some sort of reprieve.

The man approached her and reached behind her, removing each of the heavy metal clamps from her tender nether lips. Sara groaned and a tear came to her eye as the blood rushed back in. She grunted at the pain, and noticed from above her the man seemed to enjoy watching her writhe. She hoped he would remove the massive butt plug that was still trapped deep within her body, but he made no move to do so.

“You have ten minutes to be fed and watered, Daisy. Your time starts now.” Sara groaned as she crawled to the two wretched contraptions on the other side of the room, going around the purple towel and the black bath tub she was meant to get cleaned in the night before. Looking at it made her wish shed just kept her big mouth shut. Maybe he would have let her sleep if she had... or maybe it wouldnt have mattered.

Sara approached the watering-cock first and took the long black dildo into her mouth through the dog snout. She gagged and choked as she forced the rubber penis down her throat, just far enough to click the ring at the base. Sara choked again as a spurt of water shot down her throat. She hated drinking water like this, but who knew what the man had in store for her. Sara decided it was best to eat and drink what she could and try to keep her strength up.

Back and forth Sara rocked on her hands and knees, sucking down the big black cock just for a few ounces of water. When she felt that she had enough to become hydrated she removed herself and crawled to the feeder-cock. Once again she swallowed down the long, white penis and clicked the adjacent ring. Sara shuttered as the oozing liquid was released down her throat, prompting a harsh fit of choking and gagging. She had to fight with herself to keep the food down and not vomit all over the padded flooring. For a few minutes more Sara guzzled down what she could as she literally sucked cock for food. She was too unbelievably tired to really care at the time though, it felt almost as if she was dreaming. If she were allowed to put her head down for even just a moment she was sure shed pass right out.

“Thats ten” the man announced from behind her, referencing his cell phone from his pocket. “Come here, baby” he cooed to her as he knelt down on the mat. Unable to resist, Sara crawled to the man and beamed up at him with her glassy blue eyes. “Your hair is an absolute mess, Daisy” he said. “You definitely had a rough night” he chuckled. The man produced the hair brush from the other day and adjusted his position to loom over Sara where she held fast on all fours.

“Lets get your hair fixed up for the day, shall we?” With that the man grabbed each of the elastic bands holding her frazzled pigtails in place and pulled them away, freeing her long golden hair. The man had little difficulty in gathering each and every stray hair and pulling her hair back into a pair of neat, tight pigtails. Sara nearly moaned in pleasure as the man began to pull the brush through the pigtail on the left side of her head. Something about having her hair brushed and played with felt so unbelievably pleasant. She hated herself for having that man be the one to brush her hair, but she realized there was no hope in fighting him.

The man brushed her left pig tail for a minute and then twisted the long strand of hair around and around itself, until it was bound into a tight little ball atop her head. With a pair of elastic bands, the man wrapped her hair to confine it to the new shape. Sara was confused as to why hed done that, she didnt expect the man to be dressing her hair up differently. But she figured that it would actually make it easier to see to the left and right, and now her hair wasnt able to get into her face.

He then knelt over her and began to repeat the process with the hair on the right side, brushing it out until her hair was straight and neat. Sara closed her eyes as he brushed her long blonde hair, imagining she was home. The day dream was cut short when the man began to twist the second tail into another small, tight bun on the right side of her head. Again, the man wrapped the ball with a pair of elastic bands. Saras hair was then tied up into two tight little buns high up on her head.

“Youre going to be glad I have your hair out of the way” he told her. “At least it wont be in the way during your training.” Sara was afraid to learn what this training might involve, but her mind was too tired to even imagine what it could be. The man then produced the two big pink bows and hastily fastened them in place around the base of each ball of hair. The man then pulled from his back pocket the long pink leash that he had used on her the day before. With a click to the front of her collar he attached the leash and gave it a short tug.

“Come on, girl” the man said as he lead Sara crawling to the adjoining cellar room. The cool cement flooring in the room could be felt through the pads under her knees and even through the thick leather mittens restraining her hands. Sara suddenly remembered the horrifying experience she had the last time she was brought upstairs. The dreaded elevator that hed strapped her into and had her dragged up. As she padded along behind the big man she could only hope that he would bring her towards the staircase, and not back to that little door in the wall. Saras hopes were crushed as the man gave her leash a tug and directed her to the little door in the wall.

“You remember this from yesterday, you know what to do.” His orders went without saying, and Sara obeyed. She turned herself around so that her rear end faced the door and she remained still as the man prepared her for the short but humiliating journey. The man opened the door and pulled the four leather straps from the darkness. One by one he fastened them to the D-rings located at the base of each of her four appendages. “See you upstairs, Daisy” he said with a raspy laugh as he pressed the button on the wall. Sara heard the whirring sound again and the slack in the leather straps began to disappear. This time she tried to remain calm and not make a spectacle of herself. She just had to ride the elevator to the ground floor and wait for him to get her, that was all. She just had to remain calm.

But as the winch drew out the last of the slack and Sara began to be dragged into the dark she couldnt help but cry out in fear. With her fists bound in their leather mitts she tried her best to scrabble away from the gaping door, but her attempt was futile. She couldnt get any kind of traction with those mittens and the elevator showed no recognition of her resistance.  More and more she was dragged back into the claustrophobic chamber, and Sara felt the fear grasp her more tightly as she was swallowed up in the cool dark. Her knees were pulled from the ground first, then her leather bound hands and as was lifted up into the elevator shaft.

