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Sara the Puppy Girl

Part 2


Chapter Two:

       Sara awoke softly, to something she wasnt yet aware of. She could hear someone in the house, or maybe that was outside? Not really knowing what had woken her up, she listened carefully. Maybe her mother was home, but then she would have heard her open the front door. Years ago her Dad had put a strap covered in bells in front of the door, as a signal in case someone broke in. Surely she would have heard that. Without moving a muscle, holding her breath for a few seconds, she strained to hear movement. There were steps down the hall, slow steps... heavy steps. Her breath got heavier as she came to realize there was an intruder. Perhaps it was just a burglar, and hopefully he didnt know she was home.

       The steps were coming closer to the end of the hall, she could hear light squeaking of rubber soles on the hard wood floors. Quickly, Sara pulled the covers off of herself and stood in the center of the room. She could hear the steps louder now, and  could barely see anything in the darkness. Where was her phone? She had to call for help. She couldnt think straight, who would be in her house? What time was it? It was too dark in the room to even see the clock. Where was her phone? She fumbled through the papers and books and the messy blanket on her bed, looking desperately to find her phone. Sara could hear the steps getting closer, and then they suddenly stopped.

       She paused, or rather froze in place. Her breath was coming so fast, and her heart was in her throat. Suddenly the door knob twisted and the door swung open. With incredible speed, a large shadow entered the room and charged straight at her. Poor Sara barely had a second to scream, all she got out was a short, high pitched screech. Within an instant of her opening her mouth, a massive and strong hand spread over her lips and clamped down tightly on her whole face beneath the nose. Her scream died into a barely audible whine as he continued to push her back, his hand gripping her face like a vice.

       The dark figure drove her backwards until the backs of her legs knocked into the edge of her bed, and then kept pushing until she fell back. The figure was massive and towered over her, it was clearly a man. He must have been at least six feet tall, and two hundred pounds. As Sara fell back onto the bed, the man followed her, and climbed over her small form and continued to press his hand painfully over her mouth. The poor young woman screamed helplessly and used both of her small hands to wrestle with this mans wrist. His forearm was so massive that her hands looked pathetic in comparison. Tears began to flood her eyes as the worst fears came to mind. This man was gigantic and violent, so she was certain that this would end badly.

       The man pulled himself up over her, and kneeled on the bed above her. Keeping his right hand pressed tightly over her whining mouth, he used his left to fish for her wrists. She screamed desperately into his hand as he gripped her right wrist roughly, and then dragged it over to her left wrist. Still keeping her right arm in his control, he moved his forefinger and thumb out and took control of her left wrist as well. Then he pulled both of her arms up, over her head where he pinned them to the bed.

       He looked down at this pathetic, desperate little creature squirming beneath him in the dark. The man could feel her tears now as they dripped down her cheeks and came in contact with his hand. It was glorious. She was his.

       “Shut the fuck up” he ordered. But she continued to scream into his hand, desperate for someone to come save her. Saras hands flexed and her fingers fumbled about, his one hand bigger than both of hers combined. She continued to wriggle around between his legs, and she was even trying to use her legs to pull herself out underneath him. Her screaming was a high pitched, but quiet little whine. Nobody would hear it, even if they were in the same house.

       “I said shut the fuck up, you little cunt” he said, now with more aggression in his voice. Her screaming stopped, but now she was trying to speak to him, probably to beg him to leave her alone. He wasnt having any of that. With his hand over her mouth, he slipped his thumb and forefinger up and pinched them shut over her little upturn nose. Within seconds her struggles reached a new level of ferocity. “I said quiet didnt I?” he asked her. Saras legs kicked and flailed, and she tried to twist her whole body in an attempt to wretch her hands out of his grip. She wasnt going anywhere. The man waited a few seconds and then released her nostrils, granting her a short reprieve. The small young lady let out a soft whine as she took in as much air as she possibly could. Was this man going to kill her!? “Didnt I tell you to shut the fuck up?” he asked again. “Dont worry, youre gonna learn how to be an obedient little girl... One way or another.” With that, his fingers clamped down on her nose again.

       Saras struggles continued again, as she was denied any air. The man held her like that for fifteen seconds this time, and she began to make choking noises into his hand as she tried to get oxygen. Again, he released her nostrils and she was allowed breathe for a few seconds. The poor girl continued to make whining noises and the man could feel his right hand was getting wet from the girls tears. After giving her a good ten seconds to get some air, the man clamped down on her nose again. Every time he denied her air, she let out that beautiful high pitched squeal. It was delightful.

