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Sara the Puppy Girl

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Synopsis: Sara is a cute, 19 year old blonde who was living a normal life. Her broken family, distant friends, and redundant life do take a toll on her, though. It\'s nothing compared to the life she\'s thrown into when she\'s unwillingly kidnapped and forced to be the pet Puppy of Jason, a handsome, middleaged, and wealthy man. The two are at odds with eachother, as Sara attempts to resist her new master\'s will, and as he attempts to break her. Sara is forced into a horribly humiliating dog-like suit, and forced to endure terrible punishments and degrading treatments at the hands of her captor.


Chapter One:

       Sara gave a deep sigh as she rose from her seat. Class was finally out, and it was at last time that she could get back home. Thinking of home made her a little reluctant to go back at all. Life hadnt been very easy the past few months. In the last half a year her parents got divorced, her father moved out, her mother became distant, and poor Sara felt nearly abandoned by her family. After high school, her friends all went away to expensive colleges in northern Maine, or Canada, or Florida, and she was unfortunately left behind to attend Community College in the same city she grew up in. With nobody to talk to, she had become quiet and withdrawn.

       She quickly folded up her pink notebook and gathered her pens and highlighters, and packed them neatly away in her backpack. Others gave her weird looks for having so much junk for school, but she was a perfectionist when it came to her school work. She would take her notes always with black pen, and would highlight certain things with different colors. Dates were highlighted in yellow, names with orange, key terms in blues, and so on. As she and her classmates grabbed their things to go, the professor announced a quick reminder of the homework due the next class.

       As she walked down the hall she pulled her phone from her bag, hoping that maybe someone had tried to call her or had sent a text. To her dismay, all that popped up was the date and time, with the background photo of a tree on a hill. Sara frowned a little bit more, and left for the parking lot. It was a gorgeous day out, and that certainly did make her feel a bit better. It was the first day of the year when she could really notice that spring had arrived. The wind still blew her long blonde hair around, but she didnt mind one bit. It felt nice to have the breeze on her, and wished a little bit that she was wearing less layers. The day was cooler when she got up that morning, and so she just wore blue jeans with a white top and her black flat shoes. Maybe next week if the weather improved she would wear one of her sun dresses.

       Sara walked over to her little silver honda, and got in. In the drivers seat of the car, she once again pulled out her phone. No texts, no missed calls, nothing. Feeling a little more than depressed, she started the car and drove home. She lived only ten minutes away, on the far side of town. It wasnt the nicest neighborhood, but it wasnt exactly the projects either. The houses on her street were too tightly packed and needed paint, the road was full of potholes, and there was a fair amount of graffiti and litter. Those homes that did have laws only had small ones, and those were brown and dying and full of trash and holes as well.

       It wasnt anything new to her, so she just entered her home and went straight to her room. Finally home, she changed into more comfortable clothes. As she slipped her jeans down off her legs, she glanced at herself in the mirror. She had a nice figure, and was grateful that at least she still had that. Sara was proud of her body, and worked to keep herself in shape with running and the occasional dumbbell work at the gym. But at 5”2 and 112 pounds, she was certainly on the petite side. That was always a drawback, not having the long, beautiful legs of a super model. Sara grabbed a pair of grey university sweatpants, a gift from one of her friends at her Ivy League school, and pulled them up over her baby blue panties.

       Sara then pulled off her top, and removed her pink bra as well. She only had A cup breasts, so wearing a bra wasnt even necessary for her. She knew well though that if she didnt wear one she would be ridiculed, and just made a habit of it like every other girl. More than anything else she was embarrassed by her minuscule breasts. All of her friends had at least C cups, and they seemed perkier and rounder and they complimented their perfect curvy, tan bodies. It was pretty difficult spending every day being surrounded by people she wanted to be, especially when they were her closest friends.

       She grabbed a plain white V-neck shirt and pulled it over her head, and used the hair tie she kept on her wrist to pull her golden blonde hair into a tight pony tail. It was nearly 4 oclock and she was already tired from such a long day at school, and she still had a few homework assignments to complete before the next day. So Sara walked barefoot out to the small kitchen and grabbed her backpack off the table and slunk back to her room. She climbed into her bed and pulled out her homework. There was no telling when her Mom would be home, or even if she would come home that night. Since the divorce she had become more promiscuous, and went out partying more than her 19 year old daughter ever dreamed to.

       And so she sat up in her bed staring at an open book, reading and filling out papers and taking notes. Sara was lonely to say the least. Her Dad at been out of contact, and she wondered if he would let her move in with him. Maybe he would be more around more than her Mom was. But hed moved out of state. Even if he did want her to live with him, she wouldnt be able to until the semester was through.

       Several hours passed, and the sun went down. Sara glanced at the round white clock on her wall, letting her know it was 8 oclock. She felt like she should eat, but she had no motivation to cook and wasnt about to have junk for dinner. She wasnt that hungry anyways. Instead, she pushed her books over to the other side of the bed and slipped down under the covers. She pulled the hair tie from her ponytail and let her hair fall messily around her shoulders, then turned out her bed side lamp. She hummed a soft little melody to herself as she rested her head down on her pillow. Poor, lonely Sara; the gorgeous young girl with no friends, nobody to talk to fell gently to sleep.


Chapter Two:

       Sara awoke softly, to something she wasnt yet aware of. She could hear someone in the house, or maybe that was outside? Not really knowing what had woken her up, she listened carefully. Maybe her mother was home, but then she would have heard her open the front door. Years ago her Dad had put a strap covered in bells in front of the door, as a signal in case someone broke in. Surely she would have heard that. Without moving a muscle, holding her breath for a few seconds, she strained to hear movement. There were steps down the hall, slow steps... heavy steps. Her breath got heavier as she came to realize there was an intruder. Perhaps it was just a burglar, and hopefully he didnt know she was home.

       The steps were coming closer to the end of the hall, she could hear light squeaking of rubber soles on the hard wood floors. Quickly, Sara pulled the covers off of herself and stood in the center of the room. She could hear the steps louder now, and  could barely see anything in the darkness. Where was her phone? She had to call for help. She couldnt think straight, who would be in her house? What time was it? It was too dark in the room to even see the clock. Where was her phone? She fumbled through the papers and books and the messy blanket on her bed, looking desperately to find her phone. Sara could hear the steps getting closer, and then they suddenly stopped.

       She paused, or rather froze in place. Her breath was coming so fast, and her heart was in her throat. Suddenly the door knob twisted and the door swung open. With incredible speed, a large shadow entered the room and charged straight at her. Poor Sara barely had a second to scream, all she got out was a short, high pitched screech. Within an instant of her opening her mouth, a massive and strong hand spread over her lips and clamped down tightly on her whole face beneath the nose. Her scream died into a barely audible whine as he continued to push her back, his hand gripping her face like a vice.

       The dark figure drove her backwards until the backs of her legs knocked into the edge of her bed, and then kept pushing until she fell back. The figure was massive and towered over her, it was clearly a man. He must have been at least six feet tall, and two hundred pounds. As Sara fell back onto the bed, the man followed her, and climbed over her small form and continued to press his hand painfully over her mouth. The poor young woman screamed helplessly and used both of her small hands to wrestle with this mans wrist. His forearm was so massive that her hands looked pathetic in comparison. Tears began to flood her eyes as the worst fears came to mind. This man was gigantic and violent, so she was certain that this would end badly.

       The man pulled himself up over her, and kneeled on the bed above her. Keeping his right hand pressed tightly over her whining mouth, he used his left to fish for her wrists. She screamed desperately into his hand as he gripped her right wrist roughly, and then dragged it over to her left wrist. Still keeping her right arm in his control, he moved his forefinger and thumb out and took control of her left wrist as well. Then he pulled both of her arms up, over her head where he pinned them to the bed.

       He looked down at this pathetic, desperate little creature squirming beneath him in the dark. The man could feel her tears now as they dripped down her cheeks and came in contact with his hand. It was glorious. She was his.

       “Shut the fuck up” he ordered. But she continued to scream into his hand, desperate for someone to come save her. Saras hands flexed and her fingers fumbled about, his one hand bigger than both of hers combined. She continued to wriggle around between his legs, and she was even trying to use her legs to pull herself out underneath him. Her screaming was a high pitched, but quiet little whine. Nobody would hear it, even if they were in the same house.

       “I said shut the fuck up, you little cunt” he said, now with more aggression in his voice. Her screaming stopped, but now she was trying to speak to him, probably to beg him to leave her alone. He wasnt having any of that. With his hand over her mouth, he slipped his thumb and forefinger up and pinched them shut over her little upturn nose. Within seconds her struggles reached a new level of ferocity. “I said quiet didnt I?” he asked her. Saras legs kicked and flailed, and she tried to twist her whole body in an attempt to wretch her hands out of his grip. She wasnt going anywhere. The man waited a few seconds and then released her nostrils, granting her a short reprieve. The small young lady let out a soft whine as she took in as much air as she possibly could. Was this man going to kill her!? “Didnt I tell you to shut the fuck up?” he asked again. “Dont worry, youre gonna learn how to be an obedient little girl... One way or another.” With that, his fingers clamped down on her nose again.

       Saras struggles continued again, as she was denied any air. The man held her like that for fifteen seconds this time, and she began to make choking noises into his hand as she tried to get oxygen. Again, he released her nostrils and she was allowed breathe for a few seconds. The poor girl continued to make whining noises and the man could feel his right hand was getting wet from the girls tears. After giving her a good ten seconds to get some air, the man clamped down on her nose again. Every time he denied her air, she let out that beautiful high pitched squeal. It was delightful.

       Over and over again, the giant figure would clamp down on the girls nose and deny her getting any air. Sometimes he waited longer than others, but he would always let go and let her breathe again. Poor Sara continued to squirm and squeal and carry on as the man forcefully played with her ability to breathe. All the while he wouldnt speak to her, just leaving her with his last gruff words: “youre gonna learn how to be an obedient little girl... One way or another.” After a good ten minutes though, the man got bored of this and decided it was enough. Her screaming and crying had died down to mere whimpers as she became more and more exhausted. He decided hed broken her down enough for now.

       “Are you going to behave now?” he asked, with a softer tone of voice this time.

       “Mmmhmm...” was her only reply. He loved how soft her little whimper was, shed accepted that he was in complete control. Now it was time to enforce it.

       “You keep your hands exactly where they are now. If you move them even a fucking inch, we can play this game some more.” With that he pulled his left hand off of her skinny wrists and dug into a pocket somewhere, she couldnt see. Sara continued to cry and make her pathetic little muling sounds, but she obeyed and kept her hands pressed tightly together and against the bed. The mans hand suddenly reappeared with something hidden in it, what it was she couldnt tell.

       “Keep your hands right where they are. Got it?”

       “Mhmm” she replied, this time more loudly.

       “Open your mouth” he ordered, and he pulled his right hand off her face and quickly moved it up to cover her free wrists. Sara was terrified. She was given an instant with nothing covering her mouth, she could give one quick scream and hope for help. But she didnt have enough time to calculate her chances, and quickly opened her mouth instead. She didnt scream, and accepted the big round ball that the man then crammed between her teeth. Sara let out a long, pained growl as the ball was pressed into her mouth. It was way to big and tasted of rubber. It barely fit between her front teeth, but the man continued to press it into her face until it popped into her jaws. It was so big that she didnt think she would be able to push it out herself if she wanted to, at least not with any ease. “Thats a good girl” said the man, like he was talking to a dog. That really worried her.

       Sara felt a couple of loose strands attached to the ball, but couldnt grasp what they might be for. With his right hand still gripping her wrists, the man swept his left hand under her small waist and flipped the girl over so that she was on her belly. With her hands in front of her like this, she couldnt do anything to stop him. His left hand gently cupped her throat and chin, and brought her head back. The he took hold of the straps falling from the left and right of the ball and pulled them back, thus pulling the ball even deeper into the small girls mouth. She let out another long and pathetic growl as the man fumbled in the dark to buckle the strap behind her head. Her hair was trapped awkwardly around the nape of her head. Saras hands twitched as she clutched them close to her chest where she lay beneath this hulking figure.

       “Good job, Girl” the man said. “Theres one more strap, roll over.” This time Sara was more hesitant to obey, but it didnt matter. The man just grabbed her around the shoulder with one hand, and around her waist with the other and forced her over onto her back. “Do we need to play another game, Girl?” he asked her. Sara quickly shook her head no, and immediately lifted her hands and placed them above her head. She couldnt tell in the dark, but she was sure the man was smiling at that.

       His hands then went back up to the contraption he had strapped to her head and she felt him find another pair of straps. These ones he pulled under her chin and tighten lightly, forcing her to bite a little bit harder into the ball. It hurt her jaw a little now to be forced to bite this hard on something so big, and she let out another pathetic whimper as he tightened it just a little bit more. Now she saw the full design of this thing. She could make a little bit of noise, but it would be impossible to make any intelligible words with this thing.

       “Do you like your ball, Girl?” he asked her, to which she had no reply. Why was he talking to her like that? It scared her even more now that he kept using that tone. “Roll over” he demanded again. This time she was compliant, and slowly rolled back onto her stomach with him kneeling over her, dominating her. She could hear him behind her, messing around with... something. He was definitely digging through his pockets again. “Head up, Girl” he demanded, and she complied. Next she felt him pull a thick blind fold over the top of her face. It was a wide leather piece, which surprisingly fit like glasses or something. The elastic band fitted it snugly to her head, and it hugged face so that she could now see even less than she did before. “Good Girl.”

       Sara let out a whimper and a cough behind her gag. Hed taken her voice and her vision, and it was clear now that this was even more serious than even she thought. Never before had she made so many silent prayers. Again, she heard the man fumbling for something in his pockets. Oh God what now? “Stay right where you are” he ordered, and she obeyed as he climbed off the bed. She could hear him walk around her bedroom. The man went and looked out each of the two windows to her room, and he didnt make any noise for a while as he ensured he was still undetected by the neighbors. Then he walked back to the bed, and switched on the light. Sara heard the lamp click on, but no light came to her. She was left alone in the dark, with this man now standing over her.


Chapter Three

       “Gimme your hands, Girly.” The fear had taken hold now, there was no way to resist. Even if she could scream, or bite, or see her attacker, there was no chance of her escaping. She realized that. Slowly, Sara pulled her hands away from her chest and placed them where he could take control of them. He grabbed both of her arms and placed her left arm horizontal on her mid-back. Then he put all of his attention on he right arm. “Make a fist, Girl.” She made a fist, and he pulled a sort of leather bag over her whole hand. It fit snugly, and forced her to keep her hand in a fist, but he wasnt done yet. Next he produced a wide leather strap, and buckled it tightly around her wrist. The leather cuff kept the tight little bag in place, and the two combined effectively made her hand and fingers impossible to use. Really all she had now was a leather clad stump.

       The man then replaced her left arm with her right, and produced another leather bag. “Fist. Now.” As he slipped the second bag over he second hand, the poor girl began to wail into her gag. It actually caught the man off guard a bit. She didnt try to fight him or squirm, she just screamed and cried, with her head resting on the bed. He quickly finished the process of locking away her second useless leather stump. and then pulled out another pair of leather cuffs. These ones he buckled around her upper arms, just above the elbows. He almost felt bad for the poor thing as he brought up her left wrist cuff and locked it securely to her right elbow cuff. Her crying continued as he then brought her right wrist up, crossed it with the left arm, and then buckled to its opposite elbow.

       Now that she was very much restrained, the man decided it was fair to take a closer look at his prize. With one strong hand on each of her arms, he pulled her up onto her feet and backed her up to the center of the room. Her breathing was heavy, and her pathetic sobs excited him more than ever. He took a step back to sit at the edge of the bed and removed his jacket, then laid it down on the bed. Sara stood awkwardly in the center of her own bedroom, not knowing where the man was and terrified of what he would do next.

       “Come here, Girl” she heard him say. “Follow my voice, Baby.” Baby? This man must have been some sort of a lunatic, she thought. But what could she do? She continued to pray to God for the Police or her mom, or maybe her Dad would suddenly come through the door. Despite her wishes to be free, she had to accept this nut-jobs authority. Sara slowly crept over to the sound of his voice. It was only three small steps before she felt him grab her around her waist, which emitted a sharp and unpleasant grunt from her lips. He pulled her in close to her and lifted her shirt up, resulting in even more unhappy tones from her pouty little lips. He could see drool just starting to spill out and drip down her beautiful little chin.

       Then the man grabbed the corner of her sweats, and quickly yanked them down with one hand. Her cute baby blue panties were revealed, and he smirked at the little bow on the front of them. “Look at you and your little bow. Do you like bows, Girl?” he asked her. Sara had no reply she just squirmed around in his hands, now desperate just to have him stop touching her. “Dont you worry Girl, were not going any farther than this.” He then grabbed her even tighter around her waist and pulled her right up to him. She could hear his breath, heavy with excitement. The man pushed her butt back to his bent right knee and forced her up onto it. The poor girl kept her knees locked together as tightly as she possibly could, terrified of what this sadistic loon would try to do next. But his attention moved upward as he slipped his left hand slowly up her shirt. Sara let out a loud grunt of disapproval, but it did nothing to deter his actions. His hand rubbed her soft, creamy skin all the way up until it came in contact with her small right breast. His hand cupped her boob lightly, then gave it a few tender squeezes. “You know you have pretty pathetic tits for a grown woman” he told her. She was secretly hoping he would decide he didnt like her breasts so much that he would just pack up and leave. “Theyll have to do.”

       His thumb and forefinger then began to slowly rub her little nipple, gently stimulating her. At first she made quiet but audible protests, but after a minute they ceased. What replaced them were beautiful moans of unwanted pleasure. The man continued to play with her nipple, and watched as her demeanor changed. Her muscles loosened slowly, and her knees even managed to begin to drift apart a little bit. As he continued, her moans became louder and her head lulled back a tiny bit more every minute.

       Then suddenly the man stopped, and pulled his hand from her shirt. Sara was left utterly confused. How the hell could she submit to that? What was wrong with her?

His left arm then slipped under her legs and he stood, turned and sat her down at the edge of the bed. Next, she heard him fumbling for through something to her side. Next thing she knew, the man was down at her feet buckling another set of leather cuffs around her ankles. Again she prayed, this time that he was done with the restraints. What else could he possibly have to lock up? And then he began to buckle another pair of leather cuffs around her thighs.

       “Stand up, Girl” he demanded, and she obeyed him. “Turn around” and she did. Then suddenly she felt his hands grab her around the waste and under her buttocks as he lifted her up onto the bed. She gave another sharp grunt as she was laid down so forcefully, and another when he pushed her cuffed ankles down to meet with the backs of her thighs. There were two quiet little clicks, and then they were trapped there.


Chapter Four

       “Ok listen up, Girl. I need you to stay here like the good Girl that you are, and Ill be back in a few to pick you up. Ok?” With that Sara erupted into a ferocious tantrum like nobody had ever seen before. He was going to take her with him!? He was kidnapping her! Who the fuck was he? Why was he doing this? She just wanted to be left alone!

       Sara thrashed in every way that she could. Here strapped up arms twitched and flexed in a pathetic attempt to break out of the leather cuffs. She tried to bring her frog-tied legs up to her chest, and her feet flicked about ridiculously. Her screams and cries reached a new volume and pitch, and between them she tried to ask questions and beg for her freedom. Her skinny torso twisted and bent in all ways she could manage, but all she accomplished was getting herself tipped on her side for a few seconds. The man just stood in the room watching his delicious little prize as she squirmed and squealed, hopelessly trapped.

       “Hahaha Ok, Girl. Ill tell you what. If you get free by the time I get back, Ill just let you go. And youll never see or hear from me again. Does that sound like a deal?” Sara had no reply for that, not that he would have understood it if she did. “Alright, well I should be back in twenty minutes. If youre free when i get back, you stay free. See you soon Baby Girl.” Sara lay in a frozen state on her bed, listening in the dark as the man walked over and turned out her light, then walked out the door. “Remember. Twenty minutes. After that, youre mine.” With that, he closed the door.

       Those words rang in her head over and over again, it was like a punch to the face. Youre mine, youre mine, youre mine. Oh fuck, she had to get loose! Now! Sara began to squirm with every muscle in her body. For a minute or two, she just twisted around on the bed. All she succeeded in doing was exhausting herself. After giving herself a second to breathe, she decided to focus on getting her arms free. She pulled with all of her strength, trying to pry one arm from the other, but the metal holding the leather straps together was too much. She continued to try a little longer. How long had it been? Five minutes? Ten? Between the adrenaline and the fear she felt like it had been an hour.

       Getting her arms free was hopeless. How could she get out? What if she got her legs free, then she could find a way out of the room and try to get outside. That seemed like as good a shot as freeing her arms, but she decided to give it a go anyways. So Sara then fought against the straps around her legs with all of her might. Maybe she didnt have to get all the way free. Maybe if she just broke one lock it would count and he would have to release her! For several minutes Sara pulled as hard as she could, trying to free herself from this bondage. It was hopeless. Oh God how much time did she have left? It felt like shed been like this for so long.

       Her arms wouldnt come free, nor would her legs. The ball would be impossible to remove without the help of her hands or her captors. Loosing the blindfold would do much good, especially since the lights were now off, anyways. Sara finally succumbed to the superiority of her bonds, there was no escape. The only real shot she had left was to scream for help, but she was sure nobody would hear her. She took a deep breath in through her nose, and then let out the loudest, longest scream that she could muster. After a few seconds, she regained her composure and got her breath back and screamed again. Maybe if she screamed in a higher pitch people could hear it better? She gave it a shot. Poor Sara tried everything, until she was so out of breath that her screams were nothing short of raspy growls pouring from her drooling mouth. And then the door opened...

       She hadnt even heard him in the house this time. But it was him, alright. The man walked over to the bed and turned the light back on, then took a seat beside his beautiful prize.

       “Looks like you lose, Princess. Sorry bout that.” She let her head plop back down on the bed, facing away from him as she began to cry once again. “Sorry babe, but its time to go.” With that the man slipped his hands under her body and lifted her up. “Say goodbye to your nice things.” Sara squirmed with renewed strength, in one last desperate attempt to be free. But the man was too strong. No amount of twisting would get her away from him, and he was free to do with her as he pleased.

       The man walked her down the hall, and into the kitchen. “In you go” he said as he lifted her up and then lowered her down into something. What was happening, she wondered. He had just dropped her down into a massive black luggage suitcase.

       “Now when you wake up, well be home.” With that he forced a rag to her face, and the chloroform within it quickly rendered her unconscious. He turned her head so that she was facing the left with her head resting gently on the cases built-in pillow. Behind her head was a small oxygen tank, strapped securely to the side of the case. From it, ran a clear tube which ended with an respiratory mask. The man gently lifted the girls head and slipped the mask over her nose and her gagged mouth, then he carefully rested her back on the pillow. He double checked and even listened to ensure that the oxygen was flowing at the correct rate.

       He took a moment to watch her sleep, she was far more peaceful like this. Her breathing was still heavy from her ordeal, but it would slow down in a few minutes. The man placed his hand on his prizes beautiful head and stroked her soft golden hair, despite it being messy and trapped under the straps of her gag and blindfold. The man took a mental picture for the ride home, then sealed up his new little pet.

       The massive man lifted the suitcase, grabbed hold of the handle, and wheeled it right out the front door. He walked about 100 yards to his SUV, and loaded his suitcase into the back. He then returned to the house to quickly cover his tracks. With any luck, this girls parents would just think she ran away. He then went back to her bedroom and collected a few of her things. Her makeup, the one big brown teddy bear that was crammed into the corner of her bed, and a few pieces of jewelry. He was careful not to touch anything else in the room, and then wiped clean all of the surfaces hed touched. Then, he left as if he was leaving his own home.


Chapter Five

       Jason slung the brown leather messenger bag over his shoulder as he walked down the road. It was sort of a creepy neighborhood. Hed seen it a bit in the past few weeks but it always had that erie vibe at night. At least in the day time youd see a person occasionally, but at night everyone just went indoors, locked up, closed their shades, and that was that. He was fine with that though, since there was nobody to question his being there. Hell, he was one hundred percent confident that nobody even realized he was there, which would obviously work out for him in the end. He walked down the road a little ways to his black SUV, marked with New Hampshire plates for the time being.

       He climbed into the drivers seat and started the engine. Before leaving to go anywhere, he turned on his police scanner and checked for any alarming broadcasts. After a good ten minutes it was clear that nobody had reported anything in the area, so he decided it was time to go. He certainly didnt want to hear a call for a suspicious black SUV or anything. So Jason turned on the radio and put the heat on low, and headed for the highway.

       Once on the highway, he allowed himself to relax a little more and did his best to stay around five miles over the speed limit. For a few hours he drove listening to the radio and paying close attention to his radar detector. It was three in the morning when he started driving, and seeing as it was a tuesday night there werent many police around. He was glad he didnt attempt this over the weekend, otherwise he was sure there would have been plenty of cops and sobriety checkpoints through the city and maybe more on the highway too.

       He headed west opposed to north, and stopped only once to switch out his plates for Pennsylvania state license plates and to replace some stickers on his windows with some new ones. Not only that, but he also removed a fake CB radio antenna, some fake rust damage above the wheels, switched out his hubcaps, and even removed  layer of that garbage stick-on window tinting from his rear windows.  He was willing to put in the extra work to cover his tracks. Around six in the morning more and more cars began to appear, and among them were more police. Jason wasnt too worried though, he was confident that he had done sufficient work to cover his tracks. He had a good alibi in place, and there was no reason for him to have been so far east. Even if his car was picked up on security cameras or was noticed by some passerby, it wouldnt be suspected to be his.

       Around eight in the morning he finally crossed into his home town and decided to stop for gas. He knew that that the chloroform must have worn off a while ago, but his pet was likely still knocked out. It was morning now though, so she would probably be up soon if she wasnt already awake. Jason filled up his tank quickly and then headed the last ten miles or so to his house.

       He lived in a nice big house on the far side of town. There werent many houses out here, since it was such a hilly area. Mostly it was just farms. Since the hills were too steep for contractors to get building permits, the farms used the cheap land for grazing cattle. Thats exactly how Jason provided for himself. Hed started a business as a landscaper ten years ago, and once that took off he started a plowing business as well. Two years ago hed decided to get into the farming business, and thats how he got ownership of three nice farms right there in his home town.

       Jason pulled up over the last big hill and drove through the front gate to hit drive way. It wasnt anything too special, just a black cast iron gate with some simple red-brick pillars. Through the tree line surrounding his home he had an eight foot tall wire fence to keep intruders and stray cattle or coyotes off his lawn. As he drove up to the garage door he clicked the remote and the door opened up. Once he was parked inside, the door closed behind him. Here we go, Pet” he thought to himself. Jason was very excited to get started.

       He went to the hatch at the back of the SUV and pulled out his luggage, then wheeled it over to the steps leading indoors to the kitchen. Should he take her out now? No, dont let her see this part of the house. Keep it a mystery. So he lifted the bag up and lugged it into the kitchen where he set it back down on the nice wood floor. He couldnt hear any noise coming from the luggage, and he hoped to himself that his Pet wasnt hurt or worse in there. He wheeled the case over to the basement door, unlocked the deadbolt and carried the case down into the dark.

       Jason had to duck a tiny bit underneath a beam as he turned off the staircase. The floor was solid cement now in this room. It looked like just a regular half-finished basement with the wood beam walls standing with no plaster, and the insulation laid into the walls with nothing covering them. In the corner there was a pair of workbenches laden with tools, and an island work table between them. On the opposite walls lay a pair of rolled up carpets with several five-pound buckets of floor sealer stacked beside them. Jason wheeled the luggage over to a white wooden door on the far side of the room and brought entered.

       This room would have been quite a shock to anyone who entered, especially after seeing what the rest of the basement looked like. The cement floor was gone, and what replaced it was a thick layer of padding like what gymnasiums use. The padding covered the floor in alternating colors of red and blue. The walls of the room also had this padding covering the first four feet from the ground, except that on one side there was a wide mirror at knee height built within the padding. That mirror was covered with a protective clear plastic window which was flush with the padding.

       In the corner there was a big plastic childrens toy chest colored in pink and purple with some stars and hears engraved in the sides. Up high there were also a number of plain metal cabinets built into the wall, and all along the pink plastered walls and white sealing there were hooks and rings attached. At the opposite wall there was a medium sized pink dog crate, and beside it was a slightly larger navy-blue dog bed. Jason pulled the luggage into the center of the room and then laid it down on its side. Finally he had her home, and finally they could get started...


Chapter Six

       Jason left the luggage where it was and quickly ran back upstairs to get a few needed tools. Just a few measuring tapes and tools, along with something to take notes with. He returned to the erie room in the basement and knelt beside his luggage, then open it up. Gazing down at her beautiful, petite body gave Jason and instant erection. He wanted her so badly, but decided it was best to just get this done. She was breathing too regularly and too calmly to be awake yet, but he decided that shed slept for long enough.

       Slipping his hands under her legs and stomach, Jason gently pulled her from the luggage and then placed her face down on the padded floor. With a key from his pocket he began to unlock the cuffs from one another, but decided that he would still keep them on her. Her arms seemed a little bit stiff and he was sure they would hurt when she woke up, but figured it would be nothing compared to the pain in her jaw. She was a rather small young lady, but he decided to use a 1.75 inch ballgag on her anyways. This little blonde cunt was so unbelievably adorable with her lips sealed around that ball, drooling all over her chin and cheeks.

       He grabbed the measuring tape and began to take some general measurements of her arms and legs, then different areas of her torso and buttocks. Next he moved on and took notes for her neck and the shape of her head and face, even snapping a few pictures of her to go with the writing. He figured that with the ball in place, he would get a better measurement. Once that was done he used a specific tool to take measurements of her two dainty feet. Womans size 6, damn thats small he thought. Finally he jotted down a few last notes and then put the tools away in one of the metal cabinets for later. When he returned he had a small blue gym bag.

       “Wake up, girl” he said as he approached her delicate form on the floor. He placed the bag a few feet away and then reached down to her face. With a quick move he removed her blindfold, to reveal that she was indeed asleep. She looked so peaceful laying snoozing. It drove him crazy seeing her there in her white tee and blue panties and bare feet, but with all those leather straps and that massive black ball crammed between her lips. Her ass was the perfect shape; it was nice and tight but also perfectly round as well. This slut sure lacked where her tits counted, but she made up for it with that ass.