Sara let out a pathetic whine as she lost sight of the mans feet and the room all together.  The next thing she knew, a door was opening before her where she dangled in the elevator shaft. She let out another pathetic cry as the man appeared and reached in to grab her. With one hand on one of the straps and the other gripping her leash, Sara was pulled from the darkness. She was grateful to be out of that claustrophobic chamber, but at the same time she was dismayed to be back within the grips of her deranged kidnapper.

As he pulled her into the kitchen she got a look around.  There was very dull lighting in the room now, and everything seemed quieter and darker. A glance out the big twin glass doors revealed that it had to be incredibly early in the morning. It was still dark outside, the only hint of a coming sunrise being the bluish haze in the sky. The man quickly unclipped each of the for leather straps from Saras four limbs, then dropped them back into the shaft and closed the aluminum door, as well as the pinewood cabinet door in front of it.

Sara was glad to have that behind her now, but she was terrified to see what he had in store for her next. She was so tired and in so much pain, she knew that she couldnt handle much. The man gave the pink leash a light tug, and Sara immediately fell into step with him as he led her to the big glass doors. She braced her self for the cold of the early morning as he brought her outside into the back yard. What did he have in mind?

It was difficult to crawl along behind him, as he hadnt left much slack for her to work with. But Sara did the best she could to keep up as she plodded alone behind him with her leather-bound stumps and fists. Being on all fours for so long was really beginning to take its toll, and really made her appreciate walking upright. She promised herself that when she got out of this, if she got out of this, she would never take that for granted again.

The massive man escorted Sara around to the left outside the door, toward a wide circular sand pit. She found it strange that he would have something like it, and only wondered what it was for. He then turned around and looked down at her. Sara couldnt seem to decide if it was good to make eye contact with him, or to look down or away when he looked at her like that. He continued to stare into her, as if he was even looking inside of her. Finally the man broke out of his trance and moved behind her.

He quickly unscrewed the long, fluffy tail from its perch on her the metal protruding from her rectum. Working with both of his hands, the man then undid the straps that bordered her vagina. Feeling him work, Sara didnt couldnt tell if she like where this was going. With his left hand on her buttocks and his right on the massive anal plug trapped inside her, the man slowly eased it out of her. Sara let out a loud grunt as the widest part of the plug came closer to her exit, forcing her sphincter to widen to a terrible diameter. Finally though, the whole thing came free.

“From now on, Daisy, this is where you piss and shit” the man told her as he stood back up. “Itd be best to do your business now, girl” he added, as he took a few steps away from her. “Every day youll have only one opportunity to crap, and that would be right now... So do it now or youll have to wait until tomorrow morning for another chance, and you would be smart to lighten your load as much as possible before the day starts.”

Sara truly couldnt believe what she was hearing. He wanted her to just poop here?! Outdoors?! She wrestled with herself internally as she tried to come to terms with what hed just told her. She could certainly feel that she could poop, but it wasnt emergent. But she didnt think it would be wise to try to hold it for a whole 24 hours longer. She decided that yes, she had to do her business now... but how could she? How could she possibly give in to this sort of behavior? How could she just let him decide for her that she would be pooping outdoors on a dirt pile like a real dog?!

But there was no way to contest his will. He made the rules and that was it, she understood that. She realized that she could either poop outdoors like he wanted her to, or not do it at all... which she only guessed could actually kill her eventually. And with the plug inside her she knew she wouldnt be able to do it later on her own terms.

Giving in, Sara obeyed the mans wishes. Standing on her hands and knees, she began to push, forcing a small poop out of herself. The thing came out and plopped on the dirt below between her bound stumps, and the smell of it was wretched. The whole time she could feel his eyes on her, watching her degrade herself to the status of animal. She hated nothing more than to do what he wanted, but there truly was not choice in it for her. A tear came to her eye as she finished her business by releasing her bladder, and her urine dripped from her privates and down onto the dirt to form a dark brown puddle of mud.

Sara felt long tears streaming down her face, brought on by the humiliation and defeat. Finished with her discharge, she remained still as the man approached her once again. She could see the wide smile across his disgusting face as he reached to her behind again. Sara groaned lightly as she felt him pull something up between her butt cheeks. He was wiping her ass for her?! As she had expected though, she soon felt the man pressing something against her tight butthole once more, as he forced the plug into her. Unable to see it but able to feel, she realized that it wasnt the big metal one anymore. If she had to guess she would say it was the smaller one that hed put into her the first time.

The man then pulled the pussy straps tightly through the tender lips and butt crack, then buckled them into place with the rest of the body harness. The tail was then screwed back into place and the dog-suit was now complete once more. With a hand one her leash and the other in his pocket, the man gave her another tug. Sara promptly followed suit as he led her to whatever he had to put her through next.

It was still so dark out, and the only light came from the floodlights high up above the porch. But the light didnt reach the deep recesses of the yard where he was bringing her. As she crawled behind him she became afraid of what it could be. Then he stopped and she stopped with him. Before her was the big metal gate-like contraption in the middle of the yard. It was completely unknown to her what it could possibly be for, but Sara was certain that she wouldnt like it.

Review This Story || Author: Lokker12
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