       Over and over again, the giant figure would clamp down on the girls nose and deny her getting any air. Sometimes he waited longer than others, but he would always let go and let her breathe again. Poor Sara continued to squirm and squeal and carry on as the man forcefully played with her ability to breathe. All the while he wouldnt speak to her, just leaving her with his last gruff words: “youre gonna learn how to be an obedient little girl... One way or another.” After a good ten minutes though, the man got bored of this and decided it was enough. Her screaming and crying had died down to mere whimpers as she became more and more exhausted. He decided hed broken her down enough for now.

       “Are you going to behave now?” he asked, with a softer tone of voice this time.

       “Mmmhmm...” was her only reply. He loved how soft her little whimper was, shed accepted that he was in complete control. Now it was time to enforce it.

       “You keep your hands exactly where they are now. If you move them even a fucking inch, we can play this game some more.” With that he pulled his left hand off of her skinny wrists and dug into a pocket somewhere, she couldnt see. Sara continued to cry and make her pathetic little muling sounds, but she obeyed and kept her hands pressed tightly together and against the bed. The mans hand suddenly reappeared with something hidden in it, what it was she couldnt tell.

       “Keep your hands right where they are. Got it?”

       “Mhmm” she replied, this time more loudly.

       “Open your mouth” he ordered, and he pulled his right hand off her face and quickly moved it up to cover her free wrists. Sara was terrified. She was given an instant with nothing covering her mouth, she could give one quick scream and hope for help. But she didnt have enough time to calculate her chances, and quickly opened her mouth instead. She didnt scream, and accepted the big round ball that the man then crammed between her teeth. Sara let out a long, pained growl as the ball was pressed into her mouth. It was way to big and tasted of rubber. It barely fit between her front teeth, but the man continued to press it into her face until it popped into her jaws. It was so big that she didnt think she would be able to push it out herself if she wanted to, at least not with any ease. “Thats a good girl” said the man, like he was talking to a dog. That really worried her.

       Sara felt a couple of loose strands attached to the ball, but couldnt grasp what they might be for. With his right hand still gripping her wrists, the man swept his left hand under her small waist and flipped the girl over so that she was on her belly. With her hands in front of her like this, she couldnt do anything to stop him. His left hand gently cupped her throat and chin, and brought her head back. The he took hold of the straps falling from the left and right of the ball and pulled them back, thus pulling the ball even deeper into the small girls mouth. She let out another long and pathetic growl as the man fumbled in the dark to buckle the strap behind her head. Her hair was trapped awkwardly around the nape of her head. Saras hands twitched as she clutched them close to her chest where she lay beneath this hulking figure.

       “Good job, Girl” the man said. “Theres one more strap, roll over.” This time Sara was more hesitant to obey, but it didnt matter. The man just grabbed her around the shoulder with one hand, and around her waist with the other and forced her over onto her back. “Do we need to play another game, Girl?” he asked her. Sara quickly shook her head no, and immediately lifted her hands and placed them above her head. She couldnt tell in the dark, but she was sure the man was smiling at that.

       His hands then went back up to the contraption he had strapped to her head and she felt him find another pair of straps. These ones he pulled under her chin and tighten lightly, forcing her to bite a little bit harder into the ball. It hurt her jaw a little now to be forced to bite this hard on something so big, and she let out another pathetic whimper as he tightened it just a little bit more. Now she saw the full design of this thing. She could make a little bit of noise, but it would be impossible to make any intelligible words with this thing.

       “Do you like your ball, Girl?” he asked her, to which she had no reply. Why was he talking to her like that? It scared her even more now that he kept using that tone. “Roll over” he demanded again. This time she was compliant, and slowly rolled back onto her stomach with him kneeling over her, dominating her. She could hear him behind her, messing around with... something. He was definitely digging through his pockets again. “Head up, Girl” he demanded, and she complied. Next she felt him pull a thick blind fold over the top of her face. It was a wide leather piece, which surprisingly fit like glasses or something. The elastic band fitted it snugly to her head, and it hugged face so that she could now see even less than she did before. “Good Girl.”

       Sara let out a whimper and a cough behind her gag. Hed taken her voice and her vision, and it was clear now that this was even more serious than even she thought. Never before had she made so many silent prayers. Again, she heard the man fumbling for something in his pockets. Oh God what now? “Stay right where you are” he ordered, and she obeyed as he climbed off the bed. She could hear him walk around her bedroom. The man went and looked out each of the two windows to her room, and he didnt make any noise for a while as he ensured he was still undetected by the neighbors. Then he walked back to the bed, and switched on the light. Sara heard the lamp click on, but no light came to her. She was left alone in the dark, with this man now standing over her.

Review This Story || Author: Lokker12
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