       Jason grabbed her around her waste and rolled her onto her back, lifting himself to straddle over her as he did. With his left hand he held her head straight so that she was facing straight up at him, then he slid his other hand up her shirt. Suddenly her eyes snapped open and she let out a hard grunt as his fingers pinched hard on her left nipple. The girls leather-clad hands came up to push against him as the sharp pain took control of her. Jason didnt release her tender little nip for about twenty seconds, watching as this girl fought with complete futility to get the pain to stop. Her wailing into the gag just excited him even more and he allowed himself a small grin as the tears began to come back to her eyes. It was the first time he saw her eyes, and they were beautiful. The girl had big, ocean blue eyes that begged for mercy in the most perfect way. Her eyes were becoming glassy as the terror took her, and they were full of dismay and helplessness.

       Finally Jason released her little nipple and removed his hand from its hiding place in her shirt.

       “Alright Girl, its time to get you dressed up” he told her. His voice was stern but not necessarily mean. “You behave yourself and do as your Master tells you, yhear?” He loved putting the fear into her, it was like a drug. This pathetic girl beneath him was completely at his mercy, and he intended to give none. At least not for a while; not until she earned it. The girl gave a soft whimper of affirmation and nodded. Her golden blonde hair became even more mussed up as she rubbed the back of her head on the rubber padding.

       “Lift your arms over you head” he ordered. “Shirts comin off, bitch.” With that he pulled her thin white tee shirt up and over her head. “Good Girl” he cooed to her, softly. Jason had a gruff voice, but he did try to be a little reassuring. He realized that it was important to teach her early on that good behavior earned better treatment. “Now Im going to remove these cuffs from your arms, Girl” he continued. “No scratching.” And so Jason grabbed her left arm and with one hand removed both buckling straps, then slipped the leather bag off of her bunched up hand. “You can flex your fingers a little if you want, but theyre not going to be free for very long. Theyre going back like that soon, alright Girl?” The girl gave a little sniffle as she fought back her tears, but obliged to take the opportunity to move her fingers around. They were pretty stiff and it hurt a little to move them but she was scared what would happen if she refused the offer.

       Jason then released her left arm and grabbed a hold of her right, repeating the process to free her from these temporary bonds. “I know youre not going to like this part, but you better fucking behave yourself Girl.” Still straddling the tiny woman, Jason reached over and grabbed the small blue gym bag. It didnt look scary, but he knew that if she saw everything in there at once she might have a complete panic attack.

       The first thing he fished out was one long black sleeve. He held it up over her and let her get a quick look at it, studying her reaction to it. Her eyes travelled from one end with the opening, down to the other end which had no opening at all. She squinted a little and pulled her arms in a little closer to her chest. The girl was clearly frightened of this new piece of gear, and of what could possibly follow it. Jason reached out and violently pulled her left arm upward to where he needed it.

       “Keep it there. And make a fist.” The blonde girl again formed her hand into a tight fist. “No, no. This time I want your thumb under your fingers, Girl. Wrap your fingers over your thumb.” The girl did as she was told, and looked on in horror as the Jason began to dress her. He bunched up the sleeve so that the bulbous end could fit snugly over her little fist, and then began to roll the sleeve upward until it covered her arm all the way up to her shoulder. The girl gave a soft mewling noise as the rubber sleeve hugged her arm. Jason released her temporarily and allowed her to inspect it closer with her other hand. She brought it down closer to her face and looked at it closely, then glanced back up at him with her gorgeous blue eyes.

       “Were not done with that yet, Doll.” Jason pulled her rubber arm back up and produced two new leather cuffs. The first one was wide, about three inches. That one he fastened around her wrist. The black leather cuff was really more like a gauntlet, since it covered so much of her forearm. Once the gauntlet was fitted tightly, Jason produced the second leather cuff. This one was only about two inches wide, and fit at the other end of the sleeve near the girls elbow. The sleeve had a short lip around its opening, making it near impossible for someone to pull the sleeve down and under the cuff. With the blonde girls left arm nicely confined, he turned his focus to her right.

       As he bunched the bulb of latex over her second fist, she began to make noise behind her gag. “mmmmbmm mmmphmm” she mewled. “hhumpphh.” The girl was attempting to speak to him, probably to beg for mercy or release. Jason had no interest in listening to her carry on, so he just ignored her pleas as he worked. With her right arm now encased in the same black rubber as her left, Jason grabbed the second pair of cuffs and quickly put them in place on her right arm.

       The next thing Jason did was flip her back onto her stomach, and pull her rubbery arms behind her back. He pulled a carabiner from his pocket and ran it through the shiny metal loops on each of her gauntlets, confining them behind her. With her arms completely taken care of, Jason rolled her back over. The girl winced and huffed through her gag as her body weight on her arms strained her shoulders. Jason took a few seconds to rub his hand down between her breasts and coast down her smooth belly to her panty line. He grabbed hold of her baby blue panties and slowly pulled them downward. Now, the poor girl was putting up a little bit of a fight. The idea of being completely naked in front of him was obviously very upsetting to her. She kicked her legs around and tried to scoot backwards and away from him, howling through the gag all the while. But Jason didnt care what she wanted, she was his pet and she would be kept the way he wanted her.

       So he grabbed her with both hands and pulled her in closer, so that he was now closer to her legs. He got himself positioned so that he could continue his work and get her legs dressed properly. Using one knee, he trapped her where she lay. The look of terror on her face was unforgettable when he pulled a third black rubber sleeve from the gym bag. This one was significantly bigger than the other two. He took hold of her left ankle and pulled it to where he needed it.

       “Stop fussing around you little cunt puppy. This is going on you one way or the other, and I promise you wouldnt like the other.” This time the threat didnt shut her down the way it did before, she knew very well that this would only get worse. What if she was never this free again? The girl continued to kick around and scream through her gag, desperate for any chance to escape Jason. Feelings of guilt started to get to him, but it was too late to turn back. She was his pet, and she would learn in time.

       With more force than he intended, Jason rolled the girl over onto her stomach. He placed one knee to pin her legs to the floor, and one hand to pin her upper body where she lay. With his other hand, he wound up and came down hard on her right ass cheek. The smacking sound rang loudly, and she let out a short yelp of pain. But Jason was going to teach her a lesson.

       “You do as youre told, Bitch, or you get whats comin to you.” His hand came down again, this time on her left cheek. He wound up again and smacked her right cheek again, then her left. Her beautifully round ass was as white as the ceiling paint, but with every smack it grew pinker and pinker. Jason rose his hand over and over again, delivering one blow after the other to her defenseless buttocks. Her screams erupted with each attack, sending chills through his entire body. There was a well defined hand print left behind after each impact, and the power he felt was incredible. Jason gave her ten spanks to each cheek, and he didnt hold back on a single one. By the end of her punishment, her ass was glowing red and swollen. “You deserved that, Bitch” he told her with heavy breath. “Now I am going to finish dressing you, and you are going to be as quiet as a fucking mouse.”

       He didnt even give her a chance to confirm her submission, he just rolled her back over and picked up the rubber stocking and grabbed hold of her ankle again. The girl just lay there, crying deeply into her gag. Her ass was absolutely on fire, and Jason knew it. He didnt care though, she had to learn her lesson. He bunched up the rubber stocking and fitted it over her small foot, then rolled it slowly up her leg until it ended a few inches short of her privates. She just stared up at the ceiling and cried as he worked. With the stocking in place, he lifted her leg higher and bent it at the knee. Jason produced one massive leather belt from the bag, and wrapped it around both her upper thigh and her lower shin and then tightened it as strictly as he could. The girls leg was now folded in half and locked in that position.

       Without missing a beat, Jason grabbed the last rubber sleeve and worked quickly and angrily to get it fitted over the girls last remaining limb. The stocking went on more easily than the last one, and he glared down at her as he worked. With that done, he reached over and grabbed the second wide strap. The girl didnt resist in the slightest bit when he bent her knee, which made him feel a little bit better. It would all be better once she adjusted. He just had to keep breaking her down when the fought back, and she would learn. Jason pulled the strap around her leg and buckled it up as tightly as the first one. The small blonde girls legs were now nothing more than a pair of stumps.

       “Now you can stand up, Puppy” he told her. She looked up at him with a mixture of fear and total confusion. What did he mean by stand up? She couldnt stand like this. The look in her eyes said it all. Jason figured hed need to show her so he rolled her back over and removed the carabiner holding her arms behind her. With her arms free to at least move around, she shot him a look. Yes, she got it now.

       Jason stood up and stared down at her, waiting for her to stand. The girl just lay there and met his gaze, not wanting to give in to what he was demanding of her. But the pain in her ass still burned and she was afraid of another spanking. Slowly she pulled her hands... or rather her stumps in front of her. She twisted around and pulled herself up onto all fours, and she remained quiet. The humiliation she was feeling just reached a new level. She wasnt even a captive human to him and she knew it. She was nothing more than a dog. Her pale face became flushed as the embarrassment hit her. The blonde girl gave a meek mewl and glanced up at the massive man as he stood over her.


Chapter Seven

       “Almost done, Babe. Then you can play.” That terrified her even more. What did this man mean by play? He was really going to treat her like a fucking dog? Sara bit down on her ball and looked up with worry at the big man. He was massive. He had to be over six feet tall, or maybe he just looked like that because she was on the floor. The man walked around her and studied her. She just stayed as still as she could, except for her eyes which followed him. Sara could feel where the tears had streamed down her cheeks in all directions, but they were drying now.

       The man then walked back over to that blue gym bag and came back with another leather belt, only this one was far wider than the others. He came up from behind her and pulled it underneath her belly, then pulled it together at the back. The inside layer of the belt had a soft rubbery feel to it, but the outside had the same scary black leather look as all of the of the leather cuffs. The belt had four separate buckles on it, all of which he tightened more than she could take. It was like a corset. With each click and a snap Sara would let out another gasp for air, and soon she felt the effect of the belt. Every attempt to get a good breath of air was cut short. That wasnt all though, the belts tightness caused a lot of pain in her abdomen and its rigid shape would make it difficult for her to twist her torso.

       The man reached back into the bag for yet another weapon to torture her. She watched as he pulled out a tall and straight black collar. The man put one hand on her bare ass to keep her where she stood, while the other brought the collars opening up and around her thin neck. The collar was tall and forced her to tilt her head back in order to fit it correctly. With three small buckles at the rear the collar was locked into place around Saras neck. When his hands left her throat to return to the bag, she tested its leniency. The collar was tall and cupped her throat, with a lip that ran an inch or so below he chin and jaw line. On all fours as she was, Sara was given only the option to look straight ahead or about forty-five degrees to the left or the right.

       Saras attention returned to the man as he walked back over to her carrying the widest net of assorted leather straps and buckles. “Close to home, now” he said. The man stood above her aligning the pieces of the leather net in the way that he needed it, and then he draped it over her like it was a blanket. Going to work, she realized what this piece of the contraption was. The leather straps would come together as a harness at the end, she could feel them tightening more and more as he set everything into place. One wide strap was run from a hitch on the leather corset, and diverged into several straps running into different directions. Two ran over her shoulders and travelled down to meet at the center above her breasts. From there they went down all the way to her private parts. Sara squealed with anxiety as she felt his attention come back to her unprotected vagina, but the man seemed not to mind. The strap ended with a metal ring above her slit, and from there he ran another pair down and around her pussy lips. The straps didnt come into contact with her parts, but instead just bypassed them. The pussy straps merged together again at another ring, from which a last strap reconnected everything back to the rear end of the corset. Additional straps above and below her breasts wrapped around her torso to connect the front and back of the main strap, squeezing her even more. Another ran along the contours of her hips from the ring above her intimate parts. A pair of very short leather straps also ran from the harness near her shoulder on her back out to each of her upper arm cuffs. The result Sara would find was that she was unable to move her arm in certain directions. The straps limited her arms in how far they could move away from her torso, further reinforcing her dehumanization.

       Sara couldnt believe this had happened. Within an hour this man had forced her into this... costume, and had stolen every shred of dignity she had. She stood there on all fours, cowering and shaking and wishing that she could just go back home. Instead she was locked into the most intricate and dehumanizing suit that anyone could possibly dream up. Sara was terrified of what the man was going to do to her next. Would he rape her? Could he do something worse? If he was then why would he go through all of this? The man was twice her size and if he wanted to fuck her hed had so many chances already. He had a bigger plan than just fucking her, that was crystal clear. Thinking about that scared her even more.

       “Now lets fix that hair, huh Girl?” he cooed to her. Sara certainly didnt like the idea of this crazy giant playing with her hair, but she understood now that she was at his mercy. She felt the mans big hands start to pull her golden hair out from under the gag, and allow it to cascade around her shoulders. He continued until he was sure that every strand was free of the leather strap at the back of her neck. His big hands played with it for a little while, and what happened next caught Sara by complete surprise. The man pulled her hair back and slowly pulled a brush through it, gently combing out all of the little knots that had formed through her horrific ordeal. At first Sara was confused, but after a minute the brushing began to soothe her. For a few minutes she closed her eyes and just enjoyed the feeling of the brush running through her long, blonde hair. It felt nice to let go for a little while, even knowing that this nice feeling was being brought on by the same person whod caused so many bad feelings.

       The man brushed Saras hair for a good ten minutes, until her hair was perfectly straight and falling nicely to the sides of her face. She thought it felt strange to have her hair fall straight down while she was on all fours. Her shiny golden hair fell only a few inches short of the floor, and partially blocked her view to the left and right of her. But her captor wasnt finished quite yet. Kneeling behind her, he parted her hair down the center and with a pair of elastic bands he tied her hair into two side-ponytails. Poor Sara felt ridiculous, he had her dressed up like a dog, and her hair now made her feel like a fucking four year old.

       “Looks good, Pup” he told her with a laugh. She guessed her could sense her discomfort with it. “Were going to keep the ball for now... But we can change it up later. Once your new outfit comes in, for sure. Should be about a week.” What the hell was he talking about? Another outfit? She hoped to god that it was nothing like this one. Maybe it wouldnt be as restraining and give her the means to escape. “And dont worry, I didnt forget that my little puppy likes bows.” The man pulled a big pink bow down onto her left ponytail, and fixed it into place with the elastic hair-tie it was attached to. Sara didnt understand why he was doing this to her. There couldnt be much more to go, and she was horrified of what would happen to her once he finished dressing her up like a dog.

       The man quickly attached a second pink ribbon to her right ponytail, and then stood back up to tower over her. Sara felt pathetically small to the man. Trapped in this torturous dog costume, her head rested only about two feet from the floor. He however, was a giant. She couldnt decide if he was really that big or if it just looked like that to her, being so low to the ground.

       “Alright girl, youre all dressed. Now Im gonna go get some sleep, one of us had to drive all night haha.” That made Sara even more afraid. Just how far from home could she be? “Im going to let you stay in here while Im gone. Be a good girl for Master.” With that he walked over to the white door and exited, leaving Sara completely alone. She didnt know what to do with herself, so just stood there in the center of rooms. A minute passed by and she began to feel unbelievably ridiculous. Here she was dressed up in this disgusting costume made of rubber and leather, crawling on all fours, with a big ball locked in her mouth, and her hair dressed up like it was her first day of kindergarten. And to make it worse, she practically let him do this to her. That hurt the most.


Chapter Eight

       A few minutes passed, and it soon became clear that the man wasnt coming back. Maybe she should try to escape, she thought. But something was keeping her from moving... Sara didnt want to have to crawl. She didnt want to have to submit to this suit, or to the man who forced her into it. She flexed her leg muscles and tried with all of her strength to break free of the leather cuffs. It was no use. The Leather was so strong and wide, and was locked in place with strong steel buckles. Finally, Sara came to terms with the fact that she had no choice. She had to crawl... or just stay put, there was no alternative.

       Balancing on her left hand, her raised her right closer to her eyes. Inspecting the thick padding of rubber which enclosed her hand, she knew very well that there would be no escape from the suit. She was a prisoner not just to the man or this room, but to her own body as well. What made it worse was that she could do nothing to cover her small breasts or her privates and buttocks, it had been decided for her that they would be open for anyone else to see.

       The small pet girl was understandably frustrated, was she supposed to just sit here and do nothing? But then she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror laid into the padded wall. She crawled on over to the mirror and gasped at what she saw. She looked so horribly surreal. Her body was trapped within the confines of all the rubber and leather buckles and straps. Her tiny feet in their rubber stockings stuck up awkwardly right behind her big red butt cheeks. Her face was what upset her the most though. The ballgag forced her to hold her mouth so wide, and to her it looked ridiculous. The collar cupped her throat so tightly, preventing her from turning her head comfortably. And her pretty pigtails with the big pink bows made her feel like a child...

       Sara slowly turned around to look at the rest of the room. Against the wall there was a small, colorful toy chest. Perhaps there was something in there that she could use, a means of escape. She crawled over to the toy chest, but found that there was actually a small bolt lock on it. Her captor had actually locked this plastic tub shut. She turned back around and glanced around the room. There wasnt really anything else of interest in here. The only other things that were within her reach were the dog crate and the big blue dog bed.

       The man had been gone for a while now, and Sara decided perhaps now was her best chance at escape. Just a glance at the door told her how that would end. The door was a big wooden one, with more of the colorful padding covering its bottom half so it matched the walls and the floor. The door knob was even higher up on the door than it should have been, and she could see that it had a keyed lock built in as well. Sara despaired as she came to terms with the fact that she could not escape this room on her own. She couldnt even escape this costume on her own. Freedom was something she could not grant herself. But perhaps if he let her out of the room, maybe she could crawl away and hide. Maybe she could find help.

       Realizing that there was no escape, Sara concluded that she had to wait for the man to return. She wanted to lay down so badly, and to be comfortable- but the suit wouldnt permit that. The dog bed in the corner looked nice and soft at least, but there was no way she would give in to that. She decided that she could at least resist the best she could. Instead of crawling into the dog bed, Sara decided to try laying flat on her back. It was difficult for her to get into the desired position. She had to lower her chest as far as she could and then roll herself onto her side and then her back. The end result was not as comfortable as she had hoped. Her infernal dog suit forced her to keep her hands up above her and he knees together and pointed upwards. Poor Sara felt ridiculous- she must look like shes a dog playing dead. In frustration she rolled herself back over to her side. At least that way her arms and legs werent up in the air.

       With no telling how long it would be before the man returned, Saras mind began to wander with thoughts of what would happen to her next. Her captor hadnt been very clear about what his intentions were. Would he rape her and kill her? He talked to her a lot as though she were a dog... and called her “baby” a lot. A shiver ran through her as she recalled that. He must be some sort of psychopath for kidnapping her and forcing her into these horrendous leather and rubber restraints.

       Easy Sara, she thought to herself. If he was going to kill you, he would have done it by now. He could have raped you whenever he wanted and he hasnt, he must want a ransom or something.

       But she knew deep down that that was false. Her mother barely had money to heat their home in the winter time, she could never afford a ransom. And if money was all he wanted then he wouldnt have had to bother with the strange restraint suit or this padded dog cell. No... she knew very well that she would be here a good while. But her captors intentions still intrigued her. He had so many chances to fuck her both during the capture and here and now in this creepy red and blue room.

       Saras thoughts were interrupted by a painful ache in her jaw. The small girl let out a mewling cry and turned back onto her side as the cramp slowly receded. She lay there in the center of the room with both her stubby legs and her padded arms out in front of her. She couldnt quite grasp how the man had managed to get her into all of this rubber and leather. She didnt even put up a fight, really. She couldnt decide which part of her ensemble was the worst, but it was all beginning to take a toll. Her skinny little legs were beginning to fall asleep under the pressure of the leather straps that bound them so tightly. And the wide strap around her waste made it painfully difficult to get a good breath of air. Perhaps worst of all was the collar though, which forced her to keep her chin up so high that one would think she was proud. The collar choked her throat a tiny bit, but it got worse when she tried to relax her neck even a little. But being forced to hold her head so high was beginning to take its toll on her neck and shoulder muscles.

       Her arms didnt hurt physically, but it was a different kind of torment to have the use of her hands taken from her. More than just that though, the straps that joined her upper-arm cuff to the harness at her shoulder limited her range of motion. Even just laying here she wouldnt be able to reach down and touch her side. She could reach up a ways though, or was that forward now? Another flash of pain came to her jaw, and Sara let out another despairing groan. How could a person do this to me? The pain around her mouth was beginning to get worse, and she felt tears of hopelessness creeping up on her. Here she was dressed in this horrifying suit, in this horrifying room, and in pain. Pain that she could easily alleviate if she had her fucking hands still.

       Sara was beginning to get angry with herself, and with the man who did this to her. How could i be so fucking stupid?! I should have screamed when I had the chance. I should have kicked him in the groin or bit him, anything to keep from being here. But wishing shed acted differently wasnt going to help her now and she knew it. She was here and at least for now, there was no escape. The susceptivity of her female parts was probably the worst of the suit. Her small tits with their little pink nipple were completely open to view, and the suit made it virtually impossible for her to cover them in any sense. Saras beautifully round buttocks were still sore from her spanking. Remembering the spanking made her quiver and she blushed with anger at the thought of it. She was so powerless to stop him, completely at his mercy. Her pussy was completely open to all who would want to gaze upon it. Why would he make a suit with my parts uncovered unless he wanted to rape me?

       In a spasm of agony and anger Sara pulled herself back onto all fours. If this sick bastard was going to rape her, beat her, kill her, or what have you, she was not going to go quietly. She decided she would resist him every way that she could, and Sara swore to herself that she would escape this place. With her thickly padded fist she pawed at the band that held her hair up in a pigtail on the right side of her head. It was difficult to do without fingers, but eventually Sara worked the tightly bound bow out of her hair. The elastic which held her hair in place was far more difficult, but with enough prodding it began to come loose. She tried shaking her head to free her hair completely, but the collar restricted her movement too much. Pawing at the elastic seemed to work, it was just a long and tiresome method. Finally though, her hair came free of its tail and fell gracefully to her side. Her right arm was tired to the bone by the time the right pigtail was free, and she was more than happy to place it back on the floor. Unwilling to waste any time, Sara lifted her left mitten and began to prod at the pigtail on the left side of her head. The second tail came free a little easier than the first, though her arm was still tired. As the band came close to the end of her second pigtail, Sara shook it free and finally released the remainder of her long golden hair. She still looked ridiculous and she knew it, but at least the man would realize that she was not going to lay back and accept such degeneracy.

       Sara turned toward the mirror inlaid in the padded wall. From a distance she looked too feral, so she decided to get closer. She hoped that she would look good, or at least as good as someone could in this situation. When the man came back she wanted to appear respectable and dignified. She looked terrible. The ball in her mouth and the straps that held it in place contorted her face. And she was flushed and sweaty from her fit and from the task of unbinding her hair. What hurt her most was when she looked into her own eyes. The crying had left her eyes red and puffy, with a glossy coating that made her look like she was on the verge of tears once again. Her hair fell in front of her shoulders but it was messy and unkempt. No, she did not look respectable. The tears began to flow once again as she began to come to terms with just how helpless she was.

       Sara began to grow angry again, and searched the room for other ways to rebel against her captor. She was willing to do anything to make it clear that she wouldnt be treated this way. She wouldnt be his animal. The floor was padded and and the toy chest was locked shut, leaving only the crate and the dog bed in the adjacent corner of the room. She could maybe kick the bed over or move it, but that didnt seem like something that would really grab his attention. Then she had an idea... It was a risky one that would probably grant her another spanking from the psychopathic kidnapper, but she was compelled to do it. She had to show him that as long as she had even a little freedom she would fight back.

       So Sara trotted slowly to the white door and turned her backside to it. She then lowered herself to the floor and spread her stumpy legs, and released her bladder. Her urine spread across the blue and red mats all right in front of the door. When the man came back he would see. Hed see that she wasnt going to go quietly, that she would fight him. She wishfully imagined that hed see she was so defiant and let her go free. But she knew what that was, just a stupid fantasy. She was here until she managed to get herself away. Hed mentioned that he drove all night, she was nowhere near home. Nobody knew she was here, and so the only person who could grant her freedom was herself. But hed let her out of the suit eventually, he had to... and when he did she could make a break for it.

       With her bladder empty Sara lifted herself back onto her padded fists and leather-bound stumps. The smell of her piss was stiff in the air, and she decided that now all there was for her to do was wait. So she crawled her way over to the big dog bed beside the crate and laid down on her side.When he comes back he will see, she told herself. He isnt going to have his way with me so long as I can do anything to fight back. But peeing on his floor wasnt exactly the most maiming thing in the world. She began to have second thoughts about it but decided the best thing she could do was try not to over think it and just wait until he returned. And so Sara lowered her head to the soft fur of the dog bed and closed her eyes.


Chapter Nine

       Jason woke slowly, feeling more rested than he had in a long time. The excitement came back to him quickly as he recalled his unbelievable success. He had managed to drive hours away, kidnap a beautiful girl, drive her all the way back, and she was waiting for him downstairs in the new garb hed so graciously allowed her to borrow. Jason rolled over to his side in his king sized bed and checked the clock on his side table. Three oclock, hed slept a little longer than he meant to but he didnt really mind. He kicked off the sheets and sat up on the side of the bed, and realized that his boxers had quite the bulge in them. Thinking about his new guest made it difficult for him to sleep. Hed needed to have a little “private time” in order to get his mind off of her. And he would probably need to do it again before he went down to give her a proper welcoming. She was his pet now, but she needed training before he fucked her. Too soon and it was just rape, but if he waited long enough she would want it. She would come to love him and need him, and do anything to serve him. Its just the way the human psyche works. Stockholm Syndrome, they call it.

       Feeling fine, Jason got out of bed and pulled his jeans back on. He buckled his leather belt while simultaneously slipping his feet into his work boots. He didnt bother tying them. Then he walked to his dresser and grabbed a dark blue shirt from one of the drawers, and pulled it over his head as he exited his master bedroom. Jason chuckled to himself at the thought of himself as a master. But thats what he was now, now that he had a slave. He certainly looked the part; a sturdy six feet and two inches and weighing a little over two hundred pounds. He had dark brown hair, a strong jaw, dark eyes, and usually sported a little bit of facial hair. He only shaved once every two or three days. The gruff construction worker look just seemed to suit him, and nobody would look at him and guess he was as wealthy as he was.

       Down on the ground floor Jason decided to fix himself something to eat before heading back to the basement. He opened the freezer and grabbed some hot dogs to boil, and found a can of beans in one of the cupboards. While waiting for the hotdogs to thaw out a little, he opened himself a beer and went to the other room to use the computer. Sitting down in the big leather swivel chair, Jason got to work. He brought up a search engine and began looking through the websites of a number of local newspapers. Not local to him of course, but local to his pets old home. He searched half a dozen news forums and found nothing, so switched his search to the police departments in the area. Nothing. As far as he could tell, nobody knew she was missing yet.

       He finished his beer off as he reentered the kitchen, and started cooking up his early dinner. That reminded him; she would probably be hungry too. But she would have to wait for her meal, that is if she accepted it. He expected that she would be reluctant. Jason stayed in the kitchen and drank a few more beers while he ate his dinner and watched TV on the small set he had on the counter. After finishing his meal he put his dishes in the sink and tossed the empty beer bottles in the recycling bin by the back door, and went to take a piss before he got started.

       Ready to get started Jason took a few seconds to get into character. He had to be dominating, commanding, and above all intimidating. He practiced holding a stern look for a few seconds, and then began to walk down to the basement. His jaw was slightly clenched, like he remembered his father used to do if he did something wrong as a kid. It always scared him, so it would certainly work for his pet. Jason walked slowly through the unfinished basement, letting his boots land a little heavily on the concrete floor. He decided that he wanted her to hear him coming, stepping slowly and calmly towards her. Perhaps she was asleep, but he decided to go for the ominous approach just in case she wasnt.

       He reached the white door at the far end of the basement and grabbed hold of the door knob. Jason twisted it slowly and then let the door swing open completely, revealing himself standing fully blocking the doorway. The girl lay to his right, on the soft dog bed hed given her. She was half laying down, half sitting up, with her leather padded hands propping her up. Her hair was no longer in the ponytails hed left them in, and now it fell straight despite being a little bit messy. Her lower lip quivered around the massive black ball stuffed behind her teeth. Two streams of drool glistened on her chin as it dripped from the corners of her mouth, and her eyes were glassy and teary eyed once again. He stopped and stared for a few more seconds, giving her his best grim look as he looked her right in the eyes. She had the most beautiful eyes. They were the brightest blue and full of color and life, and the tears that were beginning to build up only made him want her even more. The blonde girl held his gaze, but she was obviously afraid and unsure of herself. Thats exactly how Jason wanted her. He wanted her to second guess herself, to be unsure of how she should behave. At least for now, then he could teach her what was expected of her.

       Jason had stood in the doorway and gazed down at the girl for at least half a minute, studying her. Her chest had begun to heave and he could hear her breathing heavily through her nose and a single tear had begun its descent down her left cheek. Suddenly Jason caught a whiff of something... is that pee? he thought to himself. Looking down in front of him, sure enough there was a wide puddle covering the floor mats, and it reeked of piss. The girl had pissed in front of the door, maybe she had expected him to step in it? It didnt matter now, but something would need to be done about this. He had to show her that he would not accept such behavior from his pet, and  that he was the one in charge. Unfortunately that meant hed have to be very rough with her, and much sooner than he had planned to. Really he had hoped to slowly work her into her new life, but she had pushed the envelope.

       Jason looked up from the puddle of piss and gave an even meaner look at the girl. The look made her push herself a little bit farther away from him, as if shed have anywhere to go. Jason promptly stepped around the piss puddle and slammed the door behind him. He walked over to the girl quickly and never released her from his gaze. Reaching down in one fast motion, he grabbed her by the hair at the back of her head and pulled her upwards.

       “On your feet, bitch” he demanded. “On all fours, right fucking now!” The girl released a high pitched cry from behind her ballgag as Jason pulled her up onto her hands and knees again. The tears were running freely now, and her chin was drenched in drool.

       “Aaaaawwfaaaweee” she whined as loudly as she could, desperate to be released. But Jason paid no mind to her pleas now, he wasnt going to accept bad behavior from his puppy. He marched her over to the puddle of piss and stopped. “Awwfawweee” she cried again, trying to look up at him where he towered over her. “Awwfofaweee” she kept saying.

       “I dont care how sorry you are, bitch” Jason snapped, “youre my puppy now, and good puppies dont piss in the fucking house.” With that, Jason pushed her face down into the puddle of piss until her whole face was pressed against the mat and her angelic face was drenched in her own urine. Her bangs which were not in his grip were soaked in urine as he smeared her face through the puddle. “This is how you learn your lessons, girl” he whispered to her harshly. The poor girl was bawling now, and trying desperately to lift her face from the urine. But Jason held her there and let her indignation continue as he spoke to her. “You are now my pet, and you had better get used to that. I am your master, your owner, and your God. I am all that you have now. Pleasing me is you only concern in life from her on out. If you keep up this kind of behavior, then I have no problem with making you the most miserable little shit there ever was...” Jason paused.

       He continued to hold her face in the puddle and waited for her to stop resisting his pressure, and slowly her cries began to calm down. He waited a minute still holding her face down, but then finally he slowly allowed her back up. Her face was soaked in drool, tears, sweat, and urine- she looked like a wreck. Cupping her chin between his thumb and forefinger, Jason pulled her face to meet his eyes once more.

       “But...” he continued, now with a much gentler voice “if you do as you are told, if you accept my training, and make me happy... then I will make you the happiest puppygirl that there ever was.” The girl winced as his words met her ears. “Understand this, girl; I am your master. That means that I must punish you when you are bad, and I must reward you when you are good. Youre here to stay and thats final, but the way youre treated is completely up to you.” Jason released her chin and stood, walking over to the metal cabinets up on the wall. He opened one of them and pulled from it a small bucket and a gallon sized jug of water. “I bet youre thirsty, huh girl?” he said calmly to her. “Come here.” The girl was obviously thirsty. Shed had that ball in her mouth for over half a day now, and Jason hadnt fed or watered her once yet.

       The girl crawled shyly over to him, and stopped a few feet short of where he stood.

       “This isnt for you to drink. First Im going to clean you up a little. Does that sound good, baby?” The girl looked up at him with tears in her eyes, begging for something to drink. Jason filled the small bucket with water and knelt in front of the puppygirl. “Sit” he ordered. The girl gave him a look of defeat but submitted to the command and sat down. Really she was just kneeling with her leather bound legs underneath her, and her upper body bent over uncomfortably so that she could keep her padded paws on the floor in front of her. “Look up, honey” he ordered, and she tilted her head back farther so that she could look up at him. From the bucket Jason pulled out a small yellow sponge. He ringed it out and then very gently cleaned the girls face with it. The pet girl looked up at him with a look that combined fear and gratitude, but at the very least her sobbing had stopped and her breathing was returning to normal.

       Jason slowly washed her face off, and finished up the sponge bath by soaking her hair a little bit to wash out the stench of urine. Once done, he stood up and place the bucket and water back into the cabinet for now and returned to his pet with the hair brush from that morning. “If you hadnt decided to take your hair out, you could be having your dinner and plenty of water by now” he told her sarcastically. “Now go fetch those hair ties and the bows.” The girl acted slowly, pushing herself back onto all fours and turning away from him to where shed left the hair ties.

       She sulked over to them and began to push them along the mats back to where Jason stood. As she got closer, Jason took a seat on the floor with his legs spread wide open. She got the message, and crawled to the open floor between his legs. “Good girl” he cooed to her “Now turn around and sit.” The puppy obliged to the command again and turned to face away from her master and sat as she had before. Jason grabbed her hair into a ponytail which he held together with his left hand, and brushed out all of the tangles with his right. In short order her hair was back to looking beautiful and straight, and Jason could now release her hair and brush it freely. Her hair was perfectly combed out now, but he continued anyways. He knew that she enjoyed this, and she deserved a little treat now that she had followed a few orders correctly. Jason knew that he just had to maintain the course; punish bad behavior, reward good behavior. Then he would have what he wanted.

       Jason brushed her golden blonde hair for ten minutes or so, but finally decided shed had enough of a reward for now. He pulled her hair into the two ponytails once again and secured them with the elastic bands and the bright pink bows. “There” he said, “now how about a drink?” Jason turned back to the cabinet and pulled from it the same jug of water, and a massive pink dog bowl. The girls eyes went wide and she blushed with anger. But she could do nothing to change this, so shed have to submit to Jasons rules.

       Jason filled the bowl half way and lay it in front of the blonde puppy. Then he knelt down and unsecured the strap running behind her head. With a little pull, the ball came popping out of her mouth. The look of relief that covered her face was quickly replaced with a look of pain and confusion. The ball was gone, but her mouth remained wide open.

       “Auuuuuughhh” she whined as her small pink tongue curled within her gaping mouth. The tears began to flow once again as she attempted to close her mouth.

       “Sorry babe, looks like you played with your ball a little too much today. Your jaw muscles have been stressed for so long that itll be difficult for you to close your mouth.” Jason continued to stand above her and watched as she tried to get her lips into the water so that she could swallow it, but with her mouth open as wide as it was there was no way it would happen. “Dont worry though puppy, I have another way you can drink water. I wasnt going to let you use it for a few days but it looks like you need it.” With that Jason walked out the white door and closed it behind himself. He walked up to the third floor and entered his storage room. Really it was just an extra bedroom that he had put a lock onto. It was here that he kept a number of pieces of equipment that he wouldnt need often or that he didnt need right away. Jason rummaged through a few big plastic storage boxes until he found the one he needed. He picked that box up and began to make his way back to the basement.


Chapter Ten

       Sara remained in the room where the man had left her, stooping over the big pink dog bowl. Her captor had removed the ball from her mouth, she knew, but it still felt as though it was lodged firmly behind her teeth. She must have had it in her mouth for so long that her jaw muscles had cramped up and were now locked open, but she hoped it wouldnt be that way for long. As she stood on all fours she tried her best to work her lower jaw from left to right, as if it were a hinge that she could slowly work. But every time she attempted to close her mouth her jaw muscles met fierce resistance and a searing pain shot through her mouth and neck. She prayed to God that he wouldnt put the ball back after giving her water.

       It had been a few minutes, and Sara began to wonder where her strange kidnapper had run off too. He said he was going to get her something to help her drink water, and she couldnt help but wonder what he would show up with. She hoped it would be perhaps just a short step stool that he would put the bowl of water on so that she could get at it. The bowl of water was low to the ground, and her collar didnt permit her enough movement to get her face all the way to it. If her jaw wasnt locked open as it were, she could have sipped at it. Sara was beginning to get desperate. She had no way of telling how long shed been without water, she couldnt even tell if it was night or day now. But she knew that her throat was parched and her tongue was dry as sand paper. She could even hear that her voice was raspy with every shallow breath that she took. Her waist belt and collar were continuing to hinder her breathing.

       She couldnt stand waiting for the man to return, she had to drink! Perhaps this was some fucked up torture hed come up with. He put water so close that she could touch it but had no way of drinking it. That had to be it. Sara thought of biting his leg when he returned but decided against it. He would only put that wretched ball back in her mouth to keep her from biting again, and he would probably beat her again too.

       Waiting for him to come back was proving fruitless, so Sara decided to attempt drinking from the pink bowl again. Just as before, she managed to get her chin into the water deep enough to stick her tongue out and lap at the lukewarm water, but she couldnt get it deep enough to allow the water to flow over her lower lip and into her gaping mouth. Sara let out a long wail of frustration as she continued to attempt to force her face deep enough to the water to allow herself a drink. If she could just get a little she would be happy, but it was impossible. Her jaw was held open so sturdily that she may as well have still had that ball buckled into her head. But Sara wasnt willing to give up. She would keep trying until he came back, or until her face relaxed and finally allowed her to close her mouth enough to drink.

       Sara didnt think much of how she must look- on all fours with her ass in the air and her face pressed harshly into a pink dog bowl, letting out screeches and grunts as she tried desperately to get a sip of water. When one angle failed her she would turn to one side or the other, attempting to twist her whole head and body to get at the water in her bowl. The unwilling puppygirl tried half a dozen different ways to get her prize, but to no avail. Her pigtails would occasionally drift into the bowl as she tried different angles, leaving her hair dripping wet.

       She continued to squeal and howl every time she failed, and her face had become red with anger.

       “I said I was coming back, Girl” she heard from behind her. Sara shot up from the bowl and turned herself around to face the direction of the door. The man stood there holding a big blue container in his arms, staring down at her with a cheerful little smirk on his lips. “Youve got some real fight in you, ya know that Girl?” The man entered the room with the big plastic container, slowing down only to kick the door shut behind himself. “But dont you worry, Cutie-Pie” he continued, “were gonna break ya.” He carried the container over to the far side of the room, and put it down against the wall.

       “Whats in this box is going to allow you to drink.... but youre not gonna like it.” With that the man clicked the cover off the container and tossed it aside. He then began to rummage through the contents of the container, and pulled out some strange metal contraption. It looked like some kind of oval-shaped rack made of hollow tubing, which he stood up against the wall.The thing reminded her vaguely of a miniature jungle-jim, only there was a wide opening in the center.

       Next the man pulled out a pair of oval shaped metal plates with wide openings in their centers. One of the plates was was a great deal larger than the other. He placed them into the open center of the rack like shelves. The larger shelf went up high near the top of the rack, and he placed the smaller shelf it little bit lower than the middle. Sara watched with intrigue and anxiety as the man worked. Whatever her kidnapper was building, it didnt look very much like something that she could drink from.

       The man pulled a big brown envelope from the container and dumped its contents out onto the mats. There were nuts and bolts and a pair of small locks which he began to use to fasten the shelves to the tall, metal rack. He finally stood up and took a step back from the strange mini jungle-jim. When he stood up, she saw that it was actually very big. The top of the rack almost came up to his chest. He took the two little locks and placed them on the shelf. Sara noticed then that the side of the shelves facing outward had small hinged and hasps on them, so they could be swung open to allow something to be locked into it. Was he going to lock her into this thing?

       “I bet you want to see how this works, dontcha Pup?” he asked her with a mischievous smile. “Wait here one more second, itll come to ya.”

       Then man turned and left the room again, but didnt bother to close the door behind himself. He only went as far as the next room, which was too dark for Sara to see. She stood on all fours fearing was he was planning, mouth agape and her pigtails still dripping. The man came back in no time at all, only he was carrying a big ten gallon jug of water. He carried it over to the mini jungle jim and put it in place and locked it up. Now for some reason though, her captor was being careful to block the contraption from her view. Saras curiosity peaked but she didnt dare move to see what he was doing. He pulled the plastic tub closer to himself and rummaged through it once more and continued to work on his mysterious device. Sara realized that he had meant it when he told her she wouldnt enjoy this, but she was willing to do just about anything to get some water.

       At last the man stood up and took a step back from the contraption that he seemed so proud of. As he revealed it and Sara finally got to see what it was, her eyes went wide with shock. If her jaw wasnt already locked wide open, it would have dropped. The mini jungle-jim was nothing more than a very sturdy rack to hold a water jug upside down, and to keep it locked into place. But there below the bottom shelf Sara saw it. Where the spout of the jug fed into a new piece to the device. Now there was no spout. Instead, the ten gallon jug fed into some type of big metal spigot with a valve. From there protruded a six inch long phallus made of black rubber. Towards the base of the long dildo there was a metal ring, which was free-floating and connected to the valve by short piece of metal.

       “Come here, Puppy” the man commanded her. But Sara couldnt obey that command. She wouldnt go close to that thing. She couldnt! “If you want water you will come here” he told her, but Sara remained still. She couldnt stop looking at the rubber dildo as it drooped down from the water jug. “If you want water, you had better come and get it yourself.... and if you dont Im going to come over there and fucking make you” he said.

       She imagined his strength and how scary he was when he was mad. He would scream in her face and throttle her, and beat her bottom red again if she didnt do as she was told. His threats werent empty, she knew, so Sara reluctantly crawled over to the watering machine.

       “Good Girl” he cooed down to her as she made her way over to him. “Park yourself front and center.” Sara did as he commanded and squared herself up with the giant black penis, seeing now that it was at the same height as her face.  Up close she saw that in the center there was a small opening to a hose.

       “Have you ever sucked cock before, Puppy?” he asked her? Sara replied with a frenzied shake of her head, but refused to look up at him. She could feel the tears welling up in her eyes again. Truly she had never sucked on a penis before, or anything else for that matter. Shed actually only seen a penis on one occasion, and she refused to allow it inside her. If he was going to force her into this... then it was only a matter of time before he claimed her virginity as well. Sara felt heat flash through her as she braced for what was to come.

       “Its your first time then, so Ill let you go slow. At first. Get that mouth of yours around that big black cock, Girl.” Sara acted immediately, and forced her gaping mouth around the rubber dildo. It tasted terrible and filled up her mouth, but she had barely taken in two inches of it. How much would she have to force into her mouth before he would let her drink?

       “Deeper, Girl” he told her. “Keep pushing that cock down, you dont get any water until you do.” Sara felt beyond humiliated. Being kidnapped and dressed up was degrading. Being forced to act like a dog was embarrassing. But being forced to suck a massive black dildo for a drink of water was her breaking point. Sara broke down in tears and let out a screech with the rubber dick still in her mouth. Her salty tears nearly exploded from her eyes and streamed down her face, and mucus began to funnel out of her nostrils as well.

       “I dont give a flying fuck how hard you cry, Bitch” he shouted. “Youre going to suck that fucking cock and youre going to get watered.” The man stood behind her and placed his right shin up against her bare buttocks and pussy, and stood as firmly as he could. No matter how hard Sara tried, she couldnt back up. She couldnt get the rubber penis out of her mouth. “Inch forward, Bitch.” Sara did as he told her and pressed forward. “Relax your throat and let that cock in.” Again, Sara followed her orders and tried her best to let the rubber cock slide down her throat. It was so deep now that it was impossible to breathe, and she was running out of time before she would pass out.

       “Get your lips to that metal ring near the base. Come on Puppy Girl you can do it. Get your sweet lips to just touch it and Ill let you breathe.” The incentive to get air did the trick, motivating Sara to make the last short push to the ring near the bottom of the metal valve. The rubber cock completely filled her mouth and throat by the time she reached the ring. As her lips pressed up against the ring, Sara felt a spurt of cool liquid shoot down the back of her throat. The unexpected spurt of water caught her off guard and instigated a coughing fit as she was slowly allowed to back off of the rubber dildo.

       Sara continued to cough and gag as her captor stooped down beside her, resting his right hand on the back of her head.

       “You see that, Puppy?” he said with a smile. “I knew that you could do it. Now, youd best get used to this machine... This is how you drink water from now on.” Sara was afraid of his smile. How could this man force her to do something so vile and be happy about it? “Like you saw, when you press the ring at the end of the Watering-Cock a little bit of water comes out. But its only a little bit. If you want more, you have to back off and then press it again. Go ahead and give it a shot.”

       Sara did as he told her and put her gaping mouth onto the Watering-Cock once again, taking in as much as her little mouth would allow.  The rubber cock felt slippery and warm as she ran her tongue around its wide shape. Just as it had been before, it was difficult to take in more than just a few inches of the hose. But Sara did as she was ordered before and relaxed her throat to allow more cock in. She could imagine her self-proclaimed Master standing up behind her watching her guzzle down the cock. He was probably thinking of raping her. How could he not? Sex was obviously one of his reasons for taking her, that was clear now.

       Saras lips reached the metal ring again, and again she felt the spurt of cool water shoot down her throat. She almost went into another coughing fit but she did her best to ignore it and just continue. Sara backed the fake cock out of her mouth about an inch and then forced it back down to push the ring again. She did it again two more times, but then had to back herself off farther in order to allow herself a breath of air. But once she caught her breath Sara was right back at it to get as much water as she could get. She couldnt decide if she hated the Watering-Cock because she was forced to suck dick for water, or because it denied her the satisfaction of having cool water fill her mouth and run over her tongue. The only remedy she could find was to run her tongue along the length of the black cock, which had become moist with water and her saliva.        She drank like that for a good five minutes; sucking down the dick a few times then taking a few seconds for a breather, then repeating. But the man finally came up behind her and grabbed her around her waist and tugged her off the Watering-Cock.

       “I know you love the cock now, but we dont want you throwing up all over the place now do we?” Sara looked up at the man with pain in her eyes, she had to drink water. She also needed to eat, she was starving. But the man met her gaze with his own cold stare, frightening her. “Walk on over to the cage” he commanded her. Sara immediately did so as he walked over to the metal cabinets and opened one up.

       “Besides, weve still got some work to do.”


Chapter Eleven

       Sara knelt on her bound stumps for legs and waited for the man. There was a lot of temptation to turn around and see what he was gathering from the cabinets, but she knew it wouldnt be good. She feared that if she turned he would get angry again, and Sara was willing to do almost anything to avoid that. So she just sat and faced the big dog crate and the wall beyond it. Her jaw still ached and she could feel drool pooling up under her tongue.

       She felt a pang of fear though when she heard the mans steps approach her from behind. From beyond her field of view, he reached in front of her and placed a small plastic fishing tackle box on top of the pink cage. While looming over her from behind, he reached around to her throat and she heard a little click as he attached something to the small metal ring on her high collar. He then walked around to the front of her and sat on the ledge of the crate, revealing a short pink leash that ran from his hand to her neck. He was not fucking around when it came to treating her like an animal. He was so big that it seemed he could break the plastic cage with only his weight.

       “I bet youre wondering what Im going to do now” he said with a gentle voice. “Youre not going to like this, Baby Girl, but its necessary for a puppy to have certain things. If youre missing just one of those things then youre not really a puppy.” The man gathered up the leash and wound it around his right leg and tied it off, making it impossible for Sara to back away from him.

       “Please stop!” she cried out, “Im so scared, please dont hurt me anymore!” Her words came out as a jumble of sounds that were impossible to understand, and her voice was wracked with sobs and chokes which only made it worse.

       “Ill just pretend I didnt hear that, Bitch” he replied. “Dogs dont talk, and youre my beautiful little puppy girl now.” He grabbed the leash close to her throat and reeled her in close, while also looming over to meet her up close. Sara shook in fear as his face was a mere six inches from her own. The mans massive hand cupped her face beneath the throat and squeezed in her cheeks to hold her face still. “You DO want to be my Puppy, DONT you?” Sara didnt know how to respond, and she was to afraid to move or look away. The man held her firmly though. “DONT you?” He asked again, with a mean look in his big dark eyes. Saras eyes exploded with warm tears as she nodded to the man, and let out a whiney groan of approval. The man pushed her face away and sat back up. He was so tall, even just sitting down.

       “Good Girl. Well if you want to be my little pet so badly, then I suppose its time that we finish getting you dressed.” Sara let out another groan. What else could this man possibly have to put on her? She couldnt move her legs, couldnt use her fingers, couldnt breathe, move her head, close her mouth, or take her hair out of their pigtails. What could he possible have forgotten?

       The man smiled down at her and then turned away to open the tackle box. He then turned back and held out to show her, turning it over a few times to let her see its shape. It was some kind of a big metal ring with four metal prongs extending from four opposite sides. Between each pair of prongs there was a leather strap which was alarming for Sara. Her gaze left the ring and drifted up to the man, his eyes were already on hers. He was watching her, but his eyes didnt seem to hate her or want to hurt her. They almost seemed to pity her.

       “Open up” he ordered. Sara obliged and accepted the ring into her mouth almost willingly. There was no point in fighting. She just had to bide her time until the right opportunity arose for her to make an escape or to call for help. The ring was gigantic- forcing her to open her mouth even more than when the ball was in it. The taste of metal filled her mouth and made Sara feel that much more miserable. The man pulled the two straps behind her head and fastened them securely at the nape. Sara was grateful at least to her nothing blocking her mouth, and making it easier to breathe than when the ball was locked in her jaw.

       The man then turned to the tackle box once again and came back with a strange looking tool. It was like a pair of tongs with a hollow center. He cupped her chin with his left hand to keep her still, and then reached into her mouth with the tool in his right. Sara couldnt see it, but she felt the tool clamp down on her little tongue. She let out a gasp as he slowly drew her tiny pink tongue out of her gaping mouth and held it. Sara whined as her tongue was stretched out painfully, and wiggled her whole body in an attempt to free it. But the tongs had a relentless grip to them, and no matter how hard she tried she couldnt free herself from them.

       The tears were flowing again, and now the drool was spilling out over her lower lip again to drip down her chin. Her captor held her by the tongue and then reached over to the tackle box again. Sara quivered when she saw him turn back with a massive and devilish looking needle.

       “Hold still, Girl” he commanded. But Sara couldnt obey him, not for that. She had always been a good girl. She dressed nicely and modestly, rarely cursed, and didnt even have her ears pierced! What would people back home think if they saw her with a tongue piercing? She was scared of the pain that would come from it, of the blood and the humiliation. Sara tried harder to back away but the tongs held her and the leash was still on her anyways.

       “Hold fucking still” the man said again. “Or youll get a fierce punishment later.” But Sara continue to struggle with the leash and the vice gripped tool clamped around her tongue. Her attempts to form words were garbled and frenzied, and the man paid them no mind. She wiggled her buttocks and pushed away with her padded hands, but there was no give. “Alright thats one” he said. Sara ceased her struggles and looked up at him. “Thats right, Bitch. Thats one punishment later. Do you want to shoot for two?” Saras eyes were pouring tears down her cheeks and her breathing was fast and shallow. It didnt matter how hard she struggled or how much she begged, he was going to pierce her tongue. Struggling just meant that it would take him longer and it would be messier, Sara understood that now. She couldnt win. Fighting back was hopeless, all shed managed to do was prolong the inevitable and get a beating for later.

       Submitting completely, Sara inched herself forward to the man so that he could do his work. She saw him smiling down at her, he knew hed won. He knew hed defeated her, at least this time. As he lifted the needle once more she closed her eyes tightly, her tears once again running down her red cheeks. Suddenly she felt a sharp pain snap through her tongue as the needle punched through. Sara refused to open her eyes, she feared seeing her own blood and passing out. She felt the man remove the needle from her tongue and slip something else into the hole that it left behind.

       “Youll need to keep this bolt in for a week or two. Just until the hole heals up correctly.” The man screwed the back end to the bolt into place, trapping the small stud in the hole in her tongue. The taste of blood was surprisingly faint in Saras mouth, it was as though she had just bitten her tongue or something.

       The man then pulled out a second pair of tongs, only these ones had a much smaller end to them. He swiftly reached out and clamped them onto her septum, between her nostrils. Sara let out a pained groan as he pulled her septum upwards, and then quickly slipped another needle straight through it. Sara cried out in pain. The nose piercing hurt far worse than the tongue on did. Just as he had done with the tongue piercing, he removed the massive needle quickly. Instead of filling the hole with a bolt, he pushed a thick metal ring through it. The ring was not complete though; it had a big ball on one end and the other end had to be screwed into place in order to secure it. Sara felt like a bull. Like an animal. But finally the man released her face with the two new piercings and soaking wet with tears and spittle.

       “That wasnt so bad, now was it Baby Girl?” the man cooed as he reached behind her head and unbuckled the ring gag. Now youre ready for the Trainer-Headpiece. Sara didnt like the sound of that.

       He turned away to the tackle box and came back with a massive jumble of black leather straps and buckles and pads. In the center of it there was another ring, just as big as the last one. The only difference was that this one was coated with a layer of black rubber. With her jaw still temporarily locked open, the man easily slipped the new ring between her teeth. Sara was afraid and still in pain from the forced piercings, and kept her eyes shut tight. The small girl was beyond emotionally distraught. Sara didnt move or attempt to speak, she decided it was best to just let him to what he had to do.

       “Alright Puppy, Im almost done. Before we get the last piece on though, you should see how pretty you look. Sara opened her eyes and was surprised by the black mass blocking her field of view under her eyes. She quickly realized what it was though. The “Trainer-Headpiece” was a mask. A dog mask made of black leather with a snout that covered her nose and mouth, and the entirety of her cheeks.

       “Walk over to your mirror and take a look” he ordered. Sara didnt want to. She was afraid of what she would see. She was afraid she would look more like a dog than a human. But Sara feared what the man would do if she disobeyed again, she was already getting punished later for failing to do as her told her. So Sara did as she was told and walked sullenly over to the mirror set in the padded wall once again. What she saw scared her even more than what she saw the last time she looked in it.

       Her entire lower face was covered by the black dog mask, giving her a snout. It also had a wide open front in the shape of a dogs mouth, which opened up to her real mouth with the ring inside it. In her mouth she could see the bolt lodged in the center of her tongue. The snout ran up between her eyes and from there, a black leather strap ran up and over to the back of her head to meet the horizontal straps that held the sides of the snout in place. She was grateful that the snout at least covered her nose so she didnt have to see the Bull piercing in her septum. Another strap ran over the top of her head from the front of one ear to the other, almost like a head band. Atop that strap were affixed a pair of pointed dog ears, made with fake hair which was colored so closely to her own hair that it was difficult to tell any difference. Behind the strap with the dog ears were her pigtails with the bright pink bows. Sara hated everything that she saw in the mirror. The suit seemed a thousand times more demeaning with the addition of the mask.

       Sara studied herself in the mirror for a few minutes, staring at herself in the dog mask. She barely looked like herself anymore, she barely looked like a person. In the mirror she could see the man watching her, still sitting on the crate in the corner. He allowed her to remain facing the mirror for a while. Long enough for her tears to subside. Long enough for her to think that it was over now.

       Finally though, he stood up and approached her. She was unsure of whether she should turn to face him or not, so she just froze in the position she was in. He came up directly behind her and stopped. In the mirror she watched him kneel down behind her, blocking her from backing up. His hands drifted to the buckles that held the body harness in place, and he slowly unclasped them. He undid the straps that ran along the outside of her cunt and up between her ass cheeks, and pushed the straps off to the side.

       “Last piece, Baby Doll” he cooed to her. With that he gripped her under the throat with left hand. It was so big and powerful, and he had her in an instant. Saras heart was in her throat. Was he raping her? Was her going to strangle her to death?

       But Sara froze when she felt something cold against her rear end. Not on her labia, but against her anus. Her eyes went wide and tears flowed from them uncontrollably as she felt something hard press against her vulnerable butt-hole. It wasnt his penis, she knew. It was something else.

       The man pushed the object harder, and it finally began to enter her. Whatever it was, it was massive. It felt as though it was growing bigger as it was jammed deeper inside her, and the pain was beginning to become unbearable. Her cries and sobs were louder than ever, and the floor in front of her was drenched in tears and drool.

       The man continued to press the toy into her anus, and Sara continue to wail uncontrollably. Her asshole felt like it was being ripped apart from the inside and he pushed the object the rest of the way in. The toy was now almost completely engulfed by Saras butt, as her anus closed around the screw head that protruded from the end of it. All that was visible of the toy now, was three inches of the screw head as it jutted out from between her ass cheeks.

       Sara continued to cry and wail as her captor refastened the straps and buckles around her lower body. This time however, the two straps which ran around her labia were pulled tightly between them. Sara gasped heavily as the thick leather put immense pressure on her clitoris, giving her unwanted stimulation. The man continued to pull the strap up and between her ass cheeks once again, to reattach it to the rest of the body harness.

       There was a hole in the strap to allow the threaded metal prong to go through, completely trapping the massive plug inside Saras ass. The man grabbed Saras leash and stood up, giving it a little tug. He didnt even have to give her a command, Sara simply turned her body to face him without additional motivation. As he began to walk over to the metal cabinets high on the wall, Sara crawled behind him. Her crying and drooling hadnt ceased, and she left a trail of liquid behind her. When she crawled now, she felt the plug inside her. It filled her anus completely, and made crawling unbelievably uncomfortable.

       The man stopped at the cabinets and pulled out another device; it looked like a dog tail. The tail was long and bushy, made with hair that matched her own and the hair of her dog ears. The man didnt speak as he fitted the tail over the threaded metal prong that jutted from her anus, and promptly screwed it on. When he was finished, the metal screw was no longer visible; covered completely with the bushy tail that curled up behind her.

       “Now youre ready, PuppyGirl” He cooed to her. “You are a very pretty little blonde Puppy, ya know that Girl? I think well call you... Daisy.”


Chapter Twelve

       Jason tugged his little pet along behind him as he walked calmly to the white door. She was so utterly beautiful to him as she scrabbled along behind his feet, struggling to keep up with his brisk pace. He pulled the leash a little more firmly to motivate her crawl a little faster. Jason loved the little grunts and moans she let out as she plodded through the basement, following her dear Master. He stopped at a small square door in the side of the wall, and with his foot he pushed the handle to open it. The little square door was originally a wide laundry chute, but with a little work he had it modified into an elevator of sorts. Jason kicked the door the rest of the way open and knelt down beside his four-legged slave.

       “Turn around, Daisy” he ordered. Daisy did as she was commanded and twisted herself around to face away from the little opening. Jason could see the fear in her eyes at the presence of the dark hole in the wall. That made him happy though. The best way to break her down would be to keep her afraid and uncertain of what would come next. Once Daisys spirit was completely crushed he could begin to mold her into his own design, and create the perfect Puppy Girl.        

       Jason reached into the shadows within the doorway and pulled out a leather strap, which he speedily hooked onto a small but thick D-Ring on Daisys back right leg restraint. The click drew a brief “arf” sound from her, making Jason hornier than he wanted to be at the moment. He didnt want Daisy to see him as a Master who was only after sex, and to achieve that he had to do his best to mask his desires. Hurriedly, Jason pulled three additional straps from the darkness and attached them to D-Rings on each of her four legs. She was secure now, and Jason stood above her again.

       “See you upstairs, Daisy Girl” he told her calmly. With that, he slapped his entire palm into a large green button inlaid in the wall. Immediately a whirring noise could be heard from far away at the top of the vertical tunnel. The leather straps slowly lost slack and finally became taut, but then continued to retract still. Daisy became flustered and afraid and let out her typical grunts and pleas as she was dragged backwards into the dark shaft. Her front paws scrabbled hopelessly at the cement floor, and she tried her best to plant her rear legs down to stop her retreat as she was pulled back still. Jason smiled down at her as she looked up to him with a desperate look in her eyes. He even gave her a little chuckle. Tears were flowing from her beautiful blue eyes again, and her brow was furrowed beneath the strap running up its center.

       The look of dismay on her face excited Jason even further. He wanted more than anything to just unhook his Dog Slave and fuck her right away, but he had an act to put on. He had to show her that he was in charge; not only of her but of himself as well. He had to show just how in control that he was. So Jason held the button firmly and watched as Daisy was slowly drawn into the dark chamber. Her moans of distress echoed as she was drawn up higher and higher. Jason could hear her paws scrabbling at the walls of the elevator shaft as she let out cries of fear and frustration, trying desperately to slow her departure. At last even her short pink leash slipped away and disappeared into the darkness.

       Suddenly a bright yellow light blinked above the green button, indicating that she was now suspended at the desired height. Jason released the button and walked slowly to the stairs. He grabbed the railing and swung himself forward as he stomped up the staircase to the kitchen. His kitchen was bright with pinewood hardwood floors and matching cabinets, and the walls were painted a dark shade of blue to contrast with them. Jason walked to where a set of four cabinets were set side by side against the wall. He opened the cabinet to the far right to reveal another door behind it, this one was made of thin aluminum and was locked with a small gold padlock.

       Jason could hear the moaning of his pet on the other side of the metal door as he pulled out his keys and stuck the correct one into the padlock. He removed the lock and briskly opened the metal door to reveal his flustered little pet suspended in midair. Jason reached down and grabbed Daisys leash as it dangled down from the center of her delicate neck. She had broken down into sobs and gasps, and was constantly dripping tears and drool from her pathetically agape muzzle. Jason tugged gently but strongly on the leash and drew his pet from the darkness of the shaft. The collar was strong enough that he could pull her forward without strangling her, but she still didnt seem to enjoy it very much. Daisys front paws dug at the wood floor as she frantically attempted to pull herself out of the elevator. Jason pulled her out further until her rear legs could be placed on the floor as well, and then unclipped each of the leather straps from where they were hooked to her puppy suit.

       Daisy seemed more than gratified to be back on solid ground, as well as back in the light. Her sobs continued though, as Jason gave her another tug on the leash. She followed him contently, trying harder now to keep up with him. Jason was pleased to see that she was attempting to stay close enough behind him to keep the leash from going taut at all. She was doing a decent job of it too, but she had to practice walking like a proper dog.

       He did notice that as she crawled behind him she was moving strangely. Looking down at her, Jason asked “getting used to the crotch strap, babygirl? I hope so... its staying in place for a while.” Daisy only looked straight ahead and furrowed her brow in discomfort, but kept her pace up.

       Jason walked her through the living room and to the pair of big glass doors that opened to the back yard. Daisy seemed almost excited to go outside. Jason figured she must have thought that someone would see her and rescue her, but there was no chance. His property was lined with three different fences at different distances. One tall chain link fence lined his home and yard, and a pair of cattle fences topped with barbed wire surrounded his home even further. In truth they were for keeping cattle separate, but they did ensure that nobody ever came near his home. His back yard was massive; about a half an acre and surrounded by a six foot tall wooden fence.

       Jason pulled Daisy out into the grass and stopped. Taking a knee beside her once again, Jason held the leash in his right hand and cupped her little black muzzle in the other. He pulled her face towards his and locked eyes with her.

       “Its almost five-thirty now, Daisy. So youve got two hours til bath time and dinner.” Daisy tried to wrestle her face away from him, but Jason held her firmly. “Im letting you take this day off, seeing as its not an actual training-day. But I figure I may as well let you get some fresh air. No sense in leaving you locked up indoors all day, and its so nice out.” With that, Jason stood and gave the leash a light tug. Daisy followed suit and crawled along behind him to the far side of the yard. They passed a few big contraptions as they walked; she could be acquainted with those tomorrow. For now he decided it was best to let her unwind a bit.

       At the far end of the yard there was a large wooden dog house, stained a dark shade of brown. There was a thick wooden door to it, attached by a hinge. The door was wide open, hiding the features attached to its front end. That too could come later. The doorway was small, and Daisy may need to squeeze to get through. At least until he got her weight down. But today was about orientation, there would be plenty of time for training and games later.

       The dog house was set about ten feet from the fence, with a thick metal post set into the ground ten feet before it. Jason walked Daisy straight to the post and then knelt again. He reached down and felt through the grass and found the end to a long metal chain from where it was hidden. The lawn needed a good mowing. Daisy looked petrified as he clicked the chain onto the metal loop at the throat of her collar, and then detached the leash.

       She looked up at him wide eyed and with complete apprehension. He loved that even when he knelt beside her she was so far below him, always forced to look up with those pleading blue eyes. Jason cupped her by the snout again and gently tugged it down, forcing her to tilt her head forwards a little. She didnt fight it. Leaning in close, he gave her a big kiss on the top of her head just between her puppy dog ears. “Now your master has to go take care of some things. Can you be a good little puppy for a few hours?” Jason continued to hold her gently by the short black snout but tilted her head back again to look into her eyes.

       Daisy stood on all fours gazing up at him, but made no attempt to reply. “Come on girl, give your master a good reassuring bark” he said, almost playfully. Daisy blinked a few times rapidly, as if she was snapping out of a trance. “Go on girl. One quick bark. Dont make me get mean.” Daisy looked up at him and he watched with a smile as the glassy eyes became teary eyes. Her pierced tongue flicked a little within the confines of her gaping mouth and dog mask.

       “Uugh” was her response. Jason wasnt pleased with her half-assed attempt to play her part.

       “What the fuck was that?” Jason snapped. “I said give me one good bark, and you give me nothing more than a fucking cough? Do it again, and this time you better sound like the dog that you are!”

       “Uh uhhhh!!!” she whined. Daisy shrunk away and tried to pull her face from his sneer, but he held her firmly.

       “No, bad girl. Bark right fucking now.” Jason held her by the snout and glared at her for several seconds, but Daisy didnt bark. Furious with her insubordination Jason released his grip on her snout and went for the chain where it met her collar. Then leaning over her he reached his other hand back and gave her right ass cheek a hard slap. “Bark” he ordered. Her only response was more guttural cries and struggling to free herself from his grip. “You make me do this, Daisy. Understand that.”

       Jason reached his hand back again and smacked her butt in the same place. Her rear was already red from the spanking earlier, and it was already beginning to glow once more. He spanked her a third time, again in the same spot. It was visible that her spirit was wavering as he slapped again in the same place. Another loud smack sent waves through her and she let out another grunt of pain. After the fifth, she let out a loud shriek of pain and her head tilted back. Jason wound up to spank her again and raised his hand high. He wanted her to see the power he was putting into this one.

       “Aaarrpphh!” Jason halted his raised hand mid-swipe. “Arph, arph arph arph aaaaaarrrrrph!!!” she cried out. He knelt above her and looked down into her eyes. The tears were streaming profusely down her face and mask. Her eyes were puffy and red, and her breathing was heavy and rasp.

       “Again” Jason ordered.

       “Arph” she whined back

       “And again.”

       “Arph,” Daisy barked.

       “One more time.”  Jason let his harsh demeanor melt away as she began to comply with him.

       “Arph!” she barked, louder this time. Jason stood up and looked down at her.

       “Next time I order you to bark, you bark. If I ask a question, you answer with barks and whines... Just like a dog.” Jason turned and began to walk towards the house. He made it a few paces before turning back to look at her. She looked so beautifully pathetic there, chained up in the yard. The tears and drool spilling from his four legged slave was the most gorgeous thing in the world to him. She was an imperfect pet, but she had not received any training yet. She would learn.

       “By the way, Daisy” he called back to her, “I heard that uh uh back there. Puppies dont talk, and they dont try to talk. Thats another punishment, and that makes two. But well leave those for tomorrow.” With that, Jason turned back to the house and went inside.

       Leaving her behind, Jason decided to take the opportunity to work out. It was too early for dinner and he was in too much of a good mood to sit around and watch television. He walked into the laundry room to find some clean clothes he could lift in, and took a peak out the window. Out in the yard she was adjusting to her surroundings. She crawled about dragging that thick chain behind her, and pulled it as far as it would go. He watched as she pulled it taut and tested its strength. The chain was attached to a two inch wide steel post, and that went two feet into the ground and was encased in a concrete base deep down. Even if she wasnt in those restraints shed have no hope. Hell, a body builder would have no hope.

       Jason watched a few more minutes as she became acceptant of the fact that she could not free herself from the post. Finally though, he grabbed a pair of basketball shorts and a sleeveless shirt and walked to the far side of the house to his home-gym. It was a room intended for an office, but he wasnt much of a paperwork guy so he filled the room with free weights and a rowing machine instead. It did the trick when he didnt have the time to drive to the actual gym. He was tired, but figured he could do a little arm work at the least.

       Grabbing a pair of forty pound dumbbells, Jason turned to face towards the massive windows that let him look out to the back yard. It was nice to be able to lift and keep an eye on his girl at the same time. It sure got the testosterone going, and that helped too.


Chapter Thirteen

       Sara continued to struggle with the massive chain connected to her collar. The chain only gave her enough slack to move about twenty feet from the thick metal post it was attached to. She crawled away from it until the metal links were taut, and pulled with all her strength. But being trapped on all fours didnt make it easy. Sara found it difficult to put her weight into it, and her rubber encased knee caps just slid on the grass. Her attempts were futile and she knew it. Unable to look down at where the chain clasped onto the ring at her throat, Sara lifted her right hand, trapped in a fist within the glove, and tried to feel for a way to undo it. But the padded mittens were too thick and completely desensitized her. Her hands truly were nothing more than paws, she realized.

       Sara decided that there was no escape to be made for now, but she had to start planning. She thought back to a television show shed seen once, about famous jail breaks in history. All of the stories had the same thing in common; the escapees spent long periods of time figuring out every nook and cranny of their surroundings. They studied their guards, learned the routines, and discovered little things about their prisons that they could exploit. Sara would do the same thing. If she studied her surroundings she was sure she would find a way out. Her only concern was what he would do to her in the meantime. She had to escape as soon as possible if she wanted to keep her virginity.

       Sara crawled around to the back of the little dog house, and grimaced at the pain of the massive plug lodged inside of her. The straps between her legs were beginning to toy with her as well, but she did her best to ignore that to study the dog house that was apparently hers. It was almost your generic dog house; dark brown, arched doorway, slanted roof. The only differences she saw were that the slant to the roof was significantly steeper than a normal dog house, and the top edge was coated with metal. This dog house also had a front door to it, though it was swung all the way open and locked into position.

       Peaking inside the small wooden hut revealed nothing of surprise. There was a wide, pink doggie bed inside of it. Besides that, there was nothing interesting about it. Backing away from the house, Sara began to survey the rest of the yard. To her right there was a strange contraption. It reminded her of a metal swinging gate that shed seen once, used to block off a dirt road she saw when she was camping. But that was a long time ago, and this thing wasnt blocking off any roads. It was just planted in the middle of the yard.

       Sara turned her attention to the house that her captor had brought her to. From the back of it, it sure did look nice. It was very big, even bigger than any of her friends homes. It was also very well taken care of. The blue paint and white trim was fresh, the bushes along the back were trimmed and healthy, and the lawn was luscious and green. It did need a mow though. There was also a large shed over on the opposite end of the yard, flush with the tall wooden fence. Whoever this man was, he wasnt just some psycho. He was a rich psycho.

       Sara continued to crawl about her strange surroundings. The straps between her tender pussy lips continued to grind against her clit, and was beginning to arouse her. But Sara fought it. She wouldnt let the man see her suffering. Not like that. Sara crawled about a while longer, studying every part of her environment. After a while though, the pressure from the straps was becoming too much and she decided she had to stop. Just crawling around was making her horny, and she could feel a wetness inside herself. But thats what the man wanted, and she wouldnt allow him to see her in that condition. She wasnt some animal in heat, she was a person.

       Sara decided to settle down and get off her knees for a while. They certainly could use the break; her knee caps were beginning to get a little sore. So Sara brought her knees up and plopped her weight down to sit on top of her bound knees. The tail pressed into the ground though, causing it to bend within her. Sara couldnt see it, but she felt the blonde tail curling up behind her. A few bristles of its hair tickled her shoulders as she sat. The plug was very uncomfortable, but at least she could rest her legs for a while. Besides, the invasive strap between her legs was beginning to take a toll.

       Kneeling the way she was, Sara realized that she really was sitting much like a dog. She had to hunch over a little to let her padded fists rest on the ground between her stumped legs. It was either that or sit upright and be forced to hold her arms out in front of her. Sara kneeled there for a good while, looking around the mans yard and home. She knew that she had to do what she could to put together an escape plan. If he ever got complacent and let her out of the suit she had to be ready. She had to know what her actions would be in order to succeed in getting away from this psychopath.

       Time seemed to stand still as she sat there in the grass. She still couldnt totally believe that she was in this situation. Being kidnapped was scary, as was the fondling and spanking. But the suit that her captor put her into was something else. She no longer had hands, nor could she stand upright. She couldnt turn her head correctly or speak or  turn at her waist. Her knees were sore, her breathing was difficult, and she felt completely ridiculous with the dog face and pigtails with bows. Her jaw was still sore from the ring lodged in her mouth, though her muscles seemed to be getting used to it. The worst of it had to be the strap between her pussy lips and that infernal plug crammed inside her anus. Sara was nearly brought to tears again just thinking about it, but she fought the urge. She had to stop crying, she had to keep her wits about her if she was going to figure out an escape. Not only that, but she also wanted to keep from looking weak to the man. But it was so hard not to break down every time he hurt her or yelled.

        It did feel nice to be outdoors though. The sun was out but it wasnt that warm out. It was only early spring so the air was still cool and a little windy, but the sky was clear. It was beginning to get dark out, and Sara was hopeful that the man would let her back inside before the cold of night time took over. Only her arms, legs, and waist were covered, leaving all of her intimate parts vulnerable to the cool air. She could already feel her small pink nipples erect from the drop in temperature.

       Time passed and the sky grew grayer and grayer until it was black and the stars shined. Sara wished she could be on one of those stars. Some distant planet where psycho people didnt force young women to be their dogs. A place where girls walked upright and didnt have plugs with tails shoved into their rear ends.

       Sara gazed upon the rear entrance of the house with content. As the night became cooler she actually found herself hoping for the man to come back, if only to bring her back inside. Her nipples were stiff and pert, and every area of open flesh was covered in goose-bumps. It wasnt long before she found herself shivering. She continued to watch the house- looking for her captor through the windows and hoping that he would come and get her soon. She was so cold.

       Finally, a light came on upstairs and Sara saw the shape of the man in one of the rooms. It was hard to see, but it looked like he was undressing. Sara watched with yearning as the man disappeared. Oh God it looked so warm in there now. If she was out on a night like this before she would have been clothed from head to toe in warm layers. But all she had here were these rubber stockings and leather straps and belts. She felt like she was freezing.

       Ten minutes passed before the man reappeared in the window, apparently getting dressed again. He would come and get her now, she was sure of it. He couldnt leave her out here any longer, she would get sick!

       Sure enough, a minute later the man came to the back door at the ground floor and stepped outside. He was wearing different clothes now- sweat pants and a different t-shirt. Sara was almost ready to jumped back on all fours and run for him, but she couldnt let him know she needed him. It wasnt that she wanted to go to him, but he was the only one that could get her out of this. She just wanted to get warm again, then she could resume her escape plotting.

       “Miss me girl?” he called out as he closed in on her. Sara didnt budge as he bent over just to unhook the chain from her collar. The man stood upright and looked around, then back at the house. “Fuck I forgot your leash, girl.” Was this a trick? Did that mean he would just hook her back up to the chain and leave her out her longer? “Id let you walk off the leash but youre not ready for that yet” he told her calmly. With that he stepped off to her side and reached down. With his left hand he scooped under her belly and with his right he supported her weight under her rear. It seemed to take him no effort at all to lift all of her weight up into his arms, and carry her back toward the house.

       Sara was angry that she was dejected to this treatment, but at the same time she appreciated it. It actually felt good to be held tight, and she felt warm being pulled in to his chest. She closed her eyes for a few seconds and pretended that she was being hugged by someone, but she didnt know who. That was saddening to her- wishing to be hugged... but not knowing anyone in particular that shed want to be hugged by. Sara opened her eyes as he came upon the back door once again. He held her up high with his left arm and quickly reached out to open the door with his right.

       The man didnt put her down once inside, but instead carried her straight to a big door in the kitchen. He carried her through and she saw that the door led to a downward staircase. He must have been bringing her back to the “play room.” She was grateful that he wasnt putting her back into that cabinet-elevator. That was an experience she didnt want to repeat. At the bottom of the stairs he turned and carried her through an unfinished basement. She could see tools and building material all over the place as they passed it. Finally at the far side of the room the man opened another door, and her suspicions were confirmed.

       The man let her down gently to stand on all fours on the padded mats. There were some new pieces in the room, she saw. In the center there was a very wide beach towel spread out. It was a soft purple color and adorned with white dog bones. In the center of the towel there was a big black tub made of durable ABS plastic. He did say it was bath time. In the corner she saw the watering machine with the black penis still dangling from it. She didnt realize until she saw it that she was incredibly thirsty. She had no desire to suck the black dildo again, but she knew that it would need to happen if she wanted to drink at all.

       Beside the watering machine there was another machine, almost identical. The only visible differences was that the five gallon jug of water was replaced by a much smaller jug, colored white so she couldnt see its contents. Could it be water? Or perhaps it was just another kind of drink? At the base of this machine was another valve mechanism and a white dildo that looked like it was the same size as the black one.

       “Out of the way, Daisy” she heard the man say, as she felt the man give her a little nudge forward with his foot. It wasnt a hard kick, just a light push to get her out of the way. She saw that he just needed her out of the way so that he could close the big white door behind him.

       “Alright now, dinner first. I dont want you eating late. Yknow eating closer to bed time makes you gain weight. And youve got some to burn before the new suit comes in so you need to make some strides.” She had to lose weight? She was barely over 110 pounds and had no visible fat on her. What weight did he want her to lose?!

       “Get over there and get some water in you first” he ordered. Sara sheepishly obliged and crawled over to the watering machine, pausing before the big black cock protruding from it. She stared it down for a few seconds. “Go on and drink girl” he commanded from somewhere behind her. Sara did as he said and pushed forward until the black cock slipped between the gaping jaws of her mask, and she felt it enter her mouth. The last thing she wanted to do was make the man angry again, especially since he seemed to be in such a good mood.

       With effort she took the whole cock into her small mouth. As the end of her snout closed in on the ring she hoped that she could activate it early, and not have to suck the entire dick as she did earlier. But as the ring disappeared her hopes were dashed- the opening of the mask was too wide to catch on the ring. She had to get it deep enough down to tap the ring with her real lips.

       Sara struggled on, sucking down the massive black cock. Finally she felt her pink lips meet resistance as they tapped the metal ring. She felt a small amount of cool water shoot down her throat, partially quenching her thirst. It was good for overall hydration, but Sara longed to swish the water around in her mouth freely. Her mouth felt dry now, probably from being left vulnerable to the open air. Her tongue must have become swollen from the piercing, because it felt like it was pressing against the rubber phallus much harder now. It almost hurt. Regardless of how unsatisfying the drinking was, Sara continued to suck the black cock and got her fill of water. For several minutes she sucked the cock and suckled down as much water as the man would allow her.

       “Alright Daisy” she heard him say from behind her. “Dont fill up on just water. When youve had enough to drink move on to the white cock. That one dispenses dinner. I call that one the Feeder-Cock.” Sara paused at his words. That was dinner? That cock would give her food? Sara felt completely defeated as she broke away from the black cock. Only now did she realize how hungry she was. She hadnt eaten in about a day now, but shed been to scared and angry and lost to even realize. But she couldnt give in to this... she couldnt spend the rest of her days getting fed and watered through tubes in rubber dildos. Sara remained on all fours, facing the white penis and the machine it was attached to. She was so hungry. Sara felt the mans eyes on her. He was just standing on the other side of the tub with his arms crossed watching her.

       “If you want to eat, eat” he said, “but if youre going to skip dinner then come on over here for your bath.” Sara looked at him and the big tub in the center of the room. What could she do? She could either allow herself to be degraded to sucking dicks for food and then be washed down like a sex pet, or pass the only chance for food and then still be washed like a sex pet. Thats what she was to him and she knew it now. Thats why he put that toy into her butt. Thats why he spanked her. She felt her tummy grumble and churn, confined in the wide leather belt that held it.

       Sara battled herself internally; trying to decide whether it was worth it to just accept the foul treatment and get what food she could from the white cock. Her captor wasnt likely to let up and give her food by any other means. It was either get food through the dick, or dont get food at all.

       Emotionally defeated, Sara crawled slowly to the white cock. She crawled to face the machine squarely, and took the second dick into her mouth. It slid down easier than the black cock did, probably because she was used to it now. Sara swallowed the second cock down hard, and took it all down into her throat until her lips met a metal ring. Pressing the ring, she felt a spurt of fluid ooze from the end of the dick into her throat. The thick fluid forced Sara to gag hard and she had to back off of the cock as she coughed in reaction. It was so thick and it came so slowly, how was she supposed to keep from choking on it?

       “Yep thats food for you from now on, Girl. Its a concoction of all the nutrition you need pounded into a fluid. I realize itll take some time for you to get used to it, so Ill give you ten minutes to eat tonight.” Sara couldnt believe his words. This was food? “But starting tomorrow you get five minutes to eat each meal. Get to sucking that cock, before dinner time ends” he finished.

       Sara would do anything to be out of this place. How could he do this to her? She imagined killing him a hundred ways as she took the cock back into her mouth and swallowed the cock down her gullet. She promised herself that when she escaped she would return and kill this man, even as she crawled on all fours sucking rubber penises for food. Sara struggled to take the “food” down. It kept making her choke and gag, and two dozen times she had to back off of the cock altogether to cough.

       She felt degraded to a level that she didnt think was reachable. How could a man treat someone this way? Sara was completely defeated. He had her in this inescapable suit, in an inescapable room, locked down in the basement where nobody knew to look for her. He said hed driven all night... she could be hundreds of miles from home. Her face was flushed red and tears streamed down her face as she continued to suck the cock. She didnt realize it at first, but she caught herself sobbing with the dick in her mouth. Sara was a little more surprised that she was doing it without even knowing, but she didnt stop. She just had to suck the dick for ten minutes, just until he told he to stop. Then she didnt have to suck anymore- then she wouldnt be allowed to suck anymore.

       “Dinner times up” she heard him announce finally. Sara was so thankful that it was over, and she quickly backed away from the feeder-cock and let the white rubber free from her gaping mouth. “Bath time now.”


Chapter Fourteen

       Sara couldnt believe this was happening. She wanted to scream in his face, to bite him, to make a run for it. But there was nothing she could do. The ring in her mouth locked her mouth wide open, and her arms and legs were completely incapacitated. There was no way for her to fight back, and she knew the man would win one way or another. Accepting another defeat, Sara shyly crawled over to him where he knelt in front of the big black tub and halted only a few feet before him. She could feel his eyes on her, but she couldnt bring herself to meet his gaze again. This was just too humiliating.

       Shed been seen in the shower once by her mother when she was in her early teens and that was embarrassing then. But this was totally different. This man had her and he would have his way with her as well. She felt like a toy to him. With a slight grin the man wrapped his arms under her chest and belly and hoisted her up and into the big plastic bath tub. She was confused as to why he would keep her in the suit for a bath though. She wasnt very dirty at all, but even if she was only half of her skin was showing in the wretched dog costume.

       The water in the tub was only luke warm, but it felt great on her naked flesh after being out in the cold for so long. The man looked down at her as he cupped the muzzle shaped mask strapped to the lower half of her face, and forced her to look up at him.

       “Youre being a very good puppy, Daisy” he said softly. “Now lets get that mask off and well clean you up a little bit.” Saras ears perked up at that. He was going to take the mask off? Hed have to take the ring out too, then she could finally speak to him. Her mind was racing as she tried to come up with something to say. She had to say something short and sweet, something that would make him second guess everything hed done to her. She had one short window of opportunity to try to convince her captor to release her. The man placed his hands on the buckles holding the mask in place, and one by one they fell away, until the only strap remaining was the one running to the back of her head to hold the sides of the snout and the ring in place. He undid the last strap quickly but didnt pull the mask away immediately.

       Instead, he looked down into Saras eyes and gave her a powerful look. Not a mean one, but the kind that reminded her of how mean he could be... and that he was in complete control.

       “One word, Daisy, and I promise you will regret it. Youre my little Golden Puppygirl now, and you do not speak.” Sara was crushed. He didnt want to hear anything she had to say, and hed punish her if she spoke up at all. But this was her only shot... Her chances of escape were slim to none, especially with all the restraints, chains, fences, and her not knowing where the hell she was. But if he would only let her speak maybe she could convince him to release her.

       His eyes glared down at her so intensely that she trembled in the tub, making the water stir a little bit. The man pulled the mask away and Sara had to blink away the tears as she fought to muster all of her courage. The mask was completely removed and she suddenly had regained the use of her mouth. Her jaw ached a little, and her mouth was incredibly try, but she was sure she could do this. She waited until he put the jumble of leather down by the side of the tub and then pulled away from him as far as the entrapping bath tub would allow. Anything to gain just a few more second without the gag. Just to get a few more words out before he inevitably regained control.

       “Please sir, please let me go!” she shouted as she pulled away. She noticed immediately how raspy her voice had gotten, probably from having an open mouth all day long. Even worse, talking hurt her tongue more than she had expected it to. The piercing had definitely caused some swelling. She saw a flash of annoyance cross his face as he reached forward with his left hand, attempting to grab hold of the ring on her collar. “Please sir, I dont want to be your dog, Im not your dog, or your pet, or toy or anything!” she screeched as she attempted to paw away his hand as he reached for her collar.

       “Shut the fuck up, you fucking animal!” he snapped back. Out of the corner of her eye she saw he had the leather snout back in his right hand, ready to reattach it to her.        “Mister, please Im begging you for mercy!” she cried out, hoping that her begging and pleas would find his conscience. “Please I just want to go home.” With his index finger looped through the ring at her throat he regained control of her and drew her towards him. He was so strong, and she was so small and heavily handicapped. She stood no chance, but continued to cry and beg. “Please Mister I dont want to live like this. Im a person!”

       “I said shut you snout, pet! Dogs dont talk, Daisy!” The man wasnt having any of it. He had her pulled up close to him at the edge of the tub and with his other hand he closed in with the mask. With only a split second to spare before he forced the dreaded mask back on her she searched for one last thing to strike a nerve.

       “My name isnt Daisy, ITS SARA!!!” she shouted at him as loudly and as defiantly as she could manage. As she drew out the last syllable of her name and her mouth was wide open, the man lodged the wide metal ring back into place. In short order, he had the strap running to the back of her head done up tightly.

       “Youre a nasty little pet bitch, and youre going to get whats coming to you.” He buckled the strap beneath her chin more tightly than he had before, leaving her grimacing in pain. He did the same with the straps running over the top of her head each way, forcing an uncomfortable amount of pressure to encompass her skull. The man then reached into the tub and placed his big arms under her stomach and lifted her  from the water, only to let her back down on the purple towel beside it. The man scowled harshly as he lifted another towel and roughly dried Sara off, even on the rubber and leather clothing that covered her.

       The man then stood and walked away to the metal cabinets, leaving Sara scared on the floor. She had never felt as scared and alone in her life as she did right then. Whenever he went to the cabinet he came back with something bad. Then again, hed never done anything good for her since their meeting. Sara remained on all fours by the tub, watching the man as he reached up into the metal box. He pulled out a small plastic tub filled with other things which she couldnt see, as well as a small red duffel bag.

       “Get your skinny ass over to the crate, Bitch” he ordered harshly. Sara was so terrified that she didnt hesitate to comply, in fact she moved rather quickly to the pink cage and stopped just in front of the door. It was late, and she did feel pretty tired. Maybe he was just going to lock her in the cage for the night, that was all. She almost hoped he would. The cage looked safer than being out in the same room as him, and she felt even more at risk now that shed made him so angry.

       The man approached her from behind and very roughly undid the strap between her nether lips and ass crack. It was somewhat relieving to have that removed, but she was worried as to why he would do that now.

       “I want to see your ass in the air, puppydog.” He then stooped over her from behind and pushed down on her shoulder blades, forcing her to go down until her elbows rested on the floor mats and her face was nearly stuck into the floor. Sara felt herself starting to cry again as the fear built up within her. She started to sob there on the floor before him, and she felted a little happy that her pigtails were falling to the sides of her head to somewhat hide her face from him.

       “Now get that ass higher, bitch” he said ferociously, “And arch the back.” Sara did the best that she could to comply with his orders. She brought her stumped legs closer up to her torso so that her buttocks were high in the air, and arched her back as far as she could manage. It wasnt very long at all before she felt a tightness in the muscle in her lower back, and it started to hurt. “I said higher, Daisy!” he shouted from behind as he fooled around with whatever terrible items hed pulled from the cabinet. Again, Sara tried to draw her stumped legs closer to her tummy so that her buttocks were high up. She hadnt foreseen this outcome to her speaking, but she had to say something to him and that was her only shot. Even if he punished her, he had heard what she had to say and he couldnt ignore it now. “If you dare leave that position, youre in for a world of hurt” he warned meanly.

       Sara remained in that position for a good five minutes, quietly sobbing to herself and internally hating herself for getting into this humiliating situation. Finally though, she felt the man place his left hand on her left buttock as his right slowly pulled the big rubber plug from her asshole. The plug came loose at last and Sara felt relieved to have it go, but she knew deep down that the release would not last for long.

       “Do you remember how I told you to answer questions, Daisy?” he asked her from behind.

       “Arph!” she quickly replied.

       “Good dog. Now answer this... did that plug feel real big in your tight little asshole today?”

       “Arph” Sara replied, though it was half-sob as she recalled the event of him plugging her by force.

       “Would my little Golden like to see it?” Sara paused on the floor with her face pressed to the rubber mats. Why would she want to see it? And how would she say no?

       “Arph!” she barked loudly, trying to compensate for the fact that she had hesitated. The man was then suddenly kneeling at her side, and before her face he held a small, black rubber sex toy. The toy was shaped somewhat like a raindrop, except the back end flared out so that it would allow her sphincter to seal around it. The back end also had several inches of threaded metal, which was how hed attached the big fluffy tail to her rear end. It was maybe only the size of his thumb, but it was without a doubt the same toy that he had forced inside her... she could see a light coat of her own feces on it. It felt so big in her; it was only maybe a third the size shed thought it to be. The smell of shit stung her nostrils, and she was a little happy when the man pulled it away.

       “Want to see what your new plug looks like?” he inquired...

       New one?! He had more?! Saras eyes shot open so wide that she felt like they would pop from her head. Her breathing became heavier instantly as she dreaded what this new toy would be. She didnt have to wait long at all to find out though, as he held it right before her eyes.

       This new thing was no toy. Before her eyes the man held a massive metal buttplug. The shape was predominantly the same, except that it was bigger in every dimension. The widest part of the raindrop had to be at least two inches in diameter, but it could easily have been wider than that. From the tapered base to the end of the protrusion it had to be at least six or seven inches long. Like the other plug, this one also had the threaded metal protrusion to allow the fixation of the tail later on.

       Sara wailed through the ring in her mouth at the sight of it. She wanted to turn and run but she didnt dare attempt it. There was nowhere to go, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. If she didnt do as he told her hed just get more forceful and then do something even worse to punish her again. When she thought about it she realized that any attempt to deny his wishes would just result in never ending punishments. The realization caused her to finally break down into tears once again, closing her eyes tightly to try to block out the world around her.

       The man went back to her rear and gently rubbed her warm ass cheeks for several minutes. He seemed to be stalling for time, probably to force her to remain in that unbelievably painful position for a while longer. As time went on he began to get a little more adventurous though, and slowly he press one of his thumbs into her tight rear end. For a while longer he played with her asshole, but he never put his thumb in too deep. He was just toying with her and she knew it. He wanted to make her suffer in fear of what was to come. If he put that metal thing in her and ended it all too soon then he wouldnt think it was much fun.

       Suddenly the man stood and took a step back and another to the right. Sara sensed that he had something in his hands, but she couldnt see it even in her peripheral vision. The man wound his hand back and swung down hard.

       Whack! The wide leather flogger snapped loudly against Saras right ass cheek, forcing a lot screech from her. Whack! The man snapped the flogger down again. Whack! Again, whack, again, whack, again, whack, whack, whack, whack! by the tenth clash of the flogger on her ass Sara was gargling nonsensical howls from her deep throat. She felt so humiliated to be forced to remain in a position like this and just take a beating.

       “I know I told you very clearly that if you said one word you would regret it.” Sara cried softly by his feet with her ass presented to him and her face to the floor. “Well I didnt count, but Id guess that you said maybeee... twenty five words?” The man began to slowly pace behind her, gauging how he wanted to strike next. “Well for every word you will receive one crack of the flogger to each of your pretty little ass cheeks...” Twenty five! hed just done ten and her ass was on fire! “And when Im done punishing your ass cheeks, youll get twenty five more to each of your tits...” Sara cried out at that. She couldnt possibly withstand such a beating! Her right butt cheek felt like it was melting already, there was no way that she could take more.

       All of a sudden, Whack! Whack, Whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack! The man released a tirade of blows to her left ass cheek, leaving her a wailing mess on the floor. Sara cried out in pain as the man wound up and delivered one more, incredibly powerful smack to her left buttock. The last wallop sent her over the edge and she burst into tears. Sara felt so humiliated to be presenting her ass for such a degrading punishment. How someone could treat a helpless human being like this was far beyond her understanding, she just wanted the pain and misery to end. A wide puddle had formed on the floor mats before her face, as her drool and tears fell from her face.

       The man stood behind her for a minute or two, waiting for her tears to begin to subside. She knew that he would continue once she starting to calm down again, which made her want to just keep crying loudly to buy time. But it was pointless she knew. He was going to whip her bottom more sooner or later.

       Just as her crying had begun to simmer down to mere sobbing, the man released another flurry of smacks and glances on both of her ass cheeks. He struck the right cheek first, resulting in a loud smacking sound followed by another grunt from Sara. Then he swung the other way and came down on her left cheek. He swung the flogger back and forth ten times, forcing Sara to flinch in pain with each impact. By the time the man had finished, Sara was bawling her little eyes out once again.

       She would give anything to be free of this whole situation. Sara stared down at the mat and the big puddle that she had produced and wished as hard as she could that this was all some sort of complicated dream. But she knew that it wasnt. This was really happening. She was this mans captive and he was going to do to her as he pleased whether she liked it or not. But what he wanted was to treat her like an animal, and for her to be his enslaved human puppydog. She couldnt imagine a world in which shed accept that. She had to fight his will. She had to resist as best as she could.

       Saras crying subsided once again and like clockwork the man whipped the top of her ass cheeks back and forth until they were bright red and streaked with welt marks. Her bottom burned like it was actually on fire, and the skin was a radiant and deep shade of red. Whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack, whack! Sara tried to keep count. She wanted to know how close she was to being done with this terrifying ordeal. The pain was too much for her though, and so she lost track. The man just kept smacking away at her behind over and over again until she felt like it was going to catch fire.

       Finally, the man ceased his onslaught. Sara remained in her position with her back arched as far as it would go and her tender buttocks jutting up into the air. She felt so weak now and the snout of her mask pressed hard into the padded floor, which in turn put pressure on the sides of her face. The man said something to her from behind but she was in her own world now, surrounded by her own humiliation and pain and sorrow. He sounded like he was far away, and his words seemed foggy in a way. Like he was just making noise.

       The man spoke again but still Sara made no sense of his words. He seemed closer now though. The pain on her bottom was tingling like she was being pricked by thousands of tiny needles. But she continued to press her face into the floor, wishing that it would just open up and swallow her into oblivion. But she would not be that lucky.

       Suddenly a pair of massive hands grabbed her from behind, taking firm holds on each of her shoulders. The man lifted her face from the floor and continued to pull her back until she was forced to sit like a dog again. She knelt on her stumped legs and her arms were forced to come up from the floor to be held out in front of her. To her it was an uncomfortable position but to him it looked like she was a dog with her paws up as though she were begging for food. Sara was beginning to come out of her stupor now, and noticed the change in position. The man then crouched down behind her. His left hand remained in place on her left shoulder, but his right hand drifted around her small waist and up to her small tits.

       Sara turned her head as far to the right as her collar would allow, and tried to meet the mans gaze where he peaked out from behind her. The mans dark brown eyes gazed into her teary blues from her peripheral vision. He was a pretty handsome man, but he was a crazy. His hands seemed so gentle to her as he caressed her small breasts. He had such massive hands and she had such small boobs. She could see the disappointment in his eyes as he couldnt even get a hand full of tit to play with. He continued to play with her small breasts with a calm that confused her. Hed been so angry and mean only a minute ago. How could his demeanor change so fast like that?

       Suddenly the man snapped back up to stand over her. Without a word he pulled another tool from his back pocket, a different kind of flogger. This one was not the wide belt, but a mess of tens of smaller strands of leather. With his hand still on her shoulder the man pulled Saras back towards his legs so that she was pressed up against him. Then with the handle of the flogger he reached under her head and lifted her chin, forcing her to look up into his eyes. They were mean eyes that got the message across; dont look away.

       Then the man pulled the flogger away and brought it down hard on her chest. There were so many individual tails to the whipping device that it didnt matter if he went for her left breast or the right, they would both get hit either way. Sara let out a short gasp as the first few blows glanced against her bare breasts. This different flogger definitely hurt less than the last one hed used, and Sara couldnt help but think that this was mercy on his part. It wasnt long before her head lulled back down so that it was held in an upward position only by the cupping of the collar.

       It wasnt long before the whip started to sting though, as more and more blood rushed to her tender breasts. Sara wanted so badly to just put her bound arms across her chest and block his attack as best she could, but she was more afraid of what he would do to her if she did. This whole beating and whipping was the result of her behaving badly. It was her own fault in a way.

       With each blow to her small tits Sara flinched and get a high pitched whine. As she kneeled on the floor before him, taking this whipping to her small boobs she felt more drool dripping from her mouth and landing on her breasts. The collar prevented her from being able to look down and see them, but she was certain they must be red and crisscrossed with red welts by now.

       The man paused for a few seconds and allowed her to get her breath back, which Sara was grateful for. His attacks were leaving her breathless every time he came down, and it was nice to be able to get as full a breath as her waist cinching corset would allow. Suddenly she felt his hand leave her shoulder and move down around her throat, then come up to cup her chin and snout. He gently lifted her head back, forcing her to look up and right at him where he stood behind her. His dark eyes gleamed down at her with a prevailing look to them.

       “Does my puppygirl like getting whipped?” he asked. Sara immediately shook her head, no, but caught her mistake. He didnt want her to answer like a person, she had to answer like a dog. To correct herself, she made a long and high pitched whine like a dog, and shrunk back into his legs. The man gave a pert little smile at her sudden change in behavior. “I didnt think you would, Daisy girl. But this is only the start of your punishment. Im going to make sure that you think long and hard before you try to speak again, girly.” Now he was returning to his mean demeanor, she saw. He wanted to hurt her more. Sara knew that shed brought this on herself, but she never thought hed react  so harshly for her simply asking for her own release. Gazing up into her captors eyes, she felt a little less afraid for some reason. Here was the man who had kidnapped her, molested her, dressed her like a pet, and beaten her, but he was just a man.

       Keeping her snout looking up with his left hand, the man used his right to finish his assault on her breasts. Sara kept count better this time, and was grateful when she reached ten lashed to each breast. He had to be done by now, she was sure of it. The man then released her snout and allowed her whole body to fall forward so that her padded hands met the floor. Sara was beyond grateful for that ordeal to be over at last.

       “Were not done here, yet” she heard him say from behind. “Get yourself back in the original position, ass in the air.” With that Sara let out a high pitched cry. She wanted to contest him, but there was truly nothing she could do. It wouldnt matter if she fought him, he would win. He was bigger, stronger, and she was locked in this suit. Accepting total defeat, Sara followed his command and dropped to her elbows and pulled her stumped legs in close so that her big red butt was high off the ground. She could here him working with something behind her. There was the sound of a snap cap being closed, probably from a bottle of lubricant she was sure.

       “Brace yourself, babygirl” he commanded as he worked with the plug behind her. “Dont try to clench up itll make it worse. Just try to relax.”

       A minute passed and then the man was behind her again. She obliged and did as he said. Either way that big metal plug would go inside her, and she would rather at least make the experience less painful. Suddenly she felt it; cold, wet, and hard pressing up against her tight butthole. The feeling immediately drew a gasp from her gaping mouth. The man pressed the plug hard, and she did her absolute best to keep her sphincter from clenching up. It felt so big inside her, already. As it slid even farther within her, she felt painfully full. And her asshole kept expanding as the toy got wider and wider, stretching her farther than she was prepared for. Sara cried out in sheer pain as the massive plug threatened to tear her in two.

       The humiliation she felt only made it worse. She had never thought about it before, but she didnt think that she ever would have accepted anything into her butthole on her own terms. Butt sex was a disgusting thing in her opinion, and now she was being fucked by this gigantic metal probe. Tears were streaming down her cheeks and drool flowed from her gaping jaw.

       Finally, she felt the toy begin to shrink at the area of her butthole, allowing her sphincter to close up again. The toy slid deeper and deeper until her ass closed around the narrow base. Sara breathed heavily and closed her eyes tightly, silently thanking God that she was able to survive such an ordeal. With such a massive plug inside her, and with such a narrow end, it would be impossible for her to push it out herself. Sara felt it deep within her body. It was an uncomfortably large parasite lodged within her posterior. She then felt the mans hands fiddling with the leather straps of her harness, and he very quickly pulled them together once more to doubly trap the massive intrusion inside her. The man did not pull the straps through her pussy lips though, and for that she was grateful. Without warning, Sara felt a sharp pain shoot through her nether lips. The man had attached something! Whatever it was, it hurt like hell. Suddenly the pain doubled as the man attached a second clamp to her other pussy lip. The man had attached a pair of bulky clamps to each of her pussy lips, leaving them in incredible pain. Sara couldnt see it, but through her other senses she detected him attach something to the metal clamps as they dangled from her crotch. The man then stood and walked to her side, but kept his distance.

       “Looks good, Daisy” he told her, proudly. “Tonight youre going to learn a lesson that you wont ever forget. That, I promise you girl.” The man put his hand low enough for her to see it and signaled for her to get back up on all fours, which she did immediately. She couldnt believe the kind of pain she was in. Her buttocks still felt like they were being burned, her breasts were tingling with pain, her behind was filled and plugged, and now her nether lips were being pinched and stretched by those big and heavy clamps.

       The man walked around to the other side of her and opened the door to the big pink crate. It didnt look so big now. She would probably have to squeeze to get in there, she realized. The crate was designed for a big dog, not a small woman.

       “You can go in face first or you can back yourself in. Makes no difference to me, but once youre in dont expect yourself to be able to turn around or anything.” With that Sara promptly crawled over to the entrance of the pink cage and turned herself about so that her butt was facing the open door. The man bore down on her with his dark eyes as she backed herself into the center of the cage. As she had thought, the cage proved to be very snug around her, leaving only about and extra inch or so on both her left and right. Once she felt her bound feet stop against the rear wall of the crate, she brought herself back down into the sitting position in which she really knelt on her stumped legs. The roof of the crate proved too low for her to sit up, forcing her to keep her head and back hunched down uncomfortably low.

       “Good girl” the man said to her, as he reached behind her and pulled a pair of black and red wires from behind her crotch and fed them through the side of the cage. Sara didnt protest as he ran the long wires all the way over to the metal cabinets, where he plugged them into something hidden behind the metal containers door. With his work done, the man then walked back to the cage and squatted down to look at his pet.

       “Youve had an interesting day, Daisy, but its not over yet” he told her as he swung the door to the cage closed in front of her face. The man placed a metal golden padlock on the center of the door, effectively locking Sara in. She barely had enough room to move side to side, and had only perhaps six inches between her snout and the door. “Speaking was the worst mistake you could have made, and the punishment youre about to receive is going to make sure you dont fuck up like that again.” Sara gave a pitiful whine as he spoke to her. She was afraid of what he meant. The pain that her body was in and the humiliation shed endured combined to make her feel a hurricane of negative emotion. She just wanted to punishments to end, already. But she knew shed messed up when she spoke, and now she was paying the consequences.

       The man then walked over and opened the tall white door, looking back only for a brief second to take one last look at her as she lay pathetically within the confines of her cage. He then promptly flipped the light switch off and closed the white door behind him. Sara was left alone in the dark, locked in the tiny metal cage and within the confines of the dog suit that held her prisoner more effectively than anything else possibly could.


Chapter Fifteen

       Sara remained still within the crate. The man had finally gone, leaving her alone, but he certainly hadnt left her in peace. She let out a yelp as the stinging sensation in her pussy lips intensified. She couldnt see the clamps that dangled from her nether lips, but she sure could feel them. The pain was at least equal to that which she felt in her tight rectum. Hed stuffed an impossibly large metal plug into her ass hole, and secured it with the leather straps. Sara allowed herself to cry out as the humiliation and pain all hit her at once. With the man finally out of the room she didnt feel so weak for crying.

       Her sobs wracked her entire body, and tears dripped down her face and formed a puddle beneath her. All she wanted to do was go home. To lay down in her bed and go to sleep and wake up back in her little bedroom. But she knew that was only wishful thinking. The man was very clear... She wasnt anywhere near home. He had taken her hours away, she could be hundreds of miles from home. The suit she was locked in didnt allow her to stand up... or use her hands, or speak, or even turn her head properly. The suit itself was a prison within a prison. Here she was locked in a tiny cage, then locked in a small room, in the basement of a house surrounded by high fences and seemingly out in the middle of nowhere. Sara felt like her chances at escape were beyond slim. Her chances were likely nonexistent.

       Sara continued to cry as she tried to get into a more comfortable position. She found that if she backed her butt to the rear of the crate she had just enough space to lean forward. Her mitted hands lay on the bottom of the crate on the sides of her face, which just couldnt reach the floor. It was the best she could do for comfort, though. She winced as she tried to adjust herself so that she could somehow rest her head. With every movement the metal pussy clamps dragged along the metal flooring, making clattering noises.

       Finally after a long time the exhaustion started to win, and Sara felt like she could actually fall asleep. Her eyes started to droop and her muscles were becoming more and more relaxed. Alone in the pitch dark Sara let out a deep sigh, yearning so much for sleep. Suddenly a light buzzing noise could be heard, but she couldnt tell where it was coming from. A mix of interest and fear prompted Sara to perk her blonde head up and try to identify the source of the noise, but in the dark she couldnt tell.

       BzzzZZZzzzzrrttt a sudden electric shock shot through Saras cunt and she let out a long and labored scream of pain. “Aaaaaaah!!” she grunted out as she recovered from the sudden shock. Sara quivered as she tried to regain control of her breathing, but she was suddenly taking long and difficult breaths once again. The abrupt scare of the electric shock caused her to break out in tears once again, but this time much more intensely.

       Why would someone do this? she wondered to herself. HOW could someone do this?! She was just a nineteen year old girl who had never done anything wrong. How could he just take her away and treat her like this? Her breathing had become ragged as she feared what would come next. She wondered how many times shed be shocked like that, but she was sure she knew the answer.

       “Aggghhh!!” Sara cried as another shock fired its way through the metal plug in her asshole. Her hole body jerked at the pain and her tears were flowing from her eyes more than ever. Why cant he just leave me be? she wondered. Why wont he just let me sleep? BzzzZZZZZzzzzzrrtttt another shock zapped her pussy lips and Sara cried out even louder. That one seemed longer and much stronger than the last one. Sara tried to regain her composure as she awaited the next electric shock. Minuted passed as she waited for the next assault. She had no idea when it would come, but she knew it was coming. It was the most frustrating wait in the world as she anticipated another shock. Another minute passed with no sign of another electric shock.

       Sara was beginning to think that it was just a temporary thing. Maybe he just wanted to electrocute her a little bit. Her train of thought was abruptly cut off when a pair of high intensity jolts of electricity simultaneously crashed through her pussy lips and ass hole. “Geeyaaaaaaahhhh!!!” Sara let out a shriek like no other as the pain flowed through her entire body, forcing her into an uncontrollable spasm.

       Minutes passed again before she felt another shock to her cunt, then a pair to her ass one after the other. Another to her pussy, another to both at the same time, and another to her ass. Over and over Saras back side jerked up with each electric shock. Within the hour her face was drenched in her warm tears, and drool flowed freely from her gaping mouth to the floor. Sara tried staying down low in the cage, as if it was possible to hide from the next shock. But each attack succeeded in ripping into her like a hot knife, drawing from her her breath and a loud and agonized screech of pain.

       The exhaustion of the day had begun to take a real toll on Sara. The emotional drain shed experienced from all of the humiliation, along with the lack of real food piled up to leave her completely sapped of strength or energy. Her body continuously tried to give her sleep during the longer breaks between shocks... but it was never enough to make her feel any form of rest.

       Hours passed, and Sara felt as if she were in a timeless warp of pain and misery. The lack of sleep made it feel as though each and every shock ran into the next one, until all she could remember of the night was being zapped. It felt like she wasnt even getting breaks anymore, just constant electrocution. The pain was so absolutely terrible that she still jerked and screamed with each assault. She could no longer control herself and she found herself wailing in tears the whole night, interrupted only so she could screech and scream when she was shocked.

       Eventually, the shocks came to an abrupt end. Sara didnt notice that the assault had ended, and continued to cry deeply within her cage. Minutes passed before she started to question the coming of the next jolt. Its just a trick she thought. Hell get your hopes up then hell electrocute you to death.

       Sara let out a low whine, and slumped to the floor of the cage. Not because shed been shocked... worse. The knob to the tall white door jiggled and turned, and the tall, evil, man slowly reentered the room. He walked calmly over to the cage and knelt down to peak between the pink bars that held Sara captive. In complete despair Sara groaned and looked down at the floor of the cage. The man gave a pert smile and continued to watch her from above.

       “Look at me, girl” he ordered. Sara slowly obeyed the command and turned her gaze upward toward the mans dark brown eyes. “Did you sleep well, Daisy?” he asked her. Sara looked up at him, completely defeated once more. His stare cut through her and she breathed heavily from such a long night of torture. She knew what he wanted. Her weepy blue eyes released another pair of streams of distress... Sara beamed directly into his eyes... “Arph! Arph!” she barked.

“Good girl, Daisy” he said with an ugly smirk. The man let out a short sigh as he bent over and removed the golden padlock from the door. He opened the door wide, and beckoned Sara to exit the cage. Sara obeyed his wishes and slowly crawled from the cage, feeling wires drag behind her as they clung to her pussy clamps and butt plug. “Oh, whats wrong girl?” he asked rhetorically. “You look like you didnt sleep well.”

I didnt sleep at all, you bastard! she thought to herself. Sara was so completely exhausted. Her back ached from the difficult position she was forced to bend into, and her legs felt numb from essentially kneeling on them all night. Her breasts and buttocks were still red and throbbing from her flogging and whipping the night before, and to top it her pussy lips and asshole were on fire from the constant barrage of electric shocks throughout the night. Sara hoped only for some sort of reprieve.

The man approached her and reached behind her, removing each of the heavy metal clamps from her tender nether lips. Sara groaned and a tear came to her eye as the blood rushed back in. She grunted at the pain, and noticed from above her the man seemed to enjoy watching her writhe. She hoped he would remove the massive butt plug that was still trapped deep within her body, but he made no move to do so.

“You have ten minutes to be fed and watered, Daisy. Your time starts now.” Sara groaned as she crawled to the two wretched contraptions on the other side of the room, going around the purple towel and the black bath tub she was meant to get cleaned in the night before. Looking at it made her wish shed just kept her big mouth shut. Maybe he would have let her sleep if she had... or maybe it wouldnt have mattered.

Sara approached the watering-cock first and took the long black dildo into her mouth through the dog snout. She gagged and choked as she forced the rubber penis down her throat, just far enough to click the ring at the base. Sara choked again as a spurt of water shot down her throat. She hated drinking water like this, but who knew what the man had in store for her. Sara decided it was best to eat and drink what she could and try to keep her strength up.

Back and forth Sara rocked on her hands and knees, sucking down the big black cock just for a few ounces of water. When she felt that she had enough to become hydrated she removed herself and crawled to the feeder-cock. Once again she swallowed down the long, white penis and clicked the adjacent ring. Sara shuttered as the oozing liquid was released down her throat, prompting a harsh fit of choking and gagging. She had to fight with herself to keep the food down and not vomit all over the padded flooring. For a few minutes more Sara guzzled down what she could as she literally sucked cock for food. She was too unbelievably tired to really care at the time though, it felt almost as if she was dreaming. If she were allowed to put her head down for even just a moment she was sure shed pass right out.

“Thats ten” the man announced from behind her, referencing his cell phone from his pocket. “Come here, baby” he cooed to her as he knelt down on the mat. Unable to resist, Sara crawled to the man and beamed up at him with her glassy blue eyes. “Your hair is an absolute mess, Daisy” he said. “You definitely had a rough night” he chuckled. The man produced the hair brush from the other day and adjusted his position to loom over Sara where she held fast on all fours.

“Lets get your hair fixed up for the day, shall we?” With that the man grabbed each of the elastic bands holding her frazzled pigtails in place and pulled them away, freeing her long golden hair. The man had little difficulty in gathering each and every stray hair and pulling her hair back into a pair of neat, tight pigtails. Sara nearly moaned in pleasure as the man began to pull the brush through the pigtail on the left side of her head. Something about having her hair brushed and played with felt so unbelievably pleasant. She hated herself for having that man be the one to brush her hair, but she realized there was no hope in fighting him.

The man brushed her left pig tail for a minute and then twisted the long strand of hair around and around itself, until it was bound into a tight little ball atop her head. With a pair of elastic bands, the man wrapped her hair to confine it to the new shape. Sara was confused as to why hed done that, she didnt expect the man to be dressing her hair up differently. But she figured that it would actually make it easier to see to the left and right, and now her hair wasnt able to get into her face.

He then knelt over her and began to repeat the process with the hair on the right side, brushing it out until her hair was straight and neat. Sara closed her eyes as he brushed her long blonde hair, imagining she was home. The day dream was cut short when the man began to twist the second tail into another small, tight bun on the right side of her head. Again, the man wrapped the ball with a pair of elastic bands. Saras hair was then tied up into two tight little buns high up on her head.

“Youre going to be glad I have your hair out of the way” he told her. “At least it wont be in the way during your training.” Sara was afraid to learn what this training might involve, but her mind was too tired to even imagine what it could be. The man then produced the two big pink bows and hastily fastened them in place around the base of each ball of hair. The man then pulled from his back pocket the long pink leash that he had used on her the day before. With a click to the front of her collar he attached the leash and gave it a short tug.

“Come on, girl” the man said as he lead Sara crawling to the adjoining cellar room. The cool cement flooring in the room could be felt through the pads under her knees and even through the thick leather mittens restraining her hands. Sara suddenly remembered the horrifying experience she had the last time she was brought upstairs. The dreaded elevator that hed strapped her into and had her dragged up. As she padded along behind the big man she could only hope that he would bring her towards the staircase, and not back to that little door in the wall. Saras hopes were crushed as the man gave her leash a tug and directed her to the little door in the wall.

“You remember this from yesterday, you know what to do.” His orders went without saying, and Sara obeyed. She turned herself around so that her rear end faced the door and she remained still as the man prepared her for the short but humiliating journey. The man opened the door and pulled the four leather straps from the darkness. One by one he fastened them to the D-rings located at the base of each of her four appendages. “See you upstairs, Daisy” he said with a raspy laugh as he pressed the button on the wall. Sara heard the whirring sound again and the slack in the leather straps began to disappear. This time she tried to remain calm and not make a spectacle of herself. She just had to ride the elevator to the ground floor and wait for him to get her, that was all. She just had to remain calm.

But as the winch drew out the last of the slack and Sara began to be dragged into the dark she couldnt help but cry out in fear. With her fists bound in their leather mitts she tried her best to scrabble away from the gaping door, but her attempt was futile. She couldnt get any kind of traction with those mittens and the elevator showed no recognition of her resistance.  More and more she was dragged back into the claustrophobic chamber, and Sara felt the fear grasp her more tightly as she was swallowed up in the cool dark. Her knees were pulled from the ground first, then her leather bound hands and as was lifted up into the elevator shaft.

Sara let out a pathetic whine as she lost sight of the mans feet and the room all together.  The next thing she knew, a door was opening before her where she dangled in the elevator shaft. She let out another pathetic cry as the man appeared and reached in to grab her. With one hand on one of the straps and the other gripping her leash, Sara was pulled from the darkness. She was grateful to be out of that claustrophobic chamber, but at the same time she was dismayed to be back within the grips of her deranged kidnapper.

As he pulled her into the kitchen she got a look around.  There was very dull lighting in the room now, and everything seemed quieter and darker. A glance out the big twin glass doors revealed that it had to be incredibly early in the morning. It was still dark outside, the only hint of a coming sunrise being the bluish haze in the sky. The man quickly unclipped each of the for leather straps from Saras four limbs, then dropped them back into the shaft and closed the aluminum door, as well as the pinewood cabinet door in front of it.

Sara was glad to have that behind her now, but she was terrified to see what he had in store for her next. She was so tired and in so much pain, she knew that she couldnt handle much. The man gave the pink leash a light tug, and Sara immediately fell into step with him as he led her to the big glass doors. She braced her self for the cold of the early morning as he brought her outside into the back yard. What did he have in mind?

It was difficult to crawl along behind him, as he hadnt left much slack for her to work with. But Sara did the best she could to keep up as she plodded alone behind him with her leather-bound stumps and fists. Being on all fours for so long was really beginning to take its toll, and really made her appreciate walking upright. She promised herself that when she got out of this, if she got out of this, she would never take that for granted again.

The massive man escorted Sara around to the left outside the door, toward a wide circular sand pit. She found it strange that he would have something like it, and only wondered what it was for. He then turned around and looked down at her. Sara couldnt seem to decide if it was good to make eye contact with him, or to look down or away when he looked at her like that. He continued to stare into her, as if he was even looking inside of her. Finally the man broke out of his trance and moved behind her.

He quickly unscrewed the long, fluffy tail from its perch on her the metal protruding from her rectum. Working with both of his hands, the man then undid the straps that bordered her vagina. Feeling him work, Sara didnt couldnt tell if she like where this was going. With his left hand on her buttocks and his right on the massive anal plug trapped inside her, the man slowly eased it out of her. Sara let out a loud grunt as the widest part of the plug came closer to her exit, forcing her sphincter to widen to a terrible diameter. Finally though, the whole thing came free.

“From now on, Daisy, this is where you piss and shit” the man told her as he stood back up. “Itd be best to do your business now, girl” he added, as he took a few steps away from her. “Every day youll have only one opportunity to crap, and that would be right now... So do it now or youll have to wait until tomorrow morning for another chance, and you would be smart to lighten your load as much as possible before the day starts.”

Sara truly couldnt believe what she was hearing. He wanted her to just poop here?! Outdoors?! She wrestled with herself internally as she tried to come to terms with what hed just told her. She could certainly feel that she could poop, but it wasnt emergent. But she didnt think it would be wise to try to hold it for a whole 24 hours longer. She decided that yes, she had to do her business now... but how could she? How could she possibly give in to this sort of behavior? How could she just let him decide for her that she would be pooping outdoors on a dirt pile like a real dog?!

But there was no way to contest his will. He made the rules and that was it, she understood that. She realized that she could either poop outdoors like he wanted her to, or not do it at all... which she only guessed could actually kill her eventually. And with the plug inside her she knew she wouldnt be able to do it later on her own terms.

Giving in, Sara obeyed the mans wishes. Standing on her hands and knees, she began to push, forcing a small poop out of herself. The thing came out and plopped on the dirt below between her bound stumps, and the smell of it was wretched. The whole time she could feel his eyes on her, watching her degrade herself to the status of animal. She hated nothing more than to do what he wanted, but there truly was not choice in it for her. A tear came to her eye as she finished her business by releasing her bladder, and her urine dripped from her privates and down onto the dirt to form a dark brown puddle of mud.

Sara felt long tears streaming down her face, brought on by the humiliation and defeat. Finished with her discharge, she remained still as the man approached her once again. She could see the wide smile across his disgusting face as he reached to her behind again. Sara groaned lightly as she felt him pull something up between her butt cheeks. He was wiping her ass for her?! As she had expected though, she soon felt the man pressing something against her tight butthole once more, as he forced the plug into her. Unable to see it but able to feel, she realized that it wasnt the big metal one anymore. If she had to guess she would say it was the smaller one that hed put into her the first time.

The man then pulled the pussy straps tightly through the tender lips and butt crack, then buckled them into place with the rest of the body harness. The tail was then screwed back into place and the dog-suit was now complete once more. With a hand one her leash and the other in his pocket, the man gave her another tug. Sara promptly followed suit as he led her to whatever he had to put her through next.

It was still so dark out, and the only light came from the floodlights high up above the porch. But the light didnt reach the deep recesses of the yard where he was bringing her. As she crawled behind him she became afraid of what it could be. Then he stopped and she stopped with him. Before her was the big metal gate-like contraption in the middle of the yard. It was completely unknown to her what it could possibly be for, but Sara was certain that she wouldnt like it.

The contraption reminded Sara of the kind of a metal gate that someone would see blocking a dirt road. One side was a metal post that was securely fitted into the ground, and the other hung freely. The side with the metal post had what looked like a digital screen, like an older style alarm clock just much bigger. The arm that was held out reached maybe fifteen feet outward until it ended, with a pair of thin, metal chains dangling toward the ground. Each chain had a very wire intertwined with its links, that fell freely as well. The man led Sara by her leash to the very end of the machine, to where those chains hung. Shivering as she crawled, Sara was more reluctant to do anything to anger the man. It was so cold out, she could feel her bare skin prickling with goose-bumps, and her small nipples stuck out farther than usual. She was happy that at least he couldnt see that as long as she was on all fours.

Afraid to resist him, Sara allowed him to push her into position just below the metal arm. It loomed above her by maybe a foot, but the metal chains beside her were at her level. Sara watched from the corner of her eye as the man picked up the two chains and untangled them. He briefly made eye contact with her as he drew the first chain over her back and clipped it onto the left side of her thin corset. The man looked away with a sly smile as he reached for the second chain and repeated the process to the right side of the leather waist cincher. Suddenly Sara realized what the machine was for. The thing had to be some kind of complex leash, giving her access to more space of the backyard, but still keeping her restrained. Like a bigger version of the post shed be chained to the night before. But then why not just chain her to that?

Sara stood still on all fours, trying her best to watch what the man was doing. She wished he would just go already and leave her to freeze in the early morning chill. The man then walked over to the post to which the arm was attached and knelt down in front of the computer-like display. With her neck locked in the high collar it was near impossible to look far enough over to see what he was doing. He then stood once more and returned to her side, kneeling over her again. He now had a pair of small golden padlocks in his hands, which he promptly secured to the clips holding the metal chains in place on her waist. They werent completely normal locks however, as the thin wire that ran from the overhead bar alongside the chains was plugged into them. Sara squinted as she realized she was once again completely helpless. On top of the distance, high fence, and dog suit, she was securely locked to this metal bar above her.

Convinced that she was sufficiently restrained, the man then stood once more and looked over her. Sara hated it when he looked at her like that, it made her feel more like an object than a person.

“Alright, Daisy” he said, breaking the silence at last. “Heres how this works. This one is called The Dog Walker. All you need to do is walk around the loop as many times as Ive decided for you. The computer at the base of the pivot lets me decide how many laps youll do, and how long youll have to do them.” Sara didnt understand what he meant. What loop?

“Today is only training day one, so were starting you off easy at 100 laps. That should add up to just about two miles, which you will have completed by 11 AM. If you fail to complete the task, then we are going to have a problem.” Sara was finally starting to comprehend what the man was saying. He expected her to crawl in circles around a loop. The arm with the chains was only there to make sure she stayed on track! What number had he said? She had to crawl two miles?! Like this?!

“Youve had your breakfast and youve done your business already, so you ought to be good to go” he finished as he took a step back. “The computer is set to 100 laps, and when you finish you will automatically be released from the walker. Then youre free  to as you wish in the yard until I get home during my lunch break.” The man turned and walked away, leaving Sara hooked up to the contraption all alone. Unable to see him, she couldnt tell if hed even looked back at her. She doubted he would though, he was a lunatic at best.

Sara remained still as shed learned to do, as a sort of defense mechanism. As if the man wouldnt hurt her if she didnt move. She held herself steady in the cool morning air, and waited. From a distance she heard the mans feet land on the porch, and then the back door opening and closing. Minutes passed by and she still didnt move, as if she believed he was going to come back and take her off of this crazy thing. But soon she heard a distant door slam and the revving of a big engine. He was driving away?! Hed actually left the house, and abandoned her like this?!

He was gone. Hed really done this. He actually left her chained up to this ridiculous machine, and he truly expected that she crawl around in circles until he got back. Several minutes ticked by and Sara still hadnt moved. Should I do what he wants and walk around the loop? she wondered to herself. If I do then hell feel like hes beaten me again, but what can I do? If he came back and shed completed the task, then he will be victorious once again... But if she didnt do it then hed just beat her or electrocute her or worse. Either way he won and she lost. There was nothing she could do to deny his demands, she realized. He had also mentioned that the machine would release her automatically when she finished, and then perhaps she could find a means of escape.

If she could bite her lip she would have, as Sara lifted her left leg and brought it forward, taking the first step on this preposterous dog-walking mechanism. She hated herself for it, but she did it. She realized that this treatment was terrible, but it was likely not as bad as being zapped by wires and having metal clamps on her poor private parts. Sara crawled forward a few steps, until the chains at her waste became taught and then the metal bar began to budge behind her. She was surprised by just how light it was to drag behind her, and she was more than happy that it wasnt much of a burden. Shed expected it to be somewhat heavy.

Sara crawled on and padded her way through the green grass. She liked the smell of the grass, it was fresh and clean. There wasnt any grass like that around home- there she only saw dead, brown grass. She thought it was funny almost. Her home was a pit hole within a shit hole of a city. But this house was beautiful. It was weird to think that the nice house was her hell, and the crappy home shed come from was the one place shed like to be. That was of course outside the context of being forced to dress and act like a dog.

The metal bar kept Sara on course, constantly making a gradual left turn as she went. After a short while she came around and got a glance at the little computer screen where it was attached to the base of the pivot bar. Sure enough the screen read out “Lap : 1 / 100.” He really wanted her to walk a hundred laps around this stupid loop, and here she was actually doing it. Sara hated herself for a moment, but trudged on. She just had to finish the laps, and then shed be released to the confines of the yard. For a second she thought that she should use her break to get some sleep, but she put that thought out of her head immediately. If she had time alone in the yard then she had to use it to find a way out of here. She had to get away from this psychotic bastard before he got back.

Sara continued to crawl, when suddenly she halted. Something was wrong. She took another step forward and felt a tingling in her crotch. The strap between her labia was pressing so unrelentingly into her clitoris, and she was just beginning to feel the effects. Taking a deep breath, Sara pushed the thoughts of sex and masturbation from her mind and continued to crawl. She only made it another ten steps when she had to stop once more. He knew this would happen, she realized. Hed planned for this to happen. Saras hate for her captor doubled as she took another step forward, and simultaneously ground against the leather straps between her pussy lips. She crawled around the loop once more, feeling herself getting wetter and wetter as she went. A glance to her left showed that she was on her third lap. How could she go on like this for a hundred laps? It was impossible!

Every step that she took with her real legs caused her butt to tilt to the left or right. The result was her unwanted tail tilting this way and that, as if she were willingly wagging it. Sara fumed at the thought of her appearing like a dog, happily wagging her tail as if she wanted to be trapped on this disgusting walking machine. What made it worse, the rubber plug inside her twitched in the opposite direction that the tail wobbled to. It didnt necessarily hurt, but it was dreadfully uncomfortable and distracting to say the least. Sara wished that she could just push it out of her body like a poop, but the straps currently harassing her poor clitoris held it firmly in place.

She let out a groan of unwanted pleasure as her body began to take control and her sex drive pushed her to continue crawling. Sara tried to resist her own urges as she crawled onward, but she was getting hornier with each lap. Maybe if I step with my legs further out, the straps wont grind so much the girl thought to herself. It sounded good in her head, but attempting it proved useless. She lifted her right leg and swung it far out as she took another step forward, but it felt as if that allowed the strap to dig even deeper between her legs. Sara let out a gasp as she felt herself getting even hotter from the invasive leather bindings.

The small girl had to stop and take a break to cool down, dropping her head down as far as the high collar would allow. She was glad that he had at least put her hair up into the two high buns on her head, opposed to the pigtails shed been forced to wear the night before. It was certainly easier to have her hair out of the way, even if she looked liked a child; and she sure she did. At least her head did. The rest of her looked like a sex-maniac-dog-girl. Getting her breath back, Sara continued on with the loop and swiftly accomplished another lap. It wasnt long though before her lady parts began to react to the straps once again, as she began to feel herself getting more and more aroused.

Sara wanted nothing more than to stop, but completing the circuit was the only way to get released from the machine. And once she was free from the walker, she could focus on escaping the yard. The straps were making it very difficult to focus on anything at the moment, though. One lap after the other, Sara crawled around. She was so horny that shed completely lost count of the laps shed completed, and looked for the computer screen to tell her. Lap : 17 / 100 it read. How in Gods name could she go on like this for 83 more laps? Oh God she was so turned on, but she didnt want to be!

As Sara continued to crawl, she felt herself losing control of her body. She was no longer mentally pushing herself to keep going, it felt more like her mind had shut off. It was as if she was a bystander to her bodys needs. Her body had begun to drive her, doing everything in its power to maintain that level of stimulation in her virgin cunt. Sara felt like a disgusting slut as she crawled on and on, but not for the same reason as when she started. She no longer cared to be released from the walker, or to find an escape route. She didnt think about trying to catch some sleep before the mans return, or if hed beat her for not completing the task. The only thing she wanted was more primal than that. All that she wanted from this was to get one good orgasm.

Making another pass, Sara pushed herself even harder, desperate now to reach climax. Every step she took with her stumped legs increased her sexual need, but she just couldnt seem to reach orgasm. Deep down she hated herself for doing this, trying so hard to finish herself despite everything that the man had done to her. He was toying with her she knew, but at the time she didnt care. Her baser instincts had taken control, pushing her to do whatever it took to get what her sex needed.

As she went on she realized shed begun to gyrate her hips even as she crawled, as if she was grinding up against something. Her tail was now flopping left and right, as well as up and down. But no matter how hard she tried to press her clitoris up against the straps, she couldnt get herself to reach the needed level of titillation.  Sara gradually fell into a state of delirious droning, crawling around the circle without any sense of time or direction. She didnt care about the laps any more, she just wanted to reach that peak. For the time being, climaxing was the only thing she worried about. But try as she may, no matter how hard she pushed herself and no matter how quickly she gyrated her hips, she couldnt reach the height of arousal.

Her breathing was much harder now, and was only made more difficult by the tight belt around her waste. It made it unbelievably difficult to get even close to a full breath of air. The collar around her skinny throat forced her to tilt her head back a lot though, which made it easier a little bit easier to draw in air. Sara slowly felt her pale white skin gain a glistening layer of sweat. Her hands inside the leather mittens we sweaty as well, and very cramped and uncomfortable.

Hours passed by and the sun had risen high enough to light up the whole yard, but Sara had barely noticed. Trapped in her state of sexual entrancement, she plodded forward on her hands and knees. Slowly she lost energy, and began to move much slower. Shed burned herself out too fast in her mission to achieve orgasm. Sara trudged on though, desperate to get there. Tears began to stream down her cheeks as she realized that she would not be able to stimulate herself enough to finish. The sexual frustration she felt was incredible, leaving her angry and sobbing. A gagging wail escaped her gaping mouth as she then realized that this too must have been planned by her captor. He knew that shed be turned on by this stimulation, and he knew that it wouldnt be enough. He had effectively forced her to spend the morning teasing her own sex, while simultaneously draining her of any energy she had.

A quick glance at the computer module made her blink twice and look again. It read Lap : 92 / 100. She couldnt believe it, she was nearly done. But she still needed that orgasm. If she could just get one, shed be happy. She couldnt remember the last time shed had and orgasm, and certainly couldnt think of any time shed felt as hot as she did now. In one last desperate attempt to get herself off, Sara lunged forward and dragged the overhead beam behind her. The chains clanked with the metal post and her fluffy tail continued to wobble back and forth, disturbing her insides.

Around and around the loop Sara crawled, bound by the rubber sleeves and leather belts. She must have been quite the scene; a small blonde girl dressed as she was with pointed dog ears and a big fluffy tail to match her hair color. The rest of her body naked aside from the bindings on her limbs and the body harness and waist cincher. She breathed more heavily than she ever had before, as her body was pushed harder than it had ever needed to before. But her sex drive was rampant by then, and she was willing to press on. Sara crawled around again and again, desperate to reach orgasm, but it just wouldnt come. She simply couldnt move fast enough to stimulate herself to that degree.

If only hed put something inside me as well she thought to herself.  Sara stopped then. What had she just thought to herself? Shed willingly thought that she wished hed put something inside of her?! She couldnt believe herself. He was winning, she knew it. But she had caught herself beginning to give in to it. Sara hated herself for thinking it but for the moment it was the truth. She was so turned on, shed do anything to peak. A glance at the computer screen revealed Lap : 99 / 100. Sara let out a sob of frustration and regret as she crawled around the loop one last time.

As she came back to where shed started the bar locked into place, and the locks attached to her waist belt clicked open. Sara couldnt believe it, shed finished on time. But she was still unbelievably horny, and wondered if there was another way she could get herself off. She couldnt reach down with her mittened hands she knew, the straps attaching the glove to the harness simply wouldnt allow that. A glance around the yard revealed nothing that she could possibly rub herself up against, at least without getting splinters in her crotch. Turning around toward the house Sara looked around. The porch, some deck furniture, a built in grill, and high up on the house some fixtures. A pair of flood lights.... But between them was a small security camera, and the light was blinking red. Sara realized then that hed never really left her, and he was probably watching her all along.

Almost no sooner than she'd noticed the camera high up on the wall, Sara saw a figure moving toward the back door to the house. 'Oh God he can't be back yet' she thought to herself. She'd only just finished! She didn't have the chance to at least search the yard for a means to escape. She didn't get to sleep. And worst of all she didn't get to reach that orgasm that was so close yet unattainable.

The figure reached the back door and leered through the glass. The sun was high now, making a dazzling glare on the glass and making it impossible to clearly see who was watching her. Sara stood on all fours a hundred feet from the back porch and stared back at whoever was spying on her. 'My gracious host must be back' she thought to herself, releasing a groan from her open mouth.

Finally the door handle jiggled, she could hear it from the Dog Walker where she had spent the morning crawling like an animal. The door slowly opened and from that open kitchen came someone who was very much not the man who had brought her here and tortured her so inhumanely. A young woman was approaching her, slowly at first. She had long dark hair that fell beautifully down her back and over each of her shoulders. Her bangs were short and fell straight down over her forehead, a look that Sara had never been fond of. She was dressed like any normal person, like she was out for the day or going to a class. She had some tight fitting jeans and a pink T-shirt with a v-cut and a pretty diamond necklace. On her feet were a pair of simple flat bottomed shoes. Sara had no idea what to do. Did this girl know what this place was? Or perhaps the man had tricked her into coming here, he was going to force this poor woman into a suit just like hers and torture them both.

As the other woman came closer Sara saw that she was very pretty and young, though a few years older than Sara. Sara guessed she was twenty-two years old, or close to it. She came closer and closer to Sara, but her demeanor told Sara that this woman was by no means a friend. She walked with confidence, she wasn't shied or alarmed by Sara's condition at all. She had a slight smile, as if she were glad to see Sara. But she didn't know this girl. She wasn't glad to see Sara, she was glad to see a Puppy Girl. As she got closer Sara made out the lines of thin ropes over her shoulders. They were the straps to a draw-string bag that she had slung on her back. The girl suddenly scared Sara, she had to get away from her.

Despite all of her exhaustion Sara turned and crawled as fast as she could. Her mittened hands moved with dexterity and speed, pulling herself forward. But her stumped legs were much more cumbersome and slow, each step causing friction in her hot pussy. Sara crawled away from the girl as quickly as she could manage, though she soon realized that she had no place to go. She first sped her way toward the dog house at the back of the yard. Looking behind her as far as her collar would allow, she saw the brunette was still walking toward. Her pace was a only fast walk, but she was moving at the same speed as Sara was. Sara was afraid. She didn't know who this woman was or what she wanted, but she knew it could be nothing good.

Sara turned and faced the girl, and backed away until her fluffy tail bumped into the wooden fence behind her. 'I can run but she'll still catch me' she thought to herself. 'She's way faster on two feet than I am on all-fours.' Sara was already out of breath again, and she was huffing through the black snout that was strapped to her face.

Sara remembered what she'd though the night before. She couldn't give in to her captor. She had to resist him. And she had to show him that she had self-respect and dignity. The same went for this girl who had suddenly shown up for reasons unknown.

The girl was getting closer, she was perhaps thirty feet away. 'Run!' She shouted to herself in her head, and Sara turned to the right and darted away again. This time Sara crawled as fast as she could toward the fence that bordered the left side of the yard. As she crawled she could feel the straps between her pussy lips taunting her. The desire to reach orgasm was returning to her, but the straps just didn't produce enough friction to generate the needed level of stimulation. Sweat was beginning to drip from her brow and down the sides of her face, a glossy sheen returning to all of her exposed skin.

Sara reached the left fence and stopped to turn around and face the other girl again. She was still coming, and she was closer now. She was perhaps only twenty feet from her now. The beautiful woman had a scary smile on her face, and her dull-blue eyes were beaming at the little puppygirl. She was sincerely enjoying this, watching Sara crawl away, trying desperately to remain free of her clutches.

As the girl came closer she spoke for the first time. "Go on, Daisy, run. Keep running, slut. See what happens." That terrified her. Now Sara knew that this girl was not on her side. She was someone to fear. As the strange girl came closer Sara obeyed and turned and ran once more, desperate to keep away from this devilish beauty. 'Oh God what does she want!? Who is she!?' Sara wondered to herself as she padded through the grass, going diagonally forward and to the right of the girl. The route forced Sara to pass close by her, but it was either that or get trapped between the fence and the porch of the house.

As Sara passed close by the woman's long legs, she took a quick step closer to Sara and reached out. Afraid that she would grab her, Sara yelped and scrabbled quicker to get past. The brunette a move was deliberate. She had no intention of catching Sara, only of scaring her. She had lunged at her the way someone would with a real dog when playing, to get the dog to run away. 'And the move had worked exactly the same way on me' Sara reflected, ashamed and humiliated.

Sara knew she couldn't possibly stay away from her stalker forever, but giving up to her simply wasn't an option. She crawled as fast as she could away from this new girl, and finally reached the fence at the far opposite end of the yard. Sara turned again to face down her opponent. She must have given Sara a head start, because she was farther away now. Sara was beyond exhausted. Sprinting on all fours was wearing her out quickly, especially after the torture she'd endured the whole way through the night, plus the two miles of crawling she had only just finished. And on top of that she hadn't had any real food or water since she was brought to this place.

Her pussy was aching from the constant abrasiveness of the straps. Her whole body shuddered with lust, and her tongue was now lulling from her gaping mouth. She wanted to stay away from the girl, but in her attempts to remain distant she had made herself incredibly horny again. 'Why can't I reach an orgasm?' She wondered. Perhaps if she kept this up she would.

The girl approached her again, walking at a brisk pace. She was in no rush, that much was clear. Sara realized that her attacker wanted to keep this going. It was just a game to her.

A slight breeze blew threw the yard, and the woman's dark hair blew with it. Sara's bangs blew in the wind too, but the rest of we hair stayed put in the neat little buns that her captor had packed them into that morning. The girl was closing in on where Sara had stopped, and she was trying desperately to catch her breath. 'I have to move now or I'll be trapped' she thought to herself, and so Sara began to crawl at her top speed again. She headed in the direction of the dog house, but suddenly the tall girl changed her course as well to cut her off.

Sara stopped in her tracks. The black haired girl hadn't done that before. As quickly as she could Sara changed directions to go to the left. The other girl immediately changed her direction as well, still coming closer to Sara. She was cuttin her off and forcing her back. The blonde puppy girl panicked and turned to go to the right again, but the new acquaintance blocked her path once again. Sara let out a high pitched squeak of fear and began to instead back away. Walking forwards on four legs was slow, and walking backwards was even worse.

One step after the other Sara backed away from this stranger until again her tail bumped into the wooden planks of the fence behind her. She stopped dead in her tracks and stared fearfully into the gorgeous, gray-blue eyes of this new woman. 'What do you want?' She thought. 'Please just leave me alone. I'm so tired.'

As the woman closed in on the rubber-clad slave she pulled the draw-string bag from her back. She then dropped it gently on the green grass beside Sara, making a light thud. She slowly crouched down and fell onto her knees just before Sara, and reached a hand out to grab the ring at the front of we collar. Sara didn't fight her now.

She couldn't possibly get away, and even if she did it was only a matter of time until she was cornered again. She decided that it wasn't worth it to tire herself out even more, especially since it was still early in the day. She was hopeful that the worst was behind her, but she wouldn't bet on it.

The black haired girl took control of Sara by the ring on her collar and held her where she stood. With her free hand she reached up and gently petted Sara's head, stroking her hair where it was pulled tight against her scalp to be bound into the little blonde buns.

Sara had expected roughness from this new face but she was surprisingly gentle. With no thought on how to handle being treated like an animal by yet another person, Sara only stood still on her hands and knees and accepted her touch.

"You like that, don't you girl?" The older girl asked in a soothing voice. "Don't worry, I'm a friend. I know your master and he's invited me to join in your games" she said, smiling down into Sara's eyes. 'You're no friend of mine, bitch', Sara thought. she was like the man who captured her. She was a crazy sadist too, and she wanted to treat her like a dog. "He filled me in on all the rules, and gave me the job of coming home to feed you..." The dark haired woman quit petting Sara's head and reached over to the bag beside her. Unable to look down, Sara felt afraid of what she had in there. A small part of her wished it was something that would finally let her get off. If she could just reach orgasm she could move on and focus on more important things, like escape.

It took a minute for the woman to get what she was looking for, and Sara's eyes went wide when she saw what it was. Before her face was held a big baby-bottle, but with a modified spout. Instead of a little rubber piece to suckle on was a massive red rubber dildo, with an activation ring identical to the ones on the Feeders she'd been forced to use several times.

Sara tried to back away, to shake free from the grip of this strange woman and escape another round of humiliating torment. But the girls hands were strong and held firm to the ring on her collar, and the fence was still behind her to block her way. The girl gave a menacing smile as she brought the bulbous tip of the red dildo up to Sara's gaping jaws and slowly pressed it into her mouth. Behind the wall of the black snout Sara's soft, pink lips closed around the cock. As if hungry to degrade herself, she found herself suddenly lunging forward for the base of the dildo and the ring that would fill her belly.

'I can't believe I'm doing this, and in front of a stranger, no less' she thought to herself. 'Why am I doing this so willingly? Oh God forgive me I'm just so hungry!' Sara guzzled down the red cock, burying it in her throat with a new kind of eagerness. She hadn't realized how hungry she was until now, but the work she had done all morning had left her body sapped of all energy. She told herself it wasn't her fault, she was just doing what she had to do to survive.

Back and forth Sara rocked, sucking down the entire dildo and pressing the ring at the base of the red rubber. She choked every time the phallus reached the back of her throat but she suffered the indignity for the sake of getting food. She needed sustenance, she knew that for sure. As the small blonde girl blew the rubber dick for this strange new woman, she did her best to avoid eye contact. Still though, she felt the black haired girl'a gaze on her. In her peripheral vision Sara could still see that her attacker was smiling as well.

As Sara sucked down the red cock and she drank the gooey 'food' in spurts, she watched the level drop in the bottle. She continued to rock forward and back, desperate to fill her grumbling belly. But if she'd learned anything in the past 24 hours it was that this fluid food truly did nothing to stop the stomach pains of hunger. Sure it would give her energy, but it wasn't satisfying the way solid food was.

The black haired girl knelt before Sara, with her left and on her collar and the dildo-bottle in her right. 'Getting fed like this is worse than the feeder in the basement' Sara surmised. 'This way I need to suck cock right in front of her, where she can see all of me.' It didn't help that this woman was a complete

stranger, but then again the man was too.

With one final press of the ring Sara slurped out the last drops of the viscous fluid. A deep gasp for air escaped her as her tormentor slowly pulled the long, rubber dildo from her throat.

"That's a good girl, Daisy" the woman cooed, as if speaking to a child. "You really liked that didn't you?" Sara gazed up into the other woman's deep blue eyes and saw the joy in them. Sara hated every ordeal she was forced to endure but this sadistic woman sure seemed to like it, at least when she was the torturer and not the tortured. Still though, Sara decided it was best to give the response that was expected of her.

"Arph Arph!" She barked, staring up to meet the stare of her new acquaintance.

"I hear the enthusiasm but I don't see it, Daisy" the woman responded as she stood back up on her long legs. "Do it again and wag your tail like a playful little puppy."

Sara couldn't believe this. This random girl shows up and takes complete control and now gets to give her orders? Another person to treat her like a dog. But what could Sara do to resist? Run away? No. And she knew that if she refused to do as she was told then she would only get another punishment. She certainly didn't want that. The Dog Walker was punishment enough to teach her that.

With a heavy heart Sara wiggled her hips, causing the big fluffy tail to flop left and right above her. The plug in her ass was once again disturbing her insides as it reacted to the motions of the tail flipping about.

"Arph! Arph! Arph!" Sara barked again, wagging her tail about. The woman looked down on her and giggled happily. She was surely enjoying this.

"What a good girl!" She hooted, slapping her hands on her legs like someone would do with an actual dog. "You know what good girls get, don't you?" Sara felt a shiver of fear riddle through her body. She couldn't handle any more surprises. "Good puppy girls get treats!" Suddenly the woman knelt again before Sara and grabbed hold of the ring on her collar. With her other hand she reached around to Sara's rear and pulled her away from the fence. "Face down, Daisy" the woman told her as she tugged the ring downwards. "Good girls get treats, and you'll get one" the woman continued. "But you were a bad little girl first... So you must be punished first."

'Oh God what's going on' Sara wondered frightfully. She wanted to resist whatever this was but she was terrified of the repercussions. She was sure the camera on the house could see them over here. And she was sure that her captor was watching this unfold.

Sara allowed the woman to pull her face down into the grass, bending her elbows and resting her forearms on the soft surface. She turned her head to the left as far as the stupid collar would allow, to avoid getting a snout-full of grass and dirt. The woman rested her other hand on Sara's buttocks, urging her to keep her bottom up high in the air. Sara let out a whimper as she realized that she was positioned like a female dog, awaiting a male to fuck her from behind. She was still incredibly horny from the constant tortures of the straps lodged between her pussy lips.

The black haired beauty positioned herself, kneeling to Sara's side where she could see all of her. Her soft hands ran along her body, almost caressing her. Almost soothingly. 'What is she doing?' Sara wondered.

"You've got a nice ass, Daisy" the woman said with a sneer, then suddenly brought her hand down hard on Sara's left butt cheek.

"Aroooph" Sara grunted, taken completely by surprise. 'Oh God please no' she thought. 'My butt still hurts so much from last time.' But the woman lifted her hand and spanked her again.

"That's for trying to get away from your Master's pet-sitter" she said with a snarl, looking down into Sara's eyes. She smiled when she saw the tears beginning to well up in her gray-blue eyes. "Awwwe the pretty little girl doesn't like getting spanked?" She chuckled. "Too bad!" And she brought her hand down again, then again, and again and again. Sara cried out in pain as a hail of small but powerful smacks came down on her left butt cheek. Whenever the man spanked her he switched between the left and right, but this woman kept her focus only on the left side.

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!

A tirade of painful slaps came down, one after the other. Sara tried to lift her head again to run away, but the woman pressed her left hand down on the back of her collar. Sara was forced to remain pinned in that position with her ass in the air, leaving her rear end an exposed target. Sara wriggled about, trying to get away, causing her tail to wag left and right again. Twenty spanks into the attack, Sara's eyes were flowing with warm tears that dripped down her face and feel into the grass below.

The woman above her grinned as she beat her, and laughed as her toy wailed in pain and humiliation.

'Bent over and beaten like a dog' Sara thought to herself. 'This is what I've been brought down to.'

The woman's attack suddenly halted, and suddenly instead of spanking Sara's bottom the woman was rubbing it. She ran her hand around in circles on Sara's butt, feeling the heat of her blood within.

"That's a good girl" she cooed to her. "That was just a quick little punishment. Not a 'real' punishment, mind you, just a little one. Your Master told me that when you're bad you get punished, and when you're good you get rewarded." The woman released her hold on the back of Sara's collar. "Stay down, Daisy" she told her. Choking back her tears, Sara obeyed.

"Good girl" she was told, as she felt a hand run down her round, pink rump and drift to the straps about her privates.

'Oh my goodness' Sara thought to herself as she felt the woman's hand begin to rub the straps and the labia surrounding them. "Aaarraaagh" Sara grunted loudly as a wave of pleasure washed over her.

Suddenly she was lost in a sea of sexual bliss, as her torturer rubbed her fingers in her sex. Sara's hips began to gyrate shortly after, as her body's hunger for orgasm took over. She tried backing herself up to press the fingers into her harder, but that woman controlling her then used the ring on her collar to keep her steady. The tormenter rubbed Sara's cunt slowly, softly, and deliberately. It seemed like an eternity that Sara was lost amongst her sexual desires, again so close to orgasm but unable to reach it. She realized that the woman toying with her would decide when she got to finish, and she only had to be patient.

But for the longest time the woman rubbed Sara's cunt, and Sara felt on the edge of release for so long it was unbearable. A few times the woman focused a finger or two to probe between the straps and target Sara's clitoris. Every time she did Sara felt as if she would surely explode in ecstasy, but the woman would pull her fingers away before she could. Sara wondered how long she was toyed with that way, thirty minutes if she had to guess.

Tears began to flow again as she became more and more frustrated with the woman. 'Let me finish! Let me have some form of release! Please!' Sara thought to herself. She thought about trying to beg with her words, but the last time she spoke she didn't like the consequences. Drool dripped from her wide mouth in a constant flow, forming a messy pool of spit beside her face.

The fingers stroked her clit and rubbed in circular motions, constantly changing forms of stimulation to keep Sara on edge. Time and time again Sara felt herself come on the verge of orgasm, but the woman toying with her would cease her probing in time to keep Sara from finishing. The tears rolled uncontrollably down her cheeks and dripped over her black snout. She was so frustrated, this torment was far worse than the Dog Walker had been.

Sara moaned constantly and without control as her body attempted to reach that peak of physical pleasure. The constant denial of orgasm soon had Sara wailing, with her masked face pressed into the grass and her ass sticking up as high as she could get it. Her instincts commanded her to, perhaps if she her cunt were more open then her tormenter would allow her to orgasm. Just once, that's all she needed.

Her whole body trembled and her arms and legs began to shake, stressed and tired from holding her position for so long. The puddle of drool beneath her face had widened, and soaked the outside of her snout. Sara's tail drooped over her skinny waste and the hairs at its end tickled her back where her skin was bare. Her breathing was so ragged and struggled that she was afraid of fainting before the black haired girl would finish her off, if she did at all.

Suddenly the woman's fingers slid away from Sara's dripping pussy. Sara's breathing was still heavy and her crying did not slow. The little puppygirl let out another wail of frustration. she wished so much for the woman's fingers to stroke her some more, and to have them enter her fully. She didn't care anymore. Sara was just too turned on to care about anything but reaching orgasm. But apparently the black haired woman was more adamant with depriving Sara of that release.

"My you're a playful little thing, aren't you Daisy?" She asked with a giggle. "Your master told me the rules, though. You're not to cum until he says so. I just figured I would make it a little more interesting for you." The woman knelt up a little higher and got behind Sara's red and glowing buttocks, as if she were a male taking her from behind. Sara wanted to run away, but the woman placed her left hand on her shoulder, effectively pinning her down.

"Lift your head, my little puppy" the woman commanded, and Sara obeyed almost immediately. With her right hand the woman hooked around Sara's side and jammed two fingers into her gaping mouth. Sara jerked and gargled as the fingers were pressed against her tongue, and she could taste her own juices swimming in her mouth. "Clean them, Daisy" the woman ordered. "Or your right ass cheek gets the same treatment as the left one."

Sad and defeated, Sara obeyed the command and slurped her tongue along the lean fingers pressed into her mouth. She licked them good and hard, and did her best to swallow everything that she cleaned off of them. She was sure they were cleaned spotless after a short while, but the other woman seemed to insist that Sara keep going. The tall girl enjoyed degrading her, she could tell.

Finally the woman pulled her fingers away from Sara's snout and she reached back behind her. When she leaned back in she brought a leash with her, and snapped it on. It was the same bright pink one that the man had used, or at least one just like it. Sara's spirits dropped when she realized that these two insane individuals were indeed working together to torture her and to treat her like a dog. She could only imagine what would happen to her when they got to do it together at the same time.

The woman stood up again and gave Sara's leash a tug. Without needing anymore prompting, Sara got back up on all fours. Her arms were shaky and felt as though they'd been asleep, and her legs trembled as her womanly juices flowed down each of her inner thighs.

The woman turned and began to walk, and Sara followed as best as she could. The woman spoke to her without even turning back to look at her. "Your master also sent me here to deliver your first punishment. He says you've earned two so far, but he's a little busy at work right now." Sara's heart sank farther than ever before. She'd spent the whole morning toiling in the yard, walking in circles on her hands and knees and being teased sexually. She'd been spanked, she'd been force fed with dildoes, and she'd spent the whole night being electrocuted to deprive her of any sleep. How could none of that have been a 'punishment?' Sara gasped at the realization that if all of that wasn't a punishment, then it was to be the standard.

As long as she was in the custody of these psychopathic sexual deviants, her life would be like this all the time. Sara choked back more tears at the realization. She couldn't imagine a life where she was treated like this regularly. All she wanted to do was sleep. To reach orgasm, eat food, and then sleep in her own bed at home and to spread her legs out once more. But she had no means of escape, and she was learning that any attempt to resist her captors will only made her situation worse.

The woman led Sara across the yard back towards the dog house. It was tall for a dog house, big enough for a larger dog. It was crafted from sturdy, dark brown wood, with a slanted rooftop lined with metal flashing at it's crest. Unlike a regular doghouse though, this one had a door, just as thick as the walls were and adorned with a latch bolt.She was sure that if she were locked inside there would be absolutely no escape. The door to the dog house was still wide open, so Sara suspected she would be locked inside for the rest of the day. She hoped that were the case, sensing a possible opportunity to catch up on her sleep. She hadn't had any solid sleep for perhaps twenty four hours.

The black haired woman tugged Sara along until they were just in front of the dog house. The taller girl held fast to the leash and allowed Sara to remain where she was, but tilted to the left and right to inspect the dog house.

"Very nice, it's just how he described it" the woman said aloud, half to herself and half to Sara if seemed. Her level of interest concerned Sara a lot. Something about this thing made it more malicious than it appeared, but Sara couldn't figure out how or why.

'What is she so excited for?' She wondered to herself. 'How is this thing supposed to be a punishment? Or maybe this is some kind of mind game or hers.'

"Alright girl, turn that pretty butt of yours around" the woman ordered. Sara was confused and scared, completely unsure of what was going to happen to her. Perhaps the woman wanted her to back her way in? Despite her desire to deny the command, Sara obeyed and stepped around on her hands and knees until her butt was facing the door of the dog house.

"Good girl!" the woman exclaimed. "You're really catching on. Your master said that you were really taking to your training well. After this punishment I bet he doesn't have any more problems with you at all!"

Sara gulped hard. She wanted to curse this tall, black haired woman. She wanted to yell at her and to her that she was not 'taking to the training', but that she was being tortured and forced to do everything she'd done. Sara wanted to run away and come back and kill this evil bitch. But she was in no position to make threats, and no means of escape had become apparent just yet. Sara's head drooped with defeat and her gaze fell to the grass between her rubber-clad fists.

"Awwwe don't look so sad, Daisy" the woman cooed. "Once you learn your place it'll get better. That's how training works, y'know." Sara's blood boiled at the woman's words. She could feel the blush in her cheeks. What she was really saying was that ultimately, Sara couldn't resist. In the end she would break and she would become whatever they wanted her to be. But she didn't want to be a pet or a dog or a sex toy. She just wanted to go home. Her face remained calm and stoic, but the tears flowed relentlessly down her cheeks once more.

Suddenly the woman stepped to Sara's side and bent over her, wrapping her arms around her. One arm lifted her from under her belly, while the other did the same from under her behind. Sara let out a surprised grunt as the bigger girl lifted her up into the air. Sara was surprised that this girl had the strength to lift her, but then again she did look well muscled and Sara only weighed a little over a hundred pounds.

High over the ground Sara flew, and she was unwillingly hoisted up high over the top of the dog house. 'Why would I go on top of the dog house instead of in it?' She wondered to herself. Suddenly the woman lowered Sara over the edge of the rooftop, aligning her so that her left leg fell along one slanted side, and her right leg fell along the other. No longer able to hold Sara at the leaning angle she was at, the woman lowered her quickly onto the edged top of the roof.

"Gaaaarph!!" Sara screamed out as her pussy was split in two by the edge of the rooftop. "Aaaghaaa!!!" She wailed, surprised and in unbelievable and sudden pain. Her mittened hands reflexively pawed at the air, desperate for purchase on anything that she could grab to pull herself off of the roof. But there was nothing to grab, just empty space surrounding the dog house that she was now torturously perched upon.

"Oops, so sorry, Daisy" the woman said with a look of what almost looked like sincere remorse. The tears were blinding Sara's vision, and her breathing had become so heavy that she felt as though she'd burst out of the waist cincher wrapped around her belly. Still standing on Sara's left side, the woman grabbed a wide black strap from the rear end of the dog house. How Sara had missed it before she couldn't tell, but now the woman was pulling it over Sara's stumped leg where it rested against the side of the roof. The strap must have been at least six inches wide, and secured her stump tightly to the side of the rooftop. The effect was that Sara now couldn't lift her leg away from the roof, nor could she swing her leg forward or back. The purpose was immediately clear; this prevented her from trying to scoot forward or back to get off of blade cutting deep into her sex.

The woman worked quickly, moving around behind Sara and repeating the process with her right leg. Sara moaned in despair as she realized that she was trapped on top of the torture device and there was nothing she could do. She cried at the thought that while her womanly parts were still soaking wet with arousal, they were also in incredible pain. The woman finished up with Sara's right leg and then stepped back out in front of her masterpiece. She stared Sara up and down upon her perch, bound and gagged and defeated.

"Paw" the woman blurted, holding out her hand. Sara tried to blink away the tears as she obeyed the familiar command and offered her right arm to her torturer. Sara felt another sting of defeat, but with the immense pain in her mound she wasn't going to do anything to resist.

"Ohhh good girl" the woman exclaimed as she took Sara's bound hand. The woman then pulled Sara's whole arm back and up above her head, and bent her elbow. With the click of a small clasp the woman attached Sara's right wrist to the back of her collar.

Sara wiggled her right elbow as it was held high in the sky above her head. It was obvious that whatever clip held her wrist in place was sturdy. She wasn't getting out of this bondage either.

The woman stepped back to Sara's field of view and held out her hand again. Sara offered her left arm before the woman even have the "paw" command, which prompted a smile from her.

"See? You are learning" she giggled, her shiny white teeth showing. Sara felt another sting. She was right. Letting out a sigh of regret and defeat, Sara accepted the additional bondage as her left arm was made to match the right. Now she was mounted atop this sharp edge, which cut horribly into her slit and split her. She was almost certain she was bleeding down there, but the collar made it impossible to check. At the very least, the straps still lodged between her labia must have been doing something to protect her a little bit.

The woman took a step back and admired her work. She stood there in front of Sara, watching her writhe and cry in pain. Sara couldn't believe anyone would do this to another person. How did someone think this sort of thing up?

All these tortures and devices and punishments. Where did all of this come from?

"One last thing, before I go" the woman said, snapping Sara out of her stupor. The woman dug into her pocket and pulled out a pair of small, metal clamps. As she came closer, Sara could see ridges between the two sides of the clamps, telling her that they had teeth.

Sara wanted to pull away and evade the coming attack, but again she refrained. She didn't want to make this any worse. It was best to just accept the torture instead of resisting and making it worse. The woman gripped the base of Sara's left nipple and closed the first clamp around it, capturing as much meat as she could with it.

"Gaaah!" Sara choked as the shock of more pain ripped through her. The woman didn't even flinch, and grabbed Sara's left nipple. Before Sara could catch her breath from the placement of the first clamp, the second was in place. "Gaaahaaaghhh" she cried out, a long and tortured scream. The teeth of the clamps but into her flesh, and Sara tried for a moment to shake the clamps free. In an instant a wave of pain and pleasure shot through her pussy as she ground against the blade between her labia. Sara flailed about on the dog house for another second or two, desperate to free herself from the bondage and the torture devices attacking her sexual parts. The pain made her stop; it was just too much for her to handle.

Even the small amount of pleasure she got in her cunt wasn't enough to make up for the level of pain she was enduring. Sara moaned and stared up at the beautiful girl with black hair, gazing into her eyes in complete defeat. Tears were gushing from her eyes, drool poured from her open jaws, and beneath the snout she felt snot dripping from her nostrils. Sara wished that the woman would take pity on her and let her go, but she didn't believe for a second that it would ever happen. After all this woman had done to her, on top of all of what the man had done to her, they would never release her willingly. Releasing her would be a risk they would never go for.

The woman smiled at Sara and watched as the little blonde puppygirl's motions slowed and finally stopped. She held as still as she could, in an attempt to keep from hurting herself even more.

"Alright, well I've done all I came here to do." The woman stepped forward and slipped a hand around Sara's waste, while her other caressed the side of Sara's head. The woman gently brushed Sara's bangs from her teary, blue eyes the way a lover would, then planted a kiss on Sara's brow.

Not knowing how to react, Sara awkwardly accepted the kiss and the touch. Slowly and reluctantly the woman pulled away from Sara and took a step back. "See you tomorrow, Daisy" she said. "I hope to play more games with you in the future." With that the woman turned and walked away, gathering her bag and heading back towards the house.

Still stunned by the strange kiss, Sara's reaction was slow. But suddenly she realized that she was being left there on top of the dog house, and who knew for how long. The realization terrified her. She couldn't possibly be up on this thin for long, the pain was just too much!

"Ohhhh!!" She called out, trying to regain the attention of the woman. "Ohhhhh, heeeaaase!!" She cried out in desperation. 'No! No, please!' She thought to herself. 'You can't do this to me!' The woman reached the door and opened it, and took a second to turn back and look at Sara in the distance, flailing about on the dog house. "Ohhhh heeeaaase ho hooo hish!!!" She cried out from a distance. She was sure that her words were unintelligible, but if the woman could just understand how terrible this was...

"Sorry Daisy!" The woman called back. "Your master gave me specific instructions! You're going to stay like that until he gets home!" The woman slung the bag back on and pulled her hair out from underneath it.

"He also told me that you know better than to talk!" Sara's heart sank.

'Please no' she thought to herself, despair gripping her heart.

"That'll be another punishment!" The woman called jot from across the yard. Sara cried out as the news was delivered to her. She couldn't possibly take more of this torment. Her body simply couldn't hold up to it, and she was already beginning to feel her mind weaken. Her resolve had been test a dozen times already and she was giving in to them. And now she had another punishment tallied up...

The woman gave a wave from across the yard and closed the door behind herself as she left. Sara was left alone, trapped atop the dog house with the metal edge stabbing her mound. Her arms were splayed at an uncomfortable angle and her nipples throbbed with pain as they were pinched between the toothy clamps.

Sara gasped and and began to cry again, completely defeated once more. She was beginning then, to truly lose hope.

       Jason sat quietly in his big leather swivel chair, elbows resting on his desk. Before him lay a tablet computer, which he stared into with content. His friend was taking her sweet ass time getting to his home, where he expected her to show up any moment. In the corner of the screen he watched little Daisy come into view again as she made another pass. He could hear her ragged breathing and lustful moans, transmitted through the microphone attached to the overhead beam she was dragging along. Jason smiled to himself as he touched himself, enjoying her torment.

       He watched until Daisy completed her final lap, and watched her contemplate her sudden freedom as she was released from the beam. The little blonde puppy girl was staring around the yard, looking for an escape route no doubt. She had to be exhausted though. Even if she found a way out- which she wouldn't- she would never get far. His home was a good five miles from the nearest neighbor, and the surrounding area was all hills and woodland.

       Daisy hadn't yet learned how terrible her situation was, though. His home was at the top of a hill, and she was locked within the confines of the tall wood fence of the back yard. And if she got past that, there was another fence around the property about five hundred yards from his house. If by some divine intervention she got past that, the GPS device in her collar would detect her departure and shock her into unconsciousness. It would certainly never come to that. Jason was more than certain that she would be staying with him until he decided otherwise.

       A smirk widened across his lips as he saw the little pet gaze from across the yard and stare directly at the camera where it was mounted on the back of the house. She froze in place, obviously startled by the camera that had watched her struggle through her ridiculous ordeal. Suddenly her attention shifted to something else, something out of view of the camera. Jason pulled his hardening cock from his pants and touched himself, watching as his sexy friend entered the scene. Marie was a pretty little thing, about 5"7 and 130 pounds. She had that thin waste and the wide hips, the perfect hourglass figure. Maries beauty was capped with her gorgeous blue eyes and long black hair with the straight-fringe bangs. The look of her bangs always drove him crazy and he never knew why. He caught himself more than once imagining a leather strap of a head harness running beneath her bangs, part of a head harness gag.

       Jason continued to stroke his shaft as he watched the scene on screen unfold. Marie slowly walked towards Daisy, chasing her across the yard. He loved what occurred before him. Marie toyed with little Daisy, forcing her to sprint from one side of the yard to the other. Jason loved the way Daisy tried so frantically to escape. She must be so distraught, completely taken by surprise by this stranger. Jason indulged in the Finally Marie quit goofing off and trapped Daisy against the fence, where Jason could only barely see them.

       Marie pulled out the feeder bottle he had given her, and practically face-raped poor Daisy with it. But the little pet seemed content with sucking the cock down, probably incredibly hungry. Jason knew that the fluid he fed her would leave her hungry all the time, and would force her body to eat away at whatever fat she had. It was necessary in order to get her smaller and thinner, otherwise she would never fit inside the new suit that was probably being created at that very moment. He couldn't wait to put her inside that suit, but it was key to get her mind and body broken to a point that the suit was not the only form of domination. He had to break her.

       Daisy finished feeding and suddenly Marie was forcing the little puppy's head down into the dirt. Jason smiled as he stroked himself, watched Marie play with Daisy's cunt. He imagined that her clitoris and labia must all be worn and tender from the constant attention of the leather straps. The thought of that only made his dick harder, and he had to slow his breathing in order to keep from erupting so early.

       He watched Marie toy with Daisy's sexuality, and kept close watch to be sure she didn't allow his pet to cum. An important part of his strategy for breaking this girl was to deny her of everything. No solid food meant no dopamine release in the brain. Little to no sleep meant she would be far too exhausted to fight and resist, once it began to wear her down. And keeping her constantly horny with no release meant that in time, she would serve in any way to reach orgasm. And for now, it was just fun to watch her squirm with every denied orgasm. Her hips gyrated, in a futile attempt to reach climax.

       Marie played with Daisy's parts for what seemed like forever, and Jason had to stop masturbating several times to keep from ejaculating. He didn't want to finish yet, not until he saw her get her real punishment. He sat patiently and watched Marie shove her wet fingers down Daisy's throat, forcing her to taste her own lustful juices. Jason breathed in deeply, trying hard to keep from blowing his load so early into the show.

       Finally Marie attached the leash to the puppy's collar and led her to the back of the yard toward the dog house. Jason started touching himself again as he watched Marie lift the little pet up and prop her sharply atop the dog house. He was impressed with Maries strength. She was a very fit young woman, but he didnt think shed have such an easy time of picking up a hundred pound girl. The metal edge of the roof cut deeply between Daisy's labia, and he could hear her screeches as they reached the microphone within the dog house. Her paws scrabbled at the air and her cries were frantic and pained.

       Jason continued to stroke himself slowly, careful not to cum, as Daisy's stumped legs were strapped down to either side of the rooftop. She was now very effectively trapped atop the roof, with all of her weight centered on the blade that bit into her cunt. Jason could barely contain himself as he watched Marie restrain Daisy's paws up behind her, so her elbows were trapped above her head. With her legs spread over the roof and her arms splayed overhead, her body made a distinct X shape. Her posture collar forced her to tip her head back, causing her snout to poke out into the sky.

       "Awwwe yeah, you've been a bad girl, Daisy" he said to himself as he watched Marie play with the smaller girl. The nipple clamps were taken out, and Jason nearly lost it when he heard Daisy's screams through the speakers. He could only imagine how sensitive her little pink nipples must be, especially after the lashing he have her tits the night before. Daisys moans nearly caused him to explode, but Jason caught himself just in time, edging himself even further.

       "You dirty little bitch" he muttered, as his pace increased, unwillingly.

       He watched Marie plant a loving kiss on Daisy's head and depart. Jason gave a happy little snicker. She had no idea. Daisy flailed about atop the doghouse, and he imagined being there now, fucking her like the dog she was. He loved the way her side-swept bangs blew in the soft breeze, and the way the big fluffy tail matched her hair so perfectly. He stroked himself quickly and finally exploded, cumming into the rags in his other hand. The orgasm lasted longer than they usually did, and he had to hold the rags in place for a good while to catch everything.

       His breathing was heavy and his chest heaved as he finished. It took a good long minute to catch his breath again. Beyond satisfied, he cleaned up and put himself away, and closed the tablet. Marie would he back in a half an hour or so, so he figured he should make it look like he'd done something other than jerk off while she was away. Jason opened a drawer to his side and pulled out a tall stack of manila folders. Each one was a job request; local residents and businesses looking for him to send his landscapers to do some work. Most would be approved, but Jason would have to deny some of the cheaper and lower ended jobs.

       As he worked, Jason caught his mind wandering to Marie. She was a good employee of his, but not great. He kept her around because she interest in her story. Poor Marie was something of a loner. When Jason first met her, she was looking for a temp job where she could work for cash under the table and leave no paper trail. It was a red flag at first, that she didnt want anything that someone could track her down by. The fact that she was only twenty at the time only increased his intrigue. When he first brought her on board as a secretary at his landscaping business, it was after doing an incredibly invasive background check. One she didn't even know about. Once he learned her story though, he became very interested in her and made an effort to bring her into his inner circle.

       Marie was twenty-three years old now, and close to twenty-four. She had no college education, didn't even graduate high school, and played field hockey and soccer. He assumed correctly that she had run away from home in her teens, and that made it all the simpler to keep her around. He gave her an easy job, and a company computer, and helped her find a decent place to live in the area. To her he was a Godsend; the man who got her off the streets and had helped her get her life back in order. She was well aware that if it werent for Jason, she likely would have ended up living on the streets or working for minimum wage someplace.

       What she wasn't aware of was how much about her he knew. The computer hed given her to use at home had a back-door, which he could access from his own. The back-door was really there to ensure that employees werent misusing company property, but when he found what she was viewing on the internet he didnt have the heart to tell her. He knew everything of her sexual fantasies of dominating younger women, and of tying them up and forcing them into sexual predicaments. Marie's search history included nothing about men. Only woman on woman bondage and domination. She was in essence a wannabe dominatrix, who was also deep in the closet with her own sexual preference.


       Weeks earlier, Jason came forward and told Marie about the back-door, and that he had seen “just a short glimpse of what came up.” He claimed he never used the back-door before but decided to check all of the company computers one night, and stumbled across her search history. Marie was beyond angry, and adorably humiliated, but in a few days the two made their mutual apologies and moved on. One night a week or two later, as the two were both leaving the office for the night, Jason made a short remark.


       “Yknow youre not the only one thats into that sorta stuff, right?” hed asked her. “I myself have dabbled in that kink, back in the day” he told her with an empathetic smile. Marie said nothing, but gave him a look of surprise that night. “I might be meeting with a partner soon, if youre interested in getting some real experience.” That was weeks ago, Jason reflected.

       Jason flipped through some papers, a whole stack of requests for landscaping to be done throughout the spring and summer. Based on the clients he figured he would be pulling in some good money this year, maybe the biggest pay check yet. He flipped from one to the next, mapping them out on the calendar and then approving them with his stamp.

       He realized he didnt have enough teams of landscapers to get every job done.

If he put together another ten man team of landscapers he could approve more jobs, but that seemed like a lot of work. Still though, that extra income would be handy. Especially with his little side project. He resolved to shoot a text to one of his team managers to look into hiring some more guys and start training them. It was easier to just give that work to someone else.

       Jason worked diligently for an hour or so, approving jobs. Around noon time Marie came into the office, held high and a big smile on her face. Her long black hair was pulled back into a neat ponytail, and she seemed to have a type of glow about her. She had a whole new energy about her, like she'd finally found the one thing in her life that was missing up until that moment.

       "That... Was amazing" she laughed. "I can't believe you've done this! And thank you so much for letting me be a part of it.” She strutted through the room like she was walking on a cloud, as if she had become a Goddess and was now an indestructible woman. Her bright blue eyes seemed to shine more than before, and her skin seemed to glow.

       Jason smiled. "Of course. I couldn't leave you out in the cold on something like this." He looked up from his desk and his smile slipped a little. "What took you so long?"

       Marie reacted defensively, as she often did when put on the spot. "I wanted to take some time alone with her. And I had to stop at the bank on the way back, remember?" She took a seat behind her desk at the other end of the office. Jason almost told her to keep quiet about 'her' but they were the only two in the office at the moment. Everyone else that worked for him was away meeting with clients or surveying job sites.

       Jason watched Marie closely, infatuated by her beauty. She turned to the safe near her desk and placed three big bundles of cash within, and gave him a sheepish smile as she turned back to her desk.

'It really is a shame she's queer' he thought to himself. To him it was a letdown; a waste. The things hed do to her if he only had the chance. But she was fun to be around, even if he had no chance at wooing her.

       "Did I miss any calls?" She asked.

       “Does it matter?” Jason chuckled, “you usually just forward the calls to me. But the phone's yours again” Jason checked his phone, as if expecting a call. “Did anything interesting happen?”


       “Well yeah, I finally got to do what Ive been dreaming of for years!” Marie exclaimed with a laugh. “But seriously, yeah. Daisy tried to talk. I told her shed be getting another punishment.” Marie said it so nonchalantly that it almost seemed strange to Jason. But it was nice to have someone around to talk to about this sort of stuff.


       “Ill have to come up with something good then. I really need to keep up the pressure with her.”

       “Well you know I could come over later tonight or tomorrow and help with that” Marie told him with hope in her eyes.

       “Sorry kid, but I need to be the one who delivers that lions share of the punishments. Im her Master. I need her to obey me over everyone else.” Marie looked down sullenly, clearly hurt by his words. “Thats not to say that you cant come by and help out with the routine stuff, though” he told her. Jason felt bad telling her no, but it was truly important that he be the primary Master. He had to be the only person that Daisy concerned herself with.

       Marie gave a frustrated smile and clicked through her laptop, pretending to work. Jason knew her computer habits well. She would open up her gossip websites and read some junk articles, then she would open a side window and start reading some smut story. And usually after he left for the day around four she would look at pictures of sexy women and get herself off with a tiny little vibrator in the back of her drawer.

       She of course had no clue that he was watching her almost every time. A small camera was installed in the back of an air vent in the wall, and had a perfect view of her desk. Not only that, but through his own computer he could watch whatever she was watching, and could even watch her through the webcam.

       The two worked throughout the afternoon, and Jason checked his tablet computer frequently, making sure to turn the volume all the way down. There was Daisy, still perched on top of the dog house, crying softly to herself. Her legs splayed wide and her elbows above her head made her body into an 'X' shape, with her head forcibly tilted back in an uncomfortable position. Her weak attempts at moving about atop the doghouse made his flaccid dick stiffen a little bit in his pants.

       Four o'clock came and Jason stood up and packed up what work related items he would need. With his leather messenger bag slung over his shoulder he went to the door.

       "See you tomorrow, Marie" he said, winking at the beautiful black haired girl.

       "See you then, Jason" she responded. "And thanks, again. Really." She gave him a warm smile from behind her computer.

       "You got it" and he left the building. It wasn't much of a building. More like a big mobile home that had been made immobile, and then turned into office space. This way he saved untold amounts of money on leases and taxes.

       Jason hopped up into his truck and headed home. Once through Main Street, it was all back roads through the hills to his house. The road dumped him out on the other side of a wood line, and about three miles away in the distance he could just make out his house atop the hill.

       Jason parked the truck outside on the drive way, and entered the kitchen through the garage. Finally he was home, and he could continue playing with his new toy. He went downstairs to the play room and gathered a few things, tossing them into a little black bag before heading back to the kitchen. He was hungry, but decided he could play for a while before eating dinner. It was still early, besides.

       Jason stood in the glass windows of the back doors, gazing out into the yard. Daisy was still there, writhing in pain on top of her little house. He could imagine the pain she was in. But she had to learn her lesson, and he was sure that she would break soon. With the twist of the door knob he left the house and approached her, walking slowly. He wanted her to dread his coming, and walking slowly had the dramatic effect that he was looking for. Her crying slowed and her gaze went to the sky and away from him, despairing at his return.

       Daisy stared up into the open sky, tears already welling up in her eyes. It was obviously a difficult task to spot him, what with her held forcibly tilted back by the high collar. Jason halted just before her, and smiled down at her. Her eyes were wide and crazed, like a scared animal caught in a trap. Streaks of tears had stained her cheeks and whatever drool had managed to escape the muzzle dripped down upon her small breasts. Her little pink nips had turned purple, and were bulging with the overflow of blood. He was pleased to see that the teeth in the clamps had pressed harshly into her sensitive flesh, but hadn't bitten through. He liked to make her suffer, but blood wasnt a turn-on for him. A glimpse down at her cunt broadened his smile.

       Her pussy lips were split wide, and the edge along the rooftop was pressed harshly between them. Daisy's virgin sex was being tortured by the constant pressure of the blade. She was soaking wet in her nether region, and her womanly juices were flowing down either side of the roof. Another glimpse into her gray-blue eyes revealed her lust. Her eyes were full of sexual depravity, desperate for the release hed been denying her. The edge of the doghouse roof was proving capable of both torturing his little pet, while simultaneously keeping her horny like a bitch in heat.

       "Having a good day so far?” he asked with a slight chuckle. Daisy shot him a look of disgust. Clearly she was unhappy with the way she was being treated, and probably didn't appreciate the surprise of having Marie show up unannounced.

       "Gaaaarph" she moaned, her pierced tongue flailing at the sky from within the snout. Jason smiled. Her tongue was pretty much the only muscle she could move at this point.

       "Alright well you've got a decision to make, bitch" he proclaimed to the little puppy girl. Daisy's gray-blue eyes looked into his, fear of the unknown showing in them. Her eyes were getting droopy, he could see. She had to be totally exhausted; just the way he liked her.

       "Arph?" She barked, and Jason's smile widened.

       "You've earned two punishments for today. This.... Is one of them." Jason stepped around the side of the doghouse, circling her like a shark. "Now you can choose... Do you want your second punishment now? Or after dinner?" Daisy gave a choked sob, and Jason smirked at the appearance of fresh tears. He gave her a few seconds to contemplate the choices, watching the possibilities run through her mind. Seconds turned into a minute, and then two with no decision made by the small blonde. Jason circled her, his eyes piercing her as she struggled to come to a decision.

       "Well what'll it be?" He demanded, at last.

       "Aaah.... Aaaah..." Daisy stuttered, she couldn't choose. She squirmed atop the doghouse. The lesson she was learning in her current predicament served as a powerful warning. If she was in this much pain now, she may be not be able to suffer through another punishment. She was clearly unsure if she could even make it through a second ordeal with tortures as severe as her current one. Jason wonder

       "Fine then” Jason sneered angrily. “I give you one job to do. One decision to make for yourself. Most dogs dont get that kind of good treatment. Clearly you aren't ready for it..." Jason said, with a growl. "But that's ok, my little pet... Because your Master is here to take care of you and to help you with these tough decisions." He pulled from his little black bag a long tool, made of sturdy black leather. A riding crop.

       “Decision made. Second punishment now" he declared, and slowly ran the head of the crop along Daisy's right buttock. Both of her ass cheeks were still glowing pink, as were here cute little tits. But the crop would be a good lesson for her. It had a different kind of snapping pain than the flogger or a whip. It was quicker and sharper, and he could target her exactly where he wanted to.

       Daisy looked up to the sky and closed her eyes, forcing the tears to flow right down her angelic face. She must have been afraid of the pain to come, he was sure, and he relished it. Jason raised the crop and with a flick of his wrist he brought it down with a loud SNAP against Daisy's thigh.

       "Aargh!" She cried out, taken by surprise by the sudden pain.


       Jason grinned, savoring her display of discomfort. SNAP! He brought the riding crop down again, almost in the same place.

       "Aaaugh!!" Daisy cried out again, and Jason's heart filled with joy. SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! He brought the crop down on her thigh three more times in quick succession. In discomfort and fear of the next blow, Daisy began to squirm atop the doghouse, in a futile attempt to move away from his crop. She gazed up at him, begging for relief. But Jason held true that this was not his doing, but her own. She was a bad girl, and she had to be punished.

       "Gaaaaah!!!" Daisy gasped loudly, the sharp pain stealing what little breath she could get. Jason circled her, looking into her teary, pleading eyes to her left flank. Daisy whined as he passed by her front, she was visibly petrified of this new torture weapon.

       Jason looked into her gorgeous blue eyes and took in her image. She was perfectly subordinate. Perfectly at his mercy. Se gazed into his eyes, begging for help or for pity, but Jason was just having too much fun now. He raised the crop again and flicked it into her left thigh. SNAP! The crop connected with her pale flesh. SNAP! SNAP! He brought it down twice more. Daisy was trying hard to suppress her grunts and moans, but her resolve was weakening.

       SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! Jason brought the crop down fast and hard, leaving one welt after another upon her milky skin.

       "Aarraaagh!!!" She cried out, louder than ever before in her high pitched squeal. A glance into her eyes revealed her inner torment. She probably wanted to attempt speaking again, to beg for his forgiveness and for mercy. He was sure something of that sort was on her mind... But she knew very well what would happen if she tried to speak again. Puppies were not to speak, that was the lesson she was learning now.

       Jason stepped around behind Daisy, disappearing from her view. Behind the doghouse he stood quietly, letting his pet calm down for a moment, and also allowing her to anticipate the next blow. Keeping her anxious and afraid of the unknown was a huge part of his game plan. Behind her, she could not see what he was doing. She could not anticipate his next move. Daisy was trapped all alone in the unknown.

       "Arrrph?" She whined, questioningly. Jason's smile returned. She must miss him.

       SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! He responded to her request with an unrelenting barrage upon the entirety of her back and her beautiful ass cheeks. Every piece of skin that wasn't covered by leather was smacked with the riding crop, leaving her covered in big red markings all over.


       Jason brought the crop down from the top, and from the left side then the right side, making sure to target her ribcage where the wide leather belt didn't cover her. Every time the crop made contact Daisy would gasp and whine or moan or groan. She began to twist her body upon her perch, desperate to escape the unending assault of the crop. From one side to the other she tilted her body, in a fruitless attempt to remove herself from the doghouse. But the straps binding her stumped legs to either side of the dog house ensured that she stayed exactly where she was. And the metal wedge in her crotch ensured that she remained stimulated and in pain during the whole ordeal. Jason wondered if she thought this was worse than the flogging he'd given her tits only the night before. Her little breasts had been given no respite, as they were now being tortured with the massive alligator clamps biting on her delicate, pink nipples.

       "Aarrrrph!!! Arph! Arph! Arph!!!!" Daisy barked as loudly as she could and with as much emphasis as she could manage. Like she was trying desperately to show him that she could act like a dog, just for him.

       Jason paused and took a step back, taking in the view of the small woman's back. Red marks covered her all over from her shoulders to her buttocks, and wrapped around her thin torso almost to her front.

       "Why are you barking all of a sudden, huh girl?" He asked, taking a few steps around to her front. Her eyes were bloodshot and tears flowed from them like never before, in all directions. Drool was dripping down her black snout, and falling perfect onto her little tits.

       "Suddenly you want to be a good girl?" He asked her.

       "Arph! Arph!" She barked with a sob. Jason took a step closer, and brought his face uncomfortably near hers. He stared into her beautiful, petrified eyes.

       "So you're going to shit when I tell you to?" He asked with a straight face.

       "Arph! Arph!" Daisy barked, not even hesitating. Tears flowed from her eyes, and drool flowed from her gaping jaw. Her little pink tongue with its metal piercing danced within the confines of her mouth.

       "You're going to walk on a leash by my side like a good little puppy?” He asked, a hint of a smile showing at the corners of his lips. He was becoming ever more pleased, and his cock was beginning to strain against his zipper.

       "Arph Arph!" Daisy responded, obviously desperate to do whatever it took to appease him and end this torture.

       "You're going to do tricks and answer to my commands with the proper barks and whines like a well-trained pup?" He asked, leering downwards into her big, blue eyes.

       "Arph! Arph!" Daisy replied. She didn't even seem to think about it now. She was willing to agree to anything to end the treatment.

       Jason pulled his face away from hers, and she was clearly glad of that. He looked into her eyes for a good ten seconds, as if gazing directly into her soul. Daisy maintained eye contact but she was very uneasy about it. Jason had one final question to ask of her.

       "Will you love me?" He asked her. Daisy blinked a few times, caught off guard by the question. She looked into his eyes and failed to respond at all. She didn't love him and he knew it. That required proper training.

       "That answers my question fine, Daisy" he told her. "Juuust fine." And with that Jason raised the crop again and brought it down ever harder on her left breast with a loud SNAP! The clip about her nipple popped off and shot away, landing in the grass feet away. Raising the crop again, Jason smacked her right breast as well, causing the second nipple clamp to soar away as well.

       Daisy would follow his commands he was sure. She would eat the way he told her, exercise on his machines, and remain restrained in any position her put her. But a dog had to do more than that. A dog had to love her master, and that would take time. In time she would learn to appreciate the food he gave her, and the allowance to expend her energy on the training machines. She would learn to respect his commands not from fear of punishment but from the love of reward. And in time she would see him as the source of all good feeling.

       And soon after she would appreciate the simplicity of her new life, he was convinced. She would see that it was better here than in that small, cramped house in that shit-hole city where he found her. She didn't have to worry about her torn family or her demeaning friends or money or schoolwork here. She didnt have to worry about dressing up, or paying bills, or fixing that crap car of hers. She only had to worry about him. And then she would learn to love him.

       But the first step in the process he'd outlined was to break her down, and that required punishment. Before she could be built up into a proper puppy, the teenage girl must be destroyed. So with constant pain and humiliation, Jason would degrade her into a state from which he could mold her into anything he chose.


       Jason released another attack upon her tender flesh, still pink from the flogging not even a day ago. Daisy danced to the left and right, wiggling her pound arms above her her. She was desperate to cover her breasts but there was nothing she could do. One snap after the other, Jason reddened her small breasts. Her nipples came to stand up, excited by the strange attention.

       "Aaarraaagh!!!" Daisy wailed, tears exploding from her Gorgeous eyes. The tears flowed down her face and fell upon her breasts, the salt stinging at the welts. Jason felt bad for his little toy. Her first punishment was nothing compared to all that he had in store for her second... Or her third.

       He took a slow step back and allowed his pet to catch a short breath, as he rummaged through his little black bag. Jason could feel her scared little eyes staring, terrified of what he would reveal to her next. He stood slowly, and brought with him a special little tool that he had never used before, but was excited to try out. It was an uncomplicated device, made up of a wide vertical pad, a metal arm with a T-bar, and a pair of metal chains with heavy metal clamps at their ends.

       Jason placed the wide pad against Daisys chest, just between her breasts so that the vertical pad pressed firmly against her abused flesh. The metal arm extended perhaps a foot away from her chest, from which was attached the T-bar with the metal chains. Daisy gasped, her eyes revealing a mixture of fear and loathing, but also lust. Unable to look down, she could only feel what Jason was doing to her body. Jason stared down into her terrified eyes as he held the pad in place, and lifted the first clamp up high enough for her to see it. Daisy let out a sullen moan of despair, as she realized that she would have her delicate little nips pinched once again. Jason only smiled at her, happy to see her in such misery.

       "Aaaugh!!!" Daisy cried out, as the first clamp closed harshly on her right nipple. "Arraaaagh!!" She twisted about atop the dog house, attempting to relieve her pain. There was nothing she could do. The pain was there and nothing she did would relieve it. Her eyes were closed tight, as if she were trying to shut everything out and mentally remove herself from the world around her. Tears spilled down her snout and fell onto her reddening tits, only increasing her discomfort as the salt stung at her welts. Jason watched as Daisy's show slowed, and she regained her composure. Her breathing was fast an ragged, her nostrils flaring. He smirked, locking eyes with hers.

       Without any warning at all, Jason then closed the second clamp down upon poor Daisys left nipple. Her head tossed back even farther, and her eyes shot open as a new wave of pain flushed through her.

       “Arrghh!!” Daisy cried out, in a guttural sounding growl. She blinked quickly, as if trying to flush the tears from her eyes. Jason continued to hold the pad in place, and watched as Daisy slowly calmed down. When she had become properly calm and quiet, Jason quickly became bored and moved on to the next step. With his left hand still holding the pad firmly in place against the little blonde girls chest, he brought his right hand up to the T-bar. In its center there was a big wing-nut, which Jason began to quickly spin around.


       As the wing-nut twisted, it traveled farther and farther up the metal arm, and it brought the T-bar with it. Unable to see what was happening, Daisy showed no understanding of what he was doing. Only when the chains began to lose slack did she twist upon her perch on the doghouse. Her eyes widened with fear and she let out a weak moan as the chain finally became taut. But Jason did not stop there, he instead just continued to twist the wing-nut.

       “Aarreeeee” Daisy moaned, pathetically, as her puny little breasts were tugged away from her body by the clamps. Jason savored the pained and fearful looks that Daisy shot at him. The more he twisted the wing-nut, the more little Daisys breasts took on the shapes of cones. Her tits would feel the pain, but her nipples were going to get the worst of it.

       Daisy let out another moan of agony, as both of her nipples were tugged unrelentingly from her body. Jason breathed slowly, attempting with great difficulty to control himself. If he could do it without fucking up his game plan, he would pull her from that rooftop, throw her to the ground and rail her from behind like a dog. But she had to learn her lesson, and she wouldnt do that if he turned this whole scenario into a simple rape-fantasy. Jason continued to spin the wing-nut, and Daisys perky little breasts took the form of tiny little cones, wide and short upon her chest.

       "Gaaah!" She cried out, as her nipples likely felt as though the would be torn from her body. Jason watched as her small breasts expanded, being pulled away from her torso. They were small, but they were tight and perky, and were now pulled outwards in an almost grotesque way. "Aaargh!!" Daisy screamed, unbelieving to the manner in which her breasts were now being tortured. The surprise on her face was something to behold.

       Jason took a step back again and gazed upon his creation. A small blonde woman trussed up in leather and rubber bonds and trapped on top of a dog house, with a metal wedge in her cunt and her breasts pulled outward into cones. Her skin covered in red welts and her face soaked in drool and tears, sweat covering every part of her body in a glossy sheen.

       A part of him wished that that was it for the punishment, but he had to keep going. He had to be absolutely sure that she learned her lesson. Jason turned and began to walk towards the house. Poor Daisy must have thought that her punishment was over, but it surely wasn't. Stepping around to the side of the house, he grabbed a pair of small metal blocks, each with a metal ring welded to the top. A short metal chain was connected to the rings, and at the end of them were thick carabiners.

       Briskly he walked back to the dog house, one twenty-pound block of metal swinging from each hand. As he approached he tossed one to the left side of the doghouse, and went to work on the right. With a quick snap of the carabiner, he connected it to a D-Ring on the massive leather cuff restraining her leg. Daisy stared up at him inquisitively, terrified of what he was doing. He wondered if she totally understood what was going to happen. She was so sleep deprived and scared and confused at this point, that he wondered if she could even think straight.

       She learned very quickly what the next part of her punishment was, as he released the metal weight and allowed it to dangle from her stumped leg. It fell almost to the ground, but fell short by only a few inches.

       "Aaaghaaahhh!!! Daisy gargled out a frantic scream, flailing her stumped arms high in the air. Jason delighted at her torment but didn't stop, and quickly went to the other side of the doghouse and attached the second weight to her right stump. As the weight fell to the ground, Daisy shut her eyes tight, attempting to brace herself for the impact.

       But there was no way to prepare for the added weight. Up until that point her little pussy was being split in two by her own body weight. But she only weighed some one hundred and ten pounds. And additional forty had to be terrible, he was sure. A quick glimpse proved that her little cunt was bleeding now, and Jason wondered to himself if he'd broken her hymen. It made no difference to him really, it would make fucking her easier when the time came. Not wanting to lose him momentum, Jason continued about his work.

       Reaching down, Jason produced the flogger from the night before. A simple leather handle with a whole lot of individual leather tails to whip her welted flesh. Daisy opened her eyes, only to close them tightly again once she saw the flogger in his hands. Now she was sobbing uncontrollably. It was all just too much for the poor little thing. Her face covered in sweat and tears and drool. Her body covered in welts and shining with perspiration, and her body forced painfully down to rest on the blade of the rooftop, she had to be in terrible condition by now.

       Raising the flogger, Jason paused for a moment and looked down into Daisy's eyes. She could only barely meet his gaze, a frantic terror had consumed her. The tears poured from her beautiful blue eyes so powerfully, he wondered how her body could maintain such a flow. She looked up at him, blue eyes pleading with such desperation that he actually considered showing mercy for a moment.

       Then he brought the flogger down hard on her right hip, and then her left, and rotated between the two. Daisy let out a long, pained wail as her skin set afire. Jason moved along, flogging every bit of flesh that wasn't protected by the leather bondage. The only place he didnt flog was her face and head. He would prefer to keep her pretty. The muscular young man worked his way around to her back and continued to flog her, every impact prompting a rugged moan from his pet.

       For only a minute or two did he give her a flogging. It was clear that she was just about at the end of her rope, and he had no intention of killing her. Stepping back, he opened his little bag and tossed the flogger and the riding crop inside, and produced from it another feeding bottle. The bottle was like one used to feed a baby, but held a full quart of the viscous fluid it contained. In place of a regular spout was a long, red dildo.

       Daisy cried out at the appearance of the feeding bottle. She must not have enjoyed it very much, he surmised. But his little petgirl had to keep her strength up, and it was his job as her Master to make sure she ate. Stepping to her side, her lifted the bottle over her head with the dildo pointing down. Trapped on the rooftop, with her arms restrained and her neck immobilized and her mouth stuck open, she was completely helpless to receive the rubber cock. Jason slid the cock into her snout and down into her little gullet, slowly fucking her throat with the rubber toy.

       Oh God he wished he could be that toy. He bit his lips as he imagined his own cock sliding in and out of her little mouth, her pierced tongue lapping away at his shaft. He thought for a moment about raping her face later that night, but decided against it. She didn't get his cock until she begged for it, that was the plan. He slowed his breathing and regained control of himself as best as he could, and continued with his work.

       Up and down Jason pumped the red dildo into Daisy's throat, fucking her relentlessly. Every few thrusts he would remove the rubber cock just enough to allow his puppy enough time to draw a single labored breath, before he shoved it down deep once more. Tears streamed down her cheeks and snout, and she'd gone cross eyed as she watched the bottle before her face.

       Every here and there she let out a pathetic little whimper. She was nearly completely defeated, Jason knew. He just had to keep it up and she would never think of crossing him again. Up and down he thrust the massive dildo into her tiny little throat.

       It wasn't long before the bottle was completely drained, and Daisy gave a gasp of relief as Jason pulled it away at last. She definitely didn't enjoy his chosen method of feeding. But eating real food released dopamine in the brain, he knew, and his plan was to deprive her of every form of joy possible. That included food, sleep, orgasms, and freedom.

       Daisy flailed about atop the doghouse roof, her breathing ragged and desperate. She was such a little cutie; trapped on that perch. Her whole body red with welts and stinging with sweat. The leather bonds that restrained her in such an inescapable position. The snout forcing her mouth to be held agape, and her gorgeous blonde hair tied up into those precious little buns with the little pink bows. She was simply adorable.

       "Well girl, that was the first half of punishment number two. The second half is that you remain here just the way you are... Until I decide to come get you." Daisy whimpered and looked up into his eyes, pleading. "I could be back in an hour... Or I could be back this time tomorrow. Who knows?" With that Jason turned and picked up his little bag, and walked for the house. Behind him, he didn't hear a peep from Daisy.

       She made no attempt to speak or scream, not even a whimper. Jason smiled to himself as he recognized another victory over her. Her resistance was faltering, and soon it would shatter and she would be merely a shell of the person she was when hed found her. She was breaking down, and as he continued with her training she would only fall apart faster. Jason didn't even look back at his puppygirl as he opened the big windowed door to the kitchen, and slid inside.

Sara sat atop the doghouse roof, gargling on her own spit as she attempted to endure the latest ordeal. She twisted one way and the other, in another desperate attempt to gain her freedom. With her rubber clad arms bound above her head and with her wrists clipped to the back of her collar, she had no means of relieving herself from the pain she was in. The straps about her stumped legs even made it impossible for her to sway herself off the rooftop, and the wide leather waist clincher about her torso made it difficult to even lean. No matter how hard shed try, she knew it would be impossible to get off the roof unless with the help of the man or the older girl whod put her there.

Her hair blew in the wind, her bangs falling over her eyes and partially blocking her view. She didnt mind much. Looking straight ahead with her head tilted back allowed her to only see the sky. She watched for a long time as the world above turned from a bright blue and faded into a dark bluish gray. Night was coming, and she could feel the temperature beginning to drop already. Goose bumps began to form on her exposed flesh and her nipple would have stood on end all on their own, if they werent in the grasp of the terrible device the man had forced onto her. As her hair blew about her face again, she felt a tinge of gratefulness that the man had tied her hair tight into the little buns. Having her bangs blow around was bearable, but for her whole head of hair to do the same would be annoying and bothersome.


The small blond womans privates were in unbelievable pain. Her full body weight rested atop the doghouse, and all was centered on her virgin sex, being split down the middle by the metal blade of the rooftop. More humiliating than anything was the flow of womanly juices that dripped down either side of the roof, proof of her seemingly unending arousal. The weight added to each of her leather-bound stumps seemed to have doubled the pain in her crotch, and she wondered if she was even bleeding down there. Her butt was still swollen and red on the outside, a testament to the unrelenting spankings and paddlings and floggings that shed been punished with so far. The inside was full and felt stretched and torn, as the rubber plug remained strapped tightly within her. No amount of pushing allowed her to remove it from herself, as long as the straps remained in place.

The metal device attached to her chest did nothing to ease her predicament. The metal plate that rested between her breasts was cold, and seemed to get colder as the temperature continued to fall. Out of her view, she could feel her tender little nippled being pulled away from her in the most excruciating of ways. It felt as though the device was constantly giving harder and harder tugs, but she soon realized that the pain was just spiking when her heart beat. Her breasts were small, she knew, and she felt now like they would be stretched and ruined forever. She didnt care though, she only wanted the pain to stop. She wanted to eat real food and to sleep in a bed and to lose all the restraints and the plug and the straps between her nether lips.

Every muscle in her body felt tight and sore, after completing one demanding task after the other. She realized now that crawling was a full-body workout, and she was certainly feeling it now. Her core was tight, and it was even more difficult now to twist her body as her muscles strained against her movements. Her shoulders burned, as her arms were back so strictly. Her legs ached and quivered, attempting to recuperate from the intense workout of crawling on all fours for several hours that morning. The entirety of her back felt the same way; tight and sore. She could even feel the muscles in her buttocks beginning to feel the same way, and Sara was worried how this would affect her later.

Shed wasn't an athletic girl. She had played soccer in her younger years but when she became friends with the pretty, popular girls at school she dropped it to spend more time with them. Sara couldnt remember even the last time shed gone for a run, or picked up a weight. Suddenly she felt very afraid, realizing that she couldnt handle this kind of treatment for very long. Soon she would break down and fail, and she was terrified to wonder what would happen to her then. Perhaps the man would kill her if she didnt meet his standards. Another wave of tears began to well up in her eyes as the fear took hold of her. She had to get out of here.

With new found vigor, Sara twisted and turned, bent and tilted, desperate to remove herself from the roof top. But the straps binding her stumped legs made it impossible to move her lower body anywhere. Sara gasped and attempted to regain her composure, as her soaking pussy quivered. All shed managed to do was grind her already tortured sex into the blade, making herself even hornier and increasing her own torment. Breathing as heavily as the waist belt would allow, Sara caught her breath. There was no way to escape the roof top, she realized. She was there until she was allowed down. Like an animal she had to accept her punishment and only when it was complete would she be relieved of this horror.

For what felt like hours Sara remained perched atop the doghouse, every part of her body in immense pain, particularly her sexual parts. The sun continued to fall and the temperature fell with it, eventually leaving Sara alone to shiver and cry softly to herself in the dusky cold. Shed never felt so alone in her life, and over the course of her punishment she kept catching herself wondering about home.


She wondered how long shed been at the mans house by then. He took her Tuesday night, she remembered, but she couldnt decide if that made today Thursday or Friday? It had only been one night, hadnt it? But it felt as thought shed been there so much longer. Sara choked back her tears as best as she could, as she realized that it had barely been two days since her arrival.

Sara wondered if her mother had realized yet that she was missing. The two rarely saw each other anymore, usually late at night if at all. Since her parents divorce her mother would go out to bars and parties, only coming home a few nights a week. Even more afraid for her future, Sara realized that her mother could possibly go a long while before realizing she was missing. Her only hope was that she would notice her car would go unmoved for several days. There was nobody else who could report her missing. Her Dad wasnt around, so hed never notice anything was amiss either. She rarely spoke to her old high school friends, since they all moved on to those nice, fancy colleges at all ends of the country. And it wasnt as if her classmates or professors would contact the police for her missing class. Kids dropped out of school all the time, and they wouldnt think anything of her absence.

The little blonde moaned through her gaping snout as it dawned on her just how helpless she was. Tears dripped down her cheeks and all the way down her neck. Everything hurt, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. There was nobody there to comfort her. She was completely on her own. Sara blinked away the tears, trying to be strong for herself. It was clear now, there was nothing she could do to resist the man. Every attempt shed made to deny him only ended with her in incredible pain, degraded and humiliated in the worst of ways.

Resting atop the doghouse, Sara closed her eyes and tried to sleep, but it was impossible. Every part of her was in pain. Her skin was still burning from the floggings, yet she was cold now that the night had come. She was so tired, that her head was feeling swollen like there was something inside it building up pressure. It had been so long since shed slept. For hours she sat atop the doghouse, getting colder and colder as the sun fell and the wind picked up.

Without warning, she felt something touch her leg. Saras eyes shot open and glanced to her left, and saw the man working with the buckles. Tears came to her eyes as she felt him release the weights from each of her stumps. A moan of gratitude escaped her, and she only barely stopped herself before trying to say “thank you.” Dogs dont talk, Sara” she told herself. Be good and he wont hurt you like this anymore.

The man came to her front and looked down into her eyes. It was hard to see in the dark, but she could feel him relieving the pressure on the device against her chest. Slowly, her little pink nipples were allowed to return to their regular state, though they remained swollen and red. Sara let out another moan, as the blood flowed back into her tortured buds. The pain was terrible, but she didnt care so long as she was removed from the top of the doghouse. Tears came to her eyes as she felt as though she was being liberated, grateful for the man who was rescuing her from this torture. The buckles binding her stumps to either side of the rooftop were undone, and Sara finally felt her torment coming to an end.

A pair of big, powerful hands gripped her skinny waist and lifted. All at once, the man pulled her up and to his chest, holding her awkwardly in his muscled arms. Sara didnt think she could feel gratitude for the man whod captured her, but oddly she did. The little Puppy Girl nuzzled up against the man, in an attempt to show her thanks. He only looked down at her and smiled, then turned for the house.

“Did you learn your lesson, Daisy?” the man asked her as he walked, carrying her like a toddler on her side.

“Arph! Arph!” she barked, quick to show him he had. Anything to keep from being put back on that dreadful doghouse.

“Good girl” he cooed to her, as he brought her back into the kitchen. Sara looked up at him, her blonde bangs caught over her eyes. The man stopped in the kitchen and stared back, the two locking eyes now that they were in the light. With a slight sigh, the man moved one hand up and gently brushed Saras bangs away. Using only his other arm to hold her, the mans touch drifted down to her tender breasts.

“Ohhh” Sara moaned, as his fingers rubbed a nipple, rolling it between thumb and forefinger. The arousal was returning quickly she felt, and another moan escaped her. The man was clearly pleased by the show, as his hand moved behind her back to support her while the other roamed to her butt. Sara stared into his dark eyes as she felt his fingers probe about her rear. She struggled to stifle herself as he gripped her tail and bent it left and right, causing the plug inside her anus to do the same. If she could bite her lip she would have, as the mans free hand drifted even farther down. She felt a pair of fingers rub gently against her vulnerable slit.

“Aaaauugh” she moaned, still locking eyes with the man. His fingers rubbed slowly into her most sensitive flesh. It hurt like nothing else, but it also felt good. For so long shed been denied orgasm, though she was seemingly kept on edge through every ordeal. Now at long last, she could sense it building up inside her.

The man rubbed a little harder, making her pussy moisten more and more as the seconds passed. She wanted his fingers inside her. Never in her life had she had something inside her cunt, but now more than ever she needed it. Sara didnt fight her dirty thoughts as she felt more and more turned on with every passing moment. Her hips gyrated against the man, just as they had all morning on the Dog-Walker machine. She wrestled with the bonds restraining her arms behind her head, as if she could free herself and reach down to finish herself off.

“Speak, girl” the man ordered, still rubbing her cunt slowly and deliberately.

“Arph! Arph!” Sara barked, not even thinking about it. The man looked down at her happily, and lustfully.

“Yeah, speak!” he shouted.

“Arph! Arph!” Sara yelped once more, feeling even closer to the coming climax.

“Speak!” he yelled in her face, almost in a scary way.

“Arph! Arph! Arph! Arph! Arph!” Sara wailed through the wide snout, ready to do anything to please the man to reach orgasm. The man yelled for her to speak over and over, and each time she obliged with the most dog-like barks she could muster. Her hips gyrated against him, trying to grind her pussy into his fingers harder in an attempt to get off. The man continued to rub, slowly picking up pace. Sara was so horny, and she fell into a stupor of sorts as her world faded into a whirlwind of sex. Her pants and moans continued and her eyes closed tightly, as if she could shut everything out except the pleasure.

The mans fingers were like magic, bringing her so close to orgasm but not allowing it. His pace increased and soon Sara found herself moaning constantly in his arms, held high above the floor. He ground his thick fingers into her crotch, tantalizing her to a level unthinkable. Saras moans filled the whole house as she felt the orgasm coming. It was right there, just beyond her reach. It was getting closer, and closer, and closer.

And suddenly the mans rubbing quit. His hand remained in place, soaking in her juices against her virgin puss. Sara was instantly confused. Why would he stop? She was so close! And then she remembered earlier. The Dog-Walker, the woman with the black hair, even the doghouse. Everything made her super horny, but they never allowed her to climax. Her hips continued to grind against him, as her body took control and attempted to complete what hed started.

The man looked down at her and smiled. “Youre improving, Daisy” he told her. “But youre not such a good puppy that you deserve to cum.” Sara felt a ping of defeat as she let out a long and lustful moan. This was all a game. He only fingered her to get her horny and then deny her. But she got the point. If she wanted to finish she had to be a good dog. She wanted to cum but she certainly didnt like the rules of the game.

Sara ground her crotch into the mans side the whole way down to the basement. It was almost nice to be back in the room with the padded floor and walls, but seeing the girl-sized cage again brought back pained memories of the night before. The man set Sara down on the floor, resting on her stomach to unbind her arms from behind her head. She winced in pain as he helped her bring her sore arms back to her front where she could use them as paws once more. He even hoisted her up a little bit to get her back on all-fours, so he could reattach the side buckles that restricted the movement of her “front legs.”

“Alright girl, heres the deal” he said, standing up. “You earned yourself a third punishment today for trying to speak to my coworker. You remember her right? Tall, pretty, chick with the black hair?” Sara gave a whimpered bark in response. She only just finished her last punishment! How could she endure another one now?

“Well clearly, my little Puppy is exhausted” he continued. “And getting you to die of weariness is not in the training schedule… So Im giving you the night off.” Saras heart leapt with joy as she heard the news. She could actually sleep tonight?! He must have seen the happiness in her eyes, as he gave her a cheerful smile and a pat on the head.

Reaching over to the cage in the corner, the man swung the door open. Not wanting to jinx her good fortune, Sara gave him no trouble and immediately moved to back herself in. The cage was snug as she remembered, giving her insufficient space to lay down or to turn her body at all. But comfort wasnt an issue, considering how tired she was she could sleep in any position. The man locked the door of the cage, and stepped back.

“Your training continues tomorrow, and itll start with that punishment” he said, turning to the door. “Youre learning quickly, Daisy. Keep it up and maybe tomorrow Ill let you cum.”

Sara took the words with a grain of salt. She wasnt escaping tonight, maybe ever if his security measures stayed as good as theyd been thus far. The man flicked off the light and closed the door behind him, leaving Sara alone in the dark, still bound and gagged and caged underground. There was no escape from down here. Still aroused, and still hurting all over, Sara closed her eyes. Not even a minute had passed by before she dozed off to sleep.